Sunnybrook Academy

Here within lies the brightest children on the planet. Sunnybrook Academy for the Extraordinary, a private school located in Pennsylvania that sits atop a the rolling hills that overlook the sleepy town of Windvale. The school is a clandestine operation of the Global Watch Unit's newest initiative code named "Project Firefly". Along with other schools such as Lunarcross in Norway and The Promethium School for the Gifted in Japan.

They are gathering a collection of youths and teens to protect them from the regular population, to protect the population from them, and to grow them into usable assets for a bright future.. Children may be forcibly removed from their families, or volunteer to join the Academy after being approached by the Watch Unit. Once they are discovered, however, they will end up in the schools one way or another.


There are many different parts of the campus of Sunnybrook Academy. It's well manicured lawns and mixture of old and new construction speak to it's heritage and it's funding. A walled campus with guards posted for the student's safety, it's a well run institution.

The Courtyard

All of the main buildings are connected through well kept lawns and between the builds is the courtyard, a nice green space with small pathways. Benches around, trees sparse but providing cover, and in the corner a hand crafted gazebo that has been there since the schools original construction.

San Franciso Hall, the Dorms

There are five dorm halls on campus, located on the southern edge of the courtyard with soft green spaces between. Through coincidence, most of the students we know are located in the one closest to the classroom building. San Franciso Hall is where the students with particular cases are sent, the other halls are Sydney Hall, Munich Hall, Washington Hall, and Kyoto Hall. Each hall is comprised of a communal first floor, while the second floor is reserved for girls, and the third floor for boys. Cameras exist, except for in personal rooms, but the halls are otherwise not patrolled.

  • Common Room ~ Located on the first floor of the dorm hall, the common room is a natural place for students to congregate and relax, as well as host small events for each other. The front door of the dorm opens directly into the common room, and the stairs are at the back of the room, opposite the front door. It contains two couches, a loveseat, and half a dozen chairs. As well as a television, book cases, and a vertical piano. Through doors off the common room are the laundry room, equipped with several washers and dryers, as well as a table for folding clothes. As well as the kitchen with its communal fridge, full set of dishes and cooking tools, and three tables. One long and rectangular near the center of the room, and two smaller square ones in the door-side corners.
  • Student Rooms ~ Each student is assigned a room of their own. These 10' x 10' rooms all come as a blank slate for the students. They are provided a bed, twin sized, with a single pillow and bedding. A desk and chair, three drawers in the desk of course. As well as a dresser, four drawers and chest high. All done in plain boring brown press board. Each room has a window with blinds, and a light switch with accompanying ceiling light. Students may petition to have everything but the bed removed from their room. Any additions must be made by the student.
  • Prefect Room ~ Each hall's Student Prefect is entitled to a special room on the first floor. This room is bigger than a regular dorm room. It has an ensuite bathroom and kitchenette. As well as a couch, table and chairs, and small amenities added to it. Such as a first aid kit, and school land line phone to call the staff if needed. Plus the normal bed, desk, and dresser, as well as two windows instead of the standard one. As well as this, they have a call button by their door, and a small keychain that receives the call. So if they are not in their room, they can go back to see the student. Or call a staff member in their place. This room is a place for students who are going through stress, or need someone to talk to, or just a place to call safe. The prefect is always there to mediate student issues and just be there for them. As well as advocating for them and helping them through their problems.
  • Supply Closet ~ On the first floor by the stairs is a small closet full of communal cleaning supplies as well as a fire extinguisher.
  • Roof ~ Accessible through the stairwell, the room has a safety rail and the air conditioning and heating units are shielded by a metal cover. There is a small light by the stairwell, as well as a few cameras, but otherwise it is empty.

Montreal Hall, the Main Building

A massive brick building constructed in the late nineteenth centurty, with some modern additions built onto it. This two story building contains most of the school's facilities and is located on the north side of the courtyard. Access to the building is not permitted outside of normal curfew hours. It is most notable for the clock tower that rises out of it.

  • Classrooms ~ All of the classrooms are located in this Hall. Smaller rooms, with a single entrance to them. Most classrooms are equipped for about two dozen students, desks situated throughout. The teacher's desk normally near the front by the whiteboard. All classes have materials related to their subject. One wall is usually filled with large windows that let light in, and shades to draw if the light is too bright.
  • Library ~ The school's library contains over ten thousand books, from all facets of information. As well as fun books that hold not academic value. There are small four person tables for study groups, and chairs tucked around for personal reading. Near the back is a section pertaining information on the supernatural world you wouldn't find in the normal world. Late fees are issues for books taken over a week.
  • Janitor's Closet ~ This room is the office, and home, to the school's live in janitor. It contains more potent cleaning materials and is not accessible to students without permission. As the contents could be deemed dangerous.

Johannesburg Hall, the Gymnasium

Located on the west side of the courtyard, the school boasts a modern gymnasium and training fields for it's very particular student base.

  • Gymnasium ~ With a full court and a large compliment of workout gear from weights to bags and balls. It has shower and locker room facilities for students to use, as well as smaller attached rooms for indoor practice and one-on-one training sessions.
  • Field ~ Behind the Hall is a large green space that includes many facilities for the school sports teams. Baseball diamond, batting cages, a track, tennis court, and a new pool. Materials need to be checked out in the Hall, however.

Moscow Hall, Administration

Mixture of control facilities and research, this hall is located on the east side of the courtyard and has fewer windows than the other buildings and is all new construction. Entrances are stationed with guards, and the building is heavily regulated.

  • Offices ~ Assorted research and faculty offices are located in the building. This is where one might find a teacher when they aren't in class, or an administrator when a student needs to petition them.
  • Infirmary ~ On site medical facility that has on staff doctors that are specially trained for the students that are at this school. Attached observation ward, as well as private rooms, and operating rooms.
  • The Basement ~ The elevator to the basement facility located underneath campus is inside, two stationed guards stand here and access is strictly regulated.

Other Buildings

  • Clocktower ~ Off limits to students, the clock tower peaks above the tree tops and the rest of campus, silent watchman of the school. Located between the main building and the dorms.
  • Barracks ~ Near the south wall are the guard and staff housing building and armoury.
  • The Shrine ~ Located behind Montreal Hall, this shrine is a Japanese style Shinto Shrine build by a donor to the school. Student run and operated, the shrine is a place to go to relax and pray. Example A Example B
  • Warehouses ~ At the back of campus by the east wall are three small warehouses full of equipment and other materials.
  • Helipad ~ Located behind the admin building, this pad is where the school's three Osprey Helicopters are stationed from. Off-limits to students unless under particular circumstances.
  • The Second Shrine: Built near enough to the first shrine to be visible, this shrine takes after ones used in Southeast American occultism, though a majority of the inspiration was taken from shrines used by the Blue Court of La Mos, the High Doe. Constructed of twisted metal, carvings of various beasts and entities cover the shrine, all converging on one side to a central human figure. Inscribed below the figure is the following: To the greatest girl in San Fran, Ellie LaCroix. If Akemi Kimura has her own shrine, you deserve one as well.
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