Put together by the Student Life Dean to give students a way to blow off steam, raise money for charity, and win prizes! This single elimination style tournament is put together with everything goes, from powers to weapons. Don’t worry, staff from the infirmary are on hand for any injuries and participants can forfeit at anytime. Seeding is designed to not put lower skilled fighters against higher tier ones. Joining costs a one time application fee of $100.

To apply, head here!

First - $500, 100FP
Second - $300, 50FP
Third - $100,25FP
(XP Prizes to be determined)


Fighters will be rated and the winner of a fight will be decided not by simply beating their opponent, but by their score. 1-10 style (how the fighting looks), 1-10 form (how well they apply their powers over their skills), 1-10 function (do their moves create outcome). -1 will be applied to the final score for each tier above your opponent.

A win earns 5FP, a tie 3FP, a loss 1FP. Fighting Points (FP) will later be used to redeem prizes.


After brackets have been created, the two participants will have to find a time that works for the two of them. They will play out their fight in the school gym, as well as using the fireflies channel for the fight. The fight will go on until a student's mental or health pool is depleted, or they surrender. After the fight, the log of the fight should be submitted to LipstickThespian for review and scoring. Either by submitting on the forum or PMing her on IRC. After all fights in a current round are over, the game will advance to the next bracket. So on, and so forth. It will be single elimination.


To follow.


To follow.

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