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Some things about Pop culture have changed since 2015.


  • Ningen: A 2016 J-Horror film. It follows a whaling crew investigating reports of an "odd creature". The plot slowly spirals into the realms of the surreal from there as things start going strangely wrong. The crew on the boat begin turning against each other, thinking that certain crew members may be attracting the ire of the creature.
  • Carrion Nights: A 2016 indie horror film about a group of Algerian teenagers trapped in a schoolhouse with a serial killer. Though initially derided for its slow pace and general quiet in comparison to most slasher flicks, it quickly spread through word of mouth, eventually becoming a cult classic. A sequel was eventually developed by a big budget studio, though widely different in pace and tone.
  • Hackers: A 2017 remake of the 1995 classic starring David Mazouz as Zero Cool and Paris Hilton as Acid Burn. The remake received overwhelmingly negative reviews and started rumors that Paris Hilton was having a midlife crisis because why else would a 37 year old woman play a sixteen year old girl in a movie with a sixteen year old co-star. The movie is banned in six countries.
  • Floodwater Tea: A 2017 film about a girl named Annabelle who, possessed by a primordial swamp diety, falls in love with the owner of a hole-in-the-wall floral shop in New Orleans. Notable among students in Sunnybrook for being vocally hated by an actual girl possessed by a swamp deity, local student Castille Lespiaux, for allegedly being an inaccurate protrayal of possession by swamp deities.
  • Lily the Kid: A 2018 spaghetti western flick detailing the life and (un)death of Lilith Serrafe, the bastard child of one Daniel DuBois, who adopts the moniker of the "DuBois Bastard" and hunts across the Southern United States for her father. Criticism of the rather brutal ending aside, it received rave reviews with a modest box office performance.

Video games:

  • The Divine Blades of East: The most successful Korean MMO of all time. Complete with oversized blades, Overly cute characters, and an overly complex combat system, and scantily clad men and women. The biggest draw for players it the game's persistent world.
  • Kquip: A mobile game in which over one hundred thousand players all work together to rub off soft material from a massive ball. What's at the center? No one knows, but it should be cool/life changing.
  • Penelope: An indie roguelite by Silvo Interactive, a one man development team based in Argentina, released in 2017. Described as if Tim & Eric and David Lynch worked together to make a game, its plot follows a woman named Penelope as she tries to take down a drug cartel from the inside. Mercilessly deconstructs the decade of the 70s, along with the indie market and roguelites. Its soundtrack won many "Best of 2017"s due to its disturbing yet catchy nature. A sequel is planned, although Silvo will only be doing the art and music, in order to focus on his next game, Welcome to Chile.
  • Iron Wake: A 2016 third person survival-horror game developed by Criptych Games and published by megacompany and Gaming Industry Satan, Zero-Point Programming. Set in the early twenty-second century, the player controls a Coast Guard para-rescuer, Roy Woyczek, trapped with the remains of his helicopter team aboard a damaged deep-sea drilling platform. Woyczek must use stealth, guile, and his wits to survive whatever dark horrors were unleashed on the platform and prevent its secrets from ever reaching dry land. Mocked for its basic plot and abuse of jump-scares and praised for its unique mechanical elements, level/sound design and overall solid presentation, Criptych managed to produce two sequels and an animated film from the success of its initial release, and the game remains a popular entry the book of modern horror gaming.
  • Daylight in Venice: A 2018 Japanese dating sim. The world is ending in one year, and Mariah Giovanni has but one thing on her mind: finding true love. Near universally panned upon release, the game found a cult audience from people who realized it improved significantly the moment you stopped taking it at face value. Notable for an incident back in May of 2018 that caused a shipping war (MariVince versus MariAnna) to escalate into a full-fledged knife fight.
  • Fantastic Warfare is a 2017 American steampunk fantasy MMO by Goby Games, and one of the largest video games ever made. In secret development for years, Fantastic Warfare blindsided the gaming community on release. A showcase platform for electronics industry giant NextGen's new AI-assisted programming software, Fantastic Warfare's dev team consists of only ten people. Fantastic Warfare today is one of the most popular MMOs of all time, surpassed only by The Divine Blades of East. Despite massive success, NextGen's new technology has yet to be licensed to any other company.
  • Electronic Warfare is a 2018 space-opera-style science fiction RTS by Goby Games. Taking place fifty thousand years after the events of Fantastic Warfare, the gameplay of Electronic Warfare is split between space and ground. Ground play is dominated by the collection of ten separate resources, with combat between sea, ground, air and mech units, with some endgame units reaching the size of cities. Space play is dependent upon the resources collected from ground play, involves even larger units, and occurs in a fully thee dimensional field. Ground and Space units cannot interact (save for ground units and space transports) making Electronic Warfare a parallel RTS gaming experience. A partial exception is made in the case of asteroid fields, therein which only smaller mechs and spaceships can deploy.
  • I Ran An Empire: An upcoming Canadian MMO developed by Reinhardt Studios, set for release in Summer of 2019. Set in the fictional steampunk-inspired seaside nation of Carron, the game will mainly revolve mainly around PVP and boss battles, boasting over seventy unique bosses. An alpha build of sorts was released, wherein players fought the Nightmare Chasis, the living remains of a trashed excavation robot, along with a small arena.
  • Guardians of the Light, beyond having the most generic name for an MMO ever, is mostly known for the shameless sexualization of its characters, excessive even for a Korean MMO. Often called "The Monster Musume of MMOs," the game features a wide range of animal girl player races, oftentimes with no male counterpart. Today the game is populated more by hardcore erotic role players than people with a genuine interest with gaming content.
  • Shirley's Coat: A 2018 strategy/sim game developed by GrimDarkMatter Studios with help from Silvo Interactive, where the player must develop and expand both a cult worshiping an entity known as Ira (who also happens to be the final boss of Penelope's Enmity route) and a crime family at the same time, while making sure neither discover the other exists. Allegedly had help from a former drug cartel boss whose late brother was a cult leader.
  • Warfare Legends is an upcoming MOBA by Goby Games set for release in Autumn of 2019. It will feature all major characters from both Fantastic Warfare and Electronic Warfare as well as a host of new characters. As with all of Goby Games' products, the specifics of Warfare Legends will remain a mystery until release. Despite the secrecy, in an October 2018 press release by the company promises to bring "resounding innovation" to the MOBA genre.
  • Welcome to Chile: An upcoming game by Silvo Interactive. Set in 1976, the player plays an Egyptian immigrant as they try to make it in Pinochet-controlled Chile. Allegedly created a response to what Silvo called "Pinochet apologists", the game promises to be a "day-ruining experience".
  • Best in Show: Originally called "Don't Try This at Home, Kids" before a legal dispute with Silvo Interactive. A side-scrolling platformer from the one-woman indie company DitzDev, released in early 2019. Set in the early 22nd century, the game centers around Barkley, a world-famous Basset Hound show dog secretly harboring a great but psychotic intellect. The plot follows Barkley and his owner's impressionable young daughter as they collect orphans to fuel a newly invented time machine, part of Barkley's effort to go back in time and change the founding characteristics of his breed to be less "frumpy." Strongly praised for it's acerbic wit and final plot twist. New Game+ includes a mode where Barkley's tampering with the timeline introduces procedurally generated bugs to sections of the game code, resulting in unpredictable and often hilarious gameplay.

Tv Shows:

  • The Timothy Andre Show: A shitty talk show that ran on the Diane Public Access from 1977 to 1981, when it was abruptly canceled following Andre's arrest after he publicly assaulted a guest on air following a prompt to do so from an unknown caller. Quickly became a cult classic due to its horrid production values, surreal segments, and its ever suffering host.
  • Dog Cops: An excellent live-action tv-show featuring the lives, trials and tribulations of the dog department of the NYPD. Has dogs in police uniforms voiced by famous actors. Stars Jeremy Renner as the maverick, loose-cannon Alsatian and Morgan Freeman as the Rottweiler who's too old for this shit.
  • Tachy Do Da: Sci-fi TV show about an aspiring fashion designer named Sarah Wingam who uses tachyon bursts to time travel. She uses this ability to get ahead in the hard world of fashion and solve crimes. This show is everyone's guilty pleasure- on it's fourth season and ratings have never been higher despite the cheap effects.
  • Undertale/LISA/OFF: The Animated Series: As part of their "90s Nightmare", Adult Swim acquired the rights to produce animated adaptations of the three video games. Regarded as "Like the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! crossed with Superjail and Roman Polanski's Chinatown". Surprisingly popular with the middle-aged mom demographic.
  • The Adventures of SumoMan and BerryCool An obscure Australian cartoon that featured the superheroes SumoMan and BerryCool. SumoMan's powers were that he could make himself bigger and smaller. BerryCool was from the future and had a super computer in his shell necklace. He had a flying surfboard and used stereotypical surfer lingo. The show was mostly educational with BerryCool and SumoMan exploring the present as time-travel-tourists. Running gags were mostly them trying to fit into the present.
  • Spatchcock An HBO original tv show about two cooks who own a business together and live together and are sleeping together, but they totally hate each other. It's a Dramedy


  • Echo Valley: A 2016 award-winning teen novel written by Asher V. Levine, about an AI (Echo Valley-231) developed for use as a counselor, eventually coming to develop a sense of self. Notable after it was assigned as summer reading for a 7th grade class and, unfortunately, was frequently confused with
  • Echo Valley: Another 2016 award-winning novel written by Ashur V. Levi, notably not for teens or really anyone under 18. This novel is about a singer in an alternate 1960's Nevada being forced into a revolution against the fascist government controlling the land. Violent and filled with surreal, horrific imagery, this novel left many 13-year-olds confused and frightened.
  • Weird Road: The Steady Decline of Leo Coville: An early 2000s piece of surrealist speculative fiction by Paul Lensch; about fictional author Leonard "Leo" Coville. After Leo dies in a car crash, he is taken across a surreal, Americana-soaked version of the US by psychopomp/trucker Tom Frost, to a mysterious location only referred to as "The West." Praised for the depth and beauty of its prose, conjuring "a savage, graceful telling of the American Dream, and the ruination came for those who pursue it" (The Guardian, 2008).
  • Pastel Webs: A 2017 supernatural romance novel, wherein a noble English lord falls in love with a nature spirit made of paint. Originally conceived as a deconstructive parody of the supernatural romance genre, this novel ended up selling like hotcakes with the teenage crowd. A movie adaptation (the rights for which were forcibly acquired, and has not been approved by the author themself) is scheduled to release in 2020.
  • H43-NNN: A social website/ARG where users try to uncover a mystery involving a rogue AI. The ARG is rather vast, extending to various, seemingly unrelated websites, and even some offline locations.
  • Hot Music - cover of I Am The Fire - Halestorm: A video that went viral almost overnight, it was originally uploaded to the youtube account MMacLeigh, it shows a girl playing a cover of the song 'I am the Fire' by Halestorm, while she herself is glowing purple and on fire, while it's raining hot coals from the sky all around her. A few even bounce off of her to no effect as she plays the song.
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