"Can we be… friends?"

Please contact your student adviser.

Levi-308 Trayson, Ben. Carrion Flower One Spirit Recovered
Called to Levi's research office in the Library basement, Ben is asked to sign his forms and go on an outreach. The outreach brings him to a mechanical and rusted farm, where he confronts a machine holding onto his memories of his adoptive father. From there, he meets Levi-308 in a metal wheat field under a wireframe tree of sparks. They talk, and he agrees to be her friend. Then, he faces his fear of electricity and hugs the tree. It singes him, but in the process he frees a spirit from the shade. As well as becoming a little more organic.
Levi-022 Kawajiri, Lisa Ayame. Black Rose. Five Spirits Recovered
Lisa was brought down to the office and sent on her first outreach. Bringing her to a very cozy Ramen Shack with a very nice Old GI running it. Placement seems unfixed, but the Ramen tastes good. Levi is sitting next to her, she didn't notice. She follows Levi out and into a festival. From there, they walk to a concert. Lisa does more than just perform. Then, they catch a goldfish.
Levi-088 Maddox, Madeline. Daisy. Error Error Error
"Pasket there's- there's been a problem."
"What? What does that mean?"
"She's gone silent. No response."
"Don't let Levi drop her, I'll be there soon."
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