Logs: Theodore's Funeral

DarnellJermaine> It's late afternoon, the sun is probably setting soon. Classes have ended by now: a small, black car slowly rolls up to the front gate. It waits there for a few moments, the people inside hesitant to get out. Today was Theodore's memorial- he was getting one of those neat stone benches in the courtyard- and his family decided to fly in to come. The first person to step out was a man about 6 foot even with
<DarnellJermaine> fluffy, gray hair and bags under his eyes that were well beyond his years. He wore a simple tuxedo, and made his way around the other side of the car to let the rest of the family out: his wife, a woman about 5'5" with long, dark brown hair who looked a little younger than the man, in a mourning dress, and a boy who looked strikingly like Theodore- except noticeably younger and with virtually no muscles,
<DarnellJermaine> dressed in…mostly normal clothes. They didn't seem happy as they entered the gate and made their way to the event: this was no happy gathering.
<SavanahHolland> Unfortunately Elspeth felt too depressed to wear that cute black dress that she had saved for this kinda thing.. mind you it was more so for someone she didn't really know. But she knew Theo- hell he was practically a older brother to her.. and she just, couldn't do anything fancy. Her hair pulled back into a tight bun, a black dress with black slip ons and white stockings. Her cheeks lightly dressed in a
<SavanahHolland> darker nude blush with hints of pink as she wheels her way onto the sidewalk from the dorm building, Emmett at her side as they make their way.
<PuddleJumper> Skix held Quiln's hand and tail leaning on her shoulder heavily…she still didnt have a dress that was tailored to fit her so she wore her best pair of cargo pants and a gray dress shirt with her red glowing crystal necklace. She gripped Quiln's hand tightly as she approched the procession already sniffeling
<Silvors> Quiln was holding Skix's hand and had a wing draped over the lizard girl. Quiln didn't look too upset, but then again whenever she started crying her tears would instantly evaoprate, so maybe it's just not noticeable. Or she's good at hiding it. The Dragon was in a black dress, since she heard you're supposed to wear black and this was the only thing she had… attained that was black. Plus it revealed the top half of her
<Silvors> back so no worries about making wingholes.
<BobaFettuccine> Mary was dressed in a plain, sleeveless black button up, black slacks and black boots, she was glowing faintly red and small tongues of flame were flickering up her arms and in her hair. She walked to the service, alone, eyes downcast, stubbornly refusing to cry.
<PuddleJumper> Skix looked at the family that had gotten out of the car, her eyes locking on the little version of Theo. She stopped in her tracks, her breath catching in her throat. She whined a sad high pitched sound and continued forward…she suddenly felt intensly guilty she haddent been there to save Theo in the face of his family.
<DarnellJermaine> The family walked through the gate, slowly making there way up to the courtyard- the man and woman who were unmistakably Theo's parents were holding hands- and his little brother trailed shortly behind them, looking not quite as upset as his mom and dad did. Eventually they made it there though- standing in the middle of the courtyard- just staring down at the bench. They weren't sure what to say quite
<DarnellJermaine> yet- they just needed a moment.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth finds herself almost attracting towards Mary and Skix- and Quiln, she eeps at Quiln, nearly sweating. Last time she saw the girl she got really big and almost ate her! She decides to finally wheel towards the parents and his brother.. staring up at the younger version of Theo, tears welling up in her eyes "H- hello" she says meekly after giving them some time to be in silence.
<Silvors> Quiln hears the breath catch and moves to hug Skix closer with the wing. Quiln gives a sad little growl as she looks at the family coming, then moves to rest her head on Skix's shoulder. She never saw a family before and the thought that the family wouldn't get to see one of their own seemed to hurt her.
<BobaFettuccine> Mary walks up and when she sees the little Theo her eyes start to leak tears that evaporate as soon as they reach her cheeks. She cries silently though, she had been there, her guilt was intense. And she goes through it all in her head. She should have been faster, she should have saved him and now here was a family with one less member because she hadn't been good enough. She
<BobaFettuccine> just stands at a respectful distance and waits.
<PuddleJumper> Skix knuckled away tears with her free claw, face already damp. She Nodded to both Elspeth and Mary when she saw them comming, smelling Elspeths fear she made note to let the girl ease into things. She squeezed Quiln's hand and continued forward to stand near the bench…looking around, she had never been to a funaral or anything before…not one that anyone else but her came to. She wasent sure who was
<PuddleJumper> supposed to start or if she was supposed to say something. His family smelled like him, she could have tracked any of them by scent memory alone. She looked at his father and mother with a bit of awe mixed with sadness.
<Silvors> Quiln hugged Skix tighter with that wing, her tail going to grab the lizardgirl's. Quiln wasn't even going to bother bringing up the fact that Theo said Quiln could eat him when he died… or was that if Theo got fat? Quiln couldn't remember nor could she care to. She just nuzzled into Skix's shoulder and wrapped her wings around Skix's torso.
<DarnellJermaine> The parents look up at the girl in the wheelchair- not sure what to say. The father nods his head and offers a somber smile, "Hello there, little miss" Theo's father has a much thicker accent than Theo did, and his voice is deep and somewhat cracked with age. He's not sure what the connection with this girl might be- considering how much younger she seemed than his deceased son. Unless… "Are you miss
<DarnellJermaine> Elspeth by any chance?" the woman grips his hand a bit tighter, and the young boy looks up, paying attention to the situation now at hand. The man scans the rest of the crowd- seeing how many people showed up. It almost choked him up to see how much of an effect his son had on the people here- unless teachers were giving extra credit for coming to this or something, which would thoroughly crush him if that
<DarnellJermaine> were the case. Sadly for Quiln, Theo had already been eaten by something else, she was a bit late on the draw!
<SavanahHolland> "J- ja" she says softly, nodding as she offers a hand to both to shake "Pleasure toh meet youh both.. despite the circumstances.." she bites her lower lip, sniffling a bit.
<PuddleJumper> Skix sniffled listening to Elspeth's voice crack she moved forward to put a huge claw on Elspeths's shoulder. She made a low mournfull whine punctuated by gulping sobs that she tried to bite back. She waited her turn to meet Theo's parents.
<Silvors> Quiln looked at the parents and swallowed, letting go of Skix's hand to try and just hug the girl, squeezing her with five of Quiln's seven limbs. Quiln gave a growling little mewl. It was a weird mix, but Quiln is a weird girl.
<BobaFettuccine> Mary walks up to stand slightly behind and to one side of Elspeth, hangng back a little, not wanting to crowd anyone, the only sound she makes is the soft crackling of the flame in her hair and on her arms.
<PuddleJumper> Skix held onto Quiln with her tail offering a claw to Theo's father, her eyes kept drifting to his little brother. "Hello sir…uh…my names Sandra…but everyone calls me Skix…uh. I'm sorry…*sniffle* we couldent have met a diffrent way."
<DarnellJermaine> The father and mother smile just a bit- she was unmistakable from all the letters and phone calls. Then again- the more people came up, they could recognize them all from Theo's extensive descriptions. To be fair, Quiln and Skix stood out physically, so they could almost tell who they were right away. The man takes Elspeth's hand and gently shakes it, "George. George Grundlewood. And this is my wife,
<DarnellJermaine> Elizabeth. Our son here is Steven" he looks to the other two that have approached, "I see my Theo's descriptions were spot on- you must be Skix and Quiln, yes? This school must be some kind of wonder- I never would've met someone like either of you back where we lived. It's nice to finally see the faces that match the descriptions" as he speaks, Elizabeth notices the girl behind Elspeth- not immediately
<DarnellJermaine> noticeable. She let's go of George's hand and moves forward a bit, "Excuse me- are you Mary?" it seemed like the Grundlewood family was well informed- granted it helped that Theo basically called or wrote to them about all his friends like every day forever so outside your deepest secrets your lives as far as Theo knew them have totally been exposed to these people. Steven remains quiet, not speaking to
<DarnellJermaine> anyone for the time being.

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<SavanahHolland> Elspeth nods, smiling as she shakes back, her attention drifting to Steven as she offers her hand to him "H- helloh.. Theo talked abouht youh a lot.." she smiles.
<PuddleJumper> Skix nods when Elspeth spoke agreeing with her. "He said i could come visit sometime…i havent been alot of places. You look exactly how you said you would…this place, yeah…it is a wounder. Without your son i would never have known it, i would have tried to run away. In a way he saved me."
<BobaFettuccine> "Uhm, yes." Mary says to Elizabeth, her voice a little shaky, "I would, uh, offer to shake your hand but…" She trails off and glances at her arms. Which are on fire.
<Silvors> Quiln nods her head. "Theo helped me learn what tea was and we did works together and he helped me and Skix be me and Skix so that's the best thing of my life." Quiln said, in usual overtly long fashion.

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<DarnellJermaine> George bows his head, his heart warmed by hearing the stories. "I'm glad my son did right by all of you. He was always such a loving young man," he places a hand over his heart, clutching it slightly. A deep breath, "It's so horribly wrong that he went and died before I did. That's not fair- not fair at all" meanwhile, Elizabeth had her attention on Mary in the back, wary of touching her because of the
<DarnellJermaine> flames. "You must be the sweet Irish girl he was telling me about. The one with the beautiful singing voice, if I remember right" she offered a smile, though her eyes still seemed deeply sad, "I thought my son had given up guitar a long time ago" as for Steven… he grieves in his own way. He certainly doesn't seem as sad as his parents, though it's obvious he's been affected. He backs away a bit from
<DarnellJermaine> Elspeth, a girl close to his age, and pretends to ignore her, pulling out his phone and messing around. He's wearing a T-shirt that says 'AnimeCon U.K 2018'. Funny how much Theo loved his brother and hated anime. Must've been an awkward duality for him.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth puffs her cheeks a bit, sniffling as she leans in and.. pokes Steven's tummy. "I know youh hear me mister" she smiles softly "Please say something?"
<PuddleJumper> Skix eyed the tshirt and phone woundering what an animecon was. She decided she would look it up later. She watched Elspeth engaging the little Theo…she woundered if he sounded like Theo as much as he smelled like him.
<Silvors> Quiln nudged Skix and then frowned, well, frowned more. Quiln looked at little Theo then at Skix, squeezing the lizard girl's tail before walking to little Theo. "You're tiny." What a great observation from our five foot-something dragon girl.
<BobaFettuccine> "Yeah, I guess that's me." Mary says with her irish accent, "He… He was still learning, but he'd been getting better every day… We were going to start a band." She says, tears still falling, still evaporating before they get any farther than her cheeks.

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<PuddleJumper> Skix gasped at Quiln, oh boy…"Err…well, ah…not tiny so much as a smaller…uh…still growing version of…uh…" She stammered eventually trailing off and turning a bit red.
<DarnellJermaine> In Quiln's defense- Steven only had like two or three inches on her. His father frowns at watching the others try to talk to Steven, as Steven just retreats further and further back, glaring at them. He puts in headphones and starts listening to something on his phone. Normally, George would reprimand such behavior but… "Don't mind him- he needs some time alone. He-" George didn't want to say to all of
<DarnellJermaine> Theo's wonderful friends that Steven blamed them and this school for his death. "It's nothing. If anything, it's- it's my fault he's gone. I'm the one who suggested he should come here. I filled out the forms" he looks solemn- this isn't the first time George has spent thinking about this. He starts to fumble in his pocket for a cigarette before realizing he's at a /school/ with young kids- and decides to
<DarnellJermaine> leave it be for now. Elizabeth gives him a sad look and a single tear before turning back to Mary, "I know, I know. I heard all about it. I'm sure you two would've made lovely music. Your voice isn't the only thing he talked about- you were the person he wrote the most about besides Elspeth over there, and I wanted to meet you personally. Perhaps we can talk more later, after the funeral's over? I'm sure I
<DarnellJermaine> can sneak away from the boys, if you'd like"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth shakes her head, looking panicked "N- noh! uhm.." she turns red at the sudden loudness, sighing "T- theo.. doesn't vant any of youh to blame yourselves.. he loves all of youh.."

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<PuddleJumper> Skix sniffled. "He wanted to help out is all…Its not your fault Mister Grundlwood. He went on those missions for the same reason i do. To protect who needs helping…i just wish i had been there that day…im so sorry i wasent."
<BobaFettuccine> Mary nods her head and sniffles a little. "I… I think I'd like that… I wrote, um, I wrote a song for him. I can play it later for you, get you a recording… If you like." She gives a faint, sad smile to Elizabeth.
<PuddleJumper> Skix looks around. seeing everyone start to retreat into themselves and their sadness. "Maybe we should take turns…and say something nice about him. I know i wouldent be the person i am now if it wasent for your son."
<DarnellJermaine> George seems taken aback by Elspeth's statement, "It's sweet that you speak so well of him, but you'll have to excuse me in saying it makes me rather uncomfortable you speak on his behalf so boldly. I'd like to think he believes the same but…" he focuses on Skix after her suggestion, "T-that's very, very kind of you. You don't have to do that though- really. Only if you want to, don't feel pressured on
<DarnellJermaine> our behalf" he lets out a single tear from his eye. Elizabeth nods her head and smiles, "I think I'd like that very much, Mary. I think George needs me though- so I'll have to catch up with you later" she returns to George's side and squeezes his hand, starting to tear up herself. Steven is still in his own world. He didn't want to be here. He hated this place. He hated these people and their empty words.
<DarnellJermaine> Their words didn't save his brother. Steven's 14- he wasn't /in/ to being fair right now.
<BobaFettuccine> Mary sits on one of the chairs that's been set up and lets her tears silently dry on her face, she'd talk if someone prompted her to, but otherwise, she's going to sit and remember Theo, that's what funerals were for after all. Remembering the departed.
<PuddleJumper> Skix looked around…she was nervous as hell even with her friends this was a crowd for her and she was definitly emotional…but she also felt the sting and hollowness of loss…she took a deep breath and stood in front of the bench nodding to the students then Theo's family. She cleared her throat.
<PuddleJumper> "I've only been here for half a year. And the day i came here i was dropped off by the police, they didnt know what to do with me anymore then i knew what to do with myself…it was cold that morning. I just stood inside the gate not sure if they were gonna hurt me here, or expermient on me…or what. Theo spotted me and took me in to get warm, showed me how to get around and even how to talk to other
<PuddleJumper> students. He was the first kind face i had seen in years. He got me a job as a cook, and showed me that i could have real friends…we looked out for eachother…*her deep voice cracked getting a bit higher* And i thought he was the most handsome, kind, and great person there ever was…i wanted to be just like him. Strong, confident, and most of all kind. I will never forget him, and every day i will try to
<PuddleJumper> measure up to the example he set. Goodbye Theo, im really gonna miss you!" She put her huge claws over her face and absolutly lost it.
<DarnellJermaine> George and Elizabeth were crying softly into their hands themselves- her speech really hit them hard. Even Steven took out his headphones to listen, gulping a bit. Poor Elizabeth seemed to feel it the most though- she was starting to bawl uncontrollably. It was clear she'd been doing her best to be the strong one for so long. George speaks between his tears, opening his arms, inviting Skix to join them.
<DarnellJermaine> "Thank you for your words" he was sniffling, "Thank you…thank you. I'm so proud to see my son continued to love people even when he wasn't around us…" his death was truly a major blow to the Grundlewood family. "Thank you…"
<PuddleJumper> Skix was a sniffeling hickuping mess, but came over and hugged the family, her back hunched tail tucked and wrapped around her own leg like an upset dog. She basically could only nod and sniffle.
<gumbal1> Two other people are at the funeral. One, a somber Leah, dressed nice enough and just sort of sitting in the corner, trying hard not to utterly break down, something Skix's speech made very hard. The other is a nondescript redheaded student, easily blending in, just sort of watching and getting a feel for everything. They aren't important, really. Just a remnant of the student body that still cared for Theo.
<PuddleJumper> Skix eventually manages to pull it together enough to sit in one of the folding chairs, her bulk making it sink into the soft earth and to give a creek of protest.
<BobaFettuccine> Mary stands and walks up to the podium after Skix has finished, She feels like she owes it to Theo to tell his family how much he'd helped her. "Theo… Was probably my best friend here for awhile there… He helped me get through a really tough time after I got out of the hospital… He was kinda like. My rock, I guess. I went to him if I just needed someone comforting to be
<BobaFettuccine> around. When I couldn't sleep, he'd stay up all night with me, playing music… So I wouldn't have to be alone." Mary starts crying hard enough that she can't keep talking before she goes back to the chair she'd been sitting in.
<PuddleJumper> Skix wanted to confort Mary badly but also wasent fireproof, so she setteled on a kind look and a nod between wiping her face into her dress shirt.
<DarnellJermaine> The family minus Steven reflects Mary's sentiments, all starting to have trouble with their tears as well. Suddenly though, Steven marches up in front of the bench and starts speaking. Oh boy. "Theo was my brother- we played basketball and he watched anime with me even though I'm /sure/ he hated it," gee, ya think? "And he helped me with girls and he beat up bullies and he was the best brother ever and all
<DarnellJermaine> of you assholes and this school killed him-" "Steven stop it, that's enough" shouted George- completely dumbstruck by his son's awful behavior. "And I wish all of you were dead instead and and-" and the ground started to shake. Steven began to wobble, as did everyone a bit. George managed to catch himself and Elizabeth, but Steven ended up falling and landing on his knees. All of a sudden… the ground
<DarnellJermaine> split- Theodore's bench broken in half. A large… create, at least 12 foot tall with a warped face and skin like melted animal fat clambered our of the space with two huge arms- emerging from the ground. Yeah, this was crazy. Once it climbed out- it screamed a deafening roar- shit was even louder than Ben's voice. Just to add insult to injury though… out of the creature's chest sprouted a third arm. And
<DarnellJermaine> that third arm grabbed poor little Steven, lifting him into one of the creature's other grotesque hands. George grew pale and Elizabeth fainted on the spot. This was a /terrible/ time for a monster to show up. Poor Theodore…
<DarnellJermaine> (roll intiative boyos)
<DarnellJermaine> `roll 4d3-8+2
<GameServ> Syntax: XdY [ {-|+|*|/} Z ]
<DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+2
<GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 2
<BobaFettuccine> `calc 4d3-8+9
<GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 9
<PuddleJumper> `calc 4d3-8+7
<GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 11
<PuddleJumper> (Woo crit!)

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<DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+2
<GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 2
<DarnellJermaine> >Skix’s Turn!
<PuddleJumper> Skix darts from her chair seeing Theo's bench broken and the giant thing spring from the ground…she had been sad that Theo's brother had blaimed them moments before but when she saw the thing grab him she sprung into action…this family couldent lose another son today, she wasent gonna let that happen. Her chair went flying as she launched herself into the air as fast as she had ever moved in her entire
<PuddleJumper> life slashing with her claws at the arm that held Theo's brother.
<PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
<GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 13
<DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+6
<GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 10
<DarnellJermaine> The beast squeals, backing up one, giant step that rumbles the ground a bit- nearly dropping Steven from 15feet up in the air- but thankfully, the beast holds on for the time being.
<DarnellJermaine> >Mary’s Turn!

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<BobaFettuccine> "Skix, catch him if it drops him!" Mary shouts, glowing purple and flying up into the air, her fire jumping from a few inches on her arms to enveloping a space around 6 feet around her in every direction as she /roars/ like, actaully roars like a bear. Not now, christ, why'd this have to happen /now?/ She throws her flames at the arm holding Steven with all her might careful not
<BobaFettuccine> to hit Steven. (Psyche overdrive)
<BobaFettuccine> ‘calc 4d3-8+11
<GameServ> 4d3-8+11 = 13
<DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+6
<GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
<DarnellJermaine> The beast shrieks- clearly Mary’s flames are having some effect on it, and it's not too happy about it.
<DarnellJermaine> George was absolutely distraught- he had never been much of a fighter or very physically strong like his late son. But something called to him- one son was too many already. He couldn't lose his only other living child. He couldn't. He gently set down his wife- who was now out cold. If she was conscious though, she'd probably be screaming at him for his stupidity right now. His feet just moved- he acted
<DarnellJermaine> without even thinking. He ran towards the beast screaming, throwing flimsy punches at its leg.
<DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+3
<GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 3
<DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+6
<GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 7
<DarnellJermaine> Sadly, his punches barely do more than irritate the Monster.
<DarnellJermaine> >MONSTER TURN 1
<DarnellJermaine> Well, it had just been dealt a new one by the flying girl in the sky- so in a fit of rage, it /threw/ Steven at Mary.
<DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+8
<GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 12
<DarnellJermaine> (you can roll reflexes to get out of the way or physical defense if you want to try and catch him)
<BobaFettuccine> (physical defense, psyche overdrive)
<BobaFettuccine> `calc 4d3-8+4
<GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 4

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<DarnellJermaine> (BACK!)
<DarnellJermaine> >MONSTER TURN 2
<DarnellJermaine> The monster noticed an annoying little itch at the base of it's foot, looking down to see George there doing his darndest. He simply punted him away
<DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
<GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
<DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+3
<GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 5
<DarnellJermaine> Thankfully, it was only a light nudge, pushing George back a few feet and knocking him on his backside.
<DarnellJermaine> >SKIX TURN
<PuddleJumper> Skix from her perch hanging from the damaged upper arm of the thing can see that Theo’s father wasnt badly hurt but she wasent sure if his little brother or Mary were even still alive…she would do her best to draw the creaturs attention…she howled in rage, her friend couldent even rest in peace without something trying to hurt his family still further. She launched herself at the huge things face, going
<PuddleJumper> for the eyes.
<PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
<GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 12
<DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+6
<GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 8
<DarnellJermaine> The creature stumbled back a step, letting out a loud roar as it raised it’s arms to it's face in pain, its chest arm still primed for battle.
<DarnellJermaine> >MARY TURN
<BobaFettuccine> OW, OUCH, OTHER WORDS INVOLVING PAIN. That had /hurt/. Mary gently floats to the ground, setting steven down there and trying not to burn him with her fires before she growls, bearlike at the monster who had hurt the family of her dead friend. She then plays few notes on her guitar, sending a lance of fire at its face. (psyche overdrive)
<BobaFettuccine> `calc 4d3-8+13
<GameServ> 4d3-8+13 = 14
<DarnellJermaine> (how much psyche does she have left btw?)
<DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+6
<GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
<BobaFettuccine> (6/8)
<BobaFettuccine> (HP 2/9)

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<DarnellJermaine> The flames erupt and cause the creature to shriek in horror as its whole body sets aflame. By the time it can pat itself down and the fire dies, it's a burnt, crispy, lifeless being that falls down to the ground with a tremendous *thump* /barely/ missing landing on George, who quickly scurries up from his place on the ground and over to his Steven. "Oh my god-" he checks his pulse and body quickly- giving
<DarnellJermaine> a sigh of relief when he can still feel Steven breathing, and looking like he didn't have anything worse than some bruising and maybe a broken rib or two. He then turns to Mary and Skix, "Are you two alright? You took quite a beating just now- I can't thank you enough for saving my boy" George is feeling a whole mix of emotions right now from fear to thankfulness to happiness to confusion and he's just an
<DarnellJermaine> erratic mess to say the least.
<DarnellJermaine> (-1 HP for skix suffering from minor burns being atop the creature)
<BobaFettuccine> Mary grunts in pain as she turns towards Steven to check him out and see how badly he's been injured.

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<PuddleJumper> Skix lands along with the creature having to tuck and roll to put out her clothes, her shirt around her shoulders was pretty much toast, she made a note never to go without her reinforced jacket no matter what anymore…she did her best to cover her chest and check on Mary and Steven. "You ok? You got hit hard."
<DarnellJermaine> (it's free post now btw, so you can talk more if you want boba and puddle, up to yall)
<BobaFettuccine> (But how badly injured is steven?)
<DarnellJermaine> George adds in after Skix mentions that, "You look pretty banged up after catching my son- again I really can't thank you enough. I'll give you anything you want- money, influence, you name it. Just- just thank you" he seems a bit teary eyed.
<DarnellJermaine> (he checks his pulse and body quickly- giving
<DarnellJermaine> <DarnellJermaine> a sigh of relief when he can still feel Steven breathing, and looking like he didn't have anything worse than some bruising and maybe a broken rib or two)
<BobaFettuccine> "Him first." Mary grunts to Skix, "I can help if you're hurt, just sit still a moment and listen" She says to George. before starting to play her guitar, a blue light flowing from it to cover Steven and his father. They would feel the music healing their bodies and washing away the pain.
<PuddleJumper> Skix shook her head, letting out a low whine when she saw how big a hit Mary took. She relaxed instantly when she felt the music quench her red inflamed scales…the burns had not been bad, just melty tshirt fabric on them. She looked to the smoking monster, sniffing at the acrid flesh burning smell, then to Theo's bench…"It broke his bench…We gotta get him a new one. I dont need anything, i just didnt
<PuddleJumper> want my friends family to get hurt anymore."
<DarnellJermaine> George wasn't too badly injured, but the soreness went away. Steven's wounds started to patch up too, and he twitched a bit before coming to and sitting himself up after about a minute. "W-wha… where's the monster? What happened to me?" he looks himself up and down and at the people around him, then to the burnt, dead corpse of the creature. He seems upset when he sees the broken bench though. He has no
<DarnellJermaine> more words. George is just happy his boy's alive, going to give him a big hug. Mary's music also wakes Elizabeth from unconsciousness, where she gathers herself together and walks over to the other two, joining in. "Oh my goodness- what happened here?" she asks, but there are no words from the family. Just being there together, in the moment. They were all still alive.
<BobaFettuccine> After Mary heals everyone she kind of slumps to the ground, no longer floating. To George she almost growls as she says. "You keep him safe." As she points to Steven with one flaming arm. Mary's got at least a few broken ribs, probably internal bleeding too, and a broken leg. "Skix… I don't think I can walk. Take me to the infirmary?" She then passes out from the pain and as
<BobaFettuccine> she goes unconscious, her flames and red glow disappear.
<PuddleJumper> Skix waits for her to stop burning then lifts her friend, her shirt hanging off her in tatters. "Come with me everyone, everythings gonna be ok." she said it mechanically, not sure if she believed it or not…but she hoped. She held Mary as if she were made from cracked glass. And hurried toward the infirmery.
<DarnellJermaine> And so, the family gathered themselves together and went with Skix and Mary, finally coming to the end of a pretty crazy day. At the end of it all, the Grundlewood family says their thanks and goodbyes, offering their contact information to Skix and Mary and mentioning they'll be in town for the next week or so and willing to keep in touch. Before they leave, George slips them some cash as a small token of
<DarnellJermaine> thanks.
<DarnellJermaine> (2 XP for Mary and Skix, $200 each)

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