Magic Mushroom

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May 20 20:03:50 <Kioku> lol
May 20 20:03:56 <Rose27> Lol
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May 20 20:04:28 <SavanahHolland> Wendy walks up to the gate, looking around for a semblance of a idea to what has been going on.
May 20 20:04:50 * SolongStarbird (~moc.rr.ser.anilorac.1E022CA-CRInys|atSgnoloS#moc.rr.ser.anilorac.1E022CA-CRInys|atSgnoloS) has joined
May 20 20:05:04 <FakemixRed> Eira is hopping up and down uncontrollably
May 20 20:05:16 <FakemixRed> Her brass knuckles are already equipped
May 20 20:05:57 <SirGoldfish> Bryce is there with some documents 'n' ths such. "This everyone?"
May 20 20:06:14 <SolongStarbird> Val is rushing down the hall, tucking his book away. Though his face maintains a neutral expression, you can ttell that he is both excited and worried.
May 20 20:06:30 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks around "We should wait a few more minutes for everyone else."
May 20 20:06:52 <Kioku> Aiko comes to the gate curiously… finally re-aquainted with her backpack and cane.
May 20 20:06:52 <SirGoldfish> "Aye." He looks a bit nervous.
May 20 20:07:33 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives a wave to Aiko "Hey!"
May 20 20:08:19 <Kioku> Aiko smiles toward the voice and moves over to Wendy. "Hey. Did I miss anything? How've you been?"
May 20 20:08:55 <Rose27> Rose stands there quietly
May 20 20:08:58 <FakemixRed> "Hey hey, who are we beating up?" Eira asks Bryce
May 20 20:09:00 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods "I've been good, just trying to figure a way to make flowers "Immortal."
May 20 20:09:14 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives a quick Wave to Rose
May 20 20:10:15 <Rose27> Rose waves to Wendy
May 20 20:10:20 <Kioku> "…" \Would immortal flowers draw a reaper?\ She giggles.
May 20 20:10:20 <SolongStarbird> Val stands there. He looks as though he is mentally preparing himself.
May 20 20:11:22 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks back to bryce after sharing a giggle with Aiko "I think everyone's here now."
May 20 20:12:10 <SolongStarbird> "Me, Minami, Rose, Wendy, and Eira… is it just us five?"
May 20 20:12:48 <Kioku> Aiko looks confused, sniffs the air, then turns toward Rose, waving her over.
May 20 20:13:34 <Kioku> "Four or five seems a usual team…"
May 20 20:13:34 <Rose27> Rose approaches Aiko "H-hello"
May 20 20:13:37 <SirGoldfish> Bryce nods at the 5. "This should be enough… Alright, so the GWU got an assignment for ya'll. You're gonna be going out to a small rural community out about 100 or so miles from 'ere. Apparently there is a massive underground cavern system filled with a 'a literal Forest of mushroom' We want you to see what the community knows and, eh secure the mushrooms."
May 20 20:13:54 <Kioku> \Mushrooms?May 20 20:14:26 <SolongStarbird> ./Seems pretty safe to me/ Val exhales.
May 20 20:14:54 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods "Are the mushrooms safe to be around? Is there anything else we should know?"
May 20 20:15:10 <FakemixRed> "The drug kind? i'm sorry I no longer work for cartels." Eira shakes her head
May 20 20:16:28 <SirGoldfish> "The town has been apparently been having spells of weird dreams and, eh, other "phenomon
May 20 20:16:55 <FakemixRed> "I sold weed like once! And it's totally legal in Norway!" Eira panicks
May 20 20:18:00 <SavanahHolland> Wendy closes her eyes, thinking that it might be dangerous especially without a answer "Should we all wear those masks, just in case? A cavern full of giant mushrooms could be dangerous to breath in.."
May 20 20:18:09 <SavanahHolland> She lets out a small sigh
May 20 20:18:11 <SolongStarbird> ./phenomenon doo doo dee doo doo… heh… the muppets…/ Val snaps back into focus.
May 20 20:18:32 <SirGoldfish> "Well, to complicate matters. We have reason to believe that the Bureau is present, so you may need to defuse their efforts."
May 20 20:18:43 <Kioku> Aiko sticks close to Rose and Wendy. \So, the three of us again. No matter who else changes in the mission groups… I feel like I can count on these two.May 20 20:19:03 <Kioku> Aiko snaps to attention. "Bureau?"
May 20 20:19:19 <SolongStarbird> ./Bureau, eh?/
May 20 20:19:25 <SirGoldfish> He nods. "Any questions?"
May 20 20:19:49 <Kioku> "Well, the mask question was a good one for sure…"
May 20 20:20:36 <SirGoldfish> "Masks?" He asks curiously.
May 20 20:20:46 <SavanahHolland> (Wendy asked that!)
May 20 20:20:52 <SirGoldfish> (I know)
May 20 20:22:01 <SolongStarbird> "In case the mushrooms give off spores, perhaps?"
May 20 20:22:33 <SirGoldfish> "If you're referring to gas masks, those will be provided."
May 20 20:22:46 <SavanahHolland> "Alright good."
May 20 20:23:57 <FakemixRed> "I just need my fists, but I guess some extra help isn't bad." Eira says smugly
May 20 20:24:28 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives a small giggle at Eira's comments
May 20 20:25:10 <SolongStarbird> Val smiles. Laughter is good.
May 20 20:25:19 <SirGoldfish> "Well, I am gonna give you a doc with information we've collected and a map of the town itself."
May 20 20:26:06 <SavanahHolland> (Is he handing out one, or everyone gets on?)
May 20 20:26:13 <SavanahHolland> (*one)
May 20 20:26:23 <Kioku> Aiko stretches. \Good time to get my laptop back then.May 20 20:26:37 <Rose27> Rose stands there watching Bryce
May 20 20:26:40 <SirGoldfish> (Everyone gets a copy)
May 20 20:27:03 <SolongStarbird> Val receives the map, giving a nod of gratitude.
May 20 20:27:50 <FakemixRed> Eira holds up the map upside down. "Got it, this map is stupid."
May 20 20:28:04 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a copy, giving a brief lookover with a small nod and looks to Bryce "Are we taking the jeep?"
May 20 20:28:05 <Kioku> (digital copy, or do I need to start taking pictures?)
May 20 20:28:18 <SirGoldfish> (Need to take pictures)
May 20 20:28:26 <Rose27> Rose looks at her copy
May 20 20:28:30 <Kioku> (… Can I look up a map of said town online to correlate?)
May 20 20:28:32 <SirGoldfish> He hands you all a patch and a brace.
May 20 20:28:40 <Kioku> Aiko grumbles at the brace.
May 20 20:28:54 <SirGoldfish> (Yeah, the there is a map online)
May 20 20:29:02 <FakemixRed> Eira slaps them on without hesitation. then afterwards realizes. "Wait what do these do?"
May 20 20:29:06 <SirGoldfish> "Please put these on."
May 20 20:29:38 <Kioku> With a heavy sigh, Aiko asks, "What are the brace's parameters this time? Will it be distance from you again, since this is so far from the school?"
May 20 20:29:38 <SolongStarbird> Val obeys. /They really don't waant to lose us…./
May 20 20:30:07 <SirGoldfish> Bryce looks to Wendy, "Yup, just hop in my jeep."
May 20 20:30:54 <SirGoldfish> "You can not get more than 20 miles away from me this time around."
May 20 20:31:23 <SavanahHolland> Wendy lets out a small mhm and walks closer to Aiko and Rose, keeping a eye on the two.
May 20 20:31:53 <FakemixRed> Eira vaults in "Let's get this show on the road!"
May 20 20:32:51 <SirGoldfish> "And because of the last mission's incident. They've given me a button to knock you out." He hops in the drivers seat of the jeep.
May 20 20:33:25 <SavanahHolland> Wendy grabs Eira, pulling her into the small group of girls, taking/ or more dragging them all to the jeep
May 20 20:33:26 <SolongStarbird> ./What incident?/ Val wonders.
May 20 20:33:26 <Kioku> Aiko hooks up the brace, patches her shirt shoulder, and takes a few pictures of the map to correlate with her online data. "You mean what happened with Ju? Just don't hit it accidentally… I hope there's a confirm switch or something."
May 20 20:33:41 <SolongStarbird> Val joins them on the jeep.
May 20 20:34:28 <Rose27> Rose sits in the shotgun seat
May 20 20:34:35 <FakemixRed> Eira giggles, "It's like a field trip." she says to Wendy and Aiko
May 20 20:34:45 <SolongStarbird> ./Ju?/ Val thinks about Ju's way of thinking. /Actually, that sounds like something he'd try…/
May 20 20:35:28 <SirGoldfish> He starts driving once everyone gets in. "Yeah, when some kids threatens suicide and threatens to knock out an adult: things tend to change."
May 20 20:35:31 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods to Eira sitting between both Eira and Aiko.
May 20 20:35:58 <Kioku> "So… we should make sure we can coordinate well. Wendy, Rose and I know pretty well what each other can do, but gotta keep everyone in the loop."
May 20 20:36:24 <SavanahHolland> "I think Eira knows what i can do, right?"
May 20 20:36:40 <FakemixRed> "I can drain heat from things, oh and sorta fly. just a little. Also fire will knock me out, so Wendy has to be careful." Eira nods
May 20 20:36:41 <SolongStarbird> Val continues to quietly think. /Interesting… Ju does seem like a rebel… Makes me wonder about that deal…/
May 20 20:37:06 <Kioku> "Either of you good in close-quarters? We might not be able to use powers, if there are townspeaople around. And if we encounter Bureau, avoiding a fight… might not be an option."
May 20 20:37:07 <FakemixRed> "I can also make ice, but I need water to do a lot, and I only have room for one water bottle." Eira sulks
May 20 20:37:30 <Kioku> "Well.. I know Eira is already."
May 20 20:37:34 <SolongStarbird> Val raises his hand "I can do close quarter pretty well."
May 20 20:37:37 <Rose27> "I-i can make w-water….." Rose says from the front
May 20 20:37:40 <FakemixRed> Instead of anwsering, Eira just raises her brass knuckles as her response.
May 20 20:38:03 <SavanahHolland> "Eira, I can probably make you immune to well.." She giggles "Me, for like ten minutes. Never really got a change to time it."
May 20 20:38:13 <Kioku> "Wendy?"
May 20 20:38:23 <SolongStarbird> In response, Val raises a fist, which starts to glow.
May 20 20:38:25 <Kioku> Aiko points to her blindfold with a questioning look.
May 20 20:38:47 <SavanahHolland> "Hm?' Wendy looks to Aiko slightly confused
May 20 20:38:51 <Rose27> Rose focuses on the road
May 20 20:39:06 <Kioku> "May I…" She shuffles nervously.
May 20 20:39:26 <SolongStarbird> After exchanging a look with Eira, Val's hand returns to nromal and he puts it down.
May 20 20:41:56 <SavanahHolland> Wendy's nods a small nod "Sure" She bites her lip nervously
May 20 20:42:13 <Kioku> Aiko lets out a breath. \Just the one power, just the one power… gotta focus…May 20 20:42:16 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+4
May 20 20:42:17 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{6}
May 20 20:42:30 <SirGoldfish> Oh yeah she totes knows
May 20 20:42:36 <Kioku> "Fifteen minutes."
May 20 20:42:50 <Kioku> "Temperature, fire, light."
May 20 20:42:59 <FakemixRed> "I only need 2 minutes to defeat an enemy." Eira yells
May 20 20:43:06 <SavanahHolland> "So that's how long? Sounds better than ten.." She laughs
May 20 20:43:21 <SavanahHolland> "I tried it on Lucette a few days ago and it was pretty cool."
May 20 20:43:58 <Kioku> Aiko smiles sheepishly and nods, then twists her leg slightly and flicks out the knife in her ankle holster. "Well, Eira, Valentin. Either of you think you could use this? It's a bit better at dealing with supernatural things…"
May 20 20:44:25 <FakemixRed> "I used knives all the time in my street brawling days."
May 20 20:44:46 <FakemixRed> "and bats, you got any supernatural bats?" Eira pokes the side of the knife
May 20 20:44:57 <SolongStarbird> "If I can get my aura to cooperate with it, I'm sure I can improvise with my knowledge of martial arts.
May 20 20:45:43 <Rose27> "I-i c-could m-m-make a b-bat….."
May 20 20:46:08 <FakemixRed> "Well would it do the same thing the knife does?"
May 20 20:46:24 <Rose27> "N-no…….."
May 20 20:46:57 <Kioku> "It's more in case you don't have a chance to use your powers…" Aiko frowns slightly. "Rose, how're you with your knife? Heh. We really should've asked for two each."
May 20 20:47:01 <FakemixRed> Eira just pats Rose on the shoulder, which is difficult because of her short stature
May 20 20:47:15 <SolongStarbird> "So… Just so I know what I'm working with… Cold, fire, technology, and…summoning, right?"
May 20 20:47:23 <Rose27> "P-pretty g-good….."
May 20 20:47:56 <SavanahHolland> "Yup, and if push comes to shove i'll help Eira out so I don't burn her" She laughs
May 20 20:48:42 <SolongStarbird> "Am I right? Fire, cold, technology, and summoning, that is what you do?"
May 20 20:48:58 <Kioku> Aiko hums and passes the kinfe to Eira. "We might not have a water supply, and your powers don't need an outside source, Val. But I can also work with electricity, if that matters."
May 20 20:49:19 <SavanahHolland> "That's the basics I guess?"
May 20 20:49:20 <Rose27> "I-i c-can m-make w-water……"
May 20 20:49:26 <Kioku> "Rose? How much water do you think you'd get at a time?"
May 20 20:49:28 <Rose27> Rose says
May 20 20:49:30 <Rose27> again
May 20 20:49:37 <Kioku> (I was getting to that!!)
May 20 20:49:38 <Rose27> "N-no c-clue……"
May 20 20:49:51 <FakemixRed> Eira takes the knife and tucks it into one of her dress pockets. "How many uses does the knife have? seems rather shoddily made."
May 20 20:49:51 <SolongStarbird> "Ah… electricty… May I try something, Minami?"
May 20 20:50:57 <Kioku> "No clue, Eira." Aiko turns toward Val. "Is it something that would be dangerous to do while we're in a moving vehicle?"
May 20 20:51:21 <SavanahHolland> Wendy scoots closer to Aiko at Val's words
May 20 20:51:49 <SolongStarbird> "…hmmm… I'm not entirely sure. I suppose I will wait to try for when we get where we are going then…"
May 20 20:52:43 <SolongStarbird> "It might do something to the vehicle. Better safe than sorry."
May 20 20:53:37 <Kioku> Aiko nods and waits for either the rest of the trip, or until further synergy discussion calls for her.
May 20 20:54:08 <SolongStarbird> Val decides it best to remain silent of r the rest of the ride, to prepare himself.
May 20 20:54:59 <SavanahHolland> Wendy decides to make awkward small talk with Aiko and Eira during the rest of the trip
May 20 20:55:17 <FakemixRed> (I think we're ready goldy.)
May 20 20:58:30 <SirGoldfish> Eventually after awhile of Bryce speeding you end up the small rural community to NorthPass! The town is extremly sparse with no one walking around outside. Just past the barren town you can see rolling hills with farms sitting on top of them.
May 20 20:58:53 <SirGoldfish> Something odd to note is that the grass in NorthPass is a deep blue color.
May 20 20:59:05 <SolongStarbird> "Hmm… oddly barren… and strange grasss…"
May 20 20:59:10 <Rose27> "B-bluegrass….."
May 20 20:59:18 <Rose27> Rose giggles at her own joke
May 20 20:59:21 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a breath, finally done with all the awkward small talk but now thinking aloud "Why is the grass blue?"
May 20 20:59:44 <SolongStarbird> Val smiles. "Bluegrass."
May 20 21:00:37 <Kioku> Aiko is just confused.
May 20 21:00:41 <FakemixRed> "Maybe because the grass secretly hides smurfs!" Eira starts accusing the grass of hiding smurfs from her
May 20 21:00:53 <Kioku> \Bluegrass? Smurfs?May 20 21:01:00 <SirGoldfish> Sadly, Eira finds no smurfs in the grass.
May 20 21:01:22 <FakemixRed> "I know you're in there you blue bastards!" Eira screams
May 20 21:01:29 <SavanahHolland> "Aiko do you have a phone, camera thing I can use to show you the grass?"
May 20 21:01:33 <SirGoldfish> Immediately in front of you is a diner and a couple of town houses just over yander.
May 20 21:01:46 <Kioku> "Wendy… the phone I gave you has cameras."
May 20 21:01:57 <Kioku> "You have one now, remember?"
May 20 21:02:04 <Kioku> Aiko giggles and grins.
May 20 21:02:46 <SavanahHolland> Wendy lets out a small gasp and giggles, pointing the camera to the grass "Do you have to connect? Or do you just see it?"
May 20 21:02:51 <SolongStarbird> "Now that we are here, I think it would be safe to try."
May 20 21:03:30 <SolongStarbird> "My trick, I mean…"
May 20 21:03:43 <Kioku> Aiko shrugs. "Cameras like that are kinda effortless, so I'll go ahead and connect to it… and the ones I brought along…" She gives a questioning look toward Val.
May 20 21:04:04 <Kioku> "… Blue indeed."
May 20 21:04:28 <SolongStarbird> I was going to try something on the jeep, but that seemed kind of dangerous, but now that we are here, who want to see my most eam-friendly asset?"
May 20 21:04:28 * FakemixRed2 (ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
May 20 21:04:33 <FakemixRed2> back
May 20 21:04:41 <SavanahHolland> Wendy continues to hold the camera to the grass then looking to Val "What are you planning?" She puffs her cheeks in detest.
May 20 21:05:01 <SolongStarbird> "I need a volunteer."
May 20 21:05:14 <Rose27> "I volunteer as tribute…."
May 20 21:05:22 <SavanahHolland> Wendy giggles at Rose
May 20 21:05:51 <SolongStarbird> "…hmm… alright."
May 20 21:05:51 * jackielegs (ten.xoc.rb.rb.8A47EAE2-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.rb.rb.8A47EAE2-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
May 20 21:06:02 <Kioku> Aiko looks slightly more confused.
May 20 21:06:15 <SolongStarbird> (important info i need: what color is rose's aura?)
May 20 21:06:27 <Rose27> (……From me?)
May 20 21:06:27 * FakemixRed has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
May 20 21:06:40 <SolongStarbird> (yes, you decide.)
May 20 21:06:48 <Kioku> (You're the one who sees them, don't colors mean different things to different people?)
May 20 21:06:56 <SavanahHolland> Wendy puts a hand on Aiko's shoulder, pointing the camera at Val, her cheeks still puffed at the idea
May 20 21:06:57 <Rose27> (………Hold up……I'll get the palett out…)
May 20 21:07:08 * FakemixRed2 is now known as FakemixRed
May 20 21:07:09 <SolongStarbird> 9
May 20 21:07:27 * jackielegs has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
May 20 21:07:38 <SolongStarbird> (finger slipped) (each person has a color. It's not up to me to decide)
May 20 21:08:10 <Rose27> ( Apple green….)
May 20 21:08:20 <SolongStarbird> (got it)
May 20 21:08:59 <SolongStarbird> Val raised his hand, and it began to glow it's mornal reddish-pink shade of aura. Val focused on Rose.
May 20 21:09:24 <SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+3 aura tap rose
May 20 21:09:25 <Uradicemon> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+3 aura tap rose —> [ 4d3=8 ]{3}
May 20 21:09:26 <Rose27> Rose stands there and holds up the sign
May 20 21:10:47 <SolongStarbird> (need a read)
May 20 21:11:04 <Rose27> (on?0
May 20 21:11:06 <Rose27> 8)
May 20 21:11:08 <Rose27> )
May 20 21:12:25 <SolongStarbird> (I technically need a read for this, but should we just go on and say I succeeded?)
May 20 21:12:54 <SirGoldfish> So what's Eira, Aiko, and Wendy doing?
May 20 21:13:29 <SolongStarbird> (Watching me demonstrate one of my powers so they know what I can do before we get going)
May 20 21:13:53 <SolongStarbird> (Can I get a read Gold?)
May 20 21:13:59 <SirGoldfish> What do you want?
May 20 21:14:06 <SirGoldfish> What does a read mean?
May 20 21:14:24 <SolongStarbird> (read my roll)
May 20 21:14:43 * UltimixRed (~ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|eRximitlU#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|eRximitlU) has joined
May 20 21:15:51 * FakemixRed has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
May 20 21:15:55 <SirGoldfish> He knows that She's shy and her abilities have to do with pulling things from books.
May 20 21:17:32 <SolongStarbird> (no… do I suceed in tapping her and temporarily adopting part of her abilities?)
May 20 21:17:49 <SirGoldfish> No you do not.
May 20 21:19:13 * OthermixRed (ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
May 20 21:20:35 <SirGoldfish> So, what does the gang decide to do?
May 20 21:20:39 <SolongStarbird> Val grunts. and his fist stops glowing. "Grr…. I fail so hard sometimes. Nevermind that. I should just tell you I can briefly adopt part of your ability into my aura."
May 20 21:21:08 <SolongStarbird> "I didn't need to try and demonstrate. Sorry for wasting your time."
May 20 21:21:17 <SolongStarbird> "Let's just go."
May 20 21:21:30 <OthermixRed> "Let's just go and do this mission quick. it's hot here." Eira whines
May 20 21:21:52 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes Aiko and Rose's wrist in each hand, giving them a second then dragging them along
May 20 21:21:52 <SirGoldfish> It's actually rather cool here.
May 20 21:22:10 <Kioku> (It's still winter, after all…)
May 20 21:22:10 <SolongStarbird> "Yes… sorry for utterly failing. I hope that doesn't happen in a combat situation…"
May 20 21:22:25 <OthermixRed> (well to EIra, cool is still warm)
May 20 21:22:29 <Kioku> Aiko smiles at the moment given to prepare and follows Wendy without issue.
May 20 21:23:00 <Rose27> Rose follows Wendy
May 20 21:23:11 <SolongStarbird> Val goes silent. /Well dangit. I just made a fool of myself. I should have been able to do that no problem…/
May 20 21:23:19 <SolongStarbird> Val follows them.
May 20 21:24:03 <OthermixRed> Eira rushes in headfirst
May 20 21:24:11 <Kioku> \… Oh no…May 20 21:25:22 <Kioku> Aiko lets out a breath. "So… gas mask time?"
May 20 21:25:30 <Kioku> (Are any locals around outside?)
May 20 21:25:58 <SavanahHolland> "Oh yeah, do you think Bryce has them?"
May 20 21:25:59 <SirGoldfish> (There are no locals outside, but there are a few in the diner.)
May 20 21:26:04 <SolongStarbird> (I believe Gold said it looked pretty abandoned)
May 20 21:26:13 <SolongStarbird> (Ah.)
May 20 21:26:22 <SavanahHolland> "Though we should keep them off till we get inside the mushroom place, might scare off locals" She laughs
May 20 21:28:19 <Kioku> "Hmm…" Aiko reviews the previous camera-view of the grass. \What would cause that… in relation to mushrooms?May 20 21:28:40 <SirGoldfish> Before going to the Mushroom grove you have to go deeper into the town.
May 20 21:29:22 <SavanahHolland> "We should talk to someone, there might be a Mayor who has a idea of what's going on, have someone describe the dreams too."
May 20 21:29:24 <Kioku> "Well. First part of our job was to find out what the residents know, so…"
May 20 21:29:30 <SolongStarbird> Val is trying to get over his recent embarrassment. "Should we go into the diner maybe?"
May 20 21:29:57 <Kioku> "Sure… but if they ask what we're doing here, let's try to all keep to the same story, okay?"
May 20 21:30:13 <Rose27> "W-which is?"
May 20 21:30:16 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives a small nod
May 20 21:30:18 <OthermixRed> "Report!" Eira says raising her hand
May 20 21:30:23 <OthermixRed> "School report!"
May 20 21:30:31 <SolongStarbird> Val's glum look lightens /Surely they will forget soon…/
May 20 21:30:31 <Rose27> "O-o-on?"
May 20 21:30:34 <Kioku> Aiko points at Eira. "What about?"
May 20 21:30:59 <OthermixRed> Eira looks at Aiko blankly. "I always just said school stuff and no one asked."
May 20 21:31:02 <SavanahHolland> "Mushrooms?" Wendy muses
May 20 21:31:08 <SolongStarbird> "Public relations in small towns?"
May 20 21:31:21 <Rose27> "M-mushrooms….."
May 20 21:31:55 <SolongStarbird> "That would help… since we are actualy looking for mushrooms…."
May 20 21:31:58 <Kioku> Aiko shakes her head at Val. "Too specific, we don't want to be memorable. Although mushrooms gives us a good reason to be asking what we are…"
May 20 21:32:43 <Rose27> "A-and w-which s-school? If w-we s-say Sunnybrook and the Bureau is here….."
May 20 21:32:45 <SavanahHolland> "How would we ask about dreams though? It might a stretch to connect the two without being suspicous."
May 20 21:33:01 <Kioku> "Sure. School report on properties and dangers of edible fungi and how to identify them."
May 20 21:33:10 <Kioku> "Dreams could fall under possible dangers, right?"
May 20 21:33:11 <OthermixRed> "Mushrooms are symbols of higher thought in some cultures." Eira says
May 20 21:33:19 <Rose27> "Y-yeag…….."
May 20 21:33:22 <Rose27> *yeah
May 20 21:33:26 <Kioku> Aiko turns slowly toward Eira. "… I like it."
May 20 21:33:26 <SolongStarbird> "Minami, could you look up the local highschools here?"
May 20 21:33:39 <OthermixRed> "Especially some remote tribes, I read it somewhere in my textbook."
May 20 21:33:41 <SolongStarbird> "That way we have a school to be from."
May 20 21:33:51 <Rose27> "G-good thinking V-val…."
May 20 21:33:53 <Kioku> "Can't be too local, they'll know we're not from here. I'll check ones in big towns in a 30 mile radius."
May 20 21:34:28 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+8 research, gotta have lots of knowledge on the school to pass for students just in case
May 20 21:34:28 <SolongStarbird> "Good idea." Val falls silent again.
May 20 21:34:29 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+8 research, gotta have lots of knowledge on the school to pass for students just in case —> [ 4d3=7 ]{7}
May 20 21:34:57 <SirGoldfish> (What exactly is Aiko trying to do?)
May 20 21:35:10 <SirGoldfish> (Nvm)
May 20 21:35:23 <Kioku> (Search for high schools in towns in a 30 mile radius, and get the info to pass for students from them. Not this town.)
May 20 21:35:53 * SavanahHolland has quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
May 20 21:36:27 <SirGoldfish> Aiko, the closest school is Charleston Charter. There symbol is a bee.
May 20 21:37:16 <Kioku> \A charter school… that'll work, as long as nobody from this town attends.\ "Who here wants to be the Charleston Bees?"
May 20 21:37:27 <Kioku> "Charter school, pretty nearby."
May 20 21:37:30 <Rose27> "S-sure…."
May 20 21:37:41 <SolongStarbird> "Alright."
May 20 21:37:52 <OthermixRed> "Alright." Eira says bored
May 20 21:38:27 <Kioku> "So… reseraching mushrooms and their place in cultures as a symbol of higher thought. Sound good?"
May 20 21:38:39 <OthermixRed> "Yep."
May 20 21:38:51 <Rose27> "o-ok"
May 20 21:38:53 * SavanahHolland (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS) has joined
May 20 21:39:02 <SolongStarbird> "Yes."
May 20 21:41:00 <Kioku> Aiko lets out a deep breath and nods. "Alright! Time to see some locals!" She grins at the collaboration of ideas and organization.
May 20 21:41:38 <SavanahHolland> "We should also ask around for a mayor, or someone with info on the forest."
May 20 21:42:00 <SolongStarbird> *sigh* "Let's go then."
May 20 21:42:34 <Kioku> "Mmh. Let's not split up if Bureau might be around, but yeah, couldn't hurt to start there."
May 20 21:43:15 <OthermixRed> "I'll leave the talking to you guys, I'm no good at that." Eira says putting away her brass knuckles
May 20 21:43:47 <Kioku> Aiko quickly puts a finger on the tip of her nose.
May 20 21:44:09 <SavanahHolland> Wendy giggles "Aiko and I could probably handle it, She usually keeps the story straighter than I do though"
May 20 21:44:22 <SolongStarbird> "I could do some talking… I just hope I don't screw up…. (whispred>) again…"
May 20 21:44:45 * Uracilo (~ra.ten.amirp.bac.BE735457-CRInys|olicarU#ra.ten.amirp.bac.BE735457-CRInys|olicarU) has joined
May 20 21:48:18 <OthermixRed> (what are we waiting for?)
May 20 21:48:35 <SirGoldfish> (Someone to enter the diner)
May 20 21:48:38 <Kioku> (Erm… nothing really. Just somone to lead us into the diner or something?)
May 20 21:49:00 <Kioku> Aiko makes like a convincing blind person and extends her cane.
May 20 21:49:00 <SirGoldfish> (Or go deeper into the town)
May 20 21:49:13 <OthermixRed> Eira walks into the diner, "Strongest coffee you got."
May 20 21:49:13 <Rose27> Rose follows closely behind Aiko
May 20 21:49:42 <SolongStarbird> Val follows Rose.
May 20 21:49:43 <SavanahHolland> Wendy joins Eira, following Aiko and Rose closely.
May 20 21:50:05 <Kioku> Aiko… apparently is followed! Guess she's staying right behind Eira when she goes in.
May 20 21:51:31 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a seat at the bar, spinning in the chair
May 20 21:52:17 <OthermixRed> "don't hold back, and i'll take it black," she says to the waiter
May 20 21:52:20 <SirGoldfish> The diner is rather homely and is staffed by one waitress. The only people eating are this one older gentleman with bloodshot eyes, and a group of 5 men all having a good time eating breakfast and making jokes at each other's expense.
May 20 21:52:41 <SirGoldfish> The lady looks to Eira and snorts. "You can pay?"
May 20 21:53:24 <Rose27> "I'm p-p-paying….." Roe says and takes out a hundred dollar bill to prove it
May 20 21:53:27 <SavanahHolland> Wendy lets out a small giggle "I'll take some black coffee as well, hot please.'
May 20 21:53:29 <Rose27> *Rose
May 20 21:53:43 <OthermixRed> Eira looks offended, checks her pocket and curses. "Thanks Rose." Eira blushes
May 20 21:54:57 <SolongStarbird> Val stands there awkwardly, not wanting to mooch off of another's money.
May 20 21:55:19 <Kioku> Aiko stands off to the side, chuckling at her friends but not thirsty.
May 20 21:55:50 <Kioku> She taps her foot to a rhythm only she can hear.
May 20 21:55:51 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks over to Aiko "Come sit with us Aikooo! You too Val!"
May 20 21:55:52 <Rose27> "V-val that includes you!" Rose says draggin, after a minute to be dragged, Val and Aiko to where the others are sitting
May 20 21:56:02 <SirGoldfish> The woman shrugs and gets the pair two hot cups of Joe. "That'll be 7.59."
May 20 21:56:19 <Rose27> Rose hands her a 10 dollar bill
May 20 21:56:29 <SolongStarbird> Val looks at Rose and gratefully sips the coffee.
May 20 21:56:33 <OthermixRed> Eira gets her hand close to the cup and cools it with her perfect freeze
May 20 21:56:47 <SavanahHolland> Wendy holds the hot mug, not really needing the handle and takes a few chugs before setting it back down.
May 20 21:56:52 <Rose27> (where did Val get a coffee? )
May 20 21:57:04 <OthermixRed> (he never ordered)
May 20 21:57:28 <OthermixRed> When it cools, Eira takes a sip. "Coffee in America sure is weak."
May 20 21:57:35 <SavanahHolland> "Aiko did you want anything? They might have fruit here, it is a diner."
May 20 21:57:38 <SolongStarbird> (Rose ordered it for him)
May 20 21:57:53 <SirGoldfish> The woman hands Rose exact change.
May 20 21:57:54 <Kioku> (No, she just told him to come sit with them…)
May 20 21:58:05 <Rose27> Rose takes it and leaves a dollar as a tip
May 20 21:58:08 <SolongStarbird> (Sorry RETCON por favor)
May 20 21:58:18 <Rose27> (Si)
May 20 21:58:28 <Kioku> Aiko mildly protests at being dragged along, and just shrugs and shakes her head once by the stools. "Nah, I'm fine."
May 20 21:58:38 <SolongStarbird> Val sits at the counter.
May 20 21:58:48 <Rose27> "I-it's m-my t-treat A-aiko….p-please…"
May 20 21:58:49 <SirGoldfish> "So, what brings you 5 dumplings to NorthPass?"
May 20 21:58:59 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods "Alright." And goes back to chugging her coffee
May 20 21:59:01 <Rose27> "R-reasearch…."
May 20 21:59:06 <OthermixRed> "school report on mushrooms."
May 20 21:59:19 <OthermixRed> Eira says drinking the weak blend
May 20 21:59:25 <SolongStarbird> "Yeah."
May 20 21:59:28 <Kioku> Aiko nods. "Culture studies," she sighs in a bored tone.
May 20 21:59:32 <SavanahHolland> "Know anything about it?" Wendy says putting down the mug with a breath
May 20 22:01:23 <SirGoldfish> "Hmmm, well I don't know much about Mushrooms, but I'll do my best answering questions." She says as she begins to wipe down the counter.
May 20 22:03:40 <SavanahHolland> Wendy goes back to chugging the hot coffee, much like how you all would imagine alchoholic would chug beer and Vodka.
May 20 22:05:26 <SolongStarbird> "Okay then… is there anything especially mushroomy about this place?" Val inquires.
May 20 22:05:45 <Rose27> "Mushroomy…" Rose giggles softly at the word
May 20 22:05:48 * OthermixRed has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
May 20 22:06:01 <Kioku> "Right. My fault for not getting a drink I guess. So… mushrooms are supposed to be some sort of symbol of higher wisdom, right? Well, we thought we could get some extra credit if we took a road trip around the area, see if we could find any samples. Haven't had much luck yet… so much for my bet about 'higher wisdom' really meaning 'dreams and hallucinations', right?" She lets out a chuckle.
May 20 22:07:03 <UltimixRed> "The Shrooms were used for various self searching rituals, probably just an excuse
May 20 22:07:08 <UltimixRed> Eira mumnles
May 20 22:07:12 <UltimixRed> mumbles
May 20 22:08:40 <SavanahHolland> "Have you experienced any dreams or hallucinations? Or do you know anyone that has?" Wendy asks with a curious tone, she pull sout her bucket list to seem like she's looking over notes of some sort
May 20 22:09:06 <SolongStarbird> "Anything?" Val adds for effect.
May 20 22:09:17 <Rose27> Rose leans over a bit to read Wendy's list like she's trying to see the notes
May 20 22:10:00 <SirGoldfish> She turns to Wendy. "Might wanna try our grave digger." Looking around Aiko. "Hmmm, well, strange dreams, well I do see people who are not around an awful lot in my dreams." She responds to Eira. "I sadly know nothing about no rituals."
May 20 22:10:11 <SavanahHolland> The list is fairly short, just some things about taking over the world at first in crappy hand writting evolving into newer things like win over everyones Friendship.
May 20 22:10:28 <UltimixRed> "You get high, then call it magic." Eira says finishing her cup
May 20 22:11:07 <Kioku> \People who aren't around?May 20 22:11:22 <SolongStarbird> "Grave digger? Where can we find them?"
May 20 22:11:48 <SavanahHolland> Wendy leans to Aiko "Was the grave digger thing a joke..? I can't tell.."
May 20 22:12:03 <Rose27> "T-thanks….."
May 20 22:12:30 <SirGoldfish> "He can be found at the graveyard, of course, silly."
May 20 22:13:16 <SolongStarbird> "Makes sense." Valentin chuckles. "Is the graveyard close by, or…."
May 20 22:13:19 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a final sip of her coffee "Does this town have a mayor around?"
May 20 22:14:02 <Kioku> Aiko laughs softly. "May as well check."
May 20 22:14:24 <SirGoldfish> "The graveyard is just a little ways in town. Can't miss it."
May 20 22:15:19 <SolongStarbird> "Alright then. Thank you."
May 20 22:16:15 <Kioku> Aiko hums and tilts her head toward the door.
May 20 22:16:15 <SirGoldfish> "Anything else?"
May 20 22:16:26 <SavanahHolland> (Yes!)
May 20 22:16:30 <SavanahHolland> (The mayor thing!)
May 20 22:16:36 <SavanahHolland> (my goodness)
May 20 22:16:41 <Rose27> (Why a mayor?!)
May 20 22:16:45 <SolongStarbird> (You bring it up then)
May 20 22:16:52 <SavanahHolland> (I already did!)
May 20 22:16:55 <Rose27> (SHE DID!)
May 20 22:17:04 <SolongStarbird> (Do it again.)
May 20 22:17:24 <Rose27> "A-aiko…w-want m-me t-to d-describe the p-patrons?"
May 20 22:17:31 <SavanahHolland> (Thats repetitive and she obviously heard it)
May 20 22:17:32 <Rose27> Rose whispers to Aiko
May 20 22:17:53 <Kioku> Aiko shakes her head. Rose's phone gets a text.
May 20 22:17:57 <SirGoldfish> "Hmm, we don't have a mayor."
May 20 22:18:10 <Rose27> Rose looks at text
May 20 22:18:11 <SolongStarbird> "Interesting…."
May 20 22:18:20 <SavanahHolland> "Really? You'd think someone would take the reins in a town like this." She chuckles
May 20 22:18:37 <Kioku> 'Let's just approach any who look both odd and alone. And this thing has a camera if you want to show me something. :)'
May 20 22:19:11 <SirGoldfish> "It's weird, ya know. We always find a way to manage things, ya know?"
May 20 22:19:20 <Rose27> Rose texts back "T-there's a guy with b-bloodshot eyes…l-look…" Roses lifts the phone's camera to the alone guy
May 20 22:20:00 <SolongStarbird> "We can always go talk to the grave digger as well."
May 20 22:20:08 <Kioku> Aiko hums and taps Eira on the shoulder, since the others seem busy talking.
May 20 22:20:31 <UltimixRed> Eira turns to Aiko "yeah?"
May 20 22:20:43 <Kioku> Aiko tilts her head toward the alone man with bloodshot eyes.
May 20 22:21:36 <UltimixRed> Eira puts on a brass knuckle, "want me to go talk to him?"
May 20 22:21:59 <Rose27> "N-not with those on…" Rose whispers to Eira
May 20 22:22:05 <SirGoldfish> He is not eating. He's just sitting with a untouched waffle in front of him.
May 20 22:22:09 <Kioku> "Gently, please." Aiko smiles and tugs Rose over toward him, counting on the others to notice.
May 20 22:22:19 <Kioku> "Perhaps… not in too large a group. We'd look odd."
May 20 22:22:37 <Rose27> Rose gets tugged
May 20 22:22:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy pushes her mug off to the side, noticing everyone else whispering "What are you guys talking about?" She says in a shared whisper
May 20 22:23:40 <SolongStarbird> Val whispers, "Guy. Bloodshot eyes. Talk to him?"
May 20 22:23:59 <UltimixRed> "Miss, water is free right?" Eira calls to the waitress
May 20 22:24:53 <SirGoldfish> "Uh, yeah."
May 20 22:24:59 <SavanahHolland> Wendy places a hand on Eira's shoulder utterly confused
May 20 22:25:28 <UltimixRed> "A tall glass of water please."
May 20 22:26:18 <SirGoldfish> The lady hands Eira a glass of water.
May 20 22:26:50 <Kioku> Aiko gestures for Wendy to follow from across the room and leans against the wall near the bloodshot man.
May 20 22:27:34 <SavanahHolland> Wendy walks over, a little caution in her step, puffing her cheeks out acordingly
May 20 22:28:01 <Rose27> Rose follows Wendy
May 20 22:28:06 <UltimixRed> Eira stays close behind, glass of water in hand
May 20 22:28:58 <Rose27> (Retcon that)
May 20 22:29:03 <Rose27> Rose stays with Aiko
May 20 22:29:47 <SavanahHolland> Wendy leans to Aiko quietly "Should we try to talk to him?"
May 20 22:30:11 <SirGoldfish> The man looks at the group, saying nothing.
May 20 22:30:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives a awkward wave and smile
May 20 22:30:51 <Kioku> Aiko nods slightly, frowning.
May 20 22:31:38 <SirGoldfish> "Why are you smiling at me?"
May 20 22:32:02 <SirGoldfish> He says with poison in his tone.
May 20 22:32:05 <UltimixRed> "Hey, we need info about mushrooms." Eira says skipping pleasantries
May 20 22:32:23 <SavanahHolland> Wendy recoils a little next to Aiko, her smile fading
May 20 22:32:49 <Kioku> Aiko pats Wendy on the arm and suppresses a laugh at Eira. Barely.
May 20 22:33:27 <UltimixRed> "this town has them
May 20 22:33:33 <UltimixRed> and we want them"
May 20 22:33:41 <SirGoldfish> "You.. you're one of em'."
May 20 22:34:02 <SavanahHolland> Wendy's voice pipes up "One of who?"
May 20 22:34:07 <Rose27> "We're a mushroom?"
May 20 22:35:00 <UltimixRed> Eira steels her eyes at the man and grips her fist. Her fury is not diminished by her small stature
May 20 22:35:17 <SirGoldfish> "You know…"
May 20 22:35:35 <SavanahHolland> Wendy shakes her head "We don't.."
May 20 22:35:37 <SolongStarbird> Val looks worriedly at the scene.
May 20 22:35:38 <Kioku> \We're… dreams? … no…\ Aiko twitches. \Unless he's Bureau. I'd hate to have to kill someone in the middle of a diner. That'd be hell to explain later.May 20 22:36:37 <UltimixRed> (does the man have anything in front of him?)
May 20 22:36:45 <SolongStarbird> Val steps up to whisper in Aiko's ear. "Should I try to read him?"
May 20 22:36:46 <Kioku> (Besides waffle)
May 20 22:36:57 <SirGoldfish> He also has juice.
May 20 22:37:07 <UltimixRed> (awesome)
May 20 22:38:07 <SirGoldfish> "I am not sleeping… That can't. Happen." He's speech is very stilted when he speaks.
May 20 22:38:48 <SavanahHolland> "Sleeping? Have you had any.. weird dreams?"
May 20 22:38:53 <SirGoldfish> "One of you, slap me."
May 20 22:38:53 <Rose27> "D-dude a-are y-you h-high?"
May 20 22:38:58 <SirGoldfish> "No, cause I don't sleep."
May 20 22:39:00 <Kioku> Aiko shakes her head hesitantly to Val's question.
May 20 22:39:03 <SirGoldfish> "I don't wanna get wired up."
May 20 22:39:08 <SavanahHolland> Wendy slaps the man square in the face
May 20 22:39:09 <Rose27> Rose gets up and slaps the man
May 20 22:39:27 <Rose27> Wendy and Rose slap the man
May 20 22:39:42 <UltimixRed> Eira panics. "Does anyone have a book. you can't read in a dream."
May 20 22:39:43 <SavanahHolland> Both enjoyed it far more than they'd like
May 20 22:40:12 <UltimixRed> "We might be the ones that are dreaming from the get go."
May 20 22:40:29 <SolongStarbird> Val pulls out the supernatural book, "like this one?"
May 20 22:40:43 <SirGoldfish> The man man touches his dual slap marks, barely reacting. "No, still awake."
May 20 22:40:46 <UltimixRed> she takes it and reads, can she?
May 20 22:41:09 <SirGoldfish> She can read it!
May 20 22:41:12 <SavanahHolland> (For future refrence do they all have gas masks? Or do they get them later)
May 20 22:41:57 <UltimixRed> "well that's slightly a relief, if I can read there is less a chance we're. dreaming." she hands back the book
May 20 22:41:57 <SolongStarbird> Val looks over Eira's shoulder. "Not dreaming."
May 20 22:42:11 <SirGoldfish> (They have gas masks in the where Bryce is)
May 20 22:42:23 <SolongStarbird> Val returns the book to his satchel.
May 20 22:44:08 <SavanahHolland> "When was the last time you fell asleep?"
May 20 22:44:25 <Kioku> "And why don't you want to?"
May 20 22:44:36 <SirGoldfish> "A week."
May 20 22:45:52 <SirGoldfish> "Er. maybe more."
May 20 22:45:56 <SirGoldfish> "I am not sure."
May 20 22:45:59 <SavanahHolland> "Did you have dreams last time you slept?"
May 20 22:47:23 <SirGoldfish> The man nods.
May 20 22:48:00 <SavanahHolland> Wendy pokes Aiko "You should record this or something" in a whisper then turns back to the man "What was it like?"
May 20 22:48:44 <Kioku> Aiko smirks. \You mean to a device instead of memory? Hmm… probably.\ She has the phone in her pocket start recording.
May 20 22:48:58 <SirGoldfish> The woman interjects into the groups conversation. "Hey, sweeties please don't bother the old man." In a whisper he says. "He's senile."
May 20 22:49:22 <SirGoldfish> Kio, roll speed to aviod the man seeing this!
May 20 22:49:43 <UltimixRed> (why only kio?)
May 20 22:49:47 <Kioku> (To avoid the man seeing something that makes no light, movement, or sound?)
May 20 22:49:48 <SavanahHolland> (It doesnt seem that hard)
May 20 22:50:00 <Kioku> (It's not like she takes it out or lets the screen come on or something)
May 20 22:50:06 <UltimixRed> (I could out think)
May 20 22:50:52 <SirGoldfish> Alright, fine.
May 20 22:50:57 <SirGoldfish> No roll.
May 20 22:51:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy leans over to Rose and whispers "Try to distract the woman."
May 20 22:52:14 <SirGoldfish> "I was on in this pla-" The woman goes over to the man. "Alright, Mister Beagle. It's time for you to go home and take your meds."
May 20 22:52:38 <SolongStarbird> "We could always go and visit the grave digger then…. tell me more about this grave digger fellow. " Valentin turns around and attempts to distract the woman via chit chat.
May 20 22:52:58 <SirGoldfish> She's several feet from the group, going toward the man. (She's not taken him or anything)
May 20 22:53:36 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks slightly distressed walks over to a cup of water sitting off to the bar, accidentially spilling it "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!"
May 20 22:54:03 <SirGoldfish> "Oh, my, I'll have to get that later."
May 20 22:54:15 <UltimixRed> Eira's eyebrow twitches at that. "It's harder to use like that."
May 20 22:54:20 <Kioku> "Does someone need to walk him home? I'm sure he'd be safer that way if… you know…" (Should I roll to convince the lady that walking home a 'senile' man would be in his best interest?)
May 20 22:54:39 <SirGoldfish> Yes!
May 20 22:54:43 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
May 20 22:54:44 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
May 20 22:54:47 <SavanahHolland> Wendy slumps back to Aiko at her failed attempt
May 20 22:55:17 <SirGoldfish> 4d3-8+5 "He really does not need that…"
May 20 22:55:28 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3-8+5
May 20 22:55:29 <Uradicemon> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{2}
May 20 22:55:46 <SolongStarbird> Val tries to act as if he wasn't just rying to distract the woman.
May 20 22:56:02 <SirGoldfish> The woman sighs. "Alright.. and while you're at it make sure he eats."
May 20 22:56:31 <Kioku> Aiko smiles to the woman and nods. "We'll try to."
May 20 22:57:14 <SavanahHolland> Wendy moves to help the man up, bites her lip at her failed attempt to distract
May 20 22:57:22 <SavanahHolland> *biting
May 20 23:00:01 <SirGoldfish> The many looks at the group in a panicked manner.
May 20 23:00:05 <SirGoldfish> "O-okay."
May 20 23:00:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy helps Escort the man off the chair all slowly walks him outside, ushing the group behind her
May 20 23:00:43 <SavanahHolland> *ushering
May 20 23:01:37 <UltimixRed> Eira stands as bodyguard for the group
May 20 23:03:04 <SavanahHolland> "So tell us about your" She pauses for dramatic effect "Dreams."
May 20 23:03:14 <Kioku> Aiko taps along with her cane, keeping one hand on Rose's shoulder if she'll allow it, to guide her.
May 20 23:03:45 <SirGoldfish> The man obediently gets up and lets Wendy Usher him out. The group will notice the men getting up and leaving the diner. Roll brains ot hear what they're saying!
May 20 23:04:17 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 20 23:04:18 <Kioku> (Perception? :P)
May 20 23:04:18 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 20 23:04:25 <UltimixRed> (would out think or perception apply?)
May 20 23:05:20 <SirGoldfish> Perception does apply.
May 20 23:05:22 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+9
May 20 23:05:22 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+9 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{11}
May 20 23:06:36 <UltimixRed> roll 4d3-8+2
May 20 23:06:37 <Uradicemon> UltimixRed rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{5}
May 20 23:07:01 <SirGoldfish> Well anyone who rolled a 5 or above hears. "Well, guess we have to go to the cavern now." "Ughh, really?" "We'll they honestly notice if we're not there?" "Yes, yes they will." "Garbage."
May 20 23:07:20 <SirGoldfish> You'd hear more, but they walk out of the diner.
May 20 23:07:40 <Kioku> (You mean behind us? Since we were leaving the diner already?)
May 20 23:07:40 <UltimixRed> "Follow those guys."
May 20 23:08:11 <Kioku> "Val, could you get this guy home?"
May 20 23:08:50 <SirGoldfish> (They left before you.)
May 20 23:08:56 <SavanahHolland> Wendy lets Val take the reins on escorting the man home "Why are we following those guys?"
May 20 23:09:27 <UltimixRed> "they talked. about the caverns. probably something Shrooms related."
May 20 23:10:10 <Kioku> "We should run and get the masks…"
May 20 23:10:16 <UltimixRed> (how far away. are. they)
May 20 23:10:38 <SolongStarbird> "Got it. I'll make sure he actually eats something…"
May 20 23:10:53 <SavanahHolland> "I can stay and follow them while everyone gets their masks. Someone grab mine while there."
May 20 23:11:21 <UltimixRed> "I don't want you to be alone if things get ugly
May 20 23:11:30 <Kioku> "Rose, you're the fastest runner, I think. Would you get the masks while we try to keep listening to what they're saying?"
May 20 23:12:06 <UltimixRed> (what is their. distance goldie
May 20 23:12:09 <SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to walks a little just to keep up with their pace and the groups at the same time.
May 20 23:12:45 <SolongStarbird> "I think that might take me awhile though. Call me back to the jeep if I end up missing everything and we get around to leaving, okay? I'd hate to get left behind."
May 20 23:12:55 <SirGoldfish> (They a good 20 feet away from the group and they're just getting father…"
May 20 23:12:58 <SirGoldfish> )
May 20 23:13:22 <SavanahHolland> "We need to start walking, we can't lose them if they know anything."
May 20 23:13:44 <Kioku> Aiko nods toward Val and edges along to follow the group, keeping within her listening range.
May 20 23:14:09 <UltimixRed> "I'm going to try and hit one of them. with my beam.". Eira says. making a gun shape with her hand
May 20 23:14:22 <SavanahHolland> (Should we just say Rose got the gas masks for us?)
May 20 23:14:32 <Kioku> "In the middle of the street? When we're outnumbered?"
May 20 23:14:43 <Kioku> Aiko shakes her head at Eira.
May 20 23:14:47 <SavanahHolland> Wendy shakes her head "We shouldn't let ourselves get noticed"
May 20 23:15:02 <UltimixRed> Eira clicks her tongue in annoyance
May 20 23:15:02 <Kioku> Aiko presses a finger to her lips and listens.
May 20 23:15:05 <SavanahHolland> "It might be useful to watch them."
May 20 23:15:31 <SolongStarbird> Val escorts Mr. Beagle to his house, and spends the rest of the mission caring for him like was promised. Returning to the jeep once the mission is through.
May 20 23:16:10 <SolongStarbird> (That seems to cover it. Goodnoght guys.)
May 20 23:17:38 <SavanahHolland> (what does Aiko hear?)
May 20 23:17:56 <SirGoldfish> Aiko, roll again to hear em'.
May 20 23:18:03 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+9
May 20 23:18:05 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+9 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{6}
May 20 23:18:20 * SolongStarbird has quit (Client exited)
May 20 23:18:51 <SirGoldfish> It's mostly fragments, but you do hear one of them mention something about taking a leak in the woods…
May 20 23:19:23 <Kioku> Aiko takes out and holds up her phone, text on the screen facing the others. 'Kidnap and question?'
May 20 23:19:52 <Kioku> 'Would rather not if not Bureau…'
May 20 23:20:00 <Kioku> 'No way to be sure yet.'
May 20 23:20:13 <SavanahHolland> "Kidnap?"
May 20 23:20:17 <UltimixRed> Eira looks determined. "We knock them out or what?"
May 20 23:20:32 <Kioku> 'One separating. Woods.'
May 20 23:20:51 <SavanahHolland> "We could just scare them and hold them down or something?"
May 20 23:21:08 <UltimixRed> "why is he going to the woods?"
May 20 23:22:28 <Kioku> Aiko sighs and shakes her head at Eira's question. 'To urinate.'
May 20 23:22:55 <SavanahHolland> Wendy cringes
May 20 23:23:01 <UltimixRed> "well he can't go now where if it freezes midstream." Eira gets a diabolical look
May 20 23:23:58 <SavanahHolland> Wendy frowns in a look of horror yet curiousity
May 20 23:25:20 <UltimixRed> "Let's follow him and ambush when his fly is down
May 20 23:25:36 <Kioku> Aiko sighs again and shrugs, continuing to tail the group.
May 20 23:25:39 <SirGoldfish> brb
May 20 23:26:52 <SavanahHolland> Wendy pulls Aiko along, again giving her a chance to adjust, then grabbing Eira the same way pulling along
May 20 23:27:15 <SirGoldfish> Back
May 20 23:28:01 <SirGoldfish> Aiko, roll speed to not get noticed.
May 20 23:28:20 <SavanahHolland> (Why just her?)
May 20 23:28:23 <Kioku> (Speed? Like reaction/reflex? 'k)
May 20 23:28:30 <SirGoldfish> Yes
May 20 23:28:38 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
May 20 23:28:40 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{4}
May 20 23:28:45 <SirGoldfish> Is anyone else tailing the group?
May 20 23:28:50 <SavanahHolland> Everyone is
May 20 23:28:52 <Kioku> Everyone is…
May 20 23:29:03 <SirGoldfish> Oh, everybody in that case!
May 20 23:29:13 <SavanahHolland> (can I use parkour…? XD)
May 20 23:29:22 <UltimixRed> roll 4d3-8+2
May 20 23:29:23 <Uradicemon> UltimixRed rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{4}
May 20 23:29:46 <SirGoldfish> Savy, no parkour does not fit here.
May 20 23:29:53 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+1
May 20 23:29:53 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{2}
May 20 23:30:08 <Kioku> (What about Initiative?)
May 20 23:30:14 <Kioku> (That's reaction/reflex too…)
May 20 23:30:32 <Kioku> (And Wendy has it)
May 20 23:30:34 <SavanahHolland> (It falls under brains tho right?)
May 20 23:31:00 <SavanahHolland> (I might have thought it was brains…)
May 20 23:31:07 <UltimixRed> (reaction seems more Agility than anything. out think would be brains)
May 20 23:31:12 <SavanahHolland> (Welp should I reroll?)
May 20 23:31:29 <SirGoldfish> No just add initative.
May 20 23:31:38 <Kioku> (I think just add the +3 from initiative to the roll. XD So 5)
May 20 23:31:45 <SavanahHolland> (Then its +3)
May 20 23:32:16 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3-8+4 "Hear that, Joe?"
May 20 23:32:17 <Uradicemon> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+4 "Hear that, Joe?" —> [ 4d3=6 ]{2}
May 20 23:33:16 <UltimixRed> (wait we're tailing one dude aren't we?)
May 20 23:33:38 <SirGoldfish> (It was a flavor. They did not say that)
May 20 23:34:03 <UltimixRed> (well that's confusing as hell)
May 20 23:34:58 <SirGoldfish> The group of men keeps walking along, eventually the one of them splits off into the woods when they make it to the graveyard.
May 20 23:35:26 <SavanahHolland> Wendy says in a hushed tone "This looks like the graveyard."
May 20 23:36:14 <UltimixRed> "We outnumber him, the second he drops guard, jump him." Eira. whispers
May 20 23:36:45 <SavanahHolland> "Should we attack him? Or try to keep him down?"
May 20 23:36:51 <SirGoldfish> The graveyard is rather large, completely disproportionate to the rest of the town's size. Easily 100 or more graves.
May 20 23:36:52 <Kioku> Aiko nods and puts away her cane, biting her lip. \I hope Rose gets back with the gas masks before we have to go much further.May 20 23:37:09 <Kioku> "Keeping him quiet is the greater priority."
May 20 23:37:28 <SirGoldfish> ( I don't think Rose is here)
May 20 23:38:02 <Kioku> (Yeah, but we asked her to bring the gas masks from the jeep, and assumed she would… ish.)
May 20 23:38:10 <SavanahHolland> Wendy and Eira wait for a good time to jump him
May 20 23:38:35 <SirGoldfish> Wendy and Eira give me stealth rolls!
May 20 23:38:51 <SirGoldfish> (Speed)
May 20 23:38:54 <UltimixRed> roll 4d3-8+2
May 20 23:38:55 <Uradicemon> UltimixRed rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{0}
May 20 23:39:07 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 20 23:39:07 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=12 ]{8}
May 20 23:39:16 <UltimixRed> (Yes!)
May 20 23:41:26 <SirGoldfish> The man stands in attention as he realizes something a miss, but before looks behind him, Wendy is able to sneak around behind the trees. Eira is in direct line of this man's sight. "Uh, hey, what'ca doing?"
May 20 23:42:02 <UltimixRed> (what no major effect?)
May 20 23:42:12 <UltimixRed> (she got a critical)
May 20 23:42:18 <SavanahHolland> (^)
May 20 23:42:23 <Kioku> (She didn't get detected, when one failure should have meant you both did)
May 20 23:42:42 <SirGoldfish> ^
May 20 23:42:44 <Kioku> (Normally in stealth stuff? If one person fails, everyone fails)
May 20 23:42:52 <SavanahHolland> (Then say that! :p)
May 20 23:43:00 <SirGoldfish> (Was about to…)
May 20 23:43:01 <UltimixRed> (seriously)
May 20 23:43:12 <Kioku> (Sorry, I just type fast. >.<)
May 20 23:43:13 <SirGoldfish> (I was gonna say that.)
May 20 23:43:40 <UltimixRed> "I'm just out for a walk." Eira says readying her fists
May 20 23:44:06 <SavanahHolland> Wendy is going to sneek behind the man and give a look to Eira, just to know wheither or not she should
May 20 23:44:50 <SirGoldfish> "Huh, well, uh, could you walk a little away from me?"
May 20 23:45:19 <UltimixRed> Eira puts her hand in the shape of a gun and points. it at the man, hoping Wendy gets the hint, she winks as well.
May 20 23:45:39 <SavanahHolland> Wendy is going to forcfully take down the man
May 20 23:45:47 <SavanahHolland> (Can I use close combat?)
May 20 23:45:57 <SirGoldfish> (Go ahead!)
May 20 23:46:11 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+8
May 20 23:46:12 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+8 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{7}
May 20 23:46:22 <UltimixRed> (welp I was expecting a fireball)
May 20 23:46:35 <Kioku> Aiko takes her chance to carefully approach from where she previously hung back.
May 20 23:46:40 <SavanahHolland> (She doesn't want to hurt him! We must questions him!)
May 20 23:46:41 <SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+7
May 20 23:46:41 <Uradicemon> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{9}
May 20 23:46:53 <Kioku> (Does surprise attack help at all?)
May 20 23:47:06 <SirGoldfish> (Made the man roll minus one)
May 20 23:47:18 <SirGoldfish> (He still wins)
May 20 23:47:20 <UltimixRed> (well we're fucked)
May 20 23:47:37 <SavanahHolland> (You'd think a 14 year old could take a grown man down!)
May 20 23:47:40 <SavanahHolland> (hehe)
May 20 23:48:21 <SirGoldfish> The man pushes Wendy off of him and he starts to bolt it. He mutters. "Just my day…" He begins to pull out a radio…
May 20 23:48:46 <Kioku> Aiko tilts her head and diverts the radio signal.
May 20 23:48:51 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
May 20 23:48:52 <SavanahHolland> Wendy mutters "Crap"
May 20 23:48:53 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{4}
May 20 23:48:58 <SavanahHolland> "We need to chase him"
May 20 23:49:02 <Kioku> (Here's hoping it's a mundane radio)
May 20 23:50:04 <UltimixRed> Eira is going to try to hit the man with her freeze beam
May 20 23:50:05 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3+4-8
May 20 23:50:05 <Uradicemon> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3+4-8 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{7}
May 20 23:50:38 <SirGoldfish> Forget that roll. (Thought something else)
May 20 23:51:24 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3-8+3 The lil' radio that could…
May 20 23:51:25 <Uradicemon> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+3 The lil' radio that could… —> [ 4d3=7 ]{2}
May 20 23:51:59 <SirGoldfish> Alright, Eira roll me a freze beam
May 20 23:52:24 <UltimixRed> roll 4d3-8+4 Perfect Freeze!
May 20 23:52:24 <Uradicemon> UltimixRed rolled : 4d3-8+4 Perfect Freeze! —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 20 23:53:11 <SavanahHolland> (If that doesn't work wendy is gonna chase him)
May 20 23:53:45 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3-8+3
May 20 23:53:46 <Uradicemon> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 20 23:57:26 <SirGoldfish> The man tries to use his radio "Need help at my position!" The radio responds by playing the song firework. "SHi-" The man is blasted by a blast of cold. He not only takes damage, but is slowed down making it easier for someone to chase him down.
May 20 23:57:52 <SavanahHolland> (Wendy will chase that fuck!)
May 20 23:58:08 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+5
May 20 23:58:08 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{5}
May 20 23:58:57 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3-8+3 "Fuck my liiffeee."
May 20 23:58:57 <Uradicemon> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3-8+3 "Fuck my liiffeee." —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 20 23:59:17 <UltimixRed> "Wendy! beat his ass!" Eira yells
May 20 23:59:31 <SavanahHolland> Wendy will bodyslam him!
May 20 23:59:45 <SavanahHolland> (I would think close combat doesn't count there right?)
May 20 23:59:46 <SirGoldfish> Wendy manages to tackle the man to the ground.
May 20 23:59:52 <SavanahHolland> (O nevermind XD)
May 21 00:00:05 <SavanahHolland> Wendy calls out "I got him!"
May 21 00:00:06 <Kioku> Aiko continues her slow walk toward the (now tackled) man.
May 21 00:00:32 <SirGoldfish> "What the hell? A man can't take a stroll in the woods?"
May 21 00:01:02 <SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to catch her breath "Why did you need the radio? Who were you contacting?"
May 21 00:01:10 <UltimixRed> Eira pulls out the knife and puts it near the man's neck. "you. mess with the Stongest and this is what happens."
May 21 00:01:15 <Kioku> Aiko giggles. "Nobody, it seems.
May 21 00:01:26 <Kioku> *" in response to Wendy's question.
May 21 00:01:46 <SavanahHolland> "E-Eira you probably shouldn't do that" she laughs nervously
May 21 00:02:33 <UltimixRed> "It's fiiinneee. anyway who do you work with." She says with a threatening voice
May 21 00:03:13 <SirGoldfish> The man looks at them, dumbfounded. "I am not gonna tell you kids."
May 21 00:03:14 <UltimixRed> "Aiko take away the radio."
May 21 00:04:49 <Kioku> Aiko hums and checks the frequency the radio was previously set to, trying to cross-reference it with others she might recall while leaning down to scoop it up.
May 21 00:04:51 <SavanahHolland> Wendy puts a quick finger on Eira, still holding down the man "Eira, I don't want to hurt you if the time comes so mind if I do it now?"
May 21 00:05:51 <SirGoldfish> Aiko, roll technopath to cross reference.
May 21 00:06:02 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 00:06:03 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{6}
May 21 00:06:26 <UltimixRed> Eira nods. "Alright we can do this easy way or hard way."
May 21 00:06:43 <UltimixRed> (she nods to Wendy to do it)
May 21 00:06:48 <Kioku> "Oh! Oh! Can I be the hard way?"
May 21 00:06:55 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+3 "Liberation mothafuckers"
May 21 00:06:55 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+3 "Liberation mothafuckers" —> [ 4d3=7 ]{2}
May 21 00:08:56 <SirGoldfish> It's military for certain, The signal was going to just outside the cavern. The signal was going to about 5 signals outside of the cavern and 10 inside the cavern. What is Wendy trying to do?
May 21 00:09:21 <SavanahHolland> (Make Eira immune to fire for 15 minutes)
May 21 00:10:52 <SirGoldfish> Well, sadly she does not succeed. (Needed at least a 3)
May 21 00:11:42 <Kioku> "Military? With fifteen allies?" Aiko clicks her tongue and shakes her head. "Can I pleeeease be the hard way?" She giggles.
May 21 00:12:16 <UltimixRed> "Now we have reason to believe you work for the Bureau. Fess up or my friend here is going to show you the real purpose of canes." Eira says viciously
May 21 00:12:28 <SirGoldfish> "You're gonna torture me? Little children? That fucking sick."
May 21 00:13:16 <UltimixRed> "Not in Norway!" Eira gleefully says
May 21 00:13:44 <Kioku> \Americans and their silly ideas of what constitutes 'children'…May 21 00:13:49 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks a little worried but chuckles anyways
May 21 00:13:55 <Kioku> \… Little, I'll admit.May 21 00:15:40 <SirGoldfish> "Look, I don't know who you're working for, but there is clearly some misunderstanding going on here."
May 21 00:15:56 <SavanahHolland> "What is your name?"
May 21 00:17:27 <SirGoldfish> The man looks around, still confused. "Joesph."
May 21 00:17:50 <SavanahHolland> "Last name?"
May 21 00:17:52 <Kioku> Aiko appears to be really into this acting thing today… and has gone into full creepy-little-girl mode. She pouts a little at the answer.
May 21 00:18:23 <SirGoldfish> "Private information."
May 21 00:18:28 <SirGoldfish> "Sorry."
May 21 00:18:29 <SavanahHolland> "Should I slap him?"
May 21 00:18:54 <UltimixRed> Eira looks concerned at Aiko. "Yo, techno girl, keep it together. can't let you go off the deep end"
May 21 00:18:54 <Kioku> "Now, now, if he's regular military, he can tell us his last name~"
May 21 00:19:04 <Kioku> Aiko giggles again.
May 21 00:19:08 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+8
May 21 00:19:08 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+8 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{7}
May 21 00:19:18 <Kioku> … She might be trying to cause psyche damage with the act, at this rate.
May 21 00:20:08 <SirGoldfish> "Fucking, OW!" "I just wanna talk."
May 21 00:20:27 <SavanahHolland> "Last name now!"
May 21 00:20:38 <SirGoldfish> "No!"
May 21 00:21:02 <SavanahHolland> "Why!?"
May 21 00:21:10 <Kioku> "Are you suuuure you're not Bureau?"
May 21 00:21:38 <SirGoldfish> "Because that's private information and I'mnot gonna tell it to a bunch of munchkin parathreats."
May 21 00:21:42 <Kioku> "Military bands, and a secretive last name?"
May 21 00:22:04 <Kioku> (Memory, is parathreats a term they tend to use?)
May 21 00:22:11 <Kioku> (Any organization being 'they'?)
May 21 00:22:19 <UltimixRed> "parathreat?! I'll have you know. I'm the Strongest!"
May 21 00:23:03 <SirGoldfish> "Whatever! Now can we talk or are you just gonna keep up with this?"
May 21 00:23:37 <Kioku> (REALLY need the answer on that memory check because immediate reaction.)
May 21 00:23:52 <SirGoldfish> (Well, you've never heard the term before)
May 21 00:24:01 <Kioku> (From whom/where?)
May 21 00:24:29 <SirGoldfish> (What?)
May 21 00:24:42 <Kioku> (Where did Aiko previously hear the term?)
May 21 00:24:51 <UltimixRed> Eira is now clicking her tongue. "Are you Bureau or no!" Eira yells while pulling some of the man's hair
May 21 00:25:00 <SirGoldfish> (I said she's never head the term)
May 21 00:25:14 <Kioku> (Ah, I misread)
May 21 00:25:18 <Kioku> (Didn't see the never)
May 21 00:26:52 <Kioku> \Parathreat? So he already knows about anomalies, and is disdainful of us. That means revealing anything to him won't be a breach!May 21 00:26:55 <Kioku> "Do I get to be the 'hard way' now?" Without waiting for an answer, Aiko crouches in front of the man with a wide, crazed grin and a fist full of lightning held just under his jaw. "Hi~!"
May 21 00:27:21 <SirGoldfish> "Alright, Yes, I am from the Buerau. Now can we fucking talk? We can help you."
May 21 00:27:42 <Kioku> Aiko's grin slips. "Aww… he answered…" The lightning goes away.
May 21 00:27:52 <Kioku> She sulks off a few steps away.
May 21 00:28:33 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Eira "Do you have thing we could use to tie him down?"
May 21 00:29:08 <UltimixRed> Eira stops. "Sorry bout that, got carried away. now what is that you can do for us. Eira brings out her water. bottle and tries. to make Ice cuffs
May 21 00:30:07 <SirGoldfish> "Wait a minute… Children? Who's using you poor souls? The GWU, The Merchants? Who?"
May 21 00:30:31 <SavanahHolland> "No one." Wendy answers quite frankly
May 21 00:30:52 <UltimixRed> "Wait a second I have a better idea." Eira ties the man's hands with the string to her yoyo
May 21 00:31:18 <SavanahHolland> "Alright is he secure?" Wendy starts stepping off him
May 21 00:31:35 <SirGoldfish> "What the actual fuck is going on?"
May 21 00:31:40 <Kioku> "Now, now!" Aiko spins in place quickly to face Wendy, shaking her finger in a tutting motion. "It's not nice to lie!"
May 21 00:31:56 <Kioku> "I don't want to be sold, after all~!"
May 21 00:32:00 <UltimixRed> "Even if he isn't, we'll shoot him on the spot." Eira says patting Joseph's shoulder
May 21 00:32:04 <SirGoldfish> "Om my god… They're using blind children…"
May 21 00:32:08 <Kioku> "And the Merchants… well… they really aren't kind to liars…"
May 21 00:32:38 <SavanahHolland> Wendy bites her lip and leans to Aiko in a whisper "Are you.. ok?"
May 21 00:33:07 <UltimixRed> "Don't ask the boss. such a crazy question!" Eira says jokingly
May 21 00:33:17 <Kioku> Aiko lets out a crazed little giggle, and Wendy's phone just gets a text of a wink.
May 21 00:33:41 <SirGoldfish> "Look, we can /help/ you. You do not need to be shackled like this."
May 21 00:33:48 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to the phone, not completely sure what the symbols mean
May 21 00:34:37 <Kioku> Aiko leans down close to the Bureau man. "Really? You're in business with the Merchants too? I don't want to be sold, but…" she giggles again. "How do you want to help?"
May 21 00:34:38 <UltimixRed> "Look, the only ones who can help us is me. The Stongest, so you should probably tell us what's going on."
May 21 00:36:27 <SirGoldfish> He blinks a few times. "We want to give you guys a chance at a /normal/ life. That's all."
May 21 00:37:09 <Kioku> Aiko hums, puts a finger to her lower lip, and tilts her head so far it looks… really weird. "Normal is boring though…"
May 21 00:37:22 <SavanahHolland> Wendy flashes hima cold look, her face quickly returning to normal
May 21 00:38:09 <UltimixRed> "Umm. guys, I'm confused at this point. I was playing along, now I'm lost." Eira says scratching her head
May 21 00:38:55 <SavanahHolland> Wendy shakes her head, putting a hand to Eira "Joesph, why are you here?"
May 21 00:40:58 <SirGoldfish> "My superiors will kill me if I tell you."
May 21 00:41:25 <SirGoldfish> Can't tell if he's being sarcastic or not
May 21 00:41:30 <Kioku> Aiko pouts. "You have our kind of superiors too? I'm so sorry." She pats the man on the head.
May 21 00:42:13 <SavanahHolland> "Tell us something or you might be stuck here."
May 21 00:42:15 <SirGoldfish> He's just confused. "Look. if you're gonna kill me, just let me tell my wife that I love her."
May 21 00:42:53 <SavanahHolland> "How are we supposed to tell your wife anything if you won't even say your last name!"
May 21 00:43:11 <SirGoldfish> He sighs.
May 21 00:43:15 <SirGoldfish> "Go ahead."
May 21 00:43:20 <SirGoldfish> "Kill me."
May 21 00:43:42 <UltimixRed> "or address and phone number. otherwise we'd have to do it via post office and that's a hassle."
May 21 00:44:06 <SirGoldfish> "No, you people might hunt down my wife. Never mind."
May 21 00:44:12 <SavanahHolland> Wendy steps back, shaking her head.
May 21 00:44:40 <Kioku> Aiko giggles. "Kill you? That sounds so… soo…. quick! I don't like it." She fiddles with the radio. "Are you stuck too? Ooh! Will your superiors kill your family?"
May 21 00:45:14 <Kioku> Aiko barely avoids twitching and breaking character when she asks that.
May 21 00:45:16 <UltimixRed> Eira frowns "we're not actually going to right? right?"
May 21 00:46:11 <SavanahHolland> Wendy shakes her head holding Eira's arm
May 21 00:46:48 <Kioku> Aiko stands up and shakes her head sadly while making a mental call along the patch wavelength to Bryce. \"Bryce, do you trust me?"May 21 00:46:58 <SirGoldfish> "Look, you're wasting time at this point. What you want is in the cavern. Not with me."
May 21 00:47:24 <SirGoldfish> Bryce calls back. "With?"
May 21 00:47:47 <UltimixRed> "Ummm what is up with the caverns. other than Shrooms."
May 21 00:47:53 <Kioku> \"There's a Bureau agent. I want to knock him out… but the best way to do that would be to use the stuff in the leg brace."May 21 00:48:09 <Kioku> \"Do you trust me not to run away without it?"May 21 00:48:14 <SirGoldfish> "Have you tried a big stick?"
May 21 00:48:32 <SirGoldfish> "Can't it's a key mechanism to take em off."
May 21 00:49:18 <SirGoldfish> The man begins to stoically pray to himself.
May 21 00:49:23 <Kioku> \"Hitting his memories would be ideal, but we don't have the ability. *sigh* Alright. We'll do it this way. I'm starting to suspect Bureau agents might be acting under coersion though."May 21 00:49:52 <SirGoldfish> "Why?"
May 21 00:50:18 <Kioku> Aiko clicks her tongue and stops shaking her head. "Well, Mr. Joseph, it was fun playing with you! Look for me if you make it to a Merchant auction, maybe you can buy me and set me free!" She giggles… and starts skipping away.
May 21 00:51:07 <SavanahHolland> Wendy grabs Eira, following behind Aiko quickly
May 21 00:51:11 <Kioku> \"Note to self, get something less memorable than a blindfold for future missions."May 21 00:51:22 <SirGoldfish> The man tears up when Aiko talks.
May 21 00:51:33 <Kioku> \"You just need a sample of the mushrooms, right? There are about 15 Bureau agents around, we think."May 21 00:52:31 <SirGoldfish> "Uh, do you not know what a Forest means? It's a literal forest."
May 21 00:53:22 <Kioku> \"Just asking how *much* you need."May 21 00:53:34 <SirGoldfish> "All of it."
May 21 00:53:47 <SirGoldfish> He says, flatly.
May 21 00:54:14 <Kioku> \"… That… is more than we can carry."May 21 00:54:28 <SirGoldfish> "Just get the soilders out of there."
May 21 00:54:42 <Kioku> \"More possible. Alright then."May 21 00:55:01 <Kioku> "Okay… apparently we need *all* the mushrooms. And so we need to get the soldiers out."
May 21 00:55:26 <Kioku> \I wonder if a fake radio call would work…May 21 00:55:37 <Kioku> \Or if the mushrooms have been affecting them…May 21 00:56:28 <UltimixRed> "We should hurry, the others might get antsy
May 21 00:57:08 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods "How could we get the soldiers out though?"
May 21 00:57:17 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+7 Analysis
May 21 00:57:17 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+7 Analysis —> [ 4d3=11 ]{10}
May 21 00:58:19 <Kioku> Aiko turns over the radio in her hand.
May 21 01:01:01 <SirGoldfish> Other than sabotage and holding the man hostage. There's not much that Aiko can't think of with her current information.
May 21 01:01:17 <Kioku> (sabotage?)
May 21 01:01:47 <Kioku> \They probably wouldn't go for a hostage situation anyway… but it might draw away a few of them…May 21 01:01:56 <SirGoldfish> (Sabotage the operation and have the GWU call in reinforcement.)
May 21 01:02:43 <Kioku> "There's not terribly much we can do… I don't think I can impersonate Bureau well enough to convincingly send a radio message for them to pack up and leave on other business…"
May 21 01:02:50 <Kioku> Aiko frowns.
May 21 01:06:30 <Kioku> \Mu and Koe don't lose.\ "We wouldn't have much luck trying to pick them off one by one. Even if the caverns are huge, it'd be a problem of them being in at least pairs. … We should probably try to complete *half* of the objective, get the info from the town people, and inform Bryce that we simply don't have the resources to take on 15 Bureau at this time."
May 21 01:08:37 <SirGoldfish> (You don't have to take them out. It's just about sabotage)
May 21 01:09:04 * UltimixRed has quit (Ping timeout: 184 seconds)
May 21 01:09:22 <Kioku> (Sabotaging the mission? Unacceptable. Sabotaging *them*? That, we could go for…)
May 21 01:09:39 <SirGoldfish> (That's what I said)
May 21 01:09:49 <SirGoldfish> That's at least what Aiko thought of
May 21 01:10:01 <Kioku> (OH. I took "sabotage the operation" meant "sabotage our mission")
May 21 01:10:19 <SirGoldfish> (Nuuu)
May 21 01:10:25 <Kioku> Aiko listens in on their radio traffic to see if she can glean exactly what their objective here is.
May 21 01:10:43 <SirGoldfish> Aiko roll for that.
May 21 01:10:48 <SirGoldfish> What's Wendy doing?
May 21 01:11:01 <SavanahHolland> Nothing really
May 21 01:11:07 <Kioku> Roll what exactly? She already knows their frequencies, so…
May 21 01:11:07 <SavanahHolland> besides listen to Aiko
May 21 01:11:08 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : what exactly? She already knows their frequencies, so… —> error: malformed expression
May 21 01:11:15 <Kioku> (Dangit uradice)
May 21 01:12:28 <SirGoldfish> Fair enough. "Alright, are the gas tanks loaded? We're gonna start burning these Parathreats down in 10 or so minutes)
May 21 01:12:53 <SavanahHolland> (Can Wendy hear this?)
May 21 01:13:11 <Kioku> Aiko repeats it for her.
May 21 01:13:24 <Kioku> "… We may need to blow up some gas tanks."
May 21 01:13:36 <Kioku> "Or freeze the fuel…"
May 21 01:14:17 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks lost in thought "Blowing them up might work?"
May 21 01:14:28 <Kioku> \"Bryce, they plan to burn down the mushrooms. Cannot retrieve on our own, but we'll try to prevent."May 21 01:14:58 <Kioku> Aiko sniffs for gas as they get closer to the graveyard.
May 21 01:15:59 <SirGoldfish> "Alright, Youngin. If it gets close you guys can just get a sample at this point."
May 21 01:16:56 <Kioku> Aiko clicks her tongue. "Okay… get sample, destroy gas… get sample, destroy gas…"
May 21 01:17:52 <SavanahHolland> (Is there something to put the sample in?)
May 21 01:18:11 <Kioku> \If I knew this was stealth-combat heavy, I wouldn't have come…\ Aiko hisses something in Japanese under her breath.
May 21 01:19:44 <Kioku> (Are the caverns big enough to pretty-easily avoid detection by the 10 radio sources inside?)
May 21 02:07:25 * SirGoldfish has quit (Ping timeout: 185 seconds)
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May 21 16:10:47 <SirGoldfish> (You guys can continue, by the way. I can do both chats)
May 21 16:11:20 <UltimixRed> "tech girl, private conversation." Eira. says. her voice wavering
May 21 16:11:53 <SavanahHolland> Wendy stands there awkwardly, not really sure what to do in this situation
May 21 16:14:36 <Kioku> Aiko frowns slightly and goes over to Eira.
May 21 16:16:01 <UltimixRed> "listen, we are not going to let this guy be. killed
May 21 16:16:28 <Kioku> Aiko tilts her head in confusion. "Of course we're not. That's why we left him handcuffed in ice…"
May 21 16:16:39 <UltimixRed> I don't know whats going on but there's a. line. " Eira says with her hand on Aiko's shoulder
May 21 16:17:16 <SavanahHolland> Wendy fidgits with her thumbs while waiting for the other two to stop whispering
May 21 16:19:19 <Kioku> "… We're thinking of the same guy, right? The one we just left handcuffed in ice to a tree back in the forest about five minutes ago?"
May 21 16:19:32 <Kioku> "Why bring him up again now?"
May 21 16:19:56 <Kioku> "Nobody's planning on getting him killed…"
May 21 16:20:03 <SirGoldfish> The man looks up after a long prayer, and looks up to Wendy. "Oh, you have not killed me yet. That's a pleasant surprised."
May 21 16:20:27 <Kioku> (We walked away from him a long while ago, why is he looking up at us when we're over 100 ft away?)
May 21 16:20:35 <SavanahHolland> (^)
May 21 16:21:06 <UltimixRed> (we left?)
May 21 16:21:16 <SavanahHolland> (Yeup)
May 21 16:21:20 <UltimixRed> (oh guess i slept before that happened)
May 21 16:23:12 <Kioku> (Nah, that was before she called Bryce)
May 21 16:23:28 <Kioku> (Probably just missed since Wendy grabbed you to follow)
May 21 16:23:38 <UltimixRed> (ah)
May 21 16:23:49 <UltimixRed> (i dced then)
May 21 16:24:08 <SavanahHolland> (Should we retcon that?)
May 21 16:24:13 <SirGoldfish> Redact that then.
May 21 16:25:49 <UltimixRed> "hope he doesn't freeze to death in the woods." Eira says jokingly
May 21 16:26:18 <Kioku> Aiko gives Eira a funny look. "You… you know that was all an act, right? I'm not an insane loli."
May 21 16:26:34 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks slightly shocked at Aiko
May 21 16:26:43 <Kioku> Aiko giggles. "Most days."
May 21 16:27:55 <UltimixRed> Eira looks shocked. "it was!?"
May 21 16:28:25 <UltimixRed> "I waw scared. you finally snapped." Eira says still skittering away from Aiko
May 21 16:28:38 <SavanahHolland> "D- did it have something to do with the symbols…?" Wendy looks down
May 21 16:28:49 <Kioku> Aiko gives her a deadpan look. "… We have 10 minutes before they start burning the mushrooms."
May 21 16:28:57 <Kioku> "Wait… symbols?"
May 21 16:29:09 <SavanahHolland> "Yeah! On the phone!"
May 21 16:29:46 <Kioku> "… OH!" Aiko breaks out laughing. "It was meant to resemble a winking face. See, eyes and smile?"
May 21 16:30:02 <Kioku> "I mean, how *else* am I supposed to wink, right?"
May 21 16:30:25 <UltimixRed> "Ten minutes! we have to hurry!"
May 21 16:30:40 <SavanahHolland> "Ohhh!" Wendy looks like she just finished a grand puzzle "It kinda looks like a duck if you think about it." she giggles
May 21 16:30:55 * Rose27 is now known as Wolf27
May 21 16:31:25 * Wolf27 is now known as RoseDoseWose
May 21 16:31:46 * RoseDoseWose is now known as RoseDoseWose27
May 21 16:32:09 * RoseDoseWose27 is now known as Wolf27
May 21 16:32:35 * Wolf27 is now known as Rose27
May 21 16:33:37 <Kioku> \A duck?\ Aiko sighs. "So. We need a plan. I can tell where all of their radios are, if that might help us sneak in to get a mushroom sample. We also need to stop them from burning the things - they're using gasoline, so maybe we could burn it, maybe freeze it. I'd like to divert their attention away somehow, but I'm worried that a radio call might put them on alert… if having one person missing hasn't already."
May 21 16:35:18 <SavanahHolland> "If we burn it, it'll explode, we could try. It just would be extremely dangerous."
May 21 16:35:26 <UltimixRed> "hmmm, Aiko mind handing me one of those radios?" Eira rubs her chin in thought
May 21 16:35:54 <Kioku> "Only have the one, but I don't need it anymore to tap their frequency. Want me to set it so they'll hear?"
May 21 16:36:12 <Kioku> "They may be suspicous of a female voice when their missing member isn't."
May 21 16:36:48 <SavanahHolland> "Maybe you could make the audio worse quality, or lower it so she sounds.. manly" She giggles
May 21 16:37:22 <Kioku> "… I think I could mess with the pitch a bit as it goes out, yeah."
May 21 16:37:29 <UltimixRed> "Don't worry, I have a plan." Eira says thumb on her chest
May 21 16:37:59 <Kioku> Aiko lets out a breath of a laugh and hands Eira the radio. "If you're totally sure… we don't want to alert them and make them start burning early."
May 21 16:38:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives a small nod to Eira, trusting her judgment
May 21 16:39:29 <UltimixRed> Eira takes in a deep breath "This the Strongest! consider this a declaration of war! we have one of your members, meet me at the diner in town if you want to stop the most powerful anomaly there is!" Eira yells proudly
May 21 16:39:57 <Kioku> Aiko stifles a laugh and covers Wendy's mouth.
May 21 16:40:22 <SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to laugh, but is quickly stopped by Aiko. Giggling to herself wildly
May 21 16:40:43 <SirGoldfish> "Uhh, Joe, that you buddy?"
May 21 16:41:23 <UltimixRed> "You want Joe! you gotta pry him from the Stongest's hands! this is war! no rules!" Eira screams
May 21 16:41:42 <SirGoldfish> "You sound really weird right now."
May 21 16:42:21 <UltimixRed> "You got 5 minutes before I blow Joe's brains out!"
May 21 16:42:48 <SavanahHolland> Wendy frowns, walking back slightly
May 21 16:43:58 <UltimixRed> "So get your ass to the diner right fucking now!" Eira says before shutting the radio off
May 21 16:43:59 <SirGoldfish> "… Who do you work for?"
May 21 16:44:34 <UltimixRed> Eira turns to Aiko "I think that got their attention."
May 21 16:44:40 <Kioku> Aiko tilts her head sharply at detecting the signal from her program, and links to Rose's phone. \"Yes?"May 21 16:46:59 <Kioku> Aiko frowns. \"We don't have the time. Do you have the gas masks yet? Start toward the graveyard, but stay out of sight, we need to get a sample… and there's Bureau around."May 21 16:47:04 <SirGoldfish> Aiko begins to hear some more signals from the rest of the radios. "Alright, everyone I want the 5 soliders coming with me! The rest of you stay, along with the workers. If things get ugly, see if you can get Hellsing."
May 21 16:47:12 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Aiko in a whisper "You alright? Is bryce contacting you or something?"
May 21 16:48:46 <SirGoldfish> *The rest of you, say with the 5 workers
May 21 16:49:03 <Kioku> "Rose. And it sounds Bureau is sending six guys to the diner, and leaving the rest. At five of the ones being left behind are workers, rather than soldiers. At least five of the six leaving are soldiers. They're planning to get Hellsing if things get 'ugly', and I don't want to meet him again."
May 21 16:49:25 <UltimixRed> "Well we cut their numbers in half. just avoid the diner."
May 21 16:50:07 <SavanahHolland> "Someone might need to get the normal people out of the diner…"
May 21 16:50:08 <Kioku> \"I hear. Tell Bryce, see if he changes mission parameters for it. For now, we'll get the samples… and by the way, six Bureau are heading to the diner. Avoid them!"May 21 16:50:38 <Kioku> "We can't afford to send anyone there… the moment they arrive, they'll know it was a bluff and probably call backup."
May 21 16:50:47 <Kioku> "We need to be very fast, and very quiet."
May 21 16:50:52 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods
May 21 16:51:08 <UltimixRed> "like the germans in WWII!"
May 21 16:51:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy bites her lip
May 21 16:51:54 <Kioku> "I don't think they'll hurt the people insi-" \"No! Definitely not! They won't bother the normals, and they'll know we lied when we get there. Just stay away from the diner and the road, and bring the masks."May 21 16:53:39 <SolongStarbird> Val's voice can be heard through the phone. "So, we get the sample, and we burn the rest, right?"
May 21 16:53:45 <Kioku> Aiko tracks the moving radios… (How many are still outside after the six move away?)
May 21 16:54:05 <Kioku> \"I just said, ask Bryce. Kind of busy over here."May 21 16:54:06 <Rose27> Rose starts dragging Val to the graveyard
May 21 16:54:59 <SolongStarbird> "Alright! We'll ask Bryce…. about that… okay."
May 21 16:55:27 <SirGoldfish> 6 are just are half way to the diner.
May 21 16:55:42 <SirGoldfish> Val and Rose should arrive at the group's location in about 3 minutes. Does the group wait?
May 21 16:55:53 <Kioku> (Okay, but we need to know how many are still outside.)
May 21 16:56:03 <Kioku> \"Rose? Run. Fast as you can."May 21 16:56:07 <SirGoldfish> None, they're all in the cavern.
May 21 16:56:18 <SolongStarbird> (Aren't we supposed to ask Bryse about the parameters first?)
May 21 16:56:20 <Rose27> Rose runs
May 21 16:56:21 <Kioku> \"We need you here before they reach the diner."May 21 16:56:28 <Rose27> (Should I roll?)
May 21 16:56:38 <Kioku> (Ask through the tag, yes. While running.)
May 21 16:56:38 <SirGoldfish> Rose and Val! Roll speed to see how fast you get there!
May 21 16:56:41 <SolongStarbird> Val follows, and begins sprinting.
May 21 16:57:08 <SolongStarbird> (roll for sprint?)
May 21 16:57:31 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+9
May 21 16:57:32 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+9 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{9}
May 21 16:57:33 <SirGoldfish> (Yes)
May 21 16:57:58 <SolongStarbird> (To do that, I add both the skill number and agility, right?)
May 21 16:58:04 <SirGoldfish> (Yes)
May 21 16:59:03 <SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+4 RUN LIKEthe WIND VALENTIN!!!
May 21 16:59:03 <Uradice> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+4 RUN LIKEthe WIND VALENTIN!!! —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 21 16:59:17 <Rose27> (Track Star <3)
May 21 17:00:05 <SirGoldfish> Rose manages to get there in about a minute and a half, but Valentine, he lags behind Rose, It'll take an additional minute if the group waits for him.
May 21 17:00:36 <SirGoldfish> That would leave the group with only 3 minutes and 30 seconds before they start the burning.
May 21 17:01:00 <SavanahHolland> Wendy waits around impatiently, Giving Rose a smile and a small wave
May 21 17:01:05 <UltimixRed> (how long till we get to the cavern?)
May 21 17:01:24 <SirGoldfish> (About a minute)
May 21 17:01:50 <Kioku> Aiko hurries to the cave enterance and takes a mask the moment she sees Rose. "Can't wait any longer."
May 21 17:01:59 <UltimixRed> Eira clicks her tongue. "we need to go right now!"
May 21 17:02:12 <SolongStarbird> (Alright, so what happens to Val?)
May 21 17:02:15 <Rose27> Rose gives the other two masks out
May 21 17:02:21 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a mask "Thanks!" and puts it on, looking pretty creepy at this point.
May 21 17:02:44 <SirGoldfish> Val, we'll be with the group in a in game minute.
May 21 17:03:05 <Kioku> (We can't do any more until we know what Bryce says to Val)
May 21 17:03:10 <SirGoldfish> *Will
May 21 17:03:11 <Kioku> (In terms of progressing time)
May 21 17:03:25 <SirGoldfish> (I don't know what Val said)
May 21 17:03:26 <SolongStarbird> (I'll do than then)
May 21 17:03:38 <SolongStarbird> (I haven't said it yet.)
May 21 17:03:41 <Rose27> "S-s-should I g-get a gun o-out?"
May 21 17:03:47 <Kioku> (it was while running. v_v)
May 21 17:04:05 <SolongStarbird> As Val sprints for the others, he uses the patch to contact Bryce.
May 21 17:04:11 <SavanahHolland> Wendy puts a hand on Rose "No just yet.'
May 21 17:04:14 <SavanahHolland> *not
May 21 17:04:27 <SirGoldfish> "Uh, yes this is Bryce."
May 21 17:04:33 <UltimixRed> "Wendy, you and me hold them off while. Rose grabs some mushrooms."
May 21 17:04:55 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods to Eira "Alright. Lets do that."
May 21 17:05:09 <SolongStarbird> "Quick thing, sir. We will be getting a sample, since they plan to burn the whole thing. Is this an acceptable change of parameters?"
May 21 17:05:13 <SirGoldfish> Red, wait.
May 21 17:05:29 <SolongStarbird> (Was that what I neede to say?)
May 21 17:05:51 <SirGoldfish> "Well, you wont receive cash."
May 21 17:05:53 <Kioku> (Tell him what the mushrooms do and why you want them burned…)
May 21 17:06:12 <Kioku> (Otherwise we're preventing the burning)
May 21 17:06:29 <Rose27> (and Bryce will be zombie #376)
May 21 17:06:33 <SolongStarbird> "The mushrooms are controlling people via dream, sir. Burning them will save the inhabitants of the town."
May 21 17:07:36 <SirGoldfish> "We'll relocate them once the mushrooms are secure."
May 21 17:08:03 <SolongStarbird> "Understood sir."
May 21 17:08:08 <SavanahHolland> (I can never tell if we can or can't hear it >-<)
May 21 17:08:22 <Kioku> "I'll keep track of where their radios are, hopefully we can avoid them going in to get the sample. If we're found, I'll jam them. Rose, I'd say do get a gun, just in case. Eira, do you think you can freeze the gasoline? There's probably a lot, and it's safer than blowing it up."
May 21 17:08:23 <SolongStarbird> (can I patch you guys too?)
May 21 17:08:59 <UltimixRed> "Definitely. the Strongest." she says confidently
May 21 17:09:17 <SolongStarbird> (or have I caught up?)
May 21 17:09:31 <Kioku> (That was while running, time hasn't passed since Rose reached us)
May 21 17:09:52 <SolongStarbird> (Okay then… can I use the patch to contact the others?)
May 21 17:09:56 <SavanahHolland> Wendy stands there awkwardly, again not completely sure what to do in this situation. She looks slightly nervous.
May 21 17:10:27 <Kioku> "Wendy, keep that phone handy. If you hear two beeps, come down to the caverns, it means we've been caught. Otherwise? Protect Eira. Okay?"
May 21 17:10:44 <Kioku> "Less people going down means less chance of being found."
May 21 17:10:46 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods "Alright!"
May 21 17:10:56 <Rose27> (Goldy……Can I pull out ?)
May 21 17:11:25 <SolongStarbird> (Can Val call them with the patch to tell them that they have to save the shrroms?)
May 21 17:11:43 <SirGoldfish> (Pause)
May 21 17:12:19 <SirGoldfish> Once the group gets inside the they see the that the inside of the cavern, they descend for about 30 seconds before getting inside. The cavern it self is massive to fit the 100s of massive, tree sized mushrooms. The cavern is gently lit by bioluminescent bulbs coming from the grey mushrooms.
May 21 17:13:06 <Rose27> (We're going inside?!)
May 21 17:13:38 <SirGoldfish> (I said Pause.)
May 21 17:13:53 <SirGoldfish> (Describing it for later.)
May 21 17:15:11 <SirGoldfish> (Go ahead Rose, gimme a roll.)
May 21 17:15:40 <SirGoldfish> Unpause, Yes, Val can talk to them about saving the shrooms.
May 21 17:15:56 * FullMetalBitch (||lateMlluF) has joined
May 21 17:16:08 <SolongStarbird> (Ah cool)
May 21 17:16:22 <SavanahHolland> Wendy sticks next to Eira
May 21 17:16:27 <SolongStarbird> Val is contacting Aiko.
May 21 17:16:34 <SavanahHolland> (Can I do the immune thing to Eira again?)
May 21 17:16:57 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 17:16:57 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{4}
May 21 17:17:05 <Kioku> (I'm assuming Val contacted Aiko after getting the reply. A while before this point IC)
May 21 17:17:07 * FakemixRed (ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
May 21 17:17:12 <SolongStarbird> "Minami. Bryce wouldn't budge. We have to stop the fire so that all of the shrooms can be harvested."
May 21 17:17:16 <SirGoldfish> Uhmm, you can try again, Wendy.
May 21 17:17:29 <SolongStarbird> (Ummm sure.)
May 21 17:18:09 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+3
May 21 17:18:10 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{3}
May 21 17:18:36 <SolongStarbird> (Now all I have to do is wait until you say I've caught up.)
May 21 17:19:10 <SirGoldfish> (So, the group waits for Val before progressing into the cavern?)
May 21 17:19:15 <Kioku> (Hell no.)
May 21 17:19:24 <Kioku> (We're just waiting for the results on those rolls.)
May 21 17:19:43 <SolongStarbird> (Will Val be able to find them if they go into the cavern without him?)
May 21 17:20:03 <Kioku> (Eira and Wendy are staying outside to freeze the gas… unless the gas is inside already.)
May 21 17:20:54 <SolongStarbird> (Ah. Okay. Just tell me when that game time has progressed and I catch up to Wendy and Eira.)
May 21 17:21:20 <SirGoldfish> Alright, so yes, Rose does get it out! Sadly, Wendy is not able to make her friend immune. Eira and Wendy the gas is not outside the cavern)
May 21 17:21:33 <SirGoldfish> From what you can see
May 21 17:22:10 <Rose27> "I've always w-wanted this…." Rose says admiring the AD52
May 21 17:22:34 <Kioku> (Aww. Last time you said she needed a 3 to do it, when she got a 2…)
May 21 17:22:50 * FullMetalBitch (||lateMlluF) has left
May 21 17:22:51 <FakemixRed> (well it gets harder everytime)
May 21 17:23:04 <SavanahHolland> (Why?)
May 21 17:23:14 <SavanahHolland> (It's been awhile in game)
May 21 17:23:15 <Kioku> (We need to figure out how much time between it takes before counting as difficulty reset.)
May 21 17:23:23 <Kioku> (Shouldn't be more than a minute or two)
May 21 17:23:28 <Kioku> (… Anyway, later.)
May 21 17:23:31 <SirGoldfish> (Oh did I, then yes, Wendy Suceeds)
May 21 17:23:32 <FakemixRed> (hmmm that's a fair point)
May 21 17:23:35 * FullMetalBitch (||lateMlluF) has joined
May 21 17:23:55 <SavanahHolland> Wendy lets go of Eira "There we go! I think it worked."
May 21 17:24:00 <Kioku> Aiko goes down into the caverns, bringing the rest along since the gas is apparently likely down there too.
May 21 17:24:11 <Kioku> "Come on… I'll try to keep us out of their eyeline."
May 21 17:24:28 <Rose27> Rose follows holding the awesome card shooter
May 21 17:24:30 <SavanahHolland> Wendy follows Aiko, pulling Eira along
May 21 17:24:33 <Kioku> (Should I roll technopath to *pinpoint* their radios or something?)
May 21 17:24:49 <Kioku> (Since they're a bit distant, and many?)
May 21 17:25:36 <SirGoldfish> Hmm, yeah.
May 21 17:25:38 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 17:25:39 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{2}
May 21 17:26:42 <SirGoldfish> Aiko is unable to describe pinpoint all the radios.
May 21 17:27:34 <Kioku> "There… some of them are fuzzy on location. We'll need to leave a wider area while moving." She frowns behind the mask, disappointed.
May 21 17:27:47 <FakemixRed> "I'm just worried my cold may kill the shrooms."
May 21 17:27:48 <Kioku> \Stupid things, not actively sending signals…May 21 17:27:55 <SolongStarbird> (How much time has passed since Rose reached the group?)
May 21 17:28:02 <Kioku> (About 20 seconds)
May 21 17:28:10 <SirGoldfish> Val is basically right outside the cavern.
May 21 17:28:14 <SolongStarbird> (40 to go…)
May 21 17:28:14 <Kioku> (I'm guessing, for the amount of stuff that's happened)
May 21 17:28:29 <Kioku> (We haven't made much progress on this minute, have we? v_v)
May 21 17:28:39 <SolongStarbird> (Oh. Okay then. Is the opening obvious?)
May 21 17:29:21 <SirGoldfish> Yup, it's fairly obvious.
May 21 17:29:43 <SolongStarbird> (Okay then. Are they all inside?)
May 21 17:30:04 <Kioku> Aiko heads for the nearest unobserved mushroom once in the cavern, assuming there's a clear line to move along to it. "Right… someone get their knife out for a sample? Eira has mine."
May 21 17:30:05 <SirGoldfish> I think so.
May 21 17:30:51 <Rose27> Rose cuts the mushroom with her knife
May 21 17:31:00 <SirGoldfish> Aiko, roll me strength to cut the mushroom,
May 21 17:31:07 <SirGoldfish> Aiko and Rose!
May 21 17:31:10 <Kioku> … Aiko isn't cutting. She has no knife.
May 21 17:31:23 <SirGoldfish> Alright, Rose!
May 21 17:31:26 <SolongStarbird> Val, already having his mask on, begins to go into the caverns, no doubt where the others are.
May 21 17:31:27 <Kioku> Also, it's one of Warren's knives, for all the difference that makes.
May 21 17:31:30 <Rose27> Will close combat work? Since it's close combat with a knife?)
May 21 17:32:06 <SirGoldfish> (No, it does not work)
May 21 17:32:27 <FakemixRed> (wait let Eira do it! she has breaking stuff!)
May 21 17:33:14 <Rose27> "E-eira y-you s-should d-do it….s=since y-you're t-the s-strongest…."
May 21 17:33:49 <FakemixRed> Eira flourishes the knife before attempting to cut the damn mushroom. "I want me a portabello burger!"
May 21 17:33:57 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+6
May 21 17:33:58 <Uradice> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+6 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{9}
May 21 17:34:32 <SirGoldfish> Holy shit, man, the strongest manages to cut the shit out of a sample.
May 21 17:35:15 <Rose27> (Oh shit son!)
May 21 17:35:17 <FakemixRed> "No prob!" She holds it up in victory
May 21 17:35:29 <SolongStarbird> Val continues to trek into the caverns, and spots the rest of the crew, cutting a sliver out of the giant mushroom.
May 21 17:35:29 <Kioku> "Okay. Gasoline. Gotta find it. Shh, don't want their attention."
May 21 17:35:55 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods looking around for it.
May 21 17:36:01 <SavanahHolland> (Can I roll to look for it?)
May 21 17:36:02 <SolongStarbird> Val hears this last bit and quietly joins the group.
May 21 17:36:41 <SolongStarbird> Val whispers. "So how are we going to stop the fire?"
May 21 17:36:52 <Kioku> "Ice the gas."
May 21 17:37:21 <SavanahHolland> (Have we found the gas?)
May 21 17:37:25 <Kioku> \Much as I'd prefer to dilute it or soak it up with something, summons won't last long enough…May 21 17:37:29 <SirGoldfish> Uhh, sure, everyone looking for where they're holding the gas, roll brains!
May 21 17:37:41 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 21 17:37:41 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+3
May 21 17:37:41 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 21 17:37:41 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
May 21 17:37:45 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+2
May 21 17:37:45 <Uradice> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{4}
May 21 17:37:55 <SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+3
May 21 17:37:56 <Uradice> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
May 21 17:37:58 <Kioku> (Why don't you just say roll perception instead of brains when you know it's the relevant skill? :P)
May 21 17:38:16 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5 (add 4 if perception)
May 21 17:38:37 * Disconnected (Connection reset by peer)
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May 21 17:38:52 * Now talking on #firestarters
May 21 17:38:52 * Topic for #firestarters is:
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May 21 17:39:00 <SavanahHolland> (Well it is perception)
May 21 17:39:14 <SirGoldfish> (I disagree.)
May 21 17:39:24 <Muninn> (finding something isn't perception?)
May 21 17:39:37 <SirGoldfish> (You'll see why)
May 21 17:39:47 <FakemixRed> (oh no)
May 21 17:40:03 <Muninn> roll 4d3-8+5 (add 4 more if perception)
May 21 17:40:03 <Uradice> Muninn rolled : 4d3-8+5 (add 4 more if perception) —> [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
May 21 17:41:02 * Kioku has quit (Ping timeout: 183 seconds)
May 21 17:41:06 * You are now known as Kioku
May 21 17:41:23 <SirGoldfish> And you all manage to pool your search together and find what appears to be a camp! With three tents! You see two guards protecting the entrance to one of the tents and another two patrolling.
May 21 17:42:29 <Rose27> "K-kill t-them?" Rose texts Aiko
May 21 17:44:30 <Kioku> Aiko shakes her head and holds up a phone with text to show everyone else. The same message goes to Rose and Wendy's phones. "They're just tents. Maybe we can cut our way in? Or maybe knock them out… don't want killing if we can avoid."
May 21 17:44:39 <Kioku> (Do they have earpieces?)
May 21 17:44:44 <Kioku> (The guards)
May 21 17:45:42 <SirGoldfish> Nope, they're using walkies.
May 21 17:46:22 <SavanahHolland> Wendy texts back, her words in slight shambles from never texting "Eir and I can knock the out"
May 21 17:47:17 <FakemixRed> (we should name Eira's and Wendy's dual technique XD)
May 21 17:47:35 <Kioku> Aiko growls softly. "Alright. We don't have much time to keep avoiding them, I guess. Rose? Tranq. Get the patrols if they loop to us before the two standing are down. Eira, Wendy, Val? Knockout please. I'll jam."
May 21 17:47:39 <SavanahHolland> (XD)
May 21 17:47:57 <FakemixRed> (Hot and Cold Knockout?)
May 21 17:48:01 <Kioku> "Wait until the patrols leave line of sight, and try to keep them silent…"
May 21 17:48:02 <Rose27> Ros sighs and tries to pull out a tranq gun from Division 5
May 21 17:48:05 <Rose27> *Rose
May 21 17:48:06 <SavanahHolland> (Badass)
May 21 17:48:28 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 17:48:29 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{3}
May 21 17:48:30 <SirGoldfish> (The guards are using Walkies,yes)
May 21 17:48:35 <SolongStarbird> Val prepares to try and deploy his aura mail.
May 21 17:48:37 <Kioku> "And Rose? I'll buy you some more books since these keep getting used up. XD"
May 21 17:48:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy sticks close to Eira, waiting for the go ahead
May 21 17:48:52 <FakemixRed> (roll initiative?)
May 21 17:49:01 <SirGoldfish> She fails to pull the tranq out.
May 21 17:49:06 <SolongStarbird> (Close up take out right?)
May 21 17:49:32 <Kioku> Aiko tries to block all radio signals in the immediate area before the others start combat.
May 21 17:49:40 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 17:49:41 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{4}
May 21 17:50:02 <Kioku> (Yay for mundane equipment… I hope.)
May 21 17:50:04 <SirGoldfish> She succeeds in taking out the signals.
May 21 17:50:34 <Kioku> Aiko flicks her hand forward toward the guards once the patrollers are at the far end of their route.
May 21 17:50:54 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5 initiative
May 21 17:50:55 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 initiative —> [ 4d3=8 ]{5}
May 21 17:51:09 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+5 Out Think
May 21 17:51:09 <Uradice> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+5 Out Think —> [ 4d3=6 ]{3}
May 21 17:51:19 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+7
May 21 17:51:19 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{4}
May 21 17:55:06 <SirGoldfish> (So long roll initiative)
May 21 17:56:20 <SolongStarbird> (How?)
May 21 17:56:27 <Rose27> 4d3-8+5
May 21 17:56:31 <SolongStarbird> (What od I add?)
May 21 17:56:37 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 17:56:38 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{8}
May 21 17:56:41 <Kioku> (look at ooc, already answered it!)
May 21 17:56:50 <Rose27> (There'smy intitiave!)
May 21 17:56:59 <Rose27> (I beat you all!)
May 21 17:57:10 <SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+5 initiative
May 21 17:57:11 <Uradice> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+5 initiative —> [ 4d3=11 ]{8}
May 21 17:57:23 <Rose27> (What?)
May 21 17:57:26 <SolongStarbird> (No you tied with me)
May 21 17:57:29 <Rose27> (how?!)
May 21 17:57:37 <Rose27> (Do you have +5?)
May 21 17:57:40 <Kioku> (Shh.)
May 21 17:57:42 <Kioku> (Yes)
May 21 17:58:01 <Rose27> (But he has a 2 agility?)
May 21 17:58:15 <SolongStarbird> (And 3 in reflexes skill)
May 21 17:58:20 <Kioku> (and 3 from an initiative-adding skill)
May 21 17:58:26 <SolongStarbird> (2+3=5)
May 21 17:58:42 <Rose27> (Would parkour count as initiaive adding?
May 21 17:58:43 <Rose27> )
May 21 17:59:02 <Kioku> (Dun think so…)
May 21 17:59:51 <SirGoldfish> Turn Order: Rose > Val > Guards > Aiko > Wendy > Eira.
May 21 18:00:08 <SirGoldfish> So, Rose what do you do this turn?
May 21 18:02:55 <Rose27> Rose shoots a guard
May 21 18:03:17 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+9 with tranq!
May 21 18:03:17 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+9 with tranq! —> [ 4d3=8 ]{9}
May 21 18:03:33 <SirGoldfish> (I said you did not pull a tranq)
May 21 18:03:38 <SavanahHolland> (Did you get the tranq? I thought it failed for some reason)
May 21 18:03:52 <SirGoldfish> (<SirGoldfish> She fails to pull the tranq out. )
May 21 18:04:27 <SolongStarbird> (Make another attempt!)
May 21 18:04:29 <Kioku> (Huh. I misread that. But with a roll of 3 on such a simple object?)
May 21 18:04:46 <Kioku> (Try again before it starts!)
May 21 18:04:48 <Kioku> (XD)
May 21 18:04:53 <Kioku> (Or, y'know, shoot cards.)
May 21 18:06:26 <Rose27> (Then i try pulling it out again! or you know I'm useless!)
May 21 18:06:31 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 18:06:31 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{8}
May 21 18:07:20 <SirGoldfish> Yup! She manages to pull out the tranq gun!
May 21 18:07:31 <SirGoldfish> So, Val, what do you do!
May 21 18:07:49 <Kioku> Well, we wouldn't signal to attack until everyone was prepared and armed. >.>
May 21 18:08:26 <SolongStarbird> Val attempts to deploy his aura mail so that he may later tackle a guard and hopefully have him pass out from the pain.
May 21 18:08:58 <SolongStarbird> I'll roll for that.
May 21 18:09:02 <SirGoldfish> (Roll for the mail!)
May 21 18:09:18 <SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+2 deploy auramail
May 21 18:09:18 <Uradice> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+2 deploy auramail —> [ 4d3=8 ]{2}
May 21 18:09:30 <SirGoldfish> (Well, the guards are still unaware of your presence)
May 21 18:09:41 <SirGoldfish> Sadly, he fails at making the Auramail.
May 21 18:11:24 <SirGoldfish> The gaurds are still unaare of your presence so go Aiko!
May 21 18:12:26 <Kioku> Aiko Looks at one of the guards. (Intuitive Comprehension)
May 21 18:12:32 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+4
May 21 18:12:32 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 21 18:13:15 <Kioku> (And she tries to ignore the data about human anatomy, focusing on weaknesses>skills>stats>powers if you want a priority list. XD)
May 21 18:13:25 <Kioku> (… If she can make priority lists.)
May 21 18:16:50 <SirGoldfish> These guys are soldiers who have seen a bit of action on the field. They roll 6 for general defense and 6 for shooting. There bullets.. are odd they seem to have anti-anomaly effects similar to Warren's blades, but more refined. When they hit you take +1 damage.
May 21 18:17:16 <SirGoldfish> Next up is Wendy!
May 21 18:17:42 <SavanahHolland> Wendy turns to everyone in a hushed tone "Should I go in?"
May 21 18:17:58 <FakemixRed> (dual technique!)
May 21 18:18:04 <Kioku> Aiko says in a bare whisper, that even those next to her might strain to hear. "Anti-anomaly bullets. About average in skill at combat, by soldier standards."
May 21 18:18:33 <SavanahHolland> (Do we just punch them at the same time..? XD)
May 21 18:18:59 <FakemixRed> (Hot and Cold Knock out!)
May 21 18:19:38 <SavanahHolland> (Would I just roll brawn/close combat with Eira?)
May 21 18:19:56 <SirGoldfish> (I think so?)
May 21 18:19:58 <FakemixRed> (we roll seperate but get +1)
May 21 18:20:03 <Kioku> (I think you'd both roll your own attacks at +1 each and resolve as normal)
May 21 18:20:12 <Kioku> (Just act on the same turn or something)
May 21 18:20:18 <FakemixRed> (but this is a 1 time thing)
May 21 18:21:12 <SavanahHolland> (I would think brawn would wiggle its way in there because we're punching peeps)
May 21 18:21:35 <Kioku> (Roll brawn+closecombat+1)
May 21 18:21:42 <Kioku> (That's what we were saying)
May 21 18:21:46 <SavanahHolland> (ahhh)
May 21 18:22:00 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+9
May 21 18:22:00 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+9 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{9}
May 21 18:22:40 <SirGoldfish> (And Eira?)
May 21 18:23:13 <FakemixRed> "All in one go!" Eira overdrives as well
May 21 18:23:14 <SirGoldfish> (And describe what the hot and cold technique is)
May 21 18:24:15 <FakemixRed> Because Eira and Wendy have been training together, they can punch different targets in sync with one another. The Hot and Cold part is entirely arbitrary it seems
May 21 18:24:58 <SirGoldfish> (Alright, Eira roll for me too)
May 21 18:25:09 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+11 Brawling Overdrive
May 21 18:25:09 <Uradice> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+11 Brawling Overdrive —> [ 4d3=11 ]{14}
May 21 18:26:31 <SirGoldfish> (Do the guards make two rolls?)
May 21 18:26:38 <Kioku> (think so)
May 21 18:26:52 <Kioku> (it's two attacks, just at the same time)
May 21 18:26:53 <FakemixRed> (it's two different guards so yeah)
May 21 18:27:21 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3+6-8 Wenda
May 21 18:27:22 <Uradice> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3+6-8 Wenda —> [ 4d3=10 ]{8}
May 21 18:27:48 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3+6-8 Eira
May 21 18:27:49 <Uradice> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3+6-8 Eira —> [ 4d3=6 ]{4}
May 21 18:27:58 <FakemixRed> (get fucking rekt)
May 21 18:30:03 <SirGoldfish> (She's only aiming to knock this guy out, right?)
May 21 18:30:10 <FakemixRed> (yeah)
May 21 18:31:12 * SirGoldFish_ (moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.090A4CA8-CRInys|37252diu#moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.090A4CA8-CRInys|37252diu) has joined
May 21 18:33:00 <SirGoldFish_> "What, fuc-" Is all the man gets to say before he crumples to the ground.
May 21 18:33:27 <SirGoldFish_> All three guards are now aware of your presence!
May 21 18:33:37 <FakemixRed> "What up! the most powerful thing ever is in the house." Eira says with a large grin
May 21 18:33:42 <SirGoldFish_> Now Rose, what do you do!
May 21 18:33:48 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives the gaurds a wave
May 21 18:35:08 <Rose27> Rose shoots a guard with a tranq!
May 21 18:35:13 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+9
May 21 18:35:15 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+9 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{9}
May 21 18:36:10 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3-8+6
May 21 18:36:11 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3-8+6 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{3}
May 21 18:36:29 <Rose27> (No guard cab dodge Rose)
May 21 18:36:30 <FakemixRed> (wahaha trained guards losing to some kids)
May 21 18:36:47 <Kioku> (Shooting one of the far away ones, right?)
May 21 18:36:55 <Kioku> (Not the one next to Eira and Wendy?)
May 21 18:37:35 <SirGoldFish_> The man is shot right in the chest and beings to look a little woozy. What the "Hell." (He is still in the fight)
May 21 18:38:00 <SirGoldFish_> Vall, your turn!
May 21 18:39:27 <SolongStarbird> (There is one last guard right?)
May 21 18:39:51 <FakemixRed> (We only took out 1)
May 21 18:39:59 <SirGoldFish_> There are still 3
May 21 18:40:10 <Kioku> (There's one by Wendy, two far away, but one is very woosy)
May 21 18:40:14 <FakemixRed> (wendy and Rose didn't take their's out
May 21 18:40:51 <SavanahHolland> (?)
May 21 18:40:54 <SolongStarbird> Val goes to shoot a beam of aura and the hands of one of the guards, hoping to disarm him.
May 21 18:41:17 <SavanahHolland> (I thought Wendy took hers out?)
May 21 18:41:28 <SolongStarbird> Val decides not to add a tapping effect to the blast.
May 21 18:41:29 <Kioku> (Nah, she rolled only 1 higher. No damage.)
May 21 18:41:44 <SolongStarbird> (Which guard do I aim for?)
May 21 18:41:45 <FakemixRed> (only Eira knocked hers out)
May 21 18:42:18 <Kioku> (One of the not-in-melee-with-Eira ones)
May 21 18:42:51 <SolongStarbird> I'll hit one of the ones taht hasn't been attacked yet.
May 21 18:43:05 <SirGoldFish_> Okay, roll!
May 21 18:43:23 <FakemixRed> (why you should have attacked the woozy one.)
May 21 18:43:44 <FakemixRed> (like go ahead but c'mon, do some mmo raiding XD)
May 21 18:43:50 <SolongStarbird> Should I do that instead?
May 21 18:43:56 <Kioku> (Just roll already!)
May 21 18:43:58 <FakemixRed> (nah do what you want)
May 21 18:44:09 <SolongStarbird> Unattacked guard then!
May 21 18:44:11 <Kioku> (Hit a far away one! There's one that's woozy and one that's untouched!)
May 21 18:44:27 <SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+3 untapped beam at hands of a guard
May 21 18:44:28 <Uradice> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+3 untapped beam at hands of a guard —> [ 4d3=10 ]{5}
May 21 18:44:52 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3+4-8
May 21 18:44:52 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3+4-8 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 21 18:46:25 <SirGoldFish_> He manages to throw off the man's aim!
May 21 18:47:04 <SirGoldFish_> (He'll get minus 2 next time he rolls to attack)
May 21 18:47:17 <SolongStarbird> (Cool)
May 21 18:47:30 <FakemixRed> (that would be cover fire.)
May 21 18:47:39 <SirGoldFish_> Now guards turn to have fun…..
May 21 18:48:29 <SirGoldFish_> Wendy, Eira, and Rose give me defense rolls!
May 21 18:48:49 <SavanahHolland> ( Agility and parkour?)
May 21 18:48:52 <Kioku> (melee defense and ranged defense going to be different due to skills. Clarify?)
May 21 18:49:14 <SirGoldfish> Agility, no parkour, ranged defense.
May 21 18:49:28 <FakemixRed> (acrobatics?)
May 21 18:49:31 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+1
May 21 18:49:31 <Kioku> (Initiative is the same skill as Reflex and Dodge, so I think it applies)
May 21 18:49:31 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{1}
May 21 18:49:38 <SavanahHolland> (Wendy is fucked XD)
May 21 18:49:50 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 18:49:50 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
May 21 18:49:50 <Kioku> (Wendy should have had +3 more from her skill. :P)
May 21 18:49:59 <SavanahHolland> (Which skills? Parkour?)
May 21 18:50:03 <FakemixRed> (can I just tank the hit with brawn?)
May 21 18:50:12 <Kioku> (Initiative/Reflex/Dodge. It's all the same skill)
May 21 18:50:18 <Kioku> (And you have it.)
May 21 18:50:18 <FakemixRed> (or try to outthink the aiming?)
May 21 18:50:30 <SavanahHolland> (Never though of it that way, so I guess its 4)
May 21 18:50:31 <SirGoldfish> Outthink would apply, I think.
May 21 18:50:41 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 18:50:42 <Uradice> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{6}
May 21 18:51:05 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3+6-8 Wendy's knees!
May 21 18:51:06 <Uradice> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3+6-8 Wendy's knees! —> [ 4d3=9 ]{7}
May 21 18:51:20 <SirGoldfish> (Ouch)
May 21 18:51:26 <Kioku> (Is a called shot to a body part more difficult?)
May 21 18:51:37 <FakemixRed> (well +3)
May 21 18:51:39 <SavanahHolland> (That- thats gonna hurt)
May 21 18:51:52 <FakemixRed> (2 damage)
May 21 18:51:53 <SolongStarbird> (i'll se you in the infirmary after this…)
May 21 18:52:00 <Kioku> (Harder to hit, do less damage, in exchange for the extra effect?)
May 21 18:52:05 <SirGoldFish_> (Nah, it's just flavor)
May 21 18:52:12 <Kioku> (Ahh.)
May 21 18:52:19 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3-8+6 Eira's knees again
May 21 18:52:20 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3-8+6 Eira's knees again —> [ 4d3=8 ]{6}
May 21 18:52:21 <SavanahHolland> Wendy stifles a small scream
May 21 18:52:47 <FakemixRed> Eira out thinks the gun man. "Not good enough." She says nervously dodging the bullet
May 21 18:53:00 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3-8+5 Rosebud
May 21 18:53:00 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3-8+5 Rosebud —> [ 4d3=8 ]{5}
May 21 18:53:19 <SirGoldFish_> Only Wendy gets hit!
May 21 18:53:37 <SirGoldfish> Now, it's Aiko's turn.
May 21 18:53:47 <FakemixRed> (anomalous properties of the bullet?)
May 21 18:53:53 <FakemixRed> (how much damage does it do)
May 21 18:54:16 <SirGoldfish> Oh, yeah, extra damage, Wendy takes 3 damage.
May 21 18:54:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy actually fucking screams because hot damn
May 21 18:55:04 <FakemixRed> Eira is very nervous. "Wendy!" /no time, guns bad!/
May 21 18:55:21 <SolongStarbird> (That attract people?)
May 21 18:55:48 <FakemixRed> (goldy which got -2 on their attack?)
May 21 18:56:08 <FakemixRed> (due to Val's cover fire basically)
May 21 18:56:08 <SirGoldfish> The one that hit Rose, not that it mattered.
May 21 18:56:27 <SirGoldfish> Again, Aiko's turn!
May 21 18:56:30 <SolongStarbird> (eh… I'm still helpful!)
May 21 18:56:31 <Kioku> Aiko runs to Wendy and prepares to defend her. (Counter action, delayed turn, going to Intercept if Wendy is shot at again)
May 21 18:56:35 <Rose27> No one touches Rose!
May 21 18:56:41 <Rose27> *()
May 21 18:57:09 <SirGoldfish> Wendy's turn!
May 21 18:57:41 <SavanahHolland> Wendys gonna be a trooper and punch one of them in the face
May 21 18:57:55 <Kioku> (The one still next to her?)
May 21 18:57:59 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+8 "Lights out!"
May 21 18:58:02 <SavanahHolland> (prob)
May 21 18:58:29 <SavanahHolland> (Did my internet cut out..?)
May 21 18:58:34 <Kioku> (Nope)
May 21 18:58:39 <SirGoldFish_> (Uradiicee)
May 21 18:58:40 <Rose27> (no)
May 21 18:58:43 <Rose27> Roll 1d3
May 21 19:00:26 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+8 "Lights out!" —> [ 4d3=8 ]{8}
May 21 19:00:26 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 1d3 —> [ 1d3=3 ]{3}
May 21 19:00:39 <SirGoldFish_> (There we go)
May 21 19:00:49 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3+6-8
May 21 19:00:50 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3+6-8 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{7}
May 21 19:00:56 <SirGoldFish_> Wendy misses
May 21 19:01:10 <SirGoldFish_> Eira!
May 21 19:01:11 <SavanahHolland> Wendy shambles backwords
May 21 19:01:27 <Kioku> Aiko keeps on Wendy's position.
May 21 19:01:40 <FakemixRed> "Wendy, let your teacher handle this." Eira cracks her knuckles and punches the same guy
May 21 19:01:45 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+8
May 21 19:01:45 <Uradice> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+8 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{7}
May 21 19:01:55 <FakemixRed> (crit fail crit fail)
May 21 19:02:09 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3+6-8
May 21 19:02:10 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3+6-8 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{4}
May 21 19:02:25 <SirGoldFish_> Eira knocks the man out who was Tranqued by Rose!
May 21 19:02:30 <Kioku> (Wut.)
May 21 19:02:37 <SirGoldFish_> Now, It's Rose's turn
May 21 19:02:39 <Kioku> (That's not who she attacked though…)
May 21 19:02:45 <FakemixRed> (its fine)
May 21 19:02:49 <Kioku> (Meh.)
May 21 19:02:49 <FakemixRed> (i'll take it!)
May 21 19:03:02 <SirGoldFish_> (Trying to speed things up)
May 21 19:03:25 <Rose27> Rose shoots another tranq!
May 21 19:03:31 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+9
May 21 19:03:32 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+9 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{8}
May 21 19:03:51 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3-8+9
May 21 19:03:51 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3-8+9 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{8}
May 21 19:04:01 <SirGoldFish_> The guard ducks out.
May 21 19:04:04 <SirGoldFish_> Val's turn
May 21 19:05:10 <SirGoldFish_> Val is not here, so Guards turn.
May 21 19:05:19 <SolongStarbird> I am her!
May 21 19:05:24 <SolongStarbird> *here!
May 21 19:05:33 <SirGoldFish_> your turn
May 21 19:05:34 <SolongStarbird> Was typing.
May 21 19:06:04 <SolongStarbird> Val goes to blast a guard square in the chest, this time tapping Wendy for an added fire effect.
May 21 19:06:24 <SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+3
May 21 19:06:24 <Uradice> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 21 19:06:37 <SavanahHolland> Wendy is going to death stare Val
May 21 19:06:44 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3-8+4
May 21 19:06:45 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 21 19:06:53 <SirGoldFish_> Val misses
May 21 19:07:07 <SirGoldFish_> So, Wendy and Eira give me a roll.
May 21 19:07:19 <SavanahHolland> (Defence?)
May 21 19:07:22 <SirGoldFish_> (Ranged defene)
May 21 19:07:26 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+5 Out Think
May 21 19:07:27 <Uradice> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+5 Out Think —> [ 4d3=8 ]{5}
May 21 19:07:29 <Kioku> INTERCEPT ACTIVATE
May 21 19:07:34 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 21 19:07:34 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
May 21 19:07:44 <SavanahHolland> (Oh yeah Kio do et)
May 21 19:07:48 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 19:07:49 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{5}
May 21 19:07:53 <FakemixRed> (Go for it!)
May 21 19:07:59 <Kioku> (Well, at least I take the hit if it fails.)
May 21 19:08:07 <SirGoldFish_> (So, Aiko takes it instead?)
May 21 19:08:20 <FakemixRed> (no she attacks the guard with a delayed action)
May 21 19:08:27 <Kioku> Aiko tries to move Wendy out of the way of the shot, but positions herself between her and the attacker)
May 21 19:08:36 <FakemixRed> (or not I guess)
May 21 19:08:37 <Kioku> (Also I forgot the +1 from Counter, so that's 6 defense)
May 21 19:08:46 <Kioku> (I only attack the guard if the attack misses)
May 21 19:08:53 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3+6 Wed-er AIko!
May 21 19:08:54 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3+6 Wed-er AIko! —> [ 4d3=11 ]{17}
May 21 19:09:06 <Kioku> (Minus 8! :P)
May 21 19:09:09 <SavanahHolland> (Are wendy's knees in alright shape? How bad/alright are they?)
May 21 19:09:12 <SolongStarbird> (You forgot the 8)
May 21 19:09:35 <SirGoldFish_> So, take three damage, Aiko
May 21 19:09:52 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3+6-8 Eira
May 21 19:09:53 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3+6-8 Eira —> [ 4d3=9 ]{7}
May 21 19:10:16 <SirGoldFish_> Eira manages to zig zag out of the way of the bullets.
May 21 19:10:52 <SirGoldFish_> Wendy's turn
May 21 19:11:05 <FakemixRed> "Hmph, you can't hurt me!" Eira laughs maniacally hiding her fear of guns
May 21 19:11:25 <Kioku> Aiko lets out a chirp of pain, with a shocked look on her face as she nearly falls over in front of Wendy.
May 21 19:11:34 <SavanahHolland> (I want to spend health so I can actually fuck them up but that might be a terrible idea >-<
May 21 19:11:44 <Kioku> (Use Fire! And spend Psyche!)
May 21 19:11:53 <SavanahHolland> (good idea!)
May 21 19:12:26 <SavanahHolland> ( 5+2 right? If i spend pyche?)
May 21 19:12:36 <SirGoldFish_> (Yup)
May 21 19:12:51 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+7
May 21 19:12:51 <Uradice> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
May 21 19:12:56 <Kioku> (And Aiko's turn is now… what, right before the guards, because moved by the counter action?)
May 21 19:13:20 <Kioku> (Unless it was just plain skipped instead.)
May 21 19:13:42 <SirGoldFish_> Roll 4d3-8+4
May 21 19:13:42 <Uradice> SirGoldFish_ rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 21 19:13:43 <FakemixRed> (nah you still get your turn)
May 21 19:14:02 <Kioku> (Well… then it should have been just then, before Wendy's. XD)
May 21 19:14:28 <SavanahHolland> (I just did it because gold said it was my turn XD)
May 21 19:14:33 <Kioku> (Is fine!)
May 21 19:14:43 <SolongStarbird> (Just do it now then?)
May 21 19:14:55 <Kioku> (I was going to Lending Hand to give Wendy +2 on her next attack…)
May 21 19:15:20 <SirGoldFish_> Rose manages to seer the Man's chest, now it's Aiko's turn.
May 21 19:15:27 <SavanahHolland> (I'm so confused XD)
May 21 19:16:12 <SirGoldfish> (Lets, just go please)
May 21 19:16:48 <Kioku> Aiko directs strokes of electricity to dance around Eira's fists, hoping to add impact to her next attack. (Lending Hand)
May 21 19:17:18 <SirGoldfish> Alright, Eira's turn!
May 21 19:17:34 <SavanahHolland> (What did mine do..)
May 21 19:17:35 <FakemixRed> Eira grins. "Thanks tech girl, Ice giant's fist!."
May 21 19:17:47 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+10 Thor and Loki combined!
May 21 19:17:47 <Uradice> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+10 Thor and Loki combined! —> [ 4d3=7 ]{9}
May 21 19:18:19 <SirGoldfish> Roll 4d3+6-8
May 21 19:18:20 <Uradice> SirGoldfish rolled : 4d3+6-8 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{6}
May 21 19:18:44 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gets a slight headache from her attack
May 21 19:18:57 <SirGoldfish> The man crumples to the ground as Eira smashes his chest. There is only one guard left…. and he surrenders.
May 21 19:19:18 <FakemixRed> "Thank god Wendy gave me her weird temperature thing or that would've hurt!" Eira yells
May 21 19:19:28 <SavanahHolland> Wendy is going to help Aiko stay standing
May 21 19:20:01 <Kioku> "R-Rose, got any more of those health potions?"
May 21 19:20:34 <FakemixRed> Eira goes over to Wendy and uses her cold to relieve some of the pain. "You still have a lot to learn from the Strongest."
May 21 19:20:48 <SolongStarbird> "We need to freeze te gas quickly!" Val reminds everyone.
May 21 19:21:10 <SavanahHolland> Wendy laughs trying to hold Aiko up
May 21 19:21:43 <FakemixRed> "you rest up and me and Val will investigate the shrooms a bit more."
May 21 19:22:47 <Rose27> Rose tries to pull out a health potion!
May 21 19:23:00 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 21 19:23:00 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{2}
May 21 19:23:06 <Rose27> (CRAP!)
May 21 19:23:49 <SirGoldfish> You manage to pull out a brown poo colored flask.
May 21 19:23:59 <SolongStarbird> "Eira. Where would the gasoline be?"
May 21 19:24:04 <SirGoldfish> The liquid is poo colored.
May 21 19:24:24 <SavanahHolland> Wendy frowns backing away slowly from the flask
May 21 19:24:26 <Kioku> (I thought it was +5?)
May 21 19:25:39 <SirGoldfish> (I think this is the anomaly skill)
May 21 19:25:47 <Kioku> (They're both +5)
May 21 19:26:08 <Rose27> "Anyone wanna test the h-health potion??"
May 21 19:26:14 <Kioku> Aiko waits. "… Test?"
May 21 19:27:48 * Disconnected (Connection reset by peer)
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May 21 19:28:29 * Now talking on #firestarters
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May 21 19:29:08 <SolongStarbird> "That's all great, but we need to stop the fire." Val is starting to look genuinely worried.
May 21 19:29:43 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks over to Aiko "You alright?"
May 21 19:29:59 <SirGoldfish> Well, there are three tents to check.
May 21 19:30:08 * Kioku has quit (Ping timeout: 182 seconds)
May 21 19:30:09 <SirGoldfish> 1, 2 and 3
May 21 19:30:13 <FakemixRed> Eira loots 2
May 21 19:30:15 * You are now known as Kioku
May 21 19:30:26 <Kioku> Aiko nods. "I will be… I think. Ow!" Aiko slaps her foot against the cavern floor to sense inside the tents.
May 21 19:30:30 <SolongStarbird> Val begins to look through the tent 3 for anything useful, or the tanks of gas.
May 21 19:30:51 <Kioku> "Someone do something about the surrender-er."
May 21 19:31:00 <SirGoldfish> 2 is filled with beds and 5 men in pyro suits. "Please… don't hurt us…."
May 21 19:31:26 <Rose27> Rose tries to summon handcuffs
May 21 19:31:33 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+5
May 21 19:31:33 <Uradice> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{5}
May 21 19:31:53 <SirGoldfish> She suceeds.
May 21 19:32:04 <SolongStarbird> (What is in tent 3?)
May 21 19:32:10 <Rose27> Rose goes and handcuffs surrenderer
May 21 19:32:21 <Rose27> to a pipe or something
May 21 19:32:37 <SirGoldfish> 3 has 5 flame throwers and an odd bit of white metal ore sitting on top of a table.
May 21 19:33:00 <Kioku> \"Bryce? We've secured the cavern, we think, but there are six Bureau out in town, they were heading to the diner. Probably about to find out there's nobody there and come back with reinforcements."May 21 19:33:04 <SirGoldfish> The man puts on the cuffs without saying a word.
May 21 19:33:35 <Rose27> Rose then goes and looks in tent 1
May 21 19:33:38 <SirGoldfish> "Don't worry, kido, already called for back up. The soldiers were wiped out."
May 21 19:33:52 <FakemixRed> "I did awesome!"
May 21 19:34:31 <SolongStarbird> Val picks up the white ore out of curiosity.
May 21 19:34:59 <Rose27> (Aiko go to tent 3!)
May 21 19:35:05 <Kioku> \"Good to know. Nobody's burning here, nine prisoners."May 21 19:35:33 <Kioku> Aiko stays with Wendy.
May 21 19:35:37 <SirGoldfish> "You kids are alright?"
May 21 19:35:37 <SolongStarbird> (Ask em where the gas is so we can freeze it!)
May 21 19:35:56 <SirGoldfish> The flamethowers are filled with the gas.
May 21 19:36:10 <Kioku> \"Wendy and I were shot. Their guns had some kind of anti-anomaly bullets similar to our knives. I think we'll be okay though."May 21 19:36:13 <SolongStarbird> (Oh. Score!)
May 21 19:36:15 <SavanahHolland> Wendy helps Aiko up, biting her lip in slight worry. "Are you sure you're alright?"
May 21 19:36:45 <SolongStarbird> Val tucks away the ore in his satchel. "Hey Eira! I found the flamethrowers. Come an freeze em!"
May 21 19:37:05 <Rose27> (What does Rose find in tent 1?)
May 21 19:37:07 <FakemixRed> "Why would I do that, just loot them."
May 21 19:37:21 <SirGoldfish> The ore is fucking /hot/ to the touch.
May 21 19:37:25 <Kioku> Aiko nods to Wendy. "I'm alright. Just letting Bryce know the situation. He says the six that went into town are already down, we have backup."
May 21 19:37:31 <SirGoldfish> Tent one contains beds.
May 21 19:37:32 <SolongStarbird> "Oh, yeah… Val scratches the back of his head.
May 21 19:37:43 <SirGoldfish> Like, burning hot.
May 21 19:37:53 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods, closing her eyes for a minute.
May 21 19:38:07 <SolongStarbird> (Retcon Val putting ore in bag)
May 21 19:38:41 <Rose27> Rose exits the tent and goes to check on Val
May 21 19:38:49 <SolongStarbird> "OUCH!" Val drops the ore. "Damn, my bad hand is burnt now… I'll have to get that fixed."
May 21 19:39:06 <Rose27> "A-are you ok Val?"
May 21 19:39:10 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives a small death stare to Val "Throw it to me."
May 21 19:39:37 <Rose27> "V-val d-drink this!" Rose holds out the flask to val
May 21 19:39:46 <SolongStarbird> "I'll live…." Val turns to Wendy. "I'm not picking that thing up again.
May 21 19:39:48 <SirGoldfish> You're not burnt… per say. But looking at your own Aura on the other hand is slightly 'damaged.'
May 21 19:39:55 <SirGoldfish> Imagine a paper cut, but for auras.
May 21 19:40:18 <SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to walk over to the rock picking it up.
May 21 19:40:19 <Kioku> "What happened in there? You hurt yourself on something?"
May 21 19:40:39 <Kioku> Aiko slaps her foot down again.
May 21 19:40:41 <SolongStarbird> "Don't touch that rock!" Val warns.
May 21 19:40:57 <SavanahHolland> Wendy holds it, tossing it up and down causally
May 21 19:41:26 <SolongStarbird> He then begins examine his hands. "No, wait… My hands seem fine…. IT FRIGGINDAMAGED MY AURA WHAT!?!?!?!"
May 21 19:41:52 <SirGoldfish> It fucking burns you too, Wendy.
May 21 19:42:02 <SavanahHolland> (How??)
May 21 19:42:08 <SirGoldfish> (Nvm)
May 21 19:42:11 <SirGoldfish> Retcon
May 21 19:42:20 <SavanahHolland> (Jesus christmas)
May 21 19:42:36 <SirGoldfish> (Wait, double nvm)
May 21 19:42:38 <Rose27> "A-aiko….w-wanna t-try t-the h-health p-potion?"
May 21 19:42:58 <SolongStarbird> Val looks over at Wendy. Who is holding the rock as if it were no big deal/ "What!?!?! What is this thing?"
May 21 19:43:08 <SirGoldfish> The rock is burning hot to the touch as well.
May 21 19:43:31 <SirGoldfish> It's not burning you it's just painfully hot.
May 21 19:43:41 <SavanahHolland> (For wendy or Val?)
May 21 19:43:47 <FakemixRed> Eira is checking the other tent
May 21 19:43:55 <SirGoldfish> (For Wendy)
May 21 19:44:11 <SirGoldfish> Eira sees what everyone else saw.
May 21 19:44:11 <SavanahHolland> (She wouldn't be able to tell)
May 21 19:44:23 <SavanahHolland> (If anything it would be warm)
May 21 19:44:45 <Kioku> (He's saying it's burning hot by Wendy's standards because it's not actual heat, just a sensation of it(
May 21 19:44:45 <SirGoldfish> It still hurts. (There is a reason)
May 21 19:44:55 <SirGoldfish> It's^^
May 21 19:45:10 <SavanahHolland> (Alright but shes still tossing it because shes a trooper)
May 21 19:45:25 <Kioku> \Aura? Is that what he calls it?\ Aiko turns toward Wendy and Val with a very annoyed look. "… What have I said about touching mysterious substances and objects before inspection?"
May 21 19:46:01 <FakemixRed> Eira tries using perfect freeze on the rock to cool it down
May 21 19:46:01 <SolongStarbird> Val looks back down at hi hands. "Sorry…. Minami…. Damn. At least I'm pretty sure my aura will heal soon…."
May 21 19:46:04 <SavanahHolland> "I assumed it would be fine, Val grabbed before me and he sorta burnt himself."
May 21 19:46:05 <Kioku> "I just want everyone to be safe… there's a lot of things we know nothing about out here…"
May 21 19:46:30 <Rose27> Rose angrily throws the flask at a wall
May 21 19:46:31 <Kioku> Aiko pats Rose's hand and shakes her head.
May 21 19:46:46 <SolongStarbird> "Yes… You'd think I would have learned that by now…"
May 21 19:47:22 <SavanahHolland> Wendy walks over to Aiko and Rose with the Rock in hand "Should I put it down?'
May 21 19:47:54 <Kioku> Aiko grimaces and nods. "Just in case?"
May 21 19:48:03 <SolongStarbird> "I'd think so… Should we patch in Bryce and tell him he's good to come down in here and start the harvest?"
May 21 19:48:11 <Kioku> "Already did, I said that."
May 21 19:48:45 <SavanahHolland> Wendy sets the rock on the ground, rubbing her knee caps before standing up straight again "Should we start going back to town?"
May 21 19:48:51 <FakemixRed> CanEira cool the rock down?
May 21 19:48:52 <SolongStarbird> "Wow… you are always a step ahead Minami. Either that or I'm a step behind… Whatever. Good job team!"
May 21 19:49:11 <Kioku> Aiko facepalms and waits for Eira to stop.
May 21 19:49:34 <SirGoldfish> Eira can try
May 21 19:50:51 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+4 Perfect Freeze!
May 21 19:50:52 <Uradice> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+4 Perfect Freeze! —> [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
May 21 19:50:54 <Kioku> \If it hurt his aura, but didn't burn him, its probably… what, a "soul burn" kind of deal? Psychic radiation?May 21 19:51:43 <SirGoldfish> Eira, cools the rock down to a super low temperature.
May 21 19:51:59 <SolongStarbird> ./I'd think an aura would heal… I'm sure it will… Worse case scenario, I may have to get help fom Alexei… or something…/
May 21 19:51:59 <Kioku> Aiko gets an even *more* irritated look.
May 21 19:52:04 <FakemixRed> "Heh, Nothing for the Strongest." Eira grins
May 21 19:53:28 <Kioku> She turns her irritatated look to a Look at the rock.
May 21 19:53:31 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+4
May 21 19:53:32 <Uradice> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{6}
May 21 19:54:17 <SirGoldfish> (Could she gleam the name of the substance from the roll?)
May 21 19:55:02 <Kioku> (No, just the properties. If good enough, maybe to the point of synthesis in a lab even, but not a name. A name isn't an actual thing about it.)
May 21 19:55:22 <Kioku> She then proceeds to grumble in Japanese about pointless supercooling and impulsiveness.
May 21 19:56:41 <SirGoldfish> Well, this is an almost alien in compostion and structure. It appears to be the same substance the soldiers bullets are made of except unrefined.
May 21 19:57:22 <Kioku> Aiko grimaces. "No idea what exactly it is, but it's a pretty sure bet someone else does. I think this is what their bullets were made of."
May 21 19:57:59 <Kioku> (Any way of knowing if its effects will be blocked by cloth?)
May 21 19:58:09 <SolongStarbird> "Well then…"
May 21 19:59:06 <Kioku> "Was there… like… a lead box or something in the tent with this?"
May 21 19:59:12 <SirGoldfish> It would lessened, but will still hurt.
May 21 19:59:34 <SolongStarbird> "I say we let Bryce deal with it."
May 21 20:00:21 <SirGoldfish> Speak of the devil! Bryce shows up, accompanied by three GWU Soldiers.
May 21 20:00:27 <Kioku> \But Warren would be more likely to find it useful… and Bryce can always check out the…\ "We don't really have a safe way to transport it, do we? Since we don't know what it does… but…"
May 21 20:00:38 <Kioku> Aiko swipes the clip from one of the soldiers' guns.
May 21 20:00:58 <Rose27> "Hai Bryce!"
May 21 20:01:04 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes the rock, putting it in her fanny pack
May 21 20:01:24 <SirGoldfish> (The clips will be taken away at the gate if you don't request to keep them.)
May 21 20:01:54 <SolongStarbird> "Hello sir!"
May 21 20:01:58 <SirGoldfish> "Alright, kidos, you can stay if you want, but I'm here to take ya back home."
May 21 20:02:02 <FakemixRed> Eira steers very clear from the guns.
May 21 20:02:10 <SirGoldfish> (Where is the rock right now)
May 21 20:02:23 <SolongStarbird> (Wendy put it in fanny pack)
May 21 20:02:35 <SavanahHolland> (On the ground in front of Wendy before hand, now in her fanny pack)
May 21 20:02:48 <Kioku> Aiko pulls herself up. "Good timing. Let's… yeah. I could go for some medical attention." She half-grimaces, half-smiles to Bryce.
May 21 20:03:05 <FakemixRed> "Welp that was fun, minus the getting shot at, Wendy is hurt." Eira says nonchalantly
May 21 20:03:17 <SirGoldfish> (The rock will be taken away as well)
May 21 20:03:23 <SirGoldfish> (They check your stuff)
May 21 20:03:27 <SavanahHolland> Wendy does a small nod
May 21 20:03:34 <SavanahHolland> (deal with it when it comes)
May 21 20:03:39 <SolongStarbird> Val exhales, and it as if all of his stress from the mission was riding on it…
May 21 20:04:25 <SolongStarbird> He then streches his neck. It crackles a few times.
May 21 20:04:27 <SirGoldfish> "Well, I got some morphine in the car to make the trip a little easier."
May 21 20:05:08 <SavanahHolland> "I'll be fine, as long as I get to sit." Wendy laughs
May 21 20:05:33 <FakemixRed> "Aiko got shot too." Eira helpfully points out
May 21 20:06:16 <SirGoldfish> Everyone back in the jeep?
May 21 20:06:39 <SolongStarbird> Val wearily smiles, thinking about going back to his dorm and sipping cider from his precious kitten mug. "Yes, sir."
May 21 20:06:45 <Kioku> "… I'll go without the morphine. And I wanted to ask if we could keep one of these clips. A few of us have been on a /lot/ of runs, and keep running into danger… I want to see if the bullets these guys were using could work with one of Rose's summons."
May 21 20:07:05 <Kioku> "Might keep us less-injured next time."
May 21 20:07:14 <Kioku> (Persuasion roll, perhaps?)
May 21 20:07:28 <SirGoldfish> "Give em' to me. I see about convincing the egg head to let ya have one."
May 21 20:07:36 <Kioku> Aiko shrugs and hands him the clip.
May 21 20:07:54 <FakemixRed> "Well, we did work hard to get it. IE knocking bitches out." Eira whines
May 21 20:08:20 <SirGoldfish> "Out of my hands, now."
May 21 20:08:47 <SirGoldfish> "Protocols and all.." He grumbles something fierce.
May 21 20:09:01 <SavanahHolland> Wendy leans to Aiko "I have the rock, what do I do?"
May 21 20:12:00 <SirGoldfish> (The General will all take em' back to school when there done)
May 21 20:13:02 <Kioku> "What, you mean that one from the forest that you thought looked pretty and wanted to start a collection with?" Aiko murmurs back
May 21 20:13:47 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Aiko, her voice full of confusion "what…?"
May 21 20:14:01 <SolongStarbird> "That was kinda fun…" Val mutters under his breath.
May 21 20:14:02 <Kioku> \… Curse my inability to wink!May 21 20:14:10 <FakemixRed> "Ohh forest rock! I can add it to my rock collection!" Eira says excitedly
May 21 20:15:01 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks at all of them dumbfounded
May 21 20:16:18 <Kioku> Aiko sighs. "Let's just go already."
May 21 20:16:41 <SolongStarbird> (Done?)
May 21 20:17:39 <SirGoldfish> Yup
May 21 20:17:53 <SirGoldfish> -Fin-
May 21 20:18:04 * FullMetalBitch (||lateMlluF) has left
May 21 20:18:08 <SirGoldfish> -Epilogue…-
May 21 20:18:37 <SirGoldfish> The hive mind talks angrily among them selves. "This… this might work."
May 21 20:19:50 <SirGoldfish> Everyone gets 600 dollars!
May 21 20:20:13 <SirGoldfish> Aiko, Eira, and Wendy get three XP!
May 21 20:20:21 <SirGoldfish> Everyone else gets 2!
May 21 20:20:54 <SirGoldfish> Extra credit is added to your current grade!
May 21 20:36:46 * SirGoldFish_ has quit (Quit: )
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May 21 20:46:59 <Rose27> Rose searches for the Janitor to call Warren
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