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Trayson, Ben. Carrion Flower.

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01[16:10] <@LipstickThespian> "Do you prefer Trayson, or Ben?" The short brown haired girl asked him as she tapped at the tablet screen. He'd been contacted back for the Outreach Program, given a time and a date, and told to show up here. It was one of the rooms in the library building basement, down an elevator and off to the side. Inside had been Levi, at least that's how she introduced herself. A young research assistant who was using the room as her office. Of course, it was mostly book shelves and a few messy tables. In the center was an old schooldesk which had been less than maintained. Sitting atop a pentagram burned into the floor below. Levi had taken him to the side where there was a not so full desk and started paperwork with him.
[16:12] <DarnellJermaine> Ben didn't really do most chairs- he usually broke them or couldn't fit, so he stood as he faced the short girl talking to him. Ben was 6'2" and wide as an ox- although his skin was a shiny gray metal- Nickel, rather than your average skin. His face is almost always stolid and unreadable- not because he is emotionless (rather the opposite) but because it's hard to change your voice from it's normal loud and
[16:12] <DarnellJermaine> booming volume or move your face muscles when all your organs and body parts are made of stiff metal. "Ben" he said, filling the room and probably audible from the hallway. Although she probably couldn't tell, he was quite excited, and maybe even a bit nervous, to be here right now! He was finally getting the chance to help people!
01[16:15] <@LipstickThespian> "Alright, Ben. I'm going to have you sign some forms that take away liability from the school in the event of a few things. Alright?" Levi turned the small tablet and held it up to him, on it were a few electronic forms to flip through and sign. She offered him a stylus to do so. First form was simple, a release from the school grounds for the duration of the events, field trip style. The next few talk about legality, how the school isn't held liable if things happen. From personal injuries to end of the world scenarios. The final form is an agreement to take part in the Outreach Program for the entire duration of the work.
[16:17] <DarnellJermaine> Ben nodded his head once- grateful for the stylus since a tablet wouldn't pick up his fingerprints. He held the stylus awkwardly in his hands so as not to crush it- but strangely enough his handwriting was rather neat- not fancy or pretty, but clear and understandable. He filled out the forms without a second thought- he was willing to do anything if he could help people. After about 5-10 minutes of awkwardly
[16:17] <DarnellJermaine> and slowly moving the stylus in his large, metal hands, he finally finished signing everything and handed it back to the woman.
01[16:20] <@LipstickThespian> "Thank you," Levi said with a smile as she took the tablet and set it down. Standing up and brushing off her research coat of some imaginary dust. "Are you ready to get started? Any last minute business before we begin this Program?" She walked over to the edge of the circle and stopped there, not crossing the burn marks to walk into it.
[16:21] <DarnellJermaine> Ben followed just behind her, the slightest twinge of a smile on his face- which for him is a big deal. "No. I am ready- I want to help" he sandwiches his hip between his fists.
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01[16:22] <@LipstickThespian> "Alright." Levi says as she motions to the desk in the middle of the circle. "You'll need to stand by the desk. I wouldn't reccomend sitting in it due to your condition. Inside the desk you will find an object, a stone flower. From your application, it will be a Carrion Flower. I'll need you to hold it and be near the desk for this. Alright?"
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[16:25] <DarnellJermaine> Ben nods once and walks over to the desk, an audible *thud* with each step. He carefully opens the desk drawer with his thumb and forefinger and pulls out the tiny stone flower- holding it in his open palm so he won't crush it. "Done" he says.
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01[16:28] <@LipstickThespian> "Now, we haven't exactly figured out what lies on the otherside of the Shade. We have theories and we have accounts, but they differ wildly. What you need to know is, well, you are helping people. Those trapped in the shade, held by it and controlled by it. The reason you students are doing this, is something to do with your- well spirit is a concept that doesn't get used much in science -but yes. Your spirit. Once on the otherside of the shade, the purpose of your journey is not so clear. We hope you'll be able to figure out what to do. We hope that you'll be able to come back. So, if you're ready, I'll need you to begin telling me about your last nightmare." Levi bends down to the edge of the circle and places her hands on it's burned edge and begins to softly chant.
[16:30] <DarnellJermaine> Ben very crisply and clearly relays what he wrote on the form he turned in to show up here, "I was back on the farm with Ma and Pa. They had me out pulling weeds- milking cows, the usual day to day stuff. Then I heard a scream- I ran as fast as I could but, well, I'm not very fast. Before I could get to the house they were dead- killed by some strange man. I tried to chase after him but he easily got out of my
[16:30] <DarnellJermaine> reach. I looked down at Ma and Pa and did everything I could do to help them- but it was too late. Thankfully, it was just a dream, but it's just one more reason I want to be better- learn first aid, get better at helping people, stop bad guys." he takes a deep breath- it sounds like wind going through a tunnel as he exhales.
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01[16:35] <@LipstickThespian> As Ben talks, nothing very much seems to happen. The room is just a boring underground office used by a researcher with not enough funding. It's when he gets to the part about running as fast that he can that it starts to change. The colors dull a little bit, the world starts to get a bit blurry around the edges. When he gets to the chase, it starts to vibrate, like it's humming a soft tune. Then, as he stops talking, it's like a lightswitch. Ben Trayson is no longer in the school, in the library, in the basement. Ben is in.. a barn. With dirt floors covered with weed and footprints, animal pens that are empty, hay stacks that look a little bit past their prime. The doors are closed, and only the soft light from the loft illuminates the machinery. An old tractor that looks mostly rust, tools that haven't been used in a generation. The sound is slightly muffled, like the wind blowing through the cracks has been turned down. Wood creaking but barely off to the side, never close. And the shadows, large and foreboding, bit and encompassing. They reach, and they reach, and they reach.
[16:37] <DarnellJermaine> Ben stares around him- this looks all too familiar. A neighboring farm? Maybe even…his farm? He can't really tell- he looks to the reaching shadows and finds himself preoccupied. He carefully walks around the perimeter of the area- doing his best to avoid the shadows. The first thing he heads towards is the tractor.
01[16:40] <@LipstickThespian> It's not his farm, maybe a farm he once visited ages ago. Or never visited. The familiar feeling is there but it's distant. Like a childhood memory you can't quite focus on. The perimeter reveals doors in the front and back, and a lot of empty feed sacks. If this was a farm, there's nothing for the animals to eat. Or seeds to plant. Or tools worth using. The tractor, a good old Dear John. Rusted and without wheels, the engine block open and crawling with maggots.
[16:41] <DarnellJermaine> Ben stares at the maggots- bugs were icky- his Ma and Pa used pesticides! He slowly backed away, making his way towards the door in the back to see what the heck was going on around here! This was a strange experience- where did the nice short lady go?
01[16:46] <@LipstickThespian> No pesticides in the wild, where the shadows creep in and reach for every orafice. The door in the back is closed, bolted from the inside with a large chain that seems to have avoided the rust. A padlock the size of Ben's fist holding the rotting wood closed. To waste a lock on such a poor door seems a waist.
[16:48] <DarnellJermaine> Ben thinks about the situation- watching the shadows creep in. Ben may not understand the world around him yet- but he's actually a rather smart fellow. He touches the lock- giving it the magnetic polarity - North. He then moves back to the tractor- touching it and setting it to South. He watches the magic happen.
01[16:50] <@LipstickThespian> Splinters, and the sound of a door breaking into a hundred pieces, as well as part of the wall. As a magnetized lock flies across the barn and slams into the tractor. Denting it, and leaving an open hole for Ben to leave out of to- a farm. It's unmistakable. There's a farmhouse, a chicken coop, and a sky that is pitch as black as the night but seems to give off light. No stars, nothing but a void above. The dead fields around the farm seem to stretch for miles, and miles, and miles. And there's Ben. Standing alone with the dirt and the shadows. And the screams of his parents.
[16:52] <DarnellJermaine> Ben would be smiling at watching his plan work- if it weren't for those screams. That was Ma and Pa…. that was… THAT WAS MA AND PA. Ben isn't very fast- at best he moves at the speed a normal person can lightly jog, but if anyone had been there to see a giant 6'2" 400 lb metal man moving at that speed with that look on his face- they'd probably shit their pants. He moved as fast as he could to the barn.
01[16:55] <@LipstickThespian> But Ben, you were in the barn, weren't you? Why is there another barn? Approaching it, he sees a ripped out door and splintered wood. With a rusing Dear John tractor on the inside that has a padlock implanted into the side. Weren't you just here? The screaming is coming from inside the barn. Or, no, it's inside the farmhouse? Upstairs, from the open window where a piece of leather flows from the window like a mishung curtain.
[16:56] <DarnellJermaine> Ben starts to panic- keep cool, keep cool! Where are those screams coming from?! It sounds like all over… so he focuses. When he closes his eyes and listens, he can feel the different metals around him- he knows which one to specifically search for- the gold of Ma and Pa's wedding bands. What direction are they coming from? That's how he'll know where to go.
01[16:59] <@LipstickThespian> Metal is everywhere. In the ground, in the buildings, not in the void above. There's nothing there, in the darkness that creeps. The direction, the wedding bands? Wedding is dead, Ben. Marriage is a farce. But those old people, they cling to it. There's a ring of gold in the farmhouse kitchen. As well as one in the entryway.
[16:59] <DarnellJermaine> Ben can feel it- he can sense it. Why is one on the ground…. what's going on? He rushes towards the direction of the entryway- no holds barred as he charges once more.
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01[17:01] <@LipstickThespian> The farmhouse is old, older than he remembers. This isn't the house he grew up in, not even close. The walls are a dark oak and seem to be bent in wrong angles. Like the house is tilting to the side slowly. The doorway is just a simple screen door, and beyond it is shadows. No light makes it inside, there's only a screen door between Ben and the screams that dig into his heart.
[17:03] <DarnellJermaine> Ben immediately opens the door- going so fast and not bothering to be careful that he may accidentally rip it off. He wasn't going to be late this time- he was gonna save his Ma and Pa- the only people that ever raised him, loved him, taught him how to read and write and how to be a good boy- and he was gonna hurt whoever or whatever was making them scream.
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01[17:05] <@LipstickThespian> The door opens and Ben finds himself in the farmhouse. Pictures of faceless animals on the walls. A clock that isn't ticking hanging to the side. And there was Pa. If Pa was a large, imposing, mechanical machine with shadow filled eyes and a composition that was mostly bolts. Heavy, seven feet tall, and with oil leaking from it's cracks. There's some things that remind Ben of Pa, the gut, the work boots, the sound of screaming coming from inside it. But the rest feels, wrong?
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[17:07] <DarnellJermaine> Ben is confused- what the…heck (His folks taught him better than to curse!) was going on here? "Pa?" been asked, moving closer to the machine- reaching out to look for metals- this certainly didn't look or seem like Pa, but that scream was certainly his. Ben was actually pretty scared- though it didn't show at all in his expression.
01[17:09] <@LipstickThespian> "You have left the farm to die," The Machine said in a deep voice that was spoken in a volume that didn't fit the space. It sounded like a loudspeaker aimed directly at Ben. There are a lot of metals in the machine, but a void in the middle. Like a shell, wrapped around something and keeping it there. "Why? Why? Why? Your poor mother."
01[17:09] <@LipstickThespian> The screams don't stop. "Your poor mother."
[17:11] <DarnellJermaine> Ben's heart began to feel funny- he didn't like it. This wasn't Pa…this wasn't Ma. He wanted it to be but- no, he knew. They sent him here, /wanted/ him to go here so he wouldn't have to hide- so he could make friends. "YOU'RE NOT PA" he said, bringing his right arm up high and slamming down his elbow to crush in the space between the robot's right shoulder and neck.
01[17:14] <@LipstickThespian> The Robot's neck breaks and Ben's arm goes deep into it. Machinery and gears spew out, as well as oil as a piercing klaxon goes off from the Robot's pain. Can Robots feel pain? It screams and it screams, as pieces of it fall to the ground. It was a great hit, but so far from the void in the middle, or from bringing it down. The Robot raises a claw to try and swipe at Ben's midsection… are there maggots on the claw?
[17:16] <DarnellJermaine> Ben takes the hit- the thing about Ben is other than his sight and hearing, he has very dulled senses. Yeah, he can touch, smell, taste (though eating is gross), but it's a very dulled version of it- he couldn't differ different touches or tastes too much- and it was hard to really identify or get a certain smell. However, on the upside, that applied to pain. Oh yeah, it definitely wasn't good to get hit just
[17:16] <DarnellJermaine> like anyone else- but Ben hardly felt it- just a dull ache, and a dent left in his midsection. He goes again- this time slamming his fist into the robot's chest.
01[17:21] <@LipstickThespian> Metal hitting metal. One a patchwork machine, the other a Child from the farm? The arm puches through the rusing metal and Ben's arm finds itself in something that feels dull. Like a sense of nothingness, like his hand is touching into the void and the darkness all at once and the life in his arm might be dimming. The machine seems to sputter and jerk at this, it's claws trying to punch at Ben and get him off.
[17:24] <DarnellJermaine> Ben raises his arm in the air- shaking it all around- bashing the machine against the nearby walls and furniture as much as he can before he removes his hand- feeling somewhat drained, and strangely funny.
01[17:24] <@LipstickThespian> The screams die down, the screams go away. There is only a metal husk standing there in the entry way of his childhood home. Once a place of love, and warmth. He remembers it, the warm memories that were once here and now turn grey. Gone. Forgotten. Now there is only the past that he left behind, shadows reaching. The machine falls to the ground and the black oil pools on the floor. There is no screaming anymore, Ben. There is only your distant childhood that once was. Far, far, far away.
[17:26] <DarnellJermaine> Ben is saddened by the realization. Most of his childhood was spent in a cave- alone, wondering what he was doing or where he was going. Only at the age of 10 had he found himself on the surface- Ma and Pa finding him shortly after. They loved him, taught him, welcomed them as if he was their own child- which sadly they could never have due to Ma's infertility. He lets out a heavy metallic sigh- he'd cry if his
[17:26] <DarnellJermaine> body was capable. He surveys the farmhouse.
01[17:29] <@LipstickThespian> The Farmhouse? Ben, there was never a farmhouse. You're standing in a field, the wheat seems to be made of metal strands with electrodes on top that spark every now and then. Rolling hills of metal wheat, sparking now and then. A train off the side leading to a wireframe tree made from steel on the top of a hill. There was never a farmhouse. "You were never there," the wind whispers. "You were never theirs."
[17:31] <DarnellJermaine> Ben panics- what was going on? What were these voices? The more immediate worry though- the electric sparks. Been remembered the one and only time he'd run into electricity- his Ma and Pa wanted to try setting up an electric fence to keep the animals in- and well, while setting it up, it went off on him. An electric fence would certainly hurt or burn a person who touched it. Ben? He nearly died- barely escaped
[17:31] <DarnellJermaine> severe brain damage. Him and electricity did /not/ work- his body conducted it too well- sending it directly to his brain. He moved very, /very/, carefully, doing his best to avoid the wheat. He looked around for /anything/ that might stand out against the open fields.
01[17:36] <@LipstickThespian> That's good to be careful, Ben. The sparks are wild out here and the fields. They arch and dance and try to grab at him but can't. Why is there wind? From the void above? There's a tree on the hill at the end of the path. Wireframe, made of steel, and with leaves made of sparks that seem content to stay there and not jump around. The sparks on the wheat seem to circle the tree but ignore it. There's a clearing under the tree, revealing the concrete below it.
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[17:37] <DarnellJermaine> Ben heads for the tree- the only thing standing out from the dangerous fields. He moves to the concrete area under the clearing- that was the only place he had to go.
01[17:40] <@LipstickThespian> Under the tree is a bench made of vines. And sitting at that bench is Levi. The assistant girl, wearing a very simple white summer dress and reading a book made of light. Sparks seem to avoid her, there's no death near life. The shadows don't reach.
[17:44] <DarnellJermaine> He walks over to her- and attempts to give her a big hug- if he makes contact, he does his best not to squeeze. "Glad you're ok. What's going on?" he asks, not letting go if he does manage to get his hug.
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01[17:46] <@LipstickThespian> Levi feels… like flesh. Without the dullness that Ben is used to. Like holding an honest to goodness person. Something that he has only briefly felt memories of. When was the last time Ben ever hugged someone? Without the metal that he was composed of getting in the way? Never? She makes a meek sound and returns the hug. "What's going on?" She repeats.
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[17:48] <DarnellJermaine> Ben hugs people quite a lot- so he knows it shouldn't feel like this. This is weird- abnormal, "You tell me pretty school lady. We were in a room- and you told me to hold the flower and stand by the desk- then I was at the barn, and the farmhouse- and there was a robot there pretending to be Pa! I smashed it to bits- and then I was here, and I saw you" he says, not letting go of the hug. Awkward
01[17:49] <@LipstickThespian> "Oh," Levi answers as she looks at him. "That wasn't me. That was Levi Four Two Six. I am Levi Three Eight Zero. You may call me Levi." There's something about her speech, more robotic than Levi. Something different. She motions to the flower bench next to her.
[17:50] <DarnellJermaine> He sits nearby- making sure to concentrate to see if there was anything metallic on- or in her, ignoring anything that was standard clothing or jewelry. She looked and felt different than robo-Pa, but he wanted to make sure.
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01[17:51] <@LipstickThespian> She has no metal. The bench has no metal. The patch of real grass below them has none. Organics. All of them. Farm raised. Everything on that bench was farm raised. "How was your dream?" Levi-308 asks as she looks up past the tree to the void of black above. Where lightning strikes at nothing and cuts from the void.
[17:53] <DarnellJermaine> "Not fun- a robot pretended to be Pa- so I smashed it up until it couldn't speak. Didn't see anyone- thought I was supposed to help people. I'm just glad to see a familiar face" he says, holding back the urge for more hugs.
01[17:57] <@LipstickThespian> "Oh." Levi-308 says as she listens to the retelling. "You are helping people. Aren't you?" She pauses as she looks over at Ben, the height and size difference is odd. "Don't you help people everyday?"
[17:58] <DarnellJermaine> Ben looks down for a moment- the slightest twinge of a frown on his face. "I try- I really do. Someone died because I wasn't fast enough the other day- I do my best though! I wanted to help Zita make her friend again- I tried to help Elissia and Bob get along- I want to learn first aid" he says, looking back up at her.
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01[18:01] <@LipstickThespian> "Why?" Levi-308 asks. Closing the book of light and setting it in into her lap. The sparks dance around them and illuminate their talk under the wireframe tree. Levi-308's eyes seem distant, and peer into the shadows that reach into Ben's heart. "Why do you want to help people?"
[18:02] <DarnellJermaine> Ben thinks long and hard. He knew he wanted to…but why? He knew why- deep down, "I want to repay the kindness Ma and Pa gave me. If there's people who have no place in the world- I want to make one for them" jeez, how corny is that? Still, he seriously means what he says.
01[18:04] <@LipstickThespian> "Hrm." Levi-308 looked at him and considered the thought as she looks at him. "No. That's not it. That isn't why. Please try again, without using your emotions. Your model shouldn't have the emotions enabled, after all."
[18:05] <DarnellJermaine> Ben looks at the lady- he has no clue what she's talking about… "Model? No emotions? Sorry, I don't understand. I want to help people- that's why. What do you mean?"
01[18:08] <@LipstickThespian> "Have you ever questioned why you are here, or have you always operated as if things come at face value. You look human, thus, you must act human. As your programming dictates. Correct me if I'm wrong."
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[18:10] <DarnellJermaine> Ben is unsure what to make of this- he was human, though he may be made almost entirely of Nickel- at least Ma and Pa said he was. What was this lady talking about? "I don't know what you mean- I came here because there was a form to help people- I want to help people. I feel it's the right thing- and something someone needs to step up and do. I don't know how else to answer your question"
01[18:13] <@LipstickThespian> "You need to consider more than you have considered." Levi-308 places an oddly organic hand onto his shoulder and looks at him with human eyes. "Your Mother and Father, did you know them?"
[18:14] <DarnellJermaine> He looks down for a moment, "They loved me. They took me in- but I am sad to say I didn't. Most my life was spent wandering caverns underground- wondering what my life meant. Only these last 5 years of my life were spent with them- and then I arrived at the school so I could be around others like me and not have to hide"
01[18:15] <@LipstickThespian> "I am not speaking of the people you refer to as Ma and Pa. I am refering to your Mother, and your Father. Earth, and Stone. Have you met them before?" Levi-308 seems clinical compared to Ben.
[18:17] <DarnellJermaine> Ben seemed surprised she knew that- "I came from the Earth- I know I can feel the stones- the metals, but I never imagined they were living. Are they like me? Do they move and speak?" he asked- he had no idea. Now he was drawn in to her words.
01[18:18] <@LipstickThespian> "Have you ever tried speaking to them?" Levi-308 asks. "You seem to be too busy playing human to talk to them. Or know yourself. Don't you find it odd how quickly you've adopted the life of a person?"
[18:19] <DarnellJermaine> He seems shocked- it had never even occurred to him. "Is that…possible?"
01[18:22] <@LipstickThespian> "Will you be my friend?" Levi-308 asks him. "If you promise to be my friend, then I'll tell you how to help them."
[18:25] <DarnellJermaine> Ben is bewildered by the question, "Of course- I like friends!" he says, the slightest form of a smile on his face.
01[18:26] <@LipstickThespian> "Then you have to strip away your nature." Levi-308 says, motioning to the field around them and the tree above. "Overcome it. Release the spirits bound to this tree, and let them be free to live once again. They want it, and you need to give it to them."
[18:27] <DarnellJermaine> Ben nods his head once, "How do I do it? I will free them" he says, looking at the tree. Ben wasn't quite sure what she meant- but he could feel something she was saying seemed real- true.
01[18:28] <@LipstickThespian> "You've made yourself Organic," Levi-308 says as she looks at him. "Now give yourself to this tree. Change the world, Ben. That's what you were born to do."
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[18:29] <DarnellJermaine> Still unsure what she means- he looks to the tree. Well- he does the first thing he can think of- he hugs it.
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01[18:35] <@LipstickThespian> Damn hippy treehugger. Electric sparks around the branches and the leaves start to glow brightly as it arcs down and starts to jolt Ben. Loud cracking and the sizzling of electric current running into him and then, the metal of the tree gives way. To bark. Lovely brown bark, filled with the electric current that runs through him and the powerful spark in his heart. Crackling and bursting, the leaves pop like firecrackers above and leaves green flowers in their wake. Soft branches form and then there's a canopy. And then a lightly singed Ben, smelling like a recent fire and feeling electric, is hugging an honest to goodness tree.
[18:38] <DarnellJermaine> He feels like he's going to die- just as bad, maybe worse than the fence? But why wasn't he unconscious- or worse- dead? Still, he's hugging the tree- until it turns to normal. He slowly backs away, looking at Levi. "Did I do it?"
01[18:39] <@LipstickThespian> "You did," Levi-308 says with a smile. "Life is wonderful, don't you think?"
[18:39] <DarnellJermaine> "Life? What do you mean…" (is something different about Ben now?)
01[18:42] <@LipstickThespian> Ben is Ben. Ben has always been Ben. Ben has been and Ben will be. That is Ben. "Living, being alive, don't you like it?"
[18:43] <DarnellJermaine> He blinks once- slowly. "Yeah… yeah, I guess I do!"
01[18:44] <@LipstickThespian> "Ben. I have a question." Levi-308 asks plainly. "Will you always be my friend?"
[18:45] <DarnellJermaine> He looks down at her and tilts his head to the side *creeeak* "I just met you- but I like friends. You're very nice- maybe strange to me though. I like you" he gives her another hug, "So sure!"
01[18:46] <@LipstickThespian> Levi-308 smiles. "You've helped someone today, will you do it again?"
[18:46] <DarnellJermaine> He nods his head once. "Helping people is nice" he hugs her a bit tighter- friends were great! Especially when their hugs felt like this- they never usually felt like this.
01[18:48] <@LipstickThespian> "Tell me," Levi-308 says as a few leaves fall from the tree in a fresh breeze. "About your last happy dream."
[18:49] <DarnellJermaine> "It was a replay of my memories- maybe exaggerated a bit. I was coming out of the caverns- seeing sun light for the first time- and Ma and Pa were right there- smiling. They helped me up and hugged me. It was…nice"
01[18:50] <@LipstickThespian> Levi-308 nods along as he talks. And as the sun light comes out for the first time, the Shade lifts. And Levi-426 is kneeling there with her hands on the floor watching him. Chanting under her breath as she watches his eyes come back into focus. The hug feels warm.
[18:53] <DarnellJermaine> (are there 2 levi's now in one place?)
01[18:54] <@LipstickThespian> Ben is standing by the desk, holding a stone mine flower, looking at the only Levi in the room.
01[18:54] <@LipstickThespian> As it was, so it is.
[18:54] <DarnellJermaine> Ben walks over to the Levi on the ground, kneeling down and giving her a big hug. "You ok?" he asks
01[18:56] <@LipstickThespian> Levi is hugged and breaks from her trance of chanting, giving a small laugh and giving him a hug in return. "I'm fine, you were gone for quite a while. Are you okay? You smell like… burnt toast."
02[18:56] * Felicity (moc.rr.ser.cn.401-96-69-03-joy|xineohP#moc.rr.ser.cn.401-96-69-03-joy|xineohP) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[18:57] <DarnellJermaine> He nods his head once- he doesn't break the hug. "There was another you! It was weird! Scary at first- but at the end it was nice!" wow, real descriptive Ben.
01[18:58] <@LipstickThespian> "That sounds, interesting." Levi says with a laugh as she pats him on the back, gently. Trying to get him off her. "Did you, uh, help him?"
[18:59] <DarnellJermaine> "I think so. The other you said I did- I hugged them too! Well, first I hugged a tree"
01[18:59] <@LipstickThespian> "I'm glad you helped him," Levi says with a launch. "You- hugged a tree? Really?"
[19:01] <DarnellJermaine> "Yeah- it was metal, but then it became real. I'm not sure what happened- but it was nice! But… why are there two of you?"
01[19:04] <@LipstickThespian> "Well, it's difficult to explain. There aren't two of me, Ben. There aren't two of you, either. That tree wasn't a tree, it was a manifestation of your perception. Twisted by the shade. It was also Daniel Hawkorn, a Bank Manager from Nova Scotia who has been in a coma for three years due to the shade." Levi laughs. "It's all very difficult."
[19:04] <DarnellJermaine> "Daniel Hawkorn? Who is that? Is he…ok?"
01[19:07] <@LipstickThespian> "He is now," Levi says with a nod. "The Shade is a nefarious thing. It holds people, binds them, makes them suffer. By doing this, we can reach out to them and pull them back into the light. How that happens is bent by the person doing it. In your case, hugging a tree, but a safe return means that you've helped him. I don't know the details quite yet, but we'll have people check up on him. This is good. Taking power from the shade is good.
[19:08] <DarnellJermaine> Ben is a bit confused about the situation- but he is rather smart. He starts to piece together what she's talking about- beginning to understand the situation. "So I helped? Does that mean I'm accepted for the program? I'd like to help more people if I can" he nods his head once for emphasis.
01[19:10] <@LipstickThespian> "You helped." Levi says with a laugh, "you were already accepted Ben. This just means you're good at what you do. I'm glad we can have you be a part of this. I'm going to send some papers to you after this to fill out, and send back. Hopefully we can send you out again, alright with you?"
[19:11] <DarnellJermaine> He nods his head- twice! A smile is on his face- not easy for his metallic muscles to form. He's really, /really/ happy. "Thank you! I want to help more, thank you!" he hugs her, tighter this time- lifting her off the ground a bit even.
01[19:18] <@LipstickThespian> "Oh and uh, Ben?" Levi says as she squeaks from the tight hug and is lifted. "You don't have to hug so /tight/." Her voice goes up an octave from the squeeze as her air escapes her.
[19:20] <DarnellJermaine> Ben would blush, again, if his body was capable. He gently sets her down, "Sorry, I got excited"

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