Dustin Did Nothing Wrong

Jul 29 18:12:57 <gumbal1> -stolen-
Jul 29 18:14:06 <gumbal1> Lyanna-Andrey <Located a Rando in North Carolina on a business trip. Open to my previous offer?>
Jul 29 18:16:06 <Nemi> < … yeah, sure. Not sure how I'm going to get to North Carolina though > The reply's quick enough.
Jul 29 18:18:23 <gumbal1> <I've read up on your school's website just now, and I think you have a train transit system. You wanna schedule a vacation? Maybe bring a friend along. Or girlfriend. Or boyfriend. I don't know you all that well to be honest.>
Jul 29 18:21:24 <Nemi> < I got a bf but he doesn't like to get out a lot, uhh.. I guess I can schedule a thing >
Jul 29 18:25:26 <gumbal1> <Got it. City is a little fishing village called Canton. Reserve a spot at the Carleaux, it's cheap and there's no roaches. I'll be waiting outside the motel around breakfast with a friend.> <friend.jpb> It's…a mechanical tripod table, about four feet high, with double-jointed legs and three tiny red eyes on the rim, equidistant from each leg.
Jul 29 18:26:18 <gumbal1> <Her name's Gillian. It sounds creepy but when you're a technopath it's really hard to name robots after just strings of letters and numbers.>
Jul 29 18:29:11 <Nemi> < Canton, Carleaux, got it.. Gillian is SUPER COOL LOOKING. Ill see you then. >
Jul 29 18:32:09 <gumbal1> The Carleaux Motel is…well, your standard North Carolina motel, to be quite honest. It's cheap, has free ice, has a pool out front, has a mediocre breakfast buffet between 6 and 9:30. Andrey gets saddled with room 12, which has a broken TV (someone chucked a brick through it that has yet to be removed), but at least the wifi's working.
Jul 29 18:34:04 <Nemi> And that's the important part. Cheap, edible food, no roaches, WiFi. He'd arrived in the evening after getting permission to use the train, slept fitfully (nerves and all), and grabbed a bagel and cream cheese come breakfast before heading outside to find Lyanna. The heat here is surprising even in winter, so he's changed his usual winterwear for shorts and a sweatshirt. It's
Jul 29 18:34:04 <Nemi> enough.
Jul 29 18:37:14 <gumbal1> At least for the Finn, it is. Lyanna, the Staten Island native she is, isn't from a stereotypically cold place, and is as such wearing a tee of some obscure Japanese metal band, an old knit cardigan, and some jeans as she waits outside, Gillian curled up against the wall. "Hey. So, it's a bit of a drive from here to the Rando. About…three hours, give or take. You bring anything to amuse you or do we just talk?"
Jul 29 18:38:37 <Nemi> "I mean I got a phone, but.." Andrey walks over, pausing to take a bite of bagel. "Didn't, really. We can talk. Used to be I'd uh, like long car trips, Simo wants beer from Germany or something so we hop in for a few hours and .. see the scenery and stuff."
Jul 29 18:41:08 <gumbal1> "You're in luck. The route leads to a rather scenic mountain spot." Lyanna glances to a beat-up looking though surprisingly modern car that, given her situation, she's probably still paying off, and gets into driver seat. Gillian, meanwhile, suddenly hops to standing as it climbs over to mounth the car top, careful not to break anything.
Jul 29 18:46:17 <Nemi> Andrey watches how Gillian moves with a little more than just his eyes, and seems- satisfied. "Gillian's got some /really/ slick internals. Cool." And he follows Lyanna to the car, pausing to tug the passenger side door open and climb in. The Finn's hair's in a simple ponytail today which he grabs for to make sure it's not caught in the door.
Jul 29 18:49:28 <gumbal1> "Thanks. She's a new model, I'm planning to patent a simpler civilian version soon enough." The engine gets going, and they're off. "You can set the music. Most of my CDs are metal and 90s punk."
Jul 29 18:50:43 <Nemi> Andrey nods, buckles in, and reaches in to sift through the CDS. Actual CDs! ".. huh, some of my old favourites.." His English has gotten much better, Lyanna'd probably notice.
Jul 29 18:51:59 <gumbal1> If Andrey looks, he'll also find an unlabeled mixtape, save for a heart in marker. "Seriously? Some of this stuff's pretty obscure, not to sound like a hipster."
Jul 29 18:53:50 <Nemi> "Serious- you got Fux Capacitor, I mean, man, I never even /found/ one of their albums before, that's just.. man." Andrey will put in a copy of 1.21 Gigafux in. The mixtape.. He can guess who that's from.
Jul 29 18:57:01 <gumbal1> "Oh, that. I think I bought that from a yard sale." The weather's nice, at least, and the traffic isn't too bad for 9:21. "So. Bit of a word on Randos. This one's called Rigtor, and I'd feel sorry for them if I wasn't sure it already wished for death."
Jul 29 18:59:39 <gumbal1> "…no, fuck. Confusing it with something else. This one's called Dustin."
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Jul 29 19:03:18 <Nemi> "Dustin? Of course it's a fucking Dustin." Andrey settles in his seat and munches on his bagel with surprisingly few crumbs. "So what's the word on this one?"
Jul 29 19:06:20 <gumbal1> "Hm?…nevermind." Lyanna spares a glance, before looking back at the road. "Randos don't have any blood in their bodies. You're gonna want to exclusively target the purple spot on its body. That's its residue, surrounding its heart. If we don't kill it, hopefully we can just collect enough residue and go before it kills us."
Jul 29 19:08:05 <Nemi> "Gotcha." Andrey watches the road and their surroundings as they continue onward. He finishes the bagel after a few minutes.
Jul 29 19:08:56 <gumbal1> It's your standard NC road. At some point, it gets rather foresty. "You're a metalbender, right?"
Jul 29 19:10:22 <Nemi> "Yeah. Way stronger than what you get on the cartoon since I can turn myself into it and create it too. And I got some sonic stuff."
Jul 29 19:13:16 <gumbal1> "…right. Well, follow my lead, then." Eventually, the road ends up in a rather mountainy path. If they weren't on a kill trip for a nightmarish anthrophage, it might've been pleasant.
Jul 29 19:14:51 <Nemi> "Yoooou got it.." Andrey hooks his hand into the passenger side door's handle and peers around their surroundings. ".. it's.. really nice out here. Really green. Is all of America like this?"
Jul 29 19:18:02 <gumbal1> "Some of it. Some of it's pretty deserty. It's nice in a different way." And, eventually, just outside of a hiking trail, Lyanna stops. "Close as we can get on wheels. I put a tracker on Dustin, which means it recognizes me. You wanna head first, surprise it a little?"
Jul 29 19:19:16 <Nemi> "Sure.." Andrey pops the door open and steps out, pausing to stretch out a ways. The sports bra itched with sweat already. Stupid America. "I'm good to go. Where is he?"
Jul 29 19:21:03 <gumbal1> "Due south, a few hundred meters. Looks to be still, probably sulking. Most Dark Eyed things do that." Lyanna gets out of the car as well, and Gillian responds by hopping off and landing perfectly onto the pavement, before heading down the hiking path.
Jul 29 19:21:36 <Nemi> ".. Gillian is so cooooool," Andrey watches it go before heading on right afterward.
Jul 29 19:25:34 <gumbal1> The path is a bit steep, and, given that it looks to have rained recently, a bit muddy. Lyanna, wearing travel boots, doesn't appear to notice all that much. Gillian's gait isn't slowed at all.
Jul 29 19:28:27 <Nemi> Andrey, in sneakers and shorts, has a little more trouble until he just ejects small pillars of metal out of the ground with each step to stand on, meeting his feet and keeping him from being bogged down.
Jul 29 19:29:59 <gumbal1> There's…a surprising amount of spare metal in the surrounding area. Eventually, Lyanna stops, and Gillian with her, to look over a vista at…something.
Jul 29 19:30:28 <Nemi> Andrey stands on tiptoe, little pillars suspending him higher up as he follows Lyanna's gaze!
Jul 29 19:32:19 <gumbal1> It's…she's not looking at the vista. She's looking at something on the ground. A simple metal box, broken in half with bits of electronic pieces spilling out. "…shit."
Jul 29 19:33:54 <Nemi> "Shit what? .. is that the tracker?"
Jul 29 19:34:40 <gumbal1> "…yeah. Yeah it is. I…do not like what this implies."
Jul 29 19:35:35 <Nemi> "What d'you mean? That it figured out how to remove it, or someone helped it, or..?"
Jul 29 19:37:42 <gumbal1> "That it's here in the first place. There's no way Dustin could fit on this path."
Jul 29 19:38:35 <Nemi> ".. you think someone dumped it here? Or.."
Jul 29 19:40:18 <gumbal1> "I don't know. I hope not. But I don't know what-" *thwick* Lyanna twitches, and Gillian suddenly adopts a more battle-ready stance.
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Jul 29 19:41:10 <Nemi> Andrey swivels toward the noise, markedly more nervous.
Jul 29 19:43:10 <gumbal1> There…doesn't seem to be all that much around, right *thwick thwick* now.
Jul 29 19:43:28 <Nemi> ".. where is it? What's making that noise?"
Jul 29 19:43:45 <gumbal1> *thwick thwick thwik-*
Jul 29 19:43:50 <gumbal1> > Agility, Andrey
Jul 29 19:44:21 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Jul 29 19:44:22 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 6
Jul 29 19:46:17 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+5
Jul 29 19:46:17 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
Jul 29 19:46:42 <gumbal1> Andrey barely dodges a tiny rod of metal, coming from further down the path.
Jul 29 19:47:38 <gumbal1> Gillian seems to have noticed, and is charging down the path like an angry crab. Something tubular’s emerged from the top of its central mass.
Jul 29 19:48:07 <Nemi> A metal rod? That'd hurt if he's fleshy, even if he'd absorb it without noticing otherwise. Andrey hurries after Gillian now!
Jul 29 19:49:44 <gumbal1> LYanna rushes after the two of them. Eventually, Gillian does find the source: a small little crossbow trap of sorts. There's no apparent trigger mechanism, but there doesn't appear to be a reload mechanism either.
Jul 29 19:50:20 <gumbal1> "…shit. God, I didn't think they'd get that angry over the failed shipment."
Jul 29 19:50:37 <Nemi> "What?" Andrey swivels back to her, eyes big. "Who?"
Jul 29 19:52:43 <gumbal1> "I uh, may have accidently promised some Rust Courters a delivery, a bit before…the thing between us. I think they're a bit angry that I couldn't pay."
Jul 29 19:53:17 <Nemi> ".. aw, fuck. Uh- uhh- wait, who're these guys? Can I help?"
Jul 29 19:54:24 <gumbal1> "A bunch of robot worshippers that serve some entity called Mechatron. Probably no-: *thwick twick* "-oh fuck."
Jul 29 19:55:03 <Nemi> "Mechatron? Seriously? I-" Andrey swivels to try to put himself between the sounds and Lyanna.
Jul 29 19:57:01 <gumbal1> "You are not gonna want to" *thwick thwick thwik* "do that-"
Jul 29 19:57:03 <gumbal1> > Agility
Jul 29 19:57:16 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Jul 29 19:57:16 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 8
Jul 29 19:59:01 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+5
Jul 29 19:59:06 <gumbal1> 1calc 4d3-8+5
Jul 29 19:59:09 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+5
Jul 29 19:59:09 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 3
Jul 29 19:59:45 <gumbal1> Andrey dodges another rod, this time from above. This time, it impales straight through a lizard, pinning it to the ground
Jul 29 19:59:57 <gumbal1> The lizard’s skin starts browning, mysteriously.
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Jul 29 20:04:30 <Nemi> Andrey swivels his gaze up, trying to figure where all these rods are coming from- and his skin goes gleaming silver of solid steel. "Come on- come on let's get outta here..!"
Jul 29 20:05:51 <gumbal1> This time, it's not a trap. It's a figure, wrapped up in a shroud like some stereotypical mysterious desert traveler, about four feet tall, carrying a crossbow. Currently, they're reloading. Lyanna, meanwhile, nods, and begins running down the path, Gillian in tow.
Jul 29 20:07:54 <Nemi> A crossbow. Metal frame, metal arms. Which Andrey has gently coaxed to all hug, fusing the crossbow into an unusable mass. He hurries on after the other two!
Jul 29 20:08:29 <gumbal1> (which crossbow)
Jul 29 20:09:31 <Nemi> The one the hunter's using, if possible.
Jul 29 20:12:00 <gumbal1> The hunter curses in a high-pitched, unknown language as the two make their way down the path. "Damnit, I really hoped they'd wait till after Cazcah's Equinox to start this."
Jul 29 20:13:57 <Nemi> "I don't know what that /is/!" Andrey's much more carefully feeling out the area for metal, wary for more traps and hunters to foil as they flee.
Jul 29 20:16:07 <gumbal1> "Mahsal holiday, lasts about a mon-" Something climbs onto the path. Dressed like the other hunter, but twice as tall, and carrying a walking stick. "…fuck! Thresher!" Gillian, meanwhile, redeploys their odd tube.
Jul 29 20:16:44 <Nemi> "Thresher? What do /they/ do?" Andrey moves up to stay in front of Lyanna, now, feeling for metal on the big guy.
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Jul 29 20:19:04 <gumbal1> From the tube shoots out a thin metal rod, rather fast. The Thresher, however, managees to dodge, and strokes their walking stick, which with…a frankly surreal sequence of unfolding, goes from a simple metal walkign stick to the edgiest-looking chainscythe Andrey's ever seeen. It'd be hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that the thing likely intended to kill all three of them with it.
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Jul 29 20:25:03 <Nemi> And it's still hilarious to Andrey, because he just looks vaguely at it and- liquifies it, commanding it to wrap itself around the big guy and leave him tied up like a Christmas ham.
Jul 29 20:28:02 <gumbal1> That is hilarious! Gillian must think not, because the next rod is hurriedly shot at the thing's head, taking it right off and leaving it nailed to a nearby rock. "…I need to bring you on more of these. Now-" *thump* "…hrm. Might be close."
Jul 29 20:28:41 <Nemi> Andrey gawks in horror at the decapitation, but- right, right, don't think too much.. ".. what's that, now?"
Jul 29 20:29:33 <gumbal1> "Randos are big, and haven't exactly mastered the art of stepping lightly. It might be close, I'm thinking."
Jul 29 20:31:15 <Nemi> "Y-you think we can handle that AND these guys?"
Jul 29 20:33:21 <gumbal1> "Considering you just melted a thresher's scythe? Yeah. I think we actually have a chance." Lyanna even throws in a grin. "…further down the path?"
Jul 29 20:34:47 <Nemi> "Uhh- sure yeah!" Andrey hurries onward!
Jul 29 20:36:49 <gumbal1> The path takes several turns, with several more crossbow traps ahead. Luckily, being metal, Andrey can sense them from quite a bit away.
Jul 29 20:37:19 <gumbal1> "…I take it you're used to this?"
Jul 29 20:37:53 <Nemi> Sense them, and promptly turn them into fascinating abstract metal sculptures. "Used to- uh- used to what?"
Jul 29 20:39:37 <gumbal1> "Used to dealing with hostility." Lyanna and Gillian's gate slow as they come to a rope bridge between mountains. "…why didn't you break apart BDL back in the apartment?"
Jul 29 20:41:32 <Nemi> ".. I.. I don't want to hurt people. That's why," Andrey also slows. He starts across the rope bridge without much hesitation, moving carefully as he can.
Jul 29 20:45:51 <gumbal1> The rope bridge is suspended about seventy feet over a thin river. "That's…pretty nice of-" And suddenly, they're interrupted by something coming out of the trees and walking under them. Tall, about 45 feet if Andrey had to guess, made of dark blue stone, vaguely shaped like a giant tic-tac with thin arms and legs, with a giant hole, filled with semi-transluscent solid purple jellyish something. It's covered in graffiti from
Jul 29 20:45:51 <gumbal1> numerous decades, some declaring love, others declaring gang affiliations, others declaring that they fucked seven women and three men in one night (that one is written in fancy cursive). "…Dustin." Gillian suddenly quiets, and turns a bit. "…cover your ears."
Jul 29 20:46:47 <Nemi> ".. holy shit.." Andrey reaches up to cover said ears with his hands, big-eyed at the sight.
Jul 29 20:50:58 <gumbal1> Another, distinctly different tube emerges from Gillian. «Three, two, one…» BAM! A rocket flies right out, heading right for the jelly part of Dustin.
Jul 29 20:52:28 <gumbal1> …the dust settles from the blast, and only a small bit of the jelly has been chipped away. Dustin looks like it would be screaming if it had a mouth.
Jul 29 20:54:10 <Nemi> Andrey lets out some amazing strings of rapidfire Finnish as he stares at the thing, dazed by its sheer scale and slightly terrified.
Jul 29 20:55:41 <gumbal1> "…oh god, the rumors were true." Dustin turns to face the three of them, for however a faceless entity can face something, and suddenly raises a thin, clawed hand right over the suspension bridge.
Jul 29 21:01:38 <Nemi> ".. hold on to me," Andrey says, still staring.
Jul 29 21:02:39 <gumbal1> Gillian scurries away to the other side rather quickly, though Lyanna, perhaps in the moment, doesn't follow and instead holds onto Andrey. And…down comes the hammer. Or claw, in this case. Claw hammer? Whatever.
Jul 29 21:04:42 <Nemi> And as the claw comes down, Andrey's arm liquifies, snapping forward to impact the cliffside, burrow in, expand, and retract, dragging him and Lyanna across from the void and after Gillian. "JUST HOLD ON!"
Jul 29 21:06:46 <gumbal1> Lyanna screams, of course. Mitsuru always liked to make fun of the fact that they never went on the rollercoaster on their totally platonic, definitely not romantic dates to the boardwalk. She's not used to this kind of speed. Gillian, meanwhile, just swaps the tube for a machine gun and starts fucking unloading on Dustin.
Jul 29 21:08:26 <Nemi> And as they hit the cliffside, Andrey snaps his arm free and instead slips the other upward to hook the edge and fling them both up and over onto solid ground. "THERE!"
Jul 29 21:09:47 <gumbal1> Lyanna botches the landing, naturally. Due to the nature of machine guns, Gillian is out of ammo in about thirteen seconds. It's made a bit more of a dent in the now angrier Dustin, who's currently picking up one of those six-foot tall rocks tourists love standing on at waterfalls.
Jul 29 21:12:21 <Nemi> And Andrey turn to run for Dustin. He's not superstrong or superfast, most emulation of such abilities come from ferrokinetics- but he has a plan. A pillar of metal lurches from the ground underfoot as he takes a step, catapulting him up into the air- and toward the opening leading to the violet residue around the concrete colossus' heart. An arm shifts and warps into a great
Jul 29 21:12:21 <Nemi> flanged mace as he goes!
Jul 29 21:14:33 <gumbal1> Dustin is so distracted by the urge to fling a giant rock at Gillian (who gets clipped on the rim) that they don't notice the streaking metal Finn with the giant mace. Andrey smashes right into it…dealing surprisingly little damage for the amount of force used. This violet stuff is hard.
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Jul 29 21:19:56 <Nemi> But Andrey's on, and that's what matters. He grabs onto the rim of the violet stuff and tries to grow spikes and chisel-blades in to chip chunks of the material away- both for keeping, and to try to hurt it.
Jul 29 21:21:32 <gumbal1> It's an effective strategy, for how long Andrey's able to keep it up. However, Dustin's angry, and ready to pry the testy metal human right off of itself. At least, that's what the oncoming hand screams to Andrey.
Jul 29 21:27:11 <Nemi> And so Andrey is going to forge a pillar out of his own abdomen, straining his sweatshirt, to PUNCH at Dustin's concrete body and LAUNCH himself away from the incoming hand!
Jul 29 21:28:23 <gumbal1> The concrete is a bit less harder, and slightly cracks on impact. Stil, Andrey just barely avoids getting grabbed. Gillian, meanwhile, appears to be switching out weapons once more.
Jul 29 21:30:57 <Nemi> And Andrey attempts to ferrokineticize /himself/ to fling himself right back to the residue area, still trying to pry it away and get to the heart. Andrey can doublejump? Who knew?
Jul 29 21:35:04 <gumbal1> That's a very smart move. Or, would be, if Gillian wasn't currently aiming another tube right at the thing's heart. «Three, two-» "Abort!" «Aborted.»
Jul 29 21:38:34 <Nemi> "Abort what?" Andrey hesitates, a chunk of purple residue in hand.
Jul 29 21:39:42 <gumbal1> "The countdown! You almost got fried!" Lyanna, meanwhile, seems to have set up a makeshift sniper's nest to check for more Rust Courters…of which a few are arriving, armed with crossbows. Dustin picks up another rock, in the meantime.
Jul 29 21:41:13 <Nemi> "Oh, shit-" Andrey, at FRIED, hurls himself off Dustin's chest, only slightly panicking again but at least opening up Gillian's line of fire. And- Courters. Right. Andrey lands in a roll, vaguely waves at the crossbowmen and ties their weapons in knots.
Jul 29 21:45:06 <gumbal1> They all swear, of course…before looking at each other and just choosing to pounce Andrey, instead. Three four-foot tall things at once. Meanwhile, a ray of white light briefly strickes Dustin, taking off a chunk. «Recharging in five, four…»
Jul 29 21:47:59 <Nemi> Pouncing the six-one kid made of steel. Smart move. Until steel pillars erupt from the ground and start wriggling like vipers to wrap around and ensnare the Courtiers before hardening again.
Jul 29 21:50:15 <gumbal1> And that's three tiny courtiers wound up in a nest of iron, struggling uselessly. «…three, two, one.» *ZAP* Dustin is once again struck, and another chunk of residue falls off. Once again, it's thrown at Gillian, who nearly gets crushed to once more.
Jul 29 21:51:41 <Nemi> And Andrey runs to scoop up more residue, leaving the courtiers trapped. "LYANNA! HOW MUCH DO WE NEED?"
Jul 29 21:56:06 <gumbal1> "ENOUGH TO FILL A BODY PILLOW CASE WITH! I'D GIVE YOU THE EXACT VOLUME BUT THAT'D BE KIND OF HARD TO-" *BANG* "-MEASURE! ALSO, HERMITS INCOMING!" Ideed, a few sea-snail shell-like things roll their way towards Andrey. Lyanna apprently took a shot at one.
Jul 29 21:58:43 <Nemi> "WHAT'RE THOSE?" Andrey glances back and just makes more pillars erupt under them to send them scattering.
Jul 29 22:00:05 <gumbal1> "HERMITS! CRACK THE SHELLS AND THEY'RE HAR-" Lyanna's suddenly interrupted by the sound of a counter-sniper nearly taking her head off. Dustin, seemingly bored with looking for Gillian once more, turns its attention to the mess of activity around Andrey.
Jul 29 22:01:04 <gumbal1> Andrey's about 75% of the way to his residue goal
Jul 29 22:03:47 <Nemi> A countersniper, from where? Andrey, if he can find the angle, will just tug the newly-tangled Hermits over with the snaking pillars he made to somewhere safer and out of the way- and he'll try to feel out the countersniper's weapon and turn THAT into modern art while he's at it.
Jul 29 22:12:55 <gumbal1> The hermits tumble down into the river below. Meanwhile, the countersniper must be far away, because Andrey's not sensing their weapon. Dustin, meanwhile, begins climbing onto the cliff Andrey's on.
Jul 29 22:20:44 <Nemi> Andrey then decides to toss up a wall of sorts up near where he sees the shots coming from. It's strenuous, all this creation and shoving things around, and he's /hungry/ and woozy from all the efforts. He's aware Dustin's coming, but not quite aware of how fast it really is.
Jul 29 22:23:08 <gumbal1> Not very. It eventually gets up, and does a few stomps trying to get that damn thing that's been hitting it left and right. Andrey almost gets crushed under a declaration of 'BERNY + JON'. "Thanks for the wall!"
Jul 29 22:25:32 <Nemi> "Gahhhoollyshit it'sfineyougotit-" Andrey hurls himself off the cliff to get away from the rampaging Dustin, clinging to his residue close!
Jul 29 22:26:58 <gumbal1> A lot of the residue that Gillian knocked off is in the valley below, so this isn't exactly the worst place to be…"LYANNA. I BELIEVE YOU HAVE A DEBT TO PAY." Especially after whatever that thing was starts yelling.
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Jul 29 22:29:16 <Nemi> Andrey impacts the valley and leaves a crater. This isn't necessarily a bad thing given how damn durable Andrey actually is- he climbs out and hurriedly grabs as much residue as he can. "LYANNA! WHO'S THAT? WHAT DO E DO NOW?"
Jul 29 22:30:41 <gumbal1> "SHIT, IT'S-" ~BOSS BATTLE: ARBITER KAKLISS~
Jul 29 22:31:06 <gumbal1> Andrey gets the feeling he might want to store the residue somewhere safe for the time being.
Jul 29 22:32:49 * PioneerSlav (lp.tenretni-yalp.167-887-707-13-vntr|nimdA#lp.tenretni-yalp.167-887-707-13-vntr|nimdA) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jul 29 22:32:56 <Nemi> Safe like.. Inside him? Because he can do that. Handy traits about being a girl-shaped deific construct. He'll scrabble and fling himself back UP the cliffside once everything's secured.
Jul 29 22:34:44 <gumbal1> Flyibng in the sky is what looks to be the dieselpunk, more scrap-metally version of Iron Man nobody asked for. Floating in the air through rocket-propelled boots, the thing's circling the area, before suddenly looking to Andrey. Dustin, seemingly distracted, is trying and failing to catch the damn thing.
Jul 29 22:35:12 <Nemi> Scrap…
Jul 29 22:35:13 <Nemi> Metal.
Jul 29 22:35:15 <Nemi> Metal.
Jul 29 22:35:43 <Nemi> Metal. Andrey stares at the figure and .. peels the armour away, if he can. The flight boots remain, because Andrey's not wanting to KILL someone.
Jul 29 22:37:14 <gumbal1> There's less armor than it looks. A few bits of plate metal, mostly ceremonial from the look of it, peel off. However, the rest of it still looks to be metal…but if Andrey tries peeling that away, all he'll find is the same feeling he'd get if he ever tried to mold flesh. "I WILL BE TAKING YOUR CHARGE AS PAYMENT."
Jul 29 22:37:46 * Charlotte_ (moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.061812-gt|604321diu#moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.061812-gt|604321diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jul 29 22:38:15 <Nemi> Andrey's molded flesh quite a lot, actually. Even if it's mostly been his own. But he knows that somethings are inviolate, icluding the metallized body of another, and so he freezes at the top of the cliff. ".. wh-what?"
Jul 29 22:39:43 <gumbal1> Kakliss doesn't respond to Andrey's inquiry, instead opting to charge straight at him, rather fast. Dustin sluggishly responds in turn, turning so it can actually deal with this horrid flying thing.
Jul 29 22:40:21 <Nemi> And Andrey stomps the ground to bring up a block right up in Kakliss' way!
Jul 29 22:40:24 * Leo (lp.tenretni-yalp.167-887-707-13-vntr|nimdA#lp.tenretni-yalp.167-887-707-13-vntr|nimdA) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jul 29 22:40:46 <gumbal1> > Roll anomaly
Jul 29 22:40:54 * Leo is now known as Guest80393
Jul 29 22:41:16 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Jul 29 22:41:16 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 8
Jul 29 22:41:25 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Jul 29 22:41:25 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 6
Jul 29 22:41:35 <gumbal1> *SMACK*
Jul 29 22:42:03 * PioneerSlav has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 29 22:42:38 <Nemi> Andrey winces at the impact.
Jul 29 22:42:39 <gumbal1> Kakliss makes some noises that sound somewhere between screaming and the AOL dialup noise.
Jul 29 22:42:45 <Nemi> ".. shiiiit, sorry.."
Jul 29 22:43:14 <gumbal1> They fly just out of the way of an oncoming swip from Dustin. From here, Andrey can see that they’re bleeding a thick, blackish-blue liquid from their head.
Jul 29 22:44:06 <Nemi> Andrey actually feels bad about that! He looks to see what's up with Lyanna and Gillian and.. ".. guuuys? We should prrrobably run!"
Jul 29 22:45:07 <gumbal1> "No shit!" Gillian suddenly emerges from the trees, heading right for Lyanna's sniper spot. Kakliss, meanwhile, goes for another charge, somewhat sloppier than before.
Jul 29 22:45:23 * Leonardo (lp.tenretni-yalp.167-887-707-13-vntr|nimdA#lp.tenretni-yalp.167-887-707-13-vntr|nimdA) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jul 29 22:45:56 * Leonardo is now known as PioneerSlav
Jul 29 22:46:20 <Nemi> Andrey turns to run to join Lyanna! "I got all the residue and- oh jumalauta he is /fast/-" Another block slams up under Kakliss as he sprints Lyanna's way. "Come on come oooon shit shit shit-" GIANT THING and DUDES TANGLED UP and KAKLISS AND OH GOD.
Jul 29 22:46:50 * QtPie (qgu.vg.751.42|000_alliv#qgu.vg.751.42|000_alliv) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jul 29 22:47:50 <gumbal1> > roll anomaly
Jul 29 22:48:06 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Jul 29 22:48:06 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 3
Jul 29 22:48:09 <Nemi> Wahahah.
Jul 29 22:48:42 * Guest80393 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 29 22:50:38 * Leo (lp.tenretni-yalp.167-887-707-13-vntr|nimdA#lp.tenretni-yalp.167-887-707-13-vntr|nimdA) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jul 29 22:50:38 <gumbal1> Kakliss busts right through the block, and swoops down to grab Andrey. Turns out when you’re that hungry you skimp on defenses. "ANDREY!"
Jul 29 22:50:48 * PioneerSlav has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 29 22:51:07 * Leo is now known as Guest77095
Jul 29 22:52:36 <gumbal1> From here, Andrey can smell that Kakliss' blood smells somewhat like expired vinegar.
Jul 29 22:53:09 <Nemi> ".. oh /fuck/-" Andrey, hungry and woozy from all his efforts, is scooped up like a rag doll!
Jul 29 22:54:51 <gumbal1> From here, Kakliss soars higher, and higher, and higher…but down below, Gillian follows as fast as its tripod legs can take it. Dustin also follows, because of course the big lug does. Lyanna looks to be lining up a shot from here.
Jul 29 22:55:35 <Nemi> "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Andrey screams, voice shrill and high pitched, into Kakliss' face.
Jul 29 22:57:18 * Guest77095 is now known as PioneerSlav
Jul 29 22:59:05 <gumbal1> Kakliss winces, dropping altitude significantly, before making the noise from before and regaining a few feet. "YOUR MASTER, LYANNA, OWES THE COURT OF MECHATRON SEVERAL CRATES WORTH OF LOHNWOOD. SHE DID NOT DELIVER IN TIME, AND I AM TAKING YOU AS PAYMENT."
Jul 29 23:01:44 <Nemi> "WHY? WHAT'RE YOU GOING TO DO TO ME?" Andrey's volume and pitch has graduated to eardrum-rupturing levels in his panic. He's too tired, too weak, to conjure up any of his usual ferromantic abilities, and barely has the energy to struggle.
Jul 29 23:03:27 <gumbal1> Kakliss once more drops altitude, interrupting Lyanna's shot. They nearly brush with the treeline, before getting back to their normal height. "I WILL BE TAKING YOU BACK TO THE SHADE. I AM NOT SURE WHAT I WILL DO FROM THERE. I ASSUME YOU WILL BE A HOSTAGE."
Jul 29 23:07:34 <Nemi> "Nnn- nnaah for /what/ I don't- I don't matter I'm nobody-" Andrey's voice falls with his own energy levels as he feebly struggles so far off the ground.
Jul 29 23:08:26 <gumbal1> "BECAUSE YOU-" *BANG*
Jul 29 23:08:32 <gumbal1> Everything goes dark.
Jul 29 23:08:49 <Nemi> Andrey exists in darkness.
Jul 29 23:09:49 <gumbal1> "…oh holy shit. Gillian, scan Andrey for vitals."
Jul 29 23:11:04 <Nemi> Vitals? What vitals? The Golden Waifu of Ilmarinen has no real vitals.
Jul 29 23:12:33 <gumbal1> "…what the fuck do you mean you-god, you're useless. There goes the hospital edition. Okay, let's try some things. No heart, right? Start with a small shock."
Jul 29 23:13:06 <Nemi> ".. nnnhaa- I'm- I'm okay-" Andrey calls into the darkness, or tries. He has no idea if it'll carry.
Jul 29 23:14:57 <gumbal1> "…holy shit he's alive, okay, stop the shocks."
Jul 29 23:15:34 <gumbal1> "…you all good? What's two plus two? Who's the president of the United States? What kind of animal did David Cameron have sex with?"
Jul 29 23:16:08 <Nemi> ".. oh.. oh god.. uh- uh.." Andrey tries to open his eyes. ".. foooour? .. president.. Trump? .. Pig?"
Jul 29 23:16:44 <gumbal1> Andrey still sees nothing but darkness. "Good, good. Now, follow my fingers."
Jul 29 23:17:55 <Nemi> ".. I can't /see/-!"
Jul 29 23:18:19 * Leo (lp.tenretni-yalp.909-44-094-42-ctjz|nimdA#lp.tenretni-yalp.909-44-094-42-ctjz|nimdA) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jul 29 23:18:35 <gumbal1> "…oh fuck me. I am…holy shit I am so sorry but…I think I blew off a chunk of your face."
Jul 29 23:18:39 * DarcellJermaine has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
Jul 29 23:18:46 * Leo is now known as SlavCrusader
Jul 29 23:20:12 * PioneerSlav has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 29 23:20:18 <Nemi> "Oh- oh perkele I can't see I can't fucking see-" Part of his /face/? Panic catches to Andrey's voice, causing it to go high, nearly shrieking as his words devolve into panicked Finnish.
Jul 29 23:21:39 <gumbal1> He hears the sound of Lyanna falling over and Gillian shrinking back.
Jul 29 23:22:38 <Nemi> Andrey tries to move, feel at said missing hunks of face, and he sobs and thrashes about uselessly.
Jul 29 23:25:15 <gumbal1> Thankfully, only part of his face appears to be gone. He can move just fine, albeit with some pain.
Jul 29 23:25:39 <Nemi> ".. okay- okay okay okay uh uh where are we what happened god it /hurts/ what /happened/?"
Jul 29 23:27:00 <gumbal1> "Oh god I just…I tried shooting Kakliss and somehow I got you in the same shot and…they dropped you several hundred feet."
Jul 29 23:27:34 <Nemi> ".. okay.. okay okay I don't know- I- I don't.. where're we everything hurts I just- I wanna go /home/."
Jul 29 23:28:29 <gumbal1> "I…alright. I'll…just let me walk you to the car. Tell the school staff you got into a fight with an anti-anomaly group."
Jul 29 23:28:50 <gumbal1> "…I'm really really sorry, Andrey."
Jul 29 23:29:51 <Nemi> ".. okay- okay, just lead me on or.. oh, god.." Andrey blindly holds his hands forward. ".. it's- it's not your fault.."
Jul 29 23:30:56 <gumbal1> Andrey, so kind and accepting even in the face of imminent danger and irreperable (possibly) mutilation. Is it any wonder Mitsuru forgave him for their murder?
Jul 29 23:31:08 <gumbal1> ~SCENE BROKEN~
Jul 29 23:31:15 <gumbal1> ~ITEM OBTAINED: RANDO RESIDUE~
Jul 29 23:31:41 <gumbal1> ~UNIQUE ENEMY UNKILLED: DUSTIN~

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