I Remain

Jun 08 19:47:57 <gumbal1> -motherfucker it's on, apocalypse now i'm dropping this bomb-
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Jun 08 19:51:05 <gumbal1> Approaching the house, one begins to think Gertrude Schwartz might feel a bit lonely. I mean, her husband hasn't been heard from, her (surviving) grandchildren all live in the states, and her own children never even visit. Still, she seems happy enough as she comes over to answer the door for the three sitters who signed up. "Oh, hello, children!" White hair, frail granny voice, slight German accent. This Granny's got it all. The orange tabby
Jun 08 19:51:05 <gumbal1> known as Cheddars sits nearby at the base of the stairwell further into the house, pretending to ignore the proceedings.
Jun 08 19:55:31 <Nemi> Miss Madeline Maddox is a small, slim girl, dusky skinned and with a doofy, nervous smile. She hasn't taken to winter well, bundling herself up in fleece-lined leggings and a fuzzy jacket. She brightens considerably on seeing Mrs. Schwartz proper, and especially at spying the little bit of Cheddars she can from the door. "Er- um, um, hi!"
Jun 08 19:57:11 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth wheeled herself along the streets as she made her way to the house of the woman she had signed up to sit for, her body hurt like hell, but she couldn't complain, it's not like she had to walk. A healing busted lip and unseen scarring that still burnt her chest, only a few days till it'd heal, she would be fine until then of course. Wearing winter clothes, a light pink
Jun 08 19:57:11 <SavanahHolland> wooly dress, sleeves doubled at the cuff, still light pink in color. A fluffy white cotton collar at her neck, closing in with a thin pink ribbon and two little white balls of fluff hanging by strings. At the bodice of the dress, going from her chest to her upper waist, eight little fabric buttons are sewn in, two side by side and going down in four rows. Her hair pulled up into
Jun 08 19:57:11 <SavanahHolland> two pale blonde buns and of course a little fuzzy white hat with matching pink ribbon and hanging fluff balls on the side. (http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/363x/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/s/w/sweet-pink-a-line-long-lolita-winter-jacket-4-colors-1-hm-61_1.jpg) She wheels to the doorway, noticing madeline as the woman come outs to greet the
Jun 08 19:57:11 <SavanahHolland> three. "Hallo." Elspeth says in a cheerful tone with a matching german accent.
Jun 08 19:58:19 <Nemi> Madeline, for her part, just hugs her elbows and shivers. SHe tries to be cheerful, though!
Jun 08 20:01:09 <gumbal1> Schwartz stares at Madeline for a moment, before her attention is taken to the absolutely adorable Elspeth before her. "Oh, poor fraulein! The threshold is steep, do you need help across?" Not taking any answer, Gertrude old-lady-rushes over to help Elspeth's chair over. Cheddars looks up at this point, sniffing the air, before heading over to the door to stare at Madeline with her large, green cat eyes.
Jun 08 20:02:32 <Nemi> Madeline, embarassed, shrinks at the stare. When Gertrude old-lady rushes, Madeline steps up as well to try to maneuver the chair, more out of feeling obligation than anything. She's healthy, and Gertrude is- if strange, elderly and doesn't need the stress. Right..? She peers back at the catte.
Jun 08 20:05:58 <SavanahHolland> Fraulein- Elspeth mocks the world the old woman just said in her head, fraulein, fraulein. Tch, she realizes the old woman didn't mean it in the way she took it, but still such a condecending word, one that was meant to be said, or rather spat at young women that were idiots. She didn't show it, rather letting it stay in her mind, giving the old woman a soft smile, blushing a bit
Jun 08 20:05:59 <SavanahHolland> at everyone helping her, s-she could have managed it.. maybe.. soon being inside. "Uhm.. Vielen Dank.." she says, nodding, realizing she should probably just say it in english "I- I mean thank you very much.."
Jun 08 20:10:47 <gumbal1> The inside of the house, at least for an elderly couple (minus one), is rather modern. The furniture looks good as new, the floor is composed of a polished linolium wood. Several pictures hang on the walls, mostly of Schwartz at varying ages, with a similarly aged man present in the ones past the early twenties. A few other pictures hang on the wall, of a heavily decorated soldier. These ones always stay at around the same age. A few others, o
Jun 08 20:10:47 <gumbal1> f various children and grandchildren, hang on the wall. Some of them are rather ripped in places. Otherwise, a few paintings of cats and some celtic crosses hang on the walls. Elspeth is wheeled to the living room, where a few mugs of hot chocolate and whipped cream sit. "Oh, you're welcome. Go on, have one." Cheddars, meanwhile, lazily follows the company, and finds a seat on Elspeth's lap.
Jun 08 20:11:42 <Nemi> Madeline sits, scootching into a corner of the offered couch and tries not to look at anyone, just instead shrinking into herself a bit. She does shakily take a mug of cocoa with a tiny squeaked "Thank you!", though.
Jun 08 20:12:53 <Silvors> Zita arrives! Alright, admittedly, she's a little late. But there's the knock on the door as she stands there with her black jacket, green sweater, and dark black jeans. And a bright green scarf, just to tie it all together. Or… Or maybe it's because she thought her outfit needed mroe green. Who knows. But she's there! She had just got off work and changed! Stupid… Jobs!
Jun 08 20:14:24 <gumbal1> "Oh! That must be the other one." As Ms. Schwartz goes to open the door, Cheddars lets out a silent yawn. Once the door is answered, Ms. Schwartz spends a bit of time looking at Zita's hair before actually talking. "Hello, child."
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Jun 08 20:14:50 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth smiles at the cute little cat in her lap, giving it a few pets, slowly moving to take off her hat, seeing as she was indoors and setting it at her side. Then taking a mug and sipping it, comforting and very sweet, reminded her of how Nate made it when she forced him to make her some. "Thank youh again." she smiles brightly at the woman, then looking at Mads "Hallo, it has
Jun 08 20:14:50 <SavanahHolland> been awhile." she nods, remembering the shape shifting girl from missions.
Jun 08 20:15:24 <Silvors> Zita smiles, going to tuck the neon green stripe behind her ear before nodding and grinning happily. "Um, Hi!" Zita says with a grin as she bounces on her heels and looks around. "O-Oh! Was that Elspeth?" Zita asks, waiting for permission to enter before remembering her manners. "I mean, uh, Hello, Ma'am!"
Jun 08 20:16:40 <gumbal1> "Come in, come in." Cats are not only assholes, but have no sense of self preservation. So it's only a matter of time before Cheddars jumps off Elspeth's lap to saunter over to the unattended cocoa and start lapping.
Jun 08 20:17:17 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth meeps a bit before waving off Chedders from the coco, that's not yours you darn cat!
Jun 08 20:17:19 <Nemi> Madeline nods nervously to Elspeth and attempts a smile. She does the same to Zita- she does, however, scootch over and try to shoo Cheddars away from the cocoa before she gets too far into it!
Jun 08 20:18:14 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blinks as she had heard Zita's voice, taking a sip of her drink and moving her head before grinning at the girl at the doorway, waving, "Zita!" she says, making sure she doesn't speak too loud.
Jun 08 20:18:58 <Silvors> Zita nods her head and comes in before looking at Elspeth AND Leeny! Both of them! She giggles and hops on over to give a nice snug hug around Elspeth's neck and then goes to give a kiss to Madeline's forehead. Yay! "El! Leeny!" She chirps as happy as ever.
Jun 08 20:19:17 <gumbal1> Cheddars is shooed away from self-poisoning, and soon enough, Ms. Schwartz is back at the table. "Oh my. It's so nice to have company again, even if only for a few minutes. Now, you three read the rules, right?"
Jun 08 20:19:32 <gumbal1> An errant glance is spared at Madeline once more.
Jun 08 20:20:44 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth twitches a bit at the hug, her chest hurt bad, at least Zita didn't actually hug her in full, but just the neck was enough to make her bite her already busted lip. She looks up from her warm drink, looking at the woman with bright green eyes and a smile. "Of course."
Jun 08 20:21:09 <Nemi> Madeline meeps at the forehead kiss. And at the glance, she shrinks yet again- she doesn't understand what she MUST have done wrong to get the strange looks and stares. ".. Y-yes, um, o-of course, ma'am.."
Jun 08 20:21:42 <Silvors> Zita nods her head. Rules were read by this green-striped Italian! "Yup! I read them a ton so I have them alll memorized." Zita assures, looking at Elspeth with a mix of concern and confusion. Why was Elspeth all hurt? Zita would have to find out!
Jun 08 20:22:36 <gumbal1> The forehead kiss is recieved with another odd look from Ms. Schwartz, before she looks back to Zita. "Oh, great! Would you care to recite them, then?"
Jun 08 20:23:36 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth raises an eyebrow, if Zita doesn't remember, she just might step in just to help the girl save face, mind you, she's hoping Zita actually did memorize them.. come on Zita!
Jun 08 20:25:11 <Silvors> "No smoking, no stealing, no touching the dolls, no TV after one, no asking about your family, no moving Cheddars's's bowl, no touching some Karl guy's stuff, no filling the bowl with anything EXCEPT fridge water! And, um… no degeneration? Degen…Degenerates?" Zita remembered them! Just not in the right order and in shorter froms.
Jun 08 20:25:13 <Silvors> *forms
Jun 08 20:25:41 <Nemi> "No degenerates, no um- close the blinds too, and um, don't enter the bedrooms too."
Jun 08 20:25:55 <Nemi> Madeline's quiet as she recites those!
Jun 08 20:26:41 <gumbal1> "Good!" Gertrude claps her old lady clap. "Now, I'll be out for the night," Odd, considering her age. "so you all behave, now!" A few of the shelf dolls stare judgementally at the trio. Dolls like doing that.
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Jun 08 20:27:25 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth seems really happy with this, nodding "Good night mrs, Ve vill be sure to take care of everything, soh don't vorry one bit." she says, her voice positive and cheery.
Jun 08 20:28:51 <Silvors> Zita nods her head, but her eyes don't go off of Elspeth. "Yeah! Bye." Zita nods her head again. Why did Elspeth look so… damaged? Who did it? Zita was going to beat someone up… well, kill them. If someone hurt Elspeth, they were going to die.
Jun 08 20:28:57 <gumbal1> "Oh, I just know you will." A pinch of Elspeth's cheek, and Ms. Schwartz shuffles over to the backdoor through the kitchen (nearly tripping on something at one point) and out into her garage.
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Jun 08 20:30:12 <Nemi> "Alright.. Um. Goodnight, Mirs Schwartz, um.. And thanks. Byee.."
Jun 08 20:30:22 <Nemi> Madelin curls up on the couch and wilts a little under the dolls’ gaze.
Jun 08 20:30:45 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blushes at the cheek pinch, setting down her warm drink and rubbing the cheek before smiling a bit with a laugh and a sigh. "Ahlright, anyone have the time? Ve should make sure to have our duties done on time…"
Jun 08 20:31:10 <gumbal1> Cheddars takes this time to go over and start claiming Madeline for her own in the only way cats know how.
Jun 08 20:31:22 <Silvors> Zita waves goodbye to miss Schwartes and then looks at Elspeth with a serious face. "Why do you look hurt?" Zita's tone was cold. Not that cheeriness she normally had. She was serious as she stared at the girl.
Jun 08 20:31:23 <gumbal1> 9:31 PM
Jun 08 20:32:01 <SavanahHolland> Oh gee it was late.. and before Elspeth could focus on their jobs she stares at Zita, cheeks going red "Ih'm fine." she mumbles, looking a tad embarassed.
Jun 08 20:32:45 <SavanahHolland> "V-ve should really get our duties started.. ja?"
Jun 08 20:32:53 <Silvors> "You're not fine. You look hurt. Tell me why. Now." Zita spoke, hands gripping the table. Zita was /angry/. Someone hurt Elspeth and left her battered. And now that person was going to pay. "No. We're not starting until I find out who hurt you."
Jun 08 20:33:02 <gumbal1> You know that sound that happens when you're in a quiet room, and suddenly the air condition comes on for no reason? The gang's pretty sure they heard that sound just now…damn, how low does this lady keep the thermostat?
Jun 08 20:34:21 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth shrinks in her warm clothes at the room getting much colder, looking at Mads briefly with a cry for help in her eyes, Zita was going to tear Elspeth apart! Well, metaphorically.. "It's jast a busted lip.. I- Ih'll tell youh later, ja? Ve have a job to do."
Jun 08 20:34:57 <Nemi> Madeline, pinned by Cheddars, meeps a little! "Okay, okay, um, um, guys- weee should um- I can't get up I'm stolen by cat but like.. close the blinds and stuff please?"
Jun 08 20:35:20 <SavanahHolland> "Ja.. vhat she said.. I'll take care of the lower blinds, alright?"
Jun 08 20:35:24 <Nemi> ".. and um.." Madeline curls around her cocoa, shivering already. ".. it's so coooold.."
Jun 08 20:35:41 <Silvors> "No. You're going to tell me now, Elspeth. Who busted your lip?" Whoever did it was going to /pay/. Zita wasn't going to let /her/ Elspeth be hurt by someone… her Elspeth? No. Not her Elspeth. She meant her friend Elspeth. "You can tell me while I close the blinds." Zita states as she shivers and stands up, with a venomous smile.
Jun 08 20:37:28 <Nemi> ".. Ziiiiita you're kinda weirding me oooout!"
Jun 08 20:37:43 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth was now the case of the shrinking girl, nodding at Mads, it was cold… really cold. She was from Germany, and was used to the cold, but it was also still winter, so more cold was not pleasant. She looks at Zita as she closes the blinds, wanting to help, but she was already doing it.. "Uhm, I vas just vith Church, it vas fine, ja? Please dohn't vorry." Elspeth said, nothing
Jun 08 20:37:43 <SavanahHolland> happened that she didn't want, so she was absolutely fine.. and really embarassing saying anything..
Jun 08 20:38:04 <gumbal1> The blinds close easily. They're those newer models, the kind where you simply slide them up to cover the windows. Although, well…as Zita's getting a kitchen blind, a piece of paper falls from the fridge.
Jun 08 20:38:27 <gumbal1> Thermostat's in the kitchen. Right now it's set to 59.
Jun 08 20:38:56 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth follows as Zita closes the blinds, wheeling over and noticing the thermostat, "Should ve turn the heat up..?" she mumbles.
Jun 08 20:39:07 <gumbal1> Backdoor's also in the kitchen. From here, they can see that Gertrude's pulling out of her driveway.
Jun 08 20:39:12 <gumbal1> No rule against it!
Jun 08 20:39:27 <Silvors> So it was some guy named Church, huh? Zita would deal with him tomorrow, then. She sighs and grabs the paper, going over to hug Madeline. "S-Sorry. Someone hurt my friend and nobody hurts my friends… So I got upset." Zita tells Madeline with a kiss to the cheek before going to close the rest of the blinds and check the note that fell from the fridge.
Jun 08 20:39:58 <Nemi> Madeline, pinned by catte, decides that it's important to pet Cheddars. She put her cocoa down just in time, because that's when Zita arrives for a hug and a kiss that makes her redden and shrink yet more. She's a very good kittyslave.
Jun 08 20:41:12 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth moves to turn up the heat to a normal 65, at least there was nothing wrong with it in the rules so she didn't feel bad. "The air should be warming up soohn.. ja?"
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Jun 08 20:41:58 <SavanahHolland> "Is the television on? If we're not vatching it it can jast be left off, since the rule.."
Jun 08 20:42:00 <gumbal1> Oh, must have been a grandchild's drawing! It's so simple in design, really. Just…I mean, it is kinda odd, the subject matter. That looks like some anthropomorphised hairless wolf with short legs and long arms, right one raised in the air in a rather tasteless gesture, the words 'avoid' underneath. Cheddars, meanwhile, trots over to the dining room, hopping onto one of the currently tucked-in chairs.
Jun 08 20:43:08 <Silvors> Zita nods her head. "Do we close all the blinds in the house? Except for the ones in the bedrooms, of course." Zita asks with a tilt of her head.
Jun 08 20:43:48 <SavanahHolland> "Ja, ve stay out of the bedroom and the broom closet I believe, all the blinds besides in those areas must be closed.. and the televisio off."
Jun 08 20:44:31 <Nemi> Madeline will turn off the television if it's not off already! And released from her feline bindings, Madeline slumps into the corner of the couch and huddles around her cocoa. At least cocoa was good and true and trustworthy.
Jun 08 20:44:52 <Silvors> Zita nods her head. "How do we know which rooms aren't bedrooms?" Zita asks, looking at the dog in the picture and turning it around. "We should avoid the doggy." She states simply with a smile at Madeline. Zitas are trustworthy!
Jun 08 20:45:47 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blinks "Veird picture, vhen she comes back ve should ask." Elspeth says before wheeling out of the room, going to the laundry room to check on Chedder's water, remembering about refilling it with fridge water.
Jun 08 20:47:34 <Nemi> "What doggo? I mean.. Okay.."
Jun 08 20:48:03 <gumbal1> Cheddars' water bowl, while not empty, is filled with your standard cat backwash, and might need changing. In her foodbowl is dry food, about halfway eaten."
Jun 08 20:48:14 <gumbal1> > Perception, those in the laundry room
Jun 08 20:48:29 <Silvors> Zita nods her head and goes to make sure all the blinds are closed… but she doesn't go in the bedrooms!
Jun 08 20:49:16 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Jun 08 20:49:17 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 9
Jun 08 20:50:26 <gumbal1> The bedrooms are clearly marked, it seems, with simple pieces of paper. The upper floors are less extensive than the lower floor, with a game room, a bedroom, some storage rooms, and a bathroom. The most notable thing present is some old rifle sitting on top of the game room mantle.
Jun 08 20:51:20 <Silvors> Zita oohs and aaahs at the rifle as she closes the blinds in the game room, if there are any.
Jun 08 20:51:23 <gumbal1> Elspeth, something catches your eye. What, at first, look to be a few cat hairs between the dryer and washer, at closer inspection, are far too dark and long to belong to Cheddars.
Jun 08 20:52:51 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth looks kinda bothered by this, moving to take one of the long hairs, looking at it and holding it in her hand. She as really bothered by this, but she just threw it off to the side, maybe she has another pet, or it’s the last house sitter's hair? She then picks up the cat bowl, wheeling herself into the kitchen to clean out the bowl and refill it with the proper water in
Jun 08 20:52:51 <SavanahHolland> the intructions!
Jun 08 20:53:06 <Nemi> Madeline carefully up and hugs her knees to her chest. She had shed her shoes earlier so this is okay!
Jun 08 20:53:37 <SavanahHolland> *was
Jun 08 20:54:29 <gumbal1> A few of the dolls shame Madeline anyways, still and silent as ever. Shame. Shaaaaaaaaaaame.
Jun 08 20:54:35 <Silvors> Zita finishes up with her blind-closing job (avoiding the bedrooms, of course) and returns to the living room so that she can grin and Madeline and sit next to her. "Hey, Leeny!" Zita chirps happily with a hug around the girl's neck. "You chilly too?"
Jun 08 20:55:35 <gumbal1> The fridge is one of those cool ones that dispenses ice and filtered water. Though, as Elspeth turns it on, the water briefly spurts, as the sink briefly goes off as well.
Jun 08 20:55:52 <Nemi> Madeline nods a little to Zita. The dolls really were creeping her out- she never had dolls in her room growing up, because of course not, and they were a lot .. Harsher companions than her familiar friendly plush friends. At least she has Zita here!
Jun 08 20:56:08 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth pays little thought to that, moving to bring back the nice and clean water back to its place! Good water makes for a happy kitty! Wheeling back to where Zita and Mads were "Refilled Chedder's vater.. also, the area betveen the washer and drier is disgusting.. long gross hair…"
Jun 08 20:57:04 <Silvors> Zita hugs Madeline and nuzzles her cheek with a grin before nodding at Elspeth. "Awesome! So, um… what else is on the list? And it wasn't the doggy's hair, was it? Because you're supposed to avoid the dog!" Zita informs with a nod of certainty.
Jun 08 20:57:37 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blinks "I dohn't know, too long to be kitty hair, buht I jast assumed it vas like, someone's hair or something.." she shrugs.
Jun 08 20:57:40 <gumbal1> Really gross. Elspeth wouldn't have been surprised if it was a few years old and drenched in cat slobber. Why do cats like putting shit in their mouthes, anyways?
Jun 08 20:58:04 <SavanahHolland> Good thing Elspeth doesn't vomit easily!
Jun 08 20:59:30 <Nemi> Good thing Madeline didn't even see it! And Zita's company helps her forget the creepy dolls.
Jun 08 20:59:48 <Silvors> Zita is used to creepy dolls, after all, she's dating one!
Jun 08 21:00:53 <SavanahHolland> "I guess all our vork is done?" Elspeth asks with a tilt of her head "Ve can jast relax now." she says with a happy beat in her voice. Then moving her wheelchair near the couch, using UPPER BODY STRENGTH to lift herself and sit on the couch."
Jun 08 21:00:58 <SavanahHolland> *remove that last "
Jun 08 21:02:00 <Nemi> "Okay.. Um- I kinda wanna explore a little, maybe, see what other rooms are there that um, aren't bedrooms."
Jun 08 21:02:55 <Silvors> Zita smiles and giggles. "There was a game room on the second floor! It's got this old gun in it and that's, like, awesome!" Fun fact about Zita, she likes weapons. No so surprising when you consider she has every style of them inside of her weapon.
Jun 08 21:03:17 <SavanahHolland> "I dohn't think I can goh upstairs.. unless she has one of those stair chairs I saw on zat one movie.. gremlems..?" Elspeth shrugs
Jun 08 21:03:46 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth forgot about the part where the chair goes flying out the fucking window in that movie, but whatever.
Jun 08 21:04:07 <Nemi> "I could carry you?"
Jun 08 21:04:41 <Silvors> Zita nods her head. "We could both carry her! I could grab one side, you could grab the other!" Zita says with a giggle and more snuggles on Leeny.
Jun 08 21:04:52 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blushes bright red, looking over at Mads "Uhm.. o-hkay.." she'd summon the Ram, but that sounded like a bad idea, seeing as they're in town, it still hasn't fully sunk in that people knew about supernatural now.
Jun 08 21:05:10 <SavanahHolland> "I- I d-dohn't have to be h-held bhy two people!"
Jun 08 21:05:17 <gumbal1> Surprisingly enough, old Ms. Schwartz didn't have one of those. Must be hell on the knees.
Jun 08 21:05:40 <Silvors> "But it'd be fuuuun!" Zita says with a giggle and a boop to both of them… DOUBLE BOOP!
Jun 08 21:06:08 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth puffs her cheeks, blushing more "B-buht if youh both carry me it'll look embarassing.."
Jun 08 21:07:01 <Silvors> Zita giggles and nuzzles Madeline. "But me and Leeny aren't strooong! So it'll take both of us to move you!"
Jun 08 21:07:10 <gumbal1> One of the dolls, an Alpine Shepard Boy, looks on from the kitchen, disapprovingly, as Cheddars goes over to climb onto the counter and stare at nothing, as cats are wont to do.
Jun 08 21:07:15 <Nemi> Madeline just scoops Elspeth up without much effort. ".. I mean um actually I'm really stupid strong."
Jun 08 21:08:00 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth is pretty small, really light weight along with it, now just holding, or hugging on real tight to Mads with a squeak. "S-see?"
Jun 08 21:08:11 <Silvors> Zita puffs up her cheeks. "Leeny! It was going to be fun." Zita states, hugging Madeline from the side and kissing her cheek before crossing her arms and pouting.
Jun 08 21:08:43 <Nemi> "Wah I'm sorry!" Madeline carries Elspeth upstairs, embarassed. She finished her cocoa so she's not worried about Cheddars poisoning herself and .. These dolls are.. She really was looking for an excuse to leave their presence.
Jun 08 21:09:36 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth then looks over at Chedders, she thinks about it for a moment, but doesn't think any longer on it than that. Holding on tight as they head up into the beyond! And by beyond I mean the upstairs. "I vonder vhat's up here.. besides bedrooms at least..?"
Jun 08 21:09:48 <gumbal1> The upstairs is rather nice. Aside from the bedroom, there's some rooms probably meant for either storage, or just watching tv. At one point, there's a pretty fancy bathroom that they pass by.
Jun 08 21:10:16 * Knave (ten.mnigriv.elbac.4-3.182ctrk-0-3-80gcok-03904yub|evankmryW#ten.mnigriv.elbac.4-3.182ctrk-0-3-80gcok-03904yub|evankmryW) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jun 08 21:10:23 >Nemi< While passing by the bathroom, Madeline hears something very quietly say "I don't think they'll hear us, Eva."
Jun 08 21:11:01 <Silvors> "There was a game roooom! It has this awesome gun in it let's chillax in there!" Zita heard someone say chillax on TV, and was adding it to her vocabulary.
Jun 08 21:11:09 <Nemi> Madeline pauses a moment, perking. She looks around, bemused a moment, and decides to peek int othe bathroom- just in case she needs it, it's good to know what's in there.
Jun 08 21:11:51 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth seems intrested in the bathroom too, mostly because she want's to see that woman's decorative towels, you can always tell someone's personality by their decorative towels for guests!
Jun 08 21:12:12 <gumbal1> Nothing but bathroom, Madeline. A spacious one, sure, and one that might be nice to have. But nothing out of the ordinary. The towels certainly are fance, though!
Jun 08 21:12:39 <SavanahHolland> "Pretty" Elspeth says at the towels, what a weird thing to notice "lets goh in the gameroom!"
Jun 08 21:13:36 <Silvors> Zita was already in the game room! What's in there? Other than the rifle!
Jun 08 21:14:27 <gumbal1> The game room's real nice, if you ignore all the dolls on the shelves (and that one in the corner that looks like a caricature of Mel Gibson as Mad Max, oddly enough). There's a tv in the corner, a guest futon, a ping pong table, and the aformentioned rifle on a fireplace mantel. A few photos hang, mostly extended family photos, along with a painting of a cat on a tree.
Jun 08 21:15:07 <Nemi> "Those are really nice.." Madeline enters the game room with Elspeth and she cringes at the dolls. Why are there so many dolls? ".. I might wanna quit this job I think I don't /like/ dolls they ki- is that Mad Max?"
Jun 08 21:15:08 <gumbal1> Cheddars seems to have realized where the action is, running up the stairs like she's being chased (which, considering how cats tend to run, is nothing alarming) and going over to nuzzle Zita.
Jun 08 21:16:13 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth looks at Mads at her words "I knowh they're creepy.. buht I can't stop thinking abouht how much money they all must have cost her.. she must be rich.." Elspeth nods, then pointing to the ping pong table "Vhats zat…?"
Jun 08 21:16:23 <gumbal1> The Mad Max doll, in contrast to the others, is pretty goofy, with its exaggerated features on post-apocalyptia wear.
Jun 08 21:16:28 <Silvors> Zita giggles and squats down to pet the kitty. It said no stealing… what if she just guides Cheddars back to her dorm room? Zita scratches behind the kitty's ears and grins before scooping it up and carrying it to sit on the futon. "PING PONG!" Zita shouts with a point at it!
Jun 08 21:17:04 <gumbal1> Cheddars whines as she's carried, as standard for a cat who's not used it it.
Jun 08 21:17:08 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth eeps at Zita shouting it, clinging even more to Mads, so soft~
Jun 08 21:17:14 <Nemi> ".. oh gosh that's amazing. I love that. And um, um- nooo no ping pong!"
Jun 08 21:17:39 <Nemi> ".. I actually really like this Mad Max doll I mean um. That's like the only one the rest are creepy. Um." Madeline bobbles over and easily sets Elspeth down on the futon next to Zita!
Jun 08 21:17:55 <Silvors> Zita giggles and kisses Madeline's cheek. "Leeny! Yes ping pong! Yes." Zita says with a grin as she strokes the cat like a diabolical villain!
Jun 08 21:18:04 <gumbal1> The other dolls almost seem disappointed. Especially that sad clown one.
Jun 08 21:18:14 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth crawls over to pet Chedders, then moving to pet Zita "Miau" she says playfully, then laughing.
Jun 08 21:19:08 <Silvors> Zita looks at Elspeth and smiles but… her eyes look almost sympathetic as she kisses the girl's forehead. Zita would definitely going Hunting after this house sitting session.
Jun 08 21:22:11 <gumbal1> Cheddars really likes Zita, it seems. Or at least her jacket, which it's currently sticking its head into the pocket of, should one exist.
Jun 08 21:22:35 <Nemi> "Nooo.. I don't want to like, accidentally break something.."
Jun 08 21:23:10 <Silvors> One does indeed! Zita giggles and strokes the kitty. "I think he likes me. This is why I should have a pet baby dragon." Zita says with a nod, as if a random house cat liking her and her somehow taming a baby dragon are in any way similar. She looks at Madeline with confusion before giggling and going to rest her head on the girl's shoulder.
Jun 08 21:24:06 <SavanahHolland> "Don't vorry, I'll be fine!" Elspeth says with a cheeky grin, blushing at the forehead kiss and going to pet chedders more "I vant a cat.. I-if youh get a dragon.. I vant a kitten! So then it'll be fair!"
Jun 08 21:24:08 <gumbal1> Eventually, Cheddars takes her head out and looks up at Zita, strands of long, dark hair in her mouth, before trotting back out of the room.
Jun 08 21:24:48 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blinks "Did Chedders jast steal yourh hair Zita…?"
Jun 08 21:25:02 <Nemi> Madeline looks up, away from Mad Max again. "She did what?"
Jun 08 21:25:19 <Silvors> "Huh? Maybe? I dunno. I've got lots of hair though, so it's okay! And I can regenerate it, apparently. Which is why I dye it so much!" Zita informs with a grin.
Jun 08 21:26:09 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blinks, looking a the other girls and indicating them to be quiet, whispering "I heard speaking.." Can she roll perception to hear more?
Jun 08 21:26:30 <gumbal1> Hear what, Elspeth? Nobody said anything out of the ordinary, did they?
Jun 08 21:26:59 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth furrows her brow.. she couldn't hear it, she felt a bit paranoid "I thought.. I heard something.."
Jun 08 21:27:15 <Silvors> Zita tilts her head and giggles, booping Elspeth and tilting her head. "Silly!"
Jun 08 21:29:11 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth shrinks a bit, feeling embarassed and a little dumb before shaking her head "I must be gohing crazy." she laughs
Jun 08 21:30:07 <gumbal1> Little bumps are to be expected in any sort of house, so that one was heard downstairs could mean anything or nothing.
Jun 08 21:30:51 <Silvors> Zita blinks a few times. "Anybody hear that bumpy… bump?" Zita asks with a look between the two of them.
Jun 08 21:31:25 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth shakes her head, she only heart the voices a minute ago "Vas it coming frohm downstairs.. is someone there..? Mahybe she came home…?"
Jun 08 21:32:03 <Nemi> Madelin looks bemused, before.. ".. oh, no, um, I heard something too and um.. 'Scuse me.." Madeline rises and scurries downstairs to check it otu!
Jun 08 21:32:22 <SavanahHolland> "H-hey! Dohn't go alone!"
Jun 08 21:33:26 <Silvors> Zita flies after her, scooping up Elspeth to fly after Madeline! "Maybe it's the thing beneath the building."
Jun 08 21:33:35 <gumbal1> Well, must've came from the kitchen. Cheddars is currently staring at one of the kitchen's island cabinets, which was left open. Apparantly a pot or two fell out. The Alpimne Shepard Boy from earlier didn't catch any of it, if the fact that it's facing a wall means anything.
Jun 08 21:34:24 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth eeps at being scooped up, holding on mega tight to Zita, but avoiding pressing her chest against anything. She looks at the mess "Cahn a cat make this kind of mess..?"
Jun 08 21:35:41 <Nemi> Maddie peers over and into the kitchen. She steps inside and frowns. ".. The doll's moved. Did Cheddars do that?" She'll pick up the pot and replace it.
Jun 08 21:36:34 <Silvors> Zita shrugs. "Maybe it's like Doctor Who! They're gonna be all movey and we gotta stare at them and not blink!" Zita has fought weeping angels before! Dolls would be no problem! Wait, uh, weren't they not allowed to touch those?
Jun 08 21:37:19 <SavanahHolland> "Uhm.. vell ve should put the doll back.. she might think ve moved it if ve keep it zat vay.."
Jun 08 21:37:33 <Silvors> "Nooo!" Zita says with a shake of her head.
Jun 08 21:37:50 <gumbal1> The pots were covering something. Another drawing, this time of a black cat resting on the lap of a girl in a wheelchair. The cat has one blue eye and one green eye, while the girl appears to be bleeding from numerous cat scratches.
Jun 08 21:38:24 <Silvors> "We can't touch the dolls!" Zita reminds.
Jun 08 21:38:41 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth gets a look at the picture once someone picks it up, her face going blank. "Uhm.. maybe… ve should jast.. leave.." she's suddenly very worried about being near chedders.
Jun 08 21:38:56 <Nemi> "Um.. Guys? Iiii found a drawing it.." Mads picks it up and shows it. Blue eye, green eye, black? Reminds her of Kat, somehow. "Noo, um, we shouldn't!"
Jun 08 21:39:24 <SavanahHolland> "H-hey youh're not the one in ze vheelchair!"
Jun 08 21:39:46 <SavanahHolland> "I dohn't vant to get scratched up by a cat." she whines.
Jun 08 21:40:04 <gumbal1> Does it? Certainly, black cats with heterochromia exist in nature.
Jun 08 21:41:53 <gumbal1> Cheddars, in all her orange glory, continues staring at the open cabinet.
Jun 08 21:41:55 <Nemi> The thought is momentary, and Madeline glances over to Cheddars. Cheddars is orange, after all.
Jun 08 21:42:07 <Nemi> ".. anyway.." Madeline stands on tiptoe to replace the pots in the cabinet and shut the door!
Jun 08 21:42:16 <Silvors> "You're not gonna get scratched up, El! I'll hurt anything that hurts you." Zita says with a grin and a kiss to her cheek. Anything.
Jun 08 21:43:00 <gumbal1> That stuff's easy. It's just pots and pans, nothing Madeline can't fix.
Jun 08 21:43:09 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blushes at bit at the cheek kiss, as she often did "M-maybe.. buht am I the ohnly one that's starting toh get veird feeling frohm this house.. the two creepy notes.. the long gross hair.. hearing veird sounds?"
Jun 08 21:44:31 <gumbal1> A few seconds pass, before Cheddars finally looks away from the cabinet and trots over to the utility room.
Jun 08 21:44:35 <Nemi> She WAS good at messes. Enough that the thought could just be her own- she doesn't think too much about it before she bobbles back into the living room to plop on the couch under the watchful dolls. ".. ugh. It's kind of creepy, yeah."
Jun 08 21:44:47 <gumbal1> > Perc, anyone looking at Cheddars go
Jun 08 21:44:57 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Jun 08 21:44:57 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 8
Jun 08 21:45:13 <Nemi> Madeline isn’t really WATCHING Cheddars go. Especially with turning away and all.
Jun 08 21:45:55 <gumbal1> Eslpeth, it would have been a far shorter distance for Cheddars to just pass by the broom closet on its way to the utility room. The path it chose was the long way around.
Jun 08 21:46:31 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blinks at Chedders, but decides it isn't a big deal, a cat will go where a cat wants to go afterall!
Jun 08 21:46:36 <Silvors> Zita was waving her hips from side to side. "Don't worry! I won't let anything hurt you two!" Zita says with a grin.
Jun 08 21:47:04 <Nemi> "I knooow.."
Jun 08 21:47:45 <gumbal1> > MDEF, Madeline and Elspeth
Jun 08 21:47:52 <SavanahHolland> "Vell still.. v-vhat if something hurts youh! O-or hurts chedders?"
Jun 08 21:48:03 <Silvors> Zita smiles and goes to nuzzle Leeny's cheek, then. "It's fine!" Zita assures with a nod and a few more blinks, looking at the floor briefly.
Jun 08 21:48:08 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Jun 08 21:48:09 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 2
Jun 08 21:48:13 <Nemi> Madeline is not strong willed.
Jun 08 21:48:19 <Nemi> That’s true to anyone who knows her, though.
Jun 08 21:48:24 <Nemi> Obvious, taht is.
Jun 08 21:48:38 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Jun 08 21:48:38 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 9
Jun 08 21:48:42 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+7
Jun 08 21:48:42 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 6
Jun 08 21:49:07 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth has a STRONK mIND
Jun 08 21:50:10 <gumbal1> Elspeth feels something pick at her mind, very suddenly. Madeline, meanwhile, suddenly finds herself feeling a sense of spiritual lethargy and a sense of disconnect from herself. (-1 PSYCHE)
Jun 08 21:50:37 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth’s face curls up into confusion and slight disgust "Something isn't right."
Jun 08 21:50:39 <Nemi> Then again, this isn't much different from how Madeline usually feels. She does put on a strange, uncomfortable look, and shrinks yet more into the couch as if trying to disappear.
Jun 08 21:51:05 <Silvors> Zita is still swaying her hips and bouncing along, she sees the shrinking Madeline and hops on over to hug her. "Leeeny."
Jun 08 21:51:55 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth rolls out of Zita's hold and sits on the couch, trying to pick apart her own mind to try to find the source if possible.
Jun 08 21:53:06 * Knave has quit (Quit: Knave Out)
Jun 08 21:53:19 <gumbal1> For Elspeth, it ended as suddenly as it began, though felt as if it was coming from no specific direction. Perhaps it originated at the metaphorical epicenter of Elspeth's psyche.
Jun 08 21:53:46 <Nemi> "No no no it's okay it's- I think I just wanna go ho-" Mads squeaks at the hug!
Jun 08 21:54:45 <SavanahHolland> Oi Elspeth is of sound mind! Probably! I mean as sound of mind as someone can be seeing as she's made an actual deal with "the devil" well, more like a devil but whatever. "Are youh alright.. did youh feel it tooh?" she asks Mads.
Jun 08 21:55:26 <Silvors> Zita nods her head and keeps hugging and nuzzling. Zita closes her eyes and smiles. "It's okay."
Jun 08 21:56:23 <Nemi> ".. feel what? Aside from just like, still hating everything about me and stuff..?"
Jun 08 21:57:01 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth frowns "Uhm.. never mind.. it doesn't matter.." she feels like she's losing her mind here.. maybe it's just all in her head all the weird stuff going on..
Jun 08 21:57:21 <Silvors> Zita huffs and looks at Madeline. "Leeny, I've told you a bazillion times. You're a super amazing person and I love you… platonically! Li-Like friendship love." Zita nods her head. Friends. "We're besties!"
Jun 08 21:57:51 <Nemi> ".. I knoooow.."
Jun 08 21:58:00 <gumbal1> Something loudly bumps in the utility room, and Cheddars yelps, rushing out back to the living room, where she reclaims Madeline as her catslave.
Jun 08 21:58:40 <Silvors> "Well never forget it!" A kiss to the tip of Leeny's nose!
Jun 08 21:58:58 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth frowns "Uhm, I'll make sure Chedder didn't break anything.. youh two just stay here and relax ja?" Elspeth just wanted mostly a moment to calm herself down, alone. Getting in her chair and rolling over to where the sound came from.
Jun 08 22:00:21 <gumbal1> There is nothing wrong in the utility room once Elspeth gets there. Though, the crookedness of the dryer in relation to the washer is kinda annoying, in some ways.
Jun 08 22:00:22 <Nemi> Madeline meeps as Cheddars hops into her lap! She remains a good kittyslave, nervous little scared brown girl hiding under orange cat. "Are you okay, um, little one?"
Jun 08 22:01:07 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth sighs while she checks around, just trying to convince herself theres nothing to worry about in this house and she's just.. real paranoid or something…
Jun 08 22:01:22 <Silvors> Zita keeps hugging nad nuzzling as she sits there. "My snuggle buddy, Cheddar. Get your own."
Jun 08 22:01:44 <gumbal1> Cheddars is but a cat, and probably can't understand English! She meows back anyways, because Madeline is just that much of a disney princess.
Jun 08 22:02:21 <gumbal1> There's nothing ostensibly wrong witht he rest of the house, creepy dolls nonwithstanding.
Jun 08 22:03:04 <Nemi> Madeline pretty much was just acting every day of her life. Even Madeline herself was a role the.. That pathetic little person created. She still tries at it, though. For what little good it serves. She freezes up a little and whimpers.
Jun 08 22:03:05 <SavanahHolland> Maybe Elspeth just needs some water or something.. well instead of that she just sorta stays where she is, curling up in her wheel chair. Ugh, nothing is wrong with the stupid house, just the lady has some creepy collections and chedders is a really dirty cat that makes a lot of messes…
Jun 08 22:04:08 <Silvors> Zita frowns at the whimpering and hugs her arms around Madeline, hugging the girl tight. "It's okay. Don't whimper. I'm here, I gotcha. My little Leeny." Zita says with a giggle and a kiss to her forehead. "It's okay!"
Jun 08 22:04:21 <Nemi> "I know, I know.. I knooow.."
Jun 08 22:04:27 <gumbal1> Cheddars nuzzles it's head into Zita's hand, occasionally nipping at it. Cat slobber is gross.
Jun 08 22:04:56 <Silvors> Zita nods her head. "I know you do. I platonically love you, Leeny." Zita says with a grin and a giggle.
Jun 08 22:05:54 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth sorta stays in her spot, nothing to do anyways, she'll just wait until the anxiety passes, that's what it was supposed to do anyways, right?
Jun 08 22:06:18 <gumbal1> You guess this is nice, at least. The dolls aren't moving, and nothing really bad has happened so far.
Jun 08 22:07:37 <gumbal1> > PERCEPTION, ELSPETH
Jun 08 22:07:58 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Jun 08 22:07:59 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 8
Jun 08 22:08:36 <gumbal1> You know, the dryer door (it’s frontloading) just vibrated, slightly.
Jun 08 22:08:43 <Nemi> Madeline settles against Zita and sighs. Of course Zita wants her. Zita wants everyone for herself, like how Lisa wants everyone's attention and Kat wants to fuck everyone. Mads is just an accessory, but it's not that .. Bad, really. Right?
Jun 08 22:09:30 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth twitches, looking at the dryer door, she must be going crazy, yeaah? She slowly moves to wheel over to the dryer, trying to pry it open to see if anything's inside?
Jun 08 22:10:08 <Silvors> Zita hugs her and nuzzles her. "It's okay. I gotcha." Zita says with a smile as she rests her head in Madeline's hair. "I gotcha, little Leeny." Of course Zita wanted Madeline! She wants Madeline to be her friend forever and eternal snuggle buddy!
Jun 08 22:12:49 <gumbal1> What happens next, well…if this were an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the doughy, hairless off-peach humanoid thing currently clambering out of the dryer with a really fierce look in her eyes would have been Frank Reynolds, Danny Devito's character, covered in rubbing alcohol, muttering about how he's 'gotta be pure' or something, and of course the viewers would laugh and laugh. But there's nothing funny about how it looks at
Jun 08 22:12:49 <gumbal1> Elspeth, or how it breathes so raggedly.
Jun 08 22:13:09 <gumbal1> > INITIATIVE, ELSPETH
Jun 08 22:13:42 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Jun 08 22:13:42 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 4
Jun 08 22:14:11 <gumbal1> Zita and Mads would hear another bump from the utility room.
Jun 08 22:14:17 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+5
Jun 08 22:14:18 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
Jun 08 22:15:18 <Silvors> Zita hates her real name and all the memories it contains. So she was more than happy to consider her real name as Zita Jasper. It’s the name with the good memories. "What was that?"
Jun 08 22:15:33 <gumbal1> The thing barely gets on its feet before it charges at Elspeth, arms outstretch to choke the life out of the little shit.
Jun 08 22:15:40 <gumbal1> > AGILITY OR DEFENSE
Jun 08 22:15:45 <Nemi> Madeline cringes despite herself. She really didn't use .. But she hated that name, everything it represented. For all she cared, she was Madeline Maddox and nothing else. ".. uhm- I don't know, um, kitty won't let me get up should you- you should check it out?"
Jun 08 22:16:05 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth's good with her hands, but she isn't good at much else…
Jun 08 22:16:06 <gumbal1> The cat's hairs are standing on end right now.
Jun 08 22:16:12 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Jun 08 22:16:12 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 4
Jun 08 22:16:17 <Silvors> Zita frowns and shakes her head. "I’m not leaving you. How about I carry the kitty and we go check on her together?"
Jun 08 22:16:19 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
Jun 08 22:16:19 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 8
Jun 08 22:16:26 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth’s eyes go wide as it charges at her, then screaming at the top of her lungs
Jun 08 22:16:27 <Nemi> ".. okay.."
Jun 08 22:16:29 <Nemi> ".. !"
Jun 08 22:16:40 <Nemi> Madeline carefully sets yonder catling aside and sprints over at the scream!
Jun 08 22:16:58 <gumbal1> Ouch. This thing chokes hard! (-1 PHYSICAL, ELSPETH IN CHOKEHOLD)
Jun 08 22:17:18 <gumbal1> > Elspeth
Jun 08 22:17:21 <Silvors> Zita follows after her! Sircatore shifting from ring form to a knife in her hand!
Jun 08 22:18:05 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth doesn't have her head on too straight, too terrified to really do anything that can help her, instead gasping for breath and trying to pry it off her with what little strength she has.
Jun 08 22:18:14 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+1
Jun 08 22:18:15 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 2
Jun 08 22:18:16 <gumbal1> Zita, you almost get the feeling that Sircatore is laughing silently.
Jun 08 22:18:34 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+6
Jun 08 22:18:34 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 7
Jun 08 22:18:49 <gumbal1> Wow, that did nothing at all!
Jun 08 22:18:56 <Silvors> Zita shakes of the feeling! It’s not like Sircatore is sentient or anything. It's just a magic knife!
Jun 08 22:18:56 <gumbal1> > Madeline
Jun 08 22:19:35 <Nemi> Madeline is stupidly fast on her feet, moreso when she- being little more than a dream of a stupid girl- forgets that she should obey rules of space and physics and stuff. She's also the kind of person who conveniently ignores things like 'distance' applying, especially when she rounds into the utility room, spies Danny DoughVito there, and reflexively punches him in the upper
Jun 08 22:19:35 <Nemi> spine. From the doorway. Because that's something she does.
Jun 08 22:19:52 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:19:53 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 12
Jun 08 22:20:06 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Jun 08 22:20:06 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 10
Jun 08 22:20:39 <gumbal1> Getting hit in the spine hurts! (Grip loosened on Elspeth)
Jun 08 22:20:44 <gumbal1> > Zita
Jun 08 22:22:57 <Silvors> Zita has a knife one she promptly grows into a spear and lunges at the DoughVito!
Jun 08 22:23:03 <Silvors> `calc 4d3-8+11
Jun 08 22:23:03 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 13
Jun 08 22:23:11 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Jun 08 22:23:12 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 10
Jun 08 22:23:54 <gumbal1> Zita gets DoughVito through the shoulder, spraying a tarry black liquid onto her and Elspeth!
Jun 08 22:23:58 * Karaoke has quit ()
Jun 08 22:24:06 <gumbal1> > ROLL DEFENSE AGAINST POISON
Jun 08 22:24:18 <Nemi> Madeline gapes in dismay! She’d been doing her best to be trained AGAINST lethal action but- no, this is just /strange/. Why the dryer?
Jun 08 22:24:36 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth's still trying to pry the creature off, eyes still wide as some of the black stuff gets in her eye.. fucking hell.
Jun 08 22:24:45 <gumbal1> (Shoudl specify that's Elspeth and Zita only)
Jun 08 22:25:05 <Silvors> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Jun 08 22:25:06 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4
Jun 08 22:25:17 <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+1
Jun 08 22:25:18 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 1
Jun 08 22:25:20 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+7
Jun 08 22:25:21 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 5
Jun 08 22:26:10 <gumbal1> Elspeth suddenly feels an overwhelming nausea as the substance makes contact, while Zita feels slightly queasy. (-3 HP ELSPETH)
Jun 08 22:26:32 <gumbal1> > ERRORERRORERROR’s turn
Jun 08 22:27:04 <SavanahHolland> She goes down to now just two exp, vomitting the contents of her stomach as she tilts her head to the side, she felt like death.
Jun 08 22:27:23 <Nemi> "OhmygodElspeth!"
Jun 08 22:27:34 <SavanahHolland> *health rather
Jun 08 22:28:00 <gumbal1> The spear suddenly flickers, and jolts out of DoughVito on it's own accord. It flashes, as the three hear a voice. 'Cecile. You don't mind if I…have a moment to myself?'
Jun 08 22:28:28 <gumbal1> > DoughVito's turn
Jun 08 22:29:04 <gumbal1> Okay, fuck wheelchair girl. Green hair's the big threat. And so, the Trash Man makes a charge for Zita instead.
Jun 08 22:29:11 <gumbal1> > ROLL AGILITY OR DEFENSE
Jun 08 22:29:34 <Silvors> Zita's eyes were wide at the word. Okay. Okay. She could still fight! She recalled Sircatore to her hand and used some FIGHTING TO BLOCK!
Jun 08 22:29:42 <Silvors> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:29:42 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Jun 08 22:29:44 * BobaFettuccine (ten.tsacmoc.aw.9dsh.70-270-905-15-h|cutteFaboB#ten.tsacmoc.aw.9dsh.70-270-905-15-h|cutteFaboB) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jun 08 22:29:50 <gumbal1> Sircatore refuses.
Jun 08 22:29:53 <Nemi> "Cecile..?" Madeline seems confused.
Jun 08 22:29:56 <gumbal1> > Reroll
Jun 08 22:30:08 <Silvors> (I didn’t add the +1 from Sircatore. If I did it would be +11)
Jun 08 22:30:20 <gumbal1> > Oops, sorry
Jun 08 22:30:27 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
Jun 08 22:30:27 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
Jun 08 22:30:51 <gumbal1> It works! Zita is safe from the thing as it fails its charge.
Jun 08 22:31:01 <gumbal1> > Could I offer Elspeth a nice turn in this trying time?
Jun 08 22:32:01 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth couldn’t think straight, her body hurt, neck, chest, lip, eye, lying next to a pool of her own vomit. She can't really attack, but she does try to sit up, better than just lying down she guesses?
Jun 08 22:32:26 <gumbal1> (Elspeth's next defense gets +2 for prep time)
Jun 08 22:32:33 <gumbal1> > Madeline's turn
Jun 08 22:33:26 <Nemi> Madeline shakes her head again and charges, reappearing behind DoughVito to slam a knee into his lower spine and ideally force him into a nasty joint lock to force surrender. IDeally.
Jun 08 22:33:30 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:33:31 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Jun 08 22:33:40 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Jun 08 22:33:41 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
Jun 08 22:34:30 <gumbal1> It certainly hits DoughVito (-2 to next attack), but it doesn’t appear to have done any damage.
Jun 08 22:34:40 <Nemi> "Ergh! Too.. Doughy!"
Jun 08 22:34:48 <gumbal1> > CECILE's turn
Jun 08 22:36:14 <Silvors> /Zita/ is going to kick the thing in the face and shout at Sircatore. "Come back to me! NOW!" She throws a punch at Doughvito and tries to recall the blade /again/.
Jun 08 22:36:20 <Silvors> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:36:20 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 8
Jun 08 22:36:29 <Nemi> "Whooo’s Cecile?" Madeline asks aloud as she struggles!
Jun 08 22:36:29 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
Jun 08 22:36:29 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 10
Jun 08 22:36:44 <gumbal1> DoughVito does not falter, and Sircatore refuses.
Jun 08 22:36:52 <gumbal1> > Sircatore’s turn
Jun 08 22:37:13 <Silvors> "Nobody! Cecile doesn't exist!" Zita shouts at Madeline!
Jun 08 22:37:22 <Nemi> Madeline flinches!
Jun 08 22:38:17 <gumbal1> "You know, I rather hated lacking the spiritual energy to form my own will." Sircatore, one a spear, now morphs into a vaguely human shape. "I think you'll understood what I felt soon enough. Now," A hand is pointed at Zita. "Kneel, Cecile."
Jun 08 22:38:40 <gumbal1> > DoughVito's turn
Jun 08 22:38:59 <Silvors> Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. Zita's eyes glaze over and her body moves to kneel before the goldenmanthing. What the fuck is going on? Zita seems terrified.
Jun 08 22:39:11 <Nemi> ".. wha..?"
Jun 08 22:39:18 <gumbal1> Gotta be clean (of pests), gotta be clean (of pests). DoughVito turns around to smack Madeline.
Jun 08 22:39:23 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Jun 08 22:39:23 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 3
Jun 08 22:39:52 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth is pretty out of it, she just sits there, like a little kid, watching all of this go down.
Jun 08 22:40:48 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:40:49 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 11
Jun 08 22:40:53 <Nemi> What Madeline? There’s no Madeline there.
Jun 08 22:41:19 <gumbal1> Damnit. This battle was going to the trash.
Jun 08 22:41:23 <gumbal1> > ELSPETH
Jun 08 22:41:59 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth starts to gain some more thought to whatever the hell is going on, now slowly trying to locate her wheelchair and crawl in it.
Jun 08 22:42:26 <gumbal1> Elspeth, in the confusion of the battle, manages to get back in her wheelchair!
Jun 08 22:42:31 <gumbal1> > MAdeline
Jun 08 22:42:47 <Nemi> There IS, however, a Madeline in front of DoughVito, a Madeline who reaches up to poke at him and hopefully put him to sleep to stop this whole mess. "Please stop?"
Jun 08 22:42:57 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
Jun 08 22:42:57 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 8
Jun 08 22:42:58 <Nemi> Dreamweaver
Jun 08 22:43:26 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+1
Jun 08 22:43:26 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 0
Jun 08 22:44:11 <gumbal1> You know, DoughVito goes to sleep in a far more different way than most of the people Mads puts under. First come a helluva lot of spasming, then it falls over, gurgling a bit, then out like a light.
Jun 08 22:44:23 <gumbal1> > ZITA, YOU WILL KNEEL
Jun 08 22:44:43 <Silvors> Zita is kneeling, her eyes tearing up a little as she /tries/ to raise herself to stand!
Jun 08 22:44:45 <Nemi> That was disturbing! Madeline at least does try to ease DoughVito down to lying on its back without too much injury. She exhales a bit.
Jun 08 22:45:11 <gumbal1> To defy your master is to defy your very existence, worm.
Jun 08 22:45:22 <gumbal1> > Anything else?
Jun 08 22:45:36 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth is balled up in her wheelchair, her neck covered in dark marks from having been choked so long. She looks over at Zita, not sure what to do and cowering more.
Jun 08 22:45:56 <Silvors> Zita just kept kneeling with tears rolling down her cheek as she went to look at… whatever Sircatore was.
Jun 08 22:46:06 <gumbal1> > Sircatore’s turn
Jun 08 22:49:28 <gumbal1> Their shape is becoming far more defined, now. Yoru stereotypical sexy Victorian vampire, in your stereotypical sexy Victorian vampire dress. They step towards Zita, placing a hand under her chin. "Look at you. So easily could I order you to kill your friends. So easily could I order you to snap Cheddars' precious little neck. So easily," They lean their 'mouth' to Zita's ear. "could I make you mine." Then they stand, swiping across her face w
Jun 08 22:49:28 <gumbal1> ith a wicked claw. "These are your scars. Cherish them."
Jun 08 22:49:33 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:49:33 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 11
Jun 08 22:50:16 <Silvors> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:50:17 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 8
Jun 08 22:50:33 <gumbal1> (-2 PHYSICAL, BLEEDING)
Jun 08 22:50:44 <gumbal1> > Elspeth
Jun 08 22:51:47 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth’s eyes go wide, what can she do, what can she do. She panicks, she needs to protect Zita.. and so.. she wheels close to whatever that vampire thing is and tries to beat the shit out of him, she probably can't but she tries goddamn it.
Jun 08 22:51:59 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+1
Jun 08 22:52:00 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 1
Jun 08 22:52:25 <SavanahHolland> *her
Jun 08 22:52:29 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:52:29 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Jun 08 22:52:47 <gumbal1> Hardly a dent. Sircatore(?) chuckles darkly.
Jun 08 22:52:58 <gumbal1> > Madeline
Jun 08 22:53:13 <Nemi> ".. what- I- who are you? Leave Zita alone, please!" Madeline implores Sircatore! And she’s angered by his words and casual cruelty! She reaches out and without touching him, attempts to grasp his arms and drag him into Nightmare with her!
Jun 08 22:53:20 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
Jun 08 22:53:20 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 11
Jun 08 22:53:57 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:53:57 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 13
Jun 08 22:55:13 * Kioku (gux.uz.72.471|yromeM#gux.uz.72.471|yromeM) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jun 08 22:55:14 <gumbal1> Madeline felt it. As she tried tugging on Sircatore, something began tugging back. Not Sircatore. Something ill-defined, yet perfectly defined in concept. Spiritual hatred given form, given to Sircatore. And it’s only a fragment.
Jun 08 22:55:49 <gumbal1> But nobody came. Nothing emerged from the former weapon.
Jun 08 22:55:59 <gumbal1> > ZITAZITAZITAZITACECILEZITA
Jun 08 22:56:07 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Kioku
Jun 08 22:56:14 <Nemi> Madeline recoils again, eyes going huge. This- this should have worked! It- always worked. It should- she even.. A bit of her spirit fades again, that disconnect between self and body worsening just a little more with rising self-hatred.
Jun 08 22:56:29 <Silvors> Zita mutters a pair of words under her breath, hating having to say it. "Resist, Cecile." He was going to order her? Then she'd order herself too! Her eyes glaze over and she blinks a few times. She bites her tongue and tries to heal herself with her own blood!
Jun 08 22:56:46 <Silvors> ‘calc 4d3-8+2
Jun 08 22:56:46 <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 2
Jun 08 22:57:05 <gumbal1> > I AM SIRCATORE
Jun 08 22:57:46 <gumbal1> The bleed effect is healed!
Jun 08 22:57:59 <gumbal1> "Shut. Your. Mouth." And Sircatore immediately goes to induce another one.
Jun 08 22:58:05 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:58:05 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Jun 08 22:58:28 <Silvors> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 22:58:29 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 13
Jun 08 22:58:49 <gumbal1> Which Zita resists.
Jun 08 22:59:53 <gumbal1> > Elspeth
Jun 08 23:00:06 <Silvors> `calc 4d3-8+3
Jun 08 23:00:07 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 3
Jun 08 23:00:22 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 23:00:22 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 11
Jun 08 23:00:27 <SavanahHolland> Elpeth screams at whoever this weird man is to leave Zita alone, trying to smack him again…
Jun 08 23:00:30 <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+1
Jun 08 23:00:30 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 3
Jun 08 23:00:31 <gumbal1> Eep. This thing’s strong.
Jun 08 23:00:36 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 23:00:36 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 12
Jun 08 23:00:44 <gumbal1> Really strong.
Jun 08 23:00:48 <gumbal1> > MADELINE
Jun 08 23:01:19 <Nemi> Madeline, frantic, reaches across space to place herself behind Sircatore, to tap him on the upper arm and hopefully send him to sleep as well. It probably won’t work, but- what ever works for her?
Jun 08 23:01:25 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
Jun 08 23:01:25 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 6
Jun 08 23:02:44 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 23:02:44 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 10
Jun 08 23:03:11 <Nemi> See how confidence matters when powers are involved?
Jun 08 23:03:12 <gumbal1> Sircatore has been asleep for years. Today is the day they live.
Jun 08 23:03:37 <gumbal1> > Zita
Jun 08 23:04:20 <Silvors> Zita takes a deep breath. She had some good lines she wanted to use, but that damned thing had ordered her to be silent, or, well, shut her mouth. Zita reeled back and punched the thing, going so far as to give EXTRA EFFORT and use an Overdrive!
Jun 08 23:04:28 <Silvors> `calc 4d3-8+12
Jun 08 23:04:28 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 13
Jun 08 23:04:34 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 23:04:34 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 11
Jun 08 23:05:16 <gumbal1> The thing was definitely not expecting that, as it staggered back into the hallway connecting the utility room and the dining room. "You…you would really break me, after everything?"
Jun 08 23:05:31 <gumbal1> > ELSPETH
Jun 08 23:06:49 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth finally stops her dumb attacking, she wasn’t getting anywhere, she wheels back a bit away from it, trying to prep herself for next turn so she can at least attack better!
Jun 08 23:07:04 <gumbal1> (+2 to next action)
Jun 08 23:07:08 <gumbal1> > MADELINE
Jun 08 23:09:48 <Nemi> Madeline, convinced of her own uselessness, shrinks away from Sircatore, staying behind him because she's too afraid to try to sneak past despite clearly not needing to worry about spacial requirements. Instead, she just backs away to the doorway to the diningroom, big-eyed and looking on the verge of crying.
Jun 08 23:10:52 <Silvors> Zita hurt it. She hurt it. She moves to punch it again! Because why not!?
Jun 08 23:10:56 <Silvors> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 23:10:57 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Jun 08 23:11:23 <Nemi> "Please just stop just go away just stop please.."
Jun 08 23:11:51 <Silvors> Zita makes some stabby motions to Madeline. Zita need knife.
Jun 08 23:12:12 <Silvors> Not /directed/ at Madeline. More like ’I need to stab this gold monster'.
Jun 08 23:12:26 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 23:12:27 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Jun 08 23:13:12 * SpookyBee is now known as SnoozleBee
Jun 08 23:13:59 <gumbal1> This time, it barely flinches. "Oh, Madeline, what’s the matter? After I'm done hollowing out Zita, I'm only going to drag you to the crawlspace and wall you inside."
Jun 08 23:14:09 <gumbal1> > "Because it's my turn, right now."
Jun 08 23:14:35 <gumbal1> This time, Sircatore doesn't move. However, it does stare at Zita…
Jun 08 23:14:40 <gumbal1> > MDEF, ZITA
Jun 08 23:14:47 <Silvors> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Jun 08 23:14:47 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4
Jun 08 23:14:50 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+7
Jun 08 23:14:51 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 7
Jun 08 23:15:36 <gumbal1> Static fills Zita’s ears as she realizes that there's something more to Sircatore. (-2 PSYCHE)
Jun 08 23:15:40 <gumbal1> > ELSPETH
Jun 08 23:15:45 <SavanahHolland> Now it's time for Elspeth to basically jump out of her chair and become the amazing projectile punching Elspeth! She'll probably regret that later.
Jun 08 23:15:48 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Jun 08 23:15:48 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 5
Jun 08 23:16:02 <gumbal1> `calc 4d308+10
Jun 08 23:16:02 <GameServ> 4d308+10 = 10
Jun 08 23:16:05 <gumbal1> Regret she does.
Jun 08 23:16:08 <gumbal1> > Madeline
Jun 08 23:16:19 <SavanahHolland> Aaaand Elspeth crumbles to the floor like a blanket.
Jun 08 23:17:23 <Nemi> Madeline cringes again and begins to actually cry. Yup. Useless as ever, convinced of her worthlessness by continued failure and inability to do much of anything.
Jun 08 23:18:09 * SnoozleBee has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
Jun 08 23:18:10 <gumbal1> > Cecile
Jun 08 23:18:18 <Silvors> Crawlspace.Crawlspace. There’s something in the crawlspace. "Mrawlmace! Marmifact im da mrawlmace!" It didn't tell her not to talk, it said to keep her mouth shut. Zita takes a deep breath through her nose and goes to punch it in its stupid golden face.
Jun 08 23:18:23 <Silvors> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 23:18:23 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 14
Jun 08 23:18:34 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
Jun 08 23:18:35 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 8
Jun 08 23:18:51 <Silvors> (Zita got a crit!)
Jun 08 23:18:54 <Silvors> (:D)
Jun 08 23:20:21 <gumbal1> And that, that leaves a giant crack in the thing before her. "…clever. Clever. But I’m not the one who suffers for this." And suddenly, the golden thing before her splits apart into a thousand pieces.
Jun 08 23:20:25 <gumbal1> > COMBAT OVER
Jun 08 23:21:09 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth lays on the floor, crumbled up as much as before, trying to lift her head up and look at what happened, things suddenly feeling more quiet.
Jun 08 23:21:27 <Nemi> Crawlspace? In the- OH. OH. IN THE CRAWLSPACE. Madeline flinches back yet again and comes out.. Lying in the crawlspace, trying to find the thing Zita so desperately forced out.
Jun 08 23:21:53 <Silvors> Zita summoned Sircatore to her hand and looked at them with scared eyes. "Mi mant onen ma mou'" Zita says, looking between the two of them. "Maymer." Zita says to Elspeth. Zita needs paper!
Jun 08 23:23:09 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blinks, shaking her head, she probably had some on her, she always had weird stuff on her person, like where does she store her fucking phone? Where does she store any of it?? She rumages through her dress, pulling out paper.. christ Elspeth, and hands it to Zita from the floor.
Jun 08 23:24:48 <gumbal1> The crawlspace is dark, but not empty. Spider webs fill the space, along with long forgotten stacks of cold, hard cash. Bits of trash, as well. Some discarded clothes, what looks like some bones, fragments of photographs, all showing the same teenage girl, some green flute, some old snowshoes. Place is weird, and has a weird feel to it.
Jun 08 23:25:25 <Silvors> Zita looks at the shard and moves to cut her thumb on it. She writes in blood, <Remove all standing orders> and then letting out a sigh. There. Better. "F-Fuuck. Wh-What just happened?" Zita asks as she looks at her blood-written paper.
Jun 08 23:25:31 <Silvors> "Where's Madeline?"
Jun 08 23:25:54 <Nemi> Madeline crawls through the filth, trembling. Bones? A flute? .. /Bones? Animal bones, right? Or .. /Cash/? What IS all this stuff?
Jun 08 23:26:36 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth blinks, remembering what Zita said earlier, she probbaly went to the crawl space "Z-ze crawlspace.." she manages out quietly, below a whisper.
Jun 08 23:27:19 <gumbal1> Cheddars is nowhere to be seen. Must've ran upstairs.
Jun 08 23:27:32 <Silvors> Zita nods her head. Crawlspace. "There's an artifact there. Not too powerful." Zita informs with a nod. "Uh… Shit. How do we go down there?"
Jun 08 23:28:24 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth doesn't know, she just stares at Zita from the floor, she feels like she's going to pass out, might be better than dealing with any more of this…
Jun 08 23:28:27 <gumbal1> Come to look at it, the bones are distinctly human. About, say…teenage girl-sized.
Jun 08 23:28:34 <Nemi> Madeline begins to quiver, and there in the crawlspace, bursts into tears. ".. /why/..? Why do any of it and and.. I.. I.. ohmygod.."
Jun 08 23:29:02 <Nemi> She stares at the bones, and with a trembling hand reaches for the most intact photo fragment to stare at it, then the flute.
Jun 08 23:29:32 * BobaFettuccine has quit ()
Jun 08 23:29:48 <Silvors> Zita starts exploring the house! She eventually finds the opening in the broom closet and finds the little trap door. Is the artifact cursed? Zita could feel how 'yucky' it is if it was!
Jun 08 23:29:56 <gumbal1> It's, well…thankfully, no one you recognize. Unless Madeline dug really deep into Haven records.
Jun 08 23:30:43 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth doesn't follow Zita, rather she just, crawls to a corner near her wheelchair, curling up and disappearing into herself.
Jun 08 23:31:27 <gumbal1> The artifact isn't cursed. Zita spots the exact same sight, the cash, the webs, the trash, the bones, everything. Also a crying Madeline.
Jun 08 23:31:36 * DarnellJermaine is now known as DarnellJermafk
Jun 08 23:32:03 <Nemi> She didn't. But the most intact photo she'll take. Maybe she can- find out..? And she'll take the flute, too. Just- something. Something. And sobbing, she'll step through space back into the living room, leaving the filth and grime behind her and coming out at least physically pristine as she simply forgot that she should be dirty. ".. I don't understand it.."
Jun 08 23:32:40 <Silvors> Zita stays in the crawlspace. Where was the artifact? Could she use her sense to locate what it is or where it is?
Jun 08 23:33:04 <gumbal1> Zita, Mads has a hold of the artifact.
Jun 08 23:33:35 <Silvors> "Madeline, that flute's an artifact. I dunno what it does." And, as Zita knows, the best way to find out what it does is to try and copy it!
Jun 08 23:33:43 <Nemi> Madeline stares at the flute in her hand, at the photo. ".. I don't know anything?" A crying Madeline is pretty basic, really.
Jun 08 23:34:15 <Silvors> Zita sounds stressed and her body ached… so did her head. She walked over and wrapped her arms around Madeline, one hand going to touch the flute and copy its powers. Might as well, right?
Jun 08 23:34:31 <gumbal1> > Zita, MDEF
Jun 08 23:34:44 <Silvors> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Jun 08 23:34:44 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 5
Jun 08 23:38:43 <gumbal1> It hurts, Zita. It hurts so bad. It’s as if you came back to Vincent, news of your great achievements, only for him to strangle you the moment you turned your back. Just because you happened to become a vampire. You couldn't help it. Fate made you that way. You tolerated his fanaticism because you loved him, and now…someone has to know. There's proof in the bedroom. Everyone will know what kind of a person Vincent truly is…
Jun 08 23:39:34 <gumbal1> (Zita can now spawn Remnants. She cannot control them. Each starts at Power Level 7.)
Jun 08 23:39:34 <Nemi> Madeline trembles and sobs a little in Zita's arms.
Jun 08 23:40:23 <Silvors> Zita blinks a few times. Bedroom? Truth about Vincent? Zita shook her head. She can't go to the bedroom. It was part of the rules… and honestly? Zita just wants to curl up on the couch wiht Madeline. Zita hugs Madeline tight. "Wanna go hug on the couch?" Zita asks, glaring at the flute. It was the artifact. She felt like it was the source. "Let's break that flute, okay? It's an artifact and I don't trust anything from
Jun 08 23:40:23 <Silvors> the damn house."
Jun 08 23:41:00 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth just stays on the floor curled up in the corner, staring at the ground, she didn't want to do anything else.
Jun 08 23:42:14 <Nemi> ".. b-break it? But.. why..? I- I mena, there's a /dead/ girl down there and, and, and and.. I don't know we need to- do something."
Jun 08 23:43:13 <Silvors> "Let's go get the cops, then? But we need to do something about… that." Zita points at the flute. "I'm getting bad feelings about it, Leeny… and honestly I just wanna excuse to leave and take you and El and curl up in my room."
Jun 08 23:43:39 <gumbal1> Cheddars, meanwhile, trots over to the living room, hair in mouth.
Jun 08 23:44:11 <Nemi> "… o-okay.. H-hi, Cheddars.." Madeline peers with uncertainty toward Cheddars, eyes red and generally in a poor way.
Jun 08 23:44:51 <Silvors> Zita kisses Madeline's cheek and hugs her close. "Let's go get El and leave? The money's not worth… this." Zita states with a nuzzle into Madeline's neck.
Jun 08 23:45:03 <Nemi> ".. y-yeah.."
Jun 08 23:45:56 <Silvors> Zita keeps an arm around Madeline as she leads the girl to the laundry room so that Zita could scoop up Elspeth. "Can we… can we leave the flute here, if we're not gonna break it? I don't want that in our dorm. It's… It's ick."
Jun 08 23:46:18 * Lena is now known as Lena|afk
Jun 08 23:46:18 <Nemi> ".. just- do whatever, please? And um- okay. Okay.."
Jun 08 23:46:43 <SavanahHolland> Elspeth is scooped up with ease! She's mostly despondent, mostly because her entire body fucking hurts and even moving a little sets her limbs on fire.
Jun 08 23:47:18 <Silvors> "Drop the flute and lets go. This stuff… this is actually a horrible night." Zita says as she goes to head towards the door.
Jun 08 23:47:52 <gumbal1> The door's open. It's always been.
Jun 08 23:48:11 <Nemi> Madeline places the flute down, if she can, and nods sullenly to Zita. Wait. Open? Cheddars didn't get out- no, there's Cheddars.
Jun 08 23:49:06 <Silvors> Zita's head hangs low as she breathes and goes to carry Elspeth out with one arm and guide Madeline out with the other. Fuck this place.
Jun 08 23:49:23 <Nemi> ".. we should l-leave a note."
Jun 08 23:49:57 <Silvors> "We should call the cops." Zita says with a shake of her head. "Let's go and call 911. I just want out of this house.
Jun 08 23:50:01 <Silvors> *"
Jun 08 23:50:06 <Nemi> ".. okay.."
Jun 08 23:51:38 <Silvors> Zita guides the two girls out and calls 911. Because that's what you do when you're at a fucked up house.
Jun 08 23:51:50 <Nemi> At least in a town like Haven!
Jun 08 23:51:55 <gumbal1> What a night this has been.
Jun 08 23:52:00 <gumbal1> ~RUN ENDED~
Jun 08 23:52:02 * EndPhone (ten.elbacwahs.de.32w593562y6l1477j|enohPdnE#ten.elbacwahs.de.32w593562y6l1477j|enohPdnE) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jun 08 23:52:05 <gumbal1> ~2 XP~
Jun 08 23:52:09 <gumbal1> ~NO MONEY~
Jun 08 23:52:13 * EndPhone (ten.elbacwahs.de.32w593562y6l1477j|enohPdnE#ten.elbacwahs.de.32w593562y6l1477j|enohPdnE) has left #sunnybrook-fireflies
Jun 08 23:52:36 <gumbal1> ~REMNANT 2 FED TO POWER LEVEL 8~
Jun 08 23:52:49 <gumbal1> ~NPC ARRESTED: GERTRUDE SCHWARTZ~
Jun 08 23:53:04 <gumbal1> ~BODY FOUND: EVA SCHWARTZ~
Jun 08 23:53:20 <gumbal1> ~NEW HAVEN ATTRACTION: THE AB HOUSE~
Jun 08 23:53:33 <gumbal1> ~SIRCATORE BROKEN~
Jun 08 23:54:05 <gumbal1> ~NPC ADOPTED BY CAMMY NGUYEN: CHEDDARS~
Jun 08 23:54:46 <gumbal1> ~ARTIFACT CREATED: REMNANT HOUSE~

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