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May 17 17:10:29 <SavanahHolland> Wendy trudges along to the mission briefing room, a small smile on her face looking around for anyone willing to share information.
May 17 17:10:32 <Rose27> Rose arrives into the briefing room
May 17 17:11:12 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives a small wave to Rose
May 17 17:11:23 <Rose27> Rose waves back
May 17 17:11:43 <Kioku> \Wait, Ju? I'm not sure whether this is better or worse than Nature Boy coming along… I hope he's feeling up to it.\ Aiko wanders in, sans backpack.
May 17 17:12:03 <Rose27> Rose looks to Aiko "H-h-hai….."
May 17 17:12:07 <SavanahHolland> Wendy walks over to Aiko "Hey! How are you feeling?"
May 17 17:12:24 <FakemixRed> When you enter the room, you see the familiar Mrs.Willets standing in some odd fairy outfit. She looks like Oberon. "Hello my fairy subjects! I the king of the fairies have a task for you."
May 17 17:12:32 <Kioku> Aiko gives a small smile. "Not feverish," she quips.
May 17 17:12:54 <SavanahHolland> Wendy giggles, then giving her attention to the Woman.
May 17 17:12:58 <Kioku> Aiko quickly drops to a knee. "What is thy task, milord?"
May 17 17:13:24 <Rose27> Rose sits next to Aiko
May 17 17:14:18 <SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at Aiko, confused of how out of character it was for Aiko, especially in light of recent events. "Aiko, are you sure?" She giggles refering to her strange action just now.
May 17 17:14:28 <FakemixRed> "The tribulations of the missing Goddess Arachne must be solved, we are to find the location of the killer soon." Mrs.Willets says with a flutter of her wings, how, it's not really sure
May 17 17:14:55 <Uracilo> Ju enters the room, a grin on his face. he only pauses for a moment at the sight of Rose, choosing to ignore her.
May 17 17:15:28 <Rose27> "The wannabe Winter god?"
May 17 17:16:45 <FakemixRed> Mrs.Willets raises an eyebrow. "Young Fairy, what are you talking about, who is that? We are looking for a god killer."
May 17 17:17:16 <SavanahHolland> Wendy grinds her teeth, Knowing exactly that it was her own fault for letting Warren away with the body, Well at least she got a cool knife.
May 17 17:18:14 <Rose27> "When the body was stolen t-they s-said something about a Wannabe Winter God coming back…."
May 17 17:18:18 <Kioku> "Milord, when we chanced to spy upon the Infinite Eye during our last sojourn, they spoke of this 'wannabe winter god' as the killer of Archane."
May 17 17:18:36 <Kioku> *Arachne
May 17 17:18:50 <Rose27> Rose looks at Aiko confused by what's goin on
May 17 17:19:55 <Rose27> \What's a sojourn?May 17 17:20:49 <Uracilo> "So, the job is to find a god killer? What's with you people and sending us into deathtraps… At least tell me we're getting somethign to protect ourselves with this time."
May 17 17:21:09 <Rose27> \And Ju still pays no attention. Good job manMay 17 17:21:52 <FakemixRed> "This will be a simple reconnaissance mission, you will be given anything you have on you. And Aiko, spectacular work. Plum pudding for you later!"
May 17 17:22:07 <Kioku> Aiko barely resists a facepalm.
May 17 17:23:12 <Rose27> Rose does facepalm
May 17 17:23:42 <SavanahHolland> Wendy giggles and puts her hand on Aiko's shoulder, like many times before this. Unsure what to say beside watch carefully for all intructions.
May 17 17:26:57 <FakemixRed> "You will be investigating the city of Rome once again for clues, be mindful of anomalies and keep a sharp eye." Willets say before she dismisses you
May 17 17:27:37 <Kioku> Aiko mutters something when told to 'keep a sharp eye', but it's pretty unintelligable.
May 17 17:27:52 <Rose27> Rose grabs Aiko's hand
May 17 17:29:02 <Uracilo> Ju sighs at the GWU's incompetence. "Okay… let's all make plans for tomorrow. Nobody's dying today."
May 17 17:29:44 <Rose27> "We're leaving now Ju."
May 17 17:30:20 <SavanahHolland> Wendy follows along trying her best to keep up and giggles "Don't leave without me!"
May 17 17:30:21 <Kioku> "Mm, I think that's what he meant about planning for tomorrow. Make sure to have something to look forward to, make sure to survive today."
May 17 17:31:16 <Kioku> Aiko stands. \… Will someone be along to show us where to go? Likely that airport again…May 17 17:31:42 <Uracilo> He cracks his neck on the way to the vehicles and rubs it some, looking tired.
May 17 17:32:18 <Uracilo> "Where are we getting on? Anybody know?" he asks, kicking a rock down the lane.
May 17 17:32:28 <Rose27> "Plan.e"
May 17 17:32:32 <Rose27> *Plane.
May 17 17:32:40 <FakemixRed> Once again guards lead you to the plane and helicopter duo
May 17 17:33:02 * Uradicemon (~ra.ten.amirp.bac.BE735457-CRInys|veR#ra.ten.amirp.bac.BE735457-CRInys|veR) has joined
May 17 17:33:38 <Kioku> Aiko squirms at feeling the helicopter. \At least this is a better 'picture' of it than last time. Score one for ultra thin shoes.May 17 17:35:47 <FakemixRed> You all get to Rome in about the afternoon, (don't bug me about time.)
May 17 17:35:52 <SavanahHolland> Wendy murmurs "I kinda hope we take the helicopter.."
May 17 17:38:59 <FakemixRed> (you guys get to choose the same places last time for closer investigation)
May 17 17:40:33 <Kioku> "Well, we never got to go to the Piazza Novana last time… or look around the Colliseum much, even though that's where the body was…"
May 17 17:40:40 <FakemixRed> (Catacombs, Piazza, Colliseum)
May 17 17:40:43 <Rose27> "M-m-maybe we s-should r-revisit the coolliseum
May 17 17:41:11 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods "Then the Colliseum?"
May 17 17:41:23 <Uracilo> "So… care to fill me in on what the GWU didn't? You all look like you've been here before."
May 17 17:41:47 <Kioku> Aiko nods. "We were all part of a team about a week ago, sent to check the area for the corpse of Arachne."
May 17 17:42:12 <SavanahHolland> "However we never found the killer."
May 17 17:42:36 <Kioku> "We searched the catacombs, and nearly ran into Eye of Infintiy agents there. We managed to listen in on them imply that a "winter god" of sorts was the killer."
May 17 17:42:37 <FakemixRed> (brb for about 20 minutes.)
May 17 17:43:07 <Kioku> "From there we checked the colluseum, found the corpse… and it was taken before we had a chance to stop the thief."
May 17 17:43:26 <Kioku> "That… may have had something to do with the giant stone statue of Athena attacking us at the time."
May 17 17:45:03 <Uracilo> "So… they know there were hostiles here last week and they're still sending you out with no loadout…?" Ju shudders. "You must be fearless."
May 17 17:45:28 <SavanahHolland> Wendy grits her teeth, knowing it exactly was her fault. "Last time Rose was right about where the corpse was, So I trust her judgment on going to the Colliseum."
May 17 17:46:04 <Kioku> Aiko snorts. "Or they were reckless in their information gathering. We weren't made aware that there'd be such dangers before simply being sent on the mission."
May 17 17:46:40 <Kioku> She nods toward Wendy, then to Rose, agreeing with her idea of where to go.
May 17 17:49:52 <Rose27> (We head to it then?)
May 17 17:50:08 <Kioku> (When Red's 20 minutes of being away are up!)
May 17 17:50:15 <Uracilo> "I mean on today's mission. They must be aware that you faced difficulties the last time by now. Why they refuse to give us equipment is beyond me." Ju follows them, content to let them lead from experience.
May 17 17:51:08 <Kioku> Aiko sighs. "True… they probably figure only artifacts would be helpful, and you know how the GWU hates letting anyone but themselves have or use artifacts." \Damn thieves.May 17 17:51:42 <Kioku> "Still, I… hey, does anyone have a medical kit?"
May 17 17:51:53 <Rose27> "…..I ca get one….."
May 17 17:54:09 <SavanahHolland> "I actually brought one, I had orginally one in my dorm, but I decided to bring it along, it's kinda small though.."
May 17 17:54:50 <Rose27> Rose sticks extra close to Aiko out of worry
May 17 17:56:41 <FakemixRed> (back)
May 17 17:56:51 <SavanahHolland> (wb)
May 17 17:57:37 <FakemixRed> At the colliseum, it's not entirely obvious, but there are still marks of your last battle here. Various tourist are milling about the place, not paying the odd sinkhole any mind.
May 17 17:58:03 <Kioku> \Strange… one would think the damage here wouls garner more attention…May 17 17:58:34 <SavanahHolland> Wendy whispers to Aiko and Rose "Can't they see it? There's a sinkhole and they have no idea!"
May 17 17:59:38 <Rose27> "M-m-maybe….it's GWU m-m-magic…."
May 17 18:00:08 <FakemixRed> A random tourist takes a selfie with the sinkhole
May 17 18:00:32 <SavanahHolland> "Someone just took a picture with it!" Wendy stifles a loud laugh
May 17 18:01:29 <Rose27> "………GWU covered it up?"
May 17 18:04:01 <Kioku> Aiko snickers and shakes her head. "Let's just do what we're here to. Try to blend in."
May 17 18:04:58 <Rose27> Rose grabs Aiko's hand and looks for anything that could be a clue
May 17 18:05:04 <Rose27> (roll perception?)
May 17 18:05:38 <FakemixRed> (yes)
May 17 18:06:20 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 18:06:20 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+9
May 17 18:06:20 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
May 17 18:06:21 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+9 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{12}
May 17 18:07:03 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 18:07:03 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
May 17 18:07:04 <Kioku> \So many people with digital cameras!!May 17 18:07:11 <Kioku> \Silly tourists.May 17 18:07:20 <Rose27> (XD)
May 17 18:08:01 <FakemixRed> You all notice around the edge of the Colliseum base, odd etchings on the walls of the Arena Pit. They extend to the entire circle
May 17 18:08:29 <Rose27> Rose takes out her 3ds and takes pictures of the etchings
May 17 18:09:11 <SavanahHolland> Wendy puts her hand on it, dragging her fingers along it.
May 17 18:09:58 <Uracilo> Ju walks around, tracing the etching with his fingers lazily.
May 17 18:10:46 <Kioku> Aiko takes out her phone and examines the etchings that way with one hand, tracing over them with her other hand. \Can't miss a detail… might be important…May 17 18:11:22 <FakemixRed> (wanna roll analysis?)
May 17 18:11:34 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+7
May 17 18:11:34 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
May 17 18:15:34 <FakemixRed> You can tell that the etchings, even though they have variations, are actually just the 4 same "letters" over and over again, pretty sloppily too
May 17 18:16:21 <Kioku> Aiko hums and goes over to the others while running a quick search online to try to identify the letters.
May 17 18:16:54 <FakemixRed> (roll for it)
May 17 18:17:07 <Kioku> (Research?)
May 17 18:17:14 <FakemixRed> (yerp
May 17 18:17:15 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+8
May 17 18:17:15 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+8 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{9}
May 17 18:17:50 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a step back from the etchings, taking a small sigh.
May 17 18:18:20 <FakemixRed> You find online the symbols are a type of symbols found in ancient sumerian texts. A variant of Cuneiform. The letters just say C A G E over and over again.
May 17 18:20:01 <Kioku> \CAGE? AGEC? GECA? ECAG? Hmm…\ "Sumerian script, but they surprisingly fit an English word. Cage. I'll keep looking to see if it might mean anything in the script's language of origin though."
May 17 18:20:36 <Rose27> "… was a cage for the god…..I'm guessing….."
May 17 18:21:21 <SavanahHolland> "Was it here last time..?"
May 17 18:22:01 <Rose27> "…….We were too busy to check….."
May 17 18:22:05 <Kioku> Aiko bites her lip and tries to remember. \I did manage to see those walls through a camera in the stands before, so if it was there then…May 17 18:23:55 <FakemixRed> (what walls?)
May 17 18:24:22 <Kioku> ("odd etchings on the walls of the Arena Pit.")
May 17 18:25:52 <Kioku> (unless the camera angle couldn't see right there)
May 17 18:26:14 <FakemixRed> (it was a random camera you found laying around so it didn't)
May 17 18:26:59 <FakemixRed> Oddly enough, there is a gap in the writing you find, its about 6 ft wide, and there is nothing there
May 17 18:27:04 <Kioku> "I don't know. If anything I was linked to had seen it even for a moment, I'd remember, but…" Aiko frowns and shrugs. "I'm sorry."
May 17 18:27:30 <Rose27> "……Maybe we should check the Pizza?"
May 17 18:29:54 <SavanahHolland> Wendy pats Aiko on the shoulder "Don't worry about it."
May 17 18:31:30 <Uracilo> Ju knocks on the wall where the etching is missing. "Check it out. Nothing here."
May 17 18:31:52 <FakemixRed> You hear a slight clang when you knock on it
May 17 18:32:00 <Kioku> Aiko's ear twitches.
May 17 18:32:16 <Kioku> "That… sounds like not-nothing…"
May 17 18:32:57 <Uracilo> "A door?" Ju looks for a handle, and if he doesn't find one he simply pushes the wall in.
May 17 18:32:57 <Kioku> \Metal? In a stone structure?May 17 18:33:35 <FakemixRed> Ju hears the sliding of stone and metal, but it doesn't budge entirely. (roll brawn please)
May 17 18:33:40 <SavanahHolland> Wendy walks over trying to get a better look.
May 17 18:33:51 <SavanahHolland> (Can wendy help him?)
May 17 18:34:08 <FakemixRed> (it will add +1)
May 17 18:34:35 <SavanahHolland> (Should I roll on it? Or does it just add +1?)
May 17 18:35:05 <Uracilo> (+1 to my roll, then?)
May 17 18:35:07 <FakemixRed> You decide who tries opening the door
May 17 18:35:26 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 18:35:26 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
May 17 18:36:36 <FakemixRed> You wedge the door open and it slides like one of those revolving door, though at this point some people are now noticing this. "Hey! what are you doing!" Says a tourist running over to you, he seems to be concerned
May 17 18:37:25 <Kioku> Aiko grabs the tourist by the shoulder and smiles. "Just maintainance work, don't worry about it."
May 17 18:37:54 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a step inside the room, that had just been opened up.
May 17 18:38:50 <FakemixRed> "Woah! I don't think you should go in there." The man seems like he might try to stop you
May 17 18:39:12 <FakemixRed> "I don't think some kids should be messing with this stuff, where are your parents anyway?"
May 17 18:39:49 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a sharp look to the man "Parents? We work here, leave this to people who understand what they're doing. So you step back."
May 17 18:40:13 <FakemixRed> (you guys do have social skills, probably should use them)
May 17 18:41:01 <FakemixRed> "Dude, you're like 12."
May 17 18:41:17 <FakemixRed> He pulls out a phone and starts calling presumably the cops
May 17 18:41:23 <Kioku> Aiko scoffs. "Kids? They're apprentices. We're here for work."
May 17 18:41:40 <FakemixRed> (ura you here?)
May 17 18:41:47 <Rose27> "We're visiting our parents. We do this all the time….."
May 17 18:41:53 <Rose27> (Can we roll to lie?)
May 17 18:41:57 <Uracilo> "Sir, you've never heard of the revolving wall? Please stop! I just want some time alone with my girlfriend."
May 17 18:42:19 <FakemixRed> "All, 3 of them?" He asks quizzically
May 17 18:42:27 <FakemixRed> (why else would you have social skills rose)
May 17 18:42:49 <Uracilo> "N-no, those are her friends! I don't mean that kind of alone time! Get your mind out of the gutter!"
May 17 18:42:51 <Kioku> \Note to self. In future, duct tape mouths of allies before they start ruining and/or changing the story and expose it for a lie.May 17 18:43:21 <FakemixRed> "You crazy kids, I'm going to call the cops on you vandals." He sighs turning away
May 17 18:43:29 <Kioku> Aiko prepares to catch the phone's signal and redirect it to herself.
May 17 18:43:43 <SavanahHolland> Wendy decides not to say much more, if only to keep from punching the man in the gut, then back at Ju.
May 17 18:44:04 <Uracilo> Ju walks over to the man and gets his arm around the guy's shoulders. "Dude, please. Don't ruin this for me. Have some compassion," he whispers.
May 17 18:44:22 <Uracilo> (Can I roll?)
May 17 18:44:28 <FakemixRed> (yes indeed)
May 17 18:44:45 <Rose27> (Can we just go in? He's not stopping us?)
May 17 18:44:45 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+5
May 17 18:44:46 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
May 17 18:45:09 <SavanahHolland> Wendy is just going to walk in the room.
May 17 18:45:09 <FakemixRed> (he's calling cops hampering the time you got in the city.)
May 17 18:45:31 <Kioku> (I sincerely doubt that.)
May 17 18:45:45 <FakemixRed> He seems to soften his expression. "Oh I was young once too, just don't grafitti anything or draw dicks in there or something."
May 17 18:46:06 <Uracilo> "We won't, cross my heart and hope to die."
May 17 18:46:20 <Rose27> Rose follows Wendy draggin Aiko
May 17 18:46:25 <FakemixRed> He turns away and mutters something about roman orgies
May 17 18:46:41 <Rose27> (O_O)
May 17 18:46:43 <Uracilo> Ju pats the guy on the back and turns back towards the girls, looking apologetic.
May 17 18:47:11 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks like she's about to punch him, but has full retraint
May 17 18:48:21 <Uracilo> "Okay… that went well…"
May 17 18:48:31 <Uracilo> "Let's go."
May 17 18:48:42 <FakemixRed> You enter a hallway that's surrounded by stone and lots and lots of spiders. They seem royally pissed and start swarming at you
May 17 18:48:51 <Kioku> "I'm just glad I didn't have to answer him about the parents thing…"
May 17 18:49:11 <Kioku> "… Spiders. Of course it was spiders again."
May 17 18:49:13 <Rose27> "W-wendy fire!"
May 17 18:49:25 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods "Hold on!"
May 17 18:50:04 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+5 Throwing a blue fireball at the spiders
May 17 18:50:04 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+5 Throwing a blue fireball at the spiders —> [ 4d3=6 ]{3}
May 17 18:50:05 <FakemixRed> (they're mundane btw)
May 17 18:50:37 <Kioku> "Just carve a path, would you? I don't think they'd fancy going through a wall of flames if you make a wedge…"
May 17 18:50:44 <Rose27> Rose kicks one
May 17 18:50:48 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+1
May 17 18:50:49 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{2}
May 17 18:51:00 <Kioku> "… If it goes to the ceiling."
May 17 18:51:03 <FakemixRed> (wendy did you add +2?)
May 17 18:52:42 <SavanahHolland> (no)
May 17 18:53:26 <FakemixRed> Wendy's blue flames sear a good chunk of the spiders, the rest seem to scurry off into the cracks filling the hallway.
May 17 18:53:49 <SavanahHolland> "I think that'll work"
May 17 18:54:52 <Rose27> "G-good job…."
May 17 18:55:46 <Kioku> Aiko lets out a breath. "… Well. Guess it's time to see what's down here…" she says, pulling on her gloves. "Remember, don't touch anything that looks like it even might be an artifact. Not until we have some idea of whether it's safe."
May 17 18:56:12 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods "Everyone stay close."
May 17 18:56:28 <Rose27> "I-i-i-i won't….I d-don't wanna eat y-you a-again…."
May 17 18:57:18 <FakemixRed> As you walk along the wall, eventually you see a hole in the ground, with a drop down to the bottom. The walls of the hole has many jagged rock pieces. You see an extendable ladder at the bottom
May 17 18:57:53 <Rose27> "……I c-could g-get c-climbing g-g-gear….."
May 17 18:58:06 <Rose27> "A-a-and g-go d-down…."
May 17 18:58:48 <Kioku> Aiko taps her foot near the hole a few times and points the camera of her phone down. "Hmm… perhaps just a rope with a hook, and we could pull it up?"
May 17 18:58:48 <SavanahHolland> "I could probably climb too, I used to be pretty good when I was younger"
May 17 18:59:14 <FakemixRed> (loving the solutions from you guys)
May 17 18:59:20 <Rose27> "……Smart….."
May 17 18:59:37 <Rose27> Rose wants to pull out a grappling hook
May 17 18:59:43 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 18:59:44 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 17 18:59:54 <Kioku> (+5, silly, you upgraded)
May 17 18:59:58 <FakemixRed> (wait like the gun kind?)
May 17 19:00:19 <FakemixRed> (or just a rope with a hook, and from district 51 i'm guessing?
May 17 19:00:25 <Kioku> (+6 if the "+1 to all powers against not-mundane" thing applies)
May 17 19:01:32 <Rose27> (Rope with hook and yes…"
May 17 19:01:33 <Rose27> )
May 17 19:01:49 <FakemixRed> You pull out a rope with a hook
May 17 19:02:23 <Kioku> (How much further is there ahead, rather than down, to explore?)
May 17 19:02:27 <SavanahHolland> "Awesome." Wendy says, obviously impressed.
May 17 19:02:36 <Rose27> Rose lowers it and tries to latch it on to the ladder
May 17 19:02:51 <Uracilo> "Yeah, let's NOT try climbing down without proper gear."
May 17 19:02:52 <FakemixRed> (it's a wall past the hole, you can check it though)
May 17 19:03:15 <Kioku> Aiko steps around to knock on the far wall while they try to get the ladder up.
May 17 19:03:56 <FakemixRed> The surface you hit is very hard, probably just regular stone
May 17 19:04:10 <Kioku> \And here I thought it might be hollow. Ah well.May 17 19:05:15 <FakemixRed> You hook the rope to the ladder, but it seems to be stuck
May 17 19:05:48 <Rose27> "The ladder is stuck…."
May 17 19:06:33 <FakemixRed> (you can roll brawn to force it up, or roll agility to climb down to unlock the ladder)
May 17 19:06:50 <SavanahHolland> (Can I force it up?)
May 17 19:06:58 <Rose27> "I'm climbing down the hole…..
May 17 19:06:59 <Rose27> "
May 17 19:07:06 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 19:07:06 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{7}
May 17 19:07:32 <FakemixRed> Rose manages to climb down without getting stabbed or falling off
May 17 19:08:19 <SavanahHolland> "Rose be careful!"
May 17 19:09:04 <FakemixRed> There's a latch on the ladder preventing it from being pulled up
May 17 19:09:46 <Rose27> Rose tries to undo the latch
May 17 19:10:18 <FakemixRed> (brawn roll, it's rusted over)
May 17 19:10:40 <SavanahHolland> "Rose do you need help?"
May 17 19:11:09 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+1
May 17 19:11:09 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{-1}
May 17 19:11:37 <FakemixRed> Suffice it to say, Rose does not have the strength to open up the latch
May 17 19:11:58 <Kioku> "Are you alright down there?"
May 17 19:12:38 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Aiko "I'm worried, she hasn't said anything yet."
May 17 19:12:50 <Rose27> "…..the ladder is stuck….it's rusted shut…."
May 17 19:13:16 <SavanahHolland> "I'm comming down!"
May 17 19:13:37 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 19:13:38 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{2}
May 17 19:13:49 <FakemixRed> (don't you have climbing?)
May 17 19:13:58 <SavanahHolland> (I do~)
May 17 19:14:02 <SavanahHolland> (I added it)
May 17 19:14:26 <Rose27> Rose tries to pull outh baking soda and a tooth brush from a shoppin mag
May 17 19:14:30 <FakemixRed> You accidentally got snagged by a jagged rock on the way down. take 1 HP damage
May 17 19:15:28 <SavanahHolland> Wendy makes a painful grunt "That hurt more than expected …"
May 17 19:16:10 <FakemixRed> (roll rose)
May 17 19:17:03 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 19:17:04 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{6}
May 17 19:18:18 <FakemixRed> You pull out the items, when you apply it, it helps unrust the latch, it will be easier to open
May 17 19:18:30 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+1
May 17 19:18:31 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{1}
May 17 19:18:53 <FakemixRed> You still fail to force it open
May 17 19:18:55 <SavanahHolland> Wendy moves over to Rose, breathing heavily "L-let me open it"
May 17 19:19:18 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 19:19:19 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
May 17 19:19:21 <Rose27> Rose moves back "O-o-ok…."
May 17 19:19:46 <FakemixRed> Wendy forces open the latch and manages to pull up the ladder so now the rest can climb down
May 17 19:20:14 <Rose27> Rose looks around down
May 17 19:20:27 <SavanahHolland> (Where did the rock hurt Wendy?)
May 17 19:21:00 <FakemixRed> (it snagged her in the shoulder)
May 17 19:21:32 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to the top of the ladder, at the rest of the group, holding on to her shoulder with her other hand "It's safe! Use the ladder!"
May 17 19:21:37 <Kioku> Aiko gingerly climbs down the ladder once it's up and sure to be secure.
May 17 19:22:18 <FakemixRed> Rose, from the ladder, you see a wide area full of various wares and bottles. Lots of exotic stuff, and also, the eerie mask Amanda wore, along with a very old laptop
May 17 19:22:56 <SavanahHolland> (Does Wendy see it too?)
May 17 19:22:57 <Rose27> "……The mask……" Rose goes over to the mask
May 17 19:23:05 <FakemixRed> (yep)
May 17 19:23:31 <SavanahHolland> "Rose stay away from it, I don't think it's safe."
May 17 19:24:05 <Rose27> Rose still walks over to it "I-i-i won't touch it…."
May 17 19:24:55 <Kioku> Aiko tap-taps the floor upon reaching the bottom, swiveling her phone-camera around. \The ladder was bolted to the ground?May 17 19:25:08 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Aiko "It's the mask, the one Amada wore I think?"
May 17 19:25:35 <Kioku> "W-what?" Aiko turns sharply toward Wendy.
May 17 19:25:41 <FakemixRed> Next to the mask and laptop are various books with odd languages and symbols on them
May 17 19:26:52 <Uracilo> "What's so scary about the mask," Ju asks, looking around the room at all the strange paraphernalia
May 17 19:26:54 <Rose27> Rose picks up the books immediately and starts flipping through
May 17 19:26:55 <SavanahHolland> Wendy drags Aiko to Rose "Theres a laptop, and a mask." She turns back to Aiko "Can you try and check the laptop?"
May 17 19:27:39 <FakemixRed> (Rose roll brains)
May 17 19:27:59 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 19:28:00 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{6}
May 17 19:28:10 <Kioku> Aiko nods. \Might be something more than that though.\ She Looks at the laptop, then the mask, hoping that they might be mundane.
May 17 19:28:13 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 19:28:14 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{3}
May 17 19:28:15 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 19:28:15 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{3}
May 17 19:29:09 <FakemixRed> You don't detect anything wrong with the mask except a slight connection to your power, but nothing solid. The laptop is indeed supernatural, the casing it's made out of anyway
May 17 19:29:30 <Rose27> (Nothin happen to Rose?)
May 17 19:29:32 <Kioku> (Anything on what it does/how it works?)
May 17 19:29:56 <FakemixRed> ( you didn't roll high enough)
May 17 19:30:04 <Kioku> (figured that. XD)
May 17 19:30:30 <FakemixRed> The books are most likely magical books, and also most of them are about ascension, the act of a human becoming a god
May 17 19:30:39 <Kioku> "I… can't quite tell what either of them does. Something is up with the laptop casing, and the mask is… there's a minor connection, but that's all I could get."
May 17 19:30:46 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks at the mask, trying to see if it's Amanda's.
May 17 19:30:48 <Kioku> Aiko checks the laptop for power.
May 17 19:30:54 <SavanahHolland> (can I roll brains to remember?)
May 17 19:31:10 <FakemixRed> (what would you be rolling for)
May 17 19:31:19 <SavanahHolland> (If it's amanda's)
May 17 19:31:22 <FakemixRed> The laptop seems to be hooked up to a portable generator
May 17 19:31:35 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 19:31:35 <FakemixRed> (the same as Amanda's or literally the one Amanda had)
May 17 19:31:36 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 17 19:31:48 <Rose27> Rose puts the books in her bags
May 17 19:31:56 <SavanahHolland> (then nvm)
May 17 19:32:19 <SavanahHolland> "This is Amanda's mask? How did someone get it?"
May 17 19:32:26 <FakemixRed> (what?)
May 17 19:32:50 <Kioku> \Well, at least I don't have to charge it.\ "There might be more than one of the same."
May 17 19:32:55 <SavanahHolland> (Never mind the roll)
May 17 19:33:30 <SavanahHolland> "No, it's Amanda's, I know."
May 17 19:34:23 <Rose27> "But d-didn't the guy Jackie saw h-have one too?"
May 17 19:34:29 <Kioku> "Wendy, Amanda's…" Aiko leans over next to Wendy's ear. "Warren has that one, remember? So unless this is Warren's place, or someone got it from him…"
May 17 19:35:30 <SavanahHolland> Wendy bites her Lip "I just feel like.. like it's the same mask.."
May 17 19:36:28 <Kioku> Aiko sighs. "Maybe the computer will tell us something." Aiko probes the laptop briefly before linking to it and seeing if she can find anything.
May 17 19:37:20 * Disconnected (Connection reset by peer)
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May 17 19:37:38 * Now talking on #firestarters
May 17 19:37:38 * Topic for #firestarters is:
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May 17 19:37:47 * Rose27 is now known as Huginn
May 17 19:38:11 <FakemixRed> When you try linking to the laptop, it seems to cause psychic backlash
May 17 19:38:16 <FakemixRed> Roll brains defense
May 17 19:38:17 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : brains defense —> error: malformed expression
May 17 19:38:23 <Muninn> (Thought it might! XD)
May 17 19:39:01 <Muninn> (Non-Tech-based psychic in nature, or otherwise? The defense roll is different.)
May 17 19:39:20 <FakemixRed> (it's regular brains, not your power)
May 17 19:39:35 <Muninn> roll 4d3-8+5
May 17 19:39:36 <Uradicemon> Muninn rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{6}
May 17 19:39:46 * Kioku has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
May 17 19:39:54 <Muninn> (missing the point, a different power adds to brains defense vs psychic basically)
May 17 19:39:59 * You are now known as Kioku
May 17 19:40:07 <FakemixRed> You manage to avoid getting hurt from the backlash, but the laptop is still locked
May 17 19:40:55 <Kioku> Aiko frowns. "The 'normal' way then." Aiko tries to open it.
May 17 19:41:08 <FakemixRed> You find a password screen
May 17 19:41:14 <Kioku> \Just needed enough of a link to see the screen…May 17 19:41:39 <FakemixRed> (yes, but any deeper causes retaliation)
May 17 19:41:49 <Kioku> (Do I recognize the operating system?)
May 17 19:42:16 <FakemixRed> The OS is nothing you've seen before, as if it were made from scratch
May 17 19:42:39 <Kioku> Aiko grins. "Excellent. This is my kind of user."
May 17 19:42:54 <Kioku> "I wonder how they set everything up…"
May 17 19:43:02 <FakemixRed> The laptop pops a Warning sign
May 17 19:44:11 <FakemixRed> Grumblings in the stone are heard and cracks expand from where the ladder to the basement area is found. The numbers 400 appear on the laptop and start counting down
May 17 19:44:24 <Huginn> Rose looks at the wares in the roo,
May 17 19:44:27 <Huginn> *room
May 17 19:44:54 <Uracilo> "O-kay, that looks like a countdown to our doom. Let's grab what we can and book it."
May 17 19:45:00 * Huginn is now known as Rose27
May 17 19:45:20 <Kioku> The grin only gets wider. "Well, we haven't much time here, and I really want to check this out. So!" Aiko closes the laptop and disconnects it from the generator. "Get the mask and books if you can, time to go!"
May 17 19:45:26 <FakemixRed> The ladder gets busted when an odd creature bursts from it
May 17 19:45:49 <Rose27> "Shit!"
May 17 19:46:33 <FakemixRed> It is a two headed black hound with large spikes on its back. The beast also seems to have a pair of human arms protruding from its sides, and it has collars with odd marks on its neck
May 17 19:46:57 <FakemixRed> (roll initiative!)
May 17 19:46:59 <Kioku> \Chimera!May 17 19:47:06 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 19:47:06 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 19:47:07 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 17 19:47:07 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{1}
May 17 19:47:08 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+5
May 17 19:47:09 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{5}
May 17 19:47:22 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 19:47:23 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
May 17 19:47:41 <Uracilo> (agility then?)
May 17 19:47:49 <FakemixRed> (yes)
May 17 19:47:56 <Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 19:47:57 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{3}
May 17 19:48:07 <FakemixRed> Turn order
May 17 19:48:37 <FakemixRed> Aiko, Chimera?, Rose, Ju, Wendy
May 17 19:49:08 <Kioku> "Think it might be friendly? … Yeah… neither did I…"
May 17 19:49:57 <Kioku> Aiko grits her teeth, stomps to get a more clear feel for where the thing is, and Looks at it.
May 17 19:50:02 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 19:50:03 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 17 19:50:16 <FakemixRed> (what is the roll for)
May 17 19:50:39 <Kioku> (Looking at it.)
May 17 19:51:06 <Kioku> (Trying to get some idea of what it might be capable of)
May 17 19:51:20 <FakemixRed> The beast's clearly a familiar of the wannabe winter god but other than that you have nothing
May 17 19:51:29 <Rose27> (XD)
May 17 19:51:35 <Kioku> "Definitely hostile. God-familiar."
May 17 19:51:54 <Kioku> "If it's anything like its master… keep Wendy protected!"
May 17 19:52:11 <Kioku> (/turn)
May 17 19:52:23 <FakemixRed> Both of the beast's heads roar and a wave of psychic energy pulses from it. Roll brains defense
May 17 19:52:36 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+3 Psychic scream
May 17 19:52:36 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+3 Psychic scream —> [ 4d3=8 ]{3}
May 17 19:52:41 <Kioku> (Vs psychic this time? XD)
May 17 19:53:03 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+7
May 17 19:53:03 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
May 17 19:53:26 <FakemixRed> This wave hits everyone by the way
May 17 19:53:43 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 19:53:43 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{5}
May 17 19:55:23 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 19:55:23 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
May 17 19:55:47 <FakemixRed> (ura?)
May 17 19:56:08 <Uracilo> (Can I add a skill? A power?)
May 17 19:56:27 <Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+2
May 17 19:56:28 <FakemixRed> (what skill or power would work?)
May 17 19:56:28 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=12 ]{6}
May 17 19:56:38 <Uracilo> (Nevermind, critical success)
May 17 19:56:49 <FakemixRed> Everyone
May 17 19:56:54 <FakemixRed> Everyone
May 17 19:57:57 <FakemixRed> Everyone's mind fends off the attack, Ju does it so well he gets ready to do a counterattack immediately
May 17 20:00:57 <Uracilo> Ju's power piggybacks on the psychic howl. He focuses on buffing his teammates, neurons firing to even the playing field: The monster's brawn versus their skill.
May 17 20:01:05 <Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+3 Upper
May 17 20:01:05 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 Upper —> [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
May 17 20:01:46 <FakemixRed> Ju's power does nothing more than give his teammates a pleasing feeling, but otherwise nothing happens
May 17 20:01:51 <FakemixRed> Rose's turn
May 17 20:04:06 <Rose27> Rose want to pull out a gun
May 17 20:04:23 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+5
May 17 20:04:23 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{6}
May 17 20:04:50 <FakemixRed> You succeed, (how many more uses does district 51 even have left?)
May 17 20:05:07 <Kioku> (Multiple copies, probably brings a new one each mission. XD)
May 17 20:05:15 <FakemixRed> (i meant this mission)
May 17 20:05:16 <Rose27> (I got that from an army book)
May 17 20:05:34 <Rose27> (jk! It has 2)
May 17 20:05:39 <FakemixRed> (remember you only get 5 per mission)
May 17 20:06:00 <FakemixRed> Anyway since it took you a turn for setup, it's Ju's turn
May 17 20:08:14 <FakemixRed> Uracilo, you there?
May 17 20:08:33 <Uracilo> Ju sighs, frustrated by the failure of his powers. He rushes in with his switchblade and slams it deep in the back of the monster's front leg, attempting to sever a tendon.
May 17 20:08:48 <Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+7
May 17 20:08:49 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
May 17 20:09:09 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+5 Good Boy!
May 17 20:09:09 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+5 Good Boy! —> [ 4d3=9 ]{6}
May 17 20:09:27 <FakemixRed> Ju stabs the beast but it does nothing but annoy the creature
May 17 20:09:37 <FakemixRed> (now we gotta wait for Wendy)
May 17 20:10:25 * SolongStarbird has quit (Client exited)
May 17 20:12:52 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+5 Purple fireball to the face!~
May 17 20:12:52 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+5 Purple fireball to the face!~ —> [ 4d3=9 ]{6}
May 17 20:13:24 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+4 Fire bad!
May 17 20:13:24 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+4 Fire bad! —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 17 20:14:07 <FakemixRed> The chimera??? tries to evade the flames but gets caught singing its fur and some of its skin. It cries out in pain. Aiko's turn
May 17 20:15:21 <Kioku> "Ju, my right ankle. Might stand a better chance of cutting that thing." Aiko shifts her leg slightly toward the person in question, and pulls electricity from the generator to add to her own, flinging the whole mess at the beast.
May 17 20:15:27 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+2
May 17 20:15:27 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{2}
May 17 20:16:15 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+4 What are you elementals???
May 17 20:16:15 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+4 What are you elementals??? —> [ 4d3=6 ]{2}
May 17 20:16:38 <FakemixRed> The electricity hits but deals no damage
May 17 20:17:14 <FakemixRed> The chimera charges Rose and tries to punch her with one of its arms, and attempts to bite Ju with one of its heads
May 17 20:17:34 <Rose27> (Agility?)
May 17 20:17:49 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+5 Punching Rose
May 17 20:17:49 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+5 Punching Rose —> [ 4d3=9 ]{6}
May 17 20:17:52 <FakemixRed> (sure
May 17 20:18:11 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+4 Biting Ju
May 17 20:18:12 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+4 Biting Ju —> [ 4d3=6 ]{2}
May 17 20:18:12 <Uracilo> (Can we add skills? I have one named Escape, then Showmanship and Foul Play)
May 17 20:18:28 <FakemixRed> (you can add escape)
May 17 20:18:41 <Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+6
May 17 20:18:42 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+6 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{5}
May 17 20:19:50 <FakemixRed> (rosee)
May 17 20:20:11 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 20:20:11 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=11 ]{7}
May 17 20:20:34 <FakemixRed> You both manage to avoid the Chimera??? attacks, Rose's turn
May 17 20:23:16 <Rose27> rose shoots t
May 17 20:23:18 <Rose27> *it
May 17 20:23:26 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+7
May 17 20:23:26 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{8}
May 17 20:23:59 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+4 Time to put down Sparky
May 17 20:23:59 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+4 Time to put down Sparky —> [ 4d3=6 ]{2}
May 17 20:24:43 <FakemixRed> Rose lands a direct hit onto one of the chimera??? heads and it essentially blows it into chunks, it is panting and near death
May 17 20:25:18 <Rose27> (I wish we had Jackie. Calm it down and bring it home <3)
May 17 20:26:16 <FakemixRed> Ju, do you do what Aiko tells you to do?
May 17 20:26:20 <Uracilo> Ju dodges the biting head by leaning back, expertly sliding the knife out of Aiko's sheath, then slamming it in the remaining head's eye.
May 17 20:26:34 <Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+7
May 17 20:26:34 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
May 17 20:26:47 <FakemixRed> +1 to your roll from the knife
May 17 20:27:07 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+5
May 17 20:27:07 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
May 17 20:27:40 <FakemixRed> You hit the creature's jaw causing the blade to bounce off harmlessly
May 17 20:27:51 <FakemixRed> Wendy's turn
May 17 20:28:22 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+5 Taste my fire!
May 17 20:28:22 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+5 Taste my fire! —> [ 4d3=8 ]{5}
May 17 20:28:45 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+4 Get out the way!
May 17 20:28:45 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+4 Get out the way! —> [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
May 17 20:29:10 <FakemixRed> The beast avoids the flames just barely
May 17 20:32:13 <FakemixRed> Aiko's turn!
May 17 20:33:33 <Kioku> Aiko winces away from the gunshot's noise and stumbles slightly. \Not going to be much use at this point…\ She scoops the laptop up under one arm and tries to fling lightning from the other one more time.
May 17 20:33:38 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+2
May 17 20:33:38 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{2}
May 17 20:34:11 <Kioku> (And then covers her ear.)
May 17 20:34:25 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+4 Get out the way!
May 17 20:34:26 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+4 Get out the way! —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 17 20:34:48 <FakemixRed> The electricity fails, chimera's??? turn
May 17 20:35:06 <FakemixRed> The head bites at Wendy and tries to punch Rose
May 17 20:35:17 <FakemixRed> (roll brawn Rose)
May 17 20:35:23 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 20:35:24 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{1}
May 17 20:35:30 <Rose27> (DAMN YOU!)
May 17 20:35:34 <Kioku> (brawn? no dodge?)
May 17 20:35:40 <Uracilo> (Can Ju sacrifice his next turn to intercept?)
May 17 20:35:59 <FakemixRed> (you know what sounds coolio, go for it)
May 17 20:36:12 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+5 Punch!
May 17 20:36:13 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+5 Punch! —> [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
May 17 20:36:20 <Uracilo> (Okay, can I add Escape or Showmanship? Maybe Foul Play from a meta perspective)
May 17 20:37:10 <SavanahHolland> (What do I do about him trying to bites me? XD)
May 17 20:37:17 <FakemixRed> (no, those are brains skills, and foul play, but it will take a -2 penalty since it's not exactly "foul")
May 17 20:37:28 <Kioku> (… those are agility skills)
May 17 20:37:51 <FakemixRed> (he's taking the blow for her so it would be Brawn anyways
May 17 20:38:04 <Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+5
May 17 20:38:04 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{6}
May 17 20:38:19 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+4 Bite!
May 17 20:38:20 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+4 Bite! —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 17 20:39:50 <Uracilo> Ju rushes forward, slamming his full weight into the beast's arm, sending its punch off course.
May 17 20:40:11 <SavanahHolland> Wendy backs up, murmuring a small thanks.
May 17 20:40:23 <FakemixRed> No you still have to roll Wendy
May 17 20:40:39 <FakemixRed> (Rose doesn't though)
May 17 20:40:42 <SavanahHolland> (Alright)
May 17 20:40:57 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+1
May 17 20:40:58 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{1}
May 17 20:41:18 <FakemixRed> The beast bites down onto Wendy's arm. Take 1 damage
May 17 20:42:24 <SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to stand back after being bitten, holding her arm tightly
May 17 20:42:31 <FakemixRed> Rose's turn
May 17 20:42:58 <Rose27> Shooting it
May 17 20:43:07 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+7
May 17 20:43:07 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+7 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{6}
May 17 20:43:18 <FakemixRed> roll 4d3-8+5
May 17 20:43:18 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{4}
May 17 20:43:18 <Rose27> (Bang bang into the room!)
May 17 20:43:45 <FakemixRed> Rose shoots the other head and it gives a small yelp before laying down, its breathing stops
May 17 20:44:18 <Rose27> Rose rushes to Aiko "A-a-are you ok?"
May 17 20:44:33 <SavanahHolland> Wendy tries to catch her breath, trying to get a grip on her arm.
May 17 20:44:41 <Kioku> Aiko shakes her head to get rid of the ringing from the gunshots. "I'm fine, check the others. Wendy's breathing sounds…"
May 17 20:45:02 <Rose27> Rose checks Wendy "Need a p-p-potion"
May 17 20:45:22 <SavanahHolland> Wendy shakes her head "I'm fine, I can handle this."
May 17 20:45:23 <Rose27> *?
May 17 20:45:33 <Rose27> "P-p-please….."
May 17 20:45:37 <Uracilo> "Potion?" Ju opens his coat and rips some of his shirt, making for a makeshift bandage.
May 17 20:45:40 <FakemixRed> The timer on the laptop reaches 0, and the generator in the room starts violently shaking
May 17 20:45:55 <Rose27> "Run!" Rose yells
May 17 20:46:02 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to the generator "We need to go!"
May 17 20:46:04 <Kioku> (From 400? Really? That fight took over 6 and a half minutes?)
May 17 20:46:43 <FakemixRed> (roll agility, and no, the moment the guard died, it set the timer to 0 clever bastard like that)
May 17 20:46:53 <Uracilo> "Start running!"
May 17 20:46:53 <Kioku> "Mask. Books. Run."
May 17 20:47:05 <Kioku> Aiko slaps her foot down looking for an escape route.
May 17 20:47:14 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+5
May 17 20:47:15 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+5 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
May 17 20:47:17 <Kioku> \Come on, the echoes in a tunnel like down here…May 17 20:47:33 <FakemixRed> (roll perception Aiko)
May 17 20:47:33 <Kioku> (Also, is the agility roll also reaction or dodge?)
May 17 20:47:40 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+9 perception
May 17 20:47:41 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+9 perception —> [ 4d3=9 ]{10}
May 17 20:48:11 <FakemixRed> Aiko you detect some hollow spaces from where the creature burst up from.
May 17 20:48:27 <FakemixRed> (the agility roll is to get as far away from the generator as possible)
May 17 20:48:30 <Kioku> No other ways out? Grr.
May 17 20:48:46 <Rose27> Rose grabs Aiko and runs towards the hole the creature made
May 17 20:48:48 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+2 agility (+3 if reflex or dodge applies)
May 17 20:48:48 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+2 agility (+3 if reflex or dodge applies) —> [ 4d3=11 ]{5}
May 17 20:49:09 <FakemixRed> Rose and Ju, rolls please
May 17 20:49:24 <Kioku> Aiko flings out her free hand to grab the mask and runs.
May 17 20:49:34 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 20:49:35 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
May 17 20:50:30 <Kioku> \Trying to grab other people will just slow them down, tight space like this…May 17 20:50:59 <FakemixRed> Ju, roll, escape applies here
May 17 20:51:16 <Rose27> (Wait would running work?If so add 3!)
May 17 20:51:28 <Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+6
May 17 20:51:28 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+6 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{7}
May 17 20:52:01 <FakemixRed> You all manage to get far away from the generator to avoid getting hit by the blast. Though it sets whatever you didn't take on fire
May 17 20:52:04 <Uracilo> If Ju sees Aiko falling behind, he'll stay back to help her.
May 17 20:52:29 <Rose27> (Rose took the books btw but I don't think anyone noticed….)
May 17 20:52:48 <FakemixRed> (i did)
May 17 20:52:58 <Rose27> (I meant in character)
May 17 20:52:59 <FakemixRed> (you grabbed the mask and Ju stuffed his pockets)
May 17 20:53:08 <SavanahHolland> Wendy looks at the others "Is everyone ok?"
May 17 20:53:21 <Rose27> "F-fine….anyone need a potion?"
May 17 20:53:28 <Kioku> "Well," Aiko says with a half-laughing breath. "That was an adventure. Now to find a way out… can anyone describe that thing later?"
May 17 20:53:57 <Rose27> "Cerberus with two heads and people arms on it's side…."
May 17 20:54:08 <SavanahHolland> Wendy lets out a breathy laugh "What now?"
May 17 20:54:34 <Kioku> "… Huh." Aiko starts draining and grounding out the power from the laptop, just in case.
May 17 20:54:56 <FakemixRed> The ladder is still intact from a bit higher up but it will take a jump
May 17 20:55:10 <FakemixRed> (acrobatics also applies, escape doesn't)
May 17 20:55:16 <SavanahHolland> (I can~~~)
May 17 20:55:31 <SavanahHolland> "I'm going to get on the ladder."
May 17 20:55:48 <SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 20:55:49 <Uradicemon> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
May 17 20:56:08 <Kioku> "It'd be easier if we had a stool or something." \The ladder was bolted to the wall too?May 17 20:56:13 <FakemixRed> Wendy reaches the ladder with a leap
May 17 20:56:23 <SavanahHolland> (Can I pull everyone up?)
May 17 20:56:37 <FakemixRed> (aiko being the intellectual one, and it would be very hard)
May 17 20:56:57 <Kioku> (what's an 'it'?)
May 17 20:56:58 <SavanahHolland> (I'll try, what do I roll?)
May 17 20:57:09 <Kioku> (Ohh, pulling everyone up.)
May 17 20:57:16 <SavanahHolland> "Who wants up first?"
May 17 20:57:17 <FakemixRed> (pulling someone up from a ladder, it will be brawn)
May 17 20:57:30 <Rose27> "I-i-i-i'll go……"
May 17 20:57:40 <Uracilo> "I'll give you a boost, go."
May 17 20:57:40 <SavanahHolland> (can i use climbing too?)
May 17 20:57:53 <Kioku> "We still have that rope down here, don't we?"
May 17 20:57:59 <FakemixRed> (yes)
May 17 20:58:39 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+4
May 17 20:58:39 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+4 —> [ 4d3=10 ]{6}
May 17 20:58:47 <Kioku> Aiko starts looking around for the rope or a bag.
May 17 20:58:52 <FakemixRed> (The rope was hooked to the base of the ladder so it fell down when you guys stopped pulling on it.)
May 17 20:59:10 <FakemixRed> Rose manages to jump onto the ladder with an acrobatic leap
May 17 20:59:25 <Rose27> "A-aiko w-want help up?"
May 17 20:59:46 <SavanahHolland> Wendy offers her hand from the ladder
May 17 21:00:03 <Uracilo> Ju gives Aiko a boost so she can reach.
May 17 21:00:08 <Kioku> "My hands are full," Aiko gestures to the laptop under one arm and mask in the other hand. "I need to strap these on or something wtih that rope."
May 17 21:00:38 <Uracilo> "I can carry the laptop in my inner pocket, I think. Can't you wear the mask?"
May 17 21:00:39 <Rose27> Rose reaches her hand "I-i-i'll take one of t-t-them…."
May 17 21:00:59 <SavanahHolland> "Don't wear the mask! That's a terrible idea."
May 17 21:01:08 <Kioku> "Wearing the mask would be a VERY bad idea. Rose, pass this up to Wendy if she's close enough to the top?"
May 17 21:01:18 * FakemixRed has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
May 17 21:01:30 <Rose27> "O-o-ok"
May 17 21:01:48 <SavanahHolland> Wendy takes the mask
May 17 21:01:55 * FakemixRed (ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.8AE403E7-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
May 17 21:02:00 <SavanahHolland> "Still need help up?"
May 17 21:02:01 <FakemixRed> Sorry, internet
May 17 21:02:16 <Kioku> Aiko passes up the mask, then picks up the rope and makes a harness with the laptop to carry it.
May 17 21:02:33 <Kioku> "I'm used to the added weight. Gotta get my backpack back soon…"
May 17 21:02:45 <Rose27> "W-w-wanna use mine?"
May 17 21:02:55 <Kioku> Aiko shakes her head and tries to get up to the ladder.
May 17 21:02:58 <FakemixRed> (did she roll to jump up?)
May 17 21:03:09 <Kioku> (not yet!)
May 17 21:03:27 <Kioku> (Does Ju giving a boost help?)
May 17 21:03:37 <FakemixRed> +1
May 17 21:03:38 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 21:03:39 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{0}
May 17 21:03:51 <Kioku> Aiko sighs in annoyance.
May 17 21:03:58 <FakemixRed> You fall into the hole the beast burst out of
May 17 21:04:02 <FakemixRed> Take 1 damage
May 17 21:04:14 <SavanahHolland> "Aiko!"
May 17 21:04:20 <Kioku> (I thought the hole was to the side, not under the ladder…)
May 17 21:04:27 <Kioku> (else she wouldn't have even tried that)
May 17 21:04:29 <Rose27> "A-a-a-aiko! A-a-a-are you ok?!" Rose says her voice worried
May 17 21:04:32 <FakemixRed> (my bad, it was under the ladder)
May 17 21:04:48 <Rose27> (>.> what?)
May 17 21:04:50 <Kioku> (yeaaah, no way is she trying to jump that. Time to make use of that grapple and climb the rope.)
May 17 21:05:07 <Kioku> (well, what's left of it.)
May 17 21:05:33 <Rose27> (….Want me to make a new one? One that doesn't have like 3 minutes left?)
May 17 21:07:45 <Kioku> (So is that a retcon since acting on the wrong info, or want me to play it out?)
May 17 21:09:20 <FakemixRed> (you can retcon it, it was my mistake)
May 17 21:10:39 <Kioku> Aiko probes the ground near the ladder with a grimace. \I'm NOT jumping near that pit.\ "Here, get this to the top too really quick." Aiko passes up the laptop, contemplating the grappling hook.
May 17 21:11:05 <SavanahHolland> Wendy holds the latop and mask.
May 17 21:11:08 <Kioku> "Think we could get the hook onto the upper ladder?"
May 17 21:11:22 <SavanahHolland> "Probably!"
May 17 21:11:46 <Kioku> Aiko tosses the hook on the rope upward, hoping to catch the ladder, or for someone to catch it.
May 17 21:12:04 <FakemixRed> (you don't gotta roll for this, it's super simple)
May 17 21:12:16 <SavanahHolland> "Rose can you grab it?"
May 17 21:12:22 <FakemixRed> (and we need to wrap this up anyways
May 17 21:13:07 <Kioku> "Alright, I'm going to tie this really quick… Ju, help me up there?" Aiko ties a quick knot around her waist and makes sure the rope is taut.
May 17 21:13:33 <Rose27> Rose catches it
May 17 21:13:41 <Rose27> and hooks it to the ladder
May 17 21:13:51 <SavanahHolland> "Make sure to secure it."
May 17 21:14:01 <Kioku> Aiko tries to jump as far as she can, and climb the rope up to the ladder.
May 17 21:14:07 <Uracilo> Ju helps her reach.
May 17 21:14:39 <FakemixRed> (roll, Ju adds +1)
May 17 21:14:44 <Uracilo> He follows after her right after.
May 17 21:14:52 <Kioku> (rope add anthing besides not-falling? XD)
May 17 21:15:09 <FakemixRed> (you are guranteed to succeed, just whether you take damage is the thing)
May 17 21:15:12 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+2
May 17 21:15:13 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+2 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{2}
May 17 21:15:39 <Kioku> (+1 more if agility rather than brawn like I thought)
May 17 21:15:58 <FakemixRed> Aiko misjudges her position and gets stabbed in the side by a jagged rock, but she still gets up the rope onto the ladder
May 17 21:16:06 <FakemixRed> take 1 damage
May 17 21:16:23 <Kioku> Aiko hisses in pain and climbs up, then unties the rope from herself and drops it down in case Ju needs it.
May 17 21:17:08 <Rose27> "A-a-aiko are you ok?!" Rose askes worried
May 17 21:17:21 <FakemixRed> Ju roll, escape applies
May 17 21:17:58 <SavanahHolland> "Aiko, I think I have a small first aid kit, do you need it?"
May 17 21:17:58 <Kioku> "Well… at least we found out something useful. Too bad we can't get that creature's corpse up for them to… Ju, can you tie the rope around that corpse?." \Now how to get these back without having the GWU thieves steal our find?\
May 17 21:18:08 <Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+6
May 17 21:18:08 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+6 —> [ 4d3=9 ]{7}
May 17 21:18:32 <Uracilo> Ju ties the rope around the corpse before jumping up, trying to drag it with him.
May 17 21:18:32 <Rose27> "W-want to p-p-put the mask i-in my bag?"
May 17 21:18:37 <FakemixRed> Ju climbs up without incident
May 17 21:18:48 <Kioku> Aiko rubs her side. "I should be alright, but it hurts a bit more than the wolf-sheep last time."
May 17 21:19:26 <SavanahHolland> Wendy gives Rose the laptop and mask "Here, it'll be easier."
May 17 21:19:38 <FakemixRed> Roll a brawn roll to lift the creature up with the rope
May 17 21:19:38 <Uradicemon> FakemixRed rolled : a brawn roll to lift the creature up with the rope —> error: malformed expression
May 17 21:19:45 <Kioku> Aiko nods. "If they'll fit. Let's help with that rope, shall we?"
May 17 21:20:06 <Kioku> (I think all four of us are trying to lift it? >.>)
May 17 21:20:26 <Rose27> Rose puts the laptop and mask into her backpack
May 17 21:20:32 <Rose27> roll 4d3-8+1
May 17 21:20:33 <Uradicemon> Rose27 rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=7 ]{0}
May 17 21:20:40 <Rose27> (To life thing)
May 17 21:20:48 <Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+3
May 17 21:20:48 <Uradicemon> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —> [ 4d3=5 ]{0}
May 17 21:20:52 <Uracilo> Well.
May 17 21:20:55 <Kioku> roll 4d3-8+1
May 17 21:20:55 <Uradicemon> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+1 —> [ 4d3=8 ]{1}
May 17 21:21:27 <Kioku> (But yeah, it's 4 people pulling it up. Barring a rope snap or something… were we given tracking tags this time?)
May 17 21:21:41 <FakemixRed> (always kio)
May 17 21:21:53 <Kioku> (Then we'd just tag the corpse…)
May 17 21:21:58 <FakemixRed> (wait no, you get a leg brace that can call but not a tag)
May 17 21:22:06 * Rose27 has quit (Broken pipe)
May 17 21:22:14 <Kioku> (I meant the ones from last time to tell them where the god-corpse was. XD)
May 17 21:22:36 <FakemixRed> (no, you were not given them. But you can make a call to the helicopter)
May 17 21:23:10 <Kioku> Aiko hums in irritation. "We won't be able to bring it outside without people noticing…"
May 17 21:23:31 <Kioku> Aiko initiates a call to 'base'.
May 17 21:24:25 <FakemixRed> "What do you need from base. We have the helicopter on standby for pickup, are you in danger?" A calm voice replies
May 17 21:25:17 <Kioku> "No danger anymore. We have the corpse of some sort of canine-homonid hybrid anomaly that we think you might like to study. Suspect it's related to the killer in some way."
May 17 21:26:04 <FakemixRed> "Alright, we have traced your location, we will investigate later, for now just focus on getting back to the aircraft for departure."
May 17 21:26:41 <Uracilo> "Let's climb."
May 17 21:26:47 <Kioku> "Confirmed. Have them ready to decend a hole full of jagged rocks to retrieve. We'll be on our way to exit."
May 17 21:27:11 <FakemixRed> "Roger, return to HQ." Transmission end
May 17 21:27:23 <SavanahHolland> (Is everyone on the ladder? XD)
May 17 21:27:35 <Kioku> Aiko lets out a long breath after the call ends. "They can worry about getting the corpse out. Probably safer to just leave it down there for now."
May 17 21:27:36 <FakemixRed> (everyone is already up)
May 17 21:27:54 <SavanahHolland> (good)
May 17 21:27:55 <Kioku> (Yeah, already up is what I figured.)
May 17 21:28:06 <Uracilo> "Let's go, then."
May 17 21:28:07 <FakemixRed> (can we just fast forward to you guys getting to the plane?)
May 17 21:28:14 <Kioku> (If it's that simple, sure!)
May 17 21:28:16 <SavanahHolland> (sure?)
May 17 21:28:28 <Kioku> (Wait for Rose to get back though?)
May 17 21:28:53 <FakemixRed> (it's basically over anyways but sure.)
May 17 21:32:13 * Rose27 (ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.49E31D84-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.nm.1dsh.49E31D84-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
May 17 21:33:32 <FakemixRed> You all rush back to the plane, the hallway on the way out is once again filled with spiders, but they seem placated, almost happy, probably just your imagination. The helicopter comes near the Arena for soldiers to investigate while you head back to the plane on foot. Once there one of the soldiers at the plane door speaks. "Whaddya got for us?" he says
May 17 21:33:37 <FakemixRed> chipperly
May 17 21:34:02 <Uracilo> Ju takes stock of what's in his pockets.
May 17 21:34:07 <Kioku> "Corpse in a tunnel. Think it belonged to an ally of the god-killer."
May 17 21:34:29 <FakemixRed> "Oh, anything cool?" He says excitedly
May 17 21:34:44 <Rose27> "2 headed dog…."
May 17 21:34:47 <Kioku> "Two headed dog with humanoid arms. Does that count as cool?"
May 17 21:35:04 <FakemixRed> "I meant sweet loot." He says dejectedly
May 17 21:35:25 <Kioku> "There were some things, but something exploded down there…" Aiko looks dejected. "I think they burned…"
May 17 21:35:38 <Rose27> "Y-yeah…"
May 17 21:35:57 <Rose27> (If Ju talks so help me…..)
May 17 21:36:08 <SavanahHolland> Wendy nods her head
May 17 21:36:08 <FakemixRed> "Oh…so nothing? I'm sure you guys did the best you could. Just head on home."
May 17 21:36:10 <Uracilo> "I think I rescued some of it, but this is all we got." he empties his pockets.
May 17 21:36:50 <Kioku> (Did Ju have anything in his pockets?)
May 17 21:36:57 <FakemixRed> The guard lights up at this and gingerly takes the items. "Better than nothing, we'll get this plane rolling."
May 17 21:36:57 <Uracilo> "Just random trinkets. Can't make heads or tails of them."
May 17 21:37:01 <Kioku> (Just random trinkets from down there or something?)
May 17 21:37:07 <Kioku> "Nice, I didn't even see you- wait… … of course I didn't."
May 17 21:37:09 <FakemixRed> (yeah, he did pm'ed me about it)
May 17 21:37:34 <FakemixRed> The plane departs. MISSION COMPLETE
May 17 21:37:34 <Rose27> Rose looks up at Aiko
May 17 21:37:43 <Rose27> (Money?)
May 17 21:37:45 <FakemixRed> Everyone take 2 xp and $200

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