I want to ruin our friendship

Aug 19 16:03:46 * mrs_padri (ten.tsacmoc.ag.9dsh.224-795-264-15-b|irdap_srm#ten.tsacmoc.ag.9dsh.224-795-264-15-b|irdap_srm) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 19 16:06:09 <gumbal1> -J E N N Y-
Aug 19 16:07:56 <gumbal1> The intercom buzzes on. «Students interested in a unique learning opportunity should report to the auditorium for a special event!»
Aug 19 16:09:42 <mrs_padri> Bobby may not be interested in learning, but they're definitely interested in unique opportunities and special events. Unless it's something lame like a job fair. But if it is, it should be easy enough to sneak at least one body out to go do something actually interesting, like video games, so they report!
Aug 19 16:11:12 <Knave> Gloria is not interested in unique learning opportunities. But she had been prowling the same section of roof for the last forty minutes and this seemed like an obvious way to tear her mind from it. Besides, it might get her out of class somehow. She climbs down the side of the building, drops to the ground, and proceeds towards the auditorium.
Aug 19 16:11:34 <Nemi> A unique opportunity. Well, that sounds interesting. And springtime's approaching, even if it's northern Canadian springtime and thus barely different from winter, so Ellie's actually comfortable at the idea of going outside alone again. And so one Elizabeth Adrianna Lacroix, in comfy blue peacoat over a white dress and fleece leggings, reports to the auditorium after a brisk walk
Aug 19 16:11:35 <Nemi> outside. Her white hair's in a French braid with bangs, and her pale face bears a faint smile as she enters.
Aug 19 16:13:43 <Antichthon> "Unique learning opportunity?" That was usually code for "Someone's going to need therapy after this." That was, after all, the essential basis of Pasket's student outreach program, and Athene and Mads both knew how that turned out. Like hell Athene was going to let any student risk an experience like that without having someone to rely on afterwards. She arrived in the classic
Aug 19 16:13:43 <Antichthon> Athene outfit, still sporting the AR glasses and the hair-over-one-eye style. Ellie received a faint smile, but overall Athene's expression was serious and distrustful. She coiled up in the corner and crossed her arms intently.
Aug 19 16:14:18 <gumbal1> It's…really buzzing today! A lot of booths have been set up, manned by a variety of people (and some distinctly not-people). A few teachers are watching over everything, though oddly enough there appear to be multiple iterations of a few of them. There's people handing out flyers in a variety of languages and alphabets, some of which are completely unrecognizable. The ones that are readable direct certain students from certain dorms to certa
Aug 19 16:14:18 <gumbal1> in booths (Andromeda's is at the back). To top it all off, a big banner hangs over the entrance, reading three (not so) simple words: 'INTERDIMENSIONAL SCHOOL FAIR'
Aug 19 16:15:12 <Nemi> ".. Interdimensional- ooooh wow this is kind of /neat/." Ellie looks up at the other three with a grin, and starts on through the crowds to marvel at the various people-and-non-people on the way to the Andromeda booth.
Aug 19 16:15:24 <mrs_padri> Bobby tries to find a readable flier before heading to the back, slowly.
Aug 19 16:16:51 <Knave> Gloria makes a long, low grumbling sound and keeps her eyes down where possible, proceeding to the Andromeda booth with hunched posture.
Aug 19 16:17:08 <Antichthon> the sight of the banner brought out a bit of recognizable cheer and brightness from the Echidnean. The world she and Lisa had visited on their valentine's date still sung to her in her dreams, and Lisa was probably sick of all the questions Athene kept hammering her with. Usually at two in the morning, because that's the time when it occured to Athene to wonder about things like
Aug 19 16:17:08 <Antichthon> "Who could have made a mountain-sized windmill?"
Aug 19 16:18:11 <Antichthon> Athene took up position beside Ellie, and flashed Bobby and Gloria a warm smile before returning to her more serious expression. "Could be really dangerous too." Said to Ellie.
Aug 19 16:19:44 <Nemi> "Well, that's almost a given with multidimensional things. Still, open minds, hm?"
Aug 19 16:21:06 <Knave> "You wouldn't leave your front door open…" Gloria says, under her breath and apparently as much out of habit as anything.
Aug 19 16:21:09 <Antichthon> "Just, um. Make sure you have a shoulder for the newbies. If they need it." Another faint smile. "Though I shouldn't worry if you're coming along."
Aug 19 16:21:45 <Nemi> "Of course. I'll do my best." Ellie swivels to Gloria and the Bobbys and winks as she picks her way through the crowds, navigating without looking without trouble.
Aug 19 16:21:54 <mrs_padri> Bobby keeps themself to themself.
Aug 19 16:22:12 <gumbal1> Music is certainly omnipresent. Pop songs from various dimensions in various languages, harsh noise some of the students fail to even flinch at, even a few sounds completely foreign to the ear, at least until now. However, coming from the back is a faint guitar strumming, which eventually gives way to a guitar strumming proper. "…♫as you let, the fire grooooow~.♫" A few Andromeda NPCs (It's weird to think of those kids that stay outside
Aug 19 16:22:12 <gumbal1> the standard 5S cliques as NPCs, but the thought apparently can come naturally to some) clap as the girl who just finished her song did a sitting bow from her wooden stool. The short, pale, raven-haired girl is…if it wasn't completely impossible, one might think she'd traveled right from the seventies. Bootcut jeans, a forest-green sweater, and some sunglasses that wouldn't be out of place in a Woodstock reenactment. "Thank you. That song's
Aug 19 16:22:12 <gumbal1> one of my favorites, I just had to share it with you."
Aug 19 16:23:45 <Nemi> Ellie probably knows many of them, even if she'd been scarce all winter. She gently claps as they approach, even if she only gets the last few words of the song. "That was lovely. What's it called?"
Aug 19 16:25:03 <Knave> "Bloody nonsense, in my experience." Gloria snarks to herself, slouched so far she's practically bent double and her glowing eyes trained on the floor.
Aug 19 16:25:30 <mrs_padri> Bobby didn't even notice the song, frankly.
Aug 19 16:25:46 <Antichthon> Bobby didn't escape Athene's notice. She approached them with characteristic warmth. "Hi, I'm Athene." She kept an eye on the singer, but Bobby, standoffish as they were, was her current focus.
Aug 19 16:27:16 <mrs_padri> Female Bobby flashes a smile at Athene. "Bobby." She reaches out a hand. Not so standoffish once you talk to them, maybe?
Aug 19 16:28:34 <Antichthon> Athene's smile brightened and she took the hand. "I've seen you around. Sorry I haven't introduced myself earlier. I want to meet everyone, but my life is hectic."
Aug 19 16:28:48 <gumbal1> The girl turns to Ellie, blinking for a bit, before chuckling. "Sorry. Reminded me of someone I know." Her accent is distinctly English, oddly enough. "The song's called Autumn in Waning. It's…rather popular, where I'm from. Oh! Don't tell me. You," The girl points to Ellie, "are named Nyssa. You," and then, to Gloria. "are named Vinland, you," Pointing to Bobby. "are named Hankford and Margaret, and-" the girl finally blinks as Athene intro
Aug 19 16:28:48 <gumbal1> duces herself. "Heh. I would have been close with Andromede, I think."
Aug 19 16:29:46 <Nemi> Ellie swivels slightly to watch the Bobbys and Athene, not speaking up but trying to remain friendly. And then the girl speaks up, and her attention swivels right back. "Oh- really? I remind you of- aaah. I hadn't heard it before, but I liked it- and nooo. I'm Ellie. Nice meeting you."
Aug 19 16:29:58 <mrs_padri> "Hankford?" "And Margaret?" They are appalled by these names.
Aug 19 16:30:23 <Antichthon> Athene blinked at the girl right back. "…Sorry, I don't follow."
Aug 19 16:30:30 <Knave> Gloria looks sidelong at Ellie, twists her head slightly towards the strange girl. On her permanently scowling face, it's impossible to tell exactly what kind of contempt she's holding for her.
Aug 19 16:32:40 <Antichthon> After a beat, "Did you just randomly try to guess our names?" Sideglance. "…What name would you have given me?"
Aug 19 16:33:07 <gumbal1> "Sorry. It's just, well…oh, how rude of me! My name is Jennifer Carlin, and I'm an alumni of an alternate version of Sanctum. See, my powers deal with dimension," Waving one hand and holding out the other, a donut appears before her. "This donut was about to be eaten by an alternate version of another student. Care for a bite?" There's a snicker before she talks again. "See, I can sense when something is an alternate universe counterpart of
Aug 19 16:33:07 <gumbal1> something I know. And you all remind me of my friends, who had those names."
Aug 19 16:34:06 <mrs_padri> "In what universe are we named /Hankford?/" "Hank is not a unisex name."
Aug 19 16:34:10 <Nemi> "Well! Thaaaat's interesting. What're they like? Your other-universe friends?" Ellie's very curious.
Aug 19 16:34:15 <Antichthon> A bit slow on the uptake, "My counterpart is named Andromede?"
Aug 19 16:34:19 <Knave> "Hrn." Gloria nods, deigning to look in Jennifer's general direction.
Aug 19 16:34:37 <Antichthon> Eyeing the donut, "And you stole that from someone."
Aug 19 16:34:55 <Antichthon> "That seems a bit rude."
Aug 19 16:35:10 <Knave> "Ahuhn." Gloria nods again in agreement.
Aug 19 16:35:20 <gumbal1> "Yes! And…yes." The donut is waved away. "When it comes down to it, my friends are very much how you might've been under different circumstances!"
Aug 19 16:35:44 <Antichthon> Athene was very much as interested as Ellie. "What's Andromede like?"
Aug 19 16:36:01 * DarcellJermaine (moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu#moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 19 16:36:03 <mrs_padri> Bobby just stares. They think it's terribly rude to call them something so ugly as Hankford.
Aug 19 16:36:26 <Antichthon> Athene put a careful hand on Bobby's back and gave them a pat.
Aug 19 16:38:14 <Nemi> "Tell us?"
Aug 19 16:38:26 <gumbal1> "Oh, she's…very kind, indeed." Jenny chuckles at Bobby's comments. "It may seem odd, but alternate universes tend to have differning, well…currents, to them. Think of a narrative, and how it might evolve with a different author. A Charles Cordeaux will certainly create a different universe than a Hanako Morimoto."
Aug 19 16:39:02 <gumbal1> "…right. I forget we have different famous figures in the fields of literature!"
Aug 19 16:39:10 <Nemi> ".. right."
Aug 19 16:39:53 <Antichthon> "I wouldn't have noticed," Athene said with a grin.
Aug 19 16:40:14 <Knave> "So is this the learning, or..?" Gloria seems to be enjoying herself, after a fashion.
Aug 19 16:40:28 <Antichthon> Athene blinked as an idea came to her. "Is there an alternate version of you in this world, then? I don't recognize you."
Aug 19 16:40:53 <Nemi> Ellie tilts her head a moment, then just tucks her hands into her coat side pockets and smiles. She's so very composed.
Aug 19 16:41:35 <gumbal1> "But I shouldn't just tell you about all this, should I?" Jenny gets a goofy looking grin on her face. "I…actually am not sure! But I would assume so. Still, how would you be interested in actually exploring a universe alternate to your own?"
Aug 19 16:42:18 <mrs_padri> Bobby shares a glance with themself before looking back at Jenny. "Sounds cool, actually." Means they'll miss a class or two, too, or at least have an excuse for missing homework.
Aug 19 16:42:51 <Antichthon> Athene was getting there, but she might never be as composed as Ellie. Still, she was far more elegant and dignified than she once was. She shared a look with with Ellie and nodded in agreement with Bobby. "The last one I went to was the most amazing thing I've ever seen."
Aug 19 16:43:21 <Knave> Gloria shrugs, folding her arms over her chest. Couldn't be any worse than pacing here.
Aug 19 16:43:42 <Nemi> "Sounds fascinating. I'd love to." Ellie side-eyes Athene with a wink.
Aug 19 16:44:48 <Antichthon> And Athene returned the wink with a crooked, impish smile.
Aug 19 16:45:39 <gumbal1> "Oh, I bet if must have been! So, if you're interested," Four pens and several sheets of paper apparate in Jenny's hands. "You'll have to sign a few waivers." They're subsequently passed out with a giggle. "Dimension powers rule, by the way, you can fill pocket dimensions with school supplies and all that."
Aug 19 16:47:30 <Nemi> "Sounds cool. I can just sign the waiver with my mind." Ellie does- the waiver floats in the air before her, pen fluttering up to snap out her graceful signature. Elizabeth Adrianna LaCroix.
Aug 19 16:48:04 <Knave> "And these mean it's not your fault if we die, then?" She jokes in the same annoyed tone she uses for everything else.
Aug 19 16:48:28 <mrs_padri> Bobby just signs one between the two of them.
Aug 19 16:48:32 <Antichthon> Athene hesitated before signing the waiver. There was something…intent about the way she watched Jenny.
Aug 19 16:49:32 <Antichthon> Also she sometimes glanced between Bobby and Bobby, because a double bodied entity was something hard to get used to.
Aug 19 16:50:39 <gumbal1> "Oh, dear, why would you need to worry about that?" Reading the fine-print, yes, Gloria's quip was on the mark. A few glances are exchanged between the Bobbies and Jenny, before she just shrugs and collects the papers. "You're going to want to close your eyes for the trip over. Everyone ready?"
Aug 19 16:51:24 <mrs_padri> Bobby holds their hand. "Sure."
Aug 19 16:51:25 <Nemi> "I'm ready."
Aug 19 16:52:04 <Knave> Gloria shrugs, nods.
Aug 19 16:52:49 <Antichthon> Athene thought Bobby's measure was prudent. Harder to be separated, hopefully. She offered Bobby one hand, and Ellie the other.
Aug 19 16:53:05 <gumbal1> *SLCK*
Aug 19 16:53:18 <gumbal1> > Who's eyes are open?
Aug 19 16:53:38 <mrs_padri> Half of Bobby's.
Aug 19 16:53:59 <Knave> Gloria does not have eyelids.
Aug 19 16:54:14 <gumbal1> > Did Gloria cover her eyes, at least?
Aug 19 16:54:35 <Nemi> Ellie's taken Athene's hand. And technically her perception is always wide open, soooo.
Aug 19 16:55:01 <Antichthon> At least Athene listened to the directions. Best not to risk being blinded or something.
Aug 19 16:55:28 <Knave> Does a petulant teenager follow the safety directions? No, Gloria acted nonchalant about it.
Aug 19 16:56:38 <Nemi> Okay uhhh would technically her weird consciousness haze / psy perception thingymajig count?
Aug 19 16:57:15 <Antichthon> Athene doesn't have to worry about nothing, suck it.
Aug 19 16:57:16 <gumbal1> > If it's a passive ability, yess
Aug 19 16:57:26 <mrs_padri> 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 16:57:31 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8-1
Aug 19 16:57:31 <GameServ> 4d3-8-1 = -3
Aug 19 16:57:48 <mrs_padri> `calc 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 16:57:48 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 5
Aug 19 16:57:52 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+6
Aug 19 16:57:52 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
Aug 19 16:57:54 <Nemi> Anthiel sees TOO MUCH.
Aug 19 16:58:03 <Knave> `calc 4d3-8+5
Aug 19 16:58:04 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 3
Aug 19 17:02:27 <gumbal1> LISTEN TO DIRECTIONS, KIDS. Whatever you saw in the boundry was…well, imagine you’re half asleep and don't really register that your bedside lamp isn't Pyramid Head. Or maybe you ignore a burglar because you confuse them for a bedside lamp. Either way. Bobby's come out with a headache and a nosebleed (-1 phealth), Gloria comes out with a migraine (-1 percep for 2 realtime hours), Ellie…ouch. (AFFLICTION: SHATTERED CONCIOUS: Ellie must make
Aug 19 17:02:27 <gumbal1> a willpower roll each combat turn. Failing it will result in her being too busy trying to put herself together to attack. Lasts for duration of run)
Aug 19 17:04:12 <Knave> "Hrrnnnn…" Gloria makes a stony sound of discomfort, one claw clutching the side of her head.
Aug 19 17:05:22 <Antichthon> Apparently having a dimension-ripping girlfriend taught one to respect the dangers of interdimensional boundaries. Athene still hadn't opened her eyes. "Are we through?"
Aug 19 17:05:51 <gumbal1> Jennifer shakes her head at the display, seemingly unaffected despite…did she close her eyes? None of you really noticed. "Should've followed instructions." The place they've arrived is much like the auditorium from before but, with several differences. For one, it's chromier, walls made from an interlay of bronzen chrome beams and mahogony planks. For two, it's much smaller in perimeter, but compensates for it with multiple floors connected
Aug 19 17:05:51 <gumbal1> by a series of bronzen catwalks and stairs. "You can open your eyes, now."
Aug 19 17:06:05 <mrs_padri> Male Bobby puts a finger under female Bobby's nose, and she tilts her head back. "Ow…"
Aug 19 17:07:00 <Knave> "Good to know you'd rather make a point than make sure we're safe." Gloria rumbles, looking from side to side.
Aug 19 17:08:00 <Antichthon> Athene opened her eyes. "Wow. Chromy. Sure youre not from the future?" bad jokes aside, she looked between Gloria and Bobby. "You two going to be alright?"
Aug 19 17:08:56 <Knave> "Fine." Gloria barks.
Aug 19 17:09:05 <mrs_padri> "Yeah, just a nose bleed." He's still pinching her nose.
Aug 19 17:12:41 <gumbal1> "Sorry, but I'm sure you're all fine. A little extradimensional sightseeing's never killed anyone." Jenny shrugs. "You signed the waivers, after all." Beat. "Kidding! And…I don't get that joke. I assume it's a bit of a 'your universe' thing. Now, who's ready to meet some alternate universe counterparts?"
Aug 19 17:12:57 <gumbal1> "…seriously, I can get you medical supplies if you really need them."
Aug 19 17:13:26 <Antichthon> Athene mumbled something about Spongebob.
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Aug 19 17:23:57 <UraniumEmpire> "Cotton ball?" Out of seemingly nowhere, Jenny tosses a cotton ball towards Bobby. "There you go, love. So! Have any places you want to see first?"
Aug 19 17:24:04 * gumbal1 has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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Aug 19 17:26:17 <mrs_padri> Bobby rips it in half and sticks it up the bleeding nose. "Much better, thanks."
Aug 19 17:27:46 <Nemi> Ellie's left looking dazed, shellshocked even, after emerging from the dimensional travel. Her eyes flutter open and stare off at nothing in particular, and she puts on a strange, troubled look. ".. Nnnh— hnn.. nnnnwhere are we?"
Aug 19 17:29:13 <Antichthon> Athene raised her brows and gave her friend a concerned look. "Alternate Sanctum. Are you okay?"
Aug 19 17:30:30 <gumbal1> "You're in Fifth Sanctum, love! Or…another Fifth Sanctum, at least. Oh, and don't worry. She'll be fine in…" Jenny blinks, then does some finger-counting. "…several hours."
Aug 19 17:30:40 <Nemi> "We are- I'm okay- just, fine. Fine. I like the.. I like the architecture."
Aug 19 17:30:54 <mrs_padri> "We think it's weird."
Aug 19 17:31:15 <Knave> "I prefer brickwork."
Aug 19 17:31:20 <Antichthon> "You feel like bronze and chrome?"
Aug 19 17:32:12 <Antichthon> Athene gave a kind smile and put her arm around Ellie. "Who are we going to meet first?" she asked Jenny.
Aug 19 17:32:27 <gumbal1> "Really? We-" The building seems to almost shake for a bit. "…earthquake, sorry. We're built on the Neo-Mexico faultline, so stability is key!"
Aug 19 17:32:41 <Nemi> "I- no? No- Yes. Outside- I.. where's our- where should we be going?" Ellie looks more and more confused, her bodyshape actually rippling and bulging oddly in places before settling again.
Aug 19 17:32:52 <Nemi> She rides the quake with fluid ease.
Aug 19 17:33:11 <gumbal1> "Well, I was thinking we could start with the cafe, unless you had any other places in mind!" Jenny seems…oddly comfortable with Ellie's biological oddities.
Aug 19 17:33:42 <Knave> Gloria's as stable on her feet as a statue of a mountain goat. Other than a quick glance at Ellie, Gloria just passively observes.
Aug 19 17:34:16 <Antichthon> All the more reason Athene kept her arm around Ellie. As for Athene, she felt the earthquake before it even arrived. P waves and all. "Erm. That happen often?"
Aug 19 17:35:11 <mrs_padri> "We aren't used to earthquakes. Are you talking about the cafeteria or the kitty cat club thing?"
Aug 19 17:35:46 <gumbal1> "You mean they don't happen every few minutes where you're from?" Beat. "Kidding! No, every few days we get a slight shake. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to tectonics."
Aug 19 17:36:03 <Nemi> Ellie's hand snakes up to take Athene's arm and hold on. She keepsl ooking around, bemused.. ".. let's- cafe. Cafe. Food. Okay."
Aug 19 17:36:25 <Antichthon> After making a face at the reference to the KCCC, Athene grew alert. "Another one's coming."
Aug 19 17:37:45 <gumbal1> Jenny tilts her head at the mention of a kitty cat club. "I…assumed the cafeteria would be the understood destination, but yes. Let's go~!" Here comes another Neo-Mexican earthquake. Ebrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr (it's rather subdued compared to the first one, in all honesty).
Aug 19 17:38:42 <mrs_padri> Bobby holds their hand. "We thought you said every couple /days./"
Aug 19 17:38:46 <Knave> Gloria tromps along behind the group - or at least, behind most of the group and beside some of Athene, taking jerky, shuddering footsteps unchanged by the quake.
Aug 19 17:39:19 <Antichthon> Athene remained alert for several seconds after, but she soon relaxed. "I think earthquakes come in waves or something, right? Aftershocks?"
Aug 19 17:40:01 <Nemi> Ellie's legs wiggle like jelly during the quake. "It's so spinning we're spinning shaking baking-" A momentary mischievous look, foreign to her features, appears. ".. booty quaking."
Aug 19 17:41:02 <mrs_padri> Bobby titters at that, him grabbing her own butt in response. (Bobby grabbing bobby's butt for clarity's sake)
Aug 19 17:41:56 <Antichthon> Athene snickered and butt-bumped Ellie lightly at that.
Aug 19 17:42:37 <Knave> "Hrn." Gloria watches, humourlessly and sexlessly. It's probably a British thing.
Aug 19 17:42:55 <Nemi> Ellie giggles, her voice shifting slightly to sound like a pre-teen girl's then half-way up to sound like a mid-teen guy's, awkward voice cracking and everything. "That was so stupid!" She says in the first voice. The second voice follows up, "But you said it anyway." "We said it."
Aug 19 17:43:37 <gumbal1> "I wouldn't know! I dropped geology." The treck out of the auditorium reveals something peculiar about this Sanctum: it's one giant tower. The hallway they step into seems to spiral around the tower, to various rooms with doors slanted to accompany the flooring. The walls of the tower are mostly composed of windows, overlooking a vast desert town, currently being buffeted by a sandstorm. Most of the people appear to be dressed for mid-summer,
Aug 19 17:43:37 <gumbal1> and given the temperature in the 'hallway' (likely the result of the design), it's not hard to see why. At least they have air conditioning, for what little good it seems to do.
Aug 19 17:44:40 <mrs_padri> Bobby takes off their coats. No need for them in the dessert. Do they see anything they recognize out the window?
Aug 19 17:44:41 <Antichthon> Athene's smile faded some. Yeah, she was definitely sure to keep one arm around her. She stopped at the window and put her free hand against it. "Wow. Canada is a desert in your world?"
Aug 19 17:44:56 <Antichthon> one arm around Ellie, that is.
Aug 19 17:45:04 <Knave> Gloria, in her all-purpose shift and being made of stone, is prepared for any weather.
Aug 19 17:45:25 * PuddleJumper has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
Aug 19 17:45:29 <Nemi> And now Ellie sounds.. Different. Vaguely Russian, almost. Only vaguely. High, clear, soft, the voice of Petra. "Oh.. It's- very pretty here.. How do you stand so much sand?" She doesn't seem bothered at all by the weather despite her clearly wintry outfit.
Aug 19 17:45:43 <Antichthon> Athene's own fur-lined jacket was kept on, because it was never about heat management anyway.
Aug 19 17:48:15 <gumbal1> There's a structure that looks a lot like that one tower in Seattle, along with a statue of a woman carrying a sack, facing west. "I don't! I much prefer my hometown of Danseford, in truth." Jenny, meanwhile, doesn't bother to roll up her sleeves, either. She must be so used to this she can just wear jeans. Eventually, they stop in front of a set of seafoam green double doors. "Some people get overwhelmed at the new scents, but I promise every
Aug 19 17:48:15 <gumbal1> thing here's edible. Okay, ready?"
Aug 19 17:48:53 <mrs_padri> "…ready."
Aug 19 17:49:08 <Nemi> Ellie gawks out over the view before she follows, led by Athene, to the doors. "I'm ready.. Who's the lady with the sack?" Her voice sounds like a teen boy's again.
Aug 19 17:50:06 <Antichthon> Athene kept lookikng out the windows. "Will we be able to go outside at some point? It looks lovely out there." Keep in mind Athene loved it swealtering hot.
Aug 19 17:50:24 <Knave> "Hn." Gloria doesn't seem particularly concerned by any of the sights.
Aug 19 17:51:25 <Antichthon> "Your whole world isn't a desert though, right?"
Aug 19 17:51:40 <gumbal1> "Alright! And…" Opening the door, the cafeteria is…much like the cafeteria back in the prime universe, only with multiple levels. The food served, however?…there's not really a good way to describe it in terms of your universe. It's said that there's five essentialy flavors in cuisine, and this stuff hits none of it. And yet…it smells and looks oddly good, for what it is, even if you're not sure chicken's wings grow that long, or if ca
Aug 19 17:51:40 <gumbal1> rrots ever got that deep a shade of red.
Aug 19 17:52:21 <Nemi> Ellie speaks with way-too-many voices at once, all over one another and indecipherable. But she looks /interested/.
Aug 19 17:52:22 <gumbal1> "Dunno! It's a Mexomerican thing, I think. And, thank fuck it isn't."
Aug 19 17:53:00 <mrs_padri> "Cool veggies."
Aug 19 17:53:21 <Knave> Gloria grunts disinterestedly, looking around from the threshold.
Aug 19 17:53:49 <gumbal1> "I'd eat, but, I got full of your universe's cuisine. Go on, though, try some!"
Aug 19 17:53:53 <gumbal1> > Gloria, perception
Aug 19 17:54:06 <Antichthon> Athene was far too interested in the food. Her tongue was flicking like crazy. "If there's an alternate version of me here, she must have her own special dining plan." Beat. "Could I use it?"
Aug 19 17:54:52 <mrs_padri> Bobby grabs a carrot to try.
Aug 19 17:55:00 <Antichthon> "Dining plan" Meaning a couple hundred pounds of food set aside in vats for her ever day.
Aug 19 17:55:21 <Nemi> "Ooookay!" Says Ellie in the teen-boy-voice. Then immediately swivels to that of a disinterested, composed older male. "This is hardly worth the-" "Shut /up/, Johan." That was the Petra-voice. Ellie extends an arm and levitates one of the 'chicken wings' over, and she'll try it, still cuddled up with Athene and in her daze.
Aug 19 17:56:22 <Antichthon> Yeah, food or not Ellie took priority and Athene wasn't leaving her friend's side until she was over whatever this was
Aug 19 17:56:24 <gumbal1> "Oh, certainly! What special requirements did you have?" Bobby, the carrot is…really fucking salty, and…there's an odd fruityness, but if anything, the fruity taste is more analagous to how fruits feel in your universe than how they taste. Still, it all seems to come together.
Aug 19 17:57:36 <gumbal1> Meat is meat, Ellie. That is to say, the chicken wing tastes a bit sweet, like pickled vegetables given that rich bite, juicyness, and consistency good chicken wings are known for.
Aug 19 17:57:40 <Antichthon> "Well, I mean. I still haven't eaten today back home, but I could go for a light snack. Can I have a hundred pounds of the closest thing oyu have to meat?"
Aug 19 17:57:49 <mrs_padri> "Ew. We need water."
Aug 19 17:57:52 <Nemi> Ellie nibbles delicately at the 'chicken wing'. And she looks delighted. Several voices, new ones now, all speak up at once- "I like it!"
Aug 19 17:58:45 <Knave> Gloria takes jerky steps to the nearest wall and leans, arms folded. It had been a long time since the last time she had tried eating.
Aug 19 17:59:24 <gumbal1> And at that, Jenny giggles. "One moment, then." Jenny disappears behind a nearby door, and the gang is left to fend mostly to themselves for a bit.
Aug 19 18:00:31 <mrs_padri> Anyone recognizable here?
Aug 19 18:00:51 <Antichthon> Athene's tail was twitching mightily because she wanted in on this too, but she didn't raid from the standard buffet for obvious reasons; she'd eat every scrap put and inconvenience everyone else. And yeah, Athene busied herself in the meantime looking for familiar faces.
Aug 19 18:02:57 <Nemi> The fragmenting Ellie-composite swivels around to follow Athene's gaze. And then her more usual voice speaks up again. ".. sorry- about this, by the - by the way. Having trouble keeping- myself together. I think- you know."
Aug 19 18:05:32 <gumbal1> There's a few people who may vaguely resemble others. A tall, olive-skinned girl covered in blue tattoes, currently blankly staring at canvas painted with dots with pale, glazed-over (possibly cataracted) eyes. A bronze, steami-powered robot with a design that might evoke memories of a certain, wheelchair-bound troublemaker. And, oddle enough, some people sitting at a tablethat Gloria and Athene might feel an odd pull to, consisting of a pale
Aug 19 18:05:32 <gumbal1> girl with cracked skin, dressed in odd-looking, semi-metallic clothes, and another girl, dusky-skinned, with a peculiar twitchiness to her, currently picking at a scrap of meat with a peculiar, segmented tongue.
Aug 19 18:05:34 <Antichthon> "Sssh." Athene gave her a smile and a pat, and that was all she said on the matter. They had their unique troubles, and they were there for each other to lean on when they were at their worst. It was an unspoken core tenet of their relationship.
Aug 19 18:07:27 <Nemi> Indeed. Even if the leaning-on was literal. ".. hey- hey, the girl with the tattoos.. do you think that's this world's Maria?" That was the small girl voice asking, this time.
Aug 19 18:07:42 <mrs_padri> Bobby notices the friendship showing through and is quiet. They may not think /they/ need friends (probably because they've never been allowed to have them) but they can respect another friendship. They don't sass.
Aug 19 18:08:15 <Knave> Gloria tilts her head, focuses her glowing gaze on the table that draws her attention. Her head twitches slightly.
Aug 19 18:08:44 <gumbal1> The cracked girl seems to notice, giving a glance towards Gloria and a slight headtwitch in response.
Aug 19 18:09:22 <Antichthon> "I dunno, maybe. Why don't we go ask? Come on, let's meet some of the locals." Athene, Ellie in tow, approached the table of segement-tongue and metal clothes girl. She grinned, waved. "Hello, greetings from…anooooother diimensiiioooon." Beat. Jazzhands. Then a whisper to Ellie. "Do you think they speak english here?"
Aug 19 18:10:43 <Knave> After a few moments, Gloria pushes off the wall and follows Athene, in no obvious rush. That is, if it's possible to rush when you're made of stone and walk like a stop-motion skeleton.
Aug 19 18:10:50 <mrs_padri> Male Bobby follows, leaving female Bobby near the food.
Aug 19 18:11:02 <Nemi> "Jenny does," Ellie says dryly, voice of Johan leaking through now. "Why wouldn't they? Oh, maybe you could have us just dig through their heads, find out?- Shut /up/, Johan." Ellie peeks at the girls at the table and puts on a nervous smile. Her face bulges slightly, one half looking disdainful until another bubble passes over to leave her smiling properly.
Aug 19 18:11:48 <gumbal1> "…cometh thou at an odd time, to be certain." The cracked girl speaks first, in a thick, low Scottish accent. "Don't mind her. She's…old. Real old." The other one speaks in a heavy Algerian accent, with a bit of a lisp, to booth.
Aug 19 18:12:56 <Nemi> "As old as us cumulatively? - No, Johan, nobody actually KNOWS that, do you HAVE to be an asshole and take the-" Ellie shakes her head, and speaks normally again. ".. ugh. Sorry. Dimensional travel's messed me up."
Aug 19 18:13:16 <mrs_padri> "What's odd about the time?"
Aug 19 18:13:24 <Antichthon> "Well, I'm Athene. This is Ellie. Behind me is Gloria, and uh. Half of Bobby."
Aug 19 18:15:40 <gumbal1> "Far older to be certain." The cracked girl tilts her head at mention of dimensions, while the segmented tongue girl oooooohhhhs. "Right, you're from the fair! I'm Andromede." "I was Christened Vinland of Ashguard, to be certain." "Don't mind her, she's…literally compelled to talk like that." "To be certain, it is a horrid affliction."
Aug 19 18:16:30 <mrs_padri> Bobby snickers at it. That's not nice. At least they had the female part, the part that's not nearby, do the snickering.
Aug 19 18:16:50 <Knave> "Hurm." Gloria sounds mildly annoyed.
Aug 19 18:17:24 <Nemi> "I am soooo sorry. Compulsions are.." "Pretty terrible?" "Pretty terrible," Aidan agrees with Adriel.
Aug 19 18:18:23 <Antichthon> Athene's gaze bat back and forth like this was Wimbledon, finally settling on Andromede when she said her name. "Wait. You're Andromede? Like, the alternate version of me? …or I guess we're here, so I'm the alternate of you and…You look a little like Ellie," said to the metal-clothes girl. "…Maybe?"
Aug 19 18:19:48 <gumbal1> "I…guess! You certainly feel pretty familiar." "I would not say so, to be certain. Having held combat against the Stained Ones, I would know. Still. Where is thy guide, if I may ask?"
Aug 19 18:19:49 <mrs_padri> "We don't know these people."
Aug 19 18:21:25 <Knave> Gloria shrugs, and jerks a thumb in the general direction Jenny disappeared in
Aug 19 18:21:59 <Nemi> "Didn't she say my counterpart was Nyssa?" "She did. Have some faith in your memory." "I can't. You're like half of it."
Aug 19 18:23:10 <gumbal1> Vinland looks towards the door Jenny disappeared into, while Andromede almost seems to look away at Ellie's conversation with herself.
Aug 19 18:23:43 <mrs_padri> Female Bobby looks to see if they can spot Jenny.
Aug 19 18:24:37 <Antichthon> "Yeah, but…Stained Ones, though. That sounds like you. Doesn't it?" Athene's gaze remained on Andromede. "I don't get it. How are we alternates of each other? We look totally different. Doesn't that just make us different people and not…weird Doppelgangers?" Hanging around with Lisa was broadening her vocabulary.
Aug 19 18:25:13 <Antichthon> And Athene was pointedly not looking for Jenny because she was trying to downplay her hunger and anticipation, not feed into it.
Aug 19 18:25:21 <mrs_padri> Can female Bobby go after Jenny?
Aug 19 18:25:38 <Nemi> ".. what's a Stained One?" says the little-girl voice.
Aug 19 18:25:48 <gumbal1> "I think it's like…have you read Part Seven of Berserker?…wait, wrong universes. Uh…" Female bobby can!
Aug 19 18:26:41 <mrs_padri> Then female Bobby does!
Aug 19 18:27:14 <gumbal1> "The Stained Ones are those born of ooze, or infected as such. It is a rather broad category, to be certain, encompassing victims of the Old Green One, Ira, Monogala, and much of the other Primordial Terrors."
Aug 19 18:27:40 <Nemi> "Nnno.." "Oh! Ooze-based! That sounds like me!" "We're Tear Drinkers." Ellie and Adriel agree on that, at least.
Aug 19 18:27:48 <gumbal1> Bobby, the door leads into a kitchen, where the staff is hard at work creating weirder and weirder food. Jenny is nowhere to be seen.
Aug 19 18:29:11 <gumbal1> "…not literally, I should hope to be certain." Vinland hasn't seemed to have moved much at all. "Anyways, like…alternate selves will share certain characteristics and traits, but they aren't all gonna be carbon copies unless, like, the universes are really close…sorry. Dimensional science isn't my strong point."
Aug 19 18:29:38 <mrs_padri> Bobby goes up to a random person. "Have you seen a Jennifer come through here?"
Aug 19 18:29:56 <Antichthon> "But, I mean. A lot of my friends share characteristics I have, that doesn't mean we're the same person."
Aug 19 18:30:17 <Antichthon> Athene scratched her temple. "I guess I'm just confused what makes you my alternate self, and not someone else?"
Aug 19 18:31:37 <Nemi> "Maybe," Johan's turn. He sounds bored. "Maybe it's just that you share the same metaphysical 'slot'. Even if you're vastly different in every other facet."
Aug 19 18:31:50 <Nemi> "I'm rather interested in meeting this Nyssa. It'll be a first."
Aug 19 18:32:19 <gumbal1> "…Jennifer? Not really? Diiiiiiid see what I think was an escaped calimari go throooooough…" The staff member points to a nearby door as if what they said wasn't completely ludicrous. "there."
Aug 19 18:32:50 <gumbal1> "I guess. I don't really get it, either." Andromede, once more, seems to look away at the mention of Nyssa.
Aug 19 18:32:59 <Antichthon> "I mean, I understand you and Ellie," A gesture to the metal clothes girl, "You two seem a lot alike. But, um. How are we alike, Andromede? …Is your Mom Echidna?"
Aug 19 18:33:07 <mrs_padri> Bobby nods and heads off that way. Might as well. It's more interesting than what's going on at the table, anyway.
Aug 19 18:34:09 <gumbal1> "I…yeah. She was really nice, I miss her sometimes."
Aug 19 18:34:39 <gumbal1> Bobby comes to a cold, dimly-lit freezer. A welcome distraction from the burning tower that is this school.
Aug 19 18:34:39 <Antichthon> Athene blink-blinked. "Nice?"
Aug 19 18:34:42 <gumbal1> > PERCEPTION
Aug 19 18:34:45 <Knave> Gloria watches and listens without comment, arms folded.
Aug 19 18:34:52 <gumbal1> (for bobby)
Aug 19 18:35:19 <Antichthon> "This really is an alternate dimension," Athene whispered wryly to Ellie out of the corner of her mouth.
Aug 19 18:35:32 <Nemi> "It's supposed to be Nyssa who's my alternate," Ellie says, now. "Um. I think Vinland is /Gloria's/ counterpart. And.. I noticed."
Aug 19 18:35:32 <mrs_padri> 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 18:35:46 <mrs_padri> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 18:35:46 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 3
Aug 19 18:35:53 <Antichthon> "Wait, really? Even with the stained ones and everything?"
Aug 19 18:36:17 <Antichthon> "That sounds totally like you."
Aug 19 18:36:29 <gumbal1> Nothing but cold storage here, Bobby. Best look elsewhere.
Aug 19 18:37:27 <Knave> Gloria grunts and nods.
Aug 19 18:37:41 <mrs_padri> They head out and head the other way. Is there another direction Jenny could have gone?"
Aug 19 18:37:43 <mrs_padri> -"
Aug 19 18:38:45 <Antichthon> Despite her friendly demeanor, Athene’s tail was twitching more violently now, because where the fuck was Jenny with her food? Then it hit her. She smackdd her head. "Oh, gods, I'm dumb. Andromede, you're tiny. They must not have a meal plan for someone big like me here."
Aug 19 18:38:47 <gumbal1> Vinland very slightly swivels towards Gloria, bits of skin flaking off in the process. "Thy part in the discussion has been minimal, to be certain." Besides the employee's only room, not really. One of the chefs does give Bobby a dirty look, before passing a small bottle of hand sanitizer over to her.
Aug 19 18:39:52 <Nemi> ".. Where is Nyssa, anyway? I can't help but notice everyone being a little uncomfortable whenever she's mentioned," Johan says, dryly.
Aug 19 18:39:59 <Knave> "Nothing gets past you…" Gloria says, gaze on Vinland's forehead, voice sarcastic as well as gravelly.
Aug 19 18:40:20 <Antichthon> Well. So much for the idea of a snack. Athene's tail sagged in disappointment. To Ellie, "We should probably go find Jenny since I sent her to look for something that doesn't exist."
Aug 19 18:40:24 <gumbal1> "Meal plan fo-oh! I…did you ask your guide?"
Aug 19 18:40:57 <Antichthon> "Jenny. Jenny's our guide." Athene flicked her tongue in search of her scent.
Aug 19 18:41:20 <Nemi> "Oh, yes. We should. Shouldn't we." Johan still sounds disinterested, vaguely annoyed.
Aug 19 18:41:45 <mrs_padri> Bobby heads for the Employee's Only door. Other Bobby says, "We're looking for her."
Aug 19 18:42:35 <gumbal1> Someone rushes past out of the freezer as Bobby checks the EO door. "…Jenny? Her?" "That would, to be certain, explain why an alumni is still present in these halls."
Aug 19 18:43:34 <Antichthon> Wow, there really were a lot of weird smells here. It was rather disorientating. Athene furrowed her brow, returned her attention to the table. "Something wrong with Jenny?"
Aug 19 18:43:45 <mrs_padri> Bobby tries to catch a glimpse of the someone! Other Bobby: "Is it unusual for alumni to visit?"
Aug 19 18:43:47 <gumbal1> "Sorry for the late delivery, love!" Jenny comes back out the door, carrying a large plastic bag full if a bluish, vaguely sweet-smelling meat.
Aug 19 18:44:36 <Nemi> Ellie bulges and twitches liquid-like, her facial structure actually deforming and reforming anew, before she settles again in near Athene. "See? Wasn't /that/ long." Soft and comforting, Petra's voice.
Aug 19 18:44:45 <Knave> Gloria turns her head at the sound, eyes running over the returning guide and her strange meat.
Aug 19 18:44:54 <gumbal1> "Though I-" Vinland stops as soon as she spots Jenny. "…whole calf. Truly she is spoiling you, to be certain."
Aug 19 18:45:09 <mrs_padri> "We were looking for you! How did you get past us?"
Aug 19 18:45:22 <Knave> "Calf of what?" Gloria asks in a rumble.
Aug 19 18:45:43 <Nemi> And Ellie decides to try to focus her will to gently poke and prod in Vinland and Andromede's minds, try to dig up just what they think about Jenny now that they're certainly not vocalizing it.
Aug 19 18:45:53 <gumbal1> "…past, you, I was…well, they didn't have meat, so…I had to go dimension hopping. Can't…I think it's edible? See for yourself."
Aug 19 18:46:51 <Antichthon> Athene gave Jenny a smile. "No problem. Sorry I thought it would be easy, but Andromede's not really um, my size." She gratefully took the bag of meat, but quickly glanced at Andromede, looking for any reaction. Athene had been giving signs of not fully trusting Jenny since before they even jumped.
Aug 19 18:47:16 <mrs_padri> Can Bobby see the thing that ran past him?
Aug 19 18:47:24 <gumbal1> Vinland is, for some reason, utterly and completely uncomfortable at Jenny's mere presence…in a similar way to how she seems utterly and completely uncomfortable at Ellie's mere presence. It's almost instinctual. Andromede seems like she doesn't really want to keeep any of the conversation threads that are so popular with the group now going.
Aug 19 18:47:27 <mrs_padri> *her
Aug 19 18:47:55 <gumbal1> Bobby caught a quickly glimpse of something off-white, spotted with dark grey, but not much else.
Aug 19 18:48:42 <mrs_padri> Any clue where to look?
Aug 19 18:48:43 <Nemi> Hmmm. Veeeery peculiar, Ellie thinks. Most of the other prominent minds she normally reins in agree. She'd never been fragmented so badly before..
Aug 19 18:48:56 <gumbal1> The 'calf' is dumped onto the table, where it makes an uncomfortable, if slightly comedic *honk*. "Oh, trust me, she's a big eater."
Aug 19 18:49:47 <Knave> Gloria turns what little nose she has up at the meat on the table. "What /is/ it?" She takes a few steps around the table, eyes on the meat.
Aug 19 18:50:36 <gumbal1> "…I have no earthly idea, love." The thing slouches and sags as if it might jiggle if poked. Poking it reveals that it's surprisingly tough.
Aug 19 18:50:51 <mrs_padri> Bobby looks everywhere. "Excuse me," other Bobby says, heading to the kitchen to help the search.
Aug 19 18:51:05 <gumbal1> It headed either straight for the cafeteria, or into the storage closet.
Aug 19 18:51:23 <gumbal1> The doors to both are relatively close to each other.
Aug 19 18:51:27 <Antichthon> "You got this from another dimension, huh?" Athene was pointedly not digging in just yet. Again, memories of her Valentine's Day date with Lisa were giving her pause. The fruits on the particular tree they'd dined beneath had smelled just fine, yet Lisa was quick to tell her they'd almost certainly be deadly. Athene turned her bright, tense smile on Ellie. "Can you tell if
Aug 19 18:51:27 <Antichthon> something's good to eat? Since you're, uh. Not really alive and all."
Aug 19 18:51:51 <mrs_padri> Well, there's one Bobby headed for the door to the cafeteria, so the other Bobby, the one already in the kitchen, goes to the storage closet.
Aug 19 18:52:00 <Knave> The glowing amber eyes turn towards the door as Bobby leaves, "Now where are /they/ going?"
Aug 19 18:52:22 <gumbal1> "…you thinking I poisened you, love? Why…" Jenny furrows her brow. "What would give you that idea?"
Aug 19 18:53:21 <Antichthon> Athene shrugged. "You don't know if the meat you got is poisonous, do you? I'm just being safe."
Aug 19 18:53:47 * Geron (moc.duolccri.venxay|419641diu#moc.duolccri.venxay|419641diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 19 18:54:07 <Nemi> Ellie quietly scans to see if Jenny might have done so. Meanwhile, she reaches over to levitate a little chunk of mystery meat up to her, where she'll take a bite and let her system dissolve it. Hopefully she can ID anything of note. Maybe.
Aug 19 18:54:09 * Geron is now known as Complete_Zero
Aug 19 18:54:41 <gumbal1> …oh jesus fuck what's wrong with this place. The storage closet is filled with brooms, vacuums, and, hanging from bronze hooks, giant slabs of fatty meat on which tiny, rainbow cuttlefish-like creatures suckle.
Aug 19 18:55:03 <gumbal1> …Jenny is pure static. A complete barrage of television static.
Aug 19 18:55:45 <Antichthon> Athene gave Jenny another smile. "My girlfriend and I go to other dimensions sometimes, and I learned things aren't always what they seem. Even my sense of smell can fool me sometimes. It's an alien chemistry thing, I don't really understand it."
Aug 19 18:55:52 <mrs_padri> "Ew, gross." Is there anyone else in the closet?
Aug 19 18:56:21 * Kioku has quit (Quit: Kioku)
Aug 19 18:56:23 <gumbal1> Well, certainly there's no poison that's been added to the meet. It's just…well, it tastes a bit like frenching a komodo dragon, in a way.
Aug 19 18:56:46 <Knave> "Wait." Gloria's attention returns to Jenny, "You admit you don't know what it is, but you're offended she's not keen to eat it?"
Aug 19 18:56:54 <gumbal1> "…shit, they serve it at a Sanctum cafeteria. It can't be that bad."
Aug 19 18:57:19 <Knave> "In another /universe/." Gloria points out in a growl.
Aug 19 18:57:46 <Nemi> Ellie looks briefly jarred, both at the static and the feeling. "It tastes like a concept. Um. I think it's safe."
Aug 19 18:57:49 <Antichthon> "She thought I thought she poisoned it," Athene said, defending Jenny, while giving her a quick glance. "I wasn't clear on what I meant. Is it safe to eat, Ellie?"
Aug 19 18:57:56 <gumbal1> Jenny sighs, rolling her eyes. "Why the hell would I ever want to poison any of you. It makes no sense! I'll be held responsible, subject to harsh punishments, hell, I didn't even know you before this!"
Aug 19 18:58:52 <Knave> "Don't think you want to poison her." Gloria clarifies, her smouldering gaze on Jenny's forehead, "Think you're dumb enough to anyway."
Aug 19 18:59:01 <mrs_padri> Both Bobbies are searching for the thing. One's in the storage closet, one's looking around the cafeteria.
Aug 19 19:01:42 <Antichthon> "I—uh. Sorry. I was trying to be cautious, not insult you." And Ellie's go-ahead was enough for her, and Athene gulped down a hunk of meat as a piece offering.
Aug 19 19:01:50 <gumbal1> The cafeteria is the cafeteria. The storage closet…there's an entrance to a crawlspace, but currently it looks like it's blocked off by a large slab of cuttlebomination-covered meat.
Aug 19 19:01:54 <Antichthon> "…Wow, that really does taste strange."
Aug 19 19:02:16 <Antichthon> "This is what concepts taste like?" She must not have found it disagreeable, because she ate more.
Aug 19 19:02:17 <gumbal1> …wow, that's a sting! Pretty…spicy's the wrong word, here.
Aug 19 19:02:24 <mrs_padri> Bobby touches it gingerly to make sure the cuttlefish aren't going to grab them.
Aug 19 19:02:40 <gumbal1> More like what you'd probably get from sticking your mouth on an open plug.
Aug 19 19:02:58 <gumbal1> Some of them try, but it's more adorable than anything, really.
Aug 19 19:03:06 <Antichthon> Hey, Athene liked it. Jolting! More down the hatch.
Aug 19 19:03:30 <Nemi> "Guys.. Guys can we please stop..?" The little-girl voice whines a little at the disagreements and tension.
Aug 19 19:03:34 <mrs_padri> Bobby pushes it out of the way to look through.
Aug 19 19:04:08 <Antichthon> "And, um. Gloria is really direct," Athene said between gulps. "Don't take offense, she's just being honest about her thoughts."
Aug 19 19:04:15 <Knave> "Hrn." Gloria grunts, then exhales sharply, looking away from Jenny and taking a few steps at random.
Aug 19 19:04:35 <gumbal1> "Yeah, what Nys-er, Ellie said." Once more, Andromede gives a peculiar look. "…tough crowd. You want to pick the next location?"
Aug 19 19:05:02 <gumbal1> > Strength, Bobby
Aug 19 19:06:41 <mrs_padri> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Aug 19 19:06:41 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 5
Aug 19 19:07:07 <gumbal1> You nudge some cuttlethings off with your attempt. That’s it.
Aug 19 19:07:38 <mrs_padri> Eh. It's not worth it. Both Bobbies head back to the table.
Aug 19 19:09:01 <Antichthon> The bag of meat was soon gone, but not before Athene "accidentally" dropped a little and stooped to pick it up, giving her an excuse to brush right by Ellie's ear. "I don't trust her." Something about all this wasn't right. She nibbled the last bit of meat while watching Jenny, smiling whenever the girl looked at her.
Aug 19 19:09:45 <Antichthon> "I want to go outside. Do you have a courtyard, or doesn't that work with all the sand?"
Aug 19 19:10:36 <Nemi> "Look- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. I still don't know who Nyssa is or why she makes you guys nervous."
Aug 19 19:10:45 <Nemi> Ellie side-eyes Athene, and shrugs.
Aug 19 19:10:52 <gumbal1> "Of course, though if you're averse to sand, I would recommend the roof courtyard."
Aug 19 19:10:59 <gumbal1> "Nyssa isn'
Aug 19 19:11:26 <Antichthon> "I don't mind sand." And Athene wanted to learn more about this Nyssa thing, too.
Aug 19 19:11:45 <mrs_padri> "A courtyard on the roof?"
Aug 19 19:11:47 <Knave> "Roof?" Gloria looks up at the ceiling. "How high up is it?" This is the least belligerent she's sounded the whole trip.
Aug 19 19:12:30 <Antichthon> Athene followed the gaze up, like there was something to actually see. "The tower seems big enough."
Aug 19 19:12:37 <gumbal1> t important right now. She's…possessed avatar of the Old Green One. I don't know how it works." Andromede looks to Jenny silently as the alumni says this. Vinland keeps her expression. "Rather high. I'd say…several hundred feet."
Aug 19 19:13:14 <Antichthon> "And everything is in this tower? Dorms, gym, everything?"
Aug 19 19:13:23 <Nemi> ".. that sounds kind of.. um. I see." Ellie shares a look with herself. HOW she managed that is anyone's guess.
Aug 19 19:13:43 <Antichthon> "That'd be pretty neat back home," Athene grinned at Ellie. "No having to go outside in the freezing cold."
Aug 19 19:15:20 <gumbal1> "The dorms are a different building. Everything else, well, yes." Vinland just continues staring at Jenny, as Andromede suddenly gets up. "Sorry! I…need to go." She rather quickly trots away on her harpy-esque feet. Jenny, meanwhile, rolls her eyes. "Okay, am I missing something? Why is everyone so damn uncomfortable with me?"
Aug 19 19:16:42 <mrs_padri> Bobby just stands there.
Aug 19 19:17:10 <Antichthon> Athene was bright, cheery, and hiding her own distrust of Jenny fairly well. She shrugged. "We thought we were missing something. I mean, it's your school."
Aug 19 19:17:20 <Knave> "I don't know." Gloria says in a deadpan full of gravel, "Do you have the face of a monster and petrify people with your eyes?"
Aug 19 19:17:53 <Nemi> "I don't know either.. Um- I was feeling like, people were uncomfortable with you just, like, in the air." Says the teen-boy voice.
Aug 19 19:17:56 <Antichthon> Athene snickered at that. "Come on," she said, taking Gloria's hand and leading Ellie with the other. "Let's go to the roof courtyard, that sounds amazing."
Aug 19 19:18:38 <mrs_padri> Bobby follows along?
Aug 19 19:18:57 <Knave> Gloria makes an ambiguous grunt, that could be agreement or annoyance, but doesn't pull away and lets Athene lead her along.
Aug 19 19:19:31 <gumbal1> "…urgh. High-schoolers." Jenny briefly removes her glasses to reveal narrow, dark brown eyes as she breathes on and wipes down the lenses. Without much fanfare aside from Vinland twisting her head in a near impossible configuration, Jenny makes her way out, eventually stopping at what looks like an elevator.
Aug 19 19:20:18 <gumbal1> Pressing the button, Jenny finally finishes cleaning her glasses. "Urgh. Sorry if I seem…crabby. Rough…week."
Aug 19 19:20:28 <gumbal1> > PERCEPTION, ALL
Aug 19 19:21:01 <mrs_padri> ‘calc 4d3-8+4 Am I also supposed to add four for Brains?
Aug 19 19:21:30 <Knave> `calc 4d3-8+5
Aug 19 19:21:30 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 7
Aug 19 19:21:41 <mrs_padri> `calc 4d3-8+4+4
Aug 19 19:21:41 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4+4 = 8
Aug 19 19:21:58 <Antichthon> `/calc 4d3-8+9
Aug 19 19:22:06 <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+9
Aug 19 19:22:07 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 10
Aug 19 19:22:39 <Antichthon> Athene put a tender hand on Jenny’s shoulder. "We all know the feeling."
Aug 19 19:23:05 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 19:23:05 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4
Aug 19 19:25:35 <gumbal1> Elliedriedentrahanzabethiel doesn’t really notice anything out of the ordinary. Bobby and Gloria can, however, hear what sounds like a wet, slippery sound from somewhere above, and Athene can tell it's coming from the general area of the elevator shaft.
Aug 19 19:27:24 <Antichthon> Athene looked up in the direction she heard the sound coming from. "What's that?" Sounded kinda like Lisa in shoggoth form, actually.
Aug 19 19:27:47 <Nemi> "What's what?" Asks Aidan.
Aug 19 19:28:24 <gumbal1> Somewhat wetter, actually. "…what are you talking about?"
Aug 19 19:28:34 <Knave> "What's a shoggoth?"
Aug 19 19:28:47 <gumbal1> "What she said."
Aug 19 19:30:18 <mrs_padri> "It sounds like a sloppy frog or something."
Aug 19 19:30:21 <Knave> [Redact that last I'm an idiot]
Aug 19 19:31:14 <gumbal1> Jenny sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose as she leans against the elevator doors. "I swear, you lot are so impressionable. I was-" The doors open to an empty elevator shaft, which Jenny, having been leaning against the doors, proceeds to fall into…
Aug 19 19:32:13 <Knave> Gloria's arm snaps out and attempts to grab Jenny before she tumbles away
Aug 19 19:32:22 <gumbal1> > Reflex
Aug 19 19:32:40 * Endorb (ten.elbacwahs.de.32w593562y6l1477j|tibbiM#ten.elbacwahs.de.32w593562y6l1477j|tibbiM) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 19 19:32:40 * ChanServ gives voice to Endorb
Aug 19 19:32:52 <Knave> ‘calc 4d3-8+1
Aug 19 19:32:52 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 1
Aug 19 19:33:00 <Nemi> Ellie, too, attempts to suspend Jenny with her TERRIFYING MIND POWERS to kepe her from tumbling to her death.
Aug 19 19:33:00 * Endorb is now known as GoneOrb
Aug 19 19:33:20 <gumbal1> Wow. No, Gloria definitely doesn’t manage.
Aug 19 19:33:26 <Antichthon> Athene was literally about to try and open the doors, so yeah, she was right there and snatched for Jenny's arm
Aug 19 19:33:40 <gumbal1> > MENTAL FIRST, MIND POWERS SECOND
Aug 19 19:33:55 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
Aug 19 19:33:55 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 11
Aug 19 19:33:58 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+12
Aug 19 19:33:58 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 11
Aug 19 19:34:01 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+6
Aug 19 19:34:02 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 9
Aug 19 19:34:16 <Nemi> Ellie has a pretty strong mind when DEATH IS ON THE LINE.
Aug 19 19:34:16 <mrs_padri> Bobby was nowhere near Jenny, cause they’re in the back.
Aug 19 19:35:46 <gumbal1> Yep, you manage to lift her in time from falling down several shafts. She's…she definitely looks like she just saw a ghost, what with the hyperventilating and the eyebrows. "…h-h-holy shit, w-whw-what just h-happened?"
Aug 19 19:36:28 <gumbal1> Something makes a squishing sound, much like a sigh, from above. A few of the student around have stopped to stare at the spectacle, though most go on with their daily life.
Aug 19 19:37:00 <mrs_padri> Bobby uses Clairvoyance to look in the shaft where the noise is coming from?
Aug 19 19:37:53 <Antichthon> With Ellie's mental powers, Athene's efforts were redundant. She still did it though, if only for Jenny to feel the reassurance of skin-to-skin contact. It was brief, however, because soon Athene was sticking her human half up the shaft, because this squelching sound smelled of trouble.
Aug 19 19:38:32 <Nemi> Ellie gently drags Jenny back into the waiting area with a frown. "You're okay," says Johan's voice, bored and irritable.
Aug 19 19:38:48 <gumbal1> It's dark, certainly, but with what little light you have…actually, it's with what light you don't have that that tells you something's amiss. Don't elevator shafts have lights at certain intervals? This one…it's like something's blocking all the lights.
Aug 19 19:39:25 <mrs_padri> "We can't see anything."
Aug 19 19:39:36 <Antichthon> Athene concentrated on her thermal senses. Who needed vision?
Aug 19 19:40:57 <Antichthon> Also, snakesmell. Also that.
Aug 19 19:41:01 <gumbal1> Though as the squishing continues, something does make itself known, crawling down enough to the opening that what little light there is shines on it. It's…malformed, fleshy, twisted, without much of any real definition. An off-white, spotted with dark grey, flailing slimy tendrils about, each ending in tiny serrated barbs. A single eye stares down from the central part of the side(?) facing the bottom of the shaft, narrow and dark brown.
Aug 19 19:41:18 <gumbal1> It smells like raw squid, if that means anything to Athene.
Aug 19 19:41:30 <gumbal1> And is very, very cold.
Aug 19 19:41:37 <gumbal1> > INITIATIVE, ATHENE
Aug 19 19:41:45 <mrs_padri> "We saw that before!"
Aug 19 19:41:54 <Nemi> Ellie reaches out to pat at Jenny's shoulder and.. Stops to stare, as the tendrilous gloopy thing appears.
Aug 19 19:42:08 <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
Aug 19 19:42:08 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 9
Aug 19 19:42:19 <Antichthon> There was something very familiar about it, alright. Very familiar.
Aug 19 19:42:47 <gumbal1> > clac 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 19:42:53 <gumbal1> `clac 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 19:43:03 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 19:43:03 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 6
Aug 19 19:43:08 <gumbal1> > ATHENE
Aug 19 19:43:19 <gumbal1> (Bobby could also roll)
Aug 19 19:43:29 <gumbal1> (Actually, anyone who saw the thing could)
Aug 19 19:44:00 <mrs_padri> `calc 4d3-8+1
Aug 19 19:44:00 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 3
Aug 19 19:44:11 <Knave> `calc 4d3-8+1
Aug 19 19:44:11 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 0
Aug 19 19:46:42 <Antichthon> Athene did have a strong sense of familiarity, and Lisa did cross her mind, but what were the odds this would have anything to do with her? No. For now, she dismissed it. Athene recoiled and instinctively tensed ready to lash out, but she stopped herself. Being repulsive and hanging out in elevator shafts weren’t grounds for pummeling something. Hell, this was Fifth Sanctum.
Aug 19 19:46:42 <Antichthon> "Uh…Hi, are you a student?" …Awkward.
Aug 19 19:48:06 <gumbal1> > SHISAKAN ADOLESCENT
Aug 19 19:49:35 <gumbal1> The thing blinks, an impressive feat for a monsterous fleshblob without eyelids, and retracts a barb from one of its tentacles to bring said tentacle down to stroke Athene's face in an almost adorable way for what is supposedly a mindless beast. Or horrifying. It's hard to tell.
Aug 19 19:49:40 * DarcellJermaine has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
Aug 19 19:49:41 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 19:49:42 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 9
Aug 19 19:50:33 <gumbal1> At least until it suddently tries to drag a claw across it, as if to mock Athene for thinking something that utterly wrecked an elevator shaft could ever be reasoned with. Maybe it could. Probably not this one, however.
Aug 19 19:50:42 <gumbal1> > DEFENSE OR AGILITY
Aug 19 19:51:06 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+9
Aug 19 19:51:06 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 9
Aug 19 19:54:30 <Antichthon> Athene had reacted in a similar as this when she’d first seen Chloe. Fortunately it was from a distance and the girl hadn't seen it because it probably would have hurt her feelings. She wasn't going to make the same mistake this time! So when the thing reached out a barb to touch her cheek, Athene merely smiled. She reached out to try and do the same - only to have her attempts
Aug 19 19:54:31 <Antichthon> at friendship backfire. The thing's barb was already against her soft, fleshy cheek by the time things turned sour; she had no defense against it.
Aug 19 19:54:35 <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+0
Aug 19 19:54:35 <GameServ> 4d3-8+0 = 2
Aug 19 19:55:37 <gumbal1> (-6 PHEALTH) You’re not getting that patch of skin back any time soon, are you?
Aug 19 19:55:41 <gumbal1> > ELLIE
Aug 19 19:57:20 <Nemi> Ellie attempts to get her squabbling components in order to .. Well, smash the SLUG THINGY against the wall with a focused pulse of raw telekinetic force!
Aug 19 19:57:24 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
Aug 19 19:57:24 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 13
Aug 19 19:57:26 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+12
Aug 19 19:57:26 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 12
Aug 19 19:58:23 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 19:58:23 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 1
Aug 19 19:59:12 <gumbal1> The thing is pushed further up the elevator shaft with surprising force. It squeals much like a pig might if it had a hoof run over by a tractor.
Aug 19 19:59:15 <gumbal1> > BOBBY
Aug 19 20:00:26 <mrs_padri> Bobby uses MENTAL POWERS to try to scare the thing off. They try to plant the thought "Run" in the thing’s heard; when in doubt, simpler is better.
Aug 19 20:00:39 <mrs_padri> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Aug 19 20:00:39 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 5
Aug 19 20:00:53 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+16678
Aug 19 20:00:53 <GameServ> 4d3-8+16678 = 16677
Aug 19 20:01:04 <mrs_padri> Well then.
Aug 19 20:01:12 <gumbal1> All you get is static.
Aug 19 20:01:21 <gumbal1> > GLORIA
Aug 19 20:03:13 <Knave> Gloria steps up to take up as much of the threshold as possible, then wildly swings a claw at the nearest mass of tentacles.
Aug 19 20:03:25 <Knave> `calc 4d3-8+5
Aug 19 20:03:25 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 2
Aug 19 20:03:35 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 20:03:36 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 3
Aug 19 20:03:51 <gumbal1> The tentacle stays just out of your reach.
Aug 19 20:03:56 <gumbal1> > ATHENE
Aug 19 20:07:39 <Antichthon> A lesser injury, and Athene would have shrieked like a teenage girl. But this…this. The thing’s barb ripped away with a large chunk of Athene's cheek, large enough to reveal her teeth all the way back to the molars. You know Harvy Dent's mouth in The Dark Knight? Yeah, kinda like that. Athene recoiled and roared, with all her Echidnean might. Her hands went to the grievous
Aug 19 20:07:40 <Antichthon> wound, but no amount of pressure could stop the blood from gouting around her fingers. Her gaze, alarmed and furious - but mostly furious - returned to the elevator shaft. And just like that, half her tremendous length thrust itself up the shaft and attacked the Thing like a fucking bender. She was getting her cheek back.
Aug 19 20:08:03 <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+12
Aug 19 20:08:03 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 13
Aug 19 20:08:13 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 20:08:13 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4
Aug 19 20:08:24 <gumbal1> (does Athene target anywhere in particular?)
Aug 19 20:09:03 <Antichthon> (She’s trying to tear the creature off the walls, so wherever it's connected.)
Aug 19 20:09:44 <Antichthon> (Blender, not bender)
Aug 19 20:12:55 <gumbal1> The thing, currently squeezed into the elevator shaft, cannot dodge correctly, and makes a terrified squeal as Athene proceeds to drag it further downward. 'Attatched to the walls' isn't the word one might use here: the thing is sliding down like a sixth grader covered in butter trying to break into Old Man Jenkin's haunted house through a hole in the basement. Its slimy surgace helps a lot with reducing friction and basically not turning it i
Aug 19 20:12:55 <gumbal1> nto a bloody mess.
Aug 19 20:12:58 <gumbal1> > ELLIE
Aug 19 20:15:55 <Nemi> Ellie is wrestling in her own head- so she decides to try to help Athene (or maybe Johan is being a dick), by telekinetically dragging the Thing out of the shaft entirely.
Aug 19 20:16:00 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
Aug 19 20:16:00 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 12
Aug 19 20:16:02 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+12
Aug 19 20:16:02 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 9
Aug 19 20:17:52 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 20:17:52 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 6
Aug 19 20:18:04 <gumbal1> It’s working! The thing's coming down the shaft!
Aug 19 20:18:22 <gumbal1> > SHISAKAN ADOLESCENT
Aug 19 20:18:49 <gumbal1> And it's definitely not happy at Athene's sudden rudeness. This time it goes for the other cheek.
Aug 19 20:18:59 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 20:18:59 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
Aug 19 20:21:06 <Antichthon> The thing had good aim. Athene’s armored scales were useless when the Thing knew better than to direct its efforts there; Athene would have to rely on her agility, not her ultatough hide.
Aug 19 20:21:15 <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
Aug 19 20:21:15 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 9
Aug 19 20:21:36 <gumbal1> Athene barely dodges a hook to the face.
Aug 19 20:21:42 <gumbal1> > BOBBY
Aug 19 20:23:18 <mrs_padri> Bobby isn’t really much good in a fight. So… they stay out of it.
Aug 19 20:24:15 <gumbal1> > GLORIA
Aug 19 20:24:59 <Knave> Gloria swipes both claws for the centre of the thing's mass, trying to rake it out of it's hidey-hole and into the open.
Aug 19 20:25:17 <Knave> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
Aug 19 20:25:17 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
Aug 19 20:25:25 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 20:25:25 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 5
Aug 19 20:25:57 <gumbal1> Gloria manages to leave a gash, but doesn’t quite get the traction necessary to push it down further.
Aug 19 20:26:04 <gumbal1> > JENNY(?)
Aug 19 20:28:48 <gumbal1> This whole time, Jenny's just been sitting there, shocked. Now, sighing, she stands up, dusting herself off, and pulls out a guitar seemingly out of nowhere. "You know, my second girlfriend was a twin. Weird girl, she was. Got me thinking: are all twins that weird?" Why is she being so casual about this? "So I'm wondering: if a twin dies, does the other stop being weird?" Followed by a brief glance at the male Bobby.
Aug 19 20:29:01 <gumbal1> Before she rushes over to take a hold of him and throw him into the shaft.
Aug 19 20:29:07 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
Aug 19 20:29:07 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
Aug 19 20:29:40 <mrs_padri> OMG what do i roll to counter
Aug 19 20:29:42 <gumbal1> > STRENGTH OR AGILITY]
Aug 19 20:30:06 <mrs_padri> `calc 4d3-8+3
Aug 19 20:30:06 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 0
Aug 19 20:30:16 <mrs_padri> Meanwhile, Female Bobby screams.
Aug 19 20:30:38 <gumbal1> "Toodles!" Down the shaft Bobby goes!
Aug 19 20:30:46 <gumbal1> > ATHENE
Aug 19 20:33:37 <Antichthon> The horrible wound made talking difficult. "’ind 'y cheek,"Athene commanded Ellie, as though the terrifying tear drinker was a mere underling. Hopefully Ellie would forgive her, considering the circumstances. If they found it Alexei could surely reattach it. Speaking of her wound, the blood flow was slowing, and what was left was mixing with copious amounts of saliva."I dine
Aug 19 20:33:37 <Antichthon> on cala'ari onigh'!" …or not. Athene, with tweny feet ofher length up the shaft, couldn't help but notice when something careened past her. Bobby. Athene swore, darting down the shaft after him. He might have had a head start, but she was long, and fast.
Aug 19 20:33:44 <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
Aug 19 20:33:44 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 12
Aug 19 20:34:55 <gumbal1> > ROLL PHYSICAL DEFENSE, ATHENE AND BOBBY (gravity is a bitch)
Aug 19 20:35:38 <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+12
Aug 19 20:35:38 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 12
Aug 19 20:35:40 <mrs_padri> `calc 4d3-8+3
Aug 19 20:35:40 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 6
Aug 19 20:36:11 <gumbal1> Both of you manage not to get seriously hurt by the whiplash.
Aug 19 20:36:47 <gumbal1> > ELLIE
Aug 19 20:36:53 <Nemi> Listen to commands? Ellie’s reaction times have been /off/. Mostly due to wrestling with herself and her many components. But enough of her is aware enough to react- albeit slowly- to seeing Bobby disappear down the shaft that Ellie sprints forward with inhuman rapidity to hurl herself down after him. Her goal is to suspend Bobby in the air, to save him from the fall and let Athene
Aug 19 20:36:53 <Nemi> grab him- she didn't realize Athene had him already. Herself? Well. She's tough. Inhumanly strong and fast and versatile enough to catch herself on the shaft wall and fling herself right back up- to telekinetically grab Jenny and force her up to the ceiling, immobilized. If this isn't too much stuff to do in one go anyway. Whatever.
Aug 19 20:36:59 <Nemi> First, will to hold herself together.
Aug 19 20:37:03 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
Aug 19 20:37:03 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 12
Aug 19 20:37:18 <Nemi> Then I guess athletics and mind stuff?
Aug 19 20:37:22 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+12
Aug 19 20:37:22 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 10
Aug 19 20:37:23 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+12
Aug 19 20:37:23 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 9
Aug 19 20:37:28 <Nemi> Worbs.
Aug 19 20:39:11 <gumbal1> Jenny doesn’t even seem to try to resist, though she does try to shield guitar from the brunt of the impact. "What? You can't tell me you haven't thought about that, too?"
Aug 19 20:39:35 <gumbal1> > SHISAKAN ADOLESCENT
Aug 19 20:40:35 <gumbal1> Athene caught Bobby, sure…but that meant they were close. The hooked-barb tendril receeded, sure, but a spear-tip barb took its place, shooting at both Athene and Bobby.
Aug 19 20:41:13 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 20:41:13 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
Aug 19 20:42:49 <Antichthon> Normally Athene would have been able to bring her scales to bear, along with her immense toughness. But she was still in a cramped shaft, fighting a creature with excellent aim. Once again, she had to rely on her agility.
Aug 19 20:42:55 <Antichthon> `calc 4d3-8+9
Aug 19 20:42:55 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 9
Aug 19 20:43:04 <gumbal1> It misses, thankfully.
Aug 19 20:43:08 <gumbal1> > GOD DANGIT, BOBBY
Aug 19 20:44:20 <mrs_padri> Bobby tries MIND POWERS on Jenny this time! Just "Enough." Just that. If Bobby can make Jenny feel like this is enough, maybe it will all stop.
Aug 19 20:44:25 <mrs_padri> `calc 4d3
Aug 19 20:44:25 <GameServ> 4d3 = 11
Aug 19 20:44:27 <mrs_padri> er
Aug 19 20:44:39 <mrs_padri> `calc 4d3-8+3
Aug 19 20:44:39 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 1
Aug 19 20:45:05 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+??????????ERROREROOREROEREOREORE????
Aug 19 20:45:06 -ChanServ- Error: You typed an invalid expression.
Aug 19 20:45:19 <gumbal1> > MENTAL DEFENSE
Aug 19 20:45:34 <mrs_padri> brains plus clarity?
Aug 19 20:45:50 <mrs_padri> `calc 4d3-8+4+3
Aug 19 20:45:50 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4+3 = 8
Aug 19 20:45:56 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 20:45:57 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 9
Aug 19 20:46:42 <gumbal1> The blowback from the attempt is incredible, like you’re standing next to the speaker of a microphone you just dropped. The sudden return of the nosebleed doesn't help.
Aug 19 20:46:44 <gumbal1> > GLORIA
Aug 19 20:47:05 <mrs_padri> Both Bobbies grab their heads.
Aug 19 20:48:10 <Knave> Things are progressing too fast for a simple girl made of stone. Her head snaps to Jenny, who is then propelled into the ceiling and out of her reach. May as well focus on the big, scary monster. Makes perfect sense to her. Time for a running leap to tackle the tentacle-beast, claws-first.
Aug 19 20:48:20 <gumbal1> A lot of the studenst seem worried right about now. Some of them appear to be calling campus security.
Aug 19 20:49:10 <Knave> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Aug 19 20:49:10 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 8
Aug 19 20:49:22 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+4
Aug 19 20:49:22 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4
Aug 19 20:50:01 <gumbal1> You certainly manage to tackle it, drawing it further into the light, which it’s visibly shrinking away from.
Aug 19 20:50:20 <gumbal1> > JENNY
Aug 19 20:52:39 <gumbal1> "Oh, fuck me, you're actually competent counterparts. This'll be fun." Jenny's form seems to shift, very suddenly, into a similarly coloured mass of tendrils, barbs, and eyes.
Aug 19 20:52:48 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 20:52:48 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
Aug 19 20:53:05 <gumbal1> Which shoot over to seemingly trip Gloria into the hole as well.
Aug 19 20:55:43 <Nemi> "Aaah. I get it," says Ellie, in the soft voice of Petra. Then, she speaks in a half-dozen at once- Johan, Petra, Adriel, Aidan, one unidentifiable and then her own- "You’re this reality's Lisa."
Aug 19 20:57:31 <gumbal1> ~Close. No cigar.~
Aug 19 20:57:43 <gumbal1> At the very least, the tendril aims to pull Gloria into the shaft proper.
Aug 19 20:58:50 * PuddleJumper (PuddleJump@2602:306:3157:sijh:oqxs:ijl:jkth:xyzm) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 19 21:00:39 <Knave> Gloria digs her claws into the flesh of the beast she tackled - if she's going down, at the very least she's tanking something off with her.
Aug 19 21:00:44 <Knave> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
Aug 19 21:00:44 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
Aug 19 21:00:47 <Nemi> "Or Isaka, wearing this reality’s Lisa's skin. Hm?" Johan again. He sounds vaguely irritated.
Aug 19 21:01:53 <gumbal1> Gloria comes down, but takes a significant chunk of eldritch viscera from the thing.
Aug 19 21:02:03 <gumbal1> > ATHENE
Aug 19 21:03:33 <gumbal1> ~A minus~
Aug 19 21:04:14 <Nemi> "She never tells me anything," Johan snaps, glancing down to look at Ellie's body with some annoyance. He's cut off by Petra. "Possibly because you're an /asshole/."
Aug 19 21:05:17 <Antichthon> How Athene wished she had a mental link with Lisa right about now, because yes, she'd put it together the same as Ellie, and there was no better counter to a Lisa than another Lisa. Though the one with Akemi wasn't working, so it probably wouldn't have worked anyway. She delivered Male Bobby out of the shaft, before wrapping up the exposed portion of the elevator shoggoth. "You
Aug 19 21:05:17 <Antichthon> 'ust 'e an insect, 'ecause you deserve 'o 'e crushed." She squeezed, hopefully spewing the thing's guts out the hole Gloria had made, like a tube of toothpaste.
Aug 19 21:05:24 <Antichthon> ‘calc 4d3-8+12
Aug 19 21:05:24 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 11
Aug 19 21:05:55 <Nemi> "That’s /my/ line," mutters the unfamiliar voice coming from Ellie's mouth.
Aug 19 21:06:27 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 21:06:27 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 9
Aug 19 21:07:03 <gumbal1> Athene doesn’t do much, though she does displace the eye, leaving it hanging from a stalkm blinking rapidly, despite a lack of any real eyelid.
Aug 19 21:07:05 <gumbal1> > ELLIE
Aug 19 21:08:01 <Antichthon> If Jenny was a Lisa - still Athene's assumption, she was in the dark about the whole Isaka conclusion - this thing was little more than her pet. The fact they were having this much trouble with it didn't bode well for handling Jenny proper.
Aug 19 21:09:10 <Nemi> Ellie is now going to do all she can to focus her mental haze on Jenny, now. The haze was an odd thing- an outpouring of Ellie's stolen consciousnesses in the form of raw jagged psychic force. It could flood out most other presences, cut them off from their links to the outside, shut mental effects down entirely and cause nosebleeds and cranial haemorrhages in the weak. She's
Aug 19 21:09:10 <Nemi> aiming to cut Jenny off from.. Whatever it is. Lol. If the rest of her agrees.
Aug 19 21:09:14 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
Aug 19 21:09:14 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 12
Aug 19 21:09:16 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+12
Aug 19 21:09:16 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 11
Aug 19 21:09:48 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Aug 19 21:09:48 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 9
Aug 19 21:11:52 <gumbal1> It’s quite a bit of convulsing from Jenny before any real signs of something happening show themselves. The tendrils split further, and further, and further, until they become like angel-hair pasta topped with cactus spines. Eventually, they just fall apart, leaving only her guitar and sunglasses remaining.
Aug 19 21:13:04 <mrs_padri> "…is she gone?"
Aug 19 21:14:09 <Nemi> Ellie stares at the guitar and sunglasses. ".. now I know why her 'friends' were so alarmed to see her," mutters Johan.
Aug 19 21:15:23 <gumbal1> Campus security arrives quickly. A few standard humans, plus Vinland and what appears to be a glowing green wolf. They're a bit confused at the spectacle, including a giant shisakan blocking the elevator shaft and the mess of haze around the sunglasses and guitar.
Aug 19 21:15:59 <mrs_padri> Bobby looks stunned.
Aug 19 21:16:33 <Nemi> Ellie clears her throat, straightens some, and adjusts the fit of her jacket. Johan speaks. "So, what do all of you know about Isaka?"
Aug 19 21:17:17 <Knave> Gloria claws her way out of the elevator shaft looking no less horrifying and hateful than usual. She examines the scene and lets out a stony hiss from her throat.
Aug 19 21:17:27 <gumbal1> "…I have no clue what that means?"
Aug 19 21:18:05 <gumbal1> Even Vinland looks somewhat confused, though a more furtive confusion, less of surprise and more of 'what happened here'.
Aug 19 21:18:22 <mrs_padri> Bobby gets the fuck away from the elevator.
Aug 19 21:19:19 <Nemi> Johan groans in annoyance. "Jenny here was an avatar of some being calling itself Isaka." He gestures to the cloud of haze. "To the point where there wasn't anything else. The tentacle creature behind us is something /tied/ to Isaka. Does anyone seriously know /anything/?"
Aug 19 21:20:09 <Antichthon> The shisakan being mollified, Athene frantically searched for her missing cheek. Could she find it?
Aug 19 21:20:59 <gumbal1> "Oh…shit, Jenny? I…" "Wait, Isaka? You mean, 'Watcher in the Water' Isaka?"
Aug 19 21:20:59 <Antichthon> Athene might have something to add to the conversation, but she was trying to find her cheek, without which she might be horribly disfigured for the rest of her life, so yeah, priorities.
Aug 19 21:21:41 <mrs_padri> Bobby just sorta clings to themself.
Aug 19 21:21:49 <Nemi> "/Yes/. That Isaka." Johan continues, bending Ellie's mouth in a dry sneer. "And Jenny's gone. In fact, I'm fairly sure there wasn't a Jenny anymore at all."
Aug 19 21:21:54 <Knave> People were talking nonsense again. Gloria sated herself by picking up Jenny's glasses from the floor, snapping them in her claws, then tossing them down the shaft.
Aug 19 21:22:09 <gumbal1> Currently it's hella ripped and hanging from a tendrilhook, but Athene guesses she could technically retrieve it. The glasses snap as expected.
Aug 19 21:24:40 <Antichthon> …No. There was no saving it. Athene emerged from the elevator shaft, looking shattered. There was a fucking hole in her head turning her pretty face into a gruesome horror, and no one had even offered to help her. The complete disinterest in her terrible wound hurt almost as much as the wound itself. She pressed on it with both hands, but blood was still streaming around
Aug 19 21:24:40 <Antichthon> her fingers.
Aug 19 21:24:56 <gumbal1> One of the students steps forwards. Caramel-skinned, hair dyed pastel blue. "Oh! Right, yeah, it's…I don't know much, but like…there's like, nothing itd really want from her besides, like…I doubt it has any reason to be here in the first place. Place is kinda…boring, when you're like, mega eldritch."
Aug 19 21:25:21 * Lena (ten.nozirev.w-lsd.xtnreh.59-329-275-92-ehhi|eisor#ten.nozirev.w-lsd.xtnreh.59-329-275-92-ehhi|eisor) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 19 21:25:21 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Lena
Aug 19 21:25:57 <Nemi> "Tell me anyway," Johan snarls. Meanwhile, Petra takes over Ellie's motions and guides her over to put a hand up near Athene's cheek. "Can- we get a healer, please?"
Aug 19 21:26:12 <mrs_padri> Bobby has trouble being interested in anyone but themself rn. They're in shock from almost dying. I mean, Athene totally went through worse and Bobby should say thank you, but Bobby is selfish.
Aug 19 21:26:18 <Knave> Gloria ignores the irritating girl with the blue hair with every ounce of her being. She glances at Athene's pretty face all torn apart. "Hrn." Part of her would like to take some joy in it, but she didn't have anything really against the girl.
Aug 19 21:28:18 <gumbal1> "Seriously dude, like…anything that powerful has no real reason to even enter a dimension unless it's like…mega petty. Or something." Meanwhile, a healer does come up. A slow-moving, semi-robotic person, eyes replaced with blank white goggles and shuffling under the pressure of a large medical apparatice upon their back. They nod in affirmation at Ellie's request.
Aug 19 21:28:36 <Antichthon> Athene's look to Ellie was panicked and pleading. Athene's beauty was incredibly, incredibly valuable to her, even if she wouldn't admit it. "w-will I have a scar?" She squeaked. She could feel her teeth through the hole.
Aug 19 21:29:30 <Knave> Gloria's downcast eyes fall on the guitar on the floor. She breathes in sharply, "Anyone else concerned about our ride home?"
Aug 19 21:29:43 <gumbal1> The medical man merely grunts in response as they approach, apparatice suddenly springing to life as it draws a bit of pasty puddy out of a tube on its back.
Aug 19 21:30:37 <mrs_padri> "Our mom isn't here…" They look around. That sucks. They nod. "We need to get back."
Aug 19 21:30:42 <Antichthon> Athene took her hands away from the wound to let the healer work on it and yep, Harvy Dent. Athene was barely keeping it together at the thought of the potential permanent loss of her pretty face.
Aug 19 21:30:52 <gumbal1> "…oh fuck, right, you're foreigners, huh. Uh…" The blue-haired occultist rushes over to the nearest school phone to once more phone for help, this time from the auditorium. An older looking man shows up soon after.
Aug 19 21:30:59 <Nemi> "Of course I'm concerned.." Johan looks up at the green wolf. "Nyssa, I'm assuming?"
Aug 19 21:32:25 <gumbal1> The puddy is…it's definitely good as a flesh replacement. In the right hands, it might've even looked like nothing had gone amiss in the first place.
Aug 19 21:33:17 <gumbal1> The green wolf shakes its head, as another student, blonde and androgynous, answers. "That's Bradford. Nyssa's…frankly none of us know where she is."
Aug 19 21:34:23 <Nemi> "Bradford. Hnh. Well, you can't claim I'm psychic and should no better," says the Son of Anthiel currently guiding the rest of Ellie around. Petra takes over again with a "I can't believe him sometimes.. Really? She's missing? I mean, if she's our counterpart, then.. Um. That sounds bad."
Aug 19 21:34:51 <Antichthon> When the medical bot was done, Athene worked her jaw. "Mirror. Someone. Please?"
Aug 19 21:35:05 <mrs_padri> "We don't have one…"
Aug 19 21:35:20 <Knave> "Don't carry one." Gloria says, slightly bitter.
Aug 19 21:35:27 <Antichthon> Might've looked llike nothing had gone amiss, but how did it actually look?
Aug 19 21:35:33 <Nemi> Ellie fishes in her coat and retrieves a hand mirror. For makeup, and such. She holds it up for Athene to look.
Aug 19 21:36:12 <gumbal1> Another student, hair dyed in rainbow colors, conjures a wall of light for Athene to gaze in…she might need a surgeon to remove the extra lumps of mass. Maybe a buzzsaw if she's feeling desperate.
Aug 19 21:36:47 <gumbal1> Soon, an alumni arrives, with an odd device that looks like a modified toaster. "Where's the foreigners?"
Aug 19 21:37:05 <Knave> Gloria grunts loudly.
Aug 19 21:37:23 * DarcellJermaine (moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu#moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 19 21:37:56 <Nemi> "That'd be us," says Ellie, sounding like herself again.
Aug 19 21:38:22 <mrs_padri> Bobby nods.
Aug 19 21:38:23 <Antichthon> Athene first took the mirror, then switched to the wall of light when it presented itself. She whimpered, closed her eyes, took a deep breath. Then, finally, she turned her attention to the rest of them. "Is everyone else alright? Bobby? Gloria?"
Aug 19 21:38:36 <mrs_padri> Another nod.
Aug 19 21:38:45 <Knave> "Fine." Gloria hisses.
Aug 19 21:39:34 <gumbal1> "Right. Lemme just," The radio is turned on, and suddenly begins making 2000s era AOL bootup noises.
Aug 19 21:40:10 <Antichthon> "…I'll have to ask Lisa more about Isaka," Athene said, mostly to Ellie. Apparently she had been paying attention to the conversation while desperately looking for her cheek. "She's never said much about her."
Aug 19 21:40:42 <mrs_padri> "We don't understand what Isaka is."
Aug 19 21:41:50 <gumbal1> Infinite universes means infinite possibilities. Infinit possibilities means infinite chances to start over. In that case, screw ups aren't all that bad, all things considered. The fair goes on as normal, students just as happy as they were before…except the crew of beat up, traumatized kids that come back. That universe is getting blacklisted, sure, but the others still proved safe, right?
Aug 19 21:41:52 <Nemi> "We're fine," says Adriel on Ellie's behalf. "A little upset, buuuut that's mostly Johan."
Aug 19 21:41:53 <gumbal1> Right?
Aug 19 21:42:05 <Nemi> One can only hope.
Aug 19 21:42:11 <gumbal1> ~RUN ENDED~
Aug 19 21:42:16 <gumbal1> ~3 XP GAINED~
Aug 19 21:42:36 <gumbal1> ~$200 IN COMPENSATION FEES GAINED~

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