Good Things...

01[19:01] <Antichthon> A message over the PA system, simultaneously texted to all students on the "Mission Alert" list. "Any students interested in a Firewatch-sponsored mission, please report to the Perseus Gymnasium."
[19:03] <Kadmus> Conn packs up his first aid kit - not that he's ever needed it before, but you never know! - makes sure his shemagh is tied properly, and checks his shirt. Still no holes, it's good to go. He stumbles over towards the gymnasium, humming off-key to himself. Maybe this time it'll go better than the silo thing.
01[19:04] <Antichthon> There was a plainly dressed Native American man in his late thirties waiting for them in the Gym. as usual, Firewatch missions attracted a lot of attention, and the gym was already crowded.
[19:04] <PuddleJumper> Evelyn stopped poking at the eggs she had saved in a baggie from breakfest and headed down to the auditorium, she stood in line for the sign up.
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[19:04] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki traveled to the gymnasium as a cat, finding it easier to maneuver about the campus in the smaller form, upon reaching her destination, she returned to her humanoid form, stretching as she switched to a normal, calm walk.
[19:04] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir stands up and gets on his mission gear, he hadn't been on a mission in much too long, and after todays previous events, he was feeling the need to help people strongly. He was feeling a little better about his place in the world. He heads over to the gymnasium, a very faint smile on his usually dour face.
[19:11] <@Nemi> * Ellie ambles on into the gym, dressed in her usual comfy clothing.
[19:12] <@Nemi> * Comfy and stylish aren't mutually exclusive, of course, and she rocks it.
[19:12] <PuddleJumper> Upon seeing the other students she hmmm'd and ooooo'd at the assortment of interesting subjects. She found herself in line behind Gun, She scanned him with a blue light from her eyes. "Are you an artifial being? I regester no moving parts yet no organics either. Requesting sample."
[19:14] <Kadmus> Conn recognises all of… Ellie. He gives her a friendly nod and a grin.
[19:15] <@Nemi> "Hey," Ellie says with a wave and a wink.
[19:15] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir blinks at her, "My skin is metal, I doubt your needles would penetrate it." He says quietly before turning to face the man and waiting for him to explain the mission.
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[19:17] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki quietly waited to see if she'd be chosen, not feeling the need to mingle.
01[19:19] <Antichthon> The man, who didn't seem particularly happy about much of anything, introduced himself as Cauter, Firewatch rank 7. He addressed the gathered students, and while he didn't speak loudly, everyone would hear him clearly. "Ten years ago a civilian organization spearheaded research in artificial life." In front of every student spawned a digital folder about the organization in question, Hayden Industries, as well as detailed data about their work that would go over most students' heads. "Their modus operandi was to attach self-replicating and self-modifying computerized components to biological tissue, making one rely on the other, as a safety mechanism against it getting out of control." He paused for a moment. "You can imagine how well that turned out."
[19:20] <PuddleJumper> Eve's finger tip flipped open and a needle extended, met with a little clink and a dissapointed sounding beep. "You are correct, unable to collect sample."
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[19:20] <Kadmus> "It sounds like the start to a sci-fi horror movie, weh," Conn murmurs, browsing through the information.
[19:20] <@Nemi> * Ellie flips over one of the digital folders and reads very intently and with great interest!
[19:20] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir nods along, listening and watching intently, reading through the files.
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[19:22] <PuddleJumper> The man from Firewatch had basically discribed her own internal workings…She had an odd sense that he was making fun of her scanning the files for the particulars.
[19:22] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki flipped through the folder, slowly reading it as best she could as she listened. "Poorly, probably…"
[19:24] <PuddleJumper> "I am computerized components and biological tissue…i cannot self replicate, but i can self modify…" She turned her shoulder slightly to show a hello kitty sticker she had stuck to her upper shoulder.
[19:25] <@Nemi> * "I'm Ellie. I like the sticker."
[19:25] <Kadmus> "Well, so long as it doesn't assimilate an entire city and start to-" Conn cuts himself off. "I will not curse this mission, Ah, I am Conn! Nice to meet you all."
01[19:25] <Antichthon> There were pictures of the inside of the Hayden Industries building after the catastrophe. Organic matter and horrifying mechanical components had grown together, forming biomechancial monstrosities from hell. Most had grown into the walls, looking like mental-and-flesh insect nests. warped entities with no particular symmetry, some still sporting tormented, screaming faces of still-living employees, roamed the halls. "It was not a good time." To say the least. "Firewatch, or rather the organization that would one day become Firewatch, responded to the situation. We quarantined the area, saved those we could, and eliminated all traces of infected matter. A difficult task. Now it looks like we were unsuccessful."
[19:25] <PuddleJumper> "I am unit 35314-N designation Evelyn, mobile cobat nursing unit."
[19:27] <Kadmus> "I cursed the mission. Merde," Conn sighs. "I hope it goes better than the last one."
[19:27] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir continues listening, only half paying attention to the introductions going on around him, studying the pictures of the creatures and nodding, frowning slightly. He's not even sure that he'll be chosen for the mission yet.
[19:29] <@Nemi> "That's- hoh boy." Ellie stops reading in on the dossier and now pays closer attention to the pictures.
[19:29] <PuddleJumper> Upon seeing the growing bio mechanical horrors she made sounds of interest "Absolutly facinating! Mission peramiters state no private samples…permission for self contained sample kit."
[19:30] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki gave a little sigh as she closed the folder, it did really go over her head. "So, we need to find a way to deal with this…"
[19:31] <Kadmus> Conn raises a hand to ask a question. "Excuse me, monsieur! Have you, ah, tried talking to it?"
01[19:33] <Antichthon> "We've been getting reports from the ruins of the city that once housed Hayden Indsustries: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Those of you who have paid attention in history know that there's little left of Riyadh but ruins and a small population of ragged survivors with nowhere else to go." Evelyn received a look, but nothing else for now. Conn was straight-up ignored. The next pages of the dossier were grainy photos of a boy, flying, covered in shiny spots. "We have reports of a boy with metallic tumors, claiming a large swath of the ruins, infecting anyone who enters his territory."
[19:33] <PuddleJumper> Eve searched how conn had cursed the mission…she stopped herself from spouting off the definition of superstition…she rationed out that he probally already knew it.
[19:36] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir frowns deeply, this was not good. Children were unreasonable and a powerful, unreasonable child could lead to some disastrous, and possibly tragic scenarios.
[19:36] <PuddleJumper> She caught the look she got, with the briefing and that this was a viral pathogen she rationed that she would recieve a less then 10% chance to collect samples.
[19:37] <@Nemi> "Infecting them?" Ellie mutters.
01[19:38] <Antichthon> "We believe the boy is the son of one of the suvivors of the Hayden Event; she had been pregnant with him at the time, and apparently the infection had slipped by unnoticed. The area has been quarantined by Firewatch, and there's no further risk of anyone new being infected. Unlike the early days, the organization is far more competent at handling this sort of thing. Now, it's been reduced to a prime learning example for students such as yourselves. We need a team willing to go into the infected zone, discover what they can, and neutralize it if possible. You are fully allowed to try 'talking to it.'" A pointed look at Conn. "Be known that the nature of this thing means that what form it takes now in no way needs to be tied to what it had been at Hayden Industries. A good analogy is to consider what would happen if a bacterium from earth found its way to an alien planet capable of supporting life. The complex life that evolves on that planet in no way has to resemble Earth life, and in fact need not share any similarity besides an biochemical heritage."
[19:39] <@Nemi> "Understood."
01[19:40] <Antichthon> "In short: We don't have the remotest idea what you'll find. We could have scouted, but the higher-ups don't wish to feed you the half-digested missions you've grown used to."
[19:41] <Kadmus> Conn shoots Ellie a look at the idea of their last mission being 'half-digested', then shrugs and grins. "Sounds interesting, non?"
[19:41] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir nods, he was more than willing to go. He was pretty sure he was immune to any kind of pathogen, mechanical or biological, since he was neither, so he wasn't worried about that. "Understood sir."
01[19:41] <Antichthon> "Now, raise your hands if you are still interested."
[19:42] <@Nemi> * Ellie glances back, brows up, and then looks over to Cauter. She IS a pathogen- she idly wonders what would happen.. She raises a hand.
[19:42] <Kadmus> Conn raises his hand, unperturbed at the idea of the biomechanical-virus horror.
[19:42] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir's hand goes up immediately.
[19:42] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki stretched a bit as she considered the situation in she may be facing soon. "Something tells me I'm going to be regrowing a limb or two if I get infected…" She makes sure her hand is raised, though. She's cut off her own limbs to succeed before, this was nothing new.
[19:42] <PuddleJumper> Eve decided if she saw the oppertunity to collect a sample she would give it a shot…if her lockout peramiters allowed her to. She raised her hand.
01[19:44] <Antichthon> "Ellie, Conn, Gungnir, Tsubaki, Evelyn." Everyone in Firewatch seemed to know the students' names. At least that made things easier. "The rest of you, clear out." Cauter clearly was not as diplomatic about things as Jie. Once it was just the six of them left in the room, Cauter had them gather around. "You'll be dropped on the edge of the infected zone. Be aware it's quite large. We have a source inside, a woman named Nadia, who should be able to update you with more information. Any other questions?"
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[19:45] <@Nemi> Ellie tilts her head a moment. "What are the capabilities of the infected?"
01[19:46] <Antichthon> Cauter gave her a smile. "That's for you to figure out. Remember, retreat is always an option. We haven't confirmed this threat is small enough not to overwhelm you."
[19:46] <@Nemi> "Understood." Ellie grins back.
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[19:47] <BobaMobile> Gun nods along.
[19:47] <Kadmus> Conn raises his hand again. "Ah, does anyone need sunscreen? Saudi Arabia is pretty hot, non?" He pauses. "Oh, and it might be a good idea to take some water."
01[19:47] <Antichthon> "We have made sure no military units are in the other area, though. So you probably won't be shot."
01[19:48] <Antichthon> "By soldiers with guns, anyway."
01[19:49] <Antichthon> Are in the area*
[19:49] <PuddleJumper> Eve nodded. "Requesting quarentine protocols…my programing will not allow me to termenate an infected student."
[19:49] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki gave a little hum as she considered what might be about to transpire. "If I'm infected, Evelyn, let me know where so I can remove the infected tissue."
01[19:51] <Antichthon> "Try not to kill anyone if you can avoid it," Cauter said. He handed out the same armband communicator/kinetic barriers as the mission before, with Jie. He nodded to Conn. "If you want supplies, gather them. Meet back here when you're ready."
[19:51] <@Nemi> * Ellie nods. "I'll be fine without sunscreen or water." Ellie slips the armband on with practiced ease.
[19:51] <PuddleJumper> "There are options, there is a chance i could halt infection. But perhapse removing the tissue would work…it would be an interesting test."
01[19:52] <Antichthon> "You can communicate to me through your armband at any time. In an emergency, we can supply reinforcements and evacuate you."
[19:52] <BobaMobile> Gun frowns and turns to glance at Eve. Terminate? That seemed a little harsh to jump to immediately. He takes the armband communicator, by gestures to the dve barrier he already has.
[19:52] <BobaMobile> *but
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01[19:53] <Antichthon> Gun's DV-E Barrier make a crackling noise, and suddenly there as a communcator built into it.
[19:53] <Kadmus> Conn trundles off to fetch some water, but is back before long, slipping the armband on around his neck. "In case you need to remove an arm, tu sais?" He comments cheerfully. "They grow back."
[19:55] <PuddleJumper> Eve could probally sinc her internal's…but she put her armband on anyway…holding her arm out to admire it with an article of clothing on it. With an oooo sound. She noted Gun's frown pointing to the arm band. "Cosmo states that every color goes with white. This does not clash."
[19:55] <BobaMobile> Gun blinks, surprised for only a moment before accepting it with a shrug.
[19:56] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki puts on the armband with a bit of an amused look. \Right, I think I got one of these last time too…\ "Food, water… Painproof capsules… I should be set with what's in my Pocket… I can provide anesthetics and do some field surgery if Evelyn ends up preoccupied."
01[19:56] <Antichthon> Unlike every other Firewatch member so far, Cauter didn't have to call out Salamander's name to get the purple-rimmed portal to open. The scene beyond was out of a post-apocalyptic film. Wreckage, wrecakge and ruins as far as the eye could see. Abandoned cars, garbage, decay. Don't be surprised if you see a skeleton or two. "To meet Nadia, go due North." He waved the students through the portal. "The mission is now entirely in your hands."
[19:58] <BobaMobile> Gun nods and shifts into metal man mode before walking through the portal, looking around with wary eyes for any sign of hostiles.
[19:58] <Kadmus> "Ah, weh, I forgot to say, I am a healer too. Shout out if you get hurt, okay?" Conn grins at the others. "…huh, looks like home. But dry." He shrugs and staggers into the portal.
[19:59] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki cautiously stepped through the portal and drew her ceramic cooking knife from the hidden sheathe in her skirt. \Always be prepared for an enemy in unfamiliar territory…\ She gazed about the landscape before her, the wreckage and ruins not really bothering her much. "[Hot…]" Her reactionary words were in Japanese out of habit.
01[19:59] <Antichthon> Yes. It was definitely hot.
01[19:59] <Antichthon> Could be worse, though.
[20:00] <PuddleJumper> Eve moved forward. following she eyed the wreckage and kicked her feet through the sand "Who is in charge of this mission, i will follow orders from the leader as priority protocol states."
[20:04] <@Nemi> * Ellie peers all about, brows up, as she steps through the portal. "Woa. That's pretty fierce." She extends her senses, looking for signs of .. thoughts. Minds. Living things in general.
01[20:05] <Antichthon> There was a skybridge of a collapsed skyscraper mostly intact near them. It looked like…well, hey, looked like they wre in the rubble of what had once been the Kingdom Centre. Ellie would sense the echoes of a very powerful entity that once was there, but it was and old echo, and probably unrelated.
01[20:05] <Antichthon> Further out, human minds, spread thin. Some…weird nonsense noise, too.
[20:06] <@Nemi> * "Something very powerful /used/ to be here.. A long while ago.. I feel some people and.. something else? I can't figure it"
[20:06] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki felt around for blood. Anything other than the group with her would be of note to her. "So, it did all this before they took it out? Well, mostly, anyway…" She popped a red capsule into her mouth and swallowed as she shaded her eyes.
01[20:07] <Antichthon> The tallest building still standing was a very distant husk of a skyscraper. Optional knowledge roll if you want to know more about it.
01[20:07] <Antichthon> There were rats and cockroaches and the like, too. scrawny cats and dogs here and there. Blood sources for Tsubaki.
01[20:08] <Antichthon> Also optional knowledge roll as to what actually did most of this damage.
[20:08] <PuddleJumper> (Eve has knowlege 5)
[20:09] <Kadmus> Conn's bare feet sizzle slightly as they hit the wrecked road, but he doesn't seem to notice. "Beaucoup damage here." He comments, looking around to see what he can see.
[20:09] <Mokou-tan> r 3
[20:09] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 3 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 0 ]
[20:09] <PuddleJumper> "Searching histories for area, bringing up maps…google maps not updated recently."
[20:09] <PuddleJumper> r 8
[20:09] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for PuddleJumper: [ 6 6 5 5 4 3 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[20:09] <Kadmus> r 9 Conn uses Academics to see if he knows anything about this area.
[20:09] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for Kadmus: [ 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[20:10] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki is still working off the assumption that it was the biomechanical monster as she feels the blood. "Nothing big enough to be a person around… At least, not with blood."
[20:11] <@Nemi> r 10 what do I know
[20:11] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
01[20:14] <Antichthon> Evelyn, the skyscraper in the distance, the tallest still-standing object was the bottom half of Hamad Tower. How something could take the top half a skyscraper without collapsing the whole thing, well. Conn, you remember your history class and know that Riyadh had seen massive destruction from both mundane and anomalous forces, and this area was nothing but rubble long before this particular event. Ellie, you know what both Conn and Evelyn know, and for that matter you know that the Kingdom Center was destroyed a a powerful anomaly working with rebel Saudi forces. Fireatch was the one to destroy it. The anomaly also is what vaporized the top of Hamad Tower. The powerful echo she felt was due to that anomaly, unrelated as to why they were here. That anomaly was dead.
[20:15] <@Nemi> "Probably for the best that Firewatch took that anom out.."
[20:15] <@Nemi> * Ellie muses aloud.
[20:16] <Kadmus> "I would not have wanted to live here even before this incident," Conn muses. "This place seems to be ground zero for many problems."
[20:17] <PuddleJumper> Eve rattled off the information found for Hamad tower, then made a sigh…"There were previously many noted restarauntes in this area…google maps seems to show most of them as rubble…yelp has no new reviews for the last decade minumum…this is disapointing. I can scout the area from the air if you request, perhapse a good place to start would be the ruins of the tower."
01[20:18] <Antichthon> The remains of Hamad Tower was to the Northeast. Cauter had told them to head due north to meet Nadia.
[20:18] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki pointed north. "We have someone waiting for us, you know…"
[20:19] <Kadmus> "Weh, we should gather information from our contact first," Conn agrees. "They might warn us against doing whatever it is we are about to do, non?"
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[20:20] <PuddleJumper> Eve beeped her direction instantly changing directly north. "You are correct…i am sorry i was distracted by a review of hamad's hummus…4 1/2 out of 5…."
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[20:22] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki cut her arm lightly with her cooking knife, pulling a small amount of blood from the cut before it healed up and walked north, the little sphere of blood floating about her.
[20:23] <@Nemi> * Ellie eyes the blood sphere with a bit of bemusement!
[20:24] <Kadmus> Conn eyes the blood thoughtfully as he trudges after Tsubaki.
[20:25] <PuddleJumper> ooooo. Eve heads over to the floating globe of blood, her sample needle telescoping out of her pointer finger "May i get a sample of that later?"
[20:26] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki raises two fingers and spreads them, the blood sphere growing before separating into two spheres. "There isn't anything special about it, help yourself."
[20:27] <PuddleJumper> Eve puts her needle in it and makes a pleased sounding series of beeps…her eyes glowing a bit brighter. She eyes a car that looks like it had been shreaded with some sort of explosive. "Thank you."
01[20:28] <Antichthon> Ellie's Telepathy, and Tsubaki's bloodsense, could tell there was a human about 50 meters Northeast, hidden in wreckage. Ellie would know that was nothing special, there were sparse groups of people smattered throughout the area.
[20:28] <@Nemi> * "I suppose haemoturgy was an inevitability with the various powers everyone seems to come up with.. Oh, I feel someone. Just- just another human, I think. There's a few survivors here and there."
[20:30] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki nodded in agreement with Ellie. "Not far, seems about the right amount of blood. Might be our contact…"
01[20:31] <Antichthon> At the edge of Ellie's telepathic sense was a particularly tight grouping of minds. It was about a kilometer North.
[20:31] <PuddleJumper> Eve turned to ellie and the others. "Following you, will assist…be forwarned i cannot cause permenent physical damage to a sentient being."
[20:32] <Kadmus> Conn continues his cheerful lurching. "It's tres useful to have you two with us!" He says, looking in the direction indicated. "I cannot see them myself."
[20:34] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki sighed softly at hearing Evelyn's inability to do 'permanent' damage. "Well, do no harm and all that." Conn's praise was noted as Tsubaki gave a shrug as she grabbed the Gungnir spear. "Blood calls out to me, that's all…"
[20:36] <@Nemi> "I feel a.. dense collection of people about a kilometer north of here.."
01[20:38] <Antichthon> Does the group continue to head north?
[20:38] <PuddleJumper> Eve stood behind the group scanning the area ahead where they said the single contact was. She had no experience in a combat situation so she simply followed the others leads she was walking north.
[20:40] <@Nemi> Indeedlydooble!
[20:40] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki continues north towards the single human cautiously. She wasn't about to get ambushed, but at least she could tell where they were. If anything, she had the drop on them. "I hope that isn't were the target is… Extra bodies would make this really rough…"
[20:41] <Kadmus> Conn continues on after the group, headed towards wherever the two sensors are directing them.
01[20:41] <Antichthon> Soon enough Tusbaki could catch sight of the single human. He was huddled down in a makeshift shelter, looking ill.
01[20:42] <Antichthon> > TSUBAKI PERCEPTION
01[20:42] <Antichthon> > TSUBAKI STEALTH
[20:42] <Mokou-tan> r 5 perception
[20:42] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 5 5 4 4 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[20:42] <Mokou-tan> r 6 stealth
[20:42] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 5 3 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
01[20:43] <Antichthon> r 14
[20:43] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 14 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 8 ]
01[20:43] <Antichthon> > ELLIE TELEPATHY
[20:44] <@Nemi> r 12
[20:44] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
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01[20:44] <Antichthon> Tsubaki, you sense nothing interesting. Ellie, you sense a nexus of the nonsense-telepathy-noises around the man. Or at least, it was. Now it was heading towards Tsubaki!
01[20:48] <Antichthon> There was a small group of humans fifty meters beyond the human Tsubaki found. From that direction also game two nexuses of telepathy noise.
01[20:48] <Antichthon> > EVERYONE PERCEPTION
[20:48] <Kadmus> r 4 Conn's not that perceptive
[20:48] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 4 D6 against 5 for Kadmus: [ 6 5 3 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[20:49] <Mokou-tan> r 5
[20:49] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 5 3 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
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[20:50] <@Nemi> r 19
[20:50] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 19 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 8 ]
[20:50] <@Nemi> err
[20:50] <@Nemi> r 10
[20:50] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 3 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[20:50] <PuddleJumper> r 3
[20:50] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 3 D6 against 5 for PuddleJumper: [ 5 3 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
[20:52] <@Nemi> "What /is/ that mess of /noise/? It's like thoughts but, ergh.."
[20:53] <PuddleJumper> Eve made a low interogetory noise…"Audio pickups record ambient noise at normal levels."
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[20:54] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki shifted her grip on her knife and the spear, Ellie's inquiry making her feel the need to be prepared for something she couldn't sense.
[20:55] <BobaFettuccine> The spear in Tsubaki's hands soon shifts and morphs back into Gungir's metal man form.
[20:55] <BobaFettuccine> She's left holding onto Gun's arm for a moment.
[20:55] <BobaFettuccine> r 6
[20:55] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for BobaFettuccine: [ 6 5 4 4 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
01[20:56] <Antichthon> Everyone but Ellie sees nothing. Ellie, however, notices there's a cloud of something very, very tiny, glistening like glitter in the sunlight. Microscopic glitter. And she'd see it when tiny little beams of light lanced from the glitter at Tsubaki. It was only due to Tsubaki smartly heeding Ellie that she wasn't hit by a surprise attck.
[20:56] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki releases it readily upon feeling it shift, having found him to be a bit weighty. "[Heavy…]"
01[20:56] <Antichthon> > INITIATIVE
[20:56] <Kadmus> r 5
[20:56] <Mokou-tan> r 6
[20:56] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Kadmus: [ 5 3 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
[20:56] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 6 6 4 3 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[20:57] <BobaFettuccine> r 6
[20:57] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for BobaFettuccine: [ 5 5 3 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
01[20:58] <Antichthon> r 10
[20:58] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 5 5 4 3 3 3 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[20:58] <Antichthon> r 10
[20:58] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 5 5 3 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[20:58] <Antichthon> r 8
[20:58] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
03[20:58] * Retrieving #sunnybrook-fireflies modes…
03[20:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Antichthon
[20:59] <PuddleJumper> r 6
[20:59] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for PuddleJumper: [ 6 3 3 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
[21:01] <@Nemi> "There's- oh hell. Watch out."
[21:01] <@Nemi> r 5
[21:01] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 5 5 3 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[21:01] <@Nemi> Ellie is a slow bean.
03[21:01] * Antichthon changes topic to '? > ? > ?? > TSUBAKI > GUNGNIR > ELLIE > EVELYN > CONN'
[21:02] <PuddleJumper> Eve made a bleat of alarm not reacting quickly at all
[21:02] <Kadmus> Conn blinks, and looks around. "Quoi?"
01[21:03] <@Antichthon> Now that Ellie's alerted you all, you can all see the faint glittering in the air. Thery were in three distinct lumps. One lump had slightly bigger glitter. Ellie, the nonsense noise has merged into one big lump of nonsesne and intensified. Ellie doesn't need to know what's going on to know that it's some sort of alarm or excitement.
01[21:04] <@Antichthon> Tiny beams of light shot out at Tsubaki! Ranged Attack!
01[21:04] <@Antichthon> > ?
01[21:04] <@Antichthon> r 16
[21:04] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 6 6 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[21:04] <@Nemi> "Oh, nanomachines."
[21:04] <@Nemi> ".. That.. I can.. feel?"
[21:05] <@Nemi> ".. with lasers?"
01[21:06] <@Antichthon> Feel very well. It might not make sense, but it was as bright as clear as any intelligent mind.
[21:06] <Mokou-tan> r 11
[21:06] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 6 5 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
01[21:06] <@Antichthon> (3d 0ap)
[21:06] <Mokou-tan> (Guessing not mundane)
[21:06] <Mokou-tan> r 2
[21:06] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 2 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 0 ]
01[21:06] <@Antichthon> (Actually yes, mundane>
[21:07] <Mokou-tan> (Oh)
[21:07] <Mokou-tan> r 6
[21:07] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 4 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 0 ]
01[21:07] <@Antichthon> (All damage from now on is mundane unless specified otherwise)
[21:07] <Mokou-tan> (Aaaaand, no change…)
01[21:07] <@Antichthon> 3 damage!
01[21:07] <@Antichthon> Tsubaki > 6 HP
01[21:07] <@Antichthon> > ?
[21:08] <Mokou-tan> Normally Tsubaki would have screamed in pain, but she'd swallowed one of her red pills lately, enduring the attack as she couldn't feel the pain.
01[21:08] <@Antichthon> It was more than just lasers. The lasers hurt, sure. But the tiny explosions like microscopic nukes? Those are what did most of the damage.
01[21:08] <@Antichthon> The second mass of glitter was also firing on Tsubaki!
01[21:08] <@Antichthon> r 16 (3d 0ap)
[21:08] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 2 2 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
[21:09] <Mokou-tan> r 11
[21:09] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[21:09] <Mokou-tan> (Wait, do these not add hits to damage?)
01[21:09] <@Antichthon> (Not for this one)
[21:09] <Mokou-tan> r 6
[21:09] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 5 4 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
01[21:09] <@Antichthon> 2 Damage!
01[21:10] <@Antichthon> Tsubaki > 4 HP
01[21:10] <@Antichthon> > ??
01[21:10] <@Antichthon> The glitter with larger flecks went for Conn instead.
01[21:10] <@Antichthon> r 12 (6d 0ap) Ranged, mundane.
[21:10] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[21:11] <Kadmus> r 15 Tanking mundane
[21:11] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Kadmus: [ 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
01[21:11] <@Antichthon> No Damage!
01[21:11] <@Antichthon> > Tsubaki
[21:12] <Kadmus> Conn doesn't even notice as the lasers hit him and seem to stop dead.
[21:14] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki was still standing, that was enough for her. The blood from her wounds along with the little sphere multiplied dramatically as she tapped a rune on her stomach, becoming a massive tendril of blood that she guided to try and slam into the first glitter that attacked her with a wide sweeping motion of her arm. \Crush small targets with a wide and heavy attack…\ It was the best option she had available for fighting a
[21:14] <Mokou-tan> foe, hoping the glitter had some physical bind.
[21:15] <Mokou-tan> r 8 Magic Weapon
[21:15] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 6 6 6 3 3 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[21:15] <Mokou-tan> (Trade two hits for AP)
[21:15] <@Nemi> * "That's just unhygenic," Ellie muses.
[21:15] <Mokou-tan> r 11 Crimson blossom
[21:15] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 6 5 5 5 5 5 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
[21:16] <Mokou-tan> (7d, 5AP)
01[21:17] <@Antichthon> r 14 The tiny glitter was quick. Very quick.
[21:17] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 14 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[21:17] <@Antichthon> But not quick enough.
01[21:17] <@Antichthon> r 1
[21:17] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 1 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
01[21:17] <@Antichthon> 8 damage!
01[21:18] <@Antichthon> The glittle group was almost completely annihilated! The telepathing noise from the survivors exploded. They seemed aimed at the other other globs of glitter.
[21:18] <Mokou-tan> (Regeneration ticks up)
01[21:18] <@Antichthon> Tsubaki > 5 HP
01[21:18] <@Antichthon> > GUNGNIR
[21:21] <PuddleJumper> Eve having read most of the students reports from previous missions felt she knew how best to react. "Engaging threatening entities. Conrad, please assist Kuroki"
[21:21] <BobaFettuccine> Gun seems a little at a loss as to what he should do here, not quite sure if attacking the nanomachines with his spearhand would do anything or not, so he tries it, just to make sure, attacking the other one that had gone after Tsubaki.
[21:22] <BobaFettuccine> r 16
[21:22] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for BobaFettuccine: [ 6 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
01[21:22] <@Antichthon> r 14 The dust tries to dodge
[21:22] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 14 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 3 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 8 ]
01[21:22] <@Antichthon> And succeeds!
01[21:22] <@Antichthon> > ELLIE
[21:23] <@Nemi> * Ellie ponders a moment before trying to grab the mass of machines with her terrifying brain powers and crushing them all together. Maybe it'll work.
[21:23] <@Nemi> r 12
[21:23] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 5 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[21:24] <@Antichthon> r 10 the machines were a part of the group with larger glitter
[21:24] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 5 5 5 3 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[21:24] <@Antichthon> Wait
01[21:25] <@Antichthon> No, that's right. The fleet rides the telekinetic wave, managing to avoid damage!
01[21:25] <@Antichthon> > EVELYN
[21:27] <PuddleJumper> Eve's eye lights changed to look like they were squinting, she made a bleep of distress putting both her hands out in front of her the palms ratcheting out some sort of electrical pads, they sparked to life, a glowing bit of blue energy seemed to gather on either one as she turned her head away from her target she then fired starteling herself as she fired a stun blast from either hand. Somewhat wildly.
01[21:27] <@Antichthon> One particularly large piece of glitter - almost visible with the naked eye, without the glint of the sun - was sending a lot of nonsense sounds at Ellie. It didn't seem like an attack, but was very persistant.
[21:27] <PuddleJumper> r 7
[21:27] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for PuddleJumper: [ 6 5 5 4 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[21:29] <@Nemi> "I have no idea what it's saying."
01[21:30] <@Antichthon> The large-glitter group was the target of Evelyn's attack.
01[21:30] <@Antichthon> r 10 it dodged
[21:30] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 5 3 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[21:30] <@Antichthon> sucessfully.
01[21:30] <@Antichthon> > CONN
[21:30] <Kadmus> Conn steps forwards, and lays a hand on Tsubaki's shoulder, concentrates briefly, and -
[21:31] <Kadmus> r 9
[21:31] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for Kadmus: [ 6 6 4 4 3 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[21:31] <Kadmus> Transfers 2HP of damage from Tsubaki to Conn, taking him to 14/16 HP. He uses his minor action to gain 3 Effort, taking him to 13/16 HP.
01[21:32] <@Antichthon> The noise was also trying to access Evelyn's Wireless Hub. On her next turn, she can use her standard action to let it make proper contact.
[21:32] <Kadmus> Small burns appear on Conn's skin, and he winces slightly at the sensation.
01[21:33] <@Antichthon> > ?
[21:34] <PuddleJumper> "Attempting to establish wireless connection with unknown caller…*AOL modem noises* Attempting to resolve unknown network!" Bleeted Eve as she recoiled from the first serious attack she had ever made
[21:34] <PuddleJumper> (bleated)
01[21:35] <@Antichthon> The first group of glitter, the one devastasted by the wave of Tsubaki's blood, was dispersing. Some glitter was running, other bits of glitter seemed to be trying to extract glitter stuck in Tsubaki's blood. Thoe other two lumps of glitter had taken position to defender the first, which was too busy to take a turn.
01[21:35] <@Antichthon> > ?
01[21:35] <@Antichthon> The second tiny-glitter attacked Tsubaki again!
01[21:35] <@Antichthon> r 16
[21:35] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 6 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[21:36] <@Antichthon> (3d 0ap)
[21:36] <Mokou-tan> r 11
[21:36] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 6 6 5 5 5 3 2 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[21:36] <@Antichthon> Tsubaki dodged!
01[21:36] <@Antichthon> ??
[21:36] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki grinned as the beam barely grazes her, missing anything important.
01[21:37] <@Antichthon> Large-glitter was still attacking Conn
01[21:37] <@Antichthon> r 12 (6d 0ap)
[21:37] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[21:37] <@Nemi> "Strange behaviors for nanites.."
[21:38] <Kadmus> r 15 Tank mundane
[21:38] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Kadmus: [ 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 9 ]
01[21:39] <@Antichthon> No Damage!
01[21:39] <@Antichthon> > TSUBAKI
[21:40] <Kadmus> Conn blinks once as the glare from teh beams momentarily dazzles him/
[21:41] <Mokou-tan> Seeing how Conn was managing to avoid any serious injury from the beams, Tsubaki focused on the glitter attacking her still, making another sweeping gesture of her arm to direct the growing tendril of blood to slam into the other small glittercloud! She also touches a different rune on her stomach in the meantime to strengthen her flesh.
[21:41] <Mokou-tan> r 11 Crimson Blossom
[21:41] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 6 6 6 6 5 4 4 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[21:42] <Mokou-tan> r 8 Thicken Skin
[21:42] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for Mokou-tan: [ 5 4 3 3 3 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
03[21:42] * Antichthon changes topic to '?1 > ?2 > ?? > TSUBAKI > GUNGNIR > ELLIE > EVELYN > CONN'
01[21:43] <@Antichthon> r 14 Small glittercloud #2 tries to dodge!
[21:43] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 14 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 5 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[21:43] <@Antichthon> Failure!
01[21:43] <@Antichthon> r 1
[21:43] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 1 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 0 ]
01[21:43] <@Antichthon> 8 Damage!
[21:43] <Mokou-tan> (Regen ticks up)
01[21:44] <@Antichthon> Glittercloud Two is nearly destroyed, just like glittercloud 1! Only the glittercloud with larger flecks is still untouched.
01[21:44] <@Antichthon> Tsubaki > 8 HP
01[21:45] <@Antichthon> > GUNGNIR
[21:46] <PuddleJumper> Eve still was trying to make a connection, Her speakers were still making fax over the phone sounds as she tried to resolve the unfermilliar signal.
[21:47] <PuddleJumper> "Connection buffering 70%"
[21:48] <BobaFettuccine> Gun decides that a spear is probably not useful against clouds of glitter, so he decides to help in a different way, gesturing Tsubaki and mumbling something in an unfamiliar language (Using Runed: Algiz)
[21:48] <BobaFettuccine> r 7 (one focus)
[21:48] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for BobaFettuccine: [ 6 6 6 6 3 3 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[21:49] <@Antichthon> Tsubaki gets +2 armor for 2 rounds!
[21:49] <BobaFettuccine> After the gesture, a faint glowing image of golden scaled armor appears over Tsubaki's skin, it does not encumber her, but it does protect.
01[21:49] <@Antichthon> > ELLIE
[21:52] <@Nemi> * Ellie rubs at her chin and… She still can't make a connection, and that bothers her. Finally, she spreads her hands and tries to .. adjust her mode of communication. These things haven't been effectively hostile, so… She'll try to be the one to reach to them, noise or not.
[21:52] <@Nemi> r 14 telepathy forward! at least she can try to transmit the idea that she wants to talk
[21:52] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 14 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 5 5 5 5 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
01[21:53] <@Antichthon> THe last remaining undamage glittercloud fell back from attack position, seemingly to try and help the other two heavily damage glitterclouds.
01[21:53] <@Antichthon> Hard to tell if Ellie's message got through, but they'd gone from offensive to defensive.
01[21:54] <@Antichthon> > EVELYN
[21:54] <PuddleJumper> Eve uses her turn to complete her connection with whatever was trying to link to her wireless connection.
03[21:56] * Karaoke (ten.labolgcbs.xtnans.deepsthgil.371-387-7-06|ekoaraK#ten.labolgcbs.xtnans.deepsthgil.371-387-7-06|ekoaraK) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
01[22:04] <@Antichthon> The communications protocols actually weren't all that alien, vaguely related to many standard communication protocols on earth. Evelyn made contact. In an instant, all the electronic noise Evelyn heard was no longer just noise. It had meaning. Thousands and thousands of signals, Androgynous voices, all talking over each other. "They've broken through the defense perimeter, Fleet element Three-Five-Eight…" "…Changing course to mark zero, two four…" "Hull breach! Hull br-" "…twenty nine dead, ninety-six wounded on the Lexingtion…" "…Jamestown, report contact…" "…Seraphim to Nanu high command, we need reeinforcements, We need…" And through it all, one insistant signal, desperately trying make contact, any contact. "To all hostile alien worlds, the colony at [COORDINATES] is a peaceful farming world, do not attack. I repeat, the colony at [COORDINATES] is a peaceful farming world, do not attack. I repeat…" THe voice sounded haggard and desperate. The coordinates? The sick-looking man huddling in his makeshift shelter Tsubaki had been approaching.
01[22:04] <@Antichthon> > CONN
02[22:06] * @Silvors (ten.letyrutnec.nyd.397-848-062-467|srovliS#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.397-848-062-467|srovliS) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:06] <PuddleJumper> Eve had put all that out over her speakers
03[22:06] * Silvors (ten.letyrutnec.nyd.397-848-062-467|srovliS#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.397-848-062-467|srovliS) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
03[22:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Silvors
[22:06] <Kadmus> Conn spends 1 effort to double his regeneration for-
[22:06] <Kadmus> r 5
[22:06] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Kadmus: [ 5 5 4 4 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[22:07] <@Nemi> * Ellie glances to the others, brows up. "… suddenly, this gets /interesting/."
[22:07] <Kadmus> 2 rounds. He regenerates 2HP, putting him to 15/16. 2/10 HP regenerated this minute.
[22:07] <Kadmus> "Jamestown? Lexington? Those are not alien places, I don't think?"
[22:08] <PuddleJumper> "They arnt nano machines! We have to stop fighiting them!" Eve ran out in front of the group waving her hands and making alarmed beeps and trills.
[22:08] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki groaned at the revelation. "Evelyn, communicate a cease-fire…"
01[22:09] <@Antichthon> > COMBAT END
[22:10] <PuddleJumper> Eve did so "Communications established! Please cease hostilities, one is not permited to cause harm!" She opened her communications systems to the others. This is unit 35314-N medical unit…responding to containment situation."
[22:11] <PuddleJumper> "You can speak to them through me…my audio pickups should be sufficient."
[22:12] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir blinks not understanding what most of that meant. But understanding the request for peace. He stands down and just kind of looks around at the others, not knowing what to do about it.
[22:13] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki looked to Evelyn, then the 'ships', leaning towards them a bit as she speaks. "I'm going to let you go, then we're going to approach your colony. No funny business."
[22:13] <Kadmus> "…are those tiny ships?" Conn asks, peering up at them with amazement. "You would think I wouldn't be surprised, by now, but I still am!" He frowns. "Oh, all those poor people…"
[22:13] <Mokou-tan> As she spoke, Tsubaki gently used her blood to set the glitter into the sand and free them from the bloody prison her assault had created.
[22:13] <PuddleJumper> Eve bleated and held Tsubaki's arm "I think they mean the person! Please do not move forward it may provoke futher hostile response!"
[22:15] <@Nemi> Ellie … Puts her wrist communicator to her mouth. < Cauter? We have a first contact situation here. What we thought were nanite clouds were actually, er, tiny spacecraft. >
03[22:15] * MobileSavy (moc.duolccri.nevahenots.86252-tx|08479diu#moc.duolccri.nevahenots.86252-tx|08479diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
[22:16] <PuddleJumper> Eve transmited files showing pictures to scale of them that would make sense to beings of a tiny scale, greetings, and a schematic of the human anatomy making it clear to them what type of beings they were talking to…she also sent her own schematic along next. Then a picture of each team memeber again.
03[22:16] * MobileSavy (moc.duolccri.nevahenots.86252-tx|08479diu#moc.duolccri.nevahenots.86252-tx|08479diu) has left #sunnybrook-fireflies
01[22:16] <@Antichthon> "I've made contact!" Came the once-haggard, now hopeful voice. The cease fire was transmitted to all ships. The comms chatter was still loaded with reports of ships of various names, many western or arabic, and their efforts to save the crew of thousands of damaged ships, now that they were released. By the sounds of it the ships the group had fought had been mostly corvettes, frigates and destroyers, with one or two cruisers. "Alien worlds, do you speak for the forces committing the genocide at [OTHER COORDINATES?]" The message repeated several times, apparently they had a long history of failing to communicate, and didn't have any confidence in being understood the first time. The other coordinates? According to the system Evelyn was able to decode, it was the dense cluster of people Ellie had sensed a kilometer north.
01[22:17] <@Antichthon> Cauter responded, dispassionate. <understood. continue with the mission.>
[22:18] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki sighed, realizing what they were dealing with. "No, also, I'm not a world. We're people. As is the thing you're colling a colony…"
[22:18] <Mokou-tan> *calling
[22:18] <@Nemi> "Genocide? What happened up there? I sensed several other closeby.. worlds, but I couldn't tell their status."
[22:20] <Kadmus> Conn blinks at the mention of genocide. "Uh, I think we should try and stop anything called 'genocide', non?"
[22:20] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir is just flummoxed by this developement. All of this talk of people being worlds and genocide is difficult, he still had trouble believing that these tiny shiny spots were alien colonists.
[22:20] <PuddleJumper> Eve transmited what Tsubaki and the others were saying. "We are on a mission to investigate this area and situation. We are attempting to find this individual" She transmited the picture of the boy with the clusters of tumors on him. "We also are supposed to establish contact with this being." She transmited a picture and description of their contact. "We have no further links to any beings in this area. We
[22:20] <PuddleJumper> wish no harm on you….may we assist you with damages?"
[22:21] <PuddleJumper> "I believe i can heal any wounded you have from our engagement."
[22:21] <PuddleJumper> Eve carefully steps forward…she attempts to use regeneration on the clouds.
[22:22] <PuddleJumper> Eve cannot see the beings…she was no microscope.
[22:23] <PuddleJumper> (roll regen on the groups? or just once Anti?)
01[22:24] <@Antichthon> (No roll required)
01[22:25] <@Antichthon> Evelyn's gift on information was reciprocated, including anatomical charts. Evelyn, being a medical robot, would likely recognize the shape of a bacteriophage. A bacteriophage plated with metal, full of electronics, the "legs" tipped with hands barely a few atoms wide. "Yes, the genocide at [OTHER COORDINATES]. Colony worlds rounded up, cities destroyed, poisons pumped into our farms, escape craft filled with children mercilessly destroyed. Please, if you are truly not associated with those alien worlds, you must help us, we don't have the forces to repel this kind of assault!"
[22:26] <PuddleJumper> Eve extends her hand and a light blue glow envelopes the clouds…anything within it that was classified as living weather it was made of metal or organic material would find itself healing
01[22:26] <@Antichthon> "…Thank you. I don't know what sort of technology this is, but thank you."
[22:27] <@Nemi> ".. Let's go." Ellie starts on thataway, rather concerned at the prospect of.. Whatever is happening. So strange..
[22:27] <Kadmus> "Uh, are they… disinfecting people? Dosing them with antibiotics, per'aps?" Conn wonders. "I fear we may be getting into the middle of a bad situation here." He follows Ellie.
[22:28] <PuddleJumper> "Information recieved." to the others "They are microscopic, Bactiria sized, metalic and organic composition….These are sentient beings! Reccomended course of action meet contact, quickly respond to the coorinates they are indicating…They could be suffering billions of deaths…as if each cell in our body was a sentient being!"
[22:29] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki continues forward, standing on her tendril of blood as it snakes its way through the sand. "I suppose I can figure out if their value is greater than the people they're living in later."
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[22:30] <PuddleJumper> She speaks to the others, for a robot she seemed pretty upset by the prospect. "We must prevent further violence, what is happening is likely beyond their relm of perception just as we cant see them as people they cannot see us as individuals." she kept the comm open so the being that contacted her could hear
[22:31] <Kadmus> "Do they understand they may be hurting people?" Conn asks. "The, uh, the tiny people, I mean. Do they understand they may be hurting the humans they are living on?"
[22:31] <PuddleJumper> Eve was now a direct line between Conn and the being that contacted her.
[22:32] <PuddleJumper> "I suggest we move to the meeting point, as we speak…lives are being lost."
[22:32] <JangoFettuccine> Gungnir thinks for a moment to look at Conn as he follows Ellie, "When you think of the environmental damage that humans cause this world, do you think of the world as a person?" He asks.
[22:33] <@Nemi> * Ellie glances back to Gungnir. ".. Sometimes. Sometimes."
[22:33] <@Nemi> ".. Metal tumours. I think I know. They're cities."
[22:34] <Kadmus> Conn nods his agreement, walking and talking. "Ah, well, yes?" Conn replies, shrugging. "She is a careless mother, but she is our mother." He directs a question to the nanomachines through Evelyn. "What should we call your people?"
[22:35] <PuddleJumper> Eve nods to Ellie. "Or the equivalant" …she had broken into a jog heading toward their contact as fast as she could go while still keeping everyone in contact with eachother, including the ships.
[22:35] <PuddleJumper> her pistons and hydrolics kept a rythmic pace
01[22:35] <@Antichthon> To Conn, "We are Nanu, as recorded in the depths of the data mines of the homeworld." The comms chatter revealed a cruiser, the cruiser they'd been talking to, was breaking formation to follow. The group passed several other "infected" individuals, but their defense fleets were alerted by the cruiser, avoiding any conflict. They eventually reached the knot of people. It was a mobile medical facility. think "M*A*S*H" But more high-tech. Not all of it was high tech, though. the facility was surrounded by medical tents, filled with the ill. From out of them came a saudi woman, around forty, probably a nurse or a doctor. "Hey!" She called to the group. "Are you the kids they've sent in to help?" She didn't seem pleased that this medical emergency was being used as a training operation for children.
[22:37] <JangoFettuccine> Gungnir stands back, watching for hostiles as the group makes contact with the woman.
[22:37] <PuddleJumper> (was the woman the one they were looking to contact?)
[22:37] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki looked the woman in the eyes. "Are you Nadia?" She was standing on what amounted to a snake made of her vital fluids.
01[22:39] <@Antichthon> The woman nodded. "Yeah." She pulled off her gloves. She looked very tired, too tired to wonder at Tsubaki. Or any of them, really. "Took you long enough to get here."
[22:41] <PuddleJumper> Eve moved forward giving a cursury medical check of the people "infected" "I am unit 35314-n, designation Evelyn…medical unit. The infection in these people is not what it seemed, the material in their systems is sentiant. A new course of treatment must be devised." Eve knelt to someone that was yet untreated to see what kind of shape they were in medically progecting the image into something the
[22:41] <PuddleJumper> microscopic people could understand
[22:42] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki sighed softly as she stretched. "So, what do the symptoms seem to be?"
[22:43] <PuddleJumper> "Conrad, Tsubaki, i will assist you in determining the effectivness and damages infection verses current treatments have caused."
[22:43] <@Nemi> "Nanu?" Ellie muses aloud..
[22:43] <Kadmus> Conn rolls his shoulders and attempts to communicate with these 'Nanu' some more. "Do you require a human to live on, or can you survive on other organisms?" He asks, trying to think of a way they can get through this without, you know, commiting genocide.
[22:44] <PuddleJumper> Eve spoke as well. "Those you call "Worlds" refer to themselves as Humans. Each is an individual…*she snapped a picture of one of the infected and sent it* This is what your colonization does to them."
[22:45] <PuddleJumper> (roll for medical check?)
01[22:52] <@Antichthon> Nadia furrowed her brow at Evelyn. "…yeah, okay." The woman turned to Ellie, who seemed the most collected of the group. "Patient zero was last seen at the remains of Hamad tower. We can't release anyone from here until he's handled. He'll just reinfect them." To Tsubaki, "Symptoms are damage to all organs, mineral leeching of bones, vital compounds sapped away, all of it being sent into metallic tumors. It's inevitably deadly." The Nanu, for their part, responded to Conn first. "No, we can live on many worlds so long as they can support life." The voice sounded exasperated. "This isn't relevant. We've tried to evacuate the assaulted worlds but are ships are destroyed as soon as they leave the surface." What Evelyn said was greeted with exasperated silence. The Nanu they were talking to didn't seem to have much patience for show-and-tell while its people were being slaughtered.
[22:53] <@Nemi> * Ellie tilts her head and nods, thoughtful. "In Hamad tower.. Alright." This was a bit of a conundrum. These tiny, parasitic people, versus their victims… And their very aggressive colonization..
[22:57] <PuddleJumper> Eve stood and headed over to Nadia "Please cease all treatment of these patients…i believe i can help enough to keep them alive, even with their infections for long enough to resolve this issue. I am aware that this does not sound logical, but allow me to demonstrate please." she clicked over to somone who looked like they were in bad shape. "Contact of the Nanu, can you read the world at my coordinates? I
[22:57] <PuddleJumper> am going to attempt to heal the human, and any injured of your people residing within using the method used previously." She waited for Nadia to respond.
[22:57] <Kadmus> Conn winces at the list of symptoms. None of those things are fun in any way. "How fast are they spreading?" He asks Nadia.
[22:58] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki rubbed the back of her head and looked all of the victims over, considering how her companions would react if she just purged the Nanu from the people. It didn't sound like they'd be too happy with it, though they were just smart parasites at this point. "One problem at a time, I suppose. We should go to the tower and check it out, see what we can do about patient Zero. Might be able to find a way to keep this from
[22:58] <Mokou-tan> escalating."
01[22:59] <@Antichthon> "We are open to any and all negotiation," Said the Nanu aboard the cruiser. "There was no intelligent life on any of these worlds, we had no knowledge that they were claimed by an alien race. By Allah, we didn't even know there was intelligent life beyond the homeworld until you started slaughtering us!" Nadia, to Conn, "Firewatch put up a containment field around the area, it can't get out. but everyone outside of our zapper is infected." Nadia glared at Evelyn. "Like hell am I stopping treatment, these people are dying!"
[23:00] <PuddleJumper> I dont see a long term solution to these people problems yet…but given a bit of time i could regenerate the worst of the damage done to both human and nanu long enough for them to locate the target source. She ignored Nadia and placed her hand on the chest of one of the patients…regenerating him and anything alive inside him.
[23:01] <PuddleJumper> (whups missed quotes my bad)
01[23:01] <@Antichthon> The Nanu Cruiser to Evelyn, "It's no use," the Nanu said, solemn. "That's colony world Kamal is already dead."
[23:01] <Kadmus> "We need to talk to this 'Patient Zero'," Conn agrees. "But we cannot ask the doctors to let these people die." He frowns. "Ellie, would you lead the way?"
01[23:02] <@Antichthon> "That's calony world Kamal. All Nanu are already dead."
01[23:02] <@Antichthon> Colony*
[23:02] <@Nemi> * Ellie folds her arms, thoughtful. She puts her communcation device to her mouth. < Firewatch? It seems that the victims are actually.. er, being 'colonized' by sapient micro-scale beings. They don't actually recognize us as people, rather as planets. They're entire civilization-scaled. > She nods to Conn as she turns to start walking.
[23:02] <JangoFettuccine> Gungnir sighs, he didn't know what to do here, so he's going to do what he normally does when he's confused. Wait and watch and let someone else lead.
[23:02] <PuddleJumper> Eve made a sad sound and moved on to the next living being "Repeating prossess."
03[23:03] * JangoFettuccine is now known as BobaFettuccine
[23:03] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki was up for letting her bloodsnake slither towards the tower. "You can't save everything. Trying will just lead to sorrow."
[23:05] <PuddleJumper> Eve had never been in charge, but the idea that whole worlds of beings were being extinguished seemed to have pushed all her protocals to the max. "We cannot afford to ignore eithe host or Nanu…this is not negotiable. We are not murderers." She yelled at Tsubaki as she tried to head off without her.
[23:07] <Kadmus> That's, uh, not technically true. For Conn at least. "If we do not stop this issue at the source, nothing will improve," he says softly. "And more and more will die."
01[23:07] <@Antichthon> <sounds like the sample that escaped our quarantine ten years ago lucked into a sapient configuration,> Cauter returned to Ellie. <Most likely it has been replicating that successful pattern alone. Can you continue with the mission, or are you over your head?>
[23:07] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki turned on her snake to look to Evelyn. \Speak for yourself. These hands of mine have been stained for a long time.\ "How many Nanu do you think I killed when I retaliated against their ships?"
[23:08] <PuddleJumper> "Violence does not justify more violence."
[23:08] <@Nemi> < We can continue. We're looking for Patient Zero now. >
[23:08] <PuddleJumper> "We cannot ignore what we know because it is inconvienient to you, or that you are in a rush."
[23:09] <PuddleJumper> (anti does her regen heal the patient up and keep them up for a bit?)
01[23:09] <@Antichthon> (Yes, it helps.)
[23:10] <Kadmus> "Per'aps you could stay and help here, and we could move on to Patient Zero?" Conn suggests.
[23:10] <BobaFettuccine> Gun looks at Evelyn, "Who here has said that we are going to kill anyone, I thought we were only going to talk to patient zero."
01[23:10] <@Antichthon> <Acknowledged,> Cauter responded.
[23:11] <PuddleJumper> Eve looks up from her healed patient and moves onto the next. "I can fly…Nadia…i will treat all patients as such…Nanu contact…do you regester healing?" To the others. "You find the subject…I will keep us all linked via the armbands…go ahead and i shall treat the patients here while you search ahead."
01[23:12] <@Antichthon> "I have no idea what you people are goin on about," Nadia said. Then a red light atop the tent lit up. "Zapper," Madia called out, as she had thousands of tiems before. "Brace." The call came up all the way down the line of medical tents. "Brace." "Brace!" Brace!" To the group still at the medical facility Nadia said, "Touch something Metal, or you'll be in for a nasty shock." The Nanu craft responded to Evelyn "Yes, we do, but it's too little, too slow."
[23:12] <PuddleJumper> Eve responded to Gun. "Imagine if each blood cell in a persons body could think…feel, love, and have a family…each of the Nanu are as such in these bodies…each person killed is the death of an entire world."
[23:13] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir blinks at the suggestion and raises one metal eyebrow.
[23:13] <Kadmus> Conn left the tent, following Ellie, after he made his suggestion to Evelyn. Stalling here won't solve anything.
[23:14] <@Nemi> * Ellie quietly leaves. She could change much, but…
[23:14] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki was already continuing along. She had a job to do and planned to see it through.
[23:14] <PuddleJumper> Eve was metal! she was already grounded! she removed her hands from a patient she was pretty sure she was about to be electrocuted.
[23:14] <BobaFettuccine> He then shrugs and follows the others.
01[23:16] <@Antichthon> A sudden buzz through the medical camp. The Nanu aboard the cruiser screamed before being cut off by the ship's destruction. Evelyn would see a tiny little *pop.* "That was a big one," Nadia said, also having seen the tiny pop.
01[23:18] <@Antichthon> Meanwhile, Ellie's group was quickly closing on Hamad Tower. Without Evelyn.
[23:18] <PuddleJumper> Eve made a shrill scream of dispair! screaming "YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT LISTENING! That just destroyed my contact!" The scream and deaths of the people abord audible through her speakers.
[23:20] <Kadmus> "I think this is worse than that thing in the silo," Conn murmurs, looking grim. "I feel sick."
01[23:20] <@Antichthon> "Maybe that's because you keep jabbering while people are dying," Nadia spat back. "Get out of my tent, before I call security!" Nadia went back to work, and if Evelyn didn't leave, she'd do what she said and have security kick her out.
[23:21] <@Nemi> * Ellie can't miss that scream, even at her distance. She winces, hard. ".. fuck me, did that just- ugh, we've got to hurry, do- I don't know."
[23:21] <PuddleJumper> Eve tried to contact anyone in or on related frequencies. She fired up her stun pulse and placed her hand in front of Nadia's face. "I am not allowed to cause permenent damage to a living being…but i can use pain to prevent the deaths of living beings…you must listen! I am begging you not to make me do this."
[23:22] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir frowns slightly at Conn "Be sick later, we have a mission to carry out." He says.
[23:22] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki reached into one of her pockets. "I have something to help calm you down, if you need. It won't change anything, but it'll help you cope."
[23:22] <Kadmus> Conn waves off the offers. "It will pass. Let's hurry."
[23:22] <PuddleJumper> Eve projected her audio on all frequencies…she stood her ground, if she was going to be cut down then she was going to die to save others.
[23:24] <PuddleJumper> (Eve is still connected to you all via audio bands around your arms)
[23:24] <PuddleJumper> (so you can hear her)
[23:25] <@Nemi> "Oh fuck me," says Ellie. < Cauter? We've got a situation- I think we need you to take over at the tentside. >
[23:25] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki nodded to Conn as she listened over the communications. "I don't know about any of you, but if I intervene in that, I will likely end up killing something."
01[23:27] <@Antichthon> <understood> A portal opened up at the tent; the process of getting the overworked doctors to actually understand the situation would be handled by Firewatch personnel now.
[23:27] <PuddleJumper> Eve looked around her hand shaking…her programing was in conflict, the size of this was overwhelming and nobody seemed to understand!
01[23:28] <@Antichthon> Jie was among them. She gave Evelyn a warm smile. "We'll take over here, return to your group." Nadia, bewildered by this sudden influx of personnel, was taken aside for a chat.
[23:28] <PuddleJumper> Eve seeing the portal open instandly dropped her hand the power swiching off…She quickly hugged the firewatch opperative and launched herself into the air her foot jets taking off through the tent top. She blasted away as she wirelessly sent all the info she had collected so far to the nearest computer to the firewatch personell
[23:30] <@Nemi> < Thank you, Cauter. We're en-route to the tower now. >
01[23:30] <@Antichthon> Ellie and co were in the heart of Nanu "space now." The noise was powerful. Thankfully, Evelyn still provided translation services. through their arm bands, even if they weren't with them. A dense cloud of glitter apppeared before the group, some of the glitter actually macroscopic. This wasn't the weak little frontier fleet the group had fought before. This was one of the core fleets. "Alien worlds," Came a powerful Nanu voice, dripping with content. "This is Nanu space. Submit now or be destroyed."
01[23:30] <@Antichthon> Ellie and co were in the heart of Nanu "space" now.*
01[23:31] <@Antichthon> contempt, not content.
[23:31] <@Nemi> "Stand down," Ellie said, trusting Eve to be her relay. "We don't want a massacre here."
[23:32] <PuddleJumper> Eve beeped frantically transmitting to the larger signal "Please! Attempting to salvage the situation is imparitive! Do not react with violence! We must rely on diplomacy! The situation is not past the point of salvage!"
[23:32] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki could feel her red pill wearing off by now, sighing as she looked over the fleets. "Seriously…?"
01[23:33] <@Antichthon> "You chase us back to our last refuge after annihilating our people, and now you don't want a massacre." The Nanu commander didn't seem surprised. Apparently word that communications were open with the "alien worlds" had reached them.
[23:33] <BobaFettuccine> Gun frowns deeply and readies himself to do what might be necessary if the shimmering cloud of what was apparently tiny people attacked.
[23:34] <Kadmus> Conn sighs, an looks even grimmer. "We want to speak to your core world," he says. "What do we need to do to secure this?"
[23:34] <PuddleJumper> Eve spotted them from the sky…angeling down her arms at her sides…she wasent sure she was gonna make it back in time….she rocketed toward the group unsure what she could possibally do when she got there….then it came to her
[23:35] <Kadmus> *homeworld, not core world
[23:36] <@Nemi> "We were /investigating/ the /genocide/ that /your fleet/ warned us about," Ellie snarls. "That we're /trying to stop/."
02[23:41] * @Silvors (ten.letyrutnec.nyd.397-848-062-467|srovliS#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.397-848-062-467|srovliS) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
01[23:42] <@Antichthon> "Know this, aliens," Came the Nanu Commander. "If it were up to me, we wouldn't be speaking. I would not rest until every one of your horrors has been repaid in kind. Not until dozens of your worlds were stripped of life. But you know what I wouldn't do? I wouldn't destroy fleeing, unarmed hospital ships filled with the sick and wounded and innocent. Nor would I condemn your children to a slow, agonizing death by cruel poison, like you condemned mine. If there is a hell, its deepest circle is reserved for creatures like you." The fleet parted, allowing them to enter the tower.
[23:43] <@Nemi> "They did /what/?" Ellie wonders as she looks over to the others of her team. She sighs and shakes her head. "I understand, Commander." And Ellie leads the way, solemn.
[23:45] <PuddleJumper> Eve rocketed down…she had been aiming at the spot between the two groups…she was sure whatever side she was going to hit first would have shattered her poor body…she felt relief flood through her. "That pop…the barrier….each time they use the zap charge they destroy all the survivors from the dead people…its not just killing its complete annihilation!" to the other commanders. "Many of us do not
[23:45] <PuddleJumper> understand…this unit is attempting to send out information on all bands and to all team members…Lack of understanding is causing deaths."
[23:45] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki quietly ignored the angry Nanu. If it came down to it, she had no qualms cleansing them to succeed in her mission. She was simply taking the peaceful option because it seemed the most beneficial one and the one Firewatch would prefer.
[23:45] <BobaFettuccine> "The doctors were treating what is essentially a disease. They had no way of knowing it was intelligent." Gungnir says to the rest of the team, he then shrugs at Ellie's look before following her.
[23:46] <Kadmus> Conn says nothing, fully aware of exactly why those ships were destroyed; you don't let the virus spread, if you can stop it. He just walks into the tower.
[23:46] <PuddleJumper> Eve landed behind the group with a tired sounding series of beeps…she stood with her hands on her knees bent over…dispite not having lungs she looked tired, her eyes were a little dimmer then they had been before.
[23:49] <PuddleJumper> Outside her talking she was also transmiting verious bits of animal anatomy, with explenations of each as alternatitives to humans as use for colonization. She was using every bit of her transfer rate to pump out useful data about plants, people, animals, and the marcoworld….basically to them eve had probally just given them enough knowlege of earth to expand the scope of their entire universe.
[23:50] <PuddleJumper> Eve to Conn. "It makes sense why they are doing it to protect the humans…but given time and patience both can be saved. Lack of data could destroy both."
01[23:51] <@Antichthon> A large part of the building had been hollowed out. If the students looked closely, they could see how: tumors on the walls, eating away the metals, creating a hemispherical room thirty feet in radius. At its very center, a pedestal. Hovering above that pedestal, a child. Patient Zero. He was pale, and clearly very, very sick. The entirety of his body was covered in glistening Nanu cities; around him was an even larger fleet that the one that had escorted the students in, with dozens of ships visible with the naked eye. Above his head hovered an absolutely mammoth ship, over half an inch long. Clearly the flagship. The boy spoke. Haltingly, like a pupppet being controlled elsewhere, but he spoke. "I am the Emperor of the Nanu, and I greet you, in hopes of peace. Representatives, do you speak for all alien forces assaulting our worlds?"
[23:52] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki stays towards the back of the group, leaving Evelyn and Ellie to handle talking with the Nanu. She wasn't the most diplomatic person available.
[23:54] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir looks to Ellie. This was way beyond his pay grade in terms of social interaction. He was essentially here only as necessary muscle, he mumbles through his transmitter to Eve, "Do not speak, let Ellie handle this."
[23:54] <Kadmus> Conn simply nods. He is not the person you want handling delicate interactions.
[23:55] <@Nemi> * Ellie is.. Normally diplomatic. She can just stare for a moment. This was different. ".. I cannot say that we speak for /all/ of them. But we do wish to make your people understand that the worlds you are colonizing are sapient and intelligent beings, and that they are suffering. Every mine you dig, every colony you build, causes pain to the worlds, and even kills them slowly.
[23:55] <@Nemi> Other worlds have attacked your people /not/ to destroy you- but to save the worlds you've landed on."
[23:55] <PuddleJumper> Eve knew she didnt know much about anything…not charasmatic for the most part, she made a bleat of indignation…but lowered her head "I shall keep com channels open on all frequencies." She looked at Ellie, she hoped she was up to it.
01[23:57] <@Antichthon> A long silence. The child's voice was just that, a child's voice. No reverb or anything. He was almost ten, if the math in the dossier they'd looked at was right. "Am I speaking with one of these world-entities now?"
[23:58] <@Nemi> "Yes. You are using one of them to speak to us."
[23:58] <@Nemi> "And we are such world-entities."
01[23:59] <@Antichthon> Another long silence. "…My scientists tell me you must be minds that occur naturally within the data mines. Is this true?"
Session Time: Tue Mar 14 00:00:00 2017
[00:02] <@Nemi> * "The 'data mines', located here-" Ellie uses a finger to indicate the boy's head. ".. are where our minds are formed. Yes. We are born within other worlds, we grow with time, and after a longer while, we start to fail, and at last die. Your colonies slowly kill us. And it makes us suffer all the while. Your homeworld was one of us, too, and that you speak with his voice tells
[00:02] <@Nemi> me that there's little of him left."
[00:02] <@Nemi> * Ellie does NOT touch, and she's very careful not to disrupt any air traffic or similar about the boy's head.
[00:06] <PuddleJumper> Eve sent her own schematics. off silently sending info to any of the Nanu on other frequencies as well as transfering the first contact between Ellie and their leader to everyone.The data mine as you call it is our brain, it is where our consiousness is housed…My body is artificial, the others are of mostly standard configuration.
[00:09] <@Nemi> Ellie mentally murmurs to the others, [Please keep Firewatch informed.]
[00:11] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir switches his armband communicator to constantly transmit a feed to Firewatch.
[00:11] <PuddleJumper> Eve beeps. "The line to the medical tents is open as well." Eve's verison bill was gonna be sky high this month.
01[00:12] <@Antichthon> Then, "I am the new Emperor of the Nanu. I will continue my father's efforts in the hope of lasting peace. We discovered the precursor artifact you indicate long ago," The boy pointed to his head, "But we discovered only raw data, no intellgience. Over the many cycles since we last spoke, our scientists on our remaining colony worlds have desperately tried to find signs of you within the data mines, but to no avail. If you can tell us where you are located, we will do our best to relocate you."
[00:12] <Kadmus> Conn clenches his fists and looks at the ground, but says nothing.
[00:14] <@Nemi> "We /are/ the mines. We /are/ the worlds. The artifacts. Every line of data, every piece- they all form the whole that are /us/. We call ourselves 'humans'." She doesn't miss a beat. Of course their lifespans would be so much shorter. The human life must be aeons to a Nanu.
[00:15] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki took a little offense to being called human, but didn't vocalize it. It wasn't important to the current explanation.
[00:15] <BobaFettuccine> Gun sighs quietly and frowns deeply. The Nanu most likely lacked the capacity to comprehend how larger life operated.
[00:16] <PuddleJumper> Eve took the images they had sent of their atoms wide selves incased in metal…then the schematic of an entire human…then laid them side by side illistuating their parts and structure.
[00:17] <@Nemi> * Ellie isn't strictly human either, but still, it's a convenient catchall term for the people the Nanu were 'colonizing', so..
[00:18] <Kadmus> Hey, the only human there doesn't want his species wiped out, thank you. Not if there's some other way.
[00:19] <Kadmus> Preferably one that doesn't involve genocide.
01[00:23] <@Antichthon> "You speak with the new emperor of the Nanu, I will continue my father's and my father's father's work. We understand, now. In the last generation, we have discovered the time frame of your communications is not due to limitations of inter-world information transfer, but that your minds operate in the same time frame our ships and their crews must operate, to interact with the outsdie world. You are glacial beings. No wonder we could find no sign of you in the data mines, we never watched long enough for you to form a thought." The boy's expression didn't change, but this new emperor did seeme excited, somehow. "We have no wish to kill you or your kind, but our civilization requires resources. This, our homeworld, has been nearly drained. If we cannot colonize the entirely of your world-body, is there not at least a portion that we can share?"
[00:25] <Kadmus> Conn steps forwards. "If you are killing that boy, then move to me before he dies, please. We want to resolve this without any further deaths."
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[00:26] <@Nemi> Ellie closes her eyes a moment, and raises her communicator. < Firewatch, I believe we may come to a peaceful agreement- the Nanu need resources to maintain their civilization and they've come to understand that we're sapient, just on a magnitude they couldn't understand at first. Can we get someone here with actual power to offer them a home that won't hurt people? >
[00:26] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir thinks, "Perhaps if we gave them corpses? Those who have died of natural causes?" He shrugs, then just kind of stares at Conn as he steps forward.
[00:26] <PuddleJumper> Eve stepped forward. "I can heal that body"
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[00:27] <PuddleJumper> Eve held out her hand to the boy. She waited for a que to the others. "Imagine if earth could be healed with a touch…that is what i am going to do."
[00:28] <@Nemi> "Don't, Evelyn. Not yet. We don't know how many Nanu- how many cities, posts, operations- are inside the body's body. How many might be trapped or killed if he were suddenly restored."
[00:28] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki shrugged as she popped a red pill in her mouth. "[It can't be helped…] I don't need my arms. You can take some temporary residence in me…"
[00:29] <PuddleJumper> "It isnt chemicals…it worked on the man in the tent." She transmited the data of the tent, the last ship that had been sent and communicated with her, she sped the data into the tiniest fastest transfer rate she could. directly asking permission.
[00:32] <PuddleJumper> (cue)
[00:32] <PuddleJumper> not que)
01[00:35] <@Antichthon> Then, the purple-rimmed portal appeared. The fleet buzzed, but did not attack. Cauter stepped through. "Ellie is correct," Cauter said to the group. "Your team has discovered the cause of the illness, made contact with an entirely new civilization, and even opened negotiations with them. …This has grown slightly out of the scope we wanted for this mission." He waved Evelyn back on the whole healing thing. "You've done all that is to be asked from AROs, what happens now is up to scientists and politicians." He gave the group a faint smile. "Good work."
[00:36] <PuddleJumper> Eve made a bleat of indignation. "It is my function to heal, both the humans and the Nanu! I request to stay with the team and assist…under orders and supervision of course."
[00:36] <@Nemi> Ellie smiles warmly to Cauter, and turns now to the Homeworld-Boy. She bows her head- certainly, a motion lost on the microscopic Nanu dwelling there, but a motion she felt she ahd to make regardless. "Thank you, sir."
[00:37] <Kadmus> Conn looks relieved. "If an emergency host is required to keep the boy alive-" and he knows that there likely isn't any boy in there, and that there quite possibly never was "-you know where I live." He says softly.
[00:38] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki looked to Cauter, then to the Nanu-infested boy. "Huh, guess that's all there is to it… Time to go home, then…"
[00:38] <BobaFettuccine> Gun shrugs and nods to the seventh ranked member of Firewatch. This was not really what he'd signed up for, but they'd managed to end things in as peaceful a manner as possible.
[00:39] <BobaFettuccine> And when was a mission ever ended according to plan?
[00:40] <PuddleJumper> Eve looked to Conn, this must be the spirit of Valor that Basil was talking about…Ellie seemed to have handled that better then she did…she didnt understand how everyone didnt just listen! She stood waiting to hear the vertict…
01[00:42] <@Antichthon> Cauter nodded at Evelyn. "Return to the medical zone, we can use your help. Anyone else who wants to stay can do so as well; I'm communicating with the Nanu in at their time scale, and much of the preliminary work as to evacuation of critical areas in preparation for healing. The boy, Hani, will take longer because - well. Can you imagine how we would respond if planets arrived and began to demand we evacuate homes we and our ancestors have lived in for thousands of generations?" Meanwhile, the boy returned Ellie's bow.
[00:43] <Kadmus> Conn steps up next to Evelyn, determined to at least try to help, both sets of victims; the Nanu and their hosts.
[00:44] <BobaFettuccine> Gun waits to be dismissed and given a transport option back home.
01[00:44] <@Antichthon> "Anyone who doesn't wish to stay can pass back through the portal. You'll be looked over and sent back to your school."
[00:44] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir nods at that and steps on through the portal, there was nothing that he could do to be useful here.
[00:45] <Mokou-tan> Tsubaki nodded as she let go of her control on the blood outside her body, letting the snake suddenly turn into an exceptionally large pool of blood. "I'll be leaving. I'd be unable to aid." Tsubaki calmly walked through the portal, taking a pause to solidify most of the blood in her body in an attempt to destroy any would-be colonies before passing through.
[00:45] <PuddleJumper> Eve made a high pitched trill of joy. "Acknowleged!" She gave a crisp salute and made a series of pleased trills and beeps at her companions. She almost in her joy fired up her thrusters and took off…then remembered that a mote of dust could be a ship with hundreds…perhapse thousands! And she carefully started to walk back.
01[00:46] <@Antichthon> -RUN COMPLETE-
01[00:46] <@Antichthon> -4 XP-
01[00:47] <@Antichthon> -$400-

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