Mechanics (Old)

This game runs on a home-brew system initially created by UltimixRed and modified by Kioku called The SunShine system.

Dice Resolution:

All dice resolution in this game is done using a basic roll of:

4d3 – 8

This produces a range of values from -4 to +4. The higher your roll, the better the result.

If the total of the roll is -4, this is a botch. You automatically fail any roll that you botch. You may also take additional penalties if the GM thinks they will be appropriate.

If the total of this roll is +4, this is a critical success. You automatically succeed a roll that you critically succeed on. You may also receive extra benefits if the GM thinks they are appropriate.

If this roll is contested, for example in combat, the highest roll wins.

Skill Rolls:

All characters have Skills. These are areas that your character has specialised in. When you want to use a skill in a stressful situation, you roll:

4d3 – 8 + (Skill Rating + Skill Attribute Rating)

Supernatural Power Rolls:

All player characters have Supernatural Powers. These are the strange and exotic abilities that make your character unique. When you want to use a supernatural power in a stressful situation, you roll:

4d3 – 8 + (Supernatural Power Rating + Tier Rating)

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