The Melancholy Of Claudia De Villanueva

The Melancholy of Claudia de Villanueva

A small group has entered into an alliance with the GWU, and the larger organization grants them the help of some of the SunnyBrook students.

XP Granted: 3

<Uracilo> The intercom comes to life, with a few moments of feedback that bring people’s hands to their ears. “Attention, students. Those who wish to participate in a mission and lend aid, please report to the administrative building, office 17 green, for briefing.”
<Kioku> Akemi raises an eyebrow. "Lend aid…?" she murmurs, tilting her head. "Sure. Why not?!" She skips to the defined destination with a giggle.
<Endorb> FonyX hears this announcement and shrugs "Wonder what this'll be like? either way, I could use the money" and heads over
<SolongStarbird> Val looks up. He pauses to consider. ~Well… the only thing stoppig me went on a run a few days ago… and I do want to improve…~ He heads to the building, mentally preparing himself.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith scurries off towards the office, hugging Andrea to her chest the entire way. It might be just enough cash to finish her project for Wendy.
<Uracilo> You arrival to the office is swift. Only a few other students have clear knowledge of where the administrative building is, and even fewer how to navigate the hallways. A guard stands… guard, by the door when you arrive, and closes the door once you’ve all filed in. You hear a few groans and protests, seconds later; students who wanted in for the money being barred from entry.
<Uracilo> Within the office stand three people besides you: An armed guard with an opaque helmet, carrying some sort of flame-thrower-like contraption, with a tank on his or her back; a woman in sharp, well-ironed business attire with a folder under her arm; and a man in a full bodysuit with a clear plexiglass helmet and light armor breaking up the monotone colors.
<Uracilo> The woman steps forward, opening her folder and asking for your names. “For today’s mission, rather than being briefed -that means having the mission explained to you- by an employee of the Global Watch Unit -that is, the group that keeps this place running- your mission will be explained by our friend Gesundheit here. I know he looks a little strange, but don’t be afraid. He and his group are allies of the GWU,
<Uracilo> like… like friends, right? Won’t it be fun to help them out?”
<SolongStarbird> ~Wow…~ Val nods.
<Kioku> Akemi raises an eyebrow and her head tilts again, turning to look toward the indicated individual. |Hmmm….|
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith scoots off against a wall, watching the jackboots with some concern before she gives the woman her name. She then settles back into riding in the back seat and waiting for someone else to take the lead out of their intrepid group. Every fiber of her being tries to not even aknowledge Fonyx's existance.
<FullMetalBitch> "I am Lilith Al'Khoury." She says with practiced formality.
<SolongStarbird> "My name is Valentin Avdeev." Val follows.
<Endorb> "Well, whatever is needed. Call me FonyX"
<Kioku> "Akemi. Dozo yoroshiku."
<SolongStarbird> ~It confuses me… she said she does not like the missions… yet here she is once again….~
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy slowly walks into the room, not really trying to exactly be noticed, more so being quiet than anything else, having been late.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit looks a little stressed as he sees you come in, like he knew what was coming but couldn’t possibly be ready for it. He mutters a few choice words in what seems to be another language, a few bits and pieces catching your ear, ‘Scheiße’ being one of those. He eventually gets over whatever his problem is as the woman is done treating you like children. He extends a hand for each of you to shake in greeting, the translucent visor letting you see his awkward smile. “A pleasure working with you,” he says slightly mechanically, with a thick german accent.
<SolongStarbird> ~This isn't good… I hope the three of them aren't angry for my accidental intrusion… and things were just starting to get better…~
<SolongStarbird> Val shakes away the thoughts, and then gives Geshundheit a firm, curt handshake.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith offers her hand as a lady should, with a weak shake and a "it is nice to meet you." She doesn't stay too close to him and takes a few steps back, glancing over to the rest of the group as she waits.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles at the offered hand and takes it enthusiastically, nodding to the man since she already gave the rest of her greeting. She moves a couple of steps toward Lilith and/or Wendy afterward.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit looks to be in his thirties, a bit of a gruff look on his face, but no beard. He's got a toned body for the bodysuit to hug, the mark of some sort of training regimen.
<Endorb> FonyX matches his firmness in the shake "I hope you're not doing this solely for the sake of formality"
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy then walks over to Lilith and Akemi, somewhat saying behind them and looking around pensively.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks over at them briefly, with a look of both wariness and apology.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit clears his throat once, a little miffed at Wendy's rude behaviour, but waves it off as he begins to explain: "I am a member of… a group called Kindergarten. We stage what you call search and rescue operations, using my… gift, to find incidents where aid is needed."
<Endorb> ~Kindergarden. Way to make us feel like children~
<FullMetalBitch> "Kindergarten?" Lilith repeats with more than a bit of surprise at the name. She quickly covers her mouth and tries to hide a giggle at the name, she doesn't do that good of a job.
<SolongStarbird> ~Has a certain cleverness about it actaully… I like it.~
<Uracilo> He smiles ruedfully at the reactions ellicited by the name, clearly used to it. Behind him are six backpacks, one of them clearly bigger and heavier than the others. "Today, we will attend to one such incident, and as a show of… loyalty, to our alliance, the GWU offered your help. I hope it is no trouble."
<Endorb> "Well, at least it won't cause suspicion if a spy reads the name on a paper. Same principle as the tank"
<SolongStarbird> "Of course not. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity."
<Uracilo> He looks a little sternly at FonyX, with some disapproval. "There will be no talk of military operations in this mission. That is for the GWU to handle. Kindergarten was built for better things than war."
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith wonders if she should have brought her own backpack, and kneels down next to one of the backpacks to start putting the things she absolutely, positively, needs into the offered one. Important things like her makeup bag for quick touch ups, or pads just in case! She spends a bit shuffling things around before she pulls the new backpack on and leaves hers in the spot.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles at FonyX. |Well, that's true enough. Why is the French-named German taking offense though? Spies operate more outside of war than in it…|
<Endorb> "Well, that's not what I meant, but I understand your disapproval of war" ~was that a slip up? Did he just reveal our future?~
<SolongStarbird> "Which calls for a friendly name. I like it." Val nods.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy walks a little forward, though she's still next to Akemi and Lilith, keeping close, she manages to look at the man for a second, then her eyes start traveling once more to the bag, seeeing Lilith move to it, Wendy then walks slowly over to one picking it up slowly and cautiously.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit nods in Lilith's direction. "These backpacks contain all the equipment you will need. Things like trash bags, pen and paper, food and water. I vill carry a bigger amount, so do not stray too far if it seems that the mission may go on too long. Hopefully, you will be back for dinner."
<Endorb> ~pens. Ha.~
<SolongStarbird> Val walk over to the packs and looks at them, and then to Geshundheit. "Thank you."
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith straightens up and shuffles next to Wendy as she watches the behemoth of a man. She raises her hand, as one would often do in a classroom or when there may or may not be a flamethrower nearby.
<Kioku> Akemi looks curiously at the backpacks, shrugs, and follow's Lilith and Wendy's example.
<Uracilo> "Now, I will contact one of my friends, Zeppelin, and she will take us to our destination within moments. Within the outer pocket of the backpacks there is a plastic bag, I want you to hold it between your hands until you are sure of footing, and at the site of the incident."
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy stands back up next to Lilith, giving a small smile to Akemi, she holds to backpack up with ease, then putting a small hopefully reasurring hand on Lilith's shoulder.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith does as instructed and fiddles around to get the plastic bag and hold it between her hands. She watches Wendy to make sure can figure out this complicated task as well.
<Endorb> "So, Geshundheit, would you care to explain what we are looking for now?" FonyX grabs a bag and follows the man's instructions. He's a bit more formal and compliant than usual, for some reason…
<Kioku> Akemi hums in curiosity and takes out said plastic bag before putting the backpack on, leaning against Wendy slightly for a few moments. |We finally get to go on one of these together!|
<FullMetalBitch> "Can you pronounce your name much slower, so I may learn to speak it?" Lilith adds on to the lightning round of questioning as she waits for them to head out and get in a plane or something.
<SolongStarbird> Val picks up a pack and put is over his shoulder. He takes out the bag and puts it between his hands.
<SolongStarbird> *puts it
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy takes a small breath, removing her hand from Lilith and then taking out the plastic back, holding it in both hands with care and caution.
<Uracilo> "We are not looking for any 'thing'. We will attend to a recent incident I am aware of, and provide aid if needed. That is Kindergarten's method of operation."
<Uracilo> "My name is Gesund-heit. An exclamation that in this country is made in response to a sneeze. It is the noun for the adjective healthy, if I am well informed."
<SolongStarbird> ~I get the feeling that this mission will have a dichotomy in its participants….~ Val looks over to the three girls grouped together, and then to Fony and himself.
<Uracilo> "Now, please present your plastic bags."
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith repeats the word under her breath. Completely butchering the name and deciding to not address the man ever again. She holds up her hands craddling the bag.
<Kioku> |Present?| Akemi shrugs and holds out her hands, bag between them.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy bites her own lip softly, looking over to Lilith, then Akemi, and 'presents' the bag, she looks a little awkward doing it though.
<Endorb> FonyX presents his bag as well
<SolongStarbird> Val follows suit.
<Uracilo> "Okay, hold them tight." He presses his hand to the side of his helmet, and speaks a few words in german. Then turns to look at all of you once more. "We're off."
<SavanahHolland1> At those words she almost instictively clutches the bag with her fingers, looking over to Lilith wide eyed.
<Uracilo> Over the next few moments, you feel like you're on a rollercoaster with no real movement. Just the feeling of falling in a direction that isn't down. By the time you become capable of opening your eyes, you are in an entirely different place. You are outside, near some kind of rocky, mountainous area, and it's not even light outside anymore. You begin to hear the sounds of the night, the creaking of wood and the chirping of insects
<Uracilo> as your disorientiation fades, a feeling of nausea settling in.
<Kioku> "… Sugoi." Akemi giggles and looks around, testing her footing and wavering slightly from the nausea.
<Endorb> "So, where have we teleported to? I'm guessing it's in Europe or Asia, based off the time of day. Maybe Africa, but not likely"
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks over to her, glancing her out of the corner of her eye. She gives her a warm reassuring smile as she looks at her. The trip is not good for her, the mixture of medication in her stomach, a horrible diet. She falls to her knees and wretches up the morning breakfast onto the ground in front of her.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks down at his bag. His hands are white from gripping it so hard.
<Kioku> Akemi's eyes widen at Lilith's reaction, and she hurries to her side.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy quickly grabs to Akemi's arm, almost laughing if it wasn't for how fast that was, it was just like a roller coaster, except not expected, and twice the nausia, she then looks over to Lilith, leaning down next to her on the other side to pull back the girls hair.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit moves quickly to hold Lilith's hair away from her face, a concerned look on his face. "This is what the bag is for, little girl." he mumbles as he pats her on the back.
<Endorb> "You okay, Lilith?" FonyX doesn't approach her though, seeing Akemi do so
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith eventually empties her stomach and sits back up, wiping her mouth on her sweater's sleeve. "What the fuck was that?!"
<SolongStarbird> Val looks over to the girls. ~They wouldn't appreciate my help…~ He remains silent, but continues to look at them with a look of concern on his face.
<Endorb> "A violent teleportation" FonyX says to Lilith
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy opens her mouth slightly at Lilith's words, suprised but at the same time really doesn't completely understand it's meaning, only having heard it a few times in her life, and somewhat getting it from context each time.
<Uracilo> "That was… how you say, teleportation. We are now in another country entirely. I apologize for not warning you, but the tests we have performed show people cope with it best when unprepared."
<SolongStarbird> Val tries to rub his temples while still holdig on to the bag. "It was a novel experience…."
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith pulls herself up but still feels sick in the bottom of her stomach. Giving Wendy and Akemi quick reassurances before she drops the bag in her hands to the ground like it's a bomb.
<Endorb> "Eh, I've been through worse. In more ways than one." He thinks back to his stabbings of the week, and the stabbings from before then
<Kioku> Akemi takes a few deep breaths, away from Lilith's stomach contents, to fight back the nausea. She pats the girl's back gently and glances to Wendy.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks to Lilith, and then at his bag, finally understanding its purpose… All that was rising in his throat has gone back down though, so he goes to pocket the bag.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy looks up to Akemi worriedly, more now so for Lilith's health, though she ends up taking Lilith's side closely, putting a hand on the girls shoulder.
<Uracilo> "If you do not feel like vomiting, you can put your bags back into your backpacks." He quickly pulls something else out of his own backpack, a fist-sized piece of technology with a small screen on it. "It seems we are somewhere in Spain. The location of the request for help should be nearby."
<SolongStarbird> Val turns to him and nods. "Alright then. Lead the way."
<Uracilo> "There are flashlights in your backpacks. Please use them to help me search." He taps his helmet twice, and his headlamp turns on.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks towards Akemi, "can you pick my bag up? I do not want to touch it." She steps over to Wendy and takes her hand to stop the world from it's slight disorientation.
<SolongStarbird> Val takes his flashlight out.
<Kioku> Akemi folds up the bag and puts it away again. She takes the flashlight-using suggestion, even though her eyes are already adapting, and smiles to Lilith, nodding, then picking up the bag.
<Endorb> FonyX grabs the flashlight and turns it on, quickly scanning the area
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy then uses her other hand, paying no mind to the flashlights, to produce a small simple white light, similar to a lantern more so, then taking Liluth had with her not on fire hand, giving a good squeeze and smiling to her, filled with half worry and half happiness.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith squeezes Wendy's hand, her favorite flashlight in the world. "I love it when you do that," she says looking at the light.
<Uracilo> Wherever in Spain you are, the terrain is arid and steep hills keep you from seeing far in all directions.
<Uracilo> FonyX, roll perception.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy smiles brighter, her worry going somewhere else, to be used for later, she then giggles softly "I'm glad.." she then rubs her thumb on the top part of Lilith's hand, still holding it tight.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks at Wendy's little hand light. ~Oh wait… I can do that too.~
<SolongStarbird> Val's hand starts to glow a pinkish red, adding another supernatural lantern to the group's light source.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith watches her step as she walks, one hand holding Wendy, her other arm bracing Andrea against her chest. "Does your Kindergarten help with refugees?" She asks the hulking man leading the group.
<Kioku> Akemi tosses her flashlight in her hand a couple of times, but lets Wendy's fire guide her vision for now instead of using the batteries. She follows the two other girls closely.
<Uracilo> "We make no distinction. We cannot. We help any child that asks for help, my power is to know where those children are."
<Uracilo> Val, roll perception
<SolongStarbird> (that is brains, right?)
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy glances over to the pink light, mumbling about how a white light would and will work better, then turning her attention back to Lilith and Akemi with a smile.
<FullMetalBitch> "Asks for help?" Lilith says continueing her train of thought, "help how?"
<SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+3
<Uralogs> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+3 —>** [ 4d3=7 ]{2}
<Endorb> roll 4d3-8+8
<Uralogs> Endorb rolled : 4d3-8+8 —>** [ 4d3=10 ]{10}
<Uracilo> "When a child asks for help, thinking no one is there to hear them, I do. There is not much else to it."
<SolongStarbird> "That is amazing…"
<Kioku> Akemi gasps at some realization and her eyes and smile both widen. "Wendy!" she whispers in the girl's ear, moving centimeters from it.
<Uracilo> FonyX, you scan the area with your flashlight, but it's your hearing that gives you an important detail. You hear tinkling of water, a small stream, nearby.
<Uracilo> the tinkling*
<Endorb> "that's a very interesting power."
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy gives a strange look of suprise to Akemi, then looking curious at the girls actions "Yes?"
<Endorb> "Does anybody else hear that water?"
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith keeps walking along with the group, harrasing the man. "You hear them, and your friend Zep-lynn does her black magic to get you to them?"
<SolongStarbird> Val cups his ear. "You must be very perceptive… or just hearing things…. probably the prior."
<Kioku> "Traveling the world~" She pulls back and giggles, spinning a couple of extra times beyond her usual. She finds her focus on the man leading them with a surprised look at what he said about his ability. |That really /is/ amazing…|
<Uracilo> Gesundheit perks up at the mention of water. "Do you know where it is? I heard running water, in the plead."
<Endorb> "thanks for the vote of confidence"
<Uracilo> "I believe that is a way to put it, yes," he says to Lilith.
<SolongStarbird> "No problem."
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy puts her hand to her mouth supressing a giggle, but now just wearing a smile, at the idea of running water she then tries to listen for it closely.
<Endorb> "hmm." FonyX walks back and forth and rotates a bit "I believe it's coming from that way"
<FullMetalBitch> "Why would you work with such an evil orginization, if your work is founded in helping others?" Lilith asks him very pointedly.
<Uracilo> FonyX points to the east. The tops of some trees poke out in that direction, behind a steep barrier of earth.
<SavanahHolland1> roll 4d3-8+7 Where are you water~?
<Uralogs> SavanahHolland1 rolled : 4d3-8+7 Where are you water~? —>** [ 4d3=8 ]{7}
<Uracilo> Wendy pinpoints it as well, especially as FonyX points towards its general direction.
<Uracilo> "There are many children in need of help, miss, and too few of us. Me and my friends and compatriots have decided that obtaining the means to help is more important than our pride."
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy takes a sharp breath, then pulling Lilith along, and guiding Akemi with her eyes, a little behind Phony but taking more of a lead.
<Uracilo> "Does any of you require help in traversing this obstacle? I am capable of carrying one of you up the hill, if needed."
<Endorb> "Respectable" FonyX comments on the mans explanation as he walks
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith shuts up about her crusade, and instead raises her hand. "I would like help."
<Kioku> Akemi hurries to move with Wendy, in the direction indicated. |My future-friends are in trouble over there!|
<Uracilo> Gesundheit comes closer and asks for her backpack, hooking it to his larger one once it is offered. He then performs a one person lift, or as people that look for embarrassment call it: bridal style.
<Uracilo> He starts walking up the steep hill, with some trouble.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith cuddles up with the man and holds him, and Andrea, close. Deciding the safe way up with an adult is much better of a choice than trying it herself.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy thinks for a moment, then giving a nod with Lilith, still leading more so, then letting go of Lilith hand as she's carried up, in suprise, and embaressment, mumbling about how she could have done it, she's done it twice now after all.
<Uracilo> Everyone but Lilith, roll a skill or an attribute you think fits the situation. Tag the skill on your roll.
<Uracilo> For climbing the steep hill.
<SavanahHolland1> roll 4d3-8+8
<Uralogs> SavanahHolland1 rolled : 4d3-8+8 —>** [ 4d3=8 ]{8}
<SolongStarbird> Roll 4d3-8+5 sprinting
<Uralogs> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+5 sprinting —>** [ 4d3=4 ]{1}
<Kioku> Akemi's eyes widen. |Could she not walk on her own?| Akemi looks to Wendy. "If I fall, you'll 'catch' me, right?"
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy smiles to Akemi, then forcefully grabs Val's hand, trying to pull him up.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks up to her, embarrassed at failing a task as simple as climbing a hill. "Thank you."
<Kioku> She smiles and… essentially treats the hill like a building.
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+6 Parkour!
<Uralogs> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+6 Parkour! —>** [ 4d3=8 ]{6}
<Uracilo> Val slips mid-way, and would've hit the ground pretty hard if not for Wendy's intervention. His right foot smacks the rocky wall badly, though, and it throbs with pain as they continue to trek onwards.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy sighs, climbing up and pulling Val along with her, checking up on Akemi, seeing that she's doing fine, then looking up to the man holding Lilith "Are you alright?" she's more so talking to Lilith, but probably wasn't clear on the subject.
<SolongStarbird> Val lifts up his foot and rotates it a few times once they get to the top. "Rrr…" He growls as he tries to rotate the pain away. "Once again, thank you Wendy. I'm glad I didn't fall down that…"
<Uracilo> Once at the top of the hill, they can see the stream, and a small hut-like structure next to it. Its roof is strangely designed, like some kind of abstract art, and its windows are not the same shape, some being circular and some built to look like strange polygons.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit lowers Lilith to the ground, patting her on the head twice. "This must be the place. Look for a child."
<SavanahHolland1> "It's fine" she comments to Val under her breath, then swiftly walking, or more so running to Lilith to take the girls hand.
<Kioku> Akemi positively dashes off to start her hunt. No future-friend of hers is staying lost!
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith buries her face into Andrea as she is patted on the head. She shouldn't be embarresed for taking someone's help when it was offered, but the small act is enough to set her cheeks on fire. She takes Wendy's hand back as she runs over.
<SolongStarbird> Val stares slighlty enviously at their hands for a moment, and then returns to the task at hand.
<Uracilo> The stream is tiny in width, but runs forcefully. Even so, you could probably step over it without much trouble.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy walks over to the stream, seeing the hut, and stopping next to the river, eyeing it, then Lilith again, looking on to the hut finally, pulling Lilith closer to it.
<Uracilo> A bit of a glow can be seen from the window, but no shadows painted by it; there doesn't seem to be anyone inside the hut. The door is built from mismatched wood, and the latch holding it closed is heavy, but it shouldn't pose much trouble to a skilled hand.
<SolongStarbird> Val steps over the stream cautiously, wary of it being some sort of trick… an anomalous stream or something.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith sticks across the stream and doesn't head towards the hut immedietly. Eventually skipping over the stream with ease and landing on the otherside.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy follows along, easily walking past the stream, sticking by Lilith's side.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit follows, stopping on the other side to retrieve a notepad and pen and taking some notes.
<Uracilo> "Please look around. The child shouldn't be far from here." He looks at the strange building, confused.
<Kioku> Akemi hurries to a window of the hut, trying to glance in.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith stands awkwardly in place, watching the rest of the group and wanting no part of getting near the oddly out of place hut. Is there ever a footpath to where they are?
<SolongStarbird> "Might they be in there, just huddled in the corner or something?… Do you see anything Akemi?"
<Kioku> Akemi gestures to the water. "They might have fallen in, we should check downstream."
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy glancing to Lilith, wanting to pull her along but not force her, more so nudging her softly.
<Kioku> She's never seemed so… lucid, before.
<Uracilo> The hut is small, smaller than your room at the dorm. There is a desk right against the windowsill inside, and some comicbooks on top. There are also a few chairs and a small wood stove. You can't see the floor in the darkness.
<Kioku> |Where's the glow coming from… and why doesn't it illuminate the floor?|
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith gives Wendy a look of dissaproval at the nudging, commenting to her. "I would like to stay here for a moment to catch my breath. You may look into the shack, I will just be over here."
<SolongStarbird> "Alright then… If you go and check the stream… I could find a way into this hut… The question is what would be the best way…?"
<Uracilo> The stream is powerful, but it couldn't possibly drag anyone bigger than a babe, the depth is that of a bucket.
<Uracilo> The glow seems to be coming from the wall the window is set in. You can't see the source from where you are.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy sighs, giving Lilith a small peck on the cheek, then letting the girls hand go to look at the house, looking to Akemi "I could try busting the door down..?"
<Uracilo> The door is actually bigger than the frame, meaning to bust it down you'd have to break it in several pieces.
<SolongStarbird> Val shines the flashlight through the window, hoping to pierce the darkness inside.
<Kioku> Akemi leans away from Val, jumping over to Wendy and looking at the door with her.
<Uracilo> Val, you see a collection of muddy clothes on the floor inside, and muddy tracks that lead to the door.
<SolongStarbird> "Well… someone was in here… was…"
<Uracilo> You can't tell if they're going in or out of the hut.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy takes a small step back from the door, taking a stance "I'm busting it down, any objections..?" She half laughs.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith blushes as she gets a quick peck on the cheek. She watches her go, then switches her glance over. She watches their guardian with about as much curiosity as the group has for the shack. Wondering why he is content to let them play a game of detective.
<Uracilo> There is also a closet set into the wall, but it is hard to tell. Only the handle of the door protudes in any way.
<SolongStarbird> "At least I think… not sure if those are in tracks… or out tracks…"
<SolongStarbird> Val looks to Wendy. "There is no one in the way. Do your thing."
<Uracilo> Gesundheit seems to be having a discussion in german with whoever is on the other side of his helmet's radio.
<SavanahHolland1> roll 4d3-8+8
<Uralogs> SavanahHolland1 rolled : 4d3-8+8 —>** [ 4d3=9 ]{9}
<Kioku> Akemi stands back a little to watch Wendy at work.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy quickly tries to kick through the door, all in one shot, hoping she doesn't break through the wood, and the latches give way.
<FullMetalBitch> "Who are you talking to?" Lilith says as she walks over closer to Gesundheit. She holds Andrea to her chest, face into her chest, as if the poor bear might be scared of being in a forest in the dark.
<Uracilo> The door shakes, but the boards it's made out of are too thick to break just like that. The heavy latch, however, is disturbed, and the whole lock falls to the floor, the outside handle falling as well.
<Uracilo> The door is left ajar, a hole in place of the handle.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy stumbles back slightly, letting out a breathly laugh, then entering.
<Endorb> "well, it almost worked. now it can open from the inside, at least" FonyX comments on the door breaking
<SolongStarbird> "Could Lilith open it from the inside?"
<Uracilo> Gesundheit stops talking for a second, then says a few words in german and taps the side of his helmet. "Zeppelin. I was discussing with her the reason for our inaccurate arrival. It is not important. Do you need anything, miss?"
<FullMetalBitch> "Huh?" Lilith says looking over from her interrogation and hearing her name.
<SolongStarbird> "Lilith, could you possibly open the door from the inside with your abilities?"
<FullMetalBitch> "Okay," Lilith says as she looks over at the door and easily plucks the threads to swing it open for them.
<Uracilo> You hear some echoing noise after the crash of the lock on the floor, but that can't be right, the hut is too small.
<SolongStarbird> "Alright! Thanks Miss Lilith! Now let's get alook inside that closet."
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy sighs, entering in the room and walking to the desk, seeing the comic books stay she looks to it with slight glee.
<Endorb> "Vased off the sound, there's a secret entrance to something around here" FonyX says as he enters, looking for any sign of concealed basements
<SolongStarbird> Val once again sets his arm aglow, letting the pinkish red light illuminate the hut.
<FullMetalBitch> Turning back towards the man, she asks him "are those nicknames?" She tries to shake her head a little and stop looking at the ethereal threads around the forest clearing. The bit of activity muddling her a bit but she snaps back quickly. "Is it just the two of you?"
<Uracilo> There is no concealed basement, though you can see there's a big of a carpet over the floor. You check under it, but find nothing.
<Kioku> Akemi moves up to Wendy, sticking close to her, just in case.
<SolongStarbird> Val goes to open the closet.
<Uracilo> "No, no," he denies, trying to explain. "My real name is Marcell, and Zeppelin is also an alias. There are more of us, yes, but most of them are on missions right now."
<Uracilo> Val, as you go to open the closet, the door opens outwards at the same time, smacking your hand out of the way. You can now see what is inside, and it is hard to understand.
<FullMetalBitch> "If I were to plead for your help, to save me from this school. Would you do it?" Lilith asks him in her series of hilariously wild in implication questions.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy lets out a giggle, despite the creepy surroundings, picking up a comic book for Akemi to see, then moving to see Val open to closet.
<Uracilo> A child stands right in front of you, his hand pushing the door from the inside. Behind him is a room much bigger than the hut should be, its walls and roof tilted and uneven. There are at least four beds in the room that looks like the inside of a closet, and a few lockers as well.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles and takes Wendy's arm, then looks over to the closet. |It's bigger on the inside. Thank you mum for making me watch that show.|
<Endorb> "Darn, if there had been another second I would have proposed that. Darn it. Well, at least we found Narnia"
<SolongStarbird> Val jumps back and shakes his hand. "Woah!"
<Uracilo> Gesundheit looks at Lilith with pity in his eyes, but shakes his head. "I am afraid that I cannot take you away from the GWU without their permission, little girl. I have no power over their bureaucracy. If you wish me to, I will look for a way, but there is a mission we should attend to, right now."
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy's face scrunches up in worry, putting the comic books down and swiftly moving to the child, almost kneeling down next to him, "Are you alright?" she then checks his forehead with her bare hand.
<Uracilo> The little boy can't be over twelve years old. He turns his head to look at the lock on the floor, and at all the people crowding the hut in turn. He freaks out, throwing a punch at Wendy when she moves towards him.
<FullMetalBitch> "You should look, for all of us." Lilith says to him as she turns in place and heads off to the hut. She's been more than a minute without Wendy and needs to check on her. She stays just outside of the hut, not wanting to leave Gesundheit alone.
<Uracilo> Wendy, roll defense. I'd say Brawn Close Combat is good.
<SavanahHolland1> roll 4d3-8+8 Brawna and close combat
<Uralogs> SavanahHolland1 rolled : 4d3-8+8 Brawna and close combat —>** [ 4d3=10 ]{10}
<Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+6 Espartaco
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+6 Espartaco —>** [ 4d3=7 ]{5}
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy grabs his hand before he can even throw a punch, she says slowly "Calm down"
<SolongStarbird> "Woah… steady… we are here to help you." Val says to the child.
<Uracilo> Wendy easily avoids the first swing and grabs onto the little kid's arm before he can throw another punch. Gesundheit runs into the hut after Lilith makes her way in, the child blocked from his view by the closet door.
<Kioku> Akemi's eyes widen and she holds out her hand to the boy, pushing trust in her onto him very gently. "Odayaka, kudasai."
<SavanahHolland1> roll 4d3-8+4 Liberations, using it to calm this little boy
<Uralogs> SavanahHolland1 rolled : 4d3-8+4 Liberations, using it to calm this little boy —>** [ 4d3=8 ]{4}
<FullMetalBitch> (Lilith never went in~ Rude dude~)
<Uracilo> "Suéltame, ladrón!" screams the little boy. struggling until Wendy forces calm into him. He falls a little slack in her grip.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy sighs, then taking the boy in her arms, holding him like a a baby and standing up again.
<SolongStarbird> "Anyone know what dialect that is?" Val asks. ~It isn't one that I understand…~
<Uracilo> Gesundheit moves further inside, having to walk around people in the crowded room. He looks at Wendy holding the pacified boy and past her at the room inside. "This is strange."
<FullMetalBitch> "Life is strange," Lilith echoes after his comment. Standing 'guard' at the door and glancing out back at the forest.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy shakes her head, making sure the small boy doesn't fall out of her arms, then turning around and facing everyone else.
<Endorb> "So, should we go in?"
<SolongStarbird> "Is it French… or something along those lines?… Oh wait… Aren't we in Spain? Does anyone here know Spanish?"
<Uracilo> The little boy renews his struggles after a few seconds, much less aggressive but still annoying. he shouts something in spanish, most likely demanding his liberation. He mentions a few words that seem out of place: Something that sounds like canary and a word you can't make out.
<Kioku> Akemi lenas toward Wendy, smiling at how she handled the boy.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit pulls out a phone and hands it to Val. "Can you use the google translate?"
<Kioku> Akemi pats the boy on the shoulder. "Please don't worry… we're here to help you."
<SolongStarbird> I believe so…. Does this thing have voice recognition?" Val accepts the phone. "It would be much more accurate of he said something into a mic instead of me botching all of the spelling."
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy keeps her hold on the boy strong, mumbling for him to stay calm, letting her power flow into him like a stream of water, warmth should be pushing over him, enough to keep calm for so more now.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith eventually frees her flashlight from her backpack and takes a few steps away from the door. She shines it around the trees around the hut and keeps a lazy watch of the forest around them as they deal with the child. Andrea hangs limp in her arm against her leg. She starts to sing to herself the lyrics to some very mediocre indie rock from back in Jordan.
<Uracilo> "It does, just hold it close to him." Once Val does, the application starts spitting out translations like: "Let me go, I must help brother chameleon."
<SolongStarbird> "Brother chameleon?"
<SolongStarbird> Val repeats the statement in Spanish to the kid, using Translate as a guide.
<SolongStarbird> *the question
<Uracilo> Lilith is the first to see the disturbance: A giant white wing sprouts from behind the trees, beautiful to look at, and slams down behind them once more, sending out tremors than the whole group feels.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy looks down to the boy, then to Val, waiting for the boy to respond, she shakes slightly from the disturbance, holding on tight and taking on a stance to keep her ground. "What was that?"
<FullMetalBitch> "Is that a Malak?" Lilith says to herself before it slams down and sends tremors. She quickly shouts out, "there is something out here!"
<Uracilo> The child seems to be angry at Val, like he did something nasty. "Not chameleon" the application translates after his shout. "Chameleon" it repeats, but you can clearly tell there's an "R" in what he's saying that the application isn't grasping.
<Kioku> Akemi turns sharply toward Lilith's voice, and jumps out the door to check on Lilith.
<FullMetalBitch> Like any smart, reserved, and mentally well adjusted girl. Lilith starts to run towards the wing, as one would do when they think they've glimpsed an angel. Hoping over the stream with ease as she heads to where she saw it.
<Endorb> "Um… I don't think so? I assume Malak means angel, anyways."
<SolongStarbird> "Okay…" Val is startled by the tremors. "What was that?"
<Uracilo> Gesundheit rushes out of the hut, and the child fight Wendy's hold on him, the tremor snapping him out of the stupor she put him in.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy hears Lilith's voice, then handing the boy slowly to Val, she running quickly to Lilith's side, out of breath, almost standing in front of her "What happened?"
<Endorb> "Well, I'll go with Lilith to check it out" FonyX runs after her
<Uracilo> Lilith, roll something to get there without making much noise, if you want that.
<SolongStarbird> Val goes into the translate box and tries to type in an r were he thought he heard it in the kids speech. "I wonder how that will change the translation…" Val says as he presses enter.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy quickly follows along Lilithg, staying close behind the running girl.
<Uracilo> Otherwise, just roll agility.
<FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8+8 stealth
<Uralogs> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8+8 stealth —>** [ 4d3=6 ]{6}
<Uracilo> Val, you don't think the word "Carameleon" makes much sense, but it's closer.
<SavanahHolland1> roll 4d3-8+5 Wendy manouvers around Lilith, following her every move, trying to stick as close as possible.
<Uralogs> SavanahHolland1 rolled : 4d3-8+5 Wendy manouvers around Lilith, following her every move, trying to stick as close as possible. —>** [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
<SolongStarbird> Val then repeats the question to the kid, using the altered spelling and pronunciation.
<Kioku> Akemi, having been first out to follow Lilith, stays on her as well, instinct demanding that she do so in silence.
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+6 Agi:Stealth
<Uralogs> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+6 Agi:Stealth —>** [ 4d3=7 ]{5}
<Endorb> FonyX stops going after Lilith and decides to stay with Val, not wanting him to be alone
<Uracilo> Lilith, you sneak past the trees and down a hill and onto a promontory. Wendy is not far behind. The rock outcropping you stand on overlooks what looks like a small lake, and you see the massive wing draped over the waters and smacked right onto the other shore. Dust hangs in the air where the wing hit.
<SolongStarbird> Val also accepts the kid as Wendy goes out to be a ninja. "Hold the phone now please?" Val says as he goes to hand the phone to FonyX.
<Uracilo> Akemi arrives there moments after, when some of the dust has settled, and a human figure can be seen trying to lift itself off the ground a few meters away from the wing.
<Endorb> "sure."
<Uracilo> The source of the wing is obscured by its size, but there isn't a twin anywhere near.
<SolongStarbird> Val is now cradling the kid, which is slightly awkard… but nothing he can't handle.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy then slowly peeks out, under the guise of darkness, looking at the figure in the distance.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith slows to a stop on the promontory. Her eyes taking in the entire scene with more than a bit of trepidition and awe. They follow it down it's length until she settles on the figure. She drops down to her knees and tries to stay hidden from his sight.
<SolongStarbird> Val waits for a response to his altered question.
<Kioku> Akemi considers whether this is more or less interesting than the tardis-closet… and decides no, it isn't, but it's a nice place anyway with its own natural beauty. The kind she wanted to explore with these two.
<Uracilo> The human figure manages to stand, and balls its fits to its sides. You can't see clearly what the figure does next, but you hear a shout, massive and powerful, like it was shouted right next to your ears. the dust in front of the figure explodes out of the way of his sight, and hundreds of feathers fly off of the wing.
<Uracilo> Some of the feathers land close to Akemi, Lilith and Wendy, roughly the size of one of their forearms.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy takes in a sharp breath, seeing the figure, she then leans to Lilith, gasping softly as the feathers fly to them, on of them landing in her own lap. She holds it with her hand, it still being in her lap, looking to it curiously.
<Uracilo> Back in the hut, the kid's struggles grow stronger. Val, roll to keep hold of him.
<Uracilo> Just brawn, unless you have an appropriate skill.
<FullMetalBitch> "A souveneir," Lilith says to her with a small laugh. Enjoying the shower of feathers falling around the three of them. She watches the other two girls for a second before looking back to the figure and tries to hide her fear of the figure.
<Kioku> Akemi is half interested, half curious, and all confused at what this is, and its behavior. Then again, wings usually come in pairs, and it only has one…
<SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+7 martial arts (brawn)
<Uralogs> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+7 martial arts (brawn) —>** [ 4d3=10 ]{9}
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy lets out a extremely soft giggle at Liliths words, then staying quiet again, she stares at the angel of sorts, holding to the feather in her hand.
<Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+5 Espartaco
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+5 Espartaco —>** [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
<Uracilo> After the powerful shout ends, the wing "sinks" into the water. All that remains are white feathers on the surface, the light of the moon reflecting off of them. At the source of the wing stands another human figure.
<Uracilo> At that point, Gesundheit reaches the promontory, having had toruble traversing the wilderness with his larger body size.
<Kioku> Akemi glances toward him and puts a finger to her lips, tilting her head toward the waters below.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith glances back to the loud man coming up behing them, before looking out towards the now two figures down below and hoping they didn't hear that klutz.
<Uracilo> His arrival is accompanied by several rocks rolling their way down the hill, past the promontory and into the water, drawing the attention of one of the figures.
<Kioku> Akemi sighs and shakes her head, suppressing a giggle at the same time.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks over at Akemi, "Miss Akemi!" She says in a hushed whisper to try and grab her attention, "go play nice with them!"
<SavanahHolland1> Wenyd gasps, noticing the man behind the three of them, then looking at Lilith in suprise "Play nice..?"
<Kioku> Akemi blinks at Lilith, and a small smile starts to spread on her face.
<Uracilo> Once the figure that shouted turns toward you, you can see it's a man, or at least a boy. His hair flows into his beard, uninterrupted, and that betrays his sex.
<Uracilo> He hasn't seen you yet. You could try to hide Gesundheit.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith shuffles back and grabs the front of Gesundheit's uniform/armor. "Get down you idiot!" She snaps at him in a very not nice whisper as she tries to tug him down, or at least guide him, she is a small little girl after all.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy grits her teeth softly, more so in worry, then taking Akemi's hand as if not wanting what she assumed Lilith asked, she would be shaking her head, but she squeezes Akemi's hand her face filled with worry.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit drops flat on the floor behind you.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith drops down with the group and looks back over to Akemi. "You are good with people, I trust you to make friendship with them. Will you do this for me?"
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head at Wendy and squeezes back, then glances back and forth between her and Lilith.
<SolongStarbird> Val flips the kid around, and has him on the floor in a few seconds, using a move he learned back when training in martail arts class. He pins him to the floor.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy looks to Lilith "Then I'm going with her.. It might be dangerous." she says in barely a whisper.
<SolongStarbird> Vala turns to Fony. "Use that phone to find out how to say 'I will et you up if you promise not to struggle or run away." Please.'
<Endorb> "Well, good job. Not sure if the flipping was required, but I guess." FonyX moves closer
<Uracilo> The kid continues to struggle, until he finds purchase on the familiar floor. At this point, it's a contest of pure strength.
<SolongStarbird> *Val
<Uracilo> Roll Brawl, Val
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : Brawl, Val —>** error: malformed expression
<FullMetalBitch> "Okay," Lilith says as she takes Wendy's hand and brings it over. Giving her a kiss on the wrist, "please be careful. Both of you. We will be here if you need us."
<Uracilo> Brawn*
<SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+3
<Uralogs> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+3 —>** [ 4d3=8 ]{3}
<Endorb> FonyX uses google translate to send the message
<Uracilo> The message only causes the child to renew his efforts to pry Val off of him.
<Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+3
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —>** [ 4d3=8 ]{3}
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy smiles softly back with a nod, then kissing Lilith's forehead "We'll be fine.." she then moves away, taking Akemi's hand, ready for the worst, or best in hope.
<SolongStarbird> "Get the door, just in case." Val grunts as he works on holding the kid down.
<Uracilo> The kid actually manages to lift himself a few inches, with Val on top of him. A superhuman feat for a kid that small. He quickly falls under the pin again, however
<Endorb> FonyX blocks the door by crouching in front of it, making sure his stance covers the width of the doorframe
<Kioku> Akemi frowns slightly, indecisive. She wants to meet them, and do as Lilith asks, but she wants to not let Wendy get hurt /more/, and not go when she's asking her not to.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks into the scared eyes of the kid. "… Do you think he wants a hug by any chance?…"
<Uracilo> The kid screams what are obviously insults at you.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks over to the man next to her, "why do you wear that outfit anyway?" She says before turning back to look out at the scene before them and keep an eye on the two of them.
<Endorb> FonyX shrugs
<Kioku> She looks to Wendy. "Is this something /you want/ to do?"
<Uracilo> He's not scared. He's angry and worried.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy then stands up moving over to reveal Wendy and Akemi, pulling akemi up with her and stepping over to the side so Lilith and the man are unseen, this desision now fine, knowing she can protect Akemi, Lilith and herself now.
<Endorb> FonyX speaks into the translator "Things will go much better if you co-operate with us. Please"
<Uracilo> "Is it really necessary to make small talk in this situation? The uniform is an icon, meant to call up memories of superheroes to the minds of the children I help."
<SolongStarbird> Val looks up to see that Fony has shut the door. He takes a moment, and then releases his pin and stands up to see what the kid will do.
<Kioku> Akemi follows Wendy up and off to the side, and lets out a breath. "Tsubasa-san, konnichiwa. Atashi wa Akemi desu. Dōzo yoroshiku!"
<FullMetalBitch> "Superheroes wear capes," Lilith says to him as she watches the two girls indecisiveness.
<SolongStarbird> "Fony how do you apologize in Spanish?"
<Uracilo> The girls see the boy on the shore recoil at the sight of them. He shouts something at the other human figure, the one whose wing you saw, and runs towards you.
<Endorb> "Does it matter when we have voice translation?" He turns it on again "He says he's sorry and he panicked"
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy squeezes Akemi's hand, partly out of slight fear, her confidence leaving her, she stares at the figure running to them, her breath catching.
<Uracilo> The moment Val moves out of the pin, the kid stands with superior strength and runs at the broken door and FonyX, trying to slip by him.
<Kioku> Akemi takes another deep breath and squeezes back. She watches the approach, showing the hand that isn't holding Wendy's. "Please, let us communicate with one another?"
<Kioku> |They probably don't understand a word I'm saying. Gotta learn more languages.|
<SolongStarbird> "Dammit! Why didn't Gesundheit stay here?"
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy says through the nervousness, now in a clearer voice "Hello.." She moves a little closer, barely in front of Akemi
<Uracilo> The hairy boy/man stops in his tracks at your words. "Inglés?! Son Ingleses!" he shouts in the direction of the other figure, and looks at you threateningly.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit steps out of the shadows at that moment, putting his hand on Wendy's shoulder. "Stop." he says, but the increasingly apparent teenager boy doesn't let up on his advance up the hill.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith pokes her head up and kneels on the edge of the perch, watching the scene play out with some interest. Andrea has even turned around and is watching the scene, his head darting between the three of her friends and the other two figures.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy's breath again catches at Gesunderheit's hand on her shoulder, staring at the boy approaching in fear, she glances at Akemi, her face not protarying her emotions as much but you can tell she's clearly scared.
<Kioku> "Maybe we're just too different…" Akemi pushes energy through herself and manifests her spectral features, as visibly as she can. "Shimatta…"
<Uracilo> The boy stops when he gets a look at you, noticing Akemi's oriental features and the fact that they're girls. He turns to the other figure, trying to say something, but a pair of white wings the size of a door slap him to the ground.
<Uracilo> The other figure is revealed to be another boy, having run all the way around the lake to reach you. He's a lot more scrawny, and sports no facial hair, but he has long blonde hair and wears those smallish, circular sunglasses, even though it's dark.
<Uracilo> "Ho-hola!" he shouts, excitedly.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and steps up to be next to Wendy, assuming it's a greeting. "Konnichiwa!"
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy gasps almost jumping back, trying to pull Akemi to move back with her, as the boy speaks she says slowly "Hello.." then repeating "hola" under her breath, having heard Rose say it as a greeting in the past.
<Uracilo> "I speak englisch," he manages, at least out of practice and with a strong accent, before the other boy stands up and clocks him right in the face.
<Kioku> Two of Akemi's tails flick over to wrap around Wendy's waist. They exert almost no pressure, but the gesture is what counts.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit tries to step forward and stop the altercation, getting between the two boys and holding out his arms, facing one and then the other.
<Kioku> She looks on in shock at the violence displayed and tries to pull Wendy with her down to intervene.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy then nods, maybe some of her fear lifted, though still cautious, she follows Akemi's movement, staring at the boy "D-don't hit him!"
<Uracilo> The brawnier boy seems satisfied with one punch, and settles for nursing the scrapes he got from the fall after being hit by the large wings.
<Uracilo> The other boy also stands, his broken glasses falling off his face. He holds his hand to his nose and some blood seeps onto it. "Eres un desgraciado, Caraeleón," He mutters.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy bites her lip, then taking a napkin from her fanny pack, handing it to the boy with a bloody nose "Use this to wipe the blood off."
<Uracilo> The punchee gladly takes it, making a show of it, and gives Wendy a smile that is pretty well ruined by the blood. "Gracias, digo, tank you veri mach."
<Kioku> Akemi moves next to the bloodied boy, putting a tail around him too and staring curiously at the one who punched him.
<Kioku> "Problem with people who speak English, by chance?"
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy's fears are pushes aside for now, smiling back at the boy, then asking before Akemi says anything "What's your name" then thinking about it, ready to explain as if he were Twelve.
<Uracilo> The puncher looks away, not wanting to meet eyes with any of them. "Canario, no quiero nada que ver con… con esto."
<SavanahHolland1> She seems confused, then turns to Akemi, sadly not knowing spanish and not knowing he shared his name.
<Uracilo> The other boy laughs at his brawnier countryman's expense, then eyes the etheral tail. "Oh! Y-you are… strange!" He exclaims, an ethereal pair of wing with the same consistency growing out of his back.
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and grins. She has no idea that a name was mentioned at any point either, but… well… does the Akemi thing to do.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy then stares back at the wings, offering her hand slowly to shake his, looking at him with confusion, caution and happiness all at the same time, the happiness more from them not killing her.
<Uracilo> "Let's go to the house." He says, finally, starting to walk past Gesundheit's outstretched arm without a word for him.
<Kioku> She gestures to herself. "Akemi." Then she holds out a hand to the two boys and uses the one and only phrase she knows in every language. "Quieres ser mi amigo?" … She stumbles a little over it.
<Uracilo> Canario takes the hand and kisses the back of it, winking in her direction. "Y más," He adds, not bothering to translate.
<Uracilo> He then does the same for Wendy's.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles brightly and looks hopefully at the other boy.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy blushes, almost falling back at the gesture, then nods, her eyes slightly wide, though not making her emotions obvious.
<FullMetalBitch> "Keep it in your pants!" Lilith shouts from behind on her perch.
<Uracilo> Canario rushes to greet Lilith, once he sees her.
<Uracilo> Caraeleón stays down there, looking sullen. He clearly has no interest in meeting anyone.
<SavanahHolland1> Hearing Lilith's voice she almost stumbles back more, now staring at Lilith with a blush and confused expression, trying to hold off awkward laughing, then moving closer to Akemi, or more so shuffling.
<Kioku> Akemi breaks out laughing when Lilith shouts, squeezing Wendy's hand.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith stands up to meet the boy, letting him play his little game.
<Kioku> She looks a little sad at the lack of response from Caraleón, but… |It's okay. It'll only take time.|
<Kioku> She pokes him in the arm with a tail before going up.
<Uracilo> He takes Lilith's hand and kisses the back of it, looking at her over the knuckles.
<Kioku> There's /almost/ no pressure behind the poke, only an odd tingling.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith yanks her hand away from him, as he holds it just a little too long for it to be just friendly. She gives him a look.
<Uracilo> Canario only laughs at the response.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit bores of waiting for Caraeleón to pull something, and walks with you, at the back of the procession.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy puffs her cheeks softly, not really knowing what to do, then nudging Akemi to move closer to Lilith.
<Kioku> Akemi goes along with the nudge, her inhuman features fading for now, and offers Lilith her hand.
<Uracilo> "Let's go!" Canario shouts, his intonation wrong. "To the house!"
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith takes it and adjusts Andrea in her arm, following the group.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy's breath starts going back to normal, wanting to take Lilith's other hand but holding off. She then walks slowly forward, waiting for the others to lead. Wendy leans to Akemi "They seemed nicer than I expected.." her voice is slightly nervous.
<Uracilo> As the procession walks past the treeline and up the hill, Caraeleón follows, a few feet away. Eventually, the hut comes into view, with FonyX sitting on top of the kid, and Val holding the phone, outside.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith stops and slips her hand away from Akemi's, taking a few steps aside from her as she checks back on their chapherone and the other boy.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit walks without looking where he's going, his head turned to keep an eye on the boy. Caraeleón walks with his hands in his pockets, not making a sound.
<SavanahHolland1> Wendy then glances to Lilith's unguarded hand, wanting to take it but at the same time not wanting to hold Lilith back with it, she puffs her cheeks softly at the internal battle.
<Kioku> Akemi waves to the house, giving a strange look to the sight outside it.
<Endorb> "So, how should we go about getting him back inside, then?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy goes to open the door to the hut, and sees the boy pinned down. She now looks like she's about to kick someone in the jaw, but refrains from doing so.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith watches the Caraeleon boy with a bit of hestitation. The creepy overtly romantic boy was icky, but this other boy was even more off putting than that.
<SavanahHolland> By this point Wendy had decides to take Lilith's hand, now holding both Akemi's and Lilith's.
<Uracilo> The little boy smiles from his position as he sees upside-down yet familiar people arrive.
<Uracilo> Eventually, Caraeleón walks into the clearing by the stream, and the little boy begins to struggle again, with renewed vigor.
<Endorb> FonyX notices the smile and looks behind him to see the group arriving
<Uracilo> FonyX, roll brawn to keep him down.
<Uracilo> If you try to, that is.
<Endorb> roll 4d3-7
<Uralogs> Endorb rolled : 4d3-7 —>** [ 4d3=10 ]{3}
<Uracilo> Roll 4d3-8+6
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+6 —>** [ 4d3=5 ]{3}
<Uracilo> The little kid struggles, but he's in a terrible position to leverage his strength, and he blushes brightly as Caraeleón laughs at him.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith lets her hand be taken, and resigns herself to watch the interaction of the three people.
<FullMetalBitch> "So which one of you pleaded for help?" Lilith plainly asks the three of them.
<Kioku> Akemi's strange look continues, and she half-laughs before pulling the procession toward the house until they're in speaking range.
<Kioku> "Why would you /sit on him/? He seemed fine before!"
<Uracilo> "Plead for help?" repeats Canario, shaking his head at the spectacle. "That is like ask? Not me."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at Phony, really itching to kick him off, if only to relieve her frustraitions, but decides against it for the second time today.
<Endorb> "He tried to run, and I didn't think we wanted that. He also refises to talk to anybody who can speak english"
<FullMetalBitch> "What about the silent boy? What is his problem?" Lilith says with a nod towards Caraeleon.
<Uracilo> Eventually Caraeleón bores of laughing at the little kid and walks towards FonyX, a scowl on his face.
<Kioku> Akemi's shoulders fall. "That's an odd bias to have… refusing contact with someone just because of their knowledge in a thing like language…"
<Uracilo> "He has got issues. Hates strangers," The blonde boy says, shrugging.
<Kioku> Akemi's sad look turns to Canario. "Does that mean he won't talk to you either?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Akemi, giving it hand a squeeze "Some people are just like that.. It's not right though, maybe if we're nice to him it'll be fine?"
<Endorb> "Well, if you guys can convince him not to run, I'll happily get off"
<Uracilo> "Oh, he talk to me. He is just trying to be loyal to his brother," says Canario, as Caraeleón reaches FonyX and grabs him by the shoulder.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then lets go of both the girls hands, lending down to the boy
<Uracilo> Roll something to resist
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : something to resist —>** error: malformed expression
<SavanahHolland> roll 4d3-8+4 Liberation, keep calm stay calm.
<Uralogs> SavanahHolland rolled : 4d3-8+4 Liberation, keep calm stay calm. —>** [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
<Endorb> FonyX removes himself from the kid
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith steps back and watches the exchange, crossing her arms over Andrea held to her chest. "You heard their pleas for help," she says to Gesuntheit, "surely you know which one it was?"
<Uracilo> Once FonyX is off his brother, Caraeleón stands back and crosses his arms. he doesn't help his brother up.
<Uracilo> The little kid stands up quickly, and tries to refuse Wendy's help but ends up pacified anyways.
<Uracilo> He doesn't try to run away.
<Kioku> Akemi tilts her head and is about to lean against Wendy at her reassurance, until her hand is removed. She takes one step to follow, but glances down and stops instead of continuing. |It'll be okay. They just need time. They'll like me, they just need to know me first.|
<Uracilo> Gesundheit has his arms crossed as well, watching the interactions. "It was the little boy, certainly. I can hear only children. The other two are both too old."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then stands back up, taking Akemi's hand once more and offering her other to Lilith if she wanted, then lets out a sigh, more so glad the boy didn't run.
<Endorb> "Odd. well, let's see if your friends can figure out the problem"
<Uracilo> Canario enters the hut and walks by the broken lock without a thought. He walks into the closet and back, returning with a suitcase in hand.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith gives wendy a brush of the hand but elects to walk back towards the hut, checking her flashlight to see if it works as she goes for a quick stroll to look around the area surrounding the clearing.
<Uracilo> He opens the suitcase and you can see some kind of metal inside, which he then folds out, revealing the suitcase to function as a table.
<Kioku> Instead of taking Wendy's hand, Akemi wraps both hands around her arm and hugs it.
<Uracilo> Canario makes some kind of sign to the little kid, who seems to understand and heads inside, then comes back carrying an armful of folding seats.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy seems a little disappointed by Lilith, but doesn't let it show much, then smiling at Akemi, then looking at the kid comming out, carrying folding seats "Need help?"
<Uracilo> The kid accidentaly ignores Wendy, looking very pleased with himself at being able to carry such a heavy weight in front of girls.
<Uracilo> Canario sits at one, once they're properly set up. "Who are you and what you doing here?" he asks, curious.
<SolongStarbird> Val has been silent this whole time, probably upset.
<SolongStarbird> "I'm sorry, Wendy. I couldn't keep him calm like you asked… We had to pin him down…."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy sighs under her breath "It's fine."
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith scurries around the back of the house and tries to find, well, the cat burglar's way in. A window to get open or some such thing.
<SolongStarbird> "So what did you find in the closet?"
<Kioku> Akemi's eye twitches and she positively scowls at Val and FonyX for a couple of moments before her smile reasserts itself and she puts her head against Wendy's shoulder.
<Kioku> "Would you like us to sit with you?" she asks.
<Uracilo> Lilith, you find a window shaped like a star in the back. It leads to the hut, however, not to the closet. The room in the closet is nowhere to be seen outside.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy smiles at Akemi, a little worried, then using her other hand to give Akemi's head a small reasurring pet of sorts.
<SolongStarbird> Val let's out a sigh ~Failed once again….~
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith tries around the edge of it, to see if it is even possible to open it. Or much like the rest of the house, it is so hodge podge it is just a piece of glass set into the wood.
<Uracilo> The star-shaped window does in fact not have a glass pane to speak of.
<SolongStarbird> "I tried singing to him…. and then I tried speaking spanish without Translate. He laughed… I hope I did okay…. He doesn't like people who speak English…."
<SolongStarbird> Val is clearly upset.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy nods, then looks to the man-boy waiting for a answer to see if they could sit with him.
<Uracilo> "Sit down, sit down." He motions for you all to take one of the folding seats.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith tries to pull herself up and through the window to get inside. (can i roll gymnast, or sneak for… sneakiness)
<Uracilo> yes, roll one of those
<FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8+8 sneaky breeky
<Uralogs> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8+8 sneaky breeky —>** [ 4d3=9 ]{9}
<Uracilo> Lilith, you make it inside the hut without being noticed.
<Uracilo> The star-shaped window is uncomfortable to slide in through, but you manage
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith ducks down and heads for the closet, like a schoolgirl trying to sneak out for a night of partying. But sneaking in. For information gathering.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy smiles at the boy, then taking a seat in one of the chairs, motioning for Akemi to take the one right next to her, then turning back to the boy "Thank you."
<Uracilo> Inside the closet is a big room, roughly the size of the common room back at the dorms. There are four beds at the other end of the room, three against one wall, and the fourth against the other. The fourth bed doesn't look like it's been used in a while: It's neatly made, unlike the rest, and you can see a layer of dust washing out the color in places.
<Kioku> Akemi sits by Wendy, eyebrow raised. |He was expecting to need to have a sit-down discussion?|
<Uracilo> Against the wall the closet door is set in, there is a table and a minifridge. There are piles of A4 paper on the table, clearly from a printer.
<Uracilo> There aren't quite enough seats for everyone. Caraeleón and Gesundheit remain standing, and the little kid doesn't know if he should sit or leave a seat for someone else.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith makes her way over to the papers, throwing a glance towards the closet entrance before she starts to inspect them and hopes they aren't all in the alien language the people outside are speaking.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy motions for the little boy to sit down across from her with a smile.
<Endorb> FonyX leans against a wall
<Uracilo> The papers all seem to be written in the alien language, sadly, but you do find something that breaks language barriers. There is a map on the table, with several arrows and markings. It seems to be a screenshot of googlemaps from the little google watermarks you see on it. There are several arrows drawn on it, pointing from what looks like the stream to a building a couple miles away.
<Uracilo> The little kid tries to scowl at Wendy but doesn't really manage to look scary, his attempt landing him firmly on cute. He takes a seat, however.
<SolongStarbird> Val, wanting to ammend his error, looks around for ways to help. Seeing that there is not much to do, especially since Wendy and Akemi don't approve of him it seems, he wanders inside. He never did take a good look at the inside of the closet…
<SavanahHolland> Wendy lets out a small laugh, then nodding and turning to Akemi, kicking her feet softly against the chair.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith, being the great guest she is, snatches a few papers and grabs the map. She tucks them away quickly into her backpack and starts to look around the rest of the room. Those lockers looked promising.
<Uracilo> Lilith, you hear footsteps approaching. Sounds from outside are louder in here.
<Uracilo> Canario looks at everyone expectantly, still waiting for an asnwer to his question.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks around. ~This is the people's house… and they do hate me… I hope they don't mind. I am still on assignment though.~
<Endorb> "Well, I think Gesundheit can explain best" FonyX gestures at him
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith ducks next to the entrance to the closet, holding herself up next to the door trying to not be seen.
<SolongStarbird> Val goes over to the closet. "Ah…" ~Wow. There is a lot in here. Was there even a room on the back of the hut? Maybe the space is defying reality….~
<SavanahHolland> Wendy bites her lip in thought "We are on a mission, to help a child I think?" she looks over to Akemi, hoping the girl corrects her if she's wrong.
<SolongStarbird> Val takes a step into the closet, just to make sure it isn't fake. ~Then again, the three and Geshudheit went in before…~
<Uracilo> Gesundheit clears his throat. "I am here on the part of a group named Kindergarten. These children are helping me. I came here because someone here asked for help." He stares pointedly at the little kid, who cowers slightly, likely thinking he's in trouble. Gesundheit's expression softens.
<Kioku> Akemi squeezes Wendy's arm, nodding.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith decides it's not the best place she can hide. Even under the beds would be better than this. She decides one of the lockers is her best bet and runs across the room to pull one open and slip into it to hide.
<Uracilo> Lilith steps inside the locker and discovers a separate room. It's dark and somewhat damp, but light comes from a computer's screen inside.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith is caught off guard as she looks around the room. She pulls Andrea close to herself and heads over to the computer screen. A little more than intrigued.
<SolongStarbird> Val hears the locker door. Curious, he takes a few more cautious steps into the closet room, and then walks over to the locker.
<Uracilo> Canario looks at the little boy. "Es eso verdad, Elbio?" he turns back to the rest. "He called you here?"
<Uracilo> Gesundheit explains his power, and they talk a little, but neither really knows what the problem is, or Canario doesn't want to tell.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy hopes that's enough to explain for that part of it, then somewhat shake her head at Canario "I have no idea, but he could have."
<SolongStarbird> Val opens the locker door, and sees Lilith and the expanse of dark room before her as well.
<Uracilo> The computer shows a bunch of documents in english, and a window with google translate on it, where the boys seem to have been translating it to spanish.
<Kioku> Akemi leans forward with a soft look at the youngest person here, and occasional glances to Canario. "We'd like to help, truly. Please, we came all this way because we /want/ to offer what aid we can. Won't you tell us what's wrong?"
<Uracilo> The documents are some sort of shipping manifest, but the contents of the containers being shipped isn't listed.
<Kioku> She makes her voice soothing, easy to listen to, the tones hopefully getting her attitude through the language barrier.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith glances up from the computer screen and looks up as she hears someone come in. She snaps at him, "close that!"
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+7
<Uralogs> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+7 —>** [ 4d3=7 ]{6}
<Uracilo> The little kid, Elbio, stands up and walks over to Canario, then when the older boy leans closer, whispers in his ear.
<SolongStarbird> Val obeys, and closes the door. Leaving himself outside.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks at Akemi for a moment, a smile comming on her face, Akemi was really good with people, wasn't she, then letting her arm out of her chair to take Akemi's hand.
<SolongStarbird> "Would you like me to come in and help you?" He asks through the locker grate.
<FullMetalBitch> "Yes," Lilith says in the same hushed tone, "and be quiet you silly boy!"
<Uracilo> The older boy sighs and lays his hands on the table. "Elbio wants me to tell you about what is happening. We are an small group, but we have all lost someone to drugs from Los Ingleses."
<SolongStarbird> Val gives a weak smile. "Okay." He opens, enters through, and shuts the door deliberately quietly.
<FullMetalBitch> "What can you make of this?" Lilith says and ushers Val over to the computer to look at the documents.
<Kioku> Akemi looks sorrowful, squeezing Wendy's hand and nodding to the boy.
<Uracilo> He bites his lip, clearly saying more than he wishes he were. "Our leader left, to study in Madrid, and Caraeleón wants to fight them. I cannot stop him without fighting. Elbio is afraid we will be seen and go to jail, or hurt each other."
<SolongStarbird> Val scrutinizes the screen. "It seems that they are sending containers to an English speaking country… possibly illicit since the contents aren't listed."
<SolongStarbird> "Maybe?" He whispers.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then glances to the youngest boy, her face softening, and then lets out a breath of understanding paired with a nod of the same meaning "What can we do.. to help?" she asks quietly
<Uracilo> The shipping recipient is actually listed, you could search where it is.
<FullMetalBitch> "Do you have a phone or something?" Lilith asks Val quickly as she listens.
<Kioku> |Wait, does Los Ingleses not just mean the English? Is it an actual group?| Akemi looks confused for a moment. "Who…"
<Uracilo> Canario laughs for a second, then continues. "There is no solution. They are big and dangerous, and we are small and weak, even with our… strangeness."
<SolongStarbird> "I believe I might have kept Geshundheit's phone…" Val takes a second. "Yep."
<SolongStarbird> "Want me to look up the recipient?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy's face looks down slightly, her free hand that isn't occupied with Akemi now has a orange flame dancing around and through her fingers.
<FullMetalBitch> "Yes," Lilith says nodding to him. "Where did this go? Take pictures too!"
<SolongStarbird> Val quickly snaps a picture or two of the screen, and then searches the name of the recipient. Pressing enter, he watcches the results load.
<Uracilo> The recipient seems to be an address that google maps pinpoints easily. It is a picture Lilith recognizes, after a few seconds of looking at it.
<SolongStarbird> Val reads Lilith's facial expressions. "You know something?"
<FullMetalBitch> "I have seen this," Lilith says as she digs the map out of her backpack and lines it up.
<FullMetalBitch> "Come," Lilith says as she heads towards the locker door, map and Andrea in hand.
<Uracilo> It's the same image.
<Kioku> "Tell me, who, what are they? I don't understand."
<SolongStarbird> ~Very convenient.~ "Where is it?" Val follows.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith heads out of the locker, out of the closet, and out of the house. "What were you looking for?" She spouts it off as soon as she exits the door, holding up the map for the group to see.
<Kioku> Akemi blinks at Lilith. |Way to kill trust…|
<Uracilo> "They are a group of criminals. They are english and they use the law to help them."
<SolongStarbird> Val follows right behind her. "We found something!"
<Uracilo> The three boys and Gesundheit turn to look at Lilith. The two older boys look angry at the two people who clearly dug through their things.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks to Lilith, actually quite suprised, then looking to the other boys, ready to apologise to them on part of her girlfriend.
<Endorb> ~why?~
<Uracilo> Caraeleón walks towards Lilith, ready to rip the printed map out of her hands.
<FullMetalBitch> "Well? What were you looking for? It is a simple question for you to answer." Lilith glances between the three boys. She tries to play a fantastic game of keep-away with Caraeleon.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks ready to defend Lilith if it comes to it.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then stands up, moving to stay in front of him to keep Lilith away "I'm sorry about this." she mumbles to him.
<Uracilo> Canario sighs and holds his hand to his head. "That's one of the places they use to hide."
<Kioku> Akemi sighs and shakes her head… but stops mid-motion when Canario speaks. "Is it, now?" A mischevious smile starts to play at her lips.
<Endorb> "perhalps we can infiltrate it?" FonyX muses
<Uracilo> He shouts at his friend to stand down, and then turns back to the rest. "Can you please explain, before he becomes angrier."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy glances over to Lilith worriedly, then taking her side, and whispering to her ear "Did you get that from the hut? What happened?'
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith offers the map back to him now that things have changed and the winds have turned, following the flow of the group as she often does.
<Kioku> Akemi glances up to Gesundheit questioningly. "Ne, ne, are we serving as your proxies here? Have to abide the same pacifism rules, if we were to look at this?"
<Uracilo> He snatches it out of her hands, glaring at her.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks to Lilith. "Should I tell them?" he whispers.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit bites his lip and answers. "I am disallowed from lying… so I will tell you the truth. The GWU has told me to follow you and do as you say. I do not outrank you, in this mission."
<FullMetalBitch> "Go ahead," Lilith says to Val as she leans over to give Wendy a quick kiss on the lips and a reassuring "do not worry, silly girl."
<SolongStarbird> "We found this info on a computer in the locker in the closet." Val says to answer the question.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy blushes at the quick peck on the lips, puffing her cheeks slightly and leaning on Lilith, mumbling "o-ok.."
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and glances to Wendy and Lilith, then to the residents of this place. Val is occupying their attention for the moment, and she doesn't know what happened in there, so she waits.
<FullMetalBitch> "So then," Lilith says taking charge of the group of the leaderless. "It is decided then. We will go there. Okay all?"
<Endorb> "I've no problem"
<SolongStarbird> "Okay then."
<Uracilo> Canario objects. "It is dangerous! Why do you think I want to stop Caraeleón?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks up to him "We are powerful.. at least enough.. We could handle it."
<Endorb> "But there's 8, potentially 9 of us. Strength in numbers, and all that"
<Uracilo> "But, they have weapons!" He interjects.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith waves a hand to dismiss the thought, "we are the best damn softball team from Pennsylvania. We have got this!" She throws a glance over towards Akemi, giggling, "I forgot to mention. You are recruited."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy giggles at Lilith with a nod "We can handle anything together."
<SolongStarbird> Val nods.
<Kioku> Akemi blinks in surprise at Lilith, then giggles with her, nodding her agreement.
<Endorb> FonyX gives an affirmative noise
<FullMetalBitch> "Then we go, and I would hope you would join us." Lilith looks towards their new friends with a smile.
<Uracilo> "I cannot allow you to do this in good conscience!" Says Gesundheit.
<Kioku> |We do not know how powerful we are, or they are, though. How can we gauge whether we will be safe? This puts my friends in danger…|
<Endorb> "But you don't outrank us, remember?"
<SolongStarbird> Val just accepts the fact that the people from the hut aren't with the criminals. "If you'd rather stay here, we can't blame you at all."
<SolongStarbird> Val turns to Fony. "He does have contact with higher authority though, doesn't he?"
<FullMetalBitch> "It is okay Gesh-on-height. You will make sure nothing hits us! You are a super hero after all." Lilith grabs Wendy's hand and starts to follow the stream as she remembers it from the map. "Come, all of you now."
<Kioku> Akemi stares at the older brother of their caller for a little while. "He wants to go."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy puffs her cheeks softly, looking like a stight dope with her smile, then looking at Lilith and following, or more stumbling along "We've got this." she says quietly, more to herself then anyone else.
<SolongStarbird> Val looks at the brave volunteer. ~Is he anomalous? Surely he has the possibility of dying, and I don't want to witness a third death.~
<SolongStarbird> ~Come to think of it, we all do…~ Val subtley shudders.
<Kioku> She glances back to the English speaker. "Tell me, this proposed act; will it help you? Will it make you more safe?"
<Uracilo> Gesundheit looks angry, but follows you regardless. The three spaniards also follow, Caraeleón trailing behind Canario, unsure of what was said, and his little brother following him in turn.
<Uracilo> "If we remove their house, they will have to regroup, and it won't be soon." He explains, still against the idea, aware of the danger.
<SolongStarbird> "I just hope no one gets hurt too bad…" Val mutters.
<Kioku> "It's a house? Not a compound? Not a large facility, a factory? A warehouse maybe?"
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith talks to Wendy as they walk, "just like we trained before. Together, remember?" She comments to her and motions to the flame dancing in the palm of her hand.
<Endorb> "As long as we work together, I'm sure we won't screw up. Unless somebody rolls a natural 1, in which case somebody'll probably get hurt"
<Uracilo> The group walks together for almost half an hour before they begin to notice the lights of the town in the distance.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy takes a deep breath, nodding "Yeah.. yeah if we work together i'll be fine." she looks maybe a little nervous, having probably regreted acting brave along side Lilith, but tries to hide it.
<Uracilo> Canario then turns and leads everyone down a goat trail, deeper into the hills.
<Kioku> Akemi takes Wendys arm on the side opposite Lilith, and lets out a long breath.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith puts away her bottle of water as she starts to see the town. Having spent the time explaining to a completely enraptured and not at all bored Wendy about her plans for the softball team. From the jerseys, to the sponsorships, to the members of the team, "…I think Sara would make the best pitcher in the school. Do you not agree?"
<Uracilo> Eventually, a large concrete warehouse becomes visible, silhouetted in the dark. The lights of a moving vehicle can be seen from the side, driving up to the building.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy nods, her nervousness now tucked away by now "It sounds good, what spot would I be in?" she laughs "I've never really played it but it sounds fun." she then notices the building, her stomach turning.
<Endorb> "Well, we're here. What's the plan; blow it up? burn it down?"
<Endorb> "do something not illegal?"
<Kioku> Akemi fingers the hem of her skirt with her free hand and giggles.
<SolongStarbird> Val chuckles. ~A softball team… How would that work with abilities?… What if I was the cheerleader?..~ He snaps back into focus.
<Uracilo> "What do you think?" asks Canario, curious.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith says to Wendy, "I will think of it." She turns back to the rest of the group. "We will try our best to be diplomatic. But plan for the worst."
<SolongStarbird> "I could help you be diplomatic if you wish." Val whispers.
<Endorb> "I thought they were an illegal organization that potentially killed this guy's leader"
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith motions to Akemi, "she will do the talking. With the boy who speaks english to do the translating. As well as Mister Valentin. The rest of us will wait close enough, to be there if we are needed. This is our plan. Good?"
<Uracilo> "Diplomatic!?" Canario looks at you like you're crazy. "Th-that is your plan?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy smiles to Lilith, though it seems a little forced, the idea of the building turning in her stomach, then nodding to Lilith "That sounds good.."
<SolongStarbird> "We always have tricks up our sleeves if the situation calls for it." Val chuckles.
<Kioku> A shimmer runs over Akemi's form, just for a second. Nothing noticably changes about her, but it makes one wonder. She pouts a little. "If we talk to them, what do we expect them to /do/? They won't leave simply by being asked, so perhaps something else was in mind?"
<Endorb> "We could always bluff that we're not giving them a choice"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks up "I could stay hidden behind you all as you enter in case things go sour?"
<SolongStarbird> "…Lilith is good at sneaking around…. Is there some way sabotage could be implemented?"
<Kioku> Akemi smiles slyly. "Wendy could be good at everything I am."
<FullMetalBitch> "I could try," Lilith says with a shrug. "I would like someone to come with me, if anything."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks up to Akemi, maybing a little slightly confused, hoping for the girl to shed some light, or just do it even.
<SolongStarbird> "I'm not good at sneaking around… but I can do that damage part."
<SolongStarbird> "The sabotaging."
<FullMetalBitch> "I would at least like for us to give them every chance," Lilith says with a sigh.
<Endorb> "well, I'm alright at sneaking. It seems Akemi could do either." FonyX beguins working this out
<Kioku> Akemi giggles and leans over to Wendy's ear. "Ware wa nanji." She winks. "Remember yesterday~?"
<Endorb> "I'd do better at stealth if it were guards, but otherwise interacting with them is better. Gad, which are you better with?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy blushes slightly, then nodding as if to approve
<FullMetalBitch> "Oh," Lilith says as she starts to dig through her backpack. "Did they pack us radios? Headsets?"
<Endorb> "Wendy might be useful as an intimidation, but she's also a good destructive force, probably better there…"
<Uracilo> There are walkie talkies and some of those patches in the backpacks
<Endorb> "Val… I don't know where he'd be more useful…"
<Kioku> "The fewer there are of us, the fewer they can detect, should we go this route, but the fewer we have should we need help." Akemi takes a step away from Wendy, smirks, and nods to her. "Does anyone need something from my backpack?"
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith makes sure everyone gets a radio out and gives them all a channel to use. "Only use them if it is needed. We do not want them going off while we are trying to be quiet. Is it understood?"'
<Endorb> "I'd say 2-3 on sabotage, the rest on 'diplomacy'"
<SolongStarbird> "I am actually a good persuader… and I could be used for firepower." Val chimes in.
<Uracilo> Canario looks at you all with the look of one of those homeless doomsayers walking down the streets. He doesn't think this can work.
<SavanahHolland> "Probably not.. you should ask the others though.. if needed." she then closes her eyes, expecting something to happen.
<Endorb> "Well, it seems the logical options for stealth are as follows:"
<SolongStarbird> "I would probably be best suited for the confronting party."
<Kioku> Akemi shimmers, shifts, and leaps into Wendy.
<Endorb> "Akemi, Lilith, Me, and Maybe this guy"
<SolongStarbird> Val rubs his eyes. ~So that's what she does…~ He observes the strange mixture of their auras, but not much more than that for fear of being labelled as intrusive again.
<Endorb> "Now, two or three should go, and I'm willing to not if you guys decide I should. Akemi could be really useful in diplomacy, so that leaves Lilith and this guy"
<SavanahHolland> They then take a sharp breath, opening they're eyes and looking on to the group, she strangely looks a little taller, though it may just be her changed posture.
<Endorb> "I don't think that'll help anything, Akemi. Anybody object to my splitting of the group?"
<SolongStarbird> "It seems that I am best suited for the diplomacy party…. I worry about our new friends though. I do not want them to be shot…."
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith steps over before they all head apart. Taking the girl with an arm around the waist, and putting a hand on the back of her neck. She pulls her close, against herself, and proceeds to kiss her like she's almost scared it is going to be the last one. It holds for a second, and a little part of her is glad Akemi is involved somehow. Aftering breating off, she says to her, "enta
<FullMetalBitch> hayati, Wendy. Be safe." She starts to head off into the trees with a glance back to the group. "Hurry up boy," she says with a smile to Fonyx.
<Kioku> At this point, FonyX would notice that Akemi is gone.
<Endorb> "Actually, if Wendy/Akemi can use the better stealth ability, both should stealth with a third person"
<Endorb> FonyX follows the group
<SavanahHolland> The part of Wendy looks at Lilith with a warm smile, then looking on to the building |We should start going then..|
<Kioku> ~We'd be best suited to stealth with Lilith at this point, if they want to split.~
<SolongStarbird> "Sooo… what would you have me do?"
<FullMetalBitch> "Take the boys," Lilith says with a laugh. "The girls will do the hard work."
<Endorb> "Well, like I said: Akemi/Wendy on sabotage, likely with Lilith, and the rest on diplomacy"
<SavanahHolland> |I am fine with whatever you think is best| she does a little mind laugh of sorts |I've never been good with plans|
<SolongStarbird> Val laughs. "Yeah. Negotiating with armed criminals is total child's play."
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith leads the two girls made one through the brush around the facility. Trying to keep out of the shining of the lights as they look for a way to enter without causing an alarm and with some ease. She throws glances back to them every now and then but otherwise keeps quiet.
<Endorb> "Both jobs are."
<Endorb> "Now, how should we enter without getting shot?"
<Uracilo> Canario explains that they can't be diplomats. "They know us."
<Uracilo> He leads the spaniards to hide nearby, and help if a fight breaks out.
<SavanahHolland> They follow closely behind Lilith, giving a nod to her everytime she glances back, to assure her that they, or she is still behind her.
<Uracilo> Stealth group move to Firefighters
<SolongStarbird> "So Fony, Geshundheit…. how do you suggest we handle this? To be honest I am mortified at this point… I'm just good at hiding it."
<Endorb> "Well, it's just us 3 then. But still, how should we approach the facility?"
<SolongStarbird> "Erm… In what way would someone not coming to negotiate arrive here?"
<Endorb> "I… don't see how that helps."
<Endorb> "Also, you say you're mortified?"
<SolongStarbird> "Like… these people run a business if I'm not mistaken… how would a partner or ally approach?"
<SolongStarbird> "And yes I am very scared. However, it is far better to deal with your fear than deny or ignore it."
<Uracilo> Gesundheit crosses his arms and shakes his head. "I do not understand, children. Why would you negotiate with criminals?"
<Endorb> "Oh, I thought you said 'not'. And I assume they'd come from the road and go through the front door. And let me fix your nervousness really quick" FonyX waits a couple seconds before suddenly slapping Val, the suddenness likely far more jarring than the pain
<Endorb> "Well, we need a distraction for the girls. Plus, if shove comes to push, we can hold hostages and/or divide their firepower."
<Endorb> "I want to make a telepathic link with the two of you, if neither object. Composition will be key"
<Uracilo> "Hostages? Firepower? Why do you act like small soldiers?"
<SolongStarbird> "Hmmm… Isn't that want is wanted of us at this point? That was the plan. Negotiate and stall while the others infiltrate?"
<SolongStarbird> Val is shocked by the slap, but refuses to be angry at Fony.
<Endorb> "More or less. Plus, a non-violent resolution is always optimal"
<Endorb> roll 4d3-4 This is a good idea
<Uralogs> Endorb rolled : 4d3-4 This is a good idea —>** [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
<SolongStarbird> "We act the way we are treated." Val answers.
<SolongStarbird> ~So that's what he does…~
<Endorb> "exactly. It's also why I'm never serious until I'm too serious"
<Uracilo> Gesundheit sighs and pulls on a few parts of his costume, extending his armor to cover the ridiculous body suit. He removes his helmet, as well, and hooks it to his belt.
<Endorb> FonyX mind links between them
<SolongStarbird> "So we can think to each other now?"
<Endorb> ~testing. Can you both hear me? Can you hear eachother? I've never done this before~
<Uracilo> Gesundheit makes a noncommittal noise in his mind. Then nods.
<SolongStarbird> ~Wow that is cool…~
<SolongStarbird> ~I hope my mind doesn't wander too much…~
<Endorb> ~the key will be to be composed and to read whoever we meet~
<Endorb> "so, what should we say when they ask why we're here?"
<SolongStarbird> ~interested in the product?~
<Endorb> "but then we can't really turn it to 'we need you to leave', or whatever it is were exactly doing"
<SolongStarbird> ~weren't we just stalling?~
<Uracilo> "Do not be daft, child. You cannot turn a criminal good with words!" Gesundheit hisses.
<Uracilo> "You cannot make them leave their property, either, even if stolen."
<Endorb> "that's not what I thought the suggestion was, but I guess if we focus solely on distraction. I was thinking we could propse a buisness deal."
<Endorb> "maybe one the just can't refuse"
<SolongStarbird> ~such as?~
<Endorb> "well, there are certain names of influence we could pull if we knew them. but I'm thinking for the base deal, we could offer them a merger, complete with bigger cliantbase and a new location
<Endorb> "
<SolongStarbird> ~okay then. You talk business. I will only speak when necessary. I am most convincing when my words are few.~
<Endorb> -So, I'll be the face, Gad'll be the security, and Val can be…"
<Endorb> "So*
<SolongStarbird> "Backup? Extra power?"
<Endorb> "I don't know. i
<Endorb> was thinking something more like an associate."
<SolongStarbird> "There isn't really a name for it… that works."
<Endorb> "Well say you're here to help handle legal stuff. can you do that?"
<SolongStarbird> "Legal stuff…. these are criminals… oh… I get ya. Paperwork."
<Endorb> "plus, all crime needs a front
<Endorb> "let's go in"
<SolongStarbird> ~If they shoot at us, I can deploy my mail.~
<SolongStarbird> "Let's."
<Endorb> ~both of you walk behind me~ he starts going
<Uracilo> Gesundheit follows, certain that this is a terrible idea.
<SolongStarbird> Val follows behind him.
<Endorb> ~look confident~
<SolongStarbird> Val pulls his shoulders back.
<Uracilo> The entrance to the warehouse is open, as the truck that you saw enter is still in the process of unloading merchandise. The inside is dimly lit, and many people move around, carrying boxes and such.
<SolongStarbird> ~It occurs to me that we don't exactly look like businessmen…~
<Endorb> ~we're supposed to be working for a criminal organization, we aren't supposed to look like businessmen
<Endorb> ~
<SolongStarbird> ~True… How will the others contact us so we know when to stop stalling?~
<Endorb> ~we just go for as long as we can until they give word~
<Endorb> ~at least, I hope they give word. they kinda ran off before we could plan the details~
<SolongStarbird> ~Alright then… this is your time to shine.~
<Endorb> ~remember, tell me anything that you think can help in thought.~
<SolongStarbird> ~Of course. I'll help if you start to struggle.~
<SolongStarbird> ~Let's go then. We are stalling our stalling.~
<Endorb> ~this should be far enough, let's head towards the building again~
<Endorb> FonyX walks up, looking nonchalant and going at a fair pace, like he has something to go to but doesn't care about the time it takes to get there
<Uracilo> When he walks in through the open truck entrance, everyone inside turns to stare at him.
<Endorb> FonyX ignores the people until one comes up to him, looking for an office
<SolongStarbird> ~Get to it. We have a proposition.~
<Uracilo> You do see what looks like a desk with someone behind it set to the side, but there don't seem to be any offices down here, only boxes and trucks.
<Endorb> FonyX approaches the desk and gets the attention of the person sitting there "Hello. I'd like to see your boss about a business proposal"
<Endorb> FonyX is about a thousand times more nervous than he looks, although he doesn't look very nervous
<Uracilo> The man recovers from his shock at seeing you enter and cracks a grin. "I am the boss, what do you want, runt?"
<SolongStarbird> Prior to arriving, Val took out the notebook and pen, scribbled down some professional looking diagrams and numbers, and tucked the pen behind his ear.
<Endorb> "well, I was hoping we could conduct this meeting in private, considering the subjects may be a little… sensitive"
<Uracilo> "Oh, for sure, little prince. Let's head to the office, shall we?" He sneaks his arm around FonyX's shoulders, but Gesundheit pulls it off of you.
<SolongStarbird> Val has begun to observe the auras of the other workers, trying to possibly find out what it is they are shipping.
<Uracilo> "What'd you want, bodyguard," the criminal snaps at the superhero.
<Endorb> "I apologize, but my bodyguard is a little touchy. I'm sure you can understand why that might be the case"
<SolongStarbird> Val takes the pen and scribbles another few numbers, tucking it behind his ear once more.
<Uracilo> Gesundheit remains silent, so the man turns back to FonyX. "So, let's go! I don't have all day!" He starts walking in the direction of the stairs.
<SolongStarbird> ~Aren't the girls upstairs?~
<Endorb> FonyX looks around as he follows "quaint place you've got here. Obviously comes with flaws though" he gestures back to the desk
<Uracilo> "That's for counting the cash, twerp."
<Uracilo> He starts climbing the stairs. Behind you, a few thugs form a line, following behind Gesundheit.
<SolongStarbird> ~want me to take a try at stalling a little?~
<Endorb> ~I say we go with the flow~ FonyX pretends he doesn't notice the goons forming behind them ~just be ready for the guys behind us if things turn ugly~
<SolongStarbird> ~Of course.~
<Uracilo> Once they reach the second floor, the leader walks towards the offices.
<Uracilo> Lilith, Wendy, Akemi, you hear footsteps outside the offices.
<Kioku> ~We're going to need more space carrying all that. Should I jump out?~
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then nods slowly, hearing the noice from outside "We need to hide" she says quietly
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks up, then back down to the money, and then over to Wendy. "Show me a flame, hold it for me."
<SolongStarbird> Val looks around the top floor for auras.
<Endorb> roll 4d3-7 does FonyX notice the girls' minds?
<Uralogs> Endorb rolled : 4d3-7 does FonyX notice the girls' minds? —>** [ 4d3=6 ]{-1}
<SavanahHolland> Wendy looks a little confused then leaning down slightly, producing a red flame, holding it for Lilith, her breath following suit and being held much the same.
<SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+1 aura perception
<Uralogs> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+1 aura perception —>** [ 4d3=7 ]{0}
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+4
<Uralogs> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+4 —>** [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
<SolongStarbird> ~Do you think the girls are up here? I didn't get anything, but still…~
<Uracilo> Lilith, Akemi and Wendy, you notice someone is trying to get in, because they try to unlock the door that you picked.
<Kioku> Akemi slowly disentangles from Wendy, carefully separating their minds, then hops out through her back to land in a crouch. "Figures someone would come up just before we're ready to leave."
<Uracilo> With the key.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith screams at the top of her lungs, "do not come in here or we burn everything in the safe!"
<Kioku> She slips behind a wall, relative to the door, and ducks.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at Lilith with horror, though her flame is still bright, she then glances to Akemi, wide eyed.
<Uracilo> The boss hears the shout and slams the door open. He freezes in place when he sees where you are and what you're doing.
<Kioku> Akemi winces. "Better nobody has it, than they do."
<SolongStarbird> "So how many workers do you have here?" Val tries to stall, sweat beading on his forehead.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith points at him, "stop moving you sucker of cocks!"
<Uracilo> he runs his hand along his waistband, clearly looking for a weapon.
<Kioku> She stands up and leans out to face the boss. "Hi~! You should think about relocating your business before your capital collapses~!"
<SolongStarbird> ~Shit.~
<Kioku> "Well… burning counts too, right~?"
<Uracilo> The thugs move forward to help the boss, but Gesundheit engages one of them before he can, sadly unable to take on all of them at once.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith watches him move for a weapon, her mind searching for the strings that hold it and trying to yank it out before he has a chance.
<SolongStarbird> "You failed our security check." Val tries.
<FullMetalBitch> roll 4d3-8+5 strings to grab the gun
<Uralogs> FullMetalBitch rolled : 4d3-8+5 strings to grab the gun —>** [ 4d3=10 ]{7}
<Uracilo> The other two thugs try to take FonyX and Val hostage.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at the scene, she would have to ask what a cock was on a later date, she then looks to lilith, her voice a barely a whisper "There's a gun in my fanny pack, if you or I need to shoot, it's there."
<Uracilo> There is no weapon to be found on the man, Lilith, but you can rip out his belt if you want.
<FullMetalBitch> (pull his pants down)
<FullMetalBitch> (this is a tactical move)
<Endorb> roll 4d3-5 can't grab me as hostage
<Uralogs> Endorb rolled : 4d3-5 can't grab me as hostage —>** [ 4d3=9 ]{4}
<SolongStarbird> Val's hand begins to glow as he goes to blast the thug (holding him)'s foot.
<Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 —>** [ 4d3=6 ]{1}
<Uracilo> Roll Aura Blast, Val
<SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+4 aura blast
<Uralogs> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+4 aura blast —>** [ 4d3=7 ]{3}
<Uracilo> The thug that tries to grab FonyX is tripped and falls. The one that tries to grab Val is blasted off his feet, falling on his ass.
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+7 Persuade "It would be a pity if something were to happen to it."
<Uralogs> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+7 Persuade "It would be a pity if something were to happen to it." —>** [ 4d3=9 ]{8}
<Uracilo> "Everyone, STOP!" He shouts.
<Uracilo> His thugs stop on their tracks, taking a few steps back from the fight.
<FullMetalBitch> (are his pants around his ankles this is important)
<SolongStarbird> Val stops too, though still on guard.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at the man, the flame in her hand growing a blood red, as if to make him think she would really do it.
<Endorb> (do we roll initiative?)
<Uracilo> The boss stalks forward, a few steps, but backs down as Wendy's flame changes color.
<SolongStarbird> Val is ready to blast the boss if need be.
<Uracilo> "Okay, okay. What the fuck do you want, little bitch?"
<FullMetalBitch> "Please," Lilith address Akemi without addressing her by name. "Tell him what he and his company are going to do, if they do not wish to end up on our bad side."
<Endorb> FonyX sets himself to automatically transmit full vision to Val and Gad
<Kioku> Behind the wall, out of sight to all but perhaps Wendy and Lilith, faint black wisps play along Akemi's fingers.
<Kioku> She giggles.
<SolongStarbird> ~We are already on each other's bad sides…~
<SavanahHolland> Wendy almost wants to get up and set the money on fire from the way he adressed Lilith, letting the flame crackle around her hand "Don't be rude please."
<Kioku> "You operations in this area are…" She grins wickedly. "In the way of certain expansions. It would be in your best interests to move them elsewhere… or be prepared to be assimilated, consumed."
<Endorb> ~not sure how this standoff will end.~
<Uracilo> "Oh, I see how it is. You're the baby soldiers of those spics."
<Uracilo> "Well, you can tell them their product is trash, and that the people want us, now. It's a free market."
<Kioku> Akemi pouts. "Do I look like a local to you?" She giggles and the grin resumes.
<Uracilo> He dips his fingers into the pile of blue powder on the desk by the door, bringing it up to his face and to his nose.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith has seen enough hollywood movies to finally have gears turn in her head. "You are dealing drugs?! You monster!"
<Kioku> |I have no clue what that word means, but the context sounded like he meant an ethnic group. Hope I'm right.|
<Endorb> "Drop the drugs!"
<Uracilo> "If you burn that cash, I'll make you eat it, fire and all. THEN, I'll be a monster, not before. Right now, I'm a businessman!"
<Uracilo> "You can't get out of here alive, little boys and girls. There are dozens of my people in here."
<SolongStarbird> "We understand. You've just been told you need to move shop, that is all."
<SavanahHolland> The flame is Wendy's hand grows increasingly larger, the blood red letting streaks of black escape into it. She tries her best to look intemidating.
<Kioku> Akemi's fingers start swirling behind the table, a small circle of black trailing from them.
<Uracilo> "Get that freak away from my money!"
<Kioku> It slowly turns dark, dark violet, halfway between her eyes and the night sky.
<Endorb> FonyX attempts to link minds with all the opposition in the room, dropping his links with Val and Gad
<Endorb> roll 4d3-4
<Uralogs> Endorb rolled : 4d3-4 —>** [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith throws her hands up in defeat, before dropping them back down to hold Andrea to her chest. "What do you mean when you speak of these other people and their products?"
<Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+2 Brain of the common thug
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+2 Brain of the common thug —>** [ 4d3=6 ]{0}
<Uracilo> "The spics, natives, another group that was here a long time ago. You're all dead in the ground now, why would we ever give you this territory back?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at Lilith, possibly a little fear comming on her face, the flame still however large is her hand, pulsing and crackling like hell fire.
<Kioku> Akemi gestures to Wendy, hoping she'd be ready to assist her, stabilize the power she's preparing to unleash.
<FullMetalBitch> "You have been given your options. I would like you to decide now, leave this place and never return. Or else." Lilith says this with as much weight a small arabic girl holding a teddy bear can muster.
<Uracilo> "I swear to god, little girl. If you keep it up with the threats, I will use you as parts for my truck. Do you understand me, or do you noo spick englisch?"
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith glances towards Wendy, then Akemi. "Burn it."
<Endorb> "I'd listen if I were you. if that money burns, who's to say what burns with it?"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy nods to Akemi knowingly, then staring at the man who had just threatened Lilith, if she ever looked like she was going to murder, she does now, then waiting for Akemi's action.
<Endorb> ~I want to burn this place anyways~
<Uracilo> The man lunges forward as Lilith speaks her orders.
<Kioku> Akemi slips backward toward Wendy, presenting her back to the girl and arching it, drawing in power and having her skin shimmer, even though her nature doesn't reveal itself. She stares at the boss, but something about the stare is… mindbending, perhaps, is the best word.
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+9 Heartbreak for Psyche damage (Overdrive) (Assisted)
<Uralogs> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+9 Heartbreak for Psyche damage (Overdrive) (Assisted) —>** [ 4d3=7 ]{8}
<SavanahHolland> Wendy touches Akemi's shoulder, hoping it'll work, looking to Lilith behind her, making sure the girl stays safe.
<Endorb> FonyX sees the man lunge and deals a Mindshock to the whole group
<Endorb> roll 4d3-4
<Uralogs> Endorb rolled : 4d3-4 —>** [ 4d3=6 ]{2}
<Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+3 Brain of the boss thug
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+3 Brain of the boss thug —>** [ 4d3=10 ]{5}
<SolongStarbird> Just to assure that the boss stays down, Val fires a blast into his back along with Akemis heartbreak.
<Uracilo> The boss stumbles, catching the desk with his hand. He lifts a cloud of blue powder accidentaly, right in Akemi's face.
<SolongStarbird> roll 4d3-8+4
<Uralogs> SolongStarbird rolled : 4d3-8+4 —>** [ 4d3=9 ]{5}
<Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+2 Brawn of the boss thug
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+2 Brawn of the boss thug —>** [ 4d3=7 ]{1}
<Uracilo> The boss falls to the ground as Val blasts him in the back. His forehead smacks into the floor with a crack.
<Uracilo> The rest of the thugs flinch and hold their heads, distracted by FonyX's brain pinch.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then grabs Akemi's arm slowly, having seen the blue power move to the girl's face, she says a little panicked "Akemi..?"
<SolongStarbird> The color drains from Val's face. ~Did that just kill him?~
<Endorb> FonyX is really thankful that mindshocking multiple targets isn't any more strenuous than 1
<Kioku> roll 4d3-8+6 Don't breathe!
<Uralogs> Kioku rolled : 4d3-8+6 Don't breathe! —>** [ 4d3=8 ]{6}
<Uracilo> roll 4d3-8+5 miracles in the air
<Uralogs> Uracilo rolled : 4d3-8+5 miracles in the air —>** [ 4d3=6 ]{3}
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith reaches over and pulls the pistol out of Wendy's fanny pack. Her finger flips to the safety and she racks the slide. It's not perfect, but her father taught her well enough at the range. "Now you will all stop! We do not wish to harm anyone!"
<Uracilo> The powder seems to be contained slightly by the dampness of the room. it hangs in a cloud around the collapsed thug, but doesn't carry far enough to be inhaled by anyone.
<Uracilo> The gun is very heavy, Lilith has a hard time holding it, even with both hands.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy stares at Lilith with the gun, her face filled with suprise, and possibly laced with worry, she then steps back slowly.
<Endorb> "So, now we gotta burn this place down. Somebody want to grab him?" FonyX points at the fallen man
<Uracilo> The thugs hold their hands up above their heads as Lilith points it at them.
<Uracilo> At that moment, the hispanic teens make their entrance onto the second floor following a short scuffle below.
<Kioku> Akemi smiles to them and waves, holding Wendy close.
<Uracilo> "Looks like you took care of it." Says Canario, whistling, clearly impressed.
<FullMetalBitch> "You will take your injured friend to the truck, and then leave. Never to return!" Lilith raises her voice as she tries to keep the gun level, "got it!"
<SolongStarbird> Val's eyes are huge. "Did I kill him?…"
<Uracilo> The thugs nod, and move forward to grab their boss by the pant leg. They manage to drag him out, but not before giving you a view of the guy's ass.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy starts breathing a faster, the flame dying ever so slightly in her hand, fading back to a normal red, with crackles of orange in it's depths.
<Uracilo> You take 1 psyche damage.
<FullMetalBitch> "Burn the money," Lilith says as she looks over to Wendy. "It is tainted with the cruelty of man."
<SolongStarbird> Val lets out a sigh of relief.
<Endorb> "okay. Now we loot what we want before burning this place down"
<Uracilo> The englishmen quickly vacate the premises, and the building becomes echo-y and strangely creepy.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith steps away from her and follows the men to ensure they make it to the truck and leave.
<SolongStarbird> "I thought I killed him…"
<Uracilo> Canario steps forward to stop Wendy. "Stop! We need that money, right? To help the people they hurt? Don't burn it!"
<Kioku> Akemi blinks at Canario. "It /would/ be the best use… and poetically just…"
<SavanahHolland> Wendy's breath catches, not knowing what to do, she looks up to Akemi, her eyes confused, then looking to Lilith.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith comes back after seeing the men off and ensuring they are gone. Looking around to see what happened downstairs, before heading back up.
<SolongStarbird> "Is that it?"
<Endorb> FonyX begins searching the room for stuff he might want
<Uracilo> There's a lot of boxes, but not much else.
<Uracilo> If you've got something specific in mind you're looking for you can roll to try and find it.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith approaches the boy who can actually speak, "you are selling drugs?! You are making your little brother sell drugs? He is a child! What is your problem?!" She starts to raise her voice and gesture with the gun.
<Kioku> "So… guess we don't need to pull out the hard drives after all. And I was looking forward to a good stealth-only adventure!" Akemi giggles.
<Endorb> roll 4d3-0 is there American money?
<Uralogs> Endorb rolled : 4d3-0 is there American money? —>** [ 4d3=6 ]{6}
<Uracilo> "What? Sell drugs, us?" Canario looks weirded out. "Not us!"
<SolongStarbird> Val sits down, "I'm just happy that I was helpful."
<SavanahHolland> Wendy leans into Akemi, trying to squeeze her eyes shut, at the point just wanting to leave.
<Endorb> "Yes you were. I was hoping this would be more climactic though"
<Uracilo> FonyX, you find a stack of american dollars down in the loading bay, but there isn't a lot.
<Uracilo> Probably just under a thousand.
<Endorb> (950$?)
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith looks over the three new spaniard friends. "If we have to come back here, because you mistreat that boy. If we so much as hear you raise a hand against him. If you do not give him a normal, perfect, life. Full of your love. Send him to school, let him see the world. If he cries out for help and we return here, know it will not end well for you." She stops right in front of him, looking up at him. "Promise me this?"
<Kioku> Akemi wraps her arms around Wendy, hugging her closely. "We helped them. Nobody got seriously hurt." |And we let them go… they can poison and hurt more people. We shouldn't have let them go. I'll find them again some day to right this.|
<Uracilo> "What are you talking about? Why would we hurt Elbio? He's practically my brother, and literally Caraeleón's."
<Endorb> FonyX goes and grabs the rations Lilith threw out and sets the money into 6 equal piles
<SavanahHolland> Wendy burys her face into Akemi's side, just trying to stay calm, who was she kidding acting brave, she was scared beyond all else. She doesn't say much other than a muffled "ok"
<FullMetalBitch> "Then it will be no problem," Lilith says as she drops back to her feet. "You may have the deed to the building. But you must destroy these evil drugs. Do you understand?"
<Uracilo> "Look, just, thanks? You helped us."
<Uracilo> "We are grateful."
<Kioku> |Well, we didn't have much use for a warehouse in Spain anyway. Not right now.| Akemi nods in agreement with Lilith.
<FullMetalBitch> "Good." Lilith says and she turns to their Kindergarten teacher. "Call your Zepp friend. We are going to go home. Someone find a bag to put the money in, Gessundheit will use it for his orginization."
<Uracilo> Gesundheit steps forward, placing a hand on Lilith's shoulder. "We must be leaving soon. Gather everyone."
<SolongStarbird> Val remains silent the rest of the mission, grateful that he isn't a killer.
<FullMetalBitch> (owned beat you)
<FullMetalBitch> Val gets stuck with money bag bitch duty.
<Uracilo> (consider me owned)
<Uracilo> (And ninja'd)
<Endorb> "well, I'm done looting"
<Kioku> Akemi looks up toward Gesundeheit. "If it helps in any way, I'm sorry you were forced to participate in violence, no matter how good the intentions or brief the altercation."
<SolongStarbird> Val nods.
<Uracilo> "Kindergarten is a non-profit! We cannot take drug money. Leave it here, I will call the authorities."
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith digs her plastic bag out of her backpack and takes a moment to check on Wendy. Giving her a quick peck on the cheek, and making sure she gets her own bag out to hold.
<Kioku> Akemi pauses a beat, then shouts "Wait!"
<Uracilo> He sighs. "You children are a lot more violent than I expected, but I can see why. This is a dangerous world…"
<Kioku> Akemi stares intently at the two Spanish-only speaking brothers.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy then removes her head from Akemi's side looking over to Lilith, then walking to the girl, brushing Lilith's arm slowly to peer around to the girls face, then leaning in "Are you alright..?" she then takes out her own plastic bag slowly, with a sigh.
<Kioku> "Quieres ser mi amigo?" She asks, with intensity.
<Kioku> |Maybe he changed his mind?|
<Uracilo> The little boy nods, but Caraeleón only follows after Canario gives him a look.
<Uracilo> He gives you a curt nod and a forced smile that looks like someone's pointing a gun at him.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith gives Wendy a quick nod and stands next to her, holding Andrea in between her arms and holding the bag in her hands. The gun has dissapeared somewhere into her bag as she was messing around.
<Kioku> Akemi gets a bright grin and takes out her bag, now ready.
<SolongStarbird> Val follows suit.
<Endorb> "I'm ready" FonyX says without grabbing a bag
<Uracilo> "Your bag." Points out Gesundheit. "I cannot call in for us to be sent over if you are not holding a bag."
<Endorb> "Fine" FonyX takes it out
<Uracilo> Gesundheit taps his helmet, which he has replaced onto his head, and calls for Zeppelin. A few moments later, the now expected feeling overtakes you, and you find yourselves standing within the courtyard of the school. Guards stand in a circle around you, with their flamethrower-like contraptions.
<Uracilo> Once they ascertain that you're okay, they disperse slightly, and one offers to guide you all to your debriefing.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy gasps again, her head slightly dizzer than last time, she then looks to Lilith, hoping the girl is ok this time around.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith is still, very, very much not used to this and bends over at the waist. Expelling only water and some rations she ate along the way onto the ground.
<Uracilo> The guards give Lilith a wide berth after that.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy quickly walks over to the girl, holding her hair back again and rubbing the girl's back slowly with a worried expression.
<Endorb> FonyX immediately puts his bag away before clutching his head as though it would reorient himself before heading to the debrief
<Kioku> Akemi sways in place a little and puts the bag away again, taking a few deep breaths.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith offers her bag to the man, and thanks Wendy for her care before she stumbles after the group to the debriefing.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy follows next to her, tapping Lilith shoulder and whispering to the girl "Once we are dismissed.. can I try something?" she half blushes
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith shuffles her bag in front of them as they walk, pulling out the pistol and using her sweater to quickly cover it and tuck it into the waist band of her skirt. Safety on of course.
<Kioku> Akemi takes off her backpack and sets it on the ground before going over to Lilith and Wendy. Hopefully not uninvitedly, but… she'll leave if she's unwanted.
<Kioku> The events start catching up with her.
<Uracilo> The guard walks through the halls, heading for the administative building. Gesundheit wals right next to him, and they chat.
<FullMetalBitch> As they get to the debriefing room she voluntarily gives up the euros but asks the guards to "please use this for the softball team equipment?" She then puts her stuff back into her own backpack and slings it back over her shoulders and makes sure Andrea is ready to go. Holding him lower on herself in front of her waist. She heads back over to Wendy, a smile on her face, "I am hoping
<FullMetalBitch> to go shower and lay down. I am not feeling well. Would you join me?"
<FullMetalBitch> (void the speech part) "Of course Miss Wendy."
<Uracilo> Gesundheit argues that he can give the report by himself, and frees you all to do whatever you want.
<Uracilo> He takes the backpacks with him, though.
<Kioku> Akemi glances away, nods to Gesundheit, and turns in preparation to leave.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy blushes, then slowly wraps her arms around Lilith, pulling her up into her hold, bridal style like the man had done on the begining of the mission, ready to carry Lilith where ever, she gives a small wink to Lilith, though her face is still blushing.
<Uracilo> A guard does carry the money Lilith give her, but she says it'll be held until the report is finalized in case it needs to be used for evidence.
<Endorb> FonyX tries to catch each of them privately and gives them their 1/6 (147$) of the money discreetly
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith smiles and offers it easily after getting her own back and her stuff. She is surprised to be pulled up off the ground and starts to giggle uncontrollably. "You are such a romantic," she says in between bouts. She wraps her arms around the girl's neck and leans up to give her a kiss.
<SavanahHolland> Wendy smiles at Lilith, kissing her on the lips, then after a few moments pulling away, her face completely red but using her strength to hold lilith up easily.
<FullMetalBitch> Lilith laughs, genuine. "Now set me down, I do not want to go through the courtyard carried so gracefully dressed like this." She says it nice, and leans up to give her a quick kiss to cement it. Ah, young love.
<Kioku> Akemi wanders off to consider the implications of today's events. She's going to be… alone… for a while.
<Uracilo> -Run Spained-

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