Aug 12 19:11:10 <gumbal1> -VIVI-
Aug 12 19:12:33 <gumbal1> The intercom suddenly turns on. «Would the following students please report to the briefing room: Chloe Glass, Gloria Gale, Madeline Maddox, Sandra Brown.»
Aug 12 19:13:06 <Nemi> Madeline enters, with no sign of her having arrived in the hallway. She's just there, plopping down on a chair near the back of the room and hugging herself in her fuzzy coat to try to ward off the cold.
Aug 12 19:14:18 <gumbal1> Dr. Renee Bolton is there, looking over several files, along with what looks to be a male, college-age intern, currently awkwardly waiting around for the rest of the students. He waves to Mads, because that's the nice thing to do.
Aug 12 19:14:43 <Knave> Gloria rumbles in at length, moving with all the urgency and grace of a statue rolling down a very gentle incline. Gloria keeps her horrific stone face and her glowing eyes on the floor and lurks in the back of the room.
Aug 12 19:14:46 <PuddleJumper> Skix quick grabs her heat gem and her new reinforced jacket wrapping her claws in some well used soft tshirt fabric. She put her lighter in her pocket as well as her usefull items and made a beeline for the briefing room.
Aug 12 19:15:28 <mrs_padri> Chloe brings her coat, too. It's odd looking, all arms. She left her blanket behind this time because she doesn't want anything to happen to it. It's too special. She's last cause it took her a moment to find the room for the first time.
Aug 12 19:16:42 <PuddleJumper> Skix waved to Chole and sat next to her when she saw her enter the room. "Heya looks like we are gonna be partners today huh!"
Aug 12 19:17:19 * BobaFettuccine has quit ()
Aug 12 19:17:24 <mrs_padri> "Hey Skix." Chloe smiles, offering a brief hug.
Aug 12 19:18:50 <PuddleJumper> Skix smiles and offers a tentitive hug, not sure where and if tentacles end and where her body begins, worn around her neck on a bit of coard is a red crystal that radiates warmth when she hugs her. "Hope this one isnt dangerous…but since they called me i bet it will be."
Aug 12 19:19:21 <gumbal1> The increasingly weirder students entering the room are given increasingly worried glances from the increasingly confused intern, though not but a mere glance is spared by Bolton. "Hi. I'm assuming this is everyone. Well, you've all been called here because there is a bit of a situation going on. The school has recently discovered a localized anomaly haunting the Sand Guardian, an abandoned hotel located int he Mojave Desert. Due to concerns i
Aug 12 19:19:21 <gumbal1> nvolving construction and preservation, we would appreciate it if you could placate or eliminate said anomaly."
Aug 12 19:19:48 <Nemi> Madelin blearily smiles, and shivers. ".. okay."
Aug 12 19:20:27 <Knave> Gloria gives a monosyllabic grunt from the back of the room, arms crossed with claws gripping her shoulders.
Aug 12 19:20:27 <PuddleJumper> Skix raises her huge claw. "Um…what's an anomaly exactly? And is it going to try to kill us?"
Aug 12 19:21:43 <mrs_padri> "Placate means make it happy, right?"
Aug 12 19:22:53 <gumbal1> "The anomaly is a spacial and sensory affectiong one." Bolton cracks open her file, and the intern suddenly begins frantically taking notes. "I believe it will try to convince you to stay in the hotel through the appearance that it is up and running. The scouts did not report any signs of overt hostility."
Aug 12 19:23:02 <gumbal1> "That is one meaning, yes."
Aug 12 19:23:17 <Nemi> Madeline appears to be unsettled some by Skix and Gloria's appearance, if nothing else.
Aug 12 19:24:09 <Knave> Gloria turns her head away from Madeline and towards the wall. Then, in a voice like gravel being poured, asks, "What's it look like?"
Aug 12 19:24:42 <PuddleJumper> Skix sniffed the air then eyes Madeline shivering…but then her unsettled look, she sniffed again and offered a shy wave…she jumped a bit when Gloria spoke but listened carefully.
Aug 12 19:25:20 <mrs_padri> Chloe sticks close to Skix. She's the only one Chloe knows here.
Aug 12 19:25:32 <gumbal1> "I do not believe they found the source of it in their time there." Bolton pushes up her glasses, which are definitely in need of cleaning.
Aug 12 19:26:59 <Nemi> Madeline snrfs a little. ".. what else does it do? And um, um, sorry. I'm Madeline. Um. Maddox."
Aug 12 19:27:03 <PuddleJumper> Skix nods. "Are you in charge? Or is one of us supposed to lead the others? I only know Chloe so far…um…My names Sandra but everyone calles me Skix…uh, i've done a few missions before but im pretty new."
Aug 12 19:27:47 <mrs_padri> "I'm Chloe."
Aug 12 19:27:49 <Knave> "Gloria." Gloria says to the floor, clearly with some irritation at having to volunteer the information.
Aug 12 19:29:08 <gumbal1> "We're not quite sure, to be honest. We are hoping it is limited to what we know. You should be safe as long as you have a reliable exit, however."
Aug 12 19:29:26 <Nemi> "Okay.."
Aug 12 19:29:33 <Nemi> ".. and um, it's nice to meet you all."
Aug 12 19:31:19 <gumbal1> "Will that be all?"
Aug 12 19:31:24 <PuddleJumper> Skix heads over and offers Madeline a handshake with her huge 4 fingered claw, the red stone around her neck projects a pleasent warmth. She eyes Gloria with her gruff response staring at the floor and decides she probally dosent want a handshake.
Aug 12 19:31:49 <mrs_padri> Chloe just sits there.
Aug 12 19:32:03 <PuddleJumper> "Um, i suppose not. Um…ok, i think I'm ready."
Aug 12 19:32:06 <Knave> Gloria shrugs her awkward shoulders.
Aug 12 19:34:59 * DarnellJermaine (||reJllenraD) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 12 19:35:11 <gumbal1> "Alright, well." Bolton snaps her fingers, and another student enters, carrying a few papers which she passes out to the four. They appear to be maps. "You four will be teleported to the front entrance. I advise you that once you're in the hotel, you are under the influence of the anomaly, though I assume that part was understood" The intern finally stops taking notes. "If there's anything you need beforehand, I suggest you retrieve it now."
Aug 12 19:36:27 <Nemi> Madeline flinches at the contact, but shakes nonetheless. ".. okay. Okay, um. I don't think I need anything."
Aug 12 19:37:12 <PuddleJumper> Skix wipes her brow…she had never delt with mind control before and hoped she was up to the task. "I brought all my stuff i think i will need. Um…whos gonna be in charge?"
Aug 12 19:38:02 <Knave> Gloria snatches at the map without looking at anything but the hand offering it, then stands up to something resembling attention to indicate she's ready to go.
Aug 12 19:38:56 <PuddleJumper> Skix takes her map gingerly and nods to the student
Aug 12 19:39:19 <mrs_padri> Chloe tucks hers into a pocket of her coat.
Aug 12 19:44:05 <Nemi> ".. I can, um, if you need me to."
Aug 12 19:44:26 <gumbal1> The teleportation is near instantaenous, besides the sudden flash of the Horrors Beyond. What can you do? Still, the four soon find themselves in a parking lot out front of a large, dilapidated building, about six stories high and, from the looks of it, dating back to the sixties if any of them know their architecture well. The elements have just began taking a hold of it, desert weeds creeping into the cracked windonws as the occasional lizar
Aug 12 19:44:26 <gumbal1> d dots out from rock to rock. Given the plans, they've been put out the front entrance, to the South. There's a back entrance up North. A few dilapidated cars are still present, though nearly all of them seem to have been broken into.
Aug 12 19:45:44 <Knave> Gloria turns her head towards Mads, still inclined downwards, her glowing amber gaze directed more or less at her shoulder.
Aug 12 19:47:24 <PuddleJumper> Skix shakes her head and rubs her eyes, the crystal around her neck seems only to glow warm against her chest…she looks at the building and the cars. "This reminds me of Detroit…only not cold…and the air smells better…and probally nobodies gonna try to shoot us…" She walks behind Madeline trying to keep close to Chloe, feeling protective of her. "So uh…back entrence?"
Aug 12 19:47:58 <mrs_padri> Chloe stays right next to Skix. "I don't think teleporting is my favorite thing.
Aug 12 19:49:05 <Nemi> Madeline shrugs her coat off, which promptly disappears. ".. it's- nice here.. So um- um.. that was terrifying. Let's um. .. Yeah. Let's- I um. Let's try the front door."
Aug 12 19:49:26 <Nemi> ".. we're supposed to like, you know?" Madeline steps forward, stutter-stepping in the air momentarily before arriving at the front door and trying the doors.
Aug 12 19:51:46 <mrs_padri> Chloe looks to Skix.
Aug 12 19:51:52 <PuddleJumper> Skix nods…she was willing to listen to someone who was willing to step up and seemed to have more experience then her…Madeline seemed pretty confedent to her. She wasent sure about Gloria. She kept her jacket on in the heat, the desert didnt seem to bother her at all. "Ok, I'll just like…be backup…in case something bad happens."
Aug 12 19:52:25 <Knave> Gloria watches Mads, loping after her in clearly no hurry.
Aug 12 19:52:47 <mrs_padri> Chloe comes along. "It's just gunna look like a hotel in there, right?"
Aug 12 19:53:18 <Nemi> "Um, supposedly.."
Aug 12 19:54:01 <mrs_padri> "That's not /too/ scary…" She waits for Mads to open the door.
Aug 12 19:54:39 <gumbal1> They're definitely open. Given the place is in the middle of the Mojave, there's less of an urgency to keep out the standard urbex/vandal. From out here, the interior is dark, as expected from somewhere without power. A lot of the furniture's been busted or, at the very least, been pretty pretty badly weathered by the exposure to the heat and sand. As a whole, the hotel seems to consist of one large square open space, surrounded by the rooms p
Aug 12 19:54:39 <gumbal1> roper, with a smaller square space in the center seemingly reserved for an outdoor courtyard, with glass walls, dirtied by years of neglect.
Aug 12 19:54:39 <PuddleJumper> Skix sniffs and gulps nervously…she hoped her sense of smell still worked inside.
Aug 12 19:55:39 <gumbal1> There's a help desk to the left, with a door leading into what was probably an administration room.
Aug 12 19:56:00 <Nemi> Madeline produces a flashlight from nowhere to shine it all about the darkened interior, frowning at the space. She starts on to the helpdesk, and looks for a bell or similar to tap it.
Aug 12 19:56:20 <mrs_padri> Chloe takes off her coat, holding it with one tentacle. "Should we go in?"
Aug 12 19:56:28 <Knave> Gloria steps in behind Mads, her glowing eyes avoiding the light of the flashlight. She sees just fine in the dark.
Aug 12 19:57:15 <PuddleJumper> Skix sniffs around and uses her superior night vision to see or smell anything she can before it can jump out at her (roll?)
Aug 12 19:58:19 <mrs_padri> Chloe comes in, too.
Aug 12 19:58:23 <gumbal1> There's an old-fashioned bell at the desk, though why you'd want to ring it is another story.
Aug 12 19:58:29 <gumbal1> > Skix, roll scent
Aug 12 19:58:35 <PuddleJumper> ‘roll 4d3-8+6
Aug 12 19:58:35 <GameServ> Syntax: XdY [ {-|+|*|/} Z ]
Aug 12 19:59:49 <PuddleJumper> `calc 4d3-8+6
Aug 12 19:59:49 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 9
Aug 12 20:00:54 <Nemi> Mads taps at it anyway, mostly cuz it’s there and she's a dumb teenager.
Aug 12 20:01:07 <gumbal1> But nobody came.
Aug 12 20:01:16 <Knave> Gloria grunts apparently in reflexive annoyance at the sound.
Aug 12 20:01:51 <mrs_padri> "I thought it was supposed to look like a real hotel once we came inside." Chloe peers through the dirty glass in the middle of the room.
Aug 12 20:02:03 <PuddleJumper> Skix cringes and jumps at the sound of the bell as she sniffs and edges around the desk looking for body heat, tracks.
Aug 12 20:02:29 <gumbal1> Skix, there's something seriously funky coming from the courtyard. From all around, really, but especially the courtyard. Kinda like from the room of that one kid who collected a ton of earthworms in a glass jar after a rainstorm and woke up a few days later realizing her forgot to feed them.
Aug 12 20:03:31 <gumbal1> Chloe, it's kinda hard to see, but it looks like your standard hotel courtyard, maybe? There's a pool, at least.
Aug 12 20:03:39 <Knave> Gloria makes a low rumbling sound, in preparation to say, "Maybe it knows we expect that."
Aug 12 20:03:41 <PuddleJumper> Skix stops in her tracks and points to the courtyard, wrinkeling her muzzle at the smell. "Something that way…its everywhere but strong out that way. Rot, earthy, gross."
Aug 12 20:04:29 <mrs_padri> "I see a pool?" She looks for a door into the courtyard.
Aug 12 20:04:59 <Nemi> ".. it really doesn't look like one to me, um.." Madeline swivels at Skix, blinking. And she walks over to try and make a door- sketch the form out with her hand to try to use some logic to have a door conveniently located right in front of her.
Aug 12 20:05:05 <Nemi> To the courtyard, that is.
Aug 12 20:06:26 <gumbal1> Where once was a section of wall that wasn't covered by the sand dunes is now a fance glass door.
Aug 12 20:07:34 <PuddleJumper> Skix watches Madeline drawing or doing something…and jumped back making a quiet startled raptor noise, something like a turkey being snuck up on mixed with a deep chest rumble. She held her claws to her muzzle as it appered. "Whup…sorry…startled me."
Aug 12 20:09:46 <Nemi> ".. err- sorry!" Madeline tugs the door open.
Aug 12 20:10:11 <mrs_padri> Chloe peeks through!
Aug 12 20:11:18 <Knave> Gloria watches this development and shakes her head. Hardly seemed necessary. She steps up to the group and looks through with them.
Aug 12 20:11:42 <PuddleJumper> Skix stuck close to Chloe but followed Madeline closely, her cloth wrapped claws scraped on the sandy detritious filled floor as she shuffled along
Aug 12 20:12:56 <gumbal1> The courtyard is…basically how one would expect a hotel courtyard to be, minus the sand dunes, the pool lacking water, and the frankly odd-looking bones currently sitting inside said pool. Most of them appear to be oversized vertebraes and femur-like bones, along with a somewhat-odd looking skull about the size of one's torso. Skix will note that the stronger smell seems to be coming from the bones proper.
Aug 12 20:13:44 <Nemi> "Are- are those dinosaur bones?" Mads gawks.
Aug 12 20:14:11 <Knave> Gloria starts forward to step out into the courtyard ahead of the group. She approaches the edge of the pool and crouches down, gripping the edge in her claws and peering with glowing eyes at the bones.
Aug 12 20:14:34 <gumbal1> A bit of graffiti is scattered around. 'Nyssa's, 'bloodhound did nothing wrong's, 'DONT 631's, 'REMAIN's, 'RAZEHKAH LIVES's, the works.
Aug 12 20:15:07 <gumbal1> The bones continue being bones. Contrary to most mysterious bones found in abandoned hotels, they have yet to move.
Aug 12 20:16:31 <PuddleJumper> Skix eyes the bones holding her chest "Uhhh…ive never seen anything like those, um…thats where the smell is comming from. Ah…i suppose i should uh…check." She hopped off the edge of the pool trying to stay out of any gross gunk
Aug 12 20:17:58 <gumbal1> The only real thing besides bones and trash is the sand, so Skix doesn't have to try all that hard. As she approaches, the bones still fail to move. Huh.
Aug 12 20:18:56 <Knave> "Bones of something big." Gloria observes. "Either it died in there or something threw it in." Her voice is truly unpleasant to hear, "Wouldn't stand there anyway."
Aug 12 20:19:49 <Nemi> "Why do abandoned places have the creepiest graffiti?"
Aug 12 20:19:50 <PuddleJumper> Skix wrinkles her snout and sniffs again hauling herself out after tentivly poking a bone. She hustles out of the pool like a kid running to their bed after flicking off the light.
Aug 12 20:20:29 <Knave> "They clean it where people live."
Aug 12 20:20:39 <PuddleJumper> "You should see where i grew up…most of the buildings were covered…no dead dinosaurs though…just bums and cats and stuff."
Aug 12 20:20:47 <gumbal1> The bone fails to move beyond the poking Skix gave it.
Aug 12 20:21:27 <Knave> Gloria stands up to a hunched position from her crouch, "Looks normal. Normal and abandoned."
Aug 12 20:23:22 <PuddleJumper> Skix looks around seeing if she can see anything else. The musty worm smell would likely make picking up a new scent hard "So…uh…what next?" (roll for tracking again?)
Aug 12 20:24:38 <gumbal1> > sure
Aug 12 20:24:53 <gumbal1> There's not much else to see, Skix. Just graffiti, sand, and bones.
Aug 12 20:25:12 <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
Aug 12 20:25:12 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 6
Aug 12 20:25:30 <Nemi> ".. still, it’s /creepy/ graffiti.." Madeline sighs and steps back into the lobby, pausing to peer around. She'll wander to the admin office and poke around.
Aug 12 20:26:07 <PuddleJumper> Skix gets up and sniffs around the courtyard a bit then follows Madeline "As long as we dont split up we should be fine."
Aug 12 20:26:11 <Knave> Gloria moves towards the door, and stands by it until Skix and Chloe go back inside with Mads. Someone has to watch their backs.
Aug 12 20:28:21 <PuddleJumper> Skix starts poking around behind the desk, looking for any clue to someone living here. "I thought they said whatever was here was gonna try an keep us here…its not doing a very good job, its just dusty and gross smelling."
Aug 12 20:28:36 <gumbal1> The crew heads back in, nearly knocking into a waitstaff as they're taking a tray of wine glasses over to a nearby table. Thankfully, the staff here at the Sand Guardian are good enough that a simple mistep won't resut in several hundred dollars worth of spilled wine. Vivian appears to have kept their table while they were gone.
Aug 12 20:28:55 <gumbal1> …wait a minute.
Aug 12 20:29:29 <gumbal1> …nevermind, Angel said she had to cancel to work on her project.
Aug 12 20:30:58 <PuddleJumper> Skix stands up jumping back to freeze. "OK…i uh…spoke to soon. Uh…" She backed up to stand next to Chole her shoulders a bit hunched…if she had hair it would be standing up on her neck
Aug 12 20:31:54 <Knave> Gloria stares at the sudden appearance of waitstaff, her glowing eyes flashing brighter for a moment. This is treacherous sorcery, for sure. If there's anything afoot, her gaze will root it out.
Aug 12 20:32:14 <Knave> ‘calc 4d3-8+7 Perception (+2 Gaze of a Night Thing is countering visual illusion)
Aug 12 20:32:34 <Knave> `calc 4d3-8+7
Aug 12 20:32:34 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 9
Aug 12 20:32:44 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+7
Aug 12 20:32:44 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 4
Aug 12 20:33:08 <Nemi> Madeline hugs her elbows to herself, peeking around. It’s such a nice place in here! "Errrm- sorry about that! I um.. Okay, okay.." Madeline walks on to the table. That makes sense, right?
Aug 12 20:35:00 <gumbal1> Gloria, there's too many inconsistencies here that keep fixing themselves into noninconsistencies, and the fact that that sentence even had to be narratively said clues you in that something's wrong.
Aug 12 20:35:34 * SolongStarbird has quit (Quit: *Rides off into the sunset* *Is engulfed by sun*)
Aug 12 20:36:58 <PuddleJumper> Skix decided that she couldent do much but roll with it, She held one of Chloe's tentacles and walked toward the table following Madeline toward the table…she remembered she was supposed to be smelling for something…maybe the wait staff was almost done with her meal…that would be nice, she was hungry!
Aug 12 20:37:07 <gumbal1> "Hiiiiii!" Vivian waves over to the group as they approach. She's looking nice today, in her starry-sky gradiant dress, and actually did up her hair for once. "What took you so long? Meet someone you like?"
Aug 12 20:37:52 <Knave> "This is wrong." She seems irritated with the group, the hotel, and with herself, that she even has to say it. Obviously it's wrong. Why did she have to say it? Why didn't anyone else think it was wrong?
Aug 12 20:38:43 <Nemi> "Nooo," Madeline says, doofily smiling. "It's more like- the pool looked really nice. Um, what's with the dinosaur bone feature, though, is that new?"
Aug 12 20:39:53 <PuddleJumper> Skix stood next to Gloria and Madeline. "I couldent find what i was looking for…im not allowed to have wine, it makes me sick. Are their free breadsticks?"
Aug 12 20:41:47 <gumbal1> Vivian seems to instinctively shy away from Gloria, for some reason. "…dinosaur bones, wha-ooooooh that!" The girl chuckles in response. Always the light-hearted one, she was. "Don't worry about it~." A waitstaff comes by, filling up about half the glasses around the table with water. "Could I get you anything else?" "A Peron 1966 for my buddys? I'll cover it, don't worry!"
Aug 12 20:42:52 <Knave> "I don't drink." Gloria says, far too serious and bitter for the light and cheery dining situation. She's even refusing to sit, standing with her arms petulantly crossed. How rude.
Aug 12 20:43:53 <gumbal1> "Haha, just four glasses, then." Vivian seems to wince at Gloria's words.
Aug 12 20:45:12 <PuddleJumper> Skix sat with Chole eyeing the table for any sign of food…she wasent thirsty. "Thanks, but i cant have any wine…but some bread sticks, or a steak or some soup would be nice…or spicy chili!"
Aug 12 20:48:08 <gumbal1> "Three, then! And some breadsticks, please!" Vivian giggles. She's clearly happy to be here, at least.
Aug 12 20:48:49 <Knave> "I don't eat, either." Gloria says in a grumpy but conversational tone. As much as the scraping sound that is her voice can be called conversation.
Aug 12 20:50:25 <PuddleJumper> Skix put her claws in her lap…it was important to be polite, she woundered why her friends wernt being social…she had a slightly dazed look while she thought about it…that was dispelled when food was mentioned. "Oh thank you." She turned to Gloria "I met someone at the school that dosent eat either, i would really really miss food if i couldent eat. That would be awefull!"
Aug 12 20:50:35 <Nemi> "Whyyyy not?" Mads leans in at Vivian. "Is it some kinda special thing? And- and sure, I'll have some!"
Aug 12 20:52:16 <gumbal1> "Come on, Mads, this isn't the time to be worrying about Things in the Pool." The wine arrives quickly, along with the breadsticks. "Anything else?"
Aug 12 20:53:01 <Knave> Gloria just makes a long, low scraping sound from her throat in response to Skix. She fixes her gaze on this Vivian character and dares her to meet it.
Aug 12 20:53:26 <PuddleJumper> Skix snags two big ones and smells them, munching on them and grabbing a sip of water. "Fahnk you, ah was hungry" she says through a full mouth
Aug 12 20:54:48 <Nemi> "I mean you know me, beach girl, I love swimming and if it's a thing in the pool of course I'm gonna worry about it!" Mads pals around with Vivian like they've been friends for years. Madeline sniffles and grabs a breadstick and glass of her own, nibbling or sipping resepctively at each with care.
Aug 12 20:57:55 <PuddleJumper> Skix nods "Yeah, i really like swimming. Im really fast. Even a dirty pool is still probally cleaner then swimming in the Detroit river…i could only eat fish out of it a few times a week if i didnt want to get sick…uh…i mean err…thanks for the breadsticks."
Aug 12 20:58:23 <gumbal1> Vivian almost seems to glow at Skix's reaction to the breadsticks. The breadsticks are fresh and the wine is, well, Madeline might not have had aged wine before, but if she has she'd certainly recognize it. "It's nothing, really. Why are you worrying about it? Come on, aren't you excited for Nyssa?"
Aug 12 21:00:38 <Nemi> Madeline had, when she raided her aunt's liquor cabinet during her worst borderline alcoholic episodes. She perks some, enjoying it all. ".. I dunno, I- you know I'm super clumsy, I don't wanna get hurt or anything and um.. Um- who's Nyssa?"
Aug 12 21:03:13 <PuddleJumper> Skix eyes the wine…it looked so good, but she remembered when she drank down a whole glass of old crow whiskey of Willards and she had been barfing for hours…never again she had promised. "Nyssa? That sounds nice, is she going to school? Or is she on vacation with everyone?" She looked around while munching her breadstick…huh…something was wierd, but she had never been in a hotel before, it was nice.
Aug 12 21:04:53 <gumbal1> Vivian looks glad that Madeline's enjoying it all. "Come oooooon, you don't remember Nyssa? She's getting married!"
Aug 12 21:05:13 * mrs_padri has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 12 21:05:40 <Knave> "Am I the only one who hasn't gone bloody mad?" Gloria grumbles, still staring defiantly at Vivian, waiting for her to return it.
Aug 12 21:06:24 <Nemi> "Ooohh.. Oh really? I'm sorry I think I had a little much to drink I can't remember really!" Madeline reddens, as she usually doesn, and slumps a little around her breadstick. ".. and, um, mad? Mad about what? I'm Mads, not mad!"
Aug 12 21:07:36 <gumbal1> She seems to be actively avoiding Gloria's gaze, from the looks of it, even if she does seem to almost shrink from it.
Aug 12 21:08:35 <PuddleJumper> Skix held her water glass and shook her head her cheeks growing a bit pink…"Oh…uh…i must have forgot, ive never been to a wedding before, She eyes Vivian then Gloria…a brief confused look crossing her face, only to be wiped away be a look of shy embarassment. "I must have errr, what were we talking about again?"
Aug 12 21:10:34 <Knave> Gloria steps towards Vivian, straightening her posture, clawed hands flexing, getting uncomfortably close. The unblinking gaze doesn't falter. She doesn't have eyelids.
Aug 12 21:12:53 <gumbal1> Vivian seems to shrink away. Then again, who wouldn't, at Gloria's actions? The waitstaff eventually comes back, giving a look towards Gloria.
Aug 12 21:14:56 <PuddleJumper> Skix held a half eaten breadstick up and waved it shyly. "Uh…um…please dont fight, uhh…maybe we could like…talk about something else? Like that we both wanna hear about and that would make us a little less like…angry yeah?"
Aug 12 21:15:29 <PuddleJumper> Skix eyes everyone…she really didnt want to get kicked out of the first hotel she had ever been in.
Aug 12 21:15:52 <Nemi> "Look um, Gloriaaaa it's okay, it's okay, she's a friend, remember?"
Aug 12 21:17:24 <Knave> Gloria turns her head with a snap towards Mads. Her reptilian pupils bore into her intensely, but take care not to look anywhere near her eyes. In a low growl with emotion that can be heard even through the gravelly sound, she says, "I don't have any friends!"
Aug 12 21:18:36 <Nemi> Madeline's eyes go huge, and she flinches through her chair, crumpling in reflexive fear on the floor. Her wine somehow doesn't spill.
Aug 12 21:18:57 <gumbal1> Vivian seems to shiver, slightly, at Gloria's words, as Gloria notices a brief spike in inconsistencies, before they drop back to their normal level. The waitstaff meanwhile looks on in apparent confusion. "…do you need more time to decide?"
Aug 12 21:19:54 <PuddleJumper> Skix cringed at the rising tempers, looking apologetically to Vivian. "Uh…sorry it was a long uhhh flight i think…She reaches out a claw to Madeline and puts herself between Gloria and her. "Uh…What were we deciding on again?"
Aug 12 21:22:39 <gumbal1> Vivian, meanwhile, glances towards the Madeline on the floor. "…Leeny? You alright?"
Aug 12 21:23:39 <Knave> Gloria takes a step back. She hadn't meant to frighten Madeline. But of course she frightened Madeline. She was frightening. She raised her voice. This wasn't real and she was the only one who seemed to understand that and what did that say?
Aug 12 21:24:19 <Nemi> Leeny. Zita calls her that, and nobody else. It's always just Mads or Maddie. Madeline's briefly confused, biting her lower lip, and then- she's on the chair again, like nothing happened. ".. I'm- okay. I'm um, I'm sorry. Just startled me." Madeline gives a nervous smile up at Gloria.
Aug 12 21:25:47 <gumbal1> Only Zita calls her that? Of course not! Vivian calls her that, too! Once she gets back up, Vivian nervously chuckles. "S-sorry! Now, do we know what we want to order?"
Aug 12 21:26:40 <Nemi> Vivian does too. Right! ".. Uumm.. the chicken florentine with rigatoni alfredo sounded really good..!"
Aug 12 21:27:20 <PuddleJumper> Skix seemed confused she sniffed the air, The breadsticks smelt a bit musty…uncharacteristically she put down a half eaten one on the table looking confused. She looks at the breadstick "Uhhh yeah, Surf and turf…22oz porterhouse and a dozen rockshrimp with crablegs. And a cesar salad extra cheese and dressing…and a side of hush puppies…if uh…its on the tab."
Aug 12 21:27:57 <PuddleJumper> "What was that what were deciding on?"
Aug 12 21:28:52 <Knave> Gloria hunches on the spot. She doesn't eat. She's not a part of the food ordering process. Obviously. One clawed hand ran up to the side of her head, rubbed at her temple, while her posture collapsed. Everyone liked Vivian. Nobody liked her. What was wrong with this picture? Nothing, except the flickering inconsistencies that her eyes showed her. That only her eyes saw. What was the definition of crazy, again?
Aug 12 21:30:53 <gumbal1> "Oooooh, that sounds divine! I'll, uh, get the vegetable linguini." Vivian smiles, before turning back to the crew who weren't Gloria. "Oh man, I've never been to a fancy wedding before!"
Aug 12 21:31:06 <gumbal1> > MENTAL DEFENSE, ALL
Aug 12 21:31:21 <PuddleJumper> Skix frowns and tries to be supportive "Uhh…Gloria right? um…I'm still new, but you seem kinda upset…um…i hope…uhh…huh?"
Aug 12 21:31:46 <Knave> ‘calc 4d3-8+7
Aug 12 21:31:46 <GameServ> 4d3-8+7 = 6
Aug 12 21:33:29 <PuddleJumper> `calc 4d3-8+1
Aug 12 21:33:30 <GameServ> 4d3-8+1 = 0
Aug 12 21:35:03 <Nemi> `calc 4d3-8+6
Aug 12 21:35:03 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
Aug 12 21:35:05 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+9
Aug 12 21:35:05 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 7
Aug 12 21:36:57 <gumbal1> Nothing is wrong, Gloria (-0 PSYCHE). You know, the atmosphere’s almost intoxicating, Madeline (-1 PSYCHE). Wow, is it cold in here or just you, Skix? (-6 PSYCHE)
Aug 12 21:38:16 <gumbal1> Skix suddenly, in the last few seconds she's awake, finds that she seems to be missing something. That is, before she suddenly collapses, much to the horror of the otherwise positively glowing Vivian.
Aug 12 21:38:58 <Knave> Of course nothing was wrong. Just Gloria being an outcast freak. Status quo, business as sodding usual. And someone's collapsed. That's just great.
Aug 12 21:40:05 <PuddleJumper> Skix colapses midway through asking about gloria, she made a choking sound and slid back into her chair.
Aug 12 21:40:06 <Nemi> Madeline hums cheerfully and woozily and- she sees Skix collapse! Madeline gawks in horror and scurries to the lizardgirl's side. "Skix- Skiix?! What happened?!"
Aug 12 21:41:17 <Knave> Gloria moves in a sudden burst, like a branch snapping. She throws the table off to one side, stepping between Madeline and Vivian, "This one happened. She didn't come in with us. She's part of whatever this is."
Aug 12 21:42:17 <gumbal1> "Oh, oh-oh god, I-" And then the tall Michiginian girl is very suddenly confronted by Gloria, as the people around her fail to pay attention. "G-g-gloria, I…"
Aug 12 21:42:29 * Silvors (ten.letyrutnec.nyd.85-49-271-501|srovliS#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.85-49-271-501|srovliS) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 12 21:42:29 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Silvors
Aug 12 21:43:14 <Knave> "You /what/?" Gloria growls, cocking her head. Seems like it's about time for some catharsis.
Aug 12 21:44:27 <PuddleJumper> (michigander)
Aug 12 21:45:31 <gumbal1> Of course Vivi flinches at Gloria's growl. She's been flinching with every other act of aggression, at least. "I j-j-just wanted everyone…I want everyone to be happy."
Aug 12 21:46:10 <Nemi> "What..?" Madeline, clinging to Skix's arm, just gawks. ".. happy..? I can't be happy, I'm not /allowed/..!"
Aug 12 21:47:12 <PuddleJumper> Skix's arm was cold and growing colder. she was breathing slowly
Aug 12 21:47:40 <gumbal1> And at Madeline's sudden admission, Vivi freezes…and as she suddenly flees for the stairwell, the world gives way to what it once was: that same, dilapidated hotel from before.
Aug 12 21:48:10 <Knave> Gloria turns her head, looking over her shoulder at Skix, "She okay?"
Aug 12 21:48:54 <Nemi> "I- I don't know she feels so /cold/..!" Madeline freezes up again as the world resumes its old ruined appearance.
Aug 12 21:49:26 <Nemi> "Wait- Vivi..!" Madeline steps through space to try to pursue. "Why're you- where're you going..?"
Aug 12 21:49:57 <Knave> "Calm." Gloria commands. A stony claw flies out in front of Madeline to stop her going, "Leave it. This one is hurt. Calm down."
Aug 12 21:50:31 <gumbal1> Vivi doesn't exactly seem to be following proper spacial fleeing either. Once she out of sight (or at least believe she is), her form distinigrates into a black mist and outright ascends to the sixth floor.
Aug 12 21:50:44 <gumbal1> A lizard girl without a name wakes up.
Aug 12 21:51:20 <Nemi> Dream logic dictates that Madeline's pursuit of Vivi takes her right afterwards, a rush through corridors and past a stony clawed hand that seem rushed-through, like a montage, a reminder that they happened despite none of the intervening space really being traversed.
Aug 12 21:52:27 <PuddleJumper> Skix wakes with a snarl She takes a swipe above her sending the chair she was sitting in flying with three deep gashes in it…She stands feet apart teeth barred in a savage growl…her pupils narrowed to slits ready to strike
Aug 12 21:53:14 <gumbal1> Dream logic and visualized space dictated that Vivi just threw open the door to room 631 and ran inside, slamming it shut. Reality dictates that the black mist merely phased into the room.
Aug 12 21:54:02 <Knave> Gloria eyes Skix with her own reptilian-looking pupils, probably not nearly wary enough. "You okay?" She asks in a not particularly chummy tone.
Aug 12 21:54:56 <Nemi> Dream logic dictates that Madeline throws open the door and runs through, the door conveniently unlocked. Reality dictates that Madeline simply wasn't there, and now was. "Vivi- Vivi! It's okay..!"
Aug 12 21:56:44 <PuddleJumper> Skix looked around frantically, her claws going to her neck, she felt the small necklace she wore, Gloria could see horribal scars where it looked like someone tried to hang her with barbed wire multiple times…She scrabbled around feeling for her chain…the dogs, she couldent smell or hear dogs…she was free! She growled at the frightinging thing in front of her when it spoke though…her tail raised
Aug 12 21:56:44 <PuddleJumper> above her head her mouth opened in a sharp growl. "Away! Dont touch me!" She snapped her teeth at Gloria
Aug 12 21:58:14 <gumbal1> Vivi, currently floating over the bed, cycles through several forms before coming to a stable one. A mass of television static, a black bird with an odd white glow, a portly latina youth of around twentysomething, and finally, Skix. "Hi! Thanks for being worried about me, but I'm fine! Just…be happy! You're [SKRZZZZZZZZZZZZ] and that's great!"
Aug 12 21:58:24 <Knave> "Not planning to." Gloria says with mild disdain, neither flinching nor budging, "Come on. The other two ran upstairs."
Aug 12 22:00:32 <Nemi> Madeline steps through space, going misty briefly before clinging to Vivi's newly-assumed scaly arm. ".. why? I can't be and- you know that, that like, illusions don't help people be happy either cuz they're not real and it doesn't ever really stay that way, I, I found that out too and it /hurt/ a lot but it was.. it's important to know what really is."
Aug 12 22:00:52 <PuddleJumper> Skix shook her head. Backing away from Gloria…there was no recognition in her eyes at all. "Someones gonna be mad…someones gonna hurt me! If you try to hurt me im gonna kill you!" She pushed the table and furnishings between her and Gloria and got low to the floor her claws held out in front of her.
Aug 12 22:02:04 <gumbal1> It's hard to really get ahold of Vivi. Almost as if she was merely a collection of emotional energy the whole time…but that would make her a Remnant, and she's acting nothing like a fear-devouring evil spirit…right?
Aug 12 22:02:20 <Knave> Why was she the only sane person around today? Gloria stands her ground, and folds her arms in front of her. "I'm not going to fight you." She growls, "We came here to do something. Pull yourself together or go back to sleep. I don't care which."
Aug 12 22:03:42 <gumbal1> "C-come on, Amor. It's…you can't just b-be s-sad all the time. It just…y-you can't!" Vivi tries pulling away. Hard to do so when you're not entirely physical yourself.
Aug 12 22:04:25 <PuddleJumper> Skix looked around confused, she didnt know where she was and made a low whine of confusion…she held her claws to her head and tried to figure out what was happening. Being gruff with her however snapped her out of it, like a misbehaving dog being shouted into submission. She whimpered much like one and sidestepped the furnishings. "Dont hurt me and i'll be good."
Aug 12 22:05:52 <Knave> "Not gonna sodding hurt you." Gloria says, exasperated, and then, somewhat gentler, "No-one's going to hurt you while I'm here. Come on." She gestures with her head towards the stairs, and waits for Skix to make a move.
Aug 12 22:06:22 <gumbal1> The stairs are unlit. Not having windows in a stairwell without power will do that.
Aug 12 22:07:14 <Knave> Gloria growls her irritation, and holds out an arm. Darkness was no problem for her, but the last thing she needed was the lizard girl tripping over and braining herself again. "Here, hold my hand or something."
Aug 12 22:07:16 <PuddleJumper> Skix looked behind her at the light outside…her tail tucked between her legs though as Gloria motioned to the stairs…she knew she was supposed to listen or someone would hurt her…she whined low and afraid but followed Gloria, her gaze moving to the floor and to the side.
Aug 12 22:07:32 <PuddleJumper> "I can see in the dark."
Aug 12 22:08:13 * PuddleJumper sniffs and flinches as she spoke…she wasent supposed to talk either unless someone yelled. She didnt like the smells in here.
Aug 12 22:09:17 <gumbal1> The stairs were built to last. Judging by the debris blockade on the fourth floor landing, the walls weren't. Might've crushed an unsuspecting urbex, giving the pile of bones on the floor.
Aug 12 22:09:58 <PuddleJumper> Skix shied away from the bones…she knew what those were
Aug 12 22:11:05 <Nemi> Madeline clings to Vivi's arm, not entirely real herself. "I.. I know, I know, but it's- I don't know /how/ to be happy.. Vivi I, I, can you.. like.."
Aug 12 22:11:34 <Nemi> Madeline gulps a little. ".. you know, um.. there's a place I'm from, where there's a lot of sad people, and they could maybe really be happy if you came and helped..?"
Aug 12 22:11:34 <PuddleJumper> She picked her way up the stairs, low to the ground on almost all fours, the way she held herself was totally diffrent from the way she had walked in.
Aug 12 22:13:13 <Knave> Gloria was not to be out-done - or rather, the part of her that made her want to climb belfries and patrol alleys wasn't-, prowling down on all fours up the stairs at Skix's side.
Aug 12 22:13:34 <gumbal1> Vivi almost seems to scramble a little at Madeline's confession. "…oh, of course!"
Aug 12 22:13:44 <gumbal1> There's little in the way of obstacles from here on out.
Aug 12 22:13:49 <gumbal1> > MADELINE, MDEF
Aug 12 22:13:57 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
Aug 12 22:13:57 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 7
Aug 12 22:14:26 <PuddleJumper> Skix dropped back and followed behind and slightly to the side of Gloria, following her lead, and her commands. She wouldent meet her eyes anymore after her initial threat where she had stood her ground.
Aug 12 22:14:34 <gumbal1> `calc 4d3-8+10
Aug 12 22:14:34 <GameServ> 4d3-8+10 = 8
Aug 12 22:14:56 <gumbal1> Madeline feels a little weird, but knows everything will be fine. (-0 PSYCHE)
Aug 12 22:15:39 <Nemi> Madeline does feel kinda weird, but she smiles nonetheless. It’s weak. ".. and.. and you don't have to just sit in a big weird empty hotel anymore, either, and.. and make believe we're your friends. Weeee.. we could actually /be/ friends!"
Aug 12 22:16:00 <PuddleJumper> Skix sniffs as she goes, if shes supposed to be finding someone…she thinks.
Aug 12 22:16:10 <PuddleJumper> (roll to try to find Madeline?)
Aug 12 22:16:25 <gumbal1> Vivi seems to brighten up at that, almost literally. "Really?"
Aug 12 22:16:40 <gumbal1> > Yeah
Aug 12 22:16:51 <PuddleJumper> ‘calc 4d3-8+6
Aug 12 22:16:51 <GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
Aug 12 22:16:52 <Knave> "Can you smell them?" Gloria asks, slightly annoyed with her own supernatural suite’s inability to track anything. Isn't this the kind of thing she's meant to be good at?
Aug 12 22:16:56 <Nemi> "Really!" Madeline nods eagerly.
Aug 12 22:19:01 <gumbal1> > ROLL DREAMWEAVER
Aug 12 22:19:19 <Nemi> ‘calc 4d3-8+9
Aug 12 22:19:19 <GameServ> 4d3-8+9 = 11
Aug 12 22:19:26 <Nemi> ( technically it should be higher but in eed to spend mads’ exp )
Aug 12 22:20:09 <gumbal1> Mads is a bit too concepty to be sensed by Skix at the moment.
Aug 12 22:21:03 <gumbal1> "Well…okay! I should leave, then." Vivi's avatar awkwardly looks around, before it collapses back into a black mist.
Aug 12 22:21:06 <PuddleJumper> Skix shakes her head. "I cant smell anyone." she lookes up and to the side and whimpers sadly "Sorry…i'll keep trying really really hard!"
Aug 12 22:22:07 <PuddleJumper> Skix redoubles her efforts frantically smelling and looking into rooms desperate to avoid being punished
Aug 12 22:22:18 <Nemi> "Okay! Okay. Just um- stick close to me, okay?" Mads peers at the mist, and tries to take the metaphorical hand of the conceptual Vivi. ".. we just.. need to leave, I think."
Aug 12 22:22:42 <Knave> "Hey." Gloria looks at Skix. Her voice isn't soft, but there's no malice or irritation along with the cup of gravel, "Don't worry too hard about it."
Aug 12 22:22:49 <gumbal1> It's taken, and wow, this thing feels a lot like holding Skix, oddly enough.
Aug 12 22:24:14 <Nemi> ".. are you like.. a Remnant? You feel a lot like, um, Skix does."
Aug 12 22:24:25 <PuddleJumper> Skix didnt relax but focused as much as she could following Gloria's lead. She used her claws to push aside trash, muck…whatever paying no mind to the filth that she seemed so hard to avoid touching before
Aug 12 22:25:15 <gumbal1> "…yeah. I guess. But that's okay! Because all I want is for people to feel…good."
Aug 12 22:25:55 <Nemi> ".. Skix kinda um.. she passed out. Is she going to be okay? You didn't.. take anything from her, did you..?"
Aug 12 22:26:52 <Knave> Gloria leads the search, such as it is. They're more or less just wandering up the stairs, hoping to run into Mads.
Aug 12 22:27:40 <gumbal1> There's a brief pause.
Aug 12 22:27:48 <gumbal1> "…of course not!"
Aug 12 22:28:09 <gumbal1> Meanwhile, the stairs end at the sixth floor. Madeline may or may not be exiting room 631.
Aug 12 22:28:23 <Nemi> ".. well.. okay.." Madeline gently tugs Vivi's metaphorical hand and heads for the door!
Aug 12 22:29:07 * Charlotte_ (moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.061812-gt|604321diu#moc.duolccri.llewkcorb.061812-gt|604321diu) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Aug 12 22:29:14 <gumbal1> The hotel is as dilapidated as ever, but hey, at least Skix and Gloria are upstairs together, searching for a Madeline who has now stepped out of one of the rooms.
Aug 12 22:30:05 <PuddleJumper> Skix's claws screeched to a halt on the gritty floor and she barred her teeth with a low growl…looking to Gloria for commands.
Aug 12 22:31:28 <Knave> Gloria stands up erect, puts out a hand to tell Skix to hold for the moment. She looks to Mads, nudges her chin up with an inquisitive grunt.
Aug 12 22:32:49 <PuddleJumper> Skix flinches and checked her growl, giving no sign of recognition. Her jacket and clothes were now covered in a layer of dust and grime she had been forcing herself through.
Aug 12 22:33:15 <Nemi> "Err.. heelllo..?" Madeline squeezes Vivi's metaphorical hand, clearly unnerved at the change in Skix's behavior. ".. aare.. you guys okay?"
Aug 12 22:33:36 <gumbal1> The black cloud that had been led out by Madeline reassumes the form of Vivian, waving to the other two and trying to hide her uncomfort at Skix's form.
Aug 12 22:33:52 <Knave> "Yeah, no thanks to you running off." Gloria says bitterly. "This one woke up on the wrong side of the abandoned hotel floor." Gloria jerks a thumb towards Skix.
Aug 12 22:34:26 <Nemi> ".. sorry.. sorry I had to find Vivi.. um.. she's okay to go with us, though, no more tricks or anything, so.."
Aug 12 22:34:41 <Nemi> Madeline flinches a little, crumpling at Gloria's bitterness.
Aug 12 22:34:57 <PuddleJumper> Skix tucks her tail between her legs at seeing the copy of herself…she whined in fear, she had seen the mirror enough times…she wouldent make eye contact with anyone
Aug 12 22:35:06 <gumbal1> It's a gesture mirrored by Gloria, for similar reasons.
Aug 12 22:35:11 <gumbal1> *by Vivi
Aug 12 22:35:39 <Knave> "Sorry." She says grudgingly, stepping to the side and gesturing for Mads and Vivian to head down ahead of them.
Aug 12 22:37:00 <PuddleJumper> Skix shifts from side to side huddeling against the wall to let everyone pass, she was confused and was sure somehow it was her fault…the one with eyes like her said so. She followed behind the group whimpering in misery at the punishings that were sure to come.
Aug 12 22:37:03 <Nemi> ".. no it's- it's okay um.." Madeline starts for the stairs. She remembers the way, even if she's not just skipping the intervening space, to lead everyone back down and out.
Aug 12 22:37:43 <Knave> "Before." Gloria says, a little hesitantly, on the way down, "You said you didn't deserve…"
Aug 12 22:38:17 <gumbal1> At least the hotel isn't locked, as they come out into the hot Nevada sun.
Aug 12 22:38:19 <Nemi> ".. I don't deserve to be happy," Madeline finishes for her, gaze flitting down to her feet.
Aug 12 22:39:13 <Knave> Gloria clomps down the stairs behind her, out into the outside. Hot or cold, not much difference when you're made of stone. "…'S a dumb thing to say." Gloria says finally.
Aug 12 22:39:30 <gumbal1> And at the repeat of that, Vivi rips her hand away from Madeline's own, giggling nervously. "Ha, that's…please don't say that."
Aug 12 22:39:58 <PuddleJumper> Skix was most decidedly not happy either…she felt wrong, something was wrong. She whimpered standing in the doorway into the light…afraid to move outside and afraid to be left behind. "Im not allowed outside."
Aug 12 22:40:31 <Knave> "Says who?" Gloria twists around, sounding irritated by this new and interesting annoyance from today.
Aug 12 22:40:32 <PuddleJumper> Skix shifted from side to side huched down on her hands and feet pacing in the doorway
Aug 12 22:41:08 <Nemi> ".. just come outside, you're- you're a friend, it's okay.." Madeline doesn't explain her own meaning. She looks over at Vivi, and frowns ashamed. ".. sorry."
Aug 12 22:41:08 <PuddleJumper> She whimpered and hid her face at the irritation. she was shaking in absolute terror
Aug 12 22:41:29 <Nemi> ".. whenever I think I'm happy something horrible happens and ruins it so.."
Aug 12 22:41:59 <Knave> Gloria makes a sudden, hard sound. It might, upon consideration, have been a laugh. "That's life, sweetheart."
Aug 12 22:42:31 <Nemi> Madeline crumbles again. Visibly.
Aug 12 22:42:40 <PuddleJumper> Skix made an startled yelp/bark sound and cowered at the laugh…she put her head down and ran into the light…and kept running
Aug 12 22:44:40 <Knave> Gloria shakes her head to herself, makes a little sad chuckling sound. "Can't say anything. Can't say /anything/. Can't have a bit of fun. Can't be serious. Just don't bloody say anything."
Aug 12 22:44:53 <gumbal1> It's…very much not a nice environment. Madeline's self hatred, Skix's paranoia, Gloria's cynicism. Vivi, however, seems to roll with it, even as her form seem to begin scrambling.
Aug 12 22:46:38 <Nemi> Madeline takes a moment to try to draw herself back up, to grab at Vivian's hand despite the intervening space. At the least the Maddox part of her knows the mission needs doing. She shakily brings her wristband to her mouth. ".. hi- um, Amelia? Or .. I think we're ready to go. We um, have a guest, her name's Vivian and she's super nice! I think!"
Aug 12 22:47:53 <gumbal1> Teleportation is fast and efficient, at least.
Aug 12 22:47:59 <gumbal1> -RUN COMPLETED-
Aug 12 22:48:02 <gumbal1> -2 XP-
Aug 12 22:48:11 <gumbal1> -$100 GAINED-
Aug 12 22:48:33 <gumbal1> -SKIX: WEAKNESS GAINED: TWO YEARS LOST-
Aug 12 22:48:54 <gumbal1> -NPC RESCUED: VIVI-

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