Special Circumstances

A subset of the Global Watch Unit, Special Circumstances operates without the regulatory stamp of the oversight committees and the long list of rules associated with the international organization. Originally created as a subdivision to help acquisitions of anomalies, they now operate autonomously around their mother organization conducting operations of less than legal natures. They say you can tell an agent by the way they smile, genuinely, in the face of unspeakable horrors.

Guided by LipstickThespian

Sunnybrook Involvement

Phase Mayan
Pasket enlists the three students, Akemi Kimura, Wendy Strauss , and Lucette Lagarde. They are brought to test their abilities to work as a coherent team as part of the Functional Use initiative. The three are the first team of students to pass the test. Pasket feels these three will be invaluable to her efforts, and she just likes them each.

Phase Royale
Re-recruiting her three girls, Akemi, Wendy, and Lucette, she brings them to a warehouse out behind the main campus grounds. There, she commits them to a fight for an objective against another group of students that have passed her tests. They win, handily, through careful work by all three of the staff and Wendy's leadership.

Breach of Trust
Kelly herself reaches out to student Jace Rose, for his detective work in tracking down the source of a file leak from her office. He is sent after five candidates and is tasked with telling her which of the suspects, or if none of then, are to blame. His quick work is looked at positively and he is considered for future application.

Fette's Test
Akemi is brought back again, and a new student, Alma Ackerman. Brought to offsite location 'The Mill' for testing of some of their new generation tools by students. There they are engaged in a small fracture of testing environments, and due to use of the devices and their skill, pass the test with flying colors.

Ward Games
During his involuntary commitment to the mental ward, the Division tooled around with student Max Allen and his treatment. Kingston himself took interest in the child and his peculiar relationships and skills, decided to slot him for future application when needed.

Cooler Times
Max is brought to a Pho Restaurant in town, he meets Pom there. She uses him to pry information out of a man about a missing student's location. He is payed for this work, and released once the subject had been terminated.

Little Angel
Kelly makes an appearance in Max's room, meeting Nadia Madison for the first time. She had made an appearance with her team, and after pushing both of them around for a bit, declared her ownership of Nadia. Challenging Max to defy her, and collaring the Angel for future use. It's messy.



Olivia Fairchild

Operational Assistant

Short temper, but she'll never show it in anything but her actions. Olivia is Kelly's personal enforcer, the rod to back up her actions. A former Mossad agent, Olivia is an expert in less than lethal CQC. She has been with the division for years and despite the nature of their clandestine operations, actually enjoys her work. To earn the ire of Kelly is to invite the wrath of Olivia and her steel baton.



Technical Mechanical Operator

The little fairy of the Division, fluttering into rooms and helping to calm the scene after an operation. She is their lead field technical expert, on the fly maintenance of their many devices. A short girl who looks like she's changed her style a hundred times, she's quick to tell Kelly exactly how fucked up what they're doing is. Still goes along with it all, however. At the end of the day she is mostly attached to the Division because her on-again off-again friend with benefits is a member.


Matthew Kingston

Forward Controller

After abandoning the offices for field operations in the Division, Kingston has adjusted well. Some well timed operations have left him very well off personally, and he re-invests often into the Division when money has to come without strings. He is the contact between the Company and the Division, and obfuscates their work from oversight. The cloak of invisibility that keeps prying eyes away.


Pomeline Mandate

Public Relations Artist

When you want someone to really love their life, Pom is the girl that's brought in. Having worked for many of the alphabet soup organizations she's grown very skilled at what she does. Talking to people is her favorite past time, and she usually leaves actual work to one of her coworkers. She really is just there to learn about people and give Kelly the best course of action in their involvement with the Division. If a student has been selected for something, Pom was the one to make the call.


Ms. Kelly Pasket

Illusive Peculiarity Mistress

Odd means of solution for an odd world. Kelly isn't exactly on staff for her great skills with children. No, the branch she works for is in a very particular line of work that wishes to leverage this new asset for their own means. Of course, Kelly won't tell you what work it is and she most definitely will not share her plans with you. However she is willing to use students for her projects. Liberally.

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