Dreadnought, I Won't Frigate You

01[19:21] <Antichthon> The school's PA system crackled. Why was it with all the amazing technology available to this school, the PA system remained as shitty as ever. "Attention students: Mission Volunteers are to report to the Perseus Gymnasium immediately. Thank you."
[19:23] <@Nemi> * Ellie needed to get out and about. She was frustrated, agitated, with lots of pent-up aggression curdling in the back of her liquid mind. And so the tall, pale girl with the white hair and the classic dress-and-tights combo arrives, visibly curious as to whatever's happening.
[19:24] <BobaFettuccine> Nate gets up from where he's sewing himself a new shirt and smiles, finally a mission that was accepting all volunteers! He quickly heads on down to the gym, taking just himself and his cell phone.
[19:24] <@Kioku> Aiko sighs. No details about the mission? No indication of what kind it's to be? No sell. That's what she'd say if she couldn't simply look up what's recently been accessed and get clues as to what this might be about. So it's only after a couple minutes of research, and another of getting dressed for field work, that she finally shows up. (Akemi meanwhile bolts there immediately, always liking to find out about and usually go on
[19:24] <@Kioku> missions, but knowing that with so many students, she might not be chosen.)
01[19:25] <Antichthon> In the Gymnasium, one petite Captain Cecilia Grove was waiting. Several students were already milling about, and more were trickling in. Grove stood at rest, impassive as ever. It looked like they'd have a few minutes before any sort of briefing took place.
[19:26] <@Nemi> * Ellie was quick to hold a hand up in greeting to those she recognized, the white queen of the school bright and cheery as ever.
[19:28] <+gumbal1> A few interns sat somewhere, milling over papers filled with enough complicated equations to make second year CS majors cry. Two of them were currently arguing some sort of theory, and the metaphor of "four balls on a cliff" was thrown around surprisingly often. Another was biting her fingernail, looking over a set of equations like one might look over a crossword puzzle.
[19:28] <@Kioku> Akemi surprise-pounce-hugs Ellie with a grin, ready to just chat and catch up a little while waiting. Aiko, meanwhile, pretty much stands in a corner absorbing information as she finds it.
[19:28] <BobaFettuccine> Nate stands out a bit what with his huge size, horns, and bright red complexion. He just looks around for now, smiling pleasantly, but not saying anything since he doesn't see anyone that he knows. The pleasantness of his smile might be slightly marred by the fact that he has large, sharp, serrated teeth.
[19:31] <@Nemi> * Ellie lets out a little squeak at the hug- she's warm and soft as ever- and returns it gladly! She's happy to chat as well.
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[19:39] <SpookyBee> Kiria wanders into the gym, dressed lazily in jeans and a t-shirt. She's got very little going on, at the moment, so she might as well see what all this hullabaloo is about.
[19:39] <SavanahHolland> Wendy slowly enters, a little overwhelmed as she ends up just seeming like a wallflower, closing her eyes tight and biting her lower lip.
01[19:41] <Antichthon> Not long after Wendy entered did Grove speak up. Despite the size of the gymnasium her voice was clear as bell, not too loud, not to soft. Must be some sort of technology. "How many of you have heard of the anomaly Isaka?"
[19:42] <BobaFettuccine> Nate turns his head and, seeing Kiria, smiles a little wider, going over to stand next to her. He just shrugs at the question asked by Grove.
[19:42] <SavanahHolland> Isaka? What's that? Wendy may have heard of it in the past, but she sure as heck didn't remember. Wendy ends up sorta sticking near Nate- cuz he's more of a bigger target than her!
[19:42] <SpookyBee> Kiria smiles a little back at Nate, and also shrugs.
[19:43] <@Kioku> Aiko, naturally, twitches her nose and shrugs. She's gone through every note both the GWU and WARD have on foreign entities, so there shouldn't be too many surprises. Akemi, meanwhile… just raises an eyebrow with a confused look. The hell is an Isaka and why would we have heard of it?
[19:43] <@Nemi> * Ellie perks up a bit to hear, holding a hand up to indicate that she needs a break from Akemi. Isaka? Yes. She's heard of it.. Sher perks up very much.
[19:43] <+gumbal1> One of the janitors rolls their eyes. That particular mess.
01[19:44] <Antichthon> Grove pointed at one of the interns, the one biting her fingernail, waved her up. Might come as a surprise to the poor woman, but Grove seemed to expect her to explain Isaka.
[19:45] <@Nemi> * Oh no..
[19:48] <+gumbal1> Oh god, she hadn't even rehearsed this. Wello, whatever. Cynthia Barnes stood up, taking much of her equation sheet with her as she left her bickering companions ("Come on, branchiation doesn't work like that!" "Neither does your mom, Craig.") to educate the high schoolers on horrors of old. "Hi. Yeah, Isaka's a…" Cynthia flips through her notes. "…ooh, class five eldritch entity. Those are the bad ones. Really like interfering with other
[19:48] <+gumbal1> worlds, usually too big to even fit within universal constraints." *flip* "Always too big."
[19:49] <@Nemi> * Ellie recalls reading some information on 'Anthiel' to similar degrees of scariness, which has her a bit wary, as she knows very well how nasty she can be.
01[19:49] <Antichthon> Grove seemed impatient. "Get to what we know about her association with Lisas."
[19:49] <SavanahHolland> Wendy just looks confused, shrinking more and more into herself.
[19:50] <BobaFettuccine> Nate blinks a few times. Class five what? Another world? He then starts to think that maybe this might be a litte more dangerous than he at first thought.
[19:50] <+gumbal1> "Anyways, Isaka's schtick is that it shares a universal-slash-temporal-slash-ancestral-slash-spiritual conceptual template uh…lots of entities scattered across what amounts to a shitton, fuck, pardon my french, of parallel universes. Most of them named Lisa, and most relatively human. I'm…not sure why, but Izzy here absolutely loves conceptually deconstructing and reconstructing them for…whatever purpose."
[19:52] <+gumbal1> "Kinda hard to kill when their spirits are bound to her," Cynthia stops to give a glare at one of her lich colleagues. "Which means it loves spamming them whenever it starts an interference. It's…really bad, when it actually tries."
[19:52] <BobaFettuccine> Nate just stares blankly and starts tuning out, not understanding anything that the scientist lady is saying.
[19:52] <+gumbal1> "Fuck, no, it's an it. Sorry, standard procedure."
[19:53] <SpookyBee> "… I… Am not needed here…" Kiria starts off to leave
[19:53] <@Nemi> * "Uh huh.."
01[19:53] <Antichthon> Grove approached Barnes, stood on tip-toe to whisper. Unfortunately, whatever technology she was using to be heard was still active. "Next time, try not to overload them, egghead." She stepped back, addressed the assembled students. "Let me translate. Isaka's a very dangerous entity in an alternate universe. She has a weak point. We need a team to go to another universe and collect one of these weak points for us to study."
[19:53] <SavanahHolland> Wendy is trying her best to understand.. too bad Wendy is generally kinda.. stupid. "W- where are you going?" she asks curiously to the girl leaving
[19:53] <@Nemi> * "Sounds like a plan."
[19:55] <BobaFettuccine> Nate looks concerned at Kiria but nods. "That's alright, I'll be back safe babe, promise." he says as she leaves. He then turns back to the scientist people who are talking. He actually understands most of the translated instructions.
[19:55] <@Kioku> \Overload? Seemed pretty simple so far…\ Akemi shrugs. \Lands on the weirdness meter though.\ "Shouldn't be too hard, if we already know where one is…"
[19:57] <+gumbal1> "Also the universe is lazy and said weak point may or may not be an alternate universe self. Forrrrrrrr some value of alternate universe."
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[19:59] <SavanahHolland> Wendy pokes Nate's hip lightly, seeing as he's the closest "E- erm.. do you understand.. w- what.. N- nevermind actually.."
01[19:59] <Antichthon> Grove gave Barnes a look, and turned to pace. "This involves switching your mind with the mind of your double in the other universe, and unfortuantely, we don't know exactly what you'll find there. This mission is incredibly dangerous, and I ask that you all think very hard before volunteering. It is, however, also very important. This may determine the fate of our very planet."
[19:59] <+gumbal1> Barnes flips through her notes a bit more. "Christ, Subra's gonna fail me at this rate."
[20:01] <BobaFettuccine> Nate looks at the shy girl that poked him, "Well, I reckon we're goin into an alrernate universe version of us, ta try an stop a cosmic evil from destroyin stuff." He says before shrugging his massive shoulders. "Least as far as I can tell."
01[20:01] <Antichthon> Groves summed up. "Switch into an alternate you. Find your target. Bring it back. Now. Any volunteers?" Grove looked for hands.
[20:02] <@Kioku> Aiko frowns. \That… seems unlikely to be sustainable for long, if it works at all.\ "Why not just travel there physically? If it's a near alternate, that would be much easier…"
[20:02] <SavanahHolland> So many questions- like 'Why put the fate of the world in the hands of teenagers?' or 'Is this legal' or 'What' or basically any other question ever, but Wendy is too nervous and polite to ask. "I'll volunteer if y- you do" she mumbles to Nate
[20:04] <BobaFettuccine> "Well, reckon I was plannin on it." He says with a sharp toothed grin, "but lets wait fer them ta answer that gal's question first. She seems ta be pretty smart."
[20:05] <SavanahHolland> Wendy peeks around Nate, smiling a bit as she notices Aiko asked the question, nodding "Mhm.. y- yeah she's really s- smart."
[20:06] <@Nemi> * Ellie laughs softly and covers her mouth.
[20:08] <@Kioku> Akemi is… scared. Just scared. \What if something goes wrong? What if I can't get back? What would the other me be like? Would she still… /could/ I come back if we're both alive? I can't take that risk…\ She shakes her head, backing away, then disappears in a flash of silver.
[20:08] <+gumbal1> At Aiko's suggestion, Barnes wordlessly calls over her colleagues, pointing out parts in the notes relative to Aiko's inquiry. Certainly, that might "just work", but the universe was weird about things that "just worked", lest they forget the incident with KCDD-AH4 "Queen Crimson".
01[20:08] <Antichthon> Grove fixed Aiko with a glare. "Like it or not Aiko, there are people in this world that make you look like a lobotomized baboon, and I sure as hell don't have either the qualifications nor the inclination to translate their work to a smartass. Volunteer, and you'll learn more about how we're going to do this, and what you might expect, but we aren't wasting time with justifications."
[20:09] <BobaFettuccine> Nate shrugs, if he went on the mission it wasn't for brainpower anyways. He raises his hand to volunteer.
[20:10] <@Nemi> * Ellie raises a hand. "I volunteer."
[20:10] <SavanahHolland> Wendy raises her hand- seeing Mr. Meaty do the same!
01[20:12] <Antichthon> Grove nodded. "Alright, the three of you, come with me. The rest of you, get back to class." Grove headed out, gesturing for the three voluneers to follow.
[20:13] <@Kioku> Aiko snorts. \No need to take the statement of a simple fact so personally.\ She's tempted to fry this idiot for using her name without permission, but any idiot should know you never volunteer for something without knowing how it works /first/. Forget it.
[20:14] <SavanahHolland> Wendy scurries over to the man, glancing in Aiko's direction "A- Aiko?" she tries to call out to her before she leaves.
[20:14] <@Nemi> * Ellie ambles on, smiling to Aiko and Akemi as she goes. "Catch you guys later!"
[20:15] <+gumbal1> Barnes nods at the response, before whispering a bit too loud. "That red guy have an older brother?"
[20:16] <@Kioku> Aiko's ear flicks at Wendy and she shakes her head while giving Ellie a little wave on the way out.
[20:16] <SavanahHolland> Wendy frowns, melting like a sad lil sugar cube melting away in a hot pan.
01[20:19] <Antichthon> It was a good thing Cecilia Grove didn't hear Wendy call her a man. Hard enough to mistake a tiny woman for her as one. Grove was already outside and headed for Alphard Hall by the time the three volunteers would catch up to her. Barnes was supposed to join her, but Grove didn't seem remotely bothered by her absence. "Another thing you ought to know: The minds of your doubles have to go somewhere, and it's going to be your bodies here. The higher-ups seem to consider this need-to-know information, so you didn't hear it from me. If you want to back out because of this, that's fine. I'll just say you changed your mind."
01[20:21] <Antichthon> Or maybe someone was just misreading lines about that "man" thing. Oops!
[20:22] <BobaFettuccine> Nate has been following along, he blushes a slightly pink color in his cheeks as he hears Barnes make that comment asking if he had an older brother. He frowns at the last piece of information. "What if my double is some kinda psycho? He could really wreck some stuff with my body."
[20:22] <SavanahHolland> "W- was that a- a pun? The thing about u- us changing our mind?"
01[20:23] <Antichthon> "No."
[20:24] <SavanahHolland> "..oh.. s- sorry"
01[20:25] <Antichthon> To Nate, "You're going to be restrained. And yes, we have the technology to restrain even you. Again, something the higher-ups and eggheads though unimportant to mention. Now, any off-the-record questions you'd like to ask before we get to our destination?"
[20:26] <BobaFettuccine> "Uh, do we know what the weak point looks like? Or is? I'm not real sure exactly what we're bringin back. Or how we get back once we got it? All You've told us is that there's a weak point and we need ta get it."
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[20:30] <@Nemi> * Ellie quirks her lip, and tilts her head. "Interesting. I wonder what my double will be.. Um. You know how to contain me if I'm.. causing trouble, right?"
01[20:31] <Antichthon> "That'll be expained before we put you under." Now at Alphard Hall, Grove paused at the door and looked at the three for the first time. "I meant any questions about things I'm not supposed to tell you. Once we pass through the door we're back on record, and my ass is fired if any of you mention I warned you about anything." To Ellie, a nod. "There's another anomaly there to keep you all under control. Judged too important to send on this mission, mind you."
[20:32] <BobaFettuccine> Nate nods, "Um. Why are they sending us instead of people who are trained for this kind of thing?" He asks.
[20:34] <@Nemi> * Ellie exhales, and nods.
01[20:36] <Antichthon> "Because you're the closest people we have to being trained for this sort of thing, without being considered too vital to risk losing." Grove made a face at that, before giving them all a sympathetic look. "Now remember you didn't hear any of that from me." Grove opened the door, passed through after the students.
[20:37] <SavanahHolland> "T- that doesn't sound Legal.." Wendy whispers.
[20:38] <BobaFettuccine> Nate starts to frown, so she was basically telling them that they were expendable. Great. Whatever, the world needed him or something like that.
[20:39] <@Nemi> * "Of course, of course." Ellie smiles wryly.
01[20:44] <Antichthon> The group passed through into a secure area, down a hallway, and at some point must have passed through a teleporter or some shit because they sure weren't in Alphard Hall anymore when they came out the other side. That is unless Sanctum had a view of the ocean they didn't know about. A team of scientists attended a group of wired-up egg-shaped beds of various sizes. One of the doctors, a heavily muscled man, greeted them. The only other person of note was a woman in her late twenties sat in a chair, covered with a form of translucent yellow armor Ellie would recognize as psychic. Looked a bit like the power armor in fallout.
[20:47] <@Nemi> * "Psy-armour. Very smart." Ellie smiles at the assorted folks, brilliantly, as she clasps her hands behind her back. Normally she kept her psionic presence and haze to herself as a matter of propriety, as making other students bleed from the ears and nose was often considered rude, nevermind that she liked to avoid prying too much into their thoughts. She wonders if her otherworld
[20:47] <@Nemi> self did the same.
[20:48] <+gumbal1> One of the scientists, transporting a tray of tools, ends up dropping a scalpel and, inexplicably, covers their face.
[20:48] <BobaFettuccine> Nate just stands there impassively, waiting to get this whole thing over with. Wait, why did that guy have a scalpel?
03[20:53] * SilvNaps is now known as Silvors
01[20:54] <Antichthon> The psy-armored woman crossed her arms and tapped her foot, keeping to herself. Of note was Ellie would be completely unable to read her; but she wasn't the mission, and was a curiosity for another day. But the dropped scalpel was caught by some sort of mental energy and returned. At least there was that. After an exchange of glances between Grove and the muscled scientist, the latter began to explain. "Now, what you need to know is, the technology involved doesn't let us get a state-specific reading on the other side. The information we have is limited to probability and amplitude analysis - ow." Grove had shut him up with an elbow to the gut, clearly not having the patience for another Barnes. "We don't know what you'll find, only that in the world you're entering, a Lisa is going to come to you. We don't know what form she'll take, she could be anything. We'll be able to keep in contact with the three of you, but only through vague impressions. Don't worry, you will know what to do. You'll feel it."
[20:56] <SavanahHolland> Wendy sorta keeps behind Nate, meat shield.
[20:56] <@Nemi> * Ellie smiles brilliantly. "Alright. And we just climb into those cozy-looking chairs there?"
01[20:59] <Antichthon> Grove nodded. "Nate, if it's too tight a fit, we have another room for larger entities." They had to plan for students potentially as big as Athene, after all. "And hey, you." To the scientist that dropped the scalpel. "Get that shit out of here. What the fuck do you think these students will start fearing when they see you carrying that around?" To the group again, "You have my word, I have no fucking idea why they have scalpels here, but nothing is breaking anyone's skin." Another glare at the offending scientist.
[21:01] <BobaFettuccine> Nate breathes out a little sigh of relief at that before looking at the chairs that… would not fit him. "Yeah, reckon I'll have ta go to the bigger room." He says with a little chuckle.
[21:02] <@Nemi> * "Take care out there, Nate!" Ellie gives her usual brilliant smile before pivoting back to Grove. "Well, that's good. It'd probably make an awful mess if you cut me."
[21:03] <SavanahHolland> "Can I go with h- him?" Wendy mumbles- if Wendy were slightly different she'd be chanting meat shield, meat shield.
01[21:04] <Antichthon> Despite the elbow to the gut, the swole man - referred to as Dr. Castells in conversation with the rest of the staff, if anyone was perceptive enough to pick it up - added something "When you want to come back, hold hands in a circle. Anything inside that circle will be teleported to a special containment room. You can do this whenever, if you think your lives are in danger. But if you come back without a Lisa, we can't, uh. Give you any monetary compensation." Another scientist approached Castells, whispered in his ear. Castells nodded. "Alright. You." pointing to Nate. "You're in charge."
[21:05] <@Nemi> "Hand in hand, lovely, and- oh, you don't trust me to lead?" Ellie smiles that strange smile.
01[21:05] <Antichthon> "And, uh, no, no. Two people in one chamber wouldn't…turn out well," added Castells Grove put a hand on Wendy's shoulder. Her face was hard, but there was a sense it was meant to be comforting.
[21:06] <BobaFettuccine> Nate blinks, "What?" He did /not/ want that kind of responsibility, "Hold on a sec, I'm just here ta be tha muscle."
[21:06] <SavanahHolland> "O- oh.. o- okay.." she nods
01[21:06] <Antichthon> Castells looked at Ellie after a glance at Grove, afraid he was going to get elbowed again if he tried to explain anything. He risked it. "He's in charge on the other side."
01[21:06] <Antichthon> "We don't know how or why, only that it's critical."
[21:07] <@Nemi> "Well, if it's critical, alright!" Ellie toys with a stray lock of her own white hair, smiling still. She doesn't seem overly troubled.
[21:08] <BobaFettuccine> Nate however, now looks a little sick, in charge? Critical? Oh boy that's a lot of pressure. He internally panics as he waits to be brought into the other room.
01[21:10] <Antichthon> Castells took Nate's arm. Swole as the scientist was, he was pathetic next to Nate. He'd lead Nate to a room lined with bare electronics, while the other scientists secured Ellie in her egg and tried to get Wendy into hers.
[21:12] <BobaFettuccine> Nate does as directed, sweating a little and somewhat pale faced.
[21:12] <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks a bit like a nervous wreck, letting out a small laugh, curling into the egg, staaaaring at the scientist. "S- so.. h- how about this.." her voice cracks "weather w- we're having?"
[21:13] <@Nemi> * Ellie seems thoroughly relaxed and easily guided into the egg. Then again, she IS also all soft tissue..
01[21:16] <Antichthon> The psy-armored woman didn't seem to see any of them - except Ellie. And Ellie would experience something she probably hadn't experienced in quite some time, if ever - a voice, easily penetrating her psychic haze. ~I look forward to meeting you officially. Someday.~ The young woman gave the barest of smiles, before the egg closed. As for Wendy, the scientist she spoke to clearly didn't know how to respond to that, and ended up patting her awkardly on the shoulder. At least it seemed sympathetic. Then, that egg was closed, too. For Nate Castells said, "Sit, or, uh, whatever. Uh. Good luck." Awkward smile - these scientists weren't exactly people persons - and Nate was closed up in his room.
[21:17] <@Nemi> * And Ellie, briefly astonished, actually smiles. She projects outward, following the line the voice used- ~Me too. Someday.~ And then the egg closes, and Ellie tries to relax.
01[21:29] <Antichthon> The lights went out. And then…the bridge shook under the force of enemy fire. Wait, what bridge? The bridge of the THS Hellhound, frigate of the Terran Hegemony, on which all three of them had served for years. It was a cramped space, surrounded by grey bulkheads and computer readouts. They were three members of the bridge crew, strapped into their chairs. Their names, and their duties, were clear to them; Wendy was Lieutenant Commander Wendy Stross, at tactical, in control of the Hellhound's weapons. She was much the same as the Wendy she knew, but older - much older, at 33 years of age. Ellie was Lieutenant Aiden Hampton, at conn, the ship's pilot. She - or rather he - would be familiar to Ellie, too. She knew who he was. And Nate. Nate was fully human, and strapped into a chair near the center of the room, the appropriate seat for the captain. They all knew who they were, students from Sanctum. But they all knew how to do their jobs on this ship, too. In the very middle of the bridge was a holographic screen, and on that screen were stars. The ship rocked again as the Hellhound was struck by yet more fire, and on the screen two green, sickly-looking ships passed the Hellhound, dead set towards one massive ship they would all know as the Dreadnought Exemplar, pride of the fleet. "Shields down to sixty percent," came a stressed voice of an ensign. She turned towards Nate. "Sir, they're on a direct collision course with the Exemplar."
[21:31] <@Nemi> * Lt. Hampton, strapped in to his control chair and fingers dancing over his control console, cranes his head. "Captain, I should be able to bring us to intercept. Your orders, sir?" He was a tall, lean, blonde man with impeccable neatness and a perfect uniform, everything about him well-composed in spite of his poor birth.
[21:34] <SavanahHolland> Wendy lets out a tiny laugh in her own mind the differences between Strauss and Stross. Her faintly curled hair pulled back into a unorganized bun as she quickly continues her duties of weapon preparation, seeming far more hurried and stressed than usual- for good reason too. Weapons here were always hellish to deal with- at least in Wendy's opinion, however she seemed to always be the best at what she did.
[21:36] <BobaFettuccine> The captain, a stately man with dark hair salted with grey and a well maintained goatee of the same coloring considers their plight for a few moments before making the call. With a heavy voice he gives the orders. "Intercept." Nate says, "Take those ships down at all costs. Take twenty percent off of shields and overcharge the weapons systems."
01[21:36] <Antichthon> Lt. Hampton, roll reflex.
01[21:36] <Antichthon> Ships shields down to 6 points, weapons at + 1
[21:37] <@Nemi> "Understood, sir!"
[21:37] <@Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[21:37] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 6
[21:38] <+gumbal1> A tiny robot, basically a tv screen on a tricycle, rolls around, doing various repairs. At one point it trips over, and flails trying to get back up.
[21:39] <SavanahHolland> "Fucking hell.." Stross mumbles, finishing the most important weapons- noticing the tiny robot, nabbing it and helping it up, sighing before straightening her back. "Weapons ready, sir!" she calls to the Captain.
[21:39] <@Nemi> * "Oh, boxbot.." Mutters Hampton as his fingers fly aross the screens used to operate the Hellhound.
[21:40] <BobaFettuccine> "Fire all weapons at the ship closest to the Exemplar when in range… Take it down." Nate snaps the order off to Wendy.
01[21:40] <Antichthon> The enemy corvettes were already damaged by the very infection that controlled them, but they were still designed for speed. The frigate was capable of catching them, but Hampton’s pursuit was sloppy. They would be out of weapons range soon; good thing the captain diverted power to the weapons.
01[21:41] <Antichthon> Lt. Cmdr. Stross roll accuracy +1 -1 for range
[21:41] <+gumbal1> Boxbot salutes Stross, before going off to inspect a vent for fault nailings, chirping as they realize he realizes everything's in order.
[21:41] <@Nemi> * Hampton was an ace pilot at operating a frigate; but even he's not perfect. The stress must be making him crack a little.
[21:43] <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
[21:43] <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 6
01[21:47] <Antichthon> The corvettes, damaged as they were and with no shields, were fragile little things. The Hellhound was a ship entirely designed around protecting capital ships from smaller craft; it was a glancing hit, but enough to take out the engines. It was still on a collison course, but there were other ships protecting the Exemplar, and the disabled craft would be easy meat. Meanwhile the other corvette skated out of range, and at their acceleration, the Hellhound would have a hard time catching it.
[21:47] <@Nemi> * "Requesting permission to reroute shield power to engines, captain!"
[21:51] <BobaFettuccine> Captain Nathan Mikkelson frowns deeply. That would be risky, but it was all they had to work with. "Reroute all power not necesary to keep us moving and shooting to the engines."
[21:51] <SavanahHolland> "Fuck" Stross grunts under her breath as the corvette falls out of range of her weapon. Turning to the Captain "Sir- one of the corvettes is not within the range of our weapon’s aims"
[21:52] <+gumbal1> Of course, that doesn't mean the vent is all good. A little digging through, and Boxbot uncovers an Echobloom. Phew! Not even in its adolescence yet, saves the ship one hell of a catastrophe.
[21:52] <@Nemi> * Hampton rapid-fire taps at the screen, his neural impulse unit- the device neatly attached to the base of his skull and hooked to the console- reacting even faster than his fingers for the micro-movements as Hampton reroutes power and guns the ship into pursuit of the corvette!
[21:53] <BobaFettuccine> The captain turns his gaze on Hampton. "Do whatever you have to do to get us in range Lieutenant."
01[21:54] <Antichthon> Lt. Hampton, roll reflex
[21:54] <SavanahHolland> Stross looks through her weapons stash, trying to find the weapon best suited to taking down a corvette, surely something easier to aim.. taking it down with a few shots shouldn't be too hard and she didn't want to bother with overkill, they only had so much supplies to spare.
[21:55] <@Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[21:55] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 7
01[21:56] <Antichthon> They were maintaining pace, but not quite in range. Meanwhile, Stross determines that for a ship like these small, fragile corvettes, a rapid-fire burst from their lasers, like a shotgun, would probably be enough to still cause severe damage, and almost certainly hit. + 2 to rolls vs. corvettes.
01[21:57] <Antichthon> "Another ship closing, Captain!" Came the Lieutenant at Ops. The infection was hardly stupid. Hellhound was an anti-strike-craft ships and like any competent navy, the infection’s navy mainted ships for anti-anti-strike-craft ships, and the closing ship was one of them. Compared to the Hellhound it was heavily armed and armored, and while its max sustained acceleration was below the Hellhounds, it had been modifed with a boost that would turn most organic matter on board to pulp. Within moments it had roared onto the Hellhound's six and let loose a volly of plasma fire.
01[21:57] <Antichthon> Once again Hampton, roll reflex!
01[21:57] <Antichthon> ‘roll 4d3-8+8
[21:57] <GameServ> Syntax: XdY [ {-|+|*|/} Z ]
01[21:57] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+8
[21:57] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 11
[21:59] <SavanahHolland> "What are your orders sir?" Stross calls out to the captain.
[21:59] <@Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+9
[21:59] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 6
[22:00] <@Nemi> "Contact on our s- fuck!"
[22:02] <BobaFettuccine> The captain frowns deeply as he racks his brain for some way, any way to get them out of this situation. "Hampton! Get it together and stop fucking around!" He then orders "Divert half weapon power to aft shields and ignore that ship but /intercept that Corvette!/ Ram them if you have to but /do not/ let them reach the Exemplar."
01[22:03] <Antichthon> The GM neglected to mention that shield power being redirected to the engines had further reduced shields from 6 to 5, so hey, we’ll act like shields were still at 6. Were, being the operative word. With a terrible shake that would have thrown them from their seats if it wasn't for the straps - seriously, why did so many Sci-fis not have seatbelts? - the shields were reduced to a pitiful power of 1. Meanwhile the anti-anti-strike craft ship, now identifiable as a destroyer, had run out of boost, but it would be at least three or four volleys before the Hellhound could get out of its range. The corvette, more heavily armored in the front, encounted point defense fire from the Exemplar and engaged evasive maneuvers, slowly them down.
01[22:04] <Antichthon> aft shields at 2, all other shields down
[22:04] <@Nemi> * "Yes captain!" Hampton's NIU beeps and lights up as he puts his everything into it, mind over mere flesh as he throws everything he has into maneuvering the ship after the corvette whilst focusing what remaining shields are present to their rear.
[22:04] <SavanahHolland> Are they in range of the corvette?
01[22:04] <Antichthon> Not yet, but a good move by Hampton could do it.
[22:04] <@Nemi> * For once, Hampton looks frazzled, big-eyed and panicked. He probably /felt/ that plasma volley impact.
01[22:04] <Antichthon> hampton, roll reflex.
[22:05] <@Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[22:05] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 6
[22:05] <@Nemi> …
[22:05] <SavanahHolland> Wendy preps her weapon, getting ready for the exact moment that Hampton has them in range of the Corvette, hopefully the quick movement and a quick shot from Stross could- "Fuck.. fuck"
01[22:06] <Antichthon> Believe it or not, with the power diverted to the engine and the corvette slowed down by point defense fire, that roll was exactly what was necessary to put them into long range.
01[22:07] <Antichthon> Stross, roll accuracy, +3, -1 for range, additional +2
01[22:07] <Antichthon> meanwhile the destroyer’s weapons had recharged.
01[22:07] <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[22:07] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
[22:08] <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+9
[22:08] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 11
[22:08] <BobaFettuccine> "Fire at that ship!" Nathan throws the order to Stross.
01[22:08] <Antichthon> That’s a + 2 total to weapons roll, since that was confusing.
01[22:08] <Antichthon> The corvette exploded into a shower of sparks.
01[22:09] <Antichthon> hampton, reflex towards enemy fire
[22:10] <@Nemi> * Hampton jerks forward in his seat, grimacing in visible pain at the latest impact, whether or not it did real damage. "Gnh!-" And he attempts a rather unconventional maneuver, attempting something akin to an Immelmann maneuver; abruptly banking upward and pivoting at the same time to put them up and over the slowed destroyer, then spinning as they pass and enter a dive to place
[22:10] <@Nemi> them /behind/ it. Something a skilled pilot like he SHOULD be able to do.
[22:10] <@Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[22:10] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 11
[22:10] <@Nemi> Finally
[22:10] <SavanahHolland> BOMBS AWAY BITCH- even though Wendy isn’t using a weapon that uses bombs.. it's still fun. "Yes Sir!" she grins, setting down the one she used on the Corvette and nabbing one of the weapons more in line with heavy artillery, aiming and firing at the ship!
01[22:12] <Antichthon> Indeed, Hampton is able to avoid the enemy fire, and put them behind the destroyer. They'd even get two shots in now.
01[22:12] <Antichthon> Stross, roll accuracy, + 1, twice
[22:12] <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[22:12] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
[22:12] <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+8
[22:12] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 9
01[22:12] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+7
[22:12] <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 7
[22:12] <SavanahHolland> Pew Pew
01[22:12] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+7
[22:12] <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 7
01[22:16] <Antichthon> The second volley of laser fire reduced the destroyer’s shields from 10 to 8. And then, on the screen, the destroyer easily flipped 180. Whatever ship that destroyer had once been before the infection, it was straight up superior to the Hellhound. The same moment it released another pair of plasma balls, the three students would feel a strong instinct - The Lisa was on that ship. They were sure of it.
01[22:17] <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[22:17] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
01[22:17] <Antichthon> hampton, reflex again.
[22:18] <SavanahHolland> Stross groans at the sudden feeling as she hurries over to the Captain once more "Sir, I believe the Lisa may be on that ship.. destroying it may not be the best course of action"
[22:18] <@Nemi> `4d3-8+9
[22:18] <@Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+9
[22:18] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 10
01[22:19] <Antichthon> The ship might be superior, but whatever passed for its crew was not. Hampton had caught his wind and twisted through the plasma fire expertly, avoiding damage.
[22:19] <@Nemi> Hampton is visibly sweating, beads forming on his brow and his blonde hair, cut short to naval regulations, loosened and slick. His NIU beeps and flashes with all the activity as the Pilot expertly coordinates flight systems to bank out of the line of fire.
[22:19] <SavanahHolland> You can ignore the getting up part
01[22:20] <Antichthon> Hellhound had another opportunity to fire.
[22:20] <SavanahHolland> sitting is gr8
01[22:20] <Antichthon> has another*
[22:20] <SavanahHolland> But Wendy still tells the Captain that!
[22:21] <BobaFettuccine> Nathan considers things and then gives the order. "Prepare a boarding team!" He snaps out the order. "I’ll be going, first mate you take over command. Stross, Hampton with me. You and you." He points to the secondary piloting and weapons officers "Take over for them."
[22:22] <+gumbal1> And suddenly, oddly enough, the holographic screen is covered in popups, asking the user if it wants to authorize the download of incoming data packets. Most of their file names are written in Japanese characters, spelling out garbage words to those who understand the language. A few are in Cryllic, fewer still in the Latin alphabet, and fewer still forming meaningful words. Most notably, canttakemyeyes.ines.
[22:23] <@Nemi> * "Understood, si- what the fuck is that, sir?" Hampton hurriedly disengages his NIU, not wanting to become an inadvertant infection vector himself. It leaves a hiss as it bares the port on the back of his neck.
[22:23] <SavanahHolland> "Oh joy" Stross grins, prepping weapons for them to take, most of them being stuff they can easily carry- but due to Wendy's strength she opts for a bit more fire power.
01[22:24] <Antichthon> "Aye, sir." The indicated officers took over. Fortunately any duty could be rerouted to any console, because why the hell would they want people moving in a battle?
01[22:25] <Antichthon> The Hellhound was just about to overtake the backwards ship, but just before it happened, the destroyer's engines sprung to life. They were going to ram them! THe new pilot, less experienced and starved of NIV input, was at a disadvantage.
01[22:25] <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[22:25] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 9
01[22:25] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+7
[22:25] <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 8
[22:26] <@Nemi> * Hampton’s a strong, athletic man, and were it not for his NIU hookup and general piloting skills he would have been a shoo-in for the Marines. Even then, the Mechanized Infantry Corps wanted him too as an exosuit operator. He grabs a carbine and throws on whatever body armour he can before sealing his helm and- "Watch it, Mill- damn!"
[22:26] <BobaFettuccine> Captain Mikkelson ignores the unexplained text. "Lets get moving, Stross, Hampton, to the transporter. We're boarding." With that he gets up and hurries towards the boarding station.
01[22:26] <Antichthon> Miss! But barely.
[22:26] <@Nemi> "Understood, sir! Don't lose our ship, Miller!" The Lieutenant hefts his carbine and runs to follow the Captain!
[22:26] <BobaFettuccine> On the way he grabs a shock baton and a pistol, throwing on whatever armor he could grab while literally running to the transporter.
[22:27] <SavanahHolland> Stross quickly follows, giving both the Captain and Hampton the appropriate weapons, giving Hampton a bit more technologically more complicated looking but still light- while the captain gets something easy to use but effective.
01[22:27] <Antichthon> The ops lieutenant looked at the comm lieutenant, mouthing a question. "Transporter?"
01[22:27] <Antichthon> Bad news: They had to do this the hard way, through one of Hellhound's combat boarding shuttles.
[22:27] <+gumbal1> One of the popups suddenly appears on Boxbot's screen. Boxbot, that loveable scamp, is always happy to help something in need, and so, he authorizes the packet.
[22:28] <BobaFettuccine> (please redact uses of transporter replace with shuttle)
[22:28] <SavanahHolland> Stross throws on some armor, trying to find one of the more effective ones, even if it meant sacrificing a little agility.
[22:30] <@Nemi> * Boxbot, noooo… Sadly, Hampton's already flinging himself into the boarding shuttle's pilot seat. "Get yourselves strapped in, we're gunning it!"
01[22:30] <Antichthon> The Hellhound had 2 combat shuttles, all engine and armor, rounded in the back, pointed in the front, meant to pierce shield, armor and hull, granting boarded marines access to the target ship. Hampton knew how to fly it
01[22:30] <Antichthon> fortunately.
[22:31] <SavanahHolland> Stross straps her ass in "Everyone knows how to use the weapons I gave you, right? Some of them are newer models, but they're similar enough"
01[22:31] <Antichthon> They knew.
[22:32] <+gumbal1> Boxbot fizzles at the sudden influx of what is probably just garbage information, before turning back on, good as new! That little scamp. Eager to see his friends off, he wheels over to them for one last message: "~!!#i KNOW you are THEREA i can HEAR YOU"
[22:32] <BobaFettuccine> Nathan straps himself in, readying his pistol and shock baton. "Yes Lieutenant."
[22:32] <@Nemi> * Hampton glances back and winces. No time to waste. "Oh no, Boxbot.." No time to linger on it. He guns the throttle. It's time to breach. "Hold on, boy and girl, this is gonna be a bit /bumpy/.."
01[22:33] <Antichthon> As for their armor, they could each a + 1 to their personal defenses. they weren't carrying any space marines, or their armor, currently. The light stuff was all they had.
01[22:33] <Antichthon> once again Hampton, reflex.
[22:34] <@Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[22:34] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 6
[22:34] <SavanahHolland> "Remind me we need to stock more heavy duty armor once we get out of here" she chuckles to the Captain, preparing her larger weapon.
01[22:36] <Antichthon> Well, fortunately getting out of the docking bay was a routine maneuver, though if Hampton was any more frazzled he might have managed to even that up. But, he didn’t. They cleared the bay, just as another round of plasma slammed into the Hellhounds shieldless hull. Without the skills of Stross and Hampton, the ship was at an extreme disadvantage vs the destroyer. It wouldn't last long.
[22:37] <@Nemi> * Hampton makes the sign of the cross with his free hand as they gun it. He always had that faint bit of religion to him.
[22:37] <BobaFettuccine> The captain gets on the comms back to the ship for one last order. "Get out of there! That's an order, do /not/ engage the destroyer any further."
01[22:39] <Antichthon> As for weaponry, hampton rolls reflex when attacking, Stross her accuracy + 1 for her heavier weapon, and Nate, with no relevant skills, can roll at +5 due to Stross being kind enough to give him a weapon designed for absolute noobs.
[22:40] <SavanahHolland> Stross even has a butterfly sticker on the side of the weapon :D
[22:40] <@Nemi> * Hampton's carbine rests heavy on his lap.
[22:41] <+gumbal1> A message is recieved back. "~@@@$@#!thank you, please ENJOY the MOVIE^^&^$#@"
01[22:42] <Antichthon> Hampton's modified brawn is 2, Stross 2, Nate 3, in case anyone decides to melee instead.
[22:42] <@Nemi> * Hampton exhales, hard. "Fuck."
01[22:43] <Antichthon> And, as the overpowered combat shuttle slid into position, Hampton had one more piloting roll to make. But he felt if he made it, it would be his last one.
[22:43] <@Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[22:43] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 12
01[22:43] <Antichthon> And they all better hold onto their butts for 10Gs of acceleration. Combat Shuttles were no joke.
[22:44] <@Nemi> * "Hold on to your butts! We’re in for some chop here!"
[22:44] <@Nemi> VZOOOOOM.
[22:44] <SavanahHolland> Butt Clenching to the Max
01[22:47] <Antichthon> when it came to engine-to-mass ratio, combat shuttles made even the best corvettes look like horse-drawn carrages. They were designed for space marines, and the initial acceleration could kill average humans outright. But as the shuttle lanced through the destroyer's shields and the hull rose up to meet them, they'd realize the real danger wasn't the initial acceleration, but the sudden stop at the end.
01[22:48] <Antichthon> To say it was brutal was an understatement. The combat shuttle provided some absorption, but it was still the equivalent of a car crash
01[22:48] <Antichthon> everyone, roll vitality using modified brawn
[22:48] <@Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[22:48] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 9
01[22:48] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+10
[22:48] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 12
[22:48] <BobaFettuccine> `calc 4d3-8+8
[22:48] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 11
[22:50] <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+2
[22:50] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = -1
[22:50] <SavanahHolland> fuk
01[22:51] <Antichthon> But they also had 1 armor, forgot to mention.
[22:51] <@Nemi> Oh right, that’d be 10 for our erstwhile pilot
01[22:51] <Antichthon> 2 damage to hampton, 0 to nate, and 12 to Stross
[22:51] <SavanahHolland> Want me to roll again, or just add +1 to my roll
[22:51] <@Nemi> Fug, rip stross
01[22:51] <Antichthon> just add +1
01[22:51] <Antichthon> fortunately HP is the same
01[22:51] <Antichthon> and Stross was surprisingly durable.
01[22:52] <Antichthon> Hampton: 10 HP Nate: 8 HP Stross: 2 HP
[22:52] <SavanahHolland> "OH SHIT GOD FUCK JESUS" Mmm, that's a few broken bones, but Stross is a-okay! Hahaha! Stross looks ready to puke.
[22:53] <SavanahHolland> (pretend Wendy had commas in there)
[22:53] <@Nemi> * "Guh-huaaa.. huhff.. okay, we alright?" Hampton takes a few moments to slap some sense back into himself before unstrapping from the pilot's seat, stepping unsteadily on toward the boarding shuttle's exit doors, carbine in-hand.
[22:53] <+gumbal1> Something plays over the comm. "I'm taking every guest, and I'm @!!!!!!$^&sticking them TO THE walls{{{"@{}"
[22:54] <BobaFettuccine> "Son of a bitch!" The captain curses and helps Stross to stand after that… bumpy landing. He then pulls out his pistol in one hand and his shock baton in the other, ready to use either should the situation call for it as he heads for the exit doors as well.
[22:54] <SavanahHolland> Wendy unstraps her seat, emptying her stomach in the corner, only to give Hampton a sarcastic looking thumbs up.
01[22:54] <Antichthon> The sharpened end of the combat shuttle creaked open. It had indeed made it through the hull, and whatever was beyond.
01[22:55] <Antichthon> Unfortunately the destroyer was still maneuvering hard, and Wendy had even odds of faceplanting into her own puke.
[22:55] <@Nemi> * Hampton, being a tough guy and all, hops out first, sweeping his carbine's aim as he takes stock of the situation and their surroundings.
[22:58] <+gumbal1> The destroyer is…surprisingly clean. The shuttle's crashed into what looks like a hotel lobby, complete with couches that smell like real, actual leather, of all things. Leather! A few screens are up, advertising the same old mid-21st century shlock. One of them shows a woman holding an LCell 8 to her ear, drinking a Hero-Cola. Given the badly-translated Sanskrit, it's hard to tell which it was supposed to be advertising. Another boasts a to
[22:58] <+gumbal1> ur of the recently 'civilized' California, showing a man with two children piggybacking him. Yet another advertises, oddly enough, a show staring Yoshida Hisako, appearing at the Andromeda Grand Ball, just weeks before her mysterious disappearance. Occasionally they flicker, but never change. A few hallways lead further into the ship, and an odd clicking sound can be heard from further on.
[22:59] <SavanahHolland> Wendy puts her metaphorical big girl pants on, grabbing her weapon, leading the Captain and herself to follow behind Hampton "See anyone?"
[22:59] <+gumbal1> Overall, it looks less like a hostile nightmare craft and more like one of those old pleasure cruises, way back when.
[23:00] <@Nemi> * ".. this is bizarre. Feels like stepping into a time capsule. No green glowies to be seen- unless this's all impact-induced brain damage and we're inhaling nanocytes through our suits already." Hampton takes point, moving on toward the corridor that should, from their approach vector, roughly lead toward the destroyer's bridge.
[23:00] <BobaFettuccine> Nathan follows Hampton, eyes peeled for any trouble, weapons ready.
01[23:01] <Antichthon> crackling over the comms came Miller's voice, chaos and destruction in the background. "Captain, the hull is buckling, we cannot maintain this-" An explosion interrupted him. A few moments later the voice of a young ensign resumed. "Captain, Miller is down, our weapons are gone, we won't survive another hit." She was clearly stressed but remarkably put together, consider the situation.
[23:01] <SavanahHolland> "Wouldn't be surprised.." Stross chuckles quietly
[23:01] <BobaFettuccine> "Get out of there! That is an order!" The captain responds over the comms if he can.
[23:03] <@Nemi> * Hampton makes the sign of the cross with his left hand, right steadying the rifle.
[23:04] <+gumbal1> The corridor, much like the hall they crashed in, is surprisingly clean. Sure, the overhead lights don't work aroud 23 meters in, but still clean, aside from a few of the door plaques. Some remain, detailing the barracks, the offices. Others have been defaced by…sharpie(?) labelled as "PARTY ROOM", "yoSHIDA HAll", and "BLAST CHAMBER", at least the legible ones.
01[23:04] <Antichthon> "Aye, Captain." By her tone, she must have thought she was consigning the three of them to death. Soon after, the destroyer ceased its combat maneuvers Whether due to the destruction of the Hellhound or its escape, they might never know.
[23:04] <SavanahHolland> "Yoshida hall sounds like our best bet, no?"
[23:05] <@Nemi> * Hampton nods and moves to fall in beside the door. He gestures for the other two to stack up. As one of the more veteran combatants of the trio, the point role seems to be a natural fit for him.
[23:05] <+gumbal1> Comm crackles to life again. This time, not a message, or at least, doesn't sound like one. An aria, maybe, set to some pre-Andromeda tune.
[23:06] <BobaFettuccine> Nathan readies his pistol and nods to Hampton to open the door.
[23:07] <SavanahHolland> Wendy has hers ready, but she's a tad shaky, nervousness or internal bleeding, or both sounds about right.
[23:08] <@Nemi> * Hampton leans in and flings open the door, moving in to sweep the room with back to the hallway wall while also clearing the doorway for the others to follow .
[23:10] <BobaFettuccine> Nate follows in behind him, pistol up and barrel tracking with where his eyes are focused.
[23:11] <SavanahHolland> Wendy comes in last, though if a threat were to come she might have to be more in the front due to the heavy duty nature of her weapon.
[23:12] <+gumbal1> And inside, well…at least you know this is for sure an infected ship. Fleshmatter, silicon, synthform moss, whatever the spooks back at Atlas One designate it, covers much of the walls in veiny, oozing formations, though few make the journey towards the room's center. In said center is a table, with some pre-Andromeda storage devices (floppy disks, were they called) stacked on top of each other. Leaning over the table is an early vacuum suit
[23:12] <+gumbal1> , likely Indonesian in design, slumped over, holding a hammer and large nail. It doesn't seem to be moving.
[23:12] <+gumbal1> > Perveption
[23:12] <@Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[23:12] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
[23:13] <BobaFettuccine> `calc 4d3-8+2
[23:13] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 4
[23:13] <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+8
[23:13] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 6
[23:14] <+gumbal1> The hand with the nail is closer to the floppy disk stack than the hand with the hammer, for some reason.
[23:14] <+gumbal1> All of you notice this.
[23:14] <@Nemi> * "What are those? Old-day storage media? You think that might be an infection vector- what’s the word, Captain?"
[23:16] <BobaFettuccine> "Destroy them. Looks like what that one was trying to do." He gestures with his pistol for either Hampton or Stross to shoot the floppy disk things.
[23:17] <SavanahHolland> "Might be a lil loud, if you wanna cover your ears." Stross chuckles, taking a step forward and aiming at the disks, overkill? Yes.
[23:19] <@Nemi> * Hampton nods and exits the room, keeping a wary eye on the corridor to watch their back. "This place is just.. Doesn't make sense. If it was ALL infected biomass this'd be much easier for me to deal with."
[23:19] <SavanahHolland> (roll or nah?)
[23:20] <+gumbal1> The Indigo Sisters might have loved to get their hands on pre-Andromeda tech, let alone info, but such is the way of things. Something of this magnitude cannot be allowed to exist, can it?
01[23:20] <Antichthon> No need to roll.
[23:21] <BobaFettuccine> "It doesn't have to make sense Lieutenant, it just has to not kill us until we're done here." The captain responds, stepping out into the hallway with Hampton.
[23:21] <SavanahHolland> "Taken care of, Sir!" Wendy calls out to the Captain, a little giddy at finally getting to use this bad boy up close.
[23:22] <@Nemi> * Hampton nods and checks the other doors, wary to see if they've changed or something.
[23:22] <@Nemi> * He tentatively tries 'PARTY ROOM.' Breaching and clear protocol as usual.
[23:23] <BobaFettuccine> The captain sticks by Hampton, following protocol and entering each room, making sure Hampton's back was clear.
01[23:25] <Antichthon> In the Party room were…Fleshy pipecleaners? that was the best way to describe the pale green things, each with a single stalked eye. Now, the three would know that each infected ship was an "individual," sort of, and its crew its "hands." These "hands" could take many different forms. when Hampton breached the door, the things didn't even try to hide. They just turned, looked. One had a party had on. after a beat, one blew a party whistle.
01[23:26] <Antichthon> party hat*
[23:26] <BobaFettuccine> After another beat the captain shot the one that blew the party whistle.
[23:27] <@Nemi> * Hampton, bemused, follows the Captain's orders and opens fire.
[23:27] <BobaFettuccine> (Roll?)
[23:28] <SavanahHolland> Violent parties, this is why Wendy never went to raves after that one time in college, ah, memories. Stross quickly moving in, unable to use her weapon in such close quarters, fishing out the smaller, less effective but significantly more accurate gun, aiming and firing.
01[23:29] <Antichthon> The party-whistle-blower exploded. And the rest, they screeched. All around them. Because somehow, they were surrounded. Even places they had searched were suddenly swarming, and if they were perceptive enough, they'd see why. biomass was spewing out of tiny holes the floor, reforming into the creepy one-eyed creatures, much faster than they could shoot them down. As one, the swarm attacked.
01[23:29] <Antichthon> they converged on Nathan.
01[23:30] <Antichthon> Nathan, roll defense.
[23:30] <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[23:30] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
01[23:30] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+8
[23:30] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 10
[23:31] <SavanahHolland> Stross tries to fire as to keep as many off Hampton and the Captain as she can- with little regard to the ones coming closer to her.
[23:32] <+gumbal1> The comm suddenly crackles to life, with a multitude of voices, one after another. "4-40 on the 120 at one eighty one, ninety-9, over" "MMMRHFF! MMMRRHF!" "YOUREJUSTTOOGOODTOBETRUE" "NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE"
01[23:32] <Antichthon> Nathan: 6 HP
[23:32] <@Nemi> * "Back out! Back out!" Hampton tries to gun through a path for them to exit!
[23:33] <BobaFettuccine> At the point where they’re close to him, Nathan switches to using his shock baton, trying to beat them off of him as he backs out with Hampton and Stross.
01[23:34] <Antichthon> The swarm split its focus, going for all of them at once.
[23:34] <+gumbal1> The slow, steady sounds of heavy footsteps can be heard coming into the hallway as four of the Indonesian vacuum suits from earlier on, one holding a hammer, one holding bent assault carbine, one lugging around a chain with a teddy bear attatched at the end, and the last dragging a microphone stand with them, emerge from various doors.
[23:34] <SavanahHolland> Stross Aids Hampton in clearing a path, noticing the new people "Fuck.."
01[23:34] <Antichthon> if anyone wants to intercept for Stross, declare now.
[23:35] <BobaFettuccine> Intercepting
01[23:35] <Antichthon> Hampton roll defense
01[23:35] <Antichthon> Nathan roll defense, roll reflex
[23:36] <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[23:36] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 11
01[23:36] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+5
[23:36] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
01[23:36] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+5
[23:36] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 3
[23:36] <BobaFettuccine> `calc 4d3-8+2
[23:36] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 2
01[23:36] <Antichthon> intercept failed.
01[23:36] <Antichthon> Stross roll defense.
[23:37] <@Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+8
[23:37] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
01[23:37] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+5
[23:38] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
01[23:38] <Antichthon> Nathan and Hampton, no damage.
[23:38] <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+10
[23:38] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 11
01[23:39] <Antichthon> no damage
01[23:40] <Antichthon> But the swarm wasn’t subsiding, and even worse, they caught wind of Stross' weakness.
01[23:40] <Antichthon> But Lisa was here. And…growing closer.
[23:40] <SavanahHolland> STROSS IS NOT WEAK, STROSS STRONG
01[23:40] <Antichthon> But where? They couldn't get a location.
[23:41] <+gumbal1> As the living suits amble closer, closer, closer, the radio interference only gets louder, until it all drowns out into one big storm of beeps.
02[23:41] * BobaFettuccine (ten.tsacmoc.aw.4dsh.664-179-374-60-j|cutteFaboB#ten.tsacmoc.aw.4dsh.664-179-374-60-j|cutteFaboB) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:41] <@Nemi> * Hampton continues attempting to bull through the swarm, trying to get them all out into the corridor. The walking suits are a problem, but.. A problem to be addressed when there's a door behind them. "Shit- shit she's here!"
03[23:43] * BobaFettuccine (ten.tsacmoc.aw.4dsh.664-179-374-60-j|cutteFaboB#ten.tsacmoc.aw.4dsh.664-179-374-60-j|cutteFaboB) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
01[23:43] <Antichthon> Lisa ambled closer, closer, closer. Soon their defeat would be hammered home.
[23:43] <+gumbal1> But the beeping has purpose, to it. Perhaps not the best of purposes…
[23:43] <+gumbal1> > ROLL MDEF
01[23:44] <Antichthon> at the same time, the swarm concentrated on Stross.
01[23:44] <Antichthon> > Stross roll PDEF
[23:44] <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+2
[23:44] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 3
01[23:45] <Antichthon> (Make sure you specify which roll is which, Sav)
[23:45] <SavanahHolland> first roll, mental
[23:45] <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+8
[23:45] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 9
[23:46] <@Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+11
[23:46] <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 13
[23:46] <+gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+12
[23:46] <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 12
[23:46] <SavanahHolland> second roll, physical
[23:46] <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+10
[23:46] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 8
01[23:46] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+10
[23:46] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 11
01[23:47] <Antichthon> Stross 4 3 Damage
01[23:47] <Antichthon> Stross: 4 -1 HP
01[23:47] <Antichthon> The Lisa had to be here, somewhere. but could they even afford to find her, now?
[23:48] <+gumbal1> For Stross and Nathan, well, vision blurs and green runs to green. The walls stay as they are, but their color, their textures, change dramatically. Hitting and avoiding the swarm becomes so much harder as everything changes to the color of the swarm.
[23:48] <@Nemi> "Shit, shit..!"
[23:48] <+gumbal1> (-2 to dodging and attacking the swarm, penalty does not apply to tanking hits)
[23:50] <SavanahHolland> Wheezing.. can’t breathe.. the air tastes of pennies, reeks of a vile burnt smell. It hurts to move.. is she going to die? This wasn't even her body.. Stross, killed by basically sentient flesh pipe cleaners?
[23:50] <BobaFettuccine> Nathan is doing his best to keep them all together, with one hand he grabs one of Hampton's hands and one of Stross's hands, getting ready for when Lisa gets there, not saying it out loud, but knowing that they'd only have one chance, they'd have to all link hands around lisa when she arrived. But when Stross goes down he realizes that they'd have to abort the mission, otherwise
[23:50] <BobaFettuccine> she'd be dead. "Grab her other hand Hampton, NOW!"
[23:50] <+gumbal1> The comm speakers blare once more. "dont hide i can HEAR you" "25101956" "The ONLY ME is ME." "NE NE NE NE NE NE NE"
[23:51] <+gumbal1> > Perception, Hampton and Nathan
[23:51] <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+2
[23:51] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 0
[23:52] <@Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+5
[23:52] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
[23:53] <@Nemi> * Hampton does as bid!
[23:54] <+gumbal1> Hampton notices that one of them, the one with the hammer, is making their way specifically towards Stross, and yet their hammer hasn’t even been raised in preperation to attack. What is it even planning?
[23:55] <SavanahHolland> Stross appears to be out cold, or at least on the verge of it, just barely keeping herself breathing.
01[23:58] <Antichthon> A white glow surrounded the three of them. No one told them the way back home needed to charge up! But, in surprise, the swarm backed away. They had mere seconds before returning home, empty-handed.
[23:59] <@Nemi> * ".. Maybe it's- part of the swarm-" Hampton scurries over to try to encircle the hammer suit!
Session Time: Sat Jan 14 00:00:00 2017
[00:00] <BobaFettuccine> The captain shuffles over as well, dragging Stross along and briging the arm circle up and over, then down to surround the hammer suit.
01[00:01] <Antichthon> The glow hiccuped a moment as Hampton broke the circle, but fortunately the charge didn't reset entirely. And just as the swarmed reared back to attack -
[00:02] <+gumbal1> The comm crackles to life, one more time. "@@^&($#;;{]What a shame. That only leaves[[[;><…what, billions more biomatter harvesters?{{[]]2%"
[00:02] <+gumbal1> "It'll come back, anyways. They all come back."
01[00:03] <Antichthon> They were themselves again. And after a moment, light flooded through as Ellie's and Wendy's eggs cracked open, and the door to nate's room slid away. Nate and Ellie were unharmed. As for Wendy…
[00:03] <BobaFettuccine> Nate moved over to Wendy as quickly as he could, shoving people aside if he needed to.
[00:06] <@Nemi> * Ellie sits up in her egg and rubs at her head. "Well, that was /odd/. How did the leftenant feel about abruptly being a teenage girl in an egg? And- er, is Wendy alright?"
[00:06] <SavanahHolland> Heavy breathing- wheezing rather, curled up in a tighter egg shape than the actual capsule itself. Her body here was fine- certainly.. however the pain still fresh in her mind- something that Stross was able to handle with the added experience.. but here she was, barely able to hold herself together.
01[00:07] <Antichthon> The psi-armored woman sat in the same place where they left her, only now, her eyes were darting this way and that. It wasn't Wendy who was holding herself together.
01[00:09] <Antichthon> "Get her to the infirmary," Grove said. "No, not you, Him." Grove pushed the attending scientists away helping make room for Nate. She looked grim. "Her body is fine," she said. "Her mind…"
[00:09] <@Nemi> * "Damaged from the death experience?" Ellie says as she climbs out of the egg. ".. I'll see what I can do. I've had to rebuild a few minds.."
[00:11] <BobaFettuccine> Nate nods, picking her up and starting to carry her to the infirmary, he looks over his shoulder as he goes. "All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. We're goddamn teenagers." He says with a literal growl before then rushing to the infirmary as instructed, he waits up long enough for Ellie to come if she wants.
[00:13] <SavanahHolland> Wendy felt nauseous, but that mental block of believing she had an empty stomach from another version of her throwing up seemed to be stopping her, nails digging into her own arms as she closes her eyes, and sleeps.
01[00:13] <Antichthon> Psy-armor's eye stopped darting about and stared at the floor. Grove let the three of them leave without protest. She, at least, knew that Nate was right.
[00:13] <@Nemi> * Ellie shakes her head. "She'll be fine with time and rest, Nate."
[00:14] <@Nemi> * She lingers near Psy-armour, pausing to check herself over to see if anything's different.
01[00:15] <Antichthon> Psy-armor met Ellie's gaze. "Join your friends. They need your strength." That same faint, almost imperceptible smile.
[00:18] <@Nemi> * Ellie gives a wry smile of her own, nods, and slips out of the room.
01[00:18] <Antichthon> -RUN COMPLETE-
01[00:18] <Antichthon> -3 (Old system) XP-
01[00:18] <Antichthon> -$500-

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