Mend and Teach

<gumbal1> One good thing about the lockdown is that it gave an excuse (beyond 'you will regret not doing it' that came with being diabetic) to hit the gym, one that Leah was happy to take.
<Antichthon> Meanwhile, Athene was taking Lisa's noise concerns very seriously, and trying to find a way to get all her terrible Echidnean energy out of her without causing a ruckus. Most of her was packed into a corner of the main gym to be out of the way, while she tested out the weights. She spun a hundred pounder on the tip of her finger, frowned. That wasn't going to do. She settled for
<Antichthon> lifting the whole weight rack with one hand.
<gumbal1> People liked doing that kind of shit. Only natural. However, it did make a bit of a scene, one that Leah noticed rather quickly. "Yo, Athene. Good to see yo…doing that."
<Antichthon> She was in her Punk Rock Outfit today. Best way to thank Cin was to wear her gifts regularly! She smiled at Leah. "Hi!" The weight rack was way too noisy, with all those weights clanking around. She put it back down. "Sorry, I'm trying to find a way to exercise without making a lot of noise. I'm extremely Echidnean-y today. Trying to be healthy about it. Good to see you, though!"
<gumbal1> "Yeah. I'd like, put in a request for more gym equipment, honestly. People here need more than a standard gym if it's gonna be enough." ELP hasn't manifested yet, mostly because she couldn't exert enough physical force to create enough amusing background gags for Leah's taste. "So like. what've you been up to?"

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<Antichthon> Athene's smile fell a little. "Still getting over what Akemi showed me, mostly. Other than that, the usual. School, gardening work, Salon work. Hey, uh, actually I wanted to talk with you." She glanced around them. "But it might not be a comfortable talk. Sorry."
<gumbal1> Oh. Must be about Echidna, then. Eh, Leah's done…some research. "Sure. What'd you want to talk about?"
<Antichthon> "Well. I consider you one of my best friends. And I consider Akemi one of my best friends. And I like my best friends to be friends. And, um. There seems to be a problem between you two."

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<gumbal1> Leah blinks. "…what are you talking about? I mean, like…there was, but we solved that like a couple months ago?"
<Antichthon> "Uh." Sideglance. "That's not how Akemi sees it. She says you're spreading lies about her and…yeah."
<gumbal1> And Leah just stops lifting at that moment. "…what the fuck? No? I don't spread rumors? Where the fuck is she getting that idea?"
<gumbal1> "We've been over this. We made up, she explained why our problems were a misunderstanding, and like…that's it. I don't like drama."
<Antichthon> "Please don't get mad," Athene said, even though Leah probably wasn't mad. "I want to solve this. I don't know what she's talking about, it's just what she told me. Would you be willing to meet with her with me? I mean, I know you don't like drama, but Akemi still thinks there's a problem, and, um, it would be good to talk this out, right?"
<gumbal1> "…I've actually been meaning to meet with her, but like…I don't fucking know what's gotten into her if she thinks I'm suddenly fucking Jimmy's number one customer or some shit."
<Antichthon> "Wait, who's Jimmy?"
<gumbal1> "That one fucking invisible kid everyon gets their rumors from. Fucking criminal, 'swhat he is."

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<Antichthon> "Well, uh. …Okay, anyway. Would you meet with her with me? Or would you feel better meeting her alone?"

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<gumbal1> "I mean, like…I'd rather you be there, cause like…eh, don't know, actually. Maybe?" Leah resumes lifting. "I've been considering asking her for help in training."
<Antichthon> Athen was there to spot her if need be. She knew that much about weights, at least. "That would probably be good. Doing things together should help if there's any like, hard feelings after you two talk. And yeah, I'd be there, no problem. Just need to ask Akemi."
<Antichthon> "…I could actually ask her right now if you want. We have this new mind-bond thing."
<gumbal1> "Definitely, yeah." Leah was at least happy that Athene didn't automatically believe Akemi. Didn't need any more drama with the Sunnybrook Goddess of Lust, as Lisa liked calling her.
<Antichthon> Athene always defaulted to her friends having a good reason for whatever they did. It often led to contradictions, but Athene was pretty good at ignoring contradictions. ~Akemi, can you hear me? I'd really, really like to set up a meeting between you and Leah, to fix whatever's wrong. I really think you two could be great friends.~
<Kioku> ~Mm, I'm here. A meeting with…~ The sigh is audible through the link. ~Fine, but only because you're asking. For the record, I'd prefer to minimize contact with her so she doesn't get even more bad ideas about me or something though.~
<gumbal1> "So…where's the meeting gonna be held at, if I may ask?"
<Antichthon> "She agrees," Athene said. But, um. Just so you know, the way she talks about it…This isn't just a little resentment she feels. She seems…pretty bitter." At Leah's question, Athene shrugged "Where would you like to meet? Is my room a safe, neutral place?"
<gumbal1> Fucking spirits. Back home she never had to deal with them starting high school drama. Why now? "You're room's nice. Plus Hope's cute as fuck and makes me wish I had a cat."
<Antichthon> "I knoooow she's adorable!" Athene bounced a little. "Right now she's wearing a collar she hates and acting like her life is over, but. Alright, want to walk with me to my room?" ~Come to my room. And please remember the goal is to get you two to be friends. So you're going to have to try too, okay?~
<Kioku> ~Didn't work the last two times I tried. But fine, I'll be there in a minute.~
<gumbal1> "Yeah, sure." Well, third time's the charm, right? Right? Hopefully Akemi wouldn't suddenly start blaming her for shit she didn't do a third time.
<Antichthon> Athene led the way back to her room. She would offer Leah a ride, but, well. Sunnybrook had its touchy-feely social circle, but Leah wasn't a part of it. She arrived at her room, hoping she'd gotten there before Akemi. "Well, this time you'll both have a friend there. I bet that'll make all the difference."
<Kioku> Well, for Akemi to start blaming Leah for something she didn't do a third time, she'd need to do that a first time, which hasn't happened yet. So good, right? Probably won't happen here. Akemi is waiting in the hall, having only needed to go down the stairs rather than cross the campus, leaned against the wall across from Athene's door when they get there, very much less upbeat than Athene last saw her. Her eyes automatically track to Leah
<Kioku> upon sensing her, but flick away just as quickly.
<gumbal1> Second time, maybe. And physical affection was reserved for loved ones, anyways. Leah waves to Akemi, eyes tracking her as well. "Yo. Good meeting you again. Sorry about whatever happened, but that wasn't me. I don't do rumors."
<Antichthon> Athene was trying to signal them that this was supposed to be a pleasant meeting, that they were here to work out problems and not to hurt each other and they should feel safe, but she could hardly control their feelings. "Lets go inside, then talk." She entered her room, ushered them in. Hope was still hunkered down where Akemi had left her, wallowing in self-pity.
<Kioku> Akemi lifts her hand in a half-hearted wave back. She follows Athene in without a sound, following the 'inside then talk' suggestion.
<gumbal1> Once inside, Leah immediatly starts for Hope, giving the scritches to kitty. "Really kinda wish I had a pet back home. We were too broke to get one, and the apartments had a no-pet policy, anyways. Didn't stop it from being broken repeatedly."
<Antichthon> Hope didn't respond too much to the petting. She really did hate that collar. "Well, you can stop by to see Hope whenever you want. I think I'll have to give up on the collar though, I think she'd starve herself before getting used to it. but, um." To the topic at hand. "What I'm getting is that you think Leah is spreading rumors about you, Akemi. But Leah doesn't seem to have a
<Antichthon> clue what you're talking about. I don't think either of you are trying to hurt one another, so um, would one of you start with what you think is going on, and would the other try to see how they might see it like that?"
<Kioku> A tiny smile tugs at Akemi's lip. \Cats. Huh. Guess for all the differences, we have /something/ in common.\ Then she turns her attention to what Athene is saying. \… I guess I might as well start. Even if this is her fault, Athene brought it up because of me.\ "I've occasionally heard whispers of lies about me. People saying that I thought I was too good for the rest of the students, or that I was shallow, or a bad person beneath
<Kioku> the surface, or that I cheated at something, or /on/ my girlfriend, or that I used my powers 'for evil'. Nonsense like that. I'm not saying /all/ of it seems to come back to you when I try to trace back where people got the ideas, certainly not. But /some/ of it has, as near as I can tell. Frankly I wouldn't be so offended if any of that were true, but none of it is, and I rather hate lies."
<Antichthon> Athene made a pile of herself and lounged in her coils, waiting to see what Leah had to say about this.
<gumbal1> After Athene's done, Leah takes a deep breath. "…okay like, problem number one? I fucking hate drama, and rumors are the best way to start it up. If I said something to anyone, it was because that was what my assessment of you was at the time, which, by the way, basically only translated to 'no sense of personal boundries'. Keep in mind, I was operating under the assumption that you possessed me without permission for fucking months. Aft
<gumbal1> er the last time we talked at length about this, I stopped." Leah blinks. "And by the way? I actually talked…someone out of trashing your shrine. You're welcome."
<Antichthon> "Okay, so, maybe Leah thought she was just being honest, but was wrong about you for a while, Akemi. And maybe that's where the rumors come from, just a misunderstanding. Isn't that possible?" A hopeful smile at Akemi.
<Kioku> \Saved that person a lot of trouble then, if that's true.\ "Some of it's come up even since we talked. I don't know if it's the old coming back around, or something new, or what." Akemi shakes her head. "It's not like we parted on 'good' terms that time even if I thought it was at least more 'okay' by then." She sighs and glances at Athene. "It's possible. It's also possible that some people were misled as to where they heard it from,
<Kioku> we /do/ have shapeshifters and illusionists around who might not want to be known gossips. Plus that whole 'anti-non-human' group that cropped up and then died down a while back." She looks a little less certain, at least.
<Antichthon> "Well, if it helps, I know and love both of you. I know you are both great people. Leah never tries to hurt anyone, Akemi. if you don't believe her, maybe you can believe me?"
<gumbal1> "Right. Sorry for the misunderstanding." Leah had a few ideas on who might do that, most of them beginning with 'C' and ending in 'ass Walker-Handal', but she wasn't about to start more drama by throwing someone under the bus…kinda fucked up, now that she thought about it.
<Kioku> \Why does /everything/ she say to me come across as so insincere? Maybe it's because I'm trying to block out the sense that she's prey, and it's dampening the sense of her emotions at the same time. Well, that shouldn't stop her expressions and tone, right?\ Akemi looks straight at Leah and sighs. \Part of my dislike is her refusal to be friends. Could I be misunderstanding that too?\ ~…I can believe you, Athene. If you're sure.~ \If
<Kioku> she's being honest with you.\ "We seem to have a lot of those," she finally says aloud in response.
<Antichthon> Athene's smile widened and she clasped her hands together. "Okay! That's a good start. But, um, you two have talked in the past before, and it hasn't solved anything. So I'd like to do more this time. Leah, you said you were thinking of going to her for training?"
<Kioku> Akemi blinks rapidly at Athene, then looks at Leah again. \She what.<gumbal1> "Yeah. It sucks cause like, any other circumstance and I'd probs be trying hard to be friends with you. So…yeah. Forget all that?" Eh, it's high school. This was bound to happen some time "…yeah. So like…I've been looking for someone to help me train with soul magic, and since you're basically a spirit, I was thinking you'd be number one with that department."
<Kioku> "Soul… magic?" Akemi frowns slightly. "Daniel might be better equipped, since he can /cast/ it. That's assuming you actually mean magic though. I…" She glances at Athene and sighs. "I guess I can… try to help out." \Dammit Athene, fine. I'll try to repair things, so if this is what it takes…<Antichthon> Athene was smiling happily. Akemi's dislike of the whole situation wasn't lost on her, but sometimes helping meant hurting a little. if Leah and Akemi could be friends without one or both of them going through a little discomfort to get there, they'd have been friends already. "Okay, good. And no matter what, please, both of you remember that the other only has good intentions?
<Antichthon> No one is trying to hurt anyone, okay?"
<gumbal1> "Okay, so like," ELP suddenly manifests behind her. "You know ELP, right? Part of her powerset is dealing in souls, specifically boosting or manipulating them. It's hella useful for a surprising number of things." Like gathering accumulated sin. "Though like, recently I've been thinking my powers aren't really as strong as they should be. This is where you come in, cause like…from what I hear you're basically a demigodess, powerwise."
<Antichthon> Athene nodded in agreement, Akemi was super powerful.
<Kioku> "I-I wouldn't say so. Where /do/ people keep getting that idea?" Akemi just seems confused for a moment before shaking it off. \That doesn't /look/ like magic, but hey, who knows?\ "But sure, right, I remember what you did to that spider-thing. Necromancer's control one minute, connection ripped away the next, right? I was thinking of pushing him, so I felt that break away." Nod.
<gumbal1> "Right, yeah. That…probably would not have worked a second time. I think the control got stronger with less targets to possess, but I'm not sure. Still," Leah grins. "It fucking rocked that it worked."
<Kioku> "That it did." Akemi agrees, smiling just a little more.
<Antichthon> Things were going well. This was going well. Athene busied herself with taking the collar off of poor Hope.
<gumbal1> "And like…yeah. Shame it didn't work on the golem. Could've saved myself a dental appointment." One thing Akemi might notice is a missing tooth in her smile. "So…yeah. I was wondering if you could help me get stronger, in that regard."
<Antichthon> "Still think you could get a metal one from Andrey," Athene joked.

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<Kioku> "Can't the kid who works in the infirmary regrow it? I heard he has a couple of times, regenerated stuff that doesn't normally grow back." Akemi finally sits down on the bed. "Well… hrm. Stronger is kind of a broad category. Let's focus it down a little. If you have any ideas in particular that you'd want to try too, then…"
<gumbal1> Hrm. Narrow it down…"…power efficiency. I can do more with this if I don't constantly have to recharge it, if I'm gonna be honest. So like…I think I'd need to find some way to interact with the soul in an energy efficient manner."
<Kioku> Akemi hums and nods. "We're getting somewhere then. May I?" She gestures to ELP.
<gumbal1> "Yeah, sure. Just, like…don't hurt her. My powers go kinda weird if she gets injured."
<Antichthon> This was tech talk Atheme was glad to not be a part of. Hope, now free, trotted up to Akemi and rubbed against her legs. Her aura probably worked on animals, too!
<Kioku> Akemi nods, glancing down and smiling fully. She takes a moment to stoop down and pet Hope, then gets up, seems to fade and then brighten before coming back to normal with her tails mainfested, then picks up Hope and sets her on her shoulder, both keeping her steady and petting her with said tails. "Isn't she a projection of your power though? Mmm…" She steps over and tries touching ELP, just running a hand along her before seeing
<Kioku> whether it's possible to push through her while remaining physical. Just testing if she's solid.
<Antichthon> Hope was a solid mass of purrs, now. Rub rub rub, love love love, no collar, whee!
<gumbal1> Physically, ELP is technically intangible, and the hand passes right through. Leah's attention is focused on the tails, before being pulled away by the odd feeling of ELP-Soul interaction.
<Kioku> "I was worried for a moment," Akemi admits. "Projecting energy into mass takes a /lot/ of effort for most people. I can't do it with anything but creating this body of mine, and even then I expect it's only because I grew up physical, thinking of myself as human the whole time. Can you focus your abilities without her?"
<Antichthon> Athene, frankly, was not following this. She kept her head down and tried to learn something.
<gumbal1> "For most things, yeah. There's one thing where she gives something a mind of its own, which needs her to possess said thing." Leah shrugs. "Mostly, it works as a range extender. Though, like…my powers work best when I actually believe she's my stand, rather than just pretending she is as a joke. Which…is basically how it goes."
<Kioku> Akemi blinks. "Stand?" Aaaand familiarity at 0%. "Err, I was going to suggest thinking of her truly as an extention of yourself, as You in all ways that matter. Trying to force your power through something not-you as a conduit would probably have a lot of loss involved, right? You need the best conductor you can get, which is already yourself as far as we know."
<Antichthon> "They're like, spiritual avatars of some peope in a show Leah watches," Athene explained.
<gumbal1> "…I'm a dork." Leah shrugs. "And…that's basically what a stand is. An extension of the self, specifically the soul."
<gumbal1> "It's actually…kinda worked for other people, if I inject enough spiritual energy into their souls."
<Kioku> "… Huh. Then… yeah, honestly that's a great place to start. Don't pretend it's a joke. I mean… can you feel this?" Akemi runs a hand along ELP's arm while watching Leah. "Or this?" She lets her hand fade from the physical and runs it along Leah's arm before withdrawing. "Are they both /your/ senses that you feel through?"
<gumbal1> "I…can kinda feel both, but, like…not in the physical sense. I think like…it's my senses, but just not touch. Or like…I dunno. Family's sensitive to spirit stuff."
<Antichthon> Athene boggled at Leah. "You've given stands to other people?"
<Kioku> Akemi nods. "So why /wouldn't/ she be you? Part of you? Your avatar?"
<gumbal1> "…yeah. It's…a thing. Results fluctuate between 'best sex I ever had' to 'I'm afraid of ever interacting with you ever again'. And…yeah. I think that's the general consensus I've heard, but like…I dunno. I feel kinda ridiculous, sometimes. How would you feel if you suddenly realized you could emulate your favorite tv show?"
<Antichthon> Leah could give stands now That was… "Oh! Idea~. Why not give Akemi her own stand? I want to see what her stand looks like. Or, I mean. Does it work on her, since she's technically not human?"
<Kioku> Akemi giggles. "I honestly don't know! I never really /got/ to watch enough tv to really pick a favorite. But… hey. You're doing this. This is you, projecting part of yourself, for real. You yourself said that your powers work better through her when you think of her that way, rather than as a joke, right? Isn't that evidence enough that you're doing something right?"
<gumbal1> "I mean, like…maybe, if she wants." Leah nods. "I mean, yeah. It's more like, well, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is kinda ridiculous, so I guess I feel ridiculous in turn." Sometimes she wanted to meet Araki, just to see his reaction.
<Antichthon> "I never thought it was ridiculous," Athene said, being the girl who had unironically liked Twilight.
<Kioku> "I… don't think so." Akemi shakes her head. "I'd rather not, really. And… hrm. Do you mind if I push my energy a bit? Just, an energizing sort I mean, not emotional."
<gumbal1> "…yeah, alright. And like…sorry for snapping at you earlier, back with the tree. I was stressed with the magic tree business and…nevermind."
<Antichthon> "Aww." That was disappointing. Stands felt like they could be anything, so finding out what Stands looked like was half the fun of JJBA for Athene.
<Antichthon> At least this meeting continued to go well.
<Kioku> Akemi offers her hand to Leah, then slooooowly puts it on her shoulder to give her time for flinching away. If it lands, she'll proceed.
<gumbal1> Leah accepts the hand, at least.
<Kioku> "Alright, feel this? I want you to memorize it if you can…" Akemi starts to push her energy through Leah, charging her up and having it itneract with her own powers to amplify them. It's a bit of a rush of sudden increased alertness and a feeling of power and superior control. Most of all, it makes it easier to feel and regulate just how she uses her abilities and what goes into them.
<Antichthon> Hope had jumped down and was rubbing against Leah, now. Kitty had to do her rounds.

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<Kioku> *interact, not itneract
<gumbal1> Having already created spiritual stress grooves in her self, Leah's rather receptive to the energy. ELP, meanwhile…say, where did it get that arrowhead embedded in its chest? "…this is surprisingly nice."
<Kioku> Akemi hums and nods. "I'd hope so. I wanted to see if it'd be any different between channeling directly to you, or channeling through ELP." She glances at said… 'stand'?

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<Antichthon> Athene was looking too, but she had no idea what was normal and what wasn't, here.
<gumbal1> "So like…what do you want me to test?"
<Kioku> "Mm? Just tell me the difference for now-" Akemi pulls her hand away, and the flow of energy stops, then puts it just inside of ELP and does the same thing again.
<gumbal1> "…yo, Athene, how much control over your soul would you say you have?"
<Antichthon> "Um." Athene furrowed her brow. "I thought I didn't have one?"

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<Antichthon> She did, of course. Leah would know that, being Leah.
<gumbal1> ELP, meanwhile, stole a pose from Gold Experience Requiem. "Bullshit. Anything with a mind most likely has a soul. Especially human-like minds."
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head and withdraws her hand from ELP, then moves over to Athene. She refrained from engaging in cuddles before, since Leah was here, but there's no way she's keeping at least a hug away after that.
<Antichthon> "I thought, um." Sideglacne. "Evil monsters didn't have souls. I mean, I don't want to be called that, but that is what I am if we're talking things like biology and history and souls. Like, how I'm not a girl if we're talking sex chromosomes or something. Right?"
<gumbal1> "…you need to stop hanging the people who tell you that. Biology is fucking useless when it comes to the mind, and even less useful when it comes to psyche."
<Antichthon> "Well, I don't know. How do I tell if I have a soul, then?"
<Antichthon> And of course Athene had returned the hug, she just kept her gaze on Leah.
<Kioku> Akemi glares at Athene. Then prods her side. "You're not evil. Evil is a choice, and besides how could it have anything to do with that? And you're not a monster, not even a little bit." Prod prod. "You're a lovely, wonderful teenage sapient being with a strong history of being the best friend anyone could ask for and possibly the nicest person I've yet to meet."
<Antichthon> "I thought souls were a species thing, though. Like, does a frog have a soul?"
<Antichthon> "And what about demons?"
<Antichthon> "I don't know if I'm closer to a demon or a frog."
<Kioku> "Would a frog understand what that even means? And… yeah, pretty sure demons do too if anyone does."
<gumbal1> "I can show you, if you want. And…even bugs have souls. I, uh…would not like to go into detail on how I know that."
<Antichthon> "Oh." Athene brightened at the offer. "Yeah, show me. I'd love to know if I have a soul, and how strong it is. Souls have strengths, right? That's not just a jojo thing?"

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<Kioku> Akemi squeezes Athene, then finally lets her go and takes a few steps back. All this 'soul' talk is a bit odd to her, in truth.
<gumbal1> "Yeah. This is gonna feel weird, so…"
<gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
<GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 4
<gumbal1> With that, ELP begins poking around Athene’s soul, mostly just to let Athene feel that she has it. "I could supercharge it, giving you the necessary energy to possess it if you want."
<Antichthon> "Woohoohoh!" Athene shuddered. "Wow, that feels weird. Is that my soul? What's it doing in my heart? Shouldn't it be in my head? And, holycrap you mean I could have a Stand?" Grin. "Do it."
<gumbal1> And suddenly, ELP finds a place of focus, and begins charging Athene's soul with excess spiritual energy. "Now, try to will it enough that it doesn't start doing undesirable shit."
<Antichthon> ‘calc 1d2
<GameServ> 1d2 = 1
<Antichthon> "Alright, I’ll try." Athene closed her eyes and tried to…will it? "Okay, I don't really know what I'm supposed to do here."
<gumbal1> "Okay, like…basically, try channeling yourself into the open."
<Kioku> Akemi glances between the two, doing… not really anything, since she wasn't needed to boost the energy output or help Athene's control, or anything like that.
<Antichthon> "You're saying words, but you aren't telling me what to do. I mean, like. How about you pogo the pingpong ball of your spleen into the cup of truth?" Athene still had her eyes closed and was trying, but she was getting frustrated that there was something here Leah seemed to be taking for granted, and Athene figured she herself was just too dense to see it.
<Kioku> Akemi looks at Athene, hums, and puts her hand in her arm. Then she drags her fingers down her arm, shooting the tingling sensation through her while crafting an illusion of something more, a bit like the pulling feeling when she put on that ring.
<gumbal1> "Okay, so like…your willpower and your actual soul are linked. You just got to try and access that willpower for the purpose of projecting it. Think of it, like…trying really hard to have psychic powers…which you already have. Oops."
<Antichthon> ‘calc 1d2
<GameServ> 1d2 = 2
<Antichthon> "Humm." The help Akemi was giving her made things a bit easier. "Okay, but. Maybe if I pretend to have psychic powers I don’t have, that would-" Athene yelped as suddenly, her head was encased in a sleek black spiritual helmet, an orange glow about its visor. "Um. Did I do it, or did one of you put this on me?"
<Kioku> Akemi raises her eyebrows. "I just provided a placebo. I don't know about…?" She glances at Leah and shrugs.
<gumbal1> "…you know, I didn't think there'd be this much variety in stands, if I was gonna be honest. This is…most of the time they're vaguely humanoid? Like…JJBA had suit stands, but JJBA ain't real life, so…" Thumbs up. "Good job."
<Antichthon> "So my stand is a-" Athene yelped as she was interrupted by spiritual armor plating snapping shut around her chest. Then down her arms. Then her belly. Then progressing down the entire fucking length of her snake body. Every foot or so, a pair of thick, mechanical legs sprouted, that same orange glow shining from their joints. It was a very noisy process. By the time it ended,
<Antichthon> the Stand-suit had sprouted a lot of legs. A hundred of them, to be exact. Athene was frozen in stunned silence.

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<Kioku> Akemi's mouth opens, then closes. "… Well then." She reaches over to see if she can still poke Athene in the side gently and feel her underneath this.
<gumbal1> Snap, goes the phone as Leah quickly gets a picture for later reference. "…fucking kickass. Try using your powers through it."

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<Antichthon> And Akemi could, the spiritual armor was intangible. "A-are you sure I didn't do something wrong?" Her voice echoed in her helmet. "How is this anything like a stand in jojo?! You dont wear stands!" But it was kickass. Athene couldn't argue there. Try to use her powers. Um, let's see. Wh-" The whole of the jet black Athene-Stand-Centipede-Suit rose off the ground, one pair of
<Antichthon> legs at a time. Considering it was intangible, who knew how the fuck it lifted Athene, but there it was. "…Which powers?"
<Kioku> "Well, you're always trying to protect everyone, aren't you~? You've said it before, and you've acted that way on our missions together~" Akemi smiles. "Doesn't armor suit you?"
<gumbal1> "You haven't gotten to that part in Part V. You're gonna love the White Album battle." Leah grins. "Yeah. You're a total softie when it comes to others, so protection suits you."
<Antichthon> Athene looked at her gauntleted hands. "…Huh. Guess you're right. And ooh, jet black and glowing orange. That is one of my favorite color combinations." Athene grinned at them both through the glowing orange visor. "Well, if protecting others is my power, maybe I should focus on that." No sooner did she say that than did the intangible armor grow very, very tangible. Then
<Antichthon> all along her back, like the plates of a stegosaurus, sprouted Orange energy shields. They were hard, too. She was effectively a walking armored bastion. "…Okay, the White Album battle better be as cool as this."
<gumbal1> "…nice. You're doing good, like…fuck, this is so cool! Now like…oh g-d I don't even know, half the fun is experimenting on your own."
<Kioku> Akemi eeps as her hand is still through the armor when it becomes tangible, making herself not so much in order to pull it back. Then she starts laughing. "It suits you~!"
<Antichthon> "Oh, shoot, I'm glad you're a spirit," Athene said when Akemi effectively got her hand chopped off. Athene tried walking in a circle. The movement of the legs was very rhythmic, wavy and a bit hypnotizing. "Do you think something special would happen if I used my psychic powers?"
<Antichthon> "Also, You're horrible, Akemi."
<gumbal1> "I mean, you might be able to apply it in a way you haven't before. Like, I can't do some stuff without ELP actually being around, so like, yeah." Leah's taken a seat at this point, scritching hope and watching all this unfold.
<Kioku> ~I mean, you probably wouldn't be as comfortable to sit on or cuddle like that, but…~ Akemi smiles and shrugs. "Nooo idea." She heads to the bed and sits.
<Antichthon> Weirdly enough, Hope didn't react at all to the whole thing, just continued rubbing up on Leah. That cat had seen it all. "So, let's see. Akemi, is it okay if I try my mind p-" Athene was interrupted again as her visor went opaque. "Woah. Woah. Okay, now. …Have you two seen the movie 'Predator?'"
<gumbal1> "Yeah. Watched it with Keef while high as shit. What are you getting at?"
<Kioku> "Nope. Never heard of it. But your visor changed just before you asked that, so… something to do with your senses?" ~I… guess you can if you want, sure.~
<Kioku> *with your vision?
<Antichthon> ~I'm not going to do it if you're not sure!~ "Well, um." She looked at Leah. "What I'm seeing now is kind of holy shit I can see your organs."
<gumbal1> "…huh. Are they healthy?" This was odd. ELP stood at ready, in case something needed to happen.
<Kioku> ~It's not that! It's just… with someone else present…~ Akemi keeps the blush off her face surprisingly well, considering she doesn't usually bother this much to keep her composure around friends. \Wait, our organs?\ Akemi shuffles a little in place, wondering just how hers might appear. Hint: basically human, not that she's sure of that.
<Antichthon> ~Oh, yeah. I'm sorry, I was so excited I wasn't thinking.~ "How would I know? I don't know anything about biology! …You ate corn recently, didn't you?" She flinched. "-Blech! Agh, I just tried to smell the air and I slobbered all over my visor. How am I supposed to smell in this thing?"
<gumbal1> "…yeah. Also that weird fucking calamari thing someone made or something. And…guess that's a weakness, then." Normally, powers were done as usual, but this was…incredibly weird.
<Kioku> ~No apologies! I get excitement, silly, I know how wanting to test out something new like this is!~ Akemi gives an un-Akemi-like snort as she tries to hold back laughter at the visor slobber.
<Antichthon> "No, wait. Think I found smell-o-vision. Oooh, visor is self-cleaning. That's convenient. …Okay, that vision mode just turns everything into cheese. Why would it do that?"
<gumbal1> "Oh, so this is some vision thing…yeah. I'd experiment with it, see what you can do."
<Kioku> Akemi nods and leans back, stretching.
<Antichthon> "So, can I like, call this suit whenever I need it? Because holy crap I'm like some centipeditar special ops agent and this would be so cool to have on missions." Athene was still walking around, and the plates on her back nearly took out the light. She gasped. "Oh, okay. Wow. That mode turned the walls and floor invisible. Think my heart skipped a beat."
<gumbal1> "Uh…probably not. Stands take spiritual energy beyond what humans normally have. I basically only manage because I can steal it from objects and shit. So like…might be able to help you on a future mission."
<Kioku> Akemi hums. "Hey… Leah…" She turns her gaze to the girl she's addressing. "Maybe… /maybe/ we should work together on this more some time. I know a way to get a /whole/ lot of excess spiritual energy, after all."
<gumbal1> Leah prys her attention from Athene. "Seriously? Yeah, we should, definetly. I really want to see how much I can push this ability."
<Antichthon> "Okay, so how do I dismiss-" The suit disappeared, just like that, and Athene crashed to the floor. And a ton of snake falling severla feet to the ground was a very quakey experience. Hope startled and hid. "Okay, ow," Athene said, though it didn't really hurt. She looked around to make sure she hadn't broken anything in her room. It was all good.
<gumbal1> And her attention is immediatly snatched back. "…right. Didn't think that'd happen, but…yeah."
<Kioku> Akemi is bounced around on the bed a little by the snake-quake and winces. \Well, she's got a lot of surace area to distribute the force over, so…\ "Are you okay?"
<Antichthon> "Yeah, I'm fine." It was more just something one said in that situation, the impact didn't even sting. She returned to between Leah and Akemi and coiled up. "What's this about a whole lot of spiritual enegy?"
<gumbal1> "Yeah, I'm really interested in what this is."
<Kioku> Akemi looks blankly at them, then wildly gestures to herself. "Spirit who knows how to channel her energy into others? Physical body literally made of spirit energy?" She flops her arms to her sides. "And I guess I can stuff a bit of it into pieces of quartz too, among other things."
<gumbal1> "Right, so. Eat bits of you you stuff into rocks. That…is not the worst idea I have heard."
<Antichthon> "Uh. I'm not sure I like the idea of my friends eating each other." Wasn't that her job?
<Kioku> "Leah, I produce way more energy than I use or need. I basically metabolize affection, even. It isn't even bits of myself, it's just excess energy that I produce. My blood is a pretty concentrated source too, for that matter." Her blood is also a highly addictive mild aphrodisiac if consumed, but that's only slightly because of the energy concentration and more about it being /her/ energy in particular.
<gumbal1> Well, it wasn't literally eating, anyways. "I'll just, like…rocks are fine."
<Antichthon> "I mean. I guess when you think about it, you two are kinda made for each other." It hadn't occurred to her before, and it made Athene feel particularly dumb.
<Kioku> Akemi looks at Athene and raises an eyebrow. "Come again?"
<gumbal1> "…uh. Echoing Akemi, here."
<Antichthon> "I mean, to be friends. She's a spirit. You absorb spirit energy. On missions I bet the two of you could do some amazing things together."

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<Kioku> Akemi hums and leans down to pick up her satchel and yoinks a piece of quartz out of it, tossing it to Leah. "See what you can do with that? I /am/ pretty curious."
<gumbal1> "I mean, I guess? Kinda?" Leah catches it in the air. "Right now?"
<Antichthon> "Is anything going to happen? Isn't it just like, anything else? She'll absorb it and then have it."

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<Kioku> Akemi shrugs. "Normally using that on someone boosts their powers a little. Just enough to really feel the difference, and just for a few seconds, but it's definitely something. And it's /raw/ spirit energy, so there shouldn't be any kind of side effects if she pulls from it."
<Kioku> "So, right now is fine if you want to just see how much you think it'd do for you."
<Kioku> "It's not like I can't make, like, five or six a day."
<Antichthon> "I still don't get how this is different. I mean, okay, more energy is great, but. It's not like something crazy is going to happen."
<gumbal1> "Right." And Leah focuses, drawing the spirit energy out of the crystal, which she proceeds to toos into the air…
<Kioku> Akemi shrugs. "Her problem was efficiency, right? It should be /very/ efficient if she doesn't have to convert it from something else."
<gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+7
<GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 9
<gumbal1> Only to attempt to burn in middair.

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<Kioku> "… Whaaaat were you aiming to do? Nm, how did it feel to you? And would it be a good emergency fuel source if you got low or something? I wonder if I can compact it more /without/ the other side-effects…"
<Antichthon> Athene blinked. "Did you just burn a rock?"
<gumbal1> ELP would have tried blasting it with heat energy in middair. Which…probably worked better than it would have without the quartz. "Feels…this is some high quality stuff."
<Antichthon> "Soooo…" Athene looked between them. "Akemi makes good magic fuel. Got it."
<Kioku> Akemi smiles. "That's good! What do you usually end up using instead?" She headbumps Athene lightly. "Silly, if I wanted to give her /magic/ fuel, I've got a stack of overly old ofuda with spells embedded."
<gumbal1> "Trash, mostly. It's plentiful enough."
<Kioku> "True, that…" Akemi takes a deep breath. Thinking about food waste always gets her a little irritated.
<Antichthon> Hey, it was magic to Athene. She couldn't keep track of all these technical terms. Athene wasn't responding to Akemi's affection as much as she usually did. She was afraid Leah would think less of her for it.
<gumbal1> "So, like…thanks a lot for the meeting. I should probs get back to my room and study before I run out of steam."
<Kioku> "… Yeah. Thanks." Akemi glances away. "We'll… do this again. Okay? Good steps."
<Antichthon> Yeah! Athene smiled, gave both a thumbs up to Akemi and a fingergun to Leah. "Good steps."
<gumbal1> Fingergun back, and Leah's gone.

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