You Can Blame My Friends On The Other Side

<SavanahHolland> Wheeling away on the sidewalk, looking up at the street laps and they flicker on and off, listening to the mechanical hum of the bright light just trying its best. She was used to it now, being in this town late at night, it wasn't the same town she was mugged in, plus this one felt more homely, it helped that the cat cafe was a thing too. Her hair up in the usual two tight buns that
<SavanahHolland> always looked nice on her, also paired with a nice light pink winter dress, white scarf, stockings and of course a little light pink beret, wheeling her way back to the school with a little bag in her lap, probably filled with a pastry or two she got from the cat cafe.

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<gumbal1> Haven is nicer than Windvale, at least, in that regard. Even still has that small town aesthetic, which means you can recognize people from basically anywhere. Like that one guy at the corner, eyeing Elspeth, who she swears she saw…around twenty minuts ago, at a coffee shop…and a few hours ago, coming out of that one condemned building on Creed Road, crying…huh.
<SavanahHolland> Well yeah that was creepy. She moves to try to grab her phone and send a text to someone just in case something happens, only to realize she left her phone back in her dorm.. she sighs. Probably just paranoia, might not even be the same guy..
<gumbal1> Might not. The walk goes on as normal. There's that one drug dealer screaming at a mannequin someone left out in an alleyway. The mannequin looks like it might be crying. Later, there's that same man again. Later still, a tan redheaded girl of about 10 is lead across the street by a pale blonde man of about fourty. Hey, there's that same man again, coming out of the library, glaring at Elspeth.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth starts to notice that she's wheeling a lot faster, she didn't even realize.. more just.. instinct. Why was she worrying, she shouldn't worry, paranoia was a hell of a thing really. Looking down at the bag on her lap.. she slows down.. finally having convinced herself shes just.. acting dumb, yeah, must be it. Dumb.
<gumbal1> More things to be seen as she goes down. A blonde man in his fifties or sixties telling a story to a young boy, who appears to be crying. A flash mob down the street, dancing to Die Antwoord. And suddenly, Elspeth suddenly hears some footsteps from behind her.
<SavanahHolland> What is even going on, she tries to pinch herself.. feels like she's awake at least? Why is there a flash mob, Elspeth doesn't even know what it is but people are dancing. She freezes, hearing the footsteps and looking behind her. She wasn't prepared for what her paranoia had seemingly set her expectations to.
<gumbal1> It's the man. He's running, and running, and running to Elspeth. Sure, she may try wheeling away, but this man's fast. And suddenly, as he gets closer, he reaches into his pocket, only to pull something out right as he's near Elspeth…
<gumbal1> …it's a wallet. "You dropped this, ma'am."

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<SavanahHolland> Elspeth stares at him, blinking. Well now she feels like a complete and total idiot- oh wait.. "I dohn't own a vallet." she says, giving him a soft smile "Sorryh." she felt bad now.. he must have thought she dropped it and some poor fool is now without a wallet..
<gumbal1> The man blinks, for a few seconds, before…well, turns out a beaning someone across the head with a wallet full of knockout powder is just as effective as having them inhale the powder in the first place.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth's eyes go wide, yeah she didn't expect that at /all/. But before she could do anything that would even matter, she slumps in her wheelchair, out like a light it seems.
<gumbal1> …Elspeth awakens in a dark, dillapidated room, with rotting wood floor and peeling, moldy walpaper, lit only by a relatively new-looking lamp. Her hands are tied up, but nothing else is. There's a door that looks rather rotten leading out, and voices behind it. "…okay, okay, I got your kid, just," "Oh, sweetie, I'm not done with you yet~! Get back in." The voice is…somewhat familiar, in a way.

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<SavanahHolland> She couldn't focus, her eyes stull trying to adjust to the lighting, her senses trying to adjust to the disgusting smell.. she wasn't processing what was going on.. but it felt familiar.. something that made her chest squeeze and made her want to scream.. she couldn't even manage that much. Elspeth tries to move her hands.. bound, struggling against them till her hands and wrists were
<SavanahHolland> raw and red. She finally gets ahold of herself.. and of course she does what a sane person would do in this situation. She starts screaming.
<gumbal1> "Ooooooooooh, Elspeth's woken up! Ain't she just sweet as candy?" "Who, Elspe-" "Get in the fucking room, now." The door opens, and the man from before, looking as timid as an unusually smart lamb who sees a rabbi in an apron might, though in this case, it doesn't look like he thinks whatever's keeping him here will do what it does painlessly. "…s-s-sorry. Th-they're…just wrong."
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth only screams louder as she hears someone's voice saying her name, however her voice seems to give up rather quickly, turning into painful and scratchy sounding yelling before turning into nothing at all.. her throat felt like sandpaper.. this had to be a dream.. there was no way. She tugs more at the ties keeping her hands bound, only rubbing the skin more, a bit of blood flowing
<SavanahHolland> down her arms.. just a bit. Just as any girl her age, she was terrified, and well, just as any person ever she was also still terrified. "vhy, vho are youh, /help me/" too many questions being asked at once, her mind running fifty miles a second.
<gumbal1> The man's about to speak, before the door slams open once more. It's, it's…holy shit, it's Zeke! He's dressed in a flowy, star-patterned dress. "Elspeth! Oh my god, it's good to see you!" Zeke rushes over to hug her, though he's rather cold. "Did that man hurt you? Don't worry, you're safe now!"
<SavanahHolland> That one mission comes to her mind.. the one where there was only chaos, fire and screaming.. not the one that failed.. rather the one with Sam, Mads- some others too of course.. where Zeke from another time came up to her and slit her throat open.. it felt so much like that.. like something was wrong with how cold he was.. Elspeth sobs, trying to bury her face into Zeke's neck.. he
<SavanahHolland> wouldn't hurt her right? Zeke was good to her.. /her/ Zeke was good to her.. "vhere am I..?" she whispers.

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<gumbal1> "I was looking for you all over, and suddenly I see this awful man dragging you into this house and I just had to help you, you know?" As if on cure, Zeke nuzzles into her as the thoughts of fire and screams flash back. "It's okay. I'm here to help."
<SavanahHolland> "/This house/..?" Elspeth's eyes were begging for some kind of actual answer.. "I- I vant toh goh back.. t-to town o-or the school.." she says to Zeke.. he'd listen to her.. he'd try to help her right?
<gumbal1> "It's okay." Zeke nuzzles into her a bit more before turning to face the man from before. "Whatddya say? Kill a kid to save your skin? Ain't that just sweet of you~!"

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<SavanahHolland> Elspeth tries to grab Zeke.. only to wince as she feels her bindings digging into her bloodied skin again.. she stares at Zeke and this man with desperation in her eyes. "v-vhat..?" she partly whispers. Kill a.. kid?
<gumbal1> Zeke's hands wander over her back, all the way down to her wrists, and the rope around it. "Nothing you need to worry about, sweetie. Zeke's here to help…" The rope is untied, and very suddenly, Zeke takes Elspeth's right arm and just fucking pulls. "…help teach you your place!"
<gumbal1> The man very visibly pales. "Auction starts now. How much are you willing to pay of that man to get me to stop?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth feels her stomach drop and a knot forming in her throat.. was this even Zeke.. no it had to be Zeke.. looked just like him.. this had to be a dream. Or just some kind of sick twisted nightmare. Elspeth quickly tries to pull her arm away from Zeke sharply.. failing, despite the Zeke she knew not being as strong.. he was still stronger than her. She tries to scream again.. her
<SavanahHolland> voice failing.. looking to the pale man.. "Aucti- auction..?" she says, her voice just above a scratchy whisper.
<gumbal1> "Yes. Right now, the starting price is your dislocated shoulder. How much do you wanna hurt the man who brought you here, to get me to stop?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth had never taken part in an auction before, her face pales just as much as the man's hand.. her dislocated shoulder? She feels like she's ready to gag.. but she keeps her dinner in her stomach somehow.. "V-vhat..? I- I dohn't understand.." she looks at Zeke, shaking with fear.
<gumbal1> "You tell me how you want mister kidnapper here to suffer. Gotta be worse than the starting price! Do I hear fractured kneecap? No?" Zeke gives that goofy smile Elspeth may have once come to love. "Going once!"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth shakes her head wildly, eyes going wider than before. "N-noh- youh're noht having /anyone/ hurt.. I- I jast vant toh goh back to town- s-stop.." she whimpers.
<gumbal1> "God, you've always been such a serious bitch, haven't you. Well, sold!" And something snaps, as Elspeth's shoulder is suddenly dislocated. "And here we have our next auction item," That's a rather good impersonation of (Zeke impersonating) Alton Brown as Zeke gently takes Elspeth's hand. "A broken wrist! Do I hear anything else?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth's whole body tenses up as she lets out a scream, whole body shaking as she feels the intense burning and aching pain of her shoulder. Tears forming in her red eyes as they fall down her cheeks, sliding down to land and stain into her dress. Elspeth didn't reconize the impression, never much of a fan of cooking shows anyways… shivering in pain as she tries to violently pry her
<SavanahHolland> hand away from Zeke, screaming at him to stop.
<gumbal1> Elspeth, it's odd. As you move about, trying to get Zeke away, it seems clear that, whatever 'Zeke' is, it's operating in a semi-physical manner that's rather hard to shake off. "Kid, this isn't bad indie game. You're not gonna turn Cutthroat Kitchen into Good Eats by refusing to hurt someone. Besides," Zeke leans in to whisper in Elspeth's ear, and for some reason, she can't feel him releasing any breath. "What's a kidnapper like him d
<gumbal1> oing unpunished?"
<gumbal1> The man is shuddering, and eyeing the door as this goes on.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth stares at Zeke with her bright green eyes, this wasn't Zeke and she had no idea what he was talking about.. cutthroat kitchen? Good eats? He isn't /breathing/. She stumbles back, trying to push him away and as a last resort her hand moves quickly, the one not snatched up by Zeke moving to try to slap the side of his face as hard as she possibly can. "STOP" she screams.
<gumbal1> Odd. Your hand passes right through him. "Sweetheart, you haven't figured it out yet? I'm not flesh. I just like breaking it. Now, you sure you want to do this?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth flinches, trying to force herself back, she hadn't even had enough time to process where she was.. much less that this Zeke wasn't entirely the Zeke she knew.. rather it was.. something else. She screams again, the pain of her shoulder biting into her harshly. "Please stoph.. please I dohn't vant toh hurt anyone- please, please."
<gumbal1> "You're boring." *SNAP* That's gonna sting in the morning. Elspeth isn't quite sure if that's supposed to bend at that angle. "Why don't I, er, give you some motivation…fuck, the negativity on you's delicious!" Zeke slinks over to the odd man, who's just about to rush for the door before being tripped by Zeke, who puts a rather nice jeweled heel down on the man's hand. "What about you? What'll you offer?" The man looks up to Elspeth, p
<gumbal1> leading through facial expression alone.
<SavanahHolland> That was just the icing on the cake, she lets out an agonizing scream, much like she did before, falling to the ground as Zeke walks over to the ground and Elspeth puking the contents of her visit to the kitty cafe to the ground next to her, some getting in her hair and the very bottom hem of her nice dress. The stench was unbearable.. and with her wrists still bleeding everything was
<SavanahHolland> right under or next to her.. turning into a bundle of broken sobs as she looks painfully at the other man that hadn't gotten has much pain as she had yet.. and she didn't want him to.. he didn't look like he was supposed to even be there.. "hurts.. stop.. please please.." she continues to sob, sounding like a broken record of pain.
<gumbal1> "This stops when one of you is dead, or I'm full to the fucking brim on your pain and sadness. So," Zeke leans into the man's ear. "What's it gonna be." The man continues looking at Elspeth…
<gumbal1> "…her knee. I'll offer her knee." And Zeke just grins, taking his heel off the man and turning to Elspeth. "See? He's got the right idea! I'll…start with the right knee, unless I hear another offer from you." And suddenly, Eslpeth feels Zeke lay his heel on her right knee. "Going once!"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth stares back at this man who seemed to also be a victim of.. 'Zeke's' torture.. Elspeth curling up and shivering.. if neither bet.. neither would die right..? He wouldn't hurt her.. she didn't do anything wrong.. she was doing her best not to hurt /him/.. "Please dohn't.." she whispers to the man.. it's too late. She screams, shaking her head and trying to pull away but she felt
<SavanahHolland> his heel pressing cruelly into her knee, screaming incoherant noises, a mixture of begging for mercy and just cries of fear.
<gumbal1> "You know, if I were you, I'd hurt the man who dare let someone lay a finger on the great Elspeth Sullivan. Just tell me where." More pressure is applied. "Going twice!"
<SavanahHolland> "HIS WRIST" Elspeth finally screams out, hoping he'll listen to her.. but it could just as easily be too late.. she would have waited till the last second, and in this world, she should know already, it's kill or be killed.
<gumbal1> "…ha." Zeke grins, and…almost seems to grow an inch. "'coulda saved you the trouble earlier." Zeke walks back over, gently reapllying pressure on the man's wrist. "She sold you down the river, you know? Weren't you supposed to be the one in control? Your cowardly ass brought her over to save itself, and it'd all go to waste if," "Her rib!" "Knew you had it in you, Jason. After what you did to Gloria, the sky's the limit." Zek
<gumbal1> e walks back, and Elspeth finds a heel dug into her rib. "You don't have to take this, you know. He's a bad man. A really bad man."
<SavanahHolland> Her knee was safe.. but that pleasure didn't even last long.. she felt disgusting for playing in this.. she didn't know this man.. she didn't trust Zeke's words.. he was just as much as a victim as she was surely.. perhaps what Callum told her earlier was in her thoughts.. at the worst possible time of course. Her back pressing against the wall where the wallpaper was peeling, letting
<SavanahHolland> out a soft mewl of pain as Zeke's heel dug into her. "Y-youh're the ohnly b-bad person here.. y-youh're making us d-do this.." she whispers, looking up at him with soft agonized green eyes.. she wanted to have some hope.. she was soft.. she was weak.. but she wanted to be better.. she didn't want to become like the Des she saw in Vietnam.. she didn't want anyone to get hurt..
<gumbal1> "You know, the call him the siren. Cause he makes sure that, right before he offs them, his girls sing." Something plays in Elspeth's head. Primaly, terrified screaming, mixed with sobs and the distant sound of laughter. "But if you want to defend him…going once!"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth bashes the back of her head against the wall behind her as she hears the 'singing' it sounded so much like before.. the smell of human flesh burning, the screams of children her age being burnt alive in their cells.. some having yet to be broken in and dying in their fear while other sats quietly in their cell as fire consumed them.. surely with a smile on their face for it
<SavanahHolland> finally was over.. Blood slowly running down the wall and mingling with her hair, the back of her head badly brusied from her own doing.. "IH'M NOHT LIKE EITHER OF YOUH, I VON'T" she screams at them.. she wanted to be good.. she didn't want to be broken, she didn't want to hurt people, she wanted to love and be kind like Theo and Callum.. she didn't want this..
<gumbal1> "…you really are an idiot. Hey, ugly! You like hurting little girls, don't you? Wanna up the ante to twice? Which is also what this is going for?" Jason just…stares.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth moves her hand up to her mouth, trying to gnaw on her hand.. but failing, she was in too bad of a state.. she just needed her hand to bleed.. she needed it and her teeth were too dull… she was an idiot. A disgusting weak idiot who was going to die because she wanted to be good.. she wanted to be okay and not hurt anyone. She didn't want to be selfish anymore, she just wanted
<SavanahHolland> everyone to be okay. Elspeth opens her eyes again, staring back at the man as she feels the blood slowly dribbling down her neck, staining the back of her dress, tears having yet to dry. "ve cahn both stop this.." she whispers to him.
<gumbal1> "…he didn't say no!" *KRCK* A sharp pain registers in Elspeth's chest as a rib gets broken in, barely grazing her lungs. She ends up coughing up some bloods as Zeke saunters over to Jason. "You're a sick fuck, right? I bet you'd like it if I sliced off one of your nipples. You're definitely that kind of guy~." The man gulps, and looks to Elspeth.
<gumbal1> Zeke's…defnitiely about half a foot taller than Elspeth remembers, right now. Something's going on.
<SavanahHolland> She can't scream, only registering a deep breath out that sounds as if she's trying to scream but only pained hot air coming out. Wheezing and coughing up blood into the sickening pile of vomit next to her.. "I vant.. toh stop.." she wheezes again, closing her eyes tight and sobbing more, just shrinking into herself. She felt like a child.. she was a child in reality.. curled up in
<SavanahHolland> herself, clinging to what she had left, hope and some sliver of innocence surely?
<gumbal1> "…oh? You want to stop? You want to fucking stop, Elspeth?" Zeke throws his hands into the air. "Why didn't you say so?! Sure, I'll stop torturing both of you to insanity…if you're willing to pay the buyout fee."
<SavanahHolland> "…buyout fee..?" she whispers.. it was hard to detect sarcasm over the feeling of wheezing up blood.
<gumbal1> "That's riiiight. I'd saaaaaaaaaay…you know, not everything I was planning on doing to you two was physical. Eventually, after both of you were basically reduced to yodeling potatos, I was gonna start auctioning off bits of your psyche. Now, if you wanna skip right over to that? I'd be really, really happy to do so. Tell me," Zeke kneels down. "What would you give me of your soul, to make this stop?"
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth just stares at him as if he had lost his mind.. staring.. green glowing eyes like a black cat with green eyes with the shroud of midnight on it.. no moon in sight. "Never." she says, a bit of sharpness to her tongue.. she couldn't give away something that didn't wholly belong to her anymore…
<gumbal1> "Well, would you give me his? He'll be going to hell, anyways. What I'd do to him is a mercy, compared to what the creator has laid down for him."
<SavanahHolland> "I.." it would happen anyways.. right? Even if Zeke was lying.. everyone was going to hell.. even the slightest sin, it didn't matter. Hell was in store even for the innocence of this world. "Ja.." she says softly, looking down as her chest fills with.. guilt.. disgusting guilt.

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<gumbal1> Maybe not. The afterlife is weird. Elspeth, however? She gets the feeling that she's been reserved as special place, as that thing that looks like Zeke suddenly starts giggling, then laughing, then full on cackling. "I like the way you think, Sullivan!" The thing, the Remnant of what once may have been Zeke, now a twisted creature living only for the pain of others, turns to look at Jason Gale, who almost doesn't deserv what's coming
<gumbal1> to him. Going once…oooooooh no, you have nothing left! Sold! Sold sold sold! SOLD, TO THE LADY ON THE SECOND ROW!" The air around the two of them swirls, as Jason begins mumbling…something.
<gumbal1> The mumbling gives way, to moaning. Then, shrieking.
<SavanahHolland> The sound of this Zeke's cackling.. the screaming of those who were said to sing.. the moaning.. the shrieking of this man. She watches the whole way through.. she just stares.. her chest numbing.. her body and mind numbing.. the screaming turning to just backround noise of static in her head.. "..did I vin.." she whispered to Zeke.. looking up at him with her soft green eyes.. tiny
<SavanahHolland> curled up body, heavy breathing and blood having collected on the corner of her mouth.. was she allowed to go home now..?

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<gumbal1> Zeke, once he's finished, is barely recognizable. His skin has gone pale, ghostly white, a paleness to rival even Anthiel. His hair is wild, horrific, tangled, long, filled with leaves, mold, dried blood. His once beautiful starry dress is torn, and now, thanks to his sudden gain in height, barely reaches his mid-thigh. "Technically. But," His heel, now bulging grotesquely with an oversized, cramped foot, comes down on the ground,
<gumbal1> hard. "Tell me what's stopping me from eating you, too." Jason lies in the corner, a grotesque husk of the grotesque man he used to be.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth's back pressed against the bloodied wall behind her, staring at it.. numb.. fear through the numbess.. the numbess was gone only to give Elspeth fear.. heart pounding, body quivering. A child that was hiding from the storm in the night.. this wasn't a storm, it wasn't crackling lightning or thunder.. it was real. It was agony and disgusting imagery that was locked into her mind,
<SavanahHolland> locked into her eyelids so everytime she closed her eyes she remembered this.. "please.. take me bahck.. I.. I played this.." she whimpered..
<gumbal1> Another foot comes down, as the Remnant of what was once Zeke takes another step forward. "You want me to take you back! Ha!" The house seems to shake, as the thing takes another step, and Elspeth can feel it in her numbness. "I! Am! Your! God!" As the thing gets closer, the house seems to distort around her. "What are you gonna do?! Call for Zeke to come teleport and save you?! He's gone, forever! Have Zita fly and kill me?! Oh,
<gumbal1> no, Violet says that's dangerous~." The last sentence is done in a shockingly accurate impression of Zita. "Come crying to Madeline for help?! She's fucking worthless!"
<gumbal1> "And rest assured, after I'm done with you?"
<gumbal1> "I will eat every,"
<gumbal1> "single,"
<gumbal1> "LAST"
<gumbal1> "FRIEND
<gumbal1> "YOU"
<gumbal1> "HAVE!"
<SavanahHolland> She shivers and shakes violently, her breathing so fast she only gets dizzier and dizzier. The house distorting around her.. voices. Screaming from the man in the corner, her body numb yet on fire all the same.. she felt broken.. but not in a way you'd expect from her. Rather she was just a vase in a million shattered pieces that were glued together poorly. The smell of piss, vomit,
<SavanahHolland> /blood/ mingling in the room.. yelling.. head pounding. She stared up at it.. "dohn't.." she whispered helplessly, before everything to her seemed to go to black..
<gumbal1> "Don't what?" The Remnant opens its mouth into a wide grin…so wide, in fact, that it tears the skin and muscle of its face, distending its jaw. "ENTER OBLIVION, ELSPETH SULLIVAN."
<SavanahHolland> Pool of her vomit, blood, bodily fluids that escaped her in fear, the last thing she'd see and hear were those words.. that horrifying grin.. skin and muscle tearing from it.. darkness, there was nothing.
<gumbal1> And yet…Elspeth finds herself still thinking. "…what is this?"
<gumbal1> "What is it?! Sullivan, explain yourself!"
<SavanahHolland> "How..?" she whispers into the darkness.. how does she explain herself? Did she do wrong? Of course she did.. she had no choice though..
<gumbal1> "You trap-fucking whore! Wake up! What the hell is your shadow doing?!"
<SavanahHolland> "Shadow.." she remembers back.. the deal she made.. "laughing.." she whispers.. letting out a soft bitter laugh herself.. her shadow was surely laughing..
<gumbal1> "What the fuck are you-fuck this! I'm eating you right here and-GAH!" She hears it clearly, the sound of things stirring in the room. "You little tra-no, no! Fuck you, it's not yours! I earned her sould, fair and fucking square!"
<gumbal1> ~you might not want to open your eyes for the time being, elspeth~ The voice in her head is soft, and carries a New Orleans accent.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth can't open her eyes.. they wouldn't open.. so tired… yet the noises wouldn't let her fade away into the darkness.. the voice in her head.. she'd listen, not that she had a choice.. ~please save me..~ she thought back.. it didn't matter if it was part of her imagination.. she just wanted to be safe again..
<gumbal1> "Fuck your contract! Fuck you! Fuck your pig goddess! Fuck your stupid council! In own her! I fucking own her!" The sound of breaking wood is heard, along with a faint swirling in the air. "You can't do this to me! You can't do this to me!"
<SavanahHolland> No one owned her besides herself.. not even Sebastian.. it wasn't ownership.. it was partnership.. something she agreed to.. not to this.. not even to the real Zeke..
<gumbal1> "…violated laws of the Infernal Realm my nonexistant ass! You can't do this to…no. No no no, nononono, no! //NO! NO NO NO NO NO! I REFUSE TO DIE! I REFUSE TO DIE! I REFUSE TO DIE! i REF-" And silence.
<SavanahHolland> Elspeth shivers.. letting out a sob of relief.. her eyes don't open.. she didn't even have the strength to do so.. "help.." she whispers aloud to the silence.. something.. someone killed it.. they'd have to help her.. surely?
<gumbal1> ~there, there.~ Something picks her up. Something bandaged, with jagged bits of metal stuck into its arms. ~it'll be alllllright. little remnant back there needs to be taught a…lesson.~
<gumbal1> When Elspeth comes to, she'll find herself back in her bed, injuries treated.
<SavanahHolland> ~Who are youh..~ her mind whispers back to itself.. closing her eyes tight and buring herself into anything that's even slightly soft or warm.. she was safe.. she just wanted to be safe..
<SavanahHolland> It was too late.. she woke up in her room, eyes opening slowly, body bandaged heavily.. it was over.. she was safe.
<gumbal1> All that's left of her savior? A busniss card, with a few simple words engraved on the front. "MAQOR'S HAND"

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