The Girl Who Goes Tick Tock

[20:30] <ThePolice> Jan takes his time crossing the courtyard to the main office. He gives himself a once over, looking at the splatter of blood on his dark turtleneck, and the condition of his hands again, turning them over thoughfully.
[20:31] <~SirGoldfish> There are two people fencing in gear in the court yard. "HA!" "HO!" "HAVE AT THEE!"
[20:33] <~SirGoldfish> The two fencers have started to attract a small crowd. "JUST come- one for- GAH!"
[20:33] <ThePolice> Jan stops to look at the fences, his eyes catching glimpses of the glints on their delicate swords. He stops for a few moments, before unloading his empty backpack beside him, and sitting in the grass to watch. His face again neutral.
[20:35] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith makes her way across the courtyard, her eyes following the quick motion of the fencers as she heads towards her dorm. Her eyes wander and she catches Jan sitting in the grass. She thinks for a moment as she walks, but the teachings of mending that her Father passed down to her win over. Turning onto the grass she starts to walk towards him.
[20:36] <ThePolice> Jan looks over the small crowd, Looking for loners, and those looking like they did not come with company.
[20:36] <~SirGoldfish> With no little ammount of showmanship. One beats the other. The two fencers take off their masks. The winner is a woman in her mid 40s and frizzy black hair. The other a girl with blonde hair she has an eairly vacant look in her two blue eyes
[20:37] <~SirGoldfish> The crowd begins to cheer "Thank you! Thank you!"
[20:38] <ThePolice> Jan searches harder, desperate for a good mark.
[20:39] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith walks up next to Jan from around the crowd. She stops a couple feet away from him and feigns watching the spectacle before turning to look at him. "May I sit with you," she asks him, "please?"
[20:39] <UltimixRed> Stella seems to came in time just to have see the final part of the match
[20:40] <~SirGoldfish> The woman takes a bow and leaves. The girl sorta' stands there taking a stiff bow even after the crowd leaves.
01[20:40] <Kioku> Having found no acceptable fruit, Aiko is on her way toward the office when she's forced to cover her ears from the cheering.
[20:40] <ThePolice> Jans eyes, shrink, and for a moment, his eyes shrink like pinpricks, before he recognizes the voice. Not turning, he speaks, no hint of malice, only distance. "Go ahead." He continues scanning the crowd for loners as it disperses.
[20:40] <Rose27> Rose walks across the courtyard holding a book to her chest looking for a semi-isolated spot
[20:41] <~SirGoldfish> The girl's still a loner!
[20:41] <ThePolice> (Imma dingus)
[20:42] <~SirGoldfish> She is looking around in a peculiar manor.
[20:42] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith turns and eases back onto the grass next to him, she adjusts her skirt as she does. "Thank you," she says to him as she watches the girl standing alone after the disperse.
[20:42] <ThePolice> A chill wind sweeps from Jan, chilling Lillith for a moment, before reaching the girl, his eyes flashing distantly for a moment, before he smiles deeply.
03[20:42] * SavanahHolland (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS) has joined #Sunnybrook-ic1
[20:45] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith shifts uneasily at the chill, tugging at the ends of her sweater sleeves to pull them down. Her eyes flick over to look at him with a sense on unease washing over her.
[20:45] <ThePolice> Jan goes stock still for a moment, his eyes rolling back and closing, he feels the girls aura for a moment, before descending with his own like a hawk, peering into the depths of her soul, searching for her most recent dreams and daydreams.
[20:46] <~SirGoldfish> Odd, this girl. Has no dreams. There is a spark of… something but calling it a soul would be a strech.
[20:47] <~SirGoldfish> *this girl has no dreams.
[20:47] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith sits Andrea on the ground next to her, and watches as he sits up straight to look around the courtyard. She pulls her knees up now that her fuzzy friend is out of the way, throwing curious glances towards Jan and his odd facial expressions.
[20:48] <ThePolice> Jan reels back, his smile is gone. "You should not associate with that one," He says to no one in particular, forgetting Lillith is next to him. A frown creeps upon his face, his brow furrowing somewhat. "That is an abomonation.
[20:48] <ThePolice> After a moment, Jan remembers where he is, and reacts with shock, turning to see Lillith is still here, "I, Uh, hello?"
[20:48] <~SirGoldfish> The girl frowns.
[20:49] <FullMetalBitch> Looking over at the girl, Lilith gives her a more examined look. She ponders the thought and wonders if it's advice worth taking in a place like this. It will stick with her either way. She turns to look at him and gives a nervous smile and an unsure, "Hello Jan."
[20:49] <~SirGoldfish> "… Did I do anything?" The girl asks in flat yet somber tone.
[20:50] <~SirGoldfish> She says looking at Jan
[20:50] <SavanahHolland> Wendy after wandering around the school finds her way to the courtyard and sees Lilith
[20:51] <~SirGoldfish> Jan notices something the others don't. Her eyes, are not eyes, they are camera slits.
[20:51] <~SirGoldfish> *Lenses
[20:53] <ThePolice> Jan ignores the girl, purposfully avoiding looking anywhere near her as he turns, letting his legs sit beneath him, and facing Lillith, Under his breath he mumbles, "Act natural. Let it pass." before donning his soft smile, and giving Lillith a once over, to see how she is.
[20:53] <ThePolice> "Im sorry about yesterday," He starts, "I should have been more careful, Bud can get under my skin like no one else."
01[20:53] <Kioku> Nervous about Lilith talking to Jan so soon after… what happened before, Aiko hangs back, keeping an ear on them.
[20:54] <~SirGoldfish> "…"
[20:55] <~SirGoldfish> "I- I am not an abomination."
[20:55] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith gives a warm smile to the girl standing and staring at them. She turns to look at Jan, unsettled by the odd look in her eyes. Turning her body to look at him she tucks her legs up next to her. "It is something I wish had not happened," she says in a somber tone. "I'm still not sure if, well," she thinks for a moment, "you'
[20:55] <FullMetalBitch> re not hurt are you?"
[20:55] <Uracilo> "Oh, a combat sport, know where I can find a foil?" Ju asks the girl, carrying bottles and shakers his coat's pockets.
[20:56] <~SirGoldfish> (Did he come from the school?)
[20:56] <~SirGoldfish> (Nvm)
[20:56] <Uracilo> (He came from the cafeteria like everyone who was there. I have no idea where stuff is situated geographically)
[20:57] <Rose27> Rose accidentally bumps into the girl
[20:57] <~SirGoldfish> (It's in the school)
[20:57] <~SirGoldfish> The girl is unmoved it's more like bumping into a pole.
[20:57] <SavanahHolland> Wendy approaches the scene and says to Lilith and jan "Hey"
[20:58] <ThePolice> Jan pulls his hands into his turtlenecks long sleeves, dejectedly hoping his blood is hidden in the dark gray of his turtleneck. "I," He starts and looks thoughtful for a moment. "Ill be fine, me and Bud can work out what happened together, we have time on our side, but I must apologize for my rudeness." He shoots a glance towards the monster from the corner
[20:58] <Rose27> "Ow! S-s-s-sorry…" Rose says looking at the ground
[20:58] <~SirGoldfish> Ju notices that she has a keyhole in the back of her head, so does Rose.
01[20:58] <Kioku> Aiko frowns. The heart to heart and apology is getting… croweded. Very crowded.
[20:58] <~SirGoldfish> "Oh, uhmm, there is a foil in Clubroom. Would you like to go?"
[20:58] <ThePolice> of his eyes, his smile shaking somewhat, "I should not have acted the way I did." He finishes, feigning being crestfallen.
[20:59] <Uracilo> Upon noticing the keyhole, Ju scans the girl over with his power, reaching for a nervous or endocrine system.
01[20:59] <Kioku> \Now where were those courtyard ca- aha! Let's take a look. How many different voices did I just hear?[20:59] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith nods along with him talking, she glances up at Wendy and smiles to her giving a short wave. Turning back to Jan she comments in a softer tone, "I would have liked to speak to you more personally. "
[20:59] <~SirGoldfish> Nope no endochine system to fiddle with.
[20:59] <Rose27> "A-a-a-are you um o-o-ok?" rose says ignoring the keyhole for a moment
02[20:59] * UltimixRed (~ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|eRximitlU#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|eRximitlU) Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:00] <~SirGoldfish> She gives Ju an awkward smile.
[21:00] <Uracilo> "Sure, show me the way and hurry. I don't want the crowd to leave."
[21:00] <ThePolice> "I can make time for that," Jan says, his soft smile returning. "Classes arent running right now, so I suppose I have free time." he shoots a glance at the coagulating gaggle of students. "Do you want to talk now or.." He trails off, catching himself, against his will looking directly at the monster.
[21:01] <~SirGoldfish> She gives Ju direction. It'll take a hot minute
[21:01] <ThePolice> He freezes up, like a man facing death in the eyes.
[21:01] <~SirGoldfish> "I am okay… Why?"
[21:01] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith pushes up off the ground, picking up Andrea by the paw in one slightly fluid motion as she does. "That would be nice," she says with a smile as she offers her hand to him.
[21:02] <ThePolice> Jan remains petrified for a few moments, his smile gone, a look of despair in his eyes, but not in his neutral face. He barely registers that Lillith offers him her hand.
[21:03] <Rose27> "I bumped into you…s-s-sorry…"
[21:03] <~SirGoldfish> "Oh, I did not notice."
[21:03] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith stands there, her hand lowering a bit as she waits for him to notice. She follows his gaze to the stiff girl and her smiles slips away as she looks at her.
[21:04] <Uracilo> He strolls over to the clubroom and comes back with a foil in hand. He removes his trenchcoat, dumping it on the ground along with the bottles and spices, revealing a white short-sleeved shirt and shorts.
[21:04] <Rose27> Rose gets out of the way of the 2 and heads away
[21:05] <Uracilo> "So, let's do this."
[21:05] <ThePolice> Jan shakes himself loose, standing slowly not taking his eyes from the monster. He speaks, in a way none of you have heard before, with fear in his voice. "We, should go."
[21:05] <~SirGoldfish> (We'll do this in three checks. I will roll as well.) "Yes I am!" She smiles.
02[21:05] * SavanahHolland (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:05] <Uracilo> "You are what?"
01[21:06] <Kioku> Aiko murmurs to herself in Japanese. "Odd… she's behaving much like one of my-" She cuts herself off, expression turning to shock. "No way."
[21:06] <~SirGoldfish> *I am ready
[21:06] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith gives a cordial smile to the dead-eyed girl and a quick 'hello' before she turns and heads towards the dorm.
01[21:06] <Kioku> Suddenly, she's focusing a whole lot more intently on the girl, trying to pick up her social cues and behavior.
[21:07] <ThePolice> Jan hesitates for a few moments, turning between the girl he befriended, and the beast, before deciding the maw of terror is not his choice in company and leaves without saying a word to follow Lillith.
[21:07] <~SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+5
[21:08] <Uradice2> 4,1SirGoldfish rolled :7,1 4d3-8+5 —> 10,1[ 4d3=7 ]8,1{4}
[21:08] <~SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+5
[21:08] <Uradice2> 4,1SirGoldfish rolled :7,1 4d3-8+5 —> 10,1[ 4d3=6 ]8,1{3}
[21:08] <~SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+5
[21:08] <Uradice2> 4,1SirGoldfish rolled :7,1 4d3-8+5 —> 10,1[ 4d3=10 ]8,1{7}
[21:08] <~SirGoldfish> (Gimme your rols.)
[21:08] <FullMetalBitch> Lilith follows Jan, or Jan follows Lilith
[21:08] <FullMetalBitch> (())*
[21:09] <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+6
[21:09] <Uradice2> 4,1Uracilo rolled :7,1 4d3-8+6 —> 10,1[ 4d3=10 ]8,1{8}
[21:09] <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+6
[21:09] <Uradice2> 4,1Uracilo rolled :7,1 4d3-8+6 —> 10,1[ 4d3=7 ]8,1{5}
[21:09] <Uracilo> roll 4d4-8+6
[21:09] <Uradice2> 4,1Uracilo rolled :7,1 4d4-8+6 —> 10,1[ 4d4=10 ]8,1{8}
[21:10] <~SirGoldfish> The girl's mechanical movements comes to an end when she's in combat. But he overpowers her in the end landing a strike on her chest.
01[21:11] <Kioku> \Fascinating. So fascinating.[21:11] <~SirGoldfish> She lifts up her mask. "That was fun, but you only won cause I let you. hehe." She lets out an awkward laugh
[21:11] <Uracilo> After scoring the first point, Ju focuses on disarming her, putting on a show for their audience.
[21:12] <Uracilo> "Big words, care to back them up?"
01[21:12] <Kioku> \I wonder if I could reach out and… no, that would be rude.\ Aiko might not notice it herself, but she's started moving closer to the duel by the time it's over.
[21:13] <~SirGoldfish> It's significantly harder to track her than most things. There aint a lot of electricty arching in her body.
[21:14] <~SirGoldfish> "Yes, yes I am." The lenses that make up her blue eyes give a look of determination.
[21:14] <~SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+7
[21:14] <Uradice2> 4,1SirGoldfish rolled :7,1 4d3-8+7 —> 10,1[ 4d3=8 ]8,1{7}
[21:14] <~SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+7
[21:14] <Uradice2> 4,1SirGoldfish rolled :7,1 4d3-8+7 —> 10,1[ 4d3=9 ]8,1{8}
[21:14] <~SirGoldfish> roll 4d3-8+7
[21:14] <Uradice2> 4,1SirGoldfish rolled :7,1 4d3-8+7 —> 10,1[ 4d3=7 ]8,1{6}
[21:15] <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+6
[21:15] <Uradice2> 4,1Uracilo rolled :7,1 4d3-8+6 —> 10,1[ 4d3=8 ]8,1{6}
[21:16] <Uracilo> After losing his first point, Ju gives up the showmanship and focuses on winning. He attempts distractions, finger work, etc.
[21:17] <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+7
[21:17] <Uradice2> 4,1Uracilo rolled :7,1 4d3-8+7 —> 10,1[ 4d3=6 ]8,1{5}
[21:17] <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+7
[21:17] <Uradice2> 4,1Uracilo rolled :7,1 4d3-8+7 —> 10,1[ 4d3=10 ]8,1{9}
[21:19] <~SirGoldfish> He barely has time to put on the mask before the girl gets stab happy. Even though he put up a vailent effort getting up on bench for elevation. But she manages to strike him.
[21:19] <~SirGoldfish> "Told you so." The smiles. She sticks out her tongue at him.
03[21:20] * UltimixRed (~ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|eRximitlU#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|eRximitlU) has joined #Sunnybrook-ic1
01[21:20] <Kioku> Before she's realized that she's been moving, Aiko is almost right behind the girl when the fight ends.
[21:20] <Uracilo> His mood worsens, and some of it seeps out through his power, pusing the Downer buttons of the crowd, making them feel annoyed at the turn of events.
[21:20] <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
[21:20] <Uradice2> 4,1Uracilo rolled :7,1 4d3-8+3 —> 10,1[ 4d3=11 ]8,1{6}
01[21:22] <Kioku> Aiko winces and frowns, feeling her mood dampen slightly despite her significantly fewer chemical receptors.
[21:22] <Uracilo> "So you did, but this is a draw. Let's break it."
[21:22] <~SirGoldfish> A lot of the crowd leavs, but there are still a few people cheering, but even they leave.
01[21:24] <Kioku> \It… I feel… hmm. Probably just disappointment at not having a chance to talk to her yet.\ She takes a few steps to the side and away to make room when it's clear there may be yet another duel.
[21:26] <~SirGoldfish> The combat happens in a blink of an eye as soon as he puts his mask on. She wins hand over fist.
[21:27] <~SirGoldfish> "HA!" She says in an awkward manner. She begins to relesh her victory despite there being only two NPCs watching.
01[21:28] <Kioku> \Incredible\ Aiko breaks out into a grin at the spectacle, playing it back in her mind in slow motion from every angle she can 'see'.
[21:28] <Uracilo> Ju doesn't even know whether to feel like he lost. The girl is so awkward…
[21:28] <Uracilo> "Good one," he says, offering a hand to shake. "I'll ask for a rematch some other day."
[21:29] <~SirGoldfish> She nods. Her grip is abnormally strong especially for a girl of her size.
[21:32] <Uracilo> He dons his trenchcoat again, its hem falling past his knees and the sleeves past his gloved hands.
[21:33] <~SirGoldfish> The girl sits on a bench as she begins to read. She is ripe for Aio to talk to her.
01[21:35] <Kioku> Aiko drops her cam-tap and carefully moves to the bench to sit next to her. "Ah-" She bites her lip, not wanting to interrupt since the last thing she 'saw' was the girl reading, but… "Please, might I know - who are you?"
02[21:36] * Rose27 (ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.49E31D84-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.49E31D84-CRInys|tibbiM) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
03[21:37] * Rose27 (ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.49E31D84-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.49E31D84-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #Sunnybrook-ic1
[21:38] <~SirGoldfish> "Oh my name is Sara Green." She smiles. Sara is reading at a rate of a page every 7 seconds.
[21:38] <~SirGoldfish> *5
01[21:38] <Kioku> (Not that I'd know that.)
01[21:38] <Kioku> (well, no, hearing page flips I guess.)
[21:39] <~SirGoldfish> (Other PCs might. :P)
01[21:39] <Kioku> (Aye, those who stuck around.)
01[21:39] <Kioku> "Have you been here long?"
[21:41] <~SirGoldfish> "I was on one of the busses. Been here for two weeks and 9 hours."
01[21:43] <Kioku> \Busses?\ "Hmm…" \No surprise that I haven't seen her before now, only being around for a day, but one would think I'd have noticed…\ She lets out a soft sigh. \No. If she's sapient, as I hope, that'd be an invasion of privacy. Now I know how telepaths feel…01[21:44] <Kioku> "Have you… erm… made many friends here?"
[21:45] <~SirGoldfish> She frowns. "I think Ms Penelope likes me. Uh, can you tell me what friends means again?"
01[21:47] <Kioku> Aiko hums in consideration. "I'd have trouble knowing for sure. I only ever had the one, and she treats me more like a sister than anything. I suppose it's someone you can confide in. No, more- someone you want to share the experience and joys of life with."
[21:48] <~SirGoldfish> She frowns putting down her book. "I have- I don't know."
01[21:50] <Kioku> "I suppose it could just be someone you feel a strong positive relationship with. I really don't know how most people think of it. Like I said, I only have the one example…"
[21:51] <~SirGoldfish> Aio roll perception!
01[21:52] <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+9
[21:52] <Uradice2> 4,1Kioku rolled :7,1 4d3-8+9 —> 10,1[ 4d3=6 ]8,1{7}
[21:52] <~SirGoldfish> You hear…. Ticking. Sara's head is going *TICK* *TICK* *TICK*
[21:53] <~SirGoldfish> It was slow at first but speed up with all this talk of friendship.
01[21:54] <Kioku> Aiko reaches up and puts a hand on her shoulder in concern. "It's a difficult thing to understand, for anyone."
[21:55] <~SirGoldfish> The ticking slows a little, but not quite back to normal. "Thank you."
01[21:56] <Kioku> "I certainly don't know what it means… not well enough to put it in English."
01[21:56] <Kioku> "But if you'd like to talk about it…" \I can't believe I'm doing this.\ "Actually, if you'd like to talk about most anything…"
[21:57] <~SirGoldfish> "Any other languages?" She gives a despererate yet awkward smile.
01[21:58] <Kioku> Aiko laughs lightly. "My Japanese is better, but it's still a difficult concept."
[22:00] <~SirGoldfish> She gives motions of a sigh but no breath comes out. "Can- Can… I call you a friend?"
01[22:03] <Kioku> Aiko tilts her head. \But we only just met! … For a given definition though, I suppose I've stopped minding Lilith being familiar, so that might be considered… this is even stranger than I imagined when explaining.\ There's a long pause. "If… if you want to."
[22:05] <~SirGoldfish> "Oh, there is something wrong. I am sorry."
01[22:06] <Kioku> "Is there?" She looks confused.
[22:06] <~SirGoldfish> "Your response. I think it was my fault. I am sorry."
01[22:07] <Kioku> "Nnh, it wasn't a bad response. You made me think of things a certain way I hadn't considered before. If anything, I should likely thank you for giving me a new perspective."
[22:08] <~SirGoldfish> "Oh!" Her frown disipates.
01[22:09] <Kioku> Aiko giggles. "I do feel bad for failing to offer my name, though."
[22:10] <~SirGoldfish> The ticks in her head are fast yet not heavy. "It's fine…. What's your name?"
01[22:12] <Kioku> "It's Minami Aiko - though where I'm from it's the opposite of here, with family name first. S-since we're friends, it's okay if you call me Aiko."
01[22:12] <Kioku> She gives a sharp nod to punctuate her point, but it's more for herself than anything.
[22:13] <~SirGoldfish> "Thank you. Is there anything I can do for you…. Aiko?"
01[22:17] <Kioku> "Nnm, I'm just glad to have met you." Her curiosity has taken a back seat to her pondering over their conversation. "I'd… like to get to know you, but that'll happen on it's own. Through talking or doing things. At least I think it will. Does. Usually." Apparently, not her most articulate conveyance. \I'm so terrible at this.[22:22] <~SirGoldfish> "Hmmm, I don't think there is a lot to know about me. I've only existed for 5 years."
01[22:27] <Kioku> \Clearly long enough to develop your own personality. What makes you tick?\ Aiko pales. \No wait, not like that, not that kind of tick! I- it's an expression, like why do you think and act how you do! Wait, I'm not speaking aloud. Good.\ Color slowly returns to her face - what very little color she has to begin with, that is. "Regardless of how much there is to know, there'll always be more to understand." She smiles slightly. "And the more you experience, the more you grow and change as a person. I dare say there'll be quite a lot!"
[22:30] <~SirGoldfish> "I like fencing, reading, and uh, my daddy found me in a wood box." She says the last part with a bit of strain
01[22:35] <Kioku> Aiko squeezes her shoulder gently. "I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but I'll listen if you ever want to talk about it." She bites her tongue in thought. "I could have guessed you like fencing," Aiko suddenly says, trying to raise the mood. "I… umm… saw. Sort of. Your speed and precision were incredible!"
[22:38] <~SirGoldfish> "I like swords: there sharp, elegant, beautiful. Just like what my dad said I was."
01[22:42] <Kioku> Aiko nods. From what she's seen, she's in full agreement. "Why did you come, or… be sent here? You said how, but…"
[22:44] <~SirGoldfish> "Erhmmm, Something else please."
[22:44] <~SirGoldfish> She says paniced
01[22:44] <Kioku> "Ah- sorry."
01[22:45] <Kioku> "I don't like talking about it much easier… though I feel I've had to several times in the last day or so."
01[22:46] <Kioku> Aiko shifts uncomfortably and taps on the bench and ground with hand and foot.
01[22:47] <Kioku> \Something else? I hope she isn't taking this as an interrogation…[22:52] <~SirGoldfish> Sara shifts a bit too. "I want you to see something." She brings out her arm, making sure to point away from Aio. A 6 inch steel blade comes out of Sara's wrist.
[22:54] <~SirGoldfish> It retracts after a few seconds.
01[22:54] <Kioku> Aiko lifts a hand, listening. "I haven't my own eyes to see, and the other options are… poor substitutes. I best see with my hands."
01[22:54] <Kioku> She tugs at the edge of her blindfold.
[22:56] <~SirGoldfish> "Blind?" She brings out the blade again. Still confused at this word blind she speaks of.
01[22:58] <Kioku> Aiko carefully puts out the hand not near her face, toward the sound.
03[22:58] * SavanahHolland (~ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS#ten.tsacmoc.nt.1dsh.6EF0B29E-CRInys|oHhanavaS) has joined #Sunnybrook-ic1
[22:59] <~SirGoldfish> It makes a *SHA-CHING* noise.
01[22:59] <Kioku> "Blind is the most common term, yes. For three years, or so."
[23:00] <~SirGoldfish> "I don't know what blind means…." She begins to get her dictionary out to begin searching!
01[23:01] <Kioku> "Unable to recieve visual data. No perception of light."
01[23:02] <Kioku> "Well… not on my own, anyway."
[23:03] <~SirGoldfish> "Unable to see lackin-. Thank you…." She ponders this for awhile. "That's awful!"
01[23:05] <Kioku> "It's… an obstacle to overcome. If nothing else, I can say it's given me cause to make sure my other senses are well honed and paid proper attention to."
01[23:06] <Kioku> Even saying this and trying to apply a positive spin, Aiko wobbles in place uncertainly.
[23:10] <~SirGoldfish> Redact that bit except saying that it's "awful".
[23:11] <~SirGoldfish> *Except Sara saying "That's awful."
[23:32] <~SirGoldfish> "Is it… cureable? My dad cured a lot of things."
01[23:32] <Kioku> "Not… not for me, it isn't. There's too much damage to repair the eyes, and a transplant…"
01[23:33] <Kioku> "It might be possible, but I have suspicions that it wouldn't connect to the nerves properly anymore."
[23:35] <~SirGoldfish> "Hmm you said you could see with poor subsitutes?"
03[23:35] * JackielegsWork (PI.FABDB48C.98EE8FF5.EFB508CA|tibbiM#PI.FABDB48C.98EE8FF5.EFB508CA|tibbiM) has joined #Sunnybrook-ic1
01[23:38] <Kioku> Aiko nods swiftly and pulls out a smartphone. It wakes up just before she has ahold of it, so it looks like it's been on in her pocket this whole time. "Cameras, like on this, or all around here," she gestures with a wide sweep. "I understand what they're seeing, even if I can't exactly see it myself. The raw data just… it just makes sense to me, it clicks with as little effort as someone seeing the real thing would have. It's just not quite the same."
[23:41] <~SirGoldfish> "Hmmm." Sara looks as close as Aio will allow her at the phone.
[23:41] <~SirGoldfish> "I wonder if that trick would work on me."
01[23:44] <Kioku> Aiko tilts her head. The screen-side camera on the phone comes to life, making it act quite like a mirror. "… I think I see what you mean. Maybe…"
[23:51] <~SirGoldfish> "So, Aiko, anything else you'd like to talk about?" She says with a smile.
01[23:52] <Kioku> Aiko shakes herself out of her musings. "Mh? Whatever interests you. I'm afraid I have little experience just… talking."
[23:52] <~SirGoldfish> "Me too…."
[23:55] <~SirGoldfish> One could cut this awkwarness with a knife and serv it at the bunny cafe.
[23:56] <~SirGoldfish> *Awkwardness *Serve
[23:56] <Rose27> (X3)
[23:56] <UltimixRed> (rabbit cafe)
01[23:56] <Kioku> (Aww, it's not that awkward! Just… erm… a companionable silence? Yeah, I don't believe that either…)
Session Time: Sun May 03 00:00:00 2015
01[00:02] <Kioku> "Perhaps… perhaps I'll just read with you for now, then?"
[00:05] <~SirGoldfish> She nods and smiles. She begins to bring out encyclopedia B-C "Been bowering books from Ms. Penlope. There is a lot of the world I've missed.
01[00:06] <Kioku> (… is there a campus database of some sort with info on the teachers and classes, by chance?)
01[00:07] <Kioku> (Also, a map? XD)
[00:07] <SavanahHolland> (The world on the wiki)
01[00:07] <Kioku> (No no, I mean in-game._
[00:08] <~SirGoldfish> (Ah, yes there is! It's for students and faculty only. Map is of course included.)
01[00:08] <Kioku> (… I don't know if Aiko is considered a student yet. She doesn't have a schedule or classes or anything. >.<;)
01[00:08] <Kioku> (Right now her status is just 'inmate')
[00:09] <~SirGoldfish> (She is, and she does have all those things like everyone else.)
01[00:10] <Kioku> "Ms. Penelope… does she oversee and manage the library then, in addition to her teaching duties?"
[00:13] <~SirGoldfish> "No, she does teaches literature, and fencing, and anthropoly, and fencing, and- She teaches many subjects."
[00:13] <~SirGoldfish> (The double fencings were on purpose)
01[00:13] <Kioku> Aiko smiles at the repeat of fencing.
01[00:13] <Kioku> (I figured so.)
[00:14] <~SirGoldfish> * and hitsory
01[00:14] <Kioku> "I wonder if they'll make me go to classes…"
01[00:15] <Kioku> "Understand that I do love to learn, but classes are… they just go so slow!"
01[00:15] <Kioku> "And one has to deal with so many people in that confined space, and…" She shudders.
[00:16] <~SirGoldfish> "If you want to graduate… Try Ms Penlope her classes are really fast… too fast for some students. Too fast for me sometimes."
01[00:17] <Kioku> "And I was on track to finish in a few months, too…" Aiko mutters to herself in Japanese.
01[00:19] <Kioku> Reverting to English, she speaks up. "Well, going through things /their way/ isn't going to see me free any slower. I'll look into it."
[00:23] <~SirGoldfish> "Talk to the office. I talked to them and I was able to get my oil."
01[00:24] <Kioku> "Mmh, I was on my way there before… well, let's just say that this was a better use of my time."
[00:30] <~SirGoldfish> She appreicates the pseudo compliment. Between the fencing and talking to Aio any residual sadness from the scene before this is gone.
02[00:31] * FullMetalBitch (||tibbiM) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[00:31] <~SirGoldfish> "Thank you."
[00:31] <ThePolice> Jan steps into the rapidly cooling air, still hot from the days cumulative light. By the paths he gently walks the grounds. Letting his mind begin its long journey of making note of the evening.
[00:31] <~SirGoldfish> (Speak of the devil)
[00:33] <Uracilo> And into the dorms walks Bao Ju, his long sleeves hiding the stolen foil, his pay for letting the girl show off and forget about losing earlier.
01[00:33] <Kioku> Aiko grins and nods in reply, thereafter to lean back a bit and cast about for something she's yet to read. The dorm is easily close enough to reach, since she already has a connection to the computer there.
[00:34] <~SirGoldfish> Sara grimaces at Jan's arival.
01[00:35] <Kioku> Feeling the tension against the bench, Aiko pauses her searching for a book and offers a confused and worried look.
[00:36] <~SirGoldfish> Aio can hear the Ticking in her head get… Tenser.
[00:37] <~SirGoldfish> *Ticking in Sara's head
[00:37] <ThePolice> As Jan walks, gently illuminated by the dying rays of day, and the flickering lamposts, Jan sights two familiar shapes ahead near a bench. At this he subconsciously replaces his pencil case. and comes to a stop, a few lamps away.
[00:38] <~SirGoldfish> She puts her book up and does a poor attempt at ignoring Jan.
[00:39] <ThePolice> For a moment, he searches his mind, he recognizes the girl closest, what did Lillith call her? Aiko? The beast sits beside here, a gaze strongly averted from him. His mind stumbles. It feels, the revelation is jarring.
01[00:39] <Kioku> Aiko picks up the phone from where she left it and twists it around until she spots- ah. That's why.
01[00:41] <Kioku> \At least, I think that was his voice who called her an abomination…[00:41] <ThePolice> The glow his smile once held dies softly, and swiftly at the the sight of the two. 'A techno freak and a metal beast'. Neither of them like you. His smile falls to his true face, Stoic, neutral. 'And they see me', the phone passing to him.
[00:42] <~SirGoldfish> She does the lip motions of whistling but nothing comes out which panics her more.
01[00:43] <Kioku> Aiko brings the phone back down and slips it away, then rests a hand on her new friend's leg.
[00:43] <ThePolice> Jan stands at an impasse, watching the tense girls, safe for now, but he must reach a peaceful place, and they are in the way. Grasping a harness, he treads on, staring forward, and marching past, nodding as an acknowledgment to Aiko as he passes, and continuing slowly, patiently forward.
[00:45] <JackielegsWork> Jackie wakes up after a long sleep, she looks towards the window noticing its still dark and shakes her head "god did i seriously sleep all day again"
[00:46] <ThePolice> Listening carefully, to know the object of his hatred and terror does not follow, Jan follows the still warm concrete along its winding path to the doors of the cafeteria, peering in to see if it is still open for dinner hours.
[00:47] <JackielegsWork> Her stomach louder then she has ever heard it before. she looks over at her list on the table and wrights down "4. Eat!!!"
01[00:48] <Kioku> Aiko leans back again, leaving her sign of reassurance in place and briefly wondering why Jan's footsteps sound so… strict? Stiff? There's a word for it, but it doesn't want to come.
[00:48] <~SirGoldfish> *TICK* *TICK* TIck* *tick*….*tick* Is more or less what Aio heard.

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