Logs:Underneath Haven

<DarnellJermaine> (is everyone here?)
[2016-06-16 13:30:04] <PuddleJumper> (present)
[2016-06-16 13:30:08] <Duno666|Mobile> (ja)
[2016-06-16 13:30:11] <Nemi> ( Ya )
[2016-06-16 13:30:37] <RosyBud> (Yes)
[2016-06-16 13:30:54] <DarnellJermaine> ( If you guys want since everyone is here- I can start now. All of yall's call)
[2016-06-16 13:32:28] <PuddleJumper> (im good to do whatever, im just going to try my best to go with the flow and pick things up as i go)
[2016-06-16 13:32:48] <Nemi> ( Good to go)
[2016-06-16 13:32:50] <Duno666|Mobile> (I should be good to go)
[2016-06-16 13:32:52] <DarnellJermaine> (Nemi Rosybud Duno666|Mobile are you all ready now or do you need the next half hour)
[2016-06-16 13:33:46] <DarnellJermaine> (Before we begin- for those of you who are new, any time I ask for a roll you will type ‘calc 4d3-8+(modifier)
[2016-06-16 13:34:11] <DarnellJermaine> (in the case of a skill, the modifier is skill+attribute and for a power it will be power level+tier, and your chars should all be tier 0 or 1)
[2016-06-16 13:34:20] <DarnellJermaine> (Does that make sense?)
[2016-06-16 13:34:50] <PuddleJumper> (yes. Are other skills and weeknesses applied directly to the roll…if its in cold weather i will get -1 to everything)
[2016-06-16 13:35:04] <DarnellJermaine> (also until this run is finished I ask that you all keep your attention in Fireflies rather than other scenes and OOC so we don’t have to wait terribly long between posts. Are we all good fams? And yes PJ, those would be applied to your rolls)
[2016-06-16 13:35:26] <PuddleJumper> (good, i shall try my best not to screw up)
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[2016-06-16 13:35:41] <DarnellJermaine> (is that good with you guys RosyBud, Nemi, and Duno666|Mobile ?)
[2016-06-16 13:35:56] <RosyBud> (got it)
[2016-06-16 13:35:59] <Duno666|Mobile> (fine by me)
[2016-06-16 13:36:09] <Nemi> ( YEs )
[2016-06-16 13:36:20] <PuddleJumper> (yup)
[2016-06-16 13:36:21] * ChanServ set +o Lena
[2016-06-16 13:37:12] <DarnellJermaine> The intercoms blare on across the school yard, "Will Sandra Brown, Seiko Williams, Andrey Mai…Ma…Maijala? Maijala. And Ambrose Syl… Ambrose. Please report to the front gate. I repeat, Sandra, Seiko, Andrey, and Ambrose report to the front gate" the intercom clicks off. How do you answer your summons?
[2016-06-16 13:37:55] <Nemi> Andrey answers promptly enough. Given that all he was doing was lounging around practicing guitar, nothing's really keeping him back from just setting the guitar down, grabbing a sweatshirt, pulling on actual pants and walking on down.
[2016-06-16 13:38:35] <RosyBud> Seiko sighed as she speeded towards where the intercom had directed her and most likely a few others too. Another one of these, most likely going to go bad for her even though she knew nothing about what was gonna happen.
[2016-06-16 13:39:04] <PuddleJumper> Skix jumps out of the shower, a good way to wasting half the hot water for the building since she arrived threw on her only set of clothes and went quickly to the door…worried she was in some sort of trouble
[2016-06-16 13:39:15] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose, working a shift at the gardens, calls out to his companion, Lanten, and off he rides to the front gate.
[2016-06-16 13:40:53] <DarnellJermaine> (From now on post order is Nemi then Rosy then Puddle then Duno) Standing at the front gate is a tall man, maybe about 6' even? Standing next to a black ford expedition- wearing dark sunglasses and a nice business esque suit with a red tie. "Glad to see everyone made it." He puts on a friendly smile- there rests a little badge on his suit indicating he's part of school staff. "The school has called you
[2016-06-16 13:40:53] <DarnellJermaine> here today because we uh, need a little help with something. Don't worry- we'll be sure to reward you afterwards"
[2016-06-16 13:42:09] <Nemi> Andrey tilts his head, a curious smile on his face. He tucks his hands into his sweatshirt's front pocket- the others'd just see a tall, sturdily build Nordic blonde girl in jeans and a slightly too-large hoodie. "Heeey. Cool?" Interesting singsong accent. "So uh, what's the thing?"
[2016-06-16 13:43:30] <RosyBud> Being rewarded wasn't really much of a trade for what could happen, but that wasn't really a big deal. Seiko nodded, listening to what the man would follow with while holding her camera in her hands. She had decided to bring the device to these type of situations, just to have to record and what not.
[2016-06-16 13:44:21] <PuddleJumper> Skix shifted uncomfortabally from side to side, steam rose from her beat up black hoodie, her cargo pants had a few holes in them and she had no shoes only some cloth wrapped between her clawed feet. She was taller then the man that had come to see them she hunched forward to hide her face but still responded. "I suppose, um…i should do my part and earn my keep."
[2016-06-16 13:44:38] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose, a medium sized boy with red-gold hair and liquid silver eyes, slides off Lanten, a large green-and-brown furred dog. He hurriedly wipes his face and hands with a damp rag, and takes out a fieldpad and pen. "How can I help?"
[2016-06-16 13:46:37] <DarnellJermaine> The man smiles at them, glad to have a good reception for his little mission. "First off, you all can call me E" he smiles and shakes their hands each in turn, "As for what's going on- a few weeks ago a new student arrived, Ben, I believe was his name. He mentioned something about detecting a strange metal not far from Haven underground- something he had never felt before. So, trusting our students, we
[2016-06-16 13:46:37] <DarnellJermaine> sent the local Mining Company to go see what's up. Apparently it didn't take long for them to hit this giant cavern- however once they got inside, there were apparently…complications. Don't worry- the foreman will fill you in on the rest when you get there" he says, already opening the doors for the students to get in. "So… any questions?"
[2016-06-16 13:47:53] <Nemi> "Oh, oh, hey, metal? I can uh, do metal! And no, uh, no questions, aside from we expecting anything dangerous or anything? And uh.." The girl swivels to peer at the other kids. "Oh, yah, I'm Andrey, hi, dunno any of you I think."
[2016-06-16 13:49:29] <RosyBud> An underground place. Just great. At least it wasn't really a closed, small space, but still. She would have to deal with this on her own terms, although she really didn't know what use she had this time. Seiko waves a little to Andrey, still saying nothing.
[2016-06-16 13:50:01] <PuddleJumper> Skix shakes her head, looking to the others. "I'm Skix, I just got here yesterday…um…hi. Its nice to meet you all." The lizardlike being with the huge tail's voice was deep but soft, it didnt sound like it should come from a being so big.
[2016-06-16 13:50:57] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose makes long, elegant, flowing motions with his pen across the pad. "My name is Ambrose Syl-Falaren, it is a pleasure to meet you." His voice is bright, like a bronze bell. His gaze is a little too focused, carefully detailing the facial features of those he is meeting.
[2016-06-16 13:52:32] <DarnellJermaine> E nods at each of them in turn- watching their little greetings go down. They seemed like nice kids. "Dangerous? Well- probably nothing besides maybe some dangerous terrain. The miners /did/ mention something about monsters- but I highly doubt that's something to worry about- they probably just panicked because of a cave in or some falling rocks" he shrugs it off and begins to move into the driver's seat.
[2016-06-16 13:52:32] <DarnellJermaine> "Well, if that's all- could you guys hop in and close the doors so we can get this show on the road?" he seemed oddly calm for mentioning monsters and cave-ins. The people who work at this school must be really experienced!
[2016-06-16 13:53:25] <Nemi> "Monsters? Uuh.. Okay, yah, sure!" Andrey seems a little less enthused hearing that. "Anyway uhh, yah, good meeting you guys!" Not even a comment on Skix's reptilian looks or Ambrose's own curious appearance from the Iron Maiden. SOMEONE must be used to all this. Andrey climbs right in, taking shotgun like a jerk!
[2016-06-16 13:56:00] <RosyBud> Yep, there it was. The problem with going on this. It reallly did seem like a lot of things here that should be taken very seriously wasn't, instead just a casual tone was used to describe the fact that there could be monsters in a place where kids were being sent. Seiko sighs underneath the hood that separated her socially in a way as she fiddled some more
[2016-06-16 13:56:00] <RosyBud> with her camera in the back of the car. Her eyes finally moved onto the windows. If only..
[2016-06-16 13:57:36] <PuddleJumper> Skix hops in, picking a spot in the back she tucks her tail along the side door to keep from whacking anyone, she gulped when they mentioned monsters…she supposed this was why she was allowed to stay at the school, free bed, money, food. Everyone wants something…well she was going to get an education, stay warm, and be fed. If that ment dealing with some hard stuff she would do it. She eyed the others, at
[2016-06-16 13:57:36] <PuddleJumper> least she fit in. That was good. "I hope i can help some…ive never done anything like this before. I can see in the dark and can climb pretty good, i lived in the tunnels under grand central station in Detroit…so i bet this will be cleaner at least." She said as she wrung her claws worriedly.
[2016-06-16 13:58:23] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose moves to the rear of the machine and opens the hatch, Lanten jumps into the back, and Ambrose follows him, closing the door. Once settled he continues his flowing script. "Is there anything else you can tell us in relation to the task, Mr. E?"
[2016-06-16 14:01:23] <DarnellJermaine> E had his head facing forward while driving, sunglasses still on- no radio or music so he could debrief them. By looking in the rear view mirror you could see him cracking a smile. "Seeing in the dark, huh? That'll be very helpful actually- the cavern is gonna be pretty dark and the mining company never had the chance to set up lights before they bailed." He then focuses to answer Ambrose's question, "Ah-
[2016-06-16 14:01:23] <DarnellJermaine> I was just getting to that! You're a sharp one lad" he takes a sip from his water bottle in the cupholder before proceeding, "So- as I mentioned, this was all originally to find some sort of strange metal. What that metal looks like- or where it is…we don't know. But- we're almost positive it'll stick out, so that's a plus I guess?" he didn't seem too sure about that last part, "Anyways, once I get you
[2016-06-16 14:01:23] <DarnellJermaine> to the spot- you're going to talk with the foreman. I believe his name is Lafayette, and he should fill you in on the details, what they know, get you set up, the whole works. Everyone clear on what's going down?" he says, as the car begins to pull into an area a few miles from town with what looks like a mine and a few burly men surrounding the outside entrance.
[2016-06-16 14:03:32] <Nemi> "I uh, I can feel metal, that should help maybe? And uh- yah. Lafayette, talk to the foreman, that kinda thing.." Andrey's quiet for the rest of the ride, but once the car comes to a full stop, he'll climb right out and stretch a bit!
[2016-06-16 14:05:31] <RosyBud> The worst part was how much they were doing just to find some metal some student felt. They didn't even know what it really even was or what it did. She lowered her eyes, the same eyes that would be useful in the place that they were going, but besides that, yep. She could do nothing but document as it seemed. Finally her gaze drifted onto the others,
[2016-06-16 14:05:31] <RosyBud> thinking about if they cared about any of that or really who they were. Doesn't matter. She just hoped this car ride could go on longer so it delayed her time in the caverns. That's all.
[2016-06-16 14:07:03] <PuddleJumper> Skix looks into the back to eye Ambrose dog lanten with her reptillian eyes aparently a bit wary of dogs. She is quiet for the most part when she gets out of the car she follows the others trying to decide who was in charge amoung them…it certinally wasent her. She for the moment decided to follow Andrey's lead…she was almost as big as herself and seemed confident.
[2016-06-16 14:07:38] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose finishes writing, double checkes and makes corrections. He quickly digs through his pockets and pack, doing an inventory. "I should have stopped at my room for supplies." Ambrose hits the release latch on the hatch and Lanten bounds out, stretching a bit. Ambrose follows after cleaning up from his inventory, shutting the hatch.
[2016-06-16 14:10:02] <DarnellJermaine> After E lets all the students out, he rolls down the window one last time, "Now- even though we may be sending you into a dangerous unexplored cave, you're still students and we uh, would rather not be held liable. So try not to get hurt or anything" he offers one last smile- as weird as this guy was maybe he cared a little bit? Who knows! "Well then, I'll be back in a few hours to pick you all up!" he
[2016-06-16 14:10:02] <DarnellJermaine> gives a quick wave, rolls up the window, and drives off. All of a sudden, a large man- 6'5" or so, looking burly and as french-canadian as they get starts jogging up to them, "Hello there! You must be the people sent to help us out then, I presume?" he offers his hand to shake with each of them. "The name's Lafayette- I'm the foreman here" he grins wide at all the students, although if you look at his face
[2016-06-16 14:10:02] <DarnellJermaine> you can clearly see the worry apparent around him and the bags under his eyes.
[2016-06-16 14:12:39] <Nemi> Andrey beams brightly at the towering man and takes the hand. "Yes, hello! You're the uh- oh, right, ya just said! I'm Andrey, uh, what can we do to help?"
[2016-06-16 14:13:18] <RosyBud> Saying that he rather not be held liable negated any type of way of Seiko thinking he cared whatsoever. Still, they were sadly here now and she followed the others as they met up with the foreman. She waved slightly at him as well, but was a little more interested in why he seemed so worry and so tired. About now is when Seiko decided to switch on her
[2016-06-16 14:13:18] <RosyBud> camera, standing quietly, her hood still on.
[2016-06-16 14:14:55] <PuddleJumper> Skix hangs back and shakes hands last shivering in the cold, she shifts from claw to claw clearly not built for cold weather and not dressed all that warmly. "I hope its warmer inside." she flicked at a zippo lighter holding it over her claws alternately.
[2016-06-16 14:16:26] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose and Lanten hustle over, Ambrose still fiddling with how his backpack is arranged. He finishes, slinging it back on and pulling his fieldpad out. "Start at the beginning, please, Mr. Lafayette." Ambrose mumbles something to Lanten, who moves over to Skix, attemping to sidle his warm body against her leg.
[2016-06-16 14:16:56] * Endorb is now known as ExamOrb
[2016-06-16 14:19:10] <DarnellJermaine> "Well, the cave is pretty dark, so that's the first thing!" he nods attentively, detailing the things they'll need to know, "Secondly, we haven't explored it much- so be wary for cave ins or falling rocks. Don't worry, if you start to hear rumbling, just get away as fast as ye can. Third, it's pretty damn dark in there- we'd normally set you up with some miner helmets and what not but… we left everything
[2016-06-16 14:19:10] <DarnellJermaine> behind in the cave when we saw…" he clutches his arm for a bit and shakes it off, "Anyways, you can try to find those- but all we have to give you now is this" he rummages around in his belt and produces and old looking walky talky and a single flashlight, "So uh, whoever the leader is here can take these. You can use that radio to ask us any questions or let us know about anything ye find. Last but not
[2016-06-16 14:19:11] <DarnellJermaine> least…" his look of worry turns to one of sadness and pleading, "I know yer looking for that metal and what not but… one of our guys, Geoffrey's his name, got lost in all the ruckus when we ran out. He's… a great miner- and an even better dude. He was the best man at my wedding. If you could find him… please" he looks back up. "That's all I have to tell ye I'm afraid" he gestures to the mine just a
[2016-06-16 14:19:16] <DarnellJermaine> few feet away from them, "So… any questions? I'll be happy to answer or help however I can before ye go"
[2016-06-16 14:21:13] <Nemi> Andrey reaches for the walkie-talkie and flashlight, blinking. And nods. "I'onno about leader but I can hold on for these for now and.. I uh- I sorry to hear. We'll find him! Or.. Find out.. And uh, I got nothing, ecept uh- something about monsters..?"
[2016-06-16 14:23:56] <RosyBud> Well, Seiko decided that she would look for the man first because human life is actually more important than a stupid piece of metal. She could actually help with that and let the others do their things. The monsters, they could just be some natural phenomenon that could be mistaken for something else, in this case, a monster. Even if they were real, barring
[2016-06-16 14:23:56] <RosyBud> the fact that nobody knew what they looked and sounded like, she could possibly outrun them.
[2016-06-16 14:24:19] <PuddleJumper> Skix freezes to the spot for a moment, but realizes very quickly that Ambrose and his dog are friendly and looking out for her, she puts a huge claw on Lanten's head and carefully ruffles his fur with her claws smiling greatfully to him showing rows of perfect sharp teeth. She may not be over the cold on the outside, but her heart sure was. She stood next to Andrey reasoning she could see further then them
[2016-06-16 14:24:19] <PuddleJumper> and pick up heat of anyone before the others. "I might be able to smell him or see his body heat, as long as hes…well, i'll have a chance at spotting him anyway."
[2016-06-16 14:25:12] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose quickly pens into his pad, using up several pages. He was waiting for the four of them to be alone before commenting on how he could help. "What have you found so far, Mr. Lafayette? Do you have a map of the mine or any sort of reference material?"
[2016-06-16 14:28:52] <DarnellJermaine> The foreman lets out a warm smile- for the first time the worry disappearing from his face, to Skix. "Thank ye lass… it'd mean tha world te me" he nods his head, then turning to Ambrose, "Map? We only hit the cavern a few hours ago, so sadly we have no reference material lad. Best I can tell ye is the place is huge" he gestures with his arms, widening them out, "Even we don't know how far et goes or how
[2016-06-16 14:28:52] <DarnellJermaine> wide et is" he emphasizes, lastly turning to Andrey- once more looking worried a bit, "Aye… I saw things… not o this werld. Unnatural…I..I didn't get a good look- but be careful- whatever it is can't be good news" he nods, as if needing to physically agree with his own statement. He walks them all the way up to the entrance of the mine now, "It goes down for about a good 20 or so meters- not far at
[2016-06-16 14:28:52] <DarnellJermaine> all before ye hit the cavern. That's where it gets dark- we were only able ta light up the entrance really- the rest of the stuff is somewhere further back. Just… be careful, alright?" he seems genuinely concerned for the kids here, "I'd come wiff ya but…" he lifts up his pants legs to reveal prosthetic legs, "Cave-in a few years back…can't run or move to well anymore. I'm… sorry" he feels
[2016-06-16 14:28:57] <DarnellJermaine> genuinely ashamed with his helplessness in the current situation.
[2016-06-16 14:37:07] <Nemi> Andrey follows loyally along, nodding ad he listens. "A'ight, a'ight, okay. So.." Andrey hefts the flashlight, musing. "Gotcha, mister Lafayette. Don't worry! We'll be back soon, okay?" And- Andrey will lead the way on in!
[2016-06-16 14:38:07] <RosyBud> Seiko nods, thinking about everything as she stared forward. Well, at least she knew what she was doing and that was set. Hopefully she could find Geoffrey easily and with him not being injured. Although, she worried a little about not having water or any food because looking at what has been said to have happened, he could've been in there for a day? Maybe?
[2016-06-16 14:38:07] <RosyBud> Hopefully that's it because.. dehydration. No, there was no need to thing negatively although that's all she could really think about. She hoped to find some form of water in the caverns, like a canteen a miner dropped just in case. Hopefully so, as she thought it was better to have something and not need it than need it and not have it. She was just waiting
[2016-06-16 14:38:07] <RosyBud> on the others to hurry on and do their thing or something. This wasn't really much of a group, honestly. Ehh, it was to be expected really. And now it seemed the group was going so Seiko followed Andrey into the underground.
[2016-06-16 14:38:43] <PuddleJumper> Skix nods to the foreman seeming to be alot less shy and more determined to help, her job was to help people! And she was going to do her best. "I promise if i find him i wont leave him behind mister." she calls behind her back as she hussles to stand up with Andrey following almost at her shoulder.
[2016-06-16 14:39:55] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose finishes his notes and slaps the pad shut. "Mr. Lafayette, we each must do as we can, and know when to reach for help." Ambrose puts a hand on his arm, his voice still clear and bright as brass "See to your folk, it is our turn to do as we can." Ambrose mounts Lanten, and rides to catch up. "Let us pause a moment at the bottom, please."
[2016-06-16 14:41:48] <DarnellJermaine> Lafayette smiles at the kind gesture from Ambrose and waves them goodbye as they delve deep into… the cavern under Haven!!! Once inside- they find themselves going down make shift stairs- lights set up on the side until the eventually reach the bottom after about a minute or so- opening into a large cavern with no lighting anywhere. Those of you who can see in the dark and Andrey as he fiddles with the
[2016-06-16 14:41:48] <DarnellJermaine> flashlight can tell the cave is absolutely /massive/ stretching farther than the eye can see in every direction- little pillars and stalagmites and stalagtites decorating the cave inbetween areas. What do you do?
[2016-06-16 14:43:16] <Nemi> ".. Okay, okay, uh, we can pause, no problem!" Andrey flashes a nervous grin to Ambrose as they descend and once there.. Andrey shines the light around, and gapes in amazement. ".. oh /wow/. This place's- /huge/. I uh, uh, you guys wanna keep on going forward or..?"
[2016-06-16 14:46:21] <RosyBud> Seiko stared at the massive cavern, perplexed at how to go about this. This was insane. Still, she would have to try to listen for some sort of sound that could lead her in the right direction of the man. For her, that was her first priority and the metal was just an /optional/ thing to do. She stepped forward, listening closely while holding her camera,
[2016-06-16 14:46:21] <RosyBud> which was still recording as of now.
[2016-06-16 14:46:49] <PuddleJumper> Skix looks around seeing if she can spot anything in the dark, hear anything, and most importantly see any heat she stands shoulder to shoulder with Andrey, "Ambrose seemed to be planning and writing, we should listen to what he has to say first…um…if thats ok with everyone? We shouldent just rush in."
[2016-06-16 14:47:29] <DarnellJermaine> (The results of your rolls will follow in the next post- continue with your post Ambrose)
[2016-06-16 14:48:20] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 14:48:21] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
[2016-06-16 14:48:22] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 6:8-8+6
[2016-06-16 14:49:54] <Duno666|Mobile> "Firstly, can anyone else see in the dark? Secondly, please gather a bit and hold still." Ambrose began to mutter in another language, moving his hands over each of the students in turn. A soft green light, cloudlike, appears from his hands and moves to settle on each of them. "This spell will guard against cold and heat, but nothing more." As the cloud settles, each student feels as if in a bubble of perfect weather.
[2016-06-16 14:50:15] <RosyBud> `calc 4d3-8+3
[2016-06-16 14:50:15] <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 3
[2016-06-16 14:50:16] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 3: 0:5-8+3
[2016-06-16 14:51:18] <Nemi> "Ooh, comfy!"
[2016-06-16 14:51:35] <DarnellJermaine> As Seiko looks around- she doesn’t notice much out of the ordinary- she sees the cave structures, maybe hears the sound of dripping water, not much else. Skix, however, faintly hears a voice call out somewhere further down and to the left from the cavern.
[2016-06-16 14:54:03] <RosyBud> She frowns. There was no way she could check every single spot in the cavern in reasonable time, there was just no way. This was unfortunate. Maybe if she just kept trying. Still, who knows how long that could take.
[2016-06-16 14:54:51] <PuddleJumper> Skix sniffs and leans forward her tail held out like a pointer dog as she pads forward a bit…once she is warmed by the spell she gives a sigh of relief from deep in her chest "Thank you for the warmth…i was…I hear something. A voice! Down there, to the left!" she starts to lead the way keeping Andrey just behind her.
[2016-06-16 14:58:52] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose shakes his head. Ambrose says a short, quick word and light springs from a rock in his hand, shaped into a flashlight's cone. Lanten keeps pace with Skix, but stays behind and to the side of Andrey.
[2016-06-16 15:00:04] <DarnellJermaine> As they get closer to the direction Skix leads them, the voice gets louder- now audible for them to hear, "Heeeeeelp! Help!" the voice sounds like a stereotypical lumberjack's voice- that of a stern and hardworking man. As they get closer- they will spot a large, hunched over figure with various packs on their back and a wooden staff in their hands.
[2016-06-16 15:00:38] <Nemi> "Oh- oh, this way, come on!" Andrey hurries onward, drawn to the voice and aiming to be of utmost assistance! Because Andrey is a Nice Person Who Cares.
[2016-06-16 15:01:39] <RosyBud> Seiko dashed onwards to help as well, worried for not only the man, but also about themselves and what the hell kinda of thing could make him yell for help.
[2016-06-16 15:02:31] <PuddleJumper> Skix hurries forward, and faster still when she sees the figure in the dark. "Found someone! We come to help! Are you hurt mister?"
[2016-06-16 15:04:22] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose commands Lanten, and shouts "Cautiously!" Lanten sniffs around the figure without getting too close, to see if he's human. (rolling scent for Lanten)
[2016-06-16 15:04:33] <Duno666|Mobile> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
[2016-06-16 15:04:33] <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 1
[2016-06-16 15:04:34] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 1: 4:9-8+3
[2016-06-16 15:06:24] <DarnellJermaine> Lanten- whether overwhelmed by the senses of the party or the stenches inside the cave, smells nothing out of the ordinary about the man. However, he turns around… the figure is hunched over- with a bird’s face for a head and talons for hands and feet, clutching a staff. He looks like this-http://imgur.com/Qo8WGWV and as he turns around, he yells once more- although this time his voice sounds exactly
[2016-06-16 15:06:25] <DarnellJermaine> like Lafayette's instead of the lumberjack esque voice, "Monsters!" it yells, staring at the group and taking a small step back, holding it's staff out.
[2016-06-16 15:11:10] <Nemi> Andrey steps away a moment, big-eyed. "Wha-what who y- who're /you/? What're you?"
[2016-06-16 15:12:38] <RosyBud> Seiko quickly backs away, pointing the camera at the thing. This.. wasn't right. What the actual hell was this thing? And why was it able to mimic the foreman's voice? She didn't want to be near this thing anymore and because of this, she began to run away from the creature and put a considerable amount of distance in between her and it and also not falling
[2016-06-16 15:12:38] <RosyBud> into that trope where a person usually just freezes in places and stares at something in fear instead of running until you can barely breathe.
[2016-06-16 15:13:43] <PuddleJumper> Skix screaches to a halt, the smell of the bird creature assaults her senses as she wrinkless her nose. She holds out both her claws as she turns to the side to try to gulp fresh air. "I am not a monster! We come to help lost miner, we aint gonna hurt you unless you try to hurt us." she stands her ground in front of the others
[2016-06-16 15:15:29] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose slides off of Lanten, who takes a step forward in a guard position. "Peace, creature! We bring no harm. We search for one whose voice you use." Ambrose quickly racks his brains, trying to retrieve information about the creature from his Information Sponge.
[2016-06-16 15:15:53] <DarnellJermaine> (roll for information sponge, 3+4)
[2016-06-16 15:16:03] <DarnellJermaine> (so ‘calc 4d3-8+7)
[2016-06-16 15:17:39] <Duno666|Mobile> `calc 4d3-8+7
[2016-06-16 15:17:39] <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 4
[2016-06-16 15:17:40] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 5:6-8+7
[2016-06-16 15:18:56] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose can’t decipher much more than he's already seen- other then the fact that the creature looks somewhat old and a bit worn- not really a threat to them. "What're you?" it repeats back to them, perfectly mimicing Andrey's voice. It steps closer, lowering it's staff a bit and plucks out its head a bit at each of them- far enough away not to touch, but as if looking them over. As for Seiko… she runs
[2016-06-16 15:18:57] <DarnellJermaine> further and further down the cavern, finding herself near a large grouping of rocks.
[2016-06-16 15:20:56] <Nemi> Andrey's voice is high, sing-song, with a curious purring tone to it. He seems thoroughly baffled by the bird-man's mimicky, taking another step back. ".. uh- uh.."
[2016-06-16 15:24:06] * Cezar|AA is now known as Cezar
[2016-06-16 15:24:28] <RosyBud> Seiko stops running, looking around. Nobody else followed? Alone again on this one again. She's not going near that thing though. Maybe at least she'll actually be able to find the missing work since there couldn't be more of the creature, could they? Well, she'd find out although she started to listen again to see if she could hear the actual Geoffrey.
[2016-06-16 15:24:43] <DarnellJermaine> (roll perception Seiko!)
[2016-06-16 15:24:51] <RosyBud> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
[2016-06-16 15:24:51] <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 4
[2016-06-16 15:24:51] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 5:10-8+3
[2016-06-16 15:26:19] <PuddleJumper> Skix shifts uncomfortabally between going after Seiko and staying…she seems to come to a decision. "You two talk to the bird man thing. I’ll go find Seiko, so she dont get lost in the dark. Ambrose talks good, better then me." She takes off looking for Seiko
[2016-06-16 15:28:54] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose watches Seiko run, and Skix run after her. "Elvish:[Coward and fool]," he mutters under his breath before turning back to the creature. "Now, can you only repeat things in whole, or can you piece different words together?" Ambrose purposefully speaks slowly, with clear enunciation and pauses between words.
[2016-06-16 15:31:13] <DarnellJermaine> The bird creature looks between them- unsure of how to respond. This time, he responds in a voice unknown to any of them- sounding like some kind of… little kid? "You talk funny!" he says, but he points with his decrepit talon at himself, rather than any of the other. Then, he answers in Skix's voice, "I am not a monster!" he perfectly repeats. Now- Seiko peeks over the rock formation on the ground and
[2016-06-16 15:31:13] <DarnellJermaine> notices off in the distance if she looks carefully a human figure, lying face down on the ground. If she peers really hard- she can tell he's still breathing! Not long after she sees that, Skix shows up behind her, luckily since she's able to see in the dark herself she didn't have too much trouble following Seiko.
[2016-06-16 15:34:02] <Nemi> ".. okay? You're just- copying us! What're you- who're you, what're you doing here and.. what's going on?"
[2016-06-16 15:34:06] <RosyBud> And Seiko is at it with the running once more because this time it seems she's found a person who seems very unconscious and in need of some help. Hurrying on over, Seiko quickly checks to see if the man is hurt externally, not able to judge if he has any internal injuries.. still, she might be able to help.
[2016-06-16 15:37:04] <PuddleJumper> Skix pads down the tunnel her sharp claws clacking and scraping along the rock floor she kneels next to the hurt man and fixes eyes on Seiko "Should not run away from friends, you could have got hurt or lost…is man hurt to bad to pick up? If he was down here so long we need to get him to help…she shakes her head. Shouldent run away, scarred me!" She looks around nervously as if something might jump out of
[2016-06-16 15:37:04] <PuddleJumper> the dark and snatch Seiko.
[2016-06-16 15:37:49] <DarnellJermaine> (puddle roll perception)
[2016-06-16 15:38:15] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 15:38:15] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
[2016-06-16 15:38:15] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 3:5-8+6
[2016-06-16 15:38:51] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose reaches a hand out to Andrey. "Stop, be calm. It can only mimic others, like a raven. Asking questions will be of dubious use." Ambrose pauses to think, and nudges Lanten to see if the creature understands him. <I am Lanten,> he starts, <what do you call yourself?>
[2016-06-16 15:39:36] <DarnellJermaine> (I’m going to make 2 separate posts so nobody respond until I finish both please >.>)
[2016-06-16 15:40:36] <DarnellJermaine> (For starters- Nemi and Duno) The bird looks quizzically between the two, unsure of how to respond. It instead leans down, almost tripping over the large weights on it's back towards the dog. It responds in the voice of a little kid once more, "I'm Jimmy!"…Jimmy is probably not it's name, but it seems like it's trying to work with them here.
[2016-06-16 15:41:50] <DarnellJermaine> (For Rosy and Puddle) the body is still breathing! Slowly, the man begins to pick himself up, shaking a bit, "Urgh…" he moans, rubbing his head as he sits up on the ground, "I… uh, where am I?" he looks pretty bruised and beat up- but mostly ok! "Aye, uh, the name's Geoffrey." he nods, looking between the both of them. On the other hand, Skix may notice some strange noises- as if the air is being
[2016-06-16 15:41:50] <DarnellJermaine> pushed around ever so slightly above them…
[2016-06-16 15:45:57] ⇐ Nemi quit (moc.rr.ser.pacyn.308-443-099-13-fmx|heveraz#moc.rr.ser.pacyn.308-443-099-13-fmx|heveraz):
[2016-06-16 15:46:25] <DarnellJermaine> (nemi had to drop- post order is now Me, Seiko, Skix, Ambrose- your post Seiko)
[2016-06-16 15:46:41] <DarnellJermaine> (Ambrose just assume Andrey is silently following you)
[2016-06-16 15:47:55] → Nemi joined (moc.rr.ser.pacyn.308-443-099-13-fmx|heveraz#moc.rr.ser.pacyn.308-443-099-13-fmx|heveraz)
[2016-06-16 15:47:55] * ChanServ set +o Nemi
[2016-06-16 15:48:28] <RosyBud> Seiko glanced at Skix, really not thinking of the others as friends. Still, really not important now because her eyes were focused on Geoffrey. "Hi." She said, standing up. Well, that was actually relatively quick although now it was just a problem of how to get out of the cave.. and the metal. She still didn't really want to stay down here any longer just
[2016-06-16 15:48:28] <RosyBud> for a piece of metal.
[2016-06-16 15:48:52] <PuddleJumper> Skix freezes her tail twiching. she whispers. "Geoffrey, you hurt? I'll pick you up and carry you to help…be quiet, something above us." She points back to where the others for Seiko. "I lift him and carry. You run to others. I follow."
[2016-06-16 15:49:22] <PuddleJumper> (where the others were)
[2016-06-16 15:50:04] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose writes down a few words on a piece of paper. "Jimmy, can you read this?" Ambrose was running out of ideas, fast, and he was growing worried about splitting the group up for too long.
[2016-06-16 15:51:45] <DarnellJermaine> The bird stares at the piece of paper, and nods it's head, but seems unable to read it out loud for him. As for Seiko and Skix… Geoffrey gets up, slowly standing on both legs, "Aye, we best get out of here b'fore…" before he can finish two strange, bulbous floating creatures covered in eyes descend upon them. They look like this http://imgur.com/gallery/UFxS9Oa
[2016-06-16 15:54:00] <RosyBud> And at that point, Seiko did was Skix asked her too, running as fast as she can towards the others because she wants to leave now. Those were even more frightening than the mimic they first saw and they definitely seemed as if they wanted to attack.
[2016-06-16 15:54:03] <Nemi> Okay, Andrey didn't just blip out of existence. He just kinda stares blankly at the bird-man, baffled and not sure what to do. "Uh- listen, listen, you can come with us, get somewhere safer?"
[2016-06-16 15:54:50] <DarnellJermaine> (Puddle's post, then Dunos, then mine. Post order is the same as before and Nemi is back :D)
[2016-06-16 15:56:41] <PuddleJumper> Skix practically lifts Geoffrey as she runs full tilt through the dark toward the bird man and the other students. She scream, it sounds halfway between a raptor noise and a frightened bird. "Warrrk! Run! Eye things! Shitshitshitshitshit!" her claws scrabble on the lose rock as she uses her tail to keep her from eating shit face first into the cave floor.
[2016-06-16 15:56:52] <PuddleJumper> (screams)
[2016-06-16 15:58:08] <Duno666|Mobile> ~Oh, good, he's literate at least.~ Ambrose hopes. He tears out another sheet of paper and writes: "We are looking for a piece of metal. Something that sticks out. Have you seen anything like this? Use 'Jimmy' for yes, and 'creature' for no."
[2016-06-16 15:59:52] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+3
[2016-06-16 15:59:52] <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 5
[2016-06-16 15:59:53] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 1:6-8+3
[2016-06-16 16:00:25] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:00:25] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
[2016-06-16 16:00:26] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 5:8-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:00:44] <RosyBud> `calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 16:00:44] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 10
[2016-06-16 16:00:45] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 10: 11:11-8+8
[2016-06-16 16:00:56] <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+3
[2016-06-16 16:00:57] <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 4
[2016-06-16 16:00:57] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 2:7-8+3
[2016-06-16 16:00:59] <PuddleJumper> `calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:00:59] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 7
[2016-06-16 16:01:00] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 7: 6:8-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:01:32] <Duno666|Mobile> `calc 4d3-8+2
[2016-06-16 16:01:32] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 3
[2016-06-16 16:01:32] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 3: 3:9-8+2
[2016-06-16 16:02:31] <DarnellJermaine> (Seiko you’re up first! What do you do?)
[2016-06-16 16:02:48] <RosyBud> Keep running?
[2016-06-16 16:03:00] <PuddleJumper> (did we make it back to the group yet?)
[2016-06-16 16:03:16] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko keeps retreating! roll agility and reflexes!
[2016-06-16 16:03:20] <DarnellJermaine> (not yet puddle)
[2016-06-16 16:03:21] <RosyBud> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 16:03:21] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 9
[2016-06-16 16:03:22] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 9: 10:10-8+8
[2016-06-16 16:03:45] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko makes fucking GROUND- darting around before Geoffrey and Skix can hope to catch up, reaching Andrey and Ambrose fairly quickly!
[2016-06-16 16:03:55] <DarnellJermaine> SKIX’s turn. What do you do?
[2016-06-16 16:04:11] <PuddleJumper> skix keeps retreating while helping Geoffrey
[2016-06-16 16:05:16] <DarnellJermaine> Roll agility and reflexes! -1 because you're helping an injured man!
[2016-06-16 16:05:22] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:05:22] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
[2016-06-16 16:05:23] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 8:11-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:05:36] <DarnellJermaine> You make a bit of distance- but get nowhere close to the group yet. The eyeballs are upon you!
[2016-06-16 16:05:43] <DarnellJermaine> Bird mans turn!
[2016-06-16 16:06:02] <DarnellJermaine> The bird looks up at Duno and nods it’s head, "I'm Jimmy!" it says looking at Ambrose for a response.
[2016-06-16 16:06:10] <DarnellJermaine> EYE BALLS TURNS
[2016-06-16 16:06:12] <DarnellJermaine> AND GUESS WHAT THERE IS TWO OF THEM
[2016-06-16 16:06:25] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:06:25] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:06:26] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 5:8-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:06:29] <DarnellJermaine> SKIX roll mental defense!
[2016-06-16 16:07:21] <PuddleJumper> `calc 4d3-8+1
[2016-06-16 16:07:21] <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 0
[2016-06-16 16:07:21] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 0: 1:8-8+1
[2016-06-16 16:07:31] <DarnellJermaine> Skix is paralyzed- and takes 3 points of psyche damage!
[2016-06-16 16:07:36] <DarnellJermaine> You cannot move for your next turn skix!
[2016-06-16 16:07:59] <DarnellJermaine> The other eyeball creature now looks to geoffrey, doing the same thing and paralyzing him as well!
[2016-06-16 16:08:04] ⇐ Nemi quit (moc.rr.ser.pacyn.308-443-099-13-fmx|heveraz#moc.rr.ser.pacyn.308-443-099-13-fmx|heveraz):
[2016-06-16 16:08:06] <DarnellJermaine> Andrey’s!
[2016-06-16 16:08:08] <DarnellJermaine> Ah shit
[2016-06-16 16:08:15] <DarnellJermaine> err Ambrose's turn!
[2016-06-16 16:08:29] * Lena is now known as Lena|food
[2016-06-16 16:10:48] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose turns to look at Seiko running in from the direction of Skix' screams. "You're running again. That can't be good. Jimmy, hide somewhere safe." He shoos the birdman away a bit, his fingers flashing into claws. "What's the problem Seiko?"
[2016-06-16 16:11:03] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko's turn!
[2016-06-16 16:11:19] → Silvors joined (ten.ralugnicym.842-883-317-102-zfmkcn|srovliS#ten.ralugnicym.842-883-317-102-zfmkcn|srovliS)
[2016-06-16 16:11:19] * ChanServ set +o Silvors
[2016-06-16 16:12:59] → LipstickThespian joined (moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL#moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL)
[2016-06-16 16:12:59] * ChanServ set +o LipstickThespian
[2016-06-16 16:13:08] <RosyBud> "..like these floating, eyes with like teeth." Seiko stays put.
[2016-06-16 16:13:41] <DarnellJermaine> Skix's turn is skipped for paralysis! However, she can now move to dodge!
[2016-06-16 16:13:47] <DarnellJermaine> Bird man's turn!
[2016-06-16 16:14:02] <DarnellJermaine> The bird man walks up closer to Ambrose- not in any threatening way, but as if it desires to help or follow him?
[2016-06-16 16:14:10] <DarnellJermaine> Eyeballs' turns!
[2016-06-16 16:14:19] <DarnellJermaine> The first one looks to skix one more- and opens its mouth wide- A LASER
[2016-06-16 16:14:30] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:14:30] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:14:32] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 7:9-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:14:35] <DarnellJermaine> roll reflexes to dodge Skix!
[2016-06-16 16:15:00] <PuddleJumper> `calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:15:00] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 7
[2016-06-16 16:15:01] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 7: 5:7-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:17:26] <DarnellJermaine> A laser fires right at Skix- but damn it is she quick! A leap away with relative ease and the laser strikes at the ground- rocks beginning to make noises above
[2016-06-16 16:17:38] <DarnellJermaine> Now for the other eyeball- it fires a laser just the same- this time at Geoffrey! How will he defend himself?
[2016-06-16 16:17:42] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:17:42] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 7
[2016-06-16 16:17:43] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 7: 5:7-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:18:00] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:18:00] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
[2016-06-16 16:18:01] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 6:9-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:18:10] <DarnellJermaine> Geoffrey BARELY manages to get away from the laser, falling on his ass once more!
[2016-06-16 16:18:14] <DarnellJermaine> Andrey’s turn!
[2016-06-16 16:19:03] <DarnellJermaine> or wait
[2016-06-16 16:19:10] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose's turn! (sorry forgot was looking at turn order)
[2016-06-16 16:19:33] <DarnellJermaine> (for the record Andrey will just be assumed to follow Ambrose around)
[2016-06-16 16:20:42] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose flicks a glance at Jimmy. "Alright, sure. I take what help I can get. Seiko!" His voice was loud, commanding, to shock her back into action. "Show us the way."
[2016-06-16 16:20:57] <DarnellJermaine> (Seiko's turn!)
[2016-06-16 16:21:29] * Cezar is now known as Cezaway
[2016-06-16 16:21:56] <RosyBud> She flinches, moving away from him before pointing in the way she came from and hesitantly, going in that way.
[2016-06-16 16:22:48] <DarnellJermaine> (the group runs towards the fight- on the scene they see Geoffrey on the ground and Skix standing before two floating eyeball creatures!)
[2016-06-16 16:22:53] <DarnellJermaine> Skix's turn!
[2016-06-16 16:23:24] <PuddleJumper> Skix snarls her thin lips drawing back and she launches herself at the eye that attacked the wounded man.
[2016-06-16 16:23:36] <DarnellJermaine> (roll attack! also left eye or right eye?)
[2016-06-16 16:23:44] <DarnellJermaine> (oh wait one that wounded the man so left eye!)
[2016-06-16 16:23:55] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 16:23:55] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
[2016-06-16 16:23:56] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 8: 6:6-8+8
[2016-06-16 16:24:13] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:24:13] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 3
[2016-06-16 16:24:14] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 3: 7:10-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:24:21] <DarnellJermaine> (4 damage done to LEFT beholder!)
[2016-06-16 16:24:40] <DarnellJermaine> The floating eye ball reels back, letting out an ear splitting screech! It appears to be bleeding! The roof begins to rumble once more!
[2016-06-16 16:24:50] <DarnellJermaine> Bird man’s turn!
[2016-06-16 16:24:57] → [1]SpookyBee joined (moc.rr.ser.ssam.241-3-28-41-dyd|eeBykoopS#moc.rr.ser.ssam.241-3-28-41-dyd|eeBykoopS)
[2016-06-16 16:25:06] <DarnellJermaine> The bird man hobbles up and sees the ruckus before him- he attempts to help Skix! He wobbles over and reaches his cane to hit the one Skix just hit!
[2016-06-16 16:25:16] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:25:16] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 1
[2016-06-16 16:25:16] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 1: 4:7-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:25:26] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:25:27] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:25:27] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 4:7-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:25:33] <DarnellJermaine> the eyeball easily dodges it
[2016-06-16 16:25:38] <DarnellJermaine> Eyeballs turn!
[2016-06-16 16:25:46] <DarnellJermaine> This time, it looks at Seiko and begins it’s awful stare!
[2016-06-16 16:25:50] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:25:50] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:25:51] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 5:8-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:25:53] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko, roll mental defense!
[2016-06-16 16:27:46] <RosyBud> `calc 4d3-8+3
[2016-06-16 16:27:47] <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 1
[2016-06-16 16:27:48] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 1: 3:8-8+3
[2016-06-16 16:28:02] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko is paralyzed for her next turn, and takes 2 points of Psyche damage!
[2016-06-16 16:28:22] <DarnellJermaine> The other Eyeball faces the poor bird man that tries to help, and fires a laser!
[2016-06-16 16:28:26] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:28:26] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:28:27] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 5:7-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:28:39] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:28:39] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 2
[2016-06-16 16:28:39] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 2: 5:8-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:28:40] ⇐ SpookyBee quit (moc.rr.ser.ssam.241-3-28-41-dyd|eeBykoopS#moc.rr.ser.ssam.241-3-28-41-dyd|eeBykoopS): Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[2016-06-16 16:28:41] * [1]SpookyBee is now known as SpookyBee
[2016-06-16 16:28:54] <DarnellJermaine> The bird man takes 2 points of damage! He squawks and falls onto the floor, slowly picking himself up after a few seconds!
[2016-06-16 16:29:04] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose’s turn!
[2016-06-16 16:29:26] <DarnellJermaine> (Andrey is currently assisting Geoffrey and tells the others she'll lead him back to the Foreman! she heads off)
[2016-06-16 16:30:39] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose slides off Lanten, taking a moment to focus his will and shout a few words, waving a hand of bright green energy over the group. His Magic Fang spell effects Skix, Lanten, Jimmy and himself for
[2016-06-16 16:30:52] <Duno666|Mobile> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
[2016-06-16 16:30:52] <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:30:54] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 4:8-8+4
[2016-06-16 16:30:57] <Duno666|Mobile> rounds
[2016-06-16 16:31:22] <Duno666|Mobile> (That’s a +1 on attack rolls)
[2016-06-16 16:31:24] <DarnellJermaine> for the next 5 rouns- everyone but Seiko gets +1 to attack!
[2016-06-16 16:31:35] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko is paralyzed for this turn!
[2016-06-16 16:31:38] <DarnellJermaine> Skix's turn!
[2016-06-16 16:32:05] <PuddleJumper> Skix attacks the wounded eye again slashing tooth and claw
[2016-06-16 16:32:18] <DarnellJermaine> (roll attack!)
[2016-06-16 16:32:27] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[2016-06-16 16:32:27] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 7
[2016-06-16 16:32:28] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 7: 10:9-8+9
[2016-06-16 16:32:40] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:32:40] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
[2016-06-16 16:32:41] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 7:10-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:32:49] <DarnellJermaine> The eye manages to stay just out of her reach!
[2016-06-16 16:32:59] <DarnellJermaine> Jimmy’s turn!
[2016-06-16 16:33:16] <DarnellJermaine> He slowly hobbles back up to the wounded eye- staring at the strange new magic claws on his talons, and attempts to swipe at the wounded ey!
[2016-06-16 16:33:24] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:33:24] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:33:25] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 4:6-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:33:28] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:33:28] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 6
[2016-06-16 16:33:29] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 6:9-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:33:35] <DarnellJermaine> Sadly, the Eye easily dodges once more
[2016-06-16 16:33:44] <DarnellJermaine> This time- the wounded eye sets it’s gaze on Ambrose!
[2016-06-16 16:33:49] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:33:50] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
[2016-06-16 16:33:50] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 3:6-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:33:54] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose roll mental defense!
[2016-06-16 16:34:09] <Duno666|Mobile> `calc 4d3-8+7
[2016-06-16 16:34:09] <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 3
[2016-06-16 16:34:09] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 3: 10:11-8+7
[2016-06-16 16:34:44] * SpookyBee is now known as CarBee
[2016-06-16 16:34:45] <DarnellJermaine> (ouch, a crit fail)
[2016-06-16 16:35:00] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose is paralyzed for this turn- but he takes 0 psyche damage! Good job Ambrose!
[2016-06-16 16:35:13] <DarnellJermaine> The other Eye turns it’s head to skix, firing a laser!
[2016-06-16 16:35:17] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:35:17] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 8
[2016-06-16 16:35:17] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 8: 9:11-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:35:19] <DarnellJermaine> roll reflexes skix!
[2016-06-16 16:35:32] <PuddleJumper> `calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:35:32] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
[2016-06-16 16:35:33] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 7:9-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:35:43] <DarnellJermaine> The laser just barely grazes Skix, doing 1 damage worth of HP!
[2016-06-16 16:35:51] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose is paralyzed for his turn- Seiko’s turn!
[2016-06-16 16:37:14] <RosyBud> Seiko turns into a cat, scurrying elsewhere to hide from the beasts.
[2016-06-16 16:38:02] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko, roll reflexes to get away! What a coward!
[2016-06-16 16:38:34] <RosyBud> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 16:38:34] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 9
[2016-06-16 16:38:35] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 9: 6:6-8+8
[2016-06-16 16:38:48] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko darts away, running deeper into the cave- what a wuss!
[2016-06-16 16:38:54] <DarnellJermaine> Skix’s turn!
[2016-06-16 16:39:25] <PuddleJumper> Skix is to focused on her attack to see where Seiko ran off to, she attackes the wounded eye again
[2016-06-16 16:39:31] <DarnellJermaine> (roll attack!)
[2016-06-16 16:39:38] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[2016-06-16 16:39:38] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 10
[2016-06-16 16:39:39] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 10: 11:10-8+9
[2016-06-16 16:39:39] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:39:39] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
[2016-06-16 16:39:40] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 9:12-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:39:48] ⇐ CarBee quit (moc.rr.ser.ssam.241-3-28-41-dyd|eeBykoopS#moc.rr.ser.ssam.241-3-28-41-dyd|eeBykoopS): Ping timeout: 272 seconds
[2016-06-16 16:39:52] <DarnellJermaine> Skix absolutely /destroys/ the wounded eye! It falls to the ground lifeless!
[2016-06-16 16:39:57] * Lena|food is now known as Lena
[2016-06-16 16:40:00] <DarnellJermaine> Jimmy’s turn!
[2016-06-16 16:40:20] <DarnellJermaine> Jimmy once again reaches up his new found claws to scratch at the other claws, mimicking the voice of the lumberjack sounding guy once more, "Get away from me!"
[2016-06-16 16:40:24] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:40:25] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
[2016-06-16 16:40:25] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 7:9-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:40:28] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:40:28] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 3
[2016-06-16 16:40:29] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 3: 4:7-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:40:39] <DarnellJermaine> He swipes at the eyeball, actually wounding it a bit! Good job Jimmy!
[2016-06-16 16:40:53] <DarnellJermaine> The eyeball turns to Jimmy- furious at the attack, and fires a laser!
[2016-06-16 16:40:58] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:40:59] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:41:00] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 6:8-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:41:06] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:41:06] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
[2016-06-16 16:41:07] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 4:7-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:41:13] <DarnellJermaine> Jimmy barely manages to hobble out of the way!
[2016-06-16 16:41:15] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose’s turn!
[2016-06-16 16:42:21] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose shakes off the paralysis and lashes a hand out at the remaining eyeball, sending forth a spine missile.
[2016-06-16 16:42:33] <Duno666|Mobile> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:42:33] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:42:34] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 6:9-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:42:37] → Silvy joined (ten.ralugnicym.842-883-317-102-zfmkcn|srovliS#ten.ralugnicym.842-883-317-102-zfmkcn|srovliS)
[2016-06-16 16:42:37] * ChanServ set +o Silvy
[2016-06-16 16:43:21] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+3
[2016-06-16 16:43:21] <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:43:22] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 1:6-8+3
[2016-06-16 16:43:30] <DarnellJermaine> the eyeball manages to float out of the spike’s range!
[2016-06-16 16:43:40] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko's turn! Seiko, you now found yourself deeper into the heart of the cave, what do you do?
[2016-06-16 16:44:15] <RosyBud> Wait until the eyeballs are no more because she's being a scaredy cat. (ba dum tss)
[2016-06-16 16:44:46] <DarnellJermaine> Skix's turn!
[2016-06-16 16:45:18] <PuddleJumper> Skix covered an eye gunk and a bit of her own blood screaches as she hurls herself bodily at the remaining eye.
[2016-06-16 16:45:25] <DarnellJermaine> (roll attack!)
[2016-06-16 16:45:30] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[2016-06-16 16:45:30] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 8
[2016-06-16 16:45:30] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 8: 11:10-8+9
[2016-06-16 16:45:32] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:45:32] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 5
[2016-06-16 16:45:32] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 7:10-8+5
[2016-06-16 16:45:54] <DarnellJermaine> 2 more damage! The eye screeches once more- now bloody, but all of a sudden- rocks fall! Eyeball and Skix need to roll reflexes!
[2016-06-16 16:46:07] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+7
[2016-06-16 16:46:07] <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 9
[2016-06-16 16:46:07] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 9: 4:5-8+7
[2016-06-16 16:46:21] <PuddleJumper> `calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:46:21] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
[2016-06-16 16:46:22] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+3
[2016-06-16 16:46:22] <GameServ> 4d3-8+3 = 4
[2016-06-16 16:46:22] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 6:8-8+6
[2016-06-16 16:46:22] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 4:9-8+3
[2016-06-16 16:46:25] ⇐ Silvors quit (ten.ralugnicym.842-883-317-102-zfmkcn|srovliS#ten.ralugnicym.842-883-317-102-zfmkcn|srovliS): Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[2016-06-16 16:46:36] <DarnellJermaine> The eyeball is utterly crushed and killed by the rocks- however skix gets pelted and trapped between rock as well, taking 2 damage!
[2016-06-16 16:47:07] <DarnellJermaine> The eyeballs are now dead- Skix is trapped under rocks, Jimmy has picked himself up and stands close to Ambrose, and Andrey and Geoffrey have wandered back to safety! Post order resumes- Seiko first!
[2016-06-16 16:49:58] <RosyBud> The cowardly and small cat that was Seiko slowly made its way back to where the others were, thinking that it was over because of the lack of noise she was hearing.. Maybe? It was an eerie silence, but its not like the eyeballs could’ve killed the other.. no they couldn't have.
[2016-06-16 16:51:04] <PuddleJumper> Skix struggles under the mass of fallen rocks, she lets out a cry of pain and excetion as she tries to lift the rocks and free herself
[2016-06-16 16:51:17] <DarnellJermaine> (can you roll me an attack Skix?)
[2016-06-16 16:51:34] <PuddleJumper> (standard brawn? or with fury?)
[2016-06-16 16:51:42] <DarnellJermaine> (with fury)
[2016-06-16 16:51:49] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
[2016-06-16 16:51:49] <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 9
[2016-06-16 16:51:49] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 9: 8:7-8+9
[2016-06-16 16:51:56] <DarnellJermaine> (Skix is now out of the rock pile!)
[2016-06-16 16:52:00] <PuddleJumper> (assuming the spell is still in effect)
[2016-06-16 16:52:13] <DarnellJermaine> (oh, the spell is no longer in affect- but you woulda got out with an 8 too)
[2016-06-16 16:52:18] <DarnellJermaine> (ambrose’s post now)
[2016-06-16 16:52:44] <DarnellJermaine> (also Rosy, is Seiko still cat form?)
[2016-06-16 16:53:50] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose shakes his fingers, returning them to their normal state. "Jimmy, I must apologise. I have now realized that you have probably understood everything we've said to you, but could not respond as we thought you should." Ambrose gathers everyone up with his eyes. "Let's move back to where we first found Jimmy." He raises his voice "SEIKO! It's done, come back please."
[2016-06-16 16:54:46] <DarnellJermaine> After that little mess of a fight, a cat seems to walk up to the group- what a cat? Where did a cat come from? If anyone noticed as she ran away- it's Seiko! Jimmy pats himself down and nods to Ambrose, still sticking close to him and following wherever they go.
[2016-06-16 16:58:12] <PuddleJumper> (seiko's go right?)
[2016-06-16 16:58:37] <PuddleJumper> (just making sure its not mine)
[2016-06-16 16:58:52] <DarnellJermaine> (yup rosys post)
[2016-06-16 17:00:27] <RosyBud> She becomes human once more, staring at the others as she goes over to Skix before, quietly attempting to heal her injuries. (roll?)
[2016-06-16 17:00:34] <DarnellJermaine> (yup)
[2016-06-16 17:02:35] <RosyBud> ‘calc 4d3-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:02:35] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 0
[2016-06-16 17:02:36] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 0: 2:8-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:03:00] <DarnellJermaine> Nothing happens :c (puddle’s post)
[2016-06-16 17:05:33] <PuddleJumper> Skix brushes herself off and stands waiting for aid from Seiko, she dosent feel much diffrent but chalks it up to how nervous she feels now that she was mentaly held by the beholder. Her wounds dont seem to bother her much as she checks her arm and bleeding claw. "Its ok…Bird person…are you ok? Ambrose is ok?"
[2016-06-16 17:06:05] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose' light dies away, and he reignites it. "There you are, sorry for the shouting." He reaches into his pack, grabbing a few bright orange berries and mumbling words over them as they walk back. "Here, everyone have one. A full meal and some healing." Ambrose passes them around, saving a few for when they meet up with Andrey and the other miner. (A full meal and 3 HP)
[2016-06-16 17:06:19] <DarnellJermaine> (Skix regains 3 hp!)
[2016-06-16 17:07:01] <DarnellJermaine> After the berries are served and everything is settled, Jimmy reaches for the paper Ambrose wrote earlier about the metal- pointing to where it mentions the metal and nodding it's head as it begins to slowly walk further into the cave, waving with his staff for them to follow.
[2016-06-16 17:08:59] <RosyBud> At least its almost over Seiko thought as she followed the others. Unless there were more and that would just be beating a dead horse at that point.
[2016-06-16 17:09:13] * Cezaway is now known as Cezar
[2016-06-16 17:11:17] <PuddleJumper> Skix wipes her mouth after noisily eating and steps up to the front with Jimmy just in case more of the eye things decided to show up, She felt much better since having something to eat. "Thank you for food Ambrose, I stand in front now…you tell me what to do. Dont be afraid to run back if we get in trouble. I'll hold trouble back."
[2016-06-16 17:14:36] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose follows Jimmy as he leads them deeper into the cave. "I do what I can. Keep behind Jimmy about three paces, and to the left the same amount." Ambrose had a very basic understanding of tactics, and nudged Lanten over to the other side. "Seiko, keep close and keep an eye out. I want to know about things before they know about us." Ambrose sweeps his light in a steady pattern, focused on the ground a few meters in front of Jimmy.
[2016-06-16 17:18:20] <DarnellJermaine> And so Jimmy led them deeper, and deeper, into the cave. Almost a half hour or so passed, the same large clearing of cave as before, until faintly in the distance, a glowing, orange, crystalline structure could be spotted off in the distance. Jimmy quickly began upping his pace, beckoning for the others to keep up until they arrived within maybe 5-10 meters of it. All of a sudden… the ground began to
[2016-06-16 17:18:20] <DarnellJermaine> rumble and shake… and a GIANT WORM CAME OUT FROM UNDER THE SURFACE OF THE CAVERN FLOOR! http://imgur.com/gallery/NYYqK (see giant worm) and charged in a straight shot for Ambrose! Just before he could reach him though, Jimmy shoves Ambrose out of the way and is swept up in the attack, lying on the ground lifeless as the worm rears itself back in front of the group, a large, monstrous being! Everyone-
[2016-06-16 17:18:21] <DarnellJermaine> roll initiative (also rip Jimmy)
[2016-06-16 17:18:47] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:18:47] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 7
[2016-06-16 17:18:48] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 7: 7:7-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:19:04] <PuddleJumper> (aww poor jimmy)
[2016-06-16 17:19:25] <Duno666|Mobile> `calc 4d3-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:19:25] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = -2
[2016-06-16 17:19:25] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = -2: 2:8-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:19:32] <PuddleJumper> `calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 17:19:32] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
[2016-06-16 17:19:32] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 7:9-8+6
[2016-06-16 17:20:02] <RosyBud> `calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:20:03] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
[2016-06-16 17:20:03] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 8: 7:7-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:20:04] <RosyBud> (why jimmy)
[2016-06-16 17:20:40] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko’s turn first! What do you do?
[2016-06-16 17:21:11] <RosyBud> TRY TO HEAL JIMMY
[2016-06-16 17:21:12] <RosyBud> ‘calc 4d3-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:21:12] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = -2
[2016-06-16 17:21:12] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = -2: 3:9-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:21:15] <RosyBud> (fuck you)
[2016-06-16 17:22:23] <DarnellJermaine> Jimmy lays on the ground- but…he’s twitching. He still seems alive- but completely incapacitated.
[2016-06-16 17:22:34] <DarnellJermaine> Worm's turn!
[2016-06-16 17:23:02] <DarnellJermaine> The worm turns it's body towards Ambrose- it's original target- and begins to barrel towards him! Roll physical defense or reflexes to defend!
[2016-06-16 17:23:10] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d8-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:23:10] <GameServ> 4d8-8+8 = 14
[2016-06-16 17:23:11] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 14: 12:12-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:23:26] <DarnellJermaine> (WHOOPS MESSED UP DICE NVM THAT)
[2016-06-16 17:23:30] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:23:30] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 10
[2016-06-16 17:23:31] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 10: 8:8-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:23:43] <PuddleJumper> (can i use my 3 hits from earlier to use my one of the pack to block for Ambrose?)
[2016-06-16 17:23:51] <DarnellJermaine> (yes!)
[2016-06-16 17:24:24] <DarnellJermaine> (are you using your action or not? you can choose either or with your power and roll accordingly)
[2016-06-16 17:24:25] <PuddleJumper> (so thats agi +2 as a free action correct?)
[2016-06-16 17:24:32] <DarnellJermaine> (I believe so)
[2016-06-16 17:24:41] <PuddleJumper> (free action)
[2016-06-16 17:24:42] <DarnellJermaine> (no its plus 1)
[2016-06-16 17:24:52] <DarnellJermaine> (it’s only 2 when your power is at level 7, so agi plus 1)
[2016-06-16 17:25:12] <PuddleJumper> (its 1/2 if i have the 3 momentum points and i have them)
[2016-06-16 17:25:25] <DarnellJermaine> (oh in that case yeah +2! Sorry was a bit confusing xD)
[2016-06-16 17:25:28] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:25:28] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 1
[2016-06-16 17:25:29] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 1: 3:9-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:25:34] <PuddleJumper> (hah as if it mattered)
[2016-06-16 17:25:51] <DarnellJermaine> (no! it’s 2+agility)
[2016-06-16 17:25:57] <DarnellJermaine> (roll again it's +5)
[2016-06-16 17:26:05] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+5
[2016-06-16 17:26:05] <GameServ> 4d3-8+5 = 4
[2016-06-16 17:26:06] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 4: 7:10-8+5
[2016-06-16 17:26:27] <DarnellJermaine> Skix quickly moves to push Ambrose out of the way- and takes a devestating amount of damage! 5 damage to Skix!
[2016-06-16 17:27:11] <DarnellJermaine> Also, the ceiling is beginning to shake- small bits of rock crumbling down before the worm’s enormous size
[2016-06-16 17:27:17] <DarnellJermaine> Skix, your turn!
[2016-06-16 17:27:40] <PuddleJumper> Skix shakes off the brutal attack and charges in with a yelp of pain and anger
[2016-06-16 17:27:45] <DarnellJermaine> (roll attack!)
[2016-06-16 17:27:52] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:27:52] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 5
[2016-06-16 17:27:53] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 10:10-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:28:08] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:28:08] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
[2016-06-16 17:28:08] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 8: 9:9-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:28:41] <DarnellJermaine> The worm- at surprisingly fast speed for it’s side burrows into the ground and easily dodges, poking back up- it moves so quick! However once more, the rocks on the ceiling begins to rumble around- it seems as if a bit of force may cause them to give way.
[2016-06-16 17:28:45] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose's turn!
[2016-06-16 17:29:02] <PuddleJumper> (what about seiko?)
[2016-06-16 17:29:08] <PuddleJumper> (OH nm)
[2016-06-16 17:29:12] <DarnellJermaine> (seiko already went to heal jimmy, then you went, now ambrose)
[2016-06-16 17:29:22] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose takes a quick shuffle to the side, "Seiko, get the shiny thing and then retreat. We'll cover you." He growls something at Lanten, who charges the worm with his Big, Curved Claws.
[2016-06-16 17:29:56] → Antichthon joined (jim.tvm.3.69|nohthcitnA#jim.tvm.3.69|nohthcitnA)
[2016-06-16 17:29:58] <Duno666|Mobile> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
[2016-06-16 17:29:58] <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
[2016-06-16 17:29:59] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 5: 7:9-8+6
[2016-06-16 17:30:17] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:30:17] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
[2016-06-16 17:30:18] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 8: 7:7-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:30:45] <DarnellJermaine> The worm once more burrows into the side of the cave to dodge and come out! Jeez this thing is quick- if only there was some way to lock it down. The ceiling once again reins little bits of pebbles- looking like just a bit more force may cause a cave in!
[2016-06-16 17:30:50] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko’s Turn!
[2016-06-16 17:31:11] <RosyBud> She grabs the object that Ambrose told her to get before hurrying away to safety.
[2016-06-16 17:31:26] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko roll me reflexes!
[2016-06-16 17:33:38] ⇐ LipstickThespian quit (moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL#moc.rr.ser.xt.548-073-327-11-wsn|hTkcitspiL): Ping timeout: 272 seconds
[2016-06-16 17:34:12] <RosyBud> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:34:12] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 11
[2016-06-16 17:34:13] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 11: 6:6-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:34:17] <PuddleJumper> (WOO!)
[2016-06-16 17:34:25] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko easily snatches up the glowing orange metal and darts away- damn she’s fast!
[2016-06-16 17:34:27] <DarnellJermaine> Worm's turn!
[2016-06-16 17:34:50] <DarnellJermaine> The worm squirms about, for some reason it's focus is locked on Ambrose as it strikes out once more!
[2016-06-16 17:34:54] <DarnellJermaine> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:34:54] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 8
[2016-06-16 17:34:54] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 8: 9:9-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:35:02] <RosyBud> (seiko mains tracer)
[2016-06-16 17:35:30] <Duno666|Mobile> `calc 4d3-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:35:30] <GameServ> 4d3-8+2 = 6
[2016-06-16 17:35:31] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 0:6-8+2
[2016-06-16 17:36:13] → CarBee joined (moc.rr.ser.ssam.57-3-10-25-vhf|eeBykoopS#moc.rr.ser.ssam.57-3-10-25-vhf|eeBykoopS)
[2016-06-16 17:36:15] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose is plowed by the worm- taking 5 points of damage! Man that ceiling is really starting to shake now as the worm twists and writhes its body about!
[2016-06-16 17:36:20] * CarBee is now known as SpookyBee
[2016-06-16 17:36:20] <DarnellJermaine> Skix’s turn!
[2016-06-16 17:37:39] <PuddleJumper> Skix yells out "Abrose. Lanten! Get Jimmy. I hold worm back!" She in a last ditch effort to hold the worm back runs and hurls herself into the air bringing her tail around like a club at the worms head
[2016-06-16 17:37:58] <DarnellJermaine> (roll, I'll give you +1 for coolness points)
[2016-06-16 17:38:00] <PuddleJumper> (attempt to stun with reptllian physiology)
[2016-06-16 17:38:21] <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:38:21] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 6
[2016-06-16 17:38:22] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 6: 7:7-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:38:38] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:38:39] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 10
[2016-06-16 17:38:39] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 10: 7:7-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:38:47] <PuddleJumper> (wa wah…)
[2016-06-16 17:39:01] <DarnellJermaine> The worm, sadly, burrows down and dodges once more. The ceiling is really starting to look in dangerous territory- just one little push and it might cave!
[2016-06-16 17:39:08] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose’s turn!
[2016-06-16 17:40:13] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose was getting sick of that ceiling. "Rocks fall!" Lanten skitters back as Ambrose flicks his hand at the ceiling, and another spine flies towards it.
[2016-06-16 17:40:24] <Duno666|Mobile> ‘calc 4d3-8+4
[2016-06-16 17:40:24] <GameServ> 4d3-8+4 = 1
[2016-06-16 17:40:25] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 1: 4:8-8+4
[2016-06-16 17:40:49] <DarnellJermaine> CRUMBLE CRUMBLE CRUMBLE!!! The area above the worm begins to cave in! Giant boulders fall atop the worm- poor poor worm. Thankfully, the cave in is just out of reach of our heroes- managing not to hit them!
[2016-06-16 17:40:53] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+16
[2016-06-16 17:40:53] <GameServ> 4d3-8+16 = 15
[2016-06-16 17:40:54] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 15: 18:10-8+16
[2016-06-16 17:40:57] <DarnellJermaine> `calc 4d3-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:40:57] <GameServ> 4d3-8+8 = 11
[2016-06-16 17:40:58] <Mjeowlnir> GameServ, = 11: 8:8-8+8
[2016-06-16 17:41:20] <DarnellJermaine> The worm only takes a small amount of damage- but is crushed underneath the avalanche of rocks- it can no longer move, trapped in the cave in! What do you do?
[2016-06-16 17:41:22] <DarnellJermaine> Seiko’s turn!
[2016-06-16 17:41:43] <DarnellJermaine> At this point, Seiko has reached the spot where they found Geoffrey and fought the beholders. Do you keep running or do something else?
[2016-06-16 17:42:47] <RosyBud> Keep running
[2016-06-16 17:43:04] <DarnellJermaine> Righto! By the time Seiko's turn is over, the entrace to the cave is in sight!
[2016-06-16 17:43:31] <DarnellJermaine> Ambrose and Skix! You can stay here and kill off the worm- or run in fear of cave-ins! It looks like it isn't going anywhere any time soon- although should it be left alone? It's up to you to decide!
[2016-06-16 17:43:37] <DarnellJermaine> The worm cannot take it's turn and move from it's spot.
[2016-06-16 17:44:14] <PuddleJumper> Skix hauls Jimmy off the floor and makes a run for it with his stinky birdself on her back
[2016-06-16 17:44:53] → TrisSebell joined (moc.retrahc.aw.cwnk.pchd.870-32-314-14|aijG#moc.retrahc.aw.cwnk.pchd.870-32-314-14|aijG)
[2016-06-16 17:47:34] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose chomps on a berry long enough to feel the magic take effect, then calls Lanten over and mounts him to catch up with Skix. "Skix, hold up. I don't think Jimmy ate a berry last time. Let me give him one now." Ambrose figured they'd be safe at this distance, and could call for reinforncements to take over.
[2016-06-16 17:49:40] <DarnellJermaine> Jimmy eats the berry and comes too a bit, slowly picking himself up with his staff- his knees and stature wobbling. He nods his head- a look of thanks in his eyes as he follows them out of the cavern. As for Seiko- she's the first to appear above the mine's greeted with a loud praise and cheer from Lafayette, Geoffrey, and the rest of the miners- with E sitting in the expedition at the back of their little
[2016-06-16 17:49:40] <DarnellJermaine> set up, waiting for everyone to show up. "You alright lass?" Lafayette says, wobbling over to her and making sure she's ok, "Oi, get this girl somethin' ta drink!" he says, as two miners hurry off and bring her back a bottle of water, "Where are tha rest o them?" he asks.
[2016-06-16 17:53:41] <RosyBud> She collapses on the ground, breathing heavily as she managed to spit out a few words. "..giant worm.. cave in.. they're coming.. now.. I think."
[2016-06-16 17:53:54] <RosyBud> She hands him the metal.
[2016-06-16 17:55:59] <PuddleJumper> Skix limps out of the cavern bleeding from the savage hit she had taken from the worm after helping Ambrose give him the life saving fruit. She helps the old being by barring him up, she emerges next looking like she might colapse at any second from both mental and physical exaustion.
[2016-06-16 17:56:27] <PuddleJumper> (helping ambrose give jimmy)
[2016-06-16 17:59:49] <Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose uses the time after helping Jimmy back to consciousness to pull his field pad back out and at least get a rough idea of the tunnels they went through onto paper, to help the reinforcements clear the area later. He pauses at the mouth of the cave, checking to make sure everyone else made it out, before having Lanten step over the threshold of the mine.
[2016-06-16 18:04:31] <DarnellJermaine> E immediately steps out of the vehicle, swiping the metal from Lafayette with a short 'Thank You~' as he quickly approaches the students, handing them some snacks and checking them over to make sure they were all good. "Well done kids, I mean it! Come on, let's get back to the school and get those of you that are all bruised up to the infirmary huh? I've got your money in the car- seriously well done" he
[2016-06-16 18:04:31] <DarnellJermaine> seems relieved by their success, and quickly seals the metal up in a plastic sphere, "If this is what we think it is…" he leads the kids back to the car, keeping it near him and making sure everyone gets in. Before they leave, they're showered with praise and thanks, especially from Lafayette, who seems to be tearing up a bit, "Jeez…thanks. Seriously, you rescued my best friends, I can't thank ye
[2016-06-16 18:04:32] <DarnellJermaine> enough- if you ever need anythin' ANYTHIN' just call us, ok?" he has a big smile on his face and writes the number of the company down for the kids- as if they'll ever need to call up a mining company. Once that's all done with and they're in the car on the way back- everyone gets 2 XP and $200! CONGRATULATIONS! How do you wanna wrap up for your final posts?<DarnellJermaine> (And yes, Jimmy comes back to the school with you all!)
<RosyBud> Seiko just falls asleep, physically and emotionally tired from everything that occurred. It happened just as she expected it too and though she hated it, she was happy they were finally out of it. Not to mention, Ambrose and Skix were really the two MVPs of the mission.
<PuddleJumper> Skix seems a bit overwhelmed by the praise, and the whole extended mission…never in her life had she delt with so many strange and dangeorus things. She briefly shook hands with Lafayette looking a bit shell shocked she looked over her classmates to make sure they were ok before being hussled into the car. She made eye contact with Ambrose like she couldent believe what they had done. "I did good?"
<Duno666|Mobile> Ambrose graciously takes all of the thanks and praise, and focuses on moving through the crowd and avoiding any overzealous pats on the back. He feels better after the meal, but he's certain at least one bone is bruised. He makes sure to slip his notes to Mr. E, plainly detailing the need for someone to clean up the mine. Ambrose waited until the car had set off to respond to Skix: "Yes, you did, and so did we all. We rescused Mr.
<Duno666|Mobile> Lafayette's man, and brought him home safely, while also completing the mission. That's at least three wins in my book."
<DarnellJermaine> -End Run!-

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