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Please be sure to check this page often for news and information on what's going on around Sunnybrook!


A Dorm Under Lock Down 11/24/15 One of the smaller dorms, not the one the PCs are in, has been locked down for some unexplained reason. The dorm's inhabitants have been dispersed into the other dorms, so you may be seeing new faces.

Spring Fling Dance TBA
The school will be holding a dance for the students to celebrate the the coming of spring. Normal rules apply, there will be punch and pie and music.

Due to a troll in the auditorium, the dance has been postponed until further notice.

Sunnybrook!Kids 9/19/15
The entire student population became nothing but children for about twenty minutes this day.

Claire's Confinement 7/21/15
After a freakout in Doctor Page's office, Claire was sent to the cells in the basement for three days of confinement. She has now been released.

The Shrine 7/19/15
Students will now notice that, behind the administration is a full-blown shinto shrine. They may interact with it, as the guards seem only passively interested in it and what it may hold. See UltimixRed if you wish to interact with this new addition.

Pool Party! 8/3/15
Throughout spring the school will be letting students work to build a pool in time for summer swimming classes and recreation. Students who work will be paid for their work. See UltimixRed if you fish to interact with this new addition. (pun intended)

Warps Public 8/10/15
Now in the basement is a blue warp pad for students to use to access the quiet island of Abso Pacifica. Ankle bracelets are put on in the basement now.


Curses, Curses, Curses
There have been rampant reports of students being afflicted by curses. One of them was sent to the infirmary after nearly being crushed by a snake.
See UltimixRed if you wish to follow this thread.

Looking For: A Date
A small sheet has been posted in the dorm common room asking for anyone interested in performing the duties related to a date to come to room 204B in the main office. Expenses covered, must dress nice.
See LipstickThespian if you wish to follow this thread.

Voice for the Fallen
Every time someone at the school is severely injured, no matter where they are, a hauntingly beautiful singing starts in the woods - sometimes the injury isn't even discovered by others until hours later, but the song knows somehow, without fail.
The eight year old in the white dress has been discovered, and is a little less shy around those who she's extracted a promise from, but… just what or who is she? Unanswered questions abound.
See Kioku if you wish to follow this thread.

Deity For Hire
A certain magician is currently looking for a guardian on the school, to be hosted in the shrine at the back of the school. The reward will the benefit of being able to sleep without getting supernaturally assaulted.
See UltimixRed if you wish to follow this thread

Looking For: Weird Forest Man
A while back a party erupted in the cafeteria ultimately culminating in a massive twerkoff. The girl responsible Amanda White posted a message on the notice board about helping her find the true source of the issue
See UltimixRed if you wish to follow this thread

The Cleansing
A group of students who are really quite nonplussed with the influx of inhuman students, they are out to mess with them. They're offering goodies like artifacts and money to do so. Currently their hit list is: Sam, Claire, Nadia, Akemi, Sara, Sariel, Malissa,and Charlotte
See UltimixRed if you wish to follow this thread

Dying Man
There is a man on the outskirts of town lying down, he has a bandage around his head and is holding his stomach, seemingly to prevent blood loss from a recent injury. He is constantly begging for help and someone to patch him, but he refuses to go to the hospital. He has been like this for about a week and thus most have written him off as a faker, despite the sizable pool of blood still gathering underneath him.
See SirGoldFish if you wish to follow this thread

Several carvings on various rocks and trees have been spotted out in the woods. While not all the same, they are very very similar. "Hoolo frands, eye would like to meet nise frends at [what can be interpreted as some cardinal direction"
See SirGoldFish if you wish to follow this thread

The Hunter comes to Sunnybrook
An odd looking individual with a shotgun on his back, wearing a lab coat, a clawed gauntlet and shades. Is prowling in the woods near the school with a a pair of high-tech binoculars.
See SirGoldFish if you wish to follow this thread

Penelope's conundrum
Our dear Penelope Winthrope, the teacher of *EVERYTHING* has been off her game as of late. She has been taking more visits to the Basement with a worried expression. She has been seen in town, shopping for various things, mostly herbs.
See SirGoldFish if you wish to follow this thread

Where did the music go?
Radio silence from DJ G, he has not put out a broadcast in many weeks and some of his fans are bumed out. The only known lead to his whereabouts is a number station that radios can pick up. The numbers are being read by what seems like a unenthusiastic DJ G.
See SirGoldFish if you wish to follow this thread

Burger time! En masse. people are eating and consuming these odd white burgers called blanc burgz. The sweet and savory melt in your mouth burgers have become obscenely popular with the township and even some of the students.
See SirGoldFish if you wish to follow this thread

Lub Dub
Lovers and observant folk have been able to hear what sounds like a heartbeat coming from various locations, mostly meadows. The exact source of this has yet to be located.
See SirGoldFish if you wish to follow this thread

The Occult Club
In town there are rumors that the Occult Club in the college is the real deal that actually deal with the supernatural. Most just dismiss such claims as the students in the club seem too normal to deal with such things. Maybe a Sunnybrook student should check them out?
See UltimixRed if you wish to follow this thread

Blue Siren
People have been reporting sightings of a floating blue ghost around the forest. It sings in a hauntingly beautiful voice that you can't help but follow. The ghost hasn't done much more than sing, but it seems to be looking for someone.
See UltimixRed if you wish to follow this thread

Totally Spies
A young girl in a dark blue trench coat and black shades has been seen earlier in the mornings on the gazebo calling over random students who happen to walk by for some 'favors'. Most students who have been called over claim she pays handsomely for any student that can get her information on the Art Teacher.
See SavanahHolland if you wish to follow this thread

Little Miss Missing
As of late young girls from town have seemingly gone missing from right out of thin air! Of course parents of these girls, age ranging from 8 to 13, have been completely mortified. It seems that both the laughably small police force and grief stricken parents alike have been offering huge cash rewards for any clues, or especially finding where the children are, and who is responsible. [WARNING, POSSIBLY GRAPHIC PLOT]
See SavanahHolland if you wish to follow this thread

Regarding The Art Teacher
Students have progressively been noticing more and more the actions of SunnyBrook's favorite and seemingly only Art Teacher, Mrs. Leurgans, and seemingly after the days of the late Al'Khoury, Lilith, she's quickly accumulated students that seem to highly favor her and had followed her around like baby ducks. These diehard students have soon noticed, that lately, Mrs. Leurgan has lost her luster, seeming rather depressed and dulled out, even students that aren't much her fan have also noticed. Of course the students that follow her so dearly around have gone after the student body and staff to try to figure what exactly is on the blonde woman's mind, but to no avail. A few of these students have spread around that if you can manage to get any information on how to reanimate the seemingly walking corpse that is The Art teacher, rare artifacts could be a future reward.
See SavanahHolland if you wish to follow this thread

Feline Frenzy
Recently students have been complaining about their socks, hair ties and other assorted small objects missing, Teachers have even been heard complaining about how they leave their room unattended for just a few minutes, and when they come back they find that their mug or tumbler of coffee was now splattered on the floor. At first, of course rumors circulated that the dreaded and infamous invisible kid, Jimmy, was behind it, but that quickly died out when teacher's found on school camera the culprit, a small boy. Though, at first they assumed it was just a 'normal' small boy that goes to this school, but then taking a closer look, almost glowing yellowish green eyes, oddly light gray hair that didn't look quite like actual hair would, too soft, more like.. fur.. Oh yeah, and a tail and ears, that gave it away too. The staff had done some research to see if a student that fit that profile was well, profiled on the school's computer system of the collection of assorted supernatural students, however no dice. The student was not enrolled, however they were bouncing around the school causing havoc. Most staff and students closely related to staff in duties (Such as prefects and students who often help teachers) were briefed on the situation, and told to report any sightings and hopefully capture the boy if possible. Though, without much help from the staff, after a week word was quickly issued around that if someone can actually capture the boy in a way that wouldn't harm him or cause any trouble, then you will be granted a large cash reward of around $75.00.
See SavanahHolland if you wish to follow this thread

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