Reefer Madness

01[19:00] <Antichthon> A message over the PA system, simultaneously texted to all students on the "Mission Alert" list. "Any students interested in a Firewatch-sponsored mission, please report to the Perseus Gymnasium."
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[19:02] <@gumbal1> Oh boy, more Overwatch (that's what they called it in this universe, right?) level shenanigans! Joshua, having nothign better to really do, is there in a flash, dressed like…well, someone who attended an early 80s Bowie concert. He does look somewhat awkward, standing around.
[19:02] <@Kioku> Asami and Akemi tilt their heads and look at each other, mildly confused. They heard about Firewatch a little, but still aren't totally clear on what it is. This is a good chance to find out, and besides, they've been wanting to try one of these 'missions' anyway! Maybe this time will go better than the last? So with a spring in their steps, both girls half walk, half skip to the gym.
[19:03] <@Silvy> Cecile blinked a few times. Was a gym a gymnasium thingy? THe girl blinked before hopping up and going to grab her knife and throw on her little black leather outfit that Zita had left her, mainly because it was what had the sheathe for her knife built in and then looked over at Vanilla before heading off towards the gym.
[19:03] <@Nemi> * Ellie strolls up not too long after Joshua! She has a nice dress over tights with a comfoy and stylish coat with lots of pockets on. "Oh, hey-" She hesitates on eying Asami and Akemi, but then shrugs.
[19:03] <@Silvy> Maybe Smoke would be there!
[19:03] <tripl3_> Firewatch, huh? Aoi had heard a bit from Cecile about these guys. Might be worth a look. Putting down her book, she grabbed her sword and headed out in the direction of the gym.
[19:04] <@Nemi> * Ellie gives a wry smile to all the other newcomers. So many familiar faces and foreign minds.
[19:04] <@gumbal1> Joshua gets just that much more uncomfortable at the arrival of the twins, and Ellie sort of worsens the uncomfort further. Fuck, well. Scorch certainly did her work on that frontier.
[19:05] <tripl3_> As she arrived at the gym, Aoi noticed a few people standing around, mostly people she hadn't met, though the twins were there and she gave them a little wave.
[19:06] <@Kioku> The kitsune twins smile to Aoi and give a little wave to Cecile, and Asami squirms a little at the looks and the feelings about their presence. More people who don't know how to react to them, because of Akemi-Former… \That seems like it'll follow us for a long time…[19:06] <@Nemi> * Ellie raises a hand in greetings. Tall, white-haired, snow-white-skinned blue-eyed girl who looks fantastic at all times? That's Ellie.
[19:06] <@Nemi> Well, by 'tall' one means 5'7", but still.
[19:07] <@Silvy> Cecile looked over at Asake and gave her a wave then spotted Aoi and gave another wave to the girl. Vanilla just sort of floated there behind Cecile as the Italian bounced on her heels and then looked at Joshua… she didn't know who anybody else. Like the white girl.
[19:09] <@gumbal1> Which meant the 6' Joshua at least didn't have to feel small in addition to weirdly confused. Eh, if it's anything like the other thing, it'll just be clerical intern work. With people that looked less like humans and more like extremely powerful spirits who could probably kill them easily.
[19:09] <@Nemi> "So, seeing some new faces here! I'm Ellie. It's nice to meet you all."
01[19:09] <Antichthon> Meeting the students in the gym was a single woman. No teams, no folders, no hustle and bustle, just one Chinese woman in her mid thirties, in a suit of power armor. The armor was white, with red pluses on each shoulder, the front, the back. She looked a lot like a medic from starcraft, honestly. Her eyes were gentle, and there was an aura about her that just drew your eye to her, made you want to like her. It was intense. Akemi-intense, but without the sexual component; the attraction the woman drew to her was platonic, almost motherly. Many other students had answered the call, and the gym was about as packed as it had ever been before a mission. "Hello," the woman said, a soft smile, a soft voice. "My name is Jie. Are any of you interested in continuing to do missions when you grow up, as a career?"
01[19:10] <Antichthon> "Or at the very least interested to know what a life like that would be like?"
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[19:10] <@Nemi> * Ellie gives a bright smile and nods, slowly, not feeling need to speak aloud what she's sure many others would feel.
[19:10] <tripl3_> Aoi cocked an eyebrow, wandering over to Cecile and giving the girl a brief hug before writing, "Wonder what this is about?"
[19:11] <@Silvy> Cecile waved over to Ellie, "Um n-nice t-to meet you too." Cecile stated before going to look over at the woman. Cecile says, waddling to get somewhere she could look at the powerarmor woman and muttering the word 'coool' under her breath. She looked at Aoi's message and shrugged, returning the hug. "I-I dunno. I-It has firewatch th-though!" Cecile said, raising her hand to Jie's question. Was that how she was supposed to
[19:11] <@Silvy> answer?
[19:11] <@gumbal1> Oh, good, stuff to focus on. Joshua waits for the quiet to come before answering. "Uh, er…yes," Fuck. "er, no, uh…kind of? I, er, am…I'm interested in inventing, really."
[19:13] <@Kioku> Asami glances at Akemi, then watches Aoi walk away with a little sigh. Too many people in here. She taps Akemi's hand and just… vanishes. Akemi takes this all in stride and gives a little shrug to the question. "I haven't ever /been/ on a mission, so I wouldn't know… but we want to try it out, and find out at least!"
[19:13] <@Nemi> * Ellie rubs at the bridge of her nose. This was going to be interesting..
[19:14] <@gumbal1> "…I'm Jay. Hi." Ellie's definitely getting some good discomfort from Joshua. That should fill her up.
[19:15] <@Nemi> * "Hey." Ellie gives a warm smile to Joshua. "You remind me of someone.. a little less blatantly than some of my other new firends.."
[19:16] <@Silvy> Cecile remembers the last mission she was on and shivers. It was awful. Horrible… but helping Mary did make her feel good, so she kept her hand up.
01[19:16] <Antichthon> The charm of the smile Jie gave Joshua was enough to make one's leg's melt. "We at Firewatch have begun accepting missions we normally would not, and turning them into example experiences for those intersted in learning what being part of a unit like Firewatch is like. Firewatch itself is usually not called upon unless the threat is known and extreme, but there are many other units around the world, first responders to most missions, who often enter a situation without any knowledge of what they'll find. I have a mission just like that for a group of you. Animals are getting sick in the Great Barrier Reef. It's anomalous. That's all we know."
[19:16] <@gumbal1> "If you could kindly tell me who that is, I, uh, would be very, very…greatful. Please."
[19:17] <tripl3_> ~Sick animals, huh? Could be interesting.~
[19:17] <@Nemi> * "I'll do my best," Ellie says with a broad smile.
[19:18] <@Silvy> Cecile rocked on her heels next to Aoi and lowered her hand. "I-I… I wonder wh-what it is." Cecile stated, squinting a tad. Vanilla stayed floating above the Italian, well, she was 'standing' on one foot atop Cecile's head.
[19:18] <@Kioku> Akemi hums. \A paranormal disease? Is that common…?01[19:20] <Antichthon> Jie put her armored hands behind her back. "Your job will be to find out the cause, if you can. Fix it, if you can. But the most important thing is to know that you aren't expected to overcome anything to achieve these goals. One of the most important, if not the most important, skill for an operative is knowing if and when to retreat. Do what you can, collect what knowledge you can, but above all, keep yourselves safe. Now, raise your hand if you're still interested."
[19:21] <@Silvy> Cecile's hand shot back up as she looked over at Aoi, giving the girl a small smile. "I-If you w-wanna go, I'll k-keep you safe."
[19:21] <tripl3_> Aoi hesitated a moment, then raised her hand. If Cecile was going, she was, if only to protect her somewhat bumbling friend.
[19:22] <@Kioku> \Why wouldn't we be? Ah- unless someone were afraid of the disease?\ Akemi lifts her arm without hesitation, only curiosity and that brief moment of confusion.
[19:22] <@Nemi> * Ellie raises her hand, smiling brightly.
[19:22] <@gumbal1> Well, he didn't want to look like an idiot, even if this all sounded really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really fishy. Joshua raises his hand.
01[19:25] <Antichthon> Most students were still interested - Hell, most students had seen someone murdered by this point, what were a few sick animals - And Jie picked out five, seemingly arbitrarily. "Cecile, Aoi, Akemi, Joshua, Ellie. The rest of you will get a chance on another mission, alright?" Another bright smile that just made you want to curl up at Jie's feet, suck your thumb and call her Mommy. Jie waved her selections forward, to join her.
[19:25] <@gumbal1> What an odd sensation. An odd, weirdly specific, foreign sensation.
[19:26] <tripl3_> Aoi stepped forward, rolling her eyes. At least Cecile hadn't gotten picked without her.
[19:26] <@Silvy> Cecile had seen all the hands go up and she looked at Aoi. If the girl hadn't got to go, Cecile would probably bail on the mission… but she had! So Cecile gave Aoi a hug and hurried on towards Jie. "C-Come on!"
[19:27] <@Kioku> Akemi smiles brightly and takes a half step forward, only faltering for a moment before she finishes the step, the next, and so on until she reaches Jie.
[19:28] <@gumbal1> Joshua steps forward and wait fuck. That's a catgirl. That's an honest to g-d catgirl. Joshua just sort of…stares for a while, trying to puzzle out the inexplicable existence of such-wait a fucking moment. Weird Moe girl, stereotypical super attractive Japanese girl, whatever…Ellie was, catgirl…what kind of weird fucking anime was this?
01[19:29] <Antichthon> Jie handed out a device to each of them. "Kinetic barriers, same issue as you usually get on missions, but these have a communicator installed, linked directly to me." She showed how it was used. "If you get into trouble and can't get yourself out, give me a call. Firewatch will be there to assist you." With the sound of an activating lightsaber, a purple-rimmed portal spawned beside them. Through it was a pier. The sun was just coming over the horizon. "Follow me," Jie said tenderly, stepping through the portal.
[19:30] <@Nemi> * Ellie is /aware/ of the sensation, but she doesn't need bow to it- or acknowledge it. She steps forward to stop near Jie, a smile on her face as usual. "Oh, very nice.." She slips the device on her wrist as usual and slips on through the portal without any particular hesitation or concern.
[19:31] <@Kioku> Akemi looks over the device and clips it to her waistband with a shrug, following through after looking around the edge and letting out a small laugh.
[19:32] <tripl3_> Taking Cecile's hand, Aoi nodded to her, then took a step towards the portal, grabbing a device on the way and slipping it onto her wrist like the white girl had.
[19:32] <@Silvy> Cecile accepted her hand being taken and followed on through, putting a little device on her wrist that was holding Aoi's hand and looking at Vanilla. Nah, Vanilla doesn't need one. Vanilla is a Vanilla.
[19:33] <@gumbal1> Oh boy. Joshua briefly raids the device for blueprints before putting it on, just to make sure it doesn't do really bad things, and then follows through.
01[19:36] <Antichthon> The portal closed behind the last of them. Jie took a deep satisfied breath through her nose. "Spring in Cairns. Always brings a smile to my face." There were a great many boats on the pier, some large yachts, others little dinghies. The pier was moderately busy, and the weird anime group certainly received a lot of attention, but they gave the group a wide berth as Jie lead them across the pier. They eventually reached a little yacht. "This will be your boat," Jie said.
[19:37] <@Silvy> Cecile did tug Aoi along over to Ellie to greet the girl with a, "M-My name is C-Cecile by the way." Introductions were important in case someone yelled out that someone else was hurt. "Woooaah. It's a y-yacht."
[19:37] <@Silvy> *"Woooaah. It's a yak."
[19:38] <@gumbal1> At least the blue hair and the leather fit in, even if the dye job wasn't that good. Joshua takes his seat, which, by complete coincidence and totally not because he raided the blueprints, is where he believes the engine would be.
[19:39] <tripl3_> Aoi froze at that. ~Boat? But I hate water… Why did I not think of this when she said reef?~ Tugged along after Cecile, she opened and closed her mouth in half-shock, finally shaking herself and slapping herself across the face. ~Relax, Aoi. Even if you hate it, you're the most powerful when you're in it. You'll be fine.~
[19:39] <@Nemi> * Ellie smiles warmly to Cecile as they follow Jie. Ellie's practically normal, colouration aside, amidst this mess of people. "It's nice meeting you again, Cecile. And that's a 'yacht'. Ever been on one of these before?" She climbs in the back, calm as ever.
[19:39] <@Kioku> The crowd parting makes Akemi smile as she spares Cecile and Aoi another glance, then shakes her head and hops in, not exactly unfamiliar with boats. \Even if it has been a while, now…\
[19:40] <@gumbal1> Joshua's percentage to explosion: 45%.
[19:41] <@Silvy> Cecile looked at the girl freeze up and slap herself before going to ruffle Aoi's hair and bring the girl towards the boat. "Wh- oooh, th-the water." Cats don't like water, did that apply to Aoi as well? Maybe! Probably! "I-I'll k-keep you safe! O-Okay?" Cecile promised with a pat to Aoi's hair before looking over at Akemi and waving again. "H-Hi Akemi!"
[19:42] <tripl3_> Aoi accepted the pat, trying not to freak out as she walked closer to the water, and gripping Cecile's hand so hard she almost hurt the girl.
[19:43] <@Silvy> Cecile was fine with that. She looked over at Vanilla and had it shrink and wrap its arms around Aoi's waist. "V-Vanilla w-will keep you ab-above water. It's f-fine." Cecile assured with a little squeeze to Aoi's hand.
[19:43] <@Kioku> Akemi blinks and waves back again. "Hi, Cecile," she murmurs. "Aoi," she greets a little more brightly, but still somber. "Pair I don't know." A bit of humor touches her voice when she addresses Ellie and Joshua.
[19:43] <tripl3_> Aoi nodded to her friend, slightly relieved but still holding on tight as she took her seat.
01[19:44] <Antichthon> Jie nodded at Cecile, gave a big smile. "Yes, I know your name." She'd called them by name, after all. "You have a bit of equipment at your disposal. Diving equipment, including deep diving suits in case they're needed. High tech, you don't have to worry about the bends. various equipment, including sensors. Here, let me show you how it all works." Jie spent the next hour familiarizing everyone with the equipment. They had the usual diving suits, but they also had some suits that looked like skin-tight astronaut suits; apparently the deep-diving equipment. Sensors indeed, giving them a look at the surrounding sea up to a kilomater away. An electronic map, with a blinking dot as to where Firewatch's best guess was that they should be to begin their investigation. Medical equipment, just in case. When she was finished it was no longer dawn, but all of them would know how to use anything on the yacht. Yes, even Cecile. Jie returned to the pier. "Any last questions before you're on your way?"
[19:45] <@Silvy> Cecile blinks a few times. "I-I don't know h-how to swim." Cecile states rather calmly.
[19:45] <@Nemi> "Very neat!" Ellie beams as she shakes her head. "We've got communications gear, enough for swimming.. I can help you with that, Cecile."
[19:46] <@gumbal1> 46%. "Uh, hi, yeah, I'm Jay. I think I've said this but I am not good at talking?" Ah, those suits. Those, uh, suits. "…which are we using?"
[19:47] <tripl3_> Aoi looked at her friend, a bit shocked, and started to shake. There was no way she could communicate underwater - her pad was made of paper, her phone was far from waterproof, and the diving equipment would prevent her from mouthing words. ~Why did I agree to this….~
[19:47] <@Kioku> "Aoi, do you want…" Akemi gestures to her throat as she pulls off her skirt and drops the illusion of normal clothes, showing her undershirt and tights to actually be a near-skintight arachnoweave bodysuit.
[19:47] <@Nemi> * Ellie looks to the others, eyes half-lidded and faintly amused. "If you all are wondering about communication between one another underwater, especially for Aoi, I /can/ make something of a mental link between all of us. Just enough that thinking hard at someone can transmit messages across. Would that help?"
[19:48] <@Nemi> "Or that." She waves off the thought and turns to sit near Jason.
[19:48] <@Silvy> Cecile nods her head. She could've just let Vanilla carry her through the water because of its flight, but Vanilla was busy protecting Aoi. Cecile looked over at Aoi and went to pat the girl's head anyways. "U-Um… O-Okay!" Cecile said as she looked over at Aoi with a small grin and then grinned to Akemi, Ellie, and Joshua.
[19:48] <@Silvy> Everyone got a small grin!
[19:49] <tripl3_> Aoi glances gratefully at Akemi, but shakes her head, writing "We'll need your help too, right?" Looking at the white girl, she wrote, "Could you?" and held it up to her.
[19:49] <@gumbal1> 48%. Joshua keeps their eyes focused on the suits. And…oh, that. 58%. "Please leave me out of the com link. I, uh, I…just, I'm really awkward. At this. The uh, linking. It…heh, it glitches me out, maybe?" That was a lie, and not one said convincingly.
01[19:50] <Antichthon> "Stick to the deep diving suit instead of the scuba gear," Jie told Cecile. "Your friends can help you swim, or you can walk on the sea floor, and I've already showed you how to use the emergency bouyancy systems." And the suit got all the air it needed from the water. The only thing it didn't have over the scuba gear was that it wasn't as quick while swiming. "You can all use the deep dive suits if you prefer."
[19:51] <@gumbal1> "So, uh, well…about the suits, uh, um, what's the spec difference? Between them? And things?"
[19:51] <@Nemi> "Sure. No problem." All but Jie and Joshua would feel something of a 'knock' in the back of the brains, like someone rapping knuckles against a metaphorical door.
[19:52] <@Silvy> Cecile nods her head and goes to put on the deep dive suit, stripping down if it was necessary to get the outfit on. She didn't really care about nudity, or the massive scars that covered most of her back. ~Um… h-hello?~ Cecile thought at the knock. Is that how this works?
[19:52] <tripl3_> Aoi nodded gratefully, still shaking, but slightly reassured. Directing her thoughts in the direction of the white girl, she thought, ~Can you hear me?~
[19:53] <@Nemi> Ssshrlup. Something wriggles into Cecile's hindbrain. ~I can hear you both,~ Ellie smiles brightly.
[19:53] <@Silvy> ~Ooooh, Aoi, I'm in your heeaaaad~ Cecile thinks at the group before giving a single giggle.
[19:53] <@Kioku> Akemi nods and blinks at the 'knock', cautiously allowing the contact. It's from a stranger, yes, but it would also make things simply easier overall. As to the diving equipment…
[19:54] <@Silvy> ~OOooh, I'm in Akemi's and Ellie's tooooo.~
01[19:54] <Antichthon> Jie seemed amused by Joshua, but not in a condescending way. Jie's gaze momentarily went distant. "Specs of the suits are now on the yacht's computer, Jay." Jie finished unmooring the yacht. "And if that's everything, the mission is now entirely in your hands." The blinking dot on the ship's computer told them to go East by Northeast.
[19:55] <tripl3_> ~Oh hush, you. We need to focus.~ Aoi was still shaking at the thought of being underwater, but having a way to communicate made things a lot better. She removed all her possessions except her sword and gloves (smoke wouldn't do much underwater) and worked her way into the suit.
[19:55] <@gumbal1> Nobody was physically talking, and that made it just a bit more awkward. Okay, Joshua takes a look at the specs and hopes to g-d the skintight one is inferior. He's not sure he can do that right now.
[19:55] <@Nemi> * With that, Ellie takes one of the wetsuits- no mask or goggles or respirators, though- and slinks into the yacht cabin to change.
[19:55] <@Nemi> "Beee right back."
[19:58] <@Silvy> Cecile was now in her skintight suit, looking over it and wiggling her arms around as she tried to get used to it. "This is weeeird." Cecile says as she tries pinching and tugging at the suit on her tummy.
[19:59] <@Nemi> * Ellie returns not long after, in just wetsuit, though her hair's at least bundled up into a ponytail. At least, it looks like hair, despite being an extrusion of untyped biomass like the rest of her.
[20:00] <@gumbal1> …fuck, wait. This was…oh, boy, they tell you never to put electronics in water very early on.
[20:01] <tripl3_> Aoi, fully suited up, strapped her sword onto her back and pulled her gloves over top of the suit, giving a nervous laugh at Cecile's antics.
[20:01] <@Kioku> Conflicted though she is (and skeptical about even needing either one), Akemi opts, naturally, for the more tightly fitting of the two options… despite the absurd helmet. Ugh.
[20:01] <@gumbal1> "Uh, hey, all of you, would you, uh, mind turning around? That wo-" That was a sword. A fucking sword. Why.
[20:01] <@Silvy> Cecile takes her knife and turns it into a spiked gauntlet as she goes to sit down and wait for the others. Vanilla shifted to look like it was wearing a suit. Cecile walked over and tapped Aoi's forehead. "I-It's okay! Pr-promise!"
[20:02] <@Kioku> Naturally, she goes through the long process of disarmament *before* putting it on.
[20:02] <@Nemi> * Ellie shrugs helplessly at Joshua and gestures to the cabin. "Change in there?"
[20:03] <tripl3_> Aoi looks skeptical at that, but nods quietly, too used to being mute to bother using the thought connection for such trivial things.
01[20:03] <Antichthon> Unlike Sanctum, Cairn's days were getting warmer. Today was very nice, with only a few puffy clouds in the sky.
01[20:03] <Antichthon> Lot of seagulls, though.
[20:03] <tripl3_> (at Cecile's comment, that is)
01[20:03] <Antichthon> Lot of seagulls.
[20:03] <@Silvy> ~It's okaaaay.~ Cecile repeats at that, going to swipe a finger at Aoi's blue streak before hopping over towards Akemi and giving a "Hi! Wh-Where's Asami?"
[20:04] <@Silvy> She was tugging Aoi along with her, of course. Might as well chat while they wait for everyone to finish up.
[20:04] <@gumbal1> …oh, shit, Joshua didn't even really notice that. Welp, time to go…change. The skin-tight one, ironically enough, probably covers more, and…hrm. A video feed. Iiiiiiiiinteresting. Joshua comes back, having taken a bit more time to adjust the suit than normal. "Do any of you mind if piggyback off your video feeds? I see more that way."
[20:05] <@Nemi> * Ellie, meanwhile, sits at the edge of the yacht. She gives Jie a wry smile then turns back to Joshua. "Go ahead. And let's get this boat to the site!"
[20:05] <@Kioku> Akemi gives a small smile. "She's here." She puts her hand out to the air and out of nowhere, Asami appears as if during a blink of the eyes, wearing the arachnoweave just the same as Akemi, but not the diving suit. "One of us can drive, if nobody else feels like it…"
[20:06] <tripl3_> Following along after Cecile, Aoi gave a thumbs-up to Joshua and gave Akemi a nervous wave.
[20:06] <@Kioku> Akemi nods to Joshua in reply to the video feed question.
01[20:06] <Antichthon> The purple-rimmed portal was back, but Jie was waiting until the boat departed before departing herself. Several of the students were having issues with the mission, after all. Had to be around if any of them needed to back out.
[20:07] <@Silvy> "I-I don't care!" Cecile says to Joshua as she sits there and looks over at the helm. "I-I wanna drive." Cecile states with a big smile. She's never driven anything!
[20:07] <@gumbal1> Well, at least Joshua now had five points of view at once. Even if that did kinda sorta make him a bit whoozy.
[20:07] <@gumbal1> …very suddenly, Joshua dives from the boat.
[20:08] <@Nemi> * "Go ahead, Cecile.." Ellie makes note to keep an eye on Cecile so she doesn't get lost- Ellie boggles and turns to where Joshua'd gone. "Oh, what?"
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[20:09] <@Silvy> "W-Why'd he leave?" Cecile asked as she to look up at the helm then at the hand Aoi had been holding. "W-Wait, um, someone e-else can drive." Cecile couldn't really drive with one hand occupied by Aoi and she didn't want to leave the scaredy cat alone.
[20:09] <@Kioku> Asami shrugs and offers Cecile a hand before both twins turn and blink at Joshua's dive. "[Ah… is he alright?]" Speak English, Akemi. Well, luckily she thought it at the same time, or at least the impression of the idea of that concern, so it probably got the message across.
[20:10] <@gumbal1> Welp, fuck. He thought this was where they were supposed to dive.
[20:10] <@gumbal1> Oh well, he can live with the consequences. Or, maybe, he thinks, he could die with them.
01[20:11] <Antichthon> A voice through the suits com systems. It was Jie, up on the pier. "Jay, the site is several kilometers away. You haven't even left dock yet."
[20:11] <@Nemi> * Ellie leans over the edge of the boat and peers down to try to locate Joshua. She'll.. telekinetically try to lift him back up to their level. After a moment, she reconsiders. Her? Her.
[20:13] <tripl3_> ~Well, I'm not driving… Any of you guys up for it? Probably shouldn't let bozo down there drive though.~
[20:14] <@Silvy> Cecile looked over at the twins and Ellie, going to very gently guide Aoi towards the edge. Not to it, but near enough that Aoi could get comfortable being above the water.
[20:14] <@Kioku> "I'll drive," Asami says with a small smile. "Once he's back aboard, anyway…"
[20:14] <@gumbal1> Well, slightly worse for ware, aside from dignity which has been completely and utterly fucking shredded, Jay is forcibly pulled up onto the boat. The bozo would have hurt if they hadn't already come up with their own insults for themself. "…I, uh, thought the portal was the signa-wait, cna we talk through this?"
[20:15] <@gumbal1> Retcon the bozo part.
[20:16] <@Nemi> * Ellie nods and smiles gently. "Sorry about that."
[20:16] <@gumbal1> And now they had ears, too.
01[20:16] <Antichthon> If there was a Firwatch report on this mission, it would probably read "Spent half the time waiting for someone to drive the boat."
[20:17] <@Silvy> "Asami, g-go ahead and drive." Cecile stated as she gave another squeeze to Aoi's hand before adding in, "U-Um, pah-please?"
[20:18] <@Kioku> Asami giggles and… well, good thing for that hour long class. To the waypoint!
[20:18] <@gumbal1> Jay probably could have just used their powers to direct the boat where they wanted it to go, but why do that? Why do anything, now?
01[20:19] <Antichthon> And they were off! It would take a good hour to reach where they needed to go, and this was the part of the mission where they'd probably chat and get to know each other, but gosh, maybe they'd already done enough of that at the pier.
[20:19] <@gumbal1> Jay stayed silent, anyways, and stewed in their rapidly deteriorating emotional state.
[20:20] <@Kioku> Probably a little less than halfway through the trip, both Asami and Akemi shiver and wince, forms flickering a little before Asami's vanishes into nothing. Akemi eeps and jumps up to try to guide the boat the rest of the way over if nobody else does, but it's pretty clear she's very uncomfortable.
[20:20] <tripl3_> Aoi chatted amiably with Cecile, still quite nervous but enjoying the chance to converse without a pencil in the mix.
[20:21] <@gumbal1> Welp, time to manually control this thing with their powers.
01[20:21] <Antichthon> They passed a few small islands, some sandbars jutting out of the blue-green water, and were over the reef soon enough. The waypoint was still half an hour away, but the reef, the reef was beautiful beneath them. The colors, the fish! …Oh, wait, that lasted all of two minutes before they hit a huge patch of bleached coral. Now it was pretty dull.
[20:21] <@gumbal1> The boat finds itself steadied, and seeming driving without Akemi's input.
[20:22] <@Silvy> Cecile chatted back, laying her head on Aoi's shoulder despite the awkward helmets. Having friends was awesome! She looked at the bleached coral and cocked her head to the side. Weird. Coral is weird.
[20:23] <@Nemi> * Ellie peers out all of the interesting sights as they go. Once they hit the /bleached/ areas, though.. It's time for her to reach out, looking for /any/ little minds, any signs of life.
[20:24] <@gumbal1> This would have been really cool if Jay wasn't suffering a complete panic attack, but, well, cie la vie. Or however you say it. French was too hard, anyways.
01[20:25] <Antichthon> A few patches of color here and there, but the Great Barrier Reef was not in good shape, and it had nothing to do with the mission they were on, probably. The Reef just couldn't catch a break. Ellie would find plenty of litte minds. The bleached coral was a shadow of its former self, but there was still life making its home in those rocks and calcified husks.
[20:26] <@Kioku> Akemi is glad to not have to control the boat, but even in her uncomfortable state she's… well… not going to miss the panic. She overs a hand over Joshua's shoulder, looking for permission. "Calm?" The poor reef, though… something she'd long wanted to see, and…
03[20:26] * Silvors (ten.letyrutnec.nyd.79-861-111-06|srovliS#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.79-861-111-06|srovliS) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
03[20:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Silvors
[20:27] <@gumbal1> "Uhhh, no, not really. Uh…" Jay swats the hand from their shoulders. "Please, uh…please don't touch me."
01[20:27] <Antichthon> It wasn't all bad, though. There were still parts of the reef just about as amazing, colorful and full of life as you'd expect, but those stretches were getting smaller every year.
[20:27] <@Nemi> * "Life still clings on here, but the Reef… I don't feel anything sick. We're not here yet.."
02[20:28] * @Silvy (ten.letyrutnec.nyd.79-861-111-06|srovliS#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.79-861-111-06|srovliS) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:29] <tripl3_> Looking out at the water somewhat more calmly than before, Aoi gave Cecile's hand a squeeze. ~It's all so dead… I don't normally feel sorry for water things, but this is just sad.~
[20:30] <@Kioku> Akemi frowns and sighs, resigned to have to deal with feeling the panic. Why he /wants/ to stay in that state, she has no idea, but… his choice. At least until it endangers them. "If you say so… but I'm going to shut down the panic like it or not if we get in a bad situation, unless you've got a really good reason to keep it…"
[20:30] <@Silvors> "Of course we aren't! There's another half hour before we get there." Cecile looks over at Aoi and returns the squeeze. ~You don't? I like fishies, they look funny.~ Cecile puffs her cheeks up and pouts to look like a fish. ~I think this place is pretty, even if some of it's not as colorful.~ Cecile doesn't really know that the colors are abnormal. She's never been here or seen any pictures.
01[20:30] <Antichthon> No, much of the bleached coral was just straight-up dead. There was definitely sickness, but nothing supernatural about it. That is, until the were about fifteen minutes out from the waypoint. Ellie would begin to feel a different kind of sickness, definitely supernatural. The wierd part? The reef where the sickness was strongest was the lushest.
[20:30] <@Nemi> * "It's.. Sick here," she muses. "But the /reef/ is- it's so /alive/ here.."
[20:31] <@Silvors> "Maybe it's making other places not as alive so it gets more alive?" Cecile asks.
[20:31] <@gumbal1> Well, the relative quiet was calming them down, at least. And the suit did feel oddly…comforting.
01[20:32] <Antichthon> They were soon at the waypoint, and the sickness was stronger than ever. The coral itself, healthier than ever. But the animal life was suffering.
[20:32] <@Kioku> "Well, viruses, fungi, parasites are all alive, I suppose…" Akemi murmurs. "You can tell the difference between sick and not?"
01[20:32] <Antichthon> There was a ship on the horizion
01[20:32] <Antichthon> > PERCEPTION
[20:33] <@Kioku> r 11
[20:33] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 4 3 3 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
[20:33] <@Silvors> r 7
[20:33] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 4 4 4 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
[20:34] <@gumbal1> > Would Jay get a bonus by lookign through everyone's video feed?
[20:34] <@Nemi> r 10
[20:34] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 4 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
01[20:34] <Antichthon> > Jay gets +2 bonus for cross-referencing angles
[20:35] <@Nemi> "I can /feel/ the difference and.. there's a ship, there? But- the animals here are suffering, badly, the coral is doing /well/, I can /feel/ it.."
[20:35] <@gumbal1> r 6
[20:35] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 3 3 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 0 ]
[20:36] <@gumbal1> (Apparently i'ts actually supposed to be 9, so)
[20:36] <@gumbal1> r 11
[20:36] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 6 6 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[20:36] <tripl3_> r 8
[20:36] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for tripl3_: [ 6 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
01[20:37] <Antichthon> Joshua and Akemi can make out more details of the ship. It was mostly facing them, its hull was a bit like a huge catamaran, and on its side, "RV Hydra"
[20:38] <@gumbal1> "Hey, uh, what's an RV Hydra?"
01[20:38] <Antichthon> Beneath them, Ellie continues to feel the minds of suffering life. Oddly keen, oddly single-minded about something, but very much suffering.
[20:40] <@Nemi> * "They're.. focused on something, but I can't quite figure out what- their minds are so small, so simple, it's hard for me to figure them out."
[20:40] <@Kioku> "Research vessel," Akemi murmurs. She doesn't know ships well, but that's basically the one and only abbreviation that's stuck with her, since she's so interested in… well… research.
[20:40] <@Silvors> Cecile blinks a few times before looking at the boat. "Um… I dunno! W-We could go over there an-and ask them?"
01[20:41] <Antichthon> > Ellie, receptive telepathy roll (12 dice)
[20:42] <tripl3_> Aoi, on the other hand, was suspicious. ~A research vessel this far out? Seems fishy. If it's out here for the same reason we are, why would they send us? And if not, what *is* it doing here?~
[20:42] <@Nemi> r 12
[20:42] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 5 5 4 4 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[20:42] <Antichthon> Ellie, you feel that the simple minds aren't quite as simple as they should be.
[20:43] <@Nemi> ".. how odd.. they're not- they're a little more intelligent than sea life /should/ be." Ellie leans over the edge of the yacht's little railing, peering down into the clear waters below.
01[20:43] <Antichthon> > Perception for anyone looking over the edge of the boat
[20:43] <@Kioku> "Well, you'd think anyone out here would probably notice, if they've gone over this area and paid attention, right? Maybe researching the cause without knowing what it is…" \I'm more worried that they might bring this, whatever it is, to shore if it's able to infect humans too.[20:44] <tripl3_> r 8
[20:44] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for tripl3_: [ 6 5 5 4 3 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[20:44] <@Kioku> r 9
[20:44] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 5 5 4 3 3 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[20:44] <@gumbal1> r 11
[20:44] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 5 5 5 5 4 3 3 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[20:44] <@Silvors> r 7
[20:44] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 5 4 4 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[20:44] <@Nemi> r 10
[20:44] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 5 5 4 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
01[20:45] <Antichthon> The Reef is fairly shallow here. Among the colorful corals, there are many colorful fish. Jay, you notice colors that aren't supposed to be there. Many of the fish have purple pustules on their bodies.
[20:46] <@gumbal1> "Hey, uh, the fish are…infected. With something. Very bad."
[20:48] <@Nemi> * "I noticed. No wonder they're thinking a little more strangely.."
[20:48] <tripl3_> ~Infected? That doesn't sound good.~
[20:49] <@Kioku> Akemi shivers again a little and tastes the emotions around her - more to see if any other strongly-feeling spirits (especially primals) are around - and thus whether it's "safe" to let go of her physical form for a bit due to her discomfort. And because it would let her swim better.
01[20:49] <Antichthon> > Akemi, Heartseeker
[20:50] <@Kioku> r 11
[20:50] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 5 5 5 3 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[20:50] <@Nemi> * Ellie tries to focus her attention on one of the fish in particular, trying to see if she can worm into its head and figure it out..
01[20:51] <Antichthon> No spirits, but the creatures in water seem a bit more advanced than they should be, including emotionally.
01[20:51] <Antichthon> > Ellie, Projective Telepathy (12 dice)
[20:53] <@Nemi> r 12
[20:53] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
01[20:54] <Antichthon> The fish is distressed. It hurts. There are things moving around inside of it, squirming. But it needs to care for the reef. Care for the reef. Above anything care for the reef.
[20:55] <@Nemi> ".. it's- been parasitized.. the reef itself, I think, has infected the fish, made them.. tend the reef.."
[20:56] <@gumbal1> Okay, well, that settles a lot of things, certainly that Joshua probably would not be diving down there.
[20:56] <tripl3_> ~That doesn't seem like normal reef behavior…~
[20:57] <@Silvors> Cecile looked at her wrist. She didn't think that she could heal parasites away. ~Nope. Um-Um… M-Maybe th-the boat has s-something to do with it? Since, w-well… I-It's suspicious?~
[20:57] <@Kioku> Akemi gives a little nod. "Mmh, they feel… I think there's more /feeling/ down there than there should be. Ah- that other ship is probably wondering what we're doing out here too."
[21:01] <@Nemi> "We should check in with them, you think? Jaaaay," Ellie calls to the cabin. "Can you work the radio, try to call them?"
[21:02] <@gumbal1> "Uh, okay, uh…do we have a radio?" Doesn't wait for an answer. They're already checking for that eventuality.
01[21:06] <Antichthon> They did have a radio. But apparently the other ship had the same idea, because the radio crackled to life. "Unknown watercraft," Came a calm but forceful masculine voice, "registration [BADANIME], this area has been quarantined by the Queensland Department of Environment. Leave Immediately."
[21:07] <tripl3_> ~That's *definitely* not suspicious. Nope, not at all.~
[21:07] <@Kioku> Akemi frowns slightly and hums. ~Should I?~
01[21:08] <Antichthon> Before Jie had parted with them, she'd given them all the data they needed to show that yes, the students were allowed to be here legally.
[21:08] <@Silvors> Cecile hopped on over to the radio, ~We should tell them that Queensland Department of Enviornment did that thing and that /they/ shouldn't be here.~ Cecile said before going to remember what Jie said and tossing the radio to Akemi.
[21:08] <@gumbal1> …and then something breaks. Maybe it's just because they're stressed. Maybe it's everything that's been going on these past few days. Maybe it's the suit. And so, Joshua sends a message. The exact same message, in fact, except pitched higher, like a child might pitch their voice to mock someone else. She doesn't even bother to use her own voice; she just sends an exact copy of the original message, pitched up.
[21:09] <@gumbal1> Beat.
[21:09] <@gumbal1> «…sorry, comm error on our part.»
[21:10] <@Nemi> * Ellie peers into the cabin at Joshua, bemused.
[21:11] <@gumbal1> And with that, Jay sheepishly beams over the identification data.
01[21:11] <Antichthon> Also the boat they were on was named "A Good Thing." Probably should have mentioned that.
[21:14] <@Nemi> ".. aaanyway," Ellie raises the wrist device and murmurs into it, "Jie? Hi, just got some updates for you. There's some kind of .. Parasitization of the fish and other life out here at the reef, where they're directed to.. tend the reef, basically. We've just been hailed by the RV Hydra, apparently because this area's under quarantine from the D oh Ee."
01[21:14] <Antichthon> A brief silence while the other ship ruminated on the weird response. "Watercraft 'A Good Thing,' I reapeat, this area is quarantined. Leave immediately, or you risk being charged with a federal crime."
[21:16] <@gumbal1> Well, there's tiny little pebbles, and then there's sand, Jay guesses. «Listen, asshole, I gave you our fucking data! We're cleared to be here, you aren't! Now make like a leaf and fuck off before whatever's lurking in this reef sinks your shitty lemon of a boat.»
01[21:16] <Antichthon> Jie responded. "One moment." Literally one moment. "…The Queensland DoE is still mobilizing a response to the disease, know to expect your boat, and has no ship called RV Hydra in its fleet."
[21:16] <@Silvors> Cecile's eyes went wide as she turned to look at Joshua. "L-Let's ram 'em!"
[21:16] <@Nemi> "Yeah, these guys are frauds. The ACTUAL Dee Oh Ee should be expecting us," Ellie calls into the cabin.
01[21:16] <Antichthon> The ship didn't respond, but didn't leave, either.
[21:17] <tripl3_> ~Called it. I soooo called it.~
[21:17] <@Kioku> Akemi grows increasingly impatient and annoyed as she's interrupted every time she starts to open her mouth to say something, compounded by Jay's total lack of tact.
[21:17] <@Silvors> Cecile puffs her cheeks up and looks over at Aoi, ~I-I called i-it first. I j-jsut didn't say anything ab-bout it.~
[21:17] <@gumbal1> «Hey, dickwipe, you have five, I repeat, five fucking minutes to turn around and leave before I drive over their and fuck up your engines myself. Do you hear me!? DO! YOU! HEAR! ME!?»
[21:18] <@Silvors> "J-Josh… i-if they're b-bad guys we should g-go over there anyways and n-not let them run away, right?"
[21:18] <@Kioku> "We're not going to ram anyone. Joshua, /shut up./ Shouting at imposters isn't helping."
[21:18] <@Kioku> "Hell, they might be infected."
01[21:18] <Antichthon> No response from the ship.
[21:20] <@Silvors> Cecile puffs up her cheeks. "C-Can we sheep th-them then?" That was a thing, right? Rams were sheeps and ramming was a thing, so is sheeping a thing?
[21:20] <@Nemi> * Ellie puts both hands up on her face and very gently facepalms. Double facepalms.
[21:21] <@gumbal1> The radio sparks, slightly. "What the fuck does that even matter, then? They can't hear me! What, am I bringing down the fucking image you all have? I can't help that I'm fucking worthless as shit as some kind of fucking infiltrator, much less a functional member of a fucking team of anomalous superheroes! What do they even care, what are they going to release this on the internet or something! Let them! Let them fucking embarass me live on th
[21:21] <@gumbal1> e fucking internet, they can't change anything!""
[21:22] <@gumbal1> «You have four minutes! If a normal fucking human does not answer me in the next four minutes, I am going over to sink your fucking ship! Do! You! Copy!?»
02[21:22] * SnoozleBee (dooF.sevoL.yllaeR|525721diu#dooF.sevoL.yllaeR|525721diu) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[21:22] <@Silvors> Cecile puffs up her cheeks and sends Vanilla over to hug Joshua, becasue Joshua seemed like they needed a hug. "L-Let's go over there an-anyways." Cecile states, going to pat Aoi's head once.
[21:22] <@gumbal1> "Don't touch me!" Jay's swat is forceful, this time.
[21:23] <tripl3_> Accepting the pat, Aoi aims her thoughts at Joshua, forgetting he isn't on the link and can't hear a word she thinks. ~Oi, asshole. Calm down.~
01[21:24] <Antichthon> Still no response from the ship.
[21:24] <@Silvors> Cecile glances over at Aoi and mouths 'be nice' before giving a small grin to the girl. Vanilla seems unaffected. It's a bit like swatting at concrete only without the pain.
[21:25] <@gumbal1> «THREE! MINUTES! THREE MINUTES FOR ANYTHING WORTH FUCKING LIVING, ANYTHING AT FUCKING ALL, TO LET ITSELF BE HEARD!» Ellie and Akemi can sense that she isn't even angry anymore. She's just keeping it up, because the alternative is to break down crying.
[21:26] <@Kioku> Akemi lets out a long breath. Must. Not. Possess. Idiot. But she /did/ say if his mood put them in danger, she'd shut it down… and this qualifies. So she reaches out to grip Jay's panic and stress, and tries to just basically shut it off. Well no, that could be cruel. More, tone it down to about 1/10.
01[21:27] <Antichthon> > Akemi, Heartseeker. Jay, Willpower.
01[21:28] <Antichthon> > Soul caress, not Heartseeker
[21:28] <@Kioku> r 13
[21:28] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 13 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[21:28] <@gumbal1> r 8 Too much circuitry's been miswired up there. Some on purpose, others, just the natural consequence of abuse.
[21:28] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 5 3 3 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[21:29] <@Nemi> * Ellie rubs at her temples now, and calls Jie. ".. Jay's having a bit of a breakdown. I think we might want to scrub this if you can get someone in the area to check out the impostors here on the Hydra."
01[21:30] <Antichthon> Jay's panic and stress does indeed lessen, but doesn't go away entirely. Also with her long experience with such things, Jay proooobaby finds it weird that it just went away like that.
[21:31] <@gumbal1> When the self hatred, the shame, everythign else is torn down, Jay isn't left with much else but an odd sort of blankness. And blankness is never a good thing. Jay jumps right from Anger to Despair, skipping bargaining, and just sort of…breathes deeply. «I'm fine, Jie. I'm just…I'm fine. Nothing's wrong.»
01[21:32] <Antichthon> "It's your mission," Jie responded. "If you want Firewatch support to deal with that ship, you can have it. If you want to call it, you can."
[21:32] <@gumbal1> «I don't need…no, I don't need help. We're fine.»
[21:33] <@Kioku> Akemi unrepentantly stares at Jay. "Endangering us," she says with no further explanation and no attempt to deflect blame. She does wince at the feeling of despair though. \That's… not better, but it is less dangerous to all of us.\ "I can get into the ship," she murmurs.
[21:33] <@Nemi> Ellie just gives a critical look to Jay, brows up. She /felt/ that shift, and she eyes Akemi. Damnit. She never used her powers on friends unless it was absolutely critical, because it gets /that/. "Do it, then."
[21:33] <@gumbal1> "And I can sink it without even entering."
[21:34] <@Kioku> "We don't /want/ to sink it."
[21:34] <@Silvors> Cecile raises a hand. "U-Um… I-I could bring it over here if y-you guys want?"
[21:34] <@Silvors> "Th-Their ship, I-I mean."
[21:34] <@gumbal1> "Just get me close and I can start a…" Jay blinks. "…I guess not. Fine. But I want to be on that ship for whatever's there."
[21:36] <@Silvors> "O-Or I could bring it cl-close so Jay c-can hack it? L-Like a team th-thing?"
[21:37] <@Kioku> Akemi rubs her head. "Ellie, could you figure out if whatever's affecting the fish is affecting the crew? From here, or closer, either way. And could one of us act as a relay for your power, if so?"
[21:38] <@gumbal1> "Is…how close, exactly, are you talking." A far cry from before, Jay just sort of looks tired. "I can raid it for info if I'm close enough, and if we don't need anything else I can steer it towards wherever we need to steer it. Or tar it."
[21:38] <@Nemi> "I can definitely use one of you as a relay, yes. It's a little tricky at this range yet, so.."
[21:39] <@Silvors> "Um… I-I don't know. I-I could maybe g-get it adjacent to ours? O-Or within a few f-feet?" Cecile spoke, scratching the back of her head. "I-I can k-kinda bend sp-space. O-Or stretch it. O-Or compress i-it."
[21:39] <@Nemi> * Ellie turns to peer at the ship, and tries to feel it out- she's not confident she can get /much/ from this range, but if she can feel anything aberrant about the thoughts coming off its inhabitants, she'll try…
[21:39] <@gumbal1> "Well fuck me, that's more than enough." Once more, Jay sighs. "…bring it over."
01[21:39] <Antichthon> > Akemi, assist roll, Heartseeker
[21:40] <@Kioku> Akemi nods. "Something tells me we don't want to spook them. Move our ship or theirs. I could swim close enough, walk right through the hull to get inside, but…"
01[21:40] <Antichthon> (If Akemi is acting as a relay)
[21:40] <tripl3_> ~If anything goes wrong, I could always blow it away… Just make sure to cover your ears.~
[21:40] <@Kioku> (Akemi was talking about if she did above outlined plan, and they tried then, but she can try to amplify for Ellie from here too, I suppose?)
[21:40] <@Silvors> ~Y-You have su-super breathing?~ Cecile asks, looking over at Aoi and looking surprised. Of course, Cecile hadn't mentioned her space warping to anyone present but still. ~Coooool!~
[21:41] <@Kioku> r 11
[21:41] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[21:41] <tripl3_> Aoi laughed a little. ~Hardly. If it comes to it, you'll see.~
01[21:41] <Antichthon> > Ellie, receptive telepathy, (15 dice)
[21:42] <@Nemi> r 15
[21:42] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 3 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 9 ]
01[21:47] <Antichthon> Ellie can hear bloody every thought on that ship. They weren't infected, not unless the effect on humans was completely different. Some were agitated about the yacht. Quite a few were zoned off in the tasks they did day after day after day. Most of them were just in it for the paycheck. a few, however, were thinking quite clearly. From them, Ellie would learn that the whole "Queensland DoE Quarantine" Bit was just a cover (which the students had already figured out), and what the ship was really doing there was harvesting the anomalous worms that were parasitizing the animal life here. Anomalies, any anomalies, went big on the market.
[21:49] <@Nemi> ".. iiinteresting." Ellie looks to the others as she flicks out the wrist device again. "Everyone, Jie? These people are harvesting the .. Well, anomalous worms responsible for the parasitization of the animals here. For sale."
[21:49] <@gumbal1> Well, that was a mood dropper. A really, really big mood dropper.
[21:50] <@Silvors> "Are th-they from the s-same people that captured M-Mary?" Cecile was suddenly rather scared. She remembered that crystal clear and squeezed Aoi's hand a bit tighter. She didn't want to go through all that again.
[21:50] <@Nemi> "I'm.. I'm not sure."
[21:50] <@Nemi> "Most are just mercs in it for the paycheck. Some are zoned out."
01[21:52] <Antichthon> "Okay," Jie said. "Good work." That was all. She was trying to leave as much as possible in their hands, after all. that included as little advice or suggestions as possible.
[21:52] <@gumbal1> "…why didn't they answer?" Joshua sort of looks up, with a blank look on his face. "The could have answered."
[21:52] <@Silvors> "B-Because th-they're ba-bad guys… sh-should I bring th-their boat o-over?"
[21:52] <@gumbal1> "…what now? Brick their data? Make contact? Fight them off?"
01[21:52] <Antichthon> Ellie still has a good connection with the ship, but she isn't in any position to know if they were the same group as what captured Mary.
[21:52] <tripl3_> ~It's probably best to stop them. Hard.~
[21:52] <@Kioku> Akemi's hands twitch. Not even for independant research? At least that would have been respectable. But noo, it just had to be all about money. Working a job for money is fine, sure, but you don't put it above the environment, and these could have a major impact if they spread! "Parasites controlling sea life. Sea life tending the reef. Area around here seemingly dying. But is it the same lifeform in different life stages, or… hmm…"
[21:53] <@gumbal1> "…sure. Go ahead. I don't…really care. If they're bad, they're bad." The last sentence is said without any sort of conviction at all.
[21:55] <@Silvors> Cecile nodded and went to reach a hand out and try to make the space between their ship and the other really tiny. Just bend and fold it and squeeze it until the ships are close enough to hop between.
[21:55] <@Nemi> "Fine.. Fine. Stop them. Don't kill anyone, please. Their data might be useful for evidence, if not information."
01[21:55] <Antichthon> > Cecile, Space Is Shifting
[21:55] <@Silvors> r 12
[21:55] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 5 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[21:58] <tripl3_> Aoi, apparently struck by a sudden bout of seasickness that she'd been holding back for a while, slipped off to one end of the boat. ~I'm not feeling so well at the moment… Think I'm going to stay out of this, sorry.~
[21:59] <@Silvors> Cecile looked at Aoi over a shoulder, ~Y-You could call Jie and go back t-to the dorms?~
[21:59] <@Nemi> ~Certainly. Rest well, stay safe.~
01[21:59] <Antichthon> The ship definitely moved, and everyone on board was now definitely alarmed. Mostly because as it turns out, space shifting something while it was in water was a complex thing. The ship, huge thing as it was, rocked and bucked heavily ni the suddenly churning water. If its hull hadn't been catamaran-like, it might have even capsized. There were quite a few wounded aboard the ship now, from falling and hitting sharp corners, to being stabbed by rogue knives. No one fatally wounded, though. The ship was now halfway to the the yacht.
[21:59] <@gumbal1> And, well…Joshua just sort of goes ahead and worms her way into the databanks she can sense from the ship. Whatever seems important, she stores on her phone, and subsequently bricks and replaces with a video of a monkey peeing into its own mouth. Whatever doesn't look important, she just outright bricks and proceeds to replace with the same video of said monkey peeing into its own mouth. When her phone fills up, she transfers the data to clo
[21:59] <@gumbal1> ud, and deletes what's on her phone proper to make space.
01[22:00] <Antichthon> > Joshua, Its a Map of New York
[22:00] <@Kioku> Akemi looks ready to just jump into the water at any moment, though it's unclear whether she wants more to study the wildlife or board that ship.
03[22:01] * tripl3_ (ten.tsewq.nrlh.75-843-6-88|dgod3lpirt#ten.tsewq.nrlh.75-843-6-88|dgod3lpirt) has left #sunnybrook-fireflies (Leaving)
[22:01] <@gumbal1> r 12 (3 focus) So maybe it's the wrong time…
[22:01] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 5 5 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:01] <Antichthon> portal opened for Aoi, and she was safely escorted back to Sanctum.
[22:01] <@Silvors> "Oh my gosh, did you see that!?" Cecile says jumping to turn and face the others with a big smile. "I-I moved th-that whole boat wi-with my power!"
[22:02] <@Nemi> * Ellie, meanwhile, is now in reach enough to try and reach out to the various poachers and crewmen aboard the Hydra, aiming to .. well, quietly flick the forebrains of each man she can reach off and on again real quick- like turning the lights off, forcing a hard reboot, and most likely leaving them unconscious for a while. "That was pretty amazing, Cecile."
[22:02] <@Silvors> Cecile beamed at Ellie's approval before going to pull Vanilla back over. "U-Um… I-I'm gonna g-go board the boat." Cecile said, crawling onto Vanilla's back. "So, u-um, y-yeah!"
[22:03] <@gumbal1> She doesn't seem to take any humor in it. She just sort of looks tired, all things considered, even as she basically dooms the crew of the ship to about a week of the same monkey video until a passing ship comes to save them from their bricked GPS systems.
01[22:04] <Antichthon> Yep, they were all unconscious now.
[22:04] <@gumbal1> Welp, they just created the absolute worst ontological mystery in the history of ever, so that's a thing.
01[22:05] <Antichthon> The ship was still a ways away, but within Joshua's range, but too far to swim. The electronics aboard that boat were not at all complex, and Joshua succeeded in every respect. He also accessed data even Ellie hadn't fully collected, because human thought is messy and informal. The big thing? A scientist on board had determined that The pustules on the sea life were where the worms bred. each generation was a slightly different color than the last. The scientist had worked out the pattern, and figured out it was quite possible to track the path of the infection based on generation.
[22:06] <@gumbal1> «Hey, Jie, I just stole a bunch of research on the fish. Turns out they're worms. Want the full report?»
01[22:07] <Antichthon> "Yep. Transmit now." Joshua would feel a technopathic link open to him, one way. He could offload everfything he's learned in a second.
[22:08] <@Nemi> "Hey, Jie. The poachers are down for naptime. I /do/ want to dive down real quick to have a look.. and nice /work/, Jay. I think I can avoid diving, then."
[22:08] <@gumbal1> She retained none of it, really, though she could transfer the info from cloud to her brain. Which she proceeds to do. «Anyways, they're at [COORDINATES]. I'd say leave them stranded for about a week before swooping down to mass arrest them but that's just me. I don't really care. I'm tired.»
01[22:09] <Antichthon> The data Jay had absorbed was now freely available on the computer.
[22:09] <@Kioku> Asami… pouts. \Stolen research? I wanted to learn about them personally… though I guess this is a lot easier and faster… and we don't really have the time for the level of observation I'd like…01[22:09] <Antichthon> Anyone who wants to look at the data can roll an analysis or investigation roll.
[22:10] <@Silvors> Ha! Like Cecile is smart enough to even understand half of it. She will look at it, but she won't understand a thing.
[22:10] <@Silvors> r 2
[22:10] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 2 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 5 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
[22:10] <@Silvors> See?
[22:10] <@Kioku> She has a more academic interest in it than anything, but seeing what she can learn is always nice. \I just hope to still get to make personal observations besides.[22:11] <@Kioku> r 6
[22:11] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 5 5 4 3 3 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[22:11] <@Silvors> "How a-are there w-worms in the big river?"
[22:11] <@Nemi> Ellie will take a look, why not? She's interested in everything.
[22:11] <@Nemi> r 9
[22:11] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 5 5 3 3 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[22:13] <Antichthon> Ellie, It occurs to you that with this information on pustule color, it would probably be possible to trace the parasites back to generation one.
01[22:13] <Antichthon> Also, the research suggests that infected life does not move around much. Find generation one, find the source.
[22:15] <@Nemi> ".. it occurs to me that with what we know of the pustules, it's liable we could /trace/ the /source/…"
[22:15] <@Nemi> Ellie taps at her chin, smiling. "Who wants to take a dive with me?"
[22:16] <@Silvors> Cecile clambers off Vanilla now that they didn't need to go over and sends her little monochrome copy to hug Joshua, since the boy looked like he needed a hug. "I don't know what a pustule is." Cecile states with a confused blink.
[22:16] <@gumbal1> "I will. Fine. Couldn't hurt."
[22:17] <@Kioku> Akemi nods, having been about to say the same thing. "I'm heading down either way. Not like they pose any threat to something they can't touch." With that, she lets go of her physical form and drops through the bottom of the boat.
[22:17] <@Nemi> "Pustule. Cyst. Think of a swollen blob of meat."
[22:17] <@Nemi> ".. Right. Keep your helmet on, Jay." Ellie smiles as she tucks her hair into a neat bun and then backs up to reverse dive off the boat. A trick she learned from her father, actually.
[22:18] <@Silvors> "Oooh, the bumps with stuff." Cecile states with a nod, understanding now. "Cisti." The Italian states.
[22:18] <@Silvors> Cecile just flops into the water, Vanilla getting smaller and jumping onto Cecile's back to act like a jetpack with its flight. An underwater jetpack.
[22:19] <@gumbal1> And Jay just…actually, she rather gracefully dives this time. Maybe she's trained in it.
01[22:19] <Antichthon> The water was quite shallow; the top of the reef was only about twenty fet down in some places. The fish? THey did not respond well to the big splash and the invasion by the human and human-ish creatures. Many small fish swarmed them, biting at them harmlessly.
[22:19] <@gumbal1> Once more, Jay accesses the video feed of her companions.
[22:20] <@gumbal1> It's actually kind of…calming, being in the deep water. Altogether, it's pretty nice.
01[22:21] <Antichthon> There's a definite color gradient, pointing a particular way. It might take them time various amounts of time to see it, but they all see it eventually.
[22:21] <@Silvors> Cecile looked forward and then at her hands. "W-Want me to sh-shrink the trip for us? So that we won't be wandering for ages? I can do little bursts forward."
[22:22] <@Nemi> * Ellie doesn't really swim. And something about her is kind of /wrong/ and /weird/ and the fishies might not want to try to bite at her, even if her face and hands and feet are bare. Maybe. She just effortlessly floats along in the water like liquid herself on through the gradient, which she seemingly identified without much effort. ~I like the scenic route.~
[22:22] <@Kioku> Akemi giggles at the expense of the others, not even displacing water herself. The equipment not being physical probably messes with the video though. ~Don't want to risk skipping over anything, Cecile.~
[22:23] <@Silvors> Cecile puffs up her cheeks, "I-I think y-you guys j-just don't wa-want to be-be scared o-of my super a-awesome space stuff. B-Because it's cool." Cecile rode forward with Vanilla clinging to her back like a jetpack. Mainly becasue Cecile can't swim and this is a nice alternative.
01[22:24] <Antichthon> The gradient being in looking a the pustules of lots and lots of fish, and see which ones are the color of an earlier generation. The worms infesting the fish due east were most commonly of an earlier generation.
[22:24] <@gumbal1> Well, that's the way, then. Joshua's somewhat slow to swim, however. Maybe she's enjoying the view?
01[22:26] <Antichthon> It was definitely a scenic view. The sickness was making animals suffer greatly, but it didn't seem to kill the fish. And they did one damn fine of making the reef glow llike it probably hadn't since before the industrial revolution.
[22:26] <@Nemi> * Ellie just floats along without making any motions, like a boneless corpse zooming along through the swarms of fishies.
[22:26] <@Silvors> Cecile rolls over and waves at Joshua as Vanilla carries Cecile due east!
01[22:26] <Antichthon> An octopus attacks Joshua. It's not a threat, but that beak is sharp. Ouch!
[22:27] <@Kioku> Akemi kind of just drifts through the water, both enjoying the view and feeling terrible for all this suffering… and thus feeling terrible for enjoying the view.
[22:27] <@gumbal1> And that ruined the scene route, somewhat. Joshua speeds her swimming up.
01[22:27] <Antichthon> > PERCEPTION
[22:27] <@Nemi> * Oh no! Ellie likes Octopi! Her boneless brethren! She'll try to shoo the octo away with a little mental impulse.
[22:27] <@Nemi> r 10 perc
[22:27] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 5 5 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:28] <Antichthon> > Ellie, Receptive Telepathy
01[22:28] <Antichthon> > Akemi, Heartseeker
01[22:28] <Antichthon> (In addition to perception)
[22:28] <@Nemi> r 12
[22:28] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 6 5 4 4 4 4 3 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[22:29] <@Silvors> r 7
[22:29] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 5 3 3 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[22:29] <@Kioku> r 9 perception
[22:29] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 5 5 5 4 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[22:29] <@gumbal1> r 11
[22:29] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 4 3 3 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
[22:29] <@Kioku> r 11 Heartseeker
[22:29] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 5 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
01[22:29] <Antichthon> Ellie, the earlier the generation infecting the fish, the less simple the minds of said fish are getting…
[22:30] <@Nemi> * The more pure the strain, the higher intelligence. How akin to her own kind…
01[22:30] <Antichthon> Ellie, Akemi. You notice a huge Leatherback turtle ahead. Unlike the little fish, an attack by that thing would leave a mark. It weighed over 1000 pounds.
[22:31] <@Silvors> "I-I heard ab-about a fishperson once. I-I don't r-remember what they were called." Cecile states with a frown as her Vanillapack speeds her up to reach Akemi.
01[22:31] <Antichthon> Jay, you see the turtle, and even further on, a nasty looking Tiger Shark.
[22:32] <@gumbal1> «Shark. Nastly looking. Looks like one you're told to avoid during scuba training.»
01[22:33] <Antichthon> They're right in the path of where you need to go.
[22:33] <@Nemi> Ellie, being a smart bean, decides to .. try and adjust the leatherback's mind a bit to direct it away from the gang. THAT might hurt someone.
[22:33] <@Nemi> r 12 projective!
[22:33] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[22:33] <@Kioku> "Ooh? I want to check that out~ And the turtle, for that matter~!"
01[22:33] <Antichthon> r 5
[22:33] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 4 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:34] <Antichthon> The leatherback decides to wander off.
[22:35] <@gumbal1> Joshua tries pointing the shark out, though whether that works or not…
[22:36] <@Kioku> Akemi pouts, "swimming" faster to get a closer look before the turtle leaves, and looking for the shark Joshua mentioned.
01[22:36] <Antichthon> Akemi > Stealth
[22:36] <@Kioku> r 7
[22:36] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 5 5 5 3 3 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:36] <Antichthon> r 7
[22:36] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 4 4 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:38] <Antichthon> The leatherback sees Akemi! Somehow, it also seems to have alerted the tiger shark. These creatures, so much closer to generation 1, were getting stunningly intelligent!
[22:38] <@Nemi> * Ellie continues floating amiably onward, not quite yet noticing the shark in the clouds of fish and other sea life about them.
01[22:38] <Antichthon> > Initiative
[22:38] <@Nemi> r 5
[22:38] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 5 5 3 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[22:39] <@Kioku> r 12
[22:39] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 5 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[22:39] <@Silvors> Cecile facepalms, "Why on Earth would you do tha- OH CRAP GIANT TURTLE!"
[22:39] <@Silvors> r 8
[22:39] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 6 4 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:39] <Antichthon> r 6
[22:39] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:39] <Antichthon> r 9
[22:39] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 4 4 4 2 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
03[22:39] * Retrieving #sunnybrook-fireflies modes…
[22:39] <@gumbal1> r 6
[22:39] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 5 5 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
03[22:39] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Antichthon
03[22:41] * Antichthon changes topic to 'AKEMI > CECILE > TIGER SHARK > JOSHUA > LEATHERBACK > ELLIE'
01[22:41] <@Antichthon> > AKEMI
[22:41] <@Kioku> Akemi's eyebrows flick upward and she tries to pull the turtle's attention all to herself, hopefully to the point of making the others practically undetectable to it, then starts swimming more or less perpendicular to her previous path to lead it away.
[22:41] <@Kioku> r 13
[22:41] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 13 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:41] <@Antichthon> r 5
[22:41] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 4 4 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
01[22:42] <@Antichthon> It succeeds, the leatherback has eyes only for Akemi. She's used to that.
01[22:43] <@Antichthon> > CECILE
[22:44] <@Silvors> Cecile goes to swim (read: Vanillapack) towards the shark and create warped space around herself. Her intent was to get it to focus on her… and make it harder to hit her.
[22:45] <@Silvors> r 12
[22:45] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 6 5 4 4 4 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[22:45] <@Silvors> (-2 to shark for 3 rounds)
01[22:45] <@Antichthon> r 13 That tigershark was quick as hell!
[22:45] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 13 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 5 4 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[22:45] <@Antichthon> It darts around the warped space..
01[22:45] <@Antichthon> > Tiger Shark
01[22:45] <@Antichthon> But still goes for Cecile!
01[22:47] <@Antichthon> r 15 Tiger sharks are no joke. Anomalous infected tiger sharks? Much worse (7d 0ap)
[22:47] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[22:47] <@Silvors> Well that's fiiiiine. Cecile turns to let Vanilla take the hit.
[22:48] <@Silvors> r 16
[22:48] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
[22:48] <@Silvors> r 16
[22:48] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:48] <@Antichthon> Ranged Parry failed!
[22:48] <@Silvors> Cecile will normal parry then!
[22:49] <@Silvors> r 15
[22:49] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 5 5 5 5 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
01[22:50] <@Antichthon> The shark's jaws are deflected, but gosh, that still had to be terrifying.
01[22:50] <@Antichthon> > Joshua
[22:51] <@gumbal1> She'd read about this somewhere. Cuttlefish did this thing with their skin where they basically hypnotized their prey. So, Joshua hijacks the lights on everyone's suit, and attempts to create a pattern that will distract the shark.
[22:51] <@gumbal1> r 9
[22:51] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[22:52] <@Antichthon> r 9
[22:52] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 5 4 3 3 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[22:52] <@Antichthon> The shark ain't having any of it.
01[22:53] <@Antichthon> > LEATHERBACK
01[22:54] <@Antichthon> Leatherback leatherbites Akemi.
01[22:54] <@Antichthon> r 10 Not as bad as a shark.
[22:54] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[22:54] <@Kioku> Akemi is incorporeal… but she doesn't want it to realize that! Gotta keep up the ruse!
[22:54] <@Kioku> r 18
[22:54] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 18 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
01[22:54] <@Antichthon> Leatherback leathermisses.
01[22:55] <@Antichthon> > ELLIE
[23:01] <@Nemi> * Ellie is going to…. Try and .. basically work on turning the shark's brain off and sending it careening to the depths!
[23:01] <@Nemi> * Using effort (3!)
[23:01] <@Nemi> r 15
[23:01] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 11 ]
01[23:02] <@Antichthon> r 9
01[23:02] <@Antichthon> r 9
[23:02] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[23:02] <@Antichthon> (4d 2ap)
01[23:02] <@Antichthon> r 7
[23:02] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 4 4 4 4 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
01[23:02] <@Antichthon> That shark's brain has exploded. twice.
01[23:03] <@Antichthon> Then suddenly…the ocean floor rose up to meet them! Oh, wait, no. It was just a pissed-off-to-hell-and-back humpback whale. A humpback whale with second-generation pustules.
01[23:03] <@Antichthon> r 5
[23:03] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 4 4 3 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
01[23:04] <@Antichthon> r 4
[23:04] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 4 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 3 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
03[23:04] * Antichthon changes topic to 'AKEMI > CECILE > TIGER SHARK > JOSHUA > LEATHERBACK > ELLIE > WHALE'
01[23:04] <@Antichthon> > AKEMI
[23:05] <@Nemi> * ~Almost.~ Ellie, maskless, grins.
[23:06] <@Kioku> Akemi is… greatly displeased by this. She wanted to befriend that shark, and see it up close! "They'll want that shark for study," she says half-heartedly, losing all her steam and hitting an emotional decline. At least she has the turtle to play with… \I suppose I've never hypnotized one before… I wonder how the worm impacts it…[23:07] <@Kioku> r 13 Trying to start to build devotion in it, to see how it conflicts with the worm… or if it just affects the worm itself.
[23:07] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 13 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[23:08] <@Antichthon> r 5 The worms seemed to have made this turtle almost sapient.
[23:08] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 4 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[23:08] <@Antichthon> 2 Receptiveness!
01[23:09] <@Antichthon> > CECILE
[23:09] <@Silvors> Cecile had tried to show off using her power, but FUCK THAT. It turns out that when it comes to giant terrifying mosnters with waaaay too many sharp teeth (seriously, Cecile was scared of sharp teeth to begin with) the best plan is the classic one. Stab it in the fucking pancreas! So she…. oh, the shark is dead. OH FUCK IS THAT A WHALE!? Cecile goes to stab the whale in its… eye. Maybe she can reach the brain if she
[23:09] <@Silvors> extends her spear and turns it into a giant lance? Yeah! A giant lance hitting a whale eye would work, right?(6dam, 1ap)
[23:09] <@Silvors> r 16
[23:09] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
01[23:10] <@Antichthon> The whale, to everyone's surprise, tanks!
01[23:10] <@Antichthon> r 11
[23:10] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 4 4 4 3 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[23:10] <@Antichthon> 3 damage!
01[23:11] <@Antichthon> The whale is now minus one eye. an ugly orange worm burst from the hole and waggled at Cecile. It was pretty disgusting.
03[23:11] * Antichthon changes topic to 'AKEMI > CECILE > JOSHUA > LEATHERBACK > ELLIE > WHALE'
01[23:11] <@Antichthon> > JOSHUA
[23:12] <@gumbal1> That's it that's the entire turn. Just a sustained, constant screaming.
[23:12] <@Silvors> Ewwwww! Cecile gags in her suit.
[23:12] <@Nemi> ~Such a /pity/. That the worms are so.. visceral in their possession. So unlike the pure perfection of the Tears.~
[23:12] <@Silvors> ~Uhhh, what?~
01[23:12] <@Antichthon> > LEATHERBACK
[23:13] <@Nemi> ~.. Nothing.~
01[23:13] <@Antichthon> Well, the turle was still chomping after Akemi since it didn't know she wasn't there.
01[23:13] <@Antichthon> r 10 chomp chomp chomp
[23:13] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 5 5 5 5 4 3 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[23:13] <@Kioku> r 16
[23:13] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 6 6 6 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
01[23:14] <@Antichthon> Miss again!
01[23:14] <@Antichthon> > ELLIE
[23:15] <@Nemi> * Ellie turns her attention on the Whale as she drifts aimlessly. She wants to turn it off, too.
[23:15] <@Nemi> Taking 1 psyche to refill some effort, spending 3 effort.
[23:15] <@Nemi> r 15
[23:15] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 2 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
01[23:16] <@Antichthon> Ellie > 11 Psyche
01[23:16] <@Antichthon> r 12 This whale had a surprsingly strong mind
[23:16] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 5 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[23:16] <@Antichthon> r 10 but not strong enough.
[23:16] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 4 4 4 3 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[23:17] <@Antichthon> 3 psyche damage!
01[23:17] <@Antichthon> The whale felt that, but it isn't dead.
[23:17] <@Nemi> * Ellie bores into its mind, digging, tearing..
01[23:18] <@Antichthon> > WHALE
01[23:18] <@Antichthon> This whale was intelligent. Very intelligent.
[23:18] <@Nemi> So intelligent. So delicious.
01[23:18] <@Antichthon> Intelligent enough to see Joshua as the weak link.
01[23:19] <@Antichthon> r 15 Joshua had 40 tons of whale darting right at her!
[23:19] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 5 5 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[23:19] <@gumbal1> Welp, goodbye world, that was a nice run.
[23:19] <@Silvors> Vanilla is going to intercept that. Do the hold, holding a mouth open thing.
[23:19] <@Silvors> r 16
[23:19] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 3 3 3 3 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 8 ]
[23:19] <@Silvors> r 16
[23:19] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 6 5 5 5 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
01[23:20] <@Antichthon> Success! Vanilla gets in the whale's opening mouth, and the surprised creature plows right past Joshua, spinning the poor girl in its wake.
03[23:20] * PuddleJumper (PuddleJump@2602:306:3157:tknk:pwvg:mwji:pgso:msuu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
01[23:20] <@Antichthon> > AKEMI
[23:20] <@Silvors> Cecile turns to salute at Joshua and give him a smile.
[23:21] <@gumbal1> This time, the screaming comes not just from Joshua's voice com, but plays directly from everyon's speakers, too.
[23:21] <@Kioku> Akemi is going to continue her efforts to turn the leatherback into a leatherturncoat. Err. An ally. Yes. Possibly a pet. Though that's more Asami's thing. After she shuts off her speakers.
[23:21] <@Kioku> r 13 More Devotion
[23:21] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 13 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
01[23:21] <@Antichthon> r 3
[23:21] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 3 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 3 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
01[23:22] <@Antichthon> The Leatherback is enthralled!
01[23:22] <@Antichthon> > COMBAT OVER
[23:22] <@Nemi> Ellie is sedate, basking in Joshua's suffering.
[23:22] <@Nemi> ".. let us proceed. Shall we?"
01[23:22] <@Antichthon> THe whale, if you were wondering, had enough ofthis shit and swam off.
[23:23] <@gumbal1> The screaming continues for a few minutes or so. If anything, this was a good thing. A little brush with death can help you kick your depressive episode. Sort of. Kind of. Either way, she follows.
[23:23] <@gumbal1> Ellie. Not the whale.
[23:23] <@Nemi> * Ellie floats onward, sedate as ever- moreso than normal, even.
01[23:24] <@Antichthon> Now, many of you might be wondering how a fucking WHALE could sneak up on the group? Well, it seemed to have been hiding in that ravine down there.
[23:24] <@Kioku> Akemi purrs as she feels the turtle's resistance break, and moves to pet it. Then rides it along while feeding it reinforcement and emotion, cementing her control and caressing its soul for the longer term.
01[23:24] <@Antichthon> A ravine that had several more second-generation infected fish in it, by the way.
[23:24] <@Kioku> Back to following the trail!
[23:24] <@Nemi> * Perfect… Ellie drifts down toward the ravine, letting her will flow out to feel their surroundings. She'll try to spook the second-generation fish with jabs and prods of her terrifying Will.
01[23:25] <@Antichthon> Some were spooked, others just died outright. Maybe some nibbled on the group as they passed, but they'd be harmless.
[23:25] <@Silvors> Cecile twirled as she had Vanilla teleport back to her and looked around. Where did that Whale go? She had no idea. She just went to jump down the ravine. Good stuff is always at the bottom of the ravine.
[23:26] <@gumbal1> This was some serious Soma shit going on right here. Joshua would appreciate it if Soma had actually existed in her universe.
01[23:26] <@Antichthon> The ravine was deep.
01[23:26] <@Antichthon> Very deep.
01[23:27] <@Antichthon> too deep.
[23:27] <@Silvors> Cecile did flips as she fell, because those are fun.
01[23:27] <@Antichthon> The group suddenly hit a barrier of eerie, blue fog.
[23:27] <@Nemi> * Ellie feels at home in the dark and cold and wet.
[23:27] <@Nemi> "Jiiiie… There's fog and dark.." Does Ellie feel anything in particular from the underwater fog?
01[23:28] <@Antichthon> > Ellie, Receptive Telepathy
[23:28] <@Nemi> r 12
[23:28] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 5 5 5 4 4 4 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[23:28] <@Antichthon> r 15
[23:28] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[23:29] <@Antichthon> The fog is blocking her ability.
[23:30] <@gumbal1> Joshua, meanwhile, tries prodding to see if there's any weird machine doing all this.
[23:30] <@gumbal1> r 9
[23:30] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 6 6 4 4 3 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[23:30] <@Nemi> ~I can't reach through the fog..~
01[23:30] <@Antichthon> "Be careful," Jie said, to all of them. "On the plus side, it sounds like this turned out to be something interesting after all."
01[23:30] <@Antichthon> r 15
[23:30] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[23:31] <@Kioku> Akemi let herself get distracted with the leatherback, taking only her passive emotion sense into account, but the fog makes her blink. Okay. Weird. Weird is interesting. ~I'll try?~
[23:31] <@Nemi> "I can't /reach/ through the fog. It's blocking my Will…"
[23:31] <@Nemi> ~Try it.~
01[23:31] <@Antichthon> There is definitely some form of technology down there, Joshua.
[23:31] <@Kioku> Focus 2
[23:31] <@Kioku> r 13
[23:31] <@gumbal1> "It's tech. Want me to short it?"
[23:31] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 13 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[23:32] <@Antichthon> r 15
[23:32] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[23:32] <@Antichthon> The fog is blocking Akemi's ability as well.
[23:32] <@Kioku> ~Nothing… if there's emotional activity through there, I'm not picking it up…~ She shudders.
[23:32] <@Nemi> ".. Can you get anything from it first?"
[23:34] <@gumbal1> Might as well. Joshua's gonna go ahead and raid it for info, before bricking it if it's anything less than "limiting device for fog".
01[23:35] <@Antichthon> Woah. Okay, this was definitely alien to Joshua. He raided the info, and he might even be able to figure it out given an hour to puzzle it out, but it was very, very alien. He did brick the device, though. The fog was unaffected.
[23:37] <@gumbal1> That's saved to her phone. «Jie, I'm going to send you something that looks like garbage but is probably important. Would you, uh, open the com?»
[23:37] <@Nemi> ~The fog remains. I do not like it. But I think this is our Source.~
01[23:37] <@Antichthon> "Understood." The technoapthic link opened for Joshua.
[23:37] <@Silvors> Cecile kept going down down down, the foggy ravine of water. She went down down down, and the fog it went higher.
[23:38] <@gumbal1> Info dump'd. Joshua briefly considers whether Apple would be distressed to find several gigs worth of alien code on her cloud, before shrugging. It's not liek she payed them, anyways.
01[23:38] <@Antichthon> Cecile entered the fog
01[23:38] <@Antichthon> > Cecile, Vitality
[23:39] <@Silvors> r 4
[23:39] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 4 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 4 4 3 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 0 ]
01[23:40] <@Antichthon> Something is wrong. Something is very, very wrong with physics beyond the fog. Cecile has an overwhelming urge to vomit. Even worse, she takes 2 damage!
01[23:41] <@Antichthon> > Cecile, reflex
[23:41] <@Silvors> Cecile starts gagging through the coms and shuts her eyes. She couldn't puke, she had to remember not to puke. She wouldn't be able to breathe if she puked.
[23:41] <@Silvors> r 15
[23:41] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[23:41] <@Antichthon> r 10
[23:41] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 4 4 4 3 3 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[23:41] <@Silvors> r 1
[23:41] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 1 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
01[23:42] <@Antichthon> A tentacle whips around beneath her feet. It was trying to catch her!
[23:42] <@Silvors> (That's six successes, Cecile's finesse was ugraded and I didn't change her quick defenses)
[23:42] <@Nemi> * Ellie is going to hurriedly try to tug Cecile out of the fog with her POWERFUL BRAIN.
01[23:42] <@Antichthon> She evades the thick tentacle, and it disappears back into the depths of the fog.
[23:43] <@Silvors> Cecile looks up ~HELP HELP HELP There's tentacles I'm choking oh god I'm gonna die I can't swim~ Cecile panics.
[23:43] <@Silvors> At least she thinks it's up. Vanilla might be carrying her sideways or down she doesn't know!
01[23:43] <@Antichthon> > Ellie, Telekinesis
[23:43] <@Nemi> r 13 dont worry ill save u. using 1 effort
[23:43] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 13 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[23:43] <@gumbal1> Well, alright, Jay guesses they had to reach the logical conclusion of "ragtag bunch of anime cliches" at some point. "If I cause the device at the bottom to start sparking, do you, er, think I could…kill whatever's down there without, uh, killing Cecile?"
01[23:43] <@Antichthon> r 15
[23:43] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
01[23:44] <@Antichthon> Ellie's telekinesis fails to work through the fog!
[23:44] <@Nemi> butt.
[23:44] <@Nemi> ~I doubt it- gah! Can't get ahold of her!~
01[23:44] <@Antichthon> > Cecile, Reflex to swim out of the fog
[23:44] <@Silvors> Cecile starts flailing blindly with her sword as Vanilla carries her in some direction. Hopefully up, that's where Cecile was going for but with how topsyturvey physics were she had no idea
[23:44] <@Silvors> r 16
[23:44] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[23:44] <@Antichthon> r 15
[23:44] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 6 5 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[23:45] <@Antichthon> Cecile manages to get pass through the barrier between fog and not-fog, back to (hopefully) safety.
[23:46] <@Nemi> "Jie, the fog seems to have serious negative effects on people. And Cecile said some kind of tentacle was grabbing at her. I think it's time for us to /leave/."
[23:47] <@gumbal1> «Yeah, I'm, uh…yeah fuck this is getting really bad. Confirming Ellie's report.»
01[23:49] <@Antichthon> "Understood," Jie said. "Return to the 'A Good Thing' and get changed, I'll send a portal.
01[23:49] <@Antichthon> "
[23:49] <@Nemi> "Will do. And noting that we've got a ship adrift with a bunch of unconscious anom poachers that'll need picking up as well." Ellie starts floating on back to the surface, on toward where 'A Good Thing' was left.
01[23:49] <@Antichthon> Which would be fine and dandy, if it didn't just get a whole heaping helping of darker.
[23:50] <@Kioku> Akemi lets out a breath and shudders. The longer she spends away from civilization, the more uncomfortable this gets, though at least she has an utterly devoted turtle to feed from and sustain her presence a little easier. "I don't especially want to leave with this only partway done… but it does seem risk is starting to outweigh benefit." \I really want to go down there and find out though… or at least… hmm… what do I have in…
[23:50] <@Kioku> yeah, that works.[23:50] <@Nemi> * Spooky..
01[23:50] <@Antichthon> Probably because the whale before was dropping down on them.
[23:50] <@Silvors> Cecile had calmed down from her almost puking, thankfully without stomach bile clouding her- OH GOD WHALE!
01[23:50] <@Antichthon> > INITIATIVE
[23:50] <@Nemi> * Ellie looks upward a moment and is vaguely bemused at the whale's reappearance!
[23:50] <@Nemi> r 5
[23:50] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 5 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 6 3 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[23:50] <@Antichthon> r 4
[23:50] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 4 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 4 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
[23:50] <@Kioku> r 10 (base 12)
[23:50] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 6 6 3 3 3 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[23:51] <@Silvors> r 8
[23:51] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 5 5 5 3 2 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
03[23:51] * Antichthon changes topic to 'AKEMI > CECILE > JOSHUA > ELLIE > WHALE'
01[23:51] <@Antichthon> Oh hey look, the whale brought it's friend.
01[23:51] <@Antichthon> r 4
[23:51] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 4 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 4 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[23:51] <@gumbal1> r6
[23:52] <@gumbal1> r 6
[23:52] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 5 5 4 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
03[23:52] * Antichthon changes topic to 'AKEMI > CECILE > JOSHUA > ELLIE > WHALE2 > WHALE 1'
01[23:52] <@Antichthon> > AKEMI
[23:52] <@gumbal1> «Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck.»
01[23:53] <@Antichthon> WHALE1 looks menacingly at the group. Oh, wait, no, that was just the worm left in its destroyed eye socket.
01[23:53] <@Antichthon> Between thew two whales, there wasn't much room to get around them. They would push the group into the fog by their weight!
[23:53] <@gumbal1> «Hey, uh, this is, er, kinda a weird thing to ask, but uh, could any of you survive without your, uh…er, your suits? I, uh, um…shit, fuck I have a plan I need to short one of your suits and electrocute these whales.»
[23:54] <@Nemi> « I don't need my suit. I guess I'll just be naked again on a mission. Again. »
01[23:54] <@Antichthon> r 6
[23:54] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 3 3 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
03[23:55] * Antichthon changes topic to 'AKEMI > CECILE > JOSHUA > LEATHERBACK > ELLIE > WHALE2 > WHALE 1'
[23:55] <@Kioku> Akemi narrows her eyes. Well, this just won't do, will it? She'll leave the injured one for now, but tries to alter the mind of the other with a deadly flirtation.
01[23:55] <@Antichthon> Akemi's unnamed pet leatherback is still with them.
[23:55] <@Kioku> Focus 2
[23:55] <@Kioku> r 15
[23:55] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
[23:56] <@gumbal1> «I mean, uh…okay fuck uh, you don't have to, er, uh…jesus fuck there's no good way out of this is there.»
01[23:56] <@Antichthon> r 12
[23:56] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[23:56] <@Antichthon> The uninjured whale is stunned. It keeps falling, but its unlikely to have an attack this turn.
[23:57] <@Kioku> ~Think you can push one upward enough to get it on top of the other, leave us space to get by?~
01[23:57] <@Antichthon> > CECILE
[23:57] <@Silvors> "I could push them, shrink them, move them to the side… I was going to bend the path in front of one so that falling down makes it fall sideways… if that makes sense.~
[23:59] <@Silvors> Cecile does that, she alters the path of the stunned one so that going down makes it go sideways. Like in a game when you run into something but instead of going straight you slide to the left.
[23:59] <@Silvors> r 12
[23:59] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
Session Time: Sun Mar 05 00:00:00 2017
01[00:00] <@Antichthon> r 1 whales are not known for dodging
[00:00] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 1 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 0 ]
01[00:00] <@Antichthon> It worked! There was space enough to slip past until the end of next turn, but it would require a standard action to do so!
[00:00] <@gumbal1> «What the…guh, how…Cecile what the fuck is up with you.»
01[00:01] <@Antichthon> > JOSHUA
[00:01] <@Silvors> "I like to think of it like making the whale go down a slide, but the slide is space."
[00:01] <@Silvors> "And not real. Because underwater slides would be dumb… I think."
01[00:02] <@Antichthon> Two turns from now, if they hadn't escaped, the whale weight would push them into the fog!
[00:03] <@gumbal1> Fuck it. Go really dumb or go home. Joshua tries sparking out Ellie's suit, hopefully not to the point of actually ripping it to shreds, but enough to crispify the whales to blubber nuggets. Which would probably defunctionalize her suit int he process but hey, she doesn't need it to survive.
[00:03] <@gumbal1> 3 focus, -1 psyche
[00:03] <@gumbal1> r 12
[00:03] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[00:05] <@Antichthon> (4d 1ap) attack by Joshua, on both whales
01[00:05] <@Antichthon> WHALE 1 Tanks!
01[00:05] <@Antichthon> r 11
[00:05] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 3 3 3 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[00:05] <@Antichthon> No damage!
01[00:05] <@Antichthon> WHALE 2 Tanks!
01[00:05] <@Antichthon> r 11
[00:05] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[00:05] <@Antichthon> No damage!
01[00:06] <@Antichthon> > LEATHERBACK
01[00:07] <@Antichthon> > THAT MEANS YOU, KIO
[00:08] <@gumbal1> «UH»
[00:08] <@gumbal1> «Holy fuck I'm really sorry about that??
[00:09] <@Nemi> * Ellie is very heckin' cross at the whales tryin' to smoosh them! And also that her suit just sparked and fell apart. Ellie shrugs helplessly as she shifts some of her skin away to leave herself modest enough. And of course with her systems out beyond the wristlet.. < That could have gone better. >
01[00:10] <@Antichthon> Good thing this turtle was really smart. It used its standard action to plow into Joshua. Which might not seem smart until you realized it pushed Joshua through the gap between whales made by Cecile. Joshua was safe from being crushed! …well, from being crushed into the fog, anyway.
01[00:10] <@Antichthon> > Ellie
[00:11] <@gumbal1> What even fucking happened today.
[00:11] <@Nemi> * Ellie is going to just try and brainfuck the still-linearly-following whale! Her intention is to sieze control of its brainbox and just other it to nudge its companion aside so they can leave peacefully.
[00:11] <@Nemi> -1 psyche, 2 focus
[00:12] <@Nemi> r 14 projective
[00:12] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 14 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[00:12] <@Antichthon> r 12
[00:12] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
01[00:12] <@Antichthon> (The damaged whale or the undamaged whale?)
[00:12] <@Nemi> * The damaged whale is the one still aiming to flatten them, so that one
01[00:13] <@Antichthon> It worked, though perhaps not as well as Ellie had intended. At least the whale spent its turn trying to nudge its companion, meaning it didn't attack.
01[00:13] <@Antichthon> > WHALE 2
01[00:14] <@Antichthon> Stunned.
01[00:14] <@Antichthon> > WHALE 1
01[00:14] <@Antichthon> Try to obey Ellie.
01[00:14] <@Antichthon> > AKEMI
01[00:14] <@Antichthon> The whales were still coming down. They had until the end of this turn to escape between the gaps, using their standard action!
01[00:14] <@Antichthon> Joshua was free, everyone else was not.
[00:15] <@Nemi> * Well, there was an attempt. Curse this frail flesh- Ellie remembered dizzying heights of psionic might.. If only her last children had come back to her!
[00:16] <@Kioku> Akemi gives an approving nod and tries to Charm Whale 2 for now, make it very-temporarily obedient.
[00:16] <@Kioku> Focus 3
[00:16] <@Kioku> r 16
[00:16] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 16 D6 against 5 for Kioku: [ 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 4 4 4 4 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
[00:17] <@Kioku> She includes an embedded suggestion of 'swim up'
01[00:17] <@Antichthon> r 11
[00:17] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 4 4 3 2 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
01[00:17] <@Antichthon> The whale loses its turn and swims up. It onl takes a minor action to slip between the whales now, to at-least-not-getting-killed-by-fog safety.
01[00:17] <@Antichthon> > Cecile
[00:18] <@Silvors> Cecile has no idea what Akemi and Ellie are doing, Cecile's going to swim up and get free!
[00:18] <@Silvors> As her minor action!
[00:19] <@Kioku> ~Ideally, I'd like to bring the uninjured whale to submission and possess it long enough for capture and study. Maybe even curing… aren't they endangered?~
[00:19] <@Nemi> ~Vulnerable, if I remember right.~
[00:19] <@Nemi> ~So threatened, not endangered.~
[00:19] <@Silvors> Her major is going to be… oooh. Cecile nods her head and goes to make the uninjured whale tiny. As tiny as as she could. So she could grab it on her way up.
[00:20] <@Silvors> r 12
[00:20] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for Silvors: [ 6 6 6 6 6 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
01[00:22] <@Antichthon> The charmed, uninjured whale grew tiny. it sang a little whale song. Essentially, it was halfway to this:
01[00:22] <@Antichthon> > JOSHUA
[00:23] <@gumbal1> She's free bitch. She's heading straight up to the surface.
01[00:23] <@Antichthon> > LEATHERBACK
01[00:24] <@Antichthon> The leatherback nudges Ellie, not willing to leave without her.
01[00:24] <@Antichthon> > ELLIE
[00:25] <@Nemi> * Ellie TK-tosses herself on up to the surface, happily bringing the tortle with because she's nice like that.
01[00:25] <@Antichthon> > WHALE 2
01[00:26] <@Antichthon> 15awoooo!
01[00:26] <@Antichthon> >WHALE 1
01[00:26] <@Antichthon> The injured whale, the first whale, the nemesis whale…it still had a turn.
01[00:26] <@Antichthon> And you know what?
01[00:26] <@Antichthon> It still didn't like Joshua.
01[00:26] <@Antichthon> Joshua had a head start, but the whale was a hell of a lot faster.
[00:26] <@gumbal1> Neither did Joshua bitch, the fuck.
01[00:26] <@Antichthon> r 15 RAMMING SPEED
[00:26] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 5 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[00:27] <@gumbal1> r 8 tiny little speck expends effort to not be murderified
[00:27] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 8 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 6 5 4 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
01[00:30] <@Antichthon> Thanks to his trait, Joshua manages to juuust get out of the way of the barnacled snout. He was still slammed by the side of the whale and once against sent spinning, but outside of a few pustules popping all over him, he's unharmed.
01[00:30] <@Antichthon> The whale once again swims away. Hopefully for good this time.
01[00:30] <@Antichthon> > COMBAT OVER
[00:32] <@Silvors> Cecile tries to tug her tinywhale towards the group and surface. ~I got a tiny whale friend.~ Cecile states as she tries to move it… or pull it. Or something. Get it to come with her in general, she supposes.
[00:32] <@Kioku> Akemi swims up and immediately gets to work trying to make her hold over this whale last at least a bit longer - enough that it'll "willingly" let her possess it… which she does. ~Please un-tiny it for now…~
[00:33] <@Kioku> *Which she does if she gets to that point.
01[00:33] <@Antichthon> > Joshua, 99% to explosion?
[00:33] <@Nemi> * Ellie pivots down and tries to TK-tug Joshua on up to the surface with the rest of them. H-hooray for her suit comms not working?
[00:33] <@gumbal1> r 9 More like 100
[00:33] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 9 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 5 4 4 4 2 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
[00:34] <@Nemi> * And despite being suitless and all heck'd up, Ellie is.. Going to do something she doesn't care to do, and try to poke into Joshua's brain. Not to shut stuff off, but to say something. ~You did good down there. Let's get out of here. We're almost to the ship!~
[00:35] <@gumbal1> That'd be nice and assuring and all if her suit didn't just short out.
01[00:35] <@Antichthon> Ellie manages to TK Joshua, fortunately.
[00:35] <@Silvors> ~B-But… it's so cute.~ Cecile says as she looks at her whale and then Akemi.
01[00:35] <@Antichthon> Also fortunately, they'd reach the ship with no further problems.
[00:35] <@Kioku> ~But you could ride it.~
[00:36] <@gumbal1> Did the pustules appear on the suit or on Joshua herself.
[00:36] <@Silvors> Cecile's jaw drops at that statement and she lets the whale get bigger. Like… a horse-sized whale.
01[00:36] <@Antichthon> r 1
[00:36] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 1 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 0 ]
[00:36] <@Silvors> Then she remembers it's covered in cysts and frowns. ~B-But it's all pussy.~
[00:36] <@Nemi> * Ellie's more concerned about poor hapless Joshua here and now- once tugged gently to the surface, and with the suit pressure still (hopefully) keeping Joshua's blood from exploding, she'll lift the technopath up onto the boat before flinging herself up too.
01[00:37] <@Antichthon> The pustules popped on Joshua herself.
[00:37] <@Nemi> Ewwww.
01[00:37] <@Antichthon> In fact, Joshua can see little purple worms trying to dig into her flesh.
[00:38] <@gumbal1> Well, in that case, as soon as Joshua back into the ship, she screams. Rather loudly. The ship engine may or may not be sparking menacingly.
[00:38] <@Nemi> * Ellie doesn't like the look of that! She'll try and fling the worms off Joshua with haste, as many as she can, before they dig in!
01[00:38] <@Antichthon> >Ellie, TK
[00:38] <@Nemi> Taking -1 psyche…
[00:38] <@Nemi> r 14 TK
[00:38] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 14 D6 against 5 for Nemi: [ 6 6 6 5 4 4 3 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
[00:39] <@Kioku> ~Ah… true. Let's just go…~ And Akemi has fun experiencing the ocean through the senses of a whale… for just a little while until they reach the boat, at which point she tries to sieze the attention of the worms that don't get immediately pulled off and divert it such that Joshua basically doesn't exist to them.
01[00:39] <@Antichthon> Hey, she got bug goop of Skix, if anything, this is easier. WEll, except for the way some of Joshua's skin pulled away.
[00:40] <@gumbal1> Wow, who knew boats could suffer such severe brownouts?
01[00:40] <@Antichthon> Together, Ellie and Akemi kept any of the worms from getting through.
[00:40] <@Kioku> This is, however, arguably less important than shutting up that screaming.
01[00:40] <@Antichthon> YOu know. Maybe.
[00:40] <@Nemi> Ellie, dripping saltwater and otherwise naked but for the convenient patches of tarry black goo over her important areas and the wrist device, exhales hard as the worms are dispersed. "Calm down- calm down, it's okay, you're safe!"
[00:41] <@Kioku> \And we still aren't sure why the fish are tending the reef, or why the surounding area has been sick or dead…[00:41] <@gumbal1> Welp, Joshua destroyed her suit, is currently bleeding somewhat heavily, ruined the boat, and unlike Ellie, doesn't have goop to fix any of those three problems. This is, uh. Not the best day.
[00:42] <@Kioku> \Though if the reef itself here is part of…01[00:42] <@Antichthon> With a hum, the purple portal was back, on the aft of the boat. Through the portal strode Jie, straight towards Joshua.
[00:42] <@Silvors> Cecile lets Vanilla pull her onto the boat and lets her whaley friend stay off the boat. "Jie? Um, w-we're on the boat. I-I kinda made an infected whale r-really tiny and it's tiny r-right now but i-it won't be tiny soon and it's infected and-and Akemi said it could be a test subject or something?" Cecile frowned at the skin getting pulled away and decided now would be a great time to pull her helmet off, "Also, J-Joshua
[00:42] <@Silvors> is screaming." Cecile states as she goes to pull an arm out of her suit and bite herself on the thumb and leak some healing blood into Joshua's mouth to get rid of the bleeding and heal him.
[00:43] <@Silvors> The Joshua part was obvious, but Cecile said it anyways.
[00:43] <@Nemi> * Ellie, having been glutted with Joshua's misery, sits at the boatside beside Joshua. She peers at Jie as the portal appears, and she gives a soft, worried frown.
01[00:43] <@Antichthon> She put up a hand, not touching Joshua, And Joshua would feel a warm glow throughout them.
01[00:43] <@Antichthon> r 18
[00:43] <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 18 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
[00:43] <@Nemi> * Ellie shakes her head at Cecile. Body horror isn't likely what Joshua needs right now.
01[00:43] <@Antichthon> …And their minor wounds were healed.
[00:43] <@gumbal1> Also her phone's basically bricked due to heavy water damage aaaaaaaaaaamd fuck, okay. Joshua crosses her legs and tries to sit dignified, despite everything to the contrary. "…uh. Hi."
01[00:44] <@Antichthon> Joshua was good as new. Physically.
[00:44] <@Silvors> Cecile licks her finger to get rid of her own wound and pouts. She was going to heal Joshua.
[00:44] <@Kioku> Akemi looks at Jie. Then over the side of the boat at mini-whale and the turtle. Then at Ellie, rather appreciatively for a moment before going back to Jie.
[00:44] <@Nemi> * ".. you did good, getting all that data and finding the .. thing down under the fog, Jay."
[00:44] <@gumbal1> "…so, uh, about the uh, suits. They…fall apart when they short circuit. It's bad. Could you, uh…fix that? 2.0?"
01[00:45] <@Antichthon> Jie smiled that same comforting smile at Joshua. "Hi." She addressed the group, while attending to both the psychic and physical damage of them all. In therms of HP and Psyche, they'd be topped off in no time. Joshua's trauma, well. That wasn't something that could be healed through healing powers.
01[00:45] <@Antichthon> "You all did good." Jie gave Joshua a nod about the suit thing.
[00:45] <@Nemi> * Ellie is just a bit weary from all her expenditure of effort. Curse her- she was /so/ much stronger just a few years past..
[00:45] <@Silvors> Cecile looked over at Ellie and felt her cheeks and nose heat up as she went to sit down and look at Jie. "I got a whale… and a boat." Cecile says calmly.
[00:46] <@gumbal1> 'd be really fucking nice if you could undo around six years of learned self hatred, but, well, cie la vie. Or whatever.
[00:48] <@Nemi> * ".. I know a lot of that feeling, Jay," Ellie murmurs. "You might not believe me, looking at me now, but.. you wanna talk sometime?"
[00:48] <@Kioku> Akemi twitches her nose at Cecile claiming /her/ whale, but doesn't comment. For now. Instead she just smiles back at Jie, taking off the suit and opening her Pocket to pull out a set of clothes… to offer to Ellie. Always keep a spare set. They might not be quite the right size, but…
[00:49] <@Nemi> * Ellie gives a wry smile to Akemi. "Mine are in the ship's cabin. You're a dear, though."
01[00:49] <@Antichthon> Jie's smile widened and she nodded at Cecile, too. "You learned the cause of the sickness, the likely source of the worms, and wisely knew when to walk away. I've seen many professional teams do far worse. Well done, all of you."
[00:49] <@Kioku> "I know they are. So~?" Akemi winks and sticks out her tongue.
[00:49] <@Nemi> "Thank you for saying, miss Jie-" Ellie side-eyes Akemi and rolls her eyes.
[00:49] <@gumbal1> "…sure. Uh…yeah."
[00:50] <@gumbal1> "…I'm going to go change, now, uh…Jie, would you be able to offer an, er, replacement phone? I…need that. Badly."
[00:51] <@Silvors> Cecile looks at Joshua and send Vanilla over there to give Joshua a thumbs up. "Y-Yeah. We made a g-great team." Cecile said, looking at the others for confirmation before… shrinking. Okay, yeah, Cecile would shut up now.
[00:51] <@Kioku> If anything, she did it just to see what the reaction would be. Akemi giggles and nods to herself, putting the clothes back, before she widens her eyes. "Damn. I was planning to try to collect some of that fog…"
01[00:51] <@Antichthon> "I can certify that none of the worms infected you," Jie said, with a sympathic, but not pitying, look at Joshua. "The mission turned out to be more intense than we projected, but that's the nature of the unknown. And yes, Jay. I'll get you a new phone, promise."
[00:52] <@gumbal1> "Ffffffffffyes, thank you. Now, uh," Joshua awkwardly gets up, covering themself. "I need to change. And sleep for about, er…ten billion years."
[00:52] <@gumbal1> "Maybe until Unix runs out."
[00:52] <@Nemi> * Ellie nods to Cecile and rises from Joshua's side for just a moment, disappearing into the cabin. She returns in her nice dress, tights, boots and jacket in only a few seconds- how she did that with /tights/ is a miracle. "Good thinking, Jay. Talk to you soon?"
01[00:53] <@Antichthon> "Get your clothes and head through the portal," Jie said, stepping aside. "You'll find more privacy."
[00:53] <@Silvors> "W-Wait! Um… E-Ellie, I was w-wondering if I could g-get your number." Cecile asked as she scooped up her clothes, "A-And Joshua's? I-I think I have yours b-but I don't re-remember."
01[00:54] <@Antichthon> And yes, there were mysteries the group hadn't revealed. Why were the infected lifeforms tending to the reef? What was that fog? What was that tentacle in the fog? Well. Those were mysteries they'd just have to live with.
[00:54] <@gumbal1> "You…do."
[00:55] <@Silvors> "A-Awesome!" Cecile says with a thumbs up to Joshua and a big smile. "O-Oh, um, J-Jie? C-Can you tell Smoke th-that I lanced a whale's eye instead o-of spearing it b-because of when he-he helped me? Oooh, and c-can you find a way to keep the whale tiny s-so it can b-be my pe-pet? Oh an-wait… I'm gonna go! Bye!" And Cecile was hopping away!
[00:56] <@Nemi> * "I've got all your numbers," Ellie says, all of a sudden. "And mine is [bap]." She pats at Joshua's shoulder, hand warm and soft despite only just exiting the deep sea, and slips through the portal.
[00:56] <@Kioku> Akemi is… very unsatisfied, wanting to inspect the reef a bit more, but sighs. The whale and turtle should remain docile for… I'd estimate a day or so once no longer around me," she notes before giving a little nod and one last longing look at the coral below before stepping through the portal.
[00:57] <@gumbal1> Who fucking cares. Her hair's washed out by the time she gets out of the cabin, but eh, who cares. She heads back, a little worse for ware.
01[00:58] <@Antichthon> -RUN COMPLETE-
01[00:58] <@Antichthon> -NPCs GAINED: LEATHERBACK, TINYWHALE-
01[00:58] <@Antichthon> -4 XP-
01[00:58] <@Antichthon> -$300-

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