why do I do what I do

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Feb 19 20:14:29 <gumbal1> ~It never stops, this beating. Every time she wakes me up, I pray it's another dream, and that my soul rests, either in old Brasil, or Paradise. And yet, with every awakening, I'm back on that same, wretched world. And the beat goes on.~
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Feb 19 20:16:30 <gumbal1> The intercom flicks on. «Any student interested in making a few dozen bucks and getting out of gym for a week can come to Room-828F.»
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Feb 19 20:17:46 <Savanah_> Out of gym? Well, she doesn't want to get out of gym- she's not even in gym! Either way, some money to buy Skix something nice would be well- nice! Pulling on her sweater, locking her dorm and heading down the hallway to room 828F
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Feb 19 20:20:44 <Antichthon> In her room, Athene got tht alert as a text. She roused from her sleep, stretched and yawned mightily. Was this a mission offer, or just some menial task? Well, she'd find out when she got there. It'd probably go to one of the flying students, though. Athene put on her mission outfit and reported to room 828F. She fell it right behind Wendy and gave her the patented Athene smile.
Feb 19 20:20:44 <Antichthon> "You going to room 828F, too?"
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Feb 19 20:22:19 <SavanahHolland> "Yup!" she beamed, waddling besides Athene, the size difference insane "I'm hoping to get some more money- d- do you think they'll be annoyed that I don't take gym so I can't get out of it?" she asks, looking down sheepishly
Feb 19 20:22:50 <gumbal1> The actual room itself is some dinky old office, within sits Coach Calloway, that tired old gym teacher with the blonde crew cut. Once everyone's in, she clears her throat. "Huh, thought we'd have more applicants. Guess I don't need to make you fight over this after all."
Feb 19 20:31:01 <Antichthon> Athene's human half was at least resonably-sized. If she'd been human she'd probably have been a six foot, dark-skinned amazon. You know, roughly. Hard to gauge potential human height when the subject didn't even have legs. "I don't take gym either," Athene said, giving Wendy a comforting pat on the shoulder. "I don't think they'll mind." Athene took up position to the side of
Feb 19 20:31:01 <Antichthon> the room, coiling up her bulk out of sight. To Calloway, "Is this a mission, sir? It sounded like it might just be a gopher thing. …probably why there's fewer applicants." Missions were grand! trival jobs, not so much.
Feb 19 20:31:38 <gumbal1> "I'm just going to get right to it." The woman shoves an inconspicuous cardboard package over the desk to the two of them. "I'd take this to the post office but quite frankly, I need to leave in a bit for my wife and I's anniversary. I'd pawn this off to my TA but he's currently hungover. So. I'm going to give this to you to drop off at Maplebark Apartments on 2500 Dunwich Avenue, to give to a friend who lives in room 525. If you can do this f
Feb 19 20:31:38 <gumbal1> or me, I'll pay you."
Feb 19 20:32:09 <gumbal1> "Please do not open the package."
Feb 19 20:33:00 <SavanahHolland> Wendy slowly and carefully picks up the package, tucking it under her arm and giving the Coach a salute "Sir yes sir!" she grinned idiotically.
Feb 19 20:34:02 <Antichthon> …Did he really expect people to fight over the opportunity to deliver his mail? She crossed her arms, gave an amused smile. "I think you can handle this alone, Wendy. Talk to you later." She turned to leave.
Feb 19 20:34:49 <SavanahHolland> "A- aw" she squeaks, looking down as Athene leaves.
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Feb 19 20:37:47 <SavanahHolland> "D- do you really wanna leave?" she mumbles "I'll be boring alone."
Feb 19 20:38:16 <Lena> Pandora had nothing better to do. She arrived late…almost too late. Not even hearing what she's supposed to be doing. She looked at the others "So…what are we supposed to do?" whatever got her out of gym class was fine by her. She didn't even actually care about the money.
Feb 19 20:41:25 <gumbal1> "Oh, hi. Yeah, deliver a package to 2500 Dunwich Avenue, apartment 525. If this is all, I'll be going."
Feb 19 20:41:59 <Antichthon> Athene stopped at the door. It sounded more like Wendy wasn't confident enough to do this alone, but of course Athene wasn't going to call her out on it. Nor was she going to make an insecure student do something like this by herself if it made her uncomfortable. "I guess it's a good way to get to know you better." amused, motherly smile. At Panda's arrival, the smile widened.
Feb 19 20:42:00 <Antichthon> "We're going to go deliver mail and then go out to eat and talk somewhere, that's what!" Getting to know two students better. A good deal!
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Feb 19 20:43:49 <Lena> Deliver a package? "That's it?" she asked with a bit of amused confusion. "Alright then…" she shrugs and looks at the other two and the package. Seems easy enough. "Maybe I should have worn my brown shorts and khaki shirt" since they're being treated like UPS delivery guys. But she ws down for food.
Feb 19 20:43:58 <Savanah_> Wendy let out a happy noise, looking as though she tried to hug Athene, but not really sure how to go about it- didn't help that she was trying to remain careful with the package under her arm.
Feb 19 20:45:09 <gumbal1> And with that, Calloway leaves, muttering something about Gourmand waiting lists and paying for dinner bread.
Feb 19 20:45:21 <gumbal1> Notably, the package feels somwhat warm to the touch.
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Feb 19 20:46:40 <Antichthon> Athene has your back, Wendy! Athene wrapped the girl in a hug, lifting her off the ground and yet somehow being careful of the package. She snickered, put the girl down and ruffled her hair, before heading for the door. "Where do you two want to eat after this?"
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Feb 19 20:48:29 <SavanahHolland> She giggled, wiggling her legs as she's held up for a hug! "Awesome." she mumbles as Athene ruffles her hair, hugging the warm package to her chest "I- it feels like something's alive in here.. or a heated blanket maybe." she nods
Feb 19 20:52:11 <Lena> Pandora seemed a little bored. Just a little. It's the hugging that got to her. She stepped away a little to keep from being swept up in that. "I don't really think it was in the instruction for us to ponder what's in the package. Lets get it where it needs to go and get something to eat."
Feb 19 20:58:44 <Antichthon> Heck, who knew what was in the package, it wasn't really their business. If they'd gotten contacted by a shady man in an alley it would be a different story, but this was a job given to them by a trusted staff member. The group was soon outside. "What do you guys think about Pho Real? I could go for some Pho."
Feb 19 20:59:31 <SavanahHolland> "What's Fo?" Wendy asks curiously, blinking as she walked beside the two of them.
Feb 19 21:02:30 <Antichthon> They sure did make good time while they were talking. They were going on foot-and-belly, but they were already halfway there! "It's noodle soup. Viatnamese, I think?"
Feb 19 21:03:32 <SavanahHolland> "L- like chicken noodle soup? That's kinda boring though, isn't it?" she frowned, staring at the package as they walked.
Feb 19 21:04:04 <Lena> "I remember Viatnemese food…" she said thoughtfuly "It's more than just chicken noodle soup" she walked with her hands in her pockets, keeping up with the other two.
Feb 19 21:06:04 <gumbal1> It's starting to get cold again. The early-september heat's past, leaving the short autumn and, eventually, the long winter. Some of the trees even seem to starting the browning process.
Feb 19 21:07:09 <Antichthon> So long, Summer. The cold-blooded will miss you. "Yeah, it's better. Definitely better." 2500 Dunwich Avenue, they were there. Athene looked up at the at-least-five-story building. "Think this is the tallest building in Haven?" she joked. Wasn't exactly a huge town.
Feb 19 21:07:15 <gumbal1> All in all, it's a pretty quiet Sunday afternoon, and the lack of traffic means you don't have to wait as long at the crosswalks.
Feb 19 21:08:33 <SavanahHolland> Wendy wouldn't notice all that much, just a little cold has never bugged her anyways. "What more does it have in it then chicken noodle soup?" Wendy mumbles, not understanding as she looks up at the building "Kinda looks like my home, but cleaner." she nodded
Feb 19 21:09:23 <gumbal1> The whole building is designed in a brutalist fashion, constructed with sickenenly pale green material. All in all, it's about 14 stories high, give or take. The entrance is a set of automatic glass doors, and from where you are, the inside doesn't look all that attractive.
Feb 19 21:11:39 <Lena> Pandora moved on without another word, looking up at the building. Now she was thinking about Viatnamese food…thanks snakelady. Her stomach growled a bit. "Cause this doesn't look like the beginning of a horror movie" she mumbled to herself as she headed for the glass doors once they were in front of the building.
Feb 19 21:13:01 <Antichthon> In a word? "Ew." Athene was not a fan of this architecture. To Wendy, "Just wait, it'll be better if you just see it yourself." Athene let Wendy and Panda go first, on account of anyone trying to follow the ton of snakegirl was in for a problem.
Feb 19 21:14:03 <gumbal1> The interior has that early 2000s design feels, withn frayed red carpeting, beige walls with plastic black strips running across the bottom, and a bored receptionist standing at the desk. The elevators appear to be out of order, judging from the…well, the out of order sign on them. All of you can hear the faint sound of…techno(?), coming from above.
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Feb 19 21:14:57 <Antichthonic> [21:13] <Antichthon> In a word? "Ew." Athene was not a fan of this architecture. To Wendy, "Just wait, it'll be better if you just see it yourself." Athene let Wendy and Panda go first, on account of anyone trying to follow the ton of snakegirl was in for a problem.
Feb 19 21:15:36 <SavanahHolland> Wendy waddles up to the receptionist, flashing her a smile "H- hi! We're here to deliver a package to apartment 525." she nods, showing the woman the small thin package.
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Feb 19 21:19:03 <Antichthonic> [21:15] <Antichthonic> [21:13] <Antichthon> In a word? "Ew." Athene was not a fan of this architecture. To Wendy, "Just wait, it'll be better if you just see it yourself." Athene let Wendy and Panda go first, on account of anyone trying to follow the ton of snakegirl was in for a problem.
Feb 19 21:19:03 <Antichthonic> [21:15] <SavanahHolland> Wendy waddles up to the receptionist, flashing her a smile "H- hi! We're here to deliver a package to apartment 525." she nods, showing the woman the small thin package.
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Feb 19 21:19:03 <Antichthonic> [21:17] <Lena> Pandora looks around with a wrinkled nose. Even Champi would talk about how terrible this place looked…and that's saying something. She let Wendy deal with the receoptionist and do her thing while she wandered over to the stairs and up just a couple of them, almost 'testing the waters'.
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Feb 19 21:20:08 <gumbal1> The woman looks up, bored, and points to a door at the entrance to a hallway at the back, perpendicular to the entry into it. "Take a left, then second right, then another left, door's marked "stairs"."
Feb 19 21:21:04 <SavanahHolland> "Thanks!" she nods, waving Athene and Pandora over as she follows the first direction, taking a left.
Feb 19 21:22:11 <Lena> Oh…there's directions. She moved to follow Wendy and Athene. "So why were three of us needed to deliver a package?"
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Feb 19 21:25:02 <gumbal1> The hallways looks like your standard, slightly eerie apartment hallways, complete with patterned felt and and dim flourescent lighting. Why anyone would live here is a mystery, unless rent was super cheap.
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Feb 19 21:30:23 <Antichthon> "There isn't three of us needed to deliver the package. There's three of us needed to have a rockin' Pho party." She gave Panda a grin, which soon faded at the decor. "I don't get it. Why would someone make an apartment like this? Are they passive aggressive against their tenants?"
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Feb 19 21:32:07 <Lena> "Probably slum lords. Cheap rent. It looks like a rat dive" mmmmm food. "Lets drop the package and get the fluff outta here. This place is just gross."
Feb 19 21:34:13 <gumbal1> The actual door to the stairs, once you get there, is fairly plane, aside from not having a marble room numbed plate like the rest of the apartments. Further down the hallway, a well-dressed college student sits, working on classwork, from the looks of it.
Feb 19 21:34:14 <Antichthon> "Looks like someone decided to make it this way to me. Like, they made an actual effort to make this place horrible." second right, then another left - ah, there was the door marked "stairs." Athene passed through, after her companions.
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Feb 19 21:36:12 <gumbal1> The actual starwell itself is better lit, with a few stark white flourescent bulbs below each landing. With a white ceramic flooring and white plaster walls, the stairway itself is fairly mundane…
Feb 19 21:37:19 <gumbal1> …up until you get to the third landing, at which point the way to the fourth is blocked off by what appear to be randomly spaced, vertical metal bars. On the wall behind it, "Salid!" is messily engraved into the plaster.
Feb 19 21:39:53 <Lena> Ascending the stairs, she eyed the walls and whatnot "What's the video game with the creepy hospital and zombies popping out whn you least expect it?" she asked curiously "Cause…I feel like that's about to happen." seeing that blocking only made it that much more of a feeling.
Feb 19 21:39:55 <Antichthon> On the way up, Athene tried to remember who the package was for. It didn't matter, but she felt like the coach had told them, and she'd just forgotten. Kinda irritating. Those thoughts were out of her mind when they reached the bars. "…This is weird." She looked at Panda for confirmation. "This is weird, right?" Athene wasn't exactly experienced in apartment life.
Feb 19 21:46:05 <gumbal1> Notably, the music doesn't appear to have gotten any louder or softer now that you've ascended the staircase.
Feb 19 21:49:39 <Lena> Pandora nodded "Yeah it's weird. I just said that. It's creepy is what it is." she kept going until they'd reach the fifth floor.
Feb 19 21:50:35 <gumbal1> Unfortunately, it's a bit of a tight squeeze through the bars. Roll acrobatics, or an assosciated stat relating to squeezing through bars.
Feb 19 21:51:18 <Lena> (oh i misread sorry! Panda stops at the bars!)
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Feb 19 22:14:44 <MobileSavy> Wendy is here, waiting for everyone, standing there, unable to do anything.
Feb 19 22:15:04 <Lena> (i can't roll to get through the bars so…)
Feb 19 22:16:11 <gumbal1> (You can roll, actually)
Feb 19 22:16:45 <MobileSavy> (How? Pan isn't converted right?)
Feb 19 22:16:54 <Lena> (nope)
Feb 19 22:18:06 <Antichthon> …You know what? screw all y'all, Athene just grabs the bars and forces them apart.
Feb 19 22:18:16 <Antichthon> r 15 Vitality!
Feb 19 22:18:17 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
Feb 19 22:18:44 <Antichthon> "It adds to the decor."
Feb 19 22:19:14 <MobileSavy> Wendy claps her little hands together, letting out a few ooos and aaas "Neat"
Feb 19 22:19:19 <gumbal1> You're…making headway. But the bars are pretty sturdy. It's gonna take a while, but it's possible.
Feb 19 22:20:03 <MobileSavy> Wendy leans in "should I melt them off?"
Feb 19 22:22:00 <Lena> Pandora stands back and lets heman do her thing and then the fire chick do her thing. Pandora actually had nothing to add to this dilemma in regards to a solution.
Feb 19 22:22:37 <Antichthon> "No, I've got it." Wow. What were these bars made of, Adamantium? "I want to push them back together when we leave," Athene grunted. It was already rather out of character for her to intentionally cause properity damage but hey, It was probably best in order to keep the plot moving.
Feb 19 22:22:45 <Antichthon> r 15 More Echidnean Strength!
Feb 19 22:22:45 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
Feb 19 22:24:47 <gumbal1> These didn't seem like part of the building anyways. Athene's second wind kicks in, and the bars are torn away.
Feb 19 22:24:54 <Lena> "Why would we get sent to some fallout looking apartment to deliver a warm package…with bars that block our way to getting to the apartment we're supposed to deliver to? Does anyone else think we're being baited or set up or something?"
Feb 19 22:26:40 <MobileSavy> "Maybe the bars are just there on accident? Like they were supposed to be opened but haven't?" Wendy hums
Feb 19 22:28:01 <gumbal1> The rest of the climb up the staircase is rather mundane, all things considered, with the exception that the fourth floor door seems to have been kicked open from the outside.
Feb 19 22:28:52 <Antichthon> The bars gave way, but Athene hesitated before passing through. "Yeah," she agreed. "Yeah, this is weird." Her danger senses were tingling. She glanced at them both. "A teacher did give us this job, though. It might just be a weird building."
Feb 19 22:29:38 <MobileSavy> Wendy blinks, quickly moving to check the locked open door, peaking in before anyone can tell her that's a bad idea. "Hello?
Feb 19 22:29:45 <MobileSavy> "
Feb 19 22:29:54 <MobileSavy> *kicked
Feb 19 22:30:59 <gumbal1> It's your standard apartment hallway. Some of the doors seem to be open, with weird shadows…dancing(?) within the rooms, along with the occasional flash of light, probably from a passing car in the window. The music hasn't changed volume.
Feb 19 22:31:23 <Antichthon> "Wendy," Athene called after her, pausing on the fourth landing. "Don't stray too far from me." She gestured for Wendy to rejoin them at the staircase, the room they needed to find was on the fifth floor.
Feb 19 22:32:02 <MobileSavy> "But someone might be hurt" Wendy grumbles, pointing at the door, turning her back to it "It's kicked open!"
Feb 19 22:32:29 <Antichthon> "I think it's been that way for a while." This place was a dump.
Feb 19 22:33:20 <Lena> "With people obviously living on the floors above? Yeah sure." she shakes her head skeptically.
Feb 19 22:34:17 <MobileSavy> "C- can't we just peak in real quick? Please?"
Feb 19 22:35:36 <Antichthon> Okay, Athene's curiosity was getting the better of her. She approached Wendy beside the kicked open door. Expression distant and concerned. "Yeah, okay." She was starting to worry the Coach might have been manipulated or paid off, and this was some trap to drag them all off to a facility to be dissected. Like Mary.
Feb 19 22:36:26 <MobileSavy> The door was already kicked in, that's why they were checking it! Wendy states
Feb 19 22:36:30 <MobileSavy> *stares
Feb 19 22:36:42 <MobileSavy> (Wait shit)
Feb 19 22:37:21 <gumbal1> Nothing appears to actually be approaching them from the shadows, at least/.
Feb 19 22:37:43 <MobileSavy> Wendy nodded, with that just.. walking inside the room, looking around like there's totally not a murderer inside. Or a drug lord.
Feb 19 22:37:46 <MobileSavy> Or worse.
Feb 19 22:38:57 <Antichthon> Athene followed close behind, even though that meant her snake half was blocking the door for Panda. Most of her bulk was still curled up in the stairway. The third floor stairway.
Feb 19 22:39:45 <gumbal1> By room, do you mean the hallway, or one of the apartments?
Feb 19 22:40:05 <MobileSavy> The room on the fourth floor with the kicked in door.
Feb 19 22:41:05 <gumbal1> The hallway, then. The hallway itself seems to have an identical floorplan to the first floor, minus a foyer. Some of the lights appear to be flickering on and off.
Feb 19 22:44:13 <Lena> Pandora moved in with the other two and looked around "Um…"
Feb 19 22:44:29 <Antichthon> "Do you two want to go back?" Athene asked, looking around the hall. She really didn't want to investigate further. "Coach really should have warned us about this, and that's the best case scenario." Also, Athene had just put two and two together about one reason this felt so supernaturally eerie. The music was always the same volume, no matter where they were.
Feb 19 22:44:55 <MobileSavy> "Should we?" Wendy mumbled
Feb 19 22:45:19 <Antichthon> She regarded Panda and Wendy. "It's either return or finish the delivery."
Feb 19 22:46:30 <MobileSavy> "We have a job to do." Wendy nods
Feb 19 22:48:23 <Antichthon> "I don't like teachers sending students to places like this with no warning whatsoever. When we get back, I'm filing a complaint." But she too seemed to agree they had a job to do, because she pulled back into the stairwell and headed to the fifth floor.
Feb 19 22:50:26 <MobileSavy> Wendy waddled after Athene, if she's able to- she'll try to hold her hand, mostly due to being used to it with Skix. "Is that bad?"
Feb 19 22:51:01 <gumbal1> The stairwell up to the fifth floor has a few broken bottles, discarded cigarette butts, and bits of broken, smoky glass lying about. When you actually open the door to the fifth floor hallway, it's, well…a mess. Aside from the detritus of crushed beer cans and used condoms, the walls have been spraypainted with graffiti that, when legible, seems to be written in Portugese and occasionally Spanish. The music is the same volume it's always be
Feb 19 22:51:01 <gumbal1> en.
Feb 19 22:56:10 <Antichthon> Athene didn't feel comfortable holding Wendy's hand, but she would wrap an arm protectively around her shoulder. She pulled Wendy away from stepping on a broken bottle. Mom mode, activate! "At best this place is run down and dangerous. You don't send kids to a place like this with no warning. You just don't." And then…that. Comdoms. Beer cans. graffiti and who knows what god-all.
Feb 19 22:56:10 <Antichthon> Neither Wendy or Panda knew Athene that well. If they had, they would known that behind that calm demeanor she was furious as hell. "Definitely filing a complaint," she said, too softly. That's how you knew she was really mad.
Feb 19 22:58:32 <MobileSavy> Wendy squeaks, closing her eyes and obviously trying to avoid most of it, especially the cigarette butts. "I don't really like this place" she mumbles under her breath
Feb 19 22:59:37 <Lena> Pandora looked at Wendy "Do you want me to take it up there? I don't mind. I'm not afraid of it." she was calm and collected, not bothered at all.
Feb 19 23:00:28 <MobileSavy> "I- it's fine" she nods "thank you"
Feb 19 23:01:35 <Lena> Panda shrugged a bit and kept walking, kicking stuff out of her way like she didn't care.
Feb 19 23:02:09 <Antichthon> Athene really did not want to slither through used condoms, but like hell was she going to leave her friends' sides. She followed Panda, wrinkling her nose in disgust, mumbling something about a long shower.
Feb 19 23:02:44 <Lena> Panda was sure to kick as much out of the way for Athene as possible. Just to make things a little more comfortable…possibly?
Feb 19 23:03:36 <MobileSavy> Someone must have had a water balloon fight, she saw something like that on tv in the common room. Just water balloons. Nothing else. No siree. "Are we close?"
Feb 19 23:05:37 <Antichthon> "523…524…525. We're here." And at least the package hadn't exploded.
Feb 19 23:07:10 * Antichthon has quit ()
Feb 19 23:07:11 <MobileSavy> "Do we knock?"
Feb 19 23:07:16 * Antichthon (ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA#ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Feb 19 23:08:04 <Lena> Panda didn't wait for an answer, she knocked on the door pretty hard…like the police or something. "Hey we got a package for you. Come get it so we can get the fluff outta here!" she was hungry…
Feb 19 23:08:16 <gumbal1> Actually going to where 525 is, the door's been busted wide open by something. Inside is…fffffuck. Well. The apartment inside is your standard apartment, or what your standard apartment would be if it was filled with lots of machinery, then trashed to hell. Bits of detritus absolutely litter the floor, some even embedded into the walls and ceiling, as if broken apart with great force. The walls themselves are heavily covered in overlapping g
Feb 19 23:08:16 <gumbal1> raffiti, few legible. A fridge lies on its side in the kitchenette, overturned and filled to the brim with broken bottles of a variety of Brazilian beer brands. And, perhaps most alarming, the middle of the room is absolutely stained with pureed gore, overlooked by…well, something. Its silhouette is humanoid, almost bringing to mind that of a cage dancer in a rave (for some reason, the oddly specific comparison is common amongst all of you)
Feb 19 23:08:16 <gumbal1> but other than that, you might call a cat more human than whatever it is. Its body appears to be made of a dry, light grey substance, texture appearing somewhat between squidflesh and wood. For hair, the thing has a mass of tentacles, writhing around like snakes, each with mouths of sorts. The thing seems to be bouncing along to the inexplicable music.
Feb 19 23:09:09 <Lena> (ok i retract my post again)
Feb 19 23:10:05 <MobileSavy> Wendy has moved as if she meant to knock on the side, entering first as she just stares at it, her voice left in her throat as she's frozen in the door frame
Feb 19 23:11:59 <Lena> "Oh for fluffs sake…" she looked at the creature "why don't…you two stay here…and I'll give the package over and we can leave?" she looked at Athene and Wendy.
Feb 19 23:14:17 <Antichthon> "No. I'll take care of it." This was a town of anomalies. How hypocritical would it be for a bunch of students from Sanctum to expect the worst from someone who looked different? For all they knew this person might be as harmless and innocent as Chloe. …if Chloe hung out in creepy buildings that should be condemned. Athene took over for Wendy, plucking the package from her and
Feb 19 23:14:17 <Antichthon> dipping into the room, without drawing close to the creature. "We have a package from Coach Calloway. I'm just going to leave it here, alright?" She carefully put the package on the floor and backed out. To her companions, a smile that quite competently hid her discomfort. "Now, who's for Pho?"
Feb 19 23:15:44 <gumbal1> At the sound of Pandora speaking, the thing turns to look at the three of them…or, would look, if it had any facial features.
Feb 19 23:16:10 <gumbal1> Several tentacles point to the package, and the thing tilts its head inquisitively.
Feb 19 23:17:42 <MobileSavy> "Y-yeah" she squeaks, looking back at the thing curiously "I think it's for you" she nods, offering a nervous smile
Feb 19 23:18:42 <Lena> Does this thing want it hand delivered to it's…hands? Panda moved to pick up the package and walked up to the creature and held it out "Here you go. Hand delivered just for you."
Feb 19 23:19:29 <gumbal1> The thing looks back to the puree, then the package,, then the puree…and then it almost seems to silently sigh, and, producing a blue syringe out of nowhere, injects its arms.
Feb 19 23:19:38 <Antichthon> Okay, that was a good sign. Curiosity, communication, all very relatable traits. Normally Athene would make eye contact because it was polite, but this thing had no eyes. "We don't know what's in it, we assumed it was private." Athene didn't stop Panda, because it wasn't all that polite of Athene to just put it on the floor, and Athene was starting to relax a bit when this thing
Feb 19 23:19:39 <Antichthon> didn't behave like a monster.
Feb 19 23:21:01 <MobileSavy> Wendy stares at the syringe, moving closer to see what's happening!
Feb 19 23:21:46 * Kioku (li.jnm.471.57|yromeM#li.jnm.471.57|yromeM) has left #sunnybrook-fireflies
Feb 19 23:22:06 <Lena> That puree looked disgusting and Pandora visibly wrinkled her nose. Appetite gone.
Feb 19 23:22:07 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Antichthon
Feb 19 23:22:38 * Antichthon has quit ()
Feb 19 23:22:54 * Antichthon (ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA#ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Feb 19 23:23:44 <Antichthon> Hopefully this was totally innocent and the creature wasn't battling a drug addiction. It was the first thing Athene thought of when she saw that syringe, and she was concerned for the being. …Hey, it's Athene, what are you going to do?
Feb 19 23:24:59 <gumbal1> …and then, the monster kicks Pandora onto her back, and stomps a food down hard on her stomach. Then, kneeling down, the tentacles on its hair bite down onto her head. Apparently, a lot of them have hooked teeth, so Pandora definitely gets to feel the nice, soothing sensation of a million miniscule fish hooks digging in and settling into her skin. Slowly, surely, she lifts herself up, the tentacles dragging along Pandora's head with her, tho
Feb 19 23:24:59 <gumbal1> ugh the foot continued to keep the rest of Pandora down. And then the tearing started. It's not really pleasant, not in the slightest, but hey, having your head torn away from the rest of your body wasn't supposed to be all peaches and roses. Thankfully for Pandora, it's all over soon enough.
Feb 19 23:26:10 <gumbal1> …damn. The copious bloodstains have got to have lowered the property value somewhat.
Feb 19 23:26:36 <gumbal1> The head is dropped into the rest of the pile of pureed gore.
Feb 19 23:27:30 <gumbal1> Only now does the music suddenly gain volume, like that of a midnight warehouse rave.
Feb 19 23:27:34 <Antichthon> Athene screamed. It wasn't a scream of fear. It was a scream of alarm and fury and betrayal, but not fear. She charged the being like an out-of-control locomotive, cursing herself to hell that she hadn't brought along her tail axe. This had supposed to be a simple courier job!
Feb 19 23:28:12 <Antichthon> r 15 Grapple. Would be 16 but Athene doesn't like to carry around a 300 pound axe in public, tends to scare people.
Feb 19 23:28:12 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 15 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
Feb 19 23:29:05 <gumbal1> r 12 The thing almost dances out of the way.
Feb 19 23:29:06 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
Feb 19 23:29:20 <MobileSavy> Wendy just stands there, no outrage, no reaction. Just standing there, watching, Pupils dilating, just from fear, wetting her jeans as her head fills with the sound of white noise.
Feb 19 23:29:27 <gumbal1> …but fails, finding itself caught by Athene.
Feb 19 23:29:51 <Lena> Well…Panda wasn't fast enough to move. she wasn't expecting an attack. She did scream a blood curdling scream the whole time this was happening until…well her head was torn off. Dead panda is dead. Nothing but a bleeding body that twitched as nerves still registered a little after death.
Feb 19 23:30:04 <Antichthon> 3 net hits, -2 for physical rolls for the being, +2 for physical rolls for Athene until the end of next turn.
Feb 19 23:30:25 -ChanServ/#sunnybrook-fireflies- Kioku set flags +f on Silvors.
Feb 19 23:31:22 <gumbal1> > INITIATIVE
Feb 19 23:31:35 <Antichthon> r 7 Better late than never!
Feb 19 23:31:35 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 3 3 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
Feb 19 23:32:14 <MobileSavy> r 7
Feb 19 23:32:15 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 7 D6 against 5 for MobileSavy: [ 6 4 4 4 3 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 1 ]
Feb 19 23:32:25 -ChanServ/#sunnybrook-fireflies- Kioku set flags -Vv on Endorb.
Feb 19 23:32:33 <gumbal1> Having spent her turn, Santa Jez goes last.
Feb 19 23:32:49 <gumbal1> > ORDER: WENDY, ATHENE, SANTA JEZ
Feb 19 23:32:56 <gumbal1> > WENDY
Feb 19 23:34:02 <MobileSavy> Wendy lets out a desperate whine, ending up just going to her fists, not able to focus enough to use her powers, everything happening so quickly it seemed to blur together.
Feb 19 23:35:53 <MobileSavy> r 12
Feb 19 23:35:53 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for MobileSavy: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
Feb 19 23:36:42 * Kioku (li.jnm.471.57|yromeM#li.jnm.471.57|yromeM) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Feb 19 23:36:47 <gumbal1> r 10 Even in Athene's grasp, Santa Jez's form seems to be shifting…
Feb 19 23:36:47 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 5 5 4 4 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
Feb 19 23:36:56 <gumbal1> …but not enough.
Feb 19 23:37:14 <gumbal1> (what's the base damage, mr krabs)
Feb 19 23:37:38 <MobileSavy> (I have no idea)
Feb 19 23:37:52 <Antichthon> (Wait)
Feb 19 23:38:06 <Antichthon> (was that an escape attempt by Santa Jez?)
Feb 19 23:38:47 <gumbal1> (also, to put vital areas away from the point of impact(
Feb 19 23:39:01 <gumbal1> (speaking of, where was the attack directed at)
Feb 19 23:39:48 <MobileSavy> (Wendy tried to punch the center of it)
Feb 19 23:41:03 <Antichthon> Wendy's unarmed attack: 4d 0ap
Feb 19 23:41:21 <gumbal1> The beat of the music seems to surge as it's hit.
Feb 19 23:41:27 <gumbal1> > Athene
Feb 19 23:42:30 <gumbal1> (sorry, don't think i said it properly. the thing was attempting to shift its vital parts away from wendy's strike through shapeshifting)
Feb 19 23:47:19 <Antichthon> Never before had Athene's philosophy of "do not kill" been this tested. And maybe she didn't intend to kill the being when she tossed him with all her might at the window, and hopefully through it, to fall from five stories up. But that's exactly what she did.
Feb 19 23:47:30 <Antichthon> r 17 Defenestration
Feb 19 23:47:30 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 17 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
Feb 19 23:49:55 <gumbal1> And with that, the thing was tossed into-and through, the window. Even so, however, the music did not appear to let up. If anything, it seemed to surge with intensity.
Feb 19 23:50:05 <gumbal1> > SANTA JEZ
Feb 19 23:50:20 <gumbal1> r 10 Afterparty
Feb 19 23:50:21 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 6 6 5 5 3 3 3 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
Feb 19 23:50:47 <gumbal1> Whatever that thing is, the fall didn't seem to kill it.
Feb 19 23:51:52 <gumbal1> Even after having been slammed into the ground, the thing begins its crawl to the building, to climb back up, even as its legs seemed to have been heavily broken.
Feb 19 23:51:57 <gumbal1> > WENDY
Feb 19 23:52:34 <MobileSavy> Wendy quickly looks out the window, looking around the room for something heavy to grab and chuck out the window at it.
Feb 19 23:53:27 <gumbal1> There's a lot of mechanical detritus, but very little appears bigger than a basketball. There's also the upturned fridge, filled with bottles, but…that's a fridge..
Feb 19 23:54:16 <MobileSavy> Can she pick up the fridge and fucking throw it at it?
Feb 19 23:54:50 <gumbal1> I don't know. Can she? Is she strong enough to pick up an entire fridge and fit it through the window?
Feb 19 23:55:06 <MobileSavy> Probably! Roll?
Feb 19 23:55:17 <gumbal1> Yee.
Feb 19 23:55:28 <MobileSavy> r 12
Feb 19 23:55:28 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for MobileSavy: [ 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 2 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
Feb 19 23:56:20 <gumbal1> When it comes down to it, she's a small girl, even with super strength. This will take another round, if she's the only one doing so.
Feb 19 23:56:23 <gumbal1> > ATHENE
Feb 19 23:59:22 <Antichthon> Meanwhile Athene went to Panda's body. She allowed herself a few moments of panic and fear and anguish, and it showed in her expression, while she mumbled something about Pandas respawning. But no more then ten seconds, that's all she allowed herself. After that, her expression became cool and collected. Speaking of collected, she collected Panda's body in her coils. The head fell
Feb 19 23:59:23 <Antichthon> out at first. She picked it up and placed it back in her coils with the rest of Panda, quite nonchalantly. "Wendy." No way Wendy wouldn't pay attention to that voice. It was followed by Athene's gentle but firm hand on her shoulder. "We're getting out of here." She headed for the stairs, and hopefully she didn't have to wrestle Wendy into following.
Feb 20 00:00:30 <gumbal1> > SANTA JEZ
Feb 20 00:02:13 <gumbal1> If this creature is anything, it's fast. It's about halfway up the building when it decides hey, enough is enough, and, very suddenly a weird…wave(?) emenates throughout the building.
Feb 20 00:02:32 <gumbal1> > ROLL RESISTANCE OR MENTAL DEFENSE
Feb 20 00:03:43 <MobileSavy> r 11
Feb 20 00:03:43 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for MobileSavy: [ 6 6 6 5 5 3 3 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
Feb 20 00:03:43 <Antichthon> r 14 Athene's Echidnean Resistance
Feb 20 00:03:44 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 14 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 5 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 4 ]
Feb 20 00:04:05 <gumbal1> r 10 18TH AMENDMENTAL NIGHTMARE
Feb 20 00:04:06 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 5 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
Feb 20 00:04:30 <gumbal1> A sick tastes can be felt in your mouths, but other than that, nothing.
Feb 20 00:04:36 <gumbal1> > SANTA JEZ, TURN 2
Feb 20 00:05:18 <gumbal1> The creature spends a fair bit of effort to climb back up as quickly as possible.
Feb 20 00:05:31 <gumbal1> r 12
Feb 20 00:05:32 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 3 3 2 2 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
Feb 20 00:05:49 <gumbal1> And finds itself back on the window.
Feb 20 00:05:52 <gumbal1> > WENDY
Feb 20 00:06:35 <MobileSavy> Wendy freaks out, stumbling back as she tries to follow Athene right as she notices it come through the window, nope, she's out, no fighting for her!
Feb 20 00:07:10 <gumbal1> > ATHENE
Feb 20 00:08:55 <Antichthon> They had to move. Wendys were not very good at moving. Athene responded to Wendy's panic by picking her up with her tail and putting the girl on her back, right behind the human half. Wendy could hold onto Athene's waist, and it was surprisingly similar to riding a motorcycle. Athene shot for the stairs, Panda's body and Wendy in tow.
Feb 20 00:09:00 <Antichthon> r 10 Movement
Feb 20 00:09:01 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 10 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 7 ]
Feb 20 00:09:24 <gumbal1> r 12 And yet it pursues
Feb 20 00:09:25 * Antichthon has quit ()
Feb 20 00:09:25 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 12 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 6 6 5 5 3 2 2 1 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 6 ]
Feb 20 00:09:39 * Antichthon (ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA#ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Feb 20 00:10:03 <gumbal1> …but in the end, the thing can't catch up.
Feb 20 00:10:13 <gumbal1> > INITIATIVE ENDED
Feb 20 00:10:45 <MobileSavy> Poor Athene will need a shower after this.
Feb 20 00:10:52 <Antichthon> They both will.
Feb 20 00:14:18 <Antichthon> Athene's willpower training came through in spades today. Not because she needed to resist a mental attack, but because she needed to put Wendy's safety first, and all she wanted to do was get revenge. Athene shot down the stairs, through the bent bars (which, in the end, she did not bend back) Was the college student still there, studying? was the receptionist? "Panda comes back,"
Feb 20 00:14:18 <Antichthon> Athene told Wendy, trying to reassure her. "It's her power. She comes back."
Feb 20 00:15:19 <MobileSavy> Athene soon realizes Wendy passed out on her back, this was all too much of a sensory overload for her.
Feb 20 00:16:01 <gumbal1> Where do they exit the building from?
Feb 20 00:16:56 <gumbal1> The college student isn't there anymore, her scribble-filled notebook left abandoned on the floor.
Feb 20 00:17:23 <Antichthon> The first door Athene sees, she blasts out. If she can find no door, she'll head back to the lobby, where the receptionist was. At least she knew there was a door there!
Feb 20 00:17:56 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Antichthon
Feb 20 00:18:40 <Lena> As Athene moves in all the haste to get out…Pandora's body turns to ash in Athene's coils.
Feb 20 00:18:51 * Antichthon has quit ()
Feb 20 00:19:06 * Antichthon (ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA#ten.ocdim.fgskzlt-455-569-6-97|nohthcitnA) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Feb 20 00:19:45 * SpookyBee (moc.rr.ser.ssam.57-3-10-25-vhf|eeBykoopS#moc.rr.ser.ssam.57-3-10-25-vhf|eeBykoopS) has joined #sunnybrook-fireflies
Feb 20 00:19:55 <gumbal1> The first door Athene sees out of there is a fire escape, leading into an alley on the west side of the building.
Feb 20 00:25:39 <Antichthon> It felt like Panda was slipping out of her coils. she doubled back in the alley to catch her, but caught only soot. She looked at the handfuls of ash in her hands, but only for a few moments. Her fists clenched and she headed down the alley towards the street. It was the building itself, a voice inside her was saying. The creature is just a part of it. It's the building. If
Feb 20 00:25:39 <Antichthon> she reached the street she'd pause to look up, try and find the window she'd thrown the creature out of.
Feb 20 00:26:36 <gumbal1> There's the window, straight at the front of the building, five floors up…and there's the creatures, waiting at the front door for Athene to go through.
Feb 20 00:26:40 <gumbal1> > ROLL SNEAK
Feb 20 00:28:15 <Antichthon> r 4 Unfortunately, Athene hadn't quite gotten to the "how to make a one ton snake girl stealthy" part of her training regime.
Feb 20 00:28:16 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 4 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 3 3 3 2 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 0 ]
Feb 20 00:28:39 <gumbal1> r 6
Feb 20 00:28:40 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 6 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 5 3 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 3 ]
Feb 20 00:29:14 <gumbal1> And, very suddenly, the thing jerks its head back to Athene. It 'stares' at her for a while, just standing there, before…
Feb 20 00:29:26 <gumbal1> > TURN ORDER: ATHENE, SANTA JEZ
Feb 20 00:29:29 <gumbal1> > ATHENE
Feb 20 00:35:07 <Antichthon> She stopped dead. "Why did you kill her?" It was a very earnest question. No attack, just questions. "Did Coach Calloway know this would happen?" She didn't know why she was wasting time like this. She had no reason to expect answers.
Feb 20 00:36:17 <gumbal1> > Roll to appeal to emotions
Feb 20 00:38:00 <Antichthon> 2 focus!
Feb 20 00:38:03 <Antichthon> r 11
Feb 20 00:38:03 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 11 D6 against 5 for Antichthon: [ 6 6 6 5 5 4 3 3 2 1 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 5 ]
Feb 20 00:38:12 <gumbal1> r 4
Feb 20 00:38:13 <Mjeowlnir> Rolling 4 D6 against 5 for gumbal1: [ 6 6 2 1 ] with a TN of [ 5 ] Successes [ 2 ]
Feb 20 00:40:11 <gumbal1> …and, very suddenly, the music stops, to be replaced with jeering. The jeering of a hundred partygoers at some dumb girl making a fool of herself. Soon, the jeering gives way to screaming, a single masculine voice, yet echoed a hundred times over, saying nothing and everything at once. And the creature drops to its knees, and begins silently, tearlessly crying.
Feb 20 00:40:44 <gumbal1> > INITIATIVE OVER
Feb 20 00:46:32 <Antichthon> Saying nothing and everything at once unfortunately just evened out to senseless noise to Athene's ears. She winced in pain, recoiled, readied her tail like it had an axe attached. Jeering, jeering… …no. The jeering felt forced. Maybe it was just Athene's imagination. And what she did next was probably very, very foolish. Wendy still on her back, she cautiously approached the
Feb 20 00:46:32 <Antichthon> being, staying just out of arm-and-tentacle reach. "…was it even you that did it?"
Feb 20 00:49:55 <gumbal1> …the thing nods.
Feb 20 00:55:34 <Antichthon> Inching closer. Athene tentatively reached out to put a hand on the being's shoulder, if it would let her. "…You don't have to be a slave to the voice in your head." She almost looked away, but thought better of it. "But you do need to come with me." This being had killed a student. the fact it was student who could come back was sheer luck, and did not lessen the crime.
Feb 20 00:57:18 * Lena is now known as Lena|afk
Feb 20 00:57:27 <gumbal1> Of course, the creature let Athene touch its shoulder. It almost seemed to shudder at the first sentence, but upon the second, it completely tensed up.
Feb 20 00:57:48 * Nemi has quit ()
Feb 20 01:04:38 <Antichthon> Of course it did. what entity wouldn't tense, particularly an anomaly, at the prospect of facing punishment, even just punishment? And even outside of punishment, what anomaly truly thought they'd get justice in this world? Athene licked her lips and spoke carefully. "The first step is to admit that you're dangerous. The second is to do what it takes to keep yourself from hurting
Feb 20 01:04:38 <Antichthon> others. Even if it means turning yourself in."
Feb 20 01:05:58 <gumbal1> And with that, the creature slowly gets up to its feet.
Feb 20 01:06:05 <gumbal1> …and runs off as fast as it can.
Feb 20 01:09:42 <Antichthon> Chase. That was what she was supposed to do, right? Chase? Then why couldn't she? It had killed a student, killed a student, killed a student …no. Athene wasn't the law. she was just a kid. She slithered to the side of the building and punched it, knocking off a huge block of concrete. She put her head against the wall and just breathed.
Feb 20 01:11:52 <gumbal1> It doesn't come back.
Feb 20 01:14:47 <Antichthon> Aaand Athene slowly began to doubt her conclusions about the whole building being anomalous. Maybe it really was just a trash heap. Well, oops. She picked up the chunk of concrete she disloged, managed to prop it up sort-of-correctly in the hole, and returned to Sanctum with Wendy. She'd make a full report to Herrera, being damn sure to mention the Coach. But she was also damn
Feb 20 01:14:48 <Antichthon> sure to mention something else, something about the being, and she'd mention it time and time again. "It doesn't want to be the way it is." Maybe most people didn't care, but to Athene, that made all the difference.
Feb 20 01:17:26 * Silvors has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Feb 20 01:17:50 <gumbal1> ~I understand a lot of things. Why she looks at me the way she does. Why I can't die on her. But it's the cruely I've never figured out. Everyone has a reason for what they do…so why does she keep me like this?~
Feb 20 01:18:28 <gumbal1> ~$40 to Athene and Wendy, plus $200 for trauma~
Feb 20 01:18:45 <gumbal1> ~Building condemned: Maplebark Apartments~

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