Summons Under the Blood Moon

<Kioku> The sky is lit only by the distant moon, darkened by Earth's shadow and large in the sky. Black raven's feathers appeared in the hands of four of our… 'heroes' just the previous night as they slept. Now they feel the voice, beckoning them away from town and toward the woods that suround it. In another time and place their journey might have been made difficult by walls and guards, but here and now they're free to come and go as they
<Kioku> please. They might be noticed, but the ability is still more of a boon than anything. And noticed at least one of them shall be…
<DarnellJermaine> Markus makes his way quietly out of the dorms- careful not to awaken Kir as he leaves his room. He's dressed in black leather pants, a Blink 182 shirt, and Kali's white, fur-lined coat. He was going to get stronger- he had to for Elspeth, for his family, for everyone. If that involved whatever this dream had to offer…he'd take it. He makes his way quietly out to the woods.
<Endorb> Jinx had nothing really to do, so there was nothing keeping her from following the voice in her head that drew her to the forest. She was wearing her favorite outfit again, making her face and hair almost look like they were floating at times. She just walks along, letting the draw take her.
<SarahH> Sam makes her way out of the dorm on silent feet…Not putting her boots on until outdie. She leaves Des sleeping and then she heads for the woods…She made her way to the voice…to the siren's call she rarely ignored in the wods…and now it was just…not able to be ignored.
<SavanahHolland> The whisper, voice perhaps. It was calling now, it was time. Time for what, Elspeth wasn't sure, but something she knew she had to do.. the demon. She looks over at Theo sadly, having laid next to him.. now he was surely asleep.. and like that.. like a black figure in night, she was gone with The Ram "I'll be back soon.." she whispered to Theo once they were at the doorway.. she'd
<SavanahHolland> be fine, he wouldn't even know she was gone would he? She had gotten supplies from her room.. black cloak.. she wouldn't be followed so easily, hair pulled up into a bun.. stashing away a kitchen knife in her dress.. protection. And like the darkness around them, they moved, the woods was where they had to be, and now was the time.
<DarnellJermaine> As Markus wanders further into the woods- he notices a fair distance from him a cloaked figure- a trap? Someone else who was called? Wait- they were being carried, it was quite obvious- no, that was the Ram. He started running for her, calling out in a hushed tone, "Elly? Elly, is that you?"
<Antichthon> Freedom's great, innit? Cass would never give up his paranoia about being monitored on campus - he had good reason to believe he was - but not even this horrible fucking school could spin something out of this, he was just out and about, as he was allowed to be. He'd forgone the wheelchair in lieu of Hex, clinging to him and turning him into some shriveled knock-off of Doc Ock.
<Antichthon> He'd bought a black cloak for this because hell, why not? Might as well go full-on cultist for this shit. He entered the woods hot on Elspeth's heels, and borne by Hex's mechanical tentacles, gait quickly caught up to her - and someone else. "'Sup, Bitch." Cass pulled back their hood and looked Markus up and down. "Friend of yours?" Cassgrin.
<SarahH> Sam didn't know anyone there…nope…she just appeared from the dark near the hooded figure…a silently stealty woman.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth twitches as she hears the voice.. fuck fuck.. was it Theo? No no, that wasn't Theo's voice. She turns so her glowing green eyes stare Markus, Cass too. She expected Cass.. not Markus. "Vhat are youh doing here." she says to Markus, the Ram stopping in its tracks. She looks at Cass, sighing "Ja, I vas vondering if youh vere going to show."
<Endorb> Jinx came up behind the rest of the group. "Hey, uh, why the- are you all out here?" Jinx asks the group, her fingers playing with her feather.
<DarnellJermaine> "I uh… what are YOU doing here?" good one, Markus. Also worth noting- Markus didn't have a left hand- he had a mechanical prosthetic. Whenever things went completely silent- very faint whirring noises could be heard. Then he turns to Cass, "Uh, hey, I'm Markus" he extends his hand, "Pleasure to meet you, I uh, guess?" and then Jinx shows up. "Oh god- are we all here for the same reason?"
<SarahH> "What are any of you doing here?" She finally spoke…her voice quiet in the night. "Sam by the way…the invisible girl, apparantly." She's half joking half annoyed.
<Crayola> Sierra is floating in the courtyard…she has not the knowing of the people passing by, or the reason why she might follow any of them since had no knowing of them. She found it suspicious that people were out this late….she floated above out of sight eyeing the people…
<Antichthon> "Great. Ol' Demmy called the emo couple." A glance to Markus and Jinx. Cass grinned wider and had Hex flick one of her tentacles across Markus' hand to make a metallic twanging. It actually overtly hostile; Cass was in a great mood, and it showed.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth looks at this new girl, and the other new girl. Looking over at Markus and Cass, completely confused. Elspeth grabs the back of Markus's collar, making sure he stays close to The Ram, this might end with a lot of death.. "Vho invited these people???" Elspeth asks, the annoyance very obvious.. she needed sleep, but you know, demon summoning.
<Antichthon> "And hello to you too, invisible girl." Cass pretended not to be able to see Sam, held out a tentacle randomly towards the air around her.
<Endorb> Jinx just starts walking in front of everyone, trying to ignore them.
<Antichthon> "Oh for fuck's sake, think a little. You really thing it just talked to us? Considering I just happened to run into someone else this shitmon talked to, I expected half the school to be here."
<DarnellJermaine> "Err, Elly" Markus begins- a bit put off by Cass. This was two girls being carried by…something- and some gray skinned walking troll doll. Markus, standing at a mere 5'2" and scrawny as fuck- was out of his element, "There was this dream- and power- and- you know, being stronger?" yes Markus, that explained everything.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth seemed kinda mad, but calmed herself "Youh think a demon vould have more tact instead of inviting fifty people into the voods at once at night.." she shakes her head, geez it was cold. "Ja.. I had the dream tooh.. sorryh.. It's late, noht thinking much."
<SarahH> "Demon!?" Sam looked freaked right out and looked ill at ease. "Who…what…WHY!?!"
<Endorb> "I hope nobody else annoying shows up to this thing, whatever it ends up being…"
<Kioku> The moon isn't quite into 'total' eclipse phase yet, but it's drawing near. Probably just a couple more minutes…
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth twitches "Be quiet! Be quiet!" she says to Sam, trying to keep her own voice down..
<Kioku> And the clearing you find yourselves reaching… it's the same one.
<Antichthon> Cass took out his feather and mimed tickling Elspeth with it. Not really tickling her, because the thing was sharp enough to cut apparently. Sam earned a frown. "…Or maybe some of us were just out for a midnight walk. Yeah, you might want to sit this one out, Inviso-girl."
<DarnellJermaine> Markus sticks close to Elly as things go down, holding onto her tightly. "Well, you don't seem so bad Robo-dude, and I trust Elly… I don't like troll girl or miss woods person though… Sorry, that was mean- it's late at night"
<Endorb> Jinx looks over the clearing, and at her feather. "So, uh, this is the place, right?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth eeps at the 'tickle'.. she was expecting to feel like she was being tickled, but nope it seems. She puffs her cheeks, sighing and closing her eyes, still making goddamn sure that Markus is close enough for her to grab at all times. "Ve're all tired.." she mumbles before looking over the Ram "This is it.."
<SarahH> "Gee…THANKS>..No…Now I need to know…Wht in the heck is up?" She looked less and less happy.
<Antichthon> Cass whispered to Elspeth, "Maybe we can use inviso-girl as a sacrifice."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth snickers, feeling a bit bad for laughing at it.. but come on that was funny. She leans in back with a whisper "I vouldn't feel tooh bad abouht that."
<Crayola> 'Why would they commence the summoning of the demon…i have not the understanding….' she thinks to herself. Still she is up out of sight in the moonlit sky…her lacking of understanding baffling her.
<Antichthon> "Are Elspeth and I the only ones who took the time to dress the part? I mean, Emo guy and emo girl are halfway there, but they always look like that."
<Antichthon> "Assuming from the few times I've seen you two around campus."
<Endorb> "Don't fucking call me emo." Jinx deadpans at her… him… it. "So, we're all supposed to do something here now, right?"
<SavanahHolland> All of these idiots.. Cass and Markus were at least managable, she knew they weren't idiots.. "Calm down.." she mumbles to everyone.. Jinx especially and The Ram walks her and Markus further into the clearing.. "I jast put a cloak over mhy night clothes.." she mumbles at Cass's comment.
<DarnellJermaine> "Hey, hey, hey! I assume we're all here for the same reason… besides maybe her" he nods over to Sam. "We don't have to be best buddies- but we can all at least get along- whatever we're doing already seems sketchy enough- so let's just put up with eachother til it's over with, huh? Besides, what if this demon or thing or whatever is trying to get us to fight?"
<Antichthon> "Uh oh, did I hurt Em- Girl's fee-fees?" Cass frowned theatrically. "I guess you better go cut yourself. …No, seriously, that's part of the ritual."
<Endorb> "Then we outnumber it?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth sighs, wrapping herself more into the black cloak.. good thing she thought of it at least.. it would be kinda embarrassing to be seen in pink pajamas that was probably intended for a seven year old girl.. "Outnumbering dohn't matter, ve jast need enough people to be able toh do the ritual period.. no one say youhr full names around it if ve do, okay?"
<Antichthon> "Though Emo dude has a point, I would really rather not be killed by this thing." Another whisper to Elspeth, more serious this time. "If Inviso-girl gets it in her head to run for the authorities, we might have to restrain her. Just FYI."
<DarnellJermaine> Markus nods his head- a bit rude, but robo person at least seemed logical. He felt right now he could only really trust him and Elly. "By the way robo-guy, I'm Markus. What's your name?"
<Crayola> "Why are you the commencing the summoning of the demons!?" She shouts from above in a booming voice from above
<SarahH> Sam was done…they were in 'her' woods…summoning a demon…nope…not having it. She kneeled where she was and drew a quick circle around herslef "ASK THEM"
<SavanahHolland> "vhat ve are doing shouldn't be illegal.. however an investigation vould be annoying.. ja." she agrees in a whisper to Cass, then blinking in confusion. Wait who the fuck was that..
<SarahH> Sam is clearly beginning a ritual to protect herself then fight the demon if necessary.
<Endorb> "Ugh. Speak normally!" Jinx calls at the voice from above
<DarnellJermaine> Markus sees Sam doing her thing on the ground- caught between weirdo girl and weirdo girl in the sky, "Oi, shouldn't we do something about them? Maybe I can use the voice on weirdo sky girl but whatsherface is drawing a circle and doin shit and… should we do something?"
<Antichthon> "Cass, the one and only. Accept no substit-" The booming voice interrupted him, and actually for a moment he was legitimately frightened - until he saw it was just the angel girl. "Oh fuck off Titwings, we have enough jokes at this party already."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth by now already had a fucking headache.. burying her face into Markus's shoulder with a groan before looking back up. "Everyone. Be. Quiet." she says in a serious voice.. dead serious.
<SavanahHolland> Get it cuz spooky. Dead stuff.
<Kioku> Anyone holding a feather gets instinctive-seeming knowledge; the total phase of the eclipse will only last about 1 hour, 2 minutes. The ritual takes ten minutes and has to all be done within that, from start to finish. And just as this knowledge comes, the moon enters said phase, now entirely red.
<Crayola> "I am the Angel Sierra Aurum, Guardian of the Golden Light!" Her wings outstretch and glow brilliantly lighting up the woods below. "I am the wielder of the Holy Sword Judgment and the Divine Shield Aegis!" In her hand her sword and shield are there. Her white dress tatters and tears and reveals the scantily clad Sierra in her Angelic Armaments. "You should
<Crayola> not be commencing the summoning of the demons!" She insists to them.
<Endorb> "I said talk normally, damn it!"
<DarnellJermaine> Ah shit, things were not going well- now was the time to try something. He turns to the winged sky girl- clearly she was more of a threat then circle girl. He begins to enchant his voice the way only he could, making sure to point his magic so it only would affect angel girl, "What we're doing is fine- nothing evil or wrong. You can leave us" (do I roll now?)
<Antichthon> "What did I tell you?" Cass mutterd to Markus and Elspeth. "'Titwings.'" He facepalmed. This was probably a bust, magical knowledge or not. No surprise there, this school was full of idiots.
<SarahH> Sam looked up and her wings spread from her back…the butterfly shape and lumiesnce easy to see…her gem appears on her forehead and she stands, taking to the air as her sword appears in her right hand and an etheral unicorn behind her.
<DarnellJermaine> Now that Sam has taken to the air as well- he resays his words- making the magic clear- pointed at both of them.
<DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
<GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4
<Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 4:8-8+4
<DarnellJermaine> (if it succeeds, it’ll feel as if what he's saying is complete truth- not mind control but ignoring it if it succeeds would be like consciously going against what a person knows is truth, if that makes sense fyi)
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth looked like she was about to have an aneurysm at this… idiots.. The Ram then guides Elspeth and Markus back a bit away from all of them.. of course letting Markus do his thing.. Elspeth just figures.. backing up from these violent twits was a good idea.
<Antichthon> "All we're doing is taking a walk and talking about an anime we watched together," Cass added, back to grinning.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus gives Cass a quick thumbs up- thanks for the support! Dumb angel girl just might fall for that…
<Crayola> "I have not the knowing of the anime….what is this anime you speak of?
<SarahH> 4d3-8+1
<Mjeowlnir> SarahH: 1:8-8+1
<Crayola> 4d3-8+6
<Mjeowlnir> Crayola: 7:9-8+6
<Kioku> Sam would feel like, as Markus said, there's… really nothing wrong with this, nothing evil or anything. It'd be fine to leave, no reason not to. Sierra though… lies. All lies.
<Crayola> "You have commenced the lying! Why do you have the doing to the Angel of Judgment?"
<DarnellJermaine> Shit- she was way tougher than the other chick. "Uh, I uh.." he quickly hides behind Cass and Elly, "I don't think my words are gonna work on her…"
<Endorb> "Aren't angels supposed to encourage free will or some shit? Also, can you two stop flying so I don't have to yell?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth sighs and pats Markus lightly on the head, The Ram taking a few steps forward to this angel girl. "Calm. Down. Everything is fine.. this is our church group.. someone was just joking about the whole devil thing."
<SavanahHolland> (and yes, I wrote it that way on purpose, she's trying to avoid using the accent when talking to angel girl)
<Antichthon> Cass was busy staring at Sierra's chest. "So…if it wasn't for the fact I'm on thin ice already, I'd be all up for kicking the shit out of titwings, but, uh. No way we'd keep that a secret from the authorities. So, here's an idea: We ignore her and do the ritual. If she attacks us and stops us, we can claim innocence. I mean, the fuck have we done wrong yet?"
<DarnellJermaine> That… didn't sound like a bad idea. "You know Cass…you're pretty damn smart. Just uh- someone make sure she doesn't whack me- I break easy" he nods, following along with whatever they do.
<Antichthon> More Cassgrins. "The smartest." And fuck Titwings, Cass stepped forward and began the ritual.
<Crayola> She lowers herself down closer to the ground just out of reach of them but enough that conversation can be unaffected. "Why….do you wish to have the kicking of the shit out of the titwings? I do not have the understanding. How have i have the commencing of the wronging you Cass?" She asked curiously. "Also free will is just an illusion Jinx. Or so they
<Crayola> have the telling of me in the studies of the humans."
<Kioku> The ritual, as Cass would hear in another language's whispers that she somehow understands, needs at least three people to be participating at once to work.
<SavanahHolland> Her accent comes back, she shakes her head and sighs. "Let's jast start.." she tries to keep herself from yawning.. sleepy Elspeth wasn't great at demon summoning. She moves fluidly with the Ram.. the Ram helping set up as Elspeth keeps an eye on Markus, Cass and the others..
<DarnellJermaine> Markus reaches out his right hand, "I'm ready to start when you are, Cass- El" he nods at them- they seemed the most experienced. He turns to Jinx, "You can help too- but I have a feeling you might be better suited to keep wing girl off of us, if you don't mind that is"
<Endorb> "So, uh…" Jinx starts working on it as well, just kinda going with the flow. "What if things /really/ go to shit?"
<Antichthon> Cass nodded to Elspeth, Markus. To Jinx, "Probably a good idea. And hell, worst comes to worst, we can just offer titwings to the thing. I mean hell, what demon is going to pass up a bod like that?"
<SavanahHolland> "Dohn't scream, or say yourh names, or answer questions, ja? Leave that toh Cass and me unless youh vant toh die." Elspeth sounded very serious.. mostly because she was.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus listens to her instructions carefully, "Should we uh, have code names or something then?"
<Endorb> "Uh… why can't we answer questions?"
<Antichthon> "Don't say your full name," Cass repeated for Elspeth. "First names are fine."
<SavanahHolland> "Because I said soh, demons vill play vith youh, and if youh answer questions it has influence over youh. Vhich is /bad/. And ja, vhat Cass said.." she was glad Cass was at least smart.. she was fine with Markus still though, she knew he was new to this.. she kinda wished he didn't get involved.. he's way too innocent for this.
<Crayola> "Have you the knowing of the what you are the doing?! You are the summoning of a demon with no knowing of them…if you commence the continuing on this path…the demon will commence the consuming of you!"
<Kioku> -Initiate turn order since srs dialogues
<Kioku> (Well, not turn order, rather 'give everyone a post before you post again')
<DarnellJermaine> Markus eyes everyone around and gives a signal to the people in his group that he's ready to start. He gets into position- cautiously eyeing the winged girl as they go about their business. He starts the ritual the moment someone else does.
<Antichthon> They had three people now. Four, actually. Cass ignored Sierra and led the group in the ritual.
<Endorb> "Uh… that doesn't make sense, but magic is stupid, so okay… but in case things get shit, I wanna do something." Jinx casts a quick speed up, leaving Siera out of the effect.
<Endorb> 4d3-8+3
<Mjeowlnir> Endorb: 4:9-8+3
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth had a migraine.. she just wanted to go back to Theo after this.. tired. She sighs, it was finished. She got into place along with the Ram, pulling her hood down, her long blonde hair obvious now. "I vas serious in everything I said." she tells them once more "Now, lets start." she says.. and if everyone seems ready.. she tries to start it as well.
<Kioku> The instructions come on whispers of wind. Form the triangle, walk in a circle five times while keeping the same distance from each other, then the chanting begins…
<Crayola> "You should not be commencing of the doing this!" She insists.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus looks to the angel- he sort of thought she was right… but he wanted to get stronger. He looks up at her, "Sorry" is all he said as he continues with the ritual.
<Endorb> "Just be ready in case things go shit, okay?"
<Antichthon> "We'll be ready." Cass looked serious, determined. All joking was aside - for now.
<SavanahHolland> "Ja." Elspeth said softly, much like Cass she was absolutely serious, she knew too well how badly this could go wrong.. this wasn't time for games anymore. Triangle being formed.. The Ram walking for her, holding on to her like it had bridal style..
<Crayola> "I have commenced the warning of the you. I can no longer be held the accountable for my actions, I must commence the smiting of this demon!" She informs them…
<Kioku> The words will come unbidden, just like in the dream, to those in the ritual. Everything seems to be just as before, except this time, you can see who you're with - and there's an angel watching over you. Well. Less watching over you, more… waiting for its chance to strike, perhaps.
<DarnellJermaine> Truthfully? Markus didn't want this ritual to be interrupted- but at the same time, if it /was/ a trap, might be nice to have an angel handy… win win in his book. He kept his eyes on the prize and continued forward with the ritual.
<Endorb> \…What the fuck am I doing? I nearly got killed once already… Too fucking late to stop, but I better not listen to a fucking word this thing says<Antichthon> Actually, Cass' own thoughts were along the same line as Markus'. He had been the one who wanted to turn the tables on the demon the moment it was summoned, after all.
<SavanahHolland> Words she understood, German. Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. Out of all of them, Elspeth was likely the most willing to hear it out.. she wanted to.. she realized it was so dumb.. but it was like drugs, maybe excitment of all of this..?
<Kioku> The chanting does seem to be in a mix of languages, occasionally recognizable phrases, though that's the longest one by far. Some give a clue as to the target of their summons… most do not. As they speak, symbols begin to carve themselves into the ground, as if some of the word sections themselves act as spells to mark the earth.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus stares at the symbols with wide eyes- not daring to stop the ritual now. Hopefully this went as planned- otherwise, he hoped Sierra was one strong angel… He wouldn't let his Elly or his new temporary teammates down though.
<Antichthon> It was a heady experience, having this sort of power. Cass, in spectacularly un-Cass fashion, was trying to keep it from affecting him, though. These sorts of things never went well in fiction, did they? Getting the better deal out of this whole shitshow was going to take an even head. He was, however, grinning like a loon.
<Crayola> "Guardian of the Golden Light, Bringer of Divine Justice, I call upon thee now Holy Swordof Judgement!" The sword appears before her face glistening and shining. "Bring your fiery wrath down upon the wickedness before your blade!" The blade is now alight with holy flames that shine bright pierce the veil of darkness! "Holy Sword do your bidding and smite
<Crayola> the demon that which they call unto this world. Destroy its presence and eradicate its existence! Judgment: Seals of Light- Seven Sins! Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Pride! By these sins I shall commence your Judgment." The language is Enochian…the words heard…sound English.
<Crayola> Or…their main language they speak.
<Crayola> [They being the chars.]
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth wasn't smiling, she had no expression other than focus.. her eyes burning with a harsh green. She had to do this.. power..? Perhaps.. survival..? Perhaps.. but even this small girl was unsure. An addiction to all of this. She wanted to pry her eyes away to stare at this angel girl who was doing.. whatever.. but no.. focus. Focus. Focus.
<Endorb> Jinx just keeps going, thinking about her necklace. Hopefully the demon wouldn't snatch it or something.
<Kioku> It all continues building, heedless of Sierra's words. About five minutes in, the summopners will feel their chests clutch for a moment, then their heartbeats change and align to each other, perfectly in time.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus worries about Sierra now- as much as he appreciates the back up, he doesn't wanna do this all for nothing. As he attempts to continue with the motions, he tries to weave his words with enchantments once more, "This demon is not evil- there is no need to smite him unless he tries to hurt us" he attempts with Sweet Talking.
<DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+4
<Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine: 4:8-8+4
<Kioku> Fortunately, there are enough people that Markus's part falls to someone else as he interrupts himself.
<Endorb> \second thoughts! Second thoughts! Second thoughts! I'm too pussy for this!<Endorb> Then Jinx, why aren't you stopping?
<Antichthon> In the end, this was thrilling. What was the worst that could happen? Death? Torture? Slavery? Would it be any worse than the pain Cass dealt with every day? That was the true reason Cass kept going. He had nothing to lose. Except Callum. And that, admittedly, almost did make him stop. But no, the potential gain was just too great.
<Crayola> 4d3-8+6
<Mjeowlnir> Crayola: 7:9-8+6
<SavanahHolland> It felt like years were falling off her life.. this felt like a century.. when she thought it would be done, it wasn't and they had to keep going.. this angel girl.. she just wanted to get this done.. where the fuck is this demon anyways..
<Crayola> "Your vile tongue…it is sinful. I shall commence the punishing of your sins one day know this to be true…this is not a threat this is the end to all things."
<Kioku> And barring intervention, it continues… magically attuned or not, all can feel the power building by the ninth minute. The moonlight seems to pulse in time with the summoners' heartbeats, and the sky darkens, as does the air all around the circle.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus is running out of options- damn it, he wanted to be a part of this- hopefully he still would be- but damn it, Markus is a team player! He runs about a foot or two away from the group- enough that he's a separate entity and yells to get Sierra's attention, "Oi! You- fluffy-feathered-nitwit!" his goal now is to enchant his words with Boiling Point- hoping if he gets her angry enough she'll focus her
<DarnellJermaine> attention and attacks on me. "Why don't you learn to speak like a person you feathered fuck?" Markus felt guilty for these words- but they were necessary.
<DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+4
<Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine: 7:11-8+4
<Antichthon> For a second Cass had the thought that this might go all Freaky Friday and the whole in-tandem heart beating was the preface to switching bodies. Cass wouldn't argue with this. Elsepth wasn't any more disabled than Cass was, and Jinx's body, with some fixing up, could be rather nice. His lips twitched as he resisted the urge to laugh, continuing the summoning. Apparently he thought
<Antichthon> Sierra was hardly a threat, because he wasn't concerned by her at all.
<Endorb> "What the fuck are you doing?" Jinx yells at Markus. Fucking guy.
<Crayola> 4d3-8+6
<Mjeowlnir> Crayola: 7:9-8+6
<DarnellJermaine> (what happens on a tie?)
<Endorb> (defense wins usually)
<Kioku> Sierra feels her anger rise, but… it isn't unmanagable. The words are mean, hurtful to be sure, but this… this is more important.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth twitches, she feels worried, her chest welling up with it.. she continues her movement with the ritual.. but the Ram knows her thoughts, ahead of time The Ram prepares itself just in case to be able to protect Markus as a meatshield.
<Kioku> (Defense wins on damage. A tie tends to be like, partial effect or just flavor effect)
<Kioku> (for not-damage)
<DarnellJermaine> (/me nods)
<Kioku> ON that note
<Kioku> Jinx, roll willpower
<Kioku> Markus, roll willpower
<Crayola> "Cease your words they mean nothing to me! I am the determined." She says raising her blade to the sky.
<Endorb> 4d3-8+1
<Mjeowlnir> Endorb: -1:6-8+1
<DarnellJermaine> willpower? one sec
<DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+4
<Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine: 2:6-8+4
<SavanahHolland> (Again, if Markus looks like he is about to be attacked by anything, The Ram will protect)
<Kioku> Jinx /tried/ to say that… but her body, her mouth is seized by the ritual, gone so long as it has. She can't break away from the chanting she keeps on performing or the motions her body keeps making to shout at Markus.
<Endorb> \fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck<DarnellJermaine> (xD)
<Antichthon> \Ahahahahahahahahahaha!\ Cass' thoughts were a little different.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus's thoughts were right on par with Jinx's there.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth is just sorta focusing, she isn't crazy like ya'll fuckers.
<Kioku> It only has about 30 seconds left for a change of heart. The wind is howling, the darkness shrouding everything but the moonlight and the participants - Sierra's own light is visible through it, but only just. Your hands /itch/ to bring the feather closer and closer to your other hand.
<Endorb> \not doing it! not doing it! not doing it! not doing it! Not- fuck, my hand's pretty much moving on its own. I regret my whole life<DarnellJermaine> Markus brings the feather closer- even his very best wasn't enough to help the group. He really was weak- useless. He had nothing left to offer them. All he did was stand in front of the group and stretch his arms out like a pathetic meat shield that barely covered anything and looked at Sierra defiantly.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth's eyes stare directly at Markus the whole time, she did everything involved with the ritual that she remembered, she allowed the feather to move to her hand. But she refuses to move her eyes away from Markus.. she had to make sure he was okay..
<Antichthon> Meanwhile Sierra had done fuck all to interrupt the summoning, and Cass wasn't surprised in the least. He cooperated with the force bringing the feather to his opposite hand. This had a way of working out at this school.
<Kioku> Despite not being an active component of the ritual at the moment, if Markus is still going through it as told, just in case someone else drops out, he'll feel the feather drawing closer too.
<Crayola> Sierra hadn't done anything to stop it because Sierra can't kill the demon if she stops it. With the Divine Light building in her sword she got ready for the charge. Her shield raised as a wall, her Sword of light now rested atop of it, her arm cocked and ready to thrust into the demon!
<Kioku> With only a few seconds left, it's the last chance… and then it's past. The feathers pierce, the blood comes, and it falls to the ground… but instead of your vision fading this time as you fall to your knees, it becomes clearer. The darkness becomes almost tangible as you realize what the last words you just spoke were. "And of the options all before me, many ways and paths to choose. But may not failure be a door, if my freedom…"
<Kioku> A whisper floats through the utterly still air. "Nevermore…"
<DarnellJermaine> (does markus still benefit from this?)
<Kioku> (He still hears this. And it's faaar from over)
<DarnellJermaine> (perfect!)
<Kioku> (Even Sierra hears it.)
<DarnellJermaine> Markus continues standing in front of the group- unsure what happens next. His only plan- a stupid one- would be to jump in the way of whatever attack Sierra tried to throw. That was all he was really good for, anyway.
<Kioku> (Markus is /hopefully/ on his knees with a bleeding thumb right about now)
<DarnellJermaine> (Oh, that's fine. Those are his intentions- even if he's actually incapable of doing such_
<Antichthon> And once it was done, Cass dropped the feather. Nevermore. Black feathers. Heh. Good thing Hex was smart enough to support him right on his knees, because no way he was strong enough to do this on his own.
<SavanahHolland> The Ram backs up, setting Elspeth down on her knees as she listens, everything becoming so clear in the darkness of night, blood.. she could smell it. The Ram backs up, watching Markus and Elspeth, it was and had never been part of the ritual, rather they were, and it was just an object.
<Endorb> \Regretting this so hard. That's it, I'm never having dreams again<Crayola> "Commence the declaring of your intentions, or I shall smite thee where you stand demon!"
<Crayola> Retcon-
<Kioku> The darkness very suddenly collapses in, blocking all sight, then fades, leaving everything as visible as it was before this all started. With one difference. There's a raven, about twice the size of any you've ever heard of, standing in the center of the circle. "And so you call, here I stand." It seems to look through each of you in turn. Then finally at Sierra, unblinkingly.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus slowly turns his head around, looking at the raven. Not sure how demons work he…waves- slowly, with his real hand. "Umm…hi. Did you- did you call us?"
<Antichthon> "Hey, you called us first. Glad we could catch you in return. This would be a very awkward case of phone tag." Cass' heart was hammering, and he was far less glib than he let on, but he managed a winning grin.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth grins, darkness, and then clarity.. that's what all of this was to be put in simple terms at least.. "Hallo." is all she says, she had to be polite afterall.
<Endorb> Jinx just stares silently, taking a step back. Hold shit, an actual demon.
<Crayola> "Declare yourself! Name thy intentions…" she says, the monotony gone…
<Kioku> "An Angel? Intriguing… All in good time, my dear." The raven turns to answer each, in a polite tone of its own. "I did call you, and I'm most glad you answered. You do, of course, understand why I called you in the first place?" It bobs its head in a sort of nod toward Elspeth, in reply to her greeting. Manners will get you far!
<Endorb> "No… Explain, please?" Being polite to a demon was probably important.
<DarnellJermaine> "You want something…and you'll help us in return?" that's what Markus assumed these kind of deals involved- he completely turns his body to the raven and tries to mimic Elspeth's manners somewhat, almost giving away his name before remembering what Elly said, "I'm… M" real cool sounding, "Nice to meet you, sir"
<Antichthon> "Because we'd actually do it."
<Kioku> The raven points a feather at Cass. "He gets it."
<Crayola> "NABARIUS!" She shouts at the demon. "Answer my question!" She says her holy light now blinding.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth smiles, at least this Demon was suprisingly well mannered.. certainly not what she expected.. "Explain vhat exactly youh vould like frohm us, misunderstandings vould noht be goohd forh youh or for us, youh surely knowh bhy now since ve have gotten so far that ve are villing."
<SavanahHolland> She tries to not give Sierra dirty looks..
<DarnellJermaine> Markus nods his head along with Elspeth, sticking close to her- she knew what to do. As for Sierra… he gives her a menacing glare before turning back to the raven.
<Antichthon> Cass, meanwhile, reclined a throne made for him by Hex's tentacles. This might take awhile. He was sweating, the only sign that he wasn't as calm and cavalier as he seemed.
<Endorb> Jinx just lightly holds her necklace, waiting for the answer.
<Kioku> Demon-Raven-Thing flinches away from Sierra. "No need to be violent, I'll answer you when I've taken care of those who /invited/ me here. Like a good /guest/." It doesn't move, though it gives the impression it might like to. "Nice to meet you, Markus Singer. No need to use pseudonyms, how could I possibly fail in learning who you were before now?" If ravens could smile… you get it. "Now what I can do for you and what I want… well,
<Kioku> you've already done what I wanted. You brought me to this world without having to pass through a weak point or a gate! Not to say there isn't quite a bit more I could do for you in exchange for… your own services."
<SavanahHolland> "Such ahs?" Elspeth says, trying to get him to continue and explain what exactly they could do to reach a point where they would be in a beneficial contract of sorts.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus seems a little relieved at the /apparent/ friendliness of the demon, "Thanks- I'd actually like some power, I'm sure everyone else would too." He moves a bit closer to the raven in a non threatening way, trying to shield it with his body, "I won't let this /rude/ angel girl hurt you dude"
<Antichthon> "Would be nice if we got something just for doing that, then. Would go a long ways towards furthering our relationship."
<Antichthon> "I'd certainly be more willing to help if I knew you weren't just giving empty promises." More Cassgrins.
<Endorb> Jinx just takes another step back. Why did she have to be stupid enough to do this?
<Crayola> "I was going to commence the protecting of them…but they seem keen on letting you devour their souls. I will not stop you if you so choose to. They have made their sins. I can no longer warn them of the danger you possess." She says. Nodding to the demon she dubbed Nebarius.
<Antichthon> Cass would remember that name.
<Kioku> The raven fluffs its wings out and stands taller. "You are correct, of course. I should offer a demonstration, in good faith." Its gaze sweeps to Markus. "Because I /can/ help you, in ways that will be more than worth it. I can help you succeed where others fail…" Turns to Elspeth, and slowly to Cass. "I can make your bodies whole, for a time." To Jinx. "And… I can help you win the one you love." Finally to Sierra. "Even you,
<Kioku> Angel. I would be more than willing to make you the same offer…"
<SavanahHolland> "Youh act like ve have souls." she says, looking over at the angel girl, trying to make her words as intimidating as she can manage.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus immediately lights up- it was almost like this demon knew the right words to grab his attention. He nods his head excitedly, "I'm ready. Tell me how I can help and what I can get. Err, please. Sorry, I'm a little excited" he lets out a nervous laugh.
<SavanahHolland> Her gaze shifts quickly back to Nebarius.. starting to seem unsure. "Is zat even vithin yourh power?" she asks.. she knows she was like this /because/ demons and devils..
<Endorb> That line. That fucking line. Under most circumstances, she'd start a fight over it. But now? She was just creeped the fuck out. By this thing, and by herself. She just… couldn't handle this…
<Crayola> "I want nothing but for you to become the burning pile of smited ash you are meant to be you corrupted soul stealing stupidface…" 'What was the word Akemi used?' "Asshat!" She said in enochian at it.
<Antichthon> "Yeah, pretty sure mine died some time ago. Either way, let's cut the shit." Cass leaned forweard. "I'm interested in what power you offer, but unlike these other sawdust-for-brains, I'm just going to come out and say it: I'm pretty fucking concerned you're going to try to pull some shit. I'm up for an equivalent exchange, tit for tat, but being a demon and all, you've got to
<Antichthon> realize you're fighting an uphill battle for my trust."
<Kioku> "It is something I can offer you, if you let me." It nods to Elspeth. "But only if you let me. In this case, I'll consider bringing me here your side of the deal." It turns toward Cass. "I'll show you my sincerity." It flaps its wings once and a wind picks up… then Cass and Elspeth both feel… stronger. Sturdier. Like they were being held down, but now are free. They'll find that they can, in fact, walk - and otherwise safely move
<Kioku> with an average human's full range of motion.
<Kioku> When the wind dies down, it tilts its head at Sierra. "And what horrible nonsense propaganda did you hear that I was corrupt, or would steal souls? Souls are boring. What I offer is access to my abilites, in exchange for a familiar bond. Power that can defy even the laws of nature, in exchange for the ability to rarely, if ever, call on my familiar to perform a task for me."
<DarnellJermaine> Markus quickly speaks up- ecstatic at this information and his deal. "I gladly accept- 100% Nebarius, sir. Please- make me stronger. I'll do whatever you need when you need it" he seems a bit too eager for this- poor Markus could probably be taken advantage of. "So umm, if it's not too much to ask- err, can you…do a thing for me, too?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth's eyes go wide, what. What was going on. She.. felt weird.. her feet felt so weird, not bad, but weird. That's the best way to put it, it felt like her stomach was going to drop into her gut. She felt like a newborn foal trying to stumble up, as if she were on stilts.. but she manages it, eyes going wider and wider.. what does she do, how is she supposed to feel.. happy..
<SavanahHolland> yes happy, she could stand. She looks up at the beast that looked so much like that black bird that existed in their world. "I vould like toh do it.. make a bond vith youh."
<Antichthon> Cass eyes widened and his lips parted. And Cass…stood. Without Hex's help; the robot disconnected from him and waited to the side, dutiful servant that it was. It was…exhilerating. And in that moment Cass had to actually fight off a wave of tears. "T-this is all well and good," Cass said, stuttering a little. "But how do I know there isn't any fine print?"
<Kioku> "The contract is written. You may read its full contents for yourself." Bird-shrug. And at that, papers seem to form from the air and darkness in front of Markus, Elspeth and Cass. It turns to Jinx, meanwhile.
<Endorb> "Holy shit… but… what would you do for me?"
<DarnellJermaine> Markus reads over the paper- eager to see it's contents. In fact- he doesn't even look it all the way over before signing it- he had pens and pencils with him- if it required blood… he'd prick himself to use blood to write it. He was /way/ too eager for this.
<Kioku> Markus /does/ earn a slightly annoyed look for the name though. "My name, as I should have told you sooner, please forgive me, is Nevermore. It may sound strange, as I am aware it is a common word in the language which we converse, but it is my name nonetheless, for I reject failure."
<Kioku> The papers are… more parchment, really, several feet long of it, with fine writing - all in a language the reader best understands.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus quickly looks back up as he signs it, "Oh, terribly sorry, Nevermore. I got confused because of /her/" he shoots Sierra another dirty look- so dirty you'd think she needed a shower.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth takes the paper work, wobbling a bit and her knees buckling.. but she doesn't fall. It made her nervous, happy, sick, it made her feel so many things at once… she read over the fine print.. mostly skimming. "Nevermore." she says in a clear voice. "Vhat if vhat I seek isn't this? Valking I mean.. vhat is yourh.. policy on extending lives.. or making them eternal?"
<Antichthon> And Cass knelt under his own power - and nearly fell over because, like Elspeth, he felt a great deal like a newborn foal but holy shit, he was actually doing this without Hex - and picked up the papers. Unlike Markus, Cass would read through the entire document carefully. "Do we have to decide now?" Cass asked. "I hope you can respect my caution, but I really want to take
<Antichthon> a look at this. All of this."
<Kioku> "Ah… I'm afraid that /is/ something I can't do, Miss Elspeth. Life is not my domain, nor is death, but we can discuss… exit options, should you become dissatisfied with the arrangement. Please note that the contract requires your blood, drawn by my feather, to be valid - we don't want any accidents, after all."
<Kioku> "You have until the eclipse is over. After that time, I may change the terms before offering again."
<Crayola> "Third sin…Greed!" She shouts her blade is burning with a golden light. Sierra was overwhelmed by the amass of sin…."Please….stop…." she pleaded. "You don't know what you are doing…." she said futily. What was the use? No one cared what she had said the entire time because she disagreed…and here she was trying so hard to prevent them from getting
<Crayola> hurt.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus bites open his skin quickly- a bit violently too, taking the feather and scribbling his signature sloppily on the bottom before gently handing it back to the bird. He didn't need to waste time- he was ready. "Here you are, err, Nevermore, sir"
<Kioku> "As for you, miss… would you prefer I call you Jinx?"
<Endorb> "uh…" Jinx just nods
<SavanahHolland> "Vould I be able to contact youh after this if I do not sign now?" her eyes move sharply to Sierra "Be quiet /child/." she sighs, speaking once more "I vould like toh be able to speak at a more private time, since soh many other contracts are being made at this moment, it is tooh chaotic forh me to make a deal that vould benefit me best, ja?"
<Antichthon> "Please shut your yap wingtits, I'm trying to read." Was there enough time for Cass to read over the whole document? It was already in his memory due to his technological powers, but he couldn't actually read it much faster than an average person.
<Kioku> "Miss Jinx, I would offer you whatever is within my power to do so. I could help you succeed. I could help you reject injury and pain. I could give you what I offered before… should you not wish it said before an audiance again."
<Kioku> "You could, perhaps, find me. Or if you wish, I could give us privacy now, if the others are amiable to it."
<Endorb> "I… uh… can I see the contract, or something?"
<SavanahHolland> "I vill vait until all others ahre done, it vould be rude of me to ask something like that so soohn. Once they are all finished, ve vill have privacy to speak on it, is that fine vith youh?"
<Kioku> There would be time to read it - it's a lot of technical and legal language, but she could get it basically down to (roll thine Analysis or Knowledge-1)
<DarnellJermaine> Markus is desperately pining for Nevermore's attention- but he won't rush him. He knows he values manners… he just politely hands his contract to the raven and backs away. He was sure Nevermore would pull through with his end of the deal- right?
<Kioku> The moment Markus signed, the contract was in effect - not that it would be immediately obvious, but he would begin to feel a sort of… determination.
<Antichthon> 4d3-8+7-1 (Knowledge roll)
<Mjeowlnir> Antichthon, (Knowledge roll): 7:9-8+7-1
<Kioku> "I will give you my time once this is finished, then, Miss Elspeth." Nevermore… bows. Weird to see a bird do that.
<Crayola> Sierra has tried and failed, at every angle the entirety of this summoning….she tried. What else was there…but to watch and wait. "I am no child." She says to herself. "If i were i woild be blessed for the children are the innocent and pure."
<Kioku> At the same time, a contract materializes before Jinx.
<Endorb> Jinx reads it. Fuck, it's in lawerish
<Endorb> 4d3-8+1
<Mjeowlnir> Endorb: 1:8-8+1
<Kioku> … It's good for you, Jinx. You get a portion of the demon's power, and just have to perform a few tasks once in a while. And it's possible to get out of it later!
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth twitches.. she was getting so tired of this girls big talk, she curtsys in turn to Nevermore, backing herself up with a wobble. She walks herself slowly to Sierra. "Be quiet." she whispers "Youh show now, vhen it is too late? You speak so boldly, buht vhere vere youh beforehand? Youh say youh try to stop it, buht you did nothing. Youh have no place here."
<DarnellJermaine> Markus feels awful- he may have uh, really said some mean things to Sierra earlier… but she could at least feel better. He could try. He walks up to her and puts a hand on her shoulder, once more enchanting his words the best he could, "It's ok… you did your best"
<DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+4
<Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine: 5:9-8+4
<Crayola> "No…i did nothing? I told you to stop. I warned you did i not? What would you have me do, attack you?" She said still natural tongue.
<Antichthon> Cass, meanwhile, was rubbing his chin, contemplating. "So, we aren't talking take-over-the-world-and-live-forever powers here, huh?"
<Endorb> "Hmm… Do you guys see any issue with the contract? I can barely read this thing…"
<Kioku> "Alas, more powerful members of my kind would ask far, far more of you, and even they likely couldn't deliver on such promises. I choose to be honest, and am most likely the best choice in any case - strong, but not so much that it leads me to want absolute servitude."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth's face hardens. "Youh are an angel, youh say youh protect innocents? Pure? The children? Vhere vas yourh kind vhen I was a child? Hm? Vatching me? Being vrapped into all of this?" a four year old didn't get to chose this path, she was given it, and she took it.
<DarnellJermaine> This isn't going well. He quickly walks over to Elly and gives her a hug- besides, something he had failed to let sink in until now was clearly apparent. "Elly, you can walk! You can walk!" he hugs her so tight with his scrawny frame he picks her up the tiniest bit off the ground.
<Antichthon> "Hey, don't browbeat the angel too much. She might be an idiot, but I doubt she's responsible for every sucky thing that's happened to you, mmkay?" Cass watched the others, expression suddenly opaque.
<Crayola> "I would not have the signing of anything you cannot read entirely. That could say anything. Please…Jinx….don't." She says with pleading eyes. "You act as though we are responsible for what happened. As though we are supposed to hold your hand through the shit of life? I am no idiot, i just don't speak the same language or understand all your behaviors.
<Crayola> If you were to become an angel i would not make fun of you all for your lack of angelic knowledge."
<Kioku> "There's no need for hostilities here. Angel, please consider this for a moment. What better way to ensure that I do not try to trick anyone, than reading a contract yourself? You might find the terms acceptable, even…"
<Endorb> "Well, can someone else decipher this shit for me, then?"
<DarnellJermaine> (can Markus assist her in reading the contract?)
<Kioku> (Sure!)
<Crayola> The contract would appear in Sierra's hand…for the sake of understanding it and protection of her friends….
<DarnellJermaine> Markus goes over to Jinx- she didn't seem so bad, and he could tell she was nervous. He offers a smile and tries to help her through the contract to the best of his understanding.
<DarnellJermaine> (roll?)
<Kioku> (Yus.)
<SavanahHolland> She snapped, despite Cass's words, despite Markus feeling excited for her and hugging on her. Those words from the angel disgusted her. "A FOUR YEAR OLD DOES NOHT KNOW BETTER." she yells at Sierra, voice cracking.
<DarnellJermaine> (can I use perception? or is it knowledge- if it's knowledge I just roll brains, right?)
<Kioku> (Just brains, yeah. Analysis ideally, Knowledge-1 without it.)
<DarnellJermaine> 4d3-8+4-1
<Mjeowlnir> DarnellJermaine: 4:9-8+4-1
<Kioku> (Analysis defaults to just brains too, you could do it without the -1)
<DarnellJermaine> (oh, then that's just a 5)
<Crayola> 4d3-8+2
<Mjeowlnir> Crayola: 0:6-8+2
<Crayola> [Yus ty mjeowlnir!]
<Crayola> […]
<Crayola> "I…shall commence the studying of this….until i have the knowing of its entire meaning."
<Kioku> Sierra - the contract seems pretty reasonable, and the familiar seems to get more than they give - power in exchange for occasionally completing tasks that /shouldn't/ be morally objectionable to them.
<DarnellJermaine> Markus speaks to Cass- telling him what he understands to the best of his ability.
<Endorb> (you mean Jinx?)
<DarnellJermaine> (Jinx)
<DarnellJermaine> (I sent that pm to the wrong person- dangit I'll put it in OOC for you End)
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth wouldn't deal with the angel.. she was tired and her throat hurt.. she stepped to the side, leaning against a tree, watching through tired eyes.. she'd wait.. for them to be done and leave.. till it was her turn to contract him.
<Endorb> Oh… That makes sense… "So, uh… I wanna talk about what exactly I can get in private, if you all are okay with that?"
<DarnellJermaine> Markus nods, moving next to Elly and lightly putting his hands on her arm to try and comfort her. He could tell this whole thing was a mess- between the angel, the misunderstandings, even the things he said… He'd do his best to help everyone out- at least one good thing happened; the ritual worked.
<Antichthon> Cass looked up at the eclipse, passing far to quickly. Down at his legs. His functional legs. There was a bit of sadness in his eyes, but only for a moment. Then the grin was back. "I suppose it won't surprise anyone what my answer is, will it?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, leaning into Markus, then opening her eyes once more and looking up at him "Youh should goh back, geht sohme sleep, ohkay?"
<DarnellJermaine> Markus nods to Elly, giving her a big hug. "Be safe…ok? I know you're gonna stick around but…" he gives her a little kiss on the forehead, "You better be at my dorm with pancakes in the morning" he smiles and heads off after that- waving to the rest of the group. "See ya Jinx, Cass. And uh, thank you, Nevermore, sir"
<Kioku> "Of course. It's been a pleasure."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth hugs him back tightly, nodding with a soft growing smile, she then leans back on the tree. The Ram then goes to tap Markus on the shoulder. "Please leht The Ram guide youh back.. it's late and I vorry." she tells Markus, she knew she would be fine, but she worried for him…
<Antichthon> Cass was grinning at Elspeth, still holding the contract. "You know he might change his terms when the eclipse passes."
<DarnellJermaine> Markus nodded to her, looking up to the ram and grabbing his hand as they walked out of the forest. He ignored Cass's remark- he was too tired to care- and, well, Nevermore seemed pretty friendly!
<Endorb> "Wait, like, if we sign now, he can change the conditions on us?"
<Antichthon> "Nah, I mean if the eclipse passes and we don't sign, the terms might change before we can sign again."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth smiles, so glad he didn't try to argue with her.. its too late at night for that. She raises an eyebrow, looking at Cass and Jinx once more. "Vell, ve could alvays jast.. ask him perhaps?"
<Antichthon> "I'm just saying there's no real reason for me to leave to give you that privacy you want, and your window's closing."
<Kioku> "The terms, of course, cannot change after a contract is made unless we both agree - and I cannot force you to agree."
<Endorb> "I don't wanna sign until I know exactly what I'm getting."
<SavanahHolland> "Privacy is noht vhat I vanted, I vanted silence soh I could focus, ja?"
<SavanahHolland> "I doubt the vindow is closing, ve have already summoned him, there vas a vindow for summoning, noht for him being here aftervords frohm vhat I understand."
<Antichthon> To Jinx, "In that case we're going to be here until next year. I think you'll be able to understand it by then, if you really apply yourself." To Elspeth, "Then by all means, go ahead. I'll be silent." He watched, and listened.
<Endorb> "Oh fuck you! Nevermore, just tell me what powers we can get?"
<Kioku> "It's all there, but I can explain if you wish. Should you agree to these terms as they are, you would gain an aspect of my power - to reject failure in all its forms, although I doubt it could be channeled through a mortal more than… perhaps once a day. As well, I could amplify your aptitude for magic, and offer you the ability to use three spells that I know, of your selection - which spells you choose exactly would be dealt with after
<Kioku> the signing, so that I could offer you a better understanding than mere words convey."
<Endorb> "Hm…" Jinx just sits there for a bit, thinking.
<Antichthon> And Cass watched Jinx, looking amused. Watching Jinx try to think was like watching him try to walk. Well, you know, before the whole temporary powers thing.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth sighs, walking over next to Cass, she wanted to stay at least close to people she knew.. sorta at least with Cass. She looks up at Nevermore, trying to phrase her words in a way that makes sense. "Youh said youh doh not vork vith life, soh youh could noht make me enternal, vhat is yourh domain exactly?"
<Kioku> "Failure. Or success, whichever you prefer. 'Shall I fail? Nevermore.'"
<Endorb> Jinx plays with her medallion in her hand for a minute as she keeps thinking. Then she looks down.
<Endorb> "So, if I sign the contract, I can get out whenever I want, and there's no way for you to stop me?"
<Kioku> "Not as such. Should you wish to exit the contract, I would require a task, or possibly a set of tasks - or another deal altogether, if you preferred. But once those tasks are complete, I would be obligated to fulfill my end of the bargain and release it."
<Endorb> "But couldn't you just set impossible conditions?"
<Antichthon> "Wish I had popcorn. The fuses blowing in her brain are like fireworks."
<Endorb> "Shut the fuck up!"
<Antichthon> Cass snickered gleefully.
<Kioku> "I could set very difficult conditions, but not impossible. I wouldn't however; you have my word, any conditions would be attainable by you, even without outside help."
<Endorb> "Can that, like, be put on the contract?"
<Antichthon> "You wouldn't be able to tell even if it was."
<Kioku> "Observe like 12 of section 7c. It already states that any impossible tasks or conditions are invalid, and exit from the contract may not be contingent on them."
<Kioku> *line 12
<Antichthon> "I rest my case."
<Endorb> "Fuck… It's the middle of the damn night, give me a fucking break." Jinx looks down again. "I need a feather, I think…"
<Antichthon> Cass made a show of bending down and picking his own up again, because holy shit he could do that now. He offered it to Jinx with a smirk.
<Antichthon> "Awfully quiet over there, Elspeth."
<Endorb> "Thanks." Jinx rests it gently on her palm. She had to think…
<Kioku> "You are welcome, of course, to take your time with this. I can say that the contracts are identical to each other at present, but it is a better offer than I would normally give, so once the time is over…"
<Endorb> "Ugh… Fuck it…" Jinx signs the contract "I better not fucking regret this…"
<Kioku> "I do hope that you don't. I'm sure something can be arranged if you come to change your mind, though." The contract dissipates into the air and darkness from whence it came, as soon as it's signed.
<Kioku> And then there were two.
<Endorb> "If try to quit, I'm already fucking regretting this… I need some sleep… Good night you two… Not you" Jinx points at Cass as she walks off.
<Antichthon> "Well, like I said, I'm sure my decision will surprise no one." Cass picked up another feather, held it to the contract, took a deep breath, and - giggled. "Nah, I'm just fucking with you," he said, or rather she said - her voice had changed entirely. While Hex reattached to her back, She held out the quill and dropped it like a mic, along with the unsigned contract. "Good luck
<Antichthon> with the whole demon thing. Peace." She kissed her fingers and did the V sign. She made it look easy, but turning her back and leaving was one of the hardest things she'd ever done. "Goodbye peripateticism," She whispered to herself once she was far enough away, and wiped the water from her eyes.
<Kioku> The contract fades much like the signed ones did when it's partway to the ground, and the Demon narrows its eyes, then gives a nod. "Very well. Enjoy your repayment while it lasts."
<Kioku> And then there was one.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth shakes her head, she got lost in thought for a moment, trying to think.. She looks up at Nevermore.. at least there was silence now. "If I made ahny sort of deal vith youh, ve vould be contractually bond, ja? Vhat vould this made me toh youh? Besides the bound I mean, there are many different vays it can be shown. If I sign this, youh could easily jast call me a slave."
<SavanahHolland> she remembers her different relationships with Devils, owning them as slaves, or keeping them as equals and as a lover.
<Kioku> "You would be my familiar. I admit the term makes it sound a bit like a pet, or a servant, but I would treat you more like… I suppose an employee."
<SavanahHolland> "Ve are equals or ve are nothing. This is beneficial forh both of us, ja? I help youh, youh help me. I vill noht be known as a familiar, and youh certainly vould not vant me to refer toh youh vith a term so insulting. Is it possible that can be changed, it is jast a name, surely noht something toh lose sleep over."
<Kioku> "… You may call it what you wish. If you prefer a different name I can oblige."
<SavanahHolland> "Ja, partner, something of that sort. I vould at least prefer a name that better reflects our arrangment. Also, youh orginally did say I vould be a familar of yours, vould youh be able to summon me at vill?" she remembered that when going through her boobs, especially fantasy stuff mind you..
<Kioku> "I would be /able/ to, but I have no interest in disrupting your daily life overmuch. Should the situation not be dire, I would not make use of the ability, it is simply something inherent to these sorts of arrangements."
<SavanahHolland> "I vant it included in the contract, that under noh means, are youh able to actively puht mhy life in danger. Meaning youh cannot summon me and bring me into a situation that vould puht me in harms vay."
<Kioku> "And what if my life is in danger? What defense would I have? You gain my power, but if I cannot gain your assistance in such times… make no mistake, it would benefit noone if you were to die. I wish for you to have as long a life as possible. But I cannot put myself at such risk by including that."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth sighs.. she thought more and more, and then, she finally shakes her head. "I believe this is noht a contract I am loohking forh, this vill noht benefit me in vhat I am seeking, however." she pauses "Ve summoned youh, If I doh not contract youh, I vould at least like something in return for summoning youh, and /no/ mhy valking is noht that, I doubt it vill last any longer
<SavanahHolland> than it has and youh gave it toh me as a taste of vhat could be included in mhy contract."
<Kioku> "There isn't much I can offer right now besides that, without a contract. Unless you have something specific in mind?"
<SavanahHolland> "Money?" Elspeth asks with a soft laugh, half joking… half serious.
<Kioku> "… You are sure you would not prefer the contract? I /do/ promise I would not summon you without giving you a chance to prepare yourself, at least a minute's notice."
<SavanahHolland> "I am vorried is the problem, youh said familiar at first, and this vill sound selfish, buht I doh have too much pride toh put myself into that position."
<Kioku> "It is a familiar contract, but that is only the type; these contracts have been used as marriage contracts as well, for example. Or simply friends or family wishing to be available to each other or to empower one another."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth sighs, moving to take the contract one more, looking it over "Vould I be able to summon youh as vell?"
<Kioku> "It doesn't work that way, since I cannot bestow the sort of power that would be needed to do it without a ritual. However, I can give you a single person ritual that uses one of my feathers as a focus, which would allow you to."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth hums "Alright, I vould like that, along vith this youh vill noht refer toh me as a familar, ve vill understand eachother as equals, neither are lesser than the other, ve both provide benefits toh the other, is that understood?"
<Kioku> Nevermore doesn't chuckle, even if he might want to. "Very well, Miss Elspeth. I shall refer to you as partner, and provide you knowledge of the ritual as you require."
<SavanahHolland> "Vhat I vant in mhy end forh helping youh as a partner is power, youh have made it obvious from speaking to the others that ve get toh pick vhat exactly ve vish, ja? May I know vhat those are /before/ I sign?"
<Kioku> "You have been… patient about this. Considerate. I can appreciate that. Yes, I'll tell you what spells I can offer, beyond the usual benefits of the contract. I can channel enough magic ability to you to aid you in holding the understanding of three of the formulae."
<SavanahHolland> "I try." Elspeth says with a soft smile "Magical ability.. cahn youh explain in more detail? I vork in summoning devils, so this is a bit outside mhy element."
<Kioku> "Aside from channeling my own power for your own use, I can essentially increase your potential to command and channel magic. I am unsure what further detail I could offer, except that I would be granting you more human-adapted variations of several of the spells I know best and sometimes use."
<SavanahHolland> "Vhat exactly are these spells that youh speak of though?" Elspeth asked, trying to get straight to the points, she was tiiiired.
<Kioku> "I was about to tell you, easier though it would be to show you once the bond is established. In short, I can grant you the ability to summon the winds of the underworld, to send dreams you design to another, to keep another close to you for a time, to improve your ability or that of another in all aspects for a moment, to defy injury and heal completely from a single wound - though only once each day or so, to do what I have done to you, and
<Kioku> walk, as well as shed the chains that bind you. I can teach you to reduce the chances of romantic failure, by helping another be… more receptive to your advances, I can offer that you leave nothing to chance, and negate the possibility of failing /or/ succeding too incredibly for a time, letting you rely on your own ability. Or finally, I can teach you to shift what might be your failure onto another, making them more likely to fail, and you less likely to."
<SavanahHolland> "Hmm, I am intrested in the first one youh spoke of, to send dreams youh design to another and to keep another close to youh for a time. Cahn youh build on that mohre? I apologize forh keeping youh so long and vith so many questions, buht youh can understand I vould like to be avare of everything beforehand."
<Kioku> "You naturally would have your pick of the spells after the contract is established, with a full understanding of the effects of each at that time, but it is good to know what you want in advance. In the case of the dreams, you must know who the target is, and about where they are - and of course, they must be asleep. I believe 100 meters is about how far you can afford to be, to make it work, and as I said, you can create dreams manually and
<Kioku> send them, or choose a theme for their dreams to follow. In the case of keeping someone close, they must specifically stay within 3 meters of you for as long as it lasts. They cannot move further away than this from you, but neither can you from them unless you choose to break the spell."
<SavanahHolland> She hums, nodding, that's what she wanted to know especially, of course.. many other concerns. "Thank youh forh explaining more on that in a vay I understand, however, there is another concern that may come across as strange. This is a contract, and as much, ve vill be bound until mhy death, or your death, correct?"
<Kioku> "Unless we choose to void it, yes."
<SavanahHolland> "Like I said before, this vill sound odd to most, but again, it is a valid concern. I am a female, ahnd mhy powers are heavily based ohn mhy bloodlines survival. Vhich means I have toh carry on said bloodline, vhat I am concerned abouht is being put in danger vhile carrying, if youh understand vhat I mean." she blushes a bit, it was weird to think of, seeing her age, she had plenty
<SavanahHolland> of time till then.. but she doesn't get in contracts to someday void them, so this is a concern that makes sense on her end.
<Kioku> "Should you become with child, I shall ensure that my actions do not put you in harm's way. Naturally, the contract is not hereditary, as you cannot make decisions for another."
<SavanahHolland> "Goohd." she says, glad that she addressed it "Alright, I believe I have gohtten all the information I desire." she takes a moment, sighing and picking up the feather once more, she pricks her finger, the blood forming on the quill. "Anything else youh believe should be covered before I sign?" she asks, looking up at him once more.
<Kioku> "If you are satisfied with the conditions set forth, I believe not."
<SavanahHolland> And so, she signs, she felt as if it would be fine, and he did make it clear that she could leave if she truely did feel like she had to, her handwriting neat, floral even. Elspeth Sullivan written with a flick of the wrist and a smile. "Nowh that the contract is signed, I should be leaving, this has beehn a pleasure."
<Kioku> "The pleasure is all mine. Allow me to renew the spell keeping your body able, since your other compainion has gone."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth seemed actually happy with this "I vould appreciate that." who would have guessed the demon would be more gentlemanly than most humans.
<Kioku> And so he does, raking his talons across a passing mouse in the process. "It shall last an hour this time, so feel free to enjoy it, should it not be a spell you choose for yourself." Demon-Raven gives another bird-bow, then finally flies off into the night.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth curtsies, thanking him as she had many times, watching him fly off. What a strange demon. It didn't matter, she was in a position that was amazing. And so.. she walks back.
<Kioku> -Event Concluded-
<Kioku> 1 XP: Markus, Jinx, Sierra, Cass, Elspeth
<Kioku> Power: Familiar of Nevermore: Markus, Jinx, Elspeth
<Kioku> Weakness: Familiar of Nevermore: Markus, Jinx, Elspeth
<SavanahHolland> (*PARTNERRRRR)
<Kioku> …
<Kioku> Power: Familiar Partner of Nevermore: Elspeth

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