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SirGoldfish> All your characters awaken in a strange place. Place? No. It's moving this is a vechicle. You begin to awake from a coma. Last thing you remember is your normal life, but now you're on a strange bus filled with kids about your age. Your hands are all manacled your in prison garb and you have no idea why you're here or why they're are armed guards. At least you can still talk…
<SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to talk to one of the guards "Where are we?"
<SirGoldfish> Describe what Wendy looks like! The guard answers in a rough voice. "You're on a bus."
<ThePolice> Jan, waits, and allows his eyes to adjust to the low light before looking around.
<SavanahHolland> Black hair that looks matted, dark circles under her eyes she then looks confused and resonds to the guard "Where exactly is this bis going"
<SavanahHolland> *bus
<SirGoldfish> "You're new school"
<Rose27> Rose a girl with long blonde hair asks sheepishly "A-are we b-being kidn-napped?"
<SirGoldfish> "No, not exactly."
<SavanahHolland> "New school..?" Wendy grumbles she then looks around to see random kids dotting the bus
<SirGoldfish> "You've been deamed to be at least a class D supernatural anomaly. You're going somewhere you can't be a meannce to society."
<ThePolice> As his eyes finnaly come to terms, he looks to himself and sees what hes wearing, before seeing the others in similar fatigues. As the man says menace he chuckles quietly, in a way that sounds hollow and fake.
<Uracilo> Once she awakens, Lucette squeaks and retreats to a corner, away from any openings light might be filtering through.
<ThePolice> "You sound like my dad."
<SavanahHolland> "Meannce" She rolls her eyes
<UltimixRed> Stella, a short girl with short black hair, with a small braid, is currently looking around frantically and twitching
<Rose27> Roses eyes go big "Supernatural? Like ghosts?"
<SavanahHolland> "So how long till we get to this "new school"?"
<UltimixRed> "I thought I was supposed to be taken somewhere safe!" Stella says meekly
<SirGoldfish> The man sighs. "A few minutes."
<Uracilo> She crouches there, and looks around for her hat.
<UltimixRed> Shaking wildly in her seat
<SirGoldfish> "Sunnybrook is one of the safest places around. I assure you."
<SavanahHolland> "o it's called sunnybrook? Sounds like a preschool"
<ThePolice> Catching Stellas quiet breakdown, he pulls his chains to grab her attention, and quietly says "Hey, bottle up. This is fun."
<UltimixRed> "How can you be so calm, we're chained." says Stella to the girl
<ThePolice> He shoots her a dark smile.
<SirGoldfish> The man rolls his eyes at Wendy. "This was the closeset school we could take you to. I am sorry."
<SavanahHolland> "Eh, its fine I guess"
<UltimixRed> Stella gives a mild yelp at that.
<Uracilo> A soft whisper comes from the corner, "Where's my hat?". Lucette's black hair cascades over her shoulders, her ribbon gone as well. She stares at the place where the two walls of the vehicle meet, giving her back to everyone.
<SavanahHolland> "I didnt exactly expect sunshines and rainbows when you guys dragged me out of my own home"

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<ThePolice> Torrez laughs harder at this, in a way that seems almost sincere. As he calms himself he speaks to the girl with the baggy eyes. "You were dragged here? This will be fun."
<UltimixRed> (did police say something? i dc'ed)
<ThePolice> (I waited for you)
<SirGoldfish> A different man with short ash brown hair and a lab coat approaches Luccete. "I am terribly sorry. I told them not to take away your head garb, uhmm." He gives her a closed umbrealla. "Open this when we get to our destination."
<UltimixRed> (nvm) She shakes her head, "No I agreed to come here but not like this!"
<Rose27> Rose looks down at the floor her question ignored
<SavanahHolland> "Heh" She fakes a grin at the boy
<SirGoldfish> "We'll be ariving in a few momments. Come your selves."
<ThePolice> "Not you." He says lifting a finger towards Wendy, "The funny one"
<Uracilo> Lucette scrambles to take the umbrella. She turns and everyone can see her squinty black eyes and the pale skin of her face for a few seconds before the umbrella opens and she curls into a ball under its shadow.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy struggles to kick the boy but fails
<ThePolice> Leaning back, Jan gets comfortable and hums to himself, content to watch the freakshow.
<ThePolice> Jan Smiles Darkly.
<UltimixRed> Stella catches note of this, "hey you ok? you seem worse than me."
<SirGoldfish> "Uhh, I suppose that works."
<UltimixRed> She says to Lucette
<SavanahHolland> "So I guess I should know everyones names on this lil bus trip, whats everyones name?"
<Uracilo> Lucette doesn't answer immediately, but after a few seconds you hear a whisper from under the umbrella, "I'll be fine now…"
<UltimixRed> Stella gives her a small nod. "my name's Stella, kinda."
<ThePolice> Between humming to himself he shoots Wendy a glance. "Torrez, you can call me Jan."
<SavanahHolland> "Guess that works Stella, My names Wendy." Wendy gives a cool nod
<UltimixRed> Stella tries to reach for a handshake, but stops when she realizes she's still shackled
<Rose27> Rose says quietly "M-m-my name i-is Rose"
<Uracilo> A few seconds after everyone's give their names, the word "Lucette", is heard.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy giggles but then stops to try to compose her cool gal attitude
<UltimixRed> "Can anyone tell me what time it is?" Stella says
<ThePolice> Jan, looks to the shadowed girl from the corner of his eyes, trying to get a better look at her under the umbrella.
<SirGoldfish> 5PM the guard says
<SavanahHolland> "Cool"
<UltimixRed> Stella visibly untenses
<SavanahHolland> "So Guard, How long have we been on this bus?"
<SirGoldfish> "The bus or knocked out?"
<SirGoldfish> "You've been on this bus for about 10 hours."
<ThePolice> Jan continues to hum, now occasionally mumbling quietly. "The cypress then the shore…"
<SavanahHolland> "Well the bus, but knowing how long weve knocked out might be good too"
<SirGoldfish> The bus begins to slow down. And your electrionic handcuffs release you. A voice on the intercom says. "Everyone please get off the bus, now. And report to the courtyard the new Priincople will be there to greet you. Try any funny business and our guards will act acordingly."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy rubs he hands now free of shackles "now only if this meant freedom
<UltimixRed> Stella tries to get out the door as fast as possible, constantly looking behind her
<ThePolice> Jan practically leaps from his seat, whiping his fallen chains to the floor and darting for the side of the door opposite Stella.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy walks out of the bus casually with stella
<Rose27> Rose hesitantly gets up and follows everyone off the bus
<ThePolice> "Long periods of innactivity and stiffness is the leading cause of joint decay, I cant wait to run around." He says to no one in particular.
<Uracilo> Lucette carefully lowers herself out of the bus, carefully pointing the umbrella directly at the sun.
<SavanahHolland> She then asks "Don't blame me for asking, this is kinda a new place. Where is this courtyard?"
<UltimixRed> Stella looks back at Lucette, "are you going to be ok?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to catch a glance at Lucettes face under the umbrella
<Uracilo> She looks at Stella, her arms extended to hold the umbrella as far from her and as close to the sun as possible. "In a few hours, when the sun sets…"
<SavanahHolland> "So are you a night owl or a vampire?"
<UltimixRed> Stella decides to stick a bit closer to lucette, constantly darting her eyes around
<SavanahHolland> "I would be ok with either one"
<SirGoldfish> In front of you is a fancy looking gate there are two snipers nest besside the gate and beyond that is the school.In front of you is a massive opuluent brick and mortor school. To your left is a series of 7 bulidings that can be described as the dorms to the right is a series of 4 similar buldings that have razor wire sourounding you. Conecting these three areas is a courtyard where there is a makeshift stage.
<Uracilo> "I guess both…? I can't see very well in it, and it burns… the light, I mean."
<SirGoldfish> *surounding them
<SavanahHolland> "Ahh"
<SavanahHolland> "Wendy then sticks to Lettuce and Stella making her way to the courtyard"
<UltimixRed> "you seem very calm in all this, how do you do it."
<Rose27> Rose follows the 3 girls quietly
<SavanahHolland> Wendy glances to stella "who are you talking to?"
<UltimixRed> "you, we're chained and you're carefree."
<UltimixRed> "well we were chained."
<SirGoldfish> Sitting atop the the stage is a frail looking man wearing a pacman tie. He has brown hair. His head is so large compared to the rest of his body it looks like you could punt it like a foot ball.
<ThePolice> Opulent and Imperial, the stone edifice strikes Jan with a feeling of Irony, he mutters something quietly, he then hurries, moving up the be closer to the back of the group.
<SavanahHolland> "I wouldn't say I'm carefree, just would rather not be shot or worse"
<Uracilo> Lucette uses her mouth to remove one of her gloves and pokes her hand out of the umbrella's shadow for a few seconds. A three foot tall, shadowy being with the head of a bird sprouts from the ground and takes the umbrella off her hands.
<UltimixRed> At the mention of the word shot, Stella's back goes completely straight
<Rose27> Rose jumps the sight of it
<ThePolice> "Woa…" Jan mutters
<SavanahHolland> Wendy smiles at stella "Dont worry you seem like someone who follows the rules"
<SirGoldfish> "Uhh hello" his voice is amplifed by a microphone.
<UltimixRed> "A power? oh I get it, that's what they meant by strange."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy waves to the man speaking in the mic

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<SirGoldfish> "Uhmm, my name is Mr. Einhorn. Welcome to Sunnybrook."
<Uracilo> "I-I'm sorry… My arms were getting tired…" She cradles her hand, a rash quickly spreading over the back of it.
<UltimixRed> Stella seems to warp next to Lucette and grabs the umbrella holding it over the girl's head
<ThePolice> Turning the man at hand, Jan stays at the back of the group watching.
<SirGoldfish> "You are all here because, uhmm. You are a meance- no, uh danger….. You are all very special."
<SirGoldfish> He nervouly laughs.
<Rose27> Rose cringes at the word danger and menace
<SavanahHolland> "Danger" Wendy rolls her eyes once more
<UltimixRed> Stella is currently making sure the umbrella covers as much of the girl as possible
<ThePolice> Jan pretends to laugh, as if he didn't always.
<Uracilo> "Thank you", she says, her lips curling into a small smile. Her shadow collapses back into the second dimension.
<jackielegs> "my Father never said i was dangerous!" jackie has a look of hurt on her face
<SirGoldfish> "You are going to be uh trained, err, taught how to use your powers and serve uh help humanity."
<UltimixRed> "No problem, we gotta look out for one another you know?" She says with a smile
<SavanahHolland> "So lettuce, mind if I call you that? You have shadow thingys?
<Uracilo> "My name is Lucette…"
<SirGoldfish> He hears Jackie. "I'am sorry…"
<SavanahHolland> "I know, I think Lettuce is a tad easier to remeber"
<ThePolice> Jan, only now noticing most people are only paying attention in passing to the bald man, steps around the group and speaks up. "Serving how, Mr Einhorn?"
<Uracilo> "…Is it really?"
<UltimixRed> "don;t bully the girl on her name, just because its hard doesn;t mean you shouldn't try."
<UltimixRed> Stella seems very mad at that for some reason
<SavanahHolland> "Well at least I'm not calling ya carrot" Wendy grins stupidly
<Rose27> Rose giggles at Wendy
<UltimixRed> "Well I think Lucette is a perfectly good name, at least most people can pronounce it." she mutters
<SirGoldfish> A bearded much older beared man jumps onto the stage and litterarlly pushes Einhorn off the stage. "Alright! alright! I am gonna have to applogize to for my compairate." He looks to Jan. "YOU! You are gonna serve humanity how it damn well see's it. Ya' understand son?"
<SavanahHolland> "Oh don't be silly Stella"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy jumps seeing the new man on stage "Who the hell are you?"
<ThePolice> Jan smiles darkly at the brutish display, and makes a swift mock salute.
<jackielegs> Jackie check on Einhorn
<ThePolice> "Thoroughly."
<Uracilo> Lucette squints as she tries to look in the direction of the bearded man.
<Uracilo> "What is he saying?"
<Rose27> Rose tries to make herself smaller
<UltimixRed> " I dunno, something about humanity."
<SirGoldfish> "Ya' see my name is General Bryce and I know a few things about serving, and you's gonna listen" A sad little einhorn is mumbling curses
<Rose27> *look smaller
<SavanahHolland> "I like this new guy"
<UltimixRed> Stella raises her hand
<SavanahHolland> "Rose don't try to dissapear on us!" Wendy pats Roses head
<jackielegs> "General Bryce why push a man of the stage when you could just as easily stand next to him?" Jackie looks up fro Einhorn
<Rose27> Rose looks up at Wendy
<SavanahHolland> Wendy grins again
<SirGoldfish> He notices that the crowd is only have and promptly shoots his pistol three times in the air. *BAM* *BAM* *BAM*. "SHUT THE FUCK UP! He breaths heavily." He looks at Jackie, "Becuae he was not getting the point across." He looks at stella raising her arm. "Yes?"
<SirGoldfish> *Half listening.
<Uracilo> "Um… Sir, St…, it's Stella right? Stella has a question."
<Uracilo> "I think."
<ThePolice> Jan continues to smiles as the other students panic, some of them moving to Einhorn, and others coming the blatant understanding of the situation. The gun shots only make him smile wider, a glimmer crossing his eyes.
<UltimixRed> "Excuse me General? Could we move to a place with more shade, she's looking like she might get hurt" she points to lucette
<jackielegs> Jackie stands up straight and stairs at Genereal Bryce
<Rose27> Rose hits the deck when the bullets go off
<SavanahHolland> "I really like this guy" Wendy admires his pistol
<Uracilo> "Oh… We don't have to move because of me…"
<SirGoldfish> "She's got a damn umbrealea." You all see Einhorn crawling away.
<UltimixRed> Stella frowns but doesn't pursue the issue further
<jackielegs> 'You mind getting to the point then Bryce?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy helps rose off the ground
<Uracilo> She takes a few steps to move closer to the center of the umbrella's shadow, keeping up with the sun moving across the sky.
<Rose27> Rose is shaking a little
<SavanahHolland> "Try to calm down a little rose, its just a silly gun"
<jackielegs> Jackie continues to stair at general Bryce
<UltimixRed> "Guns are pretty bad, especially when they go off in school." Stella notes
<Rose27> Rose just nods her head slightly still shaking
<SavanahHolland> "I'm trying to calm her down stella"
<SirGoldfish> "Now I am assuming you got that serving bit down. Alright? You are here because humanity is in danger, ya' see. The evils of the world want to use supernatural forces to take over the world. This school's purpose is two fold."
<UltimixRed> "Oh! sorry." Stella says
<SavanahHolland> "Its fine" She nods to Stella
<SirGoldfish> "1. So you can be able to get learned' in your powers or whatever, and more importantly numbero 2. to see if you guys can function with us normies, ya got that?"
<UltimixRed> Stella looks at Wendy, "What's your power?"
<jackielegs> "I functioned just fine with my Father before coming here"
<SavanahHolland> "power…? Well i guess I can produce fire with my hands. Hey whats your favirote color Stella?"
<ThePolice> Jan continues to smile, eyeing up the general closely, and ignoring the other students, taking in every detail of his face and his attire, specifically making a mental note of what any pins and medals he may be wearing look like. As the general finishes speaking he stands stiffly at attention, his grim smile never leaving his face. "Sir yes sir!"
<UltimixRed> "I guess i'd have to say red or blue, i can never choose." Stella says
<Uracilo> Lucette tries raising her hand, but can't really raise it all the way without exposing it to the sun, and as a result, the gesture's half-hidden behind the umbrella.
<SirGoldfish> "Little miss. You do realize how odd it is that evey other word out of your mouth has been about your father? Now me personally? I chose to bottle up and deny the memories of my childhood, but taht's me."
<SirGoldfish> *Memories of my father
<SavanahHolland> Wendy produces a small blue flame for stella to admire
<UltimixRed> Stella jumps back abit, careful not to let the umbrella slip, before oohing at the flame
<SirGoldfish> The ammount of medals this man has is too many to count.
<jackielegs> " It is not my problome if you have issues with your Father but my Father helped me to understand my abilitys and had he not passed i wouldnt be here now."
<Rose27> Rose raises her hand
<SavanahHolland> Wendy grins then eyes the metals which shine a light in her eye
<SavanahHolland> "OW"
<SirGoldfish> "Now do ya kidos have any questions before I get to the boring details?"
<Uracilo> Lucette eeps at the sight of the flame and crouches down, covering her face with her hands.
<Rose27> Rose keeps her hand raised
<SirGoldfish> "Yessss?' He looks to Rose.
<SavanahHolland> "Not really besides when did you get that pistol? Is it new/old?"
<Rose27> Rose points to Lucette
<SirGoldfish> "YESSSSS???"
<ThePolice> Jan shoots a glare at Jackie, not knowing her name and not caring he half whispers half shouts at her. "Can it, I dont want to end up sharing a hold in the ground with your fucking corpse."
<jackielegs> Jackie shoots a quick glance at Jan "Trust me it wont be my corpse"
<Rose27> Rose tries to speak "S-she er had h-her h-h-and…" and then stops speaking and just looks down
<UltimixRed> "I think someone should intervene." Stella says motioning to Jan and JAckie
<SavanahHolland> "Lucette had her hand up sir"
<UltimixRed> "I would but." She motions the umbrella
<jackielegs> "bryce i think rose wants us to take care of luccettes hand"
<SirGoldfish> "It can wait."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy death stares jackie because of her idiocy
<ThePolice> Jan, cracks for a moment, breaking his previously neutral expression with a grimace. "Later, we will settle this." before standing at attention again.
<SavanahHolland> "Lucette ask the question"
<Uracilo> Lucette peeks through her laced fingers, looking for the flame's light, making sure it's gone.
<jackielegs> Jackie ignores the stare from stella and continues to stair at General Bryce
<UltimixRed> (it was from wendy)
<jackielegs> [sorry]
<Rose27> Rose tugs slightly on Wendy's shirt and whispers"T-t-the flame umm bothe-bothered her"
<SavanahHolland> "Oh sorry"

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<SirGoldfish> "Nooww what'cha need to know is-." Bryce is cut off by the same who gave Luccete an umbreala. "I am sorry about that my name is William Page." Bryce is about to protest but is handed a bottle of whisky and leaves the stage.
<SavanahHolland> "hah!"
<UltimixRed> Stella breathes a sigh of relief
<Uracilo> "Is it gone?"
<SirGoldfish> "Now do you children have any questions? before I continue what our dearest General Bryce left off."
<SavanahHolland> "Yeah"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy raises her hand
<ThePolice> Jan keeps a neutral expression and drops his stance for one more casual. He turns to watch Wendy to see what she will do.
<jackielegs> Jackie walks to the edge of the stage and sits up against the wall facing the rest of the students and pulls out a manga
<SirGoldfish> He looks at Wendy. "Yes."
<SavanahHolland> "Are there more kids like us? Like kids with powers that they probably shouldnt have?"
<SirGoldfish> She does not have her mange with her. "There are many children with powers, yes."
<Uracilo> Lucette stands up and pats her prisoner garb to get rid of the dust on it. "I… I wanted Mr. Bryce to ellaborate on… fighting evil?"
<SirGoldfish> "You number in the thousands a college of my estimated."
<Uracilo> "It seemed like that was the direction he was heading in his… speech."
<jackielegs> jackie still sits but instead glances towards jan
<Uracilo> "Could you do so, instead?"
<SirGoldfish> "Ah, yes, You children with powers are quite, uh potent when dealing with other things supernatural. If you ever so chose you may help us the GWU in fighting back angainst the unknown."
<Uracilo> "So it's not… mandatory?"
<SavanahHolland> "Sounds intresting"
<SirGoldfish> "Not at all my dear. We would never force you to do something like that." Bryce interupts from the side in less sober voice. "WeLL iT shOULd bE!"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy laughs
<Uracilo> "I… respectfully disagree, Mr. Bryce… please don't soot me!"
<Rose27> Rose jumps at the drunk man's shout
<Uracilo> (shoot*)
<SavanahHolland> "I'm pretty sure they won't shoot us"
<SirGoldfish> "I would never shoot a kido. Those rounds were blanks." He smiles.
<Uracilo> "I… reserve my right to doubt that…"

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<SavanahHolland> Wendy feels betrayed for some odd reason
<SirGoldfish> "Just an attention grabbing mechanNO-ism I use."
<ThePolice> Jan takes a seat on the grass, letting everyone talk things out, and listening patiently.
<Rose27> Rose raises her hand
<SirGoldfish> "Now if you have no other questions I am gonna go through some polic-" He looks to Rose. "Yes?"
<SavanahHolland> "Anyways Sir can we wrap this up?" Weve been out here for a few minutes and I wanna find a bed or couch"
<Rose27> "W-w-her-re are um my um b-b-bo-ooks?"
<Uracilo> "Yes, can we have our things back?"
<SirGoldfish> "Ah yes, I was getting to that. Your parents have packed all your belongies We've taken the liberty to all assign you room numbers go to them and you will find your selves whatever your parents deamed apriopate."
<UltimixRed> Stella sighs, " yeah i miss my rabbit."
<SavanahHolland> "Rose calm yourself. There is nothing to worry about" Wendy smiles reasurringly
<SirGoldfish> "After you've all packed up I would recomend going to the common room it seems to be the place other children hang."
<Rose27> ROses just stares at the ground and plays with her hands
<SavanahHolland> "Hang..?" Wendy laughs
<Uracilo> "You mean after we've unpacked, right? Okay."
<UltimixRed> "Lucette we should hurry to the dorms."
<Uracilo> "Is there any sunblocker available…?"
<Uracilo> "Sunscreen, I mean…"

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