Polyester and Tin

Aug 04 18:59:00 <gumbal1> -taken-
Aug 04 19:12:56 <Uracilo> Hari pays little attention to the crossing lights as she steps off the sidewalk. She only has eyes for her phone's screen and the humanoid speck of light she can see out the corner of her eye that tells her where Fei is. She kicks a can while walking next to a bus stop and the can starts following, rolling after her. The noise is a little distracting, and somewhat embarrassing. <Gimme a second> she texts, and crouches down to pick up the
Aug 04 19:12:56 <Uracilo> can. It fits in her sling bag just fine, after she's done making disgusted noises and picking crap off of it.
Aug 04 19:16:38 <Silvors> Fei was walking along, using her bugs to watch for a bus stop. Were there bus stops in this town? Fei has no idea. She looks around, her bugs looking with her as she goes to shoot a text in reply. <Okay.> was her simple response as she walked closer to Hari, giving a simple ~Hi.~ To remind the girl of their telepathy. She gave a smile and then looked at the sky, before moving to snag one of Hari's hands.
Aug 04 19:19:15 <gumbal1> There is, in fact, a bus stop in Haven. Thank fuck for public transportation. Granted, this one's a little odd, what with the weird graffiti on it and the advertisement for some obscure Canadian band no one cares about (their name's Around Home) and their new album, Polyester and Tin. Still, it's a bus stop and it probably leads into the city. Better than walking!
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Aug 04 19:28:16 <Silvors> Fei looked at it and then at Hari, sighing and giving the girl a kiss. ~Are we waiting here?~ Fei asked, looking for any sort of approaching bus through the bugs inside of various stores. It didn't look very fancy and Fei frowned, going to look and see if times were listed anywhere. It was still winter, or at least still cold, and Fei didn't really enjoy the cool climate.
Aug 04 19:29:31 <Uracilo> Hari steps next to the bus stop, patting her bag with her free hand, and squeezes Fei's hand with the other. It's a cold day outside, and that means she's still wearing thicker clothing than she'd like. ~Hi,~ she sends back at Fei. ~I think this is the one.~ She remembers the telepathy, but she really, really doesn't want to accidentally stare at a car too long and make transformers real. Her phone is the best distraction she has
Aug 04 19:29:31 <Uracilo> available. <Do you think we'll have to wait long?>
Aug 04 19:29:44 <gumbal1> It's…five minutes to the next bus, from the looks of it…or ten. An hour? The schedule's pretty smudged with grime.
Aug 04 19:31:51 <Silvors> Fei frowns and puts her hand down, going over to sit next to Hari and kiss her cheek. <I hope not. The schedule is pretty messed up though.> Fei spoke, squeezing Hari's hand in response and going to kiss her cheek. <We're probably going to be waiting for at least five minutes though. Maybe an hour or two at most.>
Aug 04 19:33:54 <gumbal1> The bus, is, thankfully, once it comes (around seventeen minuts later), normal looking in comparison to the weird stop. The doors open to an interior one would generally expect from a Canadian public bus.
Aug 04 19:35:57 <Uracilo> Hari sighs, hoping it's just five minutes. She doesn't like this side of town. Fei's public shows of affection drag a smile out of her, and she turns to return the favor, making sure to keep her eyes in check, and going back to her phone as quickly as possible. <Let's hope for the first one> ~Do they not clean this place? Sheesh.~ Using both methods of communication at the same time felt strange, but it came easy.
Aug 04 19:36:58 <Silvors> The bus was here and Fei smiled, sighing and going to sit up and hop on the bus, bringing Hari up onto it with her and looking to make sure the bus wasn't packed. If it wasn't, then Fei was sitting in the back, like a cool kid.
Aug 04 19:39:08 <Uracilo> Agh! Bus! Hari climbs on, trying to sit as close to Fei as possible. ~So glad,~ she thinks. It's hard to move around without looking, but she's got a good bit of practice.
Aug 04 19:40:56 <gumbal1> …at least the interior from outside was nice. Going inside, there's a sudden assault of the strong scent of ruse, before the two see what's causing it. Starting at the approximate blind spot looking in from the door would create, a thick layer of rust permates the interior of the bus, where it isn't covered by yet more graffiti. Somehow this seems to spread to the leather seats. Where the emergency back exit of the bus should be
Aug 04 19:40:56 <gumbal1> is a simple wooden door, much like one would expect from the alleyway of a shitty apartment, spraypainted with a 'PaT'. Nobody's present, and looking back at the driver, they just appear to be a tin figure of a human.
Aug 04 19:44:49 <Silvors> Fei blinks a few times then look at Hari then the tinman. They weren't in kansas anymore, where they? She did a quick check to see if there were any bugs on the bus or on the other side of this wooden door and made sure she had a few on herself. One black widow, some ants, a wasp, and a bunch of flies. Fuck. She didn't bring her gun either. ~This doesn't look good.~ Fei turns to look at the door they came in, fully
Aug 04 19:44:49 <Silvors> intending on getting off this wild ride.
Aug 04 19:46:54 <gumbal1> It's open, definitely. But there's quite a few spiders on the other side of the wood door. Some of which probably shouldn't be living in a Canadian bus.
Aug 04 19:47:28 <Silvors> Well that makes Fei's job simple! She looks through the spiders eyes to see whats on the other side of the door.
Aug 04 19:49:29 <Uracilo> Hari doesn't even notice any of this initially, beyond making a face at the smell. Just another example of the lack of public hygiene Haven seems fond of this day. When she receives Fei's thought she looks up from her phone, and starts wondering when exactly they stepped behind a street diner. ~What's going on? Fei?~ It's unnerving, for sure, but also interesting. She's a little conflicted. You don't run into this kind of thing all that
Aug 04 19:49:29 <Uracilo> often. ~Do you want to check it out? If you don't, we can leave.~ She can't quite stop herself from making doe eyes, though.
Aug 04 19:49:47 <gumbal1> It's…pretty dark. A hallway, more of the same graffiti wise but at least there's less rust. That might have to do with the concrete, though.
Aug 04 19:52:42 <Silvors> ~Don't know. There's a hallway on the other side of that door.~ And it raises the question of if they go, can they get back. ~Concrete, some rust, more graffiti. Dark.~ Fei says, sending the image of the hallway to Hari. ~Your choice. Dark spooky hallway that could be dangerous or safe, clean town?~
Aug 04 19:52:58 <Silvors> Well, safe and clean weren't perfect words to describe any town, but the point is made.
Aug 04 19:55:56 <Uracilo> ~You make a really good argument,~ she mentally mutters, sighing. It sucks that it's such an obvious trap. She kind of wonders if stepping off the bus will even work. ~Maybe we should try leaving. Let's see what happens.~ She wouldn't be surprised if the bus's door slid closed in front of them. Or worse: the spooky door could follow them elsewhere. She does stop to look at the tin man, running her fingers on its surface.
Aug 04 19:57:17 <gumbal1> There's a very faint sound of metal dragging against metal as Hari strokes the tin man. The bus door remains open.
Aug 04 20:00:17 <Silvors> Fei goes to walk towards the door, getting the spiders on the other side to make sure there's no sort of obvious trap on it and then looks at Hari. ~I'm curious about…~ Why did it sound like metal on metal? Fei looks at Hari with a squint. ~If we know its a trap, we have better odds.~
Aug 04 20:01:31 <gumbal1> …why isn't the tin man facing forward anymore? Why would their figure being looking towards the sidewalk ahead? And, as far as Fei can see, the coast is clear on the other side.
Aug 04 20:01:47 <gumbal1> …and then the bus doors close, like any bus that's been waiting as long as this one has.
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Aug 04 20:04:29 <Uracilo> ~Yeah, but it's still a trap. Not super stoked to find out how exactly, but it'll definitely be bad.~ She cringes and pulls back when the tinman changes positions. And then curses when the door closes. ~"Fuck!"~ A chorus. She knows beating on the door isn't going to stop the bus, but she searches the driver's seat for a switch or a lever, or anything she can work with.
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Aug 04 20:06:05 <gumbal1> It's your standard bus. Some of the levers and buttons don't make sense for how humans tend to reach for things, but it's all there.
Aug 04 20:06:34 <Silvors> Fei looks at the closed door and swears, going to punch any glass and then sigh. ~Well.~ Fei says, getting her lone spider to crawl onto her neck and look behind her, eyes on the back of her head are good, right? Fei looks at Hari and then at the door. ~I don't have any guns or anything… but it looks like there's nothing on the other side.~ Fei says, glancing back and then going walk towards the wooden door.
Aug 04 20:07:59 <Uracilo> Pull, press, push. Hari tries everything to try and engage the brakes and open the door. She feels the link slide away when Fei moves too far away, and that gets her to stop if she doesn't get any results.
Aug 04 20:08:53 <gumbal1> Punching the glass actually works…about as well as a 5'4" trickery-based mob diva punching a buss window can work. Meanwhile, Hari's attempts do…something. If 'turning the radio to an obnoxiously loud country song' can be called something.
Aug 04 20:10:20 <Silvors> Fei is glad she's deaf if country music is blaring. She looks at Hari then the door, looking at her phone and, if they still have service, texting a <that didn't work. I do guns and bug stuff, not breaking things. might as well explore, right?>
Aug 04 20:13:12 <Uracilo> The loud music makes Hari cringe, but she's quick to step closer to Fei and explain to the deaf girl. She nods, after a second of thinking about it. ~Let's just get away from the tinman…~ She really, really hopes she had no hand in its creepy behavior. Little living soda cans are cute, big tin men are scary.
Aug 04 20:15:39 <gumbal1> «POLYESTER WOMAN, POLYESTER MAN,» What fucking song is this what are these lyrics.
Aug 04 20:18:01 <Silvors> Fei nods her head and looks at the door. ~Really wish I had a gun. Or at least a knife.~ Or a shiv. ~Wish I had my spidersilk outfit.~ Fei adds in. She felt even less prepared for a fight. Fei walked to the door and tried to open it, a slow press rather than slinging it.
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Aug 04 20:19:47 <gumbal1> It opens without a hitch, and thankfully enough, there's no radios to blast obnoxious and frankly confusing music about polyester people and tin cans. Lots of spiders, though, as expected for a building this size. Not many other insects, oddly enough.
Aug 04 20:20:09 <gumbal1> The hallway is as Fei described, dark, concrete, graffiti'd, and going on for quite a while.
Aug 04 20:23:23 <Uracilo> Hari slips her hand into her bag and starts poking and prodding at the soda can until it unfolds and folds back into a sort of aluminum knife. She slips it into Fei's hand, stepping forward to look at the graffiti. Any signatures of people she can blame for this horrible experience?
Aug 04 20:23:54 <Silvors> Fei kept her eyes through the spiders, looking for any movement that wasn't her and Hari. ~Keep up with me, stay within range. I'll keep a look out.~ Fei says before she feels the aluminum shiv in her hand and takes it. Well, she definitely felt better now.
Aug 04 20:26:20 <gumbal1> There's a lot of errant signatures. Izzy's, Sally's, Lucy's, Damien's, the works. Mostly just repeats of 'POLYESTER AND TIN' and 'AROUND HOME', though.
Aug 04 20:28:48 <gumbal1> Fei, there's just a lot of spiders here, nothing mor-hold up. Deeper in, there's…something. But whatever it is lacks night vision, and is currently just stumbling around in an uneven darkness, silently.
Aug 04 20:31:25 <Silvors> Fei has any spiders crawl onto or follow her once they get near them and at the sight of the stumbling thing she freezes. ~There's something moving around deeper in. It's quiet.~ Fei tries to steer a spider near it closer, but if only one spider can see it, then she'll guide one to it from farther away.
Aug 04 20:32:51 <Uracilo> Hari walks forward when Fei does, trying to keep as close as possible and stumbling into her a couple times. Her clothes were polyester. Was she about to die die to some shitty horror movie specter? She sets up a flashlight app on her phone, trying to shine it down the end of the hallway. ~Can I have a few spiders? I don't want you to lose track.~ Hari couldn't lose track of Fei, normally. The bug master shines to her senses, through walls
Aug 04 20:32:52 <Uracilo> even.
Aug 04 20:33:15 <gumbal1> One errant spider does move closer…and is immediately speared by something of the stumbling creature, and promptly…consumed? The hallway, meanwhile, goes on for quite a long time. Once they're out of earshot of the terrible country music, they begin to notice a low, somewhat distorted rumbling.
Aug 04 20:33:39 <gumbal1> Less a feeling sort of rumble, more a distant sound sort of rumble.
Aug 04 20:36:04 <Silvors> Fei nods, letting the next few spiders crawl on Hari. ~There. It killed the spider I sent to inspect it. Definitely not a nice thing. Ate it too, or absorbed it. I cut off before I could tell.~ Fei preferred not to feel the pain of dying. ~Definitely a bad thing though.~
Aug 04 20:37:38 <Uracilo> That sounds scary as hell. Hari starts clinging to Fei, hoping whatever it is is far away enough she won't have to see it. ~Should I turn off my flashlight?~ She doesn't want to shine it onto something that wants to eat her.
Aug 04 20:37:59 <gumbal1> How long does this hallway go for? It seems not even the aspiring graffiti artists could stomach the weirdness, as much of the tags drop away, to leave 'POLYESTER AND TIN' and 'AROUND HOME' to reign supreme.
Aug 04 20:38:29 <gumbal1> Eventually the tunnel widens, however, and a faint dripping sound makes itself heard.
Aug 04 20:40:13 <Silvors> Fei looks as it wides and shakes her head. ~Don't think so. It can't see in the dark, if we get too close to it, we'll turn it off.~ Fei says as she looks at the words on the wall. ~Polyster and tin. We met that tin man earlier.~ Fei points out. A polyester person does not sound enjoyable.
Aug 04 20:41:37 <Uracilo> Hari winces again. A dripping tap? Or saliva falling from a gargatuan mouth? ~Polyester man and woman were lyrics in the song the radio played when I messed up,~ she contributes.
Aug 04 20:44:24 <gumbal1> Around the time the tunnel floor begins to give way to a water level about ankle high, a disgusting smell, comparable to a cross between rust, spoiled milk, and a cut durian fills the air. It appears that tunnel has completely given way to a sewer-like passage. Currently they're wading through a recess between two concrete pathways. The spider population seems to sharply drop here, to give way to leeches in the water.
Aug 04 20:47:00 <Silvors> Fei can control leeches! In fact, she has a few get close and puts them in her jacket! She's never had leeches before, but she would want to experiment with them later. ~Don't worry about the leeches.~ Fei would keep them from doing any harm. ~Worry about this water though. Ugh. Hope you've had your shots.~
Aug 04 20:48:16 <Uracilo> Argh! Disgusting! She couldn't stand these kinds of smells, and the fluid on the floor just makes it ten times worse. ~I want out, out, out!~ She'd rather get all scraped up from stepping off a moving bus than have to wade through this stuff. What if it stuck to her shoes!?
Aug 04 20:49:56 <gumbal1> They're adorable, really. Swimming in…well it definitely doesn't look or smell like water but that's the closest thing to whatever this liquid might be that the two can think of. Something whizzes past on the pathway in the meantime.
Aug 04 20:50:02 <gumbal1> Isn't this the perfect date location?
Aug 04 20:50:50 <Silvors> Fei looks at the girl. ~You want to ride on my back?~ Fei was offering a piggy back ride through this! ~You'll owe me though.~ Fei adds in. She could piggy back ride Hari, right? Fei /was/ in a gang and Hari couldn't be too heavy. ~Did you see that.~ Fei asked, ordering the leeches to latch onto any living thing that's not Hari, Fei, or another leech.
Aug 04 20:52:40 <Uracilo> ~See what?~ Hari's already reaching for Fei's back, rather gingerly. She's not sure Fei can handle her weight. Winter clothes make everything more difficult. She's scared now, though, and doesn't want to slow Fei down. ~Did something happen?~
Aug 04 20:53:45 <gumbal1> A few of them try, but there's not much in the water beyond leeches. There's a few fish that probably should have choked by now, an errant rat that has choked by now, and…something with a vaguely wooden exterior, somewhat hard to latch onto. The leech tasked with sucking that thing is quickly lanced for its efforts.
Aug 04 20:54:25 <gumbal1> Eventually, they come to a crossroads. Forward, left, or right. There's a faint sound of rushing water to the right, and Fei can sense the leech that was just speared was to the left.
Aug 04 20:56:14 <Silvors> Fei's head goes to look towards the wooden thing. ~Left has a wooden thing. Killed a leech. I assume it's like the one that killed my spider earlier.~ Fei said, stoppingand going to help Hari onto Fei's back. She had to shift her footing and she'd be walking slower, but Hari would be happier. And that's worth it, right? ~Keep and eye out. If you see something hop down.~ Fei spoke, pinching her own nose with her
Aug 04 20:56:15 <Silvors> knife-hand. ~Left has a wood monster, probably.~
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Aug 04 20:58:28 <gumbal1> It's pretty dark here, even with a flashlight. Looks like she'll have to go down the left-hand path if she wants to get a good look at it.
Aug 04 20:59:01 <Uracilo> This is absolutely horrible! Hari takes this little reprieve to squeeze Fei and kiss the back of the girl's head, you know, just in case she dies horribly herself. ~Can you see an exit? Look for an exit!~
Aug 04 20:59:47 <Silvors> Fei has nine miles of control to reach out and try to get any bugs within that range to find some sort of exit or light.
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Aug 04 21:02:36 <gumbal1> There's quite a few exits, actually. One that resembles a plastic blue door to a Port-O-John, a dim-lightbulb lighting it and what looks to be a twitch looking humanoid lying next to it. A small hatch to somewhere, resembling a submarine's with a rebar statue of a bipedal pig lying next to it. A hotel door, currently blocked off by numerous bits of furniture.
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Aug 04 21:12:56 <Silvors> Fei sighed. ~There's an exit. One is near a rat-dude and I think its a port-o-potty. One is a sumbarine hatch with a pig statue nearby, and there's a hotel door with furniture.~
Aug 04 21:14:48 <gumbal1> That's just a few of them. This place is litered with doors, though those are the closest.
Aug 04 21:15:34 <Uracilo> All of those sound terrible keeping the fact this is an obvious trap in mind. ~Which one should we go for?~ She thinks a little bit, while Fei does all the hard work. ~The hotel one sounds best, but I bet it's a trap.
Aug 04 21:15:38 <Uracilo> ~*
Aug 04 21:17:27 <Silvors> ~They're all traps. There's more but they're far away. This place is big.~ Fei says before nodding her head. ~I could move some bugs around? Keep an eye out behind us.~ Fei said as she goes to move any bugs within a few feet of the furniture/hotel exit to approach it.
Aug 04 21:19:53 <gumbal1> Given the approximate distance from the hotel door bugs and Fei, it should be…to the right of them, over to the rushing water. The bugs dont seem to sense all that much around it, thankfully enough.
Aug 04 21:20:38 <Silvors> Fei thinks for a moment. ~It's not a trap my bugs can set off.~ Fei says, before putting some bugs on the pig statue as well, testing.
Aug 04 21:21:55 <gumbal1> The pig statue is far too warm to be a regular statue.
Aug 04 21:22:08 <Uracilo> Hari nods. ~Let's go there, then.~
Aug 04 21:24:00 <Silvors> ~Yeah, the pig statue is warm… plus I don't think a submarine hatch is where we want to be.~ Fei agrees as they turn… right!
Aug 04 21:29:27 <gumbal1> To the right is a relatively short path, compared to where they came in. It eventually drops off sharply, into a giant…tower is one word for it. Cylindrical pit is another. Either way, it's about a four hundred foot drop if you were to just jump. Thankfully, it's lit by a light from a crack in the ceiling. Unthankfully, from the looks of it, the notwaterwater drops off into a ramp circling the the pit, all the way to the bottom.
Aug 04 21:29:27 <gumbal1> It looks like they'll have to slide their way down, into a pool of notwater, from which a giant, blackened statue of a humanoid goat emerges, coming up about halfway up the pit. Looks like it's notwater slide time.
Aug 04 21:32:45 <Silvors> ~Okay, in my defense, there wasn't a giant black goat in the diagram.~ Fei says, rather simply. Is it possible to not go down or is it to late?
Aug 04 21:34:15 <gumbal1> Oh, it's possible.
Aug 04 21:35:09 <Silvors> ~Do we go with the giant black goat? You could look at the furniture, make it move, and I could book it?~
Aug 04 21:40:14 <Uracilo> ~This building makes no sense! Why is there a slide!?~ She definitely does that, if any furniture is around, but in case the hotel door is actually at the bottom of this pit that's not really going to work. ~I hate this! Are we even sure it's the way out?~
Aug 04 21:41:34 <Silvors> Fei shrugs. She orders any bugs down in the pit to try flying through the cracks to go through the door. ~I don't know.~
Aug 04 21:41:39 <Silvors> ~Checking.~
Aug 04 21:43:59 <gumbal1> What the fuck. This place is too big. There's like seven doors at the bottom of the pit, five of which lead to what look to be storage rooms. Deeper still, in the pool itself, are three doors, one of which is rusted shut.
Aug 04 21:45:19 <Silvors> Fei uses any bugs to try and decipher which door leads to the hotel room door.
Aug 04 21:46:50 <gumbal1> Given the general location of the door in relation to the position of the doors that actually go somewhere, Fei thinks she might have a good guess. Though, she can't quite be sure. Labrynths are weird and long.
Aug 04 21:48:10 <Uracilo> ~Can we even get back, now? Is this place just changing while we walk? I'm scared.~ She didn't believe this was her fault at all, but living buildings were always a big fear. She always had to keep herself from looking back at towns she was leaving, just in case a house tried to follow. ~I'll go down the slide if you think it's best…~ she was trying to keep her trembling in check, but she's pressed against Fei's back, so that's a no-go.
Aug 04 21:50:05 <Silvors> Fei shut her eyes. Decision time. ~I have a plan, a stupid plan.~ Fei spoke with a gulp as she got ready to go for a slide and descend into THE PIT!
Aug 04 21:52:02 <gumbal1> It's like a water slide, really. Except faster, and slimier, with less safety precautions, and-
Aug 04 21:52:12 <gumbal1> The light goes out.
Aug 04 21:56:24 <Uracilo> It's a miracle that Hari doesn't scream on the way down, mostly perpetrated by her frock dress, as it bunches up and covers her mouth. Her clothes become a wet, dirty mess by the second.
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Aug 04 21:58:45 <Silvors> Fuck. Fei has all of her bugs scatter into the air around them, like some sort of dome so that she can feel instead of see. She also goes ahead and looks through any bugs with night vision. Do bugs have nightvision? Who knows. Fei just goes to put her hands on Hari's and takes a deep breath.
Aug 04 22:00:36 <gumbal1> And eventually they're quickly and unceremoniously dumped into the notwater pool. This thing is…pretty fucking deep, with enough leeches to feed an extended Mormon family Thanksgiving. The light seems to return, and the statue from before is gone, replaced with a crude, concrete and rebar structutre that looks vaguely like a golem. A vertical 666 has been carbed in its chest, although someone's drawn a 9 next to each 6 in sprayp
Aug 04 22:00:36 <gumbal1> aint, though someone else, using a marker, has circled the sixes together. Arabic letters seem to have been scrawled on the creature's forehead.
Aug 04 22:03:28 <Uracilo> Hari would whine and cry about it, but she's too busy trying to geto ut of the stinky pool of garbage and possibly monster feces. She wants a shower, and a change of clothes, and to never leave her room ever again. Public transportation is a door to hell.
Aug 04 22:04:12 <Silvors> Fei was glad she was good at multitasking, because seeing all that and remembering to hold her breath was a task. She went to have her leeches futiley try to open the doors that they could, using them all to press… there had to be enough force there to manage something, right? With all these annelids? Fei cursed then swore again. Her plan was spoiled, maybe. She swam up, making sure to keep a hold on Hari as all the
Aug 04 22:04:13 <Silvors> spiders she had on the pair of them started to drown. Fuck. FUCK.
Aug 04 22:09:56 <gumbal1> These are pull doors, unfortunately enough. Meanwhile, there is a bit of dry space near the doors…that are probably only really good if you're shimmying your way across the walls. Still, it's dry spots and it's doors. Better than being stuck with weirdo golem.
Aug 04 22:10:45 <gumbal1> …it wasn't always facing Hari, was it?
Aug 04 22:13:43 <Silvors> Fei looks at the thing and looks at the nearest door… it's never the nearest door, but this thing was big enough that she knew it wouldn't fit. So Fei moved, shimmying to check those ones out and open them!
Aug 04 22:15:21 <Uracilo> Hari swims right behidn Fei, eye tightly closed. She's be muttering under her breath, but she's never, ever opening her mouth while swimming in this filth. The moment she's sure they're still linked she starts pleading with Fei to get her somewhere dry, forgetting for a moment that Fei's in the same situation, and sounding very desperate.
Aug 04 22:15:45 <gumbal1> Storage of boxes. A lot of metal crates for some reason. Some of them are spraypainted with 'PaT'. One of them is hurriedly spraypainted with 'DO NOT OPEN'. That one in particular is rather heavily rusted.
Aug 04 22:17:06 <Silvors> Fei winces at the pleading, Fei is the one that convinced them to come in here rather than continuing to ride the bus. Fuck. She looks at Hari as she checks herself, or in here, for any more bugs and sends them to peek inside the various boxes if they can.
Aug 04 22:17:34 <Silvors> ~I'll get you out. It'll be okay. We'll stay dry.~ Fei assures as she searches the boxes without opening them, abusing any little holes or gaps they have.
Aug 04 22:20:35 <gumbal1> Most of them are airtight. 'DO NOT OPEN' isn't, though the first thing to crawl through is immediately incinerated by…something. Some of the 'PaT' are just filled with fabrics and bits of scrap metal. Others are just junk.'
Aug 04 22:28:42 <Uracilo> Hari climbs out of the water after Fei. She doesn't care if one of the boxes is looking to eat her alive, as long as she can be dry while it does. She lies down on the floor and breathes hard, spitting if any of the filthy not-water touches even close to her mouth.
Aug 04 22:30:16 <Silvors> Fei goes to have her bugs and leeches check the other rooms while she moves, going to wrap her arms around Hari. Fei was freaking the fuck out too, but she had been in enough shootouts and drug dens to stay calm under pressure… plus her power had altered her mind about a lot of things and she's lived her life around bugs. ~It's okay.~
Aug 04 22:32:33 <gumbal1> More box storage. Storage of giant metal crates. Long-forgotten, mold-filled lardary. Dark concrete hallway. Room full of up-turned filing cabinets, spilling out yellow papers of garbled texts. A…surprisingly clean, marble hallyway, walls lined with fancy mirrors and velvet curtains.
Aug 04 22:35:44 <Uracilo> Hari takes a couple shuddering breaths, letting Fei calm her down. She doesn't even want to cry, now. She'd rather scream, and try to break things. She considers slipping out of her clothes to let them dry for a second, but this whole place is so terrible, and at least one thing already turned to look at her. She stares at one of the boxes instead, to try and get something useful to come to life and help.
Aug 04 22:36:57 <gumbal1> Hopefully she didnt stare at the DO NOT OPEN box. Otherwise, the box just begins rattling.
Aug 04 22:40:06 <Silvors> That one. Hari would need the cleanliness. Fei puts bugs on either side of the door to remember where it is as she pats Hari's back. Fei looks at the box then at Hari, getting a grin on her face. ~Hari. I have a plan but its stupid and dangerous.~ What was the condition of the door going to the clean hall and was it one of the underwater or above water ones?
Aug 04 22:40:20 <Uracilo> She at least glances at it, and flinches when that happens. She's jumpy, easily startled.
Aug 04 22:40:55 <Uracilo> Hari nod is weak, now, when Fei promises another plan.
Aug 04 22:40:58 <gumbal1> Above water. The notwater would've ruined the velvet otherwise.
Aug 04 22:41:46 <Silvors> ~There's a clean hallway. It looks really fancy. Let's go there.~ Fei also wanted to use the box to kill the giant, but she'd settle with not risking that.
Aug 04 22:43:34 <Uracilo> ~Clean Clean?~ She wants confirmation… no, she needs it. She drips all over the floor as she crawls onto her feet.
Aug 04 22:44:17 <Silvors> Fei sends the image of the marble hall to Hari.
Aug 04 22:44:57 <gumbal1> Was the golem always facing towards the door they just went through?
Aug 04 22:45:08 <Uracilo> That gets a whimper from her. She wants to be there almost as much as she wants to be back home, and that makes her feel queasy. She's really desperate.
Aug 04 22:46:35 <Silvors> Fei grabs the girls hand and gulps. ~Come on.~ She says before going to run to that door, trying to avoid the sludgey not-water as much as she could.
Aug 04 22:47:39 <gumbal1> You know, maybe you've just been too used to the weird rumbly sound, because, once you enter the fancy hallway, the resulting silence from the sound stopping is…pleasant, if a bit eerie. The air at least is a lot less damp.
Aug 04 22:48:08 <gumbal1> The hallway looks just as long as the other ones, however, if not longer. Even if it all seems to be illuminated by an unknown force.
Aug 04 22:50:53 <gumbal1> From here, the end seems as if a pinpoint, lost in the mirrored halls.
Aug 04 23:01:08 <Uracilo> Hari follows Fei as they shimmy across. She sneaks a glance at the golem and notices its new target and she gulps. This isn't a good place to be. She wants out.
Aug 04 23:02:08 <Silvors> Fei waits until Hari is in and closes the door behind them, taking a deep breath and then looking at Hari. "See? Clean… Let's… Let's start walking?" Fei wanted out of her clothes and to bathe in some kind of alcohol to make sure it was all disinfected. She was grossed out but more concerned for her own safety now. This couldn't be healthy. "Let's go."
Aug 04 23:03:36 <gumbal1> It's a pretty long walk, and hall of mirrors are allways pretty weird. Still, given the entire day, it's been relaxing. Eventually, the two come to what looks to be an apartment door, rather well maintained given everything that lives in this weird sewer.
Aug 04 23:05:43 <Silvors> Fei looks and reaches out for any bugs to have one peek beneath the door.
Aug 04 23:06:02 <gumbal1> No bugs behind here. Must be pretty clean.
Aug 04 23:07:32 * Bebe has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
Aug 04 23:08:00 <Uracilo> Hari's too eager to get away from the sewer-like maze to figure out why this is so eerie, or even notice that it is in the first place. She reaches for the door handle, looking to Fei for confirmation before opening the door and walking in.
Aug 04 23:10:12 <Silvors> Fei gulps and make sure she has some bugs on her before the door opens and she follows Hari through it.
Aug 04 23:10:14 <gumbal1> And it opens into…a rathe fancy bathroom, from the looks of it. One a rich person might have in their home, with a tub recessed into the floor, a long counter with a single continuous mirror, a crystal glass shower, a few closets, and its own mini compartment for the toilet. Everything, in contrast to the rest of the gutter, is spotless, free of weird insects and whatnot.
Aug 04 23:10:37 * Bebe (moc.rr.ser.cyn.135-804-05-75-sqm|nocalg#moc.rr.ser.cyn.135-804-05-75-sqm|nocalg) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 04 23:10:41 <gumbal1>
Aug 04 23:12:44 <Uracilo> It's a godsend to Hari. She rushes inside and opens every faucet, laughing. She eventually settles for standing under the running shower, clothes and all, to try and wash away some of the filth.
Aug 04 23:13:02 * Charlotte_ has quit ()
Aug 04 23:13:42 <Silvors> Fei looks for any doors out and raises a hand before letting it drop down. This was suspicious as fuck. She closed the door behind them and locked it before continuing her search for paths connected to this one.
Aug 04 23:13:44 <Uracilo> ~Thank you-thank you-thank you.~ Her every thought to Fei is of gratitude. She's not feeling very much like herself right now.
Aug 04 23:15:51 <gumbal1> This…surprisingly works. There's actual hot water, not just notwater but actual water. Meanwhile, there is one door, but…currently it's locked.
Aug 04 23:15:59 <gumbal1> Odd. Usually bathrooms lock from the inside.
Aug 04 23:17:06 <Silvors> Fei goes to look through the keyhole and then tries to send her ants into it.
Aug 04 23:17:53 <gumbal1> The keyhole's blocked by concrete, indented slightly as if carved with something. Perhaps carved with letters of some sort?…vaguelly Arabic seeming letters.
Aug 04 23:18:06 <gumbal1>
Aug 04 23:19:27 <Uracilo> Hari just keeps playing in the water, scrubbing at her clothes. It's a good thing they're alive and capable to squeezing themselves mostly-dry. Once she feels cleaner she washes her face and lets the living colors drain from her hair so she can get at it better, then lets them climb back. It takes her about five minutes in all.
Aug 04 23:20:50 <Silvors> Fei frowns and looks at Hari then at the door before going to look at Hari. ~Is the water safe?~
Aug 04 23:22:27 <gumbal1> Looking into the mirror, you're completely-
Aug 04 23:22:31 <gumbal1> BZZZZZZZZZZZZT
Aug 04 23:23:14 <gumbal1> The bathroom you enter is somewhat grimy, with a few cockroaches, but nothing worse than a normal student's bathroom…wait, what?
Aug 04 23:24:15 <gumbal1>
Aug 04 23:27:06 <Uracilo> Hari gasps and jumps out of the freezing shower with a high-pitched noise. She starts shivering in her damp clothes, trying to rub some warmth back into herself. ~What just happened? Where are we?~
Aug 04 23:32:17 <Silvors> Fei blinks a few times and goes to look around. "F-Fuck if I know. Where are we?" Fei asks, looking over at Hari and then going to look through any bugs within a few hundred feet.
Aug 04 23:33:20 <gumbal1> Your bugs are where you left them, really. There's just a few more of them, some of them crawling on the mirror, some of the-
Aug 04 23:33:25 <gumbal1> BZZZZZZZZZZZZT
Aug 04 23:34:50 <gumbal1> Both of you stumble into the grimy, sludge-caked bathroom. Leeches write in the notwater-filled bathtub as a dark figure hangs from the showerhead. The grime on the glass makes it rather hard to see anything.
Aug 04 23:36:07 <gumbal1>
Aug 04 23:36:38 <gumbal1> *writhe
Aug 04 23:38:53 <Uracilo> Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. ~I want out! I don't want to be here! Let me leave! Let me leave!~ Hari's panicking, and she tries to slam the door open only to find Fei locked it, which sends her into shakes and whimpering. She looks at the door, and knob. She wants it to help her get out.
Aug 04 23:41:05 <Silvors> Fei brings her bugs to her and looks at the grimey figure. What the fuck was going on!? Fei grips the knife in her hand and looks at the grimey, dark figure. ~I'll keep you safe.~ Fei had grown up on the hard streets of… Alright, she didn't grow up on hard streets, but she did spend quite a bit of her life on some. She wouldn't let this thing hurt Hari.
Aug 04 23:43:33 <gumbal1> It's…not even really a thing. It's just a giant slab of black, tarry meat, hanging by a meathook where the showerhead should be. What even is this place?
Aug 04 23:44:04 <gumbal1>
Aug 04 23:47:03 <Uracilo> That the doorknob doesn't come to life to help her out is a blow to Hari. She can't trust things to go her way anymore. The only thing she could always be sure of otherwise. ~Let me out, Fei! Let me out, please…~ She feels tiny and imprisoned.
Aug 04 23:47:32 * Bebe has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Aug 04 23:49:11 <Uracilo> She's likely saying other things, or maybe even the exact same things, but Fei can barely hear her. Hari can barely hear herself.
Aug 04 23:49:38 <gumbal1> Let you out? Let you out? Why should it do that? Look at yourself. Turn to the mirror and look at yourself. You're patheti-
Aug 04 23:49:41 <gumbal1> BZZZZZZZZZZZZT
Aug 04 23:49:43 <Silvors> Fei moves back and wraps an arm around Hari. ~I don't know how. I don't know how to let you out but I'll keep you safe.~ Fei says, hugging the girl tighter with her one arm. ~Find a way to unlock it. I'm here. I'll protect you.~ Fei assures.
Aug 04 23:51:11 <gumbal1> Fei and Hari are thrown into the fleshy, viscera-caked bathroom. Something's wriggling in the tub. The shower is filled with a red paste. All the taps are on, and they're hissing as a thick brown paste emerges.
Aug 04 23:53:52 <gumbal1>
Aug 04 23:55:11 <Uracilo> The door. The door. Hari lets out a scream when she sees the blood and the guts and everything, but she's still searching her bag. Her hands wrap around her scarf and she traces its contour with shaky hands until she pulls out the two lockpicking tools whieging down both ends. Her hands hurt from how tightly she holds them, trying to get them into the lock of the door they came in through, but they shake too much for her to do it herself,
Aug 04 23:55:11 <Uracilo> and the lockpicks have to do most of the work despite her.
Aug 04 23:56:49 <gumbal1> An eye stares at you from the keyhole. But I bet you could still maybe lockpick your way out of this one, right?
Aug 04 23:56:55 <gumbal1> You wanna?
Aug 04 23:57:01 <gumbal1> I bet you do.
Aug 04 23:57:17 <gumbal1> I bet you'd give anything to get out of here.
Aug 04 23:58:08 <Silvors> Fei's eyes go wide and she feels her stomach convulse, going to shut her eyes and turn to grab Hari in a tight hug. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. Fei could handle the grime, she could handle the thing in the bathtub. This? This? She couldn't handle gore, not gore like this. She turned and hugged Hari tight, feeling her stomach start convulsing. She did her best to keep her thoughts in line. Fuckfuckfuckfuck.
Aug 05 00:01:52 <gumbal1> Go on.
Aug 05 00:02:06 <gumbal1> What would you give to get out of here?
Aug 05 00:02:21 <gumbal1> What would you give not to make this worse than it already is?
Aug 05 00:03:03 <Uracilo> Hari flinches and one of the lockpicks falls out of her hand. An eye? An eye! She punches the door. She punches the 'door'! It spins her the fuck around once again, mentally, from desperation to rage, but Hari's used to that. She turns around, letting the other lockpick fall. She isn't going to be baited into doing something she'd hate herself for. She hugs Fei, instead, closing her eyes and using her hand to trace the door behind her, out
Aug 05 00:03:03 <Uracilo> of sight. She shushes Fei with her voice first, but switches to using her mind when she remembers Fei can't hear her. ~It's fake-It's fake-It's fake-It'sfakefakefake.~ Her hand tries to unlock the door as it was at first. To turn the knob she saw when they first walked in there.
Aug 05 00:03:37 <gumbal1> No, no, no.
Aug 05 00:03:48 <gumbal1> I think you know where this is going, Harisha.
Aug 05 00:04:20 <gumbal1> I am laying claim to you.
Aug 05 00:04:40 <gumbal1> You want out?
Aug 05 00:04:47 <gumbal1> Let's play a game.
Aug 05 00:05:35 <Uracilo> A whisper comes to life in her mind, next to the one in Fei's name, and she almost retches right then and there, over Fei's shoulder, but she swallows and sobs instead.
Aug 05 00:06:08 <gumbal1> Now, it's not exactly fair if I get to decide the game.
Aug 05 00:06:14 <Silvors> Fei doesn't hear that, does she? If she does she would contest the claim.
Aug 05 00:06:25 <gumbal1> You and Fei want to discuss this?"
Aug 05 00:06:33 <gumbal1> Fei.
Aug 05 00:06:46 <gumbal1> Do you really think you can challenge me?
Aug 05 00:07:24 <gumbal1> Are you really this conceited.
Aug 05 00:07:30 <gumbal1> …ha.
Aug 05 00:07:33 <Silvors> Fei nods her head, hugging Hari tighter. "I-I do!" Fei says, shutting her eyes tighter and gulping. "Y-You're not g-getting Hari." Fei spoke, her voice shaking before she shut her eyes. Fuck. Fuck. This is just an illusion, right? Or some kind of time thing? There was no way this could happen. No way at all. "I-I'm not letting you have her."
Aug 05 00:08:29 <gumbal1> Fine. If you win, I let both of you miserable queers out of here. I win? Hari's mine.
Aug 05 00:10:11 <gumbal1> Name the game. Something neither of us can cheat at, to make things fair.
Aug 05 00:11:52 <Uracilo> Hari can't even bring herself to acknowledge the… intention, until Fei does it for her. She starts letting some of her power leak towards the voice in her head that represents Fei, to stack the deck in her direction. It's her last resort: To pick who she backs, when she can't run anymore.
Aug 05 00:12:48 <Silvors> Fei gulped. A game neither of them could cheat at. She looked at it then at Hari. "I… I challenge you to…" Fei had no idea. She did this as a profession, gaming and gambling. But she cheated for those. "How am I supposed to know what you can't cheat at?"
Aug 05 00:14:30 <gumbal1> I don't fucking know. Use your common judgement. Consider that, if I had my way right now, both of you would resemble Cassandra Costello over there in the tub. What's stopping me from doing that to you right now? Ask yourself why I have to lay claim to her.
Aug 05 00:15:56 <gumbal1> Granted, if you pick wrong, there's little that you can really do to stop me from cheating.
Aug 05 00:17:09 <gumbal1> Just a friendly heads up. ( ◞・౪・)
Aug 05 00:17:09 <Silvors> "You'd be dishonoring the spirit of the challenge." Probably counts as cheating. Fei's head was running through games, various games. "Any restrictions on what the game is?"
Aug 05 00:17:54 <gumbal1> There has to be a condition that can be interpreted as winning, and it must be achievable without the other player achieving it as well.
Aug 05 00:19:53 <gumbal1> Does Hari have an idea?
Aug 05 00:20:00 <gumbal1> It's her personhood, after all.
Aug 05 00:20:27 <Silvors> "Hari, any ideas for a challenge?"
Aug 05 00:22:28 <Uracilo> "I-I-I do, b-b-but I-I-I'm setting a c-condition too," Hari whimpers, trying and failing to look strong. She's tremblign and disheveled, and maybe even covered in sludge and garbage if the shower turned out to be fake, retroactively. "If- if we l-lose… Fei goes free anyways," she shakes out, eyes screwed shut.
Aug 05 00:23:24 <gumbal1> Girl like her will probably off herself in a week. p(*^-^*)q
Aug 05 00:23:26 <gumbal1> Deal.
Aug 05 00:25:24 <Silvors> Fei gulps and hugs Hari tighter. Fei wouldn't leave Hari like this. No way in hell she would.
Aug 05 00:25:44 <Uracilo> "A-and," she continues, because she's got the soul of a businesswoman. "I-I'm laying claim to you, too." In her experience, that… didn't mean much, but there was plenty about herself she didn't know, and if there was ever a time for it to come up it's now.
Aug 05 00:27:19 <gumbal1> …you are the biggest idiot i have ever had the misfortune of consuming.
Aug 05 00:27:34 <gumbal1> Chose your game already.
Aug 05 00:29:59 <Uracilo> Hari waits a second, watching that corner of her vision where the light that is Fei is, and that other one where that coin she claimed once shines brightly, somewhere off in Fifth Sanctum, waiting for a third light to appear, somewhere.
Aug 05 00:30:08 * DarnellJermaine has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
Aug 05 00:31:49 <gumbal1> …oh fuck you.
Aug 05 00:32:51 <gumbal1> There's a soft, eerie glow, lighting up network upon network of tunnels, going on for miles, and miles, and miles, far longer than perhaps even the earth has room for. It vanishes quickly.
Aug 05 00:33:39 <Silvors> ~We could challenge him to quiet mouths.~ Fei points out, since this guy was so talkative.
Aug 05 00:37:29 <Uracilo> Hari smiles at the small victory, though it's short-lived. She squeezes Fei and takes a shuddering breath, her mind running a million miles a minute. "Look at that…" she mumbles to herself, trying to appear more confident than she is.
Aug 05 00:38:16 <gumbal1> I'm getting bored waiting for you to give me a challenge.
Aug 05 00:38:28 <gumbal1> BZZZZZZZZZZZZT
Aug 05 00:39:18 <Silvors> "Maybe being patient should be our game." Fei replies to the whatever-this-is.
Aug 05 00:39:31 <gumbal1> Hari and Fei are forcibly put into a bathroom, walls and ceiling covered in writhing red arteries.
Aug 05 00:39:59 <Silvors> Fei shuts her eyes tighter and hugs Hari's head into Fei's chest so that she won't see.
Aug 05 00:40:21 <gumbal1> Oh trust me this can get far worse.
Aug 05 00:46:49 <Uracilo> "The challenge is… simple," she says. "But it requires all of us to be back at Haven. Would that be agreeable?" She squeezes Fei, thankful to be spared the sights. "Please," she adds.
Aug 05 00:48:14 <gumbal1> One of the doors clicks.
Aug 05 00:48:55 <Silvors> Fei keeps her eyes shut and uses her bugs to guide the two of them to the door that clicked, opening it and peaking.
Aug 05 00:49:46 <gumbal1> And they're back in Fei and Hari's shared room.
Aug 05 00:49:56 <gumbal1> It's…much like how they've left it.
Aug 05 00:50:02 <Silvors> Fei and Hari don't share a room! They must still be in the monster!
Aug 05 00:51:12 <gumbal1> I took the liberty of simplifying things.
Aug 05 00:51:21 <gumbal1> Hell, I'll pay for this myself if you win.
Aug 05 00:51:33 <gumbal1> Consider it incentive.
Aug 05 00:52:01 <Silvors> "How do we know that this isn't just another part of you?"
Aug 05 00:53:29 <gumbal1> You don't. And it shouldn't matter.
Aug 05 00:54:38 <Silvors> "If we're still inside you, you could alter the enviorment for your turn."
Aug 05 00:54:57 <Silvors> "Or give yourself an unfair advantage, depending on what the game is."
Aug 05 00:55:32 <gumbal1> The door clicks again.
Aug 05 00:57:29 <Uracilo> This time it's Hari that reaches for the door and shoulders it open, staring ahead with Fei's hand in hers. Inside, she's still a wreck, but she can keep up the guise for a little longer.
Aug 05 00:58:46 <gumbal1> And they're back in Hari's room. As soon as they enter, the doors suddenly change, to have 'PaT' tagged on them.
Aug 05 00:58:59 <gumbal1> Apologies. I hate quitters.
Aug 05 01:00:09 <Uracilo> She puts a finger to Fei's lips, before she can complain again. She knows the problem persists but there's no real solution. "Th-the challenge is to… to go to the dorm kitchen, and get the pudding cup I left in the fridge, then bring it back here…" To speak as calmly as she manages takes most everything Hari has. It hurts her, even. "Starting as soon as I put my foot down," she finishes, lifting her foot off the ground.
Aug 05 01:00:38 <gumbal1> Hrmph.
Aug 05 01:01:40 <gumbal1> The 'PaT' tags disappear, and something suddenly shoots out from Hari's room, towards the commons kitchen. Odd, dressed completely in a black polyester bodysuit, with a stony, eyeless head and a muppet-esque mouth.
Aug 05 01:01:53 <gumbal1> (redact)
Aug 05 01:02:16 <gumbal1> The thing, instead, apparates sitting on Hari's bed.
Aug 05 01:03:17 <gumbal1> "Interesting choice."
Aug 05 01:03:25 <Silvors> Fei smiles and moves to get her bugs in the vents ready. She moves, getting herself ready to run. She had a plan, a plan that might be considered cheating. ~I hope this works.~ Fei thinks as she reaches out to control her entire swarm, the bugs she had bred and filled the school's walls and vents with.
Aug 05 01:03:52 <Uracilo> "What a crappy disguise," she comments, jumping on one foot to the wall so she can lean on that instead of Fei.
Aug 05 01:04:30 <Uracilo> "Mind telling us your name? So we know what to call you?"
Aug 05 01:04:42 <gumbal1> "What a crappy strategy." The thing doesnt even move its mouth to talk. It's voice is hardly a voice at all, more akin to wind given words.
Aug 05 01:05:34 <Uracilo> Hari nods, then turns to Fei and nods again, then lets out a breath and lets her foot drop with a horrible sense of finality.
Aug 05 01:06:37 <gumbal1> And the thing suddenly bursts out of the room with surprising speed. Tyler is unfortunately out late, and barely has time to react before he's run over by the thing.
Aug 05 01:07:10 <Silvors> Fei bolts out of the room, all the bugs going to cause a literal flood of insects throughout the halls with all the speed of scurrying bugs, the ones in the vents near the kitchen and hiding in cabinets explode outward and beeline towards the fridge to cover that pudding cup.
Aug 05 01:09:48 <gumbal1> A wall of insects cover the fridge. The thing is too busy literally busting through walls (at one point interrupting Lisa as she reads an…embarrassing manga about a priestess and a lamia in her room. She merely sighs in response at the interjection) to get to that cup.
Aug 05 01:10:21 <gumbal1> *to notice.
Aug 05 01:11:46 <Silvors> The bugs seeped into the fridge and went to cover that damn cup, stingers out and ready to sting as Fei ran through the halls, not the walls, and jumped down the stairs. She made the insects compact themselves and hold on for dear life, interlocking themselves around it to keep them on so that it'd be stung and poisoned as it touched the thing.
Aug 05 01:13:44 <gumbal1> The thing continues its rush, easily outpacing Fei. Then again, it's definitely not a bugmancer. Meanwhile, a disgruntled Maria gives up cooking her skirt steak in such an unsanitary environment and storms out of the kitchen.
Aug 05 01:20:33 <Silvors> Fei has ran a lot, she was in a gang yo! She was a drug runner! She ran, jumping down the stairs and sending her bugs to keep seeping into the elevator and start opening the refridgerator. It was a hard task, but there were billions of bloods flooding into the kitchen. Fei wasn't fucking around. She started sending moths, specifically clothes moths, to intercept the polyster thing. They would try to devour it. Fei was in
Aug 05 01:20:34 <Silvors> her zone. All the bugs she's been breeding for months suddenly assaulting the kitchen and this thing.
Aug 05 01:22:48 <gumbal1> "Oh you fu-" Okay, so it turns out thousands of clothes moths working in tandem make a great team. The thing is slowed down just before it reaches the fridge, swatting at moths as they try to eat it alive, giving Fei enough time to reach the fridge.
Aug 05 01:24:32 <Silvors> Fei swung the fridge opened as a tidal wave of bugs went to assault the thing, going to wrap around and hug the clothes moths onto it so they could keep ripping at it, tossing pieces away for other bugs to catch, thousands of clothes moths and a literal ton of other bugs working in perfect harmony to tear apart this thing as Fei grabbed the bug covered pudding cup, the bugs lowering their stingers just for her so she
Aug 05 01:24:34 <Silvors> could grab it. Perfect harmony.
Aug 05 01:25:16 <gumbal1> And as soon as Fei touches it, the thing's form disappears once more.
Aug 05 01:25:23 * dragonwielder (moc.duolccri.notlrahc.713701-iu|564631diu#moc.duolccri.notlrahc.713701-iu|564631diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 05 01:27:30 <dragonwielder> Fei would suddenly feel a bunch of her bugs just. Disappear, like they are being thrown into another dimension. Along with screaming.
Aug 05 01:27:31 <Silvors> Fei didn't trust that for a fucking second. She had any bugs that weren't currently acting acting to suppress this thing or cover the cup were going to start seeping back into the vents and various nooks and crannies of the school. Fei went to run up the stairs and to Hari!
Aug 05 01:27:51 <Silvors> (Gum said AFTER Fei saved Hari's soul)
Aug 05 01:27:54 <gumbal1> There's no response from the thing.
Aug 05 01:28:08 <gumbal1> Hari feels fine, if a bit…odd.
Aug 05 01:28:12 <dragonwielder> (redact)
Aug 05 01:28:13 <gumbal1> A good kind of odd.
Aug 05 01:28:16 <gumbal1> Odd nonetheless.
Aug 05 01:30:18 <Uracilo> Hari just sits on the bed, biting the skin between her index finger and thumb, wracked with nerves. All she can do is keep flooding Fei's share of the stakes with her power and hope all the little convoluted plans she made to cheat the thing out of its victory can work out. She didn't trust in miracles. She could barely trust herself. At least she had saved Fei. She feels good, at some point, for some reason, but cannot tell how or why.
Aug 05 01:33:50 <Silvors> Fei runs up and barges through the open door, holding up a pudding cup covered in bugs and then having the bugs all fly and fall off of it as the remaining bugs that had flooded the dorms went to escape back up into the vent. "I… I… I got it." She says, before going to put the thing into Hari's hand.
Aug 05 01:34:05 <gumbal1> It's…a very nice feeling. Safety.
Aug 05 01:34:14 <gumbal1> …someone knocks on their door.
Aug 05 01:35:08 <Silvors> Fei looks at the door then at Hari, kissing her cheek before going to open it.
Aug 05 01:36:20 * DarnellJermaine (moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.76-465-405-12|reJllenraD#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.76-465-405-12|reJllenraD) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 05 01:37:02 <gumbal1> It's…Leah, wearing an oversized nightshirt. Once she sees Fei, she closes her eyes, and takes a few deep breaths, before looking back at Fei. "…WHAT THE FU-"
Aug 05 01:37:11 <gumbal1> ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPB6MHlyBa4 ~
Aug 05 01:37:13 <Uracilo> Hari's frozen, pudding in hand. She can't even parse this. She was so, so sure she would lose. She laughs.
Aug 05 01:37:17 <gumbal1> ~EVENT ENDED~
Aug 05 01:37:26 <gumbal1> ~1 XP GAINED~
Aug 05 01:37:37 * SavanahHolland (Savanah@2601:3c2:100:qxuu:ojqo:jlnp:ytnh:quyw) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 05 01:38:15 <Silvors> "Okay, in my defense, I had a good reason." Fei said, her telepathy still giving her access to Hari's hearing.

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