Project SARIEL Development Journal

These are the notes and observations of the Eye of Infinity scientists working on the SARIEL project, which has the goal of making the immortal superweapon.

Subject 1: Deceased
The first subject was a complete failure, the body died quickly and the soul didn't survive the splitting process. The pieces we had left were rejected from the body, overall a waste of money, if it weren't for the fact that bits of the soul remained in the body. This is enough of a lead to continue. Who knew we'd start this over a stupid sandwich.

Subject 2: Deceased
Subject 2 was a much more fruitful endeavor, it seems that children's souls are much better at surviving the purification process. However they are incompatible with the older bodies we're using, we'll need to create our own body fit for this perhaps. The crystallization occurred beautifully, the red gem looks magnificent I must say unprofessionally. I'm excited for future tests.

Subject 3: Deceased
With the Eye's lab grown Telos body, we were able to implant the crystallized soul as well as the regular one. The main issue is that something is inherently wrong with the body causing it to lose animation at a rapid pace, we'll have to look for ways to continue fueling it, but currently our budget's being cut so we don't have any mana crystals to spare…

Subject 4: Missing
We had a spare anomaly lying around which was quite useful and frankly ingenius! With what knowledge we gained from Subject 3, this time we added the ability for it to drain life, which lets it keep functioning for much longer. Long enough for the Resurrection process to take place in the Subject after sustaining too much damage. The Subject can also coalesce it's power in the form of tentacles, what a pleasant surprise! The only issue is that it has a short shelf life, probably only 4 years at best. It was also stolen from us by the GWU…shame. (Created July 9th 2016)

Subject 5: Growing
Subject 5 is the same as subject 4, but we increased the rate at which it drains life, the only problem is that it's too much. She burns herself out and shuts off with only 4 hours of operational time. We're still letting it grow and seeing if it develops any new gifts as it devours life at an exceptionally fast rate. (Created September 27th 2016)

Subject 6: Out Of Order
We toned back the draining that subject 5 had, as well as tried outfitting it with the capability to use telepathy allowing us to remote control it. It worked fine for the first few days, but the operator went insane after it lashed out and went comatose. Something about the 2 souls overpowering the operator…we'll need to find a better way to control it.
(Created December 15th 2016)

Subject 7: Field Testing
Subject 7 is the ideal we've been looking for. It can adjust it's rate of draining on it's own and is smart enough to calculate up to 120. It's got fantastic spatial reasoning as well as the speed to make full use of it. The body is also a work of art, with durability, flexibility, and strength. The way we command it is using talismans provided to us by Kaku Senaville, she seemed really amused at the project.
(Created March 28th 2017)

Entry 2: We deployed Subject 7 against some Bureau agents while fighting over the acquisition of a psychic within Denmark. The subject was able to subdue 2 squadrons of soldiers with little effort, and had the endurance to survive over 100 gunshots to the chest, and 40 to the frontal lobe. The only issue is that the 3rd squadron was able to subdue Subject 7 with multiple grenades, it seems that there are disadvantages to having a young girl's frame.

Subject 7a Test Running
This is a copy of Subject 7, but with focus on mass destruction. It's draining capabilities have a max range of 5 miles, but the stress shatters the soul crystal. It will be most useful as a nuke substitute, and it can remain dormant for possibly years. Like a mine, not good for it's revival powers but as a one shot weapon it's adequate enough for now. Most anomalies seem to disintegrate especially well over the whole radiating pure destruction, perhaps spending 5 million on sandwich testing was worth it.
(Created March 30th 2017)

Subject 8 In Active Development
Subject 8 is a design that focuses on its sleeper agent qualities. It can last for 7 hours with its draining turned off, and is intelligent enough to make simple conversation without pauses. We're having some of the guards be used as test subjects, hopefully they won't notice the life draining until it's too late. Subject 8 will make a good assassin once it's finished.

Subject 9 Design Phase
Subject 9 is a hypothetical half-lich that involves a linked set of bodies each containing a part of the soul. As this will allow individual action within a limited range it will be something that could be implemented for future SARIEL subjects.

Subject 7 MP Test Running
Seeing as Subject 7 is still our best model so far in the SARIEL line, we've decided it's best to try mass producing them, so far each only has about 20% the strength and capabilities of the original, but at the rate we can create them it's more than cost efficient. We're also able to use them as server nodes to the other SARIEL units, able to share data with all but Subject 4 who is still in GWU possession.

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