Listed here are the various items and objects people can purchase with their cash. As there is what we call hard cash and soft cash, everything here will be noted with a ‘HC’ or ‘SC’. Soft cash items do not have to be purchased through a GM, though Hard Cash items will need to be. All items sold for HC will have a 5% tax levied on them. Example below:

An item sold for $10. The buyer pays $10, though the seller will only receive $9.50 for it due to the levied tax.


There will be a directory available to all students with shop listings and offered services on campus. Anything not student related off campus will not be listed here. Anything done by an NPC will be listed as such.

Item Seller Price Description
Runes Gungnir $10 HC Slips of sturdy paper that, when applied to the skin transfer whatever rune is located there to the skin. The rune will stay there until it is triggered. There are three runes that I am capable of making. Eihwaz: Which will make you stronger for a time. Ansuz: Which will improve your mental defenses. Algiz: Which come in batches of 6 and allow you to communicate telepathically with those bearing a rune from the same batch. ( Mechanics, Eihwaz: roll 6d6 for +1 to Brawn for hits rounds minimum 1. Ansuz: Roll 6d6 for +1 to Mdef for the next hits rounds minimum 1. Algiz: After activated allows telepathic communication with everyone wearing an Algiz rune from the same batch, lasts two hours )
One time Use +1 Attack Weapons Maya $15 HC for Melee, $5 HC for ammo I can create any weapon (or ammo) that acts as a one use +1 weapon. Any weapon design you could possibly imagine is available, just provide references. Note: Dragon's Breath and Tracer rounds not available.
Metalgami Birds and bowls Michael aka Micheal $5 SC They don't do anything fancy, they are just some Origami birds and bowls Michael made. But with Metal. Decorate with them, or throw pens into them/ at them. They're actually not that bad.
White Lily Boutonniere NPC $250 HC A beautiful White Lily on a pin that will never decay unless it's given to an angry Ex. When worn, if the wearer were to take a fatal hit, they instead are left with 1 Health or Psyche and take -1 to all attributes until they have a chance to rest. Does wither after taking the hit, sadly, so it's single use.
Adrenaline Patch NPC $90 HC A nice little patch for all you junkies, thin and pumps you up real quick. Adds +1 to Finesse and Brawn to the next two rolls, can be used as a minor action.
New Clothes, Custom Designs, Tailoring, Alterations Cindaria $50-$75 SC I'm happy to alter any clothing that you may need altered or design something completely new all together. Prices vary according to what exactly you want. Accessories cost extra! My work is thorough and service is fast. Call or Text ###-#### for a time to meet up and talk about what it is you want!
Salon Services Cindaria $20-$75 SC Salon services offered to all students of Fifth Sanctum! Hair, nails, makeup, massages, facials and more! Students with scales, wings or any other anomalous attributes are also welcome! There's a service for everyone! Call or text ###-#### for an appointment!
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