My Friend the Iapetian

Mar 01 18:57:51 <gumbal1> The message was simple, at least. Would the students Zita Jasper and Athene…whatever, head to Dr. Renee Bolton's office for an assignment? Bolton's office was also simple, at least. A small space filled with a desk, walls covered with various pictures and vintage medical posters. The tall, gaunt, hawkish woman that was Renee Bolton sat at her desk, seemingly bored waiting for the students to come by,
Mar 01 19:01:34 <Antichthon> An assignment? Eager to please those in power, Athene didn't waste time wondering what sort of assignment they'd want someone like /her/ on, and quickly made her way to Bolton's office. Unfortunately she was still learning the layout of the campus, and she took longer than she should have. Somehow she'd still managed to get there before Zita, though. Hesitantly, she knocked on
Mar 01 19:01:34 <Antichthon> the door.
Mar 01 19:02:00 <gumbal1> "Door's unlocked."
Mar 01 19:02:14 <Silvors> Zita was not simple, she was awesome! And as such, she was wearing a green blouse beneath a black jacket that was enchanted to make her slightly more eye catching. She was confused, and happy, and eager! She hopped on into this Bolton dude's office to smile, managing to catch a few glimpses of Athene's tail to use as a guide!
Mar 01 19:03:44 <Antichthon> She meekly opened the door and-Zita zoomed by her. She tried to send the girl a smile, but she wasn't sure Zita caught it. She followed, though most of her tail was still outside the office. "I don't have a last name. …was I supposed to give a, um, last name? Ma'am?"
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Mar 01 19:06:52 <gumbal1> Dr. Bolton looks up as the students enter her office and stares a bit longer than considered polite at Athene's snake body. "Normally, I'd have Angoneli fix that, but the assignment I need you for is basically compromised already. Essentially, you'll be transported to Central Park in New York City to deal with an extraterrestrial, set to impact in about…" Bolton checks her watch. "You're already late. Well, instructions should be pretty simp
Mar 01 19:06:52 <gumbal1> le." Bolton forages under her desk, before taking out a simple leather case.
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Mar 01 19:08:23 <Antichthon> Athene was stunned. "…say what, now?" Extraterr…alien? They were sending her to deal with an alien?
Mar 01 19:09:40 <Silvors> Zita's mouth went open wide. She was going to meet an alien? This was going to be awesome! Maybe it would be Yoda? He's old and old stuff stays old, right? Alright, no, Zita isn't that crazy. She does grin happily though. An alien friend? That sounds amazing. "Alien?"
Mar 01 19:10:31 <gumbal1> "You are." Bolton opens the case, to reveal somewhat oversized syringes full of a yellow liquid. "You are going to inject the extraterrestrial with these to make sure it doesn't kill everything and wait for retrieval to come and pick it up."
Mar 01 19:10:52 <gumbal1> *"You are dealing with an alien, yes."
Mar 01 19:12:17 <gumbal1> "We have reason to believe there is a crack in the extraterrestrials exoskeleton near the neck, so I suggest injecting from there. Mind the fact that it possesses potentially heavy psychic powers and toxin production."
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Mar 01 19:12:51 <Antichthon> The case of oversized syringes might as well have been the alien itself, the way Athene looked at it. She gave Zita a sidelong look. /Is this normal?/ She wanted to protest that there must have been some mistake. She had just been doing her homework, no one had said anything about fighting aliens today. In the end she kept her mouth shut.
Mar 01 19:13:43 <Silvors> Zita looks to Athene and grins from ear to ear. An alien a real actua- did he say kill? It was a fighty alien? Zita hates the Borg though… Whatever! She could tame this beast! Just like she did… alright, that's not important! "So, go and get the alien to be nice, and then people'll come to get it?" Zita caught the glance as one of fear, so she gave Athene a hug around the neck.
Mar 01 19:14:31 <gumbal1> "Yes. Try not to kill it, or let it be killed through stupidity."
Mar 01 19:15:55 <Antichthon> If stupidity was a concern, this doctor had picked the wrong team. "Uh-ah…errryeah. I mean, um, yes. I mean, yes Ma'am." She saluted, quickly realized that was dumb, and put her hand down.
Mar 01 19:17:40 <Silvors> Zita giggles and gives a peck to Athene's cheek and a nuzzle before landing on the ground and nodding. "Don't worry doc! Wait you aren't a doctor… we'll take good care of Mister Alien!"
Mar 01 19:18:28 <gumbal1> "I actually am a doctor. I worked as a physician for several years before coming here."
Mar 01 19:18:58 <Silvors> Zita nods. "We'll get 'em, doc!
Mar 01 19:19:00 <Silvors> "
Mar 01 19:20:00 <Antichthon> Athene's eyes batted between the two like a ping-pong game "Y-yeah, Doctor. We'll…We'll get 'em."
Mar 01 19:20:36 <gumbal1> "Good. You may have noticed that I installed teleportation wards on the floor, which should activate in three, two-" Everything goes black for a few seconds, and meaningless murmurs fill what was once Dr. Bolton's office.
Mar 01 19:21:10 <gumbal1> The murmers grow to whispers, grow to foul, incomprehensible gibbers, grow to shouting…
Mar 01 19:22:33 <Antichthon> Athene yelped, tripped over her tongue about her tail, and by the time she had a handle on herself the world was dark and filled with terrors. Whispering. Gibbering. /Shouting/ "Z-ZITA?!" Athene tried to shout through the din.
Mar 01 19:22:50 <Silvors> Zita reached around and hugged Athene.
Mar 01 19:23:13 <Antichthon> That helped. That definitely helped.
Mar 01 19:23:27 <gumbal1> …before Athene and Zita find themselves dropped into a Central Park bush, amidst a few screeming civilians running away from a general direction. It's cold, as usual for October in NYC, and something…misty is in the air. Like dust, only one seemingly out of this world.
Mar 01 19:24:23 <Silvors> Zita looked for what they were running away from! She's watched scifi movies before. So she floated up a little to look around, well, as high as she could whilst still holding Athene.
Mar 01 19:25:48 <Antichthon> Athene got her bearings, looked to Zita for guidance. ten minutes ago her biggest concern was whether or not to steal some brownies from the dorm's kitchen. But she was here now. She had to be present. Useful. The cold chilled her to the bone; she shut it out. She couldn't see much from her vantage. "What do you see?" She called to Zita.
Mar 01 19:29:22 <gumbal1> In a clearing is…yeah, that's definetly the thing. Four stories tall, bipdal with a hunch, a blue chitinous exoskeleton, vents on its back releasing a thin blue mist, mitten-like hands, and a single, ever-shifting eye appearing as if it were put through a CRTV filter adorned, the thing stomped around, bending trees and breaking lamps. Getting close to it, a latent psychic feeling describable like a mental shredding can be felt in its general
Mar 01 19:29:22 <gumbal1> vicinity. Currently it's making a noise between gurgling and shrieking, which is odd considering it lacks a mouth.
Mar 01 19:32:53 <Silvors> Zita looks at it then at Athene before pointing at the four story tall blue monster thing. "D'you think that's it?" She says with a giggle before shouting at the top of her lungs. "HEY! Mister Alien!" And then waiting a few moments before looking at Athene. "This isn't working."
Mar 01 19:34:01 <Antichthon> Okay, Athene didn't need Zita to confirm /that/. Flying or no, it was hard to miss it. First things first, Athene tried to pry Zita off of her. This wasn't the time for hugging. "Ah-t-…t-the bag. The bag! with the syringes!" She'd almost forgotten them! A quick search, and Athene found it. She was starting to think looking to Zita for guidance was a mistake. "No shit it isn't
Mar 01 19:34:01 <Antichthon> working!" Athene snapped The had to yell over the thing's shrieking. "What the hell do we do?"
Mar 01 19:34:45 <gumbal1> The thing doesn't seem to hear you, or if it does, it doesn't care, knocking over a statue of a famous historical figure (Rip in rip Richard Ira Bong's statue, 2017-2018) and continuing on its very way.
Mar 01 19:35:44 <Silvors> Zita was hoping for a Yoda. "Um. Um… I can fly! We have to cram a needle into its neck, right? So… hrm… I could fly up and try to cram it into his neck… but I think it may be a little too dangerous."
Mar 01 19:40:38 <Antichthon> "D-r-puh…" Athene looked from the case of syringes to Zita to the creature. 'Alien' her scaly ass, that thing was a /monster/. "T-take these!" She tossed the bag to Zita. "I-I…d-d…distract!" What the /fuck/ was she saying? But she was already moving, quickly, to get around to the other side of the creature. "HEY!" She yelled. "B-big blue!" Wait. yelling wasn't going to
Mar 01 19:40:38 <Antichthon> work…yelling didn't work…oh, fuck, yelling didn't work. Athene tried to get close enough to slap it with her tail, get its attention.
Mar 01 19:43:05 <gumbal1> The thing is lumbering and slow, so it's easy enough to get close. Slapping it with your tail, the exoskeleton feels cold and coarse, and is probably rather sensitive considering how quickly the creature stopped its rampage to turn and roar at you.
Mar 01 19:43:11 <gumbal1> >roll initiative, both of you
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Mar 01 19:46:13 <Silvors> 4d3-8+3
Mar 01 19:46:14 <Mjeowlnir> Silvors: 2:7-8+3
Mar 01 19:46:37 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+2
Mar 01 19:46:37 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: -1:5-8+2
Mar 01 19:48:14 <Antichthon> 4d3-8+5
Mar 01 19:48:14 <Mjeowlnir> Antichthon: 4:7-8+5
Mar 01 19:50:12 <gumbal1> Order: Athene, Zita, The Thing
Mar 01 19:50:17 <gumbal1> > Zita
Mar 01 19:50:31 * Silvors has changed the topic to: Athene > Zita > The Thing
Mar 01 19:51:24 <Silvors> Zita pulls one of the needles up and flies skyward! Aiming to go above the thing and, succeeding that, stabbing it in the neck with the syringe!
Mar 01 19:51:53 <gumbal1> > Roll melee
Mar 01 19:52:15 <gumbal1> > To dislode the exoskeleton enought to get an opening
Mar 01 19:52:25 <Silvors> 4d3-8+9
Mar 01 19:52:25 <Mjeowlnir> Silvors: 13:12-8+9
Mar 01 19:52:43 <Antichthon> Okay, she had its attention. "Y-yo, one eye! W-were you born that ugly, or did y-you have to work for it?" She'd try to keep the thing's attention, but she was prepared to spring into attack if she had to (Counter)
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Mar 01 19:54:37 <gumbal1> Okay! Not only did you manage to get a metaphorical foot and literal hand in the metaphorical door that is the thing's literal exoskeleton, you accidently used the hand with the syringe in it, allowing you to immediately get that over with.
Mar 01 19:54:59 <gumbal1> The thing motions to swipe at Athene, before wincing at the suddent injection, stumblinb back a bit.
Mar 01 19:59:29 <Antichthon> Zita was in position to do the work. Athene felt like hr job her was keeping the monster's attention on /her/. She wriggled and writhed, trying to make a tempting target. "Y-yeah, that hurt, didn't it? It was me! I did it! There's /definitely/ no one behind you!" Oh fuck, she didn't have a clue what she was doing.
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Mar 01 20:00:21 <Silvors> Zita goes to use the needle that was put in him to inject him! Secretly, she was hoping it would make him tiny. Like a football sized blue alien. She wanted a yoda, damn it!
Mar 01 20:02:08 <gumbal1> The thing gurgle-roars, and once more raises a mitten-hand to swipe at Athene…before collapsing on its (theoretical) ass, apparantly placid, though with its active vents and ever-shifting CRTV eye, one would not be mistaken for thinking it merely tripped.
Mar 01 20:03:44 <gumbal1> *not be faulted
Mar 01 20:04:02 <Silvors> Zita made sure she injected it all the way before flying around in front of it and patting its head… did they win? "Hi there Mister Blue Alien." Zita says with a smile as she pats whatever passes for its head.
Mar 01 20:04:28 <Antichthon> Well, okay. Athene had been afraid the thing would turn on Zita; she would have done her best to intercept the attack, had that been the case. Now what did they do? "Uh…I-I wouldn't breathe the gas!" Athene called. She wasn't too far away, but she wasn't too close, either.
Mar 01 20:04:30 <gumbal1> The thing turns an eye towards Zita, not even bothering to move its face.
Mar 01 20:05:08 <Silvors> Zita smiles and nods her head. "Shh. It's okay!" Zita says with a nod, petting the top of… above its eye.
Mar 01 20:05:28 <Antichthon> Athene inched closer. "…is it safe?"
Mar 01 20:05:48 <Silvors> "No idea!"
Mar 01 20:05:59 <gumbal1> With the thing stopping its rampage, people have come to look at the Thing, taking a few pictures before heading back to their daily routine. Fucking New York.
Mar 01 20:08:12 <Antichthon> "…y-you were awesome. Th-" People were getting close. Too close. Athene was in no mood for more stress. "HEY!" SHe roared, her voice changing entirely. SHe cordoned off as much as the monster as she could "BACK OFF. I HAVEN'T HAD MY DINNER YET, I'd BE HAPPY TO CHANGE THAT."
Mar 01 20:09:12 <Silvors> Zita looks at the people taking pictures with confusion, still hovering and petting its eye before shrugging and give the giant thing more pets. New Yorkers are weird. Zita looks at Athene and giggles. "One sec." Zita says with more 'alien eyebrow' pats and flying down to Athene. "Don't scare them, kay? They're just curious and stuff."
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Mar 01 20:10:04 <Antichthon> Athene gave Zita a fierce glare, and flicked her tongue at her.
Mar 01 20:10:36 <Silvors> Zita flies forward and hugs Athene, giving her a kiss to the forehead. "Don't worry. They won't hurt you!" Zita trusted Athene not to hurt her!
Mar 01 20:10:45 <gumbal1> People look at Athene weirdly, before heading off, muttering about weaboos and scalies.
Mar 01 20:12:16 <Antichthon> She had to resist the urge to buck Zita off. Soon enough, the hug had calmed her. "Wh-what does it take to scare these people?" Outside of a giant blue monster? She didn't get more than a weird look. Fucking New York indeed.
Mar 01 20:13:34 <Silvors> "It's just New York. These are like… the weirdest people on Earth! They just don't care about anything." Zita says with more nuzzles before looking up at the giant Alien. "Wanna say hi to him with me?" Zita says, taking Athene by the hand and grinning.
Mar 01 20:14:12 <gumbal1> The Alien gets back on its feet and dusts itself off, before tromping off to look around, taking care so as not to step on anything.
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Mar 01 20:17:40 <Antichthon> Athene was pointedly /not/ returning Zita's nuzzles, and the look she gave her was decidedly /not/ friendly. She didn't budge. "Zita that thing's a monster! We're supposed tooookay now it's walking around again." And Zita, the only person who might have a clue about what to do, was turning out to be straight up insane. Athene put her palms to her temples. "Okay. Oookay…calm…calm…"
Mar 01 20:17:40 <Antichthon> she mumbled to herself, pacing-well, slithering.
Mar 01 20:19:13 <gumbal1> Life goes on around it as it moves. People sell CDs, skateboarders skate by it, lovers embrace on benches. It doesn't seem to be hurting anything except okay it just stepped into road traffic, hopefully it doesn't crush a car.
Mar 01 20:20:27 <Silvors> Zita pouts. She's not insane, she was just trying to calm Athene down. Zita gives Athene a kiss on the cheek and then flies up to in its view, close enough that she probably filled a lot of it. "Um, excuse me! You're kinda in the way of the road? C-Can you go over there and sit down?" Zita points back at Central Park. It was probably the largest area that it could sit in.
Mar 01 20:21:53 <gumbal1> The thing looks at you, and something begins prodding your mind. A thousand requests in a thousand alien tongues, all converying the same message: 'LET ME IN'.
Mar 01 20:23:34 <Silvors> Zita shakes her head. "Um, no. Sorry? What're you trying to do? Why do you want in my head?" Zita asks, hoping for the thinky monster thing to, maybe, explain. Oh! Telepathy! ~Why?~
Mar 01 20:23:35 <Antichthon> Was this what the world was like outside the GWU? Already so numb to things like this? Athene was starting to wonder if she'd been a prisoner of the GWU for her safety, rather than the other way around. Zita flew to the monster, and for all her fluster, Athene followed. "Zita..w-we're supposed to wait for, um…ext…ext…that team, and…oh, what are you even doing?"
Mar 01 20:25:58 <gumbal1> ~what is this place, and why do i feel so…calm~
Mar 01 20:27:41 <Silvors> "I'm talking to him! I wanna get him to sit down in the park so that people won't wreck into him and stuff!" ~This is Earth! And you seemed really angry so I helped calm you down! Now can you please go sit down? There's people down there and I don't want them to get hurt.~ "I don't want him or anybody to get hurt on accident!"
Mar 01 20:27:44 <gumbal1> The thing's still moving, careful not to step on anything.
Mar 01 20:28:49 <gumbal1> ~earth? am i truly here? i had though earth barren, but it appears not. this place is interesting~
Mar 01 20:29:13 <Antichthon> That…actually made sense. Maybe there wasn't anything wrong with Zita. Maybe Athene was the problem. That…that had to be it. She took a deep breath. "…Okay, what can I do to help?" The thing seemed to like Zita. Everything liked Zita.
Mar 01 20:29:31 <Silvors> Zita pouts and goes to grab by the hand and tug it towards Central Park. ~Yup! It's super interesting! But if you don't sit down over there in that green place, you might hurt somebody cuz you're so big!~ "Um, help me get him to go the park? Please?"
Mar 01 20:30:38 <Antichthon> Trust Zita. Athene wasn't going to do something like take it by the hand, but she'd be a beacon for them to follow. She tried to lead Zita around and to the park with a minimum amount of destruction.
Mar 01 20:31:37 <gumbal1> ~alright, mistborn~ The thing trudges over back to the green, careful not to step on anything in its path, eventually finding a clearing to which it sits down.
Mar 01 20:32:59 <Antichthon> Rolling with the idea that she was the one with the issue, rather than everyone else, Athene approached the creature. "…uh, Hi…m-my name's Athene, and, um. I'm sorry about, uh, calling you ugly…" She tooked to Zita for support. Could this thing actually understand them?
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Mar 01 20:33:18 <Silvors> Zita flies and crosses her legs to fly in front of it. ~Mistborn? What's your name? I'm Zita!~ "He's pretty nice, Athene. I'm trying to learn his name!" Zita says with a smile and more pats to his… eyebrow? Eyeridge? ~This is my friend Athene.~
Mar 01 20:34:35 <gumbal1> ~i do not have a name. you two have a name? must you be special~ A nearby kid throws a frisbee at the alien, causing it to wince.
Mar 01 20:36:11 <Antichthon> "Hey!" Remembering how badly her attempt at intimidation had gone before, Athene didn't go down that route this time. She picked up the frisbee, tossed it back and said, "Go, um. Play somewhere else? Please?"
Mar 01 20:38:15 <gumbal1> ~so odd. this creature attacks me, yet i feel no anger. are your psionics that advanced~
Mar 01 20:38:54 <Silvors> Zita giggles. ~Everybody has a name… what do you think of… Um… I dunno! Blue? Cuz your um… shell? Exoskelly thingy? It's blue.~ Zita looks over at the kids and shouts out a "No throwing things at Blue!" And then she giggles. ~I mean, I'm floating! Um, my friend… that one!~ Zita points at Athene. ~She wants to talk to you too!~
Mar 01 20:40:39 <Antichthon> Blue. "Big Blue," Athene mumbled. She risked approaching even closer and gave a hesitant wave.
Mar 01 20:40:50 <gumbal1> ~…after all this, you would see fit to give me a name? and, hold on~ Athene, you feel a sharp sting in your skull as a psychic link is established. ~hello~
Mar 01 20:41:33 <Silvors> Zita looks at Athene. "Just think to him!" Zita nods her head. ~If you don't hurt people any more. Or destroy stuff? I think you deserve a second chance!~
Mar 01 20:42:18 <Antichthon> Athene jolted. Looked right, left, finally settling back at hte creature. ~…Hi. I…didn't mean the things I said. I was just trying to protect people. Sorry.~
Mar 01 20:44:03 <gumbal1> ~i can do this, if you trust me as such~ The thing its head to Athene. ~you had every right. the enemy warrior is never expected to drop their hand~
Mar 01 20:45:16 <Silvors> Zita grins happily and pets the big things eyeridge. ~See? He's just a big sweet… giant thing! So, um, yeah!~ Zita says with a giggle and then goes to pat Athene's head.
Mar 01 20:45:31 <Antichthon> This was surreal. "Uhm…Zita…Do we have to worry about the police? Or anything? …how long does it take for a team to get here?" To the thing, ~…Sure. Why are you here?~
Mar 01 20:46:28 <gumbal1> ~i do not know. i awoke on a meteor heading for this place, anger surging through me…i have a request, if you would~
Mar 01 20:46:39 <Silvors> Zita shakes her head. "I-I don't think so. We should be fine!" Zita says with a kiss to Athene's forehead before floating back to lay in the air between Athene and Big Blue. ~You have a request? What is it?~
Mar 01 20:48:16 <Antichthon> Pat, pat. The look Athene gave Zita was, /please stop/. 'inappropriate' didn't even begin to cover Zita's behavior here. It was wonderful and comforting at the campus, but…here?
Mar 01 20:49:04 <Silvors> Zita nods at the looks and gives a smile before turning to Big Blue.
Mar 01 20:50:20 <gumbal1> ~could you…let me know what this world is like?~
Mar 01 20:51:39 <Antichthon> Athene glanced at Zita, back to Big Blue. What a question.
Mar 01 20:52:05 <gumbal1> A nearby cop walks by, and places a parking ticket on Big Blue.
Mar 01 20:52:19 <gumbal1> Rude.
Mar 01 20:52:24 <Silvors> ~That's a lot of stuff… Um… for the most part it's pretty nice. There's some mean people and some bad stuff, but, most of the people are nice.~ Zita goes down and pulls the parking ticket off. "He's not a car, jerk!"
Mar 01 20:53:53 <Antichthon> Athene watched the cop leave. She wasn't as quick at Zita, but she'd add her own two cents. ~There are a lot of pretty things. Little things, no one notices. Colors, and life, and…a lot of awkwardness…~
Mar 01 20:53:54 <gumbal1> Big Blue extends a mitten-like hand to a tree, feeling its texture. ~but is there more than just this green and grey? is there something beyond here? i want to see it~
Mar 01 20:54:36 <Antichthon> ~It's mostly water. I think. …it's blue.~
Mar 01 20:55:01 <Silvors> Zita thinks for a minute. ~There's a lot more. We have paint and stuff too, that let you add whatever colors you wanna!~
Mar 01 20:55:34 <gumbal1> ~paint? could you show me?~
Mar 01 20:56:14 <Silvors> Zita nods her head. ~I'll try to go find some, you can talk to Athene while I'm gone? Or does your telepathy have a max range?~
Mar 01 20:56:25 <Antichthon> This was still surreal, but she was starting to get the hang of it. "Zita. Don't they have, um. Like, art museums here?"
Mar 01 20:56:42 <Silvors> "He wouldn't fit." Zita points out with a frown.
Mar 01 20:56:52 <Antichthon> "Oh. right."
Mar 01 20:57:12 <Antichthon> "Maybe you should just bring the paintings here then," She joked nervously.
Mar 01 20:57:22 <gumbal1> ~i do not know my maximum range in regards to your kind. you are the first two i've ever met~ The thing stays where it is, then.
Mar 01 20:57:52 <Silvors> Zita giggles and shakes her head before flying off. Yes flying. Fuck it. Not like New Yorkers would care, right? She looks for any kind of place that would sell spray paint.
Mar 01 20:59:18 <Antichthon> Whatever the solution, leave it to Zita. she was more moble. Left alone with Big Blue, Athene just stared. Tried a smile, thought better of it. ~So. Uh. Where you from?~
Mar 01 21:02:34 <gumbal1> There's a ton of hole in the wall shops in New York. At least one is bound to have spray paint, one of which Zita finds rather easily. Banksy's (good thing Banksy got frustrated enough from lack of attention in 2017 to give the rights to his name in exchange for oublicity). Meanwhile, Big Blue sits awkwardly. ~i am from iapetus. one question i have is why you all look so different from each other. is there simply that many types of things on t
Mar 01 21:02:34 <gumbal1> his planet~
Mar 01 21:05:13 <Silvors> ~We've got… like… genes? And our genes determine what we look like.~ Zita informs with a grin as she buys spray paint. A couple different colors, violet, red, white, green, tons of different ones. Then she starts to fly back.
Mar 01 21:05:53 <Antichthon> Iapetus. Where the hell was that? ~Yeah. Yeah. Lots and lots of things. Most of the things don't talk, though. And they don't live here in the, uh, grey. Big things…a few things as big as you. Like, whales. Small things. Like…bugs. You're probably sitting on like a million.~
Mar 01 21:06:58 <gumbal1> ~genes. i do not understand that. and…oh dear, i truly apologize for that harm i've caused~ Big Blue shifts in their spot to try and minimize contact witht he ground.
Mar 01 21:07:54 <Antichthon> ~I don't think they care.~ Zita's instincts were right; This wasn't a monster, it just looked like one. Her respect for Zita went up a few more notches. ~…I don't really understand genes either, so. You're not alone.~
Mar 01 21:08:49 <Silvors> Zita nods her head as she approaches with a bag full of spray paint on what may very well be New York's fastest shopping trip. ~Bugs aren't intelligent. Um… yeah, I think in science class they mentioned that we don't even know all of the genes we have.~
Mar 01 21:09:16 <Antichthon> ~Zita's the smart one. I'd listen to her.~
Mar 01 21:09:45 <gumbal1> ~why would they not care? i am crushing them~ Big Blue turns their attention to Zita. ~is that so? it is odd not to know one's self~
Mar 01 21:10:11 <Antichthon> ~…Do you know everything about yourself?~
Mar 01 21:10:45 <gumbal1> ~…no~ Big Blue casts their eye downwards. ~i am odd, i guess~
Mar 01 21:11:49 <Silvors> Zita shakes her head and rubs his ridge. ~No you aren't. We don't know everything about ourselves either! So you're kinda like us, right?~ Zita asks with a smile before holding a finger up. ~You wanna see more colors we have?~
Mar 01 21:12:39 <gumbal1> Big Blue casts their eye back to Zita. ~…you would show me? please~
Mar 01 21:12:41 <Antichthon> ~Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean…~ Athene bit her lip. Big Blue had gone from 'monster' to 'person' real quick. ~Yeah. What Zita said. I don't know if anyone knows everything about themselves.~
Mar 01 21:13:13 <Silvors> Zita flies down and bounces, pulling a violet spray paint can out. ~Can you see me?~
Mar 01 21:13:58 <gumbal1> CRTVEye follows Zita's every move. ~i can~
Mar 01 21:14:18 <Antichthon> Athene was doing the same.
Mar 01 21:14:59 <Silvors> Zita sprayed out a big area of purple. ~We call this color Violet. Well, it's a kinda purple color.~
Mar 01 21:15:05 <Antichthon> "Uh. Can I help?" She knew about the beautiful things in this world, too.
Mar 01 21:15:45 <gumbal1> Big Blue doesn't think anything clear for a second, and yet it watchings everything with a strange awe, even reaching out to touch the cloud.
Mar 01 21:17:13 <Antichthon> She approached Zita. "Please?" She held out her hands, hoping to get a few paint cans.
Mar 01 21:17:52 <Silvors> Zita grins happily and opens her bag full of various spray paints. "Take any you want!" Zita says before dropping the purple to start spray painting the image of a mountain on the grass.
Mar 01 21:19:16 <gumbal1> Big Blue, of course, is utterly captivated. ~what are you doing~
Mar 01 21:19:30 <Antichthon> Athene brightened. ~Hey, look at this.~ She sprayed out a patch of red, like her scales, and a patch of blue, like Big Blue. ~Now watch.~ She sprayed them both together, and it came out like the violet patch. ~Ta dah! Magic, right?~
Mar 01 21:20:52 <gumbal1> ~i have never seen such things. this is…incredible~
Mar 01 21:21:47 <Antichthon> On Zita's mountain, Athene added a big smudge of blue and a long worm of red. ~Check it out. You and me on the mountain!~
Mar 01 21:23:02 <gumbal1> Big Blue watches with fascination for a bit, before extending a giant mitten-hand. ~…could i try~
Mar 01 21:23:48 <Silvors> Zita looks at the small spray paint bottle and flies forward. ~Lemme help you get a hold on it.~ Zita says, trying to position it between his thumb and finger.
Mar 01 21:24:27 <Antichthon> ~Give him the blue can!~ She tossed it to Zita.
Mar 01 21:24:44 * LipstickThespian (moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL#moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
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Mar 01 21:24:48 <Silvors> Zita giggles and swaps the can she gave him for a blue one!
Mar 01 21:27:15 <gumbal1> Big Blue looks at the can for a bit…before spraypainting something large on the ground. Its movements are precise, its sprays measuered to give the perfect texture, when its done, the result is a two-textured ball made of blue and the grass, with a ridge across the equator.
Mar 01 21:28:21 <Antichthon> Athene stared. "…Wow, he's good."
Mar 01 21:28:46 <Silvors> Zita giggles and gives a thumbs up. "You're great at this!"
Mar 01 21:29:42 <gumbal1> ~am i? thank you. is there much else to this world you wish to show me? already i have seen such wonders~
Mar 01 21:30:39 <Antichthon> ~It'd take years to show you everthing. We barely even got into the colors! Zita, show him your stripe!~
Mar 01 21:30:40 <Silvors> Zita thinks for a moment. ~Can you hear? Music is pretty good! I don't think you can eat… um…~
Mar 01 21:30:59 <Silvors> "Oh!" Zita says aloud before flying up and showing him the stripe of neon green!
Mar 01 21:31:53 <Antichthon> Athene returned to the bag of paint, and made sure to give a sampling of the other colors in the bag. ~And there's tons more colors, too. These are just the basic ones.~
Mar 01 21:32:04 <gumbal1> Big Blue doesn't seem to notice the stripe, or at least does, yet sees it as uninteresting.
Mar 01 21:32:56 <Silvors> Zita pouts at the lack of interest… "Oh he's probably used to fancy body colors, cuz he's blue!" ~Yeah! We need to show you like… a ton of cool stuff!~
Mar 01 21:34:33 * LipstickLesbian (moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL#moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Mar 01 21:34:47 <Antichthon> Aww. Zita's stripe impressed Athene, at least. ~And there's Music, like Zita said. And…uh. The moon's pretty cool.~ Trying to list all the amazing things about the world was a dumbfounding task. "…Think he'd like anime?"
Mar 01 21:35:08 <gumbal1> ~music…could you show me~
Mar 01 21:37:32 * LipstickThespian has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
Mar 01 21:37:44 <Antichthon> Athene patted herself down. She wished she caried more with her, now. Her necklace…a colorful rock, he was already bored of color. Her camera? "Do you think my camera's too small? Or that he'd break it? Ugh, I wish I had a cool ringtone."
Mar 01 21:38:52 <Silvors> Zita pulls out her phone and looks at Athene. "What kinda music d'you think he likes?"
Mar 01 21:39:25 <Antichthon> "Well, he's an alien, so…Space music?"
Mar 01 21:41:27 <Silvors> Zita giggles. "Um… Can you hear us when we talk like this?"
Mar 01 21:42:34 <Antichthon> Athene was still thinking about what music he'd like. "…Rock? He came here on a meteorite. Hey, does your phone have the internet? I can show him my favorite song."
Mar 01 21:42:45 <gumbal1> No response. A kid comes by with a stick, poling at Big Blue.
Mar 01 21:42:49 <gumbal1> *poking
Mar 01 21:43:16 <Silvors> Zita giggles and nods her head and hands her phone to Athene before going to kick the stick away. "Don't poke him!" Zita says with a glare at the kid.
Mar 01 21:43:16 <Antichthon> Athene tries to snatch the stick and poke the kid in return.
Mar 01 21:43:56 <gumbal1> The kid runs away crying as Athene snatches up the stick to poke him.
Mar 01 21:45:42 <Antichthon> She tossed the stick away and struggled with the phone. "Ugh. I never could…where's the backsp-oh, there. Aand…" ~Here. This is my favorite song.~ She turned up the phone's volume and held it up.
Mar 01 21:47:32 <gumbal1> Big Blue, once more, doesn't say anything. Instead, they just sway along to the music as it plays.
Mar 01 21:48:14 <Antichthon> Athene tapped her tail to the music. "I heard this in a video game," She told Zita. "Loved it ever since."
Mar 01 21:48:18 * Guest81161 (svx.iqm.76.86|halb#svx.iqm.76.86|halb) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Mar 01 21:48:26 <Silvors> Zita giggles and sways along with Big Blue, grabbing Athene by the hand that wasn't holding the phone. "This is a nice song. I'll listen to it again later, probably." Zita says with a giggle. "What game?" Zita could totally get Aiko to let her play it!
Mar 01 21:48:32 * Jo‘ has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Guest81161)))
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Mar 01 21:50:08 <gumbal1> ~…i understood none of that, but it was nice~
Mar 01 21:50:09 <Antichthon> "Dreamfall. There’s several. Ugh, I can't remember which one. The oldest is pretty old, but the newest is only like, two years old." This time, Athene happily swayed along to Zita's lead. She handed back the phone. "Here. Show him your favorite."
Mar 01 21:50:48 <gumbal1> Zita's phone suddenly rings. It's an unknown number.
Mar 01 21:51:05 <Silvors> Zita looks at the phone with wide eyes before glancing back at Athene. This was a very hard- "One sec." Zita says, answering the call and putting it to her ear. "Hello? This is Zita."
Mar 01 21:51:30 <gumbal1> "Have you subdued the target yet?"
Mar 01 21:51:44 <Antichthon> ~Uh, that's probably not her favorite song,~ Athene told BB, like that was important. ~Someones just talking with her.~
Mar 01 21:53:11 <Silvors> "Um. Yes! We're talking about painting and music." Zita informs with a nod.
Mar 01 21:54:11 <Antichthon> "Who is it?"
Mar 01 21:54:29 <gumbal1> "…alright. Evac team in a few. Make sure it doesn't kill anything."
Mar 01 21:56:34 <Silvors> "Kay!" Zita says with a smile before poking Athene's side. "Bolton? I think." Zita says, before going over to pull up her song to play one of her favorites!
Mar 01 21:57:29 <gumbal1> ~this one is…faster~
Mar 01 21:59:29 <Antichthon> "Ah." It took a full second for it to register how important Zita's answer was. "Wait. Bolton? What does she want us to do?" Athene was only half-listening to the song, now. To Big Blue, ~Yeah, it is. There's as many kinds of music as colors. So, like. Endless.~
Mar 01 22:00:09 <gumbal1> Big Blue nods along, as vans suddenly pull into Central Park.
Mar 01 22:01:03 <Antichthon> Uh. Uh, oh. "Zita," Athene whispered, as if Big Blue could overhear them. "Does he know where he's going? …Do /we/ know where he's going?"
Mar 01 22:02:51 <gumbal1> A few people with weapons head out, pointed away from Big Blue (don't point unless you're gonna shoot), along with a few suited spooks. One of them approaches Zita and Athene. "I'm assuming this is the target."
Mar 01 22:03:26 <Silvors> Zita shakes her head. "I dunno where he's going." Zita says with a shrug before the person arrived. "Um, Hi! Yeah, this is Big Blue. He's really nice so don't hurt him, okay?"
Mar 01 22:04:01 <Antichthon> Zita didn't seem to care where he was going. Athene did. "What are you going to do with him?"
Mar 01 22:06:07 <gumbal1> "Alright." Spook puts a hand to their ear. "Call off the weapons. Entity AE4-IA08 is friendly." The spook looks back to Zita and Athene. "We're going to take it in and find out what exactly it is. If we're correct, this thing is proof of alien life on other planets."
Mar 01 22:08:06 <Antichthon> Even to Athene that seemed like a dreadfully obvious statement. "…Yeah, I think he's pretty good proof," she said, a bit wry. "But…like Zita said, you aren't going to hurt him, right? He just wants to see things. I think he's a tourist?"
Mar 01 22:08:29 <Silvors> Zita nods her head. ~Hey, these people won't hurt you. If they do, try to get in touch with me, okay? I'm Zita. Zita Jasper.~ Zita informs with a smile a kiss to his eyeridge. "Don't hurt him, alright? And his name is Big Blue." Zita says, looking at Athene and… was that sadness in Zita's eyes. "Y-You won't hurt him, right?"
Mar 01 22:08:44 <gumbal1> "…no? Why the hell would we hurt it? That'd just complicate future missions needlessly."
Mar 01 22:09:10 <gumbal1> "It's better if we have a good reputation with these things."
Mar 01 22:10:01 <Antichthon> Deep sigh of relief. "Good. That…that's good." /These things?/ She leaned over to whisper at Zita. "There's more than one of them?"
Mar 01 22:10:38 <Silvors> "Probably." Zita whispers back before smiling at Big Blue. ~We'll talk again, right?~
Mar 01 22:11:34 <Antichthon> Athene gave a sad wave. ~Be good. Sorry we can't come with you.~
Mar 01 22:13:31 <gumbal1> ~alright. it was good to meet you~
Mar 01 22:13:42 <gumbal1> The thing is escorted away, adn so are Athen and Zita.
Mar 01 22:13:52 <gumbal1> -MISSION COMPLETE-
Mar 01 22:13:57 <gumbal1> -2 XP-
Mar 01 22:14:03 <gumbal1> -$50-
Mar 01 22:14:14 <gumbal1> -NPC RESCUED: BIG BLUE-

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