Punching Bag Nate

00[22:03] <BobaFettuccine> Nate is pumping iron in the gym which is to mean that he's lifting a ridiculous amount of weights on the normal weight rack because the one made for those with super strength is currently out of order. He's dressed in gym shorts, which reveal the lower half of his furry goat legs and a t-shirt with button snaps on the shoulders so that he could fit it on over his head.
[22:07] <PuddleJumper> As he works out Nate becomes aware of an odd sound comming from a pile of rolled up mats in the darkened section over by the sparing ring…sounds like a low rumbeling growl comming at even intervles.
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00[22:10] <BobaFettuccine> Nate sets down the bar and gets up, turning to look at the odd mats that seem to be making noise.
[22:12] <PuddleJumper> **He finds skix laying flat on her chest hugging several bunched up workout towels like a stuffed animal, knees tucked in, butt in the air wearing workout clothes and snoring with her mouth wide open.
00[22:15] <BobaFettuccine> "Well. Reckon that's one way to work out." Nate chuckles as he happens upon a sleeping Skix. He walks around in front of her, hooves hitting the ground with a distinct thudding noise.
[22:16] <PuddleJumper> Skix blinked and jumped when she spotted hooves. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and yawned, she smiled once she realized who it was. "OH! uh…heya Nate! Uh…i suppose that nap i decided to take went a bit overlong…oh…crap its dark out isnt it?"
00[22:18] <BobaFettuccine> "Yep, sure is." He says with a sharp toothed grin. "You ain't got a better place ta nap than the gym?"
[22:21] <PuddleJumper> Skix nods. "Well…yeah i do, several places actually. But they were Reaaaly far away! These mats looked comfey enough so i figured hey why not. Sometimes i cant sleep for awhile and when the urge hits me its best to just go with it."
00[22:25] <BobaFettuccine> Nate nods and sits on down next to her. "So how ya been Skix? Been awhile." He says, voice friendly.
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[22:29] <PuddleJumper> Skix smiled a tired grin…that faded a bit when he asked. "Oh…some good some bad, im not clear for missions for awhile, so ive been cooking more…built a computer out of a bunch of really old ones for Quiln…kinda. That kinda thing. How you doing? Still practicing i hope?"
00[22:33] <BobaFettuccine> "Oh yeah, I been practicin' a bunch." Nate says with a grin, but then he raises an eyebrow a bit. "Why ain't you cleared fer missions?"
[22:40] <PuddleJumper> Skix frowns a tad. "Oh…uh…counsoler. After Theo died…and what happened at his funeral. I had been on like 2 missions and an unofficial one that week." She seemes like she had more to say but held short.
00[22:44] <BobaFettuccine> "Makes sense, musta been a rough time for ya." He says, giving Skix a little pat on the back before standing. "Anything I can do to help? Get yer mind off things? I actually had an idea for a new trainin exercise for me if you wouldn't mind helpin?"
[22:50] <PuddleJumper> Skix stood, streaching then cracking her back all the way down her tail even. She smelled like she had already had quite the workout without a shower after. "Sure! Always happy to help…and nah, just bein a friend is fine, theres some other stuff going on, but nothing you gotta worry about. Not even sure how to take the other stuff yet. But yeah lets get you training…someone broke the good weights though."
00[23:06] <BobaFettuccine> "Yeah I know, I was working out on the other machine and it wasn't really doin much." He says with a shrug and a little concerned glance her way, "Well, anything I can ever do to help out you just give me a holler." He walks over to the middle of a sparring mat.
[23:10] <PuddleJumper> Skix approched, rolling her neck. She looked in good shape if a bit tired…he might be imagining it but she may have lost some weight. "We gonna be sparing again or you got somethin else in mind?"
00[23:12] <BobaFettuccine> "Well, I kinda just want you to punch me in the stomach. Start off about half strength and I'll let you know if we need to up it." He says with a grin.
[23:16] <PuddleJumper> Skix eyes his stomech, "Lemme wrap my claws again, i dont wanna end up cutting you." She took the wraps she had earlier and after wrapping her now fabric padded knuckles she limbered up some. She waited till she was sure he was ready. "Ok, you asked for it. Ready!" She gave him a jab, her punches werent super, it was placement, force, and practice that really told with her. There were probally normal humans as
[23:16] <PuddleJumper> strong as her, doing icelandic contests lifting car bodies then running and stuff…but still normal humans!
00[23:23] <BobaFettuccine> Aaand it almost felt like she was punching solid rock, like, how? He was definitely supernaturally tough, that was for sure. He doesn't even move, braced for impact as he is. After the punch he nods a bit and says, "Reckon you could stand to hit a bit harder and I'd be fine." He givess a little nod.
[23:30] <PuddleJumper> Skix hauled back and gave him a real punch, followed by a second. Enough to really send shockwaves up her arms. She would give him a chance to recover after a few sets. "Jeeze" *HUFF* "That's mor'n a" *HA!* " Sixpack!"
00[23:33] <BobaFettuccine> At first he stands stock still, but towards the end of the second set he starts letting out little grunting noises, by the end of the fourth, he takes a couple steps back to signal that it's enough for the moment, he lets out his held breath with a little gasp and reaches his hands aaalllll the way up to stretch out his midsection. "Oof, you can really throw a punch!" He says with a grin.
[23:37] <PuddleJumper> Skix smiles "Willard made me watch all the Tyson matches. Besides when you got 4 inch claws its like holding a roll of quarters. You can really take a hit! I'm pretty sure once you have a few more months training you will be able to squish me!"
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00[23:43] <BobaFettuccine> "Well, when I do that where nothin hurts me I have to tense up real good, so it throws off anythin else I try to do for a few seconds, but it sure does help if somethin tries ta hit me when I'm not lookin. Can't keep it up /too/ long though." He grins, "And why would I wanna squish you? Anyways, so how bout it, I need to train up my muscle tension so I can take even bigger hits later on." He says with a shrug, "You wanna help me train?"
[23:48] <PuddleJumper> Skix nods "Sure! I'll spotcha. Im thinking crunches and some good core lifts. I think i got enough weight so we can do back to back rocking crunches…i did kinda work myself tired earlier so if i cant keep up i'll just hold yer legs for ya."
[23:49] <PuddleJumper> (more)
[23:49] <PuddleJumper> "And i mean sparing you would squish me, not that you would want to…im not really all that annoying anymore."
00[23:53] <BobaFettuccine> He chuckles at the annoying comment, "Well I don't think yer annoying, either way, crunches and stuff probably won't help much, that isn't all core muscles, it's pretty weird but pretty much the only way I can train blocking out hits with my skin is /gettin hit/." He shrugs, "And I can't really just hit myself, that doesn't work too good."
[23:56] <PuddleJumper> Skix smiles a mischevious grin. "Oh….well in that case…THINK FAST!" She spun and thumped him in the gut with her tail…she definitly pulled that one or he would have ended up against the wall!"
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00[00:01] <BobaFettuccine> He falls flat on his butt, mainly because hooves are not great for balance when there's only two of them. But Skix's tail doesn't so much as leave a bruise on him. "Rude!" He says jokingly with a little chuckle as he gets up.
[00:04] <PuddleJumper> Skix holds out her tail to help him up. "It was to good to pass up. I suppose i can wail on you for an extended period of time…that cant be good for digestion though…you sure you just want me to throw punches at'cha?"
00[00:06] <BobaFettuccine> "Yeah, come at me from all angles, not just the stomach. I'll let you know if I need a break from it." He says with a grin and a nod. He doesn't use her tail to help himself up, mostly because he weighs better than half a ton.
[00:14] <PuddleJumper> Skix nodded and put em up lightly bouncing, her digigrade feet really made for a great stick and move boxer. She threw jabs and also aimed high a few times to keep him moving and having to block, not just tensing his muscles. "I wont use my tail anymore" *Huff!* "The points not to pull a muscle or knock you down" *HA!* "But while we are at it you might as well get some glovework down as well!"
00[00:23] <BobaFettuccine> He literally just straight up takes the high punches to the face without moving, he's really got to focus on that muscle tensing business apparently. Good news is, that his face is just as tough as the rest of him, and… wait. /Seriously?/ His head doesn't even turn to the side when she hits him right on the cheek.
[00:26] <PuddleJumper> Skix made note to not go for the face at all…it didnt look like it hurt but jeeze…she saw the end results of some of her punches on others. She worked with him bobbing and delivering good solid hits, every so often she really delt him a hard one but varried her strengths so he didnt know what force he was going to catch next.
00[00:30] <BobaFettuccine> After about five solid minutes of this he puts both hands up and takes a step back, gesturing that he'd had enough for now, he's sweating quite a bit and when Skix stops throwing punches at him, he looks like he's shaking a little from the exertion. "Wow, doing this for a long time is a lotta work." He manages to say between deep breaths.
[00:34] <PuddleJumper> Skix backed off and hit her wrapped claws together once more before dropping them putting her hands to her sides and panting. "Throwing constant punches is a good workout…if we do this more often those reinforced bags might last longer." She headed over to her spot where she was napping and picked up a plastic 2 liter soda bottle that now was only a quarter full of ice and tossed it to her friend. "If i did that
[00:34] <PuddleJumper> to pretty much anyone else at the school that wasent made of metal or rocks they would be pissing blood for a week!"
00[00:38] <BobaFettuccine> He catches the thrown bottle and nods wearily, rolling the cold ice over the back of his neck. "Might as well be made of rock how tough I can get sometimes." He says with a grin. "That should be enough fer today, like I said, that takes a lot out of me. Feels like I been working out fer a couple hours but that couldn't a been more'n five minutes."
[00:40] <PuddleJumper> Skix smiled "Think you would sink if we went for a swim? Its a good way to cool off, and i think your taller then all but the deepest part of the pool!"
00[00:41] <BobaFettuccine> He chuckles, "Actually I do sink." Nate says with a grin, "But a soak in the hot tub sounds like a great idea right about now." He rolls his shoulder a little, reaching up to rub a spot that she'd whacked pretty good a few times.
[00:45] <PuddleJumper> She nods "Righto, i got my suit in the locker room, meetcha in there in a few after i change. I might jump in the pool first to cool off…hot tub always feels so much better when you are a bit chilly first!"
00[00:48] <BobaFettuccine> "I'll probly do the same, you know what's neat about basketball shorts though?" He grins, "They can double as swim trunks." A little chuckle as he walks straight towards the pool room, forgoing the locker room for now.
[00:56] <PuddleJumper> Skix shakes her head as she heads into the locker room. "Not if you got a tail as thick as yer leg and you swim like i do!" She was gone for several moments and when she returned she was wearing a black one piece swimsuit clearly not made to fit her unique body type it was far to tight in the chest and butt but loose in the stomech and shoulders she had cut a hole in the back for her tail and over time she had
[00:56] <PuddleJumper> streached it out…without her sports bra on he could see just how top heavy she was. She jumped into the deep end quickly not giving him much chance to look…she swam under water her hands tucked under herself and long tail swishing side to side quickly like an alligator while she pumped her legs feet together like a dophins tail. She moved underwater very quickly, she spotted where he was and swam still under to
[00:56] <PuddleJumper> near where he was standing and waved to him.
00[01:01] <BobaFettuccine> Nate doesn't look at her chest anyways, that would be rude of him and probably would make him blush. He's standing, in the 6 feet deep section, which means it's about up to his armpits. He waves back at her, he's taken off his t-shirt for swimming and geez, this guy is ripped, not even in the sense that a body builder is ripped, he's just covered in solid, flat slabs of /muscle/. There's also the rough, stony, bright red skin. "It's gonna take hours to dry off my legs." He laughs.
[01:08] <PuddleJumper> Skix is still under water, she swims loops around him, clearly in her element as she crosses in front him. This would be the first time he saw her without a tshirt on, and on top of the scar around her neck her shoulders were completly covered in deep disfiguring old scars that piched and crisscrossed down into her swimsuit. She flicked her tail and spun in the water springing off the bottom of the tile floor and
[01:08] <PuddleJumper> into the air. She could hold her breath that was for sure. "BAH! Man that felt good! I love the pool here! Its so clean and clear! I just wish they wouldent put so much chlorine in it…fries my senses its all i can smell for hours after it feels like!"
[01:09] <PuddleJumper> She once out of the water and done yammering eyes him shirtless…she blinks, her look saying…daammmn!
00[01:11] <BobaFettuccine> Nate shrugs, "My senses ain't all that sharp anyways," He gives a little laugh, "I reckon the water feels nice too, can't really do much swimmin though. I think it has somethin to do with why I'm so tough 'n strong. Somethin about how my muscles'r denser than normal folks." Another shrug. "Either way I sink like a rock."
[01:16] <PuddleJumper> Skix snaps herself out of staring "OH…well, better not go into the deep end…it would be worse then when i tried to teach Kir…" /she remembered he might be sensitive about that particular day/ "Ah…never mind. We all got things we arnt so good at. I mean sure most people can swim, but they probally couldent stop a garbage truck going 30 right?!"
00[01:20] <BobaFettuccine> "I'm, uh, not sure I could do that either." Nate shakes his head, "I'm strong but I'm not /that/ strong."
[01:26] <PuddleJumper> Skix blinks and pokes him in the love handle "Im messing with you. I dont really think you could stop one…well not going 30 anyhow. Skix headed over to the ladder pushing the button for the hottub…her tail swished and sent a splash of water his way. That can be lesson 10 for advanced ab punching huh!"
00[01:30] <BobaFettuccine> Nate walks to the edge of the pool and just lifts himself out of the water, totally disregarding the splash, he seems pretty chill when it comes to trying to mess with him. "I think maybe after awhile we can try sparring and I can try doing that while fighting back." He says with a grin, "I know I make a nice punching bag, but that won't win any fights for me."
[01:36] <PuddleJumper> Skix nodded. "That would be best…i can tell you for a fact that eventually getting hit all those times, no matter how strong you think you are will start to add up." she levered herself into the hot tub with a contented sigh. "Im glad you dropped by the gym and woke me up, the day was a bit…down. But sparing and chatting with you has got me back to feeling allright. SO thanks for that!" She messed with the
[01:36] <PuddleJumper> strap of her swimsuit pulling it up to cover her better.
00[01:43] <BobaFettuccine> He steps down into the hot tub with her, also sighing as the hot water relaxes his tired muscles. "Ya know one of the teachers here told my that I might be able to stop bullets." He laughs, "Not in a real hurry to try that one though." Another laugh, deep and booming, as his voice normally is. "Any case, I'm glad I could cheer ya up, no need to thank me, just spar with me again sometime."
[01:46] <PuddleJumper> Skix laughed along with him "Well, ive stopped a few bullets one of em managed to get through, i really dont reccomend it if you can avoid it!" She smiled, "You really are nice, of course we can spar again. One of the best things is i get to feel petite for a change!"
00[01:49] <BobaFettuccine> He grins at that last comment, "Ya know, I get that a lot around here. Fella by the name a Callum told me about the same thing, loved that I was taller than him."
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[01:50] <PuddleJumper> Skix grins "Well, its nice to be smaller then someone…i do like em big after all…just ask my girlfriend, the dragon!"
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00[01:54] <BobaFettuccine> "… Dragon?" He raises an eyebrow, "I… reckon that I must be pretty darn oblivious to not have seen a giant firebreathin dragon the whole time I've been here if there's one around." Then he seems to realize the other part of what she said, "Wait, yer girlfriend's a dragon?"
[01:57] <PuddleJumper> Skix nods "Shape changing one, her names Quiln. She usually looks a bit shorter then me with some orange scales and a spade tail and wings, but mostly a normal pretty girl…when shes ticked off shes a little taller then me and more scaly…and when shes being awsome shes about 50 feet long breaths fire and is fun as hell to get a ride from. Uh…shes also a tad uh…possessive, jelous, uh…prone to violence." She
[01:57] <PuddleJumper> laughs nervously "We all have our faults though right?"
00[02:01] <BobaFettuccine> He raises an eyebrow and scoots a bit away from Skix. "Yep, Just outta curiousity, on a scale of one to burn me alive fer bein shirtless in a hot tub with ya, how posessive and prone to violence are we talkin exactly?"
[02:03] <PuddleJumper> Skix looked decidedly sheepish…"Uhh…well, a 4…no more then 5…probally. There was the thing with Theo…and Caspian…This is totally innocent though you are totally safe!"
00[02:04] <BobaFettuccine> The eyebrow stays raised, "Riiiight. And how would she feel about me punchin ya?"
[02:08] <PuddleJumper> Skix laughed. "Actually now that you mention it that would bring things down to prolly a friendly 2 i meer singing and maybe not even a threat to eat you!"
00[02:10] <BobaFettuccine> "Yer girlfriend has some strange priorities." He says with a loud laugh, "Sounds like a fun gal, I'd love ta meet her sometime." He smiles and closes his eyes, leaning back in the water.
[02:12] <PuddleJumper> Skix lifts her tail and slaps the water lazily with it. "Yeah, i think she would be cool with that. So long as you dont try to kiss me…i know it will be hard but you must resist!" She scoffed as she said it dripping it with sarcasam
00[02:14] <BobaFettuccine> "The temptation is burnin me up inside, but I can stay strong." He says totally deadpan, eyes still closed, leaning back in a relaxed manner.
[02:20] <PuddleJumper> Skix gave her own raspy deep chuckle, She did like him. She wished she could be as relaxed as him. Maybe it was because he was southern…she would have to ask for some pointers…later…she was relaxing right now. "Yeah, i think yer safe from her. For now anyhow." She leaned back and sighed…maybe she would get some decent sleep after all tonight.
00[02:21] <BobaFettuccine> -scene beat up a red dude-

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