Episode 1 - Mayan Mystery

Called to the office, Akemi, Wendy, and Lucette, all meet a researcher named Kelly Pasket. She has a bit of a problem in one of the classrooms, a teacher has gone missing and she wants the kids to solve the case!


<FullMetalBitch> The intercom crackles too life throughout the school. The same dreary lady doing her announcements in her monotone voice. "Will the following students please report to the administration building, room two oh four. Wendy Strauss, Lucette Lagarde. Akemi Kimura. Thank you."
<Kioku> Akemi looks at Wendy, shrugs, and takes her off to find Lucette, to all go together.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stumbles along with a large amount of suprise
<Uracilo> Lucette leaves her room and fiddles with the key until she gets it right and manages to lock it. She starts walking in the direction of the administration building, confused.
<SolongStarbird> Val continues to read his book. ~Must be another mission….~
<Kioku> "She'll have to pass the front door, probably. Want to wait just outsi- oh!" Akemi glances toward the stairs from the common room, to spot Lucette. "Perfect!"
<SolongStarbird> "Have fun." Val says from his chair.
<Uracilo> "Wh-what's going on?" she asks as soon as she sees them, nervous.
<Kioku> Akemi nods to Val. "One can hope!" She squeezes Wendy's hand and reaches the other one out to Lucette. "No idea. Hopefully, adventure!"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy notices Lucette along with Akemi, and gives her a smile and wave "Not sure, sounds intresting enough though."
<SolongStarbird> ~Glad they gave out specific names. It makes staying here all the more easy…~ Val nods back.
<Uracilo> Lucette takes her hand instinctively, not really parsing the suggestion that this might be one of those missions that put Wendy on a wheel chair.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles to both of her probably-mission-partner friends and skips off to the admin building!
<SolongStarbird> Val returns to his book. (Nynaeve just set something on fire!)
<FullMetalBitch> As you enter the room, you'll notice that you've been sent to someones personal office. On the side of the room, filled to the brim with file boxes, is a small folding table with a few chairs around it. Behind it sits a woman in her late twenties, a brunette who wears her hair in messy waves. She wears a simple blouse and skirt, some flats, very business casual. On the table are a
<FullMetalBitch> few files sitting next to her macbook that she is typing away on. There are more than a few personal effects around the room, making it almost feel like a sorority girl's college dorm room. She stands up as you get in the room and closes her macbook, starting to pack it in a satchel with some files. "Hey there," she says with a smile. "You the students they're giving me?"
<Kioku> Akemi matches the smile and nods. "It sounds like. What are we being given for?"
<Uracilo> Lucette looks around, focusing on each piece of decor in turns. She turns to the lady once she starts speaking, thankful that Akemi popped the question before she had to do it.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy moves slightly in place, wondering why exactly they were sent here, though the idea of a mission briefly pops into her mind.
<FullMetalBitch> The woman continues to pack some things into the bag before she looks for the bag she checked out from the media room. "Oh so ya, they didn't tell you guys! Forgot. So I asked for some of you guys to work on this thing I'm working on. Super top secret stuff, right?" She laughs at her own humor, "kidding! It's not really that top secret. Like low level access."
<Kioku> Akemi raises an eyebrow and her head starts to tilt in curiosity.
<FullMetalBitch> "Anyway so you guys have everything you need right? I brought some water and snacks and stuff, don't worry! I'm not some monster or anything. Seriously though, they called you guys a ltitle late and I really really wanted to get started earlier." She offers the black bag she picked up to Akemi, "can you hold this?" Before she offers a plastic grocery bag to Lucette filled with juice
<FullMetalBitch> boxes and stuff from the store in town. "And you this?"
<Kioku> Akemi lets go of her friends' hands and takes the bag offered, glancing in if it's open.
<Uracilo> Lucette takes hold of the bag, a little confused by all of this. "Wh-what are we going to do…?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at the bags being held, not exactly sure what to do, and starts shuffling around.
<Uracilo> takes hold of the grocery bag*
<FullMetalBitch> It is closed, but very obviously a camera bag. "Come on," she says ushering the kids out of the room as she starts to lead them out of the building. "So do any of you take classes with Doctor Kirkpatrick?
<SavanahHolland> Wendy slowly follows along, though maybe a little behind, she answers after a pause "I don't think so."
<Uracilo> "N-not me…" mumbles Lucette, embarrassed. "Wh-what does he teach…?"
<Kioku> Akemi shrugs, following. "I sat in on a class, but won't get to his until next semester."
<FullMetalBitch> "History, super boring stuff. Anyway so we lost him! Weird right? Or he lost himself. They were going to get a researcher on it and fix it all up but, so I got this funding for this thing and. Well that's where you kids come in!"
<FullMetalBitch> "I said, 'gimme three of the smartest kids you got!' Right? And they said 'no Kelly, you don't get to pick'. And I say, 'so what do I get to pick', right? And they say 'Girl's Dorm.' I don't know why only girls. They're weird."
<Kioku> Akmei giggles, liking this woman's excitement.
<Uracilo> "Lost? L-like, in the forest?" asks Lucette, falling slightly behind, a frown on her face.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy moves up a little faster to stick close between Lucette and Akemi, looking up to the woman. "So are we going to find him then..?"
<FullMetalBitch> She leads the group of you into the classroom building, down some halls to one of the History classes far off. Two guards are posted outside the door, but both looked bored out of their minds. As you approach one of them unlocks the door and lets you in.
<FullMetalBitch> "No no, lost in like. Well, they keep saying 'the ninth level of hell'. But we don't really agree with the theory."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy bites her lip "How can we find him then..?"
<FullMetalBitch> "Ya you kids are smart right? So you're gonna save it! Cool, ya, like super heroes." She points at Lucette, "you totally come off as a Supergirl." She ushers you into the room and follows you in. "I dunno! Figure it out."
<FullMetalBitch> You walk into the room and can almost feel the air of electricity coursing through. There are many artifacts around the room and pieces of art that reflect a South American history. The desks are arranged in a circle in the middle of the room with a cocoa plant sitting in the middle, it looks sickly. On the North wall is a stature of a large axe, embedding into a mound of dirt, the
<FullMetalBitch> statue is damaged and discolored from water damage. On the West wall is a mural of a beautiful field of corn framed by rolling hills, with a large temple in the background. On the South wall is the teacher’s desk, an odd eyeless mask made out of bone hanging above the whiteboard. On which are written the words “P'atéen tíin juunaj!” On the East wall is an owl, locked in a
<FullMetalBitch> cage. Next to it is a small ornate and empty bowl. Behind it are hung up and framed ceremonial garbs of a religion long past.
<FullMetalBitch> "Oh ya, and I never got your names. Or I did, but I skimmed the email they sent me. I'm Miss Pasket. You can call me Kelly, because, ya know." She sets her bag down next to a chair by the door, pulling her laptop out.
<Uracilo> "I-I'm Lucette." Her cheeks color slightly at the idea of being a superhero. Her? No way.
<Kioku> Akemi looks around in interest, hardly taking more than a moment on each spot in her frantic attempt to take it all in. "Akemi," she replies, bowing mid-spin, and reaching out a hand on the next pass.
<FullMetalBitch> "Oh can you get the camera out and set it up! I'll turn it on, just like. Aim it at the room." She says to Akemi.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy sticks closer to Akemi, not really saying anything, already somewhat defeated from how things have been going.
<Kioku> Akemi nods and opens the camera bag, a little disappointed… and not really knowing how it works since her family couldn't afford such things. Or at least, wouldn't let them near their mark of shame.
<FullMetalBitch> Kelly eventually gets up and helps Akemi set the camera up on a chair aimed towards the room, turning it on to record before sitting back down. "Okay Kelly's Angels! Go!" She says excitedly as she starts to type on her macbook.
<Uracilo> Lucette squeaks at being put in the spotlight without warning. "Wh-what are we supposed to- to do…?" she asks, trying to control her fidgeting in front of the camera, and to look less nervous in general.
<Kioku> Akemi blinks and giggles, not knowing the reference but finding it entertaining anyway. She first moves to the south wall, interested in the mask and whiteboard.
<FullMetalBitch> "Find Doctor Kirkpatrick. You got this Supergirl!"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy just sorta stands still, not sure what to exactly to do at this point at all.
<FullMetalBitch> The whiteboard is hastily cleaned off to make room for the phrase. Some words about south american history on it still visible but most of it gibberish that just frames the words. The mask is made of bone, what kind is up for debate.
<Uracilo> "H-he's in here? I… what?" Lucette looks around, from the statue to the cocoa plant, to the mural and finally the mask Akemi is going for.
<FullMetalBitch> "Well they say he's in here. He went missing in here at least."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then slowly shuffles next to Akemi, giving her a look of confusion as if she doesn't even know what to do at this point, having almost said nothing since comming in the room.
<Uracilo> Lucette takes a deep breath, remembering that weird things are the norm here, and moves towards the mural, running her finger down it to test the feel of the paint. Maybe it's actually a strange window?
<FullMetalBitch> The paint feels… Odd to Lucette. Like there's something alive about it. The stone of the temple in the painting feels like stone. The wheat like wheat, so forth and so on. If she could reach up and touch the sun near the ceiling, she might get burnt. On closer
<FullMetalBitch> Roll a perception Lucette!
<Uradice2> FullMetalBitch rolled : a perception Lucette! —> error: malformed expression
<Kioku> Akemi smiles toward Wendy. "I have no clue what we're to do, or what these things are. Isn't it exciting? Let's all check out different things to see if we can learn more."
<Uracilo> Roll 3d4-8+5
<Kioku> Even though she says that, Akemi doesn't seem interested in separating to look around instead of staying together.
<Uradice2> Uracilo rolled : 3d4-8+5 —> [ 3d4=7 ]{4}
<Uracilo> (Sorry 4d3)
<Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+5
<Uradice2> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{3}
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette can't exactly tell, but it almost looks like the mural is… moving?
<SavanahHolland> Wendy nods, then taking a small breath and looking over to the woman slowly "I'm Wendy." she's dissappointed the woman didn't seem to care when she said nothing and at this point just stays next to Akemi.
<FullMetalBitch> Kelly smiles up from the computer, watching the girls move around and typing furiously as they act.
<Kioku> Akemi pats Wendy's arm, and starts glancing between the temple in the mural, the mask, and the religious garb by the bowl.
<Uracilo> "Th-there's something strange about this painting…" Lucette mumbles, poking and prodding the strange paint.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy walks up to the mural with Akemi, then tries to touch the sun with a outstretched arm.
<FullMetalBitch> The paint doesn't re-act to her touch, but seems to move on it's own.
<FullMetalBitch> (Lucettes)
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy knows this touch as if she was touching a blazing coal. The sun is hot in her hand, even for her.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy continues to rub her hand against the sun, then slowly removing it, her hand still strangly hot from the touch "The sun in this is.. hot?"
<Kioku> Akemi lets herself be pulled to the mural. "Hmm? Strange how?"
<Kioku> She blinks at Wendy's statement, first looking at the girl's hand, then the sun.
<Kioku> Akemi leans in and studies the temple in the mural.
<Uracilo> "L-let's look at some of the other things…" mumbles the shortest girl, heading for the owl. She takes a moment to look at the whiteboard, on the way, and turns to the older woman. "K-Kelly… Wh-what does that say, in- in english…?"
<FullMetalBitch> *Roll Perception Akemi!
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
<Uradice2> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{6}
<FullMetalBitch> The owl looks up at you Lucette, tilting it's head quizically at you as you approach it. Giving you a quick 'hoot'! Kelly looks up from her laptop, "oh! It means uh, 'leave me alone'."
<Uracilo> Lucette is confused by the answer, but approaches the owl nonetheless. She leans close, trying to see if there's anything weird about it.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy sighs, then closes her eyes to trail her fingers along the mural, not really caring where they go just feeling what she can.
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi notices very parculiarlly that at the top of the pyramid, poking out from the temple on top is a strange thin man with gray skin. Wearing only religous garbs that look familiar to her, and with eyes that stare deeply at her before the small painting dissapears back into the temple.
<Kioku> Akemi blinks, then looks at the garb on the opposite wall for comparison.
<FullMetalBitch> The owl looks healthy, jumps around and moves a little more actively as Lucette comes close. It looks at her with large eyes and flutters it's wings some.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy feels the soft sky, a coolness to the touch. Then the coarse wheat fields, and the stone of the temple. Her finger gets caught on a bump somewhere in the fields.
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi recognizes the garbs. It's the same pair.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stops her fingers at the bump, opening her eyes to study it.
<FullMetalBitch> *Wendy, perception!
<SavanahHolland> (Acuity probably doesn't count but it doesn't hurt to ask, does it?)
<FullMetalBitch> (I'll allow it!)
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+7
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{8}
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy notices as she runs her fingers along that the wheat is moving. On closer inspected she notices some colorful figures dipping in and out of view through the wheat field towards the temple. Their robes seem familiar.
<Kioku> \Well, that was to be expected. It's all the same theme, things from the same place. … I want to go there!\ "Wendy, let's be sure to go to wherever this is of some day, okay?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy smiles, looking, or watching the figures bob through the wheat feilds to the Temple "Of course!"
<FullMetalBitch> "What, like a museum?" Kelly asks from her spot by the door.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and slips over to the bowl by the owl, staring intently at it and particularly looking for carvings.
<Kioku> "Mmm? Some of the temples have got to still be standing, right? Like one of those!"
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy watches the group eventually exit the field and start to climb the steps on the front. It's a procession of a dozen or show grey skinned people in matching ceremonial garb.
<FullMetalBitch> *One more perception Wendy!
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+7
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{6}
<FullMetalBitch> The bowl has some detailed and intricate carvings in and around it.
<FullMetalBitch> *Roll knowledge history or something like that!
<Kioku> \I kind of want to put a drop of blood in it to see what happens… but it might be just a bowl, and I don't want to be disappointed…<Uracilo> Lucette holds her finger close to the owl, trying to slip it between the bars of the cage to maybe feel the feathers, hoping not to get bitten.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy notices something poking in and out of the group as they move that doesn't match any of the other colors at all. It's hard to make much more out.
<FullMetalBitch> The owl scurries forward and leans forward, it starts to rub it's head against Lucette's finger.
<FullMetalBitch> *Akemi, you have any perception or knowledge skills to interpret the bowl carvings? Roll 'em!
<SavanahHolland> Wendy runs her finger along the group of people in the mural, trying to feel for the thing that doesn't match, or possibly belong.
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+3 Just brains, but she loves studying cultures, so maybe!
<Uradice2> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+3 Just brains, but she loves studying cultures, so maybe! —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
<Uracilo> Lucette giggles, caressing the owl's head. "Wh-whose owl is this…?
<FullMetalBitch> It's the oddest thing, Wendy for a brief second feels.. Flesh?
<Kioku> (Right, +2 more for perception, missed that part)
<FullMetalBitch> *Lucette, mental defence!
<Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+3
<Uradice2> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi sort of pieces together from the pictures, not understanding the text, that it has a temple like the one on the wall on it. The other pictures make little sense.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy grits her teeth, briefly backing away from the feeling of flesh, the going back to the mural, almost squinting to try and see the fleshy unmatched figure, or thing even to try and see.
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette hears a voice, coming from the owl but not audibly. "I am Ah Puch's owl." It's a calm deep tone, old and wise. The owl continues to rub against her finger enjoying the feel.
<FullMetalBitch> *One last perception Wendy!
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+7
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
<Kioku> "This bowl is set with the religious garb… and it's the same as used in the temple," Akemi muses. "Maybe everything in here is ceremonial in some way, but I don't know how that might explain the axe or the owl…" She glances at said owl.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy gives it one last look and finally gets a good look of what seems to be a middle aged man in a blazer trying to fight out of the grip of the grey skinned monks. The group enters the temple and dissapears from sight.
<Uracilo> "Ah- Ah Puch's owl? Wh-who is that?" she asks, looking around in search of the source of the voice.
<Kioku> Akemi blinks a couple times at Lucette and giggles.
<FullMetalBitch> "Oh ya," Kelly says as Akemi starts to talk. "Wait, sorry! Not supposed to help."
<SavanahHolland> Wendys eyes open wide at the sight, then spinning around to look at everyone else, pointing to the painting "I saw someone in the mural, a man, in a blazer."
<FullMetalBitch> "He is my master," the voice says to Lucette again as the owl hops back up onto his bar and leans forward to await more scratching.
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head and looks at Wendy. "Well, the people in it /were/ moving, after all," she says as if it's the most normal thing in the world. "But a blazer doesn't fit! We should get whoever that is out so they can change clothes before going back!"
<Kioku> \… How does one get a person out of a moving painting, again?<Uracilo> Lucette looks at the owl, sighing in relief that at least she's not imagining disembodied voices. She continues to scratch his head. "Wh-where is Ah Puch?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy bites her lip, glancing to the painting "How do we get him out…? It's not like we can just jump in…"
<Kioku> Akemi giggles. "Good idea!" She shifts into spirit form and tries to jump into the painting, unless someone gets in the way.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to grab her hand before she can jump in "W-wait!"
<FullMetalBitch> "In Hell," Lucette hears answered quickly. The owl bounces a little as it flutters his wings.
<FullMetalBitch> *Akemi, roll Spirit Form!
<Kioku> Akemi's paw passes through Wendy's hand, but the contact does divert her into Wendy instead. ~No? You're right, I'm so sorry! I should find a way to bring you with me!~
<Uracilo> Lucette recoils at the answer, taking a few steps back from the cage. "H-hell…? I-is he dead?"
<Kioku> (Mm? She was intercepted, should I roll anyway?)
<FullMetalBitch> (Nope, not now)
<FullMetalBitch> The owl shifts and hops back down to the bottom of the cage, Lucette hearing "it is his domain."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy blinks her eyes at Akemi inside of her, moving to sit down, even if that means on the ground. \Sorry.. how would we get in though..?<Kioku> ~No idea!~ Akemi jumps back out, sitting on the floor across from Wendy. "Maybe the mask, bowl, or axe is related?"
<Uracilo> Lucette moves closer to the other girls, looking frazzled. "Th-the owl is th-the devil's pet…"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stays on the ground, then slowly stumbling to stand up, offering Akemi a hand to help her up "Maybe?" After she helps Akemi up she walks to the axe, motioning Akemi to follow.
<Uracilo> Lucette hugs herself after being ignored, choosing to move near the mask instead. She pushes a chair or some other piece of furniture close to the whiteboard and tries to take it down from its perch.
<Kioku> Akemi takes the hand and stands, following to the axe. "The devil's pet?"
<Kioku> (I wasn't ignoring her! :()
<FullMetalBitch> *Lucette! Roll perception!
<Kioku> (Could she do analysis?)
<FullMetalBitch> (Sure!)
<Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+5
<Uradice2> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{4}
<SavanahHolland> Wendy runs her hand along it, managing to keep her fingers away from the blade but trailing along the sides, looking for clues that could get them inside the painting.
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette notices that the mask is very well put together, made of actual bone, and inscribed with etchings all over.
<FullMetalBitch> *Wendy! Roll Mental Defense!
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+7
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{8}
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy felts a bit of a tingling on the back of her neck, but otherwise just feels the course material making the sculpture.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy sighs slightly at the strange feeling in the back of her neck, trying to think of something to do that could help, then running her finger sharply along the edge of the blade.
<Uracilo> Lucette fidles with the mask, before turning it around and looking intently at the inside of it.
<Uracilo> fiddles*
<Kioku> Akemi's eyes widen slightly when Wendy does this, grabbing her wrist afterward to examine her finger.
<FullMetalBitch> The blade is dull, carved from stone but not to a sharp edge. The handle of the axe sticks up almost verticly.
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette sees that the mask is well worn, and it looks like it would fit perfectly even on her small frame. There are no etchings on the inside. Just string and smooth bone.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy seems suprised by Akemi, the blade didn't seem to hurt her seeing that it's dull. She lets out a nervous laugh "I'm fine."
<Uracilo> She bites her lip and brings it closer to her own face, slowly inching it closer to try and wear it.
<Uracilo> She hopes it won't grow spikes and turn her into a vampire or something.
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette eventually puts the mask on. It fits pretty good, and is only a little scratchy.
<FullMetalBitch> *Roll Mental Defense!
<Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+3
<Uradice2> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{0}
<Kioku> Akemi looks slightly… disappointed? She smiles to Wendy anyway, and crouches to better see the axe, and runs a hand against the side of the blade, rather than the edge.
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette starts to feel, a little stranger than she usually does. Her mind starts to get small suggestions, little ideas planted in it like the seeds of a crop. She feels the immediete need to let the owl out of it's cage, and the creeping feeling that she wants to… steal Miss Kelly's wallet.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then turns around, taking back her hand and rubbing her thumb to her middle finger. She looks over to Lucette, walking over to her slowly, looking the mask over on the girls small face "Lucette…?"
<FullMetalBitch> *Akemi! Perception, or some skill related to axes!
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
<Uradice2> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{5}
<Uracilo> "Hmm? Wh-what is it, Wendy?" she aks as she walks towards Wendy, and the cage, as well.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy notices that the mask is large, and made to look like some sort of boogeyman of the night. Her small eyes sit in two holes, but the rest of it covers her face entirely. It fits her style pretty well.
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi notices small etchings of… corn? On the side of the axe's blade.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy bites her lip for a moment "You probably shouldn't be wearing that.." she lets out a nervous laugh, last time someone wore a mask that didn't turn out too well, and by that I mean everyone was twerking.
<Uracilo> "O-oh, I-I'll take it off in a moment… C-can you give me a light first…? I think a shadow could help…"
<Kioku> "Corn…" Akemi mumbles. "The axe, the corn, the canvas, the temple, the clothes, the mask, the bowl." Akemi giggles. "Sacrifice corn to the bowl! … No, that's utterly silly."
<Kioku> She snaps her head around and giggles again, looking at Lucette and Wendy.
<SavanahHolland> Wendys face scrunches up slightly in confusion "How could a shadow help…?" She starts moving her hands to take off Lucette's mask in worry, though her movements subtle.
<Uracilo> "W-we might need to move something heavy, or- or…" she mumbles, taking Wendy's hands. "P-please?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a sharp breath, the mask oddly creepy to her own senses for a moment, then quickly passing "Alright… just are you sure you're alright?"
<Kioku> Akemi stands up and leans forward. "I wasn't done looking at those etchings~" She stares at the mask, trying to read it since it's what she spend the least time with so far. Well, besides the owl.
<FullMetalBitch> *Akemi, you know what to roll~
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
<Uradice2> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{3}
<Uracilo> "I'm fine… Wh-what's wrong?"
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi examines the etchings and can only glean some idea of them being intricate inscriptions.
<Kioku> \… Where does the cocoa plant come in? Does it come in? Ooh! Is a cocoa bean an appropriate sacrifice? … It's probably just here as teaching material, unrelated…<Uracilo> Lucette lets go of one of Wendy's hands. "C-can you use some… w-warmth, first?"
<Kioku> Even with this thought, Akemi realizes that she hasn't checked on the plant yet, and flows between Lucette and Wendy to get to it, still paying some attention to them.
<Kioku> (ducks under their held hands)
<FullMetalBitch> It is a cocao plant, some beans, but it is sickly. It's sitting in a nice unpainted hand made pot.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy thinks for a moment, then nodding, still slightly concerned with the idea of Lucette wearing a random mask. She then takings Lucette's arm gingerly in hand, the trying to focus her powers.
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
<FullMetalBitch> Toasty Lucette is Toasty.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy lets the warm feeling pulse into Lucette's veins, finding its way into Lucettes core, the power focusing on being calm, yet you know you are safe from the light for now.
<Uracilo> "N-now the light…" she mumbles, her eyes closed to feel the familiar brand of pleasure.
<SavanahHolland1> roll 4d3-8+6 White light!
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland1 rolled : 4d3-8+6 White light! —> [ 4d3=6 ]{4}
<Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+3 To form shadows
<Uradice2> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 To form shadows —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
<Kioku> Akemi watches Lucette curiously.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy forms a strong light, and Lucette manipulates the shadows formed by the light with ease. Though she can't manage to make anything much larger than a person.
<Uracilo> "Th-thanks," Lucette mumbles, as she lets go of Wendy and moves towards Kelly. Her shadow moves close to the owl's cage, eyeing the other bird.

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<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks over to the shadow, following it and seeing the owl, she stares at it. Then decides that it's a adorable owl.
<Uracilo> "H-hey, Kelly… C-can you lend me your- your wallet, m-maybe?" she stutters, blushing furiously, her hands on her cheeks, trying to hide it.
<FullMetalBitch> The owl in the cage bounces around, fluttering it's wings wildly as it starts to hoot loudly and aggressively at the shadow approaching it. Lucette hears in the back of their mind, "do it now!"
<Kioku> Akemi watches the shadow for several moments, then glances between it and Lucette.
<FullMetalBitch> Kelly looks up from her computer, "my wallet? Why?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to the shadow, trying to figure out why Lucette needed it, then looking worriedly at the owl. "I-is it alright..?"
<Uracilo> "I-it's for- for a test I want to do. I-I forgot mine, and…" she cringes as the orders come, and her shadow manifests an arm almost immediately, hooking it under the cage's latch and springing it open.
<Kioku> Akemi jumps up in surprise, a needle appearing in her hand that she throws at the cage door to try to re-close it.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy almost falls back at the quick actions, then trying to grab the cage to close it, but ends up failing with fubbling hands, just inches away from being hit by the needle.
<FullMetalBitch> The owl starts to calm down, backing up in the cage to stare at the shadow. Kelly reaches down and digs through her purse and pulls out her wallet before offering it to Lucette. "Okay Supergirl, but I get it back before we leave!"
<FullMetalBitch> *Akemi, roll uh, knife closey door
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+4
<Uradice2> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
<Uracilo> Lucette takes the wallet and nods, "Y-yes!" she promises.
<Uracilo> (Can the shadow roll against that?)
<FullMetalBitch> (YeS)
<Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+4
<Uradice2> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette's shadow manages to open the cage, shifting oddly to knock Akemi's needle off trajectory just enough to hit the cage but fall limp like Bryce with a hot date. The owl flutters out of the now open cage and heads across the room to perch on Lucette's shoulder. "Now pay the price," Lucette hears in the back of her head. She feels like she needs to head over to the bowl and do
<FullMetalBitch> something.
<Uracilo> Lucette runs towards the bowl and looks into it, then takes twenty dollars out of Kelly's wallet and puts them in there, biting her lip.
<Kioku> Akemi frowns. "Lucette, why?" She spins toward the girl, skin shimmering and the breath of a kiss on her lips in case she needs to stop something.
<FullMetalBitch> "Not enough," Lucette hears in the back of her mind.
<FullMetalBitch> *Everyone! Something like perception, roll numbers!
<SavanahHolland> Wendy rushes to Lucette, trying to grab her by the wrist, then finishing Akemi's sentence "Why did your shadow open the cage??" She bites her lip hard "are you sure you're alright, I don't think you are.." At this point she looks like she's about the rip the mask off Lucette.
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+7
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{8}
<FullMetalBitch> The owl on Lucette's shoulder starts to hoot at Wendy. Flapping it's wings at her aggressively to try and scare her off.
<Kioku> Akemi slowly walks toward Lucette and the owl… staring mostly at the owl.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at the owl, then tries to swiftly remove the mask from Lucette
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy notices as she glances back to Akemi in between watching the little shadow master. That the sun on the opposite wall has dissapeared to be replaced by heavy storm clouds circling above the wheat field. Wind pushing the stalks of wheat around aggressively.
<SavanahHolland> (Should I roll agility or brawn?)
<FullMetalBitch> *Wendy Agility! Lucette Agility!
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+1
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{0}
<Kioku> (Initiative/Reflex help at all?)
<Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+4
<Uradice2> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
<Uracilo> Lucette dumps all the money in the bowl the moment she gets a chance, promising to pay Kelly back.
<SavanahHolland> (I still fail XD)
<FullMetalBitch> (Ya, sorry)
<FullMetalBitch> (I'll remember in the future)
<FullMetalBitch> "That's a start." Lucette hears in the back of her mind. There is suddently a crackle of lighting on the mural. Followed shortly by a crackle of lighting, well, in the room. In front of the white board a lighting strike rips through the ceiling and hits the ground. In it's place on the scorched tile is a simple blue blazer Wendy might recognize.
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette has dodged Wendy's grabbing, she's a slippery little girl and the shadows sliding around Wendy's feet aren't helping her cause.
<Kioku> Akemi looks around, startled, then shifts and leaps into Lucette.
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi will notice that the owl has calmed down a bit, trying only to get in the way of Wendy's attacks on the mask than anything else.
<FullMetalBitch> *Akemi! Roll for penetration! Lucette! Roll for mental defence!
<Kioku> (Not trying to possess, just to get in contact)
<Kioku> (Err, mental contact)
<FullMetalBitch> *Unless you really love her, then let her in.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks down at her feet, trying to get away from the shadows, she then tries to pull Lucette away from the bowl forcefully.
<FullMetalBitch> (Oh. Well I'll let Ura decide if you touch Lucette sexually mentally)
<Uracilo> Lucette has been around Akemi too much to resist, and doesn't really see a reason to. It's not like she's doing anything bad…
<Kioku> ~Lucette! What are you doing? Why? Please, won't you tell us?~
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette is just doing as she was asked. Paying tribute.
<FullMetalBitch> Except for the Owl, the Owl just wanted her to let him out and spread his wings a little.
<Uracilo> ~"J-just paying tribute… l-like I'm supposed to…"~ she says and thinks at the same time.
<Kioku> ~Supposed to? Do you know what you're paying tribute to? Why? What is supposed to?~
<Uracilo> ~"A-and the owl looked so sad…"~
<Uracilo> Lucette doesn't ellaborate on her reasons. Those should be obvious, right?
<Kioku> Akemi tries to barely brush against Lucette's mind, to make any outside mental contact go through her first.
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+4
<Uradice2> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi can glean quite easily that the Owl is perched somewhere in Lucette's mind, counting his so far twenty dollars. It's the only thing influencing her.
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+7 I want to talk but Asami says I have to try to kick it out first
<Uradice2> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+7 I want to talk but Asami says I have to try to kick it out first —> [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi's spirit growls and hisses or whatever foxes do at the Owl, and it flutters away and leaves Lucette's mind. She no longer feels a need to do anything more than be her adorable self.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then tries again to, this time, forcefully pull Lucette's mask off.
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
<FullMetalBitch> *R-r-r-roll it, if Lucette wants to fight it. She feels no need to keep it on.
<Uracilo> Lucette is too busy digging the change out of Kelly's wallet to fight Wendy off.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy pulls the mask off the girl. Messing up her hair a little as she does.
<Kioku> ~Lucette? Won't you please tell me?~
<Uracilo> ~Is that enough…?~ she asks her mind, not really recognizing Akemi without the pleasurable feelings.
<Kioku> (Hmm? That's still there, it's a side-effect she can't turn off)
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette gets no answer, but there is a flash of lighting on the mural as she dumps what change Kelly has into the bowl.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy puts the mask down quiet quickly, then trying to lean to look into Lucette's eyes, then darting to run over to the mural, looking for the temple.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy can very obviously see the same dead eyed, grey skinned monk from before standing outside the temple. He is now very obviously staring straight back at her. A thunderstorm has started.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares back at the man, almost as if it were a contest, then the quickly starts trailing her fingers to find something, anything that could stop this.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy's fingers run along the temple and hit a more pronounced dimple. In front of the temple entrance is a large stone bowl on a pedestal that must have slipped her eye sight before, grey on grey. In it she can just barely see… green?
<Uracilo> ~Wh-where did you go…?~ Lucette asks her mind, worried.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy closes her eyes, her mind then going to the axe. If the bowl is now in the picture then.. Wendy starts running to the axe at that thought, almost holding it down.
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi feels the Owl, not perching himself on top of the cage, trying to talk to Lucette's mind.
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+7 Look, it's going to get cursed at this rate, literally. >.>
<Uradice2> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+7 Look, it's going to get cursed at this rate, literally. >.> —> [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
<FullMetalBitch> As Wendy grabs the Axe she feels, well… *Wendy! Roll Liberation!
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
<Kioku> ~Don't worry, Lucette, it's okay~! Why don't you think about stepping back and asking if Wendy needs help?~
<FullMetalBitch> The owl hoots at Akemi. If owls could cuss, that would be it.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy feels an electricity running through her arm, as she grabs onto the axe. As if it's coursing through her. The storm in the picture starts to grow in strength.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy grips the axe tighter, her arm shaking slightly from the feelings of electricity, she closes her eyes tightly, holding on tighter, not wanting anyone else to grab it, if it ended up in the picture…
<FullMetalBitch> *Wendy! Roll… Brawn?
<SavanahHolland> (Would close combat work? Probably not but curious XD)
<FullMetalBitch> (Yes)
<FullMetalBitch> (I WILL ALLOW IT)
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+8
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+8 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{8}
<Uracilo> Lucette does as Akemi/Owl asks, and steps back from the bowl, turning to look at Wendy. She sees her struggling with the axe and sends her shadow over to help.
<FullMetalBitch> (Holy shit, with the help~)
<SavanahHolland> (Also all Wendy is doing is trying to keep the axe from someone taking it XD)
<FullMetalBitch> (Oh, not lift it?)
<FullMetalBitch> (…Yasure?)
<FullMetalBitch> (*furiously deletes paragraph*)
<SavanahHolland> (Then I'll motherfuckin lift it?)
<SavanahHolland> (Idk XD)
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy holds the Axe in place, though a few visible sparks run along the edge.
<SavanahHolland> (Good with keepin it down for the moment)
<FullMetalBitch> (Solid with me, and the people in the classes above you)
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then turns to look at Lucette "The bowl, with the money, it's in the picture now too."
<Kioku> ~Is it? How… how? … Do they want the items from here back in there, in exchange for the man who was caught?~
<Uracilo> "Wh-what does that mean?" she asks coming over and looking at the axe.
<FullMetalBitch> *Akemi! Mental defence, unless you want to just talk to owl. He wants to chat.
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+7 I REALLY DO want to just talk to owl… but I'm incapable of voluntary. :(
<Uradice2> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+7 I REALLY DO want to just talk to owl… but I'm incapable of voluntary. :( —> [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
<SavanahHolland> Wendy shakes her head "I don't know, but if the bowl is now in the mural, then the axe could end up there too.. And I don't think giving a axe to grey people in a temple is ever a good idea."
<FullMetalBitch> Akemi just hears nicely, no intrusion, just an interpretation of the owl's spirit. "You should let the girl pay off the debt."
<Kioku> ~Well, the jacket came back, didn't it?~
<Kioku> Akemi jumps out of Lucette through her back. "The jacket came back when the bowl went in. Maybe that's how we get him out?"
<Uracilo> Lucette traces the corn-like indentations at the edge of the blade. "M-maybe this axe is how you enter the mural? L-like, a key or… or an axe." she says, a little lamely.
<FullMetalBitch> The bowl is still on the table.
<FullMetalBitch> (It never left)
<SavanahHolland> Wendy bites her lip, then giving the axe a grip "Should I try to lift it then…?"
<FullMetalBitch> Lucette feels a spark as she traces the edge of the blade. A streak of lightning crosses the fields.
<Kioku> (Akemi isn't blocking for Lucette since she's out now)
<FullMetalBitch> "Just get them to pay the debt," Lucette hears once more. The owl fluttering over and landing next to the axe.
<Kioku> Akemi frowns at the bowl, then looks back at the painting.
<Uracilo> "D-do you happen to- to have a wallet on you, Wendy…?" she asks, blushing.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy sighs, the notices how close the owl had gotten, she quickly pulls the axe away, trying to hold it in her hands.
<Kioku> Akemi moves over to Lucette. "Why a wallet, again? Why…"
<Uracilo> "I-I need to pay the debt…" she says, biting her lip. "I-I'll pay you back later…"
<Kioku> "What debt, Lucette? Why won't you explain what that even means?" \Incomplete things like that just make you sound cra- oh. Not one to judge, am I?<FullMetalBitch> (When you say pull the axe away…)

SolongStarbird has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<SavanahHolland> (Pull the axe away from where the owl is next to it, holding it now)
<FullMetalBitch> As Wendy pulls the axe out. Well, shit goes off. A few streaks of lighting spring from the edge of it. One almost hitting the owl causing it to fly off. A few hitting through the ceiling. In the picture, well, shit goes off worse. Lighting strikes widly and the storm raises in power, the wheat starting on fire from a lightning strike.
<FullMetalBitch> "Can you stop that?" Lucette hears in the back of her mind.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy holds the axe in her arm, staring at Akemi and the mural. "How do we stop it?"
<FullMetalBitch> The electricity from the axe stops as Wendy stops moving it. The storm in the mural, how ever, is hitting a peak.
<Uracilo> Lucette's shadow tries to wrestle the axe away from Wendy. "I-I don't know!"
<FullMetalBitch> "You need to stop it, she's ruining the harvest." Lucette hears.
<Uracilo> "W-Wendy! Give me the axe, I- I need to stop it!"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy lets the shadow take it, though glancing to Lucette in slight fear "Why would the axe stop it!?!?!"
<FullMetalBitch> "Now put it back," Lucette hears. "We can't have her destroying our home."
<Uracilo> "N-no! I need to stop the axe." she says, matter-of-factly, as her shadow tries to put the axe back where Wendy found it.
<Kioku> Akemi is looking more and more annoyed at being ignored by her friend. … Supposed friend.
<FullMetalBitch> The axe is returned to it's resting place. The storm in the mural starts to subside back to a casual rain.
<Kioku> She's not quite sure whether to cry or lash out.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy slowly walks up to Akemi, trying to tug on her arm "What do we do…?"
<Kioku> Akemi glances away and grabs Wendy's arm in a hug to distract herself. "Wakaranai…"
<Uracilo> "I-I don't know what debt, Akemi I…" she holds her head with her hands. "I'm so confused…"
<FullMetalBitch> "Supergirl," Kelly says over her macbook. "Can I have my wallet back or are you not done paying off Kirkpatrick's debt?"
<Uracilo> Lucette blushes, walking back to her side of the room with the empty wallet in hand. "I-I'll pay you back…"
<Kioku> Akemi raises an eyebrow and turns slowly to face Kelly. "Kirkpatrick's debt? Well, you did say earlier that you're not supposed to help…"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy starts breathing a little heavier, not knowing what to do, Lucette doesn't know what to do, Akemi doesn't know what to do. She then pulls Akemi into a farther hug "It's fine, it's fine, I can figure it out." her tone is extremely panicked,
<Kioku> "I wonder just how much more you know~"
<FullMetalBitch> Kelly reaches up and makes a zipping motion across her mouth, before laughing at her own humor.
<Uracilo> Lucette hands the wallet over, bowing in apology. "I-i'm sorry…"
<FullMetalBitch> She takes the wallet from Lucette and tucks it away, "you're doing great Supergirl! Last kids got shocked enough to put them out for a week."
<Kioku> Akemi is a little surprised at the hug and the panicked tone. "Shh. It'll be okay. Do you know much about plants?"
<Uracilo> Lucette whimpers, holding her hands to her chest. She hopes nothing like that will happen…"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks down, shuffling in place, stilling basically holding on to Akemi "I don't know that much.." she takes a sharp breath, trying to stay composed "W-why?"
<FullMetalBitch> Kelly goes back to her typing, letting the kids go at it.
<Kioku> Akemi points at the axe. "Corn." then at the bowl. "Sacrifice." Then at the cocoa plant. "Beans." Then just shrugs in an 'I don't know' gesture.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at the axe, then back at Akemi, letting her go for a second, then swiftly walking to the mural, looking for corn, or anything cocoa plant related.
<FullMetalBitch> Wendy sees on the temple door steps, next to the doors are two imprints of a cocao plant and a corn plant.
<Kioku> \We don't have any more money that I know of, since Lucette dumped the entire wallet into the bowl already…<FullMetalBitch> "You should get some more money," Lucette hears, "ask your friends. Pitch in to pay it off."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then looks back to the group. "Theres imprints of cocao and corn on the door steps of this temple." She then thinks for a moment, looking to Lucette "Lucette, you talked about dept, what dept?"
<Uracilo> "D-debt," she corrects her friend. "A-and it's not paid, still… we need more money…"
<SavanahHolland> (I knew I spelt it wrong >-< recon my horrible spelling)
<SavanahHolland> Wendy slowly puts her hand to her fannypack "How much..?"
<FullMetalBitch> "Well," Lucette hears in the back of her mind and then a soft whisper.
<Kioku> Akemi twitches slightly. \She wouldn't answer… then she told me she didn't know… why would she do that? D-does she hate me?\ You can hear a small sniffle as she tries to hide her face. \How much. That's exactly what I wanted to know too.\ "D-does it have to be money?"
<Uracilo> "A-about… th-three fifty?" she mumbles, confused.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy notices Akemi, then walking over to take her hand and give it a reasuring squeeze, "Don't worry" she says quietly, she then uses her other hand to dig out $350 bucks, wow.
<FullMetalBitch> "Oh wow," Lucette hears, "I didn't think his friends actually had it."
<Uracilo> "His friends?" Lucette asks in her mind and out loud.
<FullMetalBitch> "Whatever kid, just pay it. You can have him back. Heck, I'll throw in the mask for the extra twenty bucks."
<Kioku> Akemi squeezes Wendy's hand back, *much* too tightly.
<Uracilo> "I-I think we'll get the teacher back if we pay that much money…" she bites her lip as she says. "I-I can pay you back Akemi…" Lucette promises, thinking of using all her savings.
<SavanahHolland> (Akemi? o-o)
<Uracilo> Wendy*
<SavanahHolland> Wendy shakes her head, steping closer to Lucette, still holding on to Akemi's hand to comfort her, she hands Lucette the money in her hand, shaking her head "It's fine." She then steps back again, giving Akemi's arm a small subtle hug.
<Uracilo> Lucette puts all the money in the bowl.
<FullMetalBitch> There's another strike of lighting, hitting the same spot in the back of the room. In it's wake is a middle aged man who looks like he is more than frazzled. His skin is marked with red paint in intricate designs and there are remnants of rope on his wrists and ankles. "Fuck!" He screams as he stands up quickly and jolts around, "shit!"
<FullMetalBitch> "Woo! Supergirl!" Kelly says as she closes her laptop and pushes it away in her bag.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy is going to try to grab the man and keep him still
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+8
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+8 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{6}
<Kioku> Akemi jumps, then wipes her face and stares at the sudden man.
<FullMetalBitch> She manages, he doesn't try and move beyong trying to pull off the ropes and wipe the paint off. "Welcome back Doctor Kirkpatrick," Kelly says, "you're gonna be in the basement a while after this one."
<FullMetalBitch> "Good work. Visit me sometime, you're good at scratches." Lucette hears in the back of her mind as the owl watches from his perch on the cage.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy removes her knife from her fannypack, then cutting the ropes off his wrists and ankles "Keep calm."
<FullMetalBitch> "Right, calm, right." He says as he lets her work. "Calm, right, calm. Shit."
<Kioku> Akemi notices the knife, and gets a small hint of a smile. But only a hint.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then puts the knife away, putting a hand on his back.
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4 Liberation to keep you calm.
<Uradice2> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 Liberation to keep you calm. —> [ 4d3=6 ]{2}
<FullMetalBitch> Kelly packs up the camera and picks up her bags. "Well kids! You did great. The last few groups usually screwed it up. So I'm sort of proud. Oh and uh, write down how much you ended up spending and place it in my mailbox in the office. I'll get it reimbursed."
<FullMetalBitch> The man still moves a little, rubbing his wrists. "Thanks kid," he says to her. The door opens and a guard looks in, giving Kirkpatrick a look.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy bites her lip, then moving, or more stumbling back to look at Akemi "You alright..?"
<FullMetalBitch> The guard escorts Doctor Kirkpatrick back, the other staying by the door to wait for more staff to come clean up the room.
<Uracilo> "I-I… I'm so confused…" says Lucette, taking a seat on Kelly's vacant chair.
<Kioku> Akemi shakes her head. "Can we go yet? I'm… I don't feel like going on this adventure anymore."
<Kioku> She's rather pointedly avoiding looking at Lucette at the moment.
<FullMetalBitch> "Ya sure! You guys will get the usual stipend for this. I'll be sure to ask for you three for the next one. It was super fun working with you." Kelly says happily as she waits by the door.
<Kioku> \What if she hates me now? Did I do something wrong? What did I do? C-can I fix it?<SavanahHolland> Wendy closes her eyes for a brief moment, then looking back to Akemi "Yeah.. Yeah we can go.." she then looks to Lucette, pulling Akemi slightly over to her, she leans down to looking at Lucette "it's alright, everythings fine now, we're about to go anyways."
<FullMetalBitch> "Bet ya never had this much fun in a classroom? Well?" Kelly asks them as she checks her phone to respond to some texts about dinner plans.
<Uracilo> "W-well… at least the owl was cute…"
<Kioku> Akemi looks up at Kelly, pleadingly. "Will /you/ be my friend?"
<FullMetalBitch> The owl hoots from across the room, as if he was listening.
<Kioku> \Stability. Need stability.<FullMetalBitch> "Of course, well. As much as you can with a student. You know, professional friendship."
<FullMetalBitch> "Just keep being my little super hero and you've got my friendship!"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy takes Akemi's hand, then Lucette's slowly, pulling them both to the door slowly, but keeping Akemi much closer "We should go…" she glances to Akemi, as if to ask her if there was anything she could do.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles a little more, still not up to her usual standard, and follows out the door. "Thank you…"
<FullMetalBitch> -RUN PUCHED-
<FullMetalBitch> 350$ (Wendy is reimbursed as well) 2 XP and HUGS FROM ME

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