Mary's Power Tutor Session Tier 0

[21:45] <@Kioku> 8am, Thursday. What fiend would text at this hour?! <暁: Mary, awake? I want to get you started on that flight and fireproofing stuff.>

01[21:47] <BobaFettuccine> Mary is already up, in fact, she has been for an hour now. She's just getting back into her after a shower when she notices the phone go off. <Yeah! Where do you want to meet?>

[21:47] <@Kioku> <Anywhere really. Your room? My shrine? The gazebo? It's a bit cold out though.>

01[21:48] <BobaFettuccine> <My room works. I don't really get cold, but it'd be warmer for you. :)>

[21:48] <@Kioku> <Great! Ah… which room is yours? Poke your head out the door real quick?>

01[21:50] <BobaFettuccine> Mary opens the door of her room and pokes her head out. Her hair is still wet, making it a whole lot less curly.

[21:51] <@Kioku> Akemi is out in the hall this time, glancing up and down it, and grinning when she sees Mary, running over to her and giving a little bow. "Sorry, I didn't realize…" She gestures to her hair. "Should I wait out here?"

01[21:53] <BobaFettuccine> Mary seems to be confused for a moment and then she realizes her hair is still wet. "Oh!" She laughs, "No, I let my hair air dry, I'm dressed. Come on in." She opens the door and floats back towards the middle of her room.

[21:55] <@Kioku> Akemi slips in and bumps the door closed behind her, looking around with a double spin before taking off one of her satchels - she's wearing two this time instead of the usual one she's seen with.

01[22:03] <BobaFettuccine> Mary's room is absolutely plasterd with band posters of all kinds, there is almost no actual wall showing past them. There's a dirty shirt and pair of shorts on the ground that are obviously what she wore to bed last night, next to a damp towel. On one wall is her bed that is a strange material, looks tougher than normal, the same goes for the blanket and pillow. On the other wall is a bookshelf, but instead of books, one of the shelves has a CD player, and the rest of the shelves are absolutely stuffed with CD's of all kinds of bands. On top of the bookshelf is a small mini fridge. Next to the desk included in all dorm rooms there rests two guitars on stands, one black and acoustic, the other the same blue color as Mary's glow and electric. Next to the guitars is a small amp.

[22:05] <@Kioku> "Your room really speaks to your interests," Akemi murmurs. "Where should I sit?"

01[22:08] <BobaFettuccine> Mary laughs at that comment and flies over to float above her bed, patting a spot in front of her as she sits cross legged a foot above her pillow. "So! What's first?"

[22:12] <@Kioku> Akemi hops over to the bed and sits, smiling up at Mary. "First, we need to figure out the basic nature of your powers, at least as well as we can. Mmm, more figure whether it's magic or something else. I'd heavily bet on 'something else' because it doesn't resemble magic at all, but I could be wrong."

01[22:16] <BobaFettuccine> Mary nods, smiling back at her. She seems very excited to be learning this. Again Akemi gets the sense that there are two extra sets of emotions coming from behind Mary, one being a joy that is difficult to measure and the other being a deep well of anger. "How can you tell it's not Magic?"

[22:20] <@Kioku> "Well for one thing…" Akemi points to Mary. "Magic doesn't have inherent emotion. It isn't alive, it doesn't think, it's nothing more than a type of energy. And you have two sources of emotion /besides/ your own mind."

01[22:22] <BobaFettuccine> Mary blink in surprise, cocking her head to one side. "What? How?"

[22:24] <@Kioku> "Haven't I mentioned it before?" Akemi tilts her head similarly. "I sense emotions. Who has them, what they're directed toward, how strong they are, all of that."

01[22:27] <BobaFettuccine> "But… How do I have more emotions than mine?" Mary is actually a little concerned right now. Still more excited than anything, but definitely concerned.

[22:28] <@Kioku> "I have no idea…" Akemi hums. "But I can watch how they act for you, okay~? We'll try to learn something more than planned~"

01[22:33] <BobaFettuccine> "Alright!" Mary smiles brightly and her glow gets a bit brighter as she goes back to full excited mode. As her glow gets brighter, the source of joy surges. If Akemi focuses directly on those two sources of emotion, she gets the sense that they are vast, almost endless wells of one singular emotion. Joy, and anger respectively. The joyful one being slightly more pronounced at this time. "So how do we do this then?"

[22:38] <@Kioku> Akemi grins. "Just to be totally sure~" Akemi pulls out an ofuda from a satchel, then peels it open and unfolds a heavily creased section within to reveal a set of diagrams and formulae that would cover several pages of normal paper. "This is the condensed representation of an extremely simple spell, Hellfire Blast. If you can channel magic into the paper, it should enable you to cast it once, before the whole thing burns out. But if

[22:38] <@Kioku> magic has nothing to do with the source of your power, it should do nothing. That's how this specific inscription was made, by adding a few parameters. Go ahead and try this out, just focus on what you feel surge through you when you're happy or angry~ And don't worry if it doesn't work - it /shouldn't/ work, if what I suspect is right, and in truth magic is more easily detectable and countrable than not-magic anyway. So your abilities

[22:38] <@Kioku> will be harder to understand if they aren't… but probably more useful."

01[22:42] <BobaFettuccine> Mary nods, paying rapt attention to every word that Akemi speaks. "Alright." She focuses intently on the paper for about half a minute and nothing happens. Nothing at all.

[22:44] <@Kioku> "Feel it. Feel your power surge through you, tap into it. Imagine you're flying and will that flight through your hand. Imagine you're angry and afraid, and want to throw your fire into it." Even if she doesn't think it's magic, that doesn't mean she'll give up easily.

01[22:56] <BobaFettuccine> Mary nods, more in reaction to the noise than out of a response to what was said, she was so focused that she didn't really register the words. She tried to do what Akemi said and look deep inside herself, tap into what fueled her powers. And she was greeted by the image of two glowing creatures in her mind. One, a majestic sparrow, spanning across the sky, a dark sapphire blue. The other, a great, scarlet bear, the size of a mountain. As she sees this, Akemi would feel the two sources of emotion coming from Mary seem to… Move, not physically, but in a mental way.

[22:58] <@Kioku> Akemi blinks. \Well, getting in tune with that feeling would have helped her whether it was magic or not, so… win/win I guess. She watches Mary without her eyes, closing them and focusing solely on her sense of emotion. "May I join with you?" she whispers, knowing it would help her understand this.

01[23:04] <BobaFettuccine> As soon as Akemi starts speaking to her, Mary catches fire, and the glow surrounding her turns purple. She is still floating. Three voices coming from one throat answer Akemi's question. "YES"

[23:07] <@Kioku> Akemi leans her head back, wide-eyed. She recovers quickly, but wow, what? Carefully, she reaches out a hand and places her palm against Mary's chest, then her body shimmers and disappears. Mary would feel a shock of pleasure followed by a low level hum, a tingling sensation as long as Akemi stays like this, spreading all throughout her. ~I'm here. Can you feel me? Can you hear me?~ From this state, inhabiting Mary's body, she should be

[23:07] <@Kioku> able to share her senses as well, and at the same time get a deeper sense of her emotions than before.

01[23:14] <BobaFettuccine> As Akemi joins with Mary she sees the gigantic sparrow, and bear. Through Mary's mind Akemi seems to be standing next to her in a giant green field, clear blue sky above. *Hello little ones* The huge animals speak. Mary is freaking out a little, though mostly she's just amazed. The emotions of the two entities in front of them remain constant.

[23:22] <@Kioku> Akemi doesn't normally have a representation of any sort in people's minds unless they're absurdly good lucid dreamers, so the small, astoundingly enchanting white fox is more than surprised to find herself like this. She bumps against Mary's leg, sending an haze of desire echoing through her. The fox's eyes widen and she shies away, realizing that she can't afford to touch her in this mindscape, and she quickly works to snuff out the sudden

[23:22] <@Kioku> emotion. ~Sorry. I had no idea that would begin the process of possession if I touched you. Ah… so… friends of yours?~

01[23:27] <BobaFettuccine> "I uhhh…" It takes Mary a moment to shake off that flash of desire. "I. Yes? No? I think I remember them, I just wish I knew from where…" *We are your guardians.* The two voices seem to come from every direction at once. -I am Anger- the bear's voice reverberates as if a massive drum has been struck ~I am Joy~ The sparrow's voice is the sweetest music either of them has ever heard.

[23:30] <@Kioku> Well, Akemi's girlfriend is a literal siren - it's hard to top her voice as sweet music goes. Even so, she gives a foxy little smile. ~Why do you need guardians?~ \And more importantly… do they /care/ about her?\ That's what she hunts for now.

01[23:40] <BobaFettuccine> It's extremely hard to tell if there is any other emotion in these two beings other than the ones they are named for. But, Akemi seems to be able to detect just a hint of a deep, almost parental, love for Mary. Mary meanwhile, is confused as all get out. "I, uh. I don't know." *We were tasked by the Originator with protecting her.* -I am the first anger, given life and bound to her spirit- ~And I am the first joy given life and bound to her spirit~ The beings speak almost ritualistically.

[23:44] <@Kioku> ~Well… ah… I think they're on your side, at least.~ The little fox looks at Mary and playfully almost-touches her with a paw. ~They care.~ It's almost like a whisper. ~So I doubt they mean malice… even when you're angry or afraid, it helps you deal with whatever /caused/ that, right? Even if you don't like staying that way, it can help you.~

01[23:53] <BobaFettuccine> *The fox is correct little one* -You have only been able to tap into one of us at a time- ~Until now. In time you will learn how to tap into our power more deeply~ *For now we must say farewell. Be good, little one.* And with that, they are both shunted from the field and back into Mary's room. Mary opens her eyes, noticing that Akemi isn't there, also noticing the tingling sensation. "What? How? /Bloody hell!/" She is absolutely shocked at this new developement. Emotionally she feels a sense of wonder about these spirits and what they were. She didn't seem to notice that she was both flying /and/ on fire right now.

[00:00] <@Kioku> ~This… umm… well then. /Definitely/ not magic.~ Akemi slips out of Mary, giving just as strong of a sensation as when she entered, and lands on the floor in front of her. "Not… /to plan/ at all, but this is good, isn't it~?"

[00:01] <@Kioku> "Ah… Mary? You're a bit… on fire."

01[00:05] <BobaFettuccine> "I what?" She looks at her arms and her eyes go wide. "No no no no no!" And just like that, the fire goes out and she's back to the blue glow, floating like nothing had happened. "Woah…"

[00:07] <@Kioku> Akemi watches and giggles. "Something good for sure~" She hops over and hugs Mary.

01[00:11] <BobaFettuccine> Mary smiles wide, ecstatic. "Awesome! Maybe I can control it now?" She hugs Akemi back, tightly, forgetting that Akemi can't fly, she tries to spin around in excitement as she usually does, but only ends up circling around Akemi.

[00:18] <@Kioku> Silly Mary~ "If you're more in touch with yourself, that's good enough, ne~? And it means you'll keep getting better and better! I doubt we're going to get very far with the planned lesson like this though~" Akemi sticks her tongue out. "You're too excitable and active~"

01[00:23] <BobaFettuccine> "Yeah, heh." She rubs the back of her neck a little bashfully. Hugging Akemi again, this time without the spinning, "Thank you so much Akemi. I don't think that I would have been able to do that without your help."

[00:28] <@Kioku> "I'm sure you would~" Akemi giggles and winks. "It just might have taken a little longer~"

01[00:31] <BobaFettuccine> "Either way, you helped, and that deserves thanks!" Mary smiles brightly.

[00:33] <@Kioku> Akemi grins. "Well, I'm sure you want to explore all of this, don't you~? I'll let you do that. We'll have that lesson another time though, so don't forget it!"

01[00:35] <BobaFettuccine> "I won't forget it! Especially with /you/ running it!" Mary laughs "I'll talk to you later Akemi. Thank you again for your help."

[00:36] <@Kioku> "Any time~!" Akemi dances out the door to leave Mary to her experimentation, or whatever else she gets up to.

01[00:56] <BobaFettuccine> -scene break-

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