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The Great Two Day War
by Boba FettuccineBoba Fettuccine
On July 20th 2019, giant, mysterious portals appeared at various population centers around the world. One day later, on the 21st, hundreds of thousands of mechanized troops with flame based weaponry, eldritch monstrosities, and horrid hybrids of human and machine marched through the portals in an attempt to invade our world. After 48 hours of intense fighting from the world's various militaries and FireWatch to defend the world from invaders, the portals suddenly closed. Many cities were left in ruins, The worst casualties were experienced in Washington DC, where fully 50% of the civilian population perished and fully one third of the city burned down. The world will be reeling from this for awhile, and almost everyone has experienced some form of loss from this event. The implications for world politics will be felt for a long time to come.

Land of the Dead
by UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire
Posters for a mysterious place known as Necropolis have been popping up around town.

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