There's a Blatant Nutshack Reference at the End

Sep 03 18:09:30 <gumbal1> -F L A T L A N D E R-
Sep 03 18:09:44 * Endphone (pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ#pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 18:11:07 <gumbal1> «Would the following students please report to the briefing room: Andrey Maijala, Zita Jasper, Eponnie…Eponnie, and Annora…christ, Mark, what's with all these kids with no last names, I swea-shit, this thing's still on, isn't it? Uh,»
Sep 03 18:12:56 <Endphone> Eponnie collects the usual things for a run, along with her new spider silk dress. Time to test this thing out.
Sep 03 18:13:16 <Defined‘> Annora muttered something to herself as she heads out to the briefing room. Not her fault she doesn’t have a last name. When she gets in there she'd sit down near the back, and wait to hear whatever they've got to say
Sep 03 18:13:33 <Silvors> Zita blinked a few times at hearing her name called… mission? A sense of dread and… eagerness filled her mind. She made a dash to her room, grabbing her recently-made but untested sword and Sferangue before hopping with both in hand and dashing, going to wait for Eponnie then heading out.
Sep 03 18:14:05 <Nemi> Well that's kinda weird. Still, Andrey shows up! Tall blonde girl, dresses basically like a boy, looks kinda awkward and super Scandinavian. "Uhh.. Hey."
Sep 03 18:15:16 <gumbal1> One Dr. Reinman, apparently leaving the whole Baldwolf thing on the backburner, is present, along with an assistant probably pulled from a pool of nervous graduate students easily motivated by the fear of failure. "Hello. How are you all today?"
Sep 03 18:16:12 <Endphone> "Hello." "I am well. Yourself?" That's how you reply to those things, so that's how Eponnie replies
Sep 03 18:16:48 <Nemi> "Heeey!" Andrey's voice is very high, very musical, with a kinda funny accent. "I'm uh, good. What's this about?"
Sep 03 18:18:02 <Silvors> Zita rests her head on Eponnie's and gives a thumbs up. She feels a little thumbs upy. "Hi."
Sep 03 18:18:47 <gumbal1> "That's good. And I am well aswell. Well," Dr. Reinman straightens out a few papers before him, and motions to the assistant to begin passing out manilla folders. "Our school has a bit of an interest in a certain town in the metropolitan area of Chicago, known as Flatlands. Specifically, its currently abandoned high school. Tell me, have any of you heard of the Flatlands Monster?"
Sep 03 18:19:19 <Nemi> ".. Nope!"
Sep 03 18:19:29 <Silvors> Zita shakes her head. "Nope!"
Sep 03 18:19:51 <Defined‘> "It seems we’re all clueless"
Sep 03 18:20:33 <Endphone> "I know little of current events and folklore, and this seems like it requires both"
Sep 03 18:21:57 <gumbal1> "Well, Echo Valley, a subsidiary of the now-defunct Pangloss-Olney corporation was apparently…inspired, by legends of it, and allegedly had performed research on traces of its sightings, in order to develop hard-light technology. You can guess why that might be useful."
Sep 03 18:23:20 <Silvors> "Because… I dunno." Zita didn't understand. How could light be hard? Was this like that thing in portal? She remembered when she played Portal 2 with Aiko and they had those blue bridges. Blue bridges seem cool.
Sep 03 18:24:14 <Defined‘> Annora nods. She doesn’t understand, but if she said that they'd start explaining it.
Sep 03 18:24:36 <Endphone> "Surfaces that can be created or destroyed on a whim…"
Sep 03 18:25:06 <Nemi> "Hard-light technology? Seriously? Were they employing people like Cass or something to come up with that?"
Sep 03 18:27:59 <gumbal1> "Indeed." Dr. Reinman chuckles at Andrey's quip. "Echo Valley was…trouble, but they were very good at being trouble. They're gone now." The folders, among general info of the town, have a map plan of Flatlands High School. "However, before they were…disappeared, they were working with the Flatlands Community on a breakthrough. We believe much of the relevant information is present within the only computer lab present in Flatlands; that is
Sep 03 18:27:59 <gumbal1> to say, their high school."
Sep 03 18:30:26 <Defined‘> "Why do we care?"
Sep 03 18:31:26 <gumbal1> "Why would anyone care about leftover research on hard light technology?"
Sep 03 18:31:42 <Nemi> "I mean, /I/ care, and I’m not even a science guy.."
Sep 03 18:32:24 <gumbal1> "We want you to retrieve it. Use whatever means necessary, but make sure that the data and hardware you recover stays intact."
Sep 03 18:32:31 <Silvors> "I could be like that one girl from that game…" Zita, stop thinking Overwatch! That game is so 2016!
Sep 03 18:33:13 <gumbal1> "…and one more thing. If you happen to come across the Flatlands Monster, it would be rather nice of you to recover it."
Sep 03 18:33:38 <Defined‘> "Recover? Isn’t it living happy where it is?"
Sep 03 18:33:50 <gumbal1> "For whatever you can recover of a large, crystaline creature."
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Sep 03 18:34:12 <Silvors> "What if I stab it instead?" Zita asks, looking at her fancy gladius that she only forged recently.
Sep 03 18:34:17 <gumbal1> Dr. Reinman just sort of tilts his head and smiles at Annora's question.
Sep 03 18:34:34 <gumbal1> "Then we can, at the very least, perform an autopsy."
Sep 03 18:34:36 <Nemi> "I thought the.. okay, uh. Huh. Well, I'll uh, do what I can."
Sep 03 18:34:37 <Endphone> "These objectives are understood." Eponnie nods
Sep 03 18:34:44 <Defined‘> "Oh…it’s dead?" Sadface
Sep 03 18:35:45 <gumbal1> "Not if you do your jobs, it won't be." Dr. Reinman was seriously tired of that kind of screw up. Working in the anomalies division of the CIA meant there were a lot of Big Guys, a lot of Smart Guys, and rarely any intersection between the two.
Sep 03 18:36:26 <Endphone> "Does we receive any equipment for this job?"
Sep 03 18:38:20 <gumbal1> "There should be several USB sticks in each of your folders. If all else fails and you cannot copy a program to a single one, examine its code and copy sections of it onto multiple sticks." True to his word, there are around five in each folder. "Now, will that be all?"
Sep 03 18:39:28 <Endphone> "What information can be given on this crystalline monster" Eponnie, you k- oh, my bad!
Sep 03 18:39:30 <Nemi> Andrey fishes the USB sticks out and stows them in his hoodie pocket, and nods. "I'm good, uh. Lemme just.." He reads over the folder contents real fast!
Sep 03 18:40:14 <Defined‘> "Um…Nothing from me"
Sep 03 18:41:23 <Silvors> Zita shakes her head. She keeps things simple!
Sep 03 18:42:47 <gumbal1> "Other than an apparent connection to hard light, we as an organization know little." There’s some sketches of a long, skinny humanoid thing with big, round eyes and a back collar shaped like a diamond, along with a few (often conflicting) anecdotes on its nature. Other than the drives, the town map, and the school map, there's little else.
Sep 03 18:44:02 <Defined‘> "Well. Hopefully he’s friendly"
Sep 03 18:44:04 <gumbal1> "If that will be all," Dr. Reinman snaps twice, and a nondescript student steps into the room. "I belive it's time to teleport you out. Stay safe."
Sep 03 18:44:46 <Endphone> "We'll indeed will do our best to successfully self-preserve"
Sep 03 18:44:46 <Defined‘> "..I’ve always found it odd that teleportation is the only supernatural thing that works for me.." Probably because the magic of convience is the most powerful magic in the world
Sep 03 18:44:47 <Nemi> "Mhm! I'll try!"
Sep 03 18:45:51 <Silvors> Zita nods her head and taps Eponnie's head. "I'll protect you, Eponnie."
Sep 03 18:46:34 <Endphone> "I am not the one most in need of protection, Zita. Combat is my design."
Sep 03 18:46:55 <Defined‘> "I’ll just stay hidden"
Sep 03 18:46:57 <Silvors> "Well I'll protect everyone then." Zita replies, sticking her tongue out at Eponnie. "And everyone includes you."
Sep 03 18:47:58 <gumbal1> The world around them stops, fades of color, and stretches into something different, as all four of them feel a sudden stiffness. This passes quickly, leaving the world to reorient and color itself into a small-town grocery store. People are milling about, not really paying much attention to the people who just came in (minus a young man in a Cubs hat who just freaked at the group's sudden apparation and ran, dropping his paper grocery bag). A
Sep 03 18:47:58 <gumbal1> cross the street is a decrepit, two-story building surrounded by a chicken-wire fence and partially covered by a treeline extending out from a forest on the opposite end.
Sep 03 18:49:33 <gumbal1> A barn owl flies overhead, only to swoop and perch on Zita's shoulder and just sort of stare at Annora expectantly.
Sep 03 18:49:48 <Nemi> ".. guuuh that was uncomfy uh- hey it's okay it'- heeee's gone." Andrey shakes his head out a bit and bobbles over to the register to get a 20oz cola or something. Just wandering around a grocery store is kind of uncomfortable, so at least he can feel better for buying something, right?
Sep 03 18:49:56 <Defined‘> "Um..Hi?" Annora can speak to owls, "How are you doing there Mr. Owl?"
Sep 03 18:50:12 <Silvors> Zita looks at the barn owl and goes to try and find some kind of food in her powcket. "Um, owl… oh, Annora, tell him that I’ll go get him some food if he wants some?" Zita likes birds.
Sep 03 18:50:16 <Endphone> Eponnie even more stiff? Unimaginable! She takes in the surroundings, and then reaches a hand out to the owl. "It seems it likes you, Zita"
Sep 03 18:52:02 <gumbal1> The bored, raven-with-blue-higlights-haired cashier rings up Andrey's order without much enthusiasm. She eyes the barn owl with suspicion, briefly, before going back to her job. Hey, gotta pay her boyfriend's bail money somehow.
Sep 03 18:52:33 <Nemi> "Thanks," Andrey squeaks before shuffling back outside to join the others. "Sooo uh- hey, owl."
Sep 03 18:53:42 <gumbal1> The owl doesn't speak. Owls are bad at speaking, lacking vocal cords. It does, however, whip its head towards Zita as she presents delicious, nutritious Fud™.
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Sep 03 18:54:45 <Silvors> Zita smiles at the owl before going to… she doesn't have any food. "Owl, let's go get you a snack." Zita says, as she goes to head into the grocery store to buy… bread? Do owls eat bread? No! They are carnivores! She gets some kind of jerky for it!
Sep 03 18:56:14 <gumbal1> The cashier just does her job, not really paying attention to the implications of this. The owl hoots something Annora feels implies ~you're one of the better humans~ before wolfing it down right then and there.
Sep 03 18:56:56 <gumbal1> > SCIENCE, ANYONE OBSERVING THE OWL
Sep 03 18:56:59 <Nemi> Andrey pops the cap of his cola and drinks some, boggling at ANnora and the owl.
Sep 03 18:57:10 <Defined‘> "Yes. Owls like meat. Something small that they can eat without chewing. No teeth" Annora explains ~What brings you here Mr. Owl?~
Sep 03 18:57:15 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+3
Sep 03 18:57:15 <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 4
Sep 03 18:57:42 <Silvors> Zita was looking at the owl as she fed it more and more jerky. Of course she was looking at it!
Sep 03 18:57:56 <Silvors> `calc 4d3-8+5
Sep 03 18:57:57 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
Sep 03 18:57:58 <Defined`> `calc 4d3-8+5
Sep 03 18:57:58 <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
Sep 03 18:58:41 <gumbal1> Yep. Just Owls being Owls. Nothing wrong with that.
Sep 03 18:59:41 <Silvors> Zita tried to pet the owls. Owls are cute. Maybe she should get a pet owl?
Sep 03 19:00:34 <gumbal1> The owl allows itself to be pet, nuzzling into Zita’s hands as she does so.
Sep 03 19:00:44 <Nemi> ".. awwwh.."
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Sep 03 19:01:11 <gumbal1> Meanwhile, a man with a dirty blonde undercut, currently pushing a stroller with a baby, watches the group in abject confusion.
Sep 03 19:01:40 <Nemi> ".. it's really cute."
Sep 03 19:01:43 * Charlotte_ (moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.061812-gt|604321diu#moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.061812-gt|604321diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 19:01:49 <Silvors> Zita gives a little "Awww. I love it." Zita says with a giggle, going to pet the owl and then move to give it a gentle hug. "Can I keep it?" Zita says, looking up to Eponnie. "It's so cuuute! Do you wanna live with me, owl?" Zita asks with a big smile.
Sep 03 19:01:53 <Defined‘> Annora gives the man a smile, and a wave. Just your regular winged girl. Nothing to see here!
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Sep 03 19:03:33 <Nemi> Andrey gives the passerby a nervous smile and a wave. Just a bunch of weird girls cooing oer an owl, right?
Sep 03 19:03:44 <gumbal1> The owl makes happy owl noises…well, the sound happy. To Annora, it sounds like utter nonsense in terms of owlspeak.
Sep 03 19:04:06 <Endphone> 4d3-8+2 (might be wrong mod)
Sep 03 19:04:06 <Mjeowlnir> Endphone, (might be wrong mod): 1:7-8+2
Sep 03 19:04:23 <Defined`> Annora looks back to the owl "Hey. Mr Owl. Where do you live?" She looks a little concerned.
Sep 03 19:04:27 <Silvors> Zita goes to look at Eponnie some more. "Please? Please can I have him as a pet?" Zita was absolutely beaming.
Sep 03 19:05:05 <Endphone> "I do not know how good an idea that is, at present…"
Sep 03 19:05:09 <Nemi> ".. guys, um.. shouldn’t we, like, head to school now? I mean.. Owl's super great and all, but yeah."
Sep 03 19:05:25 <Defined‘> "I think there might be something wrong with him.."
Sep 03 19:05:40 <gumbal1> The owl looks to Annora, and suddenly takes off, flying over to perch on top of the chickenwire fence surrounding the decrepit building. It motions its head towards the general direction of the treeline.
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Sep 03 19:06:39 <Defined`> "Okay…." Annora looks to the others "I’m going to go catch up with you guys. There's something I need to check out She heads out towards the treeline ~Do you feel okay?~ To the owl.
Sep 03 19:06:47 <Silvors> "No! There's nothing wrong with him, he's just special!" Zita assumes its a boy, anyways. She smiles at the owl and goes to look over at the forest then back at Annora then Andrey. "Yeah… we should. But maybe the owl can come with us?"
Sep 03 19:06:54 <Endphone> "If I am correct, that bird is beaconing us to the school. Animals rarely behave as such."
Sep 03 19:07:26 <gumbal1> ~i am awake~
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Sep 03 19:09:48 <Nemi> Andrey shrugs helplessly and fishes his phone from his pocket to check the map for the school!
Sep 03 19:10:36 <Defined‘> ~Okay. Well. That’s a good start. If you need help, just ask~ She's still a little worried, but still
Sep 03 19:12:30 <Silvors> Zita goes to walk out to the chickenwire fence before looking at the owl. "Hey Mr or Miss Owl, um, d'you wanna come with me?"
Sep 03 19:12:32 <gumbal1> School should be that way. Looks like the treeline's taken over the sideback entrance (or the school's been built around it), though the front entrance and various other miscellaneous ones are still present.
Sep 03 19:13:05 <gumbal1> The owl just stares at Zita for a bit.
Sep 03 19:13:26 <Defined‘> "Owls llike to live in the forest.Not indoors"
Sep 03 19:13:47 <Silvors> "You can ride on my shoulder?" Zita asks before looking at Annora. "Well this owl likes me, and it can be my owl if it wants to… right Owl?"
Sep 03 19:14:12 <Nemi> Hhmm. Andrey looks to the others a moment, shrugs, and turns to start walking to the schoo. Front entrance, even. After all, Andrey looks like a high school student. Mostly by virtue of being one.
Sep 03 19:16:13 * DarcellJermaine (moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu#moc.duolccri.notlrahc.741831-sz|042761diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 19:16:19 <gumbal1> I mean, you could just walk around the chicken-wire fence to get there. All you need is…no, that side’s not open. Maybe the other…no, that side's not open either. Okay, just go arou-okay, so the chickenwire's surrounding the entire school grounds. Fair enough.
Sep 03 19:16:40 <Endphone> Eponnie follows Andrey. She was suspicious of that bird, but it's done nothing wrong
Sep 03 19:16:48 <Defined‘> Annora ..flies over the fence?
Sep 03 19:17:36 <gumbal1> Annora flies over without incidence, as the two barn owls stare at her from their spot on the fence.
Sep 03 19:17:44 <Nemi> That’s not really a problem. Andrey just waves a hand vaguely and wills the chickenwire to flutter aside like a curtain.
Sep 03 19:18:03 <Endphone> "Me must move over the fence…" Eponnie climbs, slow and steady as she is
Sep 03 19:19:05 <gumbal1> Liquid metal is as liquid metal does, although Andrey nearly disturbs one of the three barn owls currently watching the team.
Sep 03 19:19:27 <Silvors> Zita has the best method, since they were going this way. She grabs her golden orb with one hand and holds onto it as it flies up and forward, carrying Zita as if it were a handle on a zipline, riding it past the fence.
Sep 03 19:19:27 <Defined‘> Annora looks back to the owls ~Is there something dangerous going on inside?~
Sep 03 19:20:21 <gumbal1> One of the five barn owls perches on Eponnie’s head as she climbs, only to hop off and join the other seven as she begins her descent over.
Sep 03 19:20:39 <gumbal1> The thirteen barn owls marvel at Zita's inexplicable flight, but stay where they are.
Sep 03 19:20:56 <Nemi> "Sorry," Andrey winces at the owl, "Don't mind us.." And he'll start through the opening and continue on to the school. ".. there's uh- an awful lot of owls, aren't there?"
Sep 03 19:21:05 <gumbal1> All twenty-one barn owls merely look at Annora in silence.
Sep 03 19:21:08 <Defined‘> "It’s okay. I like owls" Annora nods
Sep 03 19:21:24 <Silvors> Zita looks at the owls with confusion. "Which one is my owl?"
Sep 03 19:21:27 <Endphone> "A suspicious amount. Clearly we must be on guard"
Sep 03 19:23:59 <gumbal1> The school is…given its current condition, it must've been abandoned recently, and abandoned hard. There's no real evidence of an attempt at restoration/preservation present, but there isn't enough general degredation/vandalism to indicate that this thing's been abandoned for more than a few years.
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Sep 03 19:24:41 <Nemi> "Kinda, uh, worrying now.." Andrey starts to the front doors and aims to tug them open.
Sep 03 19:26:12 <gumbal1> They aren't locked. Board thought that anyone who got through the chicken wire would have the patience to break locks. Still, the grimy glass eventually gives way to a dusty, is surprisingly unbroken entrance hall.
Sep 03 19:26:17 <gumbal1> > PERCEPTION, ANDREY
Sep 03 19:26:53 <gumbal1> Around twenty-one of the thirty-four barn owls fly over to watch Andrey as he works his magic.
Sep 03 19:30:42 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
Sep 03 19:30:42 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
Sep 03 19:30:42 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 4:6-8+6
Sep 03 19:30:55 <Nemi> Aha, Mjeowlnir’s here. Okay.
Sep 03 19:31:19 <Nemi> Andrey glances up at the increasing volume of owls, and gets a little more weirded out. "Uh, guys? C'mon, uh.." He'll step inside the dusty lobby. Right. Map of the school said computer lab was THIS way..
Sep 03 19:32:08 <Defined‘> Annora doesn’t really mind. She likes birds! "Okay. I'm going to fly up, see if there's another way in. We can keep in contact right, with phones and stuff"
Sep 03 19:32:13 <gumbal1> Nothing much interesting, but damn if it wouldn't make a good ~a e s t h e t i c~ picture.
Sep 03 19:32:27 <Silvors> Zita looks at Andrey going in and then goes to follow after him, turning and giving a "Bye, owls. You guys are awesome!" Yeah, it was weird, but ZIta still thought it was cool. She goes to dump any extra jerky on the floor for them to eat before going in after the rest of the group.
Sep 03 19:32:43 <Endphone> Eponnie enters, looking around as usual. "Now incident so for. That is a good sign."
Sep 03 19:32:51 <gumbal1> *CRCK*
Sep 03 19:33:29 <gumbal1> Something sounded behind the three of you. Annora might notice the owls very suddenly disappear. No poof, not shift in space. Nothing.
Sep 03 19:33:48 <gumbal1> > PERC, ANNORA
Sep 03 19:33:54 <Nemi> Andrey snaps a photo with his phone. SPOOPY AESTHETIC. And then, it's time to start for the computer laaaa- he JUMPS at the CRACK. A frantic look and the abrupt departure of the owls are .. noted. ".. cooome on, let's uh, hurry."
Sep 03 19:33:59 <gumbal1> > PERC ZITA AND EPONNIE
Sep 03 19:34:15 <Defined‘> 4d3-8+3
Sep 03 19:34:15 <Mjeowlnir> Defined`: 1:6-8+3
Sep 03 19:34:55 <gumbal1> The door very suddenly appears to have been boarded up, in an x-formation, by an odd, purple stone.
Sep 03 19:34:59 <Endphone> 4d3-8+10
Sep 03 19:34:59 <Mjeowlnir> Endphone: 8:6-8+10
Sep 03 19:37:04 <Silvors> 4d3-8+5
Sep 03 19:37:04 <Mjeowlnir> Silvors: 6:9-8+5
Sep 03 19:38:14 <gumbal1> Eponnie, Zita, why is the light on that surveillance camera still on?
Sep 03 19:39:10 <Endphone> "It appears this place is still receiving power. That camera is active."
Sep 03 19:39:23 <Defined`> "Maybe it’s a backup?"
Sep 03 19:39:45 <Silvors> Zita squints at the security camera. "Where's the security room? Maybe we could go there and look at the cameras to see the room with the computers!"
Sep 03 19:40:15 <Endphone> "It is on our map, Zita. And perhaps it is the same place."
Sep 03 19:40:55 <Nemi> ".. yyyyeah.." Andrey VERY QUICKLY hurries his pace on in the direction the computer lab's supposed to be.
Sep 03 19:41:56 <Silvors> Zita goes to follow after Andrey! Don't you know, you never split the party?
Sep 03 19:41:58 <Endphone> Don't be mean to Eponnie like that! She's always walking her fastest!
Sep 03 19:42:10 <Silvors> Well Zita picks up Eponnie! Girlfriends help each other!
Sep 03 19:42:13 <Defined‘> Annora would be go too, but a little behind, and all sneaky like
Sep 03 19:43:57 <gumbal1> The foyer hall enters into a main hallway, surrounded by lockers on one side (with the occasional break for a classroom door) and assorted pictures of alumni and faculty (some of which have been crossed out by similar purple x’s. On one end, the hallyway leads into the cafeteria, which is currently empty. On the other end (the one leading further into the heart of the building and, therefore, to the labs)…
Sep 03 19:44:27 <Nemi> Uh oh.
Sep 03 19:45:00 <gumbal1> …you hear it before you see it. A two-step tap cycle, very fast, getting louder as whatever it is gets closer.
Sep 03 19:45:51 <Silvors> Zita sets Eponnie down and grips her sword, just in case this was some kinda monster. It could be a nice thing though! Hence why she doesn't aim her blade.
Sep 03 19:46:34 * SheepsGoToHeaven (||reJllenraD) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 19:46:43 <Endphone> Eponnie pulls out her core shard too, just in case… "You all hear this, correct?"
Sep 03 19:46:48 <Nemi> Andrey tenses but keeps walking through the unsettling array of otherwise familiar scholastica. "Uh huh.."
Sep 03 19:46:59 <Defined‘> Annora wasn’t answering. Sneaking and talking don't mix!
Sep 03 19:48:24 <gumbal1> The thing eventually comes close enough that the near complete darkness of an unlit schoolhouse doesn't dilluminate it. It's…very much like those weird Boston Dynamics walkers, galloping towards the group. Once it comes towards them, it starts galloping in circles around them…
Sep 03 19:49:04 * DarnellJermaine has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
Sep 03 19:49:10 <gumbal1> …as glowing, sharp-looking blue shards of something suddenly jut out of mounds on its exterior.
Sep 03 19:49:31 <Defined‘> Well. Annora isn’t going to get involved in that! Hopefully it doesn't notice her….
Sep 03 19:49:50 <Nemi> Oh god, what. No. Andrey brings a hand up to try to- well, not fuse the metal, but halt its mechanisms from doing anything!
Sep 03 19:49:57 <Endphone> Eponnie holds out the shard, which starts glowing "shall we keep going?" She's asks the group
Sep 03 19:50:38 <Defined‘> Annora is being generally notgettinginvolved. She’s got no weapons, and she's painfully squishy.
Sep 03 19:50:42 <Silvors> Zita goes to spew blood from her orb to try and short circuit it.
Sep 03 19:51:27 <Endphone> At everyone else acting, Eponnie starts walking forward, keeping it in sight
Sep 03 19:52:38 * DarnellJermaine (||reJllenraD) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 19:52:39 <gumbal1> Andrey manages to stop the thing in its tracks, as it slides into the wall.
Sep 03 19:53:10 <gumbal1> And Zita manages to shut it down.
Sep 03 19:53:58 <Nemi> ".. thaaat was.. odd.. I suppose um, that's a real sign that the tech's still active, uh, right?" Andrey forces a grin as he.. actually pauses to approach the fallen thing, to try to figure it out. Andrey does love his technology.
Sep 03 19:54:19 <gumbal1> …*tick*. *tick.* *tick*.
Sep 03 19:54:36 <gumbal1> > ROLL PHYSICAL DEFENSE
Sep 03 19:54:51 <Endphone> (Everyone?)
Sep 03 19:55:08 * SheepsGoToHeaven has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
Sep 03 19:55:12 <Nemi> 4d3-8+10
Sep 03 19:55:12 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 10:8-8+10
Sep 03 19:55:12 <gumbal1> (YEP)
Sep 03 19:55:18 <Nemi> Andrey is pretty tough, turns out.
Sep 03 19:55:29 <Silvors> 4d3-8+12
Sep 03 19:55:29 <Mjeowlnir> Silvors: 12:8-8+12
Sep 03 19:55:30 <Defined‘> (Even Annora?)
Sep 03 19:55:39 <Endphone> 4d3-8+13
Sep 03 19:55:39 <Mjeowlnir> Endphone: 14:9-8+13
Sep 03 19:55:48 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (TIME TO LEAVE THEM ALL BEHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND)
Sep 03 19:55:48 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (TIME TO LEAVE THEM ALL BEHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND): 10:10-8+8
Sep 03 19:56:06 <gumbal1> (If she’s in the hallways with it, then yes)
Sep 03 19:56:19 <Defined‘> (She hung back though)
Sep 03 19:56:36 <Endphone> (And Eponnie’s ahead of the group)
Sep 03 19:56:56 <Defined‘> (And this 100% kills her)
Sep 03 19:57:59 <gumbal1> The robot explodes into a million tiny fragments. The blue-light mounds don’t, but they do travel at an amazing speed in all directions, like little bits of shrapenel.
Sep 03 19:58:25 <gumbal1> Thankfully, the angle the robot exploded wasn't a very good cutting angle.
Sep 03 19:59:16 <Endphone> Eponnie is a very solid object, so she's safe.
Sep 03 19:59:33 <Nemi> "GAH! HELVETTI-" More astonishing displays of Finnish phrasing comes out of Andrey as he falls to his tush amidst the storm of fragments.
Sep 03 20:00:31 <Defined‘> Annora is hopefully out of the doom radius of pointy death
Sep 03 20:01:19 <gumbal1> Annora, not being in the main hallway, was thankfully spared.
Sep 03 20:02:03 <gumbal1> A very faint tapping can soon be heard from further into the building.
Sep 03 20:02:21 <Nemi> ".. hooooh wow okay I uh." Andrey pats himself down as he stands up. Okay, he didn’t care too much about these clothes, which si good because they're ribbons. His phone's fine, though, that's important. Andrey stands unsteadily and brushes himself off. ".. let's uh, keep going."
Sep 03 20:02:28 <Nemi> And Andrey do. He proceeds!
Sep 03 20:02:38 <Defined‘> Annora’s gonna be much more pointed about the whole 'staying quiet and out of danger thing'. Goddamn exploding robots
Sep 03 20:03:20 <Silvors> Zita did a bullet time maneuver to avoid it or something. She looked cool as fuck, yo. She nodded her head and then gulped. "Well… um… that was a thing."
Sep 03 20:03:32 <Endphone> Eponnie is probably significantly ahead, but not so much that they're losing significant ligbt
Sep 03 20:05:27 <Nemi> Nothing Andrey done looks cool.
Sep 03 20:05:33 <Nemi> Does, too.
Sep 03 20:05:57 <Defined‘> Annora looks like that empty space over there ---> " "
Sep 03 20:06:03 <gumbal1> The tapping gets louder as they come to a fork in the hallway, as oh god it’s another weird dog-robot.
Sep 03 20:06:23 * Endphone has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Sep 03 20:06:53 * Endphone (pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ#pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 20:07:50 <Silvors> Fuck that. You know quills? And things that shoot quills? Zita makes a flying quill out of blood and shoots it at the thing like an arrow.
Sep 03 20:08:27 <Defined‘> " "<---——That blank space. It’s where Annora isn't
Sep 03 20:08:47 <Nemi> Andrey decides to just.. reach out and fuse that dogbot together into a blob of metal and synthetic materials he can't touch.
Sep 03 20:09:41 <gumbal1> Zita ends up shooting a blood arrow at a blob of melted metal, which soon bursts, shaking the mounds off but not doing much else.
Sep 03 20:10:01 <Endphone> Eponnie again walks past it towards the computer lab. Bomb bots don't scare her, and they can handle it
Sep 03 20:10:42 * SheepsGoToHeaven (||reJllenraD) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 20:10:45 <Silvors> Zita giggles and looks at Annora, offering her sword. "You wanna use this? I've got my orb… just make sure to give my sword back?" Zita doesn't like sad blank spaces.
Sep 03 20:11:03 <Silvors> "That's a different thing, huh?"
Sep 03 20:11:07 <Nemi> Andrey shudders and keeps going on. "These are reeeeally uh.. I wanna know how they work."
Sep 03 20:11:33 <Defined‘> Annora’s not there! That's the blank space where Annora isn't. Besides. She's too weedy to use a sword.
Sep 03 20:11:47 <gumbal1> The map says the computer labe should be down the left hall at this junction, just take the right door at the end of *THUMP*
Sep 03 20:11:52 <gumbal1> *THUMP*
Sep 03 20:11:53 <Endphone> "Perhaps you could study one in the future? We are almost there, yes?"
Sep 03 20:13:20 * DarnellJermaine has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
Sep 03 20:13:20 <Silvors> Then Zita keeps her sword and looks at the source of the thumpage.
Sep 03 20:13:44 * Charlotte_ has quit (Quit: see ya)
Sep 03 20:14:30 <gumbal1> Something large makes its way over, from down the central hallway. If one had to describe it, one could say it looks like an enormous, unusually wide jukebox with rotating pistons for legs. It's almost funny how it waddles about towards the group.
Sep 03 20:15:21 <Nemi> "Uh- yeeeeahholycrap." Andrey actually freezes to gawk at it before he thinks to just crumple it into itself. Being a metalbender is shockingly useful.
Sep 03 20:15:33 <gumbal1> What isn't funny is the noise of steam-powered mechanisms suddenly intensifying as it stops.
Sep 03 20:15:41 <gumbal1> > ROLL METALBENDING
Sep 03 20:15:43 <Defined‘> Annora would try to get around, by going a different way. Combat is really, really not her thing.
Sep 03 20:16:22 <Nemi> 4d3-8+10
Sep 03 20:16:23 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 11:9-8+10
Sep 03 20:17:00 <gumbal1> From the entrance hallway, there isn’t much. There's an office-looking room, at least from what she can see from the musty glass between hall and office.
Sep 03 20:17:24 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+10 (CATCHING BUTTERFLIES, LINE DRIVES…)
Sep 03 20:17:24 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (CATCHING BUTTERFLIES, LINE DRIVES…): 9:7-8+10
Sep 03 20:17:44 <gumbal1> The machine folds into itself, rather pathetically.
Sep 03 20:19:25 <Nemi> Andrey exhales, a soft, high sound. ".. right. Oookay. Uh- uuuuh.."
Sep 03 20:19:51 <Silvors> Zita gives a shouting, "Um, please don't? We're fine. Thank you!"
Sep 03 20:20:01 <Endphone> Eponnie just keeps walking slowly, wondering about… all this. Surely she was close now?
Sep 03 20:20:13 <Defined‘> Since the group seems to be getting..representation, Annora would sneak to try and find something interesting and not deathy
Sep 03 20:22:27 <Silvors> Zita decides something fun. She shouts out "This statement is false!" at the nearest security camera. She saw that in a movie once.
Sep 03 20:23:12 <gumbal1> «WOW» It’s hard for a feminine deadpan AI to sound even more unimpressed than it should inherently sound.
Sep 03 20:23:28 <Nemi> "Oh my goooood.."
Sep 03 20:23:31 <Nemi> "Ziiiita…."
Sep 03 20:23:44 <Nemi> Andrey puts his hands to his face and siiiighs before turning to proceed on!
Sep 03 20:24:00 <Silvors> "It replied!" Zita says, looking very proud of herself. "Um, voice thingy, can you please stop sending robots?"
Sep 03 20:25:00 <gumbal1> Annora, meanwhile, will find that the office is…not empty. A few barn owls are currently pecking at what looks to be the corpse of an urbex explorer. Near them is a map of the school, with several areas colored in red. The office isn't one of them, but the halls are, from the look of it.
Sep 03 20:26:17 <gumbal1> Just outside of the door to the computer lab is what looks to be a glossy black art-model looking robot. It turns to the group as they approach, waving.
Sep 03 20:26:47 <Defined‘> ~Oh. Um…Hey..What are you guys doing? That’s not nice~ to the owls. She does look at the map. It's probably important
Sep 03 20:26:47 <Endphone> "Hello." Eponnie says to it "how are you?"
Sep 03 20:27:05 <gumbal1> Something appears to have been scrawled on the back of the map, if the way it's folded is any indication.
Sep 03 20:27:34 <Defined‘> Well then. Annora turns it over, and has a look!
Sep 03 20:28:36 <Silvors> Zita swallows and goes to approach the robot. "Um, hello?" She looks as guarded as she feels.
Sep 03 20:29:41 <Nemi> Andrey tentatively waves at the ROBOT as they approach. "Uuuuh, hey? You’re not gonna try to kill us, right?"
Sep 03 20:29:53 <gumbal1> The owls ignore Annora, while the robot seems to gesture wildly at them.
Sep 03 20:30:21 <Defined‘> It was kinda icky..but Annora would see if the dead guy had anything on him.
Sep 03 20:30:50 <Nemi> "Thaaat’s.. ooookay. Sure." Andrey stares blankly at it.
Sep 03 20:30:52 <Silvors> Zita waves at it? Maybe it… oh. "Oh… uh… Can we go in the computer lab, please miss voice?"
Sep 03 20:31:18 * BobaFettuccine has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Sep 03 20:31:34 <gumbal1> There's standard urbex gear. A flashlight. A water flask. Some snacks. A phone. A…that looks like a key to somewhere in the school, from the looks of it.
Sep 03 20:31:49 <gumbal1> «AND…DONE»
Sep 03 20:32:01 <gumbal1> The sound of footsteps can be heard from behind the group.
Sep 03 20:32:14 <Endphone> Eponnie turns to look at this
Sep 03 20:32:15 <Defined‘> "Oh..Well. That’s handy" Annora murmers, and calls Zita up! Yay technology. She also takes the phone
Sep 03 20:32:41 <Nemi> Andrey also slowly swivels at the steps!
Sep 03 20:33:08 <Silvors> Zita answers her phone if she can and then goes to look at the source of the steps.
Sep 03 20:33:10 * QtPie (||000_alliv) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 20:33:14 <gumbal1> It's another one of those robots, basically identical to the first.
Sep 03 20:34:02 * QtPie has quit (Client Quit)
Sep 03 20:34:19 <Nemi> "Sooo uh.. hey. You're not gonna try to kill us, right? I think you're really cool and uh, don't wanna have to blob you into a glob of uh, molten metal."
Sep 03 20:35:08 <Defined‘> "Hey Zita. Where are you? I’ve found a map that's marked off..oh, and a key. I think to a closet..there's a phone yeah. Some dead guy"
Sep 03 20:35:23 <Defined‘> Annora almost forgot the last bit!
Sep 03 20:35:46 <Nemi> "Uum- nnno? I just don’t wanna have to slag any of your robots, that's all." Andrey moves for the computer lab door.
Sep 03 20:35:58 <Silvors> "Oh, uh, we're in front of the computer lab thingy? There's two robots but they aren't hurting us. There's a key too."
Sep 03 20:36:12 <Endphone> "We wish access to this room, if you please?"
Sep 03 20:36:37 <Defined‘> Annora looks to her map. Is that area marked in red?
Sep 03 20:36:37 <gumbal1> «DULY NOTED. DO YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE?»
Sep 03 20:37:13 <gumbal1> Yes. In fact, it’s marked in a darker red than the others.
Sep 03 20:37:36 <gumbal1> There's one area marked with a green circle. A Janitor's closet, from the looks of it.
Sep 03 20:37:55 <Defined‘> "I’d suggest you leave..I think that's the kind of area where the robots murder you lots…Okay..get to.the Janitor's closet. I'll meet you there"
Sep 03 20:38:02 <Nemi> "Yeah, um.. Can we get in the lab here?" Andrey offers a disarming smile. Then blinks.
Sep 03 20:38:51 * BobaFettuccine (||cutteFaboB) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 20:39:12 <Silvors> Zita nods her head.
Sep 03 20:39:25 <Silvors> (Redact that part about the key. She doesn't have a key, Annora found a key.)
Sep 03 20:39:39 <Nemi> "What?"
Sep 03 20:39:43 <Nemi> ".. barn owl?"
Sep 03 20:39:46 * Uracilo is now known as Uragone
Sep 03 20:40:05 <Silvors> "Um, what if we say please?" Zita asks, going to look at the two bots.
Sep 03 20:40:36 <Defined‘> Annora would head towards the closet on the map! She’s got a key after all
Sep 03 20:41:03 <Endphone> "There appears to be an error. We are authorized to be here"
Sep 03 20:41:28 <Nemi> Andrey rubs at his neck, bemused and not sure what to do.
Sep 03 20:43:16 <gumbal1> It's…this closet's seen some shit. The door is ratty, and padlocked, still. There appear to be some weird stains coming out of it, a deep brown from the looks of it. At least, that's what it looks like in the dark.
Sep 03 20:43:56 <Endphone> "Shall we request disengage?"
Sep 03 20:44:19 <gumbal1> One of the padlocks appears to have been opened, with a key sticking out of it. The other is still attatched. Trying the handle reveals that even if they could bust it open, the door itself is locked, too.
Sep 03 20:44:29 <gumbal1> «COMMAND NOT RECOGNIZED»
Sep 03 20:45:03 <Nemi> Andrey blinks at Eponnie and stands like a lemon in shredded clothes.
Sep 03 20:45:12 <Defined‘> Annora will try to open it up. She’s got excellent nightvision, and a key!
Sep 03 20:45:36 <gumbal1> The door opens. The padlock doesn't.
Sep 03 20:45:59 <Nemi> "It's.. I mean, what's that?"
Sep 03 20:46:06 <Defined‘> Annora tries the key, on the padlock
Sep 03 20:47:21 <Silvors> Zita stands there, looking at her sword then the robots. "Um… this is weird."
Sep 03 20:48:16 <gumbal1> The key doesn't fit in the padlock. Maybe you need a different key.
Sep 03 20:49:03 <Defined‘> Annora puts away her key. And takes out her ’other' key. Namely her lockpicks. Lets see if this works better.
Sep 03 20:49:04 <Nemi> Maybe tell the metalbender. ".. ooooh really?"
Sep 03 20:49:11 <Nemi> "AI development.."
Sep 03 20:49:17 <gumbal1> > roll lockpicking
Sep 03 20:50:06 <Defined‘> 4d3-8+7
Sep 03 20:50:06 <Silvors> "I don’t think I can make an AI… I'm not very smart." Zita admits with a frown. "What's the AI do?"
Sep 03 20:50:06 <Mjeowlnir> Defined‘: 9:10-8+7
Sep 03 20:50:19 <gumbal1> *click*
Sep 03 20:51:14 <Nemi> ".. thaaat’d be so cool."
Sep 03 20:51:18 <Defined‘> Annora removes the padlock, and then tries opening the door, stepping back in case of..badthings
Sep 03 20:51:29 <gumbal1> «HERE AT ECHO VALLEY, WE ARE DEDICATED TO RECREATING SAPIENCE, ONE VERSION AT A TIME» The C-D.O.Y.s seem to be following along like flight attendants, gesturing to the words.
Sep 03 20:52:26 <Endphone> Eponnie turns to look at what’s going on with the door
Sep 03 20:52:43 <gumbal1> The closet opens to what looks to be a human skeleton, lying on a giant brown stain, and a brief sinking feeling that Annora just did something really bad.
Sep 03 20:52:53 <gumbal1> The door's on the other side of the building.
Sep 03 20:53:15 <Endphone> (Sorry, I dem
Sep 03 20:53:18 <Silvors> Zita tilts her head. "So… you're trying to make an AI that's like a person?"
Sep 03 20:53:23 <Endphone> (Derped)
Sep 03 20:53:31 <Silvors> "I dunno if any of us can help…"
Sep 03 20:53:46 <gumbal1> «TO DO THIS, WE ERROR, ERROR, ERROR, REM-» *fizzle* Both of the art figure robots suddenly collapse, as the lights from the cameras go out.
Sep 03 20:54:04 <Nemi> ".. wh-what?" Andrey moves to open the computer lab door while he can!
Sep 03 20:54:17 <Defined‘> "Huh…That’s an odd feeling.." She looks at the skeleton "I don't want to think about what the stain is"
Sep 03 20:55:07 <Silvors> Zita looks very confused and squats down to poke the robots with her sword as she follows Andrey.
Sep 03 20:55:13 <Endphone> Eponnie follows Andrey in
Sep 03 20:56:33 <gumbal1> The computer lab is certainly fancier than the one in Sanctum. It takes up about 4 times the space of that one, most of which is taken up by a few supercomputer cabinets, a cooling system, and a currently (turned off) generator. A few monitors are connected to the cabinet, meaning the whole floor is basically one giant tripwire maze of cables.
Sep 03 20:57:03 <Silvors> Are any of the monitors on?
Sep 03 20:57:26 <gumbal1> «…rebooting…done.» This voice is different. Whereas the last one was a deadpan adult woman, this one appears to be several children speaking in unison.
Sep 03 20:58:28 <Endphone> Eponnie looks around, USBs at the ready, though not in her hand
Sep 03 20:58:58 <Nemi> Andrey sprints on to plug a USB stick in into one of the computers! Heedless of the obvious danger!
Sep 03 20:59:10 <gumbal1> Initially, no. However, all monitors seem to turn on at the sudden interruption. «I admit, I found it a bit odd to be released out of nowhere. I was pretty sure chad whatever code EV plagiarized and butchered from Jang-1.»
Sep 03 20:59:26 <gumbal1> *sure Chad got killed by whatever
Sep 03 20:59:37 <Silvors> Zita blinks a few times, alright, children speaking in unison was WAAAY creepier than deadpan woman. "Can you tell me about the, um, how are you gonna make an AI like a person." Zita asks as she goes to look at one of the now-on monitors.
Sep 03 20:59:56 <Defined‘> Annora would carefully look around the closet for anything that could explain well..anything.
Sep 03 21:00:30 <gumbal1> Seemingly without prompting, files begin downloading onto the USB. That’s good!…or would be, if they didn't all have names like teatime5.jpg or butitalkfromthere.mp4.
Sep 03 21:01:16 <Endphone> "That is not how computers are supposed to work."
Sep 03 21:02:08 <gumbal1> «Oh. Well, that's very simple. I have a few videos up. You, doll, open up donttell.flac, if you would.»
Sep 03 21:02:29 <Nemi> "Uuuuuhhhhh…" Andrey stares at the stick. ".. thiiiis.. what even is this?"
Sep 03 21:02:40 <Silvors> "Wait, how… how… wait what?" Zita asks with complete confusion. "How does a video do that?"
Sep 03 21:03:17 <Endphone> "Shall I?" Eponnie asks Zita
Sep 03 21:03:31 <Silvors> "I dunno? What's the video gonna do?"
Sep 03 21:03:43 <gumbal1> «They're instruction videos. Please stop being stupid about this.»
Sep 03 21:04:16 <Silvors> "I… Okay. I guess you can open it, Eponnie? Maybe?"
Sep 03 21:04:47 <Endphone> "I am not stupid, merely precautions. " Eponnie opens the file
Sep 03 21:04:52 <Nemi> "Oh no.."
Sep 03 21:04:56 <gumbal1> > MDEF
Sep 03 21:05:03 <gumbal1> > ALL IN THE LAB
Sep 03 21:05:18 <Nemi> 4d3-8+5
Sep 03 21:05:18 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 3:6-8+5
Sep 03 21:05:31 <Silvors> 4d3-8+6
Sep 03 21:05:31 <Mjeowlnir> Silvors: 7:9-8+6
Sep 03 21:05:47 <Endphone> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:05:47 <Mjeowlnir> Endphone: 9:9-8+8
Sep 03 21:06:12 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (DRAIN+MIMIC=THE POWERS THAT C#)
Sep 03 21:06:12 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (DRAIN+MIMIC=THE POWERS THAT C#): 9:9-8+8
Sep 03 21:08:16 <gumbal1> It's…pretty horrifying. The audio seems like it was legit formatted to cause horrific nausea. It's mostly static, but from what can be gathered, the threats of an old man and the crying of children can be heard beneath. (-5 MHEALTH, ANDREY, -1 MHEALTH, ZITA)
Sep 03 21:09:00 <Silvors> Zita moves a hand to cover her mouth as the noise hits. "Turn i-turn it off, Eponnie."
Sep 03 21:09:05 <Endphone> Eponnie goes to turn it off immediately, clearly kinda horrified about what this is doing
Sep 03 21:09:23 <gumbal1> «Aaaaaah, god, it feels good to back.» The trio can hear something shift from outside.
Sep 03 21:09:55 <Nemi> Andrey's eyes go huge and he looks like he might burst into tears. "MAKE IT STOP.>!"
Sep 03 21:10:07 <Silvors> Zita swallows and looks outside, pointing her sword at it. "Fah-fu-fuck." Zita swears.
Sep 03 21:11:09 <gumbal1> Annora doesn't find much, but what she does find…there's some things in this closet that don't look like they belong here. A blindfold. Some rope. A few products Annora can't really recognize as belonging to any particular cleaning brand, but have names she might've seen on crime dramas.
Sep 03 21:11:43 <Defined‘> "Hmm…" Annora is curious. And pours some of the cleaning product on the stain.
Sep 03 21:12:09 <gumbal1> It’s the two robots from earlier. «…oh~. I got some fighters, don't I?»
Sep 03 21:12:29 <gumbal1> It doesn't remove it. If Annora goes to sniff it, she might feel a bit woozy.
Sep 03 21:12:37 <Silvors> "Please, um… stop or I'll unplug everything in here."
Sep 03 21:12:46 <Defined‘> Winners don’t do drugs.
Sep 03 21:13:01 <Defined‘> (Unless they’re Lance Armstrong)
Sep 03 21:13:46 <Endphone> If Eponnie finds she can't turn it off, she's more than willing to start using kinetic energy blasts from her core shard to start trying and break the hardware
Sep 03 21:14:33 <Nemi> Andrey nearly cries as he covers his head and just kinda.. collapses into himself, whimpering.
Sep 03 21:14:47 <Defined‘> Annora’s really weirded out now, and backs out of the closet. She's gonna check the map. Is there anything else useful? Note: Red zones are bad, and to be avoided.
Sep 03 21:16:01 <gumbal1> Not much else, really.
Sep 03 21:16:47 <Silvors> Zita keeps her gladius pointing at the robots and swallows. "St-stop th-this m-music… now." She commands. Well, she can't order them with her power since they don't have eyes, right?
Sep 03 21:16:57 <gumbal1> «I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.» The mannequin robots put their arms into the air, as a mime might mime a wall. «None of you are leaving this school.» And soon, walls of blue light do actually form, as Eponnie manages to kill the speakers. «You are all going to die here. And when you're dead,» The wallbots begins stepping into the room, making a makeshift turtle formation. «I'm killing your friends, too. Starting with Tessa.»
Sep 03 21:16:57 <Defined‘> This really is an issue. She heads towards the Computer lab, stealthily, since she’s got no update on that front, expecting to meet the others coming towards the closet.
Sep 03 21:17:45 <gumbal1> Annora, oddly enough, encounters no problem on the way there.
Sep 03 21:18:03 <Defined‘> That just makes her -more- nervous. She looks into the lab..carefully.
Sep 03 21:18:05 <Nemi> "NO!" Andrey screams, and in his alarm attempts to promptly dismantle every metal object around him.
Sep 03 21:18:34 <Silvors> … Oh, now that thing has fucked up. It’s fucked up big time. Zita takes her sword and starts hitting at the wall. "Shut the fuck up." Zita doesn't shout, but her voice is cold and hard.
Sep 03 21:18:48 <gumbal1> > Roll metalbending, Andrey
Sep 03 21:18:51 <Silvors> If Zita can, though, she attacks the robots. Unless the walls of hardlight are protecting them.
Sep 03 21:18:58 <Endphone> "You will harm none. I assure you of this." Eponnie replies as she steps forward, the shard at the ready
Sep 03 21:19:37 <gumbal1> The Hardlight does seem to be protecting. «Oh? Really? What the fuck are you gonna do about it, Niza?»
Sep 03 21:20:25 <gumbal1> > INITIATIVE
Sep 03 21:20:51 <Endphone> 4d3-8+1
Sep 03 21:20:51 <Mjeowlnir> Endphone: 4:11-8+1
Sep 03 21:20:53 <Nemi> 4d3-8+10 metal
Sep 03 21:20:54 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi, metal: 7:5-8+10
Sep 03 21:21:23 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (DRAIN+MIMIC=METAL)
Sep 03 21:21:23 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (DRAIN+MIMIC=METAL): 5:5-8+8
Sep 03 21:21:50 <gumbal1> Two computers suddenly break into bits. Twenty-five left.
Sep 03 21:22:00 <Silvors> 4d3-8+10
Sep 03 21:22:00 <Mjeowlnir> Silvors: 12:10-8+10
Sep 03 21:23:51 <Nemi> 4d3-8+7 init
Sep 03 21:23:51 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi, init: 8:9-8+7
Sep 03 21:24:00 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:24:01 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 7:7-8+8
Sep 03 21:24:06 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+3
Sep 03 21:24:06 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 4:9-8+3
Sep 03 21:24:13 <gumbal1> 1d2
Sep 03 21:24:13 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 2
Sep 03 21:24:43 <gumbal1> > ORDER: ZITA, ANDREY, LUNA'S GAME, C-DOY, EPONNIE
Sep 03 21:24:48 <gumbal1> > ZITA
Sep 03 21:24:53 * Silvors has changed the topic to: Runs/Events |ORDER: ZITA, ANDREY, LUNA'S GAME, C-DOY, EPONNIE
Sep 03 21:25:13 <Silvors> 4d3-8+13
Sep 03 21:25:13 <Mjeowlnir> Silvors: 11:6-8+13
Sep 03 21:25:34 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (METAL)
Sep 03 21:25:35 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (METAL): 8:8-8+8
Sep 03 21:25:39 <Defined‘> Annora gives support..but like..moral support. Quiet, moral support, from outside the room.
Sep 03 21:25:48 <gumbal1> Two broken. Twenty-three left.
Sep 03 21:25:51 <gumbal1> > Andrey
Sep 03 21:28:00 <Nemi> Andrey isn’t really paying attention to his surroundings. But that's fine! Because metal will continue unraveling itself as he continues screaming and sobbing!
Sep 03 21:28:07 <Nemi> 4d3-8+10
Sep 03 21:28:07 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 8:6-8+10
Sep 03 21:28:15 <gumbal1> «Oh, I just got this really good idea. See, Tessa isn't going to be sad that the useless slave who can't keep someone's interest for more than a few months. Cause I'll be replacing you! And I'll get to do alllllll the things you missed doing with her.»
Sep 03 21:28:19 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:28:19 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 6:6-8+8
Sep 03 21:28:34 <gumbal1> One computer collapses in on itself. Twenty-two left.
Sep 03 21:28:56 <gumbal1> > LUNA'S GAME
Sep 03 21:29:32 <Defined‘> Annora checks the map. Is there one of those handy dandy hose points nearby? With a hose, and water.
Sep 03 21:29:40 <gumbal1> «Yeah, please stop doing that? Please? I’ll give you a cookie? Ha, get it? Bit of computer humor. Anyways,»
Sep 03 21:29:57 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:29:57 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 9:9-8+8
Sep 03 21:31:00 <Nemi> 4d3-8+9 Slayer, to just take hits by virtue of toughness, not being metal
Sep 03 21:31:00 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi, Slayer, to just take hits by virtue of toughness, not being metal: 10:9-8+9
Sep 03 21:32:16 <Silvors> Zita grits her teeth at hearing the tauntings because… well, it is true. She couldn't keep someone's interest, could she? And she was useless… but, damn it, she's not a slave any more! So she grits her teeth even as a tear rolls down. "I'm going to fucking rip you to pieces you useless lying pezzo di merda." Zita was serious right now, snarling and maybe trying to make herself feel even angrier because, well, you know
Sep 03 21:32:16 <Silvors> she was breaking on the inside right now.
Sep 03 21:32:21 <gumbal1> Andrey feels a bit weird for a bit, but it subsides. «Anyway, someone get this metal girl out of here.»
Sep 03 21:32:40 <gumbal1> > C-DOY
Sep 03 21:33:34 <gumbal1> «We'll see.» The two mannequins suddenly stop, as their walls begin twisting in on themself to form blades. A few seconds later and they're charging at both Andrey and Zita.
Sep 03 21:34:08 <gumbal1> > DEFENSE OR AGILITY, BOTH OF YOU
Sep 03 21:34:10 <Nemi> "Gh-uh- heeey no no I'm not-"
Sep 03 21:34:12 <Silvors> 4d3-8+12
Sep 03 21:34:12 <Mjeowlnir> Silvors: 12:8-8+12
Sep 03 21:34:24 <Nemi> 4d3-8+10 Speaking of being metal, and blades and stuff..
Sep 03 21:34:24 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi, Speaking of being metal, and blades and stuff..: 11:9-8+10
Sep 03 21:34:26 <Silvors> (Zita's melee defense IS agility! Haha!)
Sep 03 21:34:28 <gumbal1> 4D3-8+8
Sep 03 21:34:32 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:34:32 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 7:7-8+8
Sep 03 21:34:33 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:34:34 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 7:7-8+8
Sep 03 21:34:42 <gumbal1> Neither of which connects.
Sep 03 21:34:47 <gumbal1> > EPONNIE
Sep 03 21:34:50 <Endphone> Eponnie provides her companions each a protection doll+7 (22/25 DP used. Dolls have 9 HP and 4 on rolls)
Sep 03 21:34:53 <Nemi> Well, in Andrey's case the blades DO connect, but they're just kind of.. absorbs.
Sep 03 21:35:04 <Nemi> absorbed.
Sep 03 21:35:50 <Endphone> "Zita, it is trying to make you irrational. Do not think on these empty words!"
Sep 03 21:36:20 <Defined‘> Well, that’s not very helpful. Annora would wait outside then. Not much point in running in and getting herself murderized
Sep 03 21:37:29 <gumbal1> «That's literally all Cecile does, though. Charge in. Ruin everything. Turn everyone away from her. Not like the crown princess of destruction, right, Niza? You, though. You could kill an army. Or maybe just a bunch of Judean children. Details, details.>
Sep 03 21:37:32 <gumbal1> > ZITA
Sep 03 21:38:22 <Nemi> "W-WHAT IS IT TALKING ABOUT? Who- what people- what names?!" Andrey's freaking out and has a blade in his abdomen, which doesn't seem to affect him very much despite his flailings.
Sep 03 21:39:22 * Silvy (wt.wxs.371.661|srovliS#wt.wxs.371.661|srovliS) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 21:39:22 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Silvy
Sep 03 21:39:56 <Silvy> (What did I miss?)
Sep 03 21:40:41 <Endphone> "It does not matter. What matters is that it is trying to aggravate us to make us act irrational. Using alternate names is one such method."
Sep 03 21:41:14 <Nemi> "I don't even know those names!"
Sep 03 21:41:18 * Silvors has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
Sep 03 21:41:29 <Silvy> Zita growls. "Stop with your fucking bullshit, robot." Zita says to the machine as she goes to slice through the robot that just attacked her.
Sep 03 21:41:38 <Silvy> 4d3-8+15 OVERDRIVE
Sep 03 21:41:38 <Mjeowlnir> Silvy, OVERDRIVE : 14:7-8+15
Sep 03 21:42:02 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6
Sep 03 21:42:02 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 6:8-8+6
Sep 03 21:42:22 <gumbal1> Zita totals it.
Sep 03 21:42:29 <gumbal1> > ANDREY
Sep 03 21:42:56 <Nemi> Andrey grabs onto the blade-arm currently run through his chest and .. just tries to absorb the robot entirely.
Sep 03 21:43:06 <Nemi> Well. Not 'tries'. It's not like he's tried doing this before.
Sep 03 21:43:14 <Nemi> More like 'reflexively attempts to do.'
Sep 03 21:43:19 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+10
Sep 03 21:43:20 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 11
Sep 03 21:43:20 <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 11: 13:11-8+10
Sep 03 21:43:34 <gumbal1> «Congrats. You killed nine-year-old hardware. Big fucking woop.» Some of the screens change, to images of people from antiquity. Nothing Andrey or Zita would recognize.
Sep 03 21:43:47 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+6
Sep 03 21:43:47 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 5:7-8+6
Sep 03 21:44:10 <gumbal1> Andrey absorbs it, gaining +2 temporary physical health.
Sep 03 21:44:19 <gumbal1> > LUNA’S GAME
Sep 03 21:44:50 <Nemi> Andrey looks vaguely more like a mannequin. A sort of Nordic mannequin in tattered street clothes, but still.
Sep 03 21:45:50 <gumbal1> «Do you honestly think Tessa still likes you? Do you think she'd find it noble, throwing a sword through a computer for someone she hasn't even known for a year?» There's a crackling in the air…
Sep 03 21:46:01 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:46:01 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 9:9-8+8
Sep 03 21:46:11 <Nemi> "I DON'T KNOW ANY OF THESE NAAAAMES."
Sep 03 21:47:04 <Silvy> "Sh-Shut up!" Zita shouts, more like a growling bark, really. "I-I've go-got n-new g-girlfriends! I-I've moved o-on!"
Sep 03 21:48:16 <gumbal1> > PHYSICAL DEFENSE, ALL
Sep 03 21:48:33 <Silvy> 4d3-8+12
Sep 03 21:48:33 <Mjeowlnir> Silvy: 13:9-8+12
Sep 03 21:48:40 <Nemi> 4d3-8+9 assuming metalness doesn't help
Sep 03 21:48:40 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi, assuming metalness doesn't help: 10:9-8+9
Sep 03 21:48:49 <Endphone> 4d3-8+13
Sep 03 21:48:49 <Mjeowlnir> Endphone: 13:8-8+13
Sep 03 21:49:29 <gumbal1> «Oh really? You mean the murderous doll who stalked you for months, who you only went out with because Juliet was gone? Some dead-end harpy bitch who'll never amount to anything? A braindead squidchild with a maid fetish?»
Sep 03 21:49:37 <gumbal1> Everyone survives, thankfully.
Sep 03 21:49:43 <gumbal1> > EPONNIE
Sep 03 21:50:26 <Nemi> ".. why's it- guh what was that?" Andrey's kinda quietly glad it's not pulling his insecurities open right now. It's bad enough with what's happening now.
Sep 03 21:51:26 <Endphone> Eponnie moves to some of the computers, going to channel destruction into the devices and eliminate them
Sep 03 21:51:49 <Endphone> 4d3-8+6
Sep 03 21:51:49 <Mjeowlnir> Endphone: 5:7-8+6
Sep 03 21:51:53 <gumbal1> «Oh, sorry Niza. But that's how it goes.»
Sep 03 21:52:22 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:52:22 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 10:10-8+8
Sep 03 21:52:43 <Silvy> "Shut up! Shut up!" Zita replies. "I love Eponnie and Nicky and Milli! You're just a lonely cazzo with nobody!" Zita shouts as she looks, her eyes were furious and, well, nobody piss her off. She's angry and there's tears running down her face.
Sep 03 21:52:53 <gumbal1> «Andric didn't fuck you hard enough, it looks like. A shame.»
Sep 03 21:52:56 <gumbal1> > Zita
Sep 03 21:53:00 <Endphone> "You will not phase me. Your words are designed to harm, but I am designed to be indestructible. So far, I am far more well designed"
Sep 03 21:53:19 <Nemi> "Who's Andric?" Andrey just doesn't understaaand.
Sep 03 21:53:19 <Silvy> 4d3-8+15 OVERDRIVE AGAIN
Sep 03 21:53:19 <Mjeowlnir> Silvy, OVERDRIVE AGAIN : 17:10-8+15
Sep 03 21:53:22 <gumbal1> «You're designed to be fucked by a madman with a doll fetish.»
Sep 03 21:53:26 <Silvy> Zita is destroying all the shit. All of it.
Sep 03 21:53:27 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:53:27 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 6:6-8+8
Sep 03 21:53:52 <gumbal1> Ten computers seem to blow out at once.
Sep 03 21:53:59 <gumbal1> > Andrey
Sep 03 21:54:11 <Endphone> "Perhaps my old form, but this new one is my true self"
Sep 03 21:54:44 <gumbal1> «Designed to be fucked by multiple madmen with doll fetishes.»
Sep 03 21:54:51 <Silvy> "And I love Eponnie's true self! Fucking stupid fucking robot AI bitch!" Zita says, going to hug Eponnie after destroying the robot.
Sep 03 21:55:03 <Silvy> *Destroying the computers
Sep 03 21:55:14 <Nemi> ".. why is this even.." Andrey shakes his head, hair fluttering, and tries to unravel more computers. A bit more cognizant now that the panic's over.
Sep 03 21:55:18 <Nemi> 4d3-8+10
Sep 03 21:55:18 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 10:8-8+10
Sep 03 21:55:26 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 21:55:26 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 8:8-8+8
Sep 03 21:55:42 <gumbal1> Ten computers left as Andrey break apart another computer.
Sep 03 21:55:56 <gumbal1> > LUNA'S GAME
Sep 03 21:56:28 <Endphone> "I WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR SEX"
Sep 03 21:56:38 <Nemi> ".. oookay that apparently got her.."
Sep 03 21:56:59 <Silvy> Zita is still hugging Eponnie. Tightly and protectively as she grips her sword for another slash.
Sep 03 21:57:02 <Endphone> (LOL, accidental caps lock, rolling with it.)
Sep 03 21:57:53 <gumbal1> «Okay, I'm really sick of you doing that over and over and over.» One of the computers suddenly sparks out…
Sep 03 21:58:04 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+10 (OVERDRIVE+DRAIN)
Sep 03 21:58:04 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (OVERDRIVE+DRAIN): 10:8-8+10
Sep 03 21:58:09 <gumbal1> > MDEF, ANDREY
Sep 03 21:58:20 <Nemi> 4d3-8+5 oh no
Sep 03 21:58:21 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi, oh no: 6:9-8+5
Sep 03 21:59:22 <gumbal1> The feeling Andrey gets is all too familiar. The gradual loss of self that took the form of Mitsuru, before the real Mitsuru came in to stop it. (-3 Psyche)
Sep 03 21:59:48 <Nemi> Andrey drops to -2 psyche.
Sep 03 22:00:02 <gumbal1> «Good girl.»
Sep 03 22:00:12 <gumbal1> ANDREY: DEFEATED
Sep 03 22:00:26 <gumbal1> > EPONNIE
Sep 03 22:00:31 <Nemi> "I'm- n-not.." Andrey is DEFEATED. Somehow.
Sep 03 22:01:03 * QtPie (||000_alliv) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 22:01:25 <gumbal1> Andrey suddenly finds that conciousness is a bit too much for him at the moment.
Sep 03 22:01:57 <Endphone> Eponnie decides to speed this up. Literally, with a power surge. And then physically smashes everything.
Sep 03 22:02:35 <Endphone> 4d3-8+11
Sep 03 22:02:35 <Mjeowlnir> Endphone: 11:8-8+11
Sep 03 22:02:48 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 22:02:48 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 7:7-8+8
Sep 03 22:02:59 <gumbal1> Six computers remain.
Sep 03 22:03:01 <Nemi> Andrey totters over and falls into a heap, an oddly metallic blonde girl in tattered rags.
Sep 03 22:03:05 <gumbal1> > ZITA
Sep 03 22:03:10 <Silvy> Zita's going to slash all the fucking shit again.
Sep 03 22:03:12 <Silvy> 4d3-8+15
Sep 03 22:03:12 <Mjeowlnir> Silvy: 15:8-8+15
Sep 03 22:03:34 <gumbal1> «You're never gonna see her again, you know. You-»
Sep 03 22:03:38 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 22:03:38 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1: 5:5-8+8
Sep 03 22:03:58 <gumbal1> «BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ-*fwsh*»
Sep 03 22:04:22 <gumbal1> Every computer in the lab has been destroyed.
Sep 03 22:04:41 <gumbal1> > Annora
Sep 03 22:04:46 <Silvy> Zita was heaving as she held her sword, shoulders rising and falling while she grit her teeth tightly. "Fuck. You. Robot." Zita said, her eyes a tad bloodshot as she looked around the room.
Sep 03 22:05:25 <Endphone> Eponnie hugs Zita tightly "it is okay. We appear to be safe"
Sep 03 22:05:34 <Defined‘> Annora peeks in the door, putting her hand to her thigh, where there was some small knives, she draws one..but everything is done, so she seathes. Probably for the best.
Sep 03 22:05:50 * Charlotte_ (moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.061812-gt|604321diu#moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.061812-gt|604321diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 22:06:11 <Silvy> Zita hugs Eponnie back as she pants, going to look at Andrey and pull some blood out of her sphere to try casting a spell to revive him, if possible, how much blood does she need to spend?
Sep 03 22:07:00 <Nemi> Andrey actually blinks awake. ".. gu-uuh.. huuuh. .. that was something." He sits up and .. stares at the blood orb, blinking.
Sep 03 22:07:25 <Silvy> Oh, never mind then. The blood sinks back into the golden orb it came from.
Sep 03 22:07:52 <gumbal1> The lab is a giant fucking mess, the supercomputer, generator, cooling system, and a few chairs the only thing unbroken.
Sep 03 22:08:13 <Endphone> "Andrey, are you okay?" Eponnie asks, concerned
Sep 03 22:08:52 <Nemi> Andrey pushes himself up to standing. No blood, no real injury. He gives Eponnie a crooked grin, quickly recovering. ".. yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Kinda- ugh. Not sure what that was."
Sep 03 22:09:16 <Nemi> He draws himself up a bit and then grins again. "Right. Sooo uhhh.. Now what?"
Sep 03 22:09:36 <gumbal1> A barn owl swoops into the room, perching on Zita's shoulder. It preens its feathers for a bit, before hacking up an owl pellet.
Sep 03 22:09:48 <Endphone> "I see…" Eponnie goes to extract the info from three supercomputer
Sep 03 22:10:05 <Silvy> Weren't all the computers destroyed? "Can we just fucking leave?" Zita whines.
Sep 03 22:10:40 <gumbal1> There's several USB ports. However, currently, all the keyboards and monitors are attatched to the currently smashed computer towers.
Sep 03 22:11:05 <Nemi> "Well, I don't think we'll be getting our hardlight data. Whatever, right? Let's.. I really just want to go home now."
Sep 03 22:11:17 <Endphone> Eponnie will grab one and of each that she didn't break, and plug them in to operate the decicd
Sep 03 22:11:40 <Endphone> "We did not touch this one, we may be able to complete the mission yet."
Sep 03 22:12:27 <Silvy> "I don't wanna complete the mission. I wanna ram Ancatore so far up whoever made this thing's…" the implication of how that ended is pretty clear.
Sep 03 22:12:59 <Nemi> "Honestly.. I think it made itself. Learning AIs and stuff, you know?" Andrey totters for the door.
Sep 03 22:13:07 <gumbal1> "Ba da ♫ da ♩ da ♩" <ECHO VALLEY OS…we've detected that your system recently shut off due to concerns over malware. Do you want to start in safe mode?>
Sep 03 22:13:44 <Endphone> <start echo Valley OS in safe mode>
Sep 03 22:14:28 <Defined‘> "Um…Guys.." Annora comes in, once its safe "There’s a dead body in the Janitor's closet..just so you know"
Sep 03 22:14:31 <Endphone> "We must complete the mission, since our main threat is seemingly eliminated"
Sep 03 22:14:40 <gumbal1> The logo (a rainbow over a desert) fades in for a bit, as tiny little balls signify the process of updating.
Sep 03 22:14:52 <Silvy> "Eponnie…" Zita shivers before… before just shivering and going to sit on the floor and curl up. She wanted out.
Sep 03 22:14:54 <Nemi> "Yeah- uhh, okay. Any idea who the dead guy is? And, yeah, sure, you get to that.."
Sep 03 22:15:02 <Defined‘> "…No idea"
Sep 03 22:16:19 <Endphone> Eponnie goes to hug Zita, making sure she can see when it finishes updating. Also leaving a doll there to do the typing and such for her
Sep 03 22:16:31 <Nemi> "Well, I guess we might as well check it out, right? And.. ugh, just- pick Zita up or something."
Sep 03 22:16:38 <gumbal1> <Welcome!> The desktop opens, to show a background of…okay, you can get arrested for having that on your computer. Even so, the desktop proper is jammed to the brim with shortcuts to files with esoteric names. teatime3, helpme24, extracredit19…gonna have to manually search for this, aren’t you?
Sep 03 22:17:34 <Silvy> Zita was starting to cry, exhausted. She's had a shitty week without all this shit being pointed out, her flaws all laid out in front of strangers.
Sep 03 22:17:45 <Silvy> And Eponnie. But she knew Zita's flaws.
Sep 03 22:17:57 <Nemi> Andrey is perfect and had no flaws the machine could point out.
Sep 03 22:18:02 <Endphone> And Eponnie's going to manually search!
Sep 03 22:18:17 <Nemi> "Okay, uh, Annora.. Show me this dead guy?"
Sep 03 22:18:29 <Defined‘> "Oh..Okay…" She gestures out of the room "This way"
Sep 03 22:18:40 <Silvy> Didn’t a barn owl land on Zita? She's going to hug it for comfort like a teddy bear.
Sep 03 22:19:33 <Nemi> "Yeah, I figure Eponnie, or Niza or whatever, can keep an eye on Zita and it's safe enough, right? So we might as well investigate.." Andrey bobbles on after Annora! What a mess.
Sep 03 22:22:01 <Endphone> "I am sorry this has happened, Zita. You do not deserve this event. You are too wonderful for this"
Sep 03 22:22:32 <gumbal1> The C: drive is full to busting with videos, exes, images, all seemingly involving students in…well, whoever recorded these should be sent to federal prison. Probably the odd, janitor-looking person who keeps popping up. However, there are relevant folders, among the filth. Folders, with blueprints for some of the robots recorded here, research notes, even some highly complicated program that looks like it might have been responsible for the
Sep 03 22:22:32 <gumbal1> voice from earlier.
Sep 03 22:23:06 <gumbal1> The janitor's closet is as it was before. Odd implements, a skeleton in the middle of the room, the works.
Sep 03 22:23:34 <Nemi> Andrey steps just in past Annora to peer about the closet, a particular eye on the implements. He looks bemused. "Well, that's some fucked up shit, isn't it?"
Sep 03 22:24:16 <gumbal1> Memos, too, are found within the files. But they're unimportant, so there's little reason to collect them.
Sep 03 22:24:16 <Defined‘> "It is? I is" The dead body doesn’t seem to bother her
Sep 03 22:24:42 <Endphone> Eponnie copies anything relevant, ignoring anything else.
Sep 03 22:25:37 <Silvy> Zita looks at Eponnie. "Wh-W-what i-if it co-copies onto th-the thing and l-lives an-and… a-and…" Zita kept hugging her barn owl and looked utterly terrified.
Sep 03 22:25:49 <gumbal1> Overall, there's eight sticks worth of info, here. Eponnie will have to delete the filthfiles that inexplicably found themselves downloaded onto the sticks, but she's got everything.
Sep 03 22:25:56 <Nemi> Andrey quietly leans over to shut the door behind him and Annora. "I mean, who just- you don't just /leave/ a body somewhere, right?"
Sep 03 22:26:13 <Defined‘> <Annora> "Well..I mean..the door was locked.."
Sep 03 22:27:21 <Nemi> "So someone deliberately hid it. That’s pretty well.." He slips past her to rummage in the junk. ".. tells you something."
Sep 03 22:27:48 <Endphone> It could not, Zita. I promise. Even if it did, we would not have to deal with it ourselves."
Sep 03 22:28:15 <Defined‘> <Annora> "Probably murdered.."
Sep 03 22:29:15 <Silvy> Zita shivered and trembled as she sat there.
Sep 03 22:30:02 <Nemi> Andrey tugs a baseball bat out of the junk. He looks it over, thoughtful.
Sep 03 22:30:12 <Endphone> "Please, I do not want you to be sad…"
Sep 03 22:31:48 <Silvy> Did Zita get to hold a barn owl? Was the barn owl able to be grabbed by Zita?
Sep 03 22:32:27 * QtPie has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Sep 03 22:33:22 <gumbal1> The barn owl is grabbed, and reluctantly hugged. It hacks another owl pellet onto Zita.
Sep 03 22:33:45 <Nemi> "You know, Annora. What the saddest thing is?"
Sep 03 22:34:06 <Defined`> "There’s lots of things that are the saddest"
Sep 03 22:34:09 <Endphone> "Shall we head home soon?"
Sep 03 22:34:26 <Silvy> Zita doesn't even care. She just hugs the barn owl and nods, still curled up sitting in the floor.
Sep 03 22:34:26 <Nemi> Andrey holds a hand up. The door lock clicks shut. "Sure. I think the saddest thing is when you're such a fucking idiot."
Sep 03 22:34:34 <Nemi> He swings the bat at her.
Sep 03 22:35:14 <Nemi> 4d3-8+8
Sep 03 22:35:14 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi: 7:7-8+8
Sep 03 22:35:33 <Defined‘> Annora would dodge!?
Sep 03 22:35:41 <Defined`> 4d3-8+9
Sep 03 22:35:41 <Mjeowlnir> Defined`: 9:8-8+9
Sep 03 22:35:56 <Defined`> "What the shit dude!!"
Sep 03 22:36:46 <Nemi> His swing goes wide! And Andrey laughs, voice clear and melodic, but somehow vicious sounding. "Oh, you have no idea, do you?" He recovers from the swing and steps forward again, grinning.
Sep 03 22:37:47 <Endphone> "I hope you are able to keep the pet. I love you, Zita."
Sep 03 22:37:58 <Defined`> Annora would focus and a windstorm would form between them. Sure it would blow at Andrey..but it also was blowing at her, to launch her away from Andrey, down the hall "Andrey’s gone nuts guys!"
Sep 03 22:38:13 <Nemi> The door's shut and locked.
Sep 03 22:38:31 <Defined‘> And Annora’s not inside.
Sep 03 22:39:09 <Nemi> … no, like, when she was showing him around. He shut it behind them.
Sep 03 22:39:23 <Defined‘> Annora’s claustrophic…
Sep 03 22:39:58 <Nemi> Redact everything after Annora made her 'Probably murdered' comment.
Sep 03 22:40:23 <Nemi> Unredact, adjust for no door.
Sep 03 22:40:51 <Nemi> Andrey waves a hand as Annora tries to flee, to snap lockers out into a sort of fence ahead of her and out of her neutralization aura, to keep her penned in.
Sep 03 22:41:27 <Nemi> "You can probably guess why I wanted to kill you second," he says, cheerfully enough.
Sep 03 22:44:20 <Nemi> 4d3-8+8 IR@N?? MAID.eN??
Sep 03 22:44:21 <Mjeowlnir> Nemi, IR@N?? MAID.eN??: 6:6-8+8
Sep 03 22:45:06 <Defined‘> 4d3-8+11 Annora’s bad at combat. Excellent at fleeing combat.
Sep 03 22:45:06 <Mjeowlnir> Defined‘, Annora’s bad at combat. Excellent at fleeing combat.: 13:10-8+11
Sep 03 22:47:13 <Nemi> Well, damn. Andrey sighs long-sufferingly and ambles afterward, ignoring the ringing in his ears from Annora's explosive passage.
Sep 03 22:47:36 <Silvy> Zita holds her owl tighter. Do they hear the fight between Andrey and Annora?
Sep 03 22:47:39 <Silvy> 'fight'
Sep 03 22:48:48 <Silvy> "I love you too."
Sep 03 22:49:16 * Endorb (pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ#pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 22:49:16 * ChanServ gives voice to Endorb
Sep 03 22:49:24 * Endphone has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Sep 03 22:50:03 * Endorb is now known as Endphone
Sep 03 22:50:34 <Nemi> Andrey ambles on to the computer lab, not expecting much from his two lesbian pals.
Sep 03 22:51:25 <Defined‘> Annora would be..well, she’d get outside, and catch her breath. Before putting in a call to Zita, in case they missed the extremely loud deparature Annora just made.
Sep 03 22:52:07 <Silvy> Zita answers the phone call. "Hello?"
Sep 03 22:52:35 <Silvy> "An-Andry? Wh-What was that l-loud noise?"
Sep 03 22:52:47 <gumbal1> Outside, all fifty-four barn owls from earlier stare at something in the treeline.
Sep 03 22:52:54 <Defined‘> "Andrey’s being controlled! He's gone nuts!"
Sep 03 22:52:55 <Nemi> "Oh, nothing!" He ambles into the computer lab and shuts the door behind him.
Sep 03 22:53:14 <Defined‘> "He tried to kill me!"
Sep 03 22:53:16 <Endphone> "Why are you closing the door?"
Sep 03 22:53:40 <Silvy> Zita blinks a few times and lets go of the phone to grab her sword. "An-Andrey… d-did you try to kill A-Annora?" Zita asks, her voice cracking as she wipes at her eye.
Sep 03 22:53:55 <Nemi> "Why d’you ask?" The door locks itself, and fuses, even. "And kill bird-girl? Noooo way. I'd never do that."
Sep 03 22:54:17 <Defined‘> Annora would..head towards the treeline. Like she should have at the start. She had her phone line open though, to listen in one what was going on.
Sep 03 22:54:43 <Silvy> Zita points her sword at him and the blade shimmers, the metal in it turning into… etheral smoke stuff. Seriously, is ’etheral / ghostly' a type of material?
Sep 03 22:54:48 <Silvy> It even starts smoking!
Sep 03 22:55:04 <Nemi> "Fancy. Didn't know your new sword could do /that/."
Sep 03 22:55:12 <Silvy> "A-Andrey…"
Sep 03 22:55:35 <Endphone> "What is going on?" Eponnie asks, moving to be at the ready
Sep 03 22:55:49 <Nemi> "Mmmyeees?" His voice slides into a cheerful singsong as he tosses the baseball bat aside.
Sep 03 22:55:52 <Silvy> Zita's ghostly sword is on ghostly fire now. And green. Cool.
Sep 03 22:56:27 <Silvy> "St-Stay back and… and…" Zita was still on the phone with Annora. "Annora? P-Please get th-the school to come o-or something."
Sep 03 22:57:13 <Defined‘> "Right. I’m looking into something with the treeline that the owls have been trying to tell me about" She hung up, and would buzz the school, because fuck things are fucked.
Sep 03 22:57:20 <Endphone> "Please do as requested, Andrey.
Sep 03 22:57:29 <Nemi> "And what? What'll you do? If you kill me, well, you're killing your pal Andrey, so really!" He grins and walks closer. A hand reaches out to one of the slagged computers, drawing out a long spike or blade of metal and into his hand.
Sep 03 22:57:57 <Nemi> "I love the sword, I really do, but come on. Slashing me? You can't slash anger. You can't crush hurt. All you're gonna do is end up killing your little friend here."
Sep 03 22:58:10 <Silvy> Zita goes to stab Andrey with her ghostly sword.
Sep 03 22:58:28 <Nemi> Andrey holds his arms out, all like 'come at me'.
Sep 03 22:58:36 <Silvy> See, the funny thing about Ancatore, it's an artifact, and its special ability is that it can remove supernatural mental influence.
Sep 03 22:59:48 <gumbal1> <Hello?> The thing emerges from the treeline, slightly. It's…well, it's as long as a school bus, and as thick as your average tree trunk. Humanoid, on all fours, with a crystaline texture, a purpleish-magenta surface, and a collar, much like that of a diamond in playing cards.
Sep 03 23:00:13 <gumbal1> …and that does it. A mass of black fog emerges from the now unconcious Andrey.
Sep 03 23:00:32 <Defined‘> "Hey there…Um..I think I was told about you". Annora settles on a tree.. "Do you know what’s happening in the school?"
Sep 03 23:00:50 <Endphone> Eponnie stares at it "Zita, stay away from that"
Sep 03 23:01:38 <Silvy> Zita spins her sword and the ghostly fire on it disappears as it turns into a white, still ethereal blade. "I wanna stab the fuck out of it."
Sep 03 23:02:31 <gumbal1> And soon begins morphing into something…different. It's…sort of human. Thick, 8 feet tall, built like a brick house, with pasty-orange skin, wearing but a large denim apron. It's face, however…it's head is massive, easily accounting for most of its height over Zita and Eponnie. It's face is easily recognizable, however. After all, they've seen plenty of barn owls, here, what's one that looks like it's been put through the blur feature on
Sep 03 23:02:31 <gumbal1> photoshop?
Sep 03 23:04:10 <gumbal1> The crystaline thing merely stares at Annora.
Sep 03 23:05:37 <Defined‘> "Well..It’s nice to meet you. We could do with help maybe?" Annora waves her legs a little
Sep 03 23:06:15 <Silvy> "Who are you?" Zita asks, holding the blade pointedly. It wasn't in influence mode any more, it was in psyche-damaging mode.
Sep 03 23:06:28 <Nemi> Andrey lies in a limp heap.
Sep 03 23:07:01 <gumbal1> The thing tilts its head, before one of the eighty-seven barn owls from earlier goes over to chirp in its ear. It nods.
Sep 03 23:07:32 <gumbal1> ~Luna's Game. That's what I'm called.~
Sep 03 23:07:46 <gumbal1> ~Does it really matter, though?~
Sep 03 23:08:02 <Endphone> "I believe it is too late for conversation Zita. Perhaps we should end it without conversation?"
Sep 03 23:08:24 <Silvy> Zita swallows. "A-Are you th-the thing fr-from earlier?" Of course it was.
Sep 03 23:09:24 <gumbal1> ~Does a barn owl shit through its mouth? Are you an unloveable coward? Is Niza a fetish piece?~
Sep 03 23:09:45 <gumbal1> ~Is water wet? Is Andrey dead?~
Sep 03 23:09:58 <Silvy> Zita goes to stab the fuck out of it.
Sep 03 23:10:05 <gumbal1> ~Think with your brain, because I'm going to be tearing your mind apart very shortly.~
Sep 03 23:10:36 <gumbal1> The sword passes right through it, and it takes a step forward.
Sep 03 23:10:52 <Silvy> The sword deals psyche damage, not physical damage, just so you know.
Sep 03 23:11:18 <Silvy> Zita backs the fuck up the moment the sword goes through, going to stare up at the thing. "Eponnie… I'm scared." Zita admits with wide, terrified eyes.
Sep 03 23:12:20 <gumbal1> ~…you know, it's really odd. I'm pretty sure I felt that.~ Another step forward. ~I really gotta know what that thing is. Mind telling me?~
Sep 03 23:13:03 <Endphone> Eponnie steps in front of Zita, but not so much as to block her from attacking the entity
Sep 03 23:13:40 <Silvy> Zita goes to do that thing where she just starts rapidly slashing at the thing.
Sep 03 23:15:18 <gumbal1> Luna's Game stops in front of Eponnie, staring at the doll girl as Zita continues her assault. "Useless. Useless. Useless. Did you really think, after everthing you've been through, that you could break me?"
Sep 03 23:15:41 <Nemi> Andrey remains unmoving.
Sep 03 23:15:56 <Defined‘> Annora also waits for a responce!
Sep 03 23:16:02 <Silvy> "I can tell that…" Zita swallows and takes a step back. "I-I th-think I can." Zita says with a nod. "B-Because you’re w-weak."
Sep 03 23:18:17 <gumbal1> 4d3-8+8 (DRAIN) "No. I'm stronger than anything you've met until now."
Sep 03 23:18:18 <Mjeowlnir> gumbal1, (DRAIN) "No. I'm stronger than anything you've met until now.": 7:7-8+8
Sep 03 23:18:25 <gumbal1> > MDEF, ZITA
Sep 03 23:18:28 <Silvy> 4d3-8+6
Sep 03 23:18:29 <Mjeowlnir> Silvy: 6:8-8+6
Sep 03 23:19:17 <Silvy> "Wr-wrong. Y-You're weak. Th-That's why y-you g-get other stuff t-to do your w-work."
Sep 03 23:21:04 <gumbal1> Zita feels something pick at her concious. ~Is that any different from you? You need someone to pick you up. It's why, when you couldn't find a personality as strong as Juliet or Tessa, you had to find three of them to even begin making it up.
Sep 03 23:21:07 <gumbal1> ~
Sep 03 23:21:24 <Endphone> "Entities that Feed on the despair of others are worthless, pathetic creatures that do not deserve life!"
Sep 03 23:22:07 <Silvy> Zita goes to stab the thing again, her sword flickering to burn away any supernatural influence on it!
Sep 03 23:27:13 <gumbal1> The Flatlands Monster doesn't say anything. It has no mouth.
Sep 03 23:28:00 <gumbal1> It's nothing but supernatural influence. There's nothing to burn away.
Sep 03 23:28:43 <Silvy> Zita pulls her sword away and looks at it, twirling the blade and pointing it at him. "I-I'll burn you away." She states, rather bluntly.
Sep 03 23:29:13 <Defined‘> "Um…Well..This is nice and all…but…." She waves a hand, before looking to an owl ~Can you translate?~
Sep 03 23:29:40 <gumbal1> ~Entities designed to be fucked by old necromancers are worthless, pathetic creatures that don’t deserve life either, but you don't see me complaining about it.~ The thing takes another step forward. ~Try it. Do it with all your hate. With every bit of anger in your body. Show me how mad you really are.~
Sep 03 23:29:56 <gumbal1> The owl chirps in response, a resounding yes.
Sep 03 23:30:34 <Defined‘> "Excellent!" She smiles My friends are in trouble indoors. How can they be helped?~
Sep 03 23:31:02 <Silvy> Eponnie said it feeds on hate, right? So Zita gives a grin and starts radiating happiness and warmth through her link to Akemi, to make everyone around her and herself feel happy and warm and fuzzy inside. Zita has a bunch of tricks, apparently.
Sep 03 23:33:45 <gumbal1> The owl chirps in the Flatlands Monster’s face, and it looks over to the school…and visibly shudders.
Sep 03 23:34:10 <Defined‘> ~Yeah…It’s horrible~ Annora nods
Sep 03 23:34:43 <gumbal1> ~…did you honestly, really think that would work? Seriously?…okay, I'm done, I'm killing you now. Goodbye.~ Raising its hand, it transforms into one giant butcher's knife, and bringing it down…
Sep 03 23:35:04 <gumbal1> Luna's Game is very suddenly blasted into the wall.
Sep 03 23:36:41 <gumbal1> The bird chirps back, asking if they kept The Thing locked up in its prison.
Sep 03 23:36:57 <Defined‘> ~Um…You mean the Janitor’s closet?~
Sep 03 23:37:08 <Defined‘> ~No..No it’s not locked up~
Sep 03 23:37:24 <Endphone> "It is working! I love you!" Eponnie walks towards it, holding Zita's hand
Sep 03 23:37:26 <Silvy> There was also adoration and love in there, but Zita couldn't help that. So she just kept being happy and radiating it, holding her sword and pointing the blade at it. "Take that!" Zita says, giggling a little.
Sep 03 23:38:17 <Silvy> "Eponnie… I can do this for an hour! And then another hour! How does that make you feel, owlmonster?" Zita asks, sticking her tongue out at it.
Sep 03 23:39:42 <Nemi> Andrey's just some dead guy nobody cares about.
Sep 03 23:40:29 <Endphone> "It makes me feel happy~" Eponnie keeps pulling closers as long as Zita let's hee
Sep 03 23:41:41 <gumbal1> ~You…~ The thing stands up, though a bit of it melts off, sticking to the wall. ~I'm not finished with you yet.~ Taking another step towards them, it leaves another bit of melted goop. ~You're unlovable,~ Another step. This time, its whole body comes off. ~despicable,~ As its torso crawls over, it leaves a thick trail of yet more goop. ~just…plain…~ Luna's game collapses, melting into one big puddle, reflecting only the visages of a few
Sep 03 23:41:41 <gumbal1> dozen children. ~…wrong.~
Sep 03 23:42:19 <gumbal1> The Flatlands Monster shudders a second time.
Sep 03 23:42:41 <Defined‘> ~Um…Can anything be done?~
Sep 03 23:43:10 <gumbal1> The creature shakes its head, solemnly.
Sep 03 23:43:14 <Silvy> Zita starts stabbing its slowly forming corpse with a sword as she keeps grinning and radiating warmth, love, and happiness. This is some carebears as shit right here.
Sep 03 23:43:21 <Endphone> "You are wrong, and you are paying for your persistence as you deserve~"
Sep 03 23:43:32 <gumbal1> It’s gone.
Sep 03 23:43:51 <Defined‘> ~Oh…that’s too bad..~
Sep 03 23:44:13 <Silvy> Zita giggles and goes to hug Eponnie tight, lifting the girl up before running over to Andrey. "Eponnie? Can you carry Andrey out? I'm gonna go find Annora and tell her that, uh, I think I killed it?"
Sep 03 23:45:08 <Endphone> "Grab the doll with the USBs?" Eponnie requests as she tries picking him up
Sep 03 23:45:18 <gumbal1> The bird chirps, helpfully telling Annora that the Flatlands Monster would, if she so wished, grant her a mercy killing instead of having to face whatever was in there.
Sep 03 23:45:54 <Silvy> "Sure, I dunno. I'll be right outside!" And Zita goes to hurry outside, trying to not outrun Eponnie as she calls Annora.
Sep 03 23:46:14 <Defined‘> "No..No..that’s okay..Just a moment" SHe answers her phone!
Sep 03 23:46:39 <Silvy> "Hey! Annora! I kiiinda knocked Andrey out and this weird owl monster thing flew out of him."
Sep 03 23:47:18 <Defined‘> "Oh..Um…is that good or bad?"
Sep 03 23:47:29 <Endphone> Eponnie used a power surge to run ahead of Zita, giggling
Sep 03 23:47:45 <Silvy> "Well, I killed it. So I guess it was good! Oh, Eponnie! That’s cheating!" Zita shouts as she runs after Eponnie!
Sep 03 23:48:26 <Defined‘> "Oh.." She puts her hand on the phone ~They say they killed it~
Sep 03 23:48:42 <Endphone> "It is not!" She’s calls back
Sep 03 23:48:44 <Defined‘> Annora wasn’t sure if she wanted them to know about Flatty
Sep 03 23:49:19 <Nemi> Andrey remains limp and unmoving.
Sep 03 23:49:44 <Endphone> "Tell her we are ready to leave, assuming we are not actively hunting the crystal entity"
Sep 03 23:49:54 <gumbal1> "Oi!" Annora hears someone shout from across the fence. "Is that the Flatlands Monster?!"
Sep 03 23:50:05 <Silvy> Zita hurries outside, still radiating love (the love was directed at her, she couldn't help it. Eponnie would have the deal with loving Zita a bit more), happiness, and all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings as she hurried outside. "Oh, and, uh, are we gonna look for the crystal thing? Or should we call and say that the mission is over?"
Sep 03 23:50:14 <Silvy> "Oh… you found it." Zita says as she gets outside.
Sep 03 23:50:57 <Defined‘> "No!" Annora calls back "It’s just a figment of your imagination. You were right. You shouldn't have eaten that old sandwich"
Sep 03 23:51:43 <gumbal1> "Hey Phil!" "Jack, what do you holy shit, that's the Flatlands Monster. Hey, Tito!" "Oh Jesus Christ, what do you-holy crap! Chita!" "Yeah?" "Look over there!" "What is it-aaaaah! Oh my god this is the best day ever!"
Sep 03 23:52:40 <Silvy> Zita… was Zita still hugging her owl? Upon /her/ seeing the Flatlands Monster, she'd release her owl… but that owl would probably love her now, because of the allure and happiness Zita was giving off.
Sep 03 23:52:57 * Endphone has quit (Quit: Bye)
Sep 03 23:53:06 * Endphone (pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ#pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 23:53:39 <Defined‘> Annora facepalms and shoos the Flatlands Monster off "Just..go before someone takes a blurry photograph of you" She sighs, and turns back to the crowd, trying to shoo them off with wing motions "No. It’s not. I keep telling you!"
Sep 03 23:54:14 <Nemi> Andrey remains irrelevant.
Sep 03 23:54:19 <gumbal1> The Flatlands Monster fucks off as a flood of people suddenly crowd over to get a look. There's…much celebrating.
Sep 03 23:54:44 <Endphone> He's not irrelevant, he's being carried by Eponnie, who is clearly not sure what to say to this
Sep 03 23:55:14 <gumbal1> ~RUN ENDED~
Sep 03 23:55:19 * Endphone (pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ#pjk.rm.411.42|IAenaJ) has left #sunnybrook-fireflies
Sep 03 23:55:23 <gumbal1> ~3 XP~
Sep 03 23:55:29 <gumbal1> ~$300~
Sep 03 23:55:29 <Defined‘> "Can we all agree that everyone just imagined the Flatlands monster?"
Sep 03 23:55:41 <gumbal1> ~NPC KILLED: LUNA’S GAME~

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