As a note, the Sunnybrook community is collectively run on a consensus basis by the The Staff. This consists of the Administrator and the Game Masters, who all hold equal weight in matters of decision. If an issue is to be taken up with one of them, the only way to escalate is to appeal to The Staff, who may vote on matters. It is through their cooperation and decision making that the community grows.

Game Masters

Dealing with the matters of our playground, they are in a roll of control over the details and growth of our universe. They are allowed to introduce ideas and non-player characters into the world, as well as make rulings on the outcomes of rolls and actions. If you are unsure of something or would like to contribute something, they are your go-to contact. However, an Administrator can always supersede them.

  • Silvors ~ A pretty punny guy! Silvors brings a light heartedness to Sunnybrook and is more than willing to help out a new player. He can really help you iron out details and get a good sense for what's going on. So say hey to him, and be sure to not let his horrible jokes get to you. No really, they're pretty bad.
  • Nemi ~ hi im nemi. With a good vision of world view and the scope of relationships in our realm, Nemi provides a good conduit for small form events that focus on character depth and building. She's a good source for jumpstarting a character or giving challenges to stale storylines.
  • Lena ~ Bubbly girl that she is, Lena is a wonderful girl with a cheerful personality. She is focused on the inter-relationships built between characters and is great for growth in these areas. Look towards her if you're hoping for a chance to break your character into the social scene, or just jump into one of her events for some fun and possibly antic related times.
  • Antichthon ~ Apprentice Mechanimagician, Antichthon's love of numbers and science is matched only by his twin loves of rich story and great characters. Antichthon particularly specializes in world-character interactions (Such as the day to day operation of Sanctum's NPCs and Firewatch), but is happy to lend a hand in all Op-ly matters.
  • gumbal1 ~ The literal worst. If you need a plot run for a character, help with worldbuilding, or character concept advice, she'll be happy to help! Most of the stuff she runs either involves nightmarish horrors or sad bisexuals, sometimes both, so get ready for a wild ride!
  • BobaFettuccine: Boba is a bowl of pasta with everything that entails. Including going well with sauce and never quite fitting on your fork. In all seriousness though, they're happy to help out with pretty much anything. If you see them on and you have a question about setting, character creation, mechanics, or rp feel free to ask!


These trusted members of the community are elevated for their great skill at aiding the growth of Sunnybrook. They either contribute ideas or help to run scenes when others are busy, but are always aiming to make our community a little better and a little more inviting. If you need someone to talk to about ideas or help you, these are members you should look for. Their rulings are not law, however, and are subject to review.

  • Knave: He's not got the tightest grasp of mechanics, and he doesn't know the setting too well, but boy howdy he sure is awake sometimes when other people might not be. Also he did a run once.
  • Kadmus: Multiply by Brit. Kad's happy to help with anything, be it mechanics, roleplay, or character creation, he's always willing to jump in with both feet. Unless it's late, in which case he's always ready to go to bed.


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