Vent-o Aureo

<Crayola> Sierra was currently in the common room shouting at the TV. It grew louder with every passing moment. "I beseech upon you the order to commence the changing of channels!" She stares at it and notices it does nothing. "By the Holy power! I, Sierra Aurum, order thee vision of tele to change channels!" She frowns again as nothing happens. She proceeds to
<Crayola> drawing her sword and is about to smite the tv for its insolence when…
<gumbal1> Red fishnets and that one black dress? Nah, too King Crimsony. What about that rose dress…hah, like she's ruining that for a fighting tourney-that sounds like someone yelling at the tv. Wow, third day in a row! Lisa goes to investigate this problem.
<Crayola> Sierra floats there wearing her battle armaments, sword unsheethed about to strike. "Curse be upon thee, I now commence the act of the smiting. Cursed little talk box who defies me…you shall ruefully the day you did not commence the listening to me!" Said Sierra.
<gumbal1> Ah. Another…Lisa wasn't quite sure how to quantify this gir's aesthetic but it probably went somewhere along the lines of 'kinky court of heaven'. "…did you try the remote? I would try the remote. TVs work much better when you don't try to stab them and instead try the remote."
<Crayola> Sierra turned, her sword fading back to the hammerspace realm. She eyed Lisa and tilted her head. "What do you speak of, what is this that is this word remote?" She asked curiously in a single tone without inflection almost rebotically.
<gumbal1> Lisa sometimes had to remember that not everyon had her normal American human upbrining. "A remote is a device you use to modify the display of a tv. It's very useful." Lisa's, meanwhile, can be likened to a faux-British monophony.
<Crayola> "I do not have the knowing of this device or how to commence using it. Where is this device located?" She asked curiously. Even the angels have trouble finding remotes.
<gumbal1> "…that's a good question." Lisa didn't watch much tv (on an actual tv, at least), and therefore didn't really use remotes much. So she didn't really keep track of where they'd be.
<Crayola> "Shall I commence the ordering of the remote to appear? This will aid us greatly will it not?" Her speech as strange as ever.
<gumbal1> "…you know what? Sure. Why not?" At the very least, Lisa might get a good idea of her powers without having to ask. At worst, it'd be amusing.
<Crayola> She futilely ordered the remote to appear with very little success, by which very little means none. "I do not have the understanding of why this control of remoting continues to commence the disobedience of my orders."
<gumbal1> "I mean…alright." So just a loong. Lisa could deal with that, as she began looking under couches, behind furniture, and perhaps into any vents, knowing some of the Sanctum students.
<gumbal1> *loon

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<Crayola> "Why have you begun placing yourself and the shafts of venting?" She asks curiously.

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<Crayola> (In not and)
<gumbal1> "If you've been in this school for as long as I have, you begin to expect stupidi-here we go." Lisa points to one of the vents. It's…a bit too dark to look into normally, and far to small for even Lisa to fit inside. "Do you mind unscrewing the cover for me?"

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<Crayola> She looks at the school and then back at Lisa. She summons for sword once more and fix it into the screw. She then takes her Hilton weekends to spend the sort of place unscrewing it how this works is unbelievable. It appears her swords sharpen it was just small enough to fit into the Phillips head.
<gumbal1> Well, that was easy enough and somewhat concerning given the nature of it all. Lisa nods. "Before I do this, I ask that you please don't panic, alright? Can you promise me that?"
<Crayola> "What is this panic? I have not the knowing of this word." She said still floating.
<gumbal1> "Right." And suddenly, Lisa starts shifting in color. First her hair, then her skin, then even her preciously white dress, all to a dark, dark grey spotted with white splotches. Then, her figure proceeds to collapse into a writhing mass of tentacles, which proceed to crawl its way into the vent.
<Crayola> She had a sort of reaction that corresponds to 'What manner of sorcery is this.' "I have not the understanding of what you are commencing. Is now the point of which I should not commence this act known as panicking?" She asked monotoned.
<gumbal1> The mass of tendrils, eyes, and barbs comes out soon enough, one limb wrapped tightly around a remote control, which it proceeds to hand to Sierra, before going back in. The sound of a rip in space sucking up stray dust can be heard. Must be a clean freak.
<Crayola> "Is this the device of which you have previously spoken to me regarding of? Will this device commence in the changing of channels?"
<gumbal1> The mass briefly interrupts its work to stick a few tendrils out of the vent, which reform into a crude mouth, vocal cords, and lungs. "Yes. Yes it is." Reforming back into tendrils, the thing goes back to its cleaning job.
<Crayola> She holds it up and speaks at the device. Which despite current technology being able to do voice commands with the remotes still would require a button press if they were. Sierra had no concept of buttons. She yelled at the remote. And when it did not function as she requested she looked at Lisa. "Have you the explanation for why it continues to defy me?
<Crayola> Have you commenced in the joking of Sierra? Or have I still not the knowing of this device and it's functions?"
<gumbal1> One good thing about this was that despite the fact that she had gone shoggoth and got distracted while doing so to clean out the moldy fucking vents, Lisa was still the social victor. Still, she interrupts, reaching out one long tendril to press down on the channel button on the remote.
<Crayola> "Oh…." came the sound of understanding and things clicking. "This here controls the tv. Not the whole thing, I must commence the pressing of this button in order to command this TV, yes?"
<gumbal1> And once more, the clean freak mass of tendrils comes back to the entrance, to shift a few of its tentacles into a hand to which to give the thumbs-up gesture.
<Crayola> "But…what of these other buttons? Have they not the controlling of remoting as well?" She asked curiously.
<gumbal1> The tendrils don't come back this time, but a young girl, around Lisa's age, dressed in a seifuku and with gangrenous skin splotches, does suddenly appear to help Sierra.
<Crayola> "You have commenced returning to normal? Do you require me to heal you?" She asked concerned. Which in a monotone voice…is not very concerned sounding.
<gumbal1> "No. I am merely here to help you with the remote, as sister asked of me." The sound of space ripping and mold getting destroyed continues in the distance.
<Crayola> "Sister? Are you two commencing in missions, and becoming the nun?" She asked.
<gumbal1> "…as in, Ayame is my sister." For once, Grunge Lisa isn't the weird one. That was an achievement.
<Crayola> "Oh, I see. Your biological sister. I have made the mistake. I shall commence the apologies and request Akemi-san to commence punishing me later for this.
<gumbal1> Biological was one way to put it, along with 'spiritually bound' and 'conceptually'. Really weird. "…Akemi does not punish people?"
<Crayola> "No…she has not. I have commenced in requesting she do so. But she doesn't do as requested. Does she also require a control of remoting?"
<gumbal1> GLisa didn't really have an asnwer for that, unfortunately. Sierra was weird as balls, even for Sanctum standards. Eventually, tenrdils once more spill out of the vents, forming into a surprisingly clean Lisa Ayame Kawajiri. "Well, enjoy the remote."
<Crayola> She tilts her head at the pair. "I do not know how to repay you. "I am eternally in your debt. How may I commence of being of service to repay you?" She asked.
<gumbal1> …come to think of it Lisa had ~okay what the fuck ayame~ no real reason to ask Sierra to pay her back. "You need not pay me back. I simply did what anyone would do." If they could fit in a vent.
<Crayola> Sierra sheathed her sword. "I, Sierra Aurum owe you one favor. By the Golden Light of Judgment I shall see it fulfilled before my time is spent. Is this unsatisfactory?"
<gumbal1> Ah, right. This wasn't negotiable. Lisa could deal with being owed a favor by divine mandate. "…right. I don't particularly know what I'd ask of you right now so…can I ask later?"
<Crayola> "Ask you desire." She nodded. "Take one of my feathers so that you may call upon me in time of your needing Miss…" she says plucking one of her feathers and handing it to her.
<gumbal1> "Lisa. My name's Lisa." Lisa takes the feather, turning it over a few times. "…may I ask the limits on favors?"
<Crayola> "I have not the understanding of these limits you speak of. If you have a request for a favor I shall accomplish the task simple as that. If I cannot do the task I will try. If I fail, you may request a new task for me to complete."
<gumbal1> …this was too much power. Lisa pockets the feather, smiling at Sierra. "Thank you. I'll think it over for a while."
<Crayola> "It is my duty." She nods and begins to experiment with the remote.

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<gumbal1> Which is around the time that Lisa and GLisa leave. What an eventful day.

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