Hunters of the Night

(8:18:37 PM) FakemixRed: A bored voice comes live onto the intercom "Will the students Austin Silver, Conrad Ory, James Harris, and Daniel Remington please report to the mission briefing room." There's a pause. "It seems Daniel Remington is not available, Daniel Vitan come to the mission briefing room."
(8:21:18 PM) Kadmus: Conn carefully closes his book, marking his place with a tattered bookmark and placing it on his bed. Mission room? He'd heard of it, vaguely, but wasn't really sure what it was for. He shrugs, tumbles out of bed, and shambles towards the room, carefully arranging his hair to make sure it covers his face.
(8:21:35 PM) Endtop: James wonders what this could be about. It obviously wasn't his medication or anything… He fills up his pockets, and heads over, having to ask a few people to find his way to the briefing room.
(8:21:41 PM) Silvors: Daniel grumbles as he walks towards the mission briefing room. Who was this Remington dude and why was he always the first choice? It made zero sense to the lich who was rather frustrated with the frequent mistake. In fact, he was still grumbling as he walked into the briefing room. 
(8:23:01 PM) Knave: After gathering together what he'd tentatively assembled as his "heroing gear" - thick gloves and aviator shades - Austin, already having lost time, realises only as he bursts out of his dorm door that he has no idea where the mission briefing room is.
(8:24:30 PM) FakemixRed: Once everyone is in the room, there's a woman with cold steely eyes who waits tapping her feet, she has a knife strapped into one of her boots and a look of annoyance. "There's been a series of incidents within the town of Roscoe, victims of blood loss and strangers coming into the town, your job will be to track them down, and investigate the source.
(8:24:30 PM) Kadmus: Conn waves as Austin skates past in the wrong direction.
(8:24:32 PM) FakemixRed: "
(8:25:32 PM) Kadmus: Conn raises a hesitant hand, before voicing; "Do we have pictures of the strangers? Any information at all?"
(8:25:56 PM) Endtop: "Uh, why did you choose us? I don't know if I'm the best for this…"
(8:26:10 PM) Knave: Smiling nervously, having just come through the door, Austin havers by the entrance and rubs the back of his neck.
(8:27:29 PM) Silvors: "Who's this Daniel Remington dude?" Daniel was more concerned with that than some vampires.
(8:27:40 PM) FakemixRed: The woman snaps her hand and guards come into the room with backpacks. "There are files on the victims inside. As for who chooses the mission operatives, it's Principle Eisenhorn, I don't choose." inside the backpacks are granola bars, water bottles, a map of the town, files on three different people, and duct tape. A debit card is also placed on the table. "You are allotted $500 for the mission."
(8:28:58 PM) Kadmus: Conn picks up his pack and fumbles inside for the files, fishing out the first one and studying it.
(8:30:57 PM) Endtop: James doesn't open his backpack. He'll look through everything on the trip.
(8:31:18 PM) Knave: "Sweet, granola bars."
(8:32:40 PM) Silvors: The lich, seeing as how nobody else did it, chose to take the debit card. Great, Vampire hunting. Vampire Hunter Daniel.
(8:34:26 PM) FakemixRed: The first file is of an African American teenage girl named Kimbly White, which has her address as well as other bits of info. "You should do your investigation before nightfall, that's when it gets very active." the woman says as the guards attach ankle bracelets onto all 4 of them. "Now unless you have anymore relevant questions, head to the plane."
(8:35:09 PM) Knave: Tentatively, Austin raises his hand.
(8:36:56 PM) FakemixRed: The woman snaps her finger at Austin "Make it quick."
(8:38:44 PM) Knave: This seems to cause Austin considerable stress and he scratches his head as he talks, "Sorry, just, I'm new with the whole supernatural thing and, like, do vampires exist? Like, I assume you keep files and stuff, do vampires like definitely yes or no exist? Because, like… blood." He withers under the woman's gaze.
(8:39:07 PM) Silvors: Daniel looks at Austin like he's an idiot. 
(8:40:00 PM) FakemixRed: The woman grumbles "They need a class on this….Yes vampires are a real entity within the world."
(8:40:30 PM) Knave: "Okay, cool, just… it seemed like that information would be relevant." Austin throws his hand up again, "Follow up question, which parts of vampire myth are true?"
(8:40:30 PM) Endtop: "So, we basically have to make /sure/ the vampires are the new guys in town?"
(8:41:33 PM) Kadmus: Conn pats Austin comfortingly - way too hard - on the shoulder, and says "Don't worry, Slick, I'll keep you safe, mon ami."
(8:41:55 PM) FakemixRed: "Vampires are a case by case basis and can vary wildly depending on their anomalous make up. Though it isn't set in stone that a vampire is involved with this case."
(8:42:08 PM) Silvors: Daniel shook his head as he stood up. This was the end. "I'll be on the plane." The lich spoke before walking off. 
(8:42:32 PM) Knave: "Right. Good. So we're basically going in blind." Austin pauses, still bent over from the force of Conn's pat, then says, slightly bitterly, "Awesome."
(8:44:43 PM) Kadmus: "Well, if we can stop these vampires, it's our responsibility, non? We got these powers for a reason."
(8:45:05 PM) FakemixRed: The guards lead them to an airfield which has a plane and chopper on standby, ushering the kids into the plane. "The bracelets also let you contact the chopper for pick up." (Just tell me when you're ready to land)
(8:45:37 PM) Kadmus: Conn reads through the other two files, memorising the information as much as he can while munching on one of the granola bars.
(8:46:56 PM) Endtop: James kinda keeps to himself, studying the files. He just hopes nothing appears on the plane… That would be pretty bad…
(8:47:12 PM) FakemixRed: The other two are Gerard Callaway, a man of Native American descent, and George Minovsky, a pasty pharmacist, with their addresses and locations they are often found 
(8:47:56 PM) Kadmus: Conn jabs a clumsy finger at the picture of George, muttering "Pale fellow, vampire, right?"
(8:48:01 PM) Knave: "So, uh, should we do introductions?" Austin asks, having skimmed the files, "I know I know two of you but we should probably know each other's powers before we touch down."
(8:48:51 PM) Silvors: "I'm Daniel. I do ice stuff." Daniel says looking at the files. 
(8:49:07 PM) Endtop: "Yeah, that might be a good idea… I, uh, summon monsters. So, be careful of them… I'm James"
(8:49:26 PM) Kadmus: Conn waves cheerfully at the rest of the group. "Name's Conrad. I heal people. Nice to meet you all!"
(8:50:06 PM) Knave: Austin salutes lazily, "Austin Silver, I make things slippy."
(8:50:36 PM) Kadmus: "Say that to all the filles, Slick?" Conn tilts his head, teasing the taller boy.
(8:51:11 PM) Knave: "Yeah, it's how I keep getting slapped." Austin smiles.
(8:51:22 PM) Silvors: "Filles?" Daniel wishes he could fall asleep right now, if only to not listen to this conversation. (Ready)
(8:52:03 PM) Kadmus: "Ah, the ladies, you know?" Conn nods decisively. "Slick seems to have all the luck with them." (Ready)
(8:52:16 PM) Endtop: (James is ready)
(8:52:58 PM) Knave: "What can I say?" Austin shrugs faux-modestly, "I'm a smooth operator." (Ready)
(8:54:07 PM) FakemixRed: The plane touches a little ways away from the small country town, which is not too lively, with a couple mom and pop shops, lots of neighborhoods and abandoned barnyards. (2 HOURS TILL SUNSET) 
(8:55:51 PM) Silvors: "Alright, so, what's our plan?" The lich asks, looking at the rest of the group. "We only have about two hours before nightfall."
(8:56:23 PM) Knave: Austin puts on his aviators and starts walking and talking, "I say we hit the address of the most recent vic, see if we can't find anything our bloodsucking pals left behind."
(8:57:04 PM) Endtop: "I think we can split into pairs and follow different leads. Maybe one group goes to see the vicims, and the other group follows the suspects?"
(8:57:40 PM) Kadmus: "Sounds bien to me. Who wants to do what? I'm happy to do whichever." Conn shrugs
(8:58:10 PM) Silvors: Daniel cringes at the entire sentence. Vic? Bloodsucking pals? "If we're splitting up, I want James." The lich refused to team up with Mr Cringe.
(8:58:58 PM) Kadmus: Conn raises his hand for a fistbump with Austin. "Then it's Feedback and Slick on the other team. Good with me."
(8:59:13 PM) Knave: "All right. Me and Conn will hit up the victim's places, you guys go hunting for suspects."
(8:59:34 PM) Endtop: "Uh… Okay… Let's go, then?"
(9:00:30 PM) Silvors: If Cringe was a physical object, Daniel would have enough to flood the Sahara. "Alright, let's go find the… do we even have any suspects?"
(9:00:52 PM) Kadmus: Conn waves the files at you. "These three are the most likely, the boss lady said."
(9:00:58 PM) Endtop: "Yeah. There's uh…" James pulls out the files. "These guys."
(9:01:11 PM) FakemixRed: (the files are of the victims)
(9:01:11 PM) Knave: "I thought these were the victims…" Austin says, hands in pockets.
(9:01:53 PM) Endtop: (Oh, I thought we had files on the the suspects too. Redact)
(9:02:10 PM) Kadmus: (Ah, crap. Redact)
(9:02:57 PM) Kadmus: "The boss lady said there were strangers in town. Maybe ask around about them?" Conn ventures.
(9:03:36 PM) Endtop: "Uh…" James gets interrupted by Conn. "Yeah, that sounds like a good starting idea."
(9:04:32 PM) Silvors: "Why don't we all just go and ask the victims?" Daniel suggested, "There's no reason in splitting up for no reason." Although, not wanting to die of horrible one-liners was a decent recent.
(9:04:51 PM) FakemixRed: There are few people outside today, they are hurrying, as if to get indoors as fast as possible, many of them acting cautiously. 
(9:05:15 PM) Knave: "What, just, like… walk into the hospital and ask the victims if they happened to see where the vampires went?"
(9:05:53 PM) Kadmus: Conn opens one of the folders and re-reads it. "I think they got sent home already?"
(9:05:58 PM) Endtop: "Well, why not? I mean, we can at least try, right?"
(9:06:58 PM) Silvors: "Plus, there might be clues at their houses. I say we check the addresses first." Daniel nodded in agreement.
(9:07:39 PM) Knave: "All right. You still want to split up, cover more ground?" Austin looks up at the sky, "Night's not so far off."
(9:07:51 PM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs, shouldering his backpack. "Sounds good. Shall we get moving before nuit?"
(9:08:42 PM) Endtop: "Okay. So, let's go and check up on the guy who's been the most recent victim, which is… The teenager, right?" James checks the files to make sure, and corrects himself if he's wrong
(9:09:48 PM) FakemixRed: Most recent victim is the pasty pharmacist George Minovsky 
(9:10:09 PM) FakemixRed: Next is George Callaway and the oldest victim is Kimbly White 
(9:10:29 PM) Kadmus: "We can go talk to the young lady. Slick has a way with women, non?" Conn nudges Austin way too hard.
(9:11:24 PM) Knave: "I like to think so." Austin half-chuckles, sounding pained. He rubs his arm, worrying it might be starting to bruise at this point.
(9:11:54 PM) Silvors: "Wouldn't it be best to go together? Seeing as how late it is and all." The lich wasn't exactly concerned for himself, what vampire drank lich's blood?
(9:12:55 PM) Kadmus: "Together sounds good too. Shall we walk?" Conn looks around to see if he can orient himself with the map.
(9:13:12 PM) Endtop: "It's faster if we split up, though…"
(9:13:48 PM) Knave: "Look, we're wasting time discussing it, how about we flip a coin? Heads we stick together, tails we split?"
(9:13:51 PM) FakemixRed: The house is a bit aways away, a 10 minute walk from your position, with the pharmacy being 8 minutes away, and the house of Gerard being 20 minutes away. 
(9:14:09 PM) Endtop: "I mean, how about we go to the closest person together, then split up to visit the other two?"
(9:14:51 PM) Knave: "Or that. Forget what I said. I vote James makes the decisions concerning movement and time constraints in the future."
(9:14:59 PM) Kadmus: Conn nods in agreement.
(9:15:47 PM) Silvors: Daniel ran a hand through his hair. "Let's just go."
(9:15:54 PM) Kadmus: "So, the pharmacy should still be open, weh? He should be there. It's only a few minutes this way." Conn starts walking.
(9:16:25 PM) Endtop: "Uh… I'm not sure if I should… I mean, okay… Let's go then." James follows Conn.
(9:17:36 PM) FakemixRed: The people who are still out and about stare at the four of them, they can tell pretty fast they are strangers. The group passes various stores in the shopping district like a hardware store, grocery store and a dinky gas station before reaching the pharmacy, which looks a little bit more up to date, albeit falling apart and having flickering fluorescent lights. 
(9:18:30 PM) FakemixRed: The store is open for another 3 hours, and in the back is a counter where a pasty man stands, aisles of various medicines around him 
(9:19:25 PM) Endtop: "I'm not good about this… Someone else talk to him, please?" James unsubtly shrinks to the back of the group.
(9:19:52 PM) Kadmus: Conn immediately walks up to the counter, and waves cheerfully. "Good evening, monsieur! How are you today!" He says loudly.
(9:20:50 PM) FakemixRed: The man scowls "New in town?" he says looking quite unnerved, perhaps someone should try smoothing him over (Roll persuasion. 4d3-8+stat+skill) 
(9:23:23 PM) Knave: Austin puts a hand on Conn's shoulder and unsubtly slides himself forward, clearing his throat, "Yeah, we're, like, on a road trip. We're kind of into urban legends and stuff and a guy in town told us something spooky happened to you?"
(9:23:44 PM) Knave: 4d3-8+5
(9:23:44 PM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 3:6-8+5
(9:24:08 PM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+7 He ain't trusting no slimy kids damn it!
(9:24:09 PM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, He ain't trusting no slimy kids damn it!: 9:10-8+7
(9:24:56 PM) FakemixRed: The man narrows his eyes and seems to be holding something under the counter. "You kids really shouldn't be messing around with this sort of stuff." 
(9:27:54 PM) Knave: "Why not?" Austin laughs, "It's not real, right, it's all just spooky fun."
(9:28:19 PM) Silvors: Daniel's eyes traced the man. Something was going on. Was it a phone, a gun? "He hasn't denied it." Daniel spoke as he picked up a bottle of medicine and looked over it.
(9:29:13 PM) Endtop: James pulls Austin back. "Uh, well, we have, er, some experience with this stuff, and we might have a, uh, solution to your problem. But we need to know more before we can be sure. Would you know anything, sir?" (Do I roll?)
(9:30:13 PM) FakemixRed: "You kids should probably be running along now if all you want is a ghost story, or buy something." He says turning a bit to face James, there's a piece of gauze on the side of his neck. "I don't know nothing now scram." 
(9:30:54 PM) Kadmus: Conn raises a hesitant hand. "Uh, if we could, ah, prove we knew about this stuff, would you talk to us?" He ventures.
(9:31:50 PM) Kadmus: (redact)
(9:32:23 PM) Silvors: Daniel frowned, how did these people keep their mouths shut. The lich walked up to the counter, placing his deathly pale hands on the table and smiling at the man. "Who said anything about ghosts?" He said, his eyes glowing a faint blue as the pale boy smiled at the man.
(9:32:29 PM) Endtop: "Okay." James immediately steps back, and goes to look for a few supplies to refill his first-aid kit. He also buys some pain-killers and some toothpaste, making sure to take his time to give the rest of the group some time
(9:32:35 PM) Knave: "Dude!" Austin slides up to the counter, gawking at the neck wound, "No way that's legit?"
(9:35:35 PM) FakemixRed: The store has things such as disinfectant $4, and Tylenol is around $13 for 100 capsules, extra strength. "It's a figure of speech, and yes it's real. Now pay for what you need and get out." he says with some spittle flying from his mouth, he's shaking 
(9:36:57 PM) Kadmus: Conn tilts his head, backing away slightly from the angry man. "I think we should be going, mes amis. He don't want to talk."
(9:37:02 PM) Silvors: Daniel lets out a small laugh that seems slightly sinister. "All we want to know are some local legends. Then you'll never see us again." He still had that smile on his face as he looked at the man. "Just tell us the legend and we'll be gone."
(9:37:04 PM) Endtop: James puts the stuff on the counter. "There's a few more things, hold on. You know, you look a bit afraid. And you can trust me when I say I know what it's like to be afraid. I'm sure we can at least try to help, but you need to help us a little before we can start to do that."
(9:37:35 PM) Knave: Clearing his throat, Austin backs off from the counter.
(9:37:56 PM) Endtop: James goes back to browse the shelves again
(9:40:07 PM) FakemixRed: The man frowns "This town don't got no legends other than some old Indian bullshit, and I'm not going to be spouting any of that pagan crap, I've already met death once and I'm not doing it again." he says accidentally slipping, there are various things in the shop like ace bandages ($6) for a roll, and cough drops in flavors like lemon, cherry, and pickle. ($5) for 20. 
(9:41:53 PM) Silvors: "You've met death before, eh? That sounds interesting." The lich spoke, propping his on his fist like some kind of James Bond villain. "I'll settle for that story."
(9:42:35 PM) Kadmus: "L'ange du mort? Sounds like a real thriller." Conn nods in agreement.
(9:43:43 PM) FakemixRed: The man scowls, he wanted these kids to leave, maybe this will throw them off his trail. "Man holding a scythe in a black robe came around here and wrecked up my shop, that's it. Happy?"
(9:44:17 PM) Endtop: James pretends he needs to take a while to decide what to buy, listening to the conversation. He also grabs some cough syrup, also struggling with which one to get there.
(9:45:53 PM) Silvors: Daniel punched the desk. "We're leaving." The lich spoke, turning to head towards the door. A reaper? It had to be a reaper right? Nobody walks around in black robes and carries scythes other than wannabe's and Reapers. 
(9:46:52 PM) Knave: Leaning by the door, Austin tries not to look too off-put by Daniel's behaviour.
(9:47:17 PM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs, gives a cheerful wave to the man behind the counter, and stumbles after Daniel.
(9:48:08 PM) Endtop: James uses the school credit card to buy all the medicine "Thank you for your time, sorry to bother you…" He follows the others out
(9:48:19 PM) FakemixRed: The total of Jame's purchase is $22
(9:48:38 PM) FakemixRed: 1 HOUR AND 40 MINUTES TILL SUNSET
(9:49:19 PM) Knave: "Okay. Conn and I have the girl. You guys take the guy." Austin nods as they regroup outside.
(9:49:50 PM) Kadmus: Conn nods, and pulls out his map again, checking where the girl is most likely to be.
(9:50:12 PM) Silvors: Daniel nods, time for a twenty minute walk. "Alright, let's go James." Shit, there was a reaper? How was he supposed to deal with a reaper? 
(9:50:37 PM) FakemixRed: (Conn and Austin move to IC1!) 
(9:50:53 PM) Endtop: "Okay… By the way, who thinks that the reaper thing is a real story?"
(9:51:31 PM) FakemixRed: (When you actually make the split anyways)
(9:52:30 PM) Knave: Austin shrugs, "I only just learned vamps exist."
(9:52:39 PM) Kadmus: "Vrais? Perhaps, we've all seen stranger, non?" Conn shrugs.
(9:53:34 PM) Silvors: "Reapers exist. I'd rather we not end up meeting one though." They were one of the few things that could kill Dan without even touching his phylactery. "I don't know if this one is for real or not but, I'd rather not chance it."
(9:53:48 PM) Endtop: "Well, I don't think it was real. He obviously didn't want us there, and it doesn't make much sense with everything else…"
(9:54:22 PM) Knave: "Wait wait wait, hold the phone, stop the bus," Austin holds up both hands, "Reapers? Like Death? Like Grim Reapers?"
(9:54:35 PM) Kadmus: Conn pounds one hand into the other, exclaiming in surprise. "Ah, but if he is a skeleton man, where would he keep the blood?"
(9:55:19 PM) Silvors: "Reapers kill immortals, it's their job. They aren't skeletons, or at least the one I met wasn't." The lich spoke, managing to seem calm about this. "Vampires are immortal so, it'd make sense for there to be one here. It could just be some crazy dude though."
(9:56:26 PM) Knave: "Hardly seems like smashing up a shop would be their perogative. Anyway, autobots, roll out." Austin points with two fingers vaguely in the direction of the girl's place.
(9:56:43 PM) Endtop: "Well, I still don't think he was being honest… Yeah, let's go."
(9:57:18 PM) FakemixRed: (Conn and Austin to IC1) 

(9:57:49 PM) FakemixRed: -Split Start-
(9:58:04 PM) Kadmus: Conn is checking street names against the map as he and Austin walk along. "This looks like the place." He nods at the house in question.
(9:58:35 PM) Knave: "Probably best to let me take the lead on this one, FB." Austin pats his shoulder companionably.
(9:58:37 PM) FakemixRed: The walk from the pharmacy to the girl's house takes a fair bit of time, it's a small house with a screen door, a dirt yard and a mailbox that hasn't been checked for a while. 
(9:59:20 PM) Kadmus: "No problem, Slick. Age before beauty." Conn jokes, gesturing for Austin to take the lead.
(10:00:20 PM) Knave: As Austin strides up the path to knock on the door - his usual shave-and-a-haircut - he comments, "You know, we probably should have said where we were gonna meet up before we split from Frosty and the other guy."
(10:00:59 PM) Kadmus: Conn slaps himself in the forehead. "Merde. And I do not have their phone numbers. You?"
(10:01:23 PM) Knave: Austin shakes his head, "We'll figure it out."
(10:01:26 PM) FakemixRed: A young girl who looks like the one from the file opens the door, but keeps her hand on it, just in case she needs to force it shut. "Hi, if you're looking for my mom, she's busy at the moment." 
(10:02:11 PM) Knave: "Actually, we're here to talk to you, miss, if you've got a minute. May we come in?" Austin smiles encouragingly.
(10:02:37 PM) FakemixRed: The girl shakes her head "My parents don't like strangers in the house sorry." 
(10:04:12 PM) Kadmus: Conn nods once. "We can chat out here, weh?" He tilts his head to the side. "Just a few questions, non?"
(10:05:09 PM) FakemixRed: She nods, not budging from her spot, on closer inspection the two can see what looks to be holes on the side of her neck, though they look mostly healed. "Yeah sure." 
(10:06:02 PM) Knave: With a brief look to Conn, Austin very quickly flashes the girl his student ID card, "Miss, we're with the Bureau of Anomalous Crime, I'm Agent Mercury, this is my partner Agent Smith. We were wondering if there was anything you can tell us about the person or people that attacked you."
(10:07:13 PM) FakemixRed: The girl looks very apprehensive "Umm excuse me?" she starts shutting the screen door 
(10:10:05 PM) Knave: 4d3-8+3
(10:10:05 PM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 0:5-8+3
(10:11:55 PM) Kadmus: 4d3-8
(10:11:56 PM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+3 I swear this town is full of crazies 
(10:11:56 PM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: -1:7-8
(10:11:56 PM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, I swear this town is full of crazies : 6:11-8+3
(10:12:25 PM) Kadmus: Conn attempts to put his foot in the way, stopping the door from opening, but slips and stubles into the wall.
(10:13:31 PM) FakemixRed: "I don't know what you're going on about, and i can tell you're new to this town but you really shouldn't be sticking your nose into somebody elses business." she says weirded out by all this 
(10:14:22 PM) Knave: "There are literally bite marks on your neck," Austin says, annoyed at the fact she's pretending nothing's wrong and pretty much dropping his act.
(10:15:59 PM) FakemixRed: "I don't know, something just came up to me and then I got admitted into the hospital." She says touching the mark gingerly 
(10:16:45 PM) Kadmus: "Do you remember anything about what bit you, mademoiselle?" Conn ventures, steadying himself against Austin.
(10:17:29 PM) FakemixRed: (Roll me that persuasion, both of you, plain brains for Conn)
(10:17:48 PM) Knave: 4d3-8+5
(10:17:49 PM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 5:8-8+5
(10:18:02 PM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+3
(10:18:02 PM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 1:6-8+3
(10:18:46 PM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+4 
(10:18:47 PM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 5:9-8+4
(10:19:28 PM) FakemixRed: The girl shakes her head "I don't know, it happened too fast, next thing you know they have an ambulance picking me up."
(10:20:45 PM) Knave: "Look, on the level, I totally lied about the Agent thing, but we are here to help." Austin smiles genuinely, "Did it not occur to you as weird? A pair of pinprick marks on the neck? Drained blood?"
(10:21:40 PM) FakemixRed: The girl slowly nods "Yeah I did but I don't really have much to do about it, I have to study for AP exams." 
(10:22:33 PM) Knave: "That's where we come in. We suck at exams anyway." Austin has a wide, proud grin, "Can you tell us where it happened?"
(10:22:59 PM) Kadmus: "Speak for toi mem." Conn mutters under his breath.
(10:23:19 PM) FakemixRed: The girl rubs her neck "I was walking home from a friend's house when it happened. It was just a dark street." 
(10:23:51 PM) Kadmus: "Which street, if you don't mind my asking, ma belle?" Conn inquires.
(10:24:07 PM) Knave: "Do you have a vague direction? No landmarks you saw? Nothing that sticks out in your mind? I know it might not be fun to remember."
(10:25:20 PM) FakemixRed: "It's the street I take home all the time." She says pointing to another section of the residential area 
(10:26:45 PM) Knave: "Thanks for the help, miss." Austin pushes his sunglasses up into his hair, "Rest easy knowing you've helped make the streets safer."
(10:28:51 PM) Kadmus: Conn tilts his head again, and a hint of a smile is just visible beneath the hair. "Merci for your aide, mademoiselle."
(10:29:13 PM) FakemixRed: The girl just nods a bit "Uh ok then, so is that it or? Because I should really get back to work. Good luck with…whatever you're doing." 
(10:29:57 PM) Knave: "Have a nice evening, miss." Austin lets the sunglasses fall back over his eyes and salutes with two-fingers.
(10:30:58 PM) Kadmus: "Aurevoir." Conn waves cheerfully, stumbling in a clumsy turn to head to the scene of the crime.
(10:32:20 PM) FakemixRed: The girl closes her door as the two leave to the street where she was assaulted. It's a street with lots of houses on the side, and nothing too odd to stand out. 
(10:33:42 PM) Kadmus: "Do you think personne heard when it happened? Perhaps we shuld knock on doors?" Conn muses.
(10:33:47 PM) Kadmus: *should
(10:34:30 PM) Knave: "It's a long shot. Don't know if we should be kicking any more of a fuss than we already did." Austin looks to Conn, "Your call."
(10:36:05 PM) Kadmus: "Non, you are right. The police would have asked, anyway. Where would strangers be, in this town? We could investigate there. A motel, or such?" He rolls his shoulders.
(10:37:02 PM) Knave: "I think, first things first, we sweep the area to see if we can turn up signs of a struggle anywhere, then head for the other victim's house to regroup with Beta Team."
(10:37:14 PM) FakemixRed: There's places like abandoned barns, bits of forest and a creepy old house. 
(10:38:41 PM) Kadmus: "Sounds bien. You take one end, I the other, we work towards each other?" Conn nods.
(10:39:18 PM) FakemixRed: (Both of you roll brains, Academics applies.)
(10:39:23 PM) Knave: "Sounds smart." Austin whips off his sunglasses and slots them into his shirt collar, "Oh, and fly casual."
(10:39:38 PM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+5
(10:39:39 PM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 3:6-8+5
(10:39:42 PM) Knave: 4d3-8+2
(10:39:42 PM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 2:8-8+2
(10:40:19 PM) FakemixRed: Neither notice anything odd about the street other than that someone was filthy and left their beer bottle on the road, how dangerous 
(10:41:09 PM) Kadmus: Conn picks up the beer bottle to put it in a trash can.
(10:42:14 PM) Knave: Austin smirks, "You and me, FB," He puts his sunglasses back on as he steps lively towards the other address, "We're gonna clean up this town."
(10:42:41 PM) FakemixRed: (Will tell you when you're ready to integrate to Fireflies)
(10:42:57 PM) Kadmus: Conn puts his face in the palm of his free hand with a groan. "C'etait terrible, Slick. Truly terrible."
(10:50:09 PM) FakemixRed: -Scene Regroup-

(9:58:32 PM) Silvors: "Yeah, I agree. There was definitely more than what he was telling us. I don't think we would've got much more out of him though, and if a reaper is in town… Then I'd rather keep my presence a secret." Daniel spoke as they walked away from the other two. 
(10:00:16 PM) Endtop: "Yeah… What exactly do you have to do with reapers? Did I just miss when you explained that?"
(10:01:47 PM) Silvors: "I didn't exactly mention it but, I'm a lich and reapers hunt immortals, like liches."
(10:02:52 PM) Endtop: "Oh? I don't know a lot about liches, but this probably isn't the best time to talk about it. It sounds like your power is better than mine, though."
(10:04:04 PM) Silvors: "You mentioned summoning things? That sounds pretty cool."
(10:05:08 PM) Endtop: "Yeah, monsters. But I have no control over them, and they attack me. I don't even have to summon them for them to attack me… It's pretty bad…"
(10:06:05 PM) Silvors: Daniel frowned. Great, they had Mister Cringe and his sidekick and now there was a walking enemy spawner. "That is less good." (Want to skip to when we get there?)
(10:07:49 PM) Endtop: "Yeah. Well, I bet they'd attack our enemies, at least… And they won't kill anyone, because they know what'll happen." (Yeah.)
(10:08:22 PM) FakemixRed: They reach the house of Gerard Callaway, though it's darkened and looks quite old, two stories with brick. No mail is in the mailbox and the shrubs look unkept. 
(10:09:16 PM) Silvors: Daniel walks up to the door and gives it a few quick knocks, waiting to see if anyone is home.
(10:10:53 PM) FakemixRed: Someone does indeed open the door, looking like the man in the file "Uh hi? Something you need?" from what you can see inside the house, it lacks a single turned on light source. His hair is matted and looks like he just woke up, though he has an amicable air around him
(10:11:53 PM) Endtop: "Uh, hello sir… We, uh…" James clearly wants Daniel to handle this
(10:12:52 PM) Silvors: "Oh, hey, we were assigned to look into how people are treated when in the hospital. Making sure that all the nurses were polite and stuff. Can you tell us about your experience?"
(10:14:30 PM) FakemixRed: The man looks at him a bit funnily "I was just visiting in the hospital though? Though I guess visitations are very important to surveys too, ask whatever you need." 
(10:15:29 PM) Silvors: "Well, the first thing they told us to ask was your reason for entry. Why were you at the hospital?"
(10:16:32 PM) Endtop: James looks for some papers on him to pretend to write the stuff down.
(10:16:35 PM) FakemixRed: "I was visiting a friend who had gotten assaulted in the hospital." Gerard states calmly 
(10:17:58 PM) Silvors: "Really? Your friend was assaulted? Is he alright?" Daniel asks, tilting his head and trying to glimpse at the man's neck.
(10:18:39 PM) FakemixRed: Gerard nods "He is just resting up there, shouldn't be a problem." 
(10:18:58 PM) Endtop: "I'm so sorry for that. Can you go into more details about the types of injury, please?"
(10:20:48 PM) FakemixRed: "Dude got assualted at night and had some weird holes in the side of his neck, definitely unnatural, man the serial killers always come to the small towns huh?" he says with a bit of a laugh
(10:23:13 PM) Endtop: "Well, that sounds bad, but you seem to be handling it well. But if it were a serial killer, wouldn't he be dead, or at least hurt much worse?"
(10:24:04 PM) FakemixRed: "It was a joke kid, lighten up." Gerard says amused, not really taking this all too gravely. 
(10:26:32 PM) Silvors: "Man, you seem pretty chipper for a guy who just visited someone in the hospital." Daniel accused, glancing over at James. "What's your friends name, anyways?"
(10:28:09 PM) FakemixRed: "I mean you kids should learn that you gotta look at the positives in life, he isn't too badly hurt and the authorities will catch him sooner or later. Shouldn't the hospital have records on who I visited?" he asks merely curious
(10:29:18 PM) Silvors: "We keep records on who comes in and out, not where they go once they're inside, Mr. Callaway." 
(10:30:04 PM) FakemixRed: "Oh, ok, I visited Cameron Hancox." 
(10:32:12 PM) Silvors: "You wouldn't happen to have any information on this… serial neck-holer would you?" Daniel speaks hesitating a minute before adding, "Sorry, just a teenager being nosy."
(10:33:40 PM) FakemixRed: The man shakes his head "Not a clue, if I did I'd have the cops know." he says as the collar to his shirt moves a bit (Roll perception the both of you)
(10:34:11 PM) Endtop: 4d3-8+3 (no skill)
(10:34:11 PM) Mjeowlnir: Endtop, (no skill): 5:10-8+3
(10:34:33 PM) Silvors: 4d3-8+3+4
(10:34:34 PM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors: 5:6-8+3+4
(10:35:30 PM) FakemixRed: Both Dan and James notice that there are bite marks on the man's neck, they look fresher than you'd expect. "So any more questions from the hospital?"
(10:36:26 PM) Silvors: "Oh! Uh, you said you went to visit a friend at the hospital, right?" Daniel said, his eyes trained on the bite marks. "A friend who had holes on his neck?"
(10:36:54 PM) Endtop: James assumes Dan saw the same thing he did, and doesn't say what he was about to.
(10:37:54 PM) FakemixRed: The man nods "That's indeed what I said, want me to say it 2 more times?" he says with a smile 
(10:38:46 PM) Silvors: "No, it's just that I thought it was a little strange. You went to visit a friend who had holes on his neck but… you didn't go to get the holes on your neck checked out." Daniel said with a pleasantly sinister smile.
(10:40:58 PM) FakemixRed: The man laughs "ahahahaha, yeah, I mean I'm a hardy guy, no reason to bother paying medical bills over something this trivial."
(10:42:08 PM) Endtop: "Well, may we ask about how you got them?"
(10:43:42 PM) FakemixRed: "I was assaulted by a shadowy figure, already reported it, didn't want to piss off my insurance company by going to the emergency room."4
(10:44:20 PM) FakemixRed: (5 more posts and we'll let the B team arrive)
(10:45:10 PM) Silvors: "Shadowy figure? Where were you assaulted at?" Daniel said, concern in his eyes. 
(10:45:31 PM) Endtop: "This sounds serious…"
(10:46:20 PM) FakemixRed: The man scratches the back of his neck with a small laugh "Sorry my memory is terrible, so all I can say was that it was at night and on an empty street."
(10:47:42 PM) Endtop: "Do you know if anyone else was attacked or something? Maybe do you have an idea of exactly how they inflicted those wounds?"
(10:49:48 PM) FakemixRed: By now, the B team have arrived and see as Dan and James chat with the man of Native American descent. "Yeah there were 8 other people, was in the news, and something that drained blood I'm sure."
(10:50:59 PM) Kadmus: Conn hangs back and watches the other two as they finish their investigation.
(10:51:36 PM) Silvors: "Are you sure you can't tell us anything at all?" Daniel asks, his eyes locking with the mans, "You don't remember anything other than being attacked in a lonely alley?"
(10:52:59 PM) FakemixRed: "I told you everything I knew about this." He states simply
(10:54:36 PM) Endtop: "Well, okay then. I don't think we have any more questions, right Daniel?"
(10:56:04 PM) Silvors: Dan let out a growl before nodding. "Yeah, James, let's go. Thanks for your time and cooperation." The lich spoke before turning around. Hopefully the B-Team came up with some better information. George 'Sunshine and Rainbows despite Bloodloss' Callaway was of no help.
(11:08:47 PM) FakemixRed: "Have fun, watch out for vampires!" Gerard says jokingly as they leave 
(11:10:00 PM) Endtop: "Don't worry, we are."
(11:10:17 PM) Kadmus: "So, any luck on your end, mes amis?" Conn asks, waving as the other two approach.
(11:10:39 PM) Knave: Austin smiles as he comes out of the shadows, "Let's compare notes."
(11:11:37 PM) Endtop: "Well, we didn't get too much, other than the potential existance of a fourth victim…"
(11:12:11 PM) Knave: "Go on. Spare no detail. A fourth vic is important." Austin prompts.
(11:13:25 PM) Silvors: "Cameron Hancox, that's only half of the total victims since Mr. Sunshine said there were eight. I'm not sure if he counted himself among them."
(11:15:14 PM) Kadmus: "Our young lady wasn't very helpful either. We investigated the scene of the attack, but found nothing." Conn chips in.
(11:16:22 PM) Knave: Austin looks at the other three. Amateurs. "Our vic didn't remember anything. She was on a dark empty street, then she's in a hospital with bitemarks on her neck." Austin looks at James, "Full story of what you heard, from the top, please."
(11:16:32 PM) FakemixRed: (50 MINUTES UNTIL SUNSET BTW) The sun is hanging pretty low in the sky with shadows starting to fade 
(11:16:48 PM) Silvors: Daniel curses. "Well, either we go talk to this Cameron guy and hope he'll tell us something or we try to lure it out."
(11:16:51 PM) Endtop: "That's what our guy said… Seems to be a pattern"
(11:17:17 PM) Knave: "So your victim doesn't remember getting attacked, just found himself in the hospital after he was on a dark street?"
(11:17:25 PM) Kadmus: "If we need to lure it, I'm happy to be bait, weh." Conn shrugs.
(11:18:19 PM) Endtop: "Well, he apparently never went to the hospital for it, but he just remembers being on a dark street, and then a shadowy figure. And I'm okay with being bait myself"
(11:18:38 PM) Knave: Austin snaps his fingers for emphasis and raises a hand, index finger pointing up, "Question."
(11:18:40 PM) Silvors: "I can freeze it in place once we lure it out but, what if it can smell blood?"
(11:20:01 PM) Knave: Austin nods towards Conn, "So our victim's on an empty, dark street. No sign of a struggle we could turn up. Nobody knows they're there." He pauses for emphasis, "Who calls 911?"
(11:20:34 PM) Kadmus: "Huh." Conn looks at the ground, thinking. "Per'aps they are discovered later?"
(11:20:43 PM) Endtop: "They probably had a cellphone or something…"
(11:21:09 PM) Knave: "I smell a rat, boys." Austin whips off his sunglasses, "And it reeks of antiseptic. How far's the hospital?"
(11:21:29 PM) Kadmus: Conn checks his map.
(11:22:03 PM) FakemixRed: The hospital was to the East, and relatively close, only 5 minutes away from Gerard's place 
(11:22:33 PM) Kadmus: "Only cinq minutes…" Conn points. "That way. Shall we walk?"
(11:22:37 PM) Knave: "Anyone got a needle? Sharp knife?" Austin looks from face to face.
(11:22:56 PM) Silvors: Daniel shook his head, he didn't need knives.
(11:23:14 PM) Endtop: "No… I don't think we should cut someone yet, though… Question the hospital guy first."
(11:23:43 PM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. "I can bite myself, should it come to it."
(11:23:54 PM) Knave: "All I'm thinking is, if the hospital staff do know something about this business, if someone they didn't expect turns up with 'bite marks', we might find something out."
(11:24:27 PM) Endtop: "I don't know if that would work, even…"
(11:26:00 PM) Kadmus: "You can make ice, Daniel? Could you make something we could use for this?" Conn looks at the lich.
(11:26:13 PM) Silvors: Daniel facepalmed, "Of course! Let's stab ourselves in the neck so we can ask the hospital staff." Daniel says sarcastically.
(11:26:50 PM) Knave: Austin rolls his eyes and motions to Conn, "We have a white mage. I'll take the neck wound if you guys don't want to."
(11:28:15 PM) Endtop: "I think we should just go visit Cameron. I don't see how stabbing ourselves in the neck will help, especially considering we don't have a way to drain enough blood for it to fit the MO."
(11:28:51 PM) Knave: "If you insist, but if my hunch turns out to be right, you owe me a coke."
(11:29:18 PM) Silvors: Daniel was too dumbfounded by the sheer stupidity of Austin and Conn to say anything. 
(11:30:23 PM) Endtop: "Uh, what /is/ you hunch?" James starts to walk in the direction of the hospital.
(11:30:43 PM) Knave: "That the hospital has something to do with this bloodsucking mess." 
(11:32:49 PM) Silvors: Daniel let out a sigh. "We have no information, no way to find it. Jesus, this is so much easier on TV."
(11:33:03 PM) Endtop: "How would it be related, exactly?"
(11:33:57 PM) Kadmus: "Per'aps the vampires are in the hospital?" Conn shrugs.
(11:35:17 PM) Knave: "Okay, look at it like this, right?" Austin gesticulates as he lays out his line of thinking, "They don't remember a struggle - no injury except the bite. They don't remember anything until they're in the hospital. Where they have drugs to cloud the mind, and syringes for the extraction of blood. And really, when was the last time you got bit and it left two clean pinpricks on your skin?"
(11:36:47 PM) Silvors: "I don't know! I've never been bit by a vampire before!" Daniel shouted as they walked, seriously? 
(11:37:05 PM) Kadmus: Conn raises a hand, then lowers it again, rubs his chin, takes a breath, then stops. "Non. Never only two pinpricks."
(11:37:12 PM) Endtop: "Uh… 4 days ago… Maybe the vampire works there, but I doubt the hospital as a whole is in on it…"
(11:38:04 PM) Knave: "Jesus, Dan, cool down. You wanna wake the whole town up? It's just a theory. You guys got better ones?"
(11:39:07 PM) Endtop: "Uh, I /think/ vampire mythos says they can mess with your head. Put you into trances and stuff. Could be that he's doing that?"
(11:39:27 PM) Knave: Austin snaps his fingers and points to James "This guy is thinking."
(11:39:32 PM) Silvors: "I don't know, blood loss causes people to pass out and trauma could alter memories." Daniel added, "Plus theres other ways they could've been knocked out too."
(11:40:28 PM) FakemixRed: They reach the hospital which is rather small with a main entrance and a seperate parking lot for the ER, it's lights are on, though the visiting hours end in 30 minutes. (40 MINUTES UNTIL SUNSET) 
(11:41:07 PM) Knave: "Okay, who wants to take the lead on this one?" Austin turns his head to the group
(11:41:16 PM) Endtop: "Not me…"
(11:42:32 PM) Silvors: The deathly pale boy looked at the hospital. Being deathly pale and not alive would make anyone shy away from hospitals, especially in nosy small towns. "Pass."
(11:43:08 PM) Kadmus: "You go, Slick. I ain't ever been in a hospital, for obvious reasons."
(11:44:58 PM) Knave: "Okay," Austin looks to Danny and James, "You guys want to go investigate that other victim while we handle this, or what?"
(11:45:03 PM) Endtop: "Well, we should probably all go /in/… Maybe not Dan, but the three of us. I still don't want to take point, though…"
(11:45:23 PM) Kadmus: "Weh, we'll back you up."
(11:46:03 PM) Silvors: "Gotcha. Deathly pale guy doesn't like hospitals anyways. If you need me just… run out and scream." Daniel said with a thumbs up. 
(11:48:21 PM) Endtop: "Well, we don't have a lot of time. Let's go in…"
(11:48:37 PM) Knave: "That's the plan." Austin spins on his heels to face the hospital, then pulls the files out of his backpack and consults them for a brief moment, "Okay, follow my lead, play it cool."
(11:49:34 PM) FakemixRed: There are people going in and out of the various rooms in the hospital, with a person manning the front reception area 
(11:49:35 PM) Kadmus: Conn follows behind, attempting - and failing - to play it cool.
(11:50:17 PM) FakemixRed: "Hi how can I help you today." She says to the group
(11:50:41 PM) Knave: Austin walks up to the counter and leans his elbows on it, speaking earnestly, "Hi, my dad sent me, he should be on your outpatient list, name of Minovsky?"
(11:52:11 PM) FakemixRed: The nurse looks very oddly at Austin. "George doesn't have a kid." 
(11:53:00 PM) Knave: Austin looks down, confused, at his own body, then looks back at the nurse, sounding lightly insulted, "Um… are you sure?"
(11:53:28 PM) Endtop: James facepalms, and pushes Austin out of the way "Sorry, he just thinks we need an excuse to do anything. We're here to see Cameron Hancox. Can we go in?"
(11:54:51 PM) FakemixRed: The nurse looks at her computer. "I'm sorry, only family members can visit right now, he's being treated."
(11:55:10 PM) Knave: Austin looks at James with a 'fucking told you so' expression
(11:56:55 PM) Endtop: "Oh. Well, I'm a nephew. Is that close enough?"
(11:57:16 PM) Kadmus: Conn wonders past the secretary, hoping he can make his way into the hospital without her noticing.
(11:57:41 PM) FakemixRed: He certainly can, though how he'll figure out which room number he's in is a mystery 
(11:58:56 PM) Kadmus: Conn will poke his head into each room. In any where he sees a man, he'll ask if they're Cameron Hancox. When they aren't he'll apologise and say he was told the wrong room.
(11:59:29 PM) FakemixRed: Hospital rooms are usually closed. 
(9/14/2015 12:01:12 AM) FakemixRed: Eventually one of the nurses stops Conn "Um Sir are you ok? You really shouldn't bother the patients." the male nurse says. The one at the reception area looks at James "Never seen you before, out of town?" 
(12:02:38 AM) Kadmus: "Ah? Oh, désolé, monsieur. I have a message for a Cameron Hancox?" Conn says, tilting his head.
(12:03:32 AM) Endtop: "Yeah. I just want to pop in quickly and see how he's feeling."
(12:04:29 AM) FakemixRed: The staff member looks at him with a nod "Oh ok." Checking his clipboard before messaging someone. After a moment "Are you a relative of his?" 
(12:05:32 AM) Kadmus: Conn nods. "Weh, I am a nephew." He pauses. "From out of town." He adds after a moment.
(12:06:44 AM) FakemixRed: The nurse just looks at James very oddly, "Name, do you have any form of identification for check in?"
(12:07:58 AM) FakemixRed: The male nurse leads Conn to a room near the back of the hospital, where a short man who looks to be in his thirties lay with an IV drip in his arm, asleep. 
(12:08:44 AM) Endtop: "Uh, no ID on me, sorry… My name is James Hancox, although I guess that won't matter…"
(12:09:07 AM) Kadmus: Conn offers a polite nod to the nurse. "Merci for your assistance, monsieur. I will sit with him until, uh, visiting hours… are over?"
(12:09:46 AM) FakemixRed: The male nurse looks at his watch "Visitin hours ends in about 25 minutes." and leaves him to his devices 
(12:11:28 AM) Kadmus: Conn inspects the man laying in the bed, and has a look at his chart to see if he can find anything out.
(12:11:53 AM) FakemixRed: The receptionist just shakes her head. "I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure I need to see some ID at this point, come again tomorrow." 
(12:12:04 AM) FakemixRed: (Conn roll medicine!)
(12:12:22 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+4
(12:12:22 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 5:9-8+4
(12:13:19 AM) Endtop: "Okay… Can you at least tell me about what happened to him?"
(12:14:36 AM) FakemixRed: The nurse shakes her head "Doctor patient confidentiality, though I'm surprised you didn't hear it on the news." Conn knows the guy arrived at the hospital, with holes in the neck and 30% of his blood missing, and that it was most likely some sort of medicinal apparatus 
(12:15:30 AM) Endtop: "I don't watch the news… Can you tell me what was on the news story?"
(12:15:45 AM) Knave: All this while Austin has been casually leaning his butt on the counter, looking around aimlessly.
(12:15:53 AM) Kadmus: Conn nods to himself, notes this down in his head, and leaves the hospital room, walking back out to reception to see how the others are doing.
(12:17:03 AM) FakemixRed: "Some psychopath going around draining people's blood." she says 
(12:19:32 AM) Kadmus: "Hi, mes amis. Any luck?"
(12:19:53 AM) Knave: "Nah, visiting hours are over. We'll come back tomorrow." Austin steps off from the counter and flashes a smile.
(12:20:00 AM) Endtop: "Well, that's not very good. How long has this been going on?"
(12:20:50 AM) FakemixRed: "Couple days. Closing hours are coming, and we need to clean up for the night shift people so." 
(12:21:17 AM) Kadmus: Conn stumbles out of the door into the street, gesturing for Austin and James to follow.
(12:21:31 AM) Knave: Austin peels off after Conn automatically.
(12:21:36 AM) FakemixRed: 25 MINUTES TILL SUNSET 
(12:22:14 AM) Knave: "You pick anything up, amigo?" Austin asks Conn as the doors shut behind him.
(12:22:27 AM) Silvors: Daniel is laying on top of a car, staring at the door. "Any luck?"
(12:22:36 AM) Endtop: "Well, thank you anyways. I'll see if I can get back in tomorrow, probably. Have a good day." James exits
(12:23:00 AM) Kadmus: "Monsieur Hancox was missing about 30% of his blood, and it was drained by a medical apparatus. If this is vampires, they need to visit the dentist, it seems."
(12:23:53 AM) Knave: Austin grins madly, "Someone better pick up the phone, 'cause I fucking called it!"
(12:25:14 AM) Endtop: "Okay… Well, we should see about setting the trap, then. Who is willing to be bait?"
(12:25:28 AM) Kadmus: Conn raises a hand.
(12:25:36 AM) Knave: Austin also raises a hand.
(12:25:50 AM) FakemixRed: (Everyone roll me preception or brains if no skill is had.)
(12:26:02 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+3+4
(12:26:02 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors: 10:11-8+3+4
(12:26:02 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+3
(12:26:02 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 3:8-8+3
(12:26:19 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+2
(12:26:19 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 3:9-8+2
(12:26:31 AM) Endtop: 4d3-8+3
(12:26:31 AM) Mjeowlnir: Endtop: 3:8-8+3
(12:26:53 AM) FakemixRed: Daniel hears clearly in the direction of the forest, the distinct noise of gunshots, though it's faint
(12:28:01 AM) Silvors: Daniel immediately leaps off the car, "Follow me!" He shouts as he sprints as fast as his undead legs will carry him towards the direction of the gunshots. 
(12:28:25 AM) Kadmus: Conn stumbles after him, clipping the car as he passes.
(12:28:54 AM) Endtop: James runs after him too "Why are we going this way?"
(12:29:01 AM) Knave: Austin leaps into action, pushing off a car to get up to speed, accelerating as he lowers friction on his soles and skates after Daniel
(12:29:48 AM) Silvors: "Gunshots." Daniel shouts before casting Soul Infusion to make himself run a bit faster.
(12:29:53 AM) FakemixRed: As the group runs, now the others can hear the ring of gunshots in the air, in the dense forest where there's lots of darkness 
(12:30:12 AM) FakemixRed: (20 MINUTES UNTIL SUNSET)
(12:30:36 AM) Knave: Austin pushes himself upon hearing the shots ring out. Bad guys. People in danger. Heroing to do.
(12:30:50 AM) Kadmus: "Call out if you get hit. I'll try and help you." Conn yells, trying to pick up the pace.
(12:31:23 AM) FakemixRed: They can start seeing the flashes of a muzzle within the darkness. 
(12:32:14 AM) Silvors: The glow in Daniel's eyes are a lot more apparent in the growing darkness as he ducks runs towards the gunshots, his eyes searching for the source of the flashes.
(12:32:25 AM) Endtop: James is scared, but he keeps going. He has to be there, in case the team needs him. (minor weakness in effect)
(12:32:50 AM) Kadmus: Conn is lagging behind, stumbling over the tree roots and bashing into trees as he goes.
(12:33:10 AM) Knave: Austin bumps and skids around as the ground grows less smooth and it becomes more running and scrambling that skating, but he keeps heading with Dan towards the shooters
(12:34:26 AM) FakemixRed: And now they can see dimly in the darkness two figures, a large man in some sort of trench coat firing off a revolver, and a woman with golden hair, and a blood red dress as she gets shot in the arm. (roll Initiative, Agility if you dont have reflexes) 
(12:35:04 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+2
(12:35:04 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors: 3:9-8+2
(12:35:04 AM) Endtop: 4d3-8+2
(12:35:04 AM) Mjeowlnir: Endtop: 1:7-8+2
(12:35:19 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8
(12:35:19 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: -1:7-8
(12:35:42 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+3 Blonde Lady 
(12:35:42 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, Blonde Lady : 2:7-8+3
(12:35:50 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+7
(12:35:50 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 9:10-8+7
(12:36:06 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+7 Gun Guy 
(12:36:06 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, Gun Guy : 5:6-8+7
(12:37:03 AM) FakemixRed: Initiative is Austin > Gun Guy > Dan > Blonde Lady > James > Conn 
(12:37:37 AM) Kioku has changed the topic to: Austin > Gun Guy > Dan > Blonde Lady > James > Conn 
(12:37:46 AM) FakemixRed: Austin go!
(12:38:59 AM) Knave: What Austin does, he mostly does without thinking. He skids to a halt in front of the woman and throws his focus to the gun, trying to drop the friction on it as low as possible to disarm the shooter.
(12:39:06 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+3
(12:39:06 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 4:9-8+3
(12:39:13 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+3
(12:39:13 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 7:12-8+3
(12:40:55 AM) FakemixRed: The man doesn't miss a beat, not losing his grip on the gun he looks at Austin "Kiss Shot you employing some anomalous lacky on me? I knew you vampires were trash but this is too far." He gets +2 to his next shot, which is aimed at Austin 
(12:41:17 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+12
(12:41:18 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 14:10-8+12
(12:44:10 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+9 OVERDRIVE
(12:44:10 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave, OVERDRIVE: 8:7-8+9
(12:46:29 AM) FakemixRed: The bullet pierces through Austin's body and it absolutely burns, way more than a bullet should as if reacting to something inside, piercing his stomach. 
(12:46:32 AM) FakemixRed: > Dan 
(12:46:49 AM) Silvors: The lich's eyes dart between the gunslinger and the woman. Which one? How to handle this? The bullet hitting Austin makes that decision for him as his arm pulses blue and he throws a prism of cold and magic at the gunslinger. 
(12:46:54 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+3 Frozen Tomb
(12:46:54 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors, Frozen Tomb: 3:8-8+3
(12:46:55 AM) Knave: Austin manages to get out "I think there's been some kind-" before the shot hits him and it stops being words.
(12:47:35 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+7 dodge 
(12:47:35 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, dodge : 4:5-8+7
(12:49:38 AM) FakemixRed: The man just barely manages to avoid the frosty tomb, and the blonde lady Kiss Shot winces "You dare to hurt my people!? This is my town asshole!" she says with an odd archaic accent "One of you, give me your blood and I can end this!" 
(12:50:18 AM) Knave: "Did you bring a mop?" Austin blearily deadpans, before returning to gurgles of pain.
(12:52:23 AM) Kadmus: Conn nods to the woman. "If you can help, feel free."
(12:53:16 AM) FakemixRed: The woman bites Conn's neck, drawing a bit of blood (-1 HP) "Thank you, though I know not the reason you are here.) 
(12:53:18 AM) FakemixRed: > James
(12:54:14 AM) Endtop: James quickly checks around for a Nightmare he can use.
(12:56:29 AM) FakemixRed: (James roll me preception)
(12:56:58 AM) Endtop: 4d3-8+3 
(12:56:58 AM) Mjeowlnir: Endtop: 5:10-8+3
(12:57:58 AM) FakemixRed: James can see off in the distance, something shadowy that is holding a wicked looking scythe, why the hell it's there is a mystery 
(12:58:39 AM) Endtop: (Uh, I need a location roll. This case, a d6)
(12:58:56 AM) FakemixRed: 1d6 
(12:58:57 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 1
(12:59:15 AM) FakemixRed: Austin's the lucky winner as the reaper lady from Jame's nightmares appears!
(12:59:43 AM) Endtop: (Uh, James doesn't summon, so…)
(1:02:18 AM) Endtop: James sees her there, but he knows that she won't go for either of the people who might be a threat. He decides to just go and disturb the gunman. (cover fire)
(1:02:46 AM) FakemixRed: >Conn
(1:02:51 AM) Kadmus: Conn's eyes go wide as the woman bites him, but he focusses on his fallen friend, calling on his powers to draw the hurt into himself.
(1:02:57 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+4
(1:02:58 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 3:7-8+4
(1:03:30 AM) FakemixRed: 3 Damage is transferred from Austin to Conn 
(1:03:41 AM) Kadmus: Conn (4/8 HP)
(1:03:53 AM) FakemixRed: > Austin 
(1:05:12 AM) Knave: "I'm not actually with her," Austin gasps as the pain lessens, "But like you didn't super endear yourself to me and I'd like it if you didn't shoot me no more please."
(1:05:20 AM) Knave: Austin once again tries to slip the gun from the man's grip
(1:05:26 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+3
(1:05:26 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 4:9-8+3
(1:05:32 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+3
(1:05:33 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 4:9-8+3
(1:07:10 AM) FakemixRed: The man just barely holds onto the gun and fires it at Dan, who has the magic 
(1:07:19 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+8 -2 from coverfire 
(1:07:19 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, -2 from coverfire : 7:7-8+8
(1:07:38 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+2+2
(1:07:38 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors: 4:8-8+2+2
(1:07:50 AM) Silvors: (Overdrived)
(1:08:05 AM) FakemixRed: The bullet embeds itself into Dan's shoulder, doing 2 damage. >Dan's turn 
(1:09:08 AM) Silvors: Daniel closes his eyes, feeling his spirit blend around him into a barrier.
(1:09:47 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+3 (Spirit Shield)
(1:09:48 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors, (Spirit Shield): 2:7-8+3
(1:10:43 AM) FakemixRed: 1 of the damage will be converted to Psyche on the next hit. Blonde lady is taking her sweet old time waiting for the blood's effect to kick in, >James 
(1:10:46 AM) FakemixRed: 1d6
(1:10:46 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 5
(1:12:05 AM) FakemixRed: The mental reaper lady seems to be mocking James while being near him, though the real reaper is just watching. 
(1:12:36 AM) Endtop: James ignores the reaper, and continues harassing the man. He felt a little useless, not being able to stop the man from shooting people. (more coverfire)
(1:12:49 AM) FakemixRed: >Conn's turn 
(1:13:28 AM) Kadmus: Conn breathes deeply as he feels the pain fill him, hot blood spilling down his front as a bullet wound opens in his chest, and then begins to close.
(1:13:32 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+3
(1:13:33 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 5:10-8+3
(1:14:16 AM) Kadmus: Conn (5/8 HP)
(1:14:27 AM) FakemixRed: He can feel a bit of his wounds mending together > Austin's turn 
(1:16:03 AM) Knave: "Oh my god, would you stop shooting, we're not even with the vampire, but she seems way nicer than you!" Austin extolls the man with the gun, "Just quit shooting and we can talk this out!"
(1:16:18 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+5 persuadin'
(1:16:19 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave, persuadin': 3:6-8+5
(1:16:44 AM) FakemixRed: The guy considers for a moment. "Alright I'll cut you a deal, help me finish off the vampire and I'll leave you alone."
(1:17:29 AM) Knave: "Look clearly you're sore about me siding with the girl who got shot, it was a snap decision, but I still don't know you're not the bad guy here."
(1:18:21 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot speaks "I am merely defending this town as I have been!" The guy points his gun at her "She's a vampire, what more reason do you need."
(1:18:51 AM) Knave: "Bro," Austin says, apparently entirely genuine, "Hella racist."
(1:19:02 AM) Silvors: The glow in Daniel's eyes seem to flare up. "Is that it, huh? She's undead so you're gonna kill her?" The lich roared.
(1:19:26 AM) Kadmus: Conn spits bloody saliva to one side.
(1:19:41 AM) FakemixRed: The vampire hunter looks incredulous "You DO realize that it's not racist when the other is LITERALLY a parasite to humanity, like, this isn't a metaphor!" 
(1:20:33 AM) Knave: "Motherfucker we can discuss philosophy if you put the damn gun down…" Austin wheezes
(1:20:41 AM) Silvors: "Oh! So undead are parasites now, are we?" Daniel shouted, the glow burning brighter in his eyes. 
(1:20:47 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+3
(1:20:47 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 3:8-8+3
(1:21:09 AM) FakemixRed: The hunter just looks at Dan "No, she literally sucks people's blood! What the hell is wrong with you people!"
(1:21:22 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+3
(1:21:23 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 2:7-8+3
(1:21:45 AM) Knave: "Not her fault." Austin shouts weakly
(1:22:15 AM) FakemixRed: The gun slips from his grasp and he has to waste his turn to grab it. "SO? STILL A DANGER TO HUMANITY!" 
(1:22:18 AM) FakemixRed: > Dan 
(1:22:29 AM) Knave: "Danger to humanity MOTHERFUCKER YOU SHOT ME!"
(1:23:28 AM) Silvors: Daniel's veins glow purple as he walks forward, feeling magic and his soul infusing his muscles.
(1:23:34 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+3 Soul Infusion
(1:23:35 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors, Soul Infusion: 3:8-8+3
(1:23:57 AM) FakemixRed: +1 decaying, Kiss Shot's turn 
(1:25:08 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot's arm starts mending itself at an absurdly rapid pace, faster than Conn's regen "Thank you, I shall eliminate the intruder." 
(1:25:15 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+11 Kiss
(1:25:15 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, Kiss: 12:9-8+11
(1:25:24 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+7 Gun Guy 
(1:25:24 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, Gun Guy : 9:10-8+7
(1:26:32 AM) FakemixRed: She claws at the man and holds him in place, giving -2 to his defence until he breaks out 
(1:26:35 AM) FakemixRed: 1d6 
(1:26:35 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 1
(1:26:42 AM) FakemixRed: > Conn
(1:27:44 AM) Kadmus: Conn grabs at Austin's injury again, trying to finish closing the wound.
(1:27:48 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+4
(1:27:48 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 4:8-8+4
(1:29:11 AM) FakemixRed: >Austin
(1:29:46 AM) Kadmus: Conn heals 1, (3/8 HP)
(1:30:42 AM) Knave: "Oh FeedBack you are absolutely my favourite." Austin stride up to the struggling vampire and gunman, trying to wrap a hand around the barrel of the gun and slide it out of his grip
(1:30:47 AM) Kadmus: (Redact)(2/8HP)
(1:31:02 AM) FakemixRed: (Roll me brawn or power)
(1:31:22 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+4
(1:31:23 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 7:11-8+4
(1:31:35 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+1 
(1:31:35 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 2:9-8+1
(1:31:56 AM) FakemixRed: Austin easily slips the gun out of the gun guy's hand, who is struggling to get out 
(1:32:00 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+3 
(1:32:01 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 3:8-8+3
(1:32:06 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+4
(1:32:06 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 4:8-8+4
(1:32:12 AM) FakemixRed: >Dan's turn 
(1:32:23 AM) Knave: "Okay, now we're talking." Austin grins.
(1:32:31 AM) Silvors: Daniel runs forward and punches the gunslinger in the face. 
(1:32:42 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+3+2+1
(1:32:42 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors: 7:9-8+3+2+1
(1:32:45 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+5
(1:32:45 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 5:8-8+5
(1:33:50 AM) FakemixRed: Blonde lady decides to try her hand, and suplex the bitch 
(1:34:14 AM) Knave: Austin sounds dejected, "I wasn't… that wasn't a figure of speech, I meant I wanted to talk things out now that he was disarmed."
(1:34:21 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+10 AND HER NAME IS JOHN CENA 
(1:34:21 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, AND HER NAME IS JOHN CENA : 11:9-8+10
(1:34:31 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+6 
(1:34:31 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 6:8-8+6
(1:35:41 AM) FakemixRed: There's a loud crack as she slams his head into the ground "What were you saying? I was busy." she says to Austin, though you hear a chilling laughter in the distance 
(1:35:56 AM) FakemixRed: She says this still in the suplexing postion
(1:36:54 AM) Knave: "I was- Nevermind, can you explain what's been going on here?"
(1:36:59 AM) Silvors: Daniel looks at the laughter's source, his eyes glowing a bright blue as he shakes his hand. "Stupid vampire outshining me." He mutters under his breath.
(1:37:56 AM) FakemixRed: The laughter is coming from a reaper sitting in a tree clutching it's sides. "There have been 2 intruders in my town, I was taking care of them." her back still arched as Gun Guy struggles 
(1:38:04 AM) Kadmus: Conn rests his hands on his knees and breathes deeply.
(1:38:43 AM) FakemixRed: 1d6
(1:38:44 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 6
(1:38:55 AM) FakemixRed: > Conn
(1:38:58 AM) Silvors: Daniel's eyes lock on the reaper. Shit. "Reaper." He whispers, completely losing any focus on the vampire and the rest of the group.
(1:40:06 AM) Kadmus: Conn walks to where the vampire is holding the gunman and prepares to help pin the man.
(1:40:46 AM) Kadmus: (Assist)
(1:41:08 AM) FakemixRed: There's pretty much no way he's getting out of this intense grapple that would make wrestlemania feel inadequate. >Austin
(1:41:27 AM) Kadmus: (3/8 HP Conn)
(1:42:04 AM) Knave: "Can Reapers be reasoned with, or are they like a force of nature deal?" Austin holds the gun by his side, pointed down, clearly not used to the weight or the responsibility.
(1:44:55 AM) Knave: "Trigger finger, you know anything about Reapers down there?" Austin says down at the gun guy
(1:45:07 AM) Silvors: Daniel is still too busy staring at the reaper. "The last one I met was super lazy. Then one seems to be the cheshire cat of the reaper world."
(1:45:15 AM) Silvors: *This one
(1:45:47 AM) FakemixRed: "Hey who you calling lazy!" the reaper says. The gun man says "Yeah they aren't doing their job since this immortal is alive!" 
(1:46:11 AM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. "If they kill immortals, they don't have to be in any rush, weh? Got all the time in the world."
(1:46:26 AM) Knave: "Yo, Reaper dude, we cool?" Austin shouts up
(1:47:08 AM) Silvors: "Not you, Tree Reaper. I was talking about the one that tried to kill me." Daniel shouted, before kicking the gunslinger in the side of the head.
(1:47:22 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+1
(1:47:22 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 3:10-8+1
(1:48:50 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+2+3
(1:48:50 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors: 5:8-8+2+3
(1:49:30 AM) FakemixRed: The reaper gives a thumbs up to Austin "Not Dan's time anyways." the kick knocking his head a bit, Kiss Shot just keeps him pinned down, letting whomever take potshots at the bastard 
(1:50:19 AM) FakemixRed: 1d6
(1:50:19 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 5
(1:51:02 AM) Knave: "What's the Reapers' beef with immortals, anyway? Not like Dan's hurting anyone." Austin jerks a thumb towards the guy on the ground, "'Cept that guy."
(1:51:54 AM) FakemixRed: "Just the way the universe works" the person says, with a clearly female voice. "Let something live too long and bad shit occurs." 
(1:51:59 AM) FakemixRed: >Conn
(1:53:00 AM) Knave: "Dan hasn't even hit a full human life yet, man. Totally mortal dudes live to be a hundred and shit."
(1:53:25 AM) Kadmus: "Ah! Madame Reaper, do you know a pale, sharp-featured man with a metal hand? An associate was wondering about him." Conn remembers something the old man he saved told him, the old man who was probably another immortal. He's still in position to help hold down the gunman.
(1:53:47 AM) Kadmus: (Assist)
(1:54:26 AM) FakemixRed: The reaper pulls out some sort of game console now that the most of the action is over. "That guy, yeah, not my department." 
(1:54:51 AM) FakemixRed: >Austin 
(1:55:12 AM) Kadmus: "Is that yeah you know him, or yeah you don't?" Conn mutters.
(1:55:45 AM) Silvors: "Does anyone here know about the whole blood draining thing going on in town?" Daniel asks, deciding to focus on the mission.
(1:55:52 AM) Knave: Austin rubs his head in exasperation, and tries to figure out what part of this is the point. He turns to the vampire, "People in town, getting their blood drained."
(1:56:56 AM) FakemixRed: Reaper shrugs her shoulder "Not my businesss." Kiss Shot lets Dan knock the ho out if he wishes. "Yes, one of the intruders seems to be the culprit, though I cannot fathom what he needs it for."
(1:57:27 AM) Knave: "Know where we can find those intruders?"
(1:58:57 AM) Silvors: Daniel kicks the man to knock him out, encasing him in ice for good measure before nodding. "Great, finally a decent lead."
(1:59:34 AM) Kadmus: "Unless he was the one who had the information." Conn points out, one hand on his stomach to hold the gaping wound closed.
(1:59:56 AM) FakemixRed: "Yes, we just caught one of them, another is in some protective field over by the barns." Kiss shot says 
(2:00:42 AM) Silvors: "Protective field, huh?" Daniel spoke with a frown, "Any specifics on it?"
(2:00:44 AM) Knave: "Cool. Mission objective updated." Austin says absently, then nods to Conn, "FB, you okay?"
(2:02:05 AM) FakemixRed: "It's a magic barrier, it avoids even my monster killer skills." 
(2:02:12 AM) Kadmus: Conn waves an absent hand. "I'll recover, pas problem. Shall we get moving?"
(2:02:27 AM) Kadmus: (4/8 HP Conn)
(2:03:28 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8=3-1
(2:03:39 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+3-1
(2:03:40 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 3:9-8+3-1
(2:04:21 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot ties up the man onto a tree. "He's human so I shall let the humans deal with him, though his weapon needs to we disposed of." she says opening her hand for Austin to give it over
(2:05:13 AM) Silvors: "Hm… It can't be a constant barrier. Let's go stake it out." Daniel said, "Err, let's go watch it." He said, before remembering the whole vampire part. 
(2:05:15 AM) Knave: Austin shrugs - /"Easy come, easy go"/ - and hands the gun over.
(2:06:45 AM) FakemixRed: The woman takes it and breaks it, turning to the reaper "It is not my time yet Komargo?" who gives a lazy shake of the head, "Alright, let us capture the culprit."
(2:06:46 AM) Kadmus: Conn straightens up a little as his wound starts to seal up further. He staggers after the lich.
(2:07:18 AM) Silvors: Daniel nods and follows the vampire chick. "What's your name by the way?"
(2:07:24 AM) Knave: "You're on a first-name basis with that Reaper chick?" Austin looks quizically at the vampire
(2:08:32 AM) Silvors: Daniel stops, looking back at the Tree Reaper. "Wait… Komargo? You're the reaper at Sunnybrook, right?" Daniel says, looking at the Tree Reaper.
(2:08:39 AM) FakemixRed: "This is my 10th visit. And my name is Amanda. The Kiss Shot thing was a joke from Gerrard, I decided to humor him."
(2:09:28 AM) FakemixRed: the reaper gives a small wave before going back to her game. 
(2:09:48 AM) Kadmus: "It's nice to meet you, Madame Amanda." Conn waves. "Who is Gerrard, may I ask?"
(2:11:40 AM) Silvors: Daniel waves back before following the Amanda. "Talk to you later, Komargo the Tree Reaper." Daniel mused as he walked.
(2:11:46 AM) FakemixRed: "He is the human I feed on for the century, he lives in town, currently room mates. Taking this intruder is a bit of a personal matter I have to say." 
(2:12:04 AM) FakemixRed: "See you in 40 years~" Komargo says in a sing song voice to Dan 
(2:12:55 AM) Knave: Shaking his head in disbelief, Austin follows the group, bringing up the rear.
(2:13:50 AM) Kadmus: "Gerard Callaway? We have met him." Conn nods.
(2:15:25 AM) FakemixRed: Eventually Amanda/Kiss Shot leads them to an old barn that cannot be opened. "This is it." 
(2:15:51 AM) Silvors: "Awesome." Daniel speaks before walking up to the door and attempting to place his hands on it.
(2:16:45 AM) FakemixRed: "Also, there have been live stock missing from the farmers, why this magician needs these things is odd." Kiss Shot says as the door to the barn refuses to be opened
(2:17:15 AM) Silvors: Daniel closes his eyes, his veins turning light blue as he attempts to turn the door into ice.
(2:18:29 AM) FakemixRed: "Perhaps if we use enough combined brute force it will go down, or somehow dispell it." 
(2:18:48 AM) Kadmus: Conn starts to circle the barn, seeing if he can spot anything out of the ordinary.
(2:19:21 AM) Knave: "You know, if you want force, a gun mighta helped." Austin observes.
(2:20:00 AM) Silvors: "Nobody here can dispel magic… can they?" Daniel said with a sigh. 
(2:20:51 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot shakes her head, and puts a hand in her mouth, before brutally ripping out one of her fangs. "I can, but it's not enough on it's own." she says blood dripping down her chin. Conn doesn't notice anything that stands out (Roll precep)
(2:21:10 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+3
(2:21:10 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 1:6-8+3
(2:21:43 AM) FakemixRed: Conn doesn't notice much. 
(2:22:00 AM) Knave: With his feet, Austin digs a track into the dirt, leading about five feet away from the barn door, then he stands at the end of the little pathway, psyching himself up
(2:22:21 AM) Silvors: Daniel casts Soul Infusion on himself
(2:22:27 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+3
(2:22:28 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors: 2:7-8+3
(2:22:29 AM) Kadmus: "I don't see anything out here that might help." Conn says as he returns. He looks around for a big rock to smack the barn with.
(2:22:30 AM) Knave: "Okay, Conn, Dan, I want you to irish whip me at the door." Austin says, shifting his feet on the dug in ground.
(2:23:17 AM) FakemixRed: There are some large rocks nearby a fence post. Kiss Shot looks at the group confused. "What exactly are you planning?" she says as her ripped tooth heals quickly
(2:23:37 AM) Knave: "Fastball special, bro." Austin grins madly.
(2:23:49 AM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs and grabs hold of Austin.
(2:23:54 AM) Silvors: Daniel ices the ground between Austin and the door before going to Irish Whip him
(2:24:31 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot's fang extends into a long broadsword like object. "I guess we shall do it all at once?" still quite perplexed
(2:25:01 AM) Kadmus: Conn nods. "You said brute force…"
(2:25:04 AM) Silvors: "Can you hand Austin the fang sword? It might help." Daniel says with a face that says 'What the fuck am I about to do'
(2:26:30 AM) Silvors: -Redact-
(2:27:27 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot tosses over the bone sword to Austin, and decides that asking them for help might have been a terrible idea
(2:28:07 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+3+2+1 Dan punches the barrier
(2:28:07 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors, Dan punches the barrier: 2:4-8+3+2+1
(2:28:09 AM) Knave: Austin's broad grin turns to true insanity as he levels the sword in both hands at the door, "Cry havoc, baby!"
(2:29:56 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+11 The Sword's anti-anomaly properties
(2:29:56 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, The Sword's anti-anomaly properties: 12:9-8+11
(2:30:43 AM) FakemixRed: (Overdrived)
(2:31:01 AM) Knave: 4d3+4 slip sliding
(2:31:01 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave, slip sliding: 15:11+4
(2:31:11 AM) Knave: (-8)
(2:31:22 AM) Knave: (+2)
(2:31:34 AM) Kadmus: (9 total)
(2:32:05 AM) FakemixRed: The combined effort of the sword and the slipping into and slamming full force into the barrier shatters it. Dan gets….an A for effort
(2:32:23 AM) Kadmus: Conn cheers.
(2:32:25 AM) Knave: "WOOOO!" Austin declares.
(2:32:46 AM) Kadmus: Conn offers a high five for Austin. "Good moves, Slick!"
(2:33:10 AM) FakemixRed: "We can celebrate once this is finished, let us go in."
(2:33:14 AM) Knave: "Back at you, Feedback!" Austin hits the high five with his free hand.
(2:33:41 AM) Silvors: Daniel opens the door and tries to hide the frost blush on his face from his horrible punch.
(2:34:05 AM) Kadmus: Conn follows the lich into the barn.
(2:34:33 AM) Knave: Austin brings up the rear, full aware that he is still pretty darn squishy, barrier-shatter or no.
(2:35:46 AM) FakemixRed: The door leads to a room with a large occultic circle in the middle, it's a rusty color, and smells of metal. There are several pigs and cows in the barn as well. A man with a lab coat and a knapsack looks at the group with a grin. "Guess you figured through my vampire gambit,and the hunter failed in killing her, but it's too late."
(2:36:19 AM) Knave: Austin points the sword at the man and takes charge, "Fuck 'im up, boys!"
(2:36:40 AM) Silvors: Dan walks over to the magic circle and looks at it then the lab coat man. He pokes it and attempts to freeze the magic circle.
(2:36:47 AM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs and stumbles forwards to try and scuff the circle.
(2:37:02 AM) FakemixRed: (Roll brawn Dan and Conn)
(2:37:16 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+4
(2:37:16 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 7:11-8+4
(2:37:27 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+2
(2:37:27 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors: 4:10-8+2
(2:37:30 AM) FakemixRed: (Toughness applies)
(2:37:40 AM) Kadmus: (That's 11 then)
(2:38:14 AM) FakemixRed: The magic circle lights up and throws the two of them back a bit, but not enough to hurt. "Say hello, to The Hunger!" The man cackles 
(2:38:45 AM) Kadmus: "Well, that sounds ominous…" Conn remarks.
(2:39:33 AM) Silvors: Daniel whistles. Fancy scary name, check. 
(2:39:56 AM) FakemixRed: The animals in the barn cry out as some sort of shadow consumes them, and a figure stands within the light. There's a general feeling of dread within the area as they stand there, roll mental defense
(2:40:10 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+7
(2:40:10 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 8:9-8+7
(2:40:51 AM) Silvors: 4d3-8+4+4
(2:40:51 AM) Mjeowlnir: Silvors: 9:9-8+4+4
(2:40:56 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+4
(2:40:56 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 0:4-8+4
(2:41:08 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+11 
(2:41:09 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 14:11-8+11
(2:41:53 AM) FakemixRed: Everyone can feel utter fear and dread at the figure in the circle, it's the most terrifying thing ever, this affects Austin so bad, he wets himself and starts hyperventilating
(2:43:30 AM) FakemixRed: James shuts down at this and will generally be useless
(2:43:32 AM) Kadmus: Conn grits his teeth and growls, trying to keep himself from running.
(2:43:39 AM) Silvors: Daniel's eyes widen and he stares at the figure. What the fuck have they gotten themselves into? Daniel looks around, the glow in his eyes shaky. Come on Dan! You're a lich! You can't die! He tries to reassure himself.
(2:43:44 AM) Knave: Austin falls to his knees, supporting his weight on the sword, huffing between frantic breaths "not…. cool…. so not… cool", tears forming in his eyes
(2:46:30 AM) FakemixRed: The light starts fading, and the figure's appearance can finally be discerned, it's a woman with red hair, black clothing, and… ears? as well as a tail? She stretches and yawns "This animal is the top predator around here? How disapointing, who has summoned me, Halcey of the Hunger Card." 
(2:46:46 AM) FakemixRed: her voice is thick and sweet like honey, yet supernaturally sharp and steely
(2:47:15 AM) Knave: "fuck's this bullshit what the fuck man I don't-" Austin shakily rises, words spilling out of his mouth.
(2:47:16 AM) Kadmus: "…hi?" Conn manages to whimper.
(2:47:29 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+10 Kiss Shot
(2:47:29 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, Kiss Shot: 10:8-8+10
(2:47:59 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss shot's sword is actually crumbling as she takes a step back, way out of her league on this one
(2:48:15 AM) Silvors: Daniel holds in a snicker. There was no way he could be scared of a fox girl… alright he was still slightly terrified but a part of him was enjoying the fact that there was a fox demon. "Halcey of the Hunger Card?" Daniel asks, is this how the naming scheme of demons worked? 
(2:49:47 AM) Kadmus: "Uh, is there an easy way to make you not kill us?" Conn asks.
(2:49:50 AM) FakemixRed: "Yes, I guess humans aren't as caught up on Underworld politics, I'm part of what you would call royalty? Probably not similar, but I am of the Hunger Arcana, which is my title as a Card." 
(2:50:36 AM) Kadmus: "Altesse." He hurriedly adds.
(2:50:40 AM) Knave: "so not a thing bullshit anime bullshit…" Austin falls back to his knees with the sword gone, planting both palms flat on the barn floor.
(2:50:41 AM) FakemixRed: The effect of the FEAR is starting to wane in everyone, Austin gaining better control in his breathing 
(2:51:15 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+3
(2:51:15 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 4:9-8+3
(2:51:30 AM) Silvors: "Oh." Daniel speaks, still shaking about the whole 'demon' thing. "I haven't been hungry in a long time. What's it like?" Daniel spoke, trying to stall for time.
(2:52:19 AM) FakemixRed: Austin causes a large area around him to be slippy, but the demon isn't standing in it sadly. "It's not eating that's fun, but the hunt!" Halcey speaks. 
(2:52:59 AM) Kadmus: "So you don't want to hurt anything, just chase it?" Conn ventures.
(2:53:02 AM) Knave: "bullshitbullshitbullshit"
(2:53:11 AM) Knave: 4d3+5 OVERDRIVE
(2:53:11 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave, OVERDRIVE: 14:9+5
(2:53:15 AM) Silvors: "The hunt, huh? You wouldn't know about any demons that go around talking to people in hospitals would you?" Daniel asks, confused by the goings on of the underworld.
(2:53:33 AM) Knave: (-8)
(2:54:35 AM) FakemixRed: "Kill them all!" The lab coat guy says. "Oh no, I still need to eat, just the way nature works m'dear, though in this form I only retain half my power. I blame this half witted magician." The demon steps forward and nearly trips from Austin's slippy
(2:54:49 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+5
(2:54:49 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 3:6-8+5
(2:55:06 AM) FakemixRed: and falls into the dirt. "Oh bother." she says as her tail swishes
(2:55:21 AM) Kadmus: "I'm terrible at running. Doesn't that magician look like better prey?" Conn tries.
(2:55:24 AM) Knave: "fuck it fuck you DOIN A THING!" Austin declares as he rushes forward to tackle the demon
(2:56:09 AM) FakemixRed: (roll it, brawn.)
(2:56:21 AM) Silvors: (Shouldn't he roll to not slip first?)
(2:56:32 AM) FakemixRed: (He's probably used to it so it's moot)
(2:56:34 AM) Knave: 4d3-8+2
(2:56:34 AM) Mjeowlnir: Knave: 3:9-8+2
(2:56:44 AM) Endorb: (I assumed he supercharged his own friction)
(2:56:46 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+9 -1 from slipping 
(2:56:47 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed, -1 from slipping : 11:10-8+9
(2:57:50 AM) FakemixRed: The demon stands up and takes the assault without much of a budge. "You aren't quite much fun to hunt, but anomalous humans are quite tasty, a lich's soul has such a pure taste~" 
(2:58:52 AM) Knave: Since the demon doesn't seem especially bothered by Austin, he hangs limply against her. "fuck youuuuuu" he whispers.
(2:59:16 AM) Silvors: Daniel growls. "I have unfinished business, you're not having my soul." Daniel said frowning a little at her. "Austin… she's going to try to eat your soul."
(2:59:45 AM) Kadmus: "You are certain there's nothing we can do to get you to not kill all of us, Altesse?" Conrad tries again.
(3:00:21 AM) FakemixRed: "Oh no, i'll just eat the body, lich's having a physical soul makes them quite the rare delicacy." The magician is currently cheering for her to kill them all. "I am quite bored, play a game with me." 
(3:00:47 AM) Knave: Austin stumbles back and puts up his dukes, standing unsteadily.
(3:00:47 AM) Kadmus: "What game would you like to play, Madame Hnger?"
(3:00:53 AM) Kadmus: *Hunger
(3:00:58 AM) Silvors: "I feel like it's going to be tag."
(3:01:07 AM) Kadmus: "Merde."
(3:01:45 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot doesn't have much of a thought though she whispers something into Conn's ear. "Pick a game that is high risk." 
(3:02:10 AM) Knave: "So the playing card wants to play a game?" Austin snarks
(3:02:24 AM) Kadmus: "Russian Roulette?" Conn ventures. "Anyone have a revolver?"
(3:02:47 AM) FakemixRed: Jame finally regains control of himself, though being near something made of fear is quite an issue
(3:03:15 AM) Knave: Austin looks past the demon to the scientist, "Dude, like, what was even your plan?"
(3:03:16 AM) FakemixRed: "I have no idea what that game is, but roullette sounds fun~ You do it too Avalon." She says to the magician who pales
(3:04:15 AM) Silvors: Daniel blinks a few times… Russian Roulette? 
(3:04:19 AM) Kadmus: "Ah, we need a particular type of gun for that game, Madame."
(3:04:29 AM) Endorb: "Uh… Uh… Uh… Bad-d-d-d… Bad Id-Idea…" James sputters out as he tries to get up.
(3:05:01 AM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. "One in six." He points at the demon "One in one."
(3:05:15 AM) FakemixRed: "Gun? Oh we need a weapon for it!? That makes me quite interested, what are the stakes."
(3:05:54 AM) Kadmus: "You take all the bullets save one from the gun, spin the chamber, put the barrel to your head, and pull the trigger. Whoever gets shot first loses."
(3:06:11 AM) Knave: Austin twists his torso around to look at Conn and gives him a wide-eyed frantic glare which can only mean 'bro the fuck are you doing?'
(3:06:38 AM) Silvors: "No! Let's not play Russian Roulette! Let's play a different game.
(3:06:56 AM) Knave: "How do you feel about Magic the Gathering?" Austin deadpans
(3:07:24 AM) FakemixRed: "I am not too talented in magic, that doesn't sound very fair on my side." Halcey pouts
(3:07:45 AM) Kadmus: "One hand, all in texas hol em?"
(3:07:53 AM) Kadmus: *Texas Hold 'Em
(3:08:46 AM) Knave: Austin walks forward and, as he is about to pass the demon, says "Excuse me, miss."
(3:08:59 AM) Endorb: "H-H-How ab-b-bout so-som-something Less-s luck based?"
(3:09:22 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot thinks and whispers "Choose something where not knowing the rules is disadvantageous to a large degree."
(3:10:06 AM) Knave: Austin steps up to the magician, takes a deep breath, then shouts, "BRO, THE FUCK WAS YOUR PLAN?"
(3:11:03 AM) FakemixRed: Avalon steps back "All I did was summon the Card like I was asked, she was SUPPOSED to follow my orders, this isn't even the original demon I was supposed to summon because she ATE that one!" 
(3:11:29 AM) Silvors: Daniel blinks at her. "You ate a demon?" 
(3:12:02 AM) FakemixRed: Halcey blinks "Yeah, I ate Strength, the Card before me, he was delicious." 
(3:13:16 AM) Knave: Austin spreads his arms wide, "OH, you JUST summoned a demon, no big fucking deal." He slaps his own forehead then flings the arm out again, "YOU FUCKING IDIOT. DID YOU WATCH, LIKE, NO MOVIES AS A KID?" Austin gestures at Halcey, "THIS SHIT DOESN'T END HAPPY FOR YOU!"
(3:14:59 AM) FakemixRed: "Normally I would be in control but SOMEHOW she broke it, just like that!" 
(3:16:17 AM) Knave: "Oh, normally you'd be in contro-FUCK YOU, IN CONTROL. LIKE SHIT YOU WOULD BE." Austin is pacing back and forth in front of him, "You know how many demons break out of their summoners control?" At this he pauses in front of him to shout, "ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, FUCKING ALL OF THEM! SPOILERS, THEY'RE FUCKING DEMONS."
(3:17:17 AM) FakemixRed: Avalon looks offended "No you little shit! Who's the magic expert, you? Didn't fucking think so, it is physically IMPOSSIBLE for her to have gotten out of control, because that's how REAL demons work damn it!"
(3:17:52 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot is just terrified at the situation, while Halcey is giggling at the altercation between her "master" and Austin
(3:17:52 AM) Endorb: James goes over to KissShot, and whispers "Uh, wh-what if we did r-riddle games? Do y-you think that'd-d work?"
(3:18:21 AM) Endorb: (Fix that if I got confused on who's on our side)
(3:18:36 AM) FakemixRed: Kiss Shot looks at him "It's worth a shot, come up with something that she wouldn't know of."
(3:18:49 AM) Kadmus: Conn slaps one fist into his palm. "I like it!"
(3:18:57 AM) Knave: Austin puts a hand on Avalon's shoulder, "You know what you're right, I shouldn't have made the assumption I knew anything about this, you're the expert I'm sorry. Also, additionally, FUCK YOU, DUMBASS, PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE? WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE," Austin gestures with both arms towards Halcey as if presenting her as a game show prize, "PHYSICALLY FUCKING POSSIBLE."
(3:19:35 AM) Endorb: "Do you think she'd know about internet pop culture?"
(3:20:35 AM) Kadmus: "Altesse, we challenge you to a game of riddles! Three riddles, one at a time, we ask one, you attempt to answer, you ask one, we attempt to answer. Three attempts to get each correct. How does it sound?"
(3:20:54 AM) FakemixRed: Halcey gives a seductive pose and a wink to Austin. Kiss Shot just blankly stares at him. "I don't know what that entails, so maybe?"
(3:22:27 AM) FakemixRed: "What do I get if I win, though if I lose, then I don't eat you and give a calling card."
(3:22:30 AM) Knave: Austin stands and appraises Halcey, and in a calmer tone says, "Honestly, lady, if you were any kind of demon, you'd have killed this chucklefuck on the way in."
(3:23:04 AM) Silvors: "If you win, you can eat me. Liches have tasty bodies, right? And I won't die from it permanently."
(3:24:15 AM) FakemixRed: "No no, that's not enough, I want your soul if I win. And I don't bother eating appetizers, this gal only likes main courses." she says to Austin
(3:24:53 AM) Knave: Austin shrugs, "I didn't say you hadda eat him, just kill him."
(3:25:11 AM) Silvors: "I gave my soul to a girl before and it didn't really work out." Daniel complained, looking at the rest of the group for suggestions. 
(3:25:55 AM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. "You could have me. I heal quick, you could chase me, catch me, then chase me again."
(3:26:06 AM) Endorb: James continues whispering to Kiss Shot "Willing to put yourself on the line?"
(3:26:10 AM) Knave: "In terms of prizes, how are you on mysterious heirlooms?"
(3:28:39 AM) FakemixRed: "I guess I'll barter for one of your trinkets if it's interesting enough."
(3:29:27 AM) Silvors: "What artifacts do you guys have?" Daniel asked. He couldn't offer up his necklace, he refused.
(3:29:38 AM) Kadmus: Conn pulls out his cellphone - an old flip-screen model - and flicks it open and closed a few times. "How about this? It lights up, makes noise too."
(3:29:40 AM) Knave: Austin lifts up chain around his neck with his thumb, from which hangs a signet ring, "Weird-ass signet ring, left in my basket presumably by my mysterious missing parents. They were probably magic as shit. I'm pretty sure it's real silver."
(3:29:52 AM) Endorb: James looks around for a nightmare, the idea that she might eat one of them is interesting. They'd lose nothing, after all
(3:30:28 AM) Silvors: "I can't give up my Ankh." Daniel mutters, trying to think up something to offer. 
(3:31:04 AM) FakemixRed: There's a foxy hanging by the barn, it doesn't seem to want to get close however. "I dunno, maybe if you're so opposed to being eaten, one of you become my familiar if I win."
(3:31:34 AM) Kadmus: "And what would that require?" Conn asks.
(3:31:41 AM) Knave: "What, no love for my cool mysterious ring? It has a weird image on it." Austin sounds a little offended.
(3:32:54 AM) FakemixRed: "I win, then you work for me, it even gives a portion of my power unto you, though I'm at half strength."
(3:33:13 AM) Silvors: Dan remembered how Claire was ordered to throw him off the roof. Being a slave sounded like no fun. "Do we get to choose who the familiar is, or do you get to choose?"
(3:33:32 AM) Knave: "Sorry. Already pledged to a mysterious magical girl, chica." Austin shrugs.
(3:33:41 AM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. He'd probably be the least dangerous to be controlled, if it came down to it. "I'll volunteer, if we get to pick."
(3:33:54 AM) Endorb: James summons it, and immediately points it out. "See that thing? How about you take that from me if you win? It's quite powerful in combat."
(3:35:27 AM) FakemixRed: 4d3-8+11
(3:35:28 AM) Mjeowlnir: FakemixRed: 9:6-8+11
(3:35:55 AM) Endorb: 4d3-8+5 (summoning roll)
(3:35:55 AM) Mjeowlnir: Endorb, (summoning roll): 4:7-8+5
(3:36:44 AM) Endorb: This monster gets +1 defense.
(3:36:54 AM) Endorb: 4d3-8+7
(3:36:54 AM) Mjeowlnir: Endorb: 7:8-8+7
(3:37:31 AM) FakemixRed: Halcey points to James "I want him, for having the gall to try and lie to me about what that thing is." she says as Foxy backs away horrified
(3:38:28 AM) Kadmus: "We 'ave a choice in this?" Conn mutters to himself under his breath.
(3:38:37 AM) Silvors: Daniel made a 'tsk tsk tsk' noise. "James, did you forget she was a demon." Daniel said before motioning for James to walk forward. "It's your life on the line, you want to do the riddles?"
(3:39:20 AM) Knave: Austin turns to Avalon, "So you're just fine with this?" 
(3:39:36 AM) FakemixRed: He backs up "Hey I did my job, not risking it."
(3:40:07 AM) Kadmus: "Shall we ask the first riddle, then, Altesse?"
(3:40:14 AM) Endorb: "I-I never lied! I s-said it was mine and that I'd l-let you have it!" James cowers. "Y-You could have just s-said no!"
(3:40:38 AM) FakemixRed: "If you make something stupid up for a riddle I'll kill you~" She says in a cutesy voice 
(3:40:58 AM) Kadmus: "We will not ask what is in our pockets." Conn replies solemnly.
(3:41:21 AM) Knave: "Well, who gets to decide if a riddle is stupid?" Austin asks, raising his hand, "I mean, you can't be the referee if you're one of the players, right?"
(3:41:38 AM) Endorb: "W-What makes it st-stu-pid?"
(3:42:17 AM) FakemixRed: In through the walls a shadows appears, it's Komargo. "I'll Referee! I'm a neutral party and this is getting interesting."
(3:42:34 AM) Knave: "There we go. I have no further complaints. Proceed."
(3:42:36 AM) FakemixRed: "And I've been watching, need another pair?"
(3:43:22 AM) Endorb: James recoils from the apparating reaper. Far too close to home, honestly
(3:44:19 AM) FakemixRed: Avalon looks confused, Kiss Shot looks about ready to cry, Komargo has a giant grin on her face, and Halcey looks amused. "First riddle then~"
(3:44:38 AM) Kadmus: Conn scratches his chin. "What do I own that belong only to me, but that everyone else uses more?"
(3:44:41 AM) Knave: Austin holds up his hand towards the reaper, "Please and thank you."
(3:45:03 AM) FakemixRed: Komargo tosses to him some jeans that are a bit tight 
(3:45:30 AM) FakemixRed: "The answer is your heart." 
(3:45:37 AM) Kadmus: "No."
(3:45:38 AM) Knave: Austin changes trousers and doesn't give a fuck
(3:46:17 AM) Endorb: ~1/3 wrongs… this might work…~
(3:46:20 AM) FakemixRed: Halcey tilts her head "Then what's the answer~"
(3:46:30 AM) Kadmus: "My name, of course."
(3:46:54 AM) Kadmus: "Your turn."
(3:47:05 AM) FakemixRed: Komargo nods as that is an acceptable riddel "Hmmm what to do what to do."
(3:48:28 AM) FakemixRed: "What has structure without order, what is chaos and blood. A judge with no mind over nature."
(3:48:51 AM) Endorb: "Guys, let's make sure to discuss with the group before we give her an answer, alright?"
(3:49:11 AM) Kadmus: "No doubt, mon ami."
(3:49:18 AM) Endorb: "I don't want one of you to make a stupid mistake when it's my head on the line…"
(3:50:14 AM) Knave: "It sounds like it's some dumb metaphysical concept." Austin volunteers. He's not good at riddles.
(3:50:18 AM) Kadmus: "The jungle? As in, law of?"
(3:50:40 AM) Endorb: "My first thought is the universe…"
(3:51:00 AM) Kadmus: "Per'aps life itself?"
(3:51:15 AM) Knave: "Riddles are bullshit."
(3:51:41 AM) UltimixRed: "Just tell me when you have your final answer." 
(3:51:48 AM) Endorb: "But life has order, and usually a mind…"
(3:51:49 AM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. "Weh, but bullshit that may let us get out of here alive."
(3:52:07 AM) Knave: "Couldn't we have played checkers or something? Twister maybe?"
(3:52:14 AM) Kadmus: "James, it is your head on the line. You must make the final decision."
(3:52:17 AM) Silvors: Daniel took a deep breath, his eyes narrowing on Halcey. His mind was racing. 
(3:52:44 AM) Endorb: (can we roll brains for hints, perhaps?)
(3:52:46 AM) Knave: "I bet it's humanity or something like that. Not our final answer." Austin says offhand.
(3:53:01 AM) UltimixRed: (roll academics for a hint) 
(3:53:18 AM) Kadmus: 4d3-8+5
(3:53:18 AM) Mjeowlnir: Kadmus: 5:8-8+5
(3:53:52 AM) Knave: "Wait, structure and chaos? Like…. Yeah that is like life. And the universe." Austin sounds vaguely high.
(3:53:52 AM) UltimixRed: Conn can certainly assume they are on the right track about life, but is missing something 
(3:54:41 AM) Kadmus: "Maybe… she is a predator, no? Death? The hunt?"
(3:55:12 AM) Knave: "Fate. God. Laws of physics. Rules of nature. Stars."
(3:57:06 AM) Silvors: "Hunger…" Daniel says, thinking aloud as he tries to figure out if it relates to her. 
(3:58:33 AM) Knave: "Music." Austin gestures to the wizard, "This prick."
(4:01:24 AM) Knave: "Could you repeat the question?" Austin smirks.
(4:02:03 AM) UltimixRed: "What has structure without order, what is chaos and blood. A judge with no mind over nature."
(4:03:04 AM) Kadmus: "A fight?" Conn muses to the others.
(4:07:13 AM) Knave: "Ooh, maybe it's bangin'." Honestly it's amazing none of the teenage boys thought of it before.
(4:08:51 AM) Silvors: Daniel shakes his head. "Fights aren't structured and sex isn't typically bloody and chaotic."
(4:09:04 AM) Knave: "Then you're not doing it right." Austin smirks and winks.
(4:09:45 AM) Silvors: "Structure without order… Like a building?" Daniel suggests, "Know, buildings aren't Chaotic and Bloody."
(4:09:51 AM) Silvors: *No
(4:10:28 AM) Silvors: "Could it be the food chain?"
(4:10:31 AM) Knave: "On that line of thought, what about, like, a gallows? Guillotine or whatever. Bloody. It's a structure. Chaos… I guess? Judges dudes."
(4:11:01 AM) Knave: "WAIT!" Austin points at Dan, "NATURAL SELECTION, THAT'S TOTALLY IT."
(4:13:26 AM) UltimixRed: "Bzzt wrong. The anwser is food." Halcey pauses for a reaction and after that says "No I'm kidding you're right." 
(4:13:53 AM) Knave: "Boom!" Austin pumps both fists into the air
(4:14:05 AM) Silvors: Daniel blinks a couple times before going to high five Austin. "Fucking team work!"
(4:14:07 AM) Kadmus: Conn high fives Austn.
(4:15:53 AM) UltimixRed: "Your turn yes?" 
(4:17:11 AM) Kadmus: "What has a base but no roof, a key but no door, and you can enter but you cannot go in?" Conn says.
(4:21:22 AM) UltimixRed: "These all sound so idiotic, guess that's just the nature of these things. The cycle of reincarnation." 
(4:21:58 AM) Kadmus: Conn bows his head. "Apologies, Altesse, but no. The correct answer is a computer keyboard."
(4:22:56 AM) UltimixRed: Halcey chuckles "Ah computers, those primitive things, no love for the classics. Time for me to play."
(4:24:28 AM) UltimixRed: "Who is the fastest human runner." 
(4:25:05 AM) Knave: Austin raises his hand, looking to the Reaper
(4:25:22 AM) UltimixRed: "Yes? This isn't a preschool here." 
(4:25:24 AM) Kadmus: Conn snorts. "This is an old one, no?" He turns to the others. "Adam, because he was first in the human race?"
(4:25:48 AM) Knave: Austin looks at Conn, then puts his hand down, "You know what, never mind."
(4:26:14 AM) UltimixRed: Halcey grins "Your final answer?" 
(4:26:47 AM) Silvors: As long as she gets the next one wrong, they win, right? Daniel looks to the others. 
(4:27:12 AM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. "We are nearly victorious. We can risk, if you are willing?"
(4:31:21 AM) Endorb: "Uh, I think the world record was set by Usain Bolt, if we take her literally… So which answer should it be?"
(4:31:44 AM) Silvors: "I don't think she'd keep up with world record holders." Daniel replies.
(4:31:57 AM) Knave: "Well if it's literal, that's a general knowledge questions and not a riddle. I'd call bullshit on that."
(4:32:17 AM) UltimixRed: "We have T. Vs in the underworld" 
(4:33:39 AM) Silvors: "We could go with Adam and just hope she gets the next one wrong."
(4:34:36 AM) Kadmus: "I agree." Conn nods. Of course he would agree, as it is his answer. "Besides, fastest over which distance, if we are talking literally?"
(4:34:44 AM) Endorb: "Well, I'm not quite sure which answer it is… Wait, shouldn't we win even if we get this wrong? Then we'll have only gotten 1 wrong, and she already got 2 wrong…"
(4:35:05 AM) Silvors: "If she gets it right and we get the next one wrong we'll tie."
(4:35:43 AM) Silvors: *"If she gets our riddle right
(4:36:42 AM) Endorb: "Well, okay then, I thought we were doing 3 each, not /to/ three… I think it makes more sense, since we're doing riddles and not trivia, to say Adam… So, Adam?"
(4:38:46 AM) UltimixRed: "Ping Pong~ you got it right." Avalon just looks amazed "You'd think she'd be smarter." he mutters 
(4:39:24 AM) Knave: Austin slowly turns to Avalon, his open palms at his sides, and says with quiet incredulity, "WHY would you think that?"
(4:39:34 AM) Kadmus: Conn pumps his fist and lets out a cheer.
(4:39:40 AM) Silvors: "Then we win, right? Even if you get this one right and we get ours wrong, you'll have two wrong and we'll have one wrong."
(4:39:49 AM) Endorb: James lets out a nervous laugh "We-We did it!"
(4:40:35 AM) Kadmus: "Victoire!"
(4:41:01 AM) UltimixRed: "Because getting to eat another Card usually means they know what they are doing!" Avalon yells as Kiss breathes a sigh of relief 
(4:41:38 AM) UltimixRed: Halcey looks a bit disappointed "I wanted that final riddle, guess I'll just grab it later. '
(4:42:37 AM) Knave: "You know, it doesn't need to be like this man. People could just be nice to each other." Austin says to the room in general.
(4:43:13 AM) Silvors: "I mean, she seems smart enough. That first riddle was pretty hard." Daniel says with a half shrug before looking around the room. 
(4:43:28 AM) UltimixRed: "Survival of the fittest is how things should go." Halcey chimes 
(4:43:31 AM) Kadmus: "Weh, I was truly stumped with that first riddle."
(4:44:24 AM) Knave: Austin shrugs, "Why? What's so great about life being all nasty, brutish, and short?"
(4:44:56 AM) Silvors: "Awesome. Cool. Can someone please shut the blabbering cultist up?" Daniel complained, looking around the room. 
(4:46:02 AM) Kadmus: "Madame Amanda, would you like to do the honours? This is your town, weh?"
(4:46:45 AM) UltimixRed: Kiss looks at Conn. "I don't care what happens just get these two out of my town." 
(4:47:16 AM) Knave: "Yo, Demon Chick, you got a problem with skipping town and letting us beat up this goon here?"
(4:48:38 AM) UltimixRed: "Perhaps if you could direct me to a source for a good meal I wouldn't mind leaving. I don't care what you do to him." she says with a smile, one with a mouth full of razor sharp fangs 
(4:49:04 AM) Kadmus: "What do you consider a good meal, Altesse Faim?"
(4:49:07 AM) Knave: "Okay but like," Austin gesticulates, "It's obviously not okay for you to eat anything sapient."
(4:49:34 AM) Endorb: "You know, I feel we didn't get enough of a reward for winning… We should have asked for more…"
(4:49:54 AM) Kadmus: Conn jabs an elbow into James' ribs.
(4:49:59 AM) Silvors: "We can't go back on it now. It was a contract." Daniel muses
(4:50:12 AM) UltimixRed: "What better reward is there in life besides survival? I'll settle for an anomalous creature." 
(4:50:38 AM) Knave: Austin turns to the others, "You guys know where to find, like, a unicorn or some shit?"
(4:51:01 AM) Endorb: "Hey, I know that. It's just that in hindsight… Well, I don't suppose you want to eat Foxy?"
(4:51:03 AM) Kadmus: Conn shrugs. "I know as much as you do, mon ami. Daniel?"
(4:53:58 AM) Silvors: "Hm…" Daniel hummed as he thought. Other than Penelope's tomb with the black monsters, he had no idea. And he didn't even know where those ruins were.
(4:54:01 AM) Silvors: "I have no idea."
(4:55:17 AM) Knave: "Hey, isn't this dude an anomaly?" Austin points to Avalon, "He summoned you, after all. That's, like, magic."
(4:55:53 AM) Endorb: "Well, you can always try areas populated by magicians and the like. I'm sure they would have a few creatures you can steal?" James hears Austins words "Are you serious?! Don't tell her to /eat/ that guy!"
(4:56:24 AM) Knave: "He summoned her, man. This is what happens when you play with fire."
(4:57:08 AM) UltimixRed: Avalon looks terrified "Hey I just had a job to do… '
(4:57:34 AM) Silvors: "Then maybe you can tell our friend who sent you on the job." 
(4:57:37 AM) Knave: "Well you shouldn't have done it. You should have known you shouldn't have done it."
(4:57:43 AM) Kadmus: "Who asked you to do this job, Monsieur Avalon?" Conn asks.
(4:57:46 AM) Endorb: "Still, he shouldn't be /eaten/!" James is coming from a very emotional place when he says that
(4:59:15 AM) UltimixRed: "I could eat as a travel snack. Oh I could eat the vampire and reaper too!" Halcey helpfully adds 
(4:59:33 AM) UltimixRed: Eat him*
(4:59:42 AM) Knave: "Man. Being Hunger must suck, huh?"
(5:01:57 AM) Silvors: "You can't eat the vampire and the reaper." Daniel spoke with a sigh.
(5:02:57 AM) UltimixRed: Halcey sniffs "Oh, I think I smelled something interesting, did not know they existed in this world." 
(5:03:17 AM) Endorb: "Uh… As long as it isn't sapient…"
(5:04:15 AM) Silvors: "As long as it isn't humanoid you can eat it." Daniel says with a frown. He just wanted to go back to the school at this point. He had magic languages to research.
(5:05:00 AM) UltimixRed: "It's not human that's for sure." she says as she sinks into the shadows, leaving behind a floating blue tarot card
(5:05:39 AM) Knave: "Well we can't really do much about that." Austin puts his hands on his hips.
(5:05:42 AM) Endorb: "What's this?" James grabs the card
(5:06:07 AM) Silvors: Daniel places his hand on his face. "Why would you touch a floating blue card? Haven't you played Persona?"
(5:06:14 AM) UltimixRed: Its the Hunger Tarot card. 
(5:06:28 AM) Kadmus: Conn slumps a little. He was going to see what the card was.
(5:07:02 AM) Knave: "Nifty." Austin deadpans at the card, then rounds on Avalon and grabs his shirt, "You. Boss. Who?"
(5:07:03 AM) UltimixRed: Avalon starts trying to slink away from this mess
(5:07:08 AM) Endorb: "Uh… no. But I guess it /was/ a bit hasty. I think she left us her card. Like, I would imagine we can summon her or something with this." James shows the card to everyone.
(5:07:10 AM) Silvors: "Hey, Avalon. If you want to live tell us what this card does." Daniel says, his voice not quite serious but not quite joking as he looks at the wannabe summoner.
(5:07:42 AM) UltimixRed: "It's her calling card. And my boss is…. I don't know their name. Honest!" 
(5:08:12 AM) Knave: "Physical description. Habits. Meeting places. Hobbies. Whatever you got, bro." Austin smiles.
(5:08:13 AM) Kadmus: Conn scratches his head. "Do we deliver him to the boss lady or what?" 
(5:08:31 AM) Silvors: Daniel frowns. "We could let Amanda deal with him. He did attack her townspeople."
(5:09:03 AM) UltimixRed: "No I have never met my boss. I work for the Manus Populi id all I can truthfully say." 
(5:09:34 AM) Knave: Austin looks to the others, "Drag him to the Gee-dub?"
(5:10:02 AM) Kadmus: "He's won no love from me." Conn glowers behind his hair, grasping the man's arm in a firm hand.
(5:10:55 AM) UltimixRed: Kiss doesn't bother looking at him. "I want him out of my town, whether it by death or arrest." 
(5:11:23 AM) Knave: "Hold him steady, FB." Austin picks up the nearest material handy to bind the man's arms - his discarded trousers.
(5:11:49 AM) Kadmus: "Let's go 'ome. I still have this bullet hole, and I'm exhausted from Altesse Faim." Conn grumbles.
(5:12:23 AM) Endorb: "Yeah… I wonder what the GWU will do with him…"
(5:12:32 AM) Knave: "Good job, team. Pat yourselves on the back." Austin smiles.
(5:12:59 AM) Knave: "Your homework is to come up with a badass team name."
(5:13:16 AM) Kadmus: Conn offers a fist to Austin
(5:13:45 AM) Knave: Austin dutifully bumps it with gusto
(5:14:17 AM) UltimixRed: Kiss shot just looks stunned and Avalon is disgusted. "Please. Leave. I am thankful but…..I am way above my pay grade." 
(5:14:26 AM) Silvors: Daniel pulls Avalon over and pulls him out of the barn. "If you run, I'm turning you into a popsicle."
(5:15:06 AM) Knave: "We're gone, ma'am. Thanks for the assist. Keep up the good work here." Austin salutes Kiss Shot
(5:16:14 AM) UltimixRed: Komargo salutes the group "Well that was certainly an interesting night. Going home before the Baron yells at me again." 
(5:16:56 AM) Kadmus: Conn nods politely. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Madame Amanda, Madame Komargo." He follows the rest of the group.
(5:17:01 AM) Endorb: "Well, bye, then. Maybe we'll all meet up again in the future…" James starts heading back in the direction the chopper probably is
(5:18:11 AM) UltimixRed: (you could just call for a pick up y'know) 
(5:18:21 AM) Kadmus: Conn calls for pickup.
(5:18:38 AM) Endorb: (James forgot that)
(5:23:38 AM) UltimixRed: "I would offer you something in compensation but I have little to give." kiss sayd as they wait for the chopper 
(5:24:06 AM) Silvors: "It's fine." Daniel says as he waits for the chopper.
(5:24:33 AM) Kadmus: Conn taps the side of his neck. "This won't have any long term effects, will it?"
(5:24:38 AM) Endorb: "Well, it's nice you're willing. We can just say you owe us a favor for now, and maybe some day you can return it."
(5:25:55 AM) UltimixRed: Kiss shakes her head. "No, I've done it for 400 years so you should be fine. I guess if you ever come back to town I will owe you." and you hear the sound of whirring blades
(5:26:19 AM) Kadmus: Conn nods, and offers his hand for a handshake.
(5:26:19 AM) UltimixRed: And the chopper descends onto the ground
(5:26:40 AM) UltimixRed: Kiss shot shakes it firmly.
(5:26:44 AM) Silvors: Daniel hops onto the chopper, pushing the man on in front of him and freezing his feet to the ground.
(5:27:18 AM) Knave: Austin flops exhausted and exaggeratedly into a seat in the chopper, raising an eyebrow at Daniel's freezing trick
(5:27:22 AM) UltimixRed: "You find the culprit?" the guard says looking at their hostage. 
(5:27:42 AM) Kadmus: Conn staggers onto the chopper, feeling his still-leaking wound tear a little as he does so.
(5:27:56 AM) Kadmus: "Weh, this the guy."
(5:27:56 AM) Silvors: Daniel nods as he continues freezing the man to the ground, reinforcing the ice shackles. "Yeah, it was some crazy cultist dude."
(5:28:45 AM) UltimixRed: The guard shakes his head "Could have sworn it'd be a vampire. Well let's get you kids home for the night." 
(5:28:50 AM) Endorb: James says nothing, just stepping onto the chopper. He felt drained from this experience… Especially that Hunger lady
(5:29:45 AM) UltimixRed: -mission complete- 
(5:29:53 AM) Knave: "
(5:30:09 AM) UltimixRed: Reward $700 and 3 XP

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