I don't know why everyone liked this run

Nov 11 16:24:00 <gumbal1> ~Lost, found, lost again. In winter, life's twilight finds itself coming closer, earlier than it should. A person's season can change so unexpectedly, so suddenly. We sit here today, focusing on one such woman, life uncertain, but for one facet: Its rooting in…the Twilight Gallery. Let me paint you a picture…~
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Nov 11 18:13:57 <gumbal1> ~Lost, found, lost again. In winter, life's twilight finds itself coming closer, earlier than it should. A person's season can change so unexpectedly, so suddenly. We sit here today, focusing on one such woman, life uncertain, but for one facet: Its rooting in…the Twilight Gallery. Let me paint you a picture…~
Nov 11 18:18:45 <gumbal1> There is no intercom, or anything of that sort. Today is just another normal, afternoon, really. Birds are singing, the sun is shining…and yet, four students get the same odd text, all at once, from the same, odd number:
Nov 11 18:19:31 <gumbal1> «They're tearing down Rand Serling's Bar. Corner of Henriksson and Rod at six for a last hurrah?»
Nov 11 18:21:29 <DarnellJermaine> Rand Serling's Bar? Jacob hadn't been in to town that much since he got here, and he certainly wasn't old enough to go to any bar. Maybe someone texted him the wrong number? Still… it sounded like a nostalgaic meetup where a lot of adults would probably be drinking heavily- maybe heavily enough to be willing to buy Jacob a drink. And being in this nigh all girls school was enough for Jacob to need a
Nov 11 18:21:29 <DarnellJermaine> drink. He puts his phone back in his pocket and takes his sick ass motorcycle, War Pig, down to the location mentioned.
Nov 11 18:22:10 <BobaFettuccine> What? Mary's doing guitar stuff in her room, she sends a text back in reply, «Who is this? Do I know you?»
Nov 11 18:22:20 <SpookyBee> Nora looks down at her phone, already having been on the outskirts of town as she does. She's a town-tender, it's her thing! She tucks her phone into her pocket, before strolling off to just that direction.
Nov 11 18:22:29 <Nemi> A bar? Madeline's never been to a bar before. Not as herself, anyway. It might be fun to give it a try, nevermind that it's an unknown number talking to her about it. So going alone, the girl with the big brown eyes and the fuzzy cat sweater steps out of space not terribly far from the address, at the right time. Time to head on over and take a look.
Nov 11 18:22:49 <gumbal1> No reply.
Nov 11 18:25:50 <gumbal1> The bar itself is your standard, semi-abandoned street corner bar. The windows are all still up, though whatever coating they used means there isn't much light to see inside unless you press your face right up. The neon letters spelling out that building as Rand Serling's Bar & Grill are still up, though none seem to light up. People mill about, none really giving much attention to the bar itself. The doors to the inside, made of old, discolor
Nov 11 18:25:50 <gumbal1> ed wood, stand where they are, unopened, yet unblocked.
Nov 11 18:26:41 <Nemi> Madeline pivots to peer at Jacob and his kickin' rad motorcycle from where she stands on the sidewalk, gawking all the while. Someone approves, it seems.
Nov 11 18:27:42 <SpookyBee> Nora approaches the bar, sporting her black-camo pants and neon-trimmed crop-top! "Hm… I guess I'm a bit overdressed." Her tail swooshes about as it do, in her idleness.
Nov 11 18:28:17 <BobaFettuccine> Mary shrugs and grabs her guitar, putting on her newish leather sleeveless jacket and getting all punked up, maybe if it was a party at a bar she could put on a performance. It could be great for her music stuff. She flies out her window and off to the bar.
Nov 11 18:30:31 <DarnellJermaine> Once Jacob arrived, he parks his bike, using the auto lock mechanism the part-machine has to make sure nobody steals it and sets it up against a wall/bikestand. Jacob is wearing a Cardinal's Baseball Cap, odd considering they're in Canada, a leather jacket with a picture of an angry looking boar on the back with the words "ROAD HOG" in bold, yellow letters, and a pair of ripped up blue jeans. He doesn't
Nov 11 18:30:31 <DarnellJermaine> question the place- looks like your average, run down bar, though he seemed a bit disappointed it wasn't more packed. That decreased his chances of getting in/getting a drink, but he was already here and might as well give it a shot.
Nov 11 18:30:49 <DarnellJermaine> (HOGS*)
Nov 11 18:31:39 <Nemi> Madeline claps and waves to Jacob, super thrilled at the sight of his WILD HOG POWER. Mary gets a wave in turn- and then Madeline's scurrying off to the door, slipping past milling-about people to peek inside.
Nov 11 18:32:56 <gumbal1> > T3117#3^^{{{":":
Nov 11 18:34:07 <gumbal1> It's a bit too dark to make out much, but there appear to be people inside, if the figures mucking around and…messing with things(?) are any indication. Not much light penetrates the windows for a good look, after all. Maybe they're setting up lights?
Nov 11 18:34:47 <BobaFettuccine> Mary spots Nora and slings her guitar across her back, flying down to give Nora a big hug and a smooch on the cheek. "Hi love!" the glowing girl says, before turning to get a good look at the bar.
Nov 11 18:35:08 <SpookyBee> Nora hugs Mary, smiling wide! "Hey babe… What're you doing here?"
Nov 11 18:35:54 <Nemi> Madeline is bemused by the sight of it. And she steps in to hopefully let her eyes adjust and get a better look at the interior- for a moment she forgets she can't just abuse reality to let her see anyway.
Nov 11 18:36:57 <BobaFettuccine> "I got a weird text." she replies, "Thought it might be a chance to get some exposure by doing a show. You wanna see what it's like inside?" She grins.
Nov 11 18:37:01 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob looks up and notices Madeline, giving her a short nod in return and a small smile. He recognized that girl- they went on a mission sometime together if he remembered correctly. He thought about going to say hi but she already seemed to dart into the building. Jacob followed in a bit after- once he saw all the people though, he had sort of a sly idea. First, he was going to find the bar, and then he
Nov 11 18:37:01 <DarnellJermaine> was going to try and use his power to disguise as someone of age to get himself a drink. It seemed foolproof. So for now, he was just trying to peek out where the actual bar was and to find someone who looked old enough to not be ID'd. (any rolls?)
Nov 11 18:39:22 <gumbal1> …and so, Madeline is inside. The bar, as expected, is dilapidated, though far more than the exterior would let on. Tables are upturned, parts of the wall are ripped up, exposing wires, dividers are smashed in. Even the barshelves seemed damaged, smashed in and stained with thousands of dollars worth of alcohol, littered with broken glass.
Nov 11 18:39:26 <gumbal1> Something feels wrong.
Nov 11 18:39:32 <gumbal1> (yee, roll_
Nov 11 18:40:18 <DarnellJermaine> (perception?)
Nov 11 18:40:43 <gumbal1> (sure)
Nov 11 18:40:53 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+6 Peek out the Bar
Nov 11 18:41:02 <DarnellJermaine> (no mjeowlnir rip)
Nov 11 18:41:05 <SpookyBee> "Oh, uh… Sure- yeah." Nora nods a little.
Nov 11 18:41:06 <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
Nov 11 18:41:06 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 8
Nov 11 18:41:41 <Nemi> "This place.. dooooesn’t seem right.." Madeline peers around as she bobs on inside, a little closer to the bar itself.
Nov 11 18:41:56 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
Nov 11 18:41:56 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
Nov 11 18:43:46 <gumbal1> It’s very easy, Jacob.
Nov 11 18:44:03 <DarnellJermaine> (is there anyone tending the bar?)
Nov 11 18:44:27 <gumbal1> …something still doesn't feel right, Madeline. Most empty bars aren't nearly as weird-feeling as this one.
Nov 11 18:44:32 <BobaFettuccine> And so, Mary cheerfully leads Nora on into the bar, smiling as she does. As she gets inside, she looks around a little apprehensively.
Nov 11 18:44:34 <gumbal1> (nope)
Nov 11 18:44:46 <BobaFettuccine> (Should I also perception?)
Nov 11 18:45:30 <DarnellJermaine> The more Jacob wanders around, the stranger this bar seems… he doesn't see nearly as many people as he thought, it seems pretty run down, and nobody is even tending the bar. So, he looks around to make sure nobody's watching him- and tries to climb over the bar to snag some drinks himself. He'll be nice enough to leave the cash when he's done. Or not. This place /was/ getting torn down, after all.
Nov 11 18:45:55 <Nemi> Madeline hugs her elbows to herself as she looks about. ".. Hi, um, hi guys," she says as she notes Mary and Nora. "Where is everyone? And.. um, if you find a drink can I have one, um, Jaaaa…cob? That's your name, right?"
Nov 11 18:47:08 <SpookyBee> Nora is lead
Nov 11 18:47:19 <DarnellJermaine> He freezes as he starts to climb over the bar- slowly turning around- only to let out a deep sigh of relief when it's just that Madeline girl. "Holy shit, you scared me. Uhh… sure, just make sure nobody sees me and keep a lookout, alright?"
Nov 11 18:47:20 <gumbal1> Most of the drinks have been smashed, save a few in the well of the bar. They look…well quality, though some of them appear to be at least ten year vintages…and oddly enough, a few negative ten year vintages.
Nov 11 18:47:59 <gumbal1> And so, with everybody inside, the doors close. The lack of any real light is quickly becoming apparent.
Nov 11 18:49:15 <Nemi> "I don't see anyone.." Madeline produces a lantern from somewhere-or-other, if she can, to shed some light on the situation!
Nov 11 18:49:38 <BobaFettuccine> It's a good thing Mary glows then! She looks around, confused, "This place doesn't feel right at all." She says, pressing a little closer to Nora for comfort.
Nov 11 18:51:29 <DarnellJermaine> "I can't see for shit" Jacob fumbles around in his jacket pocket for a moment to produce a lighter, only to realize by the time he gets it out that the two girls already have light sources on em. He shoves it back into his pocket for later then. "What the hell is up with this place? Does anything seem kinda…off to you guys? Oh- over here, Madeline. I think I see some real good old shit over here, I need
Nov 11 18:51:29 <DarnellJermaine> your light though. Or you, fire girl"
Nov 11 18:53:34 <gumbal1> Well…almost empty. The light from both the lantern and Mary do illuminate a few…guests is probably the word. Whatever a vibrating mass of what looks like rock consuming the statue of a kneeling human, a grey, floating humanoid with unmoving mouth and unblinking eyes like clown makeup, and a hopping, six-armed teal thing wearing what looks to be bones and an unpainted wooden mask would be doing here, it probably wouldn't be within the b
Nov 11 18:53:34 <gumbal1> ounds of ownership. A shrill laughter seems to echo throughout the bar.
Nov 11 18:54:59 <SpookyBee> Nora looks around, and nods to the others half-heartedly.
Nov 11 18:55:18 <Nemi> Madeline stares at the figures, big-eyed. ".. um. Forget the drinks, I think.. Heeeeellloooooo?" She attempts with the weird beings.
Nov 11 18:56:56 <gumbal1> ""doitnoneareminedontcarewhatyouwantjustdoit""
Nov 11 18:57:05 <BobaFettuccine> Holy what the hell! Mary floats away from Nora as she sees those nightmare monster things, she feels like there's going to be fire soon and she doesn't want to burn Nora when there is. She pulls her guitar into her hands and makes sure it's ready to play if need be.
Nov 11 18:57:27 <gumbal1> 'Can't even enjoy the moment, yagi?'
Nov 11 18:57:44 <gumbal1> It's hard to tell which voice belongs to what.
Nov 11 18:58:19 <Nemi> "Sooo, um," Madeline sets the lantern down. "Who're you all and why'd you um, send for us?"
Nov 11 18:58:53 <DarnellJermaine> "What the hell- what's goin on? Who's-" Jacob peers from over the bar and sees all the figures, jumping back and hitting the wall, "JESUS FUCKING" he takes a few deep breaths and stares wide eyed, staying crouched behing the bar with his head above it to watch everything transpire.
Nov 11 19:01:40 <Nemi> It's amazing that Madeline is so calm about this.
Nov 11 19:02:52 <gumbal1> 'Do we tell them?' >HOW PRECIOUS! ONLY THE SECOND INQUIRY ""finefinefinefine"" Slowly, the rock turns so that the side of the human faces the group. The grinding of stone on wood echoes throughout the bar. 'I'm sorry we called you here on such short notice, but we have a problem.' >SHE'S NOT SORRY, FOR THE RECORD ""bitoftroublewithboundriesyouneedtohelpfix"" >A BIT MORE INFORMATION GOES A LONG WAY, YAGI ""okayokaywerehavingabitofissueswit
Nov 11 19:02:52 <gumbal1> hthisbitofspacecouldyouhelpusfixit""
Nov 11 19:04:04 <Nemi> "Ooookay.. Sooo what's the problem? How can we help?" Madeline must be used to this kind of stuff.
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Nov 11 19:06:33 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob can't really make out what they're saying when they all talk in one long string of words, and he's still a bit freaked out. Slowly though, he stands back up and steps over the counter, standing next to Mary and Madeline. He just tries to listen, for now.
Nov 11 19:07:07 * SpookyBee (moc.rr.ser.ssam.57-3-10-25-vhf|eeBykoopS#moc.rr.ser.ssam.57-3-10-25-vhf|eeBykoopS) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Nov 11 19:08:41 <Nemi> Madeline holds a hand up. "Um, I am from like, multiple different states too, if that helps.. Sooo, oookay.. What's keeping you guys from um, doing it?"
Nov 11 19:09:08 <gumbal1> > I WANTED A LAUGH
Nov 11 19:10:13 <gumbal1> The thing whips its head to look at Jacob. Was its unmoving, painted on smile always so wide. > IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?
Nov 11 19:11:52 <Nemi> ".. That's not really helpful.. like.. whyyy should we bother with this?"
Nov 11 19:12:33 <BobaFettuccine> "Yeah, I, um. The last time I helped with extradimensional weird stuff a friend of mine died." Mary says with a frown.
Nov 11 19:13:52 <gumbal1> ""theyrightclownwhyshouldthey"" The bit of rock scooches forward, seemingly on its own, and the grinding seems to grow far louder.
Nov 11 19:13:58 <DarnellJermaine> "If you want a laugh, you should look in a mirror" despite being slightly terrified, it seemed Jacob was still capable of appearing cool and making wisecracks.
Nov 11 19:14:01 <gumbal1> > I'M VERY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS
Nov 11 19:14:03 <gumbal1> > NOT
Nov 11 19:14:38 <gumbal1> One of the floating thing's plus-shaped eyes(?) blinks(?).
Nov 11 19:14:48 <Nemi> Madeline folds her arms and scowls!
Nov 11 19:16:48 <BobaFettuccine> "Oh, so you're not asking us for help, you're holding us hostage and making us help?" Well now Mary's mad, first that rock thing was a jerk and now they're trying to force her to do stuff. Her glow turns from blue to purple and flames flicker across her arms and through her hair.
Nov 11 19:17:33 <Nemi> "If I was in a box I would just .. leave."
Nov 11 19:18:56 <gumbal1> Once more, shrill laughter seems to echo throughout the empty bar. The hopping thing begins hopping forward, before the floating thing blocks it with its arm. > YOU DON'T WANT TO GO DOWN THAT PATH, GIRL
Nov 11 19:19:39 <DarnellJermaine> "A box?" he supposed he could just burn this place down, but he'd probably get his ass whooped or killed before that ever happened. He knew madeline was capable from their last mission together but, he really didn't know what else to do. "Just tell us what you want and how you want it. I'm not unreasonable. Long as you let me have a drink when we're done I'm good to go"
Nov 11 19:21:25 <gumbal1> > SPLENDID! JUST GO THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR
Nov 11 19:21:56 <Nemi> Madeline grumbles. "Fiiiine.. Let's just.. do this thing, I guess. You guys are really unhelpful," she sniffs at the strange figures, then turns to bobble to the door, presuming the others will be with her.
Nov 11 19:23:26 <BobaFettuccine> Mary floats along with the others, but frowns over her shoulder and sticks her tongue out at the… things, as she goes.
Nov 11 19:23:47 <gumbal1> Of all the things in the bar, the door seems to be the best-preserved, keeping its color of paint from all those years ago.
Nov 11 19:24:05 <gumbal1> Static blurs Mary's vision, before she finds her tongue squarely back in her mouth. Odd.
Nov 11 19:25:22 <Nemi> Madeline reaches up to open the door and slip through.
Nov 11 19:25:36 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob follows right behind!
Nov 11 19:26:59 <gumbal1> And so the klkkzzzzzzzzzz###$@@%%
Nov 11 19:30:36 <gumbal1> Three of them tumble out of the rain and snow, into the cozy, comfortable bar. Normally, they wouldn't let a buncha scrappy kids like you in, but it's Christmas Eve, so everyone's welcome. Out in the back, a quartet sing a soft carol, as drunk and reveller alike drink and revel at the tables. Not many people seem to pay a bunch of six-year-olds any mind. Maybe you're looking for your dad. Maybe you're street kids, just looking for shelter. You
Nov 11 19:30:36 <gumbal1> 're lucky it's Christmas, or they'd kill you where you stood and take the pay from the police chief.
Nov 11 19:30:51 <gumbal1> …what?
Nov 11 19:31:24 <Nemi> What indeed? That doesn't make any sense.. Oh. The next reality, isn't it? How to delete this..
Nov 11 19:32:28 <BobaFettuccine> Mary blinks, six? What? Why isn't she floating? Or on fire? This is really weird. She looks around and stands still for a minute trying to get her bearings.
Nov 11 19:36:07 <DarnellJermaine> (jokes on you jacob's had em since birth)
Nov 11 19:37:38 <BobaFettuccine> Mary blinks a few times, oh wait, yeah, there it goes. Hopefully people don't notice the six year old that'sglowing red and on fire in the bar here.
Nov 11 19:37:45 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob is kind of an adorable 6 year old. This was really before he got involved in the underbelly of society, when his frantic businessmen parents always had him in a cooped up and stuffy life. His hair was preened neatly and he'd be wearing a sweatervest and khakis if his dress changed with his age due to this effect. His voice was certainly a lot higher pitched too, "What the hell happened to us?" he
Nov 11 19:37:45 <DarnellJermaine> asked, wondering why everything seemed so tall.
Nov 11 19:38:06 <gumbal1> A particularly drunk man, dressed in heavy, dark greens and blues, nearly tramples over you on his way to the bar proper, nearly spilling his drink. Thankfully, he keeps his balance, and laughs. "Sorry, lassies! Merry Christmas, on me." The man offers the rest of his pint to Madeline. Irresponsible!
Nov 11 19:39:25 <Nemi> Madeline is somehow even tinier than before, and nearly spills herself at the tripping man in green! "Oh- oh! Thank you!" She gives a big doofy smile with missing front teeth to take the pint! She tries some, at least. This'll be new.
Nov 11 19:41:47 <gumbal1> …wow! This drink tastes really bad, and oddly salty. "Keep the rest, ha. Merry Christmas!" The man, once more nearly running over the three, goes back to his seat, and resumes drunkenly conversing with his friends.
Nov 11 19:42:09 <BobaFettuccine> Mary's scared and, mostly, alone in a crowd of noisy people. She wanders around and she's in a dress? God she hated dresses. She's trying not to touch anything cause she doesn't want to start a fire.
Nov 11 19:43:09 <Nemi> Tiny Madeline nearly totters over again. Not by the man brushing past, but by the taste. "Eeeeew uuuugh what even was that?"
Nov 11 19:44:22 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob wandered off from the girls- it was weird: he knew he was supposed to be figuring out how to delete this reality or whatever, but at the same time… he felt really shy and nervous all of a sudden. He didn't want to talk to the other girls his age or any of the adults. He ended up finding a corner to sit down in and started trying to figure out what to do next.
Nov 11 19:44:33 <gumbal1> It is to noisy, really. Too many people. Why is everyone in a bar on Christmas? Shouldn't they be with their family? Or at a Chinese restaurant? The man, for what it's worth, laughs at Madeline's reaction as he looks back. "That's God's gift to man, lassie. Beer! Get used to it while you can!"
Nov 11 19:45:39 <Nemi> "It tastes weeeeird.." And Madeline, poor anxious little thing she is, is really getting nervous from the noise and all the people, or the man and his friends laughing at her. She decides to try to tough it out and drink more of it, a look of determination fixing itself to her features!
Nov 11 19:46:40 <gumbal1> Jacob's own little corner, the spot of wall sandwiched between two doors on each side of the intersecting wall. Madeline, meanwhile, gets more of the same, only slightly more bearable now that the initial surprise is done with.
Nov 11 19:47:37 <gumbal1> …come to think of it, Jacob swears he can almost hear something coming from the door to his…right? Is that how directions work in corners?
Nov 11 19:47:45 <Nemi> It's so gross. She'd had beer a.. no, she didn't, did she? She never had it before, right? It didn't taste like this, did it? Still, Madeline, staying close to the fiery Mary, tries to force the rest of it down.
Nov 11 19:48:42 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob found himself on alert when he heard a noise- deciding to try and quickly enter the door without anyone noticing. Not that it probably mattered either way, but for some reason he felt the need to stay out of everyone's sight. His curiosity gets the best of him as he plunges forward.
Nov 11 19:49:32 <BobaFettuccine> Mary's still just wandering around, lost among the crowd, trying not to set the bar on fire.
Nov 11 19:51:51 <gumbal1> Jacob finds himself in a kitchen. From the smell of it, something…hammy is cooking, and, though his view is partially obscured by a relatively tall kitchen counter, he can make out two people, a chef and a…detective(?) talking in the kitchen. "…and I'm telling you, I don't know anything!"
Nov 11 19:52:07 <gumbal1> Someone throws a mug of water on Mary, and, laughs.
Nov 11 19:53:53 <gumbal1> Madeline eventually finishes the drink up, and the man laughs. "Ha! Ladette in the making! Hey, Randy!" The bartender suddenly looks up. "Get me a whiskey, on the tab!"
Nov 11 19:54:17 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob does his best to stay hidden and listen in to their conversation, crawling down low to the ground and getting behind whatever he could. Maybe it'd give him some kind of clue as to what he's supposed to be doing here.
Nov 11 19:54:36 <Nemi> Madeline huffs and sets the empty cup down- well, she has to climb onto her tiptoes to put it down on a nearby table. Her mouth feels like brine. That was disgusting.. Is the man going to make her drink something else? She'd show him!
Nov 11 19:55:18 <BobaFettuccine> The water hisses and evaporates into steam as it hits Mary, she doesn't know what to do, she doesn't know what's going on. Why were people laughing at her? She goes to sit down in a corner and start crying, wrapping her arms around her knees.
Nov 11 19:55:43 <Nemi> ".. Maaary aw.."
Nov 11 19:55:46 * QtPie (ten.ralugnicym.108-214-504-444-undvfr|000_alliv#ten.ralugnicym.108-214-504-444-undvfr|000_alliv) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Nov 11 19:56:32 <gumbal1> "Look, all I'm saying is, little girl comes in, doesn't come out. And Chief Claggett's gonna have my ass on a platter if I don't get a lead, so please, work with me." Meanwhile, Randy(?) snaps his fingers, and a man in a nice dress shirt brings over a glass with a bit of brown liquid in it to the table, then proceeds to pet Madeline's head as he goes back.
Nov 11 19:57:55 <gumbal1> The bundled man, meanwhile, passes the drink off to Madeline, before getting up and stumbling over to the flaming girl over in the corner.
Nov 11 19:58:38 <Nemi> Madeline has very nice hair. She squirms at the pet, but.. she's used to that sort of thing from people, so she's not too upset. She takes the drink and studies it, and .. well, she has that need to impress others, so she tries a drink!
Nov 11 19:59:04 <gumbal1> "Listen. If you're going to assume I am somehow…involved with some pervert, I will need you to leave. I. Know. Nothing."
Nov 11 19:59:19 <gumbal1> This one's even worse, but not as salty.
Nov 11 19:59:33 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob continues to listen to the adults as they keep talking- giving some serious thought to what they could be talking about…but then his stomach starts to growl. Loudly. He quickly tries to squirm out of the room.
Nov 11 20:00:21 <Nemi> Uuugh. At least it's not /salty/. Madeline vaguely remembers raiding her aunt's liquor cabinet, but.. no, that didn't happen yet, did it? It didn't taste like this. She drinks it anyway, even though it makes her cough and wince with disgust.
Nov 11 20:00:27 <gumbal1> The chef suddenly turns his head, leaving the detective a bit confused. "…let me deal with something."
Nov 11 20:00:38 <gumbal1> > Agility, Jacob
Nov 11 20:00:47 <DarnellJermaine> (reflexes too?)
Nov 11 20:00:52 <gumbal1> (yee)
Nov 11 20:01:08 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+6 Skedaddle, lil' Jacob!
Nov 11 20:01:08 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, Skedaddle, lil' Jacob!: 6:8-8+6
Nov 11 20:02:00 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+5
Nov 11 20:02:00 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 6:9-8+5
Nov 11 20:03:22 <gumbal1> Just as Jacob gets out of dodge, the chef stops, blinking. "…harumph. Rat. Now," The chef turns back, and resumes conversing. Meanwhile, the drunk crouches in front of Mary. "What's wrong, little lass?"
Nov 11 20:05:38 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob feels adrenaline rushing through his teeny body after his narrow escape- after which he ponders over what he heard. Pervert? Not knowing anything? Little Girl? Strange… speaking of little girls- he sees madeline and mary getting harassed by the adults, so he walks up to where Mary, the girl he's more unfamiliar with, is and just sort of stands there, staring at the adult. He wasn't sure if he was
Nov 11 20:05:38 <DarnellJermaine> really helping anything or not.
Nov 11 20:06:08 <Nemi> Gulp. Madeline tries to finish the whole thing.
Nov 11 20:06:49 <BobaFettuccine> Mary sniffles and looks up at the drunk man. "I'm l-lost and it's loud and s-scary…" She says… Six year old Mary sure was a wimp.
Nov 11 20:07:56 <gumbal1> "Oh dear. Do ya…" The man stares at Jacob as he approaches, then looks back to Mary. "…do ya wanna come with me?"
Nov 11 20:08:08 <gumbal1> Madeline, you're feeling kind of…dizzy? It's odd.
Nov 11 20:08:42 <gumbal1> "I can take you home."
Nov 11 20:09:40 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob immediately stiffs up. He knows you're /never/ supposed to go anywhere with adults you don't know, and after hearing the discussion in the other room… "Step back" he says to the girl, looking angrily at the man, which in Jacob's case just looked pitiful to anyone else. He thinks real hard and concentrates to focus his Comfort Eagle, which at this age is only a tiny little form of energy in the
Nov 11 20:09:40 <DarnellJermaine> shape of an eagle, barely bigger than his hand. Still, nobody else can see it here. "Go away, mister. I mean it"
Nov 11 20:10:52 <BobaFettuccine> Mary look at Jacob. "But what's wrong?" She sniffles again, "He's being nice." She's still upset though, so the fire's still there.
Nov 11 20:11:00 <gumbal1> The man stops, then looks back to Jacob. "Dont worry 'bout it. I'm her friend." He doesn't seem to notice the eagle, though the bartender does, squinting at the shape.
Nov 11 20:11:10 <Nemi> "Oh.. Ooh I don't.. feel really well.." Madeline finishes the cup and sets it down in turn before trying to steady herself against the wall.
Nov 11 20:11:53 <DarnellJermaine> No, this man is definitely /not/ there friend- Jacob still remembers where they just were, and how they got here. He sends the eagle full force for the man's eye, which he wouldn't even be able to tell until it pecked at it. His power may be weak, but he hoped it would be enough to scare the man off (rolling low for youth scale)
Nov 11 20:11:53 <gumbal1> It's very hard. The world seems to be spinning, almost. What a weird drink!
Nov 11 20:12:02 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+1 Fly, Comfort Eagle!
Nov 11 20:12:02 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, Fly, Comfort Eagle!: 3:10-8+1
Nov 11 20:12:26 <gumbal1> 4d3-8-2 MY EYES
Nov 11 20:12:26 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, MY EYES: -2:8-8-2
Nov 11 20:14:03 <gumbal1> And, very suddenly, the man stumbles back with a scream, eye spurting blood. He falls onto a nearby table, toppling it over and showering himself in booze and glass. Almost the entire bar suddenly stops to look at what happened, and it's not long before the officer and the chef are there, too. All are looking…
Nov 11 20:14:14 <gumbal1> …all except the bartender, whose gaze is firmly on Jacob.
Nov 11 20:15:13 <Nemi> Madeline lets out a tiny scream as the man collapses and bleeds all over, turning to try to flee.. somewhere. Anywhere that there's an open route to go.
Nov 11 20:15:40 <BobaFettuccine> Mary cowers into her corner even more, crying more and rocking back and forth.
Nov 11 20:15:55 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob's eyes widen in fear as well- he didn't really expect so much pain and b-blood. 6 year old Jacob wasn't really used to these sights, and he started screaming as well.
Nov 11 20:16:11 <gumbal1> The kitchen door appears to have been left open in the officer's wake. Madeline finds herself in a clean white room smelling vaguelly of cooking ham.
Nov 11 20:16:56 <gumbal1> A few patrons go over to assist the man, and the officer belts out an order for everyone to remain where they are as he goes over to inspect the sight himself.
Nov 11 20:18:52 <gumbal1> Nobody goes to comfort the screaming children. They're on their own.
Nov 11 20:18:54 <Nemi> Madeline flees into the kitchen, terribly unsteady from all the booze overwhelming her tiny self, and nearly totters over in the process. Okay. Okay. There's gotta be another place to go! Another door or something, a closet, somewhere to hiiiiide..
Nov 11 20:19:54 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob's quickly dissipates his power, pulling on Mary's arm, trying to drag her to the place he just caught a glimpse of Madeline going to, but in this state he really didn't have much physical strength. He just felt like they had to get out.
Nov 11 20:20:33 <gumbal1> There's about two doors, one breaking up the spot between a dishwasher and a stovetop, made of cold, cold metal, and another one at the opposite end of the room from where little Mads entered, plain and wooden.
Nov 11 20:20:45 <BobaFettuccine> Jacob's hand would get very burnt as Mary's arms are on fire. Mary falls over on her side and… hopefully these floors aren't wood, cause if they are, there's a flaming arm pressed against them. And Mary's burning pretty brightly right now.
Nov 11 20:21:16 <gumbal1> It's thankfully rather damp wood.
Nov 11 20:21:44 <Nemi> The cold metal is like a fridge, right? Maybe.. well, she can look inside, right? Madeline tries to open that door!
Nov 11 20:22:25 <gumbal1> It's hard to open. You reckon you'd need the strength of at least two other kids, or one adult, to open this thing.
Nov 11 20:23:35 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob backs away and yelps at getting burnt, looking at Mary with little tears of pain and panic in his eyes, not sure what to do. He looks back and forth between her and where Madeline went and just runs for the doors, going in the cold metal one instead after getting confused.
Nov 11 20:24:17 <Nemi> Daaaarnit. Where would Madeline get that? She falls against it for a moment before trying to get her- oh it's Jacob and he's trying to open it too. She stares blankly at him and wobbles over to the wooden door. Oh jeez there's blood and burns and she can't tell WHAT is going on.
Nov 11 20:26:13 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob helps her pull against the door, still not having enough strength. He focuses real hard and materializes Fashion Nugget- although in kid form, the pig-orcish looking creature was only about 3ish feet tall rather than 5'10" and looked much less tough and threatening. He had it pull on the door along with them, hoping it was enough.
Nov 11 20:26:32 <DarnellJermaine> Also strangely enough, while Fashion nugget is pulling on the door, Jacob looks exactly like that door. It's… weird.
Nov 11 20:27:34 <gumbal1> The door opens, to a freezer. A rather dark freezer. Something sways back and forth on the meat racks inside.
Nov 11 20:29:02 <Nemi> Madeline, wobbly thing she is, falls against the wooden door and looks back just in time to look inside.
Nov 11 20:29:41 <gumbal1> It's…pretty dark, and for Mads, pretty blurry. She'd have to get a closer look.
Nov 11 20:30:15 <DarnellJermaine> Once it's open, Jacob and his little orc buddy Mads couldn't see did their best to keep the door from closing. "G-go inside. This is heavvvyyy! I'll come in right after!"
Nov 11 20:30:33 <BobaFettuccine> Mary's still lying down amid all the chaos, crying and hoping that someone will come save her.
Nov 11 20:30:58 <Nemi> "Nooo.. that's a freezer! We'd freeeeze..!" Madeline pushes herself away from the wooden door and stumbles onto her face. She pushes herself up, just in time to lift her head and peer right inside the freezer.
Nov 11 20:32:24 <gumbal1> There's…quite a bit hanging on the hooks inside. Slabs of meat of several different cuts, some still frozen in their blood, some dried, some…okay, something's not right with the one in the back, but you can't really tell from here.
Nov 11 20:33:07 <Nemi> "Wait there's.. something kinda weird there.." Madeline tries to crawl in to sate her drunken curiosity!
Nov 11 20:34:21 <gumbal1> This one is in the 'still bloody' category, and doesn't really look like any cut of meat you've ever seen. More like a…turkey? But with more human-like arms, a fair bit bigger, with a dusky skin tone and-
Nov 11 20:34:23 <gumbal1> -oh.
Nov 11 20:35:05 <Nemi> ".. that.. that looks like.. I think that's a .."
Nov 11 20:35:09 <gumbal1> …come to think of it, there's a bit of dried meat just like it, missing a leg, with a lighter skin tone.
Nov 11 20:35:27 <gumbal1> …and that one there looks like one that lost its limbs.
Nov 11 20:35:33 <DarnellJermaine> "What do you see in there?" grunts Jacob, holding the door open with his power the best he can while trying to get a look at where Mary is and how she's holding up. As scared as he was, he doesn't really feel any sympathy for the man he hurt.
Nov 11 20:36:03 <Nemi> Madeline screams at the top of her lungs.
Nov 11 20:36:56 <DarnellJermaine> In a fright from the scream, Jacob's power dissipates and he backs up, doing his bet to catch the door again but being too shaken up to rematerialize his power in the immediate present.
Nov 11 20:37:17 <gumbal1> "…I'll get that." Someone enters the kitchen. Pale, balding, dressed like a fancy barber with an apron, with a waxed mustache and pinpoint grey eyes…the bartender. "What's goin' o-" The man blinks as he spots what happened.
Nov 11 20:37:55 <Nemi> Madeline points at the carcasses, and cries, and screams again. She's freaking out too badly to even stand again- not that she'd have the balance to after all the booze.
Nov 11 20:38:41 <gumbal1> The man, looking into the freezer, nods…and locks the door with some strange-looking key.
Nov 11 20:38:44 <gumbal1> > INITIATIVE
Nov 11 20:38:54 <DarnellJermaine> (IS HE INSIDE OR OUTSIDE THE FREEZER RN)
Nov 11 20:39:12 <gumbal1> (outside)
Nov 11 20:39:23 <DarnellJermaine> (oh fuck.jpeg)
Nov 11 20:39:28 <Nemi> 4d3-8+4
Nov 11 20:39:28 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 4:8-8+4
Nov 11 20:39:36 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+6 I will judge you myself!
Nov 11 20:39:36 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, I will judge you myself!: 6:8-8+6
Nov 11 20:39:41 <BobaFettuccine> Mary's stopped crying, she's still on fire, but she now remembers that Madeline was powerful, she remembers the stuff she'd seen Madeline do SHe stands up and totters over towards the other two kids. Mads would be able to help.
Nov 11 20:39:52 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+9
Nov 11 20:39:52 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 11:10-8+9
Nov 11 20:40:54 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+5 And so, the man very calmly walks over to the counter and takes a knife out of the knifeblock.
Nov 11 20:40:54 * QtPie has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Nov 11 20:40:54 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, And so, the man very calmly walks over to the counter and takes a knife out of the knifeblock.: 2:5-8+5
Nov 11 20:40:56 * DarcellJermaine has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
Nov 11 20:41:16 <gumbal1> > ORDER: MARY, JACOB, MADELINE, THE BARTENDER
Nov 11 20:42:07 <gumbal1> > MARY
Nov 11 20:42:07 <Nemi> Where is Madeline right now? Inside the freezer or out?
Nov 11 20:42:22 <gumbal1> (inside)
Nov 11 20:42:27 <Nemi> Okay.
Nov 11 20:43:43 <BobaFettuccine> Mary just walks over to the others and tries to see what's going o- holy hell that guy's coming at them with a knife. She screams and backs up until her back hits the door.
Nov 11 20:44:34 <gumbal1> > JACOB
Nov 11 20:44:56 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob shouts, "HELP! HELP! THE BALD MUSTACHE MAN LOCKED MY FRIEND IN THE FREEZER- SOMEONE, DETECTIVE MAN, PLEASE HELP!" he's crying now, too afraid and lacking in confidence to materialize his power. He fumbles around in the pockets of his khakis to see what he might have on him.
Nov 11 20:45:55 <gumbal1> He has a ball of string, some quarters, a bit of a stick, and a rock.
Nov 11 20:46:21 <gumbal1> Someone bangs on the door. "Hello? Is something wrong?" "Nothing, officer."
Nov 11 20:46:24 <gumbal1> > Madeline
Nov 11 20:47:39 <Nemi> Madeline is.. in the freezer full of meat. And she's sloshed out of her little head. And she's terrified, and cold, even if she's dressed for the season, and .. she's tired. She leans her back against the door and shakes and cries.
Nov 11 20:48:09 <gumbal1> > BARTENDER
Nov 11 20:48:47 <gumbal1> "Kids these days." The bartender walks slowly towards Jacob. "I don't know why I let Henry assosciate with them." And then, the lunge.
Nov 11 20:48:52 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
Nov 11 20:48:53 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 3
Nov 11 20:48:53 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 3: 4:6-8+6
Nov 11 20:49:03 <DarnellJermaine> (reflexes or tougness?)
Nov 11 20:49:04 <gumbal1> > Roll defense, Jacob
Nov 11 20:49:09 <gumbal1> (either)
Nov 11 20:49:30 <DarnellJermaine> Being a little kid, Jacob yelps and screams for more help while trying to avoid the knife. He may not be as strong as his grown up form, but he’s just as quick!
Nov 11 20:49:37 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+6 HELP
Nov 11 20:49:37 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, HELP: 5:7-8+6
Nov 11 20:52:34 <gumbal1> Jacob deftly avoids getting his eye gouged. Someone bangs on the door once more. "Is everything alright? I hear screaming." "Just a rat, sir. It crawled in while I was inspecting."
Nov 11 20:52:36 <gumbal1> > Mary
Nov 11 20:53:49 <BobaFettuccine> "HELP! HELP US! HE'S TRYING TO KILL US OHGODHELP!" She lashes out with her fire, attempting to throw a glob of it at the man reflexively to try to keep him away.
Nov 11 20:54:16 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+8
Nov 11 20:54:16 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 7:7-8+8
Nov 11 20:54:35 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+5
Nov 11 20:54:35 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 7:10-8+5
Nov 11 20:55:21 <gumbal1> The man deftly dodges, and once more there's a banging on the door. "It sounds like someone's in-hrgh!" The sound of something slumping to the floor can be heard, though the man doesn't react.
Nov 11 20:55:23 <gumbal1> > Jacob
Nov 11 20:56:40 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob has no idea what to do. His power isn't working anymore now that he's scared, so his 6 year old brain just tells him to do something stupid, and run full force at the man's knee and try to wrap his arms around it and keep pushing forward. Normally he wouldn't have much strength, but in this moment of adrenaline his muscles work almost as well as when he's big.
Nov 11 20:56:51 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+6 DON'T HURT ME
Nov 11 20:56:51 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, DON'T HURT ME: 4:6-8+6
Nov 11 20:57:45 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+5
Nov 11 20:57:45 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 7:10-8+5
Nov 11 20:58:07 <gumbal1> The man sidesteps Jacob's charge. "What a shame."
Nov 11 20:58:10 <gumbal1> > Madeline.
Nov 11 20:58:51 <Nemi> Madeline hugs her knees to herself, forgetting the basic 'keep moving' part of inclement weather survival. But even in her bleary state she looks around.. temperature controls? Anything like that in here?
Nov 11 20:59:45 * Knave (ten.mnigriv.elbac.4-3.182ctrk-0-3-80gcok-03904yub|evankmryW#ten.mnigriv.elbac.4-3.182ctrk-0-3-80gcok-03904yub|evankmryW) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Nov 11 21:00:02 <gumbal1> There's a few dials next to the walls, but the plaque next to them is written in really complex words.
Nov 11 21:00:07 <gumbal1> > BARTENDER
Nov 11 21:00:33 <gumbal1> "Would you just stop it." This time, the man lunges for Mary.
Nov 11 21:00:38 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6
Nov 11 21:00:38 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 7:9-8+6
Nov 11 21:00:53 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+9
Nov 11 21:00:53 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 9:8-8+9
Nov 11 21:02:04 <gumbal1> Luckily, she's a fastun.
Nov 11 21:02:07 <gumbal1> > Mary
Nov 11 21:03:13 <BobaFettuccine> She is at that, and she's completely freaking out, she flails her fire around at the bartender just trying to get him to go away. "NONONONONO!" She screams.
Nov 11 21:03:24 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+8
Nov 11 21:03:24 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 6:6-8+8
Nov 11 21:03:51 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+5
Nov 11 21:03:51 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 2:5-8+5
Nov 11 21:04:07 <gumbal1> And suddenly, it's the bartender that's screaming.
Nov 11 21:04:12 <gumbal1> > Jacob
Nov 11 21:06:15 <gumbal1> > Is this what you wanted?
Nov 11 21:06:31 * DarcellJermaine (moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu#moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Nov 11 21:07:45 <DarnellJermaine> Now with Jacob's chance, he rushes up to the bartender and tries to punch him straight in No Man's Land
Nov 11 21:07:55 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+6 Cracking Eggs
Nov 11 21:07:55 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, Cracking Eggs: 4:6-8+6
Nov 11 21:08:43 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+3
Nov 11 21:08:44 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 4:9-8+3
Nov 11 21:08:59 <gumbal1> The man keeps his stance, face burning ever the more.
Nov 11 21:09:05 <gumbal1> > MADELINE
Nov 11 21:09:25 <gumbal1> > Will you ever live up to Isabelle?
Nov 11 21:10:30 <Nemi> No. No she wouldn't. Would she? Katlyn always wanted Isabelle more, after all.. Madeline totters up, trying to get her swimming vision and shaking fingers to focus on the same point, one of the dials. Anything that looks vaguely like it might control temperature is cranked, hard, to the red. She can't freeze here..
Nov 11 21:11:04 <gumbal1> The vents turn on, and the temperature drops.
Nov 11 21:11:16 <gumbal1> > The Bartender
Nov 11 21:11:54 <gumbal1> "You little shit!" Very suddenly, the Bartender turns to look at Mary. Half of his face is scowling. The other half is irrecognizable as a face.
Nov 11 21:12:06 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+7 Once more, he lunges.
Nov 11 21:12:07 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, Once more, he lunges.: 8:9-8+7
Nov 11 21:12:57 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+9 Incoherant screaming and running away.
Nov 11 21:12:57 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine, Incoherant screaming and running away.: 10:9-8+9
Nov 11 21:13:12 <gumbal1> And misses, falling over.
Nov 11 21:13:16 <gumbal1> > MARY
Nov 11 21:13:23 <gumbal1> > Do you still blame yourself for his death?
Nov 11 21:14:22 <BobaFettuccine> Yes, god yes she does. She screams even more as that thought enters her head and she forgets about her fire entirely just kicking the guy after he's fallen over instead, trying to kick the knife away from him.
Nov 11 21:14:28 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+2
Nov 11 21:14:29 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 3:9-8+2
Nov 11 21:15:03 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+3
Nov 11 21:15:04 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 2:7-8+3
Nov 11 21:15:12 <gumbal1> The knife is kicked away.
Nov 11 21:15:19 <gumbal1> The man just screams louder.
Nov 11 21:15:25 <gumbal1> > JACOB
Nov 11 21:15:40 <DarnellJermaine> (for the record, is the man lying flat on the ground?)
Nov 11 21:15:57 <gumbal1> > You think you can turn a wash up gangbanger into a model citizen, just like that?
Nov 11 21:16:00 <gumbal1> (yes)
Nov 11 21:17:17 <DarnellJermaine> Little Jacob sees his opportunity- little rowdy motherfucker straight up jumps on the guys head while he's on the ground, all 40-50 pounds of him!
Nov 11 21:17:23 * Knave has quit (Quit: Knave Out)
Nov 11 21:17:30 * QtPie (ten.ralugnicym.108-214-504-444-undvfr|000_alliv#ten.ralugnicym.108-214-504-444-undvfr|000_alliv) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Nov 11 21:17:31 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+6 I'll make YOU hurt now!
Nov 11 21:17:31 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, I'll make YOU hurt now!: 7:9-8+6
Nov 11 21:18:05 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+3
Nov 11 21:18:05 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 4:9-8+3
Nov 11 21:18:40 <gumbal1> His head cracks on the floor. He's not really moaning, now. More gurgling.
Nov 11 21:18:48 <gumbal1> > MADELINE
Nov 11 21:19:06 <gumbal1> > Does anyone really care about you, besides what you can provide them?
Nov 11 21:21:08 <Nemi> Did they ever? The people she called friends were gone, now. The woozy girl, fingers numb from the sudden rushing cold, can think just to crank the dial she had touched the other way as hard as she could before the chill and the booze made her lose her sense entirely. It was hard to stand so she doesn't, tottering against the door and sliding down to a seated position. It's hard
Nov 11 21:21:08 <Nemi> to see.
Nov 11 21:22:21 <gumbal1> And thus, the temperature begins rising. The meat around her begins to smell.
Nov 11 21:22:28 <gumbal1> > BARDTENDER
Nov 11 21:22:37 <Nemi> Ugh..
Nov 11 21:23:09 <gumbal1> He's barely lucid, he's gurgling, he's bleeding…he's pissed. The man attempts to do the only thing he can do: smack the kid who just suplexed his head.
Nov 11 21:23:15 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+7
Nov 11 21:23:15 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 7:8-8+7
Nov 11 21:23:26 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+6 Quick like lightning?
Nov 11 21:23:27 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, Quick like lightning?: 7:9-8+6
Nov 11 21:24:30 <gumbal1> And he dodges.
Nov 11 21:24:35 <gumbal1> > Mary
Nov 11 21:24:48 <gumbal1> > Athene never loved you. What makes you think Nora will?
Nov 11 21:28:02 <BobaFettuccine> That thought hurts her, it hurts her deep. Mary stumbles over and her back thumps against the door as she once again sinks to the ground, covering her hands with her face and crying.
Nov 11 21:29:38 <gumbal1> >Pathetic.
Nov 11 21:29:43 <gumbal1> > JACOB
Nov 11 21:30:23 <gumbal1> > What's next for someone like you?
Nov 11 21:32:09 <DarnellJermaine> What is next for Jacob? Does he have any plans or goals? He certainly doesn't have any friends. He's got the upper hand on this jerk now- he's got the confidence to materialize his stand. He doesn't materialize his eagle or his little piggy orc friend though. He brings out Prolonging the Magic, a large, fat pig, that sits directly on the bartenders head to hold him down. As it does its thing, Jacob looks
Nov 11 21:32:09 <DarnellJermaine> for the keys on the bartender to try and get madeline out!
Nov 11 21:33:24 <gumbal1> The door was never locked. You just needed enough force to open it. Three children's worth, or one adult. The key out of the kitchen, however, is there.
Nov 11 21:33:52 <gumbal1> > MADELINE
Nov 11 21:35:33 <gumbal1> > Do you know how lucky you are?
Nov 11 21:36:34 <Nemi> No. No, she doesn't. It's hard to look beyond the negatives.. As her woozy self, tired out from all the effort, slips into a drowsy haze peppered by the foul smell of rotting meat, she has to wonder what all led her to this point.
Nov 11 21:37:36 <gumbal1> > The Bartender is disabled for now
Nov 11 21:37:40 <gumbal1> > MARY
Nov 11 21:37:54 <gumbal1> …actually, combat ended.
Nov 11 21:39:43 <BobaFettuccine> Mary stands up and stumbles around, crying still. What was going on? Where was Madeline, why was that man trying to hurt them? She stumbles up against a wall and leans against it.
Nov 11 21:40:28 <gumbal1> The bartender is still bleeding, rather heavily.
Nov 11 21:41:03 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob knows he needs to keep Prolonging the Magic there to hold the man down, but without fashion nugget, him and Mary didn't have the strength to open to door. He grabbed it and tried to push though anyways, beckoning for Mary to join. "Madeline! Maddy, can you hear me? If you can hear us, please pull on the door! I don't know if we can open it without you, please!"
Nov 11 21:44:07 <Nemi> Can she hear them, even? It's hard to hear much of anything with how woozy she is..
Nov 11 21:45:00 <gumbal1> Vaguely. But can she make out their words?
Nov 11 21:45:31 <BobaFettuccine> Mary wobbles over to try and help with the door, making sure not to touch Jacob with her fire and stuff.
Nov 11 21:46:21 <gumbal1> It's very, very, very slow progress, but it's progress…progress punctuated by a thump on the door.
Nov 11 21:46:37 <gumbal1> The bartender lies bleeding, bleeding, bleeding…
Nov 11 21:47:14 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob can tell he's going to have to take the risk. After hearing a thump- he knew there was no other choice. He dissipates Prolonging the Magic off of the man and forms Fashion nuggets to push on the door with them, making Jacob look exactly like the door they were pushing, just…lying on that door. It was strange to comprehend.
Nov 11 21:48:45 <gumbal1> The banging only increases as the bartender, very slowly, gets up. Thankfully, the door is opening, to a room full of spoiled meat and a drugged toddler.
Nov 11 21:49:16 <gumbal1> The bartender, furious, turns to the three of them, and takes a step forward. The banging gets louder.
Nov 11 21:49:42 <DarnellJermaine> "You get Madeline, Nugget and I will hold the door!" he looks anxiously at the man now behind him, unsure of what to do. He just had to hope.
Nov 11 21:49:42 <gumbal1> Another step, and someone's throwing themself against the door, from the sounds of it,
Nov 11 21:51:06 <BobaFettuccine> Mary screams again, terrified of everything going on, too much was happening. She flings an arm out towards the bartender, throwing fire with it.
Nov 11 21:51:53 <gumbal1> And, just as the door bursts down to reveal a large, wooly thing, Mary's flame knocks the man's head into a counter, and with a #@#@#%&%&&&&*(((((?:L
Nov 11 21:54:39 <gumbal1> "…for she's a jolly good felloooooooooooooooooow…" Madeline awakens to a start, surrounded by her trusted friends, at her own graduation party. Can't have the salutatorian sleeping at the party! Meanwhile, Jacob and Mary snap out of their daydreams. There's drinks to be had, socialization to be done, and fun to seize.
Nov 11 21:54:42 <gumbal1> …what?
Nov 11 21:55:01 <gumbal1> "…that nobody can deny!"
Nov 11 21:55:17 <Nemi> .. what? Wait, what? Madeline shakes herself to sense and looks around, trying to figure out what just happened, what she just missed.
Nov 11 21:55:49 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob wakes with a shock- what the hell was going on here? (is the party at the bar or the school?) Trying to get a grasp on the situation. Was that all a dream? It couldn't have been…
Nov 11 21:56:13 <gumbal1> (at the bar)
Nov 11 21:56:44 <gumbal1> What? That you were kids? No. Late teenagers like yourselves, suddenly turning into kids, pah.
Nov 11 21:57:23 <BobaFettuccine> Suddenly Mary's floating, and glowing blue. And… At a party? Madeline was graduating? She looks around the bar, what a weird dream.
Nov 11 21:57:37 <DarnellJermaine> (is this the future or like near present btw?)
Nov 11 21:57:52 <gumbal1> They're all graduating! What are you talking about? (early future)
Nov 11 21:59:21 <Nemi> Madeline passes grins to all those around her as she pushes herself up off the table. "Sorry, guys.. Dunno what happened. I think too many late nights and stuff finally catching me.."
Nov 11 22:00:06 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob had a /lot/ of questions right now. Was all of that really just a dream? Did he just forget about the last 3 years leading up to his graduation? Was he always /this/ muscular? Well… that wasn't really much more than before, but he certainly had some facial hair. This was…giving him a massive headache. He places a hand on his head and responds to Madeline, "Haha, yeah, guess so. I had the weirdest
Nov 11 22:00:06 <DarnellJermaine> ass dream but- that doesn't really matter right now I guess. Congrats, by the way"
Nov 11 22:01:10 <Nemi> "Thanks!" Madeline, for her part, looks about exactly the same as she usually does, scarf and tights and skirt included. "It's been a long road here, I guess.."
Nov 11 22:01:10 <BobaFettuccine> "Yeah." Mary says with a grin in return. "I know what you mean." She floats up to the bar and orders a soda, cause she wasn't old enough todrink yet, so she wasn't going to.
Nov 11 22:03:14 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob, of course, snuck in some alcohol in a flask and passed it in secret to Mads, "Here, I think you deserve this most of all. I already had some before I came down here" he gave her a wry smile as he passed it to her.
Nov 11 22:03:47 <gumbal1> A machine is serving as the bartender, complete with a mangetic mustache. Meanwhile, someone saddles up to Jacob. Nearly as buff as him, ochre-skinned, short-haired, wearing a tracksuit. "Maaan, that shit lasted too long."
Nov 11 22:04:44 <BobaFettuccine> Mary returns to the others, soda in hand, grinning wide.
Nov 11 22:06:46 <Nemi> Madeline takes the flask with a wry grin of her own and takes a gulp! She coughs, and covers it with her forearm before passing it back. "Wooow ow- I think that's a liiiiittle hard for me yet.. thanks!"
Nov 11 22:07:06 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob turns to the new arrival and nods his head, "You're damn right, Leah. Glad this shit is finally over so I can go back home"
Nov 11 22:07:56 <Nemi> Madeline peeks up at the newcomer. "Oh, hey!"
Nov 11 22:08:22 <BobaFettuccine> Mary shrugs, "I don't know, I'm gonna miss all my friends here." She says, still smiling.
Nov 11 22:10:10 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob didn't have that same kind of attachment. Although the last 3 years seemed blurry for some reason, he couldn't remember having any friends here. He just wanted to head back to his boys in St. Louis. He always did feel like sorta an outsider. He makes no comment to Mary, just finishing off the rest of the flask Mads handed back to him.
Nov 11 22:10:32 <gumbal1> "Just like that, eh?" Leah chuckles. "Me, I'll be heading halfway across the country. More schooling and shit." Meanwhile, a slight girl, tawny-skinned, black hair pulled back in a ponytail, takes a seat next to Mary. "Hey. How're you?" Her voice carries a heavy Jordanian accent.
Nov 11 22:11:37 <Nemi> "Yeah, I'm kinda looking forward to just.. it'll be nice going home again. Kat and me might be going to Bordeaux over the summer.. I won't forget any of you guys. You made the last few years, like, worth living, you know?" Madeline cracks a grin and looks to Leah. "Where're you headed? Medical school like you used to joke?"
Nov 11 22:12:47 <BobaFettuccine> Mary smiles at the new girl sitting next to her and waves. "Hi, I'm pretty good, excited for what the future holds and all. You?" She asks.
Nov 11 22:15:30 <gumbal1> "Actually, guess who got a scholarship to Le Cordon Bleu Los Angeles?" Meanwhile, mystery girl smiles. "Well…I was, er…" The girl looks away, giggling, before turning back, hand outstretched. "I'm Fozia. Fozia Mallouk. We…had a few classes together but I…never really talked."
Nov 11 22:16:10 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob sits silently and observes the others. He doesn't try to bring any attention to himself- just enjoy this last celebration in peace and then head on his merry way.
Nov 11 22:16:48 <Nemi> "Reeeeally? Seriously? That's awesome- and in LA? You'll be like twenty minutes from me that's so cool Leah!" Madeline claps her hands and beams before she grabs her soda. "We'll like, have to hang out when you're not too busy! Since Iiii'm going to UCLA!"
Nov 11 22:17:28 <gumbal1> "Sweet! Back to the sun!" Leah holds out a hand for a highfive.
Nov 11 22:18:59 <BobaFettuccine> Mary shakes the girls hand. "Nice to meet you Fozia. I'm Mary." She says, "You enjoying the graduation party?" She asks, all friendly like.
Nov 11 22:19:31 <gumbal1> > MDEF, MARY
Nov 11 22:20:39 <Nemi> Madeline leans out over the table to take the high-five with Leah! "I missed it soooo much you have no idea! Who thought Canada would be the place to put the school, anyway?"
Nov 11 22:21:03 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+12
Nov 11 22:21:03 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 11:7-8+12
Nov 11 22:21:34 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+12
Nov 11 22:21:34 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 14:10-8+12
Nov 11 22:23:04 <gumbal1> …it's…really weird, Mary. For some reason, you instinctively trust this weird girl. It's almost like she's…unlocked you?…no, that's weird…but it feels nice?
Nov 11 22:24:14 <BobaFettuccine> Mary blinks and smiles a bit wider at the girl.
Nov 11 22:24:20 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob did pull out his phone and tap out a text to Craig, the leader of their gang back home. By now, he should have just turned 30. 'Yo, at my graduation. Coming home soon, can't wait to fuck shit up like we used to'
Nov 11 22:24:24 <Nemi> Madeline's still all cheer. "Are you taking Ellie with? I know she told me something about going to UCLA too back in February but she kinda, like, went dark on me after that, it'd be super cool to have friends already in the area again though..!"
Nov 11 22:24:57 <gumbal1> «kickass! i'll tell the boys»
Nov 11 22:25:27 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob gives a tiny smile at that. Pushing off from the table to go grab some soda for himself. They better have grape, yo.
Nov 11 22:25:46 <gumbal1> «bro my fucking god this is amazing» «broooooooooo» «holy shit you're coming back» «*a series of '100' emojis*»
Nov 11 22:26:27 <gumbal1> Leah only very slightly winces. "It's…yeah. Yeah."
Nov 11 22:26:47 <gumbal1> The girl smiles back. "…if it's not any trouble, would you come with me?"
Nov 11 22:26:55 <gumbal1> "I have something I want to show you."
Nov 11 22:27:16 <Nemi> ".. what's up? Something happen?" Madeline's mood dampens just a teeny bit. She doesn't notice Fozia's attempt at taking Mary aside.
Nov 11 22:27:25 * Karaoke (Karaoke@2602:304:b01d:riqg:wtkh:lnnp:pvzg:qzsx) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Nov 11 22:27:42 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob wouldn't admit it, but he was almost tearin up after getting all those texts. He reigned it back in of course though, putting his phone away for the time being. He begins walking back to his seat, listening in on Mary and Mads conversations to see what they were up to and at least /attempt/ to be social with them.
Nov 11 22:28:17 <BobaFettuccine> "Oh, sure!" Mary grins, "What is it?" She asks as she follows Fozia.
Nov 11 22:28:20 <gumbal1> "…oh, nothing. We're…heh, we kind of…" Leah's glance briefly lingers on someone else. Some weird girl, talking with Mary. "…apart."
Nov 11 22:29:49 <gumbal1> Fozia gets up, taking Mary's hand to lead her to a door at the far end of the bar. "In here. I'm…actually on the lookout for, well…" Fozia giggles. "You'll see."
Nov 11 22:29:54 <Nemi> ".. wait, really…?" Madeline follows her glance to that weird girl for a moment. "That's too bad.. maan you two are like, all that's really left of the stoner crew now, this's so weird.. anyway! I'll have to crash with you sometime next year , try some of the stuff you're putting together!"
Nov 11 22:30:47 <DarnellJermaine> As Jacob gets to his seat, he notices Mary get lead away by a girl he's never seen before… did she even go here? He keeps an eye on them as he drinks his soda, pretending to check his phone if they catch him looking. If nothing happened after a minute or so, he'd go back to his own business.
Nov 11 22:31:24 <BobaFettuccine> Mary laughs cheerfully as she goes towards the door with this perfect stranger. "Sounds exciting!" She says.
Nov 11 22:32:33 <gumbal1> And thus, they're at the door. "Head in there. I'll be back soon, habibi." And with a giggle, she's back into the crowd.
Nov 11 22:33:11 <gumbal1> "…yeah, well! I'll…look forward to that too, yeah."
Nov 11 22:34:00 <Nemi> "Hey I um.. sorry if I hit something touchy, Leah, like.. and I've been kinda out of contact. I'm a really shitty best friend, aren't I?"
Nov 11 22:34:46 <BobaFettuccine> Mary opens the door and heads on in, humming cheerfully to herself and smiling, looking around at this new room.
Nov 11 22:35:07 <gumbal1> "…oh, like, nah it's…it's okay. It's like, my fault for kinda…I dunno. Haven't been that social lately. New girlfriend says she doesn't want to worry." Mary, the room is rather dark. It's very hard to see anything.
Nov 11 22:36:07 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob sees Mary going into a door at the far end- and it doesn't look like a bathroom. He decides to dick around on his phone for a while, but he keeps an eye on the door to see if she comes out at all. Not like he has anything else to do anyways, and that dream he had still wigged him out a bit.
Nov 11 22:36:42 <Nemi> "Ooohhhhh. Who're you seeing?" Madeline's genuinely shocked at the thought that Leah'd split with Ellie, but it'd explain why the pale psychic dropped off the face of the Earth.. Probably took it pretty hard. They seemed to go so well together.. Madeline's puzzled for a few moments before she shrugs the thought off.
Nov 11 22:37:51 <gumbal1> Mary can barely make out a few other people, none of which seem to be moving, along with a few shelves and cardboard boxes. There's a door at the other end. "Heh, you know Fozia? Me and her are…a thing now, yeah."
Nov 11 22:40:12 <Nemi> "I didn't know her, actually! When'd the two of you hook up? I know, I know, I'm the worst best friend, I shoulda like, kept up, might have had ideas for stuff you guys could do.."
Nov 11 22:41:19 <BobaFettuccine> Mary looks around the room and waves at the people, "Oh, hey guys, do you know what Fozia wanted to show me?" Her hand goes to the wall to look for a light switch.
Nov 11 22:41:49 <DarnellJermaine> After enough time has passed, Jacob shrugs it off and turns back around at the table to do his own thing, no longer watching for the door.
Nov 11 22:41:58 <gumbal1> "Well, like…I actually can't-" Leah suddenly freezes as that tawny girl puts a hand on her shoulder. "Oh. Who's this?"
Nov 11 22:43:02 <gumbal1> None of them respond. Turning on the light switch-oh. Oh dear. Most of the 'people' you thought you saw are actually dessecated corpses…no, they have to be convincing fakes. It's just some dumb prank Fozia pulled, right?
Nov 11 22:44:27 <Nemi> "Can't wh- oh, hi! You must be Fozia!" Madeline pivots right to her, with that big goofy smile of hers. "I'm Madeline! I've been friends with Leah for like, years now- I'm kinda surprised she never introduced me!"
Nov 11 22:45:11 <BobaFettuccine> Yeah, she makes a startled little scream, and then realizes that this must be a prank. Oh, that Fozia, what a prankster, she must be waiting out there to see the look on Mary's face. Mary laughs a little and then goes to open the door to go find Fozia and tell her that the prank worked.
Nov 11 22:46:07 <gumbal1> Fozia smiles to Madeline, then eyes Leah, who almost seems to…shrink? "…well. It's good to meet you. Sorry, she's bad about this kind of thing." She giggles. "Kidding!"
Nov 11 22:46:12 <gumbal1> The door's locked.
Nov 11 22:47:27 <Nemi> "Guuuys it's okay-" Madeline surely noticed the shrinking away. "Like, I don't bite, seriously.. Are you going with her down to LA? I'll be at UCLA so we could like, hang out whenever, I'll be like twenty minutes away!"
Nov 11 22:48:50 <BobaFettuccine> Mary pounds on her door with a fist, "Really funny Fozia." She shouts, "can I come out now?"
Nov 11 22:49:01 <DarnellJermaine> (can Jacob hear the pounding?)
Nov 11 22:49:10 <gumbal1> Fozia is silent for a moment, while Leah very noticeably winces. "…I'm looking into colleges right now. Perhaps!" Soon, Fozia blinks. "…one moment."
Nov 11 22:49:14 <gumbal1> (Yee)
Nov 11 22:49:20 <gumbal1> Fozia goes back to the door.
Nov 11 22:49:37 <Nemi> "What's up? Everything okay?" Madeline watches her go, blinking. She's in too much of a good mood to pick up Leah's discomfort.
Nov 11 22:49:39 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob notices sounds coming from the door, speedwalking to get in front of Fozia to get to the door. "Mary? You alright in there?"
Nov 11 22:50:56 <BobaFettuccine> "Yeah Jacob, I just got pranked, let me out of here?" She asks through the door.
Nov 11 22:50:57 <gumbal1> "…uh, yeah…I gotta, er, go." Leah's quick to get up and head out of the bar. Meanwhile, Fozia tilts her head at Jacob's barging. "Door must've jammed. I can unlock it, if you want."
Nov 11 22:51:10 <Nemi> "Um.. oookay. See you, Leah! Text me!"
Nov 11 22:51:31 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob spins around to the girl, looking a bit suspicious of her, but nodding and stepping out of the way to give her room.
Nov 11 22:52:52 <Nemi> Madeline settles in to chat with some of her other friends! Now though, the topic isn't just all about future plans- it's about if anyone knows what the deal with Fozia and Leah and Ellie is.
Nov 11 22:54:41 <gumbal1> Fozia nods, going over to unlock the door and step inside…and shutting it behind her. Meanwhille, sitting at another table, talking with some weird weresheep kid, was Lisa…Madeline thinks. She certainly looks like Lisa, but a lot less…ghoulish. And to hear her talk, her accent somehow switched to South Londonian over the years.
Nov 11 22:55:57 <Nemi> Huh! Madeline steps through space to plop down nearish the two of them, with a smile. "Hey, guys! Lisa, you look.. good!"
Nov 11 22:56:21 <DarnellJermaine> (can Jacob roll reflexes to react before she shuts the door?)
Nov 11 22:56:54 <gumbal1> Blinking, Lisa smiles. "Well, love. Congratulations on salutatorian."
Nov 11 22:57:02 <gumbal1> (sure)
Nov 11 22:57:07 <BobaFettuccine> As Mary sees Fozia enter the room she gives a nervous little laugh, "That was a funny pran- uh, why are you locking the door again?"
Nov 11 22:57:13 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+6 Oh no you fucking don't you goy
Nov 11 22:57:14 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, Oh no you fucking don't you goy: 7:9-8+6
Nov 11 22:57:56 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
Nov 11 22:57:56 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
Nov 11 22:57:57 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 9:11-8+6
Nov 11 22:58:09 <gumbal1> (uhhhhhh)
Nov 11 22:58:13 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6
Nov 11 22:58:13 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 5:7-8+6
Nov 11 22:59:06 <DarnellJermaine> (Does he make it?)
Nov 11 22:59:10 <gumbal1> "Well…" Fozia is interrupted by Jacob opening the door. "Do you mind not doing that?" Fozia has that ’are you seriously twatswatting me right now' look on her face.
Nov 11 22:59:24 <Nemi> Madeline grins. "Thank you! Where's our valedictorian? I didn't hear anything announced about them so I'm reeeally wondering who it is.. when'd you pick up that accent? It's like I'm like, back home again, it's weird!"
Nov 11 23:00:27 <DarnellJermaine> "What the hell is going on here? I heard Mary pounding on the door- and who the hell are you?" he keeps a poker face on, but he's definitely pissed and suspicious as hell right now.
Nov 11 23:00:32 <gumbal1> "Practice. Plus, Sarah likes it…I think I saw her go off with Fozia. That girl, I swear."
Nov 11 23:01:04 <gumbal1> "…okay, look, it was a prank, and I'm sorry for it. Now, er…let me…apologize, in peace?"
Nov 11 23:01:41 <Nemi> Madeline giggles a moment. "Sarah? Where'd she go, anyway? Actually.. um, did a bunch of people decide to go home early or something?"
Nov 11 23:02:08 <DarnellJermaine> "Sure, yeah. My bad…" as he turns to leave, he inconspicuously drops his lighter in the door way, so the door will stay propped open, just in case…
Nov 11 23:02:41 <BobaFettuccine> Mary nods, "Yeah," She points at the 'fake' dead bodies, "Really good prank too." To Fozia, "You really got me." Another laugh.
Nov 11 23:05:10 <gumbal1> "…different Sarah. LDR. And…no, Fozia's just taking them for something. Probably fucked up, I…well, she's one of those people." Lisa giggles. Meanwhile, Fozia smiles, and closes the door, seemingly not noticing the lighter.
Nov 11 23:05:48 <gumbal1> …and suddenly distends her jaw, revealing several rows of sharp, transluscent teeth and three sharp-looking internal probiscuses.
Nov 11 23:06:58 <BobaFettuccine> Holyshitwhatthefuck! Mary zips back away from her through the air, pretty much immediately catching fire.
Nov 11 23:07:22 <Nemi> "Ohhh! That Sarah! Also I figured I'd ask since like, nobody's talking, like.. where'd Ellie go? Like, you guys used to hang out, right?" Madeline remains pleasantly unaware of the Fozia Situation.
Nov 11 23:08:35 <gumbal1> Lisa chuckles. "…don't ask questions you aren't prepared to learn the answers to." Meanwhile, Fozia's limbs twist backwards, until she's on all fours, crawb-walling towars Mary with surprising speed.
Nov 11 23:08:38 <gumbal1> > AGILITY
Nov 11 23:09:20 <Nemi> "Cooome oooon, why does everyone have to be super cagey about it?" Madeline grumps!
Nov 11 23:09:36 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+9 Noping away from the bad stuff
Nov 11 23:09:37 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine, Noping away from the bad stuff: 6:5-8+9
Nov 11 23:09:54 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob keeps an eye on the door in case he hears anything, but otherwise he starts to walk back to where Mads is at. Something is not right with that Fozia girl…
Nov 11 23:11:37 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Nov 11 23:11:37 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 9:9-8+8
Nov 11 23:12:25 <gumbal1> And just like that, the 'girl' sticks Mary with her probiscuses (-2 HP). "…well. Do you know what happens when you run too many programs on a computer?"
Nov 11 23:13:48 <Nemi> "Um, memory leaks, it slows down and eventually crashes?"
Nov 11 23:14:15 <BobaFettuccine> Mary roars with pain and the sound is somehow vaguely reminiscent of a bear. Now she's mad. She sings a little song and uses the music to lash out at the girl with fire.
Nov 11 23:14:25 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+12
Nov 11 23:14:25 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 14:10-8+12
Nov 11 23:15:11 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Nov 11 23:15:11 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 5:5-8+8
Nov 11 23:15:30 <DarnellJermaine> Ok, that was /definitely/ something. "God damn it" Jacob mutters under his breath as he rushes back over to the door he left slightly propped out, swinging it wide open. "What the FUCK is going on here?"
Nov 11 23:15:50 <gumbal1> And Fozia barely dodges in time, getting burnt rather badly. Her form is quivering, now, and flesh has been burnt to revel a chitinous endoskeleton underneath.
Nov 11 23:16:07 <gumbal1> "Right on. Now imagine that happens to a person."
Nov 11 23:18:53 <Nemi> "… iiiis that what happened to Ellie, or what'd happen to me if you told me what exactly happened?"
Nov 11 23:20:14 <BobaFettuccine> Mary tries to flie out the door past Jacob, hand going to hold the brand new hole in her bicep. "Out out out!" She shouts to Jacob, trying to get away from whatever Fozia was.
Nov 11 23:22:47 <gumbal1> And thus, Fozia turns to face Jacob, hissing loudly.
Nov 11 23:24:25 <DarnellJermaine> Well, Jacob's always been a brave man, and 3 more years to cement that bravery and unrivalled courage did wonders for him. He stared the monster thingy whatever down and immediately formed Comfort Eagle- who buy the way was looking much larger than a normal eagle and ready to strike, unbeknownst to this unsuspecting goy.
Nov 11 23:24:50 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+5 Claw her eyes out, Comfort Eagle
Nov 11 23:24:50 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, Claw her eyes out, Comfort Eagle: 5:8-8+5
Nov 11 23:25:16 <Nemi> Madeline perks up at the ruckus, peering down the way. "What's going on over there?"
Nov 11 23:26:23 <gumbal1> "Nothing. Don't worry about them.
Nov 11 23:26:29 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+3 Meanwhile
Nov 11 23:26:29 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, Meanwhile: 4:9-8+3
Nov 11 23:26:46 <gumbal1> Her eyes are clawed out…but she didn't need them, anyways.
Nov 11 23:27:00 <Nemi> "Um.. Okay. So we were saying..?"
Nov 11 23:27:04 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 And this time, it's Jacob she charges.
Nov 11 23:27:04 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, And this time, it's Jacob she charges.: 11:11-8+8
Nov 11 23:27:51 <DarnellJermaine> And Jacob braces it the best he can
Nov 11 23:28:01 <gumbal1> "Well…what I'm saying is, I wouldn't worry about where Ellie is, or what's happened to her. It's not something you could fix, either way." Lisa just smiles.
Nov 11 23:28:09 <DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+8 (psyche 2 overdrive)
Nov 11 23:28:10 <Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine, (psyche 2 overdrive): 10:10-8+8
Nov 11 23:29:04 <gumbal1> He's pierced with a probiscus, but not in a vital area. The thing, however, does appear to begin drawing fluids from Jacob, wounds seemingly mending on their own.
Nov 11 23:29:18 <Nemi> "Thaat sounds kinda, um.. ominous.."
Nov 11 23:29:58 <DarnellJermaine> (did he take any damage?)
Nov 11 23:30:37 <gumbal1> (no)
Nov 11 23:30:53 <BobaFettuccine> "Help over here! Bug monster!" Mary shouts out towards the crowd now that she's out of the room. She then turns back towards the bug monster in question and tries to blast it off of Jacob with some fire.
Nov 11 23:30:57 * DarcellJermaine has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
Nov 11 23:31:28 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+12
Nov 11 23:31:28 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 9:5-8+12
Nov 11 23:32:05 <Nemi> ".. oh heck um- 'scuse me, Lisa, I'm gonna help with this.." Madeline rises and space-steps over to try and get a better look at what the heck is going on.
Nov 11 23:32:31 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Nov 11 23:32:31 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 10:10-8+8
Nov 11 23:33:02 <gumbal1> The thing dodges in time, pulling out and jumping back. Not many people seem to notice…or care.
Nov 11 23:33:57 * QtPie has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Nov 11 23:36:05 <Nemi> Madeline emerges in time to stare at the thing wearing the tatters of Fozia, wide-eyed and disbelieving. "Not at my /party/, come /on/!"
Nov 11 23:37:20 <BobaFettuccine> "I didn't start it!" Mary frowns.
Nov 11 23:37:24 <gumbal1> And suddenly, Fozia's attention is drawn to the one and only Madeline Maddox. She screams and, once more, charges.
Nov 11 23:37:29 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Nov 11 23:37:29 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 9:9-8+8
Nov 11 23:38:18 <Nemi> Madeline is still a well-honed machine, even having not done wetwork for Special Circumstances in some time. She defends herself!
Nov 11 23:38:21 <Nemi> 4d3-8+10
Nov 11 23:38:21 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 12:10-8+10
Nov 11 23:39:47 <gumbal1> (counter?)
Nov 11 23:39:52 <Nemi> .. By catching the probiscuses with her hands, turning them past her, and then materializing a black-and-chrome Kriss Vector carbine from nowhere to pump rounds into the back of the thing's skull and upper torso as she pivots it down and in a place where it can't evade. It's very cleann, very professional.
Nov 11 23:39:59 <Nemi> 4d3-8+12
Nov 11 23:39:59 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 12:8-8+12
Nov 11 23:40:08 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+4
Nov 11 23:40:08 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 4:8-8+4
Nov 11 23:40:27 <gumbal1> …ouch. With one final croak the thiiiiiii111111k335*^%$#@@@::L}J
Nov 11 23:41:39 <gumbal1> How long's it been? Ten years? Twenty? Who knows. They're tearing down the bar, it's been said, and the three of them just wanted to see it for the last time. Coming in, they found it dark, unlit.
Nov 11 23:41:42 <gumbal1> …what?
Nov 11 23:44:08 <Nemi> Madeline looks about the same as she always did. Dressed a little better, looking more like a woman instead of a girl, though she's still small and slender and with a certain artsy hipster-girl quality. "Why's it so dark?" She wonders, pulling a lantern from nowhere. "I was hoping there'd still be someone around.. ugh, this's stupid, Kat's waiting for me outside with the car.."
Nov 11 23:46:11 <gumbal1> The entire bar's been cleared out. Tables, bar, everything. The doors to the kitchen and supply room have been boarded up. There's nothing here of note.
Nov 11 23:46:19 <BobaFettuccine> Mary is much the same, 10 years later. Though maybe a bit more confident, she broke into the music industry, and, is more or less famous now. She dresses in sleeveless t-shirts and jeans like always, though now they're tailored to fit her. And she's glowing blue, happy to see an old friend in the old bar. "Yeah, kinda sad they're tearing it down though, huh?" She says with a little
Nov 11 23:46:19 <BobaFettuccine> grin over to Mads.
Nov 11 23:46:22 <DarnellJermaine> (wait what's going on?)
Nov 11 23:46:23 * QtPie (ten.ralugnicym.108-214-504-444-undvfr|000_alliv#ten.ralugnicym.108-214-504-444-undvfr|000_alliv) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Nov 11 23:46:59 <Nemi> ( another time shift. everyone's oldered )
Nov 11 23:48:06 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob looks… successful?! Something must've went wrong here, our gangster friend appears to look like a full-fledged business man, dressed in a suit to boot, though he's kept the Cardinals hat and his hefty physique. He seems to be brimming full of more confidence and energy than ever before, almost like a whole new person. He walks to the bar and runs his hand along it, feeling the familiar touch. How
Nov 11 23:48:06 <DarnellJermaine> long /has/ it been?
Nov 11 23:49:24 <Nemi> "Yeah. Like.. Memories. Remember our graduation party? Crazy stuff, right? or like, back when we were kids on Christmas? Place had some.. real weird stuff happen but like, it's still sad to see it go." Madeline stuffs her hands in her coat pockets and snuggles her chin into her scarf. "I guess I just wanted to see it one more time.. You guys wanna head out, get dinner? Kat and me
Nov 11 23:49:24 <Nemi> were planning on going to that Italian place on Park before we went back to the school for that alumni thing. I hear Andrey's playing for that."
Nov 11 23:51:26 <BobaFettuccine> "Yeah, I'd love to see him play again." Mary says with a grin. "I need to talk to him about opening for one of his shows sometime. Dinner firt sounds good though."
Nov 11 23:53:30 <Nemi> Madeline gives that goofy smile of hers- some things never change- as she pivots to Jacob. "You got enough time to come with or do you still need to catch that plane?"
Nov 11 23:55:14 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob turns back around, paying attention to his time honored buds. "Oh- I can come. The board meeting can wait, I feel I owe you guys this much for all the times we had" even now, Jacob didn't feel like he ever did make any real friends, but god damn it Mary and Madeline were the two closest people he had to them, and he would enjoy one last dinner with these two. "I think I'd like that. I'll pay, by the
Nov 11 23:55:14 <DarnellJermaine> way" he's got plentyy of money to spare right now.
Nov 11 23:56:22 <Nemi> "Ha.. You make this poor starving artist happy." Madeline cracks a wider smile and turns to open the door on out.
Nov 11 23:56:44 <gumbal1> The door out doesn't lead out.
Nov 11 23:57:23 <gumbal1> At least, not if you don't count 'a long runway of felt flooring, running on through an infinite expanse of blackness' 'out'.
Nov 11 23:58:17 <BobaFettuccine> "On second thought, probably a good thing they're tearing this place down." Mary says with an exhasperated sigh.
Nov 11 23:59:15 <Nemi> ".. thiiiis is new, though." Madeline steps on out nonetheless, moving lightly on the felt. "One last adventure, guys?"
Nov 11 23:59:46 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob gives a little laugh, "Might as well. I figured as much, the way this place has treated us over the years"
Nov 12 00:00:15 <BobaFettuccine> "Sure, why not?" Mary says with a grin, floating out a little behind and to the right of Mads.
Nov 12 00:02:02 <gumbal1> The felt holds up well given it's suspended over nothingness. However, your footsteps don't seem to be making any sound.
Nov 12 00:05:34 <gumbal1> …you keep going. Nothing seems to appear on the horizon.
Nov 12 00:06:06 <DarnellJermaine> "…Maybe we should turn back?"
Nov 12 00:06:18 <Nemi> Madeline's steps rarely did. Her flats and light steps were usually very quiet, after all. "Man.. what was it last time? When I broke Leah off with her weird toxic girlfriend, right? She went full art nerd after that and .. didn't she get back with Anthiel? Their kids are in med school now, aren't they?" Madeline rubs her neck. "I'm so bad at keeping track and.. naaah, let's see
Nov 12 00:06:18 <Nemi> where this goes!"
Nov 12 00:07:06 <BobaFettuccine> "Alright, so I guess we see where this leads then?" Mary says, looking around. She pulls a quarter out of her pocket and flips it over the edge to listen and see if she can hear it hit the ground. "And yeah, that was weird. She seemed so nice then went all bug monster."
Nov 12 00:08:11 <gumbal1> Not a sound.
Nov 12 00:08:44 <gumbal1> …further ahead, the path seems to terminate.
Nov 12 00:08:44 <Nemi> "I guess you never can tell with people." Madeline snrfs and keeps walking. "I figure we've got like fifteen minutes or so.. if we don't see anything by then I'll just pull us through the Dream on out, okay?"
Nov 12 00:08:55 <Nemi> "Oh- wait, hold on.." Madeline continues ahead!
Nov 12 00:09:07 <DarnellJermaine> Jacob didn't really have any cool stories to share, but he listened intently to his buds, nodding and laughing along with them. He took a business card out of his pocket and leaned it against the wall on the ground to see if they'd see it again after they keep walking.
Nov 12 00:09:43 <BobaFettuccine> "Sounds good." She says with a grin, following on after Madeline.
Nov 12 00:11:13 <gumbal1> Now, as they get closer, do they hear sounds. Odd reverbrations, almost like moans. Approaching the terminus proper, where the path just seems to have been torn off, the screams become louder, and louder, until they almost need to cover their ears.
Nov 12 00:12:34 <Nemi> Madeline adjusts the earmuffs abruptly covering her ears as she presses onward. Now she's /really/ interested.
Nov 12 00:12:57 <BobaFettuccine> Mary does cover her ears and grimaces at how loud it is. What could possibly be going on here?
Nov 12 00:13:49 <gumbal1> As far as they know, looking down, nothing really seems to be visible. If anything, it's coming from the void.
Nov 12 00:14:00 <gumbal1> …something is coming down the path, towards them.
Nov 12 00:14:13 <Nemi> "I worry about those kids sometimes. Like, Anthiel's .. Weird, and since Leah went super obsessive about paintings.. oh, well. They're smart, they'll do fine." Just casual chat as they walk and- oho! She pauses a moment to take in their company.
Nov 12 00:15:38 <gumbal1> They're…pretty far away, whatever they are, but they're coming in rather fast.
Nov 12 00:15:43 * QtPie has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
Nov 12 00:16:05 <BobaFettuccine> Mary turns around to see who's coming towards them. She doesn't really hear Mads cause her ears are covered and there's loud screaming and all. She floats off to the side off of the path to get out of the way of whatever it is.
Nov 12 00:18:07 <Nemi> Madeline furrows her brows and keeps going toward the incoming thing! She's REALLY curious now.
Nov 12 00:21:31 <gumbal1> Looking closer, they're…well, they're running, for one thing. Two, they're covered in what looks like an off-white shawl stained with brown. Three, if the ever increasing noise is any indication, they appear to be screaming, rather loudly.
Nov 12 00:22:15 <Nemi> "Uuum- helloooo? What's wrong?"
Nov 12 00:23:18 * QtPie (qgu.vg.751.42|000_alliv#qgu.vg.751.42|000_alliv) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Nov 12 00:23:22 <gumbal1> They dont slow down upon getting into clear view, nor do the stop screaming. If anything, they're screaming louder, and charging much faster.
Nov 12 00:23:31 <BobaFettuccine> Mary floats closer to the path, wary and ready for trouble. But alright with letting Mads try to talk with whatever it is for now.
Nov 12 00:24:22 <Nemi> Madeline is ready to just disperse herself if it looks like the person's going to collide with her or attack- so for now she keeps on forward. "Calm down- calm down, what's going on?"
Nov 12 00:25:41 * DarnellJermaine has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
Nov 12 00:27:33 <gumbal1> It doesn't seem to calm down. If anything, the fact that its legs are a bit too long, its face a bit too smashed in, and its gait a bit too inhuma gives credence to the idea that it might not even understand them.
Nov 12 00:28:09 <Nemi> Aw, dang. Madeline hesitates, and then keeps walking. "Mary? Get ready to get out of the way, really fast, I'm not sure what this thing is or what it's gonna do.."
Nov 12 00:29:43 <BobaFettuccine> Mary floats up so she's about 15 feet in the air and pops her flames on, ready to throw them if she needs to. "Yeah, it doesn't look friendly."
Nov 12 00:30:20 <gumbal1> And thus, just as it's about to collide with Madeline…
Nov 12 00:30:23 <gumbal1> > AGILITY
Nov 12 00:30:42 <Nemi> 4d3-8+10
Nov 12 00:30:42 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 9:7-8+10
Nov 12 00:33:51 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+10
Nov 12 00:33:51 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 8:6-8+10
Nov 12 00:34:09 <gumbal1> And just as it bursts into a shower of needles, Madeline dodges in time.
Nov 12 00:35:35 <Nemi> Madeline forms herself back into shape, bemused in the aftermath of the spike-burst. She looks at Mary, as if to say 'can you believe this shit?'
Nov 12 00:36:50 <BobaFettuccine> Shower of needles, definitely /not/ friendly. Mary sighs and shrugs, shaking her head. "Alright, that was weird. Not the weirdest I've seen, but weird."
Nov 12 00:38:10 <gumbal1> The moaning seems louder now, as if something was added to their voice.
Nov 12 00:38:28 <gumbal1> …another one seems to be running over.
Nov 12 00:38:54 <Nemi> ".. I think my job's messing with me," Madeline says, raising her voice to be heard over the din, and gently adding some dream logic to let Mary understand it by narrative convenience. "Because this isn't really bothering me. Professional dreamweaver life, you know?" She keeps walking, ready to just space-step past it.
Nov 12 00:39:36 <BobaFettuccine> This time Mary doesn't wait for it, she sings and as she sings a wall of fire flows from her arms between them and the needle thingy.
Nov 12 00:41:44 <gumbal1> And of course, it burns to a crisp, and the thing disappates as the voices grow louder.
Nov 12 00:42:04 <gumbal1> > Does anything scare you anymore?
Nov 12 00:42:41 <gumbal1> > Or has age forced a frost in your emotions?
Nov 12 00:43:24 <Nemi> Is it age or just experience? Madeline's been facing nightmares and worse for so long nothing fazes her anymore.
Nov 12 00:44:23 <BobaFettuccine> To be honest, not much really does. Not with the shit that she's seen and been through. Sanctum will do that to a person. And living with two emotion spirits in you kind of makes it harder to feel any others. So Mary's mostly got either angry or joyful now. Not much of anything else for her.
Nov 12 00:44:36 * Silvors (ten.letyrutnec.nyd.401-08-088-43|srovliS#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.401-08-088-43|srovliS) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Nov 12 00:44:36 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Silvors
Nov 12 00:44:53 <gumbal1> > Then what purpose do I have?
Nov 12 00:45:03 * Silvors has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Nov 12 00:45:35 <gumbal1> > Everything done to you. Can I do no more?
Nov 12 00:46:38 <Nemi> "Purpose is what you make of it," Madeline says, thoughtful. Experience at least taught her that much. It's why she made her life her own, instead of just reacting to it. It's why she actually spoke to Kat and made them both happy. It's why she's content after all the shit hands she was dealt.
Nov 12 00:48:34 <BobaFettuccine> "I mean, you could also try something other than scaring people, that might be pretty cool." Mary says, with a raised eyebrow. That's what she did, she tried to make the world a better place and for the most part it made her life better too. Wait, what was she talking to?
Nov 12 00:49:23 <gumbal1> > Then you aren't going to kill me.
Nov 12 00:49:40 <Nemi> "Why would we kill you?" Madeline gives Mary a side-long glance.
Nov 12 00:49:54 <gumbal1> > Why would you defy Clown?
Nov 12 00:50:24 <BobaFettuccine> "Defy who?" Mary asks, answering Madeline's glance with a shrug.
Nov 12 00:50:54 <Nemi> "Who's Clown? I think clowns're creepy but I don't think I know /a/ Clown.."
Nov 12 00:51:11 <gumbal1> > You don't remember? He told you to kill me, as I last recall.
Nov 12 00:52:49 <BobaFettuccine> "I'm a little confused. You mean…" And then Mary remembers the reason they'd come into the bar in the first place, "So… Clown was one of those weird things we talked to in the bar before all this happened?"
Nov 12 00:53:21 <gumbal1> > Of course. Who else would he be?
Nov 12 00:53:24 <Nemi> "Wait.." Madeline pauses, to rub at her head. ".. the bar- that was like, twenty years ago. I honestly don't remember."
Nov 12 00:54:04 <gumbal1> > Twenty years ago? Do you really believe that?
Nov 12 00:55:05 <Nemi> "Um.. It's foggy enough I might.." Madeline tries to remember.
Nov 12 00:55:21 <BobaFettuccine> "Yes?" Mary shrugs, why wouldn't she? She remembered a lot of stuff happening in the past twenty years, but for some reason she got that feeling… her spirits were kinda freaking out."… Uhm, no? Maybe? I'm not sure."
Nov 12 00:57:49 <gumbal1> > Ask yourselves if you've really lived 20 years since that incident. Ask yourselves if any of what's happening right now is real.
Nov 12 00:58:23 <Nemi> "I dunno. I'm a /Dreamweaver/. Enough weird shit happens in my life I'd believe it."
Nov 12 00:59:11 <BobaFettuccine> Mary blinks and floats down until she's almost standing on the carpet, putting a hand to her forehead. "Uh… I don't." She looks up, "It's not is it?"
Nov 12 01:01:49 <gumbal1> > None of this is real.
Nov 12 01:02:21 <gumbal1> > Neither of you have suddenly, inexplicably solved the problems hounding you. Nor, as you might dread, have you suddenly developed worse.
Nov 12 01:03:06 <Nemi> ".. aw.. damnit. I was hoping I'd have been able to pull myself out of the really shitty years of my teens and helped out my best friends and .. blah. So what's really happening?"
Nov 12 01:03:08 * QtPie has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Nov 12 01:04:00 <BobaFettuccine> "Well I'd say being trapped in a fake reality is probably qualified to be worse, but…" She shrugs.
Nov 12 01:04:35 <gumbal1> > You are in my reality.
Nov 12 01:04:50 <gumbal1> > I have accepted the fact that I have no recourse of hurting you.
Nov 12 01:04:56 <gumbal1> > And therefore, I must die.
Nov 12 01:05:00 <gumbal1> > So be it.
Nov 12 01:05:30 <Nemi> "Why must you die? I don't want to kill someone if I can help it."
Nov 12 01:05:53 <Nemi> Odd words from the top killer in Special Circumstances.
Nov 12 01:06:02 <BobaFettuccine> "Uhm, but, who are you? Why don't we talk instead of you hurting us or dying?"
Nov 12 01:06:11 <gumbal1> > Clown wants you to kill me. It's the specific reason he created me.
Nov 12 01:06:27 <gumbal1> > That, or to have me torment you eternally slash until death.
Nov 12 01:07:25 <gumbal1> > Why do you trust that the embodiment of your refusal to commit yourself to complete righteousness despite your potential ever had your best interest in mind.
Nov 12 01:08:05 <BobaFettuccine> "So why don't we not do either of those and tell this Clown guy to go jump off a bridge?" Mary asks, Nora had definitely had an influence on her. "And I didn't know that's what he was at the time."
Nov 12 01:09:12 <gumbal1> >…are you sure you want to do that?
Nov 12 01:09:22 <gumbal1> > Really, truly sure?
Nov 12 01:09:45 <Nemi> Madeline seems contemplative. She doesn't speak up, to deny or agree.
Nov 12 01:10:36 <BobaFettuccine> "Yeah, screw that guy, if he's really as bad as you say then we really shouldn't be doing anything that he wants us to, right?"
Nov 12 01:13:15 <gumbal1> > …well. Alright.
Nov 12 01:13:34 <gumbal1> ##@###%^&|&*^%(^&*^#:"{{{<>?
Nov 12 01:14:09 <gumbal1> It's a beautiful night. No mission, no nothing.
Nov 12 01:14:44 <gumbal1> Just them, the school, and an odd feeling of anxiety.
Nov 12 01:15:03 <gumbal1> ~RUN COMPLETE~
Nov 12 01:15:13 <gumbal1> ~3 XP GRANTED~
Nov 12 01:15:16 <gumbal1> ~NO MONEY~
Nov 12 01:15:24 <gumbal1> ~NPC ANGERED: CLOWN~

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