Polye2ter and Tin

Sep 21 21:30:16 <gumbal1> <padri> Bobby are looking in the window of the bakery, smelling the good smells.
Sep 21 21:30:16 <gumbal1> <gumbal1> Jezibel's baking company, run by a sweet little old lady with quite a few gang tattoos, really does have a good selection of pastries. Thumbprint cookies, fruit tarts, baguettes, upsidown pineapple cake, cookie pie, list goes on. Little old Jezibel's gotta pay off those Yakuza debts somehow.
Sep 21 21:32:53 <padri> Bobby decides to go in and get something. Of course, they'll need to get two so they don't get hungry later… They found out a while back it doesn't do to feed just one body, and found out the hard way. But boy is it expensive being twins. They ask for a little fruit tart each.
Sep 21 21:39:20 <gumbal1> …that's from the window, though. Building itself is…surprisingly empty. Wood paneling's been replaced with concrete. Tables are off to the side. Whole display case is teeming with little centipedes, but not even they're eating the moldy bricks that used to be cake. Got a complaint for the staff, they can take it up in that odd, fancy paper screen that pulls out like a door.
Sep 21 21:42:03 <padri> ~Weird.~ They look through the window with one body and step inside with the other. ~Gross.~ The body that came inside goes to peer at the centipedes.
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Sep 21 21:44:37 <gumbal1> Bad move. As one enters, both seem to get the feeling that the other is a million miles away, even as they stare from the open doorway. Meanwhile, the centipedes don't seem to pay attention to Bobby, too busy dealing with each other.
Sep 21 21:46:22 <padri> This is… unsettling. Inside Bobby steps to look back out of the door. ~Where are we?~
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Sep 21 21:49:58 <gumbal1> Your other Bobby is still there, Bobby. But God Dangit, Bobby, they just feel so far away!
Sep 21 21:51:00 <padri> Both Bobbies head inside to investigate, then. As long as they can get back, they shouldn't be able to get into too much trouble. They try the paper screen door thing.
Sep 21 21:53:26 <gumbal1> Down the screen door is a long, concrete hallway. A faint squeaking sound can be heard if you listen hard enough. Lining the walls is a nice collection of graffiti tags, ranging from Sakuri's, to Lucy's, to Damien's, and some other, more esoteric things, like 'AROUND HOME', 'POLYESTER AND TIN', 'CASSANDRA LIVES', and 'LONGHORN FLAYS DICK'. You know, normal stuff!
Sep 21 21:55:48 <padri> Bobby has a natural desire to find trouble, so of course they wander down the hall! Both of them. One of them runs a hand along the wall as they walk down, looking for a door or somewhere interesting.
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Sep 21 21:58:31 <gumbal1> The walls are, well, pretty cold. Unusually so, for how warm the damp air feels. Eventually, the signature tags disappear, leaving only the AROUND HOMEs and POLYESTER AND TIN, though LONGHORN FLAYS DICK seems to pop up occasionally. The squeaking sound seems to get louder as they progress.
Sep 21 21:59:39 <padri> They keep going, confident as ever.
Sep 21 22:00:38 <gumbal1> …too loud. There's no end in sight and it almost feels like someone's just playing a squeaking sound over speaker set to max, minus the audio crackles expected from something that probably would have blown out a regular one.
Sep 21 22:01:31 <padri> Ew, gross. Any sign of the end of the hall or a door? They cover their ears, taking their hand off the wall.
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Sep 21 22:02:34 <gumbal1> Eventually, yes. The hallways seems to grow damper, still, and a waterlogged wooden door sits on the end, crooked on the right side…or is it the left side?
Sep 21 22:04:06 <padri> They try opening it, and if that doesn't work, they just push on it.
Sep 21 22:19:42 <gumbal1> It opens without a hitch, and…well, there's the source of the squeaking. The twins find themselves looking over a giant stone cistern, illuminated by an odd blue light from an unknowns source. Stairs and ladders seem to lead the way down, though some of them seemingly start and terminate at odd intervals. The walls are absolutely, quite literally lined with graffiti, all with the same phrase: 'LEFT! RIGHT! GIGATON PUNCH! LEFT! RIGHT! GIGATON
Sep 21 22:19:42 <gumbal1> PUNCH!', over and over and over, for miles down this thing. Swinging from a giant chain, the apparent source of the unusually loud squeaking, is a large, bloodied hunk of meat, almost as if it came fresh from whatever cosmic meatshop slaughtered the cows that farted stars, hanging from a meat hook. The whole hallway, before, smelt vaguelly of spoiled milk. Now it smells of rotten meat, even if the hunk almost looks fresh enough to eat.
Sep 21 22:25:23 <padri> They've come this far, they might as well see what else is in store. Besides, this wouldn't make a very good story. "It smelled and was really loud so we left?" What kind of story is that? So down the stairs/ladders they go, keeping a hand out to steady themselves as they rush down.
Sep 21 22:27:22 <gumbal1> It's lit, thankfully. Unthankfully, you can't really see the bottom. If one of these ladders were to break, well, you're not sure how long you'd fall but it'd leave both of you a hell of a lot of to think back on all your past actions.
Sep 21 22:28:01 <gumbal1> Some of the landings have doors and hallways of their own. One of them even appears to have a poster of what looks like the human muscular system.
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Sep 21 22:30:08 <padri> Each body heads into a different hallway, just to see what's inside. And maybe to take a break from the Ladders Of Death, though they wouldn't admit it. One picks the Hallway o Muscular System, and the other takes a random hall.
Sep 21 22:34:08 <gumbal1> Muscle Hallway is, well, kinda cramped, somewhat, at least from the walls. The ceiling is pretty high to compensate. There's a general trench in the floor, as if something had been dragged across it numerous times. Meanwhile, the other Bobby's hallways seems to eventuall give way from its unever concrete to a more structured, bricklayed pattern. Further down, they can hear the sounds of piano playing.
Sep 21 22:35:44 <padri> Both of them? Weird. They both head down that way, expecting the hallways to merge.
Sep 21 22:37:25 <gumbal1> Only the brick Bobby.
Sep 21 22:39:41 <padri> Oh. Well, they both head onwards anyway. Maybe Muscle bobby will find whatever was dragged on the floor.
Sep 21 22:42:30 <gumbal1> Muscle Bobby seems to notice several more anatomy poster as they continue on, along with more and more LONGHORN FLAYS DICK graffitis. Eventually, at one point, they come across a red X graffiti, and the hallway takes a curved turn right. Meanwhile, Other Bobby's brick path eventually turns gold, not metal gold but more spraypainted gold, until they come across an unasumming wooden door. The piano can clearly be heard from their side.
Sep 21 22:44:33 <padri> Muscle Bobby heads down to the right. That X probably meant stop or some shit, but how does "and then there was a big X so we turned around and went home" sound to you? They need something that will impress. Other Bobby opens the door, carefully and as quietly as possible, just enough to peek in.
Sep 21 22:49:01 <gumbal1> Muscle Bobby encounters a hallway absolutely filled with LOGNHORN FLAYS DICK graffitis, in various styles, handwritings, and colors. If this is some sort of interdimensional meme, it's trash. The hallway seems to, very shortly, give way to a dark staircase. Other Bobby, meanwhile, spots a nice, daisy-yellow room, with a vintage tv, a tea set, and what looks to be a web of human spines playing a beaten up piano with a leather body. Is that even
Sep 21 22:49:01 <gumbal1> efficient for sound?
Sep 21 22:54:18 <padri> Muscle Bobby pulls out their phone to use as a flashlight and heads down the stairs. Maybe this hall won't be as creepy as the other one? Speaking of, other Bobby very carefully closes the door again, turning around and leaning against it while they process what they've seen.
Sep 21 22:58:12 <gumbal1> The stairs go down for quite a while, from the looks of it, though much of the LONGHORN FLAYS DICK seem to disappear about twenty feet down. Oddly enough, the stairs feel somewhat uneven and slimy, even as they look near uniform from Bobby's perspective.
Sep 21 22:58:40 <gumbal1> …Muscle Bobby thinks they hear a wet slapping sound from further down, as a door seems to come into view.
Sep 21 23:00:57 <padri> Other Bobby heads for the Ladders O Death while Muscle Bobby tries the door. Again, quietly, just enough to peek through. They hide the light, too.
Sep 21 23:01:28 <gumbal1> …uh.
Sep 21 23:05:20 <gumbal1> The room Muscle Bobby finds themselve staring into is…interesting? Well, they guess it'd be interesting. I mean, a room like that…the narrative should stop dodging the issue at hand. The room Bobby just looked into is gruesome. A table, a few dog cages, and some chains are the only real permanent fixtures of the room, it seems. Lying on, trapped in, or hanging from, are what were, at one point, probably human bodies, before they were r
Sep 21 23:05:20 <gumbal1> ather haphazardly flayed and torn apart. The whole floor and a majority of walls appear to be covered in viscera, while sheets of torn flesh lay folded in the corner of the room, near a door with a spraypainted sad face on it.
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Sep 21 23:07:53 <gumbal1> A few knives of varying sharpness are scattered around, either embedded in the walls, stuck in the bodies, or lying to the side.
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Sep 21 23:09:03 <padri> That's not interesting, it's terrifying. They do the only sensible thing: run away. Finding a heap of mutilated corpses is an acceptable reason to leave. They both run for the Ladders O Death to meet up there.
Sep 21 23:10:35 <gumbal1> The Bobby not in the room gets there without any really trouble, aside from a leech nearly dropping onto their head from about. It appears the meat has visitors. Muscle Bobby, meanwhile, runs up the steps…and almost slips on the surface.
Sep 21 23:10:47 <gumbal1> Damn, who made these?
Sep 21 23:11:24 <gumbal1> One of the bodies, a flayn torso hanging from a wallhook, seems to shake at something.
Sep 21 23:11:36 <padri> They /crawl/ if need be. This place is more trouble than they bargained for.
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Sep 21 23:13:30 <gumbal1> About a quarter of the way up the dark, slimy stairs, Muscle Bobby can hear something slam behind them.
Sep 21 23:14:42 <padri> Other Bobby runs down Muscle Hall to help themself up the stairs. Muscle Bobby makes the mistake of turning to look at what's behind them.
Sep 21 23:20:32 <gumbal1> For some reason, the door into the room forgot to close properly, letting Muscle Bobby see something enter the room from sadface door. Tall, definitely at least 8 feet, and definitely humanoid, clad in a grey polyester smock and nothing else, with an exaggerated muscular form, a pronounced bust, and eight fingers to a hand. Perhaps its most peculiar feature is its head, a blank face with a long, upturned l-shaped steel pipe justting out from e
Sep 21 23:20:32 <gumbal1> ither side, though its bloodied (if somewhat small for its hands) skinning knife might interest Bobby a bit more.
Sep 21 23:22:06 <padri> Like, yeah. Hell yeah. Time to out. Bobby helps Bobby up the stairs and they run down the hall.
Sep 21 23:22:37 <gumbal1> > reflexes, Bobby
Sep 21 23:24:15 <padri> ‘calc 1d1
Sep 21 23:24:15 <GameServ> 1d1 = 1
Sep 21 23:24:20 <padri> :|
Sep 21 23:25:59 <gumbal1> Halfway up, the helper Bobby slips right on their ass, and ends up at about the bottom third divider of the staircase. Longhorn, meanwhile, suddenly looks out the door, for as much as a faceless figure can look out.
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Sep 21 23:27:20 <padri> Bobby desperately tries planting a thought in the thing’s head: Go back in the other room. Roll for it?
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Sep 21 23:29:53 <gumbal1> …and the thing seems to turn, stabbing its knife into a dogcage body (which promptyl shrieks and shivers) and heads back into its room.
Sep 21 23:30:59 <padri> ~Thank God.~ They try climbing the staircase again.
Sep 21 23:33:42 <gumbal1> Halfway up, the thing bursts through the door once more, carrying a bigger, barbier knife. It's subsequent turn of the head to actually fit its horns up the staircase a la Demon X from LISA would be funny if it didn't look like the slipperyness of the stairs weren't stopping it one bit.
Sep 21 23:36:27 <padri> ~Shitshitshitshitshit~ They try it one more time (go away) as they try to get up the stairs.
Sep 21 23:37:01 <gumbal1> At 5/8ths of the way up, the demon's made it to the quarter mark.
Sep 21 23:37:56 <gumbal1> At that point, the demon pauses, then shrugs. That can wait. This was a bit of a special occasion.
Sep 21 23:40:24 <padri> They… start crying. It's pathetic, but they're 15 and as far as they can tell, this is the end of everything. And what the fuck else can they do, anyway? They don't really /want/ to be such a baby, but they really honestly can't help it.
Sep 21 23:43:37 <gumbal1> At 3/4rths of the way up, Longhorn is halfway up the stairs. Striking her blade against the wall, sparks seem to come off.
Sep 21 23:44:46 <padri> They make promises to whatever God will listen never to go exploring again if they just get away from this thing.
Sep 21 23:45:47 <gumbal1> The afterlife can't here them from here.
Sep 21 23:46:03 <gumbal1> 7/8th's of the way up, and this thing's at the 3/4ths mark.
Sep 21 23:47:10 <padri> That's within reach. Or if not, this is one long damn staircase.
Sep 21 23:47:46 <gumbal1> Maybe if one of you pushes the other down, Longhorn'll spare the compliant one.
Sep 21 23:48:40 <gumbal1> And, just as they get out of the starecase, the thing's sword slashes against the slower one's back.
Sep 21 23:51:03 <padri> That thought doesn't even occur to Bobby. The idea is like let the devil tear off one arm and maybe he won't tear off both. They both scream, and she tries to yank him up the stairs.
Sep 21 23:52:09 <gumbal1> Once you're yanked up, you can almost kinda see what that groove in the floor might be: looks kinda like something was dragging a pipe, over and over and over.
Sep 21 23:52:53 <gumbal1> And that's exactly what Longhorn does, just behind them, as it emerges from the staircase, just behind the two.
Sep 21 23:53:33 <padri> She pulls him along with her as he staggers along, running down the hall. They're in excruciating pain.
Sep 21 23:55:12 <gumbal1> You know, it's actually kinda slow, dragging itself across the groove. How funn-okay, no, it appears to be speeding up somewhat how is it getting that fast HOW IS IT GETTING THAT FAST
Sep 21 23:56:07 <padri> They both press themselves against the walls, hoping that the thing will pass them by due to momentum.
Sep 21 23:57:55 <padri> They also use this moment to clairvoyant into the room the thing came out of originally. Is there another door in there?
Sep 21 23:58:05 <gumbal1> It does, thankfully. Too fast for its own good. It takes a while for it to break, too, and since there isn't enough room to turn around, now it's just sort of awkwardly moving backwards. Problem is: now, instead of both the stairs and the thing being behind them, they're between both of them.
Sep 21 23:58:24 <gumbal1> There's…well, there's two. They can also sense a bit of…unpleasantries.
Sep 21 23:59:17 <padri> Unpleasantries are better than death. Fuck the way they came. They run full tilt back down the stairs, through grossroom, and into the room the thing came out of.
Sep 22 00:01:39 <gumbal1> Running is a bit hard when the staircase is still slimy, but it's better than climbing. Several of the grossroom bodies quiver as the Bobbies run by, and suddenly, the two find themselves in the sadface room. It's…oddly dark.
Sep 22 00:02:31 <padri> Phone out and flashlighting again. Two doors, you said? They each take one.
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Sep 22 00:09:33 <gumbal1> Unlike the last room, this one is surprisingly clean, and seems mostly to be a storage area. Posters on the wall detail human anatomy in French, along with notes in an unknown language, seemingly added to several points. A rack of tools, much of them bloodied and all of them probably in violation of the Geneva Convention. A bucket of rusted…it wasn't water but it looked like it, kinda. In any case, one of the doors appears to lead to the mid
Sep 22 00:09:33 <gumbal1> dle another staircase, going both up and down, while the other seems to lead to a plain white room, lit by an unknown source and containing a few chests large enough to hold a full-grown pig.
Sep 22 00:11:53 <padri> They go to the staircase one, heading up it as fast as they can manage while in pain.
Sep 22 00:11:54 <gumbal1> Both of you hear something from the toolroom. It's…there's no real way to describe it as human, and it doesn't seem to be speaking in any language you know. But, just by inflections, you get the feeling you could understand. "And here I thought Longhorn the victor"
Sep 22 00:12:32 <padri> No Bobby Flay today, not if Bobby can help it!
Sep 22 00:12:50 <gumbal1> This staircase isn't as slippery, and, unlike the previous one, there's no graffiti. It does, however, seem to contain an overabundance of cobweb.
Sep 22 00:13:39 <padri> Who gives a fuck about spiders when they're running for their life? Go go go Bobby go!
Sep 22 00:15:07 <gumbal1> …okay this is ridiculous. Cobwebs aren't nearly this thick. Where are the spiders, anyways?
Sep 22 00:16:09 <gumbal1> The Bobbies eventually get to a door, along with a hallway forking from the right.
Sep 22 00:16:49 <padri> They… go both ways. Fastest way to find out if one takes them where they want to go.
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Sep 22 00:21:06 <gumbal1> The hallway is more of the same, though as Hallway Bobby runs, they finds the walls stained more and more with rust. The room…Bobby finds themself back in Sanctum, back in their room.
Sep 22 00:22:06 <padri> Hallway Bobby turns around to go back to Sanctum. That's where they want to be, bro.
Sep 22 00:23:20 <gumbal1> Hallway Bobby finds a blank wall.
Sep 22 00:23:44 <gumbal1> The sound of scraping can be heard from below.
Sep 22 00:24:32 <padri> ~Fuckfuckfuck!~ Bobby hauls ass back the other way, down the rust hall.
Sep 22 00:26:43 <gumbal1> This hall seems to go on forever. You're fairly certain that, all things considered, you should have passed through the giant cistern by now. Eventually, however, Bobby comes across an old-looking metal door.
Sep 22 00:28:10 <padri> Well, when the choices are open the door or get got by Longhorn, really there's only one way to go. Bobby tries to get the door open.
Sep 22 00:31:18 <gumbal1> The door opens, into what looks to be the rusted interior of a particularly large clock tower. Gears, big enough to crush the school, sit motionless above you, waiting for the day to turn again. Rope bridges seem to have been haphazardly constructed between cog, support beam, what have you, though many look to have been cut out.
Sep 22 00:31:54 <gumbal1> 'youre very lucky' Something whispers, from seemingly all around. 'that butchers hate butchers more than they could ever hate humans'
Sep 22 00:32:36 <padri> Bobby has no idea what that means, but they run away into the clock tower and as away from the door as they can get.
Sep 22 00:34:36 <gumbal1> From the beam they're currently on, they can run left and right, or further into if they take the rope bridge. 'how much do you think longhorn would hate it, to know a human got away by my hands'
Sep 22 00:34:47 <gumbal1> 'know this. so dearly do i want to crush you'
Sep 22 00:34:53 <gumbal1> 'you wouldn't die'
Sep 22 00:34:57 <gumbal1> 'couldn't die'
Sep 22 00:35:25 <gumbal1> 'but what's the fun in letting you live, when longhorn's pride is at stake'
Sep 22 00:35:48 <padri> Which way looks least crushable?
Sep 22 00:36:16 <gumbal1> The left seems to have less gears and gizmo on its side than the right.
Sep 22 00:36:22 <padri> That's the way Bobby runs, then.
Sep 22 00:36:45 <gumbal1> 'tell me. you want to be able to die, don't you. you're lucky you can die'
Sep 22 00:36:52 <gumbal1> 'butchers can't'
Sep 22 00:37:04 <gumbal1> 'nobody can, when they're stuck here'
Sep 22 00:37:31 <padri> "Fuck you. We don't want to be stuck here."
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Sep 22 00:38:45 <gumbal1> 'and im offering you a way out. if you do something for me''
Sep 22 00:39:48 <padri> Bobby stops. "What? What do you want done?"
Sep 22 00:40:39 <padri> They know better than to say 'anything.'
Sep 22 00:40:49 <gumbal1> 'longhorn is keeping ritcher captive. i have thought long and hard, and i have decided that i hate longhorn more'
Sep 22 00:41:15 <gumbal1> 'i want you to find a way to trick longhorn into freeing ritcher'
Sep 22 00:41:23 <padri> "I have to go back to that place? But that thing will get me! I can't do that!"
Sep 22 00:42:10 <padri> At the same time, Bobby uses their clairvoyance to see if they can find any sign of anyone who might be called Ritcher, altohugh they don't know how they'd recognize the dude if they saw him.
Sep 22 00:43:17 <gumbal1> Ritcher's in the tool room, hanging from the high ceiling by several hooks that could pretty easily be cut by something with enough strength.
Sep 22 00:44:06 <padri> Is Longhorn visible? "How'll I survive to get to this 'way out?'"
Sep 22 00:44:17 <gumbal1> 'i would help you, certainly. but i hate you so very, very much, you understand. so here.' One of the cogs, far into the clock tower, suddenly begins rattling, creating a dull rumbling that vribrates through the whole tower.
Sep 22 00:44:32 <gumbal1> Longhorn isn't in the tool room as of now.
Sep 22 00:45:19 <padri> "What's that for?!" Is Bobby in danger of getting squish?
Sep 22 00:46:04 <gumbal1> 'oh, ritcher hates you, too. but he hates longhorn far, far more.' The cog suddenly slams into the concrete, and some chunks fly out at Bobby's feet. 'please don't let longhorn catch you, the amusement i would gain from it would be so heavily outweighed at the suffering i'd recieve from her victory'
Sep 22 00:47:23 <padri> "Fuck you too…" Bobby grumbles, heading back to the entrance to the clock room to peek out and look for Longhorn. They also look using their clairvoyance, checking the stairs.
Sep 22 00:48:33 <gumbal1> Some of the chunks look like they'd make great climbing tools, at the very least. Or, decent climbinb tools. Longhorn, as of now, is currently flaying one of the bodies in frustration. Its eyeless, noseless head is screaming from the corner of the room.
Sep 22 00:49:33 <padri> The viscera room? Bobby takes the chunks with, since they look useful.
Sep 22 00:49:54 <gumbal1> The viscera room, yes.
Sep 22 00:50:24 <gumbal1> The run back down the hallway is much shorter this time around. The stairs are exactly as cobwebby, however.
Sep 22 00:50:44 <padri> Then maybe it's safe. Bobby hurries back down the hall and the steps, going to sneak into the tool room through the door. Roll for it?
Sep 22 00:51:12 <gumbal1> > yes
Sep 22 00:51:37 <padri> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Sep 22 00:51:38 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 6
Sep 22 00:52:10 <gumbal1> Suddenly, as Bobby enters the toolroom, Longhorn stops…
Sep 22 00:52:45 <gumbal1> …only to go over to the corner and kick the head right where its teeth would be if she hadn’t pulled them out long ago.
Sep 22 00:53:32 <padri> Bobby lets out a breath they didn't know they were holding. They need to climb up to get to the ropes suspending the hooks, or no?
Sep 22 00:55:15 <gumbal1> Looking up, the thing suspended by the ropes is…well, it's not exactly human. More a piece of dull polyester fabric, grimacing face staring at Bobby as they move around the room. And yes, they'd need to climb up.
Sep 22 00:56:17 <padri> They grab a big cutting tool first, then…. use the chunks to climb up the wall?
Sep 22 00:56:30 <gumbal1> "Well, look who's back. Tell me, what now? Do I scream, and force a loss on your little game? Or do I spite Longhorn, by letting you into the hands of some other Butcher? Decisions, decisions…"
Sep 22 00:56:58 <gumbal1> It doesn't even move its mouth to talk, as Bobby climbs up the wall.
Sep 22 00:57:26 <padri> "We're letting you down," Bobby whispers. "If you don't scream, you'll get away from Longhorn, too."
Sep 22 01:00:14 <gumbal1> "Do I look like I give a leech's ass about Longhorn? The suffering of every human in that room is but an atom of what composes the cosmic joke that has been my entire existence. I'll find amusement where I can."
Sep 22 01:01:28 <padri> "Good for you. What about your freedom, though?" they whisper. If they can just keep him talking, he won't be screaming. They keep climbing until they get high enough to reach the ropes.
Sep 22 01:02:53 <gumbal1> "Me? This isn't the first time I've been laid at the cruelty of Longhorn and it most certainly is not the worst. If anything, the thought that I have yet to attempt an escape must frustrate her to no end, and I am fine with that."
Sep 22 01:04:02 <gumbal1> "Maybe, when you release me, I'll scream, only to trap her and force her to watch as you run away. Maybe I'll let her flay you alive. I don't know. Either is amusing."
Sep 22 01:04:03 <padri> "Why would it frustrate her that you haven't tried to escape?" They reach out with the bladed thing they grabbed to start cutting the rope.
Sep 22 01:04:59 <gumbal1> "Because it tells her I'm not afraid of anything she does." The rope gives way surprisingly easy. "That one day, sure as pie, it will be me sawing off those disgusting pieces of junk she calls horns."
Sep 22 01:05:59 <padri> "Maybe today should be that day." Bobby lets Ritcher fall to the floor, then climbs down as quickly as still being alive will permit.
Sep 22 01:07:34 <gumbal1> "Or maybe," Ritcher stretches out into a shawl, and suddenly grabs Bobby's leg. "I should watch what she does to you and take note. LONGHORN!" The sound of flaying suddenly stops, to be replaced with footsteps.
Sep 22 01:09:19 <padri> Bobby runs like a mother. Get the fuck out of there, Bobby.
Sep 22 01:10:37 <gumbal1> Ritcher isn't quite stopping Bobby. Merely slowing them down to a crawl, as Longhorn enters the door and just sort of stares, before grabbing what looks like a rather creative knife from their tool stand…
Sep 22 01:11:20 <padri> ~don'twanttodietodayidon'twanttodietoday~
Sep 22 01:11:48 <gumbal1> …before Ritcher suddenly lets go and jumps over to smother Longhorn's (lack of a) face. "Let this be a lesson to you. You will never, ever have me. And you will never, ever have her."
Sep 22 01:13:30 <padri> Bobby doesn't stop to wonder who 'her' is. They just run the fuck out of there.
Sep 22 01:13:49 <gumbal1> The blank wall has been replaced by a door.
Sep 22 01:14:16 <padri> Bobby hurls themself through it.
Sep 22 01:15:04 <gumbal1> Bobby finds themselves, once flung through, taking a somewhat nice view of the Santum courtyard from the window they just leaped through…
Sep 22 01:15:15 <gumbal1> …before falling face first into an open dumpster.
Sep 22 01:16:17 <padri> Bobby doesn't even care. As long as they're alive.
Sep 22 01:16:31 * Uracilo has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Sep 22 01:16:58 <gumbal1> Well, it feels like home, anyways. Even if it's home's dumpster.
Sep 22 01:17:26 <gumbal1> There's a lot of post-it's scattered around the dump with the words 'FUCK YOU' written over and over, but it's better than nothing.
Sep 22 01:17:37 <gumbal1> And by nothing, the narrative means Longhorn.
Sep 22 01:18:20 <padri> Bobby climbs carefully out of the dumpster. Time to go take a shower and report to the nurse's area for that slash on their back.
Sep 22 01:18:56 <gumbal1> Indeed.
Sep 22 01:19:01 <gumbal1> ~ENDED~

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