Scribbling on the desks, words whispered in the hallways, notes passed in class… it's school, and schools have rumors! Rumors can have varying degrees of truth. Everyone is free to edit this page but please if the rumor is more questionable ask a GM.

Rumors about characters:

  • "Man, have you seen the rack on that Nora chick? I bet she's got implants." "Nah, her parents probably hiked her up on hormones." "You guys are weird…"
  • "Dude, that Claire chick spent a long time in that new kid Micheal's room with the door closed, do you think they boned?" "Totally dude." "Heh, that guy works fast, respect."
  • "Micheal sure works fast, apparently he's a one pump chump." "How do you know that?" "I plead the fifth."
  • "Dude, that Pixie chick is all over that one creepy Kevin dude all the time, I think they're together." "Yeah, probably. Why would she be into him though? He's so weird and creepy." "I dunno dude, no accounting for taste I guess." "It's probably the weird shadow tentacles." "Yeah."
  • "Are you as unsurprised as me that the Minotaur is already getting tons of feminine attention?" "Yup. Especially from Cindaria. Suppose it makes sense that the jellyfish girl would be into bestiality."
  • "Dude, you know that girl Esperanza? you know, the dead one?" "Yeah" "Dude, there's no way those dresses are legit. I'll bet they're made of plastic or someshit." "Oh man totally, I heard she buys them all at Wallmart." "What a poser"
  • "Holy shit dude, Micheal's an animal. He made this one new girl take off her sweatshirt in the middle of the Gazebo. She wasn't even wearing anything underneath" "Man, I bet that's why he did it" "Dude, that's fucked up, doesn't he have a girlfriend?"

Rumors about the School:

  • "The train? I hear it's a ghost train. Like the movie, but not as bad."
  • "Did you see that thing in the crawlspace?"
  • "I heard someone's planning to build another shrine dedicated to some girl."
  • Spray painted on the side of a Building, "He is in our minds…"
  • "Some students are starting a dirty book club, I hear they are having orgies and stuff somewhere on campus."

Other rumors:

  • Overnight, a random hill in the forest near Haven sprouted 71 iron crosses, that look suspiciously like swords. All reading In Memorium on the blade.
  • Scrawled on the side of Andromeda dorm. "There's the giant collection of psychic energy under Haven, apparently…"
    • Scrawled directly under it: "You idiot, there's a giant collection of psychic energy under basically every town. It's what you get with a bunch of people living together."
  • "Dude.. did you hear screaming coming from the woods.. I did while in town.. creepy.."
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