Below are the longform descriptions of the rooms of students, located in [tbd] Hall.

East Wing

First Floor

The East wing holds a connected large kitchen and common room with the space between them open so that one can see and talk into the other. The kitchen has several small tables, and the common room has three couches and several chairs, along with the TV and gaming systems. Also on the East wing first floor is a laundry room and several study rooms.

Second Floor (Co-ed) - E200+

Damien Dowell, Room E202
Door Decorations: Assorted Rave flyers. His name tag is a stylized mockery of edgy vampiric art.
Interior Design: The standard issue bed has been replaced with a bunk bed where the lower half is a couch. There is a giant microfiber plush that dominates the center of the room. The main light in the room has been replaced with a black light, and there are Christmas lights strung up to provide the rest of the dim lighting.
Notable Items: High quality sound system and turn tables. Professional DJ Deck and laptop connected.
Miscellaneous: It's a little cluttered, but largely clean.

Eponnie, room 220
Door Decorations: None
Interior Design: Eponnie's room is more of a workshop than a dorm room. She has a dresser in the corner to the left of the door (facing the parallel wall), boxes of doll-making materials lining that wall. Across the back wall, she has various equipment she uses to assist in dollmaking. Near the left corner of this wall, in a location with ease of access, is a large melting pot (about 5 litres) that she uses to melt down plastic. In the right corner of that wall is her desk (chair to the parallel wall). On the desk is a pile of her school books as well as a large paper cutter, and a few supplies strewn about. Along the right wall is more boxes of miscellaneous items, and a small wall mount where she keeps her animal headband. On the back wall is where her unused dolls are often kept, aside from the several that are on the other box stacks and on her desk. Right across from the door is a photo-realistic black-and-white picture of Eponnie and Zita in a passionate kiss (more details on page)
Notable Items: Paper cutter, melting pot, boxes everywhere, dolls, mounted animal headband, picture of her and Zita
Miscellaneous: The floor is very clean at all times, minus the traffic that might be going on

Madeline Maddox, Room E227
Door Decorations A big paper sign, slightly ripped (but recently repaired with tape and such), with the name Madeline in bubble letters and with a heart over the i. The sign is covered in drawings, inspirational messages, and photographs.
Interior Design A typical room made personal by Madeline's various touches. Being a photographer, a lot of her work (as well as paintings and photographs from Katlyn) are festooned on the walls, next to band posters and the like that change every few days. She has a great heap of bedding to ward off the ever-present cold. In general, it's a twee artsy nerd girl's room in every conceivable way, from the camera equipment storage under her bed to the shoe rack made out of milk cartons to the contents of the dresser. A few stuffed animals are always present on the bed, most notably Mr. Bun-Bun, her toy rabbit.
Notable Items A 1918 original mechanical typewriter, laptop computer. TV, PS4, rack of games and DVDs. Mr Bun-Bun.
Miscellaneous Undefended, unwarded, but feels really weird to any psychics.

Casta Azis Artega, Room E231
Door Decorations: Nothing of note.
Interior Design: Casta had a very spartan room, well, minus her projects and their needed tools. Casta's bed was in a corner, so that it would give her more usable space. Along the same wall as her headboard there were rows of mechanical arms, propped up and with two /always/ on charge. Above those arms sat her window, and in its seal sat a bonsai tree. It wasn't anything special, well, that's a total lie. The little bonsai thing had cherry-sized balls of iron that it grew as one of its bigger cousins might grow apples. And what's more, its roots occasionally shifted, pulling down any meat to devour. A carnivorous bonsai tree that grows metal. Yeah. On from that, next to her desk sat a pair of four legged spider-like robots. Her desk itself had a few places where lines had many lines of where sharpie marks had been written and then smudged, a few places where there were burns as well, but all that was beneath various lab equipment and electronics, both stolen and non-stolen, parts and entire ones.
Notable Items: A carnivorous, metal-growing bonsai tree, multiple pairs of mechanical arms, two robotic spiders, various electronics, and various bits of chemistry equipment.
Miscellaneous: Don't pet the tree. Don't. Pet. It.

Elizabeth Adrianna LaCroix, Room E232
Door Decorations A whiteboard with dry-erase marker, a less permanent form of Leah's "draw your own thing". 'Ellie' is written in slick, fancy script in permanent marker near the top.
Interior Design It's .. Nice in here. Very airy, nice colour choices, very tastefully modern and just slightly ruined by the fact that a teenage girl has to live here. Ellie's bed's soft and with smooth bedding, there's pale yellow curtains about the window that catch the sun so nicely, and the obligatory TV and game system that all teenagers seem to acquire somehow atop the dresser. Under the bed there's a vast, wide wire-and-fabric shoerack, overly full, there's a laundry bag on the inner doorknob, and the desk is fairly uncluttered but for a framed photo of Ellie and the Stoner Crew assembled together next to one of Ellie and Leah alone, and lastly her laptop and school supplies. There's a teddy-bear on the bed, most of the time.
Notable Items Shoerack, curtains, nice decor.
Miscellaneous There's a serious business latent psychic presence here. Those who aren't used to it would get the willies pretty fierce.

Theodore Grundlewood, Room E247
Door Decorations: Just a paper sign that says "Theo's Room" in scribbled letters.
Interior Design: A smallish room with a single twin sized bed, a dressesr, and a TV with a PS4 plugged in. Inside his dresser are some spare clothes and a few board games.
Notable Items: PS4
Miscellaneous: N/A

Luna Suzett Dimaris, Room E256
Door Decorations Plain door.
Interior Design Stock room, not yet set to her liking.
Notable Items Just her bags, she's still unpacking.
Miscellaneous N/A

Jonathan Aeris & Cindaria Cyaneidae, Room E262
Door Decorations: TBD
Interior Design: TBD
Notable Items: TBD
Miscellaneous: TBD

Third Floor (Co-ed) - E300+

Malissa Maguire, room 304
Door Decorations: none
Interior Design: In the far left is her bed (foot towards the door) with a garbage can next to the head, in the far right is her desk (chair pointed towards the bed), which has textbooks stacked underneath it and a bunch of 1 litre containers full of pixie dust. Also on it is a fairly large crystal, the one that glows when a supernatural entity touches it, and a picture of an old man posing happily in front of a farm, an old lady in the background. In the close right corner is her dresser, and a bunch of boxed full of her magic oufdas. In the close left corner is a booth-like array of mirrors, pretty easy to enclose yourself in to look at your whole body at once.
Notable Items: Large Crystal, Mirror "booth", containers of dust
Miscellaneous: there's always a few pens lying on the floor, her bed usually has at least one textbook on it, and her window is always open just a little

Alex, Room E308
Door Decorations: Just the name plaque.
Interior Design: The room is very sparse. No decorations to speak of
Notable Items: None
Miscellaneous: None yet.

Mikkel Vagus, Room E310
Door Decorations Plain door.
Interior Design Stock room.
Notable Items A single suitcase, pending arrival of lost luggage.
Miscellaneous N/A

Kevin Van Dusen, Room E312
Door Decorations: Just the name plaque.
Interior Design: The room has been left largely as-is. Nice bedding and pillows replace the standard school-supplied stuff. There are a few band posters hanging up in the room and a few oil paintings that Kevin did himself. The band posters have slowly been being taken over by posters depicting the various Outer Gods from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
Notable Items: There is a laptop on the small desk, and several sketch/art books as well. An expensive art set lies propped up against the desk.

Lisa Kawajiri, room E323
Door Decorations: Lisa's door is mundane.
Interior Design: Lisa's room gives the impression of someone who set it up to live in and never actually did. Nice sheets, a red carpet and drapes, a writing desk, bookshelves full of books (mostly bad manga and worse YA), a(n often empty) stand for her saxophone. It's obvious that she still uses it if one cares to truly examine the place, the room and its collection don't collect dust all that much. A few framed photos hang on the wall, all but one of Lisa (the odd one out is of her sister Annie, holding her pet snake). Lisa's bedding is heavy and overly comfy. Painted on her wall is a mural of her, winged and wearing a crown of black feathers, with the words “if i have to become a crow to fly out of this pit, then let me don the black feathers.” under it. The style is distinctly Katlyn LeBlanc.
Notable Items: Saxophone stand, painting, bad literature
Misc: To those who can sense the spiritual, her room seems to carry the smell of death. Not rotting, the actual smell of a soul leaving the body.

Cass Walker-Handal, Room 325
Door Decorations: "FUCK OFF" written in large, red letters
Interior Design: Borg spaceship. The lighting is dim and green. Mechanical creepy-crawlies skitter around, and away from bright lights. Bed is completely covered with adorable stuffed animals. Dressers made to look like Borg alcoves contain tiny sets of fashionable clothes across the gender spectrum.
Notable Items: Tons of gadgets and gaming consoles. A very large computer shaped like a Borg cube, with no monitor.
Miscellaneous: The stuffed animals are being converted by the Borg. The fact they never make any real progress from day-to-day hints at its real purpose, that being to unnerve visitors.

Callum Ellis, Room 326
Door Decorations: None.
Interior Design: The furniture is largely what was given to him, and if it wouldn't be very hard to believe that this is an empty room that they just use to show prospective students what it's like. The furniture is in the same place it was when he got here, kept straight and neat. The permanently-made bed has a home-made quilt beneath the standard issue bedding, folded back nicely the way his ma taught him to. Even his desk is kept very neat, with usually only a book or two to clutter it up. There's a Kansas City Royals pennant on the wall at a very deliberately jaunty angle.
Notable Items: There's a framed picture of his parents on the desk (he got his hair and her eyes). His Louisville Slugger is usually resting against a corner of the room.
Miscellaneous: He definitely does not keep his secret alien blanket in his bottom drawer.

Brett Fion, Room E333
Door Decorations: Some sticky velvet polka-dots that, when connected, forms a very simple dick doodle complete with balls. He thought this was very funny. They are numbered for ease of use.
Interior Design: Simple. Brett has a normal room. He hasn't added any furniture or anything- his clothes are everywhere and he decides if they are clean or dirty by sniffing them.
Notable Items: Nothing special. It's a pretty simple room

North Wing

First Floor (Girls) - N100+

Mary MacLeigh, Room N105C
Door Decorations: A signed poster of Halestorm
Interior design: So many band posters, all over the wall. There's no actual wall space showing between them. Against the far wall when you walk in the door is her desk with a doll of herself that is almost creepily accurate, and quite a few art supplies, various sizs of paper, oil pastels, colored pencils, and some paints. Also on the dask are a few fancy bits of jewelry. Next to the desk to the right is a bookshelf full of Cd's with a fancy cd player on top of it, next to the CD player is a mini fridge, inside of the fridge are a few cans of soda, probably Coke. Against the wall next to her desk are two guitar stands, one usually holds an electric with a Dropkick Murphys decal on it. The other occasionally holds a very well crafted, glossy black acoustic guitar when Mary's not playing it. Next to the guitars sit a high end portable amp with the necessary cords. Her bed is against the other wall and the fabric it, and the bedding on top of it, is made out of while looking comfortable, also looks a pretty darn tough. Kind of like the fabric on a firefighters coat. It is black. Her closet is set in the wall on the left side of the room close to the door.
Notable Items: Guitars, sketchbooks on the desk, occasionally open to an unfinished drawing, posters, fire extinguisher, creepily accurate doll of herself.
Miscellaneous: Just your average teenage bedroom. Definitely has the sense of a room that is well lived in.
Athene, Room N105D
Door Decorations: A whiteboard with dry-erase marker, the "draw your own thing" idea shamelessly stolen from Leah and Ellie. Athene's name hangs above it, letters made from colorful construction paper and each hanging from its own hook. Beneath the whiteboard, bright paper flowers.
Interior Design: 18' x 21' room. One wall is dedicated to bookcases, stuffed full of Battletech merchandise and a small library of unrelated (and terrible) YA novels. Another wall is dedicated to dressers full of clothes of surprising variety, considering Athene's virtually unchanging style. Despite being a photographer Athene doesn't display her work, and the only photographs in the room are framed and squirming eldritch things, kept face-down for sanity's sake when visitors are over. A corner of the room is dedicated to Athene's kitten, Hope.
Notable Items: Cat toys, photography supplies, and a hell of a lot of pills.
Miscellaneous: Very tidy, with a forlorn feeling of emptiness.

Zita Jasper, Room N106C
Door Decorations: Zita has her name painted on her door in a very stylized form, with the bottom line of the 'Z' going to line up beneath the pointy 'ita'. Like it was racing ahead towards the end!
Interior Design: Zita's taken to the 'making a house a home' style of decorating. She's decorated her room quite a bit, with her walls now painted a pale green color, the sort of bright pale that wasn't actually bright and didn't hurt ones eyes in the sunlight. Said pale green was contrasted rather nicely by the black paint, that ran along her room at mostly diagonals and criss crossed, her name was painted above the bed, in the same stylized manner, and in one little corner she had written it in cursive.

Zita's bed is typically made; though it flip-flops from pristine to messily made depending on a few factors, such as when she awoke and how long she had before going out. Though, if it's not neatly made in the morning when she leaves, she'll correct that mistake as soon as she can when she returns to her room. Her desk sits in one corner, angled so that it wasn't actually in the corner, so much as the corner was behind it. At night, or when she forgot to otherwise, her phone sat atop her desk charging, along with other things such as: her textbooks, spellbook, two dolls from Eponnie, her headband, and her flute! (which is within its case, of course.) Her sketchpads and notebooks, however, sat in that little space behind the desk, stacked up with their corners snugly in the corner, beneath a fully functioning replica of Snape's wand.
Notable Items: Black-Cat Headband and a pair of plastic dolls.

Leah Nasser, room N137
Door Decorations: Leah tends to post colored sketches onto her door, with a pen attached to a small paper pocket encouraging the visitor to 'draw your own thing'. A mezuzah hangs on her doorframe.
Interior Design:Leah's room is a fucking mess of sketches, hidden wards, and general bullshit. WIPs cover the floor in stacks, tubes, or just general messes, mostly around the desk Leah had installed. A smaller desk has been set aside for schoolwork/web stuff. A small bed with heavily warded sheets has been shunted to one corner, a small dresser beside. Dotting the walls are posters of various bands, all with wards painted onto the back. A few of Leah's paintings, mostly depicting cryptids, hang on the walls, along with a few photos of Leah and friends (mostly Ellie LaCroix). Sometimes, Leah will hide edibles around her room.
Notable Items: Sketches, paintings, edibles
Misc: Heavily fucking warded, get fucked ghost nerds

Marissa, room N158
Door Decorations: Fuzzy foam stickers all over the outside of the door
Interior Design: Very plain, with no furniture. Black, heat-retaining walls. The center of the room has a large, flat rock, and a heat lamp hanging above it, from the ceiling.
Notable Items: A wooden chest of clothing in the corner.
Misc: Nothing specific!

Nora Haltz, room N163
Door Decorations: "High Voltage" sign on the center of the door
Interior Design: Pretty basic. She cared more about her personal looks than her room's. The bedsheets have roses printed on them, and the walls are lavender.
Notable Items: Box of bateries, small chest labeled 'Do Not Open', Computer
Misc: Nothing terribly special about Nora's room, really.

Second Floor (Boys) - N200+

Champi Machaca, Room N214
Door Decorations: Dirt and smudges.
Interior Design: Grimy, dirty, and mostly empty, but at the same time colorful and Bolivian. Champi's bed sits near the center of the room, making things awkward. Ratty clothes are strewn about haphazardly, and the dressers are knocked over. In short: Looks as if hit by a tornado.
Notable Items: Deceptively shitty looking cobbled-together computer. A corner of the room is dedicated to a pile of cooking supplies.
Miscellaneous: Objects don't move, but once in a while it turns out they had always been somewhere else.

Daniel Vitan, Room N212
Door Decoratons: While Daniel's door itself is rather mundane, occasionally there will be frost creeping along its edges and his door is typically that uncomfortable but not painful kind of cold metal.
Interior Design: Daniel's room has more than a few signs of being lived in, and maybe a few more that its inhabitant likes it cold. His walls haven't been painted, but there's splotches of damage from frost or ice appearing on them, which it actively does. Frost, more often than Ice, can be seen like paint splotches appearing and disappearing at times, the only exception to their location where his poster hangs, said poster is the Tower tarot card and its place is directly above his bed. Said bed has blue sheets and is very neatly made, well, except for where it's moved a little and shows signs of being sat on. Which, really, was his only use for what was at this point a glorified couch. Speaking of where he sits, there's his chair. A desk chair that sets at, well, his desk. It's a brown thing, with various knick-knacks sitting on it, including his computer and an old illegible magic tome. Beneath his desk sits a black safe, the sort of kind that requires both a key AND a number combination, which he upgraded to after someone had attempted to from the safe's contents.
Notable Items: phylactery, magic tome, laptop, a few potions, various ofuda
Miscellaneous: His rooms is pretty cold. Not uncomfortably so, but when someone first steps in they would probably notice.

William Walker, Room N220
Door Decorations: The number 220, nothing personal as of yet
Interior Design: A pretty bare bones room with a desk, a chair, a bed, a small bedside table and a cupboard/dresser. His hiking boots and flip flops are next to the door on the inside. A changer hangs out of the power socket next to the bed. Will's sports bag sits at the end of his bed, usually open. The few of Will's possessions and strewn across the writing desk (books, pencils ect.).
Notable Items: A cricket bat leans against the desk
Miscellaneous: Toiletries already sitting on his sink.

Markus Singer, Room N234
Door Decorations: N/A
Interior Design: A bed to the left, and a closet to the right, with a little nightstand at the foot of the bed. The room is covered in posters of obscure punk and metal bands, with piles and piles of CDs and MP3 players littered about.
Notable Items: A photo of his family in the drawer of the nightstand.
Miscellaneous: N/A

Third Floor (Girls) - N300+

Minami Aiko, room 201 N303 (Third from the end of the hall on the West side)
Door Decorations: None.
Interior Design: Door near the right side of the front of the room, bed against the back wall with the head against the right wall, window just past the foot of the bed. Desk with computer against the right wall next to the bed's head, and a small space reserved for shoes right next to the door on that same side. Queen size futon taking up most of the room, with the head against the left wall and the whole thing scooted back as far as it can go while leaving about a foot between it and the bed. Dresser against the left wall on the front side, next to the futon with easy access from the door, and a couple of large boxes under the window stashed in the back-left corner. The room has no decorations, as suits a blind girl, but there are three webcams atop the computer that point in different directions to get a full view of the entire room. All very utilitarian.
Notable Items: Computer, futon; the bed never gets used except as a couch.
Miscellaneous: Her backpack sits next to her desk, but her cane sits on top of it. Her room doesn't have a chair to go with the desk, and she doesn't keep a keyboard or mouse plugged into her computer normally. The monitor is only there to hold the webcams, and usually is left off.

Asami and Akemi, room N3??
Door Decorations: None.
Interior Design: Tatami mats on most of the floor, on top of wood.
Notable Items:
Miscellaneous: Across the hall from Aiko in 303, and two doors further toward the center of the building (so it's the fifth one down from the end of the hall, on the East side of the North wing's hall.)

Jasmine "Jinx" Jacinto, room N333
Door Decorations:
Interior Design: In the close left corner is her bed, in the middle of the back wall is her desk, on it is a mess of papers on top of an unused alchemy set. Her dresser is in the corner between the two, facing the desk. All over the place are random items, but in the corner is a neat, alphabetically ordered stack of magic books. All over the walls are posters of heavy metal bands, often containing blood or grotesque imagery. There's a garbage can that is constantly moved around the room, but most often is found either next to the desk or in the corner opposite the dresser. In the corner opposite the bed is a mat and some dry-erase markers.
Notable Items: Alchemy set, stack of magic books
Miscellaneous: the room looks dirty. There's a small bloodstain in the middle of the room.

South Wing

First Floor (Boys) - S100+

Tyler White, room S116
Door Decorations: A yarn pattern depicting a rainbow through a prism. Tyler spent weeks on that. A mezuzah hangs on his doorframe.
Interior Design: Tyler's room is sparse. There's a lot of light fixtures, a few shelves for rocks, a desk for Tyler's computer (which is mostly set to ambient music videos), and little else. An autographed EW&F poster hangs on the wall (RIP Maurice). The bedding lacks sheets, so as not to cut Tyler off from light as he sleeps.
Notable Items: Rocks, industrial lamp.
Misc: It's said if you hit the rocks with light in a certain way, something really cool happens. Not helping the rumor is Tyler being very meticulous about their placement.

Bob Mazetti, room S123
Door Decoration

Ben Trayson, room S127
Door Decorations: A plate of metal with the name "Ben" etched in neatly.
Interior Design: There's… nothing. It's a mostly empty room, just the floor with a laptop, some stationery, and a deck of tarot cards lying in the corner.
Notable Items: Tarot Cards, Stationery
Misc: N/A

Ambrose Syl-Falaren, room S130
Door Decorations: A piece of thin wood etched with "Ambrose" and an elven sigil
Interior Design: Spartan, at best. A few trinkets next to the books, tastefully arranged plush rugs. A lush, but reasonable, hanging garden snakes around the outside of the room.
Notable Items: Shelves of books, a PC running a bunch of moderately large monitors, and a small meditation pad in the middle.
Misc: N/A

Second Floor (Girls) - S200+

Maria of Doran, room S225
Door Decorations: A small sheet of ceramic with prayer verses burned into it hangs from the door.
Interior Designs: The first thing one notices when entering Maria's room is that the floor is covered in a giant ward. The second thing one notices is that she treats it less like a bedroom and more like a storeroom. Music sheets are arranged on several music stands in one corner. A shelf has been set aside for various figures, sorted by religious significance if one had to guess. A few posters line the room, meticulously placed so as to be equidistant from the ones next to them. Her laptop sits on her desk, mostly used for projects and schoolwork. Her bed does not look comfy, and is not, in fact, comfy.
Notable Items: Figures, music sheets, ward
Miscellaneous: Get fucked Mahsal, that ward ain't just for show (much to Maria's displeasure)

Andrey Maijala, Room S215
Door Decorations None.
Interior Design Andrey apparently subscribes to the 'a room is where you sleep and store you stuff' school of thought. Rather than any real attempt to decorate, he's got a few posters on the walls for bands with too many umlauts in their names. His bedding's pretty light, with lots of pillows. There's guitar cases and an entire drum set carefully packed in under the elevated bed, along with recording equipment. The room's usually a bit of a mess, with clothes strewn here and there, sometimes draping over the television on the dresser. Schoolwork and computer are left lonely on the desk, the computer often left humming and chugging along rendering or uploading one thing or another.
Notable Items Guitars, drum set, recording equipment, raised bed.
Misc Nothing notable

Third Floor (Boys) - S300+

Austin Silver, Room S319
Door Decorations: Post-its. Under then name tag, there's a descending line of post-its declaring his increasingly ridiculous titles. Usually there's one advising the reader on Austin's current whereabouts. However, since they usually say stuff like "Travelling through time, be back 15 minutes ago." and "Austin is in another castle.", they really only let you know whether he's in or out. And that's when he remembers to change them. He also sometimes just puts up gags that amuse him on his door.
Interior Design: Design is a generous word. Everything down to the bedding is exactly what the room came with. Where they are is less standard, as Austin likes to shift them around on a whim. Usually the desk is in the corner, and he doesn't move the wardrobe much from its spot by the door, but at any given time his bed could be in any place it fits. The only real permanent fixture is the pile of dirty laundry slumped in the corner furthest from the door. The only hanging on the wall is an olive t-shirt, held up with thumbtacks, with a hole torn through the gut in the center of a sizable bloodstain.
Notable Items: Austin keeps his ukulele, Lucille, in his room. It's usually resting on his bed.
Miscellaneous: Aside from the laundry, his floor is kept surprisingly tidy.

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