Run Schedule

If a run is to be play by post, link to that thread too, in the time it's supposed to run.

Unless stated otherwise, characters for runs sign up during the 10-30 minutes before a run is scheduled to start. If your run has pre-sign-ups, they must not begin until the run has been up for at least two days. Runs must be on the schedule at least 2 days before they are to occur, but it is preferred to have them up a full week in advance. Remember that some people take time off work for these.

Remove your runs from the schedule after they've happened AND are on the records page!

GMs Name Date/Time Players Difficulty Action / Themes Plot(s) 0 HP Rule?
GM Names Run/Event Names MM/DD/YY XX:XX (EDT) # or #-# Easy / Med / Hard Combat, Stealth, Investigation, Dark, Comedic, Etc. Any involved plots (Y/N)/Degree of injury
gumbal1 Mach Cedo, Mekka Mekka TBD 4 Hard/Brutal Combat, Infiltration, Horror Diane Dungeon Y, Mutilation
gumbal1 White Elk TBD 2-4 As hard as you make it Errands, Deep Web Blues The Nuveni Y, Ruination
SavanahHolland Snowed In, In Snowdin TBD 3-4 Soft Social n/a
BobaFettuccine Honey I Shrunk the Students TBD 4 CST 3-5 Medium SCIENCE!!!, Survival, Tinyness N/A Y, Death
Inebriated_Lobster The Winter of Madness TBD 4 CST 4-5 Medium-Hard Cold weather, magic/occult, combat, rescue, archaeology N/A Y horrible nightmares, or mutilation
RedRosasGhost Jurraztec Park 8/8 4 CST 3-5 Medium-Hard Magic/occult, combat, Mesoamerican myth, scavenger hunt, amusement parks N/A N

Do not remove runs until after they are on the records page for all characters that went on them. If you GM a run, PLEASE add it to records for everyone that was on it!

Want to Guest GM?

So, you've been playing this game for a bit and would like to GM something, but you're not sure how to do this, well no fear! There is an easy process for doing what you want.

NAME OF RUN The name of your run, obviously.

CONTENT This is the part where you tell us the basic outline of the plot, outline, what anomalies, what players will be doing, hazards, etc.

Send these things to a GM for approval after making sure they don't mind missing the run for certain, and be sure to include anything that might impact world lore or add to it. If you don't fully understand the mechanics of the game still, it would be best to familiarize yourself with them first, but sometimes a GM won't mind helping you along with them during the run if available.

Regarding Experience
Remember that well-done runs can give the one who executes it xp as well as the characters who go on it! Also, make sure to let a GM know about the run's conclusion, who went on it, and how much xp it was worth. A typical run is worth about 4xp for "short" or "medium length" runs (about 4-6 hours), or 5xp for "long" runs (about 7-9 hours). This is based on amount of content and expected length, not the actual amount of time that it takes, so players, don't try to stall or post slowly for more. Reduce a run's xp by 1 if it's particularly easy, and increase it by 1 if it's notably hard. If a run is very long and/or extremely hard, it might be worth as much as 7xp, but be careful with this. No run should be worth less than 3 unless it's under 4 hours of content and very easy, and likewise no single run should be worth more than 7… pretty much ever.

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