See you, space cowboy!

Oct 21 16:31:10 <gumbal1> The intercom bursts on, seemingly at the worst time possible time for anyone listening. «We need any students willing to go scouting, pronto.»
Oct 21 16:32:14 <Nemi> Madeline wasn't doing anything. She never does. So it's easy for her to just step around corner to the important place. AS she does.
Oct 21 16:33:28 <SavanahHolland> Right as he was eating the very last slice of his pie he made a few days back, of course burning the roof of his mouth like a total loser. He goes to throw his dish in the sink, deciding he might as well, new to the school n all, maybe he could like meet new people or something. He heads off to go- I mean, why not?
Oct 21 16:34:03 <BobaFettuccine> Scouting? That's something Mary might actually be good at as far as missions go. She stops by her room to grab her bag and her guitar before zipping over to the briefing room.
Oct 21 16:34:11 <Endorb> \scouting? Sounds like something I could do easy~\ Malissa goes over to the correct room, bringing her satchel as she heads over to go see what this mission is about. Homework could wait a day, after all.
Oct 21 16:34:37 <gumbal1> The briefing room is empty, but the so-callled "spin room", located in the same building, is buzzing. Seems something big just happened, what with all the interns scrambling about, censors downing their coffees, and Dr. Renee Bolton, looking like eighteen straight sleepless hours of hell, sitting at a meeting table with the inexplicably well put-together Dr. Hershel Reinman, files scattered all over the table.
Oct 21 16:35:37 <Nemi> And Madeline's there already, peering over at the both of them, blank-faced but anxious. "What's going on?" asks the girl, bundled up despite the rapid approach of summer. Canada cold never seems to leave.
Oct 21 16:37:50 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa is a pretty burly guy, standing at 6'6 with the body of one of those strongmen type. His hair pulled back into a tight ponytail as he blinks, looking around, and waving awkwardly at the people "Hi."
Oct 21 16:38:54 <BobaFettuccine> Mary floats in and looks around, also curious, she'd never been in this room before. She waits for anyone else who's coming to arrive and for the two who looked in charge to explain things.
Oct 21 16:40:24 <gumbal1> "We have…" Bolton clutches her forehead in a caffeine induced headache. "There's a problem. Russia. Holy mountains." Reinman, still straightfaced, slides a file over, filled to the brim with independent pictures of the same thing: two blurry, humongous figures, easily several hundred feet high, hanging around the peak of a mountain range. In addition, it has several maps of the area and a few missing person reports of some Russian teenager,
Oct 21 16:40:24 <gumbal1> all in cryllic. Reinman clears his throat. "We want you to find out what happened and, if so, fix it."
Oct 21 16:42:24 <Nemi> "Oh." Madeline boggles at the pictures, only remembering to look up at the others given a few moments' consideration. ".. oh! Hi. I'm Madeline."
Oct 21 16:43:51 <SavanahHolland> Funny that Aleksa is Serbian.. he would know cryllic if things had been a liiiittle bit different, oh well! Aleksa blinks, glancing at Madeline before looking back at the pictures…. Then quickly back to Madiline as if he had been distracted, blushing stupidly. "Uh, nice to meet you, I'm Aleksa." he beams, looking to the others to see if they introduce themselves.
Oct 21 16:44:53 <BobaFettuccine> Mary frowns at the pictures and the other stuff in there, she points at the missing person reports, "Who's this?" She then smiles over at Mads and says "Hi Madeline." They'd met before, just hadn't spoken in awhile. To Aleksa, "I'm Mary."
Oct 21 16:44:54 <gumbal1> Bolton, having dropped any sort of proffessionalism on two hours of sleep, waves back to Madeline, before realizing what she did. "Take what you think you need and come back when you're ready. This might not end well."
Oct 21 16:46:12 <Nemi> Madeline giggles a little, weakly, at Bolton's reaction. "Okay.. I'm ready now."
Oct 21 16:47:37 <SavanahHolland> "Nice to meetcha Mary." he says rather pleasantly, cocking his head to Bolton like a curious bird. "Uh.. I don't really have anything I own that would be useful.. should I have bought some.." oh god was it in the papers he got? He only skimmed them.. oh god.
Oct 21 16:47:51 <SavanahHolland> *should I have bought some..?"
Oct 21 16:48:58 <DarcellJermaine> Theodore comes in quietly, a bit late to the party it seems. He had trouble dragging himself out of bed these days; perhaps this mission could clear his head a bit. "Hello?"
Oct 21 16:49:03 <gumbal1> At anyone else Bolton might've glared. Then again, Madeline's a star student and frankly a bit of a worry considering how much she reminds her of…best not to dwell on that. Reinman, meanwhile, maintains his hollow smile. "Well then. I suppose it's up to the rest of your group whether you have more to ask."
Oct 21 16:51:30 <Shaeir> The smell of sulfur fills the air as a new arrival seemingly crawled out of the pits of 'Purgatorio' itself. Dante freshly arrived on campus when he heard the call to arms for scouting. "Aye I believe I am willing." he smirks. He figured on going, so he made his way to the area that made announcements. His skin was darkened with dirt, covered like a coal
Oct 21 16:51:30 <Shaeir> miner. His clothes tattered and torn, his eyes shining through his baggy brown hair. With a smile and a wave he entered and addressed the student's in this area.
Oct 21 16:52:11 <Shaeir> "Greetings, I am Dante." he nods.
Oct 21 16:52:34 <Nemi> Madeline swivels again at the latest two newcomers. So many students she didn't know- and a couple she'd seen around and didn't remember. She holds a small, slim, caramel-toned hand up and smiles a goofy little smile. "Hi. I'm Madeline."
Oct 21 16:52:35 <gumbal1> Bolton golf-claps at Dante's arrival. Reinman merely smiles. "Impressive."
Oct 21 16:52:55 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa waves at Theo, smiling like a big ole doofus before going to look back at the documents spread out.. only to look up and blink at Dante "holyshititsacoalminer." he sorta blurts out, covering his mouth and blushing "Sorry."
Oct 21 16:53:07 <BobaFettuccine> Mary looks at Reinman and Bolton and again asks, "Who's this?" pointing to the missing persons report about the teen. "What significance do they have on this mission?" To Dante a brief smile and a wave, "Hi Dante. I'm Mary"
Oct 21 16:53:47 <DarcellJermaine> Theo waves back with a friendly smile and moves over to Mary, the only person he's kind of familiar with. "So… what's going on?" He asks, eyeing the rest of the room.
Oct 21 16:55:33 <BobaFettuccine> In a quiet aside to Theo Mary points to the pictures and says, "We're supposed to figure out what's going on with those giant things and fix it."
Oct 21 16:56:19 <Nemi> "Yeah um, what're the giant things like, doing?"
Oct 21 16:56:40 <gumbal1> "That's Ivan Chernekov." The CIA's a good time to start learning Russian as any. "He's a young man, about as tall and old as Madeline over there. He's also missing, last sighted around the base of the mountain. If you find him, turn him over to us, but don't worry. He's not too important."
Oct 21 16:57:58 <DarcellJermaine> Theo nods hid head, taking in the info from Mary and the man speaking to them. Strange things happening, go check up on them, maybe find some people. Seems mostly straightforward.
Oct 21 16:58:04 <Shaeir> Dante chuckled lightly. "No Sir, not a coal miner. Just the son of a traveler and warrior. Made my way through what felt like hell and wound up here." he realized it wasn't exactly introduction time. "Seems my parents got me out of Purgatory just in time, seems you have some demons of your own you could use my assistance?" he proffers his aid with a smile.
Oct 21 16:58:43 <gumbal1> "As for the giant things…we don't know. Most of the pictures are too blurry, and the ones that aren't, well," Reinman looks over to Bolton, who shakes her head. "…I'd say they look an awful lot like entities that shouldn't exist at this point and time." The least blurry photos seem to show a giant worm(?)like and squid(?)like creature.
Oct 21 16:59:06 <BobaFettuccine> Yeah, that's why they included him in the briefing, because he wasn't important. Sure. Mary raises an eyebrow skeptically, but doesn't challenge the explanation.
Oct 21 16:59:44 <Nemi> Madeline rubs her neck. And she nods to Dante, and again to Reinman and Bolton. ".. oookay.. they look like sea creatures."
Oct 21 17:00:45 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa felt a tad out of place, awkward and standing out like a sore thumb, but being as large as he is- he often stands out a bit, usually to his own dismay. "So like.. you're not giving us any equipment? Uh.. none at all besides what we have in our dorm?"
Oct 21 17:02:06 <gumbal1> "If you think you need anything, ask us." Says Bolton, pouring herself another coffee.
Oct 21 17:02:51 <SavanahHolland> "I dunno, a medkit kinda thing maybe? Something I can hold onto in case something goes wrong?"
Oct 21 17:02:57 <DarcellJermaine> "I don't have any objections. Can't wait to meet Cthulu in person" he adds in to try and lighten the mood.
Oct 21 17:03:21 <Endorb> Malissa comes in. Someone just /had/ to distract her. She enters the room, taking a quick look over everyone. She'd catch up when they weren't in the middle of talking about something else
Oct 21 17:03:23 <Nemi> Madeline giggles at Theo's commentary.
Oct 21 17:03:54 <SavanahHolland> "Oh god I don't think I'd last a second against cthulu…" he chuckles nervously, glancing to Malissa and waving.
Oct 21 17:04:29 <Shaeir> "Hmm, seems father I must borrow your equipment." he says with a knowing smile. "And here you thought I wouldn't need the armor or scythe." he is quite clearly talking to himself. "I do hope you are right though and it doesn't come to that." he then addresses Aleksa, "if it helps i can heal others." he nods.
Oct 21 17:05:17 <Nemi> Madeline rubs at her nose.
Oct 21 17:06:10 <gumbal1> "Right. Alice!" A twitchy-looking intern suddenly freezes on the way to passing some paper over to a censor. "Get them a medkit before they head out."
Oct 21 17:07:15 <DarcellJermaine> Theodore takes one of the bottles out of his pack and chugs it down before tossing it in a nearby trashcan, hoping a little joy can take him a long way. "Names Theodore by the way" he greets everyone else in the mean time, "Sorry for poppin in a tad late"
Oct 21 17:07:22 <SavanahHolland> "Thank ya Alice." he chirps, nodding to Bolton and trying to not think about the fact that Dante is fucking talking to himself like a looney.
Oct 21 17:09:17 <gumbal1> Once Alice brings the medkit over, she quickly retreats. Reinman nods. "Will that be all?"
Oct 21 17:09:27 <Endorb> "Speaking of late, I kinda missed the opening. What's the info and equipment we're getting?" Malissa asks, her light irish accent being downplayed a little
Oct 21 17:10:48 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa takes the medkit in his burly arms, opening it to get an idea of what's inside. "Nice to meet you Theodore." he nods as he looks over the supplies. "I asked for a medkit just in case."
Oct 21 17:10:58 <BobaFettuccine> Mary is mentally psyching herself up for a mission where they're going to be investigating giant squid monsters. Hopefully they won't have to fight them. "Investigating these big scary things and seeing what went wrong in Russia. If we find out we're supposed to fix it." She says to Malissa, her own Irish accent pretty thick and not being downplayed at all.
Oct 21 17:11:42 <Nemi> Madeline taps at her chin, quiet for the moment.
Oct 21 17:11:46 <gumbal1> "If that will be all,"
Oct 21 17:11:57 <gumbal1> Everything goes silent, as the world starts thinning out.
Oct 21 17:13:15 <gumbal1> A great grey room, in which sits a galaxy-sized mass of a billing writhing tendrils appears in the corner of your rapidly contracting vision.
Oct 21 17:13:25 <gumbal1> *billion
Oct 21 17:14:07 <Nemi> Madeline shuts her eyes tight.
Oct 21 17:14:47 <Endorb> Malissa also closes her eyes for a few seconds \What is it with transportation magic and messing with your vision?Oct 21 17:14:58 <BobaFettuccine> Mary just blinks in utter shock. "What?"
Oct 21 17:15:08 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa stands perfectly still, his back straightening as he starts to sweat. Ohgodohgododioje what's happening, this is weird, oooooh god.
Oct 21 17:15:20 <gumbal1> Shutting your eyes only affects the contracted part.
Oct 21 17:15:58 <gumbal1> And just like that, the six of them find themselves at the base of the Holy Mountains, in the former Ukranian province of Donetsk, now just another part of Russia.
Oct 21 17:16:08 <Shaeir> "After i just got here, I am travellibg through yet another portal?" he raises an eyebrow.
Oct 21 17:16:25 <Nemi> ".. I hate eldritch travel I could have just taken us through the dreamlands but noo.." And whomph. They arrive. Madeline pauses a moment to fish around in the air, finally retrieving a fuzzy parka to throw over her already-fuzzy clothes.
Oct 21 17:16:58 <SavanahHolland> This is the end, Aleksa is dying, he's totally dying, he's just gonna be cool with it? Oh. Aleksa stares, his eyes widening as he nervously laughs "u- uh excuse me for a second.." as he walks two steps away and expells the contents of his stomach.
Oct 21 17:17:17 <DarnellJermaine> Theo shakes his head after the nightmare images that left just as quickly as they came. "Fun stuff" he muttered, pulling his backpack up on his back as he began walking towards the base of the mountains. "Might as well get goin"
Oct 21 17:18:05 <Shaeir> "At least we didn't travel through Purgatory" he shrugs. "Still working on that…travel through that realm is always 'fun'" he says jokingly.
Oct 21 17:18:50 <gumbal1> Madeline might do well to remember who popularized the dreamlands in literature. Either way, there's a few ramshackle shacks sitting around, a few people milling about (including two young men currently squatting over a game of dice and some snot-nosed American tourist who didn't remember to bring a jacket), and, oddly enough, a gate seperating the base of the mountain from the path leading up to it.
Oct 21 17:19:19 <BobaFettuccine> Mary nods and unslings her guitar so that she's holding it at the ready. Just in case. And she floats along after Theo. "So do we have any kind of plan for how we're going to approach this?" She asks the group as a whole.
Oct 21 17:19:45 <Nemi> "I've been there. It's not that bad," Madeline comments, offhand, before snuggling up into her parka. She wraps her scarf more tightly about her neck and generally snrfs. ".. wee should ask some of the um locals if they've seen anything maybe." And Madeline didn't forget the Lovecraft connection. On the other hand, he also thought black people hatched from eggs.
Oct 21 17:20:53 <Shaeir> Dante opens a portal to Purgatory and draws forth his scythe amd armor
Oct 21 17:21:21 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa manages to stumble up.. kinda weaving over some random flowers over his vomit, his face flushed. "How uh.. about them?" Aleksa points to the men over dice, just kinda walking over with a friendly smile "Hi!"
Oct 21 17:21:24 <DarnellJermaine> Theo notices the gate and hears Madeline's suggestion, deciding to go bother the two in the middle of their game. "Err, uh, excuse me" he started, hoping they spoke english. He'd rather that than the idiot who didn't bring a jacket to fucking Russia- aaaaand Theo didn't bring a jacket either since he had no clue what was gonna happen. Technically, that makes him an idiot too.
Oct 21 17:21:44 <gumbal1> He was a bit of a shit, Lovecraft. Dante might feel a bit more of a ripple than normal, as if the fabric of reality is just a bit weakened, here.
Oct 21 17:22:22 <Nemi> Madeline gives a worried look to Aleksa, and pats his lower back as comfortingly as she can. She realizes the others are starting to shiver and so starts fishing in her dreamscape to conjure some parkas and gloves for each of them, which she passes out.
Oct 21 17:22:28 <Endorb> Malissa was glad she was wearing her reinforced jacket, given that they were now in Russian mountains. "That sounds like a good idea, yeah." Malissa goes over to that tourist. "Hi." She smiles warmly at him.
Oct 21 17:22:39 <Shaeir> , 6:20 PM <Shaeir> Dante opens a portal to Purgatory and draws forth his scythe amd armor, he begins to don them. "Been there? That is a terrible fate…Madeline you said? I pray you never have to visit that realm again." he says as the fiery rift closes.
Oct 21 17:23:33 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa had thanked Madeline and thrown on a parka and gloves on as well! Wanting to give the nice girl a big bear hug but settling for a sorta kinda VERY awkward head pat. Now talking to the locals!
Oct 21 17:23:50 <DarnellJermaine> "Bless your heart, love" he chimes in, gratefully taking the more suitable clothes and putting them on, still keeping his attention on the two playing a game and hoping for a response.
Oct 21 17:24:12 <Nemi> "It wasn't that bad," Madeline says as she offers Dante a plain red parka and- suddenly, a pat! She squeaks, then gives a goofy smile and follows the others over to the players.
Oct 21 17:24:12 <BobaFettuccine> Mary's not cold at all, despite her sleeveless T-shirt. She goes with Theo to talk to the two people playing a game.
Oct 21 17:25:17 <gumbal1> One of them men looks over, pale as an Alaskan winter with a face only a mother could love, before turning back to his friend to say something in Russian. The tourist, probably no older than 13 from the looks of it, looks up with this slightly annoyed look, a bit mad that some high schoolers are bothering him on vacation. "Yeah?"
Oct 21 17:26:37 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa points to the mountain "Do you know anything bout that mountain there?" straight to the point, sorta.
Oct 21 17:27:23 <Endorb> Malissa smiles sheepishly at him. "Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you had maybe seen anything about the giant creatures around here? I'd be really grateful for anything you could tell me~"
Oct 21 17:27:29 <Nemi> Madeline tended to have a good way with people, but here at least she was content to let her assorted new friends do the work. Narrative convenience ensured that she saw strange dreamy subtitles to the Russian words, but it wasn't enough that she'd want to interfere.
Oct 21 17:27:54 <gumbal1> The other man, paler still and with a face that, well, you guess a few people besides mothers might like, shakes his head. "I not speak English."
Oct 21 17:29:23 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa hums, pulling out his phone to see if he gets service, if he does he points to himself "English." then points to the man, trying to ask him what he speaks in a way that doesn't require english.. sorta. Aleksa is trying dang it!
Oct 21 17:29:28 <DarnellJermaine> Theo facepalms, getting ready to embarass himself a little bit. He never thought he'd have to actually /try/ speaking Russian, and he could barely understand it, but he preferred that over the snot-nosed brat. In probably the roughest and most awkward attempt at a Russian accent ever, Theo said something along the lines of 'How up mountain'
Oct 21 17:29:37 <Shaeir> He eyes the red parka, "Hmm you've got good taste, red is such a bold color it truly suits me." he nods. "I wonder if I will need this." he says worriedly eyeing his scythe. He eyes the Russian, "Rossi?" he eyes the man curiously.
Oct 21 17:29:44 <gumbal1> -brb, need to restart-
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Oct 21 17:44:46 <gumbal1> -back bbys-
Oct 21 17:45:05 <Nemi> Madeline will approach the less homely man, then! And she will brightly.. well, use some dream logic, try to ensure that her words are understood (and that she can understand him). Narrative convenience in dreams and all. It might take a little exertion of her abilities to do so, but she can try.
Oct 21 17:45:18 <Nemi> "Hello! I heard there's like, giants in the mountains?"
Oct 21 17:46:50 <gumbal1> The boy squints at Malissa, before shrugging. "No. Don't know what you're talking about."
Oct 21 17:48:41 <gumbal1> Meanwhile, the Russian is a bit more talkative. "Ah, see Artyom, not all tourists are idiots! Yes, we have seen the big things. They are blurry, I think, and will appear and disappear for no reason at all. No, I do not know what it is."
Oct 21 17:49:24 <Shaeir> In what is an old Russian dialect Dante asks the russian, "Is there something we should pray mind to around here young man? Some…issue that has arisen?" here is to hoping Russian is still Russian after all this time.
Oct 21 17:49:30 <Nemi> "Oh! That's so strange and exciting! Do they do anything?" Madelin gestures to the gates. "And what're the gates there for?"
Oct 21 17:49:51 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa wilts, he was bad at this, he kinda shrinks a bit, waddling after Madeline like a child lost in a JC Pennys and looking for their parent.
Oct 21 17:50:12 <Endorb> "Oh? Really? You haven't seen anything unusual?"
Oct 21 17:50:15 <DarnellJermaine> Theo awkwardly clears his throat and lets Madeline do her thing, kicking his foot around in the snow a bit.
Oct 21 17:51:09 <BobaFettuccine> Mary just waits patiently, fiddling a bit with the strings on her guitar, keeping an eye out for any giants who might suddenly appear.
Oct 21 17:52:18 <gumbal1> The uglier russian doesn't interrupt his compatriot. "Fuck if I know. Artyom and I once traveled past and a bear nearly snapped his scrotom off. Don't pee into weird holes." Meanwhile, the tourist rolls his eyes. "Jeez, lady, I just got here. Why is everyone so weird about this town?"
Oct 21 17:52:57 <Nemi> Madeline breaks into giggles. "I'm glad he made it. Bears are pretty dangerous! Do the giant things seem to appear anywhere in particular?"
Oct 21 17:54:10 <gumbal1> Artyom grumbles at his companion's levity. "Near the peak. Is deceptively near if you get help from one of those weird monks."
Oct 21 17:54:30 <Nemi> "Oh, thank you! And weird monks?"
Oct 21 17:54:40 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa's ear perks up as he hears that one girl talk to the rather rude tourist, putting on a rather pleasant smile and walking over, offering his hand. "Hi! Where exactly are you from?"
Oct 21 17:56:03 <Endorb> Malissa shrugs. "It's a weird place. Sorry to bother you, then~" Malissa gives a smile that's more dazzling than humans can do, and goes back to the group
Oct 21 17:56:15 <gumbal1> "Monks is very weird. Babble about storms, shade, mists, bile, sunset…mostly astrological conditions." The tourist, meanwhile, sighs as another person heads over. "Jeez…I'm American." Beat. "Who are you people?"
Oct 21 17:56:34 <Nemi> "Ohhh.." Madeline rubs her mitten-clad hands together. "Where're these monks?"
Oct 21 17:58:01 <SavanahHolland> "Uhhh, we're.. high schoooolers..?" he's not sure how to answer that question "What state? I'm from South Dakota." he says, trying to keep the conversation going.
Oct 21 17:59:15 <gumbal1> "Up the mountain. I have stories of them, if you want." "My companion is correct. The monks are a rather peculiar sort, prone to oddities."
Oct 21 18:00:00 <Nemi> "Please! I would like to hear these stories!" Madeline thinks a moment, and decides to try and broadcast the subtitles to her companions.
Oct 21 18:00:09 <gumbal1> "Guh…Cali. I'm from Cali."
Oct 21 18:00:20 <gumbal1> "Okay."
Oct 21 18:00:33 <gumbal1> "This starts when I was young boy."
Oct 21 18:01:02 <SavanahHolland> "Oh! I've never been there, is it nice?" Poor Aleksa doesn't realize that he's annoying the crap out of this poor kid. "What brings you here? Sight seeing?"
Oct 21 18:01:03 <gumbal1> "I lived in nearby village my entire life, you know, up until a few years ago."
Oct 21 18:01:20 <gumbal1> "So, for a class trip, we were taken up the mountain to spot wildlife."
Oct 21 18:01:48 <gumbal1> "Along the way, to impress girl I thought I liked, I decide to sneak out for two hours on my own."
Oct 21 18:01:54 <gumbal1> "Bad move."
Oct 21 18:02:14 <gumbal1> "I am lost, frostbitten, and hungry by the end of it. Until I am found by monk."
Oct 21 18:02:18 <Nemi> Madeline nods along.
Oct 21 18:02:28 <gumbal1> "I am taken to monestary, where they fix me up, then send me along."
Oct 21 18:02:42 <gumbal1> "All the while, I am hearing weird moaning noise from further in."
Oct 21 18:03:01 <gumbal1> "I ask what it is, but they say they can't tell me because I'm not a monk."
Oct 21 18:03:06 <gumbal1> "So."
Oct 21 18:03:24 <gumbal1> "Few years later. I am a stupid teenager with stupid teenager values."
Oct 21 18:03:48 <gumbal1> "So, to impress boy I thought I liked, I decided to hike out and bring back bear hide."
Oct 21 18:03:54 <gumbal1> "Bad move."
Oct 21 18:04:30 <gumbal1> "Once again, I am lost in the wilderness, very cold, very hungry, very tired, until I am found by a monk."
Oct 21 18:04:31 <Shaeir> He leans on his scythe and listens to what talk there was. He waited patiently for instructions from the party liason.
Oct 21 18:04:37 <Nemi> Madeline can't help but find his intentions to be really cute.
Oct 21 18:05:08 <gumbal1> "They bring me over, help me get back on my feet, even let me read these weird books full of weird monsters."
Oct 21 18:05:19 <gumbal1> "All the while, I hear this strange moaning noise."
Oct 21 18:05:37 <gumbal1> "Once more, I ask what it is, but I am told they can't tell me, because I am not a monk."
Oct 21 18:05:44 <Endorb> \Well, we know where to go next, at this rate.Oct 21 18:06:13 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa stands in front of the tourist kid like an idiot.
Oct 21 18:06:24 <gumbal1> "Few years later. I am older man, graduated from college, no real money. Nobody is hiring because Russian economy is shit for anything not oil."
Oct 21 18:06:33 <gumbal1> "So."
Oct 21 18:06:40 <gumbal1> "I think back to the monks."
Oct 21 18:07:11 <DarnellJermaine> While they converse, Theodore ignores the conversation despite the strange subtitles and pulls his phone out to look up the area they're in and some info about it. After all, he's a huge history nut and he doesn't have anything better to do. He may even find some useful info while he browses around
Oct 21 18:07:11 <gumbal1> "And I decide that I would, once more, climb the mountain and reach their monastery."
Oct 21 18:07:26 <Nemi> Madeline listens closely!
Oct 21 18:07:38 <gumbal1> "Good move." Theo, your phone is loading in the info.
Oct 21 18:07:52 <gumbal1> "I am taken in, and offer to work as janitor."
Oct 21 18:07:57 <gumbal1> "They let me."
Oct 21 18:08:21 <gumbal1> "However, I still hear moaning sound, but when I ask, they tell me they can't tell me what it is, because I am still not a monk."
Oct 21 18:08:38 <gumbal1> "So I ask them, 'what will it take to become a monk?'"
Oct 21 18:09:45 <Shaeir> Dante is baffled by the phone, "What is that!?" he points at the demonic device. "What heresy is this!"
Oct 21 18:10:16 <gumbal1> "They tell me that if I count every snowflake in the village, every brick in village church, and every person who follows the good word of the lord in that village, then I can be a monk."
Oct 21 18:10:53 <gumbal1> "So I wait until spring, and convince the village govermnent to bulldoze the church and replace it with some apartment buildings. Best legislature I ever bribed someone to pass."
Oct 21 18:11:14 <gumbal1> "There are now no snowflakes or churches, and this village is godless hellhole anyways, so the answer is zero."
Oct 21 18:11:25 <gumbal1> "They tell me, congratulations, you are a monk."
Oct 21 18:11:59 <gumbal1> "So now I ask them what the sound is, and they tell me I must wait until I am wiser."
Oct 21 18:12:13 <Shaeir> [Dante is baffled by Theo's phone and addressing Theo.]
Oct 21 18:12:30 <gumbal1> "So I read book, and now that I know more, I am wiser. So I ask again. They tell me I must wait until I am stronger."
Oct 21 18:12:41 <Nemi> Madeline covers her mouth and giggles as the story continues.
Oct 21 18:13:09 <gumbal1> "So I get swole as fuck in the monastery gym, and ask again. They tell me I will be ready in a year."
Oct 21 18:13:52 <gumbal1> "So I wait for a year. I learned a lot in that year. I learned the history of the monastery, what gods it served, the true purpose of the monks. But never what that sound was."
Oct 21 18:14:26 <Nemi> "And at the end of that year?"
Oct 21 18:14:32 <gumbal1> "So, a year passes, and, for the last time, I ask again."
Oct 21 18:14:40 <gumbal1> "And they told me I was ready."
Oct 21 18:15:12 <gumbal1> "So they took me to an underground chamber. It was dark and very wet. I think there might have been a flooding problem."
Oct 21 18:15:25 <gumbal1> "And they lead me to a wooden door."
Oct 21 18:15:29 <Nemi> "It's always dark and wet.."
Oct 21 18:15:58 <gumbal1> "They open it, and I enter. It leads to a hallway and at the end of that, it leads to a stone door."
Oct 21 18:16:07 <gumbal1> "They open it, and I enter. It leads to a hallway and at the end of that, it leads to a metal door."
Oct 21 18:16:53 <gumbal1> "This goes on, for a while. Doors of steel. Doors of gold. Doors adorned with sapphires. Doors with locks I do not think were physically possible."
Oct 21 18:17:06 <gumbal1> "All the while, the moaning is growing increasingly louder."
Oct 21 18:17:09 <Nemi> "Doors upon doors upon doors. Okay."
Oct 21 18:17:20 <Endorb> \jeez, how big was this place?Oct 21 18:17:47 <gumbal1> "Finally, they lead me to the final door. It is a simpel door, made of simple wood, painted a simple white."
Oct 21 18:18:04 <DarnellJermaine> After Theo gets some info, he starts noticing the story and gets intrigued, slowly putting the device away and listening more intently, completely ignoring Dante.
Oct 21 18:18:15 <gumbal1> "'This is it', they say. 'This is what you have been looking for."
Oct 21 18:18:33 <gumbal1> "So they put their hand on the doorknob and turn it."
Oct 21 18:18:43 <gumbal1> "Before realizing they forgot to unlock it."
Oct 21 18:18:49 <gumbal1> "So they unlock it."
Oct 21 18:18:56 <gumbal1> "And then, they open it."
Oct 21 18:18:56 <Nemi> Madeline giggles at the 'forgot to unlock it' bit.
Oct 21 18:19:10 <gumbal1> "And I finally see what was making that noise."
Oct 21 18:19:29 <gumbal1> "…but I can't tell you what it is, because you're not a monk."
Oct 21 18:19:53 <Nemi> Madeline puts a hand to her forehead.
Oct 21 18:19:58 <Nemi> ".. yooooou got me."
Oct 21 18:20:09 <Nemi> ".. thanks for the story! It was fun!"
Oct 21 18:20:20 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa never gets a response from the tourist boy it seems
Oct 21 18:20:35 <Endorb> Malissa leans over to Madeline, and whispers. "I'm sure I could convince him to say, if he could understand me."
Oct 21 18:21:07 <BobaFettuccine> Mary laughs at the end of the story before saying, "I guess we gotta find the monks and ask them about the giant thingies then."
Oct 21 18:21:17 <gumbal1> The tourist boy rolls his eyes. "Boring."
Oct 21 18:21:21 <DarnellJermaine> Theodore sighs disappointedly, taking out another bottle of joy to down. So much for the epic conclusion. Whether the story was real or not, it's not like they had enough time to be fucking around either way. Hopefully they'd be getting up the mountain soon enough.
Oct 21 18:22:01 <Nemi> Madeline shrugs at Malissa. "I don't think I can pass stuff like that on through um, intention.. leeeet's go up the gate and head up the mountain, I guess."
Oct 21 18:22:45 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa stares sadly at the boy before just.. turning around and walking to the gate, ignoring everyone else. He suddenly wishes he didn't come at all.
Oct 21 18:23:02 <gumbal1> Theo's phone finally gets the info. They're in the outskirts of Sviatohirsk, in some small border town between the city and the Holy Mountains range.
Oct 21 18:23:56 <Shaeir> "Veroyatno seks." he chuckles to the Russians. "kakaya-to istoriya!"
Oct 21 18:23:58 <DarnellJermaine> As they walk up to the gate, Theo begins looking up as much info as he can on the history of the location, now that he's got the name. Any significant events, how it came to be, who owned it at what times, and legends or myths; basically anything he can find.
Oct 21 18:24:39 <Nemi> "Anyway, thank you mister! Bye now!" Madeline waves to the two Russians with a smile and turns to doop over to the gate with the others. She gives Aleksa a look of concern, and actually approaches to peer up and up at the huge boy. ".. what's wrong?"
Oct 21 18:25:51 <gumbal1> Town apparently appeared in 16th century according to wikipedia, though if Theo travels farther in his web search, he may find that the place had been a bit heavier than normal in anomalous activity.
Oct 21 18:26:14 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa glances at Madeline, one hand into the pocket of his dreamy parka and one hand kinda going to the top of her head "Hard not to feel uh.. useless- I mean, flowers can't translate languages, for fight monsters, I mean they can try, but it would be sucky." he lightly laughs, looking kinda depressed still.
Oct 21 18:27:23 <Endorb> Malissa follows the group. "Well, looks like we'll have to find this thing ourselves. So much for straightforward missions"
Oct 21 18:27:46 <DarnellJermaine> Theo spends the majority of his searching reading the wikipedia article on the place, getting a feel for the culture, origin, and ownership of the land. He didn't look much deeper than that, though he did notice a few things on anomalous activity before putting his phone away. He supposed he ought to interact with the group at least a little; he was being unusually reclusive as of late. "So are we gonna be
Oct 21 18:27:46 <DarnellJermaine> able to get through the gate, or do we have to ask someone to let us through?"
Oct 21 18:28:09 <Nemi> "Awh.. noo. We couldn't have known that this was what the mission was, right?" She reaches up to pat his wrist. The same one patting her head. It's awkward. "And like, you'll be able to learn what's going on in the field? Like, experience to try and develop your powers and stuff? I didn't used to be able to like, do anything, but I kept going out until I learned what I could really
Oct 21 18:28:09 <Nemi> do!"
Oct 21 18:28:18 <Nemi> ".. oh um let's try to get through, maybe."
Oct 21 18:28:31 <BobaFettuccine> Mary floats along with everyone. Just kind of keeping up with them.
Oct 21 18:29:07 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa hums nodding "Thanks girly, I guess I'll have to at least try-" he looks at the gate, does it look breakable?
Oct 21 18:29:14 <gumbal1> The gate's up ahead. It's technically guarded but the guard nods as they come over and doesn't say anything more as they pass through.
Oct 21 18:30:04 <gumbal1> The mountain here starts…as you pass through the gate, you almost feel a bit of a disconnect. The town behind you seems so far away, and the mountain path seems a bit longer and less steeper than before.
Oct 21 18:30:24 <SavanahHolland> No need for breaking it seems, well that's kinda a good thing. Aleksa doesn't wanna break property.
Oct 21 18:30:32 <Nemi> Strange.. Nothing to do but keep walking, right? Madeline gives a reassuring smile to Aleksa as they pass through the gate, and continue on up.
Oct 21 18:30:35 <gumbal1> An odd moaning sound can be heard as the cold wind blows.
Oct 21 18:31:10 <DarnellJermaine> Theo hones in on Aleska's conversation and scoots over to them. "Don't sweat it, big guy. I can't use my powers for the most part either" considering the repercussions for himself, "I just do what I can, and it's worked out so far. I'm sure you'll be fine" he offers a small smile.
Oct 21 18:32:16 <BobaFettuccine> "Well what do you know, he was telling the truth." Mary says with a chuckle before floating over to the others and keeping watch. She smiles cheerfully at Aleksa, not really knowing what to say to cheer the boy up.
Oct 21 18:32:23 <SavanahHolland> He sniffles a bit, a mixture of sadness and the fucking cold air. "You guys are real nice, thanks.. if you uh, ever need anything flower related- I'm your guy." he chuckles.
Oct 21 18:32:25 <Endorb> Can we roll perception to locate the moan sound?
Oct 21 18:32:35 <gumbal1> > sure
Oct 21 18:33:05 <Nemi> "It's kind of spooky and- um- I bet Kat'd like some flowers so like.." Madeline trails off as she pushes up through the cold and snow. She hates this weather, but she's too tuff to admit it.
Oct 21 18:33:21 <DarnellJermaine> He pats Aleska on the back and nods, moving back up towards Madeline and Mary.
Oct 21 18:33:33 <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Oct 21 18:33:33 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 10
Oct 21 18:33:49 <BobaFettuccine> (for perception)
Oct 21 18:34:20 <SavanahHolland> Everyone is so nice, Aleksa feels much better now! Sorta! I mean he still has sucky powers, but everyone is cool as crap so it works. Is there any plant life around?
Oct 21 18:34:43 <Endorb> `Calc 4d3-8+12
Oct 21 18:34:43 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 11
Oct 21 18:34:48 <Endorb> (Also perception)
Oct 21 18:35:22 <Nemi> Madeline ain’t perceivin' diddly.
Oct 21 18:36:24 <gumbal1> The path is long and winding, and eventually forks at one point. Maliss and Mary can tell, however, that the moaning is coming from the vague direction of the right path.
Oct 21 18:37:05 <BobaFettuccine> Mary floats off down the path on the right, gesturing for the others to follow.
Oct 21 18:37:10 <gumbal1> A doe watches from her spot behind a few dead trees.
Oct 21 18:37:24 <Nemi> "Oh!" Madeline scurries after Mary!
Oct 21 18:37:37 <Shaeir> His scythe rested on his shoulder. He tried to follow along their conversation but his English wasn't up to date. It was a bit archaic in ways. He twirls his sycthe in place.
Oct 21 18:37:51 <DarnellJermaine> Theodore stares at the doe as he follows suit behind the other two, eventually turning to face them again.
Oct 21 18:38:39 <SavanahHolland> No plant life other than dead trees? Aleksa bites his lip, so out of his element! Only to less gracefully scurry after Madeline, graceful like a diabetic grandma easing into a warm salt bath.
Oct 21 18:39:25 <Endorb> "The sounds coming from this way" Malissa follows after Mary, also flying because why not?
Oct 21 18:40:03 <gumbal1> The path, at this point merely a spot where dead grass is less omnipresent, eventually terminates at a cliff. To the left is a long, winding path overlooking the cliffside. Directly in front are several skeletons and a few cars impaled on the rocks around a hundred feet below.
Oct 21 18:40:46 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa stares at the dead grass.. "Poor grass.." he mumbles, ignoring staggering amount of dead people in the rocks below.
Oct 21 18:42:06 <BobaFettuccine> How wonderfully cheerful. Mary's eyes widen at the presence of the skeletons and she frowns deeply. "I guess we go left?" She says.
Oct 21 18:42:13 <gumbal1> Something briefly sillhouette's the overcast sky above, before vanishing as soon as it came.
Oct 21 18:42:46 <Nemi> Madeline just stares at the skeletons and the cars, and a part of her.. tries to conjure the dream of what had happened to them. To let her see what claimed them.
Oct 21 18:43:28 <Shaeir> He looked at Aleksa, "All things come to pass, so is the way of the world. I am sorry that this vegitation has found its end, if we do not keep moving though we may encounter the same fate." said Dante to Aleksa in his elder English.
Oct 21 18:44:14 <SavanahHolland> "That's not true." he frowns "I can bring flowers back.. but not grass.. I wonder if the grass was in pain.." he looks saddened by this.
Oct 21 18:45:18 <gumbal1> There was a road here, once. Connecting cliff to former cliff. People would run, jog, drive through. All was happy, or as happy a Soviet may be.
Oct 21 18:45:24 <Shaeir> "Tis true that we may come back from the brinks of death. But its not such a fate I wish either us or any flower to endure." he nods with sympathy.
Oct 21 18:45:59 <Nemi> But something shattered the road, broke the bridge..
Oct 21 18:46:16 <Nemi> The others would see Madeline just staring, a strange and absent, dreamy look on her face.
Oct 21 18:46:27 <Endorb> "Hmm… Mary, you think it'd be safe for us to split with the group and look at what's down the other end of that path quickly?" MALISSA asks
Oct 21 18:46:33 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa moves up, straightening his back and pat patting Dante "thanks bud." he nods, offering a smile.
Oct 21 18:46:37 <gumbal1> Such things shall pass, as all things shall. The sun must set over the sea, just as a foot may set upon a spider's web, or a worm may tunnel through the eart.
Oct 21 18:47:06 <gumbal1> In this case, a stalk, an appendage of something greater.
Oct 21 18:47:14 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa quickly notices Madeline staring.. Walking over to her, worry spreading across his face as he sets a hand on her shoulder "Girly?"
Oct 21 18:47:54 <Nemi> Madeline shudders. And she reaches a hand up to place upon Aleksa's. ".. something very big came and destroyed the road here. It's why there's so many dead down there and.. I think I know what the 'giants' are."
Oct 21 18:48:12 <DarnellJermaine> Theodore notices everyone else spacing out and doing their own weirdo things and heads down the left path on his own, hoping to get some fresh air or maybe find something. His first instinct would be to check up on people or make sure they're ok, but like him, everyone at this school is weird as hell, so he doesn't pay it much mind.
Oct 21 18:49:48 <gumbal1> There's talk of Soviet cover-up of the anomalous, but it's just that. Talk.
Oct 21 18:49:50 <gumbal1> Isn't it?
Oct 21 18:50:00 <SavanahHolland> His eyebrows knit together, even more worry coming to his face "Very big.. where are the giants?" he finally asks after a small pause, "You feeling okay though? I think there are some like.. over the counter pain killers in the kit.."
Oct 21 18:50:20 <BobaFettuccine> "Hey Theo!" She calls out as Theo starts walking. "We should stick together."
Oct 21 18:50:23 <Nemi> Isn't it. Madeline shivers and nods. "I'm okay. I'm okay. Let's just- just follow Theodore. Only one way up an' stuff." And she does as she says, turning to follow Theo up.
Oct 21 18:51:09 <DarnellJermaine> He turns back when he hears his name and notices people starting to move now. So much for that fresh air. He puts on a big smile, "Yeah, if you guys are alright now we should get movin!"
Oct 21 18:51:32 <SavanahHolland> "Alright." he nods, sighing and placing his hands into the pockets of his parka, following Theo and Mads. "I wonder if this is safe..?"
Oct 21 18:52:03 <Nemi> The parka is very soft. Sort of more the concept of a parka than the flawed objects Aleksa may have worn before. It fits perfectly.
Oct 21 18:52:28 <BobaFettuccine> Mary smiles at Theo and flies over to keep pace with him. "Hey, is everything alright with you?" She asks as they move up the mountain.
Oct 21 18:53:10 <Nemi> Madeline has decided that she likes Aleksa. Theo sounding like people did when she was veeeery small was a nice little familiar thing, though she didn't know what to think about the boy at all.
Oct 21 18:53:15 <SavanahHolland> He blinks, blushing "soooft.." he mumbles as he looks to Mads "This parka is frickin amazing." he grins, totally forgetting about the fact he just asked if this was even safe.
Oct 21 18:54:06 <DarnellJermaine> He verbally feels his way out for a change of subject, "Mmhmm. You think that there actually is some kind of crazy secret up here? Or that the guy back in town as just screwing with us? I was reading up on some stuff and I'm not too sure myself"
Oct 21 18:54:20 <gumbal1> The path is steep, and narrow. Unless they can fly, single file's really the only way to go across the cliff edge. The wind batters the six of you under the all-consuming grey in the sky, as the moaning gets louder and louder still.
Oct 21 18:55:14 <SavanahHolland> "Alright guys, hold up for a sec." he checks the kit for something that could possibly maybe help someone from falling? Like a cord?
Oct 21 18:55:15 <Nemi> "I don't know if it's safe or n- oh, you like? I'm glad!" Madeline beams and trudges onward up the path. And- well, she'll stick to the side of the cliff face, far from the edge. The wind casts her hair behind her, and after a moment, she retrieves a beanie to try to ward off the unpleasantness. "What /is/ moaning like that? Doesn't- sound like wind!"
Oct 21 18:55:25 <gumbal1> Mary and Malissa might notice that, once more, a shadow splays itself over the sky before disappearing. Fattened, ever writhing, with no clear end.
Oct 21 18:55:45 <Shaeir> "My sycthe can become like a grappling hook?" he suggests.
Oct 21 18:56:01 <DarnellJermaine> Theo pulls up the hood of his parka and marches onward, staying in the front of the line for the time being.
Oct 21 18:56:15 <BobaFettuccine> "Well there's obviously something going o-" She points towards the sky when she sees the thing. "Did you see that?" MAry asks Theo.
Oct 21 18:56:18 <Nemi> "That could be really um helpful Dante!"
Oct 21 18:56:43 <Shaeir> "Should I belay us up to that ridge then?" he asks.
Oct 21 18:57:04 <DarnellJermaine> "Huh? See what?" he asks, having no clue what she's talking about.
Oct 21 18:57:18 <Nemi> "Not in this wind, I think!" Madeline calls out to be heard.
Oct 21 18:57:26 <gumbal1> It's a long way up, but eventually, they reach a sort of rest point, a part of the cliff where they don't have to back themselves up against the wall. Complete with a bench with some cryllic inscribed into it.
Oct 21 18:58:21 <Nemi> Madeline, quickly tiring (she's not a big girl and this is not her weather), ducks into the little rest area and plops down on the bench with a huff.
Oct 21 18:58:31 <Shaeir> "Fair enough." Dante cringes as the moaning and wind howls get louder. Dante is brought to his knees as they break the crest.
Oct 21 18:58:34 <SavanahHolland> No cord them it seems! Aleksa is literally the worst at being useful, but he's gotta stay positive! Because dying while being sad sounds like a p not good way to go.
Oct 21 18:58:59 <BobaFettuccine> "Watch the sky," Mary says, to the group "I saw a shadow of… something. Up there"
Oct 21 18:58:59 <gumbal1> The view of the valley below is beautiful. Trees, wildlife, meadows, even a river, unfrozen in the face of the cold.
Oct 21 18:59:20 <Shaeir> He cringes and winces. "Make…it stop." he says covering his ears.
Oct 21 18:59:56 <DarnellJermaine> "The sky?" Theo asks, looking up. He didn't see anything… but he'll keep his eye out for it. Once they arrive, Theo remains standing at the rest area, though he lends onto the bench opposite Madeline and tries to look at what's ahead. At least it seems a much cheerier scene than what came before.
Oct 21 19:00:02 <gumbal1> Someone's making their way down the path too, it seems. A figure, dressed in a hooded brown robe.
Oct 21 19:00:54 <Nemi> "The shadow of wh- something big?" Madeline looks up for a moment. She shoots a worried look to Dante- and is beside him in a blink. She tries to guide him into the little rest-area, let him down. "It's okay- it's okay.."
Oct 21 19:00:55 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa, rather than sits down, looks over to the robed man, waving "Hello?" he tries to call out to the weird man.
Oct 21 19:01:50 <BobaFettuccine> Mary also flies over to Dante, putting a hand on his shoulder and frowning with concern.
Oct 21 19:02:11 <Shaeir> "Thank you Madeline…the noise…it brings back flashes….memories of Purgatory, we need to make it stop." he says concerned as he sits.
Oct 21 19:02:37 * SheepsGoToHeaven (||reJllenraD) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Oct 21 19:03:06 <Nemi> "I know.. I know." Madeline pats at Dante's shoulder with care, a frown edged to her face, when she looks up to watch Aleksa greet their guest. Hm.
Oct 21 19:03:12 <gumbal1> The robed man doesn't seem to hear, or if they do, don't give an indication of listening as they come down to the rest area. They're…very easily seven feet tall, with a robe that's been through hell and back. They look over, face obscured by the hood, before giving a wave and heading over to sit on the bench, looking out onto the horizon.
Oct 21 19:03:37 * DarnellJermaine has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
Oct 21 19:03:38 <Nemi> Madeline scootches out of the way as the robed giant sits down!
Oct 21 19:03:52 <Shaeir> [is he now sitting by Dante?]
Oct 21 19:03:55 <SheepsGoToHeaven> Theodore shoots Dante a worried glance, but it seems Madeline's already got him taken care of for the time being. Still, he shifts his attention to his new companion until he seems to have calmed down.
Oct 21 19:03:56 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa follows the hooded person like a puppy, staring at them with a smile "Hi!" He repeats, smiling.
Oct 21 19:04:40 * SheepsGoToHeaven is now known as DarnellJermaine
Oct 21 19:04:47 <gumbal1> > yes
Oct 21 19:06:49 <DarnellJermaine> "Excuse me" Theo cuts in politely, making his way to sit down next to the tall, robed figure. "Do you happen to be an Orthodox Monk?" he inquires.
Oct 21 19:06:54 <Shaeir> Dante looks up at the Giant. His face is pale and sickly but not from concern at seeing the Giant. "I bid you greetings, and apologize for my current state." he says gently to the giant.
Oct 21 19:07:51 <gumbal1> "Hi. Yes, I am, in a sense. It is okay." The monk speaks in with a thin, faintly masculine voice, in a thick Romanian accent.
Oct 21 19:08:28 <Nemi> Madeline, for her part, quiets down- not for fear, really, but because she's not sure how to approach the monk. She instead busily tries to figure out subtitles for the Cyrillic text on the bench.
Oct 21 19:08:29 <BobaFettuccine> Mary just kind of floats, smiling at the monk, but not saying anything, others were speaking, so she didn't want to interrupt.
Oct 21 19:09:26 <SavanahHolland> "You're pretty tall" Aleksa just kinda says, not sure what else to even say "What do monks do?"
Oct 21 19:09:58 <DarnellJermaine> Theo recognizes the attire from his early searches when he was reading up on the local monestaries and the Synod. "Pleasure to meet you" he nods respectfully.
Oct 21 19:10:04 <gumbal1> BORN TO MEDITATE EMPIRE IS A FUCK SUPRESS THEM ALL 2651 BCE I AM TRASH MONK 2 SLAIN GIANTS mark we talked about this no meme graffiti
Oct 21 19:10:08 <Shaeir> "I…recognize that accent." he says eyeing the monk. "Do you know why we are here, a monk of your stature must right?" he asks curiously.
Oct 21 19:10:51 <Nemi> Madeline puts a hand up on her forehead and tries not to giggle, helplessly.
Oct 21 19:11:13 <gumbal1> "I think I am rather short. Monks show devotion to their gods. A pleasure too. A fellow Romanian? No, I do not, but I suspect it is because Harlan is losing control and you are curious as to why you are seeing things in the sky."
Oct 21 19:11:42 <Nemi> As it happened, that was exactly that! Madeline brightens.
Oct 21 19:12:36 <SavanahHolland> "You should play basketball-" Aleksa pauses "Sorry that was a bad joke." he slooooowly backs away, walking over to Madeline "What's gotcha giggling?" he asks curiously.
Oct 21 19:13:09 <gumbal1> "I have tried, in my time fighting the neutral, but those days are over. I thought it was okay." The monk sits motionless.
Oct 21 19:13:45 <Nemi> ".. sorry, it's- just the graffiti, it's- kind of stupid but funny."
Oct 21 19:13:59 <gumbal1> "You would blame Mark for that."
Oct 21 19:14:27 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa blinks, shaking his head "Whatsit say? And don't be sorry." more head pats! It's kinda becoming a habit..
Oct 21 19:14:49 <Nemi> Madeline has very soft hair. ".. well um," She leans in and whispers the translation!
Oct 21 19:15:37 <Shaeir> "Italian, but I speak the language." he nods. "Does Harlan need to be removed?" he asks "is she now possesed this Harlan by her loss of control?"
Oct 21 19:15:46 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa snorts, bursting into laughter "W- what the hell… monks know about memes? Dear gooood"
Oct 21 19:16:06 <Nemi> "/Everyone/ has wireless now, Aleksa!"
Oct 21 19:17:27 <SavanahHolland> "Really? Even here?" he seems suprised but he can't stop the goofy smile and snickering "I thought being a monk was like, giving up everything worldly n stuff"
Oct 21 19:18:08 <Shaeir> "Wireless? what is wireless?" Dante asks.
Oct 21 19:18:47 <gumbal1> "Harlan needs to be replaced. Harlan, rather, is possessing the two giants. Yes, we are unfortunately not free of memes. Yes, that is how it should be." The monk swings their feet back and forth from under their robe. It's wonder they didn't trip on the way down.
Oct 21 19:18:56 <Nemi> "Um… modern technology thing and I dunno, when I was a kid- like, the monks attached to the school near mine like, they all had cell phones and um.."
Oct 21 19:19:11 <Nemi> ".. okay. Okay. Who's Harlan and um. Where is he?"
Oct 21 19:19:59 <DarnellJermaine> Theo frowns as the conversation furthers. Monks of the Orthodox faith are supposed to be some of the most respectable religious hermits, yet there is… meme grafitti. It's disheartening, to say the least.
Oct 21 19:20:08 <SavanahHolland> He looks up and makes the most serious fake at the monk, his voice dark and dominant "You can never be free of memes"
Oct 21 19:20:11 <DarnellJermaine> At least this monk seems to be respectable.
Oct 21 19:20:37 <gumbal1> "Harlan is the newest Giant Keeper. He is at the summit." A foot peeks out from the folds of their robe, revealing what look to be a cross between a lion's front paw and a hawk's talon.
Oct 21 19:21:18 <Nemi> Madeline is thoroughly unsurprised and actually vaguely fascinated. ".. okay. Well- we'd better hurry. Thank you, um, Brother..?"
Oct 21 19:21:19 <gumbal1> "That is the most depressing thing I've ever heard."
Oct 21 19:21:32 <gumbal1> "Salvac. My name is Salvac."
Oct 21 19:21:52 <Nemi> Madeline winces. She has little idea of how the Tear Drinkers participated in spreading memes throughout the world and perpetuating them. ".. Brother Salvac. Okay. Thank you!"
Oct 21 19:22:06 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa does finger guns, because yeah.
Oct 21 19:22:14 <Shaeir> "one question Salvac. By removing Harlan, what is to say someone else will not replace him in the madness?"
Oct 21 19:22:29 <DarnellJermaine> Theo thanks Salvac and bows, ready to get moving again.
Oct 21 19:23:11 <gumbal1> Truly the DNA of the soul. "I would fire finger guns back, but…" Salvac looks at their hands, or rather, the hooves that 'serve' as hands. "I would replace Harlan with someone else, however, I am not a head monk and know little more than what I should about this problem."
Oct 21 19:24:21 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa stares back "How about fist bump, but with like, my fist and your hoof? That's cool right?"
Oct 21 19:24:35 <Nemi> "Okay.." Madeline scrambles up from the bench. "Um, I hope your rest suits you, um, Brother Salvac." And she hurries over to join Theo near the path.
Oct 21 19:25:22 <BobaFettuccine> Mary flies along, keeping up with the others as they go to the path up, ready to follow along.
Oct 21 19:25:33 <gumbal1> "Okay. See you." Salvac holds out their hoof for a bump.
Oct 21 19:26:01 <Endorb> Malissa also flies along. We'll pretend she was saying things that wasn't contributing, but were still charming
Oct 21 19:26:10 <gumbal1> The path back up is even winder, even steeper, even narrower, accompanied still by the innsescant moaning.
Oct 21 19:26:26 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa bro hoofs the cool monk dude "Add me on skype or something" handing the monk a piece of paper before grinning and following the rest of the group!
Oct 21 19:27:02 <Nemi> Aaa, it's so creepy. Madeline misses Aleksa trying to get the monk's Skype details and leans forward hard into the cold winds.
Oct 21 19:27:36 <BobaFettuccine> One benefit to flying is not having to care about dumb twisty paths. Mary floats next to the path so she can help anyone who trips and make sure they don't fall.
Oct 21 19:27:42 <DarnellJermaine> Theodore pushes forward, following close behind Madeline, who's proven to be extremely competent so far.
Oct 21 19:28:18 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa stays behind everyone else, watching over to make sure no one miss- steps and if they do he can at least grab them.
Oct 21 19:28:21 <Shaeir> He looks at Aleksa, "Brother, what is this Skype?" he asks. 14th century knowledge of tech after all.
Oct 21 19:28:36 <SavanahHolland> "Oh its like, a messenger kinda thing."
Oct 21 19:28:51 <Endorb> Malissa is also providing air support. Nothing worse than going to fight a guy controlling giant monsters and dying to a cliff.
Oct 21 19:29:38 <gumbal1> Once more, something flashes across the sky. Large, flying without wings, a thousand great tentacles spilling from them, before it's gone.
Oct 21 19:30:19 <SavanahHolland> "Well that's terrifying." Aleksa says in a rather cheerful voice
Oct 21 19:30:33 <Nemi> "I think I killed something like that before," Madeline says, quietly.
Oct 21 19:31:03 <DarnellJermaine> He notices the sky this time, pausing in his tracks, hopefully not knocking anyone behind him off the cliff. "What…"
Oct 21 19:31:22 <BobaFettuccine> Mary's glow which has maintained a blue color up until now turns purple and her arms and hair start to flicker with flames.
Oct 21 19:31:32 <Shaeir> "Quite." he eyes Madeline, "I fear you are as much of a warrior as my father." he smiles.
Oct 21 19:32:23 <SavanahHolland> "If I die tell my husband I love him, except I don't have a husband so yeah." Aleksa stop making jokes right now, you're failing, no one likes it.
Oct 21 19:32:42 <gumbal1> Eventually, however, they make it to a greater clearing than before. A series of short starecase cliffs, on which a makeshift building resembling a spartan apartment of living quarters. A few robed figures mill about, including two squatting over a game of dice, another fiddling with an odd puzzle box, and one sitting on the edge of the cliff, looking out upon the frankly amazing view. You get the feeling that, looking out upon the Russian cit
Oct 21 19:32:42 <gumbal1> y before you, now would be as good a time as any to take a picture.
Oct 21 19:33:49 <Nemi> "Not a warrior. I don't.. go head on, really, and um-" Madeline blinks up at Aleksa. ".. right um. Let's keep oooon.." The sight of the monastery and monks is a bit amazing, though not nearly as much as the sight of the city below. Madeline does, actually, fish out her phone from nowhere and snap a couple pictures. The monks and monastery in a couple snapshots and the view proper.
Oct 21 19:33:49 <Nemi> ".. I should get my real camera out it's so pretty.. um. Right. We need to find Harlan."
Oct 21 19:34:32 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa nabs his phone, taking a bunch of pictures as they approach, walking over to the monk sitting at the edge "You know, the path here is pretty dangerous, there are probably people you could get to fix that, maybe like a bake sale to get the funds for it if you guys don't have the money"
Oct 21 19:34:53 <SavanahHolland> "Since you guys are religious and all, I mean, most churches back home did bake sales for cash"
Oct 21 19:35:46 * SheepsGoToHeaven (||reJllenraD) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Oct 21 19:35:49 <gumbal1> The monk doesn't respond, except to turn her head to look Aleska in the eyes and, in a thick Algerian accent, tell her "I crave death. It keeps me alive."
Oct 21 19:35:57 <gumbal1> *tell him
Oct 21 19:36:13 <SheepsGoToHeaven> Theodore shakes his head and keeps moving along with the others, snapping a quick picture on his phone. This'll make a nice wallpaper.
Oct 21 19:36:20 <Endorb> Malissa smiles and shakes her head at Aleksa's bake sale idea. Then she pretends to not hear what that monk said, keeping a careful watch on them now
Oct 21 19:36:24 <SavanahHolland> "That's nice." he grins, turning around "Think about the bake sale! I'm serious! Muffins sell!"
Oct 21 19:36:44 <Nemi> Madeline finds another monk! The one at the edge of the cliff. "Hi! Excuse me!"
Oct 21 19:37:00 <Shaeir> "i meant no offense Madeline." he apologizes.
Oct 21 19:37:02 <gumbal1> "Who would travel several thousand feet into the air to buy muffins?"
Oct 21 19:37:10 * DarnellJermaine has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
Oct 21 19:37:30 <Nemi> "Oh- no, no offense taken!"
Oct 21 19:37:41 <SavanahHolland> "…is that not something normal people would do?"
Oct 21 19:37:47 <SavanahHolland> "muffins are great"
Oct 21 19:37:53 <BobaFettuccine> "I might." Mary says to the monk with a grin. Several thousand feet in the air is like, a 5 minute trip for her.
Oct 21 19:37:54 <gumbal1> The monk turns to look at Madeline. "Oh. It's you."
Oct 21 19:37:57 <Nemi> Madeline likes muffins quite a lot.
Oct 21 19:38:03 * SheepsGoToHeaven is now known as DarnellJermaine
Oct 21 19:38:05 <Nemi> "Hi! Um- it's me?" She blinks at the monk's cowl.
Oct 21 19:38:35 <SavanahHolland> "See? told you it was a great idea" he brings back the finger guns.
Oct 21 19:39:19 <gumbal1> "Miss straight A herself. Along with hipster girl. Tell me, did you enjoy having that fairy creep put me out of the job?"
Oct 21 19:40:28 <Endorb> Malissa goes to fly around in tiny mode, get a look at the building, maybe peek in the windows
Oct 21 19:40:44 <Nemi> Madeline looks noncomprehending. ".. what? What're you talking about?" She tries to rack her memory back a ways, and perhaps .. dreamlogic her view past the cowl.
Oct 21 19:40:54 <SavanahHolland> "Miss straight As and Hipster girl are super vague." Aleksa can't help but say.
Oct 21 19:41:13 <SavanahHolland> "Like, there are a lot of hipsters"
Oct 21 19:41:20 <gumbal1> It's a lot of monks doing monk stuff, like reading, copying documents, trying to kickstart the generators.
Oct 21 19:42:16 <Nemi> ".. he um, means me and my girlfriend, I think.."
Oct 21 19:42:19 <gumbal1> Madeline gets a face to face view with Dr. Kateb herself. "I had tenure, you know."
Oct 21 19:42:41 <Nemi> ".. she. She means it. I.. Um. I didn't know, no."
Oct 21 19:42:56 <SavanahHolland> "Hmmm, maybe." he nod nods
Oct 21 19:43:14 <gumbal1> "Well. I hope you're enjoying youselves back in…wherever you are."
Oct 21 19:44:09 <Nemi> ".. I didn't really enjoy it I just- how did you come from Windvale to.. here?"
Oct 21 19:44:38 <SavanahHolland> "Maybe the same way we did?" he shrugs
Oct 21 19:44:52 <BobaFettuccine> "Yeah, that's a bit of a trip." Mary says with a raised eyebrow.
Oct 21 19:45:32 <Endorb> Malissa flies back to the group, staying small as they were talking to… someone
Oct 21 19:45:35 <gumbal1> "I have friends." One of the monks playing the dice curses and throws a few of the dice off the cliff. One of them hits Kateb, though she doens't visibly respond. "GWU needed funding. The One-Eighty-One Russian Branch provided."
Oct 21 19:46:37 <DarnellJermaine> Theo is completely lost at this point, so he just sits down somewhere nearby and listens the best he can, trying to make sense of what's going on.
Oct 21 19:47:06 <Nemi> "So you became a monk..?" Madeline is just a bit baffled. ".. at an eldritch monastery. In the Holy Mountains of Ukraine sorry I mean Russia."
Oct 21 19:47:15 <Shaeir> "Perhaps they went through a portal of sorts, the kind that I used to escape Purgatory?" he shrugged.
Oct 21 19:48:07 <gumbal1> "It is a pointless question." This last line is said in a mocking tone, as if she's trying to imitate something.
Oct 21 19:48:39 * SheepsGoToHeaven (||reJllenraD) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Oct 21 19:48:43 <SavanahHolland> "Hey now don't be mean!"
Oct 21 19:49:01 * DarnellJermaine has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
Oct 21 19:49:05 <Nemi> "Sure. Fine. .. sorry I never finished that wall poster I promised I'd make for you, doctor Kat.."
Oct 21 19:49:37 * SheepsGoToHeaven is now known as DarnellJermaine
Oct 21 19:49:42 <gumbal1> "Do not call me Kat. I will not be lumped in with that millenial John Lennon."
Oct 21 19:50:19 <SavanahHolland> He stares at the weird guy, okay he's confused now too.
Oct 21 19:50:32 <BobaFettuccine> Mary asks something not about SunnyBrook, because that's not what they're here for. "Do you know a monk here called Harlan?"
Oct 21 19:50:32 <Nemi> ".. you never complained about that before- sorry." Madeline visibly deflates.
Oct 21 19:51:16 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa frowns "You're a real jerk." he says to the weird teacher monk
Oct 21 19:51:34 <gumbal1> "I will be as mean as I wish, child." Man, she was never this mean beforehand. "Harlan is at the summit. I doubt you will survive a meeting with him."
Oct 21 19:51:58 <Nemi> "We'll have to try, then and.. what happened, doctor K? You weren't this mean before.."
Oct 21 19:52:04 <Nemi> Madeline looks /visibly hurt/.
Oct 21 19:52:25 <Endorb> \Glad I bought this flower… Though, I'd think 6 of us is enough for 1 man, at least. Not that we'll probably fight just one manOct 21 19:52:46 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa frowns, then nabs Mads and gives her a small hug "Don't worry, they're just being an arse."
Oct 21 19:53:01 <Nemi> Mads is easily stolen! She's quite light, almost as if she's not entirely there.
Oct 21 19:54:02 <Shaeir> "You know…Virgil said I wouldn't survive a meeting with several of the pitlords. Yet here I am. Let us begin our meet with Harlan and remove him from our threats."
Oct 21 19:54:06 <DarnellJermaine> Theodore steps in, both to hurry things along and to make sure the poor girl isn't berated anymore. "All we need is directions" he states, stepping in, "Thanks"
Oct 21 19:54:36 <BobaFettuccine> Mary frowns at the teacher turned monk and makes a face sticking her tongue out at them… So there.
Oct 21 19:55:00 <gumbal1> "Why is it," Dr. Kateb pulls down her hood, to reveal the face of a depressed Algerian woman in her mid-sixties. "that a woman can graduate as valadictorian in her country, attain doctorhood, force herself to leave everything behind in the face of war to come to America, settle to the level of teaching teenagers health science, only to have even that stolen from her by the whims of politics?"
Oct 21 19:55:01 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa blinks "You're really light, you eat right?" he says, a tad worried as he then sets the small madeline to just.. sit on his shoulder, weirdly comfy.
Oct 21 19:55:47 <Nemi> Madeline settles on Aleksa's shoulders. She doesn't reply to him yet, though. ".. sure, but why take that out on /us/? We didn't decide to like, try to change the whole world order, we're just /kids/ stuck in it.."
Oct 21 19:55:56 <DarnellJermaine> "Why are we even alive in the first place?" he snaps back frustratedly, "Some of us aren't gonna get sixty years, you know. And who cares anyways? It doesn't matter. Just give us some damn directions already"
Oct 21 19:56:26 <Nemi> ".. and like, you've done so much like, why not see if Miss Fox'd take you?"
Oct 21 19:56:42 <gumbal1> "…Harlan's at the summit. The dormitories lead into the monastery proper. Follow the Head Monk's directions to Heaven's Ladder."
Oct 21 19:56:57 <SavanahHolland> "Heaven's ladder? Neat."
Oct 21 19:57:09 <gumbal1> "…it's too late for me."
Oct 21 19:57:30 <BobaFettuccine> Mary is genuinely surprised by Theo's outburst and she looks at him eyes a little wide.
Oct 21 19:57:39 <DarnellJermaine> "Thanks" he responds, pulling up his backpack and storming off in that direction, quickly waving for everyone else to follow. He'd had about enough shenanigans for one day.
Oct 21 19:59:31 <Endorb> Malissa is also a bit surprised, flying over to Mary's shoulder. "Hope you don't mind me riding along a little? Maybe serve a surprise attack, if it comes to that"
Oct 21 19:59:33 <Nemi> ".. I'm sorry, Doctor K. You were my favourite science teacher, if.. if it means anything." There's a brief stutter, a blip, and Madeline is standing before the sullen monk. Madeline leans in to actually make a quick hug. And then a blip, and she's back to Aleksa's shoulder.
Oct 21 20:00:30 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa claps, amazed by that "We gotta start moving, good to go girlie?" he asks, looking up at Mads.
Oct 21 20:00:31 <gumbal1> Dr. Kateb says nothing.
Oct 21 20:01:08 <BobaFettuccine> Mary nods at Malissa and floats along next to Theo, sticking close to him.
Oct 21 20:01:20 <Nemi> "I.. I can like, visit sometime, if you want? Now that I know where to go and.. bye, doctor K. I hope- I hope things go alright somehow."
Oct 21 20:01:30 <Nemi> Madeline sighs, and peeks down at Aleksa. "Let's go."
Oct 21 20:01:55 <Shaeir> "Heaven's ladder…well this is new."
Oct 21 20:01:58 <DarnellJermaine> As he traverses the path, he quickly pulls out another bottle of joy, fumbling it as he tries to unscrew the cap, nearly dropping it before he necks the whole thing in one chug and tosses it off the cliffs.
Oct 21 20:02:16 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa offers her a tiny smile, starting to move along as he sorta ends up carrying her bridal style, it was easier and probably comfier for the tiny dreamer.
Oct 21 20:02:22 <gumbal1> The door opens to a hallways, and ends as a hallway. The dormitories are rather spartan, though standard for monks. A communal kitchen, a few preserve casks, a place to wash and dry clothes, a communal bathroom, several sparse dorm rooms, all connected by a hallway leading to a door inscribed with Cryllic.
Oct 21 20:03:12 <Nemi> Madeline is okay with that. Small girl bundled up in fuzzy clothes carried by a big friendly Serb? She's okay with this. She peers all around the place as they do, fascinated.
Oct 21 20:04:29 <gumbal1> LIGHT IS THE BLOOD THAT NOURISHES OUR SOULS BLOOD IS THE LIGHT THAT BRIGHTENS OUR VITALITY, to those who can translate the language.
Oct 21 20:04:37 <Endorb> "So everyone, what's the plan when we meet him?" Malissa asks in her higher pitch that comes with being naturally sized
Oct 21 20:05:21 <SavanahHolland> "Uhhh, maybe just.. try to be friendly? Reason?"
Oct 21 20:05:37 <DarnellJermaine> Once inside the building, Theo seems to have visibly calmed down and is back to his normal self. "Plan?" he quotes, shrugging his shoulders a bit. "I dunno mate, guess we'll just see what happens when it happens"
Oct 21 20:06:27 <Endorb> "Well, I /am/ one to convince people. But I feel like this might not be the right guy. Not unless you mind being around him a long time to soften him up…"
Oct 21 20:06:32 <gumbal1> A few monks are milling about, eating, reading, washing robes in need of a burning, perhaps. Most ignore the pilgrims. A few stare from behind their cowls.
Oct 21 20:06:51 <Nemi> "We don't know anything about him or what he can do either umm.." Madeline peeks up from Aleksa's arms to a monk. "Hi! Can you point us to the Head Monk?"
Oct 21 20:07:21 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa tilts his arms a bit so Mads can get a better view of the monk dude!
Oct 21 20:07:50 <gumbal1> This monk, around four feet tall and about to pour a thick blue liquid into a mug, nods, before heading over to the door, downing the whole mug in one go, and opening it into…well.
Oct 21 20:08:23 <Endorb> "Well, I think it'd be a good idea to give everyone some dust before we go meet him…"
Oct 21 20:08:59 <SavanahHolland> "Dust..? Uh.. I don't.. take drugs.." he blushes
Oct 21 20:09:23 <Endorb> "Though, it might fade quick enough to be pointless… Nonono, actual pixie dust. Luck in physical. Sorry for the confusion."
Oct 21 20:10:39 <Nemi> Madeline smiles up at Aleksa at the help, and peers at where the door leads.
Oct 21 20:11:29 <SavanahHolland> "Huh, I didn't know that existed, neat!" He grins, still holding the tiny girl in his arms, like a lil teddy bear, but much more huggable!
Oct 21 20:11:51 <Endorb> Malissa giggles "Well, now you know~"
Oct 21 20:13:23 <DarnellJermaine> Follow the monk along with the others without speaking much.
Oct 21 20:13:30 <gumbal1> Many of you have probably, at one time or another, been to one of the cathedrals of old. This chamber? It could easily hold five. Radiating from the center dais are several hundred seats, some of which are occupied by praying monks, and radiating from that are tables, bookshelves, altars to who knows what. Addorning the walls are paintings, in various styles, of various Gods, Goddesses, Devils, Demons, Monsters, Kings, Queens, Saints, Sinners,
Oct 21 20:13:30 <gumbal1> and things which perhaps don't fall into any of those categories. Stained glass adorns the upper walls, though the light that pours through seems too much for the overcast sky outside. Adorning the ceiling is one giant mural, of two figures. One, a great, segmented thing, as if a cross between a worm and a maggot, red and green in color, with a single, large yellow eye adorning the head of what looks like a Sea Urchin and a gaping mouth dripp
Oct 21 20:13:30 <gumbal1> ing venom. The other is, from the waist up, humanoid, grey with four arms, a face adorned by a featureless white mask, and odd, bright, almost glowing bits of orange metal trailing behind, forming almost a sort of cross backdrop, along with yet another set of arms. From the waist down, it's a bunch of stubby orange tentacles.
Oct 21 20:13:44 <DarnellJermaine> Theo follows*
Oct 21 20:14:53 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa hands Mads his phone, leaning down and whispering "Take a few pictures for me" seeing as he couldnt hold her and take pictures at the same time.
Oct 21 20:15:23 <Nemi> Madeline gawks at the lot of it. And without disturbing Aleksa, she fishes her camera- her real camera- from .. somewhere. And takes several careful photos. Far better than she could produce with a phone. She'll snap a couple for Aleksa as well, the biggest, most amazed look on her face.
Oct 21 20:15:45 <DarnellJermaine> Theo stares at the mural, completely enraptured by the beauty of it and all the other surrounding art. This was living history, and for the first time in a while he didn't feel so mordant. "Wow…"
Oct 21 20:15:48 <gumbal1> The monk says something in an unknowns language, in an unknowns accent, before heading across the room.
Oct 21 20:16:05 <BobaFettuccine> Mary just stares in wonder. Wow. This place is huge. She looks around as she follows the monk.
Oct 21 20:16:45 <Endorb> "This art… Beautiful…"
Oct 21 20:16:49 <Nemi> Madeline didn't have the same fascination with the occult as did Ellie or Leah or other members of her dwindling friedn group, but this still pressed so many of her like buttons.
Oct 21 20:17:04 <Shaeir> Dante stares at the wall of demons, he cringes. "It is horrific too." he winces.
Oct 21 20:18:02 <SavanahHolland> "I think it's uh, kinda weird and cool." he nods, taking his phone back "Thanks" he chirps, pleased
Oct 21 20:18:59 <gumbal1> On the way over, the monk hops onto the dais with no real afterthought. A few other monks stare, but do little else. They're back onto the floor to cross the chamber to the next door, which looks a fair bit fancier than the one they came through, what with its intricate wooden carvings. A soft moaning sound can be heard from nearby.
Oct 21 20:19:29 <Nemi> ".. this place is so coooool and strange and .. I think that man downstairs wasn't lying, he was just like, wow.."
Oct 21 20:20:09 <SavanahHolland> "Wonder what it is.. maybe someone's in pain" Aleksa frowns at the thought "Maybe we should become monks." Aleksa that's a terrible idea.
Oct 21 20:20:46 <Nemi> "I don't wannaaaa be a monk, though!"
Oct 21 20:21:00 <Shaeir> "That moaning is eerie and causing me….to have flashes…" he says to Madeline. "I feel my sanity slipping away."
Oct 21 20:21:12 <Endorb> "Yeah, too tied down a life for me."
Oct 21 20:21:54 <Nemi> Madeline offers Dante earplugs.
Oct 21 20:22:10 <gumbal1> As they open the door, they're greeted with a rather nice hallway. They could easily have been tricked into thinking they were in the vatican if not for the conflicting iconography. A few portraits of saints of various species pass as the monk finally comes over to one of the doors and knocks. "Yes, brother Satchi, I shall be out in a minute."
Oct 21 20:22:11 <SavanahHolland> "Don't complain young lady, you have to be a monk." Aleksa snorts, snickering.
Oct 21 20:22:27 <BobaFettuccine> "It'll be alright Dante." Mary says, "We'll be out of here soon enough."
Oct 21 20:22:28 <DarnellJermaine> Theo would make a comment about what they should do next or about the moaning, but he's still completely enthralled by his surroundings.
Oct 21 20:23:56 <Nemi> Madeline is also trying to take it all in. She feels for Dante- she can only wonder what he went through.
Oct 21 20:24:47 <gumbal1> The door eventually opens, to reveal…yet another monk, this one about five foot…eight? Who knows, the hoods might be making this harder than it needs to be. "Hrm! Well, if it isn't a couple pilgrims! Tell me, what do you need?" Her accent is distinctly Moorish, and her voice sounds distinctly human.
Oct 21 20:25:30 <Nemi> "Hello! Are you the head monk? I'm Madeline and my friends and I are looking for Harlan?"
Oct 21 20:25:40 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa would comfort Dante.. but he's super bad at that kinda thing, plus he didn't wanna freak Dante out with pets and hugs- people with ptsd dont like that kinda thing right?
Oct 21 20:26:11 <Shaeir> Dante takes the earplugs with a smile to Madeline. "Thanks…" he puts them in. he draws his scythe out, "I was like a monk…a crusader." he pointed out. He wondered if they were similar. Madeline and Mary were so kind they kept his sanity in check.
Oct 21 20:26:39 <gumbal1> "Oh! Yes, you must be the replacements we ordered. Okay, well. Has Satchi told you how to get up the Ladder?" The Head Monk clasps her hands hopefully.
Oct 21 20:27:08 <gumbal1> "Oh, yes, I remember the crusaders. I was terrified of them. Thank you for not being the killing of me when you could."
Oct 21 20:27:14 <DarnellJermaine> Theodore finally snaps back to reality when hears the monk approach them. He respectfully bows, "Yes, we are, and thank you for your hospitality" he lets Madeline do the talking for now, but he's focused back in on what's going on.
Oct 21 20:27:24 <Nemi> "Err- no? How /do/ you get up the ladder?" Replacements..? Hm.. She'll address Dante in a moment.
Oct 21 20:27:47 * SpookyBee is now known as Megavolt
Oct 21 20:28:59 <gumbal1> "Is very simple. You just follow the…fuck, Satchi? What was it again?" *INCOMPREHENSIBLEGARGLINGNOISE* "Right as ever, Satchi! Yes, just take a left at the end of the hallway and keep ascending the stairs until you reach the top! Harlan should be happy to let you replace him."
Oct 21 20:30:04 <SavanahHolland> "Uh, thank you!" Aleksa says cheerfully
Oct 21 20:30:06 <Nemi> "Okay, great! Thank you, um.. I'm sorry, can I ask your name?"
Oct 21 20:30:16 <Endorb> replace /him/? Hopefully that meant replacing Harlan…
Oct 21 20:30:16 <Shaeir> "My father taught me, we weren't all bad. Most of them were he said. But I think my father /tried/ to be a good person. I want to be a good crusader. Not the sort that would just out and kill you for no reason. Of course if you gave me reason…that is different." he shrugs.
Oct 21 20:30:54 <Nemi> Madeline, dusky skinned despite her Euro origins, looks a little uncomfortable at the 'crusader' talk.
Oct 21 20:30:55 <gumbal1> "Is Apphia! Is good to meet you." The Head Monk holds out a hand very heavily covered in scar tissue in hope of a shake.
Oct 21 20:33:47 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa honestly doesn't know what the crusaders are, well- he sorta has an idea anyways, but he wasn't that into history ever.
Oct 21 20:34:21 <Nemi> Madeline leeeans out of ALeksa's grip to take the hand and shake! "it's really nice to meet you too! You kinda remind me of my friend Leah.."
Oct 21 20:35:27 <SavanahHolland> Oop! Aleksa moves forward, making it easier on Madeline.
Oct 21 20:35:47 <Nemi> Madelin squeaks a 'thanks!'
Oct 21 20:36:23 <gumbal1> "I have no idea what you are talking about but I am glad I remind you of a friend."
Oct 21 20:36:43 <BobaFettuccine> Mary's just kinda watching, concerned and worried about what was coming next.
Oct 21 20:37:26 <Nemi> "Yeah it's all good things! Anyway, um, goodbye! Wish us luck!"
Oct 21 20:37:41 <Nemi> Madeline retrieves her hand after the shake and curls up again. "Leeet's go.."
Oct 21 20:38:15 <gumbal1> The hallway splits at a T intersection, and grows considerably less ornate to the left, as it approaches a stone staircase.
Oct 21 20:38:29 <Nemi> "That way!"
Oct 21 20:38:46 <gumbal1> A warm, unpleasant feeling may or may not crawl down your spine as you approach.
Oct 21 20:38:49 <gumbal1> > Continue?
Oct 21 20:38:58 <DarnellJermaine> Theodore follows the rest of the group without protest.
Oct 21 20:39:25 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa follows everyone, holding the medkit as well as Madeline, he continues with everyone!
Oct 21 20:39:55 <Nemi> Madeline remains in Aleksa's arms as they go!
Oct 21 20:40:34 <BobaFettuccine> Onwards with the group does Mary go.
Oct 21 20:40:44 <Shaeir> Dante notices the crusader talk affects some of his friends. As they walk off, "Sorry. I took to my father's tutelage, I see it doesn't fit well with some of you." he frowns. "A family of tradition it seems." he sighs. "Do you judge me for it any of you?" he asks friendly.
Oct 21 20:40:59 <Endorb> Malissa shivers as the feeling approaches. "Well, I'm getting bad feelings…"
Oct 21 20:41:54 <BobaFettuccine> "Kinda not the time to talk about it Dante." Mary says. "We need to focus on the monster stuff and what to do about it."
Oct 21 20:41:55 <gumbal1> On, and on, and on the spiral stone staircase goes.
Oct 21 20:42:06 <SavanahHolland> "Uh, I dunno much about that kinda stuff, I always had crappy history teachers so never had intrest." he half shrugs, smiling and keeping positive despite the feeling! "Just need to stay positive!"
Oct 21 20:42:11 <gumbal1> Cold, colder, colder still does it grow.
Oct 21 20:42:42 <gumbal1> Yet, the whole time, the staircase finds itself lit by an unseen light.
Oct 21 20:43:03 <gumbal1> Stepping becomes quiet. The sound of your own blood pumping through you can be heard.
Oct 21 20:43:04 <Nemi> "Yeah like I just, I'unno, crusader kinda makes me nervous a little is all.." Says the girl whose looks indicate why well enough. She settles otherwise, snuggled up in her parka, in Aleksa's arms and the budding light. So cold.
Oct 21 20:43:40 <gumbal1> Finally, it terminates, into a stone ceiling with a single wooden hatch.
Oct 21 20:44:13 <Nemi> "It's s-super c-cold here.."
Oct 21 20:44:15 <Endorb> Malissa shivers more. "This is it, right? We should all make sure we're ready…"
Oct 21 20:44:19 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa tightens his arm around the lil sweet bean in his arms, shivering as he lets out a breath, causing mist to form. His nose and cheeks turning reddish pink.
Oct 21 20:44:35 <SavanahHolland> "I- I have the medkit still…"
Oct 21 20:45:17 <Nemi> "
Oct 21 20:45:18 <gumbal1> Inscribed in it, in an unknown alphabet that, oddly enough, you seem to inherently understand: THE EMPIRE'S GATES YAWN
Oct 21 20:45:27 <Nemi> "I-if we need it and it, uh.. this is kind of.. really spooky.."
Oct 21 20:45:39 <gumbal1> > Do you face God, and walk backwards into Hell?
Oct 21 20:45:46 <BobaFettuccine> Mary gets her guitar ready to play and her flames get just a bit brighter, she checks to make sure her white flower is still pinned to her shirt and nods. "Ready. Let's go."
Oct 21 20:45:46 <DarnellJermaine> Theodore looks to the rest of the group and steps forward. "Are you all feeling ok? Are we all ready?"
Oct 21 20:46:16 <Nemi> "Y-y-yeah, I th-think so.."
Oct 21 20:46:27 <SavanahHolland> "Ready as I'll ever b- be.." he chuckles, trying to just keep smiling.
Oct 21 20:46:57 <Endorb> "I-I think I'm ready as I can be… I wish I brought some spell ofudas…"
Oct 21 20:47:05 <Shaeir> His armor now donned and his scythe ready. "Ready as ever, Abandon all hope we who enter here." he says with a sigh as he readies himself.
Oct 21 20:47:43 <Endorb> "Let's not be pessimistic, Dante."
Oct 21 20:47:46 <gumbal1> > HIYSUS DORES DA
Oct 21 20:47:54 <Nemi> ".. why? That's stupid. Let's just- have faith- i-in ourselves."
Oct 21 20:47:59 <DarnellJermaine> Not giving himself enough time to grab another drink from his backpack, Theodore pulls down on the hatch hard.
Oct 21 20:48:18 <gumbal1> It's but a simple wooden hatch. You can open it easily. The grey sky yawns above.
Oct 21 20:48:46 <SavanahHolland> "Uh-" he blinks "What a pretty color of grey, very calming." he seems happy
Oct 21 20:49:01 <BobaFettuccine> Mary flies up through the hatch taking a look around, hands poised to strike a chord if necessary.
Oct 21 20:49:15 <DarnellJermaine> Theo quickly pulls himself up through the latch and offers a hand down to help anyone else.
Oct 21 20:49:18 <Endorb> Malissa flies up after her, still in tiny form.
Oct 21 20:49:22 <Shaeir> "It is just a saying from my father's friend's book. Pay no mind." he nods. "i mean it…jokingly?"
Oct 21 20:49:47 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa is all muscly and manages to carry up both the small girl and the first aid kit at the same time.
Oct 21 20:51:02 <gumbal1> The peak you come to…it's not a peak. More like a single, long platuea, stretching on in one direction as far as the eye can see, surrounded on either side by a drop several miles high. You can see more than Russia from your house, up here; perhaps you can see Georgia, Poland, Mongolia. Perhaps even Alaska.
Oct 21 20:51:37 <gumbal1> And there, sitting several hundred feet away, is torn pile of robes held up merely by a humanoid ammasment of soul energy.
Oct 21 20:51:54 <Nemi> ".. oh.. oh wow.."
Oct 21 20:52:35 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa holds off on the picture taking for now, biting his lip "hello?" he calls out
Oct 21 20:53:13 <BobaFettuccine> Mary just stares around her. "You know, I'm definitely writing a song after we get back. This place deserves a metal ballad."
Oct 21 20:53:32 <gumbal1> The amalgam rises, feet and hands still held in a pose of meditation, and turns to look the group with…nothing, really. '… h e l l o'
Oct 21 20:53:38 <DarnellJermaine> "I'm with ya, Mary. An album, at least"
Oct 21 20:53:58 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa smiles "How are you?"
Oct 21 20:54:28 <gumbal1> It has no voice, yet the Pennsylvanian accent is distinct, somehow. Briefly, images of a colossal worm flash to your right, before disappearing. '…i a m u n w e l l'
Oct 21 20:54:54 <SavanahHolland> "That's not good.." he frowns "Can we help? Do you need medical attention?"
Oct 21 20:55:15 <gumbal1> '…c a n y o u r e p l a c e m e'
Oct 21 20:55:54 <SavanahHolland> "Iiiiii… uhhhhh…" he glances to Madeline
Oct 21 20:55:56 <DarnellJermaine> Theodore stands still, grounding his feet in place in anticipation. There's an uneasy feeling, but he doesn't sense any danger yet. He remains silent either way, hoping for the best.
Oct 21 20:56:03 <BobaFettuccine> "How do we do that? What does replacing you mean?" Mary asks.
Oct 21 20:56:37 <Nemi> ".. how do we do that?" Madeline asks, echoing Mary.
Oct 21 20:56:40 <SavanahHolland> "I mean.. I don't have a replacement in my first aid kit.." he mumbles sadly
Oct 21 20:57:14 <gumbal1> '…y o u w i l l t a k e m y p l a c e a s g u a r d i a n o f T h e S u n s e t E m p e r o r a n d T h e E m p r e s s o f B i l e'
Oct 21 20:57:42 <Nemi> Its mere voice makes Madeline's head hurt.
Oct 21 20:57:53 <gumbal1> You can practically feel the capitalization.
Oct 21 20:57:53 <SavanahHolland> "Empress.. of bile? That sounds.. kinda.. unpleasant, can it be named something else?"
Oct 21 20:58:19 <BobaFettuccine> Mary is severely weirded out by that. "Does that mean we would become… like you are now?" She asks.
Oct 21 20:58:25 <gumbal1> '…i t h a s n o o t h e r n a m e'
Oct 21 20:58:36 <DarnellJermaine> "Stop. Talking" Theo grunts through his teeth at Aleska, not daring to take his eyes off the figure.
Oct 21 20:58:45 <gumbal1> '…i n t i m e m a r y'
Oct 21 20:59:08 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa wilts, looking really really sad.
Oct 21 20:59:10 <Shaeir> "…I will take your place if it makes you well…I can bear this burden." he suggests.
Oct 21 21:00:16 <gumbal1> '…t h e n y o u w i l l s t a y h e r e u n t i l y o u r s o u l e x t i n g u i s h e s o r s o m e o n e e l s e r e p l a c e s y o u'
Oct 21 21:00:41 <Nemi> ".. is there another way?"
Oct 21 21:00:47 <gumbal1> '…u n l e s s'
Oct 21 21:01:03 <gumbal1> '…a r e y o u w a r r i o r s'
Oct 21 21:01:24 <Nemi> "I've.. fought a lot of things before.."
Oct 21 21:01:30 <BobaFettuccine> Oooooookay, it knew her name. That's… weird. "I'm a musician?" Mary says, a little confused.
Oct 21 21:01:32 <DarnellJermaine> "Yes" Theodore finally says, doing his best to make his voice sound confident and unwavering.
Oct 21 21:01:38 <Endorb> "… What would we be fighting?"
Oct 21 21:01:41 <DarnellJermaine> Too bad he wasn't really convincing himself.
Oct 21 21:01:42 <gumbal1> '…s u p p r e s s t h e e m p i r e i n t o m y s o u l'
Oct 21 21:01:52 <Nemi> "How can we do that?"
Oct 21 21:01:53 <gumbal1> '…a n d k i l l m e'
Oct 21 21:01:57 <SavanahHolland> "Yes!" Aleksa says, he's not, but he can try!
Oct 21 21:02:00 <SavanahHolland> "oh wait what"
Oct 21 21:02:07 <Nemi> Madeline takes a breath. And she nods. ".. Okay."
Oct 21 21:02:18 <BobaFettuccine> Mary blinks a few times. "but…"
Oct 21 21:02:20 <gumbal1> '…h u r t t h e m u n t i l t h e y r e t r e a t'
Oct 21 21:02:57 <Endorb> "So, we have to attack them… and then kill you?"
Oct 21 21:03:12 <gumbal1> '…y e s'
Oct 21 21:03:17 <DarnellJermaine> The arm slowly begins to make it's way out of Theo's chest, hoping he could slowly get it out ahead of time so he wouldn't have to seriously injure himself in the process. It's thick, completely black five foot long arm that protrudes out of his chest and seems to not even be apart of him.
Oct 21 21:03:29 <Shaeir> "I am also a warrior. If I must, do you request it of us?" he asks curiously. "You want us to kill you?"
Oct 21 21:03:32 <DarnellJermaine> ( a part*)
Oct 21 21:03:46 <Nemi> Madeline watches Theo in befuddlement.
Oct 21 21:03:50 <gumbal1> Harlan, having expended too much energy, stops floating and slumps, a little. '…a r e y o u s u r e'
Oct 21 21:04:16 <DarnellJermaine> Not really. "Yeah"
Oct 21 21:04:57 <SavanahHolland> "uh.. yeah.."
Oct 21 21:05:02 <Nemi> ".. Yes."
Oct 21 21:05:02 <BobaFettuccine> "O-okay." Mary is really not sure, this is not good, she didn't want to kill anyone.
Oct 21 21:05:28 <gumbal1> …a shadow flashes across the sky again, but this time…it stays. That same figure from the mural. That masked, tentacled thing. It looks down upon them for a while with its eyeless gaze…before suddenly, the clouds part.
Oct 21 21:05:52 <gumbal1> > ROLL MDEF
Oct 21 21:05:57 <Endorb> "So now we're fighting this thing. That can't be good."
Oct 21 21:05:58 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa gently sets Mads down so she can stand on her feet, Aleksa standing just a bit in front of her
Oct 21 21:06:17 <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Oct 21 21:06:17 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4
Oct 21 21:06:31 <BobaFettuccine> `calc 4d3-8+10
Oct 21 21:06:31 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 8
Oct 21 21:06:32 <SavanahHolland> `cacl 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 21:06:41 <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 21:06:41 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 4
Oct 21 21:07:06 <Endorb> `cac 4d3-8+8
Oct 21 21:07:29 <Endorb> `cac 4d3-8+8
Oct 21 21:07:35 <DarnellJermaine> (kek)
Oct 21 21:07:35 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+9
Oct 21 21:07:36 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 8
Oct 21 21:07:49 <Endorb> `calc 4d3-8+8
Oct 21 21:07:49 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
Oct 21 21:08:06 <Shaeir> 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 21:08:17 <Endorb> (forgot the `calc)
Oct 21 21:08:29 <Shaeir> `calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 21:08:29 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 5
Oct 21 21:08:32 <gumbal1> The [MIDNIGHT SUN] shines, and Theo, Dante, and Aleksa find their their bodies give way to their souls. (PSYCHE AND HP POOLS SWITCHED AROUND)
Oct 21 21:08:36 <gumbal1> > INITIATIVE
Oct 21 21:09:09 <Shaeir> [now has more psyche… :O]
Oct 21 21:09:23 <Endorb> `calc 4d3-8+12
Oct 21 21:09:23 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 12
Oct 21 21:09:25 <BobaFettuccine> `calc 4d3-8+9
Oct 21 21:09:25 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 7
Oct 21 21:09:28 <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+1
Oct 21 21:09:28 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 1
Oct 21 21:09:33 <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
Oct 21 21:09:33 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
Oct 21 21:09:51 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+4
Oct 21 21:09:51 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 1
Oct 21 21:10:04 <Nemi> Madeline is not wholly attached to our reality. It makes her slow.
Oct 21 21:10:12 * Megavolt is now known as SpookyBee
Oct 21 21:12:22 <Shaeir> `calc 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 21:12:22 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 3
Oct 21 21:12:52 <gumbal1> > MALISSA
Oct 21 21:14:24 <Endorb> they had to get it to retreat, right? Well, Pain would be the spell to do that fastest. A little fist clench and a black flash of her eyes…
Oct 21 21:14:34 <Endorb> `calc 4d3-8+11
Oct 21 21:14:34 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 10
Oct 21 21:14:41 <Endorb> (Mdef)
Oct 21 21:16:02 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 21:16:02 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
Oct 21 21:16:50 <gumbal1> The Sunset Emperor releases a great cry, shaking the heavens. Clouds dance out of its path as it draws back, but dows not retreat.
Oct 21 21:16:55 <gumbal1> > MARY
Oct 21 21:17:12 <Endorb> (er, it doesn’t feel the pain /yet/. It amplifies pain caused by other things)
Oct 21 21:18:09 <BobaFettuccine> Mary starts playing some harsh rock music on her guitar and sends a wave of fire from the end of her guitar at this huge thing.
Oct 21 21:18:26 <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Oct 21 21:18:26 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 10
Oct 21 21:18:28 <gumbal1> (Which part do you strike at?)
Oct 21 21:18:44 <BobaFettuccine> (tentacles)
Oct 21 21:19:02 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 21:19:03 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 2
Oct 21 21:19:45 <gumbal1> Tentacles char…but the Sunset Emperor was forged in heat. It is not enough.
Oct 21 21:19:50 <gumbal1> > THEO
Oct 21 21:20:28 <DarnellJermaine> Well, even with his arm it doesn’t look like Theo can reach the tentacle monster. So, he reaches into his back and pulls out… a bottle of Joy? He throws it as hard as he can with his super muscular arms, hoping to hit and do something.
Oct 21 21:20:43 <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+10 (-1 Bottle of Distilled Joy)
Oct 21 21:20:48 <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+10
Oct 21 21:20:48 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Oct 21 21:21:00 <gumbal1> (where are you striking at)
Oct 21 21:21:06 <gumbal1> (for reference, please state this)
Oct 21 21:21:20 <DarnellJermaine> (my b, ideally he’s aiming for the torso area)
Oct 21 21:21:34 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+2
Oct 21 21:21:35 <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 4
Oct 21 21:23:18 <gumbal1> The Emperor recoils…but the joy masks the pain, as it cackles, like the storm’s clouds, its lightining, the strike of its raindrops on the armor of the brave Don Quixotes who challenge it, before a village of straw and stick.
Oct 21 21:23:25 <gumbal1> > DANTE
Oct 21 21:24:34 <Shaeir> Dante would like to spin his sycthe around loosing the chain hook and grapple the flying thing to the ground, or at least use the grapple to get on top of it.
Oct 21 21:25:10 <gumbal1> > roll agility + buffs or assosciated ability
Oct 21 21:27:37 <Shaeir> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 21:27:37 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 5
Oct 21 21:27:46 <Shaeir> [death scythe]
Oct 21 21:28:15 <gumbal1> Dante lacks the strength to grapple the office-building sized monstrosity, but he at least created an anchor to keep it from floatinmg too far off.
Oct 21 21:28:18 <gumbal1> > ALEKSA
Oct 21 21:29:48 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa nabs the baggie of seeds from his pocket, grabbing a small handful and throwing a bunch of them at the creature, if he succeeds- the seeds all turn a bright white, popping like popcorn, or like mini firecrackers, flowers covered in neetles and spikes blooming from them.
Oct 21 21:29:54 <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+4
Oct 21 21:29:54 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 5
Oct 21 21:30:09 <gumbal1> (aiming at where)
Oct 21 21:30:26 <SavanahHolland> Sorta at the upper body
Oct 21 21:30:36 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+2
Oct 21 21:30:36 <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 4
Oct 21 21:30:46 <gumbal1> It recoils…but remains.
Oct 21 21:30:50 <gumbal1> > MADELINE
Oct 21 21:33:13 <Nemi> She didn’t expect its arrival to be so sudden- and as Aleksa puts her down, Madeline stutter-steps about five feet to one side. Madeline has some interesting capabilities. Here and now, she doesn't think she can contest something that size directly.. So instead she tries to open a rift to her Dreamscape, and from there let unformed dreamstuff flood the area. She should be able to
Oct 21 21:33:13 <Nemi> manipulate it, even as it takes the form of lazy and wispy currents of pastel blue mist to flood out like water that clings around the knees. Anything needing rolling?
Oct 21 21:33:45 <gumbal1> No need.
Oct 21 21:33:51 <gumbal1> > THE SUNSEST EMPEROR, TURN 1
Oct 21 21:35:23 <gumbal1> The Emperor's had enough of this foolishness from mere humans. As it raises its hands into the air, the sky goes black, save for the light of a billions, beautiful stars…several hundred of which suddenly begin glowing suspiciously, only to burst into a shower of a million ethereal sparks. [THE STARS ARE BEAUTIFUL TONIGHT], aren't they?
Oct 21 21:35:29 <gumbal1> > MDEF, EVERYONE
Oct 21 21:35:58 <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Oct 21 21:35:58 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 11
Oct 21 21:35:59 <Endorb> `calc 4d3-8+8
Oct 21 21:35:59 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
Oct 21 21:35:59 <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 21:35:59 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 6
Oct 21 21:36:02 <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+4
Oct 21 21:36:02 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 3
Oct 21 21:36:10 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Oct 21 21:36:11 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 6
Oct 21 21:36:53 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+9
Oct 21 21:36:53 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 9
Oct 21 21:37:17 <Shaeir> `calc 4d3-8+5
Oct 21 21:37:17 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
Oct 21 21:38:06 <gumbal1> The Infinite worms its way into your mind, Theo and Dante, writhing with a thousand tendrils. The Storm comes. (-2 PSYCHE THEO, MINUS ZERO DANTE, PERCEPTION ROLLS FOR BOTH OF YOU RECIEVE -2 FOR REMAINDER OF RUN)
Oct 21 21:38:13 <gumbal1> > THE SUNSET EMPEROR, TURN 2
Oct 21 21:38:25 <DarnellJermaine> (is that a magical effect or does he feel something inside his head?)
Oct 21 21:38:47 <gumbal1> (a mix of both)
Oct 21 21:38:50 <DarnellJermaine> (rip)
Oct 21 21:39:18 <gumbal1> As its hands are raised, a great, shining sword forms in its top two…only to be brought down upon, harshly, on the one who tried so hard to hurt the almighty.
Oct 21 21:39:27 <gumbal1> > MDEF, MALISSA
Oct 21 21:39:40 <Endorb> `calc 4d3-8+8
Oct 21 21:39:40 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 6
Oct 21 21:39:51 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+12
Oct 21 21:39:56 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+12
Oct 21 21:39:56 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 12
Oct 21 21:40:24 <gumbal1> The [MORNING STAR] crashes down, hard. -5 psyche, as the world spins before you, and -2 and future perception rolls in this run.
Oct 21 21:40:29 <gumbal1> > MALISSA
Oct 21 21:40:51 <Nemi> "O-oh no.."
Oct 21 21:41:04 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa stares, eyes going wide
Oct 21 21:42:20 <Endorb> Malissa looked fine. Her head, though… she stmbles backwards and falls to a sit, shaking her head a little. "Fuck…" She looks up at it, angry, and casts Disable, hoping it would work on this thing, rubbing her arm as her eyes flash orange
Oct 21 21:42:23 <Endorb> `calc 4d3-8+11
Oct 21 21:42:23 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 12
Oct 21 21:43:03 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 21:43:03 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 7
Oct 21 21:43:54 <gumbal1> The Emperor, freshly gloating, suddenly screams, like a meteor striking the earth.
Oct 21 21:43:58 <gumbal1> > MARY
Oct 21 21:45:48 <BobaFettuccine> Mary screams right back at this thing, though her scream sounds more like a roaring bear. This thing had hurt her friends. How /dare/ it. She flies up to eye level with it and, playing one discordant note sends a spear of fire lancing at it’s face.
Oct 21 21:45:59 <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Oct 21 21:45:59 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 7
Oct 21 21:46:08 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+5
Oct 21 21:46:08 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 7
Oct 21 21:46:20 <gumbal1> It bounces off.
Oct 21 21:46:24 <gumbal1> > THEO
Oct 21 21:47:00 <DarnellJermaine> Theo begins hyperventilating, doing his best not to scream and distract the rest of his friends as he slowly curls into a fetal position on the ground, the hand of his chest arm tightly gripping his head, which is probably /not/ a safe at all. "goawaygoawaygoawaygoawaygoaway" he starts mumbling incoherently to himself between breaths. C’mon, get it together! Now is /not/ the time for this.
Oct 21 21:47:26 <gumbal1> > USELESS
Oct 21 21:47:29 <Nemi> "Theeeooooo, come oooon.."
Oct 21 21:47:31 <gumbal1> > DANTE
Oct 21 21:51:12 * Nemi has changed the topic to: Runs/Events | TURN ORDER: MALISSA, MARY, THEO, DANTE, ALEKSA, MADELINE, THE SUNSET EMPEROR :>
Oct 21 21:52:06 <Shaeir> Dante maintains his hold and tries to climb up his scythe and shove a cross in its eye and condemn the beast. He has determined it to be evil.
Oct 21 21:52:59 <gumbal1> It has no eye.
Oct 21 21:53:08 <Shaeir> ‘calc 4d3-8+6 to climb
Oct 21 21:53:30 <Nemi> No text in the format
Oct 21 21:53:31 <Shaeir> `calc 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 21:53:31 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 4
Oct 21 21:54:40 <gumbal1> The rope shakes a bit too much for a safe ascent, but you don’t fall.
Oct 21 21:54:42 <gumbal1> > ALEKSA
Oct 21 21:56:54 <SavanahHolland> Another handful of seeds, Aleksa closing his eyes and throwing it at the beast's mask, around the edges of the mask to be precise, he's using overdrive, -1 HP, +2 to roll. If he succeeds the seeds bloom into lovely flowers with spiny vines coming from under them, clinging around the mask, they sure look burnable.. This will be an aid action for Mary, so if it works +2 on her next turn
Oct 21 21:57:03 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 21:57:04 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
Oct 21 21:57:50 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8-4
Oct 21 21:57:50 <GameServ> 4d3-8-4 = -7
Oct 21 21:58:51 <gumbal1> Lights flash, the sky goes from dawn to dusk in seconds, as the thing screams. Not an abstract scream, as before. A full, tangible, real scream.
Oct 21 21:59:13 <gumbal1> > MADELINE
Oct 21 21:59:53 <Nemi> And Madeline’s reason for preparing the field comes into effect. With the flood from the Dreamlands filling the area, she attempts to use it to fuel the formation of a great dome-shaped arena around them and the fallen Emperor, to pin them all in and cut the Emperor off from the starscape that he seems to draw power from, and instead fill the interior of the dome with .. like,
Oct 21 21:59:53 <Nemi> looping cat videos.
Oct 21 22:00:18 <Nemi> 4d3-8+11
Oct 21 22:00:27 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
Oct 21 22:00:28 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 11
Oct 21 22:00:44 <gumbal1> And the Emperor attemps to break the dome, before it can come to fruition.
Oct 21 22:00:57 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+8
Oct 21 22:00:57 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
Oct 21 22:01:05 <gumbal1> …but to no avail.
Oct 21 22:01:19 <gumbal1> > THE SUNSET EMPEROR, TURN 1
Oct 21 22:01:26 <Nemi> The dreamlands portal remains floating in space behind Madeline.
Oct 21 22:02:44 <gumbal1> The stars are dark. The Emperor screams, but the stars can’t hear it. The Emperor cries, but the stars aren't there to console it. The Emperor begs, but the stars won't listen. So the Emperor simply curls up, and basks in its own glow.
Oct 21 22:02:55 <gumbal1> > The SUNSET EMPEROR, TURN 2
Oct 21 22:03:18 <gumbal1> …a glow glowing suspiciously brighter, and brighter, and brighter…
Oct 21 22:03:23 <gumbal1> > ROLL MDEF
Oct 21 22:03:30 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
Oct 21 22:03:30 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 6
Oct 21 22:03:33 <Nemi> heck biscuits
Oct 21 22:03:35 <DarnellJermaine> (everyone roll?)
Oct 21 22:03:41 <Endorb> `calc 4d3-8+8
Oct 21 22:03:41 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 6
Oct 21 22:03:46 <BobaFettuccine> `calc 4d3-8+10
Oct 21 22:03:46 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Oct 21 22:03:47 <Shaeir> `calc 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 22:03:47 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 4
Oct 21 22:03:48 <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+4
Oct 21 22:03:48 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 6
Oct 21 22:03:49 <gumbal1> > EVERYONE
Oct 21 22:03:58 <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 22:03:58 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 6
Oct 21 22:04:02 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
Oct 21 22:04:02 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Oct 21 22:04:07 <gumbal1> > RECOIL
Oct 21 22:04:11 <gumbal1> `roll 1d10
Oct 21 22:04:11 <GameServ> gumbal1 rolled 1d10: 4 <Total: 4>
Oct 21 22:06:16 <gumbal1> Mary, all you see is a great blinding light. But Madeline, Dante, Theo, Aleksa, Malissa…you felt it. You felt every bit of suffering, every bit of frustration, every bit of terror, even. (-2 PSYCHE TO MALISSA, MADELINE, THEO, AND ALEKSA, -4 PSYCHE TO DANTE)
Oct 21 22:06:20 <gumbal1> > Malissa
Oct 21 22:06:59 <Nemi> How awful. But Madeline is no stranger to suffering and fear and frustration. She flinches, but she does not relent.
Oct 21 22:07:53 <Endorb> Malissa, on the other hand, wasn’t quite so used to that. She wanted to give it more pain. She was hurting herself with how tightly she clenched her fist, but she didn't relent.
Oct 21 22:08:01 <Endorb> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
Oct 21 22:08:01 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 13
Oct 21 22:08:02 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa winces, his eyes growing red and blood shot.. it would be a lie he had much of his mental health to lose.
Oct 21 22:08:12 <gumbal1> It doesn’t even try to fight, this time.
Oct 21 22:08:14 <gumbal1> > MARY
Oct 21 22:08:24 <SavanahHolland> "MARY, THE M- MASK"
Oct 21 22:08:27 <SavanahHolland> "BURN IT"
Oct 21 22:09:04 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa points up, to the flowers surrounding the mask.
Oct 21 22:09:24 <Shaeir> Dante is all sorts of messed up. He is doing all thay he can to hold on to the chain and his sanity.
Oct 21 22:09:32 <BobaFettuccine> Mary was planning on it, she pushes herself to create as much fire as she can and aims for this creatures face.
Oct 21 22:09:55 <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+12
Oct 21 22:09:55 <GameServ> 4d3-8+12 = 14
Oct 21 22:10:13 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8-4
Oct 21 22:10:13 <GameServ> 4d3-8-4 = -3
Oct 21 22:10:39 <gumbal1> The Emperor burns, burns, burns…away, into the wind, back into Harlan.
Oct 21 22:10:56 <gumbal1> …the platuea begins shaking.
Oct 21 22:11:11 * DarcellJermaine has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
Oct 21 22:11:31 <Nemi> Madeline doesn’t brace herself. She has no need to, after all, unless it's narratively essential that she be thrown somewhere. How meta.
Oct 21 22:11:35 * DarcellJermaine (moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu#moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Oct 21 22:11:45 <Shaeir> Dante's scythe is free now…so he slams it into the ground to brace himself.
Oct 21 22:12:16 <SavanahHolland> Lol Aleksa is like a baby trying to learn how to walk, he's bad at this.
Oct 21 22:12:21 <gumbal1> And bursting through the center of the dome was that disgusting thing. Like a maggot, crossed with a tubeworm, crossed with a lobster, all frankensteined with a sea urchin for a head, a large yellow eye, and a gaping mouth, dripping venom.
Oct 21 22:12:52 <Nemi> "Oh.. yeah, that thing.."
Oct 21 22:12:56 <gumbal1> > THE EMPRESS OF BILE, TURN 1
Oct 21 22:13:17 <Nemi> The cat-video-dream-dome collapses in on itself, dissolving back into raw dream 'fuel'.
Oct 21 22:14:50 <gumbal1> The Sunset Emperor gone, Theo, Dante, and Aleksa hp and psyche pools switch back to their proper places as the [MIDNIGHT SUN] finds itself in a [LUNAR ECLIPSE]. However, the ground is shaking, as the distinct sound of collapsing mountain can be heard behind them.
Oct 21 22:15:00 <gumbal1> > THE [SURFACE TENSION] GROWS. RUN
Oct 21 22:15:14 <gumbal1> > THE EMPRESS OF BILE, TURN 2
Oct 21 22:16:33 <gumbal1> The plateau is collapsing behind them, but it stretches on for seemingly forever, anyways. And, emerging beside them, that hellish burrower looks the six of them in the eyes, before a long, thin tongue emerges, which it begins swiping at the team with left and right.
Oct 21 22:16:38 <gumbal1> > PDEF OR AGILITY, ALL
Oct 21 22:16:52 <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Oct 21 22:16:52 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 9
Oct 21 22:16:57 <DarnellJermaine> (pdef, but he’s still curled up)
Oct 21 22:17:03 <BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
Oct 21 22:17:03 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 8
Oct 21 22:17:06 <Shaeir> `4d3-8+6
Oct 21 22:17:23 <Shaeir> `calc 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 22:17:23 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
Oct 21 22:17:26 <SavanahHolland> `calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 22:17:26 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 6
Oct 21 22:17:40 <Shaeir> [T_T]
Oct 21 22:17:52 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+9
Oct 21 22:17:52 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 9
Oct 21 22:18:04 <Endorb> `calc 4d3-8+14
Oct 21 22:18:04 <GameServ> 4d3-8+14 = 13
Oct 21 22:18:09 <Endorb> (+2 from being tiny)
Oct 21 22:19:49 <Nemi> Gonna dream logic it because of Mads’ being barely physical and surrounded by dreamstuff
Oct 21 22:19:52 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+13
Oct 21 22:19:52 <GameServ> 4d3-8+13 = 15
Oct 21 22:20:40 <gumbal1> Madeline and Mallissa avoid it handily. Theo and Mary get whiffed by it, feeling a sharp stinging sensation and little else. For Dante and Aleksa? The Empress draws blood, -2 hp worth.
Oct 21 22:20:45 <gumbal1> > THEO
Oct 21 22:21:16 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa stumbles backwards, a yell coming from him as he drops the medkit.
Oct 21 22:21:35 <DarnellJermaine> That was too much. That last blast of frustration, anger, darkness- Theo completely lost it. His eyes widened and his breathing became ragged as he began screaming, and the hand of his chest arm that was grasped around his head began to squeeze
Oct 21 22:21:41 <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 22:21:41 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
Oct 21 22:22:45 <DarnellJermaine> as the hand began to grip harder and harder, before Theo could realize it: it was too late. First his skull fractured, then began to compound on itself. Blood began spilling out as it scrunched tighter and tigher in on itself. His heart burst and ruptured from the stress
Oct 21 22:23:17 <gumbal1> > SO BE IT, THEODORE GRUNDLEWOOD
Oct 21 22:23:18 <DarnellJermaine> He wanted to speak- but the words wouldn’t- couldn't come out. As he began to fall, his last sight was of his friends and the monster before them. He couldn't even say goodbye.
Oct 21 22:23:27 <DarnellJermaine> (Theodore has passed away)
Oct 21 22:24:11 <Nemi> Madeline's eyes are huge. She couldn't help- and soon his shattered body'd be lost to the falling plateau.
Oct 21 22:24:52 <gumbal1> The Empress is happy; it's one more kill it has over that blasted Emperor. As its slimy toungue takes Theo into its mouth to devour, it can't help but laugh. And laugh. And laugh. A cackle that pulsates with every heartbeat of Theo's remaining friends, with every crunch the Empress's many teeth inflict on Theo's bones.
Oct 21 22:25:01 <gumbal1> > ALEKSA
Oct 21 22:25:21 <Nemi> "..ohmygod I.."
Oct 21 22:27:47 <DarnellJermaine> One things for sure: if there is such a thing as a soul or an afterlife, Theo is watching and cheering his friends on from above (or below)
Oct 21 22:28:56 <gumbal1> > SHIT, DANTE
Oct 21 22:29:15 <Shaeir> Dante was brought to his knees during the last strike, he grabbed his scythe and cross. With the rosary draped across the Scythe Dante stabbed himself with his scythe piercing his soul. He crumpled at the blade. "Forgive me father, absolve me of my sins…" with blood dripping down his tunic, a white light glows from the scythe….
Oct 21 22:29:40 * Nemi has changed the topic to: Runs/Events | TURN ORDER: MALISSA, MARY, THE BILE EMPRESS, THEO, DANTE, ALEKSA, MADELINE :>
Oct 21 22:29:58 <Shaeir> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 22:29:58 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 5
Oct 21 22:30:16 <gumbal1> (attacking the thing where?)
Oct 21 22:30:24 <Shaeir> [Absolve on Dante to heal Dante]
Oct 21 22:30:39 <gumbal1> Dante heals 2 hp.
Oct 21 22:30:47 <gumbal1> > ALEKSA
Oct 21 22:33:23 <gumbal1> > SAV WANTS TO BE SKIPPED
Oct 21 22:33:26 <gumbal1> > MADELINE
Oct 21 22:34:34 <Nemi> Some strange things begin happening, as Madeline, torn by seeing an acquaintance’s horrible death at the hand of an eldritch monster, suffers the emotional backlash of such a thing. The pastel blue fog hardens, blackens like smoke run through with veins of crimson, as to provide a platform of sorts for everyone to stay upon, and to ward the Empress away. Madeline's Dream is becoming
Oct 21 22:34:34 <Nemi> run through with Nightmare. This is all she does for the moment.
Oct 21 22:34:41 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
Oct 21 22:34:41 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 12
Oct 21 22:36:03 <gumbal1> The platfeau crumbles away beneath them, but Madeline’s platform remains. The interior of the monasetery is visibly through the stone in places, as monks, not like ants below, look on in utter shock. They're doing it! They're doing it!
Oct 21 22:36:07 <gumbal1> > Malissa
Oct 21 22:38:09 <Endorb> It… Ate… Theodore… … ate someone… … … IT MUST SUFFER! (pain spell)
Oct 21 22:38:37 <Endorb> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
Oct 21 22:38:37 <GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 12
Oct 21 22:39:29 <gumbal1> The pain spell hits the Empress. But while the Emperor’s domain was what lay outside, the Empress was what laid within. So what? It'll just tear out its pain receptors.
Oct 21 22:39:33 <gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
Oct 21 22:39:34 <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
Oct 21 22:39:53 <gumbal1> It’s bloody, it's disgusting, but the Empress doesn't need to feel pain right now.
Oct 21 22:39:56 <gumbal1> > MARY
Oct 21 22:41:30 <gumbal1> Its body controts, its mouth turning inside out, only to come up with its nerves, still dripping grey matter as it spits them out and just eyes the remaining rebels.
Oct 21 22:41:53 * Kioku (mn.hyk.91.471|yromeM#mn.hyk.91.471|yromeM) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Oct 21 22:42:32 * Mjeowlnir (mn.hyk.91.471|rinlwoejM#mn.hyk.91.471|rinlwoejM) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Oct 21 22:42:53 <BobaFettuccine> Theo… "THEO" Mary screams his name. And then she erupts into even more flame, the fires surrounding her growing to rise 20 feet into the air and burning hotter than she's ever burned before. She's consumed in nothing but rage at this thing that had killed her friend. It would pay. It would pay dearly. She flies over and shoots as strong a blast of fire as she can directly into
Oct 21 22:42:53 <BobaFettuccine> it's eye. (psyche overdrive)
Oct 21 22:43:35 <BobaFettuccine> ‘roll 4d3-8+12
Oct 21 22:43:35 <GameServ> Syntax: XdY [ {-|+|*|/} Z ]
Oct 21 22:43:44 <BobaFettuccine> roll 4d3-8+12
Oct 21 22:44:15 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6 The Emperor was forged of fire, but the Empress was born of the sea…
Oct 21 22:44:15 <Nemi> try just typing 4d3-8+12
Oct 21 22:44:15 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, The Emperor was forged of fire, but the Empress was born of the sea…: 7:9-8+6
Oct 21 22:44:32 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+12
Oct 21 22:44:32 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 12:8-8+12
Oct 21 22:45:07 <gumbal1> The Empress screams, as it’s burnt, dried up by the flames of a scorned friend.
Oct 21 22:45:19 <gumbal1> > THE EMPRESS OF BILE, TURN 1
Oct 21 22:45:32 <gumbal1> It's on. It's mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.
Oct 21 22:46:13 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+12 The Empress suddenly leaps, aiming to knock Mary out of the air with the sheer weight of a headbutt.
Oct 21 22:46:14 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, The Empress suddenly leaps, aiming to knock Mary out of the air with the sheer weight of a headbutt.: 12:8-8+12
Oct 21 22:46:22 <gumbal1> > MARY, AGILITY OR PDEF
Oct 21 22:47:11 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+11 Mary does not want that to happen. Like, /really/ doesn't want it to happen (psyche overdrive)
Oct 21 22:47:11 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine, Mary does not want that to happen. Like, /really/ doesn't want it to happen (psyche overdrive): 12:9-8+11
Oct 21 22:47:40 <gumbal1> Mary barely avoids getting impaled on its head as the thing dives over, into the ground, and back up on the other side.
Oct 21 22:47:46 <gumbal1> > THE EMPRESS OF BILE, TURN 2
Oct 21 22:48:36 <Nemi> The nightmare mist that is the 'ground' they're standing on, yes.
Oct 21 22:49:19 <gumbal1> The dirt, it relied on its moisture to not go blind. But Mary's fire, well…the Empress chooses a different approach. It screams. It screams loud, and the five remaining students can feel it in their blood…
Oct 21 22:49:26 <gumbal1> > ROLL PDEF, NO AGILITY
Oct 21 22:49:30 <gumbal1> > ALL
Oct 21 22:49:55 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 22:49:55 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 2
Oct 21 22:49:56 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 2: 3:8-8+3
Oct 21 22:50:02 <Shaeir> `calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 22:50:02 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 4
Oct 21 22:50:03 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 4:9-8+3
Oct 21 22:50:04 <Endorb> 4d3-8+1
Oct 21 22:50:04 <Mjeowlnir> Endorb: -1:6-8+1
Oct 21 22:50:41 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+9 [IT’S A HEART-STOPPING SHOW, FOLKS]
Oct 21 22:50:41 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, [IT'S A HEART-STOPPING SHOW, FOLKS]: 7:6-8+9
Oct 21 22:50:46 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+2
Oct 21 22:50:46 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine: 5:11-8+2
Oct 21 22:51:30 <Nemi> 4d3-8+13
Oct 21 22:51:30 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 10:5-8+13
Oct 21 22:51:34 <Nemi> Madeline isn't really even there.
Oct 21 22:53:05 <gumbal1> Madeline doesn't have a heart to stop, not blood to clot, no veins to pop. But Malissa, Dante, Aleksa, and Mary do. (-2 HP DANTE, -3 HP ALEKSA, - 1 HP MARY, -5 HP MALISSA TO ACCOUNT FOR THE OVERDRIVE END CLAIMED)
Oct 21 22:53:11 <gumbal1> > Dante
Oct 21 22:54:22 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa just looks super fucked up
Oct 21 22:54:31 <SavanahHolland> he probably needs help, maybe
Oct 21 22:54:37 <Shaeir> Dante points his cross at Malissa, "Be restored."
Oct 21 22:55:24 <Shaeir> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 22:55:24 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 0
Oct 21 22:55:24 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 0: 3:8-8+3
Oct 21 22:55:36 <Shaeir> T-T
Oct 21 22:55:45 <gumbal1> But nothing happened.
Oct 21 22:55:48 <gumbal1> > ALEKSA
Oct 21 22:56:00 <SavanahHolland> They’re still running right?
Oct 21 22:56:24 <gumbal1> They're on a platform Mads created, now.
Oct 21 22:57:10 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa, yeah he doesn't look too hot, that's an awful lot of blood isn't it? Another handful of seeds, he throws it at the creature, the same type as before, the burny kind.
Oct 21 22:57:20 <SavanahHolland> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
Oct 21 22:57:20 <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 3
Oct 21 22:57:20 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 3: 4:8-8+4
Oct 21 22:57:40 <gumbal1> (which part of the creature?_
Oct 21 22:58:27 <SavanahHolland> The eye
Oct 21 22:58:40 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 22:58:40 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 7:9-8+6
Oct 21 22:58:48 <gumbal1> It blinks them off.
Oct 21 22:58:52 <gumbal1> > MADELINE
Oct 21 22:58:57 <Nemi> The Nightmare of Madeline looks just like Madeline, if perhaps pale and sickly, sleepless and with the colours washed out. And she is a painful and spiteful thing. What does the Empress fear? Drying out? What if its nightmare had become real? The Dreamlands rift vents out another cloud of red-veined smoke, and the seething nightmare presence attempts to leech all the moisture it
Oct 21 22:58:57 <Nemi> can from the Empress’ body, from the soft spots- the mouth- first.
Oct 21 22:59:07 <Nemi> 4d3-8+11
Oct 21 22:59:07 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 12:9-8+11
Oct 21 22:59:12 <Nemi> Ssssluuuurp…
Oct 21 22:59:26 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+1
Oct 21 22:59:27 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 1:8-8+1
Oct 21 23:00:13 <gumbal1> It's dry. Little more than a figure in the wind. And yet, still, it moves. Clunkily, erratically, defenisvely. But this old girl's still got some fight in it.
Oct 21 23:00:27 <gumbal1> > MALISSA
Oct 21 23:00:54 <Nemi> After all, what good is terror if the victim can't suffer every moment of it?
Oct 21 23:01:33 <Endorb> OHGOD! OHGOD! OHGOD! OHGOD! OHGOD! Malissa felt so so faint… She had to stop that damn thing up! Tongue tied would do the trick!
Oct 21 23:01:37 <Endorb> 4d3-8+11
Oct 21 23:01:38 <Mjeowlnir> Endorb: 11:8-8+11
Oct 21 23:02:24 <gumbal1> Hateful that its tongue is defying it like everything else, the Empress bites it off. No more tongue attacks. No more treason.
Oct 21 23:02:31 <gumbal1> > MARY
Oct 21 23:04:52 <BobaFettuccine> Mary is still out of her mind with anger, and she will be for quite some time yet. Another wave of fire at this things eye.
Oct 21 23:05:30 <BobaFettuccine> 4d3-8+14 (psyche overdrive and aid another from Aleksa)
Oct 21 23:05:30 <Mjeowlnir> BobaFettuccine, (psyche overdrive and aid another from Aleksa): 17:11-8+14
Oct 21 23:05:44 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6
Oct 21 23:05:45 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 3:5-8+6
Oct 21 23:06:58 <gumbal1> And for a single, brief second, everyone's heart stopped, only to resume as the Empress, with one final, desperate scream, burnt away like a firepit in the wind.
Oct 21 23:07:42 <gumbal1> …and all that remained were, sitting on the platform, a tattered pair of robes, help up by a humanoid amalgamation of energy.
Oct 21 23:07:51 <gumbal1> '…d o i t'
Oct 21 23:08:01 <Shaeir> "Did…we win?" he asked breathing heavily and bloodied.
Oct 21 23:08:10 <gumbal1> '…i a m n o t a f r a i d t o d i e'
Oct 21 23:09:10 <Nemi> The nightmare Madeline is standing in front of the robes, suddenly. She reaches a chalky hand out- why is it when things become dark or twisted, they end up so pale and with economy-levels of eyeshadow dunked onto their sockets?
Oct 21 23:09:24 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa drops to his knees, everything looked blurry, a hand slowly moving up to his forehead then moving to his sight, wet blood.
Oct 21 23:09:38 <Nemi> ".. sleep now, Harlan." And with that, she orders him to perish.
Oct 21 23:10:26 <gumbal1> The energy blows away, as the robes flutter in the wind.
Oct 21 23:10:38 <Shaeir> Dante fires white light energy at himself, Aleksa, and Malissa to heal them.
Oct 21 23:10:49 <BobaFettuccine> This was /his/ fault. If he hadn't asked them to fight Theo wouldn't have died. Mary screams and flies quickly towards the one who had asked them to fight, even if there's not a body left she sends strike after strike at where it used to be, half sobbing half screaming.
Oct 21 23:11:04 <Shaeir> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
Oct 21 23:11:04 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 6
Oct 21 23:11:05 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 3:8-8+3
Oct 21 23:11:13 <gumbal1> …everyone feels a presence.
Oct 21 23:11:16 <Nemi> The Madeline image watches Mary go, silent and staring. Well, if it’s what she needed.
Oct 21 23:11:44 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa curls into a ball, shivering
Oct 21 23:11:47 <Endorb> Malissa falls down. "I…" huff "I hope we're completely done…" huff. "I think I need to lie down." She flops on the floor
Oct 21 23:11:48 <gumbal1> As if the last bit of someone's soul energy is clinging on, before its one-way ticket to Valhalla.
Oct 21 23:11:54 <Shaeir> [Dante heals those three for 3 each]
Oct 21 23:12:29 <BobaFettuccine> Mary turns to look at what that presence she feels is, ready to throw fire at it too if it looks remotely threatening.
Oct 21 23:12:37 <Nemi> The foggy .. stuff is soft enough, at least.
Oct 21 23:12:50 <DarnellJermaine> There's a brief image in the sky, a familiar image in fact. Something you all saw not too long ago. Something was different about him now though: he looked like he was at peace. Like he used to, cheery, upbeat, in love with life. It waves to them, "Good job" he starts
Oct 21 23:14:15 <BobaFettuccine> Now Mary's just sobbing as she sees Theo in the sky she flies towards him, reaching out. "No… don't go… Theo."
Oct 21 23:14:46 <SavanahHolland> Tears collect in Aleksa's eyes, wrapping his arms around his legs tighter as he just.. watches.
Oct 21 23:14:56 <Nemi> Madeline swivels up to Theo, and.. she blinks. And looks slightly more like herself, colour and health creeping back. She holds a hand up to wave to Theo, a faint wan smile on her face.
Oct 21 23:15:12 <DarnellJermaine> "I mean it. I know I wasn't strong enough, I know I wasn't any help- but I'm glad you all made it. Really. I only wish I could've done something more: could've said goodbye to all of you. Well, I guess this is my chance now. I'm sorry I was so downcast this whole trip, I wish I had been my usual self for our last few moments together. But all of you did right by me in the end" he turns to Mary now. "Sorry
Oct 21 23:15:12 <DarnellJermaine> I had to go so soon, I'll probably miss you and Elspeth most of all. Just don't stop making music without me, ok? I think it's time for me to go now, but hopefully it'll be a long time before we meet again. Good bye; and don't worry about me. I'm going right where I belong"
Oct 21 23:15:27 <DarnellJermaine> With that, he gives one last salute and fades away.
Oct 21 23:16:03 <Shaeir> "He does know I could heal him right?" Dante asks curiously.
Oct 21 23:16:23 <Nemi> With a blip, Madeline's sitting beside Aleksa, and she puts her arms about him as much as she can. The foggy 'platform' lowers itself on to the top of the monastery.
Oct 21 23:16:28 <gumbal1> The monks haven't stopped staring. If anything, more of them have amassed, to really confirm that the Emperor and Empress are no more. That Harlan doesn't have to suffer anymore.
Oct 21 23:17:08 <gumbal1> Eventually, one of the monks…the head monk, approaches them. "Come with me. I need to show you something."
Oct 21 23:17:29 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa moves over, burying his face into Madeline's shoulder, sobbing his eyes out, he looked rather stupid and pitiful crying into a much smaller girl's shoulder.
Oct 21 23:18:06 <Shaeir> Dante didn't really know Theo, he felt awkward so he just followed the monk.
Oct 21 23:18:07 <Nemi> Once they're set down, Madeline stands, and she moves to .. pick up Aleksa, bridal carry style. It would look silly, but she wants to do for him what he did for her, carry him through the hardest times. And she lets her eyes trail from Mary to Dante before she turns to Apphia. "Okay."
Oct 21 23:18:42 <gumbal1> Apphia leads them through the large, now slightly ruined chamber, over to a door.
Oct 21 23:18:54 <DarnellJermaine> As his soul fades, a little 8-ball falls onto the ground where his image stood.
Oct 21 23:18:59 * Karaoke (Karaoke@2602:304:b01d:rnlq:lhnj:hiwl:ggts:owwo) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Oct 21 23:18:59 <gumbal1> The door leads to a damp and wet basement.
Oct 21 23:19:07 <gumbal1> To a long hallway, with a wooden door at the end.
Oct 21 23:19:21 <BobaFettuccine> Mary's fire fades down to nothing, and she drops the last few feet down to the floor, looking lost and much smaller now without the glow or the flame. She looks at the group with dull eyes and says "okay." She feels hollow now. Drained. She slowly picks up the 8-ball and shuffles after the others.
Oct 21 23:19:21 <gumbal1> To a long hallway, with a stone door at the end.
Oct 21 23:19:37 <gumbal1> To metal doors, doors inalid with gems, doors with locks not of this world.
Oct 21 23:19:48 <Endorb> Malissa stands up, growing to human size. She felt better now, with the healing and the goodbye. She follows along, hugging Mary
Oct 21 23:20:02 <Nemi> Madeline follows. Because of course she does. She wants to see, now, what Theo died for.
Oct 21 23:20:07 <gumbal1> Then, finally, to a simple wooden door. "…none of you can ever tell anyone what you saw in here. Alright?"
Oct 21 23:20:27 <Nemi> "Okay."
Oct 21 23:20:40 <Shaeir> "You have my word." he nods.
Oct 21 23:20:49 <BobaFettuccine> Mary just shuffles along, not reacting to the hug or any other outside stimuli really. She hears Mads say okay so she kind of just nods slowly.
Oct 21 23:21:15 <SavanahHolland> Something he won't ever forget, something he can't confide in to anyone.. but he nods slowly, closing his eyes and just.. holding onto mads, he doesn't care.
Oct 21 23:21:24 <gumbal1> The door opens, to a simple room, with a stone basin in the middle. A moaning sound can be heard from the basin.
Oct 21 23:22:32 <Nemi> Madeline adjusts her perspective to peer at it better, as otherwise she's basically staring into Aleksa's cheek. Not necessarily b ad, but hard to see.
Oct 21 23:23:07 <gumbal1> Apphia's steps are notably tentative as she approaches. "The Emperor and the Empress, do you know what they are?"
Oct 21 23:23:24 <Shaeir> "What?" he asks staring worriedly.
Oct 21 23:23:31 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa has a great cheek tho.
Oct 21 23:23:37 <Nemi> "I don't, not really.. Leah'd know, probably.."
Oct 21 23:23:55 <Endorb> "Besides giant monsters, not a clue…" malissa held her head. She didn't feel like herself.
Oct 21 23:23:58 <BobaFettuccine> Mary's not interested, none of it matters. They'd done what they came here for. And they'd done it at such a price. She just stands, and waits to go home.
Oct 21 23:25:11 <gumbal1> "They're dogs. Dogs of something greater, greater than any entity you've ever prayed to." It takes a full minute before she's even at the lidded basin. "For millenia since they found us, we've been trying to keep them at bay. We as monks are bound never to kill, for any reason. They are not."
Oct 21 23:26:01 <Nemi> Madeline continues forward, still cradling Aleksa.
Oct 21 23:27:02 <gumbal1> "In this basin, is the thing they were searching for, so dearly for their master. Normally, only a monk would ever know of this." Apphia's hand shook as it reached for the lid. "Remember…never. Tell. Anyone. Not a lover, not a best friend…no one."
Oct 21 23:27:23 <Endorb> "T-there's no way to destroy it?"
Oct 21 23:27:31 <gumbal1> And the basin is opened, to reveal a fleshy cube, with a mouth. "We do not want that."
Oct 21 23:27:55 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa slowly looks from the corner of his eye.. still holding tight.
Oct 21 23:28:04 <gumbal1> "The entity contained in here is far more powerful than any of you could ever imagine. To have it released…I shudder to think."
Oct 21 23:28:20 <Endorb> "Then why are you keeping it?"
Oct 21 23:28:43 <gumbal1> Apphia's speech is much less bubbly. "Where is it safer, but a place that nobody knows? Where everyone is committed to silence?"
Oct 21 23:28:56 <BobaFettuccine> Mary just kind of stares without seeing, eyes glazed over, not really comprehending, or caring.
Oct 21 23:29:46 <gumbal1> Apphia closes the basin. "You deserve to know. But tell no one. Ever. It's for your own good."
Oct 21 23:30:32 <Shaeir> "The depths of hell seem safe." he shrugs. "but here seems good too."
Oct 21 23:30:50 <Nemi> "Thank you for your trust," says Madeline, softly and seriously.
Oct 21 23:31:22 <Endorb> "Well, I'm not sure why you showed us, but thank you. Thank you very much."
Oct 21 23:31:26 <gumbal1> "…I think you should leave. You may stay, if you wish. But…Sister Kateb tells me you are students. You have lives, you have families, you have loved ones. You shouldn't forsake it."
Oct 21 23:31:32 <Endorb> Malissa was still holding Mary
Oct 21 23:33:03 <Nemi> "I might come to visit, if you want. Do your monks dream, Mother Apphia?"
Oct 21 23:34:03 <gumbal1> "The ones that sleep do."
Oct 21 23:34:34 <Nemi> "Then I'll visit. At least try to help make sure their dreams aren't haunted, anyway.."
Oct 21 23:35:07 <gumbal1> Apphia nods. "Then go."
Oct 21 23:35:24 <Endorb> "W-wait, how were we supposed to get back?"
Oct 21 23:35:34 <Nemi> "I can take us," Madeline says, softly.
Oct 21 23:35:48 <Shaeir> Dante sends his armor back into Purgatory. He then turns to face the group. "I am really sorry for your loss everyone, I wish there was something I could have done. I do hope we will all be friends though." he bows and turns to head back down the hill, despite his very capable abilities to descend it without actually walking. "Thank you all…"
Oct 21 23:35:57 <SavanahHolland> "I want to go home.." he mumbles.. he doesn't mean the dorm, but he can't go to his real home, can he?
Oct 21 23:36:29 <Nemi> Madeline watches Dante exit, and shrugs wih Aleksa. ".. well I guess if he just wants to wander off that works too. Um. Gather 'round, everyone, please?"
Oct 21 23:37:46 <BobaFettuccine> Mary nods numbly and shuffles over to stand next to Madeline.
Oct 21 23:37:53 <Endorb> Malissa brings Mary to Mads- Man, these M's- "Are we really going to leave him?"
Oct 21 23:38:30 <SavanahHolland> Aleksa is now named M… Matt? No he isn't, he just wants to be included
Oct 21 23:39:45 <gumbal1> And so, the Sun Sets Over the Sea.
Oct 21 23:39:50 <gumbal1> -RUN COMPLETED-
Oct 21 23:39:55 <gumbal1> -8 XP GAINED-
Oct 21 23:40:11 <gumbal1> -$1000 AWARDED FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA-
Oct 21 23:40:16 <Nemi> The journey is rapid enough, even if nobody could really remember it very well once they arrived. So fleeting.
Oct 21 23:40:55 <gumbal1> -PC KILLED: THEODORE GRUNDLEWOOD-

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