This is the statistics page, for all of you who like looking at sorts of interesting numbers and figures related to the characters! This will only look at active characters, but character information will be held on the page in collapsibles if they were added, but became inactive. please inform Endorb if it seems like a character isn't included, or their information is outdated. He plans to review this info every month or two, but promises are not made.

If anybody is willing to help gather all this information for End, hoe'd really appreciate it! Just ask him where he needs help! Or just look out for changes in any characters listed here, or provide all this info for your new characters to him

*LAST UPDATED: June 5, 2016*


every character has a height, so why not list them all here? All characters will be listed under their height, in alphabetical order. For characters with multiple possible set heights, (such as pixies or characters capable of transforming into specific forms,) they will be denoted under both applicable heights (all heights rounded down, and denoted). I will however not count any height if that form cannot act upon the world or be controlled by the character as a body (IE a lich's phylactery or Eponnie's core, or some incorporeal form of a different height than their body)

0'6" Malissa Maguire (Pixie form); Niria Tugendhat

0'9" Sieko williams (cat form)
0'10" Tara Strong (Squirrel Form)

1'0" Moby White (Pup form)

3'0" Moby White (Normal Wolf form)

4'0" Cass Walker-Handal; Oscura Visili

4'3" Emmett Epstein (listed as 130cm)

4'5" Annora; Eponnie
4'8" Azure Lyne Skye

4'10" Albert Francis; Veronica Marcoeli
4'11" Elspeth Sullivan; Momo
5'0" Claudia Aeris; Mary MacLeigh; Quiln Tanith (human form); Pia Kellogg
5'1" Champi Machaca; Zophiel (human and angel forms)
5'2" Desoph Dechain; Markus Singer; Pandora
5'3" Cindaria Cyaneidae; Golan (listed as 1.60m); Jane Doe; Ledusia Ziemas; Lisa Kawajiri; Madeline Maddox; Marissa; Violet Song; Yukihime Fujishima (listed as 1.6m); Zita Jasper
5'4" Abby Ranger; Catriona Stewart; Jae Yun Fei; Kiria Tyannikova; Seiko Williams; Wendy Strauss
5'5" Aiko Minami; Ambrose Syl-Falaren; Gloria Gale; Jinx; Jose Marron; Lennox; Majala Njore (human form); Sierra Aurum; Thea Stroud; Twilight Allustrial
5'6" Anthiel (human form); Katlyn LeBlanc (listed as 168 cm); Rowan Clifford; Tara Strong; Wilhelm Dietrich
5'7" Akemi Kimura; Elissia Crysalli; Isabelle Dunbar; Theodore Grundlewood
5'8" Ally Frost; Aryn and Alys (pending); Daniel Vitan; JJ; Leah Nasser; Meliai; Opal Leibovitz
5'9" Austin Silver; William Walker
5'10" Floyd Samson; Celeste Filaluna; Jacob Houston; Kevin Duncan; Luna Dimaris (and 3/4inches); Nora Haltz
5'11" Corylyn Constance; Davis Bantra; Malissa Maguire (human form); Sebastian Church
6'0" Athene (approximate, ground to head); Brett Fion; Casta Azis Arcega (approx.); Cody Cooper; Gungir (spear form); Kir; Sam; Suzanne Williams; Valentin Avdeev
6'1" Adison Aeris; Andrey Maijala; Jonathan Aeris; Maria of Doran
6'2" Anna Watson; Sara Gavelis (and a half inch); Ben Trayson; Jordan Walker; Skix; Veron Aetheleas
6'3" Tyler White
6'4" Callum Ellis; Misty Freer
6'5" Credo Bhekisisa; Moby White (Human form)

6'8" Gungnir (human form)

6'11" Gheidjin; Rainbow
7'0" Gungir (metal form); Majala Njore (hyena form); Quiln Tanith (halfblood form)

7'10" Bob Mazzetti

8'0" Moby White (Werewolf form)

9'0" Zophiel (Demonic form)

10'0" Moby White (Largest Wolf Form)

15'0" Marissa (length)

16'0" Anthiel (Unleashed form)

25'0" Quiln Tanith (Dragon form)

35'0" Quiln Tanith (Dragon form length)

47'0" Athene (length)


information taken from this list here, and extrapolated

total height

Two numbers are given: one for the largest form of every character, one for the smallest

504'4.25" to 666'1.25" for all characters

for characters that are completely human form

Gender, sex and sexuality

Well, we gotta talk about this, right? It's one of the easier numbers to keep track of, so why not?


this represents what the characters identify as.
Male: 37
Female: 62
Gender Fluid: 1
Agendered: 1

(probably adding a collapsible list of names to each idenity later)


Brains, brawn, agility. Every character has them, but which ones are preferred? That's what's being looked at here, and all the extrapolations that can be made

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