Sunnybrook's Anomalous Psychology Department


Sunnybrook's Anomalous Psychology Department is responsible for performing research involving the mental and behaviorical components of anomalous beings and artifacts. It is headed by Doctors Jocelyn Sanders and Darius Bendhauser.

The department building holds on to and researches various artifacts picked up from missions or other sources, with the hopes of finding ways to better understand and handle anomalies on a psychological level.

Current Research Subjects

  • A black gem that can create a dimensional labryth. This effect is deactivated by touch; reactivation time unknown. It is thought to contain the spirit of a young girl. It has been dubbed the Grief Gem by the research team. This artifact is the main subject of the department's research at the moment.
  • A hunk of what research suggests to be amethyst. Contained within it is what is presumed to be pure psychic energy.
  • Every now and then sentient cake is brought up from the basement to be analyzed. It isn't kept in the Department because it won't stop whining and lamenting.

Other Notes

  • A request was made to see the stuffed bear that belonged to Lilith, but it was denied.
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