Stands Are Useful

<Antichthon> A Text from Cass to Leah. <I need your help.>
<gumbal1> <yo. what do you need?>
<Antichthon> <Come to my room, it's [ROOMNUMBER]. Its serious.>
<gumbal1> <Alright. Will do.>
<gumbal1> Leah's there quickly enough. She wasn't doing anything important, just a bit of power training with a willing subject (read: a bug she found in her room that she trapped in a plastic container). Turns out bugs have souls, at least, though Leah wonders exactly how much sin she's accumulating by messing with them.
<Antichthon> <Don't freak out. Its why I called you.> If anyone of the few people she knew wouldn't freak, it would be Leah. Hex was the one to answer the door, and waved for her to come in, quickly. Cass was in bed, naked, sheets up around their shoulders surrounded by stuffed animals. By their teeth-grit, eyes-clenched-shut expression, they were in serious pain.
<gumbal1> "…shit. You don't look well." Leah had seen people in worse conditions. Evershifting, leaking black ooze, sprouting demon wings. Still, this those were at least curbed by raw absurdity. This was serious, yet mundane, and perhaps that made it worse. Leah looks to Hex, figuring Cass wouldn't want to talk. "So, little dudette, what's going wrong?"
<Antichthon> She was right. "Hi," Hex said in her usual voice. "Yeah, Cass here. Sorry to use Hex, but if tried to talk, I'd more likely scream. My heart's stopped. Need your help getting it going again."
<gumbal1> "…okay, shit, yeah, uh…" Hm. ELP Act 2 didn't usually work on living creatures. Too much fighting for conciousness. Still, hm…"…fair warning, I use demon magic, so, like…I'm not sure where you're immortal soul is gonna end up after this." Leah was still Jewish at heart, but she had to keep the greater picture in mind, which apparantly included a shitton of pantheons beyond Hashem (the First Commandment was kinda vague in retrospect, Leah t
<gumbal1> hinks, or at least the translations were). "Is this like, due to degredation, or are we talking a healthy heart that just stopped?"
<Antichthon> "I don't mean I need you to use your voodoo magic, mate. At least, not directly on me. You can inhabit Hex, right? Control her?" As to the question, "Something's wrong with the system keeping my heart going. Specifically, the defibrilator decided to go to shit. And it's serious, but not urgent, my primary backup heart is still going strong, and I have two backups after that one.
<Antichthon> But it hurts like shit, and if I went to the doctor like this they'd have to report it to my Dads and they would lose their goddamned minds.
<gumbal1> "…I can actually reverse degredation pretty easily, but if you insist. You got any spare garbage?"
<Antichthon> Cass' eyes popped open. "What do you mean by 'reverse degredation?' because if you think you can use your power to safely get this hunk of junk in my chest working again, do it. and don't worry about that 'immortal soul' crap, I don't believe in such bullshit. Garbage can's by the computer." Hex pointed to a giant, intimidatingly high-tech computer tower under the desk. No monitor
<Antichthon> was attached.
<gumbal1> "Okay. This might feel a bit weird." Leah strolls over to the garbage can, sticking a hand inside (grody). Soon, the garbage composts into dust…
<gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
<GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 5
<gumbal1> And suddenly, the blue, antlered highwaywoman that is Emerson, Lake, & Palmer Act 3 appears at Cass’ bedside (wearing a spectral stethoscope, oddly enough), sticking a spectral blue hand inside Cass and grasping around for the failing heart.
<Antichthon> Cass choked out a laugh, which was a terrible idea. and sent serious spasms of pain through their body. "Love the bedside manner. Nothing to calm someone down like the giant ghost of a train robber fused with a deer, right?" Despite their state, Cass did manage to flash their usual shit-eating grin. "Just be careful in there. You somehow shut off my scapular implant, we're going
<Antichthon> to have a real problem.
" The inside of Cass' chest was a nightmare web of electronics. Unless Leah was a genius about such things, likely the only hint she'd have to the problem would be that a section of the web was having power problems.
<gumbal1> "She dresses like she wants, I ain't in control of that. And that ain't a problem. ELP's purely transferring vital spirit energy." Leah cannot see inside, unfortunately. Her only real lead is the spiritual stress that comes with degredation of an important posession.
<Antichthon> "Considering what happened to Hex, that doesn't put me at ease. That being said, if my heart start's asking 'what is my purpose' you tell that fucker its purpose is to twerk like hell." Unfortunately for Leah, the implants were so impersonal Cass had very little emotional attachment to them. What emotional attachment there was mostly came from their parents. With any luck, that
<Antichthon> would be enough.
<gumbal1> The primary heart. That's an important part when you're making a robot child. Unable to find much through stress connection, Leah instead looks for…can sentimentality be transfered through spirit?
<gumbal1> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
<GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 3
<gumbal1> Leah tries testing for that.
<Antichthon> It was Cass’ real heart that had stopped, and the machinery around it that was at fault. And Cass' parents most certainly did care deeply for their child, and by extension, the technology keeping them alive. Leah would be able to find the problem.
<gumbal1> And…there. Though ELP makes the motion of rythmatically squeezing, being ultimately an amalgam of spiritual energy, it's merely cosmetic. The real work is being done by the vital energy being transferred to the area.
<Antichthon> The technology wasn't exactly designed to work with spirit energy, and it definitely did not like the sudden introduction of an unknown "electrical" source. It protested, resisted. Rerouted power, acted as if it was some critical failure in the system. In the end the entire section of implants regulating Cass' heart was cut off from the rest of the web. But Cass' heart started again.
<Antichthon> It would keep beating for as long as ELP kept up the energy. Cass coughed gasped. Using their real voice, "Oh your fucking god, thank you." It was a different voice than Leah had heard when they'd spoken before. This one was young, squeaky, androgynous.
<gumbal1> ELP couldn't create energy out of thin air. Truth be told, Leah wondered if she was speeding up entropy whenever she used it, if spiritual energy could even be quantifiably added in the grand scheme of universal heat death conditions. As such, she relied on fuel, most of the time. Which will run out riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight about…
<gumbal1> …now.
<Antichthon> "One more thing. If you could escort me to the doctor's office, that would be fucking fantastic. I'm going to get dressed now, so stay or leave, whichever you're comfortable with." Cass sat up, and it was then that the energy ran out. Cass swore, put a hand to their chest, but the heart kept beating, under its own organic power. If it stopped again there would be trouble, but for now,
<Antichthon> Cass was alright. "Sonofabitch that felt weird."
<gumbal1> "Yeah, I think I'll head outside for that. Tell me if you got any more problems. And yeah, that's demon magic for you." Leah shrugs, then steps outside the room.
<Antichthon> Cass emerged not long after. They'd gone for the basics, just slacks and a blouse, not even shoes. "Lead the way." Their voice was different now, still androgenous, but mature. There had to be some technology responsible for that, no one was that good of a voice actor. "And just so we're clear: If anyone asks, I was just feeling funny, and of-course-my-heart-didn't-stop-ha-ha-ha-why-w
<Antichthon> ould-you-think-that-I'd-have-been-obligated-to-report-it. Alright?"
<gumbal1> "Alright, will do." Leah wasn't a rat. That, she found pride in. "Anyways, infirmary's this way." And 'this way' she goes.
<Antichthon> Cass followed in their wheelchair. "You are seriously the fucking best." Thumbs up. "Knew I could count on you."
<gumbal1> "Eh, I do what I can."
<Antichthon> -Scene Break-

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