Song of the Spear

01[19:14] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir sits in the common room quietly reading a book on ancient greek history and humming softly to himself with a slight smile on his face.
[19:18] <@Nemi> Gungnir'd be aware of a presence, a very metallic one, popping up behind him. Moreso when some long, smooth strands of gold tumble out over his shoulder, and a high musical voice pipes up with, "Heeeey, Gungnir! Whatcha readin'?" If he looks over, he'd spot some familiar bronze features- those belonging to Andrey! Though they seem softer, fresher, somehow. Like they only just came out
[19:18] <@Nemi> of a mold and hadn't been yet worn down. Weird and different.
01[19:20] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir smiles as he turns his head to get a look at Andrey. "Hello Andrey." His voice is much lower and less musical, though no less smooth. "I am reading about the ancient greeks and their mythology."
[19:22] <@Nemi> "Really? Huh- weeeird that's comin' up again." Andrey hops up over the couch and plops down next to Gungnir, and sprawls out a bit. He seems smaller somehow, and it's hard to tell but it seems like the frame he's honed so hard in the gym for bulk and androgyny's softened and rounded too. He doesn't seem happy about it, going by the heavy clothes. "Cuz, uh, well. I had an uh, experience.
[19:22] <@Nemi> Thing happened."
01[19:30] <BobaFettuccine> "What kind of an experience?" Gungnir asks, raising an eyebrow. He seems like the same old Gun, no matter how much he trains or works out, he doesn't seem to gain any muscle mass.
[19:32] <@Nemi> ".. yeah. So uh. Donno if you know her, Mary McLeigh, she's been helping me dig up mythos stuff, cuz we were tryin' to figure out like, what my power source is and what I ended up like this, you know? So uh.. Yeah. I got a visit from .. Sooo. Ilmarinen, forge god? Is saying he's my uh, creator. Or dad. And like, I'm his 'perfect creation', and I should come home and stop trying to change
[19:32] <@Nemi> what he made me like an'.. yyyeah."
[19:33] <@Nemi> ".. It's. A thing." Andrey forces a grin. It's not very strong.
01[19:38] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir doesn't even blink, gods and forges and the suchlike are things he is intimately familiar with after all. "Hmm, I do not believe that I have met Ilmarinen." Gungnir says, "Though what you describe of him sounds similar to what my creator Brokkr told Odin before I was sent from Asgard in this form."
[19:39] <@Nemi> "Yeah? What'd, uh, Brokkr say? I'm not, uh, really .. I don't know a ton about uh, the Norse pantheon and stuff." Andrey leans in a little, peering up at Gungnir curiously. "I mean. What'd- you know."
01[19:47] <BobaFettuccine> "He said to Odin," Here Gungnir's voice gains some rough gravelly tones as though he were imitating someone, "Just cause ye shoved him through a few hearts here and there over the millenia don't mean you got the right to change him and send him away. He's my perfect baby boy, he belongs in Asgard with Mjolnir." Gun smiles over at Andrey.
[19:50] <@Nemi> ".. yeah, except here it's, uh, some smith god I never met sayin' I'm his uh, daughter or something and I shouldn't be trying to change what he made me, like I'm somehow doing wrong by it, it uh.. got me real pissed off. Cus like, I uh, I got a dad and a family and a life already, so where'd THAT come with that?"
01[19:58] <BobaFettuccine> "I agree, he changed you without your consent and then came to you wishing for thanks and love, that is not right." Gungnir frowns slightly. "He is an," Slight pause as if Gungnir was forcing himself to use the slang. "Asshole." Gun looks pleased with himself at the use of a new word.
[20:02] <@Nemi> "Yeah. Yeah, basically." Andrey sighs. "An' I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Cuz, uh. Like. I could tell the Headmistress but I uh, don't know what'll that do. And I'm just.. Nervous, man. Like if he's pissed, he's a /god/.. WHat'm I gonna do? Cuz uh, it feels like he thinks he's being /nice/ by letting me do this, uh. Stay here, be me, I guess."
[20:05] <@Nemi> ".. so I uh. Kinda wanna ask. You basically got a mythic dad, right? Uh.. What would you do?"
01[20:06] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir looks over to Andrey thoughtfully, "He may well be a god, but that means very little in the grand scheme of things. I have been used to kill gods before. Maybe I should speak with this Ilmarinen at some point. He will surely know of me, and if he does not, he will know of Odin. Perhaps I could talk him into leaving you alone?"
[20:11] <@Nemi> ".. You think you could? Cuz uh, he seems to think that .. I'onno, man. LIke. He's /sure/ I'm his daughter and like, he's an asshole? But he .. kinda seemed like he.. I'onno. Meant it? Like he wanted to give me something better, too. Like he's.. kinda.. sad?" Andrey fidgets. ".. man maybe I just.. Need to get some good friends with and actually visit. Get that sorted."
01[20:13] <BobaFettuccine> "If you wish, I would go with you." Gun says with a smile. "I believe that you should speak with him and tell him your concerns, if at that point he cannot be reasoned with, then we would take things from there."
[20:17] <@Nemi> "Yeah. Yeaah. I'd uh. I'd appreciate it. If uh, you know. You could be there an' help." Andrey leans over a little and pauses a moment. "I'onno when I'll be visiting again. I just uh.. Yeah. I get the feeling he's just, doesn't think about things, but means well. So uh, maybe he'll listen to somebody who's a /legend/, like you." Andrey reaches up to wipe a length of smooth, gold hair
[20:17] <@Nemi> from his face. "What's got you uh, lookin' at Greek myths, Gun?"
[20:17] <@Nemi> Smooooth topic change.

<BobaFettuccine> Gun laughs at the word legend being used to describe him. He shakes his head and says "I finished studying the Romans, so I decided that I would study the Greeks next. I am still deciding what ancient culture I will study after them."
[20:25] <@Nemi> "Cooool." Andrey grins a glittering grin. Literally, by the sheen of his platinum teeth. "You should try uh, something from the other side of the world! Like Inca an' Mayan! And uh, Mexica! Maybe some of the people in India!"
01[20:29] <BobaFettuccine> "That does sound interesting, perhaps the Aztecs?" Gungnir smiles back, his own teeth just regular white. He pauses for a moment going quiet before once more speaking. "You have a way to visit this Ilmarinen on another world yes?" Another pause, "Do you think that this could be used to visit a world that is not his? Such as maybe… Asgard?"
[20:36] <@Nemi> "Yeah, the Mexica, Aztecs, same thing.." Andrey pauses to think. "I uh, yeah. I can uh, call him. He'll send a boat. I can't like uh, do it myself but.. I could maybe ask if he'd take us?"
[20:36] <@Nemi> "Why? You wanna go back?"
01[20:43] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir's face lights up at the thought of being able to visit his home once more. "I do. Perhaps not permanently, but I do wish to visit at the very least. I miss Asgard terribly, you should come with me. Yggdrasil is a sight to behold." He manages to look both excited and homesick at the same time.
[20:54] <@Nemi> "I uh- I'd.." Andrey blinks, and stares, and then grins. "Man. I'd /love/ to see Yggdrasil. An' Asgard. Maaaan that'd be /amazing/ I uh.. I wonder what I'd have to say to uh, get him to let me visit.."
[20:56] <@Nemi> Andrey sprawls out a little on the couch, almost leaning against Gungnir.
01[20:58] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir hasn't sprawled out very much, sitting with his usual weirdly good posture. "Perhaps I could make the request of him myself when we go to speak with him?" Gun suggests as he finally remembers to shut the book in his hands and set it down on the table.
[20:59] <@Nemi> "I uh.. that'd be /awesome/. Really'd love to see an' uh, I uh, I kinda feel like he'd respect you? Since, you know, ancient and legendary spear and figure and stuff."
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01[21:03] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir shakes his head. "I feel as though he would respect my creator more. To most who know what I was I am just a weapon that learned how to speak. An oddity and nothing more." He sighs, "Speaking of which, I spoke with Loki earlier today."
[21:06] <@Nemi> "Eeeh, yeah, but he'd probably uh, respect you an' your creator more than like.. I don't think he'd really.. Uh, unless I ask him nice, I guess? But that'd kinda uh, like, the way that'd work would probably need me to uh, admit that I'm tied to him, so .. probably better from you.. Anyway." Andrey cracks a little wan grin. "Wait, wait, really? You talked to /Loki??/ What'd he say?"
01[21:16] <BobaFettuccine> "Mostly he reminisced about the old days in Asgard and complained about how much his power has diminished." Gungnir chuckles, "He apparently escaped the chamber he was chained in and became trapped in one of the students here. A boy named Reynard."
[21:19] <@Nemi> "/Really/? Wild.." Andrey grins a goofy grin as he actually DOES lean against Gungnir now. Gold hair, smooth and straight in a way only possible with living metal, fans out down Gungnir's shoulder. Andrey yawns a little. "Feels like we've got all the most .. man, crazy stuff here. Wonder if we could convince him to uh, help with this whole thing of mine.."
01[21:22] <BobaFettuccine> "I do not believe that you would want Loki's help." Gungnir chuckles and turns his head as Andrey makes contact. Not really moving other than that, "When Loki is involved with something it only ends well for Loki." He then shifts just a bit in order to be more comfortable to lean on.
[21:23] <@Nemi> ".. aaah.." Andrey peers up at Gungnir, and quirks his lip. "Iii uh, I see. Still! That's.. Man. He remembered you and everything?"
01[21:27] <BobaFettuccine> "I do not believe he has ever forgotten anything, and he holds a grudge better than any of the other Aesir as well, which is impressive because theirs is a society built upon grudges." He looks down at Andrey with a small smile on his face.
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[21:35] <@Nemi> "Is it? I uh, don't know a lot about the pantheon. And uh.. Like, you're the closest to a direct source I got uh.. Can you tell me what it was like? Cuz like, uh," He quirks his lip. "If I'm uh, you know. In the situation I am it'd be good to like, get an idea of the people I'm gonna be bumpin' elbows with."
01[21:45] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir nods, "Everything is so much slower there. The grand scale of the power of even the weakest Aesir seemed to make every action last an eternity, and yet despite all of their power and all of their wisdom. The people of Asgard could be enormously petty." He smirks slightly, "Everything they do is large and lasts for a long while, unless it is battle, in battle they are perhaps, at their most human." His eyes aren't really looking at anything in particular, it's like he's looking past Andrey into his own memories.
[21:47] <@Nemi> Andrey isn't surprised. He IS speaking to something that's far more ancient than he could conceive, translated into a mind and body that's quite young. Traversing those depths must be an effort on Gungnir's part. "That seems uh, kinda a common trend. Pettiness, I mean. Look at the uh-" Andrey gestures with a silver-tipped finger to Gungnir's book. "The Greek gods. AMAZING petty. And
[21:47] <@Nemi> uh, Ilmarinen and his pantheon- doing petty or foolish things all the time. It's uh.. Kinda got me thinking that in a big way, the gods are like uh, people. Just exaggerated."
01[21:50] <BobaFettuccine> Gun seems to snap out of what he was thinking about and smiles at Andrey again, "Yes, I believe that is a perfect way to describe them." He laughs, "And in much fewer words than I used as well!"
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[21:53] <@Nemi> "Yeah, and it's in like, every way. Like.. When they lust for something, they do it /hard/. When they're thinking about thinking, they spend an /age/. When they're angry, their wrath is /massive/. Everything's like uh, well, a human. Just /more/. Their uh, melancholy's deeper, rage is greater.. thing." Andrey cracks a grin. "And in uh, Ilmarinen's case, he uh, seems to not have a lot
[21:53] <@Nemi> of faith in himself even if he does amazing things, and he uh, doesn't think about what he's doing ahead of time. Or he loses track of things an' uh, ends up on something else."
01[21:56] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir grins, "You seem to understand the gods better than they understand themselves." He blinks, a momentary look of surprise crossing his face, "Perhaps I am somewhat similar to them now that I think about it. Hmm."
[21:58] <@Nemi> "Well, like.. Who'd you learn from the most, right? ANd like.. let's say I hypothetically /am/, uh, Ilmarinen's daughter, or whatever. I grew up a pretty normal human, just a kid who was REALLY into music real early and always liked making stuff and doing things with metal, but you don't see me /doing/ that kinda uh, god stuff. RIght?"
01[21:59] <BobaFettuccine> He nods, "Though I am sure that you would be able to if you truly set your mind to it." Gun says with a grin booping Andrey's nose.

[00:46] <@Nemi> "Yeah but I uh.. I mean, would it need to be the uh, mindset to use it right?" Andrey raises a hand, and peers idly at his slim palm as an elegant spiral of silver wire growths forth from the skin and weaves itself into a double helix formation, with copper and gold bars slithering in to tie it together like a strand of DNA.
01[00:52] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir shrugs, "I have only had a mind to set for five months or so, I am still learning. But I think that to choose to accept that you have been touched by a god and shaped into something more than human would not be to turn your back on /being/ human." Gungnir watches the metal shape and form and he smiles as it does, wondering if Andrey had the ability to shape /him/ if he so chose.
[00:59] <@Nemi> Andrey hadn't tried it, and certainly gave no voice to the idea. Perhaps if it were prompted. Andrey closes his hand, the intricate sculpture dissolving like liquid into individual droplets that spatter and melt back into his bronze skin. ".. yeah. I think we're all still learning, even if I uh, have like, a fifteen year head start. I've only been uh, this, for .. Like.. Four months,
[00:59] <@Nemi> as far as I know. Maybe I /was/ always like this and I didn't know it. Or something." Andrey lifts his head ever-so-slightly from where he's leaned up against Gungnir, a few golden strands clinging to his face before sliding aside in a silken sheet with a thought. ".. but, yeah. I think you're right. Like. I'll still always be me. Whatever that is."
01[01:06] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir glances at Andrey's face as it moves, smiling. "It seems that all any person can be is themself. No matter how hard they or the world them tries to make that not so." He reaches up a finger and taps himself on the chest, though he's not sure if he actually has a heart. "In here. It will always be you." He nods, his own pale blond hair falling out from behind one ear to cover half of his face.
[01:10] <@Nemi> "Yeah! Yeah. But like, guy's gotta wonder, right? Like, am I doing what's best for me? Should I uh, just be accepting what's /right in front of me/ an' what's being told to me and all? It's uh.. yeah. Hard, right now. 'specially having uh, visited the place the god who says he's my dad's got and is saying's mine too. .. so uh. Yeah." Beat. ".. You know." Andrey, out of curiosity, shifts
[01:10] <@Nemi> his position a bit to lean his head on Gungnir's chest, to listen in a curiously parallel thoughtline to Gungnir's. And for that same curiosity, tries to see if he can 'feel' out anything about Gungnir's physicality. Anything metallic.
01[01:19] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir has no heartbeat, there's only a curious rushing sound in his chest, like high pressure water pipes. As Andrey tries to feel out if Gun's made of metal, he can immediately tell that yes, while he feels and looks human, every little bit of him is made of metal, including his blood. Although it is no metal that Andrey is familiar with, in fact, it is no metal that actually exists on Earth. "I could not tell you what would be best for you. Perhaps get to know this man. Even if he is your father, as he says. That does not make your family any less your family. It changes only your future, not your past." As he speaks, Andrey would hear a soft metallic grinding sound in Gun's chest.
[01:21] <@Nemi> All metal of various forms. Just like Andrey. Just.. Different. Entirely a creation of the places beyond Midgard. It's fascinating to listen to. ".. I wonder if I could do anything with you," Andrey muses aloud, voice soft and musical, the sound alone coursing and weaving about to flutter Gungnir's hair in rhythmic patterns. ".. And… Yeah. I'll uh. Try that, I guess. The future. Right.
[01:21] <@Nemi> It'd be.. Uh.. I don't even know. I can't even think of a future."
01[01:27] <BobaFettuccine> Surprised blinking follows Andrey's first statement, there's a short pause before Gungnir starts speaking, "Do anything with me?" Gungnir tilts his head to one side, noticing the way his hair flutters, but not really finding it important.
[01:29] <@Nemi> ".. uh- sorry, sorry, was thinking to myself I uh.. I can kinda, uh, like. Instinctually control metal? And .. You /are/ metal. I can feel everything about you, inside and out, I can.. uh.. hear the songs that dance through you, and it's uh.. beautiful."
01[01:34] <BobaFettuccine> Gun blushes a bit, his cheeks getting a distinct silver sheen to them. Andrey might also hear the rushing sound get a bit louder. "…Oh." beat, "Thank you." Another pause, "If you would like, you may try." He says quietly.
[01:42] <@Nemi> "I just uh.. I dunno if it'd hurt or not. It shouldn't, since the uh, song I sing to do it is uh, it's not really one for uh, war or pain or anything, it doesn't really destroy or anything but.. lemme know if you feel something, right?" Andrey looks up at Gungnir. Even his eyes gleam like greenish metal, translucent and glassy rather than soft and fleshy. ".. ha, you blush like I do.
[01:42] <@Nemi> Anyway, uhh.." Beat. ".. man, maybe I /am/ an artifact like you are. Anyway.." Andrey begins to hum, softly, but to Gungnir it sounds like something much more. Distant, from somewhere far beyond Andrey's lips, weaving in and out of perception and into the essence-behind-the-real. It runs like liquid, like gentle fingers, coaxing parts of Gungnir to fit a new design. Gungnir'd feel the
[01:42] <@Nemi> song and its untranslatable words move now to his forefinger- and convince the nail there that it's really an elegant, lengthy spiral, much like a corkscrew. It doesn't hurt. It merely fits what it always should have been.
01[01:51] <BobaFettuccine> He nods, and, as Andrey begins to sing a slow smile spreads across Gungnir's face he closes his eyes and loses himself to the moment. The song that Andrey sings is joined by the distant sound of drums and warhorns, almost there, just at the edge of perception, weaving themselves into the same song as all across Gungnir's body golden runes start to shimmer, glowing a quiet white color.
[01:56] <@Nemi> Andrey, of course, merely sang- hummed, but sang is perhaps the better descriptor, and watched to see what would happen, if Gungnir's pattern would obey. The formation of the runes, the joining into the song.. It's not what he expected, but with the sudden duet, it merely propels Andrey on into letting the song itself take the form it would. To abandon his original designs, and instead
[01:56] <@Nemi> to see what wild route the song would take. Foolish? Reckless? Perhaps. But this is the first time his song of shaping, that little divine spark, was truly joined by another.
00[02:10] <BobaFettuccine> The runes seem to form a path to follow, visible only to those that can properly shape metal, those with skills to rival the dwarves of Asgard, this map leads in a single direction and channels the song into a specific direction, causing it to pick up the pace almost imperceptibly, sending branches and echoes out into odd, directions, for a few moments it feels as though there are two, possibly even three, Andrey's all singing a song that is exactly the same, and yet fundamentally different. The echoes separate and fade, soon the light from the runes covering Gun becomes blinding, as the song winds down the runes fade and disappear, Gungnir is left sitting there, his right hand is now a spear, but not the spear that it normally is, no. This time it is much more intricate, and for some reason feels stronger. The normal large golden runes that spiral down the silver metal are now much smaller and the spiral is tighter, effectively tripling the number of runes there, and on the spearhead itself, the razor sharp edge of the blade somehow has runes inlaid into it, these runes are intricately worked in a spiralling script. The composition of Gungnir's body also seems to have fundamentally changed. The metal all throughout him has grown stronger.
[02:13] <@Nemi> Andrey hardly expected this. Least of all the multiplication of his own power as it fed on the spark imbued into Gungnir. The transmutation, the strengthening, all caught Andrey offguard, and he actually reaches a finger out to touch the haft, where Gun's wrist was. ".. wow." The song still whispers out from behind his lips, though it seems not to interfere with speech. "I uh. .. didn't..
[02:13] <@Nemi> expect that. This's amazing.."
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00[02:22] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir nods, his entire body is tingling right now in a very good way, like every inch of him is simultaniously being snuggled by something soft and silky. He's pretty much left speechless, "I…" There's a long pause before he's able to get any more words out. "That was unlike anything I have felt before. Even when Odin gave me this form it did not feel nearly so… Right." Gun's grinning like a fool at this point. He raises his spear-hand to get a better look at it, "I believe that Brokkr and Sindri would very much like to meet you. Together I am sure you would be able to make things that far surpass what I am."
[02:26] <@Nemi> Like father, like child, apparently. Ilmarinen was brilliant, if often misguided and, at least according to the mythos Andrey and Jane had dug up, often the figurative butt of a story's joke. But as a creator he had no equal, and many heroes and gods would turn to him, take advantage of him to one end or another. And sometimes he would also screw up. Andrey, at least, is sure he didn't
[02:26] <@Nemi> do so here. And as Gun exults, a stir of jealousy burns somewhere inside Andrey, despite his attempts to quench it. How could he help make Gungnir /right/ when he couldn't do the same for himself? As Gun lifts the spearhead to examine it, Andrey retracts his fingers, and shifts slightly to hug his elbows to himself. "I uh.. I don't really uh, know what I did, just uh- something fed off
[02:26] <@Nemi> me an' it like, just.. let me fit you into the like, design of you-as-you-should-be. The uh, most you you could be. If uh. That makes sense. I'd uh- really, really like to meet them though!"
[02:30] <@Nemi> Sudden topic change. Focus on Gungnir. Not on.. What you did.
[02:31] <@Nemi> Focus on learning. What you can do.
00[02:37] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir lowers his hand and it ripples and morphs back into its usual five fingered form. He turns to Andrey and smiles at him, leaning forward to offer a hug. Unsure what more he could say in the face of such a change. The difference in him now is subtle, but definitely there. He's not quite sure how to deal with it yet, but he knows that he can use it to move in a positive direction.
[02:38] <@Nemi> Right. Focus on the fact that you did right for your friend. Andrey hesitates, then frees his arms to return the hug. "You uh.. /sound/ better. Like.. the song of Gungnir. It sounds right. Er. More than it did."

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00[13:12] <BobaFettuccine> Gun smiles wide, "You are an amazing person Andrey." He says as he breaks off the hug. "You change lives without meaning to, and I am willing to bet that you have only changed them for the better."
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[13:16] <@Nemi> ".. Yeah." Andrey sits back beside Gungnir again, once the hug breaks. He settles back against the armrest, and thinks for a moment. ".. I'm uh. I'm happy I can do that. It's just the thing, right? I wanna be friends with everybody, and what do friends do? They uh, try to make stuff better. Kinda thing." Blink blink. "I uh. You know. I can't remember any time before I was uh, a teenager.
[13:16] <@Nemi> LIke, I /know/ I should, but I .. Don't."
00[13:23] <BobaFettuccine> There's a long pause as Gungnir tries to think of what to say next, he's not really sure how to respond to that, memory is a tricky subject for him. Most of the time he only had the memories gained through his months of being somewhat human, though sometimes, if he concentrated he could remember pieces of his time in Asgard. He honestly has no real experience with being any age /but/ a teenager. "I believe that my experience in that matter is similar, being that I have only ever been a teenager." He says with a shrug, not really understanding the importance of remembering one's childhood.
[13:24] <@Nemi> ".. shit. Maybe he's /right/. And he did just up and make me like this. Like.." Andrey furrows his brows, and sighs. ".. I'onno."
00[13:30] <BobaFettuccine> "Even if he did, I doubt it was just him. If it was anything like what happened here, the potential was always in your song, he just brought it out to the forefront." Gun places a hand on Andrey's shoulder in what he hopes is a comforting manner, he's getting better at this whole emotions thing, but they're still pretty alien to him.
[13:47] <@Nemi> Andrey bites at his lower lip, but nods along, settling some at the contact. Gungnir'd realize that Andrey's still humming, a soft singsong that never seems to exactly stop. ".. yeah. Hyacinth, uh. She told me that.. Like. My soul's been around a long, long while. Always a hero or something. Maybe uh. Maybe that's it."
00[14:00] <BobaFettuccine> Gungnir smiles calmly at Andrey. "Perhaps. I think that you are Andrey, and that you need to decide what that means to you, hero's soul or not. When that decision is made, everything else will follow."
[14:04] <@Nemi> Andrey rubs at his neck. And he slowly, slowly nods. ".. yeah. I know I wanna make music. And I wanna make /things/. And I wanna help people. That good enough?"
00[14:07] <BobaFettuccine> Gun nods, "You know what you want to do. So work towards that. Worry less about what you are, or who made you that way, and more about how you can accomplish those things. Because what we are is not nearly so important as what we do." Gungnir nods again as though confirming his statement to himself, he sounds almost as though he's talking to himself just as much as to Andrey.
[14:10] <@Nemi> Andrey gives that a moment's thought, and then is content with it. "Right. Yeah. Since I uh. Can't remember a lot, I'd better just.. Do stuff for the future instead of wondering about it. RIght! I uh." He looks again at Gungnir, listens to the song of his creation, and smiles. ".. man, I don't know what I did, but I'm glad I did it. Ya amazing."
00[14:16] <BobaFettuccine> "And I would not be nearly so amazing without you." Gungnir smiles at Andrey, "Your song improved me in ways that I do not quite know yet, I am glad to have a friend such as you Andrey." He offers another hug, this one less out of a place of comfort, more of gratitiude and happiness.
09[14:17] * SpookyBeeBack (moc.rr.ser.ssam.57-3-10-25-vhf|eeBykoopS#moc.rr.ser.ssam.57-3-10-25-vhf|eeBykoopS) has joined #Sunnybrook-IC1
[14:20] <@Nemi> And Andrey's happy to take that. It rings more true than comforting, after all. After a few more moments he breaks the hug and sits back, then puts on a wry grin. "I'm .. Feels like I'm gonna be collecting a buncha people when I visit the sky-home, aren't I? I uh. Maybe I can see if we can pop on over earlier. I kinda wanna make my case and all."
[14:20] <@Nemi> ".. Not uh, now, but soon. I'll let you know?"
09[14:21] * SpookyBeeBack is now known as SpookyBoo
00[14:25] <BobaFettuccine> "I would appreciate that. I look forward to it." Gun says with a smile and a nod.
[14:29] <@Nemi> "Yeah I uh.. I kinda do too." Andrey veeery slowly slides off the couch and up to standing. "Anyway! I'mma leave you alone. Lemme know if uh, you notice anything about yourself now that I uh, should know about! And I'll uh, text you or find you soon!"
00[14:31] <BobaFettuccine> Gun grins at Andrey from the couch. "I will make sure to do so. It was very good to see you Andrey."
[14:33] <@Nemi> "Yeah! Likewise! Least of all cuz," Andrey gestures to Gun with his hand, winks. "See you!" And with that he leaves, smiling vaguely.
00[14:36] <BobaFettuccine> Gun's not quite sure what the last comment and smile mean, but he waves and grins anyways.

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