logs:I Need a Hiro

01[14:16] <Antichthon> This morning Lisa Kawajiri received an e-mail. Formal, polite, and asking her to attend a meeting in room 213 Alphard Hall. The specifics were limited, but Lisa would get this much: The military wanted her help dealing with a ghost problem.
[14:18] <gumbal1> Ha. Ghosts. Lisa had five of them. Surely this couldn't be too bad. Still, Lisa made sure to dress her best, with that one black dress that doesn't tear when she starts turning into an interdimentional nightmare, along with matching tights which she hadn't quite tested yet. Whatever, hopefully this wouldn't be too bad.
01[14:26] <Antichthon> The meeting room was bright and airy, one wall covered with windows. On the far side of the long table was a large screen, built into the wall. The room was designed to seat upwards of twenty people, but at the moment, it just contained two: A petite soldier and a buff scientist. If Lisa had been present on the day of volunteer mission not too long ago, she might recognize them: Once-sergeant, Now-Captain Grove, and "Egghead." More properly, Dr. Castells, or so his nametag said. Dr. Castells had a pleasant look on his face, but the smile Captain Grove gave Lisa looked forced. "Ms. Kawajiri, come in, take a seat," she said.
[14:28] <gumbal1> Eh, she might have heard of them. Then promptly forgot. Priorities dictated that these things had their times and places, and neither came up nearly enough for it to be ingrained in Lisa's long-term memory. In any case, Lisa does as she's told, because it's not ever day something comes up that stirs the status qu-come to think of it, yes, it did seem to be every day. "Thank you for calling me to this." At least she'd probably get payed. "Now,
[14:28] <gumbal1> the email I recieved said you had a 'ghost problem'. What exactly did you mean by that?"
01[14:36] <Antichthon> Captain Grove glanced at Dr. Castells, who took up the reins. He turned on the TV, and began to cycle through images. Heavily damaged fishing vessels, mostly. "There's a problem in the Philippine Sea. For the last few months, organized attacks by marine animals have damaged and even sunk a variety of vessels. Mostly small fishing ships, but also including a US Destroyer." And indeed, one picture was of heavy damage to a military vessel's rudders. "Even if the organization hadn't been suspicious, the fact the animals know what they're doing would have been. We've investigated, and yes, the animals are possessed."
[14:38] <gumbal1> You know, if they wanted to get rid of her, they could have just told her outright, soaked a gun in water, and shoot her in the head. "…you do realize my problem with water?"
01[14:39] <Antichthon> "Yes," Captain Grove said. "We do. But the problem here is still…uniquely suited to you." Then, A seeming change in subject. "What do you know of the Battle of Leyte Gulf?"
[14:41] <gumbal1> Uniquely suited to kill her and start the next Lisa up, apparantly. "I am not." Lisa quickly eyes the doors, trying to think up a good escape route in cas things start going south. Which they already had, given the mission circumstance. Eh, maybe they can get her out of the coma she'll inevitably fall into before her next birthday.
01[14:45] <Antichthon> Captain Grove folded her hands and continued. "You might want to listen to the rest of what we have to say before you turn us down. And this is important: What do you know of the Battle of Leyte Gulf?" she asked again.
[14:47] <gumbal1> Lisa's success in history was attributed to fanatical route memorization, promptly forgotten after the test. It worked so far, and her career path had little to do with dead people and pointless wars. "…right, sorry. And no, I am not familiar with the battle."
01[14:54] <Antichthon> "The Battle of Leyte Gulf was one of the largest naval battles in history," Captain Grove said, taking the remote from Dr. Castells. "One of the ships sunk was the Japanese cruser Choukai." Grove switched the image to a black-and-white picture of the World War II ship. "It's wreck has been found at the bottom of the Philippine Trench, over eight kilometers down. And we've determined that is where the ghosts are coming from."
[14:56] <gumbal1> "…I'm sorry if I don't quite see how this is connected to me, other than being in line with a possibility of death." Lisa kinda regrets not reading One Piece. Could showed her fun ways to avoid sinking into water and dying horribly. "…may I briefly get out my phone for something quick?"
01[14:58] <Antichthon> The pair looked at each other. "If you must," Captain Grove said. "Tell me when you're ready to continue."
[14:58] <gumbal1> Well, quick text to Katlyn. <I love you> Aaaaaand done and put away. "Right, apologies."
01[15:02] <Antichthon> A nod to Dr. Castells, who said, "The ghosts aren't happy with us sending probes into their home. We've sent down a few submersibles; the first few were destroyed by giant squid protecting the wreck. The next few we lost contact with, not long after they entered the wreck. We did, however, manage to communicate. Somewhat. How good are you at understanding ghosts? Would you understand the raw audio, or do you need the cleaned up version?"
[15:04] <gumbal1> Giant squids. What the fuck was happening over there? "…depends. I've dealt with radio interference with ghosts, but most of that was mental, if, howe-" Lisa is interrupted as Grunge Lisa suddenly bursts out. "…she might be able to help, actually. What language is it in?"
01[15:04] <Antichthon> "Japanese."
[15:05] <gumbal1> "Perfect. She's a native speaker." Grunge Lisa nods in affirmation.
01[15:08] <Antichthon> "We already know what it says, I just wanted to know if you wanted the original or th-" Captain Grove must have nudged him, because Dr. Castells flinched and gave her a look. "…Right." Dr. Castells loaded an audio file, hit play. The sounds of of a microphone submerged under eight kilometers of water followed. In that white noise…a voice. Several. Faint, and covered. "Did you understand that?" Asked Dr. Castells.
[15:09] <gumbal1> "…no. Translation should be inco-no, my sister doesn't understand it either." Grunge Lisa shrugs. "I did hear voices. A few of them. I believe these are the ghosts in question?"
01[15:13] <Antichthon> Dr. Castells nodded. He loaded another audio file, this one cleaned up, and this time, at least one of the Lisas would understand it. "[Lisa, come back to us.]"
01[15:13] <Antichthon> "The Choukai was sunk on October 25, 1944."
[15:14] <gumbal1> ~…god fucking damnit.~ "…right. So, this thing wants me specifically. And you have reason to believe I can placate it with being consumed entirely?"
01[15:20] <Antichthon> "You're host to five other Lisas," Captain Grove said. "If anyone can handle another one, it's you." "We've tried other options," Dr. Castells said. "It's boiled down to either getting your help or nuking the wreck. The latter we think will only make the problem worse, but those above us seem to think otherwise. You're our last chance to deal with this properly."
[15:21] <gumbal1> "…right." Beat. "My will and testament is hidden in my saxaphone case. It was last updated in late October."
01[15:27] <Antichthon> "So you'll help us?" Dr. Castells asked hopefully. Obviously that's what she was saying, and Grove's eye twitched at Dr. Castells dorky response. She stood. "Get your affairs in order. We have a long flight, and I want you to spend at least a dozen hours in the simulator before we send you down there."
[15:29] <gumbal1> "Right." A few more texts to a few more people (and another castration threat to Jimmy), and she's good to go. "Now, simulator?"
01[15:30] <Antichthon> Dr. Castells smiled. "For the suit."
[15:33] <gumbal1> Right. Suit. Lisa assumed there would be one involved, at least. Deep sea diving, even without crippling water allergies, tends to involve diving suits.
01[15:34] <Antichthon> -Scene Fast forward-
01[15:40] <Antichthon> The Magician was a spacious deep sea exploration vessel, and quite the change from the cramped military quarters Lisa would have occupied the last few days. on the deck, hanging from a crane, was that suit Lisa had been training to control. The simulator had given a good sense of what it was like inside, but this would be the first time Lisa had laid eyes on its exterior. In short? a 22nd century interpretation of a big daddy. Dr. Castells waved it down to set foot on the deck, while its back slid open to reveal a chamber perfectly tailored for Lisa's size. Lisa herself would be dressed in a skin-tight undersuit that rather terribly resembled the Zero Suit from Metroid. At her side, Captain Grove gave her a nod and a small smile, which was about as big as her smiles ever got. "Ready to go?"
[15:42] <gumbal1> What an exciting past few days this has been. "One question. Do I get to keep the suit when I'm done? Or the undersuit, at least?" Humor was the best way to mask crippling fear of death, Lisa found.
01[15:44] <Antichthon> "…I'll see what strings I can pull about the undersuit," Grove said. Castells gestured to the suit proper. "We have a few tests we need to do before we send you down, so…" He was trying to hide his excitement and failing.
[15:46] <gumbal1> "Right." Lisa nods. Tests. "Well, let's not waste time, then."
01[15:50] <Antichthon> Castells would wait for Lisa to slide into the suit through the back hatch, which closed up behind her. The exterior of the suit was hard and bulky, but the interior was padded and comfy, at least. The helmet was dark. Hopefully Lisa didn't have a problem with claustrophobia. Fortunately, the darkness didn't last long. The suit powered up and Lisa would be treated to a HUD the envy of ironman. Displays within the helmet lit up, relaying the world outside; from Lisa's perspective, it would seem like she wasn't wearing a helmet at all. "Alright, all systems go," Castells said. "Lisa, can you hear me?"
[15:51] <gumbal1> Lisa didn't have much to fear from enclosed spaces. After all, they they were just that. Spaces. Not like Lisa wasn't small enough to slip out of anything. "Loud and clear. I must say, excellent work on the helmet."
01[15:55] <Antichthon> "Thanks," Dr. Castells beamed. "We took the design from - " Grove interrupted him. "Alright, first off, the boring stuff. Walk over there. Once you're there, raise your arms, lower them, and give me a thumbs up." The suit didn't have gloves or feet in a traditional sense; it was more like power armor. Her feet were encased in the lower legs, her hands around controllers in the upper arms which were connected to manipulators. At the pressure the suit was diving to, like hell could they risk weak spots like ankles and hands.
[15:57] <gumbal1> Still, Lisa does her best to do as shes' told in this situation. No reason not to…man, Sarah would have been so…probably not the best thought to have right now.
01[15:58] <Antichthon> "Alright, now activate the suit's electrical defenses. They'll give a nasty shock to any of the possessed animals if they try to mess with you."
[15:59] <gumbal1> Okay, not that one, not tha-there we go!
01[16:02] <Antichthon> Dr. Castells looked at the readout in his hand, gave Grove a nod. "Okay," Grove said. "Now, remember to only turn that on when you need it, and make sure it's off before entering the Choukai. It isn't going to play well with that metal wreckage. Final check: Are you able to summon your ghosts from in there?"
[16:03] <gumbal1> "They will be harmed by the surrounding waters, which will affect me negatively, I'm afriad."
[16:04] <gumbal1> "…unless the summon is particularly weak and does not come out completely corporeal, in which case…probably should not be using that power." Lisa looks to the fingers of the suit. Are they blunted? Sharp?
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01[16:08] <Antichthon> "Looks like you'll be relying on the suit's weaponry systems then," Grove said. "The suit is very modular. We should be able to mount a weapon on each arm. Do you have the preference for type?" The fingers were blunt, but the modules for the suit were about them. One was a hand with wickedly sharp fingers, which would be made all the more wicked by the suit's augmented strength. "I suggest something with strength, and something with finesse. We don't know exactly what you'll be facing down there."
[16:10] <gumbal1> "…the claws. They should be able to help with a certain power of mine. Specifically, rending and unrending space…if that isn't harmful to the environment."
01[16:19] <Antichthon> "It's pretty barren down there," Castells said. "And plan B was to nuke the area. I think you're clear." The technicians moved to replace the hands. "Hmm," Grove said. "The claws don't really count as weapons. You have enough room on your suit to power two real weapons. I recommend the psychic blaster and the underwater rifle." And apparently the choice wasn't Lisa's anymore, because Grove ushered the technicians to place those weapons on the forearm mounts.
[16:20] <gumbal1> "Right, right." Lisa takes what she's given. She doesn't know how to operate a gun, but she's at least read enough about them (for writing) to know how to hold them (finger off the trigger, damnit!). "Shall that be all?"
01[16:26] <Antichthon> A thumbs up from Castells and Grove nodded. "You're about as ready as you're going to be. Hook her up." The crane came back down, attached to the suit, pulled her into the air and positioned her over the rectangular hole that led down into eight kilometers of dark water. "You might be setting some records, here. I'll have to look into how deep underwater women have gone." Meanwhile, the suit had fully integrated the weapons, and they were at Lisa's command. (Melee attack now +8, Ranged attack +8, Psychic attack +8)
01[16:27] <Antichthon> (HP of suit: 10)
[16:28] <gumbal1> If not, she could at least squeeze 'intersex' into the record title. Maybe. If she wanted to out herself just for the glory of immortalizing her name. "Ready when you are."
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01[16:32] <Antichthon> Grove nodded and the suit dropped into the water, and Lisa would soon leave the surface far behind her. "We have a while before you touch down," Grove said, over the radio. "Remember, if you encounter more than you can handle, don't be afraid to get us to pull you up. We aren't running on much of a time limit, here. Your safety is our number one concern."
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[16:33] <gumbal1> Not much of a time limit…well, at least, since she was technically dead, she couldn't die of asphyxiation…could she? I mean, it was kinda water dea-Lisa's thought is stopped in her tracks as she suddenly realizes what it's like to look undewater holy shit she's underwater this is so cool and-right. "Will note."
01[16:37] <Antichthon> (Also, Suit's defense is +10.) The silvery interface between water and air grew farther and farther away, until it was gone. The light was soon to follow. The suit's lights turned on, but that did nothing to alleviate the sense of watery nothingness that went on in all directions. Lisa had a depth readout, which probably only made that worse.
01[16:37] <Antichthon> Then at around a kilometer down, the suit started making cracking noises.
[16:38] <gumbal1> Okay, right, now this was getting kinda scary. Still, Lisa wasn't afraid. She wasn't in danger here. She was the danger. Something gets eaten, and you think that of her. No, she is the one who aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[16:39] <gumbal1> "Why is the suit cracking why is the suit cracking the suit is cracking why why why is it"
01[16:40] <Antichthon> "Woah, relax," Grove said. "That's just the suit adjusting to the pressure, it'll do that. This suit could handle twice the depth we're sending you to. You're alright, Lisa."
[16:41] <gumbal1> "…couldhavetoldmethatearlier."
01[16:44] <Antichthon> "Sorry." There was the barest hint of amusement in Grove's voice. "Everything's fine." Yet, not two hundred meters later, there was a blip on Lisa's Hud. "Looks like there's something on your sonar." Something big.
[16:45] <gumbal1> Something bi-Lisa immediately looks to what this thing is. If the water wasn't scarier than the things inside it, she might have panicked.
01[16:49] <Antichthon> The lights on the suit weren't strong enough to penetrate very far into the darkness. After a few minutes Lisa would catch the barest glimpse of what looked like a gray wall. "Looks to be about fifty feet in length." In the background Lisa would hear, "Probably one of the sperm whales that's been harassing ships in the area." "Right. Lisa, make sure your defenses are on." Then the suit rattled as something heavy smacked into the cable.
[16:50] <gumbal1> Okay, now it was kinda cree-a sperm whale?! Fuck, she couldn't even kill it without feeling bad for whaling. "Defenses on." Though perhaps she could scramble its brain a bit…Lisa looks up to the cable, trying to see what just smacked it.
01[16:53] <Antichthon> Probably the whale, but it was was a distance above her now. The way the suit was wobbling, it was still messing with the cable. "Yeah, looks like it's trying to bite through it. Don't worry Lisa, this is what we expected. A dozen sperm whales couldnt nick this thing."
[16:55] <gumbal1> "Do you want me to do something about it?"
01[16:56] <Antichthon> "Nope. Though I would like you to test fire weapons and make sure they work at-depth. And sorry about the rough ride. Looks like the ghosts are sending more than just one sperm whale to attack the cable, we're detecting a pod of orcas up here doing the same."
[16:59] <gumbal1> Right. Lisa tests her weapons away from the whales, not wanting to be put on some sort of ecoterrorist list.
01[17:02] <Antichthon> "Alright, good. If they work here, they should work eight kilometers down." Then, Dr. Castells voice in the background again. "The fuck is that?" Lisa would detect it on her sonar at extreme range. The sonar claimed it to be three hundred feet long."
01[17:02] <Antichthon> -"
04[17:04] <gumbal1> "Hmph, al-" Weapons pointed to the thing in the distance. Oh great, eldritch terrors, just what…Lisa's life revolved around, come to think of it. Man, Athene'd be so jealous."
01[17:11] <Antichthon> It was closing, but far beyond the effective range of her weapons. Lisa would make out small flashes of light, though, like electrical discharge in the distance. And then it moaned. Even still hundred of meters away, the call would shake Lisa to her very core, and for that matter, overwhelm the helmet, which went dark. "The…fuck?" Grove said. In the background, "Holy shit, is that the Bloop?" "Bloop was icequakes, they proved that." "That thing isn't a fucking icequake!" "Everyone shut up," Grove snapped. "Lisa, we're getting you out of there." A moment later, something a hell of a lot bigger than sperm whale must have hit the cable, because the suit was sent flying.
[17:13] <gumbal1> If Lisa wasn't currently panicking, this post might have been more well-thought out, talking about her fascination with the deep, both under the waves and over the sky, even as a toddler. Instead, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
01[17:21] <Antichthon> Wham. Wham. Wham. The suit's helmet came back online just in time for another moan, even louder this time, loud enough that it broke something, sending sparks in her helmet flying. And her suit was thrashing about like a fish on a hook, two kilometers underwater. Grove swore, which probably didn't do anything for Lisa's state of mind. "Lisa. Lisa, listen to me. This thing is going to slice through the cable, and we're going to lose contact. And -" And you're going to fall. "Find the wreck. Your suit's map knows where it is, and it knows where you are, find it. We'll figure-" Grove cut out as the hardline communications were severed. Another moan, and then the cable must have gave, because Lisa was falling, now. Falling through six kilometers of water in a blacked-out helmet.
[17:23] <gumbal1> It was times like these that all Lisa could do was hold on. Hold on to the suit, try holding on to stability. She may or may not have found her form giving way to writhing tendrils which clung to the suit as it tried to find its balance. Still…hey, at least she texted her friends before getting into this fucking thing, right?
01[17:26] <Antichthon> Her helmet came back online, but everything to the left of her remained dark; one of the screens was broken. Grove must have done something to her HUD before they disconnected, because it was displaying a representation of depth of the Choukai wreck, and a blinking dot as to where she was. A dotted line showed projected trajectory, and a white dot at the ocean flow projected distance from the wreck. It changed when sbhe moved. She had some time to figure this out, fortunately; six kilometers of water was a long, long way to sink. If she controlled her flight right, she'd land almost on top of the wreck. Wrong, she could end up a kilometer away, and she might as well be dead. How good was Lisa's understanding of fluid dynamics?
01[17:27] <Antichthon> > Roll Look Behind You
[17:28] <gumbal1> 4d3-8+4
[17:28] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
[17:28] <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 6
[17:29] <gumbal1> Lisa was the fucking queen of the physics laboratory, teacher’s pet, and a natural in understanding physics, having broken it and put it back together so much.
01[17:31] <Antichthon> Well, at least Lisa wasn't so far gone in panic she couldn't process her situation. The suit sunk like a stone, but even a stone could benefit from a rudder, and Lisa had four of them. If she kept this up, looked like she'd land somewhere within a hundred meters of the wreck, plus or minus fifty. Hopefully she wasn't too frightened by the horrible moaning. Not the creature this time, but the moaning of her suit changing pressures much faster than it was rated to do. A warning light insisted she ascend.
[17:34] <gumbal1> She's try to match the descent she wanted, at least. It only had two rules, after all: 1. Don't die, and 2. Get To The Ship. By now, Lisa's extremities were more tendril than bone, working what they could as fast as they could.
01[17:37] <Antichthon> The suit was falling fast enough that it would likely break when it hit the ocean floor, yet slow enough that Lisa had a long, long time to contemplate her fate. Or to do something about it. Then again, what could she do? Two kilometers to impact. The map was zooming in the closer she got to the ocean floor. By the looks of things, the area was dominated with steep rocky outcroppings.
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[17:40] <gumbal1> What could she do? At the current velocity, she'd break, get crushed by water, and…no. It wasn't the 25th. It wasn't October. She could do this. Now, factoring downward velocity, she could…cancel it completely as she brings herself, the suit, and all traces of her briefly out of and then back into existance. There, now to restart the motors with a more…helpful one. Maybe repeat a few times.
01[17:41] <Antichthon> > roll Rend for the New God
[17:42] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[17:42] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 2
[17:42] <gumbal1> (should be 1, actually)
01[17:45] <Antichthon> Given the limited options to work with, the idea was sound. Inertia was a pesky thing though, and it apparently didn’t like Lisa's attempts to shunt it off into parallel universes. She did slow down the suit some, but not enough to avoid damage. The lights would give her almost no warning before the ground appeared out of the darkness and smashed into her. But she was on a slope, and if anything, that might have saved her. The problem was, now she was rolling down a mountain at the bottom of the sea. If she couldn't stop herself, surely she'd take more damage.
01[17:45] <Antichthon> > -2 HP to suit
01[17:45] <Antichthon> HOw well did her training take hold?
01[17:45] <Antichthon> > Roll brains
[17:45] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[17:45] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 3
01[17:48] <Antichthon> Well enough to keep her alive. The suit smashed again into the ground, and started to slide, but at least there was no more bouncing. Lisa better think quick, though; according to the map if she kept sliding down this mountain, she’d pass the wreck. It would be a hell of a lot harder to climb in this suit than fall with it.
01[17:48] <Antichthon> > -1 HP to suit
01[17:50] <Antichthon> > Suit at 7 HP
[17:50] <gumbal1> Simple. Springboard off the mountain at the correct point, at an angle to account for the current velocity, with the hopeful point at the wreck itself…fuck, she was gonna die, wasn't she?
01[17:51] <Antichthon> Again, her limited training was tested.
01[17:51] <Antichthon> > Roll brains
[17:51] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+5+4
[17:51] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5+4 = 8
[17:52] <gumbal1> (Tagging ’don't touch that-' to steel herself from harm)
01[17:55] <Antichthon> And hell, it actually worked. She'd land on a wide ledge, beside a massive whale skeleton. The abused feet of the suit weren't quite working right, but they absorbed the impact. Something was broken in them, though, and Lisa wouldn't be able to move very fast. Even for a giant suit at the bottom of the ocean. Her map said the wreck was a mere 40 meters away, a bit down and to the left of her. Looks like she pulled it out.
[17:56] <gumbal1> And we're walking, and we're swinging our feet. This is all to make Grove happy. She even imagined it in her head. ~Grove, you happy?~ ~Reasonably.~ ~What would make you unhappy?~ ~This little mofo suit not doing what it's told.~ ~And if you were to be unhappy, the suit would not care for it?~ ~Nope.~
01[18:00] <Antichthon> And as Lisa cleared a ridge, she'd see it. Japanese Cruiser Choukai, ripped open and on its side, but still mostly in one piece. All around it, more skeletons of marine life, including at least a dozen more whale skeletons. She'd catch sight of a giant, squddy eye pass through the beam of her light and quickly swim away.
01[18:01] <Antichthon> The wreck was dangerously close to the edge of the ridge, because of course it fucking was.
[18:02] <gumbal1> What the fuck made all these skeletons? This was a lo-wait. Japanese cruise-right, right. Research vessel, all that. Lisa continues on, not bothered by squideye. Worse has happened.
01[18:05] <Antichthon> "You have three hours of oxygen remaining," Said the suit. Whatever technomagic made that damn thing, at least it allowed for a lot of air. If Lisa even needed air. As she approached the wreck through the field of bones, Her suits audio senses would hear that same mix of voices she'd heard in the audio file. It sounded like excited whispering. One word was clear. "Lisa."
[18:07] <gumbal1> Three hours until she succesfully proves her death, whether three years ago or right now. And…the voices. Lisa tries to shut them out. Asks Lizzie to bark to the tune of Dogsong. Has Grunge Lisa try to sing. Even has Fitzgerald try to cry. Anything to drown out the creepy noises.
01[18:12] <Antichthon> There was one major way into the ship, a gigantic hole in its side. Several broken unmanned submersibles surrounded it. Hey, wait, how did the scientists communicate with the submersibles if they couldn't communicate with Lisa? Well, that was poor planning on their part, wasn't it? There were several other smaller holes Lisa could enter. If she entered the wreck at all. What would she do?
04[18:15] <gumbal1> Lisa could have been said to do a lot of impulsive things. Becoming a vampire. Asking Katlyn out on a date and sleeping with her the next night. Putting her music on the internet. Having Zita kill Mia. Telling Zita of her ultimately unsuccesful plan to turn Katlyn into a vampire. Cheating on Katlyn with Athene and Moby. This, entering the ship?
[18:15] <gumbal1> This was done with certainty.
[18:16] <gumbal1> Perhaps not certainty of safety. But certainty of purpose.
01[18:17] <Antichthon> The moment she entered the ship, the voices cut out. Well, not really. They were just in her head now. ~The sunken welcome you home, Lisa.~
[18:18] <gumbal1> ~This isn't my home.~ Lisa, of course, makes sure to look around as she enters. Don't want to have to fight any monsters or something blind.
01[18:21] <Antichthon> There didn't seem to be anything there. SHe was in a corridor now, by the looks of it. There really wasn't that much room on a Japanese cruiser, was there? At least, not when you were in a massive suit. ~This is your home. We will make it your home just as you made it our home.~
[18:23] <gumbal1> ~I never hurt you. The only me is me.~ Lisa continues through the corridor, psychic gun at ready.
01[18:25] <Antichthon> An organic mass, consisting of melted animals those skeletons had once belonged to, was quickly sealing up the holes in the ship. Where had all that mass hidden? Probably helped that it looked so much like rocks. A different voice in Lisa's head, now. Not made of many voices, just one. ~Are you sure the only you is you?~
[18:27] <gumbal1> Lisa would be lying if she said that didn't at least shock her. Along with the sudden intrusion. At least the voices were down. ~Can you say you know the answer to that better than me?~
01[18:31] <Antichthon> ~Yes.~ Lisa was trapped in the ship now. ~But there will be only one of you, soon enough.~ A clatter from what was once the wardroom. Out of it, a grey tentacled mass, vaguely in the shape of a human and wearing a rotted japanese naval uniform, And it slapped a long, tentacled arm at her. (Remember suit's defense is +10, all attacks are +8)
01[18:31] <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[18:31] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 3
[18:31] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
[18:31] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 13
01[18:32] <Antichthon> The attack glanced off the suit, but it was only a matter of time before it scored a lucky hit.
[18:32] <gumbal1> Lisa did not live nearly this long to die to…oh no. Does she really have to fight one of these?
01[18:32] <Antichthon> > Lisa
[18:32] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
[18:32] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
[18:32] <gumbal1> Lisa doubted this thing was weak to bullets. Psychic barrages, then.
01[18:34] <Antichthon> One would think, but apparently thing this stood up quite well to psychic attacks.
01[18:34] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+10
[18:34] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 10
01[18:35] <Antichthon> And in an instant it was on the ceiling, moving at blinding speed, and striking again.
01[18:35] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+5
[18:35] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 7
01[18:35] <Antichthon> > Lisa, Perception roll, then attack
01[18:35] <Antichthon> > After defense, of course.
[18:36] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
[18:36] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
[18:36] <gumbal1> This suit was good.
[18:36] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+9
[18:36] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 8
01[18:36] <Antichthon> Still glancing off the suit’s thick hide, but how long would her luck last?
[18:36] <gumbal1> But Lisa's eyes were better.
01[18:37] <Antichthon> The thing was covered in goop, but as it moved, Lisa would see that the goop was literally only skin-deep. Beneath were non-melted parts of animals; to achieve such speed, it needed those parts intact. the goop was just deception.
[18:38] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[18:38] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 10
[18:38] <gumbal1> Then the only solution was to rend the bones beneath. Thank fuck for the claws!
01[18:39] <Antichthon> But the thing was fast, faster than the suit.
01[18:39] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+10
[18:39] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 12
01[18:40] <Antichthon> The suit was powerful, but its musculature couldn’t compete with the speed of the creature. It nimbly avoided the claws, and struck back.
01[18:40] <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[18:40] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
[18:40] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
[18:40] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 10
[18:41] <gumbal1> There comes a time in every girls life where she must say those three, important words, to something very important to her. Something that was always a part of her. Something that she couldn’t exist without, and vice versa.
[18:41] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[18:41] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 3
[18:41] <gumbal1> ’It Just Works.'
[18:42] <gumbal1> (Rolling The Only Me is Me, then coming back into the universe with Rend For The New God for a surprise attack)
[18:42] <gumbal1> (If the thing counts as a trace of a Lisa, it may or may not disappear with her. Maybe. GMs choice.)
01[18:43] <Antichthon> The thing was not a trace of Lisa, Lisa being Lisa would probably sense that. It was also very confused by her sudden disappearance, its gooey, tentacle-eyed head whipping about for any sign of her.
[18:45] <gumbal1> Hopefully, with some manuevering in the timespace, Lisa reapparates behind it. (REND FOR THE NEW GOD)
[18:45] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
[18:45] <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 2
03[18:46] * Lena|gone is now known as Lena
01[18:46] <Antichthon> Indeed, Lisa did. Not enough time to dodge the next attack, which would probably spell its end, but time enough to get off one last desperate attack.
01[18:46] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+5
[18:46] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
[18:47] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
[18:47] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 12
01[18:47] <Antichthon> Which did nothing. Nothing!
[18:48] <gumbal1> "The thing you just saw and touched." Lisa raises her hand to ready the attack. "Is my future self." And down it goes.
[18:48] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
[18:48] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 10
01[18:48] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+0
[18:48] <GameServ> 4d3-8+0 = 2
03[18:49] * SolongStarbird (moc.rr.ser.anilorac.558-82-36-470-kmx|ratSgnoloS#moc.rr.ser.anilorac.558-82-36-470-kmx|ratSgnoloS) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
01[18:52] <Antichthon> The monstrosity screeched as its boneless body was rended, ripping out its vital organs and converting it into nothing but a cloud of gooey, gutty yuck in the water. ~You are afraid of the water. Even after death you are afraid of the water.
01[18:53] <Antichthon> ~
[18:54] <gumbal1> ~I am allergic to the water. Why should I not avoid an allergy?~ Lisa waves away the vital organs to clear her vision. Time to get to the bottom of this.
01[18:58] <Antichthon> ~We were not talking about the you that is you.~ ~You are right in that what I just saw is your future self,~ Came the other voice in Lisa’s head, talking over the other. ~But you aren't the you whose future it is.~ Uh oh. The corridor was covered in melted animal goop from both sides, and it was closing like a trash compactor. Lisa had two turns before her suit started taking unavoidable crushing damage.
[18:59] <gumbal1> Right, okay. Now, fluid dynamics. If a hole suddenly appears to a place with less density, fluid matter is attracted to it. Now, let's say you can make holes in reality.
[19:00] <gumbal1> Let's make those holes opposite of the compactor, close it before we get there, and hope the momentum carries us away, shall we?
[19:00] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
[19:00] <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 3
[19:00] <gumbal1> (REND FOR THE NEW GOD)
01[19:05] <Antichthon> And under eight kilometers of watery pressure, a hole in reality created quite the pressure differential. The forces involved were more like a bomb. The gooey flesh walls stood no chance; unfortunately, the forces involved were so great that while yes, she’d cleverly dispatched that enemy, the momentum did carry Lisa away, it battered her suit the hell around, causing more damage.
01[19:05] <Antichthon> > - 1 suit HP
01[19:05] <Antichthon> > Roll perception
[19:05] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[19:05] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 10
[19:06] <gumbal1> That’s…Lisa guesses this suit is almost halfway over. Jeez, out of the fire and into the frying pan.
01[19:07] <Antichthon> Before the fleshwalls were destroyed, Lisa would sense a flash of anger from them. No, not from them; only relayed by them. The source of the anger, the controlling force, she got a glimpse where it was. Halfway down the ship.
[19:08] <gumbal1> Halfway down. Well, nothing left to do but find a stairwell. ~What are you? What are you trying to accomplish?~
01[19:14] <Antichthon> ~Even after death your soul hides from the water. Hides in the only home it has known for eighteen years.~ ~To escape. And make me the only you.~ No stairwells, but plenty ladders. And as Lisa closed in on the source, she'd find herself in crew quarters. Masses like Zerg creep covered the walls.
01[19:15] <Antichthon> ~Even after death your soul hides from the water. Hides in the only home it has known for eighteen years.~ ~To escape. And make me the only you.~ No stairwells, but plenty ladders. And as Lisa closed in on the source, she'd find herself in crew quarters. Masses like Zerg creep covered the walls.
[19:17] <gumbal1> ~Eighteen? Three years off. I'm not even old enough to drive a car.~ Well. Creepy. ~And you will never be the only me. You were never the one who joined the Masquerade. You were never the one who fell in love with Katlyn.~ Lisa takes the nearest ladder, trying to ignore the masses on the walls.
01[19:20] <Antichthon> ~And you will not let us leave. You are too scared to be alone.~ The masses on the walls, however, did not ignore her. Mushroom-like growths appeared, and unlike the previous manifestations of souls and goop, this one attacked the mind.
01[19:21] <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[19:21] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
[19:21] <gumbal1> Wait. What? Lea-
[19:21] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+5
[19:21] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
01[19:23] <Antichthon> Her mind may have weathered that one, but would it weather the next?
01[19:25] <Antichthon> > Lisa better do something about those mushrooms.
[19:25] <gumbal1> ~Tell me. What have I done to you. I wasn’t alive when this sunk.~
[19:25] <gumbal1> She has…some biology knowledge!
[19:26] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[19:26] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
03[19:26] * Lena|afk (ten.nozirev.w-lsd.xtnreh.672-232-1-426-lvoj|eisor#ten.nozirev.w-lsd.xtnreh.672-232-1-426-lvoj|eisor) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
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02[19:27] * Cezar (moc.duolccri.etaghgih.762819-gg|484531diu#moc.duolccri.etaghgih.762819-gg|484531diu) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
01[19:28] <Antichthon> ~You’re a host, Lisa. A perfect host. After all, you're already me.~ Well, they weren't real mushrooms, but Lisa could proababy tell they were vital to whatever attack was attacking her. On the plus side, there was only three of them, and it didn't look like the walls could make any more.
02[19:28] * Lena (pkv.ysu.95.371|eisor#pkv.ysu.95.371|eisor) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
01[19:28] <Antichthon> Again, the psychic attack came.
01[19:29] <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[19:29] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
[19:29] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+5
[19:29] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
01[19:29] <Antichthon> And again, she weathered the attack. But just barely.
[19:29] <gumbal1> ~I will never be you, and you will never be me.~ Time to breaking open some mushrooms. With bullets. And guns. Gunbullets.
[19:30] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
[19:30] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 6
03[19:30] * SolongStarbird (moc.rr.ser.anilorac.558-82-36-470-kmx|ratSgnoloS#moc.rr.ser.anilorac.558-82-36-470-kmx|ratSgnoloS) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
01[19:30] <Antichthon> That was one mushroom down, but she couldn’t attack the next until it got off another psychic attack.
01[19:30] <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[19:30] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
[19:31] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+5
[19:31] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 8
01[19:31] <Antichthon> It really couldn’t compare to Lisa's mind, could it?
[19:32] <gumbal1> ~I am not part of your plan. I am something much greater.~
[19:32] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[19:32] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
01[19:32] <Antichthon> Another mushroom exploded. The last one writhed, and hit her with everything it had, exploding in the process. ~Why do you think I want to be you?~
01[19:32] <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+10
[19:32] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 13
[19:34] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
[19:34] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 11
01[19:34] <Antichthon> And managing to do one more point of damage to the suit. Suit HP: 5
[19:34] <gumbal1> Lisa leaves that unanswered as she shoots at the last mushroom.
[19:35] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
[19:35] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 5
01[19:36] <Antichthon> It was already gone, exploded in its desperate final attack. But that last mushroom would be right next to a room, the door crushed. Whatever she was seeking, it was in there. She’d sense it, drawing power for its last stand.
01[19:36] <Antichthon> ~Please set us free.~
03[19:37] * Knave (ten.mnigriv.elbac.4-3.182ctrk-0-3-80gcok-03904yub|evankmryW#ten.mnigriv.elbac.4-3.182ctrk-0-3-80gcok-03904yub|evankmryW) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
[19:38] <gumbal1> Then Lisa has nothing left to do but continue on. ~If you insist? Then I will set you free.~
01[19:38] <Antichthon> Ther was no way into the room; the rubble was so dense Lisa couldn't even see what was inside.
[19:40] <gumbal1> Hrmph. Well. That just leads a few…other options. Like finding a parallel universe where it isn't blocked up, and using that as a tunnel of sorts.
[19:40] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[19:40] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
03[19:41] * LipstickThespian (moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL#moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
03[19:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LipstickThespian
01[19:54] <Antichthon> And in the room she would be. There was barely enough space for her, and the other occupant: The body of a japanese man, his flesh untouched by rot. His uniform, however, had seen better days. It was split open, revealing his breast bindings. Who knew how he’d kept a secret like that in the Japanese Navy? No doubt being anomalous had something to do with it. And Lisa would, in her mind, get flashes of Hiro Kawajiri's final minutes. He'd been trapped, helping with the evacuation. His ship, skuttled with him aboard. Air, trapped in the room, had kept him alive even after the ship had slipped beneath the waves. And a lifetime's fear of water, thought overcome, conquered, back to haunt him. Even after death, his soul refused the water, hiding in his corpse. ~The only you will not be you.~ And in one last-ditch attack, Kawajiri nuked Kawajiri with a psychic attack.
01[19:54] <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
[19:54] <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 13
[19:55] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+5
[19:55] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
01[19:56] <Antichthon> > 8 Psyche damage
[19:58] <gumbal1> Her head was swimming, her nose was bleeding, her vision was bluring. And yet she held on, somehow. ~Hmph. Not even an Isa. You will never be me.~ Lisa raises her claw, and swipes.
[19:58] <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
[19:58] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 6
03[20:02] * Cezar (uid135484@2604:8300:100:lyto:zppl:u:g:puhz) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
01[20:03] <Antichthon> The corpse was just that, a corpse. It could do nothing against the attack. Hiro’s soul screamed as it was ripped into the water. But before its control the other souls of the dead crew could lift, and by extention the control of the melted animal goop would be lost, he used the last of his strength to try and push the wreck of the Choukai over the ridge. Then his control snapped, and the other souls were free. As for Hiro, he took refuge in the only place he could: Lisa. He was harmless now, just another soul in her body. But he did manage to say, ~If I can't be the only you, then there will be no you.~ The wreck, unbalanced, started to tilt, threatening to fall.
[20:08] <gumbal1> Then this was it? Lisa would just allow herself to die now? After everything? No. No no no no no no no no! …with those tendrils, clothes converted with enough effort, right? Why not the suit? Why couldn't it suddenly grow barbs to latch onto something, avoiding the brunt of the fall?
[20:08] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[20:08] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
[20:08] <gumbal1> (THE BLACK FEATHERS)
01[20:09] <Antichthon> `calc 1d5
[20:09] <GameServ> 1d5 = 2
01[20:15] <Antichthon> Did the suit grow barbs? Was Lisa merely lucky? Was the suit just that badass? Who knew. But after several seconsds of falling, the wreck smashed into a new ridge. The suit was battered around, but it survived. But if Lisa had been wanting for more warning lights, she got them. The feet of the suit had snapped off, but thankfully they were purely mechanical and didn’t compromise the suit's integrity. The servos on the left side of the suit no longer responded to Lisa, and were likely too heavy for her to move. But she was alive, and still had control of the right side of her body.
01[20:15] <Antichthon> > Suit - 2 HP: Suit: 3 HP
[20:16] <gumbal1> It's time to explore the suit for anything like signals for help. Hopefully ones that pierce through 8100 meters of water.
01[20:17] <Antichthon> Nope. Nothing of the kind.
03[20:17] * Lena|afk is now known as Lena
02[20:17] * SolongStarbird (moc.rr.ser.anilorac.558-82-36-470-kmx|ratSgnoloS#moc.rr.ser.anilorac.558-82-36-470-kmx|ratSgnoloS) Quit (Quit: *Rides off into the sunset* *Is engulfed by sun*)
01[20:19] <Antichthon> "Two hours of oxygen remaining." Wait, that hadn't been even close to an hour. Apparently the suit's oxygen meter was about as accurate as download bars.
[20:20] <gumbal1> ~…I will not die. I will not die. I will not die. I will not die! I will not die!~ She can't stand. She can't summon her sisters…plus brother, now. She can't even move from her spot, essentially. All she can do is rend, rend, rend, rend, rend, rend, and hope she gets to a safer place.
[20:20] <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[20:20] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
[20:20] <gumbal1> (OVERDRIVE, 4 spirits expended: ISAMU, LISA, FITZGERALD, LIZZIE)
01[20:24] <Antichthon> And to be fair, the suit did have an emergency signal. It just had been on since the moment she’d snapped the cable. and as for the rending, where could she really go? She was eight kilometers down! After a few rends she found herself back on the ridge where the Choukai used to be, beside the animals skeletons and ruined unmanned submersibles. Or, wait, not ruined, not entirely, not all of them. One spunky little yellow one was still operational, it had just had its signals blocked by the ghosts. It was trying very hard to get out of the wreckage of the others, though it was probably too damaged anyway.
[20:25] <gumbal1> Just her luck. Lisa tries crawling to the yellow submarine. Anything was better than this.
01[20:27] <Antichthon> Slow as she was, she could move. And the submursible's camera must have still worked, because the moment she came into range, it stopped moving. Seconds later, its rudder waved.
[20:30] <gumbal1> Lisa waved back, still slowly crawling towards the thing.
01[20:32] <Antichthon> Not much would happen over the next half hour, except that the submersible would signal back whenever Lisa signaled it. Then, a cable appeared from the black above, blinking and broadcasting so it would be impossible for Lisa to miss it. Hooking herself up to it was something she could do with one arm. And that was it, it was over.
01[20:32] <Antichthon> After all, the thing that had chewed through the cable the first time had been controlled by the ghosts, right? …right?
04[20:35] <gumbal1> …hopefully? Still, Lisa had a few more texts to make. <Andrey, I have a few ideas for our next video.> <Katlyn, just returned from a mission. Would you have the time to meet up?> <Athene, you won't believe what happened.>
01[20:35] <Antichthon> EVENT COMPLETE
01[20:35] <Antichthon> 1 XP
01[20:35] <Antichthon> $500
01[20:35] <Antichthon> ACQUIRED: LISA'S ZERO SUIT

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