Non-Player Characters

A somewhat complete list of the people involved with Sunnybrook, that are not students of note.


These are adults that can be found on campus and work for the GWU.

General Bryce, Mission manager

The loud, cantankerous, 60 year old , Drinker, general Bryce walks around the school in full military fatigues, with a long Salt and pepper beard, and a thick southern accent. He is often times seen armed with various weapons he should not have. Despite his many, many failings. He is somehow the individual to assign missions and occasionally accompany groups on missions as a chauffeur and escort. He keeps he has thus far kept the details of his past life secretive to students, but has described his current position as a retirement from his long life of service. A younger General Bryce in the military.

"Fuck off I shoot better when I am drunk." - The general (Someone died that day. No one knows who.)

Played by SirGoldFish

Adam Page, World History Teacher

A man is his late twenties who is usually seen pacing in his classroom with a History book in hand. He usually is very straight the point and extremely irritable when conversations go far longer than expected. He has dark brown hair, a short brown beard and dark blue almost purple eyes. "The homework is on page 129, now take your leave." Adam sitting next to a window.

Played by SavanahHolland

William page, Science Teacher and GWU containment researcher

A man in his early thirites. He has ash brown hair and green eyes. The man was forced to teach in Sunnybrook along with his normal GWU duties because human resources claimed there was deficit of Science teachers who were willing to teach. He makes no secret of this nor the his own bitterness. His day includes, teaching, working in the basement, drinking the blackest coffee ever like it's tea, and teasing his younger brother Adam Page "The biggest perk of the job" William Page

Played by SirGoldFish

Stefany Leurgans, Art Teacher

Is usually painting random things including mugs, windows and a few other things that she probably shouldn't be painting. Known for being extremely neurotic and a complete klutz. She doesn't appreciate having her art supplies being stolen either, Jimmy. "Don't touch that, no no no don't touch that either. You know what? Just stand still." Stefany Leurgans

Played by SavanahHolland

The Janitor, Janitor

The old mysterious janitor who always handles the messes after missions. He can be seen transporting dead bodies or cleaning up puddles of vomit left by children. He has Grey hair with streaks of white and stubble on his face. He doesn't talk much besides the few times he has shared questionable wisdom with students. "Mhm mmm mm"

Played by SavanahHolland

Penelope ████████████ Winthrope, The everything teacher

Ms Winthrope is a women in her early 40s. She has frizzy black hair and blue eyes. She tends to wear bright sun dresses that compliment her energetic and deceptively airy personality. She teaches a variety of classes in a quick witted manner. It is difficult to tell if she is telling the truth or not. She claims that her father was a wizard and her mother was a shapeshifter, but notes that both skip a generation. She also has claimed to been in jail over 57 times and has broken out every time. She tends to play a variety of sports while talking to her students after class mostly fencing and golf. If you ever have questions about the super natural go to her. Her middle name can not be pronounced by humans beings.

Played by SirGoldFish

Shelly Westhart, Head of security.

Shelly Westhart is a no nonsense officer who seeks to tighten the somewhat lax security. She's tall, dark skinned, and bald. She speaks down to students as in her eyes the students are merely things to be contained. "Never surrender!"

Played by SirGoldFish

Zacharie Einhorn, Principal

The frail, tiny and nervous looking Einhorn is the pitiful principle that Sunnybrook is equipped with.

Played by anyone who asks

Ms. Kelly Pasket, Special Circumstances

Odd means of solution for an odd world. Kelly isn't exactly on staff for her great skills with children. No, the branch she works for is in a very particular line of work that wishes to leverage this new asset for their own means. Of course, Kelly won't tell you what work it is and she most definitely will not share her plans with you. However she is willing to use students for her projects. Liberally.

Played by LipstickThespian

Nicole Taylor, Psychologist

A woman in her mid thirties, with pale skin and deep auburn hair. Nicole has three degrees in very defined fields of mental health. She's here to help the students adjust to, well, everything. So sit on the couch, and talk with her.

Played by LipstickThespian

Verity Silverlock, Combat Trainer

An oddity, even here. Verity is unique to the school staff, in that she herself is an anomaly. A Valkyrie enlisted by the organization to help teach the students how to control their powers. To grow them, use them in combat, use them in life, and become one with themselves. Students are encouraged to come to her for sessions to help them better use their abilities. Oh, did I mention the wings?

Played by LipstickThespian

River Melody, Student Advisor

Assigned to assist the students of San Fran Hall with the things that affect their life, schedules, reform, and other little things. She is the person to go to if you have a problem with the school or staff and need to find a solution. She loves every student and will fight for them, tooth and nail. Her room always smells like flowers.
Played by LipstickThespian

Marcus Kane, Career Advisor

A less than friendly, he is one that any student to come to for long term advice about their career. He's always got a stern and professional look, though he's diligent on a student's behalf. His office smells of ink and paper. He does lots of cross words.

Played by UltimixRed

Ms. Agatha De Luca, The primary source history teacher

A gorgon with red snakes for hair, she's a woman who takes her position as a teacher above all else, and views the residents as Sunnybrook as students first and foremost. She teaches World and American History, though makes sure students know she's still youthful. She wears a blindfold to make sure she doesn't stone any students.

Played by UltimixRed

Dr. Jocelyn Sanders, Head of SAPD

Dr. Sanders is the head of Sunnybrook's Anomalous Psychology Department (SAPD), meaning she specializes in the psychological funtions of anomalous beings and anomalous artifacts, and has the ability to request and hold on to certain artifacts for research purposes. Her personality can best be described as cheerful, and very passionate about her work. I mean… VERY passionate. She is a woman of 29 and 5'11" in height with an average build. Caucasian. Brown hair with blond highlights, a few freckles here and there, and a simple pair of glasses. She wears turtleneck sweaters and jeans as part of her everyday attire, as well as a labcoat, mainly because it makes her feel more professional.

Played by SolongStarbird

Dr. Darius Bendhauser, Assistant Head of SAPD

Darius is the second-in-command of the Anomalous Psychology Department, Jocelyn's right hand. His personality is more grounded than Dr. Sanders, and he tends to have a cynical 'the truth hurts' attitude. He stands at 6'1" and is aged at 30. Caucasian. He is a fiery ginger, which is only apparent by his goatee, considering his head is shaved. He wears glasses as well, and his normal attire consists of what would normally be conssidered office dress: a dress shirt, tie, and dress pants… but then you get to his feet. Darius' sense of fashion is a bit shaky. His feet are commonly adorned with wacky socks covered by black crocs.
He has taught the school's Sex Ed course before, albeit begrudgingly.

Played by SolongStarbird

Lieutenant Commander Katherine Fox, GWU Special Operations

Not technically part of Sunnybrook staff, Fox wormed her way onto the scene upon hearing about Special Circumstances' interest in the Sunnybrook student body. This towering redhead of indeterminate age and equally indeterminate background represents the GWU's more militant acquisitions and retrieval branch, but as yet seems to only be interested in gauging student capabilities in relatively low-threat outings. Very little is known about Fox or why she's present, and that's just how she likes it.

Played by Nemi


These are various students that can be found on campus. (Will be filled in as characters are introduced.

"DJ G"

If you're on campus and tune a radio just right you will be able to hear the voice of DJ G. The Disk Jockey of his own peculiar little radio station he plays an eclectic collection of music and talks about the goings on in the school. No student knows his true identity as of now and his descriptions of his powers have been from inconsistent . "YOOOO, *Rooster sound effect* This is me, DJ G. Your favorite aquatic disk jockey, here in radioland! Your source for the juiciest stories around but before that. This song is dedicated to my ex who ratted me out."

Played by SirGoldFish

Alexei Oksana

A young Ukrainian boy who brightly burns with life, often seen in the infirmary, library or gardening club. He's rather serious about his studies, and speaks with a heavy accent. A bit skittish, but very friendly if he gets past the nervousness. His Sheet

Played by anyone who asks

Viktor Chernoff

A tall sixteen year old boy with long straight black hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. He usually switches accents between Russian and French, due to spending his early life in Russia and the other half of his life in France. He can be considered a gentleman, a ladies man, but the truth is that his knees go weak around most girls except for a select few, he also trips, a lot. Character Sheet

Played by SavanahHolland

Finn Bloom

A scrawny fifteen year old kid, the kind of character that most would imagine to be the 'lovable scamp'. Finn has light brown hair, hazel eyes and a splatter of freckles on his face. He is usually kind, but from what some characters have seen, he's gotten himself in some form of trouble. Originally he stole a jester hat from the basement and due to the nature of the hat some students were turned into dolls or gender bent. He recently dropped a address which at the moment is in possession of Aiko Minami and Max "FonyX" Allen.

Played by SavanahHolland

Charlotte Florence Roskowick

A extremely shy girly girl kind of character, she loves the color pink and is usually seen with some kind of stuffed animal wrapped in her arms. She has short blonde hair that never seems to grow. A large stitch goes down her face, two other stitches at the place where her shoulder and arm meet. The left side of her face has different colored skin, more of a very pale green color, as if that side of her body was dead, both arms following from the stitch with the same ghoulish color. Her left eye color is pink, while the right one is a pale blue color. Charlotte is seen wearing dressed and hairbands very often, playing to her usual girly personality. Charlotte

Played by SavanahHolland

Robin Klaus

A strong sixteen year old girl with a tough girl attitude, taking pride in her skills as a fighter. She's deeply passionate on most issues, and perhaps comes off a tad self-righteous. She believes in her heart, honestly, that this school is a prison, a hell for those born supernatural, and that no students here deserve it. Known often for disrespecting teachers and those of authority, sometimes even yelling at teachers in the middle of class. It's also been rumored that she has tried to make a few escape attempts, but failing in rather undignified ways. She has chin length bluish gray hair, her bang tips dyed white. She appears to have pink irises that sometimes get a hint of auburn in them. She always wears her finger less pink gloves, and given her moxy it seems to fit her style.
Robin Klaus.

Played by SavanahHolland


Suzy is a shy little cyclops girl that was saved on a train.

Played by SirGoldFish

Twitch, drug dealer.

Twitchy and rodent-like, he is skeevy, weird and paranoid. He has been described as not all there both in relation to his personality, but also his physical traits. Now, one might ask "Why should he be *my* drug dealer? Simple, he grows his weed in his own pocket dimension.

Played by SirGoldFish


Weird and difficult to talk to. This weak boy is followed by a series of halos that talk him various odd noises. He is often seen curled up in corners, crying/screaming in peculiar spots, and going to his own world known as Esper Sheet

Played by SirGoldFish

Jacob Johannes

Jacob, the scamp he is. Is infected with a magical parasite that takes the form of 6 black snakes, coming out of his back (usually hidden.) Not much is known about Jacob as he tends to keep to himself. He just likes to be around, always observing in the background with this look on his face.

Stella (Chen) Izayoi

A half Taiwanese, Japanese girl, she is seen cooking at dinner with a large group of students. She also has a rabbit plush hanging off her pocket, and is seen warping around the school once in a while, thought the true nature of her power is actually Time stopping.

Played by UltimixRed

Eira Skadi

A splunky girl that has powers over winter. This makes her presence lower the temperature of the area she's in, and is extremely weak to cold. She's one who believes fists can do anything, and is a go-getter, she was once seen leaping off the school building trying to punch shooting stars.

Played by UltimixRed

Cassandra Fitzgerald

Angel of Mercy.


These are individuals who live in and about the town of SunnyBrook itself and are mostly unaware of what's going on.


Recurring characters, supernatural beings, etc.

Warren Pice

A former member of ???. He's an expert on artifacts and various anomalies, also always seen eating, but never getting fat. Some presume that to be his true power, besides his proficiency in the magical arts. He was formally trained under a demon in magic.

Played by UltimixRed

Former Lieutenant Castell Inaba

A former member of the Eye of Infinity, though due to some…."disagreements" involving a missing arm she's no longer affiliated. She has powers that manipulate light and sound making her perfect for stealth missions, and can sometimes be seen snooping around school, though will sometimes stop to chat with a student.

Played by UltimixRed

Komargo The Lazy Reaper

A red haired reaper that shows up every once in a while, she likes to play video games and rarely takes her job seriously. A true fiend in Mario Kart.

Played by UltimixRed


A woman in nun attire that walks around town, always looking down with a shadow over her eyes, if you can manage to get her to look up you'll notice almost bluish glassy dead fish eyes that just stare right past you. Sometime's she speaks, and when she does everything she says might be well, confusing. You can find her at any time of day in town if you seem to look hard enough, the real difficult part is actually getting her to talk.

Played by SavanahHolland

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